Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 520

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay a population is interested in.

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9.19<br />

Karyn White<br />


CITYWINERY.COM • 646.751.6033



DJ STEVE<br />




The illustrious Steve Sidewalk is in the midst of celebrating<br />

25 years as a DJ this summer. He has been a nightlife staple,<br />

as well as one of the most in demand DJs on the planet. He is<br />

known for his high energy sounds internationally, at Fire Island,<br />

Palm Springs, Las Vegas and just about any place with Pride.<br />

He is loved for his pop-infused mixes, as well as his sheer<br />

professionalism and reliability.<br />

Originally from New Jersey, Steve began his career doing gay<br />

youth dances, until his big break came<strong>–</strong>doing a two-year residency<br />

at Tunnel NYC for the Kurfew Party. He has worked with artists<br />

including Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas and more. <strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong> caught up<br />

with Steve somewhere between Asbury Park, Miami and Fire<br />

Island for a conversation regarding his career.


Hello, Steve. As one of the<br />

leading New York DJs, what<br />

have you been up to?<br />

I’ve been celebrating my 25th<br />

year as a DJ this summer! I’ve<br />

been spinning in Fire Island,<br />

Asbury Park, Ogunquit and<br />

Rehoboth, and of course,<br />

NYC.<br />

Why do you believe you’re<br />

one of the busiest DJs…<br />

What’s your secret?<br />

I believe it’s important to have<br />

a strong social media presence,<br />

and I also travel a lot. I<br />

am very active on Facebook,<br />

Instagram, Twitter and the new<br />

Threads. Every gig I do gets<br />

promoted on all platforms, plus<br />

I post videos and reshare customers’<br />

stories. I believe it’s<br />

important to have interaction<br />

with my fans. Also, traveling<br />

helps me reach out to new<br />

audiences and also keeps me<br />

on my toes as a DJ. What may<br />

be a prime set in NYC may be<br />

different in Palm Springs. It’s<br />

my job as a DJ to read the<br />

crowd and figure out what they<br />

want, music-wise.<br />

What drives you?<br />

I am driven by my love for<br />

music but also I truly enjoy<br />

entertaining people . Music<br />

really brings people together.<br />

It helps us unwind and escape<br />

the daily monotony and nonsense<br />

in our daily lives. Going<br />

to concerts for me is a total<br />

stress relief and in return I like<br />

the do the same for the people<br />

that come see me dj.<br />

What is your favorite genre<br />

to play and your favorite<br />

crowd to play it to?<br />

I love so many styles of music.<br />

I do love playing my pop divas.<br />

And of course, my favorite<br />

crowd is one that’s there<br />

to dance and have a good<br />

time and be respectful to the<br />

people around them.<br />

Aside from New York, you’re<br />

known internationally and<br />

throughout the United<br />

States. Any upcoming plans<br />

to travel?<br />

Yes, I’ll be in Bangkok, Thailand<br />

as well as Ho Chi Minh<br />

City, aka Saigon, in Vietnam.<br />

I plan to return to the Philippines<br />

in January and I am<br />

looking into Europe for 2024.<br />

And of course I am in Palm<br />

Springs monthly, along with<br />

Las Vegas.<br />

How did you begin your<br />

fabulous career, and what<br />

made you decide to become<br />

a DJ?<br />

When I was a teenager in the<br />

‘90s, I was a promoter before I<br />

became a DJ. I’m really going<br />

to age myself here.... but i<br />

remember going into “AOL”<br />

chat rooms and promoting<br />

an LGBTQ dance with my<br />

LGBTQ youth group. My love<br />

for music naturally led me into<br />

the DJ booth for these events.<br />

What has been your biggest<br />

challenge and your greatest<br />

triumph?<br />

This is a challenging industry,<br />

and it’s not for everyone. It can<br />

take a lot of persistence and<br />

patience to grow as a DJ. My<br />

biggest triumph is definitely<br />

lasting 25 years in this<br />

business and still be spinning<br />

five-six night a week, plus traveling<br />

as much as I do. I’ve also<br />

been fortunate enough to play<br />

my largest nightclub venue to<br />

date for the third time, which is<br />

Echostage, with a capacity of<br />

over 3000. I did, however, DJ<br />

at Six Flags Great Adventure<br />

LGBTQ night years ago, with<br />

my music played throughout<br />

the park, which was super<br />

cool, with an estimated crowd<br />

of over 10K+<br />

What advice do you have for<br />

up and coming DJs?<br />

Just have fun. Don’t worry<br />

about what the other DJs are<br />

doing, because the grass is<br />

always greener. And it takes a<br />

lot of time to “pay your dues”<br />

and grow as a DJ. Also,<br />

respect your “elder” DJs. Don’t<br />

forget they paved the way for<br />

you!<br />

When people see the name<br />

“Steve Sidewalk” listed as<br />

the DJ, what should they<br />

expect?<br />

I want everyone to know that<br />

I care and am there to give<br />

the crowd collectively the best<br />

time I can as a DJ. I do listen<br />

to my customers, and requests<br />

are heard but can’t always<br />

be played (although tips help,<br />

haha), but it really depends<br />

on the event and the vibe. But<br />

customers can always reach<br />

out to me before and after an<br />

event via social media. I really<br />

do care. I want everyone to<br />

have a good time.<br />


Every Tuesday at the Spot<br />

Every Wednesday at Ritz<br />

Every Thursday at Rise<br />

I do guest DJ spots on the<br />

weekends. Check my social<br />

media for my schedule. @<br />

stevesidewalk on all social<br />

media platforms<br />

For Labor Day Weekend<br />

Friday Sept 1st Fun Tea @<br />

Pool at Fire Island Pines<br />

Saturday Sept 2nd Diegos<br />

Night Club Rehoboth Beach, DE<br />

Sunday Sept 3rd Paradise<br />

Asbury Park, NJ

getoutmag.com week in pictures<br />


>> BY WILSONMODELS / wilsonmodels.blogspot.com




“GETTING IN: NYC CLUB FLYERS FROM THE <strong>GAY</strong> 1990’S”<br />

A work of art, a statement, a tribute,<br />

a journey through history….Arts<br />

and entertainment journalist David<br />

Kennerley’s new book “GETTING IN:<br />

NYC Club Flyers from the Gay 1990s”<br />

is all of the above and more, and<br />

includes a riveting introduction by<br />

world renowned columnist, author,<br />

and everything else Michael Musto.<br />

Artistically, it offers the exquisitely<br />

vibrant pictures of the flyers from<br />

the iconic LGBTQ clubs that thrived<br />

in the 90’s, including the Limelight,<br />

the Roxy, Twilo, the Copacabana,<br />

and others that might have been<br />

lost forever if not carefully saved by<br />

David through the years. The book<br />

takes you on a journey through the<br />

illuminated tapestry of the crudely<br />

macadamized cement streets of New York City, leading to the gateways of the<br />

club scene, where a multichromatic, sophisticated anarchy of dance, music,<br />

drag, club kids, and the fear of AIDS took place. “GETTING IN: NYC Club Flyers<br />

from the Gay 1990s” is set for release late August.<br />


Hi, David.<br />

Congratulations on your<br />

book.<br />

Thanks. It’s my first one.<br />

It’s taken me three years<br />

to do. So it’s kind of a big<br />

deal for me.<br />

Well, it’s a coffee table<br />

book, right?<br />

I use that term because<br />

it’s got lots of amazing<br />

photos and it’s hardcover<br />

and it’s substantial, but<br />

it’s really more than that<br />

because it’s also a history<br />

of gay clubs. It’s got<br />

timelines and a map that<br />

shows you where all the<br />

clubs were in the ‘90s. So<br />

it’s sort of a combination.<br />

What inspired you to do<br />

this?<br />

When I was in my late<br />

20s, I started going<br />

clubbing in New York<br />

City, starting in 1990. I<br />

hadn’t come out yet. So I<br />

was still sort of bi-curious<br />

and trying to figure out<br />

my own way. And then<br />

I discovered the Roxy,<br />

which was a big gay club<br />

on West 18th Street. Big<br />

clubs were so unusual to<br />

me, because I had never<br />

really gone to any before,<br />

and I was fascinated when<br />

they would hand out these<br />

flyers. You know, for the<br />

big parties, the promoters<br />

would hand them out. And<br />

I was just like, “Why are<br />

people throwing these<br />


You don’t like these really<br />

great pictures of these<br />

hot guys with their shirts<br />

off and drag queens and<br />

club kids?” I was like,<br />

“I’m saving these.” I just<br />

became obsessed with<br />

collecting them. I got on<br />

mailing lists. Some of<br />

the promoters have very<br />

extensive mailing lists. So<br />

I would go into different<br />

gay type bookstores and<br />

they always had stacks<br />

of the flyers. I kept them<br />

all. My friends kept on<br />

telling me, “You should<br />

be sharing this with other<br />

people.” So I decided to<br />

do a book.<br />

Here’s my question.<br />

Do you still live in New<br />

York? Do you still go to<br />

the clubs in New York?<br />

I still live in the West<br />

village. I lived in Chelsea<br />

before but now I’m in the<br />

West Village. I still go<br />

out occasionally, mostly<br />

to the smaller bars. But<br />

occasionally I will go out<br />

to some of the big dance<br />

parties in Brooklyn. But<br />

they don’t hand out the<br />

flyers anymore.<br />

drug treatments had not<br />

been available yet. So,<br />

if you got AIDS, you had<br />

a death sentence. So<br />

the clubs, in my opinion,<br />

became a refuge and a<br />

safe haven, as well as<br />

a community builder for<br />

the LGBTQ community,<br />

where you could go and<br />

be with people who were<br />

like you. Like I said, it<br />

was a safe space. They<br />

would hold parties to<br />

benefit AIDS service<br />

organizations such as<br />

GMHC and ACT UP. In<br />

the ‘90s, especially in<br />

the beginning, you could<br />

rarely go to a big gay<br />

club and not have it be a<br />

benefit for AIDS.<br />

What prompted you to<br />

get Michael Musto to<br />

write your intro?<br />

Well, to be honest, I<br />

interviewed him in the<br />

past when he came out<br />

with one of his books. I<br />

know he’s very articulate.<br />

And I would run into him<br />

in the theater, so we<br />

crossed paths. I know<br />

that he’s been around,<br />

not just in the ‘90s, but<br />

also with the ‘80s. I used<br />

to read his “La Dolce<br />

Musto” column in the<br />

Village Voice and I just<br />

thought he would be<br />

the perfect person to<br />

explain what that ever<br />

was about. So it started<br />

out as an interview for an<br />

article and it turned into a<br />

forward. Also, we just had<br />

lunch yesterday because<br />

he hadn’t seen the book<br />

yet, and I had just gotten<br />

the advance copy, and<br />

I was so excited, the<br />

first person I ran to was<br />

Michael Musto!<br />

What do you hope will<br />

happen with your book,<br />

aside from the fact<br />

that you hope it sells a<br />

billion copies?<br />

This really is a passion<br />

project. I am not sure how<br />

many copies are going<br />

to sell. It’s all first edition,<br />

but I am already planning<br />

a second edition. I am self<br />

publishing, so I wanted to<br />

be sure that the response<br />

was as favorable as it<br />

could be, and so far it has<br />

been.<br />

How did the<br />

atmosphere change<br />

from the ‘90s to now?<br />

The way I see it,<br />

the ‘90s was a very<br />

particular time in<br />

LGBTQ history. AIDS<br />

was raging. The<br />

AIDS crisis obviously<br />

happened across the<br />

‘80s, but then, in 1990,<br />

it was getting to a very<br />

critical point, where<br />

the cocktails and the<br />


I’m hoping it actually<br />

makes a contribution to<br />

queer history because,<br />

as you know, most of<br />

these flyers were just<br />

thrown out. I saw them<br />

as works of art. So I<br />

feel like the creators of<br />

these flyers have been<br />

neglected. I’m trying to<br />

shine a light not only on<br />

the amazing clubs from<br />

the era<strong>–</strong>which there’s<br />

not going to be those<br />

kind of clubs anymore in<br />

Manhattan because real<br />

estate has changed so<br />

much<strong>–</strong>but also, I just want<br />

to contribute to queer<br />

history and make sure<br />

that people understand<br />

that these clubs were not<br />

just places to have fun,<br />

that they were places that<br />

were really valuable to the<br />

LGBTQ community. So<br />

the short answer to your<br />

question is that I want<br />

to contribute to LGBTQ<br />

history.<br />

How can people get<br />

your book?<br />

Right now, they can<br />

pre-order at http://<br />

gettinginclubbook.<br />

com. It’s very easy<br />

to order and the<br />

actual book itself,<br />

which is being<br />

printed in Korea, is<br />

going to be shipped<br />

and it should be<br />

arriving at the end of<br />

August.<br />

Will you be doing some<br />

book signings?<br />

Yes, those are in the<br />

works. And I do have<br />

some verbal agreements<br />

with bookstores, but I<br />

don’t have anything in<br />

writing so I don’t want to<br />

announce that yet.<br />

<strong>Get</strong>tingInClubBook.com<br />

ISSUE #<strong>520</strong><br />

DJ STEVE<br />














The publications of MJT/GOOTH ENTERTAINMENT, getoutmag.com or any<br />

other related print or Web publications or social media accounts, their images,<br />

quotations or articles should not be construed to be an indication of the sexual<br />

orientation of anyone portrayed therein.<br />

All Content © Copyright 2019<br />


25-21 45TH STREET ASTORIA, NY 11103<br />








South Florida’s spirited dance queen Kendra Erika’s new release, “Have My<br />

Way With You”, is heating up the summer vibe. Although relatively new to<br />

the scene, Kendra has already celebrated #1 Billboard dance hits, shared the<br />

stage with Jason Derulo, and has had songs produced by Grammy winning<br />

producer Damon Sharpe. She’s a singer, songwriter and actress and is set<br />

to appear in a film produced by Ciro Dapagio (Cherry Picker), based on live<br />

events that took place in Hollywood.<br />

Having a huge LGBTQ following, Kendra answered <strong>Get</strong> <strong>Out</strong> magazine’s<br />

questions regarding her quickly rising career.

INTERVIEW >><br />

Greetings, Kendra. What inspired your<br />

newest release?<br />

I wanted to write something that was fun, flirty<br />

and had vibrancy. A summer fling, a winter fling,<br />

and a spring fling. Anything that gets you hot<br />

and bothered and keeps you on your toes waiting<br />

for what’s to come next with that person.<br />

When and why did you decide you wanted a<br />

singing career?<br />

It’s something I always wanted to do from a<br />

young age, and the rest has been told through<br />

my journey. I felt called to do this. Something<br />

unexplainable drew me to want to do this, and it<br />

was just a matter of time. I dove headfirst into it.<br />

Who are your favorite musical influences?<br />

I have a bunch, but my top favorites are Frank<br />

Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Sade, Enya, Aaliyah,<br />

Ellie Goulding, Inna, Michael Buble, Rufus Du<br />

Sol, Gorgon City, Pascal Junior, CamelPhat,<br />

Disclosure.<br />

What challenges have you had to overcome?<br />

I was tone deaf at a very young age, and I<br />

overcame it by being taught by a classical opera<br />

singer, and absorbing it like a sponge in those<br />

formidable years. Even throughout my teens,<br />

young adult years, and even today, I continued<br />

and continue vocal training to make sure the<br />

wheels are still greased up and ready to go.<br />

What was your biggest triumph thus far?<br />

The latest is “Thriller Killer” amassing to over a<br />

million views and over 300K streams on Spotify.<br />

Before that, I had a number one charting single,<br />

“Self Control”, on the Billboard Dance Chart.<br />

Although a remake of a Laura Branigan song,<br />

if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it, just polish it,<br />

and throw your own signature on it!<br />

Where do you hope to be in five years?<br />

Traveling on Air Force One. Being the voice of<br />

America.<br />

getoutmag.com week in pictures<br />



getoutmag.com week in pictures<br />

>> BY MIKE TODD<br />





The biggest runway at Fashion Week NYC will be open for everyone when<br />

Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park takes place on Saturday, September<br />

9 from 3pm to 10pm. Grammy awarding winning DJ Diplo will headline with<br />

performances by Blond:ish and LP Giobbi. The main stage will feature a<br />

runway show spotlighting the stunning creations of Marco Marco.<br />

With over 3,000 tickets already sold, Dreamland Fashion Week in Central<br />

Park will set the Guinness World Record for “The Largest Attendance at<br />

a Fashion Show”. The current record is 1,012 people, achieved at 2018’s<br />

Moscow Fashion Week. Dreamland aims to shatter the record with 5,000<br />

attendees.<br />

“In 2023, Fashion Week is about more than<br />

clothes,” proclaims Jake Resnicow, the event’s<br />

producer. “This will be a week in NYC when art,<br />

culture, and self-expression merge. It will be<br />

about breaking barriers, challenging norms, and<br />

promoting inclusivity.”<br />

While most runway shows at New York Fashion<br />

Week are industry-only events and closed to the<br />

public, Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park<br />

will be open to everyone. “We invite all to immerse<br />

themselves in a world of glamour, artistry, and<br />

empowerment,” Resnicow continues, adding that<br />

the event will include interactive art installations,<br />

vibrant pop-up shops, and collaborations with<br />

multi-media artists.<br />


The full-length fashion show will be Marco Marco’s first in five years. The design<br />

house will unveil its latest creations and whisk audiences on a breathtaking and<br />

enchanting retrospective journey of founder Marco Morante’s most provocative<br />

creations. These are the looks that have adorned film icons and music legends<br />

and redefined the landscape of drag culture for the last twenty years. Each<br />

garment is a testament to the designer’s unwavering commitment to pushing<br />

boundaries and creating avant-garde pieces that defy norms.<br />

Providing the musical background for the presentation will be another true<br />

innovator and cultural icon. Diplo has worked with Beyoncé, Britney Spears,<br />

Madonna and more on some of the biggest club hits. Like Morante, Diplo has<br />

also proven to be a strong supporter for diversity and equality. In 2019, he<br />

played a surprise set at Jake Resnicow’s Utopia event in Isla Mujeres.<br />

Joining Diplo will be Blond:ish (a popular festival DJ who famously proposed to<br />

her long-time girlfriend Liana at last year’s Burning Man) and LP Giobbi, whose<br />

music and advocacy work has helped to promote equality within<br />

the industry and beyond.<br />

A portion of the proceeds from Dreamland<br />

Fashion Week in Central Park will<br />

benefit City Parks Foundation,<br />

an organization dedicated to<br />

transforming New York City<br />

parks into dynamic, vibrant<br />

centers of urban life.<br />

Presented by Jake Resnicow, Dreamland Fashion Week in Central Park<br />

takes placeSaturday, September 9 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park from<br />

3:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Doors open at 3:00 pm). Tickets are available now<br />

on Ticketmaster. Visit DreamlandCentralPark.com

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