Micro Sustainable Impact Report 2023

Pioneering Sustainable Mobility Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Pioneering Sustainable Mobility Solutions for a Better Tomorrow


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<strong>Micro</strong> Mobility Systems AG<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong><br />


2<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

3<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Pioneering <strong>Sustainable</strong> Mobility Solutions for a Better Tomorrow<br />

From children‘s scooter to<br />

urban mobility revolution<br />

What began as a huge boom in the<br />

1990s has now become an everyday<br />

way of getting around, for children<br />

and adults alike. The <strong>Micro</strong> Scooter<br />

has established itself from a hype<br />

product to a daily companion for all<br />

age groups.<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, innovation is part of our<br />

DNA. Since our founding, we have<br />

been committed to making tomorrow’s<br />

mobility more practical and<br />

eco-friendly through high-quality<br />

products with a simple and timeless<br />

design, while keeping the fun<br />

factor alive.<br />

Our goal is to promote a “better urban<br />

lifestyle” with over 50 different<br />

products for children, teenagers and<br />

adults. Our brand spectrum ranges<br />

from the popular children’s scooter<br />

to stylish electric scooters and our<br />

latest innovation, the electric city car<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino.<br />

Despite the different segments,<br />

all <strong>Micro</strong> products have one thing<br />

in common: they are sustainable,<br />

space-saving and perfect for short<br />

distances.<br />

We recognize that corporate sustainability<br />

has evolved beyond simply<br />

protecting the environment. Today,<br />

businesses are evaluated holistically,<br />

and the ESG (environmental, social,<br />

and governance) framework has<br />

emerged as a means of assessing sustainability.<br />

ESG encompasses three key areas:<br />

Environment: This includes initiatives<br />

and innovations for reducing<br />

CO2 emissions, enhancing environmental<br />

conservation and restoration,<br />

and improving energy efficiency.<br />

Social: This aspect covers topics<br />

relating to occupational health and<br />

safety, corporate social responsibility,<br />

and social commitment.<br />

Governance: This area focuses on<br />

the structures and processes of corporate<br />

management, including values,<br />

transparency, and supply chain<br />

management.<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we are committed to making<br />

a positive impact in all areas in<br />

which we operate. Our ESG report<br />

reflects this commitment and is continually<br />

updated with relevant metrics<br />

that align with our evolving goals.<br />

In all our efforts to promote sustainable<br />

business practices, we place<br />

a high value on transparency and<br />

accountability.<br />

Check out our<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Brand Video<br />

„Innovation, modernity, openness,<br />

sustainability, and fairness<br />

are core values that we cherish<br />

at all times. We make sure to<br />

integrate these principles into<br />

every aspect of our business, from<br />

selecting materials for our products<br />

to external and internal<br />

sales processes, as well as being<br />

an employer and part of society.<br />

Our sustainability initiatives and<br />

activities are not only implemented<br />

on a global level, but we also<br />

take pride in launching numerous<br />

initiatives and setting positive<br />

examples locally. We understand<br />

that perfection is a journey,<br />

not a destination. But we<br />

are confident that we are on the<br />

right track, and we strive every<br />

day to do better. With our commitment<br />

to providing high-quality<br />

and sustainable mobility solutions,<br />

we hope to make a valuable<br />

contribution to a better urban<br />

lifestyle.“<br />

Wim Ouboter,<br />

CEO & Founder<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Content<br />

About <strong>Micro</strong> 4<br />

Environment9<br />

Social 27<br />

Governance 37<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories 44<br />

Source Statement 49<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

4<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

5<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Around the World<br />

About <strong>Micro</strong><br />

Our purpose is to reimagine mobility and create a better future for people and<br />

the planet. Through our commitment to innovative and high quality micro mobility<br />

products, we aim to inspire positive change and make sustainable mobility<br />

accessible, practical, and fun for everyone. Guided by our pioneering spirit, family<br />

values, and commitment to sustainability, we’re on a journey to transform the way we<br />

move and create a better world for generations to come.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Around the World 5<br />

Driven by Purpose, Guided by Values 6<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>`s Alignment with the United Nations SDGs 7<br />

Our <strong>Sustainable</strong> Value Chain 8<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

The story of <strong>Micro</strong> is one of innovation<br />

and growth. In 1997, Swiss inventor<br />

Wim Ouboter revolutionized<br />

urban mobility with the introduction<br />

of the world’s first foldable<br />

kick scooter and three-wheeled<br />

kickboard. Today, Wim and his sons<br />

Oliver and Merlin are dedicated to<br />

crafting the <strong>Micro</strong>lino, a high-quality,<br />

sustainable electric city car that<br />

combines modern technology with a<br />

charming retro flair.<br />

With products available in over 80<br />

countries through retail stores,<br />

online platforms, and our brandowned<br />

flagship stores, our distribution<br />

partners worldwide are dedicated<br />

to realizing our vision of a “better<br />

urban lifestyle” and the concept of<br />

micro mobility in accordance with local<br />

market needs.<br />

We are proud to continue our legacy<br />

of innovation and excellence, while<br />

striving to create a more sustainable<br />

and enjoyable future for urban residents<br />

everywhere.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Distributors<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

6 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

7<br />

Driven by Purpose, Guided by Values<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Contributing to a <strong>Sustainable</strong> Future: <strong>Micro</strong>‘s Alignment with the United<br />

Nations <strong>Sustainable</strong> Development Goals (SDGs)<br />

Reimagining mobility<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we’re passionate about<br />

making your life easier, more fun,<br />

and more sustainable. We believe<br />

that mobility is more than just getting<br />

from A to B - it’s about enjoying<br />

the journey, exploring new places,<br />

and feeling free to move the way you<br />

want. Our purpose is to create innovative<br />

solutions that help you do<br />

just that, whether you’re commuting<br />

to work, running errands, or just<br />

having fun with family and friends.<br />

With <strong>Micro</strong>, you can experience<br />

the thrill of micro mobility and be<br />

part of a movement that’s changing<br />

the world for the better. Join us in<br />

reimagining the way we move!<br />

The Original<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> is the ultimate pioneer of<br />

micromobility, having kickstarted<br />

the trend with our world-renowned<br />

foldable aluminum scooter and<br />

three-wheeled kickboard. Today, we<br />

continue to lead the charge with over<br />

50 groundbreaking urban mobility<br />

products that defy expectations and<br />

inspire awe.<br />

Pioneering Spirit<br />

Innovation is in our DNA, and we’re<br />

always on the lookout for fresh ideas<br />

that push the boundaries of what’s<br />

possible in urban mobility. From<br />

our beloved Mini <strong>Micro</strong> for kids to<br />

the game-changing scooter-luggage<br />

combo and the <strong>Micro</strong>lino, the world’s<br />

smallest electric city car, we’re constantly<br />

blazing new trails and making<br />

a positive impact on the world.<br />

Family Values<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> is a Swiss company proudly<br />

owned and operated by Wim Ouboter<br />

and his family. Our values of quality,<br />

innovation, and sustainability<br />

have been the cornerstone of our<br />

business since day one, and we’re<br />

committed to continuing this legacy<br />

for generations to come. With Wim’s<br />

sons, Oliver and Merlin, at the helm,<br />

we’re excited to build on our tradition<br />

of excellence and innovation.<br />

Planet Friendly<br />

We are passionate about the power<br />

of sustainable mobility to effect real<br />

change in our world. That’s why we<br />

offer a range of eco-friendly, durable<br />

products that are built to last and<br />

minimize waste. With <strong>Micro</strong>, you can<br />

join us in challenging the status quo<br />

and making a difference for future<br />

generations.<br />

Built to Last<br />

We take pride in creating products<br />

that are not only stylish but also built<br />

to last. Our designs feature replaceable<br />

parts that guarantee durability,<br />

so your <strong>Micro</strong> product can be enjoyed<br />

by siblings, kids, and grandkids<br />

alike. We’re also committed to minimizing<br />

our environmental impact,<br />

which is why we offer a global repair<br />

and spare parts service. With <strong>Micro</strong>,<br />

you can invest in quality and longevity,<br />

knowing that you’re doing your<br />

part to create a more sustainable<br />

future.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Partnering with the global<br />

community to create a better<br />

future<br />

We believe in the importance of protecting<br />

our planet and preserving its<br />

resources for future generations. We<br />

are dedicated to promoting sustainability<br />

in all aspects of our business<br />

through various projects and initiatives.<br />

As a responsible company, we<br />

take our commitment to the environment,<br />

our employees, customers, and<br />

partners very seriously.<br />

Our goal is to make a positive impact<br />

on society and the planet by creating<br />

sustainable products and promoting<br />

sustainable practices. Our mission<br />

is to transform mobility, guided by<br />

the United Nations’ 17 <strong>Sustainable</strong><br />

Development Goals (SDGs).*<br />

We are proud to contribute to the<br />

achievement of seven SDGs, including<br />

“Good health and well-being,”<br />

“Quality education,” “Decent work<br />

and economic growth,” “<strong>Sustainable</strong><br />

cities & communities,” “Responsible<br />

consumption and production,” “Climate<br />

action,” and “Life below water.”<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />


8<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Building a Better World, Link by Link:<br />

Our <strong>Sustainable</strong> Value Chain<br />

9<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Product Design:<br />

Sustainability at the Heart of<br />

our Design Process<br />

We believe that good design should<br />

not only be aesthetically pleasing<br />

and functional, but also sustainable.<br />

We meticulously choose superior<br />

materials tailored for each<br />

project and subject our products<br />

to rigorous testing beyond international<br />

standards, guaranteeing<br />

their maximum longevity. We also<br />

strive to use only as much material as<br />

necessary and nothing more, while<br />

constantly searching for new, more<br />

environmentally friendly materials<br />

and production processes. However,<br />

sustainability is not just our responsibility<br />

– we also rely on the support of<br />

our customers, who make conscious<br />

purchasing decisions that help reduce<br />

our environmental impact.<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> Supply Chain:<br />

Partnering with Suppliers and<br />

Manufacturers<br />

We work closely with our global supply<br />

chain partners to ensure our responsible<br />

business principles. Regular<br />

third-party audits and supplier<br />

capacity building initiatives help us<br />

mitigate risks in the supply chain.<br />

Additionally, we collaborate with<br />

our manufacturers all over the world<br />

to implement health and safety<br />

training and reduce our collective<br />

carbon footprint by minimizing CO2<br />

emissions, waste, and water consumption.<br />

Ethical Business Practices and<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> Products for our<br />

Customers and Consumers<br />

Our commitment to sustainability<br />

extends to our customers and consumers<br />

as well. We prioritize ethical<br />

business practices, such as training<br />

our managers on responsible business<br />

principles, and using sustainable<br />

materials and packaging in our<br />

products. We also ensure product<br />

safety and sustainability through rigorous<br />

testing and quality controls,<br />

and by providing scooter safety training<br />

for our consumers.<br />

Built to last forever:<br />

Repair and Spare Parts Service<br />

Our commitment to sustainability<br />

does not end when our products<br />

are sold. We offer a repair and spare<br />

parts service for every single one<br />

of our products, even after the warranty<br />

period has ended. Our global<br />

sales and service network ensures<br />

professional maintenance of our<br />

products and spare parts are guaranteed<br />

for up to 10 years after purchase.<br />

By providing this service, we<br />

contribute to a more sustainable future<br />

for everyone involved, including<br />

the environment.<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Environment<br />

As a responsible and forward-thinking company, <strong>Micro</strong> recognizes the importance of environmental<br />

sustainability and the role we play in protecting the planet. We are committed to minimizing<br />

our impact on the environment through various initiatives and programs. Our approach to environmental<br />

sustainability is rooted in innovation and collaboration. We continuously evaluate our<br />

operations and supply chain to identify opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources,<br />

and promote sustainable practices transform the way we move and create a better world for<br />

generations to come.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobility 10<br />

Private e-scooters instead of rentals 11<br />

Product life span 12<br />

Conscious manufacturing 13-14<br />

Our On-Site Experts in Asia 15<br />

Revive your ride, give it a second life 16<br />

Second life for the battery 17<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> office practices 18<br />

Eco Product Line 19-24<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino 25-26<br />

Introduction Social<br />

Environment Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

10 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

11<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobility: Reducing emissions one ride at a time<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Our strategy: Private e-scooters instead of rentals<br />

Small ride, big impact:<br />

Embrace micromobility for<br />

a greener future!<br />

In our times, urban mobility has been<br />

a crucial and difficult problem to<br />

address, encompassing the movement<br />

of people, goods, and services<br />

with ease and efficiency within urban<br />

areas. Since 1950, there has been<br />

a notable increase in the proportion<br />

of people living in urban areas.<br />

It is projected that by 2050, the<br />

global population will reach 9.8<br />

billion, with 68% or 6.7 billion individuals<br />

residing in urban areas.*<br />

In urban centers, concerns such as<br />

traffic congestion, the high cost of<br />

owning a vehicle, and environmental<br />

impact are causing more and more<br />

people to turn to micromobility. The<br />

use of micromobility in cities that<br />

suffer from heavy traffic has significant<br />

potential beyond alleviating<br />

congestion and reducing carbon<br />

emissions. We believe that micromobility<br />

vehicles offer a solution<br />

to the long-standing challenge of<br />

transportation for first- and lastmile<br />

travel.<br />

68% of the world<br />

population projected<br />

to live in urban areas<br />

by 2050<br />

World population<br />

People living in<br />

urban areas<br />

8.15 billion<br />

55%<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobility and the approval<br />

of smaller electric vehicles enable<br />

modern, environmentally friendly<br />

and clean mobility solutions to make<br />

their way in urban areas. Their use<br />

is particularly worthwhile for short<br />

distances. Due to their low weight<br />

and small size, they can be taken<br />

along. <strong>Micro</strong> products are spacesaving<br />

and flexible to use. They are<br />

therefore well suited for the so-called<br />

“last mile”.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobility opens up an opportunity<br />

for the sustainable design of<br />

mobility services, especially in metropolitan<br />

areas. It can help avoid<br />

traffic jams, noise and emissions. In<br />

addition, fewer parking spaces are<br />

needed and all residents can benefit<br />

equally from clean, comfortable<br />

mobility.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobiles are not also more<br />

economical in terms of their resource<br />

and energy consumption. They can<br />

complement public transportation<br />

as a climate-friendly mobility solution.<br />

In this way, they take a step toward<br />

the urban mobility revolution.<br />

4.2 billion<br />

9.8 billion<br />

68%<br />

2018 2050<br />

6.7 billion<br />

Advantages of micromobility<br />

solutions<br />

Reduced traffic congestion:<br />

The use of micromobility products<br />

can help reduce traffic congestion, as<br />

it provides people with an alternative<br />

to cars and public transportation.<br />

Reduced air pollution:<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobility products can contribute<br />

to minimizing air pollution since<br />

they utilize renewable energy sources<br />

as their power supply.<br />

Cost-effectiveness:<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>mobility products are often a<br />

more cost-effective option than using<br />

cars or public transport.<br />


90 % OF<br />




Ideal for short distances<br />

of up to 30 km and<br />

in combination with<br />

public transport.<br />


35 KM<br />

Ideal for medium<br />

distances of up to 100<br />

km and for weaving<br />

your way through<br />

traffic.<br />


Ideal for riding<br />

medium to long<br />

distances of up to<br />

200 km.<br />

*https://www.un.org/development/desa/en/news/population/2018-revision-of-world-urbanization-prospects.html<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Shared vs. Private E-Scooters<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong> we have always believed<br />

that micromobility is the key to sustainable<br />

urban transportation, and<br />

a recent study by the Swiss Federal<br />

Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH)*<br />

confirms our belief. The study, led by<br />

Daniel Reck and Kay Axhausen from<br />

the Institute of Transport Planning<br />

and Systems (IVT) at ETH, shows that<br />

while privately owned e-scooters<br />

are an environmentally friendly<br />

complement to public transport,<br />

shared e-scooters do more harm to<br />

the climate than good.<br />

More infos<br />

Life cycle CO2 emissions<br />

per passenger kilometre<br />

Shared<br />

e-scooter<br />

Personal<br />

e-scooter<br />

The Benefits of Personal Ownership<br />

We have always prioritized sustainability<br />

and safety in our products,<br />

and our e-scooters are no exception.<br />

As the inventors of micro-mobility,<br />

we have been committed to creating<br />

lightweight, foldable, safe, and sustainable<br />

scooters for over 25 years.<br />

Our strategy is centered on personal<br />

ownership of e-scooters, as this allows<br />

individuals to take responsibility<br />

for their condition and handling.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>’s Commitment to<br />

Sustainability and Safety<br />

We believe that owning a personal<br />

electric scooter is the ideal way<br />

to complement public transport.<br />

The lightweight and foldable design<br />

of our scooters makes them easy<br />

to carry into homes and offices. By<br />

providing personal ownership, we<br />

are not only ensuring the safety and<br />

longevity of our products but also<br />

encouraging sustainable transportation<br />

practices.<br />

0 50 100 150<br />

GHG emissions per pkm [g CO2/pkm]<br />

Vehicle component<br />

Fuel component<br />

Infrastructure component<br />

Operational services<br />

The Dangers of the Sharing<br />

Business Model<br />

We are concerned that the negative<br />

headlines associated with shared<br />

e-scooters could damage the image<br />

of this ingenious, simple, and agile<br />

means of transportation. That’s why<br />

we believe that a sharing business<br />

model without fixed and attended<br />

stations can seriously harm the positive<br />

image of e-scooters. In April<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, Paris took a significant step by<br />

overwhelmingly voting to ban shared<br />

e-scooters, making it the only European<br />

capital to do so. International<br />

experts point out that the city has<br />

long been at the forefront of transportation<br />

innovation. This move may<br />

prompt other cities that were considering<br />

scooter bans to follow suit, as<br />

Paris is the largest city yet to prohibit<br />

them.**<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we remain committed to<br />

creating sustainable and safe transportation<br />

options for individuals, and<br />

we encourage everyone to consider<br />

personal ownership of e-scooters as<br />

a way to reduce their carbon footprint<br />

and enhance their mobility.<br />

* https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/<br />

S1361920921004296<br />

** https://www.nytimes.com/<strong>2023</strong>/04/03/world/europe/paris-electric-scooters-ban.html<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

12 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

13<br />

Our products have an above-average life span<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

We attach great importance to conscious<br />

manufacturing of our products<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we believe that quality and<br />

sustainability go hand in hand. That’s<br />

why our products are designed to<br />

last longer, reduce waste and contribute<br />

to a greener future.<br />

We take our commitment to sustainability<br />

seriously, from the raw materials<br />

we use to our partnerships and<br />

supply chains. We carefully select<br />

materials and subject our products<br />

to rigorous quality control testing<br />

to ensure they meet national and<br />

international safety standards.<br />

But we don’t just stop at creating<br />

durable products. We also offer a<br />

unique repair and spare parts service,<br />

even after the warranty period<br />

ends. Our global sales and service<br />

network ensures professional<br />

maintenance of our products, and<br />

we provide instructional videos and<br />

assistance so that our customers can<br />

carry out simple repairs themselves.<br />

By repairing products instead of<br />

throwing them away, we not only<br />

reduce waste but also empower<br />

our customers to take charge of<br />

their own products. Plus, by shipping<br />

spare parts instead of entire<br />

products, we significantly reduce our<br />

carbon footprint and contribute to a<br />

more sustainable future.<br />

We believe that quality pays off in the<br />

long run and are proud to offer not<br />

only durable but also environmentally<br />

responsible products. Join us in creating<br />

a more sustainable future, one<br />

long-lasting product at a time.<br />


8<br />

MONTHS<br />

2<br />

YEARS<br />

6<br />

YEARS<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

We are committed to producing environmentally<br />

friendly products by<br />

prioritizing sustainable practices in<br />

our production processes. We believe<br />

that it is important to be conscious<br />

of our impact on the environment<br />

and take responsibility for our<br />

actions.<br />

We prioritize building long-term relationships<br />

with our suppliers and<br />

strive to work with local workers instead<br />

of relying on dormitories with<br />

migrant workers. This not only helps<br />

to support the local economy but<br />

also reduces the carbon footprint of<br />

our supply chain by shortening the<br />

distances traveled by our products.<br />

Our production partners have implemented<br />

several sustainable practices<br />

to minimize the impact on the<br />

environment. One such initiative is a<br />

solar power generation system,<br />

which has been in operation since<br />

2021. Through this system, we are able<br />

to reduce carbon emissions by approximately<br />

843.47 tons per year, and over<br />

the course of the system’s 25-year<br />

lifespan, we will have reduced emissions<br />

by a total of 21,086.85 tons.<br />

The emissions from 21,086.85<br />

tons of CO2 are equivalent to<br />

the carbon footprint of producing<br />

approximately 28 million<br />

hamburgers or the emissions<br />

produced by driving a standard<br />

passenger vehicle for about 52<br />

million miles.* This distance is<br />

equivalent to circling the Earth<br />

over 2,090 times.<br />

circling earth<br />

2,090 times<br />

with a car<br />

28 million<br />

21,086.85<br />

= =<br />

hamburgers<br />

tons co2<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

1<br />

DAY<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

* The average emissions produced by a standard gasoline-powered car are typically estimated<br />

to be around 404 grams of CO2 per mile. This estimate can vary based on factors like the<br />

vehicle’s fuel efficiency, the type of fuel used, and driving conditions.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

14 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

15<br />

We attach great importance to conscious<br />

manufacturing of our products<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way: Our On-Site Experts in Asia<br />

Our manufacturing partners also<br />

take measures to reduce water<br />

pollution by keeping rainwater and<br />

wastewater separate on plant premises.<br />

The wastewater is mainly domestic<br />

wastewater, which is pretreated in<br />

a septic tank before being discharged<br />

into the municipal wastewater treatment<br />

plant via the municipal wastewater<br />

network. The wastewater<br />

complies with the Class A emission<br />

standards for pollutants from municipal<br />

wastewater treatment plants<br />

and the emission limits for water pollutants<br />

of the local province.<br />

During the injection molding process,<br />

we do produce a small amount<br />

of non-methane total hydrocarbons<br />

and pollutants. However, we have<br />

implemented measures to reduce<br />

their impact on the environment.<br />

For example, the non-methane total<br />

hydrocarbons are collected by a<br />

gas collection hood with 90% collection<br />

efficiency, and the collected<br />

exhaust gas is treated by an activated<br />

carbon adsorption tower before being<br />

discharged with 90% treatment<br />

efficiency.<br />

Similarly, the hardware workshop produces<br />

welding fumes, but we have implemented<br />

a movable welding fume<br />

purifier to minimize their impact. The<br />

purifier consists of a movable suction<br />

arm and filtration system, which can<br />

collect welding fumes from a close<br />

distance with a collection efficiency<br />

of more than 90%. The filtration system<br />

includes a primary filter, flame<br />

retardant cartridge, and activated<br />

carbon filter, which together can<br />

achieve a filtration efficiency of 99%<br />

or above. In the canteen, we also prioritize<br />

the collection and treatment<br />

of fumes to meet the standards.<br />

Canteen fumes are collected by water<br />

transport fume hoods and discharged<br />

after being treated by fume<br />

purification processors.<br />

Our commitment to sustainability is<br />

at the core of our operations, and our<br />

recycling initiatives within the factories<br />

of our production partners embody<br />

this ethos. In line with our zero<br />

waste policy, all non-utilized injected<br />

parts are meticulously collected<br />

and recycled. These materials are<br />

then reintegrated into the injection<br />

process, ensuring that no resources<br />

are wasted. This circular approach<br />

not only minimizes our environmental<br />

footprint but also enhances the<br />

efficiency of our production cycles.<br />

Finally, we ensure that our waste is<br />

collected and disposed of in a responsible<br />

manner. All domestic waste is<br />

collected and handed over to the<br />

sanitation department for proper<br />

disposal and recycling.<br />

To summarize, we place a high value<br />

on sustainable production practices.<br />

We have implemented measures<br />

such as establishing local supplier relationships,<br />

generating solar power,<br />

reducing water pollution, installing<br />

pollution control facilities, and ensuring<br />

responsible waste disposal.<br />

Workplace safety<br />

Gas collection hood<br />

3. Recycling in to baskets<br />

1. Injection molding waste parts<br />

Local workers<br />

2. Shredding<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we are dedicated to providing<br />

our customers with the highest<br />

quality products possible. That’s why<br />

we have established a rigorous quality<br />

control program that is overseen<br />

by our experienced quality control<br />

department, located on-site in Asia.<br />

Our strict quality control program<br />

includes testing according to various<br />

regulations such as EN (European<br />

standard), ASTM (American standard)<br />

and GB (Chinese standard), as well as<br />

other country-specific tests. By adhering<br />

to these various regulations and<br />

tests, we are able to achieve a global<br />

level of quality, as each country’s regulations<br />

focus on different aspects of<br />

safety and reliability. This ensures that<br />

every product we manufacture meets<br />

our high standards for durability and<br />

functionality. Our quality control program<br />

has been perfected over many<br />

years and is essential to ensuring a<br />

smooth and efficient production process.<br />

We take great pride in our commitment<br />

to testing our products beyond<br />

the required standards. With<br />

in-house testing facilities and exper-<br />

tise, we’re able to push our products<br />

even further to ensure they meet the<br />

highest level of safety and reliability<br />

for our customers. We don’t just stop<br />

at the required testing; we go above<br />

and beyond to test our products until<br />

they break. This allows us to identify<br />

the weakest part of the product<br />

and make necessary improvements<br />

to ensure it is as durable and safe as<br />

possible. Our ultimate goal is to earn<br />

and keep the trust of our customers.<br />

By going beyond the required standards,<br />

we’re able to provide our<br />

customers with products that are<br />

safe, sustainable and built to last.<br />

Hanging test<br />

Quality control departement<br />

Endurance drum test<br />

Gain insight into<br />

our quality control<br />

procedures<br />

A few impressive quality<br />

testing figures<br />

Kids scooters<br />

Pendulum <strong>Impact</strong> Test<br />

The temperature of the upper deck of<br />

the scooter is conditioned to -15±2C°<br />

and frozen for 4 hours. Afterwards it is<br />

mounted on the scooter and the pendulum<br />

test is performed. The deck must<br />

not show any white marks or cracks.<br />

Handlebar Hanging Test<br />

The scooter is attached to a lateral<br />

suspension device. For 5 minutes 60 kg<br />

weights are hung on the handlebar.<br />

In this case, although there is no prescribed<br />

standard from the Toy standard,<br />

we have replicated the test based<br />

on our adult series. It is important that<br />

the handlebar must not have any visible<br />

deformation, breakage or loss of<br />

function.<br />

Adult scooters<br />

Endurance Fatigue Test<br />

The deck is loaded with a weight of<br />

90 kg and the handles with a weight<br />

of 10 kg each. Afterwards the drum fatigue<br />

test is performed over 750 km.<br />

The scooter must not show any visible<br />

cracks or damage after the test.<br />

Handlebar Hanging Test<br />

Although the EN14619 standard requires<br />

a test in which the scooter is attached<br />

to the wall both forward and<br />

downward and loaded with 50 kg for<br />

5 minutes, we have tested our adult<br />

scooters to withstand a load of 80 kg for<br />

20 minutes while attached to a lateral<br />

suspension device. Even after the test,<br />

the handlebars must not show any<br />

visible deformation, breakage or loss<br />

of function.<br />

Electric scooters<br />

Endurance Riding Test<br />

The e-scooter is driven outdoors with a<br />

user weight of 90 kg and in sport mode<br />

at 25 km/h. After the endurance riding<br />

test over 1’500 km the e-scooter must<br />

not show any visible cracks or damage<br />

to any part of the scooter. The same<br />

test is also performed indoors with<br />

90 kg on the deck and 10 kg on each<br />

handle.<br />

Endurance Drum Test<br />

The e-scooter is loaded with 100 kg on<br />

the deck and 10 kg on the handlebar.<br />

It is then driven at a speed of 25 km/h<br />

over two rotating drums for a distance<br />

of at least 500 km.<br />

Waterproof Test<br />

This test is performed according to<br />

the IPX5 standard by placing the product<br />

under water from top to bottom<br />

and in all directions with a hose. After<br />

15 minutes, it is checked whether all<br />

functions work properly. The test is<br />

performed after the endurance test<br />

and not on a new product to ensure<br />

that waterproofing is also maintained<br />

after wear and tear.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

16 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

17<br />

Revive your ride, give it a second life<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Second life for the battery<br />

We believe in sustainability and giving<br />

back to the community. That’s<br />

why we offer our customers the opportunity<br />

to bring in their discarded<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters to our <strong>Micro</strong> Flagship<br />

Store, where they’ll be given a<br />

new lease on life.<br />

Our experienced technicians will carefully<br />

inspect and repair each scooter in<br />

our workshop, ensuring that it’s in perfect<br />

working order. Once the Scooter<br />

is restored, we’ll donate it to a good<br />

cause, where it will bring joy and<br />

happiness to someone who might<br />

not otherwise have had access to a<br />

scooter.<br />

We’re passionate about reducing<br />

waste and conserving resources, and<br />

by extending the useful life of our<br />

products or their components, we’re<br />

doing our part to help the environment.<br />

We believe that every little bit<br />

counts, and we’re proud to be making<br />

a positive impact in our own small way.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

We believe in the circular economy<br />

and giving our products a second life.<br />

That’s why we’ve partnered with<br />

Nowos, a Dutch company that specializes<br />

in the repair of lithium-ion<br />

batteries, to extend the lifespan of<br />

the batteries in our e-scooters.<br />

Because we understand the importance<br />

of quality and durability in our<br />

products, and that’s why we offer a<br />

unique repair and spare parts service<br />

for every prouct, including our<br />

e-scooters. Knowing that the battery<br />

is the heart of our e-scooters,<br />

is why we’ve chosen to work with experts<br />

at Nowos, who have unparalleled<br />

knowledge in the field of battery<br />

repair and reconditioning.<br />

Nowos examines every battery and<br />

decides whether it can be repaired or<br />

needs to be disposed of properly. By<br />

reusing original components, they<br />

can extend the life of the battery,<br />

which minimizes waste and reduces<br />

the carbon footprint of our e-scooters.<br />

After repair, the battery still has<br />

at least 80% of its original power.<br />

Our goal is to add value by treating<br />

used lithium-ion batteries as valuable<br />

material for remanufacturing,<br />

not as waste. Nowos owns several<br />

factories, including one in France, to<br />

be as close as possible to our customers<br />

and minimize CO2 emissions. By<br />

partnering with Nowos, we’re taking<br />

a step towards a more sustainable<br />

future for our products and the environment.<br />

More infos on our Brandpage<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> sends the dysfunctioning batteries to check<br />

Dysfunctional batteries<br />

Cutsomer<br />

Repaired batteries<br />

Repaired batteries are sent back to <strong>Micro</strong><br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />



<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

18<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

19<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Small changes, big impact: Our commitment to sustainable office practices<br />

ECO Product Line: Innovating for a cleaner planet<br />

At our company, we believe that sustainability<br />

should be an integral part<br />

of our work culture. It starts from the<br />

moment our employees leave their<br />

homes. Our offices are strategically<br />

located just two minutes away from<br />

the train station, making it easy for<br />

our employees to travel by public<br />

transport, reducing their carbon<br />

footprint and supporting sustainable<br />

modes of transport.<br />

By encouraging our team of 50 employees<br />

to commute via public transport,<br />

we have made a significant dent<br />

in our carbon emissions. In one year<br />

alone, this environmentally conscious<br />

choice has led to a reduction of approximately<br />

126.25 tons of CO2 emissions.<br />

To illustrate this achievement in<br />

relatable terms: this is equivalent to<br />

the total carbon footprint of over 10<br />

million smartphone charges. It’s also<br />

comparable to the CO2 emissions from<br />

the electricity used by more than 200<br />

average households in the European<br />

Union for one year.<br />

Saving 126.25 tons of CO2 as a result of commuting<br />

to the office by public transport<br />

10 million<br />

smartphone<br />

charges<br />

=<br />

126.25<br />

tons co2<br />

In our day-to-day work, we are also<br />

committed to minimising the waste<br />

of resources. It’s often the small<br />

changes that have a big impact over<br />

time. We encourage recycling, saving<br />

electricity, and separating waste<br />

in our offices. We also promote conscious<br />

consumption by encouraging<br />

our employees to bring their own<br />

reusable bottles and cups to reduce<br />

single-use plastic waste.<br />

We understand that business travel is<br />

sometimes necessary, but we strive<br />

to minimize travel miles whenever<br />

possible. Using tele- and videoconferencing<br />

for meetings and presentations,<br />

reduces the need for physical<br />

travel, and saves time and money for<br />

our employees.<br />

By making these small yet significant<br />

changes, we’re not only reducing<br />

our environmental impact but also<br />

contributing to a more sustainable<br />

future. Our commitment to sustainability<br />

doesn’t stop at our products;<br />

it’s reflected in every aspect of our<br />

work, from the office to the community.<br />

We believe that sustainability is<br />

not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life,<br />

and we’re proud to be leading the way.<br />

Recycling<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> energy in the of f ice<br />

Videoconferencing<br />

Commuting to the of f ice<br />

Introduction Social<br />

Environment Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> ECO Kids Scooters<br />

Approximately 11% of plastic waste<br />

found in the world’s oceans comes<br />

from fishing. Every year, some 640,000<br />

tons of discarded fishing nets and other<br />

gear are left in the oceans, polluting<br />

the marine environment. At <strong>Micro</strong>, we<br />

are committed to creating sustainable<br />

solutions to combat this problem.<br />

We utilize recycled plastic waste<br />

from landfills and ocean debris to<br />

create our eco-friendly <strong>Micro</strong> Kids<br />

Scooters. This waste is mechanically<br />

recycled and transformed into<br />

high-quality “Green Plastic,” which is<br />

used to construct the deck and brake<br />

of our <strong>Micro</strong> ECO scooters. By using<br />

this material, we are able to reduce<br />

the amount of plastic waste in landfills<br />

and oceans, as well as minimize<br />

our ecological footprint.<br />

Watch the<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> ECO<br />

Scooter video<br />

on Youtube<br />

8 Million<br />

tons of plastic waste ends<br />

up in our oceans every year<br />

We recycle<br />

fishing nets,<br />

ropes and trawls into<br />

11%<br />

of it stems from the<br />

maritine industry<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters<br />

Plastic<br />

pollution<br />

is the most widespread problem<br />

affecting the marine environment<br />

Benefits<br />

less CO2<br />

reducing landfilling<br />

reducing marine pollution<br />

reducing loss of valuable resources<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

20 <strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

21<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

ECO Product Line: Innovating for a cleaner planet<br />

ECO Product Line: Innovating for a cleaner planet<br />

903 km<br />

ROPE<br />

this is equal to:<br />

Zurich<br />

Barcelona<br />

so far we have<br />

recycled<br />

163‘800 m²<br />


this is equal to:<br />


Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Our ECO range currently consists of 18 products<br />

and will be continuously expanded in the future.<br />

Mini <strong>Micro</strong> Deluxe Eco + LED<br />

Mini <strong>Micro</strong> 3in1 Deluxe Eco + LED<br />

+ +<br />

+<br />

Maxi <strong>Micro</strong> Deluxe Eco + LED<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Sprite ECO + LED<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> Cork Handles<br />

Our <strong>Micro</strong> Sprite ECO LED scooter features ergonomic<br />

cork handles, providing a comfortable and eco-friendly<br />

grip. Cork is a renewable resource, ensuring a<br />

sustainable riding experience.<br />

Environmentally Conscious<br />

Water-Based Painting<br />

We use environmentally friendly water-based paints<br />

for a vibrant and durable finish.<br />

Repurposed Fishing Gear Components<br />

We are committed to protecting the oceans<br />

by using recycled fishing equipment in the<br />

production of all plastic parts (including the<br />

rims) of the <strong>Micro</strong> Sprite ECO LED.<br />

Eco-Friendly Lasered Logo<br />

Our logo is meticulously laser-etched onto the<br />

scooter, guaranteeing a durable and timeless<br />

design.<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

22<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

ECO Product Line: Innovating for a cleaner planet<br />

23 <strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

ECO Product Line: Innovating for a cleaner planet<br />

1% for the Planet<br />

One percent of our sales from our ECO<br />

product line we donate to environmental<br />

charities in collaboration with<br />

1% for the Planet.<br />

We recognize that the challenges<br />

facing our world are too great for<br />

any one person or organization to<br />

solve alone. To make meaningful<br />

positive change, we all need to work<br />

together. Companies like us have an<br />

even greater obligation to help. Our<br />

partnership with 1% for the Planet<br />

is another step in the right direction.<br />

“Currently, only 3 percent of total<br />

philanthropy goes to the environment<br />

and, only 5 percent of that<br />

comes from businesses. The planet<br />

needs bigger supporting than this,<br />

and our growing network of business<br />

members is doing its valuable part to<br />

increase giving and supporting onthe-ground<br />

outcomes. We’re excited<br />

to be a part of 1% for the Planet’s<br />

global movement,” says Wim Ouboter,<br />

founder and CEO of <strong>Micro</strong>.<br />

More information about<br />

1% for the Planet.<br />

By contributing one percent of our<br />

annual sales, we and thousands of<br />

other 1% for the Planet members,<br />

like the famous outdoors brand Patagonia,<br />

have raised over $450 million<br />

to support approved environmental<br />

nonprofits around the globe. Nonprofits<br />

are approved based on referrals,<br />

track record and environmental focus.<br />

AWARDS<br />

ECO<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> donates 1% of the eco line sales<br />

to environmental charities.<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Our ECO product line sales contribute<br />

to Parley’s education programs<br />

through our partnership with 1% for<br />

the Planet.<br />

Parley’s education initiatives aim<br />

to provide access to ocean education,<br />

tools, and experiences, promote<br />

ocean conservation, and create<br />

a network of influential leaders<br />

known as Ocean Guardians. Their<br />

comprehensive approach includes<br />

Ocean Schools, AIR Stations, Ocean<br />

Uprise Summits, Ocean Cleanups,<br />

and events such as World Oceans<br />

Week, Run for the Oceans, and Ocean-<br />

2Ocean.<br />

Parley’s education program has<br />

already reached over half a million<br />

participants in 45 countries, but<br />

there is still much work to be done.<br />

Each country faces unique challenges<br />

when it comes to addressing<br />

the plastics crisis. Parley tackles<br />

this issue by working with a diverse<br />

group of stakeholders including<br />

local non-governmental organizations,<br />

government and state agencies,<br />

private companies, waste management<br />

and logistics partners, marine<br />

experts, and educational institutions.<br />

By supporting Parley’s education programs,<br />

we are taking an active role in<br />

promoting environmental education<br />

and helping to create a more sustainable<br />

future.<br />

To learn more about Parley and their<br />

mission, visit www.parley.tv.<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

24 <strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

25<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

ECO Product Line: Innovating<br />

for a cleaner planet<br />

Eco-friendly packaging<br />

We prioritize sustainability and<br />

responsible forest management<br />

by using FSC-certified paper for our<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> ECO line product packaging.<br />

This certification ensures that the<br />

paper we use comes from well-managed<br />

forests, and we are proud to<br />

have earned this recognition. Due to<br />

financial considerations, we have not<br />

yet extended FSC certification to all<br />

of our packaging, but we are taking<br />

steps to reduce the use of plastics,<br />

foil and wrap in all of our packaging.<br />

In fact, many of our accessories packaging<br />

also bear the FSC logo, demonstrating<br />

our commitment to sustainability<br />

across our product line. Our<br />

dedication to sustainability reflects<br />

our desire to meet consumer demand<br />

for eco-friendly products and build a<br />

more sustainable future.<br />

More infos<br />

The packaging is made from 100 percent<br />

recycled materials. Using recycled material<br />

makes the most of precious forest<br />

resources and reduces the pressure to<br />

harvest more trees.<br />

The Manual is made with a mixture of<br />

materials from FSC-certified forests,<br />

recycled materials, and/or FSC-controlled<br />

wood.<br />

While controlled wood doesn‘t come<br />

from FSC-certified forests, it mitigates<br />

the risk of the material originating from<br />

unacceptable sources.<br />

Eco-Friendly Packaging<br />

Reducing plastic and paper in all product categories<br />

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability,<br />

we are taking significant<br />

steps across all product lines, not<br />

just our ECO range, to ensure environmentally<br />

responsible packaging<br />

practices. Our strategy focuses on<br />

two main fronts: reducing plastic<br />

use and minimizing paper waste.<br />

We have implemented a policy to<br />

minimize the amount of plastic in<br />

our packaging. This involves a conscientious<br />

effort to eliminate unnecessary<br />

plastic bags for products and<br />

accessories. Where plastic packaging<br />

is indispensable, we are transitioning<br />

to sustainably degradable<br />

options. This gradual shift not only<br />

reduces our environmental footprint<br />

but also aligns with global efforts to<br />

combat plastic pollution.<br />

In parallel, we are also addressing<br />

the issue of paper consumption.<br />

Recognizing that traditional user<br />

manuals contribute significantly to<br />

paper usage, we are innovating in<br />

this area. Our aim is to streamline<br />

our manuals, reducing their size by<br />

approximately two-thirds. This reduction<br />

is a result of careful revision<br />

and optimization of content, ensuring<br />

that our customers still receive<br />

all the necessary information in a<br />

more concise format.<br />

By reducing the environmental impact<br />

of our packaging, we are taking<br />

concrete steps towards a more sustainable<br />

future, consistent with our<br />

commitment to responsible business<br />

practices.<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino<br />

Our vision<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we are passionate about<br />

transforming urban mobility with<br />

a relentless focus on sustainability.<br />

Our game-changing <strong>Micro</strong>lino sets<br />

new standards for innovation and<br />

eco-friendliness. We’ve recognized<br />

the discrepancy in today’s oversized<br />

vehicles where only 1.2 passengers<br />

on average travel 30 to 35 kilometers<br />

per day. The <strong>Micro</strong>lino is designed to<br />

meet the demands of efficient and<br />

eco-friendly urban transportation.<br />

With its energy-efficient design, this<br />

L7e category light electric vehicle<br />

can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h and<br />

has a range of up to 230 kilometers, making<br />

it the perfect choice for short trips in<br />

urban areas. As a family-owned company,<br />

we’ve invested heavily in the <strong>Micro</strong>lino,<br />

using profits from our scooter business to<br />

make our vision of sustainable urban mobility<br />

a reality.<br />

Average car travel per day<br />

30 - 35<br />

km<br />

1.2<br />

passengers<br />



Check it out<br />

on YouTube<br />

This is not a car!<br />

Looking for an eco-friendly and<br />

cost-effective way to get around the<br />

city? Look no further than the <strong>Micro</strong>lino!<br />

This innovative vehicle is produced<br />

in Turin, Italy, with a sustainable supply<br />

chain that sources 80% of its<br />

parts from Europe. With its self-supporting<br />

body and reduced form factor,<br />

the <strong>Micro</strong>lino offers an alternative to<br />

conventional cars without sacrificing<br />

safety or convenience. Combining<br />

the efficiency of a motorbike and the<br />

comfort of a car, it provides weather<br />

protection, freedom of movement,<br />

and cargo space in a small but mighty<br />

package. With 50% fewer parts than<br />

a regular car the <strong>Micro</strong>lino is the<br />

most sustainable individual mobility<br />

product on the market. So why settle<br />

for a gas-guzzling car when you can<br />

enjoy a stylish and eco-friendly ride<br />

with the <strong>Micro</strong>lino?<br />

Production and<br />

Assembly Line<br />

Made in Italy<br />

microlino-car.com<br />

Introduction Social<br />

Environment Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

26<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino<br />

27<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Efficiency beast<br />

Get ready for an efficient and thrilling<br />

ride with the <strong>Micro</strong>lino! This small<br />

wonder consumes only one-third of<br />

the energy of conventional electric<br />

cars and boasts a low electricity consumption<br />

of just 7 kWh / 100 km while<br />

driving. It saves up to 2,491 kg of CO2<br />

compared to driving 15,000 km in a<br />

petrol car - that’s like taking 20 flights<br />

from London to Paris or 0.01 trips to<br />

the moon and back! But wait, there’s<br />

more! It offers a go-kart-like driving<br />

experience that will put a smile on<br />

your face every time you hit the road.<br />

Say goodbye to gas-guzzlers and hello<br />

to stylish, eco-friendly transportation<br />

with the <strong>Micro</strong>lino.<br />

SMALL, BUT<br />

MIGHTY!<br />

Passenger vehicles, specifically cars<br />

and buses, contribute about 45.1%<br />

of transport sector emissions. Given<br />

that road transport represents about<br />

three-quarters of all transport emissions,<br />

and transport accounts for<br />

24% of global CO2 emissions from<br />

energy, passenger vehicles thus play<br />

a substantial role in global emissions.*<br />

The need for innovative solutions<br />

is clear! Our <strong>Micro</strong>lino represents<br />

a leap forward in this regard. While<br />

electric vehicles are notably more efficient<br />

than traditional gasoline cars,<br />

Where do CO2 emissions<br />

come from?<br />

76%<br />

other sections<br />

24%<br />

Transport<br />

45.1%<br />

the <strong>Micro</strong>lino goes a step further by<br />

reducing energy consumption by an<br />

additional 60% compared to an average<br />

electric car. This remarkable<br />

efficiency makes the <strong>Micro</strong>lino not<br />

just a vehicle, but a statement in our<br />

environmental stewardship journey.<br />

The <strong>Micro</strong>lino isn’t just a product; it’s<br />

a testament to our dedication to a<br />

greener, more sustainable future, and<br />

it plays a crucial role in our mission to<br />

reduce emissions within the transportation<br />

sector.<br />

29.4%<br />

2491.2 kg CO2<br />

saved over 1 year<br />

4.34 Years<br />

heat a 1.5 room flat<br />


Introduction Social<br />

Environment Governance<br />

Social<br />

We believe our company should be a force for good, and we are<br />

committed to using our resources and influence to create a positive<br />

social impact. We also support local communities by partnering with<br />

organizations and projects that align with our values and mission.<br />

No Mama Taxi 28<br />

Healthy Habbits Start with <strong>Micro</strong> Scooters 29<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter Safety Trainings 30<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

Road (passenger) Aviation Others<br />

Road (freight)<br />

11.6%<br />

10.6%<br />

2.2%<br />

1%<br />

Shipping<br />

Rail<br />

19.93 Flights<br />

from London to Paris<br />

0.01 Flights<br />

to the moon<br />

Annual CO2-savings compared with a<br />

gasoline car *<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter Pumptrack Sponsorings 31<br />

Mobility made easy 32<br />

Donate with purpose 33-36<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />


<strong>Micro</strong><br />

28 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

29<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

No Mama Taxi<br />

Healthy Habits Start with <strong>Micro</strong> Scooters<br />

Scoot to school with <strong>Micro</strong>!<br />

We strive to promote sustainable<br />

transportation alternatives for children.<br />

We believe that empowering<br />

children to adopt healthy and active<br />

habits at a young age can have a significant<br />

impact on their future wellbeing<br />

and the environment.<br />

Our “No Mama Taxi” campaign encourages<br />

parents to choose scooters<br />

as a safe, cost-effective, and<br />

environmentally friendly alternative<br />

to cars for short journeys. By<br />

reducing the need for cars, we aim to<br />

reduce traffic congestion and air pollution<br />

in urban areas, ultimately improving<br />

the quality of life for everyone.<br />

Scooting to school not only benefits<br />

the environment, but also provides<br />

children with a sense of independence<br />

and responsibility. They learn<br />

to navigate their environment safely<br />

and develop healthy habits that will<br />

benefit them in the long term. At<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>, we are proud to contribute<br />

to a brighter future for current and<br />

future generations. We believe that<br />

by promoting sustainable alternatives,<br />

we can make a positive impact<br />

on the world and create a better<br />

tomorrow.<br />

See on page 30 how we teach kids the<br />

right way to use their scooters in our<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter Safety Trainings.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Promoting Physical Activity<br />

and Coordination for Kids!<br />

Kick scooters can provide a great way<br />

for kids to stay active and have fun at<br />

the same time. Some of the health<br />

benefits of kick scooters for kids include:<br />

Improved Balance and Coordination:<br />

Scooting helps kids learn how to<br />

balance and coordinate their movements.<br />

Increased physical activity:<br />

Scooting provides kids with a fun and<br />

active way to get to school. This can<br />

help to improve their physical health<br />

and wellbeing as it increases their<br />

daily physical activity.<br />

Strengthened Muscles:<br />

Scooting helps kids strengthen their<br />

leg and core muscles.<br />

Improved Mental Focus:<br />

The physical activity associated<br />

with scooting to school can help to<br />

improve focus and concentration for<br />

kids, allowing them to start their day<br />

off with a clear and focused mind.<br />

Stress relief:<br />

The wind in their hair and the freedom<br />

of scooting to school can be incredibly<br />

calming, helping to reduce<br />

stress and anxiety levels before they<br />

even arrive at school.<br />

Developed Confidence:<br />

Scooting helps kids build confidence<br />

and teaches them how to take risks.<br />

Pediatric Physiotheraphy<br />

In addition to the mentioned benefits,<br />

our scooters are also used in<br />

pediatric physiotheraphy for children<br />

and adolescents.<br />

“The seriously ill children in the children’s<br />

hospital, for example in oncology,<br />

can cover a greater distance<br />

in the house with little effort using<br />

the <strong>Micro</strong> Scooter and are therefore<br />

independently mobile. They have<br />

fun, improve their strength and<br />

endurance and experience a bit of<br />

normalcy in a very difficult life situation.”<br />

Physiotherapists at University Children’s<br />

Hospital Zurich share their<br />

experiences using <strong>Micro</strong> Scooters:<br />

“In pediatric physiotherapy, we support<br />

the motor development of a<br />

child through various offers. This<br />

also includes allowing children<br />

who are physically restricted to experience<br />

and learn how to move<br />

independently and age-appropriately,<br />

such as riding a scooter. Our<br />

patients from all fields have a lot<br />

of fun with this activity and for us,<br />

the <strong>Micro</strong> Scooter is an important<br />

child-friendly aid to improve the<br />

strength, endurance, and participation<br />

of the child.”<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

30 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

31<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter Safety Trainings<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter Pumptrack Collaboration<br />

Safety First,<br />

Scoot with Confidence!<br />

We prioritize the safety of our riders,<br />

which is why we strongly encourage<br />

and support safety courses for scooters<br />

and kickboards worldwide. These<br />

courses not only teach riders proper<br />

braking techniques and safe cornering,<br />

but also improve their overall<br />

understanding and awareness of potential<br />

dangers and the rules and regulations<br />

that govern the use of these<br />

popular means of transport.<br />

Through our partnerships with local<br />

organizations and community<br />

groups, we provide access to comprehensive<br />

and engaging safety<br />

workshops that are tailored to the<br />

needs and skill levels of different<br />

age groups. Whether it’s a beginner’s<br />

class for young children or an advanced<br />

course for experienced riders,<br />

our safety workshops cover all the<br />

essential aspects of safe and responsible<br />

riding.<br />

510.000<br />


KIDS DAY<br />

In addition to improving rider safety,<br />

our safety courses also promote<br />

environmental sustainability by encouraging<br />

the use of non-motorized<br />

transport options. By reducing the<br />

reliance on cars and other motorized<br />

vehicles, we can help to reduce traffic<br />

congestion, air pollution, and carbon<br />

emissions in our communities.<br />

We believe that safety and sustainability<br />

go hand in hand, and we<br />

are committed to promoting both<br />

through our products and our partnerships.<br />

By empowering riders with<br />

the knowledge and skills they need<br />

to ride safely and responsibly, we can<br />

create a safer, healthier, and more<br />

sustainable world for all.<br />

Watch the <strong>Micro</strong><br />

Scooter Kids<br />

Day video on<br />

Youtube<br />

DE<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> SCOOT SAFE<br />

www.micro-scooter.co.uk<br />

Rollerkids<br />

www.roller-kids.de<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> scooter kids day<br />

www.roller-kids.de<br />


www.micro-scooters.com.au<br />

500.000<br />




70<br />

60<br />

50<br />

40<br />

30<br />

20<br />

10<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Ride the thrill, master the skill<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we are committed to fostering<br />

the development and growth<br />

of local pump tracks through products<br />

and financial support. We believe<br />

that pumptracks are a valuable<br />

resource for the scooter community,<br />

offering a range of benefits that go far<br />

beyond just providing a fun and exciting<br />

riding experience.<br />

One of the key advantages of<br />

pumptracks is their ability to help riders<br />

improve their skills and develop<br />

better balance, control, and coordination<br />

on their scooters. By mastering<br />

the art of pumping, riders can navigate<br />

a variety of terrain and obstacles<br />

with ease, making them more confident<br />

and competent riders overall.<br />

But pumptracks are not just about<br />

skill-building - they are also a great<br />

way to have fun and experience the<br />

thrill of riding. With their continuous<br />

flow and endless possibilities for<br />

creative lines and tricks, pumptracks<br />

offer a unique and exciting riding<br />

experience that is hard to match.<br />

In addition to being a great way to<br />

ride and have fun, pumptracks also<br />

offer a range of social benefits. Many<br />

pumptracks are located in public<br />

parks, which means that riders have<br />

the opportunity to meet and interact<br />

with other scooter enthusiasts and<br />

park-goers. This creates a sense of<br />

community and shared passion that<br />

is hard to find in other sports and<br />

activities.<br />

Of course, pumptracks also offer a<br />

range of health benefits. Because<br />

they are low-impact, riders can enjoy<br />

the benefits of exercise without putting<br />

unnecessary strain on their joints<br />

and muscles. This makes pumptracks<br />

a great option for people of all ages<br />

and fitness levels who want to stay<br />

active and healthy.<br />

Finally, pumptracks are versatile and<br />

accessible to riders of all levels, from<br />

beginners to advanced riders. This<br />

means that riders can continue to<br />

enjoy and benefit from pumptracks<br />

even as they progress in their skills<br />

and seek out more challenging riding<br />

opportunities.<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we are proud to support<br />

the development and growth of<br />

pumptracks around the world, and<br />

we believe that they play an important<br />

role in promoting a healthy,<br />

active, and engaged scooter community.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

32 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

33<br />

Mobility made easy<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Donate with purpose, change with heart<br />

Corporate Scooters for<br />

businesses on the go<br />

We believe that using our corporate<br />

scooters is a smart choice for companies<br />

looking to enhance their<br />

transportation options. Our scooters<br />

provide a multitude of benefits,<br />

including cost savings, increased mobility,<br />

improved environmental impact,<br />

and employee satisfaction.<br />

By using <strong>Micro</strong> corporate scooters,<br />

companies can save money on transportation<br />

costs and reduce the overall<br />

expense of their operations.<br />

Additionally, our scooters provide employees<br />

with a convenient and flexible<br />

mode of transportation, allowing<br />

them to navigate through crowded<br />

urban areas with ease.<br />

We also recognize the importance<br />

of environmental sustainability, and<br />

our scooters are an excellent way<br />

Google Corporate Scooters<br />

for companies to reduce their carbon<br />

footprint and demonstrate their<br />

commitment to social responsibility.<br />

Finally, our corporate scooters can<br />

also boost employee satisfaction<br />

and well-being. In urban areas<br />

where transportation can be stressful,<br />

our scooters offer a convenient,<br />

fun, and eco-friendly alternative to<br />

traditional modes of transportation.<br />

Providing access to <strong>Micro</strong> Scooters<br />

can also show employees that their<br />

convenience and work-life balance<br />

are a priority for the company.<br />

Overall, we believe that <strong>Micro</strong> corporate<br />

scooters are an excellent option<br />

for companies looking to improve<br />

their transportation options, promote<br />

sustainability, and prioritize employee<br />

satisfaction.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> X Expo Dubai<br />

25 Hours Hotels<br />

Wattworld E-Scooter Station<br />

MAN Factory in Poland<br />

We also encourage CEOs to use the <strong>Micro</strong>lino<br />

for short trips and lead by example. Henning<br />

Strauss, CEO of Engelbert x Strauss,<br />

is a huge fan of the <strong>Micro</strong>lino.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Making a difference one<br />

contribution at a time<br />

We are dedicated to promoting<br />

equality and social responsibility<br />

through our selected donations and<br />

sponsorships in various fields. We<br />

believe that it’s important to give<br />

back to the community and create<br />

positive change wherever we can.<br />

We are committed to making a difference<br />

in the lives of those in need.<br />

Our goal is to be a force for good in<br />

our communities and to inspire others<br />

to join us in making a positive<br />

impact.<br />

Empowering mobility off-road<br />

wheelchairs for Mexico<br />

Our Access Project “Off-Road Wheelchairs<br />

for Mexico” is a tangible representation<br />

of our dedication to the<br />

belief in “Mobility for everyone.” We<br />

have bestowed the gift of unrestricted<br />

movement to one hundred individuals<br />

with mobility impairments in<br />

Mexico through the use of advanced<br />

all-terrain wheelchairs.<br />

Our Leveraged Freedom Chairs (LFC<br />

wheelchairs) are a result of years of<br />

research and development with mobility-impaired<br />

individuals in developing<br />

countries. The wheelchairs are<br />

designed to meet their specific needs,<br />

with three wheels, remarkable durability,<br />

and the ability to be driven by<br />

two levers on either side of the seat.<br />

The elevated seat and advanced<br />

technical features allow for effortless<br />

movement on rough terrain, even dirt<br />

tracks and off-road.<br />

We are delighted to have made a difference<br />

in the lives of one hundred<br />

individuals in Mexico who were once<br />

confined to their homes due to limited<br />

mobility. “With the wheelchairs,<br />

we want to give a new life to some of<br />

whom could never leave their homes<br />

due to their limited mobility,” says<br />

Wim Ouboter, CEO of <strong>Micro</strong> Mobility<br />

Systems and inventor of the <strong>Micro</strong><br />

Scooter.<br />

Our donation of one hundred LFC<br />

wheelchairs has helped advance<br />

our vision of “Mobility for everyone”<br />

and we are confident that it will<br />

allow the recipients to participate in<br />

social life with renewed vigor. The<br />

LFC wheelchairs were developed by<br />

GRIT, a company of the Massachusetts<br />

Institute of Technology, and<br />

assembly was done locally, creating<br />

job opportunities in Mexico.<br />

We remain committed to promoting<br />

equality and social responsibility by<br />

providing mobility opportunities to<br />

communities in need.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

34 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

35<br />

Donate with purpose, change with heart<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Donate with purpose, change with heart<br />

Empowering Young athletes<br />

Our partnership with<br />

MS Sports Camp<br />

We are proud to support MS Sports<br />

Camps in Switzerland by sponsoring<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters for their lunch races.<br />

MS Sports is dedicated to providing<br />

over 18,000 children with a memorable<br />

sports camp experience filled<br />

with exercise, fun, and great memories.<br />

With 409 camps at 254 locations<br />

throughout Switzerland, children<br />

aged 6-15 can enjoy a week full<br />

of sports, fine dining, and loads of<br />

fun.<br />

The MS Sports camps offer a wide<br />

range of sports activities, including<br />

soccer, tennis, horseback riding,<br />

dance, chess, biking, polysport, and<br />

snow sports camps in all language<br />

regions of Switzerland. The boys and<br />

girls participate in four hours of sport<br />

every day in age- and performance-appropriate<br />

groups. They can also enjoy<br />

autograph sessions with sports stars,<br />

presents, camp Olympics, mini world<br />

championships, and plenty of fun.<br />

At MS Sports, the aim is to provide all<br />

children and young people with an affordable,<br />

meaningful, and high-quality<br />

vacation experience. The company<br />

believes that sport unites people,<br />

regardless of gender, age, size, or skill<br />

level, and strives to create a space<br />

for the sporting, social, and personal<br />

development of children and young<br />

people.<br />

By sponsoring <strong>Micro</strong> Scooters for<br />

the MS Sports Camps lunch races,<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> is thrilled to be a part of providing<br />

children with an unforgettable<br />

and active vacation experience.<br />

For more information about MS Sports<br />

Camps, visit their website:<br />

MS Sports Camps<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters for hospitals<br />

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we<br />

recognized the critical need for<br />

medical professionals to quickly<br />

navigate hospital corridors. To<br />

do our part, we donated over 100<br />

scooters to hospitals throughout<br />

Switzerland. The response was<br />

overwhelmingly positive, and we’re<br />

proud to have played a small role<br />

in supporting healthcare workers<br />

during such a difficult time.<br />

Now that the crisis has passed,<br />

we’re heartened to hear that the<br />

scooters are still being used in<br />

hospitals to help staff move quickly<br />

and efficiently. It’s a small but<br />

meaningful way that we were able<br />

to contribute and make a positive<br />

impact during an unprecedented<br />

global challenge. We’ll continue to<br />

look for ways to be a force for good<br />

in our communities, both during<br />

times of crisis and beyond.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> X Right to Play<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> is not just about scooters; it’s<br />

about driving change for a greater<br />

cause. For every scooter sold in our<br />

Swiss online store, we donated CHF<br />

1 to Right To Play for our Christmas<br />

campaign, emphasizing our commitment<br />

to making a positive impact.<br />

Our partnership with Right To Play<br />

transcends typical collaborations —<br />

it’s a shared journey towards creating<br />

meaningful change. This initiative<br />

allows us to extend the joy and freedom<br />

that our scooters bring, to supporting<br />

a cause that empowers children<br />

through play and sports. With<br />

each scooter purchase, our customers<br />

are not only choosing sustainable mobility<br />

but also contributing to a noble<br />

mission.<br />

About Right to Play:<br />

Right To Play is an international<br />

non-profit, focused on aiding children<br />

in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, and<br />

the Middle East. They utilize play and<br />

sports to impart essential skills and<br />

knowledge to children, especially in<br />

areas where poverty, disease, and<br />

conflict are prevalent. Their approach<br />

brings normalcy and hope to these<br />

children’s lives. Right To Play works<br />

closely with local organizations and<br />

educational ministries to ensure longterm<br />

structural support. They train<br />

local teachers and coaches in playful<br />

teaching methods and actively involve<br />

families and communities in understanding<br />

and advocating for children’s<br />

rights.<br />

Right To Play<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino Auction for War Child<br />

We had the honor of contributing a<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino to a charity dinner hosted<br />

in Switzerland, in collaboration with<br />

the esteemed Swiss chef Andreas<br />

Caminada’s Fundaziun Uccelin and<br />

War Child. This unique event culminated<br />

in the auction of the <strong>Micro</strong>lino,<br />

a symbol of eco-friendly innovation,<br />

which was enhanced by a bespoke<br />

artwork from the talented Ona<br />

Sadkowsky, adding a distinct artistic<br />

flair to the noble act of giving.<br />

This collaboration represents more<br />

than just a fundraiser; it is a harmonious<br />

blend of sustainability, art, and<br />

social responsibility. The significant<br />

funds raised during this event are a<br />

testament to the power of collective<br />

action in fostering positive change<br />

worldwide. This initiative underscores<br />

our ongoing commitment to making<br />

a meaningful impact, demonstrating<br />

how innovative solutions and compassionate<br />

actions can work in unison for<br />

a better future.<br />

About War Child:<br />

War Child, an organization with a<br />

strong reputation in countries such<br />

as Germany, England, the USA, and<br />

particularly in the Netherlands, dedicates<br />

its efforts to supporting the<br />

mental health of children in conflict<br />

zones. Their mission resonates deeply<br />

with our values, and being a part of<br />

this event allowed us to extend our<br />

commitment to global humanitarian<br />

initiatives.<br />

War Child<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

36<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Donate with purpose, change with heart<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter X ETH Zurich<br />

37<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Cellsius<br />

We are delighted to be involved in the<br />

Cellsius project, an innovative project<br />

in the field of hydrogen-powered<br />

aviation. We are providing the young,<br />

motivated team of students and researchers<br />

at ETH Zurich with <strong>Micro</strong><br />

Scooters for their daily commute between<br />

the hangar and the office in the<br />

Innovation Park. This partnership is an<br />

expression of our commitment to creative<br />

mobility solutions and sustainable<br />

development.<br />

Cellsius<br />

Swissloop<br />

We’re partnering with Swissloop, an<br />

ETH Zurich student team, to support<br />

their Hyperloop research by providing<br />

scooters for efficient travel at Dübendorf<br />

Innovation Park. This partnership<br />

goes beyond sponsorship; it’s a commitment<br />

to innovative, sustainable<br />

transport solutions. Our involvement<br />

with Swissloop, aimed at advancing<br />

high-speed transport technology,<br />

aligns with our vision of shaping the<br />

future of mobility.<br />

Swissloop<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

Governance<br />

We recognize that good governance and ethical business practices are fundamental to<br />

our success and long-term sustainability. We are committed to upholding the highest<br />

standards of corporate governance and ethics, ensuring that our business operations are<br />

conducted with integrity, transparency, and accountability. We also prioritize responsible<br />

supply chain management, ensuring that our suppliers adhere to ethical standards and<br />

promote sustainability in their operations.<br />

Revolutionizing the way we move 38<br />

Family-driven Swiss innovation 39<br />

Swiss-Made, Swiss-Paid 40<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

Empowering Autonomy and Innovation 41<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Ethical production, certified by global standards 42<br />

Building trust and responsability in our global supply chain 43<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

38 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

39<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Revolutionizing the way we move<br />

Family-driven Swiss innovation<br />

Pioneering innovation with a<br />

forward-thinking spirit<br />

For over 25 years, <strong>Micro</strong> has made a<br />

lasting impact on the development<br />

of urban mobility with exclusive<br />

innovations. From the world-famous<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooter, to the revolutionary<br />

Scooter Luggage, a suitcase with a<br />

folding kickboard, to the latest coup,<br />

the electric city car <strong>Micro</strong>lino.<br />

“Because we have years of experience<br />

in developing and producing our<br />

products, and because we do nothing<br />

but work every day to constantly<br />

develop <strong>Micro</strong> and bring new innovations<br />

to the market, we have succeeded<br />

in consistently maintaining and<br />

strengthening our market leadership<br />

position,” reveals inventor and owner<br />

Wim Ouboter. And he adds:<br />

“What we do, we do with<br />

passion and joy, every day.<br />

And although other scooter<br />

manufacturers around the<br />

world are still trying to make<br />

scooters like ours, we have<br />

never tried to make scooters<br />

like theirs.”<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Upholding Family Values for<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> Workplace<br />

Success<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> is more than just a business - it is a<br />

Swiss family business that takes pride<br />

in upholding the core values of family<br />

and community. As a fully-owned<br />

family enterprise, we recognize the<br />

importance of family values in creating<br />

a harmonious and sustainable<br />

workplace. This is why we are thrilled<br />

to have Wim Ouboter’s sons, Oliver<br />

and Merlin, working alongside him to<br />

drive the next phase of <strong>Micro</strong>’s growth,<br />

which includes the exciting <strong>Micro</strong>lino<br />

electric car.<br />

We also believe in the power of partnerships,<br />

which is why we place great<br />

importance on our relationships with<br />

our distribution partners across the<br />

globe. These partners have been a<br />

crucial part of <strong>Micro</strong>’s success over<br />

the years, and we value their unwavering<br />

loyalty and trust. We recognize<br />

that long-lasting partnerships are<br />

built on mutual respect, trust, and<br />

shared goals, and we are committed<br />

to maintaining these relationships<br />

for years to come.<br />

As a company that has seen its fair<br />

share of ups and downs, we remain<br />

steadfast in our commitment to providing<br />

innovative and efficient mobility<br />

solutions. With our experienced<br />

team and unwavering focus on family<br />

and partnerships, we are confident<br />

that <strong>Micro</strong> will continue to be a leader<br />

in the industry for many more years<br />

to come.<br />

Duration of cooperation with our production partners<br />

(number of companies in percent)<br />

10%<br />

40%<br />

40%<br />

20+ years<br />

10+ years<br />

5+ years<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

1997<br />

1999 2001 2008 2009 2011 2013 2014<br />







Governance<br />

Governance<br />

2015<br />


2016<br />

2019 2020 2021 2022 <strong>2023</strong><br />




<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

40 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

41<br />

Swiss-Made, Swiss-Paid<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Empowering Autonomy and Innovation<br />

Our Commitment to Local<br />

Taxes<br />

As a Swiss company, we take pride in<br />

paying our taxes in Switzerland. We<br />

believe that paying taxes in the country<br />

where we operate is not only our<br />

obligation, but it is also essential for<br />

the economic and social well-being<br />

of Switzerland. Unlike some other<br />

companies that try to minimize their<br />

tax payments by moving their profits<br />

to tax havens, we are committed<br />

to supporting the local economy<br />

and contributing to the community<br />

where we operate.<br />

By paying our taxes in Switzerland,<br />

we are helping to fund important<br />

services such as healthcare, education,<br />

and infrastructure. We believe<br />

that these services are essential for<br />

the development and growth of the<br />

country and we are proud to contribute<br />

to them.<br />

We also recognize the importance<br />

of supporting our local partners and<br />

suppliers, and we strive to create a<br />

positive impact in the communities<br />

where we operate. By paying our<br />

taxes in Switzerland, we can help to<br />

create a stable and secure environment<br />

for our employees, partners,<br />

and customers.<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong> we believe in being a responsible<br />

corporate citizen which<br />

means paying our fair share of taxes<br />

and contributing to the development<br />

of the communities where we<br />

operate. We are proud to be a Swiss<br />

company, and we are committed to<br />

upholding the highest standards of<br />

corporate responsibility and ethical<br />

business practices.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>‘s Self-Funding Strategy<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we take pride in the fact<br />

that we have not relied on external<br />

funding to grow our business. This<br />

approach has allowed us to maintain<br />

a high degree of autonomy, flexibility,<br />

and financial stability.<br />

By not having external funding, we<br />

have more control over our own<br />

destiny. We can make decisions that<br />

align with our business objectives<br />

without the need to consult with outside<br />

investors. This independence<br />

allows us to pursue our own vision<br />

and create innovative solutions that<br />

have a positive impact on society.<br />

Additionally, not having external<br />

funding provides us with increased<br />

flexibility. We can adapt our business<br />

strategies to respond to changing<br />

market conditions, without being<br />

hindered by the opinions or demands<br />

of outside investors. This flexibility allows<br />

us to pivot quickly and efficiently,<br />

enabling us to stay ahead of our competitors.<br />

By avoiding external funding, we also<br />

reduce our risk exposure. We are<br />

not burdened with the risk of defaulting<br />

on loans or other forms of debt,<br />

which can be a significant financial<br />

burden for companies. This reduces<br />

the potential for financial losses and<br />

ensures that our company is better<br />

able to weather any economic downturns.<br />

Finally, not having external funding<br />

allows us to focus more of our<br />

resources on growing our business.<br />

We don’t have to worry about<br />

repaying loans or providing dividends<br />

to external investors.<br />

“This focus on growth and<br />

profitability enables us to invest<br />

in new sustainable forms<br />

of transportation, like the<br />

<strong>Micro</strong>lino, which will have a<br />

positive impact on the environment<br />

and society.”<br />

Overall, our decision to avoid external<br />

funding has been a positive one<br />

for our business, enabling us to maintain<br />

our autonomy, flexibility, financial<br />

stability, and focus on growth and<br />

innovation.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

42<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Ethical production, certified by global standards<br />

43 <strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

Building trust and responsability in our global supply chain<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, responsible and ethical<br />

business practices are at the heart<br />

of everything we do. We believe in<br />

creating a safe and positive working<br />

environment for our employees,<br />

as well as for those within our supply<br />

chain. To achieve this, we prioritize<br />

fair and safe working conditions,<br />

compliance with social standards,<br />

and the empowerment of our employees<br />

through incentives, regular<br />

company events, and organizational<br />

development.<br />

In addition, we prioritize local employment<br />

and suppliers, whenever<br />

possible, within a radius of 100 km.<br />

We believe that being active members<br />

of our local communities is<br />

essential, and we strive to support<br />

community services and engage with<br />

those around us.<br />

We are proud to maintain partnerships<br />

based on high standards and<br />

expect our suppliers to operate in the<br />

same manner. Our on-site team in<br />

Asia visits our supplier factories at<br />

least once a week to ensure quality<br />

standards are met and to foster<br />

personal relationships with our<br />

partners.<br />

Transparency is a key value for us,<br />

and we welcome anyone who wants<br />

to look over our shoulder while we<br />

work. We set high standards for ourselves<br />

and undergo regular external<br />

audits to ensure that our actions are<br />

based on clear principles and structures.<br />

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable<br />

business practices is further<br />

demonstrated by the certifications<br />

we have achieved.<br />

We hold the ISO 9001: 2015 certification,<br />

which reflects our dedication<br />

to ensuring that our products and<br />

services consistently meet or exceed<br />

our customers’ expectations while adhering<br />

to the highest quality standards.<br />

The SA8000 Standard, a leading social<br />

certification program, reflects our<br />

commitment to treating our workers<br />

with respect and dignity and providing<br />

a safe and fair workplace for all.<br />

We are also proud to hold the SMETA<br />

review, which highlights our commitment<br />

to respecting human rights and<br />

reducing the impact of our business<br />

operations on the environment.<br />

Finally, we participate in the amfori<br />

Business Social Compliance Initiative,<br />

working to ensure that all workers<br />

involved in the production of our<br />

products are treated fairly and that<br />

our business practices support social<br />

and environmental sustainability.<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Our Commitment to Ethical and<br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> Business Practices<br />

with Our Suppliers<br />

At <strong>Micro</strong>, we believe in responsible<br />

business practices that prioritize human<br />

rights, environmental responsibility,<br />

and ethical conduct. We work<br />

collaboratively with our suppliers to<br />

ensure that their sustainability performance<br />

aligns with our expectations<br />

across our value chain.<br />

Enforcing Our Code of Conduct<br />

We are committed to enforcing our<br />

Code of Conduct throughout our entire<br />

value chain. We collaborate with<br />

our suppliers to ensure compliance<br />

and reserve the right to verify compliance<br />

through assessments and<br />

audits. All direct suppliers are held<br />

accountable for ensuring that their<br />

suppliers, vendors, agents, and subcontractors<br />

adhere to this Code.<br />

Promoting Environmental<br />

Responsibility<br />

We are committed to promoting<br />

environmental responsibility with<br />

our business partners. We expect<br />

our suppliers to develop, implement,<br />

and maintain environmentally friendly<br />

business practices that minimize<br />

negative impacts on the environment<br />

and natural resources. Our<br />

policies require suppliers to identify<br />

and reduce negative impacts on the<br />

environment and comply with all applicable<br />

local and national laws and<br />

regulations relating to environmental<br />

protection.<br />

Prioritizing Health and Safety<br />

We prioritize the health and safety of<br />

all workers in the supply chain. Our<br />

suppliers must create and maintain<br />

a safe work environment and incorporate<br />

sound health and safety management<br />

practices into their business.<br />

Our policies require a healthy<br />

and safe working environment, adequate<br />

occupational health and safety<br />

management policies and procedures,<br />

and appropriate health and<br />

safety training for all employees.<br />

Upholding Human and Labor<br />

Rights<br />

We uphold the highest standards of<br />

human and labor rights for all workers<br />

in our supply chain. We require our<br />

suppliers to have policies in place<br />

that recognize, respect, and protect<br />

the human rights of their employees,<br />

suppliers, and communities affected<br />

by their operations. Our policies<br />

include fair employment terms, reasonable<br />

working hours, anti-discrimination<br />

practices, fair compensation,<br />

the prevention of forced labor and<br />

human trafficking, the prevention<br />

of underage labor, the protection of<br />

juvenile workers, and effective grievance<br />

mechanisms.<br />

Introduction Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

44<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

45<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

UK<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner<br />

Stories<br />

Making an <strong>Impact</strong> Together: Partnering for Positive Change Across the Globe.<br />

In this section, we are proud to showcase the impressive sustainability and corporate social<br />

responsibility initiatives undertaken by our partners around the world.<br />

UK<br />

USA<br />

P. 45 P. 48<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance <strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

Certified B Corp<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> HQ and our UK partner share a<br />

close and valued partnership, and we<br />

are thrilled to announce that our partner<br />

has obtained B Corp Certification,<br />

a prestigious recognition of their commitment<br />

to social and environmental<br />

responsibility. We are proud to work<br />

alongside a company that shares our<br />

values and dedication to creating a<br />

sustainable future for all.<br />

This achievement is not only a great<br />

accomplishment for our UK partner<br />

but also an inspiration for us at <strong>Micro</strong><br />

HQ and all of our other partners. It<br />

shows that it is possible to prioritize<br />

social and environmental responsibility<br />

while doing business, and we<br />

hope that our partnership can continue<br />

to motivate each other to find<br />

new ways to reduce our environmental<br />

impact and promote social justice.<br />

The B Corp Certification is awarded<br />

to companies that meet the highest<br />

standards of social and environmental<br />

performance, accountability, and<br />

transparency. It is a rigorous process<br />

that evaluates a company’s impact<br />

on its workers, customers, suppliers,<br />

community, and the environment.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> UK has demonstrated an outstanding<br />

commitment to sustainability,<br />

from using eco-friendly materials<br />

and reducing waste in their production<br />

processes to supporting local<br />

communities and promoting social<br />

justice. Their dedication to creating<br />

positive change aligns perfectly<br />

with <strong>Micro</strong> HQ’s mission to make the<br />

world a better place, one scooter ride<br />

at a time.<br />

As a company, we are committed to<br />

being a force for good and making a<br />

positive impact on society and the<br />

environment. Our partnership with<br />

our UK partner is a testament to our<br />

shared values and our joint commitment<br />

to creating a sustainable future.<br />

We congratulate <strong>Micro</strong> UK on achieving<br />

this impressive certification and<br />

look forward to continuing our partnership<br />

as we work together towards<br />

a more sustainable future.<br />

More information about <strong>Micro</strong> UK’s B<br />

Corp Certification:<br />

More infos<br />

Governance<br />

Workers<br />

24.5<br />

BIA score of<br />

95.2<br />

Community<br />

Environment<br />

Customers<br />

16 11.3<br />

21.1<br />

22.1<br />

The B <strong>Impact</strong> Assessment (BIA), a third-party<br />

standard created by B Lab (the non-profit behind<br />

the B Corp movement), to measure their<br />

impact.<br />

The BIA scores companies on a 0-200 point<br />

scale. The average score is 40-60 points.<br />

Companies interested in becoming Certified B<br />

Corporations are required to score 80 points<br />

or higher.<br />

Governance<br />

Introduction<br />

Workers<br />

Environment Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

46<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

47<br />

UK<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

UK<br />

Carbon Neutral<br />

We are delighted to announce that our<br />

UK partner, has achieved an incredible<br />

milestone by becoming the first<br />

scooter brand in the UK to achieve<br />

carbon neutrality. We are immensely<br />

proud to be partnering with a company<br />

that has taken a comprehensive approach<br />

to reducing their carbon footprint<br />

by utilizing renewable energy<br />

sources and optimizing the efficiency<br />

of their supply chain. In addition, they<br />

have partnered with Carbon Neutral<br />

Britain to offset their carbon emissions<br />

and fund projects that reduce<br />

the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> UK’s commitment to offsetting<br />

their carbon emissions through Carbon<br />

Neutral Britain’s projects has a significant<br />

impact in reducing CO2 in the<br />

atmosphere. They are funding various<br />

initiatives, including supporting<br />

a hydropower plant in Viti Levu, Fiji,<br />

which aids in meeting the country’s<br />

growing demand for energy while also<br />

promoting environmental, social, and<br />

economic sustainability. <strong>Micro</strong> UK is<br />

also supporting the largest wind farm<br />

in The Philippines, which generates<br />

clean energy and displaces generation<br />

from other sources that contribute<br />

pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions<br />

to the environment. Additionally,<br />

they are funding a hydropower<br />

plant in Nova Marilândia, Brazil, which<br />

reduces an average of 17,183 tCO2 per<br />

year and has numerous social and environmental<br />

programs.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> UK’s dedication to sustainability<br />

sets an excellent example for all of<br />

us, and we take great pride in collaborating<br />

with a company that makes<br />

a significant contribution to reducing<br />

the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere<br />

and creating a more sustainable<br />

future for us all. While they are<br />

committed to offsetting all of their<br />

carbon emissions, they also recognize<br />

the importance of reducing their<br />

emissions in the first place.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> UK has developed an action<br />

plan with Carbon Neutral Britain to<br />

move towards net-zero and continuously<br />

seeks ways to reduce their<br />

carbon footprint. This challenge will<br />

drive the processes they develop, the<br />

partners they work with, and the materials<br />

they source.<br />

At the core of our values is the belief<br />

that businesses must take responsibility<br />

for their impact on the environment,<br />

and <strong>Micro</strong> UK’s commitment<br />

to environmental sustainability is a<br />

testament to their dedication.<br />

More information about <strong>Micro</strong> UK’s<br />

journey to carbon neutrality:<br />

More infos<br />

Projects <strong>Micro</strong> UK supports<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

TFL Stars<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> UK is proud to partner with<br />

Transport for London (TFL) on their<br />

STARS initiative, which promotes<br />

sustainable travel, active lifestyles,<br />

and safe travel for families on the<br />

school run. This partnership includes<br />

a range of activities such as activity<br />

cards, travel art competitions,<br />

and special <strong>Micro</strong> Scoot Safe sessions.<br />

Through the STARS initiative,<br />

schools have replaced 13 million<br />

miles of car journeys with walking,<br />

cycling, or scooting, and more than<br />

700 London primary schools are enrolled<br />

in the program.<br />

Working together with TFL, <strong>Micro</strong> UK<br />

has created a series of activities for<br />

schools to complete, including art<br />

competitions and presentations as<br />

part of the Youth Travel Ambassadors<br />

program. When schools complete<br />

the activities, they have the chance<br />

to win a range of <strong>Micro</strong> Scooter prizes,<br />

including fleets of push scooters<br />

for schools, special “<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters<br />

Scoot Safe” sessions that teach<br />

children to scoot safely, and <strong>Micro</strong><br />

Scooters accessories to help children<br />

stay safe and hydrated on the active<br />

school run.<br />

Christina Calderato, TfL’s Head of<br />

Transport Strategy & Planning, has<br />

praised the partnership, saying:<br />

“Partnering with <strong>Micro</strong> Scooters is<br />

a great opportunity for us to encourage<br />

the next generation of young<br />

Londoners to think about the importance<br />

of active travel and make a<br />

real difference to our city.”<br />

Ben Gibson, Managing Director at<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters UK, is equally enthusiastic:<br />

“We are thrilled to be working<br />

with TfL on its brilliant STARS initiative.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Scooters UK was founded<br />

in London by two mums who were<br />

looking for an easier, greener, quicker<br />

more convenient way to do the<br />

school run with their children. Since<br />

then, our scooters have revolutionized<br />

the way families in London and<br />

the UK do the school run. The TfL<br />

STARS scheme gives school communities<br />

an opportunity to move in a<br />

safer, greener way. We are delighted<br />

that we can help support this scheme<br />

and improve school run journeys for<br />

children, parents, teachers, and local<br />

residents.”<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> UK’s collaboration with TFL on<br />

the STARS initiative demonstrates<br />

the company’s commitment to environmental<br />

sustainability and social<br />

responsibility. By promoting active,<br />

sustainable travel for families and<br />

supporting local schools, <strong>Micro</strong> UK<br />

is making a meaningful contribution<br />

to creating a more sustainable future<br />

for us all.<br />

More about <strong>Micro</strong> UK’s collaboration<br />

with TFL:<br />

More infos<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

48 <strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

49<br />

<strong>Micro</strong><br />

<strong>Sustainable</strong> <strong>Impact</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />

USA<br />

Source statement<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Gives Back Program<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> HQ is very proud of its US<br />

partner’s initiative, the “<strong>Micro</strong> Gives<br />

Back” program, which is dedicated<br />

to social responsibility and making<br />

a positive impact on society and the<br />

environment. The program supports<br />

various organizations that focus on<br />

sustainability, nutrition and exercise<br />

for children, housing and transportation.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> USA donates a portion of<br />

its proceeds from every <strong>Micro</strong> product<br />

purchased during select times<br />

throughout the year to causes that<br />

are meaningful to them, totaling over<br />

$40,000 in donations in 2022.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> USA’s Give Back program supports<br />

initiatives that are diverse and<br />

impactful, such as their support for<br />

Parley for the Oceans, which addresses<br />

major threats to our planet’s most<br />

important ecosystem. Their support<br />

for The Arbor Day Foundation is helping<br />

to plant 500 million trees to mitigate<br />

the effects of climate change.<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> USA is also partnering with the<br />

Bee Informed Partnership to contribute<br />

to the preservation of bees, which<br />

are essential for the growth of trees,<br />

flowers, and other plants.<br />

Furthermore, <strong>Micro</strong> USA’s support<br />

for Rise by Sundara empowers women<br />

entrepreneurs in low to middle income<br />

countries to bring solutions to<br />

the problems of water and sanitation,<br />

while their support for Baby2Baby<br />

provides basic necessities to children<br />

living in poverty. <strong>Micro</strong> USA’s direct<br />

donation to NAACP helps to advance<br />

social justice and build sustainable<br />

futures for the Black community.<br />

Through <strong>Micro</strong> USA’s Give Back program,<br />

they are demonstrating their<br />

commitment to sustainability and<br />

social responsibility, making a significant<br />

contribution to society and<br />

the environment. <strong>Micro</strong> HQ is proud<br />

of their US partner’s initiative and<br />

supports their efforts to create a brighter<br />

future for generations to come.<br />

To learn more about <strong>Micro</strong> USA’s<br />

Give Back program, please visit their<br />

website:<br />

More infos<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

P. 7: United Nations <strong>Sustainable</strong> Development Goals<br />

https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/news/communications-material/<br />

P. 12 Shared e-scooters<br />

https://www.tageswoche.ch/stadtleben/e-bikes-e-trottis-und-der-untergang-des-velolands/index.html<br />

P. 13 Solar panels<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/blau-weisse-sonnenkollektoren-ceTSHQ0qars?utm_source=unsplash<br />

P. 18 Videoconferencing<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/LzHLQvFKFQE?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyTex<br />

P. 18 Recycling<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/Qtj5RYq10vA<br />

P. 24 Tree<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/gruner-baum-unter-weissem-himmel-tagsuber-iAlerP-CnBY?utm_source=unsplash<br />

P. 27 Physiotherapist - m<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/FVh_yqLR9eA<br />

P. 27 Physiotherapist - f<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/pTrhfmj2jDA<br />

Introduction<br />

Environment<br />

Social<br />

Governance<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories<br />

P. 42 Brown wooden hand tool<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/braunes-holzhandwerkzeug-auf-weissem-druckerpapier-7PMGUqYQpYc?utm_source=unsplash<br />

P. 43 Person sitting on sofa<br />

https://unsplash.com/de/fotos/eine-person-die-mit-einem-laptop-an-einem-tisch-sitzt-5bM6nLQ9Qv0?utm_source=unsplash<br />

<strong>Micro</strong> Partner Stories

MICRO<br />


Check it out online

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info@micro.ms<br />

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