Amersham & Chalfonts Together May June 2023

#Community publication hand delivered to 9,000 homes and businesses via Royal Mail distribution in Amersham, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter and Little Chalfont. News and views from non profit organisations, communities, charities, schools, with features on health, food, lifestyle, financial and much more. Please email us with latest news to: marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk

#Community publication hand delivered to 9,000 homes and businesses via Royal Mail distribution in Amersham, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter and Little Chalfont. News and views from non profit organisations, communities, charities, schools, with features on health, food, lifestyle, financial and much more. Please email us with latest news to: marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk


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copies at Tesco Superstore, <strong>Amersham</strong><br />

DONATE<br />

Turkey Syria Earthquake Fund<br />

www.dec.org.uk<br />

For help or food donations<br />

office@hopebeaconsfield.co.uk<br />

Tel: 01494 675185<br />

CORONATION EDITION <strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong> Issue 25

Useful Numbers<br />

Mental Help Helpline 24/7<br />

t: 0800 783 0119 / 01865 904 997<br />

National Domestic Abuse Helpline 24/7<br />

t: 0808 2000 247<br />

Chilterns Dial-a-ride for those with<br />

mobility problems t: 01494 766 123<br />

Alcoholics Anonymous<br />

Call confidentially on: t: 0800 917 7650<br />

Be Amazing and Volunteer<br />

Age UK’s Befriending service matches older<br />

people with volunteers who have similar interests.<br />

t: 01296 431911<br />

e: age@ageukbucks.org.uk<br />

Hello & welcome!<br />

It was fantastic to hear from so many readers - as you<br />

correctly spotted we had a little crossword mix-up!<br />

It was however, very encouraging to know that our<br />

little community magazine is being read – thank you<br />

everyone! See p28 for location of the correct clues.<br />

I hope you will be able to enjoy the forthcoming<br />

King’s Coronation celebrations over <strong>May</strong> Bank<br />

Holiday. We have put together a list of some of the<br />

events that are being held in the <strong>Amersham</strong> and the<br />

<strong>Chalfonts</strong>…and if you are holding your own street<br />

party then a recipe feeding 48 may come in handy!<br />

(p20)<br />

If you’ve suffered a bereavement and are finding it<br />

hard, Greenacres Group hold a free coffee morning<br />

every second Saturday of the month. It is also a<br />

beautiful place to visit for a walk.<br />

Help for those living with a loved one suffering from<br />

dementia (p30), Hearwego have a special offer on ear<br />

wax cleaning ( 2 ears for the price of 1) and read from<br />

our aspiring Young Journalists from p24 -27.<br />

Enjoy the coronation celebrations and Bank Holidays<br />

and please let me know any feedback from this issue!<br />

With love,<br />

Bucks Mind in Buckinghamshire<br />

Volunteers over 18 years needed<br />

t: 01494 463364 or<br />

w: www.bucksmind.org.uk<br />

Therese<br />

Next Copy Deadlines -<br />

<strong>May</strong>/<strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Editorials: 1st <strong>June</strong><br />

Advertisers: 2nd <strong>June</strong><br />

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Magazine Designer<br />

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Meet Thorpe<br />

House School New<br />

Headteacher<br />

Thorpe House School, an independent<br />

boys school located in Gerrards Cross, is<br />

excited to welcome their new headmaster,<br />

Mr. Jake Burnett, in April <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

With a wealth of experience and a proven track<br />

record of success, Mr. Burnett is poised to play<br />

a critical role in shaping the future of the school,<br />

particularly as it expands to a Co-Ed Sixth Form in<br />

September 2024.<br />

Mr. Burnett brings with him a depth of knowledge<br />

and experience in education, having previously<br />

served as Headmaster of St Louis School in Milan.<br />

During his time at St Louis School, Mr. Burnett<br />

was able to establish a culture of academic<br />

excellence, character development, and<br />

community involvement. Under his leadership,<br />

St Louis School flourished and became one of<br />

the top schools in the region.<br />

With Mr. Burnett’s leadership and expertise,<br />

Thorpe House School is poised for a bright<br />

future. His dedication to providing students<br />

with the best possible educational experience,<br />

combined with his commitment to fostering a<br />

culture of excellence, make him the ideal person<br />

to lead the school into the next chapter of its<br />

storied history.<br />

If you are thinking of a new start for your son<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>, you are warmly invited to come and<br />

visit us and meet Mr Burnett at our Open<br />

Morning on <strong>May</strong> 9th. Book your place at<br />

www.thorpehouse.co.uk<br />

Your local Independent School,<br />

Thorpe House School in Gerrards Cross<br />

Looking to the Future<br />


9TH MAY<br />

09.00–11.00<br />

Thorpe House is an all-through school<br />

for boys aged 4-16<br />

4 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


First Est.1695<br />



Improve your thermal envelope<br />

with the “fabric first” approach to<br />

retain heat in older (Pre 1990s)<br />

and listed historic buildings.<br />

Eco Tiffin is a well established family run business<br />

combining a passion for energy saving<br />

and conservation.<br />

• Thermal Survey and Defects Analysis<br />

• Retrofitting and Insulation<br />

• Energy Saving Assessment<br />

• Dampness and Decay Assessment<br />

• Renovation and Modernisation<br />

• Insurance Claims Advice<br />

Effective Spring<br />

Cleaning<br />

Back To Life Cleaning Services offer<br />

homeowners and businesses thorough<br />

carpet and upholstery cleaning, from<br />

one room in a home to large office<br />

spaces (or golf club!)<br />

As featured in Grand Designs - ASK THE EXPERT<br />

Book your Consultation now<br />

and learn more about your property<br />

than you thought possible<br />

01442 819332<br />

enquiries@ecotiffin.co.uk<br />

www.ecotiffin.co.uk<br />

What are the benefits of having your carpets<br />

and upholstery cleaned by a locally-based<br />

company in Chalfont Saint Peter? The<br />

obvious answer is that it extends the life of both<br />

your carpets and upholstery. Carpets and soft<br />

furnishings get a lot of dust, debris and dirt<br />

lodged in them. Cleaning effectively protects<br />

your investment and improves air quality<br />

by preventing the build-up of bacteria and<br />

allergens, which can be unhealthy.<br />

Back To Life Cleaning Services use the latest<br />

equipment and cleaning solutions to achieve<br />

a thorough, deep-down cleansing of your<br />

carpets and upholstery than you could not<br />

achieve yourself. We clean deep into the fibres,<br />

saving you more time and effort and a far<br />

superior outcome in a fraction of the time.<br />

If you are looking for excellent results, contact<br />

Matthew today to find the way that best suits<br />

you.<br />

Free phone: 0800 2118 387<br />

m: 07726 491 580<br />

e: matthew@backtolifecleaningservices.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 5


Join the FitCrowd<br />

community<br />

FitCrowd is a community which is<br />

growing every day. By creating a<br />

balance between fitness, nutrition, and a<br />

social supportive community, FitCrowd<br />

has created a refreshingly new style of<br />

fitness, perfect for everyone.<br />

Whether you are just getting into fitness,<br />

or it is something you have been passionate<br />

about your whole life, FitCrowd has<br />

something amazing to offer you!<br />

FitCrowd offers both 1-1 specified training, as<br />

well as group sessions. So whether you want to<br />

get down to work on one of our personalised<br />

programmes, or be part of our community for<br />

gatherings, meeting with friends old and new,<br />

FitCrowd is here for you.<br />

At Fitcrowd we love to work both indoors and<br />

out, with our brand new fitness studio and our<br />

amazing outdoor astroturf facilities. Our classes<br />

vary from one person to another, we offer<br />

cardio classes, boxing, stretching, mobility and<br />

many more paths in the fitness world.<br />

Are you in with the FitCrowd? Lots of you are! If<br />

you are not yet, do not worry, just get in touch!<br />

We would love to hear from you! For more<br />

information: www.fitcrowd.co.uk<br />

6 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Counties Loft Ladders tradesmen, so our customers lead to more happy to pop round and<br />

come in.<br />

customers are assured happy customers is true give you a no obligation<br />

of the best job.<br />

and we work hard to quote BUSINESS so you NEWS too can<br />

The company,<br />

make that happen for make use of your loft!<br />

based Home locally, offers Counties Integrity in that we Loft Ladders,<br />

homeowners the will turn up at the time<br />

Home Counties Loft<br />

opportunity to maximise we say and make sure<br />

their storage space Quality the house is spotless You Can Trust!<br />

with<br />

Ladders,<br />

a loft ladder,<br />

Quality when we leave, You and<br />

These days most<br />

watchwords are Quality, - that simply wouldn’t every installation we<br />

50sqft<br />

homeowners<br />

of boarding<br />

suffer<br />

and value in that we offer<br />

from Integrity and Value. happen if we didn’t carry out!’<br />

a light Can<br />

a lack - of all storage fully Trust! fitted space.<br />

our<br />

Quality<br />

services<br />

in the<br />

at<br />

materials<br />

a price<br />

adhere to our overriding<br />

in So many precious items that we use for all our principles.<br />

So, if you want to make<br />

These<br />

less than<br />

days<br />

a day<br />

most<br />

from people can afford.<br />

homeowners suffer<br />

just that £355! need But to be it’s kept not installations and the fact<br />

use of your loft space,<br />

from a lack of storage space. So many<br />

just – but the where affordability<br />

Our business relies on<br />

to store it that all our loft packages At the end of the day the call Jamie free on 0808<br />

of all?<br />

precious the That’s package where<br />

items that Home<br />

that need referrals to be and kept we get a old adage that happy 301 9558 and he’ll be<br />

makes Counties – but Home where Loft Counties Ladders to store it huge<br />

tradesmen, all? amount That’s so where of our calls<br />

our customers lead to more happy to pop round and<br />

Loft come Home Ladders in. Counties stand<br />

from<br />

Loft Ladders customers<br />

people<br />

come are<br />

who<br />

assured<br />

have<br />

in.<br />

happy customers is true give you a no obligation<br />

out, as manager Jamie<br />

been of the referred best job. to us by and leave, we and work value hard in to that we quote offer so our you services too can at a<br />

The company, based locally, our offers existing homeowners customers<br />

Oakley explains: ‘Our<br />

make price that people happen can afford. for Our make business use of your relies loft! on<br />

based the opportunity locally, offers to maximise Integrity their storage in that space we referrals and we get a huge amount of our calls<br />

homeowners with a loft ladder, the 50sqft of will boarding turn up and at the a light time - from people who have been referred to us by our<br />

opportunity all fully fitted to in maximise less than a we day say from and just make £444! sure But existing customers - that simply wouldn’t happen<br />

their it’s not storage just the space affordability the of the house package is spotless<br />

Need more that if we didn’t adhere to our overriding principles.<br />

with makes a loft Home ladder, Counties Loft when Ladders we leave, stand and out, as<br />

50sqft manager of boarding Jamie Oakley and explains: value in ‘Our that watchwords<br />

we offer At the end of the day the old adage that happy<br />

are Quality, Integrity and Value. our services Quality at in a the price<br />

storage in materials less than that a day we from use for all<br />

people space?<br />

customers lead to more happy customers is true<br />

our installations<br />

can afford.<br />

and and we work hard to make that happen for every<br />

just the fact £355! that But all it’s our not loft packages<br />

just the affordability<br />

Our business are fitted relies by on time installation we carry out!’<br />

served tradesmen, so our customers package that<br />

referrals and are we assured get a<br />

of INSTALL the best job. A LOFT LADDER<br />

makes Home Counties<br />

huge amount of our calls So, if you want to make use of your loft space,<br />

Loft Ladders stand<br />

from people who have call Jamie free on 0808 301 9558 and he’ll be<br />

Integrity in that we will turn<br />

out, as manager Jamie<br />

been up at referred the time to we us say by happy to pop round and give you a no obligation<br />

and<br />

AND<br />

make sure<br />

USE<br />

the house is<br />

YOUR<br />

our spotless existing when customers we<br />

LOFT!<br />

quote so you too can make use of your loft!<br />

Oakley explains: ‘Our<br />

STARTER PACKAGE: Aluminium loft<br />

ladder, light plus 50 sqft boarding, fully<br />

fitted in less than a day from £355<br />

storage space?<br />

• Loft Ladders • Hatches<br />

• Boarding • Insulation<br />

• Lights • Fully Guaranteed<br />

CALL FREE: 0808 301 9558<br />

: Aluminium loft<br />

ladder, light plus 50 sqft boarding, fully<br />

from £444<br />

Loft Ladders Hatches<br />

Boarding Insulation<br />

Lights<br />

CALL FREE: 0808 301 9558<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 7


Duke of Edinburgh<br />

Award at <strong>Amersham</strong><br />

School<br />

By Holly Tobutt and Grace Long<br />

The Duke Of Edinburgh (DoE) Award<br />

Scheme is a popular qualification at<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> School. Since 2021, 127<br />

students have achieved their bronze<br />

award after completing, volunteering,<br />

learning a new skill, and taking part<br />

in physical activity over a 3–6-month<br />

period, as well as a two-day expedition<br />

in the Chiltern Hills.<br />

As a result, over 1524 hours of voluntary<br />

work was put back into the community. We<br />

are also fortunate in supporting a number of<br />

students to complete their silver and gold<br />

awards, illustrating the values of hard work<br />

and dedication in the process. The DofE<br />

award scheme has proved invaluable for<br />

helping young people develop and express<br />

their leadership skills, make new friends, and<br />

expand their communication skills.<br />

At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for<br />

my volunteering, skills and physical sections<br />

of the award. However, <strong>Amersham</strong> School<br />

offered an array of extracurricular opportunities,<br />

which helped me to decide. I chose to help<br />

litter-picking around the community, with<br />

others, after school. For me, this seemed like<br />

a good choice because it was a simple and<br />

effective way to give back, with others; we<br />

collected a lot of rubbish! I also continued<br />

my school sports at lunch time and after<br />

school. For skills, there are so many options,<br />

from learning a new language to learning<br />

how to knit. So there really is something for<br />

everyone!<br />

For the expedition section we hiked, map<br />

read, cooked, and camped. We completed our<br />

expedition in the New Forest over three days<br />

and two nights. My personal favourite part<br />

was cooking. Here you can challenge yourself<br />

to make something you’d never thought you<br />

could - and see how good your skills really are!<br />

Most people would say they enjoyed<br />

camping the most. You get to spend time<br />

with your friends, and get to know new<br />

people. For me, teamwork is key to<br />

successfully achieving your Duke of Edinburgh<br />

award. I feel glad to have had the opportunity<br />

to complete my bronze and silver awards at<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> School and am looking forward to<br />

the challenge of Gold!<br />


6th <strong>May</strong>, 3rd <strong>June</strong>, 1st July<br />

9am - 1pm<br />


www.facebook.com/redkitecraft<br />

email : redkitemarket@gmail.com<br />

Little Chalfont Village Hall, Little Chalfont,<br />

HP8 4UD<br />

8 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Russell James<br />

91 Deanway<br />

Chalfont St Giles<br />

01494 870445<br />

RussellJamesSalon.com<br />

Hair Salon<br />

FREE<br />










To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 9

* When you buy a frame for £18 or more. Excludes other offers. Assumes Free NHS eye test and NHS voucher subject to NHS guidelines. Ask for details.<br />

EYE NEWS<br />

Environmentally<br />

friendly eyewear<br />

Choosing new glasses should be a fun<br />

and explorative activity - there are so many<br />

beautiful colours and shapes available.<br />

The perfect style and shade can highlight your<br />

facial features and skin tone. There are also benefits<br />

to the materials the frames are made. The most<br />

common plastic is acetate which is a cotton derivative<br />

and comes in a range of colours that can be mixed<br />

together to give stunning details, such as marbling,<br />

and layering.<br />

There are recycled plastic frames using sea plastics,<br />

such as discarded fishing nets, bio-acetate made<br />

from wood pulp and cotton and bio-based materials<br />

that start with castor seeds that are pressed for their<br />

oil. Companies that produce these, such as Eco<br />

Eyewear from Modo are also carbon negative and<br />

plant a tree for every pair sold.<br />

With an extensive range of colours and shapes to<br />

suit all face shapes they also make a polarised clip on<br />

that matches each style perfectly and is attached to<br />

the frame with magnets. This gives you the added<br />

benefit of turning your glasses into prescription<br />

sunglasses. If you have sensitive skin, hypoallergenic<br />

materials such as titanium are a good option.<br />

Try Flexon bendable frames that are made from<br />

a titanium alloy. If you need them to survive rough<br />

daily wear. They are also exceptionally light in<br />

weight. The optical team will be able to answer any<br />

questions you have about styles and materials and<br />

guide you. Your perfect eyewear is within reach....<br />

just ask.<br />

Helen Gilbert FBDO<br />

Dispensing Optician<br />


opticians & audiologists Your vision...Our care<br />

2 for 1<br />

Kids & Teens<br />

glasses<br />

Let us show you the difference...<br />

... Ask about office lenses<br />

Eye tests are free for kids<br />

Offer your eyes the best ...<br />

Polarised prescription<br />

sunglasses<br />

£179<br />

Complete with single vision lenses. Ask for details.<br />

With glare reducing lenses designed specifically for night driving , UV protection, blue control lenses,<br />

photochromic lenses that darken when you drive and polarised lenses, our qualified opticians can advise<br />

you on the best eyewear for your lifestyle.<br />

For any advice please phone your local branch. We will be very happy to help.<br />

Our eye test has retinal photography as standard and the option of OCT. Book your eye test online today.<br />

3 Station Road Gerrards Cross 85-87 Sycamore Road <strong>Amersham</strong><br />

01753 886306 01494 721795<br />

10 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Meditation on Twin Hearts with Healing Clinic<br />

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month (except August)<br />

7-8pm<br />

Donation to<br />

Reg: 1188773<br />

Epilepsy Society, Kent House, Chesham Lane,<br />

Chalfont St Peter, SL9 0RJ<br />

Over 18’s welcome<br />

Contact: pranichealing.chalfont@gmail.com<br />

www.ukpranichealing.co.uk<br />

Enjoy this meditation to reduce stress, increase happiness and inner calm.<br />

Experience a Taster Pranic Therapy Treatment,<br />

a non touch Energy Medicine to help with physical and emotional pain.<br />





ADVERTS, WEBSITES, LEAFLETS, car livery,<br />

clothing designs<br />


Family run business<br />

Full and partial rewires<br />

Safety electrical testing<br />

Landlords reports (PRS)<br />

Fuse board upgrades<br />

Garden lighting<br />

All electrical work undertaken<br />

Adam: 077251 72878 Craig: 077305 75633<br />

w: www.alconelectrical.co.uk<br />

e: info@alconelectrical.co.uk<br />

Find us on instagram: @alcon_electrical<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 11


St Peter’s Players<br />

celebrate 75 years!<br />

In 1948 it was decided to form a new<br />

dramatic society which was known at<br />

first as the Dorothy Atwell Players<br />

(after the founding member). With<br />

the group’s sixth production in 1950,<br />

it was decided to change the name to<br />

St Peter’s Players.<br />

In the 1970’s, many firsts were performed: a<br />

pantomime, an original festival play, a summer<br />

production, a review, an original full length play,<br />

a first old time musical as well as a first original<br />

musical at Christmas.<br />

This year St Peter Players celebrate 75 years of<br />

performing with an Anniversary Review on 13th<br />

- 15th July at the Chalfont St Peter Community<br />

Centre. The centre has been their home for the<br />

last 60 years, since it first opened.<br />

The review will provide a show with a<br />

difference: a variety evening full of music,<br />

comedy, drama and entertainment including<br />

melodrama, singing, dancing and short<br />

playlets.<br />

They look forward to entertaining you as they<br />

celebrate their 75th anniversary.<br />

For tickets and more information, please<br />

contact Ruth on 07815 157 823.<br />

The Blue Container in CSP<br />

The Blue Container in Chalfont St Peter,<br />

alongside the village’s community centre,<br />

has been a hive of activity over the last few<br />

months as local volunteers bring donations<br />

in to send over to war-torn Ukraine.<br />

Whilst warm clothing, sleeping bags and<br />

blankets were initially sought, now donations of<br />

medical supplies and mobility aids have been<br />

streaming in to the container where they are<br />

sorted, packed and sent to Ukraine.<br />

Wheelchairs, crutches and other mobility<br />

aids are not accepted back by the NHS, and<br />

they have been a great help in rehabilitation<br />

centres and small field hospitals. Photographs<br />

sent back to the volunteers show the difference<br />

their donation is making to someone’s life,<br />

and this then seems to motivate even more<br />

donations.<br />

‘We have also received donations from<br />

residents who are clearing their parent’s<br />

homes, and this has<br />

been a meaningful<br />

way to repurpose<br />

items. A young lady<br />

seemed genuinely<br />

delighted that her<br />

uncle’s coats were<br />

warming people in<br />

Mariupol after he<br />

had passed during<br />

lockdown.<br />

‘Boxes of handknitted jumpers, hats and<br />

blankets keep arriving from local Knit and<br />

Natter groups, and these are a delight to pack’,<br />

says co-ordinator Karen Dickson. The knitted<br />

items represent hours and hours of work, and<br />

they are given so freely to complete strangers<br />

in need – it warms my heart every time.’<br />

Although The Blue Container has to move soon,<br />

donations can still be brought on Monday and<br />

Wednesday mornings between 10 and 12.<br />

Contact Karen@royalblueexecutors.co.uk<br />

12 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Experienced, Friendly<br />

& Professional Internal<br />

& External Decorators.<br />

We have been<br />

working in & around<br />

Beaconsfield,<br />

Gerrards Cross,<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> &<br />

surrounding areas<br />

since 1993.<br />

Please call to discuss<br />

your requirements.<br />

Call Nigel:<br />

01494 681 794 or 07771 521 263<br />

www.ngilliedecoratingservices.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 13


Back in good trim<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> local Nigel Moore was among<br />

delighted visitors to the Repair Café in<br />

Sycamore Road earlier this month.<br />

He’d arrived with a 53-year-old “Little Wonder” hedge<br />

trimmer, handed down to him by his late father. Still<br />

possessing the original box and instructions, he’d<br />

dutifully oiled and maintained it, but three years ago,<br />

it packed up for the first time. Since then, Nigel has<br />

been relying on a hedge trimmer by the name of<br />

Carlos, who’s Portuguese and very efficient but without<br />

the same sentimental value. No longer.<br />

Electrician John, one of the five-strong Sustainable<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> volunteer repair team, managed to<br />

bypass a broken switch and after a few false starts,<br />

the hedge trimmer burst back into life, to a small<br />

cheer from assembled spectators.<br />

Nigel, who was close to hugging John, said his late<br />

father would also have been thrilled to see it working<br />

again.<br />

A total of 18 household items, including kitchen<br />

appliances, lamps, CD players and toys, were given<br />

a new lease of life at the Repair Café on 4 March and<br />

King’s Church<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> FC Festival<br />

Saturday 1st July<br />

starts 9am - 5pm<br />

We’re delighted to announce the dates<br />

and details for this year’s football festival<br />

to be held at <strong>Amersham</strong> Town FC,<br />

School Lane, <strong>Amersham</strong>, HP7 0EJ.<br />

“This year we’ve invited Westwood Park FC to<br />

join us, making this a celebration of local football,<br />

bringing the whole community together” adds<br />

Aaron Overy, Chairman of KCA FC. “We’ll run 10<br />

pitches for 8 hours, playing over 100 matches”.<br />

Plans are already in progress as the club brings<br />

more of a festival feel to the day. Chiltern Voice<br />

Radio will broadcast live from the football festival<br />

for the day. There will be plenty of opportunity for<br />

young footballers to get involved with interviews,<br />

commentary and more.<br />

The festival will also feature live music with Dr<br />

Challoner’s Grammar School rock band Crows and<br />

Colleen repairs Ethel<br />

Nigel & repairer John with<br />

hedge strimmer<br />

saved from heading to landfill. At times, quite a queue<br />

formed at the event, which comes at a time when the<br />

rising cost of living and soaring energy prices have put<br />

unprecedented strain on people’s finances.<br />

Another beneficiary was a doll named Ethel, who<br />

dates back to the Second World War, but whose<br />

limbs had become loose and semi-detached.<br />

Volunteer repairer Colleen succeeded in giving her a<br />

nip and tuck with new string ligaments. While Ethel<br />

was undergoing surgery, another expert darned<br />

holes in her outfit, including christening clothes<br />

belonging to her owner’s now 93-year-old brother.<br />

Ethel left with a spring in her step.<br />

The event was held alongside a pop-up shop at St.<br />

Michael’s Church. Free tea, coffee and cakes were<br />

also on offer. The next Sustainable <strong>Amersham</strong> Repair<br />

Café will be held at the same venue on Saturday 13<br />

<strong>May</strong> from 10am to 1pm.<br />

Arrows booked to perform a set, with the crowd<br />

taking their straw bale seats. There will be a large<br />

bouncy castle which is free to use and Quirk of<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> will run a sweets, smoothie, candy floss<br />

and chocolate fountain stand.<br />

In the clubhouse the bar will be open all day serving tea,<br />

coffee, sweet treats and alcohol. Here you’ll also find the<br />

kit room, a place to bring along unwanted football boots<br />

and kit and take some kit home, all for free.<br />

There are opportunities for local businesses to get<br />

involved. This could be sponsoring the event, taking<br />

a stand or donating a prize for the raffle and/or<br />

auction. This is great exposure from an anticipated<br />

crowd of around 1,500 across the day plus the local<br />

media coverage. This is event is open to all, so<br />

please come along and join us.<br />

For more information visit: www.kcafc.co.uk or<br />

email: darrenhendersonuk@yahoo.co.uk<br />

14 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

Permanent Makeup • Microblading<br />

• Brows • Eyeliner • Lip Blush and Lip Colour<br />

Removal of; Tattoos • Pigmentations<br />

• Thread Veins • Acne<br />

•<br />

Facials; • Carbon and Rejuvenation<br />

• Wrinkle Reduction<br />

emilyhighbrowmicroblading<br />

highbrow_microbladinguk<br />

e: high-brow@outlook.com<br />

w: www.highbrowmicroblading.uk<br />

T: 07843 282 259<br />

Based in Chalfont St Giles<br />

Over 160<br />

5* google<br />

reviews<br />


NEEDED<br />

Help us end loneliness for blind and partially sighted people<br />

People with sight loss often feel lonely.<br />

We're looking for friendly people to drive local people<br />

to and/or help at BucksVision's fortnightly social<br />

group in Chalfont St. Giles (Tuesday, 2-4pm).<br />

This is a flexible role requiring no previous<br />

experience; expenses, support and training are<br />

provided.<br />

If you'd like to have a chat with one of the Chalfont<br />

club volunteers to find out more or would like to<br />

apply please use the details below.<br />

01296 487 556<br />

volunteering@bucksvision.co.uk<br />

www.bucksvision.co.uk<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 15

11th Chilterns Walking Festival<br />

commencing on 20th <strong>May</strong> - 4th <strong>June</strong><br />

A programme of over 60 walks and events<br />

throughout the Chilterns. We have a<br />

number of new walking experiences on<br />

offer, a selection below:<br />

• Author and founder of Pause Global Danielle<br />

North will be joining Walk Works on their River<br />

& Woodland loop from Shiplake on 26 <strong>May</strong><br />

and will offer a guided meditation from her new<br />

book ”Walking Meditations”<br />

• Birdsong and wildflowers of spring on 21<br />

<strong>May</strong>: Walk through a range of landscapes with<br />

interesting birds and wildflowers and lovely<br />

views, taking in the Hartslock Nature Reserve<br />

and the Thames Path. At our lunch stop at Path<br />

Hill Farm we’ll light our own fire and brew a hot<br />

drink, learning how to catch a spark and make<br />

a flame.<br />

• Sunrise & Sunset Walks: Enjoy the dawn<br />

chorus with an early-morning Skylark Walk<br />

on 25 <strong>May</strong> or watch the sun setting over the<br />

beautiful Bradenham Valley on a Bradenham<br />

Woods Sunset Walk on 24 <strong>May</strong>.<br />

• Fancy a challenge? Why not join the historic<br />

‘Beating the Bounds’ walk in Chesham on 20<br />

16 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

<strong>May</strong> (a whopping 25 miles!) for a symbolic<br />

centuries old custom of walking the parish<br />

boundary. Or enjoy the ups and downs of the<br />

Chilterns Three Peaks on 24 <strong>May</strong>, a 7 mile route<br />

visiting 3 of the highest peaks in the Chilterns.<br />

Stunning views guaranteed!<br />

• Join the friendly Salaam Seekers (a Muslim<br />

Women’s Outdoor Activities Group) for a<br />

Mindful Maharani Meander in Stoke Row on 25<br />

<strong>May</strong>, and finish with a complimentary drink and<br />

cake in the local cafe.<br />

• Half-term family walks, including South<br />

Stoke River & Picnic walk on 2 <strong>June</strong> and<br />

nature-spotting activities<br />

• here are lots of map reading and navigation<br />

courses to help you plan or lead your own<br />

walks, including a Nav and Natter (Navigation<br />

for Women, on several dates) and half-day<br />

practical map reading & walk planning sessions<br />

(also several dates) led by Stuart Fletcher<br />

• We celebrate the Chilterns chalk streams and<br />

revitalisation of the Chess Valley Walk with a<br />

River Chess discovery day at Chesham Moor<br />

(lots of family friendly nature activities) and<br />

guided walks in the Chess Valley to see the<br />

<strong>May</strong>fly and explore the local heritage<br />

…plus historic garden tours, film location tours,<br />

mindfulness walks, Nordic walking and much<br />

more.<br />

For details of all these walks visit our website<br />

www.chilternsaonb.org/walkingfest<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 17


Bekonscot and<br />

sunshine, the<br />

perfect combination<br />

As Spring arrives and Summer<br />

approaches, Bekonscot Model Village<br />

transforms into a burst of colour.<br />

The gardens are at their best at this time<br />

of year, and the magic of the model village<br />

and railway never fails to impress. Our local<br />

Beechdean ice cream parlour has some<br />

amazing new flavours for you to try, and work<br />

has started on several projects to enhance your<br />

visit over the coming seasons. This summer our<br />

immersive museum experience in the newly built<br />

Foundation Hall beside the tearoom will open its<br />

doors to provide an exciting and fun addition to<br />

the Bekonscot experience. The work on the new<br />

play area will continue at the end of our open<br />

season with an extension to the Light Railway<br />

following afterwards. Evidence of these<br />

improvements can be seen within the village,<br />

so please bear with us whilst works continue.<br />

What’s on at Discover<br />

Bucks Museum?<br />

<strong>May</strong> Half Term Family Craft<br />

29 <strong>May</strong> – 2 <strong>June</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Join us for a exploratory week of arts and<br />

creativity, inspired by local artists from our<br />

current Open Art Exhibition. Discover more at<br />

discoverbucksmuseum.org<br />

Open Art Exhibition<br />

29 April - 8 July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Discover stunning art created by professional<br />

and amateur artists from Buckinghamshire in<br />

our first ever Open Art Exhibition.<br />

Discover more at discoverbucksmuseum.org<br />

Discover Ducks<br />

Last Thursday of every month at 10am<br />

Join us for a themed session every month<br />

including a story, song, games, play, craft<br />

activity and museum trail.<br />

Next sessions Thursday 25 <strong>May</strong> and Thursday<br />

29 <strong>June</strong><br />

Discover more at discoverbucksmuseum.org<br />

Meanwhile, our programme of special<br />

events continues. Join us for a glass of<br />

Prosecco and themed activities over the<br />

Coronation weekend 6th – 8th <strong>May</strong>. Chris<br />

Vine, author of the Peter’s Railway books,<br />

visits us again on 17th and 18th <strong>June</strong> for<br />

readings, book signing and an interactive railway<br />

workshop. During the summer holidays our<br />

favourite magician, Greg Chapman, will be back<br />

every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.<br />

We look forward to some sunny weather and<br />

welcoming you to Bekonscot.<br />

Bekonscot Model Village & Railway,<br />

Warwick Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 2PL<br />

www.bekonscot.co.uk<br />

Explore the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery this<br />

<strong>May</strong> Half Term<br />

Hands-on discovery and amazing science<br />

inspired by Roald Dahl’s stories. Open every<br />

Saturday and Bucks school holidays. Discover<br />

more at discoverbucksmuseum.org<br />

Wind in the Willows<br />

8 July <strong>2023</strong> at 11am<br />

Join us in our walled garden for a whirlwind<br />

ride through the seasons as Ratty, Mole and<br />

Badger follow the impulsive Toad on his<br />

hapless misadventures. Discover more at<br />

discoverbucksmuseum.org<br />

Discover Bucks Museum, Church Street,<br />

Bucks, HP20 2QP<br />

www.discoverbucksmuseum.org | 01296 331 441<br />

18 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>

King Charles’s<br />

Coronation<br />

Celebrations<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong><br />

Coronation Events<br />

Memorial Gardens, Old <strong>Amersham</strong><br />

Date: Sunday 7th <strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Time: 1.30 - 3.30pm Special Band Concert<br />

The Polka Dots - songs from the roaring 20’s to<br />

wartime 40’s<br />

Early evening Coronation entertainment<br />

Time: 3.30 - 7.30pm - Party in Church Mead<br />

Music, food & drink (and fun!)<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> - Picnic in the Park<br />

Date: Monday 8th <strong>May</strong><br />

TIme: 12.30 - 5.30pm<br />

Location: King George V Playing Field,<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong>-on-the-hill<br />

Live music, fun fair, food and drink.<br />

More details: www.amersham-tc.gov.uk/<br />

coronation-events/<br />

Chalfont St Giles Coronation Village Party<br />

Date: Sunday 7th <strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Time: Noon - 6pm<br />

The event is FREE but tables and chairs can be<br />

booked via www.csgparty.square.site. Take part<br />

in the table dressing competition (theme: King’s<br />

Coronation). There will also be fairground rides and<br />

face painting for the younger members of the<br />

community<br />

Location: High Street, Chalfont St Giles,<br />

Buckinghamshire, HP8 4QF, United Kingdom<br />

www.csgparty.org<br />

Chalfont St Peter Parish Council<br />

- Celebrate the Coronation<br />

Date: Saturday 6th <strong>May</strong><br />

Time: from 3pm<br />

Come and enjoy a musical afternoon with friends and<br />

family. Afternoon teas, ice-cream and candy floss.<br />

Dress up in your finest Crown or red, white and blue<br />

for discounted teas and coffees.<br />

Location: St Peter’s Memorial Garden, Church Lane.<br />

www.chalfontstpeter-pc.gov.uk<br />

Chiltern Open Air Museum -<br />

Royal Coronation Joust<br />

Date: Sunday 7th <strong>May</strong> & 8th <strong>May</strong><br />

Time of jousting: 12pm and 3pm - Book Tickets<br />

You are invited to a Royal Coronation Joust. Hear<br />

the clash of steel and the thunder of hooves as by<br />

popular demand medieval jousting returns to Chiltern<br />

Open Air Museum.During this special Coronation<br />

Bank Holiday weekend, valiant knights will battle in a<br />

jousting tournament to win the favour of the crowds –<br />

come along and cheer for your favourite!<br />

www.coam.org.uk/events/royal-coronation-joust<br />

Little Chalfont Village Hall -<br />

Teas, Cream Teas, cakes organised by WI<br />

Date: Monday 8th <strong>May</strong><br />

For takeaway please bring own cup. All welcome<br />

Time: 1.30pm - 4.30pm<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 19


King’s Coronation<br />

cheese, potato and<br />

pineapple pasties<br />

Are you hosting a street party for the<br />

Coronation celebrations ? Then this recipe<br />

from Delmonte ® may provide some tasty<br />

savoury snack with a glass of fizz.<br />

Makes 48<br />

Prep time 40 minutes<br />

Cooking time 20 minutes<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 600g small Maris Piper potatoes<br />

• 2 tbsp olive oil<br />

• 1 large onion, finely chopped<br />

• 1 can (435g) Del Monte ® Pineapple<br />

Slices in juice, finely chopped<br />

• 200g cheddar, grated<br />

• 4 x 320g packs ready rolled puff pastry<br />

• 1 egg, lightly beaten<br />

• Salt and pepper<br />

Method:<br />

1. Peel the potatoes and place in a pan of cold<br />

water, bring to the boil, add 1 tsp of salt and<br />

simmer for 15 minutes, drain well and leave to<br />

cool.<br />

2. Meanwhile heat the oil in a large frying<br />

pan and cook the onion for 10 minutes over a<br />

medium heat until softened but not coloured,<br />

remove from the heat.<br />

3. Once the potatoes are cool enough to<br />

handle cut into 1cm cubes and add to the<br />

onion along with the chopped Del Monte ®<br />

Pineapple pieces and cheddar, stir gently to<br />

combine and season to taste with salt and<br />

pepper.<br />

4. Preheat the oven to 200°C, Fan 180°C,<br />

gas mark 6.<br />

5. Unroll the pastry sheets onto a lightly floured<br />

surface and ensure each one measures 24cm x<br />

32cm – roll out slightly or trim if need be. Cut<br />

each sheet into 12 x 8cm squares.<br />

6. Take 1 square of pastry, lightly brush<br />

the edges with a little beaten egg, then<br />

place a spoonful of the potato and pineapple<br />

mix into the centre of the square, fold<br />

in half to form a triangle and press the<br />

edges together to seal, repeat with the<br />

remaining squares, ensure the pasties<br />

are as full as possible.<br />

7. Using the end of a fork press around<br />

the edges of the pasties to create a pattern<br />

and ensure they are fully sealed, brush each<br />

pasty with beaten egg and place on baking<br />

sheets lined with baking parchment. With the<br />

tip of a small knife cut 2 small slits in the top<br />

of each pasty to allow the steam to escape<br />

as they cook, then bake in the oven for<br />

15-20 minutes until puffed up and golden.<br />

Depending on how big your oven is, you<br />

may need to do this in batches.<br />

8. Serve warm or at room temperature.<br />

Have a great party!<br />

20 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


No fault divorce –<br />

what you need to know<br />

The biggest shake up to divorce law since the<br />

1970s took place last year. As we approach<br />

the first anniversary of the new law – known<br />

as “No Fault Divorce” – here’s a reminder of<br />

what it means.<br />

On 6 April 2022, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 came<br />

into effect. This was a significant change in family law, which campaigners<br />

had been working towards for many years. Resolution (an organisation<br />

made up of family lawyers whose aim it is to settle disputes without the<br />

need for contentious litigation) led the way in lobbying Government.<br />

Historically, to proceed with a divorce, couples needed to prove that the<br />

marriage had broken down as a result of one of five alternate options,<br />

and for many the ‘easiest’ of those options was to cite “unreasonable<br />

behaviour”. However, requiring one spouse to blame the other for the<br />

breakdown of the marriage often made the divorce process even more<br />

contentious. Whilst sometimes apportioning blame may have been a fair<br />

reflection of what happened, often it would not, resulting in a combative<br />

and aggressive tone from the outset.<br />

The new law has changed this completely. It is no longer necessary to<br />

apportion blame – instead one party – or the parties jointly – can make a<br />

statement of irretrievable breakdown, with no evidence required.<br />

Another key aspect of the change in law is the limit on challenging a<br />

divorce – which in some cases had allowed domestic abusers to exercise<br />

coercive control over their victim. Applications for divorce now proceed<br />

undisputed unless there are queries over the validity of the marriage or<br />

jurisdiction.<br />

The legal language used also changed – here is some of the old and new<br />

terminology:<br />

• Divorce Petition = Divorce Application<br />

• Petitioner = Applicant<br />

• Decree Nisi = Conditional Order<br />

• Decree Absolute = Final Order<br />

• Defended = Disputed<br />

You will need to wait 20 weeks between issuing a divorce application and<br />

applying for a Conditional Order. This has been introduced to encourage<br />

a period of reflection. You can still issue financial and/or Children Act<br />

proceedings during this waiting period.<br />

In cases of joint applications, only one of the applicants will be able to<br />

apply for the Final Order. This cannot be applied for jointly.<br />

Orders for costs will be very rare and should not be requested in cases<br />

where there is a straightforward application for a divorce.<br />

All of these changes also apply to Civil Partnerships.<br />

RS_BEACS_AM_CHAL_CMYK_130X90_OUT_1.pdf 1<br />

Rayden<br />

04/10/2021<br />

Solicitors Beaconsfield.<br />

11:44<br />

Those against the change in the law believed it makes obtaining a<br />

divorce too easy and therefore devalues the institution of marriage.<br />

However, this is not a new phenomenon. No fault divorce has been<br />

adopted in many countries: Sweden (1973), Australia (1975), Germany<br />

(1976), Canada (1986), Scotland (2006), USA (2010). It is also important<br />

in an age where divorce rates are c.42%, to provide a way to divorce<br />

amicably and without conflict rather than one that encourages<br />

apportioning blame at the outset.<br />

Hopefully the new law will encourage divorcing couples to focus on<br />

the issues to be resolved rather than blaming each other for what has<br />

happened in the past. Ultimately, this should result in better outcomes<br />

for the family. This is certainly what those who campaigned for this law<br />

reform hope to see.<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 21


Martin and the King<br />

share their sense<br />

of family loss<br />

When Martin Evans from the Epilepsy<br />

Society’s Chalfont Centre, sent a letter<br />

of condolence to King Charles III,<br />

following the death of the Queen, he<br />

did not expect to receive a signed<br />

letter in return.<br />

So, Martin was stunned when he picked up<br />

his mail and saw a Buckingham Palace stamp<br />

on the envelope. He was even more surprised<br />

to find that the King had sent him a touching<br />

photo of himself as the young Prince Charles<br />

with his mother, the late Queen. And that the<br />

King had signed the letter ‘Charles R’.<br />

Martin, 62, has lived at the Epilepsy Society’s<br />

Chalfont Centre since 1997. The Queen was<br />

Patron of the Society throughout her reign.<br />

Having lost his own mother and father, Martin<br />

understood the grief that King Charles was<br />

going through and wanted to share his<br />

sympathies.<br />

Martin said: ‘I sent him a letter soon after<br />

Queen Elizabeth II passed away as I knew how<br />

he was feeling, because I have no mother and<br />

father. I wanted to tell him that I support him,<br />

and I believe he will be a good King, just as his<br />

mother was a great Queen.’<br />

Martin said: ‘His letter was absolutely<br />

wonderful, and the fact he signed it made it so<br />

much more special. The picture really got to<br />

my heart; I think he sent it to me because my<br />

letter was so personal.’<br />

Martin has supported the Royals all his life,<br />

‘especially the late Queen, because she was<br />

Patron of the Epilepsy Society.’<br />

Martin is looking forward to the King’s<br />

coronation on Saturday 6 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong>, and<br />

is sure King Charles ‘will be a good King<br />

during his reign.’<br />

In his response, the King thanked Martin for his<br />

support and condolences.<br />

22 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


Volunteers needed<br />

for Poppy Appeal<br />

campaign<br />

The <strong>Chalfonts</strong> Local Royal British<br />

Legion (RBL) Branch and associated<br />

Poppy Appeals (PA) needs new<br />

volunteers to help raise funds for this<br />

years Poppy campaign.<br />

This is the 2 weeks leading up to<br />

Remembrance Sunday and is the period<br />

when most funds are raised. The local<br />

branch is associated to 2 Poppy Appeals.<br />

One covers Chalfont St Giles, Little<br />

Chalfont, Jordans and Seer Green.<br />

The other covers Chalfont St Peter and<br />

Chalfont Heights. Each is runs by its own<br />

organiser and volunteers do not have to<br />

be members of RBL.<br />

The roles volunteers are needed for<br />

packing the poppy boxes with poppies<br />

and memorabilia, labelling them as<br />

necessary. Distributing the boxes to<br />

various shops, pubs, restaurants and<br />

schools. Volunteers can also raise<br />

donations by personally selling poppies<br />

from a static location, going door to<br />

door or at a stall on the village green.<br />

Also, at the end of the campaign<br />

collecting the Poppy boxes and return<br />

them for counting of monies.<br />

The Branch committee help with acts<br />

of Remembrance. Also, the committee<br />

members help with the activities of both<br />

PAs. The Branch Committee will have<br />

vacancies this coming November<br />

which must be filled if its existence<br />

is to continue. Most positions on<br />

the committee require Legion<br />

membership.<br />

If you wish to speak about<br />

volunteering, we will have a<br />

presence at Chalfont St Giles Festival<br />

of Volunteering on 8th <strong>May</strong> and a stall<br />

at Chalfont St Peter Feast Day on the<br />

23rd <strong>June</strong>. Or please contact Trevor<br />

York on 07534 113968 / Mrs Carol<br />

Stallwood 01494 873757.<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 23

ISSUE 13<br />


Spotlight on Mental<br />

Health - What is<br />

Mental Health?<br />

Mental Health is ever changing, there are<br />

times when it can be overwhelming, other<br />

times you feel nothing at all. mentalhealth.org.<br />

uk said “our mental health is how we’re feeling<br />

inside, or emotionally. It’s a bit like “internal<br />

weather”.<br />

Mental health Week was introduced to create<br />

awareness and promote mental illness, to make<br />

the ordinary person, feel ordinary. Does it improve<br />

people’s mental health, or is it just another box to<br />

tick for businesses and organisations?<br />

Mental Health Week - 15th <strong>May</strong> to the<br />

21st <strong>May</strong> <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

The theme this year is ‘anxiety’. Anxiety is the state<br />

of worry of fear that can be triggered by certain<br />

situations, there is no doubt about it – everyone has<br />

general anxiety. There are different types of anxiety,<br />

including social anxiety, panic disorder, separation<br />

anxiety, agoraphobia and other phobia-related<br />

anxieties. While symptons vary from person to<br />

person the most common symptoms (according<br />

to the NHS) are “feeling restless”, or “worried”,<br />

“having trouble concentrating or sleeping” and<br />

“dizziness” or “heart palpitations”.<br />

Mental Health in the workplace<br />

75% of employees value it when their leaders<br />

speak openly about mental health. However, when<br />

surveyed, more than one in three people were too<br />

afraid to talk about mental health in the workplace.<br />

The reasons people rarely talk about mental health<br />

is fear. People with Mental Health issues are wrongly<br />

prejudiced against, leading those who feel the need<br />

to talk about it not doing so. They are worried about<br />

being treated differently, being pressured to overshare<br />

and (although this is irrational) being sacked.<br />

Does Mental Health have negative connotations?<br />

While not all of society view mental health<br />

negatively, it is certainly not getting the<br />

attention it deserves. That is why it is important<br />

Mental Health Week is properly publicised. There<br />

are many reasons that show people with Mental<br />

Disorders are looked at negatively; but that doesn’t<br />

make it right. Society has stereotypes for every<br />

aspect of life and sadly, mental health is not an<br />

exception. There is a false belief that there is<br />

an “age limit” for when you can have mental<br />

health issues, people - like teenagers for example<br />

- are not taken seriously, which results in further<br />

mental health issues! Some people even believe<br />

those who speak out about mental health issues<br />

are attention seekers and people who don’t are<br />

“faking it”.<br />

How long has Mental Health been discriminated?<br />

Since the middle ages there has been discrimination<br />

against mental health, with the burning of<br />

“witches”. The people who they believed to be<br />

witches usually had neuro or mental disorders that<br />

caused them to hallucinate, become violently sick,<br />

or barely leave the house. In the early 20th Century,<br />

those who got “treated” were sterilized to stop<br />

them experiencing the symptoms, but it did not<br />

help, if not hinder people’s mental health. Another<br />

option was the “insane asylums” where they locked<br />

up people against their will despite knowing close<br />

to nothing about mental illnesses. In the 1970s,<br />

Mental Health was viewed as “taboo” and just<br />

because you couldn’t see it on an x-ray meant it<br />

was much less significant than physical health. In<br />

the 1980s the asylums finally closed, and then<br />

mental health was treated respectfully.<br />

It wasn’t until very recently that Mental Health<br />

has been taken seriously. However - as previously<br />

mentioned – mental health has been prominent<br />

since the beginning of time. Mental Health Week<br />

honours those who suffered in asylums, who were<br />

burned at the stake all those years ago, people<br />

who are being unfairly judged - and people who<br />

are suffering in silence.<br />

Sophie Hazzard is a keen writer at <strong>Amersham</strong><br />

School. Her favourite things are reading, writing<br />

journalism and spending time with friends. She<br />

hopes to be a journalist one day and influence<br />

people through her writing.<br />

Disclaimer<br />

Please note: the opinions and findings expressed in this article are<br />

solely those of the author and should not be assumed to be those of<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> and Chalfont <strong>Together</strong> or its affiliates.<br />

Sophie Hazzard<br />

24 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> Giving <strong>Together</strong> our is future part of the Community freedom of <strong>Together</strong> speech


My love of acting<br />

From a child, my dream of becoming<br />

an actress was always something that I<br />

wanted but never fully committed until my<br />

parents signed me up to an acting school<br />

called PQA (Pauline Quirk Academy) in<br />

September 2018. There, I finally started to<br />

appreciate the industry for what it was.<br />

I performed in short films and series;<br />

however, nothing could compete with my<br />

admiration for stage acting that evolved<br />

being part of the academy. Throughout<br />

my time at PQA, I performed in all sorts<br />

of West End and local shows, in both lead<br />

and supporting roles; and my love for the<br />

spotlight has only expanded. I took Drama<br />

as a subject at GCSE and now at A Level.<br />

I learnt to appreciate the techniques and<br />

methods behind what makes different styles<br />

of acting so definitive; being able to apply<br />

this to not only my study of the subject but<br />

also to my personal adoration of the topic<br />

as I strive to improve.<br />

As my love for acting grows, so does my<br />

interest in expanding my work as I plan to<br />

appear in a short one-take film, directed<br />

by a friend of mine, which will be submitted<br />

to the BFI (British Film Institute) film<br />

competition, in the hopes of it being<br />

screened in one of the many theatres<br />

inside the establishment.<br />

But most of all, acting has given me<br />

the confidence to be my authentic self,<br />

surrounded by people who have the same<br />

appreciation for it as me. As I get older, I<br />

wish to expand my experience and stay true<br />

to my talent by committing to the arts and<br />

continuing to audition for roles in all sorts of<br />

areas. To see my acting CV grow is such<br />

a heart-warming feeling as I aspire to<br />

accomplish so much more in the coming<br />

years.<br />

As my last opportunity to perform in<br />

a show at PQA approaches, I can only<br />

experience mixed emotions. My time in<br />

the academy has opened so many doors<br />

for me and to be leaving in the next year is<br />

such a bitter-sweet feeling. It is exciting to<br />

move on but I will forever be a ‘Quirky Kid’<br />

at heart.<br />

Ava Hitner<br />

Ava Hitner is a student in<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> studying English<br />

Literature, Drama and Media.<br />

The three things she enjoys<br />

most are reading, walking her<br />

dog and spending time with<br />

family and friends. She aspires<br />

to be successful and make the<br />

world a better place.<br />

Disclaimer<br />

Please note: the opinions and findings expressed in this article are<br />

solely those of the author and should not be assumed to be those of<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong> and Chalfont <strong>Together</strong> or its affiliates.<br />

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ISSUE 13<br />


Rise for Renewables<br />

We live in a high-energy world. From<br />

the devices we use to the cars we drive<br />

and the heating we turn on, energy is<br />

constantly being used up and in the case<br />

of fossil-fuel energy, not replaced.<br />

Therefore, it is crucial that in a world suffering<br />

from an extreme climate crisis, we shift our<br />

demands from polluting, unsustainable<br />

energy production transitioning to a cleaner<br />

and greener energy supply: renewable energy.<br />

In the last decade, the UK has seen a surge in<br />

the percentage of the country’s energy supply<br />

provided by renewable sources, from a mere<br />

4.2% in 20121 to a tenfold increase of 40% in<br />

2022. By decarbonising our energy demands,<br />

we not only reduce carbon dioxide emissions<br />

that contribute to anthropogenic global<br />

warming, but also reduce our energy bills as<br />

most renewable energy is cheaper than fossil<br />

fuel sources now.<br />

There are many sources of renewable energy<br />

used globally such as wind, solar, geothermal,<br />

biomass and hydropower, however the primary<br />

source in the UK is wind due to the windy<br />

conditions we are all too familiar with! Wind<br />

energy accounted for 26.8% of the UK’s<br />

electricity generation in 2022 whilst the<br />

use of coal -the most polluting fossil fuel- is<br />

continually decreasing. However, this increasing<br />

supply of renewable energy requires storage,<br />

which is being developed through battery<br />

storage facilities in the UK, such as the one<br />

opened recently in East Yorkshire. It is ‘Europe’s<br />

biggest’ battery energy storage system,<br />

essential for growing the use of renewable<br />

energy so that wind and solar energy can<br />

be utilised even when energy is not being<br />

actively generated by the weather conditions.<br />

The benefits of such battery storage systems<br />

include increasing energy security, reducing<br />

dependency on foreign gas imports and<br />

accelerating the UK’s transition to the net zero<br />

target. The UK’s goal to decarbonise all sectors<br />

of its economy by 2050 is ambitious but crucial<br />

for the green revolution and the transition<br />

to renewable energy is arguably the most<br />

important task for the UK.<br />

Battery storage systems are efficient as they<br />

reserve and release energy when needed.<br />

At times of peak demand, energy is released<br />

which lowers energy cost whilst also keeping<br />

electricity running. It is estimated by the<br />

UK Government that by 2050, £40 billion<br />

26 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> Giving <strong>Together</strong> our is future part of the Community freedom of <strong>Together</strong> speech


could be saved in the energy system due to<br />

technologies such as battery storage. The<br />

different methods of battery storage being<br />

developed include compressed air energy<br />

storage, flow batteries and mechanical gravity<br />

energy storage. You can learn more about them<br />

here: https://www.nationalgrid.com/stories/<br />

energy-explained/what-is-battery-storage.<br />

But every revolution starts small. In our own<br />

homes, we have the power (pun intended!) to<br />

revolutionise energy usage by taking small and<br />

simple steps. By turning the thermostat down<br />

(especially as the weather gets warmer…<br />

hopefully!) and changing older bulbs to more<br />

energy-efficient and cheap LED bulbs, we<br />

can all make a true difference. Furthermore,<br />

insulating our walls, roofs, lofts and floors can<br />

massively reduce energy consumption due to<br />

heating and we can also switch to renewable<br />

energy suppliers such as Ecotricity and Good<br />

Energy. Everything we do can contribute to<br />

cleaner energy and therefore, a greener planet.<br />

1https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/<br />

system/uploads/attachment_data/file/208607/renewable_<br />

energy_in_2012.pdf<br />

2 https://www.weforum.org/agenda/<strong>2023</strong>/01/2022-renewableenergy-uk-electricity/<br />

3 https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/may/24/<br />

limits-on-renewables-will-keep-uk-energy-bills-higher-this-winter<br />

4 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-64179918<br />

Sanchi is a student in Little Chalfont.<br />

The three things she loves most are<br />

nature, people and writing. Uniting<br />

these, she aims to create a brighter,<br />

greener world!<br />

Sanchi<br />

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<strong>Amersham</strong> & Chalfont Brain Matter<br />


Across<br />

8<br />

1 Boulders (5)<br />

4 Violent rotating windstorm (7)<br />

8 Person employed by the<br />

government (6,7)<br />

9 Intelligent sea animal (7)<br />

10 Mistake (5)<br />

11 Floor covering (6)<br />

13 Jewish republic (6)<br />

16 Long, narrow passageway (5)<br />

18 Localised ulcer or sore (7)<br />

21 Timber strip running along the<br />

21<br />

base of a wall (8,5)<br />

22 Soiled by smudging (7)<br />

Spot the Difference<br />

23 Staggers (5)<br />

Down<br />

1 Very fast (5)<br />

2 Shoemaker (7)<br />

3 Metalworker (5)<br />

4 Gambling place (6)<br />

5 Angles (7)<br />

6 Transmitting live from<br />

a studio (2,3)<br />

7 Hold spellbound (7)<br />

11 Vehicle framework (7)<br />

12 Voter (7)<br />

14 Mediocre (7)<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

9 10<br />

11 12 13 14<br />

15<br />

16 17 18 19 20<br />

22 23<br />

There are ten differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />

15 Sealed in a tin (6)<br />

17 River that flows through<br />

Paris (5)<br />

19 Not affected by alcohol (5)<br />

20 Outer surfaces of<br />

an object (5)<br />

(answers on p30)<br />

the Difference<br />


There are ten differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />

ten differences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />

Apologies for crossword clue mix-up. See www.communitytogether.co.uk/crossword<br />

for correct clues for March/April issue<br />

28 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Answer: Community <strong>Together</strong>

Safe & gentle ear wax<br />

removal at a clinic<br />

near you<br />

Microsuctioning<br />

At Hearwego Clinic we provide instant and effective ear wax removal treatment. Microsuction is the gold<br />

standard method of ear wax removal.<br />

Unlike traditional ear syringing or irrigation, which uses water, microsuction uses gentle suction to remove<br />

ear wax. This is a safe, gentle and effective method of ear wax removal and, in the majority of cases, provides<br />

instant relief and immediately restores full hearing. Our Audiologists are trained in all methods<br />

of ear wax removal, microsuction, ear irrigation (commonly known as ear syringing) and<br />

instrumentation.<br />

What to expect at your appointment<br />

At Hearwego our practitioners will use a microscope to see a detailed view of your<br />

ear canal and examine the potential build-up of ear wax. Ear wax and debris are<br />

removed using a gentle device. Our appointments include an examination of your<br />

ears and removal of ear wax using microsuction, which typically lasts between 10-30<br />

minutes. Depending on the consistency of the wax, we may need to revert to ear<br />

irrigation (commonly known as ear syringing) or instrumentation. In rare cases, a<br />

follow-up visit may be required to remove particularly stubborn ear wax.<br />

<strong>May</strong> Offer<br />

Ear Wax<br />

Removal<br />

2 ears for<br />

the price of 1<br />

Are you experiencing any of the following?<br />

• Pressure in the ears<br />

• Blocked feeling in the ears<br />

• Need to pop your ears but can’t<br />

• Sudden loss of hearing or muffles sound<br />

• Hearing aids whistling<br />

• Underperforming hearing aids<br />

Call for more information on<br />

Call: 07903 013 123 / 07535 603 744 or<br />

01494 590 860<br />

Email: hearwego.beaconsfield@gmail.com<br />

Web: www.hearwegohearingsolutions.co.uk<br />

The Studio, 37 Station Road, Beaconsfield HP9 1QG<br />

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Difference<br />


erences between these two pictures. Can you spot them?<br />

1 2 3 4 5 6 7<br />

8<br />

9 10<br />

11 12 13 14<br />

15<br />

16 17 18 19 20<br />

21<br />

Help and support<br />

from Alzheimers<br />

Society<br />

Alzheimer’s Society’s moving new<br />

campaign, ‘The Ultimate Vow’, shows<br />

the harsh realities of caring for a partner<br />

with dementia and couples sharing their<br />

stories of what it is like to support their<br />

partner following a diagnosis.<br />

There are practical things to consider when living<br />

with dementia, here is one to consider...<br />

Driving and dementia…<br />

If the person drives, a diagnosis of dementia<br />

is not in itself a reason to stop straightaway.<br />

The most important thing is whether the<br />

person can still drive safely. As their condition<br />

progresses, a time will come when they must<br />

stop driving.<br />

22 23<br />

By law, when a person is diagnosed with<br />

dementia and has a driving licence, they must tell<br />

their licensing agency straightaway. The agency<br />

will ask about the person’s medical information<br />

and decide if they are safe to drive. The person<br />

may need to take a driving assessment.<br />

5 Angles (7)<br />

6 Transmitting live<br />

from a studio (2,3)<br />

7 Hold spellbound (7)<br />

11 Vehicle framework (7)<br />

12 Voter (7)<br />

14 Mediocre (7)<br />

15 Sealed in a tin (6)<br />

17 River that flows<br />

through Paris (5)<br />

19 Not affected by<br />

alcohol (5)<br />

20 Outer surfaces of<br />

an object (5)<br />

A person who receives a diagnosis of dementia<br />

must also immediately tell their car insurance<br />

company. If they don’t do this, their policy may<br />

be invalid.<br />

© Puzzle Press Ltd (www.puzzlepress.co.uk)<br />

Many people with dementia will decide for<br />

themselves to stop driving. They might begin to<br />

find driving stressful or become less confident.<br />

For others, however, it can be very difficult to<br />

adjust to and they may need support and<br />

understanding.<br />

It may also be hard for you to adjust. You might<br />

not drive or, if you do, you may start to do much<br />

more driving for the person. You may find that<br />

the person struggles with you driving or feels<br />

frustrated or resentful about it.<br />

If you’re finding it difficult, consider looking for<br />

other transport options in your area or changes<br />

to the way you’re doing things currently. For<br />

example, look into getting shopping delivered<br />

rather than driving to the supermarket.<br />

Caring for a partner with dementia is fulfilling the<br />

ultimate relationship vow. But navigating through<br />

‘in sickness and health’ can be overwhelming.<br />

Alzheimer’s Society vows to help end the<br />

devastation caused by dementia, providing<br />

help and hope for everyone affected. Visit<br />

the website for more information or to donate:<br />

alzheimers.org.uk<br />



Answer: PROCESSION<br />

Answer:<br />

R O C K S C Y C L O N E<br />

A O M A O N N<br />

P U B L I C S E R V A N T<br />

I B T I N I H<br />

D O L P H I N E R R O R<br />

E O R A<br />

C A R P E T I S R A E L<br />

H L C V<br />

A I S L E A B S C E S S<br />

S E C N O R I<br />

S K I R T I N G B O A R D<br />

I N O E E G E<br />

S M E A R E D R E E L S<br />


30 <strong>Amersham</strong> & <strong>Chalfonts</strong> <strong>Together</strong> is part of Community <strong>Together</strong>


Premier Care for<br />

your loved ones<br />

Premier Care Support is a CQC regulated<br />

home care service based in Bucks.<br />

The service specialises in supporting people who<br />

require care in the comfort of their own homes. The<br />

service supports individuals with conditions such as<br />

dementia, learning disabilities, autism, physical<br />

disabilities, and those who discharged from hospital<br />

but require ongoing care and reablement at home.<br />

The services offered include providing personal care,<br />

cleaning, washing, toileting, preparation of meals<br />

and feeding, shopping, medications, social and<br />

recreational activities, and companionship.<br />

Why choose care at home? One of the advantages of<br />

home care is its flexible nature. Those being cared for<br />

can enjoy the comfort of their own home and continue<br />

to live as they wish, as care can be personalised around<br />

them. Home care ranges from 24 hour round-the-clock<br />

to short visits, which promotes independence and<br />

recovery. This makes home care a better option than a<br />

care home or hospital which is 20 - 30% more expensive<br />

and offers lesser flexibility and independence.<br />

Why choose Premier Care Support? Caring for<br />

someone requires passion and expertise. This is<br />

where Premier Care Support stands out as it is run<br />

by ex NHS clinicians who bring in a wealth of<br />

experience. The service is driven by the agenda of<br />

providing high quality care at the most affordable<br />

price in the comfort of client’s home.<br />

To implement this, the service carries out a rigorous<br />

recruitment process, which includes interviews, DBS<br />

checks, intensive induction, and training. The service<br />

believes in happy employees which equates to<br />

happy clients, and hence strives to support its carers<br />

by offering higher than the standard pay rates,<br />

regular supervisions, and employee wellbeing<br />

programme. The service is regulated by the Care<br />

Quality Commission offering a peace of mind to the<br />

clients and their families.<br />

Our Services<br />

Live-in care<br />

Domicillary care<br />

Learning disabilities<br />

Acquires brain injury<br />

Neuro-diversity<br />

Mental health<br />

Respite care<br />

End of life care<br />

Complex care<br />

t: 01494 412 957<br />

e: info@premiercaresupport.com<br />

w: www.premiercaresupport.com<br />

Premier Care Support,<br />

73 Woodside Rd,<br />

<strong>Amersham</strong>, HP6 6AA<br />

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email marketing@amershamtogether.co.uk 31

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