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“...contend earnestly for the Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” Jude 3<br />

1666 and the SABBATEAN ROOTS <strong>of</strong> the<br />


“Salvation comes through sin. Redemption is achieved through deception.”<br />

The False Messiah <strong>of</strong> 1666<br />

In 1666 Sabbatai Zevi declared himself to be the messiah.<br />

More than half <strong>of</strong> the world’s Jewish population in the 17 th<br />

Century came to accept and follow him as their messiah.<br />

Sabbatai Zevi, who proclaimed salvation through sin, was<br />

condemned as a heretic by many contemporary Rabbis.<br />

“Then, if anyone says to you, behold, here is the Christ, or<br />

there he is, do not believe him. For false christs and false<br />

prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders,<br />

so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.”<br />

Matthew 24:23–24<br />

“Take heed that no one deceives you.” Matthew 24:4<br />

“For many will come in My Name, saying, I am the<br />

Christ and will mislead many.” Matthew 24:5<br />

Salvation Through Sin<br />

Sabbatai Zevi was born on 1 st August 1626, in Anatolia,<br />

present day Turkey. He was a Sephardic Jew, ordained a<br />

Rabbi in Smyrna (now Izmir, Turkey). Sabbatai Zevi was<br />

active throughout the Ottoman Turkish Empire, teaching<br />

from the Talmud and the Kabbalah. Sabbatai Zevi’s<br />


message <strong>of</strong> redemption through sin was enthusiastically received<br />

by many. Fast days became days <strong>of</strong> feasting, sexual promiscuity,<br />

adultery, incest and orgies. He taught that every Law was to be<br />

broken. Religious taboos such as against eating <strong>of</strong> pork and every<br />

form <strong>of</strong> sexual immorality was not only permitted but encouraged.<br />

Eccentric Mystic<br />

Sabbatai Zevi (1626 – 1676) was described by his contemporaries<br />

as an exceptionally charismatic Rabbi and Kabbalist, an eccentric<br />

mystic who attained a massive following <strong>of</strong> more than a million<br />

devotees during his lifetime. The publication <strong>of</strong> the Lurianic<br />

Kabbalah made Zevi extraordinarily popular in the 17 th Century<br />

amongst Jewish people throughout Europe and the Ottoman<br />

Empire.<br />

The Kabbalah<br />

The Lurianic Kabbalah promoted an occultic deeper meaning for<br />

Jewish mysticism drawing from ancient Babylonian occultism<br />

and numerology.<br />

The Occultic Power <strong>of</strong> Dates and Numbers<br />

Sabbatai Zevi emphasised the magical supernatural relationship<br />

between events and time, through letters and numbers. The<br />

numerological value <strong>of</strong> dates contributed greatly to the widely<br />

held expectations and hopes <strong>of</strong> the Jewish messiah to arrive on the<br />

18 th day (6+6+6) <strong>of</strong> the 6 th month, <strong>of</strong> the year 1666.<br />

Visions and Dreams<br />

One eyewitness, Rabbi Leib Ben Ozer, wrote that Zevi was:<br />

handsome, possessed an enchanting presence and singing voice.<br />

Many wrote that there was none like Zevi in stature and his face<br />

burned with intensity like fire. Many <strong>of</strong> his contemporaries claimed<br />

to have been converted to following Zevi when he appeared to<br />

them in dreams by the side <strong>of</strong> their beds. Many Rabbis <strong>of</strong> the time<br />

publicly testified to having seen visions in which Sabbatai Zevi<br />

appeared to them by their beds. They would awake pr<strong>of</strong>essing<br />

belief in him as messiah!<br />

Messianic Expectations<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Gersham Sholem explained that a sincere expectation<br />

has arisen in the psyche <strong>of</strong> many Jews that their messiah would<br />

come and lead them back to establishing a Jewish homeland.<br />

Manic–Depressive Psychosis<br />

According to some critical interpretations <strong>of</strong> his behaviour,<br />

Sabbatai showed signs <strong>of</strong> what modern scholars call manicdepressive<br />

psychosis. He publicly displayed ecstatic behaviour,<br />

<strong>of</strong>ten followed by bouts <strong>of</strong> depression and seclusion.<br />

Sufi Mysticism<br />

However, many <strong>of</strong> his modern-day followers argue that his<br />

behaviour was simply what one should expect from religious<br />

mystics such as a Sufi: meditative chanting, trances and ecstatic<br />

dancing.<br />

The Sufi Connection<br />

According to Pr<strong>of</strong>essor Avraham Elqayam, a faculty member<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Jewish Philosophy Department at Bar-Ilan University in<br />

Israel, Sabbatai frequently engaged in Bektashi Sufi rituals. In<br />

fact, Sabbatai Zevi’s grave site in Albania remains a Sufi shrine<br />

to this day.<br />

Expelled<br />

Zevi’s socially immoral and religiously unacceptable behaviour<br />

led to him being expelled from Smyrna around 1650. For years he<br />

wandered through Greece, Thrace, Egypt and Syria.<br />

Rabbi Nathan <strong>of</strong> Gaza<br />

However, in 1665 his life changed forever when he met Rabbi<br />

Nathan <strong>of</strong> Gaza, in Palestine, who persuaded him that he was<br />

indeed the messiah to usher in a new age. Rabbi Nathan convinced<br />

Sabbatai Zevi that he needed to formally reveal himself in the<br />

year 1666 to fulfil messianic prophecy.<br />

Acceptance and Rejection<br />

Zevi soon gained further support from the Diaspora by promising<br />

Jews a return to their homeland and a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.<br />

Although Zevi received strong support and was very popular<br />

amongst Jewish people, the leading Rabbis <strong>of</strong> Jerusalem rejected<br />

Sabbatai’s claims that he was the messiah. The Rabbis <strong>of</strong> Jerusalem<br />

ordered him to leave the city, or be excommunicated.<br />

Phenomenal Growth<br />

Sabbatai returned to Turkey where the Sultan <strong>of</strong> the Ottoman<br />

Empire allowed him free reign to build up a phenomenal<br />

following. Jews from all over the world, from England to Persia,<br />

from Germany to Morocco, from Poland to Yemen, poured into<br />

the Ottoman Empire to see, hear and meet their messiah.<br />

“Your Head or The Turban!”<br />

However, after Sabbatai publicly proclaimed that the next<br />

year the temple in Jerusalem would be rebuilt, the Sultan was<br />

galvanised into action. Fearing a revolt that would lead to this<br />

province declaring independence from the Ottoman Empire, the<br />

Sultan confronted Sabbatai Zevi with the choice <strong>of</strong> either publicly<br />

converting to Islam, or being beheaded. As the Sultan delicately<br />

put it: “Your head or the turban!” The turban was a symbol <strong>of</strong><br />

converting to Islam.<br />

Apostasy<br />

It came as a shock to many <strong>of</strong> his supporters that their supposed<br />

long-awaited messiah denounced his Jewish faith on the spot and<br />

chose to wear the Islamic turban to keep his head! Zevi publicly<br />

converted to Islam and adopted a new Muslim name: Aziz Mehmed<br />

2 3

Effenti — (“Power <strong>of</strong> Mohammed”). From then on Zevi was on<br />

salary as a servant <strong>of</strong> the Sultan with the cryptic title: “Keeper <strong>of</strong><br />

the Gate.”<br />

Conversion to Islam<br />

Zevi continued unabated in his messianic activities and also<br />

continued to receive the full support <strong>of</strong> the Islamic authorities and the<br />

Sultan <strong>of</strong> the Ottoman Empire. While Sabbatai’s formal conversion<br />

to Islam dismayed and disillusioned many <strong>of</strong> his followers, many<br />

took it as a sign to also convert to Islam, while maintaining their<br />

Jewish identity and mystical Kabbalah Sabbatean practices.<br />

The Dönmeh<br />

One <strong>of</strong> these Sabbatean cults, primarily located in Anatolia (modern<br />

day Turkey) were called the Dönmeh, which translates to religious<br />

converts (a derogatory term which they themselves never used).<br />

To Build Back Better<br />

Sabbatean followers explained his apparent apostasy as a “descent<br />

into the grossest reality, or husks, <strong>of</strong> creation” in order to “reclaim<br />

the lost sparks <strong>of</strong> divine light” to repair the world! These Kabbalist<br />

concepts were used to justify his heretical, apostate and degenerate<br />

behaviour.<br />

Redemption Through Deception<br />

According to Reb Yakov Leib Hakohain, the current director <strong>of</strong><br />

Dönmeh West, a Californian Sabbatean organisation founded in<br />

1972: Sabbatai’s conversion to Islam was not an act <strong>of</strong> cowardice,<br />

or apostasy, that betrayed the Jewish people because his conversion<br />

was one <strong>of</strong> the mystical Ma’asin Zarim that the messiah was destined<br />

to perform based upon their reading <strong>of</strong> the Kabbalah.<br />

False Conversions to Subvert Religions<br />

In keeping with Isaac Luria’s prophecies in the Lurianic Kabbalah,<br />

these actions <strong>of</strong> breaking laws, being a false convert, deception and<br />

degeneracy, were essential to bring about conditions that would<br />

set the stage, initiate, or directly expedite the fulfilment <strong>of</strong> Jewish<br />

messianic prophecy. Jews were to play an active role in bringing<br />

about and bringing forth god’s kingdom on earth by infiltrating,<br />

subverting and destroying every other religion and kingdom on<br />

earth.<br />

To Harness Evil for Good<br />

The Kabbalah teaches a mystical synthesis between pagan teachings<br />

which preceded the Torah and gnostic elements <strong>of</strong> Judaism. The task<br />

is not to destroy evil but “to return it to its source.” To “include the<br />

left within the right, to uplift the fallen sparks.” The Chaldean, or<br />

Babylonian, mysticism and occultism provided “the most authentic<br />

version <strong>of</strong> the Kabbalah.”<br />

To Undermine and Replace Every State and Religion<br />

This new “philosophic paradigm provided a spiritual justification<br />

for proactive Zionism to bring about the formation <strong>of</strong> a Jewish<br />

state” which would undermine and replace all other states<br />

worldwide. The mystical Lurianic Kabbalah transformed the<br />

messiah from a popular conquering national hero to a supreme<br />

cosmic conqueror.<br />

Build Back Better<br />

The goal was not merely the emancipation <strong>of</strong> Jews from the<br />

yoke <strong>of</strong> the Gentiles, but <strong>of</strong> fundamental transformation <strong>of</strong><br />

the entirety <strong>of</strong> creation affecting material and spiritual worlds<br />

alike. This was to lead to, in the words <strong>of</strong> Gersham Scholem:<br />

“A ratification <strong>of</strong> the primordial catastrophe <strong>of</strong> the breaking <strong>of</strong><br />

the vessels (Shevirat Hakelim).” Or repairing the world. The<br />

goal was to break everything down so that it can be “built back<br />

better.”<br />

Deliberate Degeneracy<br />

According to Sabbatai Zevi, the acts that God’s people must<br />

take include deliberate forays into the world <strong>of</strong> sin, where “the<br />

illusory nature <strong>of</strong> evil could be more readily exposed and the<br />

sparks elevated to their source.”<br />

Infiltration and Subversion<br />

With the declaration <strong>of</strong> Sabbatai Zevi as the messiah in 1666,<br />

the Zionist goal <strong>of</strong> infiltrating, subverting and ultimately<br />

replacing every other religion and kingdom and transforming<br />

every government on earth into a new world order became a<br />

central focus.<br />

The New Age<br />

Rabbi Nathan <strong>of</strong> Gaza declared that they were entering into a<br />

new age where all religious laws prior to Sabbatai Zevi were<br />

essentially “obsolete.” Now traditional religious taboos such<br />

as eating <strong>of</strong> pork, which was forbidden by Jewish dietary law,<br />

was abolished. Former fast days were now to be feast days.<br />

Making the Forbidden Permissible<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the <strong>of</strong>t quoted prayers <strong>of</strong> Zevi was: “Blessed art Thou<br />

Lord our God, King <strong>of</strong> the Universe, who makes the forbidden<br />

things permissible.”<br />

Strange Acts to Rescue Divine Sparks<br />

Sabbatai Zevi declared that his duty was to descend through<br />

the gates <strong>of</strong> impurity into the impure realm <strong>of</strong> Kelipot and to<br />

“rescue the divine sparks” still imprisoned there. The messiah<br />

was constrained to commit strange acts (Ma’asim Zarim)<br />

which included apostasy, adultery, theft, idolatry, deception<br />

and covetousness. All <strong>of</strong> these breaking <strong>of</strong> every Law <strong>of</strong> God<br />

was “necessary” for the fulfilment <strong>of</strong> messiah’s mission.<br />

Paradoxical Psychology<br />

The psychology <strong>of</strong> the Sabbateans was utterly paradoxical.<br />

Communist Manifesto (Marx & Engels)<br />

1. Abolition <strong>of</strong> private property<br />

2. Heavy progressive income tax<br />

3. Abolition <strong>of</strong> all right <strong>of</strong> inheritance<br />

4. Confiscation <strong>of</strong> the property <strong>of</strong> all<br />

emigrants and rebels<br />

5. Central bank<br />

6. Government control <strong>of</strong><br />

communications and transport<br />

7. Government ownership <strong>of</strong> factories<br />

and agriculture<br />

8. Government control <strong>of</strong> labour<br />

9. Corporate farms; regional planning<br />

(redistribute population to abolish<br />

distinction between town and country)<br />

10. Government control <strong>of</strong> education.<br />

4 5

Essentially its guiding principle was: whoever is<br />

as he appears cannot be a true believer. In practice,<br />

this meant that true faith could not be faith which<br />

men publicly pr<strong>of</strong>ess. On the contrary, true faith<br />

must always be concealed. For a Sabbatean it<br />

is their duty to deny their true faith outwardly,<br />

because it is a seed planted in the bed <strong>of</strong> the soul<br />

and it cannot grow unless it has first been covered<br />

over.<br />

Through Concealment and Deception<br />

This theme <strong>of</strong> a secret, hidden, or occultic,<br />

identity, became part <strong>of</strong> this Sabbatean religious<br />

philosophy. In essence, a true act cannot be<br />

committed publicly, to be seen by the world. Like<br />

true faith, a true act must be concealed. Because<br />

only through concealment could it negate the<br />

falsehood <strong>of</strong> what is explicit.<br />

A Revolution <strong>of</strong> Values<br />

So, through a revolution <strong>of</strong> values, what was<br />

formally sacred became pr<strong>of</strong>ane and what was<br />

formally pr<strong>of</strong>ane, became sacred. The Sabbatean<br />

Sect which flourished during the lifetime <strong>of</strong><br />

Sabbatai Zevi and afterwards continued to indulge<br />

in wife sharing, religious sex orgies, adultery and<br />

incest.<br />

Comparisons and Connections<br />

It is thought by some scholars that Zevi had some<br />

deep connections with the Bektashi Sufi order <strong>of</strong><br />

Islam. Some similarities through the Sabbatean<br />

Dönmeh and the Bektashi Sufi practices include<br />

the deliberate violation <strong>of</strong> Kashrut/Halaal,<br />

ritualistic group sex and wife-swapping, ecstatic<br />

singing, or chanting, mystical Kabbalah and<br />

belief in the hidden occultic reading <strong>of</strong> the Torah<br />

and the Koran.<br />

The Festival <strong>of</strong> the Lamb<br />

The Sabbateans in Salonika regularly held a<br />

celebration on the 22 nd Day <strong>of</strong> the Hebrew month<br />

<strong>of</strong> Adar, known as The Festival <strong>of</strong> the Lamb. This<br />

festival included getting drunk and extinguishing<br />

the lights. In the total darkness there was religious<br />

sexual sharing <strong>of</strong> wives and daughters.<br />

can germinate in salvation. This conveys the Sabbatean<br />

theology in a nutshell: Salvation comes through sin.<br />

Redemption is achieved through deception.<br />

The Sabbatean Roots <strong>of</strong> Freemasonry and Marxism<br />

According to Gershom Scholem: Sabbateanism is<br />

the matrix <strong>of</strong> every significant movement to have<br />

emerged in the 18 th and 19 th Century, from Hasidism,<br />

to Reformed Judaism, to Freemasonry and Marxist<br />

Revolutionary Communism.<br />

To Establish a New World Order<br />

Sabbatean believers teach that they are the champions<br />

<strong>of</strong> a new world order which will be established by<br />

overthrowing the values <strong>of</strong> all other religions and<br />

kingdoms. They teach the “holiness <strong>of</strong> sin.”<br />

Jacob Frank – The False Prophet <strong>of</strong> Sabbatai Zevi<br />

Fifty years after the death <strong>of</strong> Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob<br />

Frank was born. Jerry Rabow in his book The Untold<br />

Story <strong>of</strong> 50 Jewish Messiahs, reported that Jacob Frank<br />

believed that he was the reincarnation <strong>of</strong> Sabbatai Zevi.<br />

What Was once Forbidden is Now Commanded<br />

Jacob Frank continued and extended the paradoxical<br />

teachings <strong>of</strong> Sabbatai Zevi declaring that with the<br />

coming <strong>of</strong> the messianic age, Zevi had transformed<br />

sexual prohibitions <strong>of</strong> the Bible into permissions and<br />

obligations. The only way to purify the soul is through<br />

sexual immorality and orgies. Debauchery is therapy.<br />

The Therapy <strong>of</strong> Debauchery<br />

Jacob Frank asserted that the God <strong>of</strong> the Bible is<br />

evil and Jews need to reject every moral law and<br />

commandment. The only way to a new world order was<br />

through the total destruction <strong>of</strong> Christian civilisation.<br />

Jacob Frank insisted that child sacrifice, rape, incest<br />

and the drinking <strong>of</strong> blood were perfectly acceptable<br />

and necessary religious rituals. Salvation is through<br />

sin. Redemption is achieved through deception.<br />

Domination Through Infiltration<br />

Jacob Frank also convinced his followers that the only<br />

way for their special form <strong>of</strong> Judaism to survive was<br />

for them to outwardly become Christians just as the<br />

Dönmeh had descended into the world <strong>of</strong> Islam.<br />

Regeneration Through Degeneration<br />

Purification Through Transgression<br />

Their teaching was that as a grain <strong>of</strong> wheat must Jewish authorities in Poland excommunicated<br />

rot in the earth, before it can sprout, so the deeds Frank and his followers and rejected his concepts <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>of</strong> believers must become fully rotten before they purification through transgression.<br />

6 7

Apostacy and Debauchery<br />

Jacob Frank then converted to both Islam<br />

and Catholicism. He held annual spring time<br />

Lamb Festivals which consisted <strong>of</strong> drug use,<br />

sacrifice, nudity and the exchanges <strong>of</strong> spouses<br />

and daughters for immoral religious sex. Frank<br />

preached that true Jewish believers were to<br />

cross every boundary, transgress every taboo<br />

and to mix the sacred with the pr<strong>of</strong>ane. Eve<br />

Frank (1754 – 1816) his daughter, was called<br />

the holy matron <strong>of</strong> the Sabbatean movement.<br />

She served as a central figure in the sex rituals<br />

<strong>of</strong> the sect in Poland.<br />

Influential Recruits<br />

Jacob Frank had approximately 50,000<br />

disciples. But, although his following was<br />

smaller than that <strong>of</strong> Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob<br />

Frank’s cult would grow to become far more<br />

influential as it recruited some <strong>of</strong> Europe’s<br />

most influential royalty, nobility and the<br />

richest bankers on earth.<br />

Most Corrupt and Terrifying<br />

Gershom Scholem describes Jacob Frank<br />

as: “One <strong>of</strong> the most frightening phenomena<br />

in the whole <strong>of</strong> Jewish history, a religious<br />

leader, who for whether purely selfish motives,<br />

or otherwise, was, in all his actions a truly<br />

corrupt and degenerate individual.”<br />

Follow Their Messiah into the Abyss<br />

Jacob Frank taught that one has to free oneself<br />

from all laws, conventions and religions, to<br />

adopt every conceivable attitude and to reject<br />

it, to follow their messiah step by step into the<br />

abyss. The annihilation <strong>of</strong> every religion was<br />

the true way.<br />

Cast Down to The Bottom <strong>of</strong> The Abyss<br />

In order to ascend one must first descend. No<br />

man can climb a mountain until he has first<br />

descended to its foot. Therefore, we must<br />

descend and be cast down to the bottom rung,<br />

for only then can we climb to the infinite. This<br />

is the principle <strong>of</strong> “Jacob’s Ladder”, which is<br />

“shaped like a V.” “I did not come into this<br />

world to lift you up, but rather to cast you<br />

down to the bottom <strong>of</strong> the abyss.”<br />

Rejecting All Law and Authority<br />

Jacob Frank taught antinomianism, the rejection <strong>of</strong> all law and<br />

Libertinism, the rejection <strong>of</strong> all authority. He demanded from his<br />

followers voluntary abasement and utter shamelessness. A Sabbatean<br />

needs to be able to commit every sin without any sense <strong>of</strong> shame,<br />

remorse, or guilt.<br />

Nihilism and Deception to Destroy Christian Europe<br />

Jacob Frank’s Kabbalist interpretations led to Nihilism. He taught that<br />

one conquered through deception. Frank taught that Israel’s exile was<br />

not a consequence <strong>of</strong> its sins at all, but part <strong>of</strong> a plan to bring about the<br />

destruction <strong>of</strong> all Gentiles throughout the world. To establish a Jewish<br />

state back in Palestine was not sufficient. The whole order <strong>of</strong> the world,<br />

especially Christian Europe, must be subverted and destroyed.<br />

The Illuminati and Rothschild Connections<br />

In his classic book, To Eliminate the Opiate, Rabbi Marvin Antelman<br />

revealed that Jacob Frank got his financing from the Rothschild financial<br />

empire based in Frankfurt and worldwide influence by his alliance with<br />

Adam Weishaupt, founder <strong>of</strong> the Illuminati.<br />

Rothschild and Weishaupt Form the illuminati with Frank<br />

When Jacob Frank entered Frankfurt, an alliance had already begun<br />

between Mayer Amshel Rothschild, the immensely wealthy banker <strong>of</strong><br />

Frankfurt and Adam Weishaupt who was the son <strong>of</strong> a Jewish Kabbalist<br />

Rabbi in Bavaria. Educated by Jesuits, Weishaupt became a Roman<br />

Catholic priest and then formed an alliance with Mayer Rothschild.<br />

The Launch <strong>of</strong> The Illuminati New Age<br />

On 1 st May 1776 Weishaupt chose the timing <strong>of</strong> the launching <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Illuminati in accordance with Sabbatean Kabbalist teachings. He chose<br />

the 1 st May because May, the 5-month added to the first day equals<br />

6. He chose 1776 because the 4 numbers <strong>of</strong> this year add up to 21<br />

(1+7+7+6 = 21). Also, the sacred number 6 + 21 = 27, another number<br />

with occultic Kabbalist powers. They believe this because it is formed<br />

by multiplying three by nine. Weishaupt carefully chose this date<br />

because he believed that even the greatest plans would be doomed to<br />

failure if not carried out at the most numerically advantageous time.<br />

Revolutionary Goals<br />

Adam Weishaupt, Mayer Rothschild and Jacob Frank launched the<br />

Illuminati on 1 st May 1776 in Frankfurt with the long-term political<br />

goals <strong>of</strong>:<br />

1. Abolition <strong>of</strong> all monarchies and all governments.<br />

2. Abolition <strong>of</strong> private property and inheritances.<br />

3. Abolition <strong>of</strong> nationalism.<br />

4. Abolition <strong>of</strong> the family and the institution <strong>of</strong> marriage.<br />

5. Abolition <strong>of</strong> all religion.<br />

6. Establishment <strong>of</strong> compulsory communal education for all children.<br />

Continued on page 12<br />

8 9

Little Saint James island<br />

lies to the southeast <strong>of</strong> Great Saint<br />

James island in the United States<br />

Virgin Islands. Both were owned<br />

by Jeffrey Epstein.<br />

10 11

Communist Agenda<br />

Anyone who has read Karl Marx’s Communist<br />

Manifesto <strong>of</strong> 1848 will immediately recognise<br />

the Illuminati agenda clearly articulated.<br />

Understanding the Times and The Threat<br />

It is impossible to understand the present Cancel<br />

Culture, BLM, Gender Confusion, Lockdown<br />

Lunacy, Masquerade Madness, Covid Cult,<br />

Salvation by Vaccination, Christphobia,<br />

Hollywood Degeneracy, Indoctrination through<br />

Education, Mainstream Media, United Nations<br />

and European Union pronouncements and<br />

activities without understanding the Sabbatean<br />

roots <strong>of</strong> the New World Disorder.<br />

The Jeffrey Epstein Connection<br />

In many ways Jeffrey Epstein epitomises the<br />

Sabbatean religion. The weird cubic temple with<br />

Islamic type dome on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island<br />

which reportedly led down to an underground<br />

chamber has been described as a sex-dungeon<br />

and Luciferian temple. The building is painted<br />

with blue and white stripes, the same colours<br />

as the flag <strong>of</strong> the State <strong>of</strong> Israel. Jeffrey Epstein<br />

certainly seemed to epitomise the Sabbatean<br />

philosophy <strong>of</strong> unrestrained sexual debauchery<br />

and deception.<br />

The Harvey Weinstein Hollywood Connection<br />

So too did Hollywood producer, sexual predator<br />

and rapist Harvey Weinstein and many <strong>of</strong> his<br />

highly influential friends, which include world<br />

leaders. Understanding Sabbateanism helps<br />

one understand the times and the threat that<br />

confronts us.<br />

“While they promise them freedom, they<br />

themselves are slaves <strong>of</strong> depravity.”<br />

2 Peter 2:19<br />

Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Gospel Defence League<br />

PO Box 36129<br />

Glosderry 7702<br />

Cape Town South Africa<br />

info@gospeldefenceleague.org<br />

www.GospelDefenceLeague.org<br />


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