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MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -

MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -


PDGF Platelet Activation De-granulation Epithelial cells growth EGF FGF +Fibrin +Fibronectin Stem Cells +Vitronectin EGF PDGFVEGF TGFβ Stem Cells VEGF TGFβ Angiogenesis Stem Cells Stem Cells Collagen Production FGF Stem Cells Keratinocytes, Fibroblasts PDGF Stem Cells Induction of connective Cells replication tissue Stem cells differentiation formation Trans Differentiation CD34+ CD34+ CD34+ Induction of cell differentiation Stem Cells KGF PDGF PDGF Chemoattraction of Macrophages, fibroblasts 30

Extra cellular matrix Formation Dermis & Epidermis Thickening Over-all Skin New Blood Vessels Formation New Collagen Formation Rejuvenation Adipse tissue formation 31

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MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -
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