Outandabout March 2022 Issue195

Welcome to March 2022 the Spring air has arrived and St Patrick's day will be celebrated again in Benidorm without restrictions. Tourism is already back to pre-covid numbers and the British holidaymakers who love Spain and the Costa Blanca are already on the beach and sunny terraces eating, drinking, and having lots of fun in the sun. The new Out and About magazine is right here to read and find out what's going on in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Lifestyle and leisure articles and reviews are written by the people who know, business professionals, and members of the public living in Spain. There are also popular pages that include puzzles and horoscopes with a host of supporting businesses that supports the charity work that editor Carol Leavy has undertaken for many years in Spain.

Welcome to March 2022 the Spring air has arrived and St Patrick's day will be celebrated again in Benidorm without restrictions. Tourism is already back to pre-covid numbers and the British holidaymakers who love Spain and the Costa Blanca are already on the beach and sunny terraces eating, drinking, and having lots of fun in the sun. The new Out and About magazine is right here to read and find out what's going on in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Lifestyle and leisure articles and reviews are written by the people who know, business professionals, and members of the public living in Spain. There are also popular pages that include puzzles and horoscopes with a host of supporting businesses that supports the charity work that editor Carol Leavy has undertaken for many years in Spain.


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FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 3<br />

VCA25009<br />

VCA0586<br />




Dear Reader<br />

Looking forward to the spring time<br />

and better weather. <strong>March</strong> is a<br />

busy month.<br />

Please remember the clocks change<br />

on Sunday <strong>March</strong> 27,<br />

when local standard time is about to<br />

reach 2:00:00. Clocks are turned forward<br />

one hour to 3.00. There will be lighter<br />

evenings. It is good to memorise the phrase<br />

“Spring forward, Fall back”. Spring starts around<br />

Sunday <strong>March</strong> 20th until Tuesday June 21st.<br />

The clocks change again Sunday 30 October.<br />

<strong>March</strong> is the time of year when animals start to wake<br />

up from hibernation.<br />

• Good Friday 15 April<br />

• Easter Sunday April 17 in Spain.<br />

• Monday 18 April (Easter)<br />

It is so lovely to see the flowers appearing and spring<br />

is arriving.<br />

So why do some people say that spring starts in<br />

<strong>March</strong>? This is where meteorology comes in. Because<br />

of the way climate works, weather and temperature<br />

experiences a ‘lag’ of about six weeks. This means that<br />

the three warmest months of the year, i.e. meteorological<br />

summer, arrives about six weeks after astronomical<br />

summer. <strong>March</strong> is the first month of spring which<br />

begins between 19th -21st. In the Southern Hemisphere,<br />

<strong>March</strong> is the same as September in the Northern<br />

Hemisphere.<br />

In the lead-up of the Fallas week, many activities take<br />

place like fireworks, pyrotechnic celebrations (mascletà)<br />

and parades. You notice the smell of gunpowder and<br />

the sound of firecrackers, a Valencian tradition to kick<br />

off the festivities.<br />

The FALLAS are usually taking place in <strong>March</strong>. At<br />

the time of going to print information is not available<br />

confirming this event. However, if this fiesta takes place<br />

here is some information.<br />

They are called cremà (burning of the giant<br />

papier mache sculptures). This traditional fiesta is<br />

a celebration of Fathers Day in Spain, which is on St<br />

Joseph’s Day (19th of <strong>March</strong>). The traditional Valencian<br />

festival of Saint Joseph the carpenter. Originally a<br />

contest amongst carpenters to create an effigy of<br />

the Saint, it has escalated to become one of the most<br />

spectacular fiestas of the calendar year. Festivities<br />

include, processions with participants wearing elaborate<br />

traditional costumes, street entertainment, fireworks<br />

and live music.<br />

Father’s Day in Spain Saturday <strong>March</strong> 19th and in the<br />

Sunday UK June 19th.<br />

Sunday <strong>March</strong> 27th in England is Mother’s Day and<br />

in Spain is not until Sunday May 1st.<br />

So save the euros for these special days – Us Mum’s<br />

and Dads deserve the extra attention ha!!<br />

Tuesday, <strong>March</strong> 1. St David’s Day– Patron Saint<br />


of Wales. The national emblems are the<br />

Daffodil or the Leek.<br />

St Patrick’s Day Thursday <strong>March</strong> 17th.<br />

Daffodil, Narcissus, Jonquil, Lent lily, Easter bells,<br />

whatever you call it, this little yellow wonder is one of<br />

the most popular springtime flowers of all time! Maybe<br />

it’s because when the daffodils are in bloom we all know<br />

it’s the beginning of spring and warm weather…and I<br />

know we are all ready for that!<br />

There are two legends of note about the origins of the<br />

daffodil. It seems this flower has different meanings for<br />

different cultures of the world. For the West, its vanity,<br />

and the East it means fortune and prosperity.<br />

Spanish summers come on pretty quickly. Average<br />

amount of sunshine hours per day increases from<br />

seven in <strong>March</strong> to nine throughout April and the sea<br />

temperature rises to an extra 15 degrees. Milder nights<br />

become more frequent and all the joys of spending<br />

time sun-bathing, swimming, dining “al fresco” and<br />

long summer evenings, is what we all look forward to<br />

enjoying again!!<br />

February 19th or later, fall under Pisces, a sign known<br />

for being kind, compassionate, and easygoing.<br />

<strong>March</strong>’s birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone<br />

and symbolize courage.<br />

The zodiac signs for <strong>March</strong> are Pisces (until <strong>March</strong> 20)<br />

and Aries (<strong>March</strong> 21st to April 19th).<br />

Pisces are extremely psychic and can amaze people with<br />

their uncanny ability to predict things. They are usually<br />

gifted in anything creative from designing to music.<br />

Aries traits.<br />

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident,<br />

enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, and passionate.<br />

Aries likes: Taking on leadership roles, physical<br />

challenges, individual sports.<br />

Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use<br />

one’s talents.<br />

As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries<br />

always marks the beginning of something energetic and<br />

turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic,<br />

speed and competition, always being the first in<br />

everything - from work to social gatherings.<br />

The birth flowers for <strong>March</strong> are Daffodils and Jonquil.<br />

As you know you are never alone with a copy of “Out<br />

& About” magazine. Keep happy, positive and smiling.<br />

Carol R. Levey

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 5<br />

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Enough about Covid, let’s talk about how<br />

Enough Hamiltons about has Covid, worked let’s on talk the about business how<br />

Hamiltons give buyers, has sellers, worked landlords on the business and<br />

to tenants give buyers, an even sellers, better landlords service. and<br />

tenants New Staff an even better service.<br />

New Hamiltons Staff have welcomed several new<br />

Hamiltons members to have the welcomed team in the several past few new<br />

members months including to the team English in the and past Belgian few<br />

months speaking including people. This English allows and us Belgian to<br />

speaking market properties people. This professionally allows us to<br />

market the widest properties geographical professionally area including to<br />

the widest all important geographical Norther area European including<br />

the countries. all important Norther European<br />

countries. New Location(s)<br />

New Due to Location(s) demand and growth, the Jalon<br />

Due office to has demand moved and from growth, their the original Jalon<br />

office has moved from their original<br />

Moraira, Benissa, Benitache<br />

Moraira, Benissa, Benitache<br />

modest office to a much more visible<br />

modest corner office. At to the a much moment, more Shem visible and<br />

corner the Jalon office. team At are the covering moment, Jalon Shem and and<br />

the beyond Jalon but team “watch are this covering space” Jalon as they and<br />

beyond say for new but “watch offices this in other space” towns as they in<br />

say <strong>2022</strong> for and new beyond offices in other towns in<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Built on and a beyond strong foundation.<br />

Built Of course, on a strong at the core foundation. of Hamitons are<br />

Of its course, central values: at the core honesty, of Hamitons friendliness are<br />

its and central professionalism. values: honesty, Through friendliness Covid,<br />

and Hamiltons professionalism. has retained Through many of Covid, its<br />

Hamiltons existing staff has ensuring retained that many their of wealth its<br />

existing of local information staff ensuring has that been their retained. wealth<br />

of In many local information ways, local knowledge has been retained. and<br />

In a personable many ways, staff local are knowledge the keys to and a<br />

a successful personable agency, staff are perhaps the keys that’s to a why<br />

successful Hamiltons continue agency, perhaps to be a leading that’s why light<br />

Hamiltons continue to be a leading light

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 7<br />

MORE<br />

EASE<br />

list<br />

list<br />

your<br />

your<br />

property<br />

property<br />

with<br />

with<br />

us<br />

us<br />

today<br />

today<br />

ll Calpe, Jávea, Denia, Jalon and all surrounding areas<br />

ll Calpe, Jávea, Denia, Jalon and all surrounding areas<br />

in the local estate agency market.<br />

Thinking the local of estate Selling agency or Renting? market.<br />

It’s Thinking a big decision of Selling and or sometimes Renting? you<br />

just It’s a need big decision to talk it and through sometimes with people you<br />

“in just the need know”. to talk It may it through be that with instead people<br />

of “in selling, the know”. renting It may is a better that option instead for<br />

you… of selling, and renting indeed, is everyone a better is option different. for<br />

For you… a friendly and indeed, and everyone helpful chat, is different. pick up<br />

the For phone a friendly and and make helpful an appointment chat, pick up to<br />

talk the phone it through and with make knowledgeable an appointment yet to<br />

professional talk it through people with knowledgeable who can help you yet<br />

make professional the right people decision who for can you. help you<br />

make the right decision for you.<br />

List Your Property Today<br />

List Your Property Today<br />

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@<br />

Can our AGONY UNCLE help you<br />

Readers<br />

Letters<br />

Email to: relojdesol@mail.com<br />

I was treated badly by my mother<br />

when I was young. I feel that she<br />

never really loved me and over the<br />

years a lot of the pain inside me has<br />

been from her attitude to me.<br />

Currently I have a wonderful partner<br />

and two beautiful children and I<br />

give them all my love as the happy<br />

family we are. I feel guilty because I<br />

cannot love my mother the way that I<br />

should and she is now in poor health.<br />

I cannot describe the pain that I now<br />

feel.<br />

Annie. Busot<br />

I can understand the great<br />

difference that exists between<br />

loving your mother in a natural<br />

way, and having to love her<br />

because she is aging and sick.<br />

The dilemma here is making you<br />

feel guilty and you must feel like<br />

giving your mother a dose of<br />

her own medicine. Your family<br />

will surely have a relationship<br />

with your mother and yet they<br />

don’t know the whole story of<br />

her cruelty to you. I would like<br />

to say that you have shown your<br />

mother what being a mother<br />

really is by your achievement<br />

with your family. You will not<br />

turn your mother away when the<br />

time comes, but any caring you<br />

do for her is a good time to get<br />

answers directly from her.<br />

Each time you must ask why?<br />

Each time be prepared to sadly<br />

not get the answers that you<br />

want to hear but let your mother<br />

know exactly that you are<br />

unafraid to ask and how things<br />

right now could have been so<br />

much better.<br />

Readers can now send their questions and problems<br />

@<br />

to a newly appointed Agony Uncle. He is a Therapist,<br />

Counsellor, Psychologist and Life Coach and will be answering the best from his mailbox exclusively here<br />

in Out and About, every month. Every email gets a personal reply from Agony Uncle and with your consent,<br />

and subject to space; question and reply can be printed in a future edition of Out and About. Names and/or<br />

locations will be disguised assuring confidentiality. Email to: relojdesol@mail.com

AGONY UNCLE FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 9<br />

An old boyfriend has recently<br />

contacted me on Facebook. We were<br />

young when we met and have both<br />

had challenging lives bringing up our<br />

families. My relationship with my<br />

husband is bad and my old lover has<br />

just divorced his wife. Should I carry<br />

on the online relationship that we are<br />

currently having?<br />

Cherry SMS<br />

You are both in similar positions<br />

in life right now, the only<br />

difference being that you are<br />

still married and locked in<br />

to a relationship that’s going<br />

nowhere. I can understand<br />

that you should feel that you<br />

can reach out to each other.<br />

Remembering the good old days<br />

fills us with nostalgia, but at the<br />

same time you are focusing on<br />

your current situation and the<br />

comfort of a friend. How far it<br />

goes is going to be your choice,<br />

but you sound as if you need<br />

more than just a Facebook friend<br />

and things have got to change for<br />

you too!<br />

I have a girlfriend and we are now living<br />

together. She is still a student but I have<br />

graduated and am working online for an<br />

IT company. I have noticed that she comes<br />

home late and that her timetable has shifted.<br />

I have begun to think that something is<br />

wrong and we are not good at talking<br />

through things.<br />

Andy. Altea La Vieja<br />

Andy, Covid has brought about<br />

many problems with timetabling and<br />

deferred lectures. I mention these<br />

because if you think that there are other<br />

reasons for your girlfriend’s change in<br />

studying then you have to talk about<br />

it. The silence that exists between you<br />

is not good and I suspect that you are<br />

the one who is not outward enough<br />

to ask the questions you are scared to<br />

hear the answers to. Being open is the<br />

only way a relationship can survive. I<br />

understand that you are stuck at home<br />

most of the working day and so she is<br />

the one who is<br />

outside the home for her working<br />

week. Talk. The truth should never<br />

hurt but you are worked up and<br />

if there is distrust arising from the<br />

unknown then you have to have the<br />

confrontation that your relationship<br />

@deserves in order for it to survive.<br />


yorkshirelinecostablanca.com<br />

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Hamiltons of Javea & Moraira, Sales, Rentals & Construction<br />

Sponsors Jalon Valley A.R.C. & AKIRA Dog Sanctuary Pages<br />

“Animal voices are silent<br />

But their cries can be heard<br />

If you care enough to listen”<br />

Tel. 657 689 567 - www.akira-animals.com - Facebook Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary<br />

BOB<br />

Bob is a new arrival at Akira, found<br />

on one of the main roads in Benissa<br />

and nobody came to claim him. He<br />

is a year old, house-trained, good<br />

with children and people and easy<br />

to walk. Loves going out and about!<br />

Fine with other dogs once he gets to<br />

know them. Please contact Akira on<br />

657 689 567 or email akira shelter@<br />

aol.com.<br />

FIONA<br />

When Fiona arrived at Akira she<br />

had to be carried to the parking area<br />

to take a short walk but now she is<br />

confident enough to walk out herself.<br />

She is young, affectionate and<br />

growing in confidence daily. Good<br />

with children and other dogs, she<br />

loves to play. She will be spayed,<br />

chipped and have all of her injections<br />

prior to adoption. Please contact<br />

Akira on 657 687 567 or email<br />

akirashelter@aol.com<br />

Tel. 657 689 567 • www.akira-animals.com • Facebook Akira Benissa Dog Sanctuary

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 11


How often should you<br />

get your eyes checked?<br />


Eye care professionals recommend that<br />

you have an eye exam every one to<br />

two years. This may vary depending<br />

on your age, risk factors and whether you<br />

wear eyeglasses or contacts. Though vision<br />

screenings are sometimes done for kids at<br />

school, eye exams are still important.<br />

Vision screenings may find a vision issue in<br />

your child, but they aren’t a substitute for a<br />

comprehensive eye exam. An exam is more<br />

in-depth, can catch problems a screening<br />

may miss, and can find the underlying cause<br />

behind issues a screening does identify.<br />

How often children should get an eye exam<br />

Experts say approximately 80% of all learning<br />

comes from visual pathways. Yet one in<br />

four children with a correctable refractive<br />

error does not have it corrected properly. A<br />

University of Bristol study also discovered<br />

that brain-related visual problems likely affect<br />

one in 30 school-aged children.<br />

Because of this, it’s recommended that<br />

children have their first eye exam at 6 months<br />

of age. Another exam should be done at age<br />

three and again before the start of first<br />

grade. If a child is not at risk, they<br />

can continue having their eyes<br />

examined every year until age<br />

18.<br />

Children with risk<br />

factors for vision<br />

problems may need<br />

their first eye exam<br />

earlier than 6 months of<br />

age and may need eye<br />

exams more frequently<br />

throughout childhood.<br />

Children need regular<br />

eye exams to detect vision<br />

problems that may interfere<br />

with learning.<br />

Examples of risk factors include:<br />

• Family history of vision problems, such<br />

as myopia, strabismus, amblyopia,<br />

retinoblastoma or a genetic disease that<br />

affects the eyes<br />

• Prematurity or low birth weight<br />

• Difficult labor associated with fetal distress<br />

• Extended use of supplemental oxygen at<br />

birth<br />

• Infection of mother during pregnancy<br />

(examples: rubella, venereal disease, herpes,<br />

AIDS)<br />

• Developmental delays<br />

• Functional vision in only one eye<br />

• Maternal smoking, drinking or drug use<br />

during pregnancy<br />

• Physical illness or diseases<br />

• Eye disorders such as high refractive error,<br />

strabismus and anisometropia<br />

• Health conditions associated with ocular<br />

conditions<br />

• Taking a medication with ocular side effects<br />

Children who currently wear eyeglasses or<br />

contact lenses should also have annual eye<br />

exams.<br />

How often adults should get an<br />

eye exam<br />

To maintain a lifetime<br />

of healthy vision,<br />

adults ages 18 to<br />

60 should have a<br />

comprehensive<br />

eye exam at least<br />

once every two<br />

years. Older<br />

adults (ages 65<br />

and older) should<br />

have annual eye<br />

exams. “At risk”<br />

adults should have<br />

an exam at least<br />

once every year, or as<br />

recommended by their<br />

doctor.<br />

Dra. Maria Isabel Signes-Soler, PhD, FAAO • Tel: 965832080

DR. M. ISABEL SIGNES-SOLER FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 13<br />

Risk factors for adults include:<br />

• Family history of eye disease, such as<br />

glaucoma and macular degeneration<br />

• Diabetes or high blood pressure<br />

• Wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses<br />

• Belonging to a high-risk racial or ethnic<br />

group (such as Latino or African<br />

American)<br />

• Taking prescription or over-thecounter<br />

medications that may have<br />

eye-related side effects<br />

• Previous eye injuries or eye surgery<br />

(including cataract surgery)<br />

• A visually demanding occupation<br />

or one that may pose hazards to<br />

the eyes (e.g., firefighter, mechanic,<br />

welder, etc.)<br />

Adults who have had refractive surgery,<br />

such as LASIK, PRK or SMILE, still need<br />

to have an eye exam every year. Eye exams<br />

don’t just measure good vision, they assess<br />

overall eye health.<br />

If you have any doubts about how often you<br />

(or your children or parents) should have an<br />

eye exam, ask your optometrist.<br />



FROM<br />



vivaldimoraira<br />

vivaldimoraira<br />

...a smooth experience<br />

The beautiful coastal village Moraira, located on the Costa Blanca<br />

has a new hotspot; Brasserie Vivaldi, where coziness and<br />

qualitatively good food are central.<br />

FloriditaMoraira<br />

floriditamoraira<br />

Open every day. Check our website or facebook/<br />

instagram for current opening hours.<br />

Passeo Senillar 25, 03724 Moraira<br />

+34 965271088 | www.brasserievivaldi.com<br />


US THIS<br />




HOUSE!!<br />

(wine, cava, beer or<br />

refreshment)<br />

NEW OWNERS! The best music bar in Moraira with live music 5 nights a week!<br />

(after COVID lockdown). The hotest address for your drinks and cocktails!<br />

Check our instagram/facebook for all actual news. SEE YOU SOON AT FLORIDITA!<br />

Calle Tosqueres 3, 03724 Rada de Moraira

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 15<br />

KOSTA!<br />

R E S T A U R A N T<br />

C/Mulhacen 10<br />

On the Coast Road | Between Moraira and Calpe, 95<br />

03724 Moraira,<br />

Tel. 865 77 83 00 Mob. 608 733 584<br />

Every day 12:30 - 22:00<br />

Simply The Best – What More Could You Ask for!<br />

AT KOSTA everything is outstanding - beginning with the welcome from the<br />

owner Christian, who makes everyone feel welcome like a special and valued<br />

guest in his home along with the very attentive multi-lingual staff and<br />

great service.<br />

Enjoy a wonderful lunch time or evening meal with friends<br />

or celebrate a family birthday.<br />

Food is excellent quality and presented beautifully.<br />

This is a restaurant that you simply cannot fault for food quality, service and<br />

value for money<br />

What more can you ask it’s perfect


<strong>March</strong> 1, 1872 - Yellowstone<br />

becomes the U.S.’s first national<br />

park.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1st. 1932 The Lindbergh<br />

baby is kidnapped. On the<br />

evening of 1 <strong>March</strong> 1932, the<br />

pioneering aviator Charles<br />

Lindbergh was at home in New<br />

Jersey with his wife, Anne, and<br />

20-month-old son, Charles Jr. At<br />

7.30pm, a nanny laid the toddler<br />

down to sleep in his crib. About<br />

two hours later, Charles heard a<br />

noise he thought sounded like<br />

a crate smashing, but thought<br />

nothing of it.<br />

Then at 10pm, the nanny, frantic<br />

with worry, reported that the<br />

baby had disappeared. In his<br />

bedroom, Charles found a<br />

handwritten, misspelled note:<br />

“Dear Sir! Have 50000$ redy<br />

25000$ in 20$ bills 15000$ in 10$<br />

bills and 10000$ in 5$ bills … We<br />

warn you for making anyding<br />

public or for notify the Police.<br />

The child is in gut care.”<br />

So began one of the most lurid<br />

cases in American criminal<br />

history. Amid massive publicity,<br />

crowds swiftly swarmed to the<br />

Lindbergh estate, destroying<br />

any chance of finding footprints.<br />

Amateur detectives, military<br />

men and even Chicago mobsters<br />

offered their assistance. More<br />

ransom notes arrived. In early<br />

April, Lindbergh delivered<br />

$50,000 to the kidnapper via an<br />

intermediary. But there was no<br />

baby. Then, on 12 May, a truck<br />

driver found a child’s body<br />

in woods near Lindbergh’s<br />

home. It was little Charles. Two<br />

years later, the police arrested a<br />

German-born carpenter, Bruno<br />

Richard Hauptmann, who had<br />

a record of robbery and whose<br />

garage contained notes from the<br />

ransom money. Protesting his<br />

innocence, he went to the electric<br />

chair. But many observers were<br />

convinced that he must have had<br />

help. And for the novelist Agatha<br />

Christie, the case inspired one of<br />

her greatest books, Murder on the<br />

Orient Express.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1, 1958 - U.S. launches<br />

Explorer I, its first satellite.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1, 1961 - The U.S. Peace<br />

Corps was founded.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 1, 1982 - Late Night with<br />

David Letterman premieres on<br />

NBC.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 2, 1836 - Texas declared its<br />

independence from Mexico.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 2, 1887 - The first<br />

Ground Hog Day is observed in<br />

Punxsutawney, PA<br />

<strong>March</strong> 2, 1933 - The movie King<br />

Kong premieres.<br />

1966 - UK To Go Decimal 1971<br />

1966 : The Chancellor of the<br />

Exchequer, James Callaghan, has<br />

confirmed the decision to change<br />

over to decimal coinage in 1971.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 4 1918: ‘Spanish’ flu<br />

strikes and kills 100 million<br />

<strong>March</strong> 5 1946: Churchill warns<br />

of an ‘iron curtain’ falling across<br />

Europe<br />

<strong>March</strong> 7, 1933 - Monopoly board<br />

game is invented.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 9, 1964 - The first Ford<br />

Mustang rolls off the assembly<br />

line.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 11, 1997 - Paul McCartney<br />

is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 12, 1894 - Coca Cola is<br />

sold in bottles for the first time<br />

in a candy store in Vicksburg,<br />

Mississippi.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 18, 1931 - Shick introduces<br />

the first electric shaver to the<br />

marketplace.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 23, 1857 - Elisha Otis<br />

installs the first elevator at 488<br />

Broadway in New York City.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 24 1944: The Great Escape<br />

arouses Hitler’s fury<br />

<strong>March</strong> 29 1461 At Towton in<br />

Yorkshire, Edward IV leads<br />

the Yorkists to victory over<br />

the Lancastrian army – led by<br />

the Duke of Somerset – in the<br />

bloodiest battle ever fought on<br />

English soil<br />

<strong>March</strong> 29, 1886 - Coca Cola is<br />

invented.<br />

<strong>March</strong> 31, 1899 - The Eiffel Tower<br />

was built to be one the main<br />

attractions at the Paris World’s<br />

Fair in 1889.<br />

1994 : Fred West is charged with<br />

two more murders following the<br />

discovery of additional human<br />

remains in the garden of his<br />

Gloucester home.


JANUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 17<br />

Foster Consulting is an insurance agency in Calpe, established in 1987, the first<br />

dedicated insurance business in Calpe that dealt with the Expatriate community.<br />

We work with two companies:<br />


Our policies come in English, Spanish and German.<br />

We speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.<br />

At Foster Consulting we are committed to providing our customers with excellent<br />

insurance services.<br />

Types of insurance products provided:<br />

• CAR<br />


• HEALTH (including health cover for<br />

residency applications and visas)<br />

• DENTAL<br />





• BUSINESS<br />




• PET<br />




• ACCIDENT<br />


Email: info@fosterconsulting.es<br />

Tel: 96 583 83 84<br />

Address: Av. Gabriel Miró 18, Entlo. 2 - 03710-CALPE (Alicante)<br />

DGSFP Registry Number: C0467B53971065<br />


MONDAY -<br />


9.00 AM – 5.00 PM &<br />

FRIDAYS:<br />

8:00 AM – 15.00 PM.


Magic Travel<br />

Moments<br />

Highlight those (many) travel moments in<br />

my life when things have ‘sparkled’.<br />

by John<br />

David<br />

Moorhouse<br />


The Lion Gate (Mikini)<br />

At first approach, it is only partly-visible at<br />

the top of a narrow pathway that slopes up<br />

from a stand of trees.<br />

After snacking at a mobile food-van near the<br />

trees we start to walk up the pathway.<br />

A small site, hemmed in by a low cliff, wThe<br />

pathway is flanked by a poppy-dotted, open<br />

field on one side and the still-impressive Massive<br />

Remains of the Walls of Bronze Age Mikini (spelled<br />

‘Myceni’ in English) on the other side.<br />

At the top of the pathway we are confronted by<br />

The Lion Gate, the Entrance to the Citadel of Mikini.<br />

More correctly described as an Entrance<br />

Passageway, built into the Walls at an awkward<br />

angle<br />

(purposely so - partly for defensive strength<br />

from the ever-present threat of attack by other City-<br />

States),<br />

we walk some 10 metres through the tunnel-like<br />

Passageway before coming out into the open air<br />

again.... and begin to absorb the fascinating Ruins<br />

of this once -impregnable, Bronze Age Citadel,<br />

to marvel at their spell-binding variety.... and we<br />

haven’t even begun to climb up to the top of the<br />

Mound upon which Mikini was built!<br />

But let’s return to The Lion Gate (Entrance<br />

Passageway), to share one particular ‘Magic Travel<br />

Moment’.<br />

The name ‘Lion Gate’ derives from two stonecarved<br />

Lions Rampant, set into the Wall above<br />

the Entrance, one Lion standing on each side of<br />

a single, symbolic pillar, their outstretched front<br />

paws touching the sides of the pillar in a gesture of<br />

proud worship.... these are the unforgettable Lions<br />

of Mikini; they radiate the Bronze Age Power of the<br />

House of Atreus.<br />

As we walk along the Passageway there is a<br />

raised platform on our left upon which once stood<br />

statues of the Guardian Gods of Mikini.... who kept<br />

watch over the daily comings and goings of the<br />

Citadel.<br />

You can still feel their Watchfulness as they (and,<br />

no doubt, armed sentinels) protected the House<br />

of Atreus.... truly awesome.... the air inside the<br />

Passageway is heavy and oppressive (as intended<br />

by the Ancients?).

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 19<br />

MR YEN<br />


Calpe-Moraira Road No 223<br />

(Opposite Centro Comercial Moravit Moraira)<br />

Tel. 966 279 783/631 274 015 • Asia_ye@hotmail.com<br />


A warm welcome awaits you from the owner “Yen” at MR YEN Asian Bar/Restaurant in Moraira.<br />

You will immediately notice the pleasing atmosphere and the different areas where you can dine. From a front<br />

terrace to a well presented dining area inside, to a large covered back terrace. Thus plenty of space to choose where<br />

to dine, with comfortable seating. Everything is perfect.<br />

There is a variety of menus and diverse dishes, with delicious tasty food, all at<br />

excellent prices. There are set menus and a variety of meat dishes from Pork,<br />

Duck, Chicken, Beef and seafood with vegetables, rice or noodles.<br />

There is also a “Take Away Service”. Very attentive friendly<br />

family service.<br />

Perhaps you would like to relax just with a drink on the<br />

terrace. No problem.<br />

Parking available at the<br />

front of the restaurant.<br />





12.00-16.00 - 18.00-24.00<br />

Pepe<br />

La Sal<br />

€<br />

KIDS<br />

MENUS<br />


Ctra. Moraira a Cal p e<br />

Mr YEN<br />

CV-746<br />

Calle Dakar<br />

Camino del Andragó<br />

Ctra. Moraira a Calpe<br />

€<br />

Camino del Paellero<br />

Calle P<br />

irineos<br />

Calle<br />

Maigmó<br />

Ctra. Mo<br />

Lots of great products and special offers<br />

in this months brochure including<br />

Avon SKIN so SOFT<br />

Dry Oil Spray<br />

To order or get a brochure contact<br />

LISA - 642 786 407<br />

email - lisa.calpe7@yahoo.co.uk<br />


OFFER<br />

only 4.50€<br />

a bottle<br />

Great to use all<br />

year round<br />

A time for us to enjoy<br />

but which also means the<br />

mosquitoes and insects will be<br />

here to bite us!<br />

It’s time to stock up on Avon’s dry<br />

oil spray to keep them well away!


NEW<br />

Bar El Martillo<br />


HOURS<br />

Monday to Sat<br />

7.00 am to 8..00 pm<br />

Sunday<br />

10am to 6.00 pm<br />

~ Real family run business ~<br />

Meet Genadi and sister Lisi &<br />

parents Tsuetan & Natalia<br />

You are sure of a friendly welcome<br />

and the food is delicious.<br />

Glass of wine - Copa de vino 2€<br />

Pint of beer - Tanque 3€<br />

Plato combinado 7€<br />

Paellas per person - Order an hour before<br />

Carretera Teulada • Moraira 52 • Moraira<br />

Tel: 642 19 15 44

Clambering<br />

over Rocks<br />

Sitting one Sunday at a bar near the Lonja I was<br />

reminded about former times when I would<br />

clamber onto the rock-built breakwater that<br />

protects Moraira Town from the open sea.... the fact<br />

that I was looking towards the inspiring reality of<br />

the timeless Ifach underlined the moment!<br />

Every Sunday I would walk carefully along<br />

the breakwater, not just taking a light-hearted,<br />

adventurous stroll but also performing a kind of<br />

‘ritual act’ to acknowledge the Presence of Mother<br />

Nature,<br />

She who cannot/will not be ignored.<br />

Each step I took along the uneven surface of the<br />

breakwater was a calculated risk. If I put one foot<br />

wrong I could easily coggle or twist my ankle, fall<br />

over and do myself serious injury. If I misjudged<br />

any of the narrow gaps between the rocks I could<br />

end up with my foot wedged in an awkwardlyangled<br />

space, unable to extricate myself!<br />

When I found a comparatively level crouching<br />

or sitting area there came a feeling of relief! Now I<br />

would be able to better enjoy the panoramic vistas<br />

and think great thoughts.... able to feel at one with<br />

the world around me!<br />

Go back 50 years to the early 1970’s - we (my wife,<br />

our 4 pre-teens children and I) were sun-bathing<br />

and relaxing in the summer heat on Moraira’s<br />

Ampola Beach (no official lifeguard look-out stand<br />

in those days - only a basic beach bar).<br />

The 4 were clambering over the jagged rocks that<br />

still fringe the Castello promontory today, jumping<br />

into the shallow waters, clambering back up onto<br />

the rocks, jumping and splashing into the waters<br />

time and time again with inexhaustible energy!<br />

Just watching the children was enough to send<br />

my wife and I into a drowsy siesta.... for a while<br />

at least!<br />

Go back even earlier (the late 1960’s) - a deserted<br />

Loch in the Scottish Highlands, calm weather,<br />

picnic hamper waiting, our children clambering<br />

over a jumble of rocks and boulders at water’s<br />

edge, their grandfather (my father) with us on that<br />

occasion, all looking forward to a simple alfresco<br />

picnic.<br />

The water was in no hurry and lapped gently<br />

onto the shore, lightly blessing mossy rocks and<br />

boulders.... at that moment, at least!<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 21<br />

by John<br />

David<br />

Moorhouse<br />

Now go back even further in time (the 1950’s -<br />

65 years ago) - I was courting my future wife, headover-heels<br />

in love with her, thinking wedding bells<br />

and looking forward eagerly to starting a family!<br />

As an only child I was determined to create a<br />

family. Not that my childhood years had been<br />

unusually challenging or dysfunctional (although<br />

my mother had died when I was only 5 years<br />

old).... in fact those young years (looking back<br />

some 70 years from the present) had been exciting,<br />

challenging and full of colour!<br />

The thought of Eunice producing a family<br />

of “happy, healthy wee bairns” thrilled me<br />

enormously.<br />

In 1956 and 1957 I was invited to join Eunice’s<br />

family for two summer holidays on the Isle of<br />

Arran in Scotland.... two unforgettable holidays<br />

(full of love-filled moments) that remain clear in<br />

my mind to this day!<br />

On one occasion (1957), led by my future inlaws,<br />

6 of us went climbing up one of the many<br />

challenging, mountainous slopes that inland Arran<br />

offers to energetic folks. We clambered upwards,<br />

negotiating rocky outcrops, wild heather tangles,<br />

tricky little streams, etc.. It was a lot of fun as we<br />

helped each other up the steep terrain!<br />

Actually, we never reached “the top” - there<br />

were more than enough “thrills” in the clambering<br />

towards it!<br />

Why ‘clamber’ if you can use an uncomplicated<br />

‘easy route’, e.g., a well-paved road.... there are so<br />

many ‘easy routes’ these days!<br />

But, oftentimes, the ‘easy route’ can be<br />

uninteresting, not to say boring!<br />

Let’s face it, we need unsettling challenges in<br />

our lives (from time to time!), circumstances that<br />

cut across our ‘normal routines’, that drag/push<br />

us into new and invigorating activities, making us<br />

react creatively!<br />

Does my “clamber over the rocks’ fascination<br />

reflect my primeval antecedents?<br />

Go back no further than when each of us is<br />

born.... we emerge into a strange, uncomfortable<br />

(?) world.... we have no choice but to ‘clamber<br />

forward’ as best we may.... and the ‘process’<br />

appears to be lifelong!


Calpe, Benissa, Altea, Moraira<br />

Inmo COBAT welcomes you to the Costa Blanca.<br />

Since 2003 we are an “all-in” company<br />

when buying or selling property.<br />

www.cobatcostablanca.com<br />


LA FUSTERA 565,000€<br />

Completely reformed<br />

villa in La Fustera<br />

Benissa with Sea and<br />

Peñon views. Build<br />

369m2 Plot 792m2<br />

3 bedrooms and 3<br />

bathrooms, home<br />

office, parking and<br />

garage, sauna and<br />

exterior kitchen<br />

Ref. 3102<br />

ALTEA 205,000€<br />

Corner apartment<br />

with Sea view in<br />

Altea Mascarat<br />


Build 2006 and<br />

has 2 bedrooms,<br />

underground<br />

parking, 2 pools<br />

Ref. 3208<br />

CALPE 429,000€<br />

Wow; villa with<br />

3 kitchens, 2<br />

living rooms, 5<br />

bedrooms and<br />

4 bathrooms,<br />

outside shower,<br />

covered BBQ area,<br />

garage, carport<br />

and parking.<br />

Ref. 3016<br />

CALPE 475,000€<br />

Spacious villa in<br />

tranquil area,<br />

walking distance<br />

beach and with<br />

100% privacy.<br />

Lovely views to<br />

the “ Peñon de<br />

Ifach “. Ref. 2791<br />

CALPE 720,000€<br />

Modern new<br />

build villa with<br />

landscaped<br />

garden, spacious<br />

garage and private<br />

swimming pool, a<br />

real opportunity.<br />

Ref. 12835<br />

CALPE 785,000€<br />

Gorgeous panoramic<br />

sea view villa with<br />

heated pool,<br />

garage,<br />

exterior kitchen<br />

annex lounge and<br />

mature garden.<br />

Ref. 2837<br />

Inmo Cobat<br />

Telephone:<br />

0034 620146993

Carretera Moraira-Calpe<br />

coast road No 144, (in front<br />

of Euro Gym), Moraira<br />

Tel: 96 649 2436<br />



12.00 – 15.30/18.00 – late.<br />

For reservations call on<br />

966 492 436.<br />

Welcome to ‘The Kathmandu’ restaurant in Moraira where the food is prepared in the Nepalese style<br />

giving you fragrant and tasty dishes from India.<br />

Kathmandu Restaurant is a very popular Nepali-Indian Restaurant in Moraira.<br />

The restaurant serves quality Indian and Nepali dishes at reasonable prices or to Take Away with a<br />

10% DISCOUNT.<br />


There are special discounts for celebrations and parties. The Kathmandu has free parking directly outside<br />

the restaurant.<br />

The menu at The Kathmandu includes a wide selection of Indian and Nepalese dishes to choose from. There is a<br />

special set menu for 14.50€ per person, which includes a choice of starter, main course, rice or naan bread, side<br />

dish and ice-cream or coffee. Nepalese cuisine, is known for the flavours and textures of their curries. For those of<br />

you who enjoy a hotter curry, then just ask the Chef and he will certainly be able to accommodate.<br />

There is also a very well stocked bar to suit all tastes. Inside the restaurant is spacious and attractive in design.<br />

Outside has a stylish, also spacious semi covered lovely terraced area.<br />

Great Indian food, owner and members of the staff are really friendly and you will find it a pleasure eating there!<br />

There are other Kathmandu restaurants in Javea and Denia.<br />


MENU<br />






The first house we rented when we<br />

arrived in the city of Johannesburg<br />

was on a sprawling ten-acre plot,<br />

chosen by my ex since he expected me to<br />

bring the riding school with me.<br />

Having looked around when<br />

I made a quick visit south<br />

from Francistown<br />

had convinced me<br />

this was not a<br />

good idea. To<br />

begin with, my<br />

collection of<br />

rather ancient<br />

nags, a polyglot<br />

of breeds and<br />

whatever you<br />

call mongrel<br />

horses would<br />

never entice a<br />

single customer.<br />

The competition<br />

all around us was<br />

beyond belief. The<br />

nearby stables had all<br />

the bells and whistles,<br />

indoor riding school, show<br />

rings, proper stables, professional<br />

jumps and even lawns and flowerbeds. If<br />

I set up a riding school in South Africa, I<br />

would be laughed out of town. However, I<br />

had already decided to sell up as the cost of<br />

keeping twelve equines was way over our<br />

slender budget.<br />

Having seen the staff at the prestigious<br />

school where I’d be teaching, I realised I<br />

needed a new wardrobe. Would anyone<br />

notice if I rotated two outfits on a daily<br />

basis? It was all I could afford.<br />

To my amazement I<br />

discovered that everyone<br />

ran on credit. All the<br />

stores ran accounts,<br />

including the<br />

chemist. Thus,<br />

on my first visit,<br />

I was offered<br />

one free suit<br />

simply for<br />

opening<br />

an account<br />

and then<br />

they offered<br />

me the<br />

opportunity<br />

to run up an<br />

amount which<br />

I considered<br />

equal to the South<br />

African national<br />

debt.<br />

I stagged home under a<br />

mountain of carrier bags and I<br />

was all set.<br />

The children were less impressed with the<br />

pile of new acquisitions. Clothes for sport,<br />

sports equipment, basic uniform, shoes for<br />

indoor and outdoor, the list was endless.<br />

Add to that the requirements for pens,<br />

pencils, books and brown paper and plastic<br />

to cover these.<br />


FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 25<br />

This was a mission at the start of every<br />

school year and even up to their last year,<br />

guess who was given the task of enclosing<br />

large exercise books in paper and plastic<br />

and labelling each and every one. Whoever<br />

came up with this idea should have been<br />

committed. As a teacher, you try carrying<br />

thirty odd A5 exercise books as they slipped<br />

and slid over each other.<br />

As a law-abiding citizen I followed the<br />

instructions to the letter, only to be met at<br />

the end of the children’s first day with wails<br />

of disapproval. As prescribed, I’d used plain<br />

brown paper. Of course, no other mothers<br />

had done that! They had used jazzy coloured<br />

paper, or pictures of cartoon characters,<br />

ballerinas and horses. That’s when I got all<br />

snarly and shrieked that I was not going to<br />

do them all over again. Plain brown paper<br />

would have to do until next year, that wasn’t<br />

too long to wait, was it?<br />

Sadly, the following year that class teacher<br />

instructed all books had to be covered in<br />

plain brown paper and plastic. She had<br />

noticed the frenetic competition to use the<br />

most outlandish decals and fluorescent<br />

colours and patterns as, generally parents,<br />

had to outdo each other in decorating their<br />

children’s books.<br />

It was a culture shock when I was teaching<br />

there. Firstly, the parents blamed the teacher<br />

for their little darlings not coming top of<br />

the class, and did not hold back on the<br />

aggression either. From being a respected<br />

member of society those instructing less able<br />

children were in for a torrent of verbal abuse.<br />

The second shock was, the parents often<br />

did all the homework. Using words way<br />

beyond the levels used by their offspring, it<br />

wasn’t hard to spot. The level of competition<br />

was astounding. Asked to make a model of<br />

a house at home, the results included riveted<br />

steel frames, carved bricks and real solar<br />

panels. This, from seven-year-olds? “Of<br />

course, I did it all by myself Miss!”<br />

By Dee Tavener-Craig<br />

All proceeds are for the needy animals of Calpe<br />

A difficult year for all of us but we still need to raise money for Calpe’s lost or abandoned<br />

dogs and cats.<br />

Our shop is an Aladdin’s cave of clothing, books, DVDs, bric-a-brac and household goods<br />

so come along and snap up a bargain. The shop is situated in the lower ground floor of<br />

Edificio Perlamar on the Gabriel Miro, Calpe and is open from 10am until 1pm<br />

Mondays to Fridays.<br />

The president, Elinor Gonzalez lives in Las Bassetes where she cares for<br />

Calpe’s abandoned and sick animals, bringing them back to health and<br />

finding new caring owners for them. Her telephone number is<br />

620 106 733<br />

and she also has a stall on the Wednesday and<br />

Saturday market in Calpe if you wish to offer help<br />

or Dog walk, or adopt one of the lovely dogs<br />

Elinor would be so pleased to hear from you.









TELEPHONE 965 874 770<br />

The Studio, Local 35, Calle Pintor Sorolla, Edificio Apollo VII, 03710 Calpe

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 27<br />

Mar y Tierra today offers you red shrimp from Denia, emperor from Javea,<br />

octopus, squid, tellinas, cuttlefish, fried shrimp, scallops, liver, salted fish,<br />

Iberian lizard, suckling lamb chops, Galician meat, pink tomatoes, Iberian<br />

ham, paellas, rice dishes and much more...<br />

Large Sunny<br />

Terrace<br />

691 158 913<br />

966 933 159


Esmeralda Jewellers is an established family business with a fantastic array of<br />

beautiful jewellery so adorable you would stand and gaze at the beauty and<br />

craftsmanship of their products.<br />

They are very professional, reliable people and also very helpful so your very<br />

precious watch or piece of jewellery in need of repair or cleaning is safe in their<br />

hands. Thus when looking for that special gift, you need to visit Esmeralda<br />

jewellers. It is a family run business so you are made very welcome and the<br />

staff will help you choose jewellery, watches, porcelain Lladro status, Swarovski<br />

Silver crystal, clocks and much more. It is well worth a visit. The shop has been<br />

newly refurbished.<br />

The display is so lovely you would “Fall In Love” with the Jewellery.<br />


Av. Gabriel Miró, 29a, 03710 Calpe, Alicante Teléfono: 965 83 06 33

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 29


Why do they<br />

bury a sardine<br />

in Spain?<br />

The Burial of the<br />

Sardine Fiesta<br />

Usually there is a fiesta for the Burial of the<br />

Sardine but it has not been confirmed this<br />

year but here is some information on the<br />

fiesta if it takes place.<br />

Glitz, glamour, music, dancing – and people<br />

wearing giant fish heads. Yes this happens in<br />

Spain. The Burial of the Sardine. Legend suggests<br />

the festival dates back to the reign of Carlos III.<br />

According to the story, the king planned to celebrate<br />

the end of the festival period and ordered sardines<br />

to be served, only for high temperatures to cause the<br />

fish to go off, which were then buried to disguise<br />

the smell.<br />

Ash Wednesday is celebrated on Wednesday<br />

seven weeks before Easter and the day after Mardi<br />

Gras also referred to as Fat Tuesday. This is a<br />

Christian observance which represents the first day<br />

of Lent and the starting of approximately 6 weeks of<br />

fasting and penance.<br />

Days to Ash Wednesday <strong>2022</strong><br />

Wednesday, <strong>March</strong> 2nd is day number 61 of the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> calendar year with 1 month, 1 day until Ash<br />

Wednesday <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The “Burial of the Sardine” (Spanish: Entierro de<br />

la sardina) is a Spanish ceremony celebrating the<br />

end of carnival and other festivities. ... The “Burial<br />

of the Sardine” is celebrated on Ash Wednesday and<br />

is a symbolical burial of the past to allow society to<br />

be reborn, transformed and with new vigour.<br />

Now more than 150 years old, the festival takes<br />

place on Saturday April 7 with a large parade<br />

through the streets, attended by thousands of<br />

costumed participants, with decorated floats,<br />

music, dancing, fireworks and... large fish heads<br />

everywhere.<br />

Ash Wednesday – 2nd <strong>March</strong>, <strong>2022</strong> – The Burial of<br />

the Sardine. This is the first day of Lent and on this<br />

day is an event that officially closes carnival known<br />

as the Burial of the Sardine. This is one of the most<br />

surreal carnival celebrations that occurs around the<br />

world.<br />

It’s a bit of a bizarre custom. The mad heady days<br />

of carnival are finished off by the solemn burial of<br />

the sardine. But why do the Spanish bury anything<br />

after Carnival, and why a sardine in particular?<br />

To answer that, we must take a step backwards in<br />

time, to a time when superstition and religion ruled.<br />

The entierro de la sardina is a ceremony that<br />

winds up Carnival across Spain and its South<br />

American former colonies. The burial (the entierro)<br />

is a carnival parade that parodies the funeral rites.<br />

A cavalcade of clowns and revellers accompany<br />

a symbolically grotesque figure, which is usually<br />

a sardine. The sardine is taken to a spot outside<br />

of town and buried amongst much cat calling and

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 31<br />

mock mourning. The ceremony is normally held<br />

on (or in our modern hard-working times, on the<br />

handiest weekend to) Ash Wednesday.<br />

It’s a symbolic burial of the past. The ceremony<br />

is stripping away the past, in a socially established<br />

ritual of chaos, burning out the mayhem of carnival<br />

and the long winter months, and ushering in from<br />

the ashes a new year, a society reborn and serious<br />

once again, ready to face the hardships of the future.<br />

With King Charles III shortly after he ascended to<br />

the throne of Spain in 1759 he was a solemn believer<br />

in tradition and encouraged local fiestas before Lent<br />

on the condition that villagers buckled down to<br />

their religious duties afterwards.<br />

The story runs that on one Ash Wednesday the<br />

King ordered the last day of the fiesta in Madrid to<br />

be marked with an enormous festival at which free<br />

fish – sardines – would be given out to all, and all<br />

meat was to be buried, symbolising that no meat<br />

could be eaten for the next 40 days.<br />

However, it being a hot day, and Madrid being a<br />

long way from the sea, when the cooks opened the<br />

crates of fresh sardines the stench made everyone<br />

ill.<br />

King Charles furiously ordered the fish instead of<br />

the meat to be buried in the Casa del Campo park<br />

where the fiesta was being held. The attendees leapt<br />

to work with gusto, and the fiesta carried on all day<br />

– but with the revellers consuming meat instead of<br />

the fish, by Royal Dispensation.<br />

In fact, it was such a success that it became an<br />

annual tradition that quickly spread elsewhere in<br />

Spain.<br />

What we do know is that many Spanish festivals<br />

end with the symbolic destruction of a figure that<br />

represents all the vice and fun that accumulated<br />

over the course of the fiesta<br />

The burial ceremony came to replace older<br />

Spanish customs held to mark the end of the<br />

winter. Many ancient Mediterranean cultures held<br />

symbolic ceremonies to welcome the arrival of<br />

Spring, and especially good luck rituals to ensure<br />

the fishermen, who could now venture back out<br />

to sea without fear of the winter storms, had good<br />

hauls.<br />

February 24 was called the day of the Halcyons<br />

by Ptolemy in his Phaseis. This was held to be the<br />

day that the Halcyons, a mythical bird with the<br />

power to calm the waves of the sea, would head out<br />

to the Mediterranean to build their floating nests,<br />

and thus end the winter storms. Incidentally, that’s<br />

where we get the expression “those halcyon days”<br />

from, those period of quiet gentle days of our youth.<br />

It thus marked the beginning of the Spring<br />

fishing season.<br />

The tradition was picked up and spread by the<br />

Arabs, who called the days between February 21<br />

and 24 the Al riyab Al-jutt’afiyya – the winds of<br />

calm – a tradition that the medieval Spanish would<br />

adopt, calling it the winds of the Quelidonios.<br />

These early Spring traditions would eventually<br />

become absorbed by Christianity. In the same way<br />

that the Anglican Church still celebrates Harvest<br />

Thanksgiving, a ceremony to be grateful for the<br />

harvest bounty of Autumn, these Spring traditions<br />

would try to ensure a good bounty and good luck<br />

for the season ahead.<br />

The Inquisition, never a very understanding<br />

bunch of men, did their best to eliminate such<br />

festivals, but failed. And the Spanish Enlightenment<br />

of the late 18th century would allow these ancient<br />

traditions to be resurrected under a new name and<br />

a new veneer of respectability.<br />

People tend to confuse the burial with Ash<br />

Wednesday. That marks the start of Lent, the forty<br />

days of abstinence before Easter. The “Ash” of<br />

Wednesday comes from the tradition of burning the<br />

carefully kept palm leaves of the previous year’s<br />

Palm Sunday, which marks the start of Easter.<br />

But Carnival is always held in the fortnight<br />

before Lent starts. It’s a way of letting your hair<br />

down after the hard winter and before the serious<br />

business of Lent begins.<br />

The ceremony calls together the town and says:<br />

“Look, we’ve all had our fun, now let’s settle down<br />

and get back to work”.<br />

Unless you’re Murcian, of course. They bury<br />

the sardine at the beginning of the carnival, and<br />

there it represents the contrary: Order and Work is<br />

buried away out of sight so it isn’t shocked by the<br />

Carnival. Which mind set is why their Carnivals are<br />

considered to be the best in Spain.


Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious<br />

celebration occurring annually on 17 <strong>March</strong>,<br />

the death date of the most commonlyrecognised<br />

patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick (c.<br />

AD 385–461).<br />

Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian<br />

feast day in the early seventeenth century and is<br />

observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican<br />

Communion, especially the Church of Ireland the<br />

Eastern Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church.<br />

The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival<br />

of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating<br />

the heritage and culture of the Irish in general.<br />

Celebrations generally involve public parades<br />

and festivals and the wearing of green attire or<br />

shamrocks. Christians also attend church services<br />

and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking<br />

alcohol are lifted for the day, which has encouraged<br />

and propagated the holiday’s tradition of alcohol<br />

consumption.<br />

Much of what is known about St Patrick comes<br />

from the Declaration, which was allegedly written<br />

by Patrick himself. It is believed that he was born in<br />

Roman Britain in the fourth century, into a wealthy<br />

Romano-British family. His father was a Deacon<br />

and his grandfather was a Priest in the Christian<br />

church. At the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by<br />

Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland.<br />

He spent six years there working as a shepherd<br />

and during this time he “found God” and that God<br />

told Patrick to flee to the coast, where a ship would<br />

be waiting to take him home. After making his<br />

way home, Patrick went on to become a Priest and<br />

spent many years evangelising in the northern half<br />

of Ireland and converted “thousands”. Tradition<br />

holds that he died on 17 <strong>March</strong> and was buried at<br />

Downpatrick.<br />

On St. Patrick’s Day it is customary to wear<br />

shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories.<br />

St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a<br />

three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the<br />

pagan Irish.<br />

The colour green has been associated with Ireland<br />

since the 1640s, when the green harp flag was used<br />

by the Irish Catholic Confederation. Green ribbons<br />

and shamrocks have been worn on St Patrick’s Day<br />

since at least the 1680s.<br />

The church calendar avoids the observance of<br />

saints’ feasts during certain solemnities, moving<br />

the saint’s day to a time outside those periods.<br />

Saint Patrick’s Day is occasionally affected by this<br />

requirement, when 17 <strong>March</strong> falls during Holy<br />

Week. This happened in 1940, when Saint Patrick’s<br />

Day was observed on 3 April to avoid it coinciding<br />

with Palm Sunday, and again in 2008, where it was<br />

officially observed on 14 <strong>March</strong>. Saint Patrick’s Day<br />

will not fall within Holy Week again until 2160.<br />

However, the secular celebration is always held on<br />

17 <strong>March</strong>.<br />

As well as Dublin, many places in Ireland<br />

hold their own parades and festivals. The biggest<br />

celebrations are in Downpatrick, County Down,<br />

where Saint Patrick is rumoured to be buried.<br />

However, all the following have not been<br />

confirmed but in other years, The shortest St<br />

Patrick’s Day parade in the world takes place in<br />

Dripsey, Cork. The parade lasts just 100 yards and<br />

travels between the village’s two pubs.<br />

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a party is held in the<br />

downtown street of Reconquista, where there are<br />

several Irish pubs; in 2006, there were 50,000 people<br />

in this street and the pubs nearby.<br />

One of the longest-running and largest Saint<br />

Patrick’s Day parades in North America occurs

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 33<br />

each year in Montreal, Canada since 1759 by Irish<br />

soldiers in the Montreal Garrison<br />

In Quebec City, there was a parade from 1837 to<br />

1926. The Quebec City St-Patrick Parade returned<br />

in 2010 after an absence of more than 84 years.<br />

For the occasion, a portion of the New York Police<br />

Department Pipes and Drums were present as<br />

special guests.<br />

There is a parade held in Toronto<br />

which attracts over 100,000 spectators.<br />

In <strong>March</strong> 2009, the Calgary<br />

Tower changed its top exterior<br />

lights to new green CFL bulbs<br />

for Saint Patrick’s Day. Part of<br />

an environmental non-profit<br />

organisation’s campaign. 210 lights<br />

were changed and resembled a<br />

Leprechaun’s hat. The change was<br />

estimated to save the Calgary Tower some<br />

$12,000 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions<br />

by 104 tonnes.<br />

Great Briton. London. There is a parade<br />

in Trafalgar Square. In 2008 the water in the<br />

Trafalgar Square fountains was dyed green. Queen<br />

Elizabeth, The Queen Mother presented bowls of<br />

shamrock flown over from Ireland to members<br />

of the Irish Guards. The Irish Guards still wear<br />

shamrock on this day, flown in from Ireland.<br />

Birmingham holds the largest Saint Patrick’s<br />

Day parade in Britain with a city centre parade<br />

over a two-mile (3 km) route through the city<br />

centre. It is described as the third biggest parade in<br />

the world after Dublin and New York.<br />

Liverpool has the highest proportion of residents<br />

with Irish ancestry of any English city. This has led<br />

to a long-standing celebration in terms of music,<br />

cultural events and the parade.<br />

Manchester hosts a two-week Irish festival in<br />

the weeks prior to St Patrick’s Day. The festival<br />

includes an Irish Market and a large parade.<br />

The Scottish town of Coatbridge, where the<br />

majority of the town’s population are of Irish<br />

descent also has a Festival which includes<br />

celebrations and parades.<br />

Glasgow has a considerably large Irish<br />

population due to the Irish immigration during the<br />

19th century raising the population by over 100.00<br />

people. In Glasgow there are many Irish pubs and<br />

groups who run annual celebrations on St Patrick’s<br />

day.<br />

International Space Station<br />

Chris Hadfield wearing green in the<br />

International Space Station on Saint Patrick’s Day,<br />

2013 and took photographs of Ireland from earth<br />

orbit, and a picture of himself wearing green.<br />

He posted online a recording of himself singing<br />

“Danny Boy” in space.<br />

Japan hold many Parades.<br />

The first in Tokyo. Nowadays<br />

parades and other events<br />

related to Saint Patrick’s Day.<br />

Malaysia There is a St.<br />

Patrick’s Ball, the biggest<br />

celebration in Asia.<br />

Guinness, Anchor, Berhad<br />

also organises 36 parties<br />

across the country in places<br />

like the Klang Valley, Penang,<br />

Johor Bahru, Malacca, Ipoh,<br />

Kuantan, Kota Kinabalu, Miri and<br />

Kuching.<br />

The tiny island of Montserrat is known as<br />

“Emerald Island of the Caribbean” because of<br />

its founding by Irish refugees from Saint Kitts<br />

and Nevis. Along with Ireland and the Canadian<br />

province of Newfoundland and Labrador, St<br />

Patrick’s Day is a public holiday.<br />

The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade took place<br />

in Russia in 1992. There are festivals in Moscow<br />

and other Russian cities and unofficial parts.<br />

There is a military parade and is performed in<br />

collaboration with the Moscow government and<br />

the Irish embassy in Moscow. The unofficial parade<br />

is performed by volunteers and there is a carnival<br />

and show with Celtic music. Over 70 events<br />

celebrating Irish culture in Moscow, St. Petersburg,<br />

Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, and Volgograd.<br />

The Irish Association of South Korea has<br />

celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day since 1976<br />

Saint Patrick’s Day in Switzerland celebrate<br />

festivities similar to those in central European<br />

countries.<br />

Saint Patrick’s Day in the United States, is<br />

widely recognised and observed throughout the<br />

country as a celebration which include prominent<br />

displays of the colour green, eating and drinking,<br />

religious observances, and numerous parades.<br />

Some groups, notably Guinness, have lobbied to<br />

make Saint Patrick’s Day a national holiday.<br />

Everyone’s Irish on <strong>March</strong> 17th.


Walsh’s Wisdom<br />


WE EAT<br />

We are what we eat is a saying that<br />

stays good over time. My infant<br />

sons were under 18-months of<br />

age when they caught whooping cough. A<br />

serious disease whoever it affects but often<br />

lethal when infants are afflicted.<br />

My wife and I were abandoned by the<br />

British service. Because of their condition we<br />

couldn’t visit the doctor, the hospital was<br />

problematic, our GP refused to visit.<br />

Long before Google and the internet, we<br />

parents scoured the medical books in our<br />

local bookstore to see if we could discover a<br />

way out of our crisis.<br />

Finally, after weeks of near-death<br />

experiences, we were recommended to a<br />

herbalist. Mr Trevor Evans handed us a<br />

phial containing dark brown syrup. Like the<br />

laying on of the hands, the deadly disease<br />

disappeared within hours without common<br />

side effects.<br />

A retired engineer, I asked Mr Evans what<br />

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FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 35<br />

on earth inspired him to take up herbalism.<br />

He explained. His wife had been diagnosed<br />

as having multiple sclerosis. He was told<br />

by doctors, ‘In two years your wife will be<br />

in a wheelchair. She will have passed away<br />

within five years’ (follow the science).<br />

In despair, he and his wife consulted a<br />

herbalist and a remedy was applied.<br />

‘That was ten years ago. Do you know<br />

where she is now,’ he asked me. Without<br />

waiting for my reply, he told me his wife was<br />

trotting around the local market with her two<br />

heavy shopping bags.’ He went on to explain<br />

that suitably impressed, he studied, learned<br />

and practised herbalism.<br />

I saw him on a subsequent occasion to<br />

see him if he could do anything about my<br />

being afflicted with chronic mouth ulcers,<br />

a condition that the NHS and dentists had<br />

given up on. Mr Evans gave me some dietary<br />

advice, especially avoidance of citric acid<br />

foods, red wine, lemons, oranges etc. my<br />

problem disappeared forever.<br />

Well, nearly forever. There were times<br />

when I forgot his advice about avoiding high<br />

acid foods, which incidentally cause gout<br />

and other crystal-forming tissue issues and<br />

the ulcers returned.<br />

He told me of a young RAF airman. The<br />

young man’s mouth ulcers were so severe<br />

that he contemplated taking his life. Same<br />

remedy with the same positive results.<br />

Due to age and winter dampness, I spend<br />

much of my mornings clearing my chest.<br />

Recently and before retiring for the night, I<br />

asked the great spirit if there was anything<br />

he might suggest to alleviate the problem.<br />

As I drifted off to sleep, I saw a strange<br />

apparition of an ordinary garden onion<br />

and a cutting knife. How odd, I thought as<br />

I drifted to slumber. The next time I was<br />

chesty I did slice a raw onion. Then chewing<br />

on a small slice, I breathed in deeply the<br />

onion’s vapours. The irritation disappeared<br />

immediately. Michael Walsh.


Walsh’s Wisdom<br />



Russian women are acutely conscious<br />

of the importance of the impression<br />

they make. Fashion in Moscow and St<br />

Petersburg is a statement without words.<br />

Couture isn’t fixed otherwise it wouldn’t<br />

be the current style, or fashionable then or<br />

in the future. As recently as ten years ago,<br />

the standards in the apparel industry were<br />

focused on models up to 25 years of age.<br />

There were other parameters such as size<br />

limitations, typically 90-60-90 and height<br />

from 175 + (5’ 7”).<br />

The concept of the ideal model is today<br />

closer to the reality of life. Designers have<br />

turned their attention to women with ‘nonstandard’<br />

constraints and appearances.<br />

These are women who are of plus size,<br />

women of 45 + years of age and women<br />

who blend in easily but pleasingly with their<br />

contemporaries.<br />

Because modern fashion is democratic<br />

and flexible women discover themselves by<br />

immersing themselves in the creativity of<br />

fashion. Such women tend to influence the<br />

direction in which the elegance of fashion is<br />

going. The modern pace of life has greatly<br />

changed the style of modern women.<br />

Fashionable women 50 + are choosing<br />

Classic, Boho and Chic styles.<br />

For women 50 +, palette matters a lot.<br />

Stylists recommend abandoning bright<br />

and pied or particoloured items and giving<br />

preference to muted pastels. Fashion is<br />

also a personal statement. I myself love<br />

bright colours in clothes. Mature women’s<br />

wardrobes should include clean colours,<br />

minimal decorations and a concise design.<br />

Physical appearance must, of course, be<br />

important in expressing oneself through<br />

their attire. I am often asked how I maintain<br />

such a figure and asked what is my secret for<br />

achieving my physical appearance.<br />

When I was young, I was a chubby girl +<br />

15 to 17 kg more than I am today. I tried all<br />

sorts of diets, I even tried starvation. The<br />

result of dieting and starvation was shortlived.<br />

The extra pounds or kilos if you prefer<br />

did not add value.<br />

I then came to understand that any diet is<br />

a restriction of certain foods and the chosen<br />

diet must become a way of life. This is the<br />

theory but the reality was at odds with<br />

my preferences and lifestyle. Apart from<br />

‘healthy and proper’ foods, I loved sweets<br />

and biscuits. There was a need to discipline<br />

myself. I adopted a new approach to what<br />

and when I ate.<br />

I chose to eat less and I carefully measured<br />

my intake. In those days I did it by eye<br />

and I maintained a disciplined interval of<br />

3-4 hours. At the same time, one should be<br />

careful with wheat and dairy products and<br />

sweets; it is better to eat them in the morning.<br />

Over time this chosen diet has paid off.<br />

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Having accepted my dietary<br />

lifestyle I now find that I can<br />

eat whatever I want without<br />

restrictions. My stomach has also<br />

revised and is now used to small<br />

doses.<br />

NELLI KAMALOVA worked<br />

as a restaurant manager and in<br />

personnel work. Nellie says,<br />

‘It was only in my older years<br />

that I discovered my potential.<br />

I learned to dress nicely, use<br />

the right make-up, and keep<br />

my posture. There was a new<br />

lustre in my appearance. All of<br />

us women, regardless of age,<br />

are girls inside and want to be<br />

loved and admired. Present<br />

fashion is very democratic in<br />

terms of both fashion trends<br />

and pricing.’<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 37<br />



What is that old man thinking,<br />

Do his thoughts run free?<br />

Perhaps he thinks of lost love,<br />

His youth and years at sea,<br />

Does he have a longing?<br />

For dreams that I can't tell?<br />

Could it be he's dreaming for<br />

Girls that he once fell?<br />

What is the old man thinking?<br />

He's truly lost in thought,<br />

I think he must be dreaming of,<br />

Lost chances when he sought,<br />

A life where he could wander,<br />

Is his spirit roaming free?<br />

It was then I came to realise,<br />

That gentleman was me.<br />

Michael Walsh Verse for Romantics<br />




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Walsh’s Wisdom<br />




Few writers are under any illusions as to<br />

the chances of their book becoming a<br />

blockbuster. Amazon pays from 10 cents<br />

to $3 per book sale. Amazon doesn’t promote<br />

books; you do. Try pushing 150 books a month<br />

just to earn enough to pay a modest rent.<br />

Don’t let this put you off as we are talking<br />

about alternatives to Amazon.<br />

Fewer than 50 per cent of new writers have<br />

it in mind to upload to Amazon or try their<br />

luck through writers’ agents. If this seems<br />

strange consider how many talented people<br />

without thought of reward are at this moment<br />

sculpting figurines, creating earthenware,<br />

composing music, indulging in photography,<br />

painting landscapes, or making jewellery and<br />

clothing.<br />

They do it because following your dream<br />

expresses your creativity. Their interest<br />

and their passion are relaxing pursuits. On<br />

completion, theirs is an achievement of which<br />

they and their families can be proud.<br />

If you have a book or indeed any writing needs contact Michael by emailing him at keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com<br />

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WALSH’S WISDOM FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 39<br />

Writers are undeniably kings and<br />

queens. Their rivals in other creative<br />

pursuits have little or no chance of<br />

sharing their achievement with others.<br />

Try selling your dresses, jewellery, your<br />

paintings, your wife’s portrait, busts<br />

and figurines, or your sheets of music.<br />

Yet, for comparatively little outlay<br />

the writer can be his own publisher.<br />

He or she can order their books from<br />

a reputable book printer. After having<br />

his book printed and delivered the<br />

writer can sell copies and put in their<br />

bank both the publisher’s fees and the<br />

royalties.<br />

Let us imagine 200 or maybe 500<br />

copies of your book are delivered to<br />

your door. Do what I did on a number<br />

of occasions. Each time I did so I hit the<br />

jackpot.<br />

Each book cost perhaps €3 to be<br />

printed and has a cover price of €8.95.<br />

Copies can be sold directly to buyers at<br />

fetes, soirées, charity events, home book<br />

signing functions, shared market stalls,<br />

writers’ circles, garden parties. The<br />

seller pockets €6 profit.<br />

I also used the Sale or Return method.<br />

Wherever appropriate, booksellers,<br />

retailers, tourist offices, giftware shops,<br />

etc, say a dozen books are left ‘sale or<br />

return’ so no risk to the vendor. The<br />

retailer receives the usual one-third<br />

(€3) for each book sold and the author<br />

slips into their purse a profit of €3. You<br />

don’t wish to do this yourself. Offer the<br />

salesman’s job to a friend and pay them<br />

€3 per copy sold.<br />

Finally, or beforehand, you need your<br />

book edited or ghost-written before<br />

being published. If your book is expertly<br />

brought to retail standard then you sell<br />

a lot more copies so your ghost writer’s<br />

fee is a super investment. Well done,<br />

writers of this world. Michael Walsh is<br />

a professional book editor. He can be<br />

contacted by email: keyboardcosmetics@<br />



Av. Constitució , 18, planta bajo,<br />

La Font d’En Carros, 46717, Valencia, España.<br />

Telephone: 650-304-746<br />

Email: p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.com<br />

You rescue<br />

we save<br />

Frankie<br />

Frankie is a beautiful black long haired<br />

female about 6 months old. if anyone<br />

can offer this lovely cat a home please<br />

telephone the Pepa helpline on 604 304<br />

746 or email p.e.p.a.animalcharity@<br />

gmail.com<br />

Lucky<br />

Introducing Lucky, he is about 6 years<br />

old and is currently living in a family run<br />

kennels. He is a healthy boy and a happy<br />

soul. He would love to be loved. For more<br />

info please call PEPA 650-304-746 or email<br />


FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 41<br />



Specialist Painting and Decorating<br />

With over 35 years experience in all aspects of painting and decorating<br />

including DBS checked for working for the vulnerable, domestic,<br />

commercial and industrial projects, including spray painting. We use only<br />

the highest quality products and ensure that the projects are left clean and<br />

tidy. We always ensure the client is happy before we leave and we have 5*<br />

reviews on our facebook page so you have the confidence in us.<br />

We are fully registered and insured.<br />

Feel free to ring or email for a free quotation.<br />

styledecs@yahoo.com<br />

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1702104550178152<br />

Telephone Dave on 0034 711092706


I<br />

never know who from the Spirit World<br />

is going to accompany my Clients into<br />

my room. My clients are the defence<br />

that magic happens between the four walls<br />

of my office and that anything can happen<br />

during their visit. The more open the client<br />

is the more that Spirit responds, working<br />

through me to get that connection and to<br />

give the vital evidence of survival to loved<br />

ones left behind. This proves the existence<br />

of the Spirit World better than anything can.<br />

My clients know that they are never<br />

alone, protected, and that the sweet<br />

energies of those who have survived the<br />

longest journey of the soul can be felt all<br />

around them.<br />

The Spirit World is a holding station<br />

and so too a destination for the soul. So it<br />

isn’t hard to imagine that after the passing<br />

over, that souls make the difficult assisted<br />

journey to their place in Spirit, a place<br />

that they may call home. From that point<br />

onwards they want to communicate. They<br />

want that loved ones on Earth receive a<br />

message that tells them that they are safe,<br />

having transcended to their place in the<br />

Spirit World.<br />

My great fear for souls in Spirit is that<br />

nobody comes to communicate with them.<br />

Fear, or ignorance or disbelief in Spirit<br />

causes such misery to someone who needs<br />

to pause, think things out and to then<br />

choose a preferred way through their big<br />

start in the Afterlife. Imagine making a<br />

short journey here on Earth and not being<br />

able to say that you were safe, all is ok,<br />

don’t worry about me! I used to reach<br />

for my phone the minute my plane landed<br />

to tell my husband that I was safe,<br />

and after every flight. Souls<br />

in Spirit communicate<br />

through the energies<br />

of professional<br />

Mediums. We<br />

are skilled in<br />

communication<br />

often to levels<br />

of direct voice<br />

contact, and<br />

we pass those<br />

messages on<br />

with loving<br />

care, very<br />

carefully and<br />

accurately, and<br />

with love.<br />

So, if your family<br />

don’t get the Spiritual<br />

message then you are<br />

going to find yourself out<br />

there alone. All those who enter<br />

are taught how to contact and it’s no easy<br />

way down, but in time communication<br />

is possible in voice, vibration or action.<br />

Some Clients choose me because I am<br />

a Physical Medium. Spirit feels free to<br />

enter into my body in order to make their<br />

message known. They may use their voice<br />

or work on my wavelength totally. They<br />

can see their loved ones and talk to them,<br />

they will be able through guides to answer<br />

questions and send messages of survival.<br />

Many Earthbound clients are able to see<br />

their loved ones if their faith is truly deep

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 43<br />


enough. They often surprise themselves.<br />

Many people have mediumistic talents<br />

and then the Medium can advise<br />

them how to harness their<br />

communication skills in<br />

future contact.<br />

I love bringing<br />

people together.<br />

One client came<br />

to me and all<br />

I could see<br />

was an old<br />

Grandfather<br />

clock. The<br />

story unfolded<br />

in that the<br />

clock no<br />

longer chimed<br />

and it needed a<br />

complete clean.<br />

It was a gift to my<br />

client and he had failed<br />

to look after it. Slowly my<br />

client began to talk to his Uncle<br />

in Spirit. He wanted to apologise for not<br />

having the money to keep the clock going.<br />

Their conversation continued with the<br />

clearly audible workings of a very old and<br />

resonant cabinet clock in the background.<br />

The client was amazed that he could make<br />

contact, the contact was thrilled and when<br />

the young man returned home after his<br />

holiday the clock was working like new. It<br />

doesn’t even have to be wound up with a<br />

key anymore.<br />

Nobody knows how it actually works,<br />

just that it does.<br />

Magic happens and sharing these events<br />

helps others to see that they are blocking<br />

the rights of their loved ones in Spirit by<br />

not being there to communicate with their<br />

dearest departed family and friends. You<br />

have nothing to lose and everything to<br />

gain just by believing in a process that<br />

seems so right and in which you are the<br />

key that makes it all work.<br />

Have no fear that Spirit is there<br />

all around us. They know how to be<br />

both sensitive and understanding. If<br />

you can eliminate fear then that is the<br />

point of magic. If you cannot believe<br />

then that’s OK, but go and believe in<br />

something. Spirit makes it easier for us to<br />

communicate. There is a link between the<br />

World we inhabit and the Spirit World.<br />

If you wish to speak directly to your<br />

loved ones who are dearly departed then<br />

do so. Any response is the direct result of<br />

your elimination of fear and their wish to<br />

communicate in any way that they can. It<br />

works just because it can.<br />

If you encounter problems, or you feel<br />

in need of advice of a Spiritual nature, I<br />

am here to take your call or receive your<br />

text. I am on What’s App, and I will do<br />

what I can to assist you dear readers!<br />

Love & Light, - Kenny Corris<br />



TEL. 96 587 8424/686 361 594 / EMAIL: KENNYCORRIS@HOTMAIL.COM



Mon 3 – 9<br />

Tues 3 – 9<br />

Weds 3 – 11<br />

Thurs CLOSED<br />

Fri 3 – 10<br />

Sat 2 – 10<br />

Sun 10 – 8<br />

Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

Father Ted’s can be described as a “Jewel in a Crown” as<br />

it sparkles with personality and is a “gem” of a bar to visit<br />

with a warm welcome.<br />

In the Moraira area where there are plenty of fizzy beers, it’s a joy to<br />

get a decent pint of Guinness, properly served. The owner and staff are<br />

professional and friendly and the food is very good. It has a relaxed and<br />

civilized feel about it, everything a bar should be. Another big asset is<br />

the wide selection of “GUEST CRAFT ALES” available including “ADNAMS<br />

BROADSIDE” and “NEIPA” on draught.<br />


What a find! Great food and service and good value for money. Treat<br />

yourself to a traditional Sunday Lunch with a choice of starters, main<br />

courses of Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Roast Lamb, or Roast Pork served<br />

with all the trimmings, starting from 10.95€. Spaces are limited though<br />

so give Gwen a ring on 966 490 277 or 630 965 392 to book.<br />

Lunch will be served from 1.30.<br />

Staff very friendly and attentive. Home-made Specials from €6.95.<br />

Inside seating 52 people and on the terrace 20.<br />

Plenty of outside parking space.<br />

Check us out on Facebook for Up and Coming Events.<br />

St Patrick , s Day<br />

Celebrations!!<br />

(17th <strong>March</strong> )<br />

Thursday 17th <strong>March</strong><br />


Friday 18th <strong>March</strong><br />


Saturday 19th <strong>March</strong><br />


Wales / Italy 15.15<br />

Ireland/ Scotland 17.45<br />

France/ England 21.00<br />

Sunday 20th <strong>March</strong><br />

FRANK ( Saxophone)<br />

Food and Drink Specials<br />

available including.<br />

Home Made Irish Stew &<br />

Soda Bread.<br />

Steak & Guinness Pie !!<br />

Traditional 3 Course<br />

Sunday Lunch available<br />

from €12.95.<br />

Bookings advised for any<br />

or all of the above. Please<br />

check our Facebook page for<br />

updated dates and times.<br />




3 COURSES €15.95<br />

Please check our Facebook page for revised times, capacity and entertainment, as these<br />

may change due to the easing of restrictions<br />


Including Punk IPA and<br />

Bombardier on draught.<br />

New beer arriving on draught.<br />


All your favourite sports!<br />


Quiz Night & The Open Box<br />


Homemade fish & chips<br />

plus a selection of<br />

homemade pies for 7.95€<br />


Meal deals from 5.00€<br />


Available from 11.95€

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 45<br />

Father Ted’s<br />

Camino del Pallero, 6, Moraira<br />

A Gem of a Place<br />

One Course 11.95€<br />

Two Courses 13.95€<br />

Three Courses 15.95€<br />


Mon 3 - 9 , Tues 3 – 9, Weds 3- 11, Thurs Closed,<br />

Fri 3 – 10, Sat 2 – 10, Sun 10 – 8<br />

Opening hours may vary and entertainment due to ongoing restrictions.<br />

Check our Facebook page or phone the bar on 966 490 277/630 965 392<br />

Booking advised: 966 490 277 / 630 965 392<br />

Camino Del Pallero 6, Moraira



Are you in a difficult relationship?<br />

How are you coping with that? Do you<br />

feel you are between a rock and a<br />

hard place? Do you feel you are not<br />

able to move because any move means pain?<br />

Have you decided to stay, in spite of all the<br />

problems? How are you going to be able to<br />

deal with this?<br />

However you answer the above questions,<br />

remember that no one is perfect, and<br />

relationships can be less than easy some of<br />

the time, but if we are going to bring out the<br />

best in each other perhaps it is time to look at<br />

things impartially, and ask a few very direct<br />

questions....what was it about my partner<br />

that attracted me in the first place? What<br />

has happened to that person? Have they<br />

changed during the relationship? Then, have<br />

I changed too?<br />

Remember we are not trying to allocate<br />

blame here. In a relationship between two<br />

people at any given moment in time, we are<br />

seeing the end result of having made various<br />

choices in our lives. So now, if our life’s<br />

choices differ vastly from those of the person<br />

we are with, there is definitely going to be<br />

conflict, unless there is plenty of tolerance.<br />

A good relationship should be co operation,<br />

not competition. If we are competing with<br />

our partner, that immediately makes them an<br />

adversary, and not a loved one!<br />

Try to be the kind of person we would<br />

want to be with. If we feel unloved, are we<br />

LOVEABLE?? Problems arise when we give<br />

up thinking about the other person, and this<br />

can cut both ways! Selfishness never results<br />

in happy relationships!<br />

If the person we are with has become all the<br />

bad things we can think of, perhaps they<br />

have become that way without question. Do<br />

we talk to our partners about meaningful<br />

things? Have we discussed ground rules<br />

in the relationship, and do we know what<br />

hurts out partner, or is unacceptable? It is<br />

never too late to try to communicate. It is the<br />

foundation of every successful relationship.<br />

Remember “It’s good to talk”!!<br />

It is evident from listening to some of my<br />

clients in the past, that sometimes the only<br />

communication between them is when the<br />

other person is doing something wrong!<br />

Then the criticism starts. How does that<br />

make anyone feel? Sadly, always being<br />

negative and critical can never bring good<br />

results. If we want to improve things we<br />

could try using kindness and affection,<br />

both are powerful tools and can be used<br />

effectively. This is not as simple as it sounds,<br />

but perhaps it is worth a try.<br />

Being in a loving relationship should make<br />

us feel GOOD! If that isn’t true in your case,<br />

then to make changes you you need to be<br />

strong and deal with the situation to achieve<br />

what you need. Bad relationships do not<br />

mend themselves, and remember, only YOU<br />

have the ability to make the changes you<br />

want in your life.<br />

You CAN be happy!<br />

Violet King<br />

Take Care......Till next time!

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 47<br />

All You Need UNDER ONE ROOF<br />

Centro Comercial Montgó<br />

Cap de la Nao Plá 68<br />

Jávea<br />

Tel: 966 462 275<br />

Partida Planet 177<br />

–<br />

Altea<br />

Tel: 965 841 399<br />

yorkshirelinencostablanca.com<br />

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram<br />

and WIN a 40€ voucher.


Screening Tests……..<br />

Get Back on Track!!<br />

Thousands missing out on<br />

Cancer diagnosis<br />


One of the implications of the<br />

COVID-19 crisis has been that<br />

routine annual screenings have<br />

been ‘put on a back burner’<br />

The British Medical Journal has<br />

published an alarming figure. They<br />

estimate that there could be at least a<br />

20% rise in cancer mortalities due to<br />

delayed screenings, delayed diagnosis<br />

and delayed treatments.<br />

Scientists suggest there could be at<br />

least 7,000 additional deaths - but in a<br />

worst case scenario that number could<br />

be as high as 35,000.<br />

Understandably people have not<br />

wanted to attend medical centres unless<br />

absolutely necessary! However, now we<br />

are starting to get back to some degree


FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 49<br />

of normality it’s time to start thinking<br />

about any annual screening tests that<br />

are overdue.<br />

For women.....are you due a<br />

smear test?<br />

Cervical cancer is most<br />

frequently diagnosed<br />

between the ages of 35 and<br />

44. However, it can occur<br />

under the age of 20 and 15%<br />

of diagnoses are in women<br />

older than 65.<br />

A smear test can detect<br />

abnormal cells before they become<br />

cancerous. It can also diagnose<br />

cervical cancer in the very early stages,<br />

before you have any symptoms. Early<br />

detection may mean less treatment,<br />

less recovery time and an overall better<br />

chance of survival.<br />

Statistics show that smear tests may<br />

reduce deaths from cervical cancer by<br />

up to 80%.<br />

For men.....when were you last<br />

screened for prostate cancer?<br />

Men are notoriously bad at<br />

preventative health screening. Many are<br />

‘dragged to the doctors’ for an annual<br />

check-up by their other half!<br />

1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with<br />

prostate cancer during their lifetime.<br />

Unfortunately, around 40% of prostate<br />

cancer cases are diagnosed at a late<br />

stage.<br />

The good news is that deaths from<br />

prostate cancer are steadily falling due<br />

to the increase of uptake of prostate<br />

cancer screening.<br />

The PSA test is a simple blood test<br />

So come on men, what are you<br />

waiting for?!<br />

Throughout the month of <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

the Family Medical Centre in Albir is<br />

offering 20% discount on both cervical<br />

smear tests and PSA blood tests.<br />

· Article by Dawn Blythe S.R.N. R.M.<br />

· The Family Medical Centre, Albir. 966 865 072<br />

· www.albirfamilymedicalcentre.com



LONELY<br />

By<br />


He was alone. It seemed like years since<br />

his wife had died, but was barely one.<br />

At first he was numb - feeling nothing.<br />

Didn’t want to do anything. Just passed the<br />

time.<br />

He could hear life going on around him.<br />

Families in other apartments. Children’s voices,<br />

dogs barking, shouting, singing. Ordinary<br />

people with ordinary lives.<br />

He used to be ordinary. Married to Jean for<br />

almost 50 years - with all its highs and lows.<br />

They enjoyed an annual holiday, meeting up<br />

with family. Occasionally a row - usually about<br />

money, but nothing that couldn’t be sorted out<br />

by an early night and a kiss and cuddle.<br />

It had all gone. He was alone. More than that -<br />

he was lonely. So lonely. What could he do? His<br />

job had always been to look after the car and<br />

the garden. Do odd jobs.<br />

None of these things mattered any more.<br />

The kitchen was littered with open packets<br />

and empty tins. He ate off a tray in front of<br />

the television - frozen meals heated up in the<br />

microwave.<br />

Enjoyed nothing. Felt nothing. He didn’t live -<br />

he existed.<br />

He forced his eyes open. It was getting light.<br />

Uncomfortable, difficult to move. Confusing.<br />

He tried to focus. Cold - so cold. And wet.<br />

Where was he? Not in bed. Not in the house.<br />

Then he knew. He was on the floor in an alleyway.<br />

Propped against the wall. Head pounding<br />

- concentrating, trying to remember the last bar<br />

he’d been in.<br />

Every evening for months, he had used bars to<br />

escape from his loneliness. 7 o’clock in the first<br />

bar he would enjoy a couple of drinks. Other<br />

bars and more drinks followed. Next morning<br />

he would wake up with only a hazy memory of<br />

the previous evening. Sometimes on the floor -<br />

or the settee, but, up to now, he had managed<br />

to get home.<br />

“Is that you, Fred? What are you doing on the<br />

floor? Are you alright?’<br />

She came up to him and bent down. “Oh dear.”<br />

Didn’t know what to do.<br />

“Fred, can you hear me? It’s Iris. From number<br />

4. I was a friend of your Jean. Remember?”<br />

He didn’t want to remember. “Go away, Iris,<br />

please leave me alone.”<br />

“I can’t do that, Fred. Let me help you get up.<br />

Sit on the wall for a bit. Then we can decide<br />

what to do.”<br />

He began to realize his situation. Felt ashamed.<br />

Could feel the wetness and something unpleasant<br />

in his trousers. Didn’t want her to touch<br />

him - yet knew she was trying to help.<br />

Once out of the alleyway, they were on the<br />

main road - only 200 yards to the apartments.<br />

Iris was puffing and panting trying to support<br />

him as he shuffled along.<br />

Somehow they made it. “Give me your key,<br />

Fred, and we’ll get you inside.”<br />

Iris didn’t want to intrude, so when his coat<br />

was off and she had put a blanket round him,<br />

said :-<br />

“I’m going home now to get Jack up. When<br />

he’s gone to his allotment, I’ll come back to see<br />

how you are. Try to undress and have a shower<br />

- it will make you feel better. We need to talk.”<br />

Fred really tried. He couldn’t be like this when<br />

she came back. He must show he appreciated<br />

her help.<br />

There were still nice people in the world.<br />

People who cared. He wasn’t family, or even a<br />

friend. Yet she had helped him.<br />

He must stop feeling sorry for himself. Give<br />

himself a chance. He had sunk into his grief -<br />

escaped into loneliness. When Iris came back<br />

he would tell her.<br />

He knew he had to live with it and not seek<br />

oblivion through alcohol.<br />

One of Jean’s sayings was ‘A trouble shared is a<br />

trouble halved.’ He smiled at the memory.


Cookery<br />

By<br />


FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 51<br />

Pavlova<br />

The simplest, easiest and most spectacular dessert for the home cook to make is -<br />

Pavlova. It is made in minutes from 2 basic ingredients - eggs and sugar. What could<br />

be simpler? The key to success is that all utensils (and hands) should be free from any<br />

trace of grease. Before you start, wash and dry the mixing bowl, beaters and whatever<br />

you will use to break the eggs into.<br />

2 ozs. Sugar to each egg white.<br />

Break the eggs, one at a time, into a small bowl.<br />

(I normally use 3 eggs but you can make any size you want)<br />

Carefully pour off the white into the mixing bowl, and put the whole yoke into a cup. If<br />

the yoke has broken, start again, as there must be no trace of yolk in the meringue.<br />

Add a pinch of salt to the whites and beat until getting stiff - then slow down the speed<br />

and start adding the sugar a spoon at a time. By the time all the sugar is added, the<br />

meringue will be stiff and glossy.<br />

Spoon onto a baking tray lined with non-stick paper. Suit the size and shape to the<br />

plate you will serve it on. Make a flat centre, and build up the sides decoratively.<br />

Bake at 160 o(degrees) C. for one hour, then switch off the oven leaving the meringue<br />

inside to dry out. When completely cold, remove from the tin to the serving plate.<br />

Spoon a filling of your choice into the hollow centre, and serve.<br />

FILLING : Use thick whipped cream, Greek yoghurt, thick custard or creme patisserie as<br />

the base for fresh fruit - spoon generously into the hollow.<br />

My favourite filling is sharp lemon curd (made from the egg yolks) mixed with Greek<br />

yoghurt. The sharpness gives a good contrast to the sweet meringue.<br />

If you have used a sweet filling, the fruit topping should not be sweet.<br />

Use raspberries, blueberries, red and black currants, kiwi fruit - or if<br />

the base is less sweet, use any fruit in season cut up into regular pieces<br />

:- Bananas, oranges, peaches, nectarines, pineapple, etc. - the choice is<br />

endless but, whatever you use, your Pavlova will be memorable.<br />

NEXT<br />

MONTH<br />

Homemade<br />



West Side Story<br />

BY<br />


“West Side Story” is one of the best musicals<br />

of all time.<br />

A young Steven Sondheim wrote the<br />

lyrics for Leonard Bernstein’s<br />

vibrant and stimulating<br />

music.<br />

We all sat up and<br />

took notice, there<br />

was Romeo<br />

and Juliet on<br />

the streets of<br />

New York.<br />

The<br />

warring<br />

Montagues<br />

and<br />

Capulets<br />

became the<br />

rival gangs,<br />

The Sharks<br />

and The Jets,<br />

competing<br />

for control of<br />

the New York<br />

streets. The Puerto<br />

Ricans confronted the<br />

New York Americans for<br />

power, and the lovers Maria and<br />

Tony were caught in the crossfire. Their<br />

heart-rending duets contrasted with the raw<br />

energy of life on the streets, expressed with<br />

gritty lyrics by members of the 2 gangs, and<br />

incredibly dancing with the most innovative<br />

choreography.<br />

60 years on, Steven Speilberg has re-made<br />

the film. He must have been so stimulated<br />

by the original, that he was prepared to<br />

take the challenge of presenting it to a new<br />

audience. What an undertaking<br />

to try to re-create something<br />

that most of us thought<br />

could not be bettered.<br />

So what was the<br />

outcome?<br />

The new film<br />

has won high<br />

critical praise.<br />

To bring<br />

the story<br />

to modern<br />

times, that<br />

part of New<br />

York has<br />

been turned<br />

into a Slum<br />

Clearance<br />

Area. The film<br />

opens with the<br />

wrecking balls<br />

and bulldozers,<br />

emphasized by different<br />

camera angles, long distance,<br />

200m. and wide angle lenses, so<br />

we are immediately into modern times, and<br />

the over-riding Bernstein music still suits the<br />

scene perfectly.<br />

Unfortunately, when we are introduced<br />

to the rival gangs, we are back in the Sixties<br />

film - little changed. The gangs look the<br />

same, and the choreography for the exciting

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 53<br />

dance routines still very much the same.<br />

Why has all this not been put into a modern<br />

setting? Where is the amazing street dancing<br />

we have been witnessing for many years<br />

now - performed by talented dancers with<br />

street cred, baseball caps and trainers? These<br />

should be the dancers in a modern setting.<br />

Similarly with the girls. In the Sixties, Rita<br />

Morena was one of the most exciting dancers<br />

of her generation. Her portrayal of the Puerto<br />

Rican dancer is spell-binding. Incredibly,<br />

she has played quite a large part in the new<br />

film - both as an associate producer and also<br />

playing a significant role as the old lady who<br />

has reared and guided Tony.<br />

An absolute look-alike was found to<br />

play the Morena role as in the original<br />

film. Speilberg changed nothing about<br />

her character - same dance routine, same<br />

costume. He could simply have cut chunks<br />

out of the original film and pasted them<br />

on. There would hardly have been any<br />

difference.<br />

The new audience he hoped to appeal to<br />

must be confused by the ‘Saturday Night<br />

dance’ where Tony meets Maria. No teenager<br />

nowadays would be seen dead in those<br />

ridiculous Sixties dresses. Modern girls<br />

dress in a totally different way. The dance<br />

routines could still have been as spectacular<br />

- differently dressed and differently<br />

choreographed - because the music stands<br />

the test of time - and would probably have<br />

produced equally vibrant and exciting scenes<br />

as the original, but in a modern setting.<br />

It is still a very good film, as you would<br />

expect of Steven Speilberg, but, for me, it is<br />

inconsistent.<br />

Believably Modern in setting - with more<br />

credible street violence and undercurrent, yet<br />

with the outdated look of the characters and<br />

the dancing.<br />

And it doesn’t have the Magic.


Tyson’s story for <strong>March</strong> <strong>2022</strong> CBD Oil is<br />

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Lovey food treats.<br />

As in my last article I mentioned my<br />

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11 years of age and what a great time I had,<br />

especially trying out my new comfortable bed.<br />

Can you see the contented look on my face<br />

as I am so relaxed on my soft, luxury bed?<br />

Also I had lots of birthday toys. However, I<br />

do love food. I could eat all day nonstop if I<br />

could find a way of doing this but I have to<br />

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People keep saying to me, I am so laid back<br />

and docile, so I asked my step brothers Bentley<br />

8 years and Alfie 6 to explain? Bentley said,<br />

as best he could as they are both young and<br />

not worldly, that when they keep jumping up<br />

at me, biting my neck playing, hanging onto<br />

my lip, teasing me, taking my birthday toys,<br />

I usually stand and look upset until someone<br />

comes up and takes the toy away from them<br />

and gives it back to me. I never get annoyed<br />

with them. Bentley said this is the meaning<br />

of being docile. I suppose I am quite a lazy<br />

dog as I do enjoy trying out the sofas and<br />

snoozing. I don’t like too many things to<br />

bother me, like having to think of paying bills,<br />

shopping, buying cloths, having a shave or<br />

haircut, but I do enjoy my food and sleep and<br />

apparently I snore!! Very loudly and snort.<br />

Bentley’s curly hair is different to mine and<br />

has to visit the “Grooming Parlour”, each<br />

month. I tease him and call him a snob ha!! I<br />

also add that I am low maintenance.<br />

Everyone says how young and handsome I<br />

look but I do have plenty of vitamins, minerals<br />

and daily oils to keep me looking good. Thank<br />

you to my family. I look younger and act<br />

younger than my years.<br />

It is Bentley’s birthday in April but I won’t<br />

mention it to him yet as he will shiver with<br />

excitement. Alfie in September.<br />

At home Bentley, Alfie and I do enjoy each<br />

other’s company and play “tug of war” for<br />

hours with a knotted rope. I am very strong<br />

but let them think they are stronger but that’s<br />

part of the game.<br />

Bentley, being small but is the “Boss” dog.<br />

He likes his own way but I do have to bark<br />

silently to myself when I see him run to the<br />

gate if someone passes, looks back to me for<br />

his backup support and if I don’t get there<br />

quick enough he gets Alfie, but then he is full<br />

of confidence if his back up reinforcement<br />

team “us” are there, Alfie and I. Oh he really<br />

does show off. I stand there and nod to myself.<br />

He has his mum’s looks a Shih Tzu but his<br />

father’s “Yorkie” personality.<br />

For more information on this lovely dog<br />

please telephone the P.E.P.A. helpline on 650<br />

304 746 or email p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail.<br />

com.<br />

My friends really do need your help and<br />

hopefully you can find some time to foster<br />

one of the lovely dogs in the shelters or to<br />

dog walk or just offer a “helping hand” so my<br />

friends will feel wanted again.<br />

Until next time a big lick and tail wags from<br />

Bentley, Alfie and I!! Woof, Woof!! Tyson.<br />



FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 55<br />

Firefox<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/games/daily-<br />

ACROSS<br />

1 2 3 4 5<br />

1 Traffic hold-up near Cork? (10)<br />

7 Untidy trees I’d put somewhere else<br />

6<br />

(7)<br />

8 A lot of lions were nosy, so we hear<br />

(5)<br />

10 11<br />

10 Sisters finding some men<br />

unsatisfactory (4)<br />

12<br />

11 Wasn’t led astray in swampy areas<br />

13 14 15<br />

(8)<br />

13 Bird with bishop in West Bank city (6)<br />

16<br />

15 Prophet endlessly devouring<br />

17 18 19<br />

American dessert (6)<br />

20<br />

17 Was found folded (6,2)<br />

18 Drunk embracing central Glasgow<br />

21 22<br />

resident, say (4)<br />

21 Opening hours for animal (5)<br />

Firefox<br />

22 Damned bishop didn’t run out (7)<br />

23<br />

23 College post could be richer post<br />

(10) ACROSS<br />

1 Traffic hold-up near Cork? (10)<br />

DOWN 7 Untidy trees I'd put somewhere else (7) 1<br />

7<br />

1 Ship’s 8 A lot officer lions reeling were on nosy, sub so (5) we hear (5)<br />

10 Sisters finding some men unsatisfactory (4)<br />

2 Drinks for children (4)<br />

6<br />

9 1<br />

11 Wasn't led astray in swampy areas (8)<br />

3 Females 13 Bird sailed with bishop up the in West creek Bank (6) city (6)<br />

4 Frenchman’s 15 Prophet endlessly refusal to devouring accept a American dessert 8<br />

foreigner (6) as emperor (8)<br />

17 Was found folded (6,2)<br />

5 Customers, cold and silent, getting<br />

8<br />

1<br />

18 Drunk embracing central Glasgow resident, say<br />

upset (4) (7)<br />

6 Inflammation 21 Opening from hours chin for animal to ribs? (5)<br />

2 3 7 1<br />

(10)<br />

22 Damned bishop didn't run out (7)<br />

9 Date 23 tree College is transplanted post could be in richer post (10) 9 5 6<br />

3<br />

springtime<br />

DOWN<br />

(10)<br />

12 A bit 1 Ship's of a change officer reeling for show on sub team (5) (8)<br />

2 9<br />

8<br />

14 Rural 2 Drinks building for children - one with (4) no<br />

exceptions 3 Females (3,4) sailed up the creek (6)<br />

4 Frenchman's refusal to accept a foreigner as 1 5<br />

8<br />

16 Less emperor sensitive (8) issue of periodical (6)<br />

19 Nick, 5 Customers, getting out cold of bed, and silent, is distressed getting upset (7)<br />

9<br />

(3,2) 6 Inflammation from chin to ribs? (10)<br />

9 Date tree is transplanted in springtime (10)<br />

20 Money for Johnny the singer (4) How to play<br />

12 A bit of a change for show team (8)<br />

Test your brain on our SUDOKU puzzle.<br />

14 Rural building - one with no exceptions Sudoku (3,4) is a logic Fill puzzle each where square you so have that to each populate row, column and<br />

16 Less sensitive issue of periodical (6) the grid with numbers. each 3x3 A number square can contains appear only all digits once from 1 to 9.<br />

19 Nick, getting out of bed, is distressed<br />

in each<br />

(3,2)<br />

row, column and house. Each puzzle can be<br />

solved using logic from the given information and<br />

20 Money for Johnny Answers the singer to both (4) puzzles can be found on page 62<br />

requires no guesswork.<br />

7 8 9<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles<br />

5 7<br />

6 5<br />



LIVE<br />

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FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 57<br />

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• ISBN:9788409212781<br />

• Publisher: Self-publishing<br />

• Edition date: 2020<br />

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MONDAY TO FRIDAY 10.00 - 14.00 & 17.00 - 20.00. SATURDAYS 10.00 - 14.00.<br />


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Meat Loaf, the singer behind<br />

the 1977 Bat Out of Hell<br />

rock opera album, died January<br />

20, at the age of 74. It was stated<br />

complications from COVID-19.<br />

Born Marvin Lee Oday, Meat<br />

Loaf released numerous hit<br />

songs, including “Paradise by<br />

the Dashboard Light,” “Two Out<br />

of Three Ain’t Bad,” and “I’d Do<br />

Anything for Love (But I Won’t<br />

Do That).” He famously played<br />

the role of Eddie opposite Tim<br />

Curry and Susan Sarandon in<br />

the 1975 rock musical comedy<br />

The Rocky Horror Picture<br />

Show.<br />

Meat Loaf married his<br />

current wife Deborah<br />

Gillespie in 2007 and the<br />

couple spent their time<br />

between L.A and Austin,<br />

Texas.<br />

Meatloaf had two daughters<br />

with his wife. Pearl Aday and<br />

Amanda Aday.<br />

Meat Loaf flew onto the<br />

music scene like a bat out of<br />

hell during the 1970s. Equal<br />

parts beast and beauty, he<br />

performed with a feral elegance<br />

and passionate theatricality<br />

that came to define his decadeslong<br />

career. Whether entering<br />

paradise by the dashboard light<br />

or declaring he’d do anything<br />

for love (but he won’t do<br />

“that”), Meat Loaf showed that<br />

music isn’t just something that<br />

you hear; it’s something you<br />

feel. And he certainly struck an<br />

emotional chord with listeners.<br />

1977’s Bat Out of Hell, the first<br />

instalment in the “Bat Out of<br />

Hell” trilogy, became the fifth<br />

best-selling album of all time.<br />


Also passionate about acting,<br />

Meat appeared in dozens<br />

of films since the 1970s. But<br />

behind the scenes his life was a<br />

screenwriter’s fever dream. At<br />

times the details are grimmer<br />

than fairy tale, and some details<br />

contain more tale than truth.<br />

Meat Loaf’s Father allegedly<br />

tried to murder him.<br />

The<br />

world<br />

has<br />

plenty<br />

of method actors, but Meat<br />

Loaf was a method singer. He<br />

insisted, “I can’t sing at all! It<br />

sounds terrible until I put the<br />

scene together.” Meat said,<br />

“On any record I’ve ever done,<br />

you’ve never heard Meat Loaf<br />

sing a song. They’ve all been<br />

characters.” From the sound of<br />

things, the singer spent most<br />

of his life pretending to be<br />

someone else.<br />

Meat did a lot of pretending<br />

in interviews, too. The singer<br />

claimed to be born in 1947 and<br />

1951. When pressed about the<br />

discrepancy, Meat explained,<br />

“I just wanted to maintain a<br />

constant lie.” Meat Loaf is<br />

either the world’s greatest<br />

fantasy football player or a lying<br />

liar.<br />

The singer explained, “I’ve<br />

fallen three stories” and<br />

had so many “near misses”<br />

and collisions that “I should<br />

have died.” He suffered 18<br />

concussions, survived eight car<br />

crashes, and had close calls on<br />

planes.<br />

These accounts might read<br />

more like tall tales and Meat has<br />

admitted to lying habitually<br />

during interviews. But he<br />

does have a documented<br />

history of onstage accidents<br />

and health troubles. Per<br />

Rolling Stone, in 2003, he<br />

underwent heart surgery<br />

after collapsing mid-concert.<br />

He was reportedly diagnosed<br />

with Wolff-Parkinson-White<br />

Syndrome, which creates “an<br />

extra electrical pathway in the<br />

heart.” In 2016, he collapsed on<br />

stage in Canada, and in 2019,<br />

he broke his collarbone after<br />

tripping and falling.<br />

Meat Loaf the showman<br />

claimed that after the JFK<br />

assassination he and his friends<br />

got pulled over by Secret Service<br />

agents who commandeered<br />

Meat’s car “to drive to the<br />

hospital.” He said he and his<br />

friends remained in the vehicle<br />

until President Kennedy’s body<br />

arrived two hours later.<br />

In the book Like a Bat Out of<br />

Hell, it was recalled Meat saying<br />

something different about the<br />

assassination. He and his friends<br />

drove to the hospital on their<br />

own, and someone with a badge


halted them as they neared the<br />

emergency room. There they<br />

supposedly saw Jackie Kennedy,<br />

still dressed in her “bloodspattered<br />

pink suit,” emerge<br />

from a limo.<br />

In 2000, Steinman said,<br />

“Meat was the most<br />

mesmerizing thing I’d ever<br />

seen. The singer certainly<br />

displayed voluptuousness<br />

and violence during the stage<br />

performances. Drummer<br />

Joe Stefko said Devito “went<br />

through hell.” Meat threw<br />

“a giant heavy steel mic<br />

stand bottom” at her during<br />

performances and nearly struck<br />

her head.<br />

Meat Loaf’s backing singer,<br />

Karla Devito described him as<br />

“a tortured guy.” And during<br />

the Bat Out of Hell tour, he<br />

tortured himself constantly.<br />

“Meat pushed himself so hard<br />

physically every night that<br />

he required oxygen to revive<br />

him,” His temper was almost<br />

as short as his breathing.<br />

When he insisted on starting<br />

a show by giving speeches<br />

instead of singing, the band got<br />

booed and Meat flipped out<br />

about it backstage. The singer<br />

“destroyed the dressing room,”<br />

chucking chairs and other<br />

objects “all over the place.”<br />

Such outbursts were a common<br />

occurrence.<br />

“I was a perfect monster,”<br />

Meat recalled. He threw mic<br />

stands at his band and at fans.<br />

He wrecked dressing rooms and<br />

eventually wrecked his own<br />

body. Meat Loaf wrote, “When<br />

you give everything you have to<br />

give in a performance, it is like<br />

cutting yourself with razorblades.”<br />

Those metaphorical<br />

cuts became a literal broken<br />

bone when he fell off the stage<br />

while performing “Paradise by<br />

the Dashboard Light.” Meat<br />

fractured<br />

his leg, effectively ending the<br />

tour. Out of control and hooked<br />

on cocaine, Meat suffered<br />

a nervous breakdown and<br />

threatened to leap from the<br />

ledge of a high-rise building.<br />

Fortunately, road manager Sam<br />

Ellis talked him down from the<br />

ledge.<br />

In Bearsville, New York, Meat<br />

met his first wife, Leslie, then a<br />

secretary for Bearsville Records.<br />

They married after knowing<br />

each other for about a month. It<br />

was recalled that Meat popped<br />

the question in a comically<br />

creative way. At the Bear Cafe he<br />

presented Leslie with “a giant<br />

whole salmon. And it was as if a<br />

bear had proposed to his mate.<br />

Instead of a ring, a salmon.”<br />

The wedding was also a hoot,<br />

it was claimed the priest “was<br />

so old that he couldn’t tell the<br />

difference between” Meat and<br />

Leslie and referred to one as the<br />

other during the ceremony.<br />

Bat Out of Hell propelled<br />

Meat Loaf to the top of Rock<br />

Mountain. You might expect that<br />

as one of the world’s biggest<br />

rock stars, he also had one of the<br />

world’s biggest bank accounts.<br />

Instead, his bank account<br />

crumbled, forcing him to declare<br />

bankruptcy in 1983. The road to<br />

financial hell was paved with<br />

poor money management and<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 59<br />

expensive lawsuits. Meat had<br />

buckled under the crushing<br />

weight of fame. In the singer’s<br />

words, “I was nuts and it was<br />

all over being famous. I didn’t<br />

want people to call me a star.”<br />

Meat self-medicated with drugs<br />

and alcohol, and his fruitful<br />

partnership with songwriter<br />

Jim Steinman was on life<br />

support. The men parted ways<br />

but reunited in the 1990s to<br />

make Bat Out of Hell II.<br />

With his big frame and even<br />

bigger stage presence, Meat<br />

Loaf seemed to be built for the<br />

big screen. According to Rolling<br />

Stone, he’s had more than 50<br />

movie roles. His breakout role<br />

was Eddie in The Rocky Horror<br />

Picture Show, but if given the<br />

chance to do the Time Warp<br />

again, Meat would have played<br />

Dr. Scott, too as the singer<br />

played both Scott and Eddie in<br />

the stage version of the musical.<br />

So when he only got cast as<br />

Eddie in the movie, he objected.<br />

Meat echoed that sentiment<br />

in an interview: “I said you’re<br />

making a huge mistake and I<br />

still think they did.” Meat said<br />

that of all the parts he landed,<br />

his favourite was Bob Paulson in<br />

Fight Club. What he liked most<br />

is that the director allegedly let<br />

him help choose which scene<br />

takes to use.<br />

But Meat’s biggest and<br />

best acting gig might just be<br />

playing himself. He preferred<br />

to see himself as “an actor<br />

who thinks he can sing.” He<br />

adopted different characters for<br />

his songs and has claimed it’s<br />

the only way he could find the<br />

right notes. He reinvented facets<br />

of his life during interviews,<br />

prompting the interviewer to<br />

ask if Meat Loaf is “just a great<br />

big ham.” However you slice<br />

it, Meat Loaf’s had the role of a<br />



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ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20:<br />

The New Moon in your 11th house works<br />

well with a conjunct of the Sun and Saturn<br />

this month. Release the old you because it is the best<br />

action now.<br />

TAURUS APRIL 22 - MAY 21:<br />

Venus and Mars are uniting to see that love<br />

finally wins out and that you move into a<br />

new circle of friends. Be yourself and be very<br />

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GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 22:<br />

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CANCER JUNE 23 - JULY 23:<br />

The New Moon in Aquarius in the 8th<br />

house calls you to end clutter. Mercury<br />

assists you greatly in all matters of the<br />

changes to be enacted now.<br />

LEO JULY 24 - AUG 23:<br />

The Full Moon in your sign puts the<br />

spotlight on you. Some pampering and self<br />

love would not go amiss, this is a time for you to enjoy<br />

yourself. Go for it!<br />

VIRGO AUG 24 - SEPT 23:<br />

The Full Moon in the 12th house sees you<br />

learning to use your gifts in a positive way<br />

to help others. This will bring you the<br />

abundance you seek, too!<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/games/daily-cryptic-crossword?puzz...<br />

LIBRA SEPT 24 - OCT 23:<br />

The New Moon enters into your fifth<br />

house focusing on love, but particularly<br />

self love, which is where so many of your<br />

minor problems are currently focused.<br />

SCORPIO OCT 24 - NOV 22:<br />

New levels of family problems bring<br />

worries, but all can be solved after the<br />

New Moon in the fourth house. Use tact<br />

and timbre to see you through!<br />

SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 - DEC 21:<br />

The Full Moon in your ninth house sees<br />

you closer to seeking the true value of<br />

life and connecting to spiritual solutions.<br />

Watch finances!<br />

CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 20:<br />

The eight house sees in the Full Moon and<br />

helps you to clear doubts once and for all.<br />

Use your clear intuition to get the answers<br />

that you need.<br />

AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 19:<br />

An aspect of love appears to be on hold<br />

right now. A Full Moon in your first house<br />

of relationships is coming, so hold on until<br />

then and all will be well!<br />

PISCES FEB 20 - MAR 20:<br />

The more open you are the better. If you<br />

can wait until the Sun enters in the first<br />

house of Pisces then answers may be more<br />

Firefox<br />

transparent and effective for you.<br />

https://puzzles.bestforpuzzles.com/gam<br />

B O T T L E N E C K<br />

1 2 3 4 5<br />

B O O A A L<br />

6<br />

R E S I T E D P R I D E<br />

7 8 9<br />

O U S I O E A<br />

10<br />

N U N S<br />

11<br />

W E T L A N D S<br />

C<br />

12<br />

S S E T T<br />

13<br />

H E<br />

14<br />

B R O N<br />

15<br />

M O U S S E<br />

I A M<br />

16<br />

N N R<br />

17<br />

T U R N E D U P<br />

18<br />

S<br />

19<br />

C O T<br />

I N W M<br />

20<br />

C U I<br />

21<br />

S L O T H<br />

22<br />

B L A S T E D<br />

N A E S U E<br />

23<br />

R E C T O R S H I P<br />

PUZZLE<br />

PAGE<br />


1 2 8<br />

5 7 6<br />

4 9 3<br />

3 8 7<br />

6 4 2<br />

9 5 1<br />

2 6 9<br />

7 1 5<br />

8 3 4<br />

5 7 9<br />

4 3 2<br />

8 1 6<br />

9 2 1<br />

3 5 7<br />

6 8 4<br />

7 4 8<br />

2 6 3<br />

1 9 5<br />

6 4 3<br />

9 1 8<br />

5 2 7<br />

4 6 5<br />

1 8 9<br />

7 3 2<br />

3 5 1<br />

8 9 4<br />

2 7 6<br />

How to play<br />

Sudoku is a logic puzzle where you have to populate

1 8<br />

During which century did the patron saint<br />

of Ireland, Saint Patrick, live?<br />

4th Century<br />

5th Century<br />

6th Century<br />

7th Century<br />

_______________<br />

What was the first color associated with<br />

Saint Patrick’s Day before the colour<br />

green?<br />

Blue<br />

2 9Green, white and orange<br />

10<br />

3<br />

11<br />

4<br />

12<br />

5<br />

6 13<br />

The day he bought his freedom<br />

14<br />

7<br />

Purple<br />

Red<br />

Gold<br />

_______________<br />

Irish is the ________ most reported<br />

ancestry in the United States?<br />

First<br />

Second<br />

Fifth<br />

Tenth<br />

_______________<br />

Which Irish actor has portrayed the English<br />

King Henry VIII?<br />

Kenneth Branagh<br />

Jonathan Rhys Meyers<br />

Peter O’Toole<br />

Liam Neeson<br />

_______________<br />

What is Saint Patrick’s original name<br />

reported to be?<br />

Arthur Guinness<br />

James Hoban<br />

Brian Boru<br />

Maewyn Succat<br />

_______________<br />

What is the oldest Irish pub in the United<br />

States?<br />

Patrick’s of Pratt Street<br />

The Stagger Inn in Castlerea<br />

Hibernian Pub in Raleigh<br />

The Black Rose in Boston<br />

_______________<br />

What is the etymology of Dublin?<br />

Merchant’s harbor<br />

White fort<br />

Good air<br />

Black Pool<br />

True or False: Saint Patrick was kidnapped<br />

from his homeland and taken to Ireland<br />

as a slave.<br />

True<br />

False<br />

_______________<br />

What are the colours of the flag of Ireland?<br />

Green, orange, and purple<br />

Green, white, and red<br />

Green, white, and purple<br />

_______________<br />

Where is the Book of Kells, an illuminated<br />

religious manuscript, kept?<br />

Trinity College Library in Dublin<br />

Bodleian Library in Oxford<br />

Widener Library in Cambridge<br />

Central Library in Dublin<br />

_______________<br />

Which Southern Irish county’s main town<br />

of the same name was once the capital<br />

of Ireland?<br />

Kilkenny<br />

Tipperary<br />

Meath<br />

Kildare<br />

_______________<br />

What is Ireland’s second most populated<br />

city?<br />

Limerick<br />

Cork<br />

Derry<br />

Galway<br />

_______________<br />

What day in the life of Saint Patrick does<br />

<strong>March</strong> 17th supposedly mark?<br />

His birthday<br />

His death day<br />

The day he became a slave<br />

_______________<br />

What Irish musical group holds the record<br />

for Most Grammy Awards won by a group?<br />

Van Morrison<br />

Mumford and Sons<br />

Enya<br />

U2<br />

“Top o’ the<br />

mornin’ to<br />

you” – It is -<br />


DAY QUIZ<br />

(Every 17th<br />

<strong>March</strong> is St<br />

Patrick-s<br />

Day)<br />

15<br />

How much sunshine does Ireland get each<br />

16<br />

Jams Joyce<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> | 63<br />

year?<br />

Between 30 and 40 hours<br />

Between 1100 and 1600 hours<br />

Between 3000 and 3800 hours<br />

Between 5600 and 6000 hours<br />

_______________<br />

Which Irish author wrote Ulysses?<br />

Samuel Beckett<br />

Oscar Wilde<br />

C. S. Lewis<br />

_______________<br />

What location claims to be the burial place<br />

of St. Patrick?<br />

Down Cathedral in DownPatrick<br />

17<br />

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin<br />

Cathedral Church of St Edan in Ferns<br />

Westminster Cathedral in London<br />

_______________<br />

In myth, what type of animal does Saint<br />

Patrick banish from Ireland?<br />

Seagull<br />

18<br />

Rat<br />

Snake<br />

Dog<br />

_______________<br />

What does the Irish phrase “Éirinn go<br />

Brách” mean in English?<br />

“Ireland Forever”<br />

19<br />

“In Ireland We Trust”<br />

“Ireland is Home”<br />

“Ireland Comes First”<br />

_______________<br />

In myth, what religious idea did Saint<br />

Patrick teach the Irish with a “three-leaf”<br />

clover, also called a shamrock?<br />

20<br />

Resurrection<br />

Holy trinity<br />

The last supper<br />

The Roman Empire<br />

_______________<br />

In Ireland, how many leaves do traditional<br />

St. Patrick’s Day clovers have?<br />

One<br />

21<br />

Two<br />

Three<br />

Four<br />

_______________<br />

What year did Chicago first dye the river<br />

green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?<br />

1903<br />

22<br />

1962<br />

1975<br />

1989<br />


1. 5th Century Can answer go at the bottom 2. Blue 3. Second<br />

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers 5. Maewyn Succat 6. Patrick’s of<br />

Pratt Street 7. Black Pool 8. True 9. Green, white, and orange<br />

10. Trinity College Library in Dublin 11. Kilkenny 12. Cork 13.<br />

His death day 14. U2 15. Between 1100 and 1600 hours 16.<br />

James Joyce 17. Down Cathedral in DownPatrick 18. Snake<br />

19. “Ireland Forever” 20. Holy trinity 21. Three 22. 1962


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