The Fish Eagle June 2022

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Flame Lily Foundation

Cape Peninsula Branch


Flame Lily Foundation — Cape Peninsula Update

This year, Flame Lily Foundation

— Cape Peninsula has changed

our regular Meetings on the second

Tuesday of every month at

10 AM at the Methodist

Church hall in Fish

Hoek to Fish Hoek

Bowling Club

on the second

Wednesday of

every month.

This is a more

friendly environment.

Members of

FLF-CP continue

to enjoy our monthly

teas. We enjoyed

a special Easter tea,


13 April, with an Easter bonnet

competition. Last year we were

averaging 40 members attending

our monthly teas. Possibly

as a result of the changed

day and venue, so far

this year we have

averaged between

20 to 30 members

a meeting. Our

welfare committee

have phoned

members on our

data base. They

have also phoned

members on their

birthdays and this has

been appreciated.


We had a tremendous response to our commemorative events and

delicious meals held at Rhodes Cottage where the Founder, Cecil

John Rhodes died 120 years ago, on 26 March 1902. We helped

arrange that a British South Africa Company flag flew from

the flagpole. The gardens were beautifully landscaped by

Gabriel Brown in preparation.

FLF-CP held a commemorative supper on

the Friday 25 th and visitors were invited

to a special lunch on the Sunday

27th March. Rhodes

cottage, Veranda,

Courtyard and


w e r e

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2 3

4 5

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filled with visitors and there was a tremendous

atmosphere of appreciation of

our heritage and the many improvements

recently made to the cottage and its environment.

The event was positively reported

on with prominent pictures in the community

newspaper, the Echo.

We also designed and produced a

Memorial Plaque for the Honourable Ian

Douglas Smith to be installed at Saint

James Retirement Hotel where Mr. Smith

passed away.

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6 7


“How long will the land lie parched and the grass in every

field be withered? Because those who live in it

are wicked, the animals and

birds have perished.”

Jeremiah 12:4

The 5 landscape photographs were taken on Saturday, 3 June 2022

Over a year after the devastation caused by the 18 April 2021 fires Rhodes Memorial Restaurant has still not been rebuilt.

8 9

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The 18 April 2021 wildfires in Cape Town which devastated the

Rhodes Memorial Tea Garden, Mostert’s Mill, the oldest windmill

in the Southern Hemisphere (which Cecil John Rhodes had purchased,

restored and donated to the people of the Cape) and the

Jaggers Library of the University of Cape Town was a particular

focus of our concern and investigative journalism. As members of

Friends of Rhodes Memorial, we produced articles and presentations

on the Wildfires in Cape Town which were also presented to the

Reformation Society and University of the Third Age (U3A) and led

to many radio and TV interviews internationally.

We have also been in regular consultation and negotiation with

SAN Parks to restore the Rhodes Memorial Tea Garden and regain

public access to Rhodes Memorial. We have also offered and mobilised

teams of volunteers to assist SAN Parks in the restoration of

the Rhodes Memorial area.

page is well supported: https://www.facebook.com/


We have initiated and maintain the Friends of Rhodes

Memorial Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/


We are also maintaining and updating the RASA FLF website:


Yours for keeping the flame alive

Dr. Peter Hammond (Chairman)

Flame Lily Foundation

PO Box 74 Newlands 7725

Cape Town South Africa


We continue to receive historic books, pictures, flags and other artifacts

for our Rhodesia Heritage Library at Livingstone House.

Our Rhodes and Founders Luncheon will be held on Wednesday,

20th July at 12 noon, Barracuda, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek.

We are planning our annual church Remembrance Service on

Sunday 1 PM, 6 November at Fish Hoek Methodist Church and

an End of Year Braai 6 PM Thursday15 December at Livingstone

House, Rondebosch.

Information and Communication

Our Fish Eagle Magazines and Rhosarians can be read online, or

downloaded and printed from the RASA website: https://flf-rasa.


Our Flame Lily Foundation — Cape Peninsula Facebook

“So little done! So much to do!”

10 11


Lewis, Angela and Jean worked wonders for the Cape

Peninsula Branch of the Flame Lily Foundation in

their dedicated years of service over two decades; all three being

Founder Members of FLF-CP.

Lewis Walter, Angela Walker and Jean

Bowen-Davies met once a month for a

‘night out,’ normally at a local restaurant

where they enjoyed not only good food

but banter about any subject you can think

of, from Flame Lily to Rugby … but you can easily guess what the

main ingredient of the meals was … it starts with ‘R’ and ends with

the letter ‘A!’ That was their great, dedicated passion.

ANGELA was the first to so sadly leave us. She passed away, after

a protracted illness, at the Constantiaberg Medi Clinic. I was fortunate

to spend a little time with her the night before her untimely

passing; precious times I will always treasure, as do her daughter

Alice, granddaughter Marion and sister Val who remained with her

to the end.

Angela, in her role as Treasurer / Secretary / Fish Eagle Editor and

‘Everything Flame Lily,’ she handled with aplomb, patience and a

sense of English humour we all deeply appreciated — she was a pillar

of strength in assisting me those difficult days in the Chair, including

her role as co-editor of the B.S.A. Police Magazine, the ‘Outpost.’

She was a wonderful hostess, and the luncheons and dinners we

shared at her cosy ‘English garden’ home in Welcome Glen (that’s

exactly what it was [and still is] amongst friends and colleagues who

always sat down to a magnificent Sunday Roast, or enjoyed a pukka

Rhodesian braai.

Angela’s ashes have given rise to an emerging tree planted in a small

‘garden of eden’ on the grounds of the Monkey Valley Resort in

Noordhoek, a place she dearly loved and shared with us all.

R.I.P. Angela.

LEWIS Walter, a Gentleman and a Scholar from Internal Affairs in

Rhodesia, was a man among men.

He kick-started the Cape Peninsula Flame Lily with four people

and built it up with a dedicated team (Jean and Angela) of ‘Rhodies’

who drew in many supportive members over a twenty year period.

Lewis and I, along with Skatie Fourie, also got the Friday mornings

‘FunnygaLore’ Club off the ground and what a success this proved to

be! A relaunch is very much on the cards.

Lewis’ passing was most unfortunate — he died alone in his bedroom

after an unexpected and sudden heart attack and was only

found to be ‘missing’ when he failed to answer his door to attend

our Friday meeting — what a shock to lose a real Rhodesian Buddy

we all so admired and respected.

As in the case of Angela, we all sorely miss his hearty laughter and

wonderful dry sense of humour, including his clipped British cum

Rhodesian accent, his ‘Matabeleland’ shorts and socks and his many

‘rescue’ cats and guinea fowl inhabiting his home and grounds.

R.I.P. Lewis

Last, but not least is mention of the departure to greener pastures of

JEAN Bowen-Davies who has served the Cape Peninsula Flame Lily

for 14 years. Jean is shortly closing the doors of her rambling, rustic

Noordhoek cottage to join her daughter Cherry and son-in-law,

Douglas, in the Bredasdorp farming district of the Western Cape,

leaving her free to remain a Western Province rugby fan!

12 13

Over the many years Jean — in her role as our Welfare Officer,

has cared for and supported our elderly members by gracing their

homes with gifts of ‘all sorts’ to brighten their day and care for them

in times of sickness and ill health — she knew our Flame Lily community

so well: their likes and dislikes, their best kept secrets, their

families, even their pets, by name.

Jean’s raffles will remain legendary for many years to come — she

tirelessly sold ticket by Flame Lily ticket in every conceivable place

you may care to name, particularly the Fish Hoek Library where

she was almost part of the furniture. Jean was not amused when it

was suggested she peddle her raffle tickets in the bar at the Western

Province Rugby ground! Whatever Jean raffled, mainly sponsored,

was always in great demand, despite it taking an hour to find the

winning number, year in and year out!

Boot sales were always Jeans pride and joy — donations covered all

the tables she could muster in various localities, and, as a ‘Saleslady

Supreme,’ she amassed very sizable takings to endlessly fill the FLF

coffers — donations crowded many rooms in her home en route to

the marketplace, yet unbeknown to her we secretly christened her

cottage the ‘S.S. Rhodesia [Container Line Ltd!]’

We are losing an exceptionally talented and dedicated once committee

member aka ‘Florence Nightingale’ (Jean is a qualified Rhodesian

Nursing Sister) to a new home not too far from the slopes of Table

Mountain, and we wish her all of the very best for the future in her

ninetieth year with the sincere hope of an invite to her ‘100’ which

is not really that far off! Good Luck and God Bless, Jean.

Tony Rozemeyer




3 Mary Morgan

5 Michele de Gersigny

6 Pat Graham

18 David Anderson

21 Stephanie De Haas

22 Jane McClean

28 Gael Baldwin


1 Guy Geddes

1 Lynette Stockil

2 Phillipina Bekker

3 Joan Bosch (Turning 96)

5 Albert Massyn-Cruywagen

9 Shirley Begley

15 Skatie Fourie

17 Eve Anderson

19 Rob Micklesfield

30 Hugh Capon

31 John Fold


1 Steve Bardwell

1 Frances Truswell

4 Helen Granville

5 Dr John Taylor

6 Sue De la Rosa

7 Margie Richards

7 Michelle Van der Walt

13 Tricia Elvin-Jensen

17 Ruth Ashton

17 Marjorie Bentley

17 Geoff Southey

24 Eleanor Des Fountain

24 Brenda Murrell

30 Vivian Bezuidenhout

30 Eric Lawrence


1 Norman Ely

8 Hazel Shaul

9 Joan Fry

12 Liselotte Jucker

14 George Stuart

17 Jenny Rivett

18 Dave Swanson

20 Chris Smith

20 Bill Phillips

20 Kathy Curnick

22 Nigel Lea-Cox

23 Larry Bowen-Davies

25 Stanley Browne

28 Philomena Ward

29 Maureen Fivas

29 Maureen Mason

30 Alec Murray

14 15

“Greater love has

no one than this: to

lay down one’s life

for one’s friends.”

John 15:13


“We will remember them!”

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