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MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -

MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -

PRP accelerates the

PRP accelerates the wound healing cascade Wound healing without PRP Wound healing with PRP % Wound closure % wound closure Haemostasis Haemostasis Fibrin Plts agrgg vWF Inflammation Leukocytes Plts G. Factors Inflammation Tissue regeneration Tissue remodeling Extra Cell. Matrix synth. Tissue synth. & Cell differentiation regeneration differentiation G. Factors Chemo tactics & mitotic G. Factors Tissue remodeling Physiologic response: time By By concentrating specific cells, wound healing time can be be shortened significantly Physiologic response: time 32

PRP - advantages � PRP Promotes local tissue growth and repair. � Patient’s safety – patient’s own blood: � No disease transmission � Non toxic � No rejection � Convenience – PRP prepared at doctor's office. � Faster healing – PLT accelerate tissue synthesis. � Cost effectiveness – No need for external substances. � Simple and easy to use. 33

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MyCells® - Platelet Rich Plasma harvesting kit : from ... -
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