2023 Head & Neck Cancer Conference Guide Book

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OFFICIAL <strong>2023</strong> DELEGATE<br />

<strong>Guide</strong> <strong>Book</strong><br />


8TH & 9TH NOVEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />



We have a range of in person<br />

and online support groups<br />

located around the UK. Most<br />

meetings are held on the second<br />

Wednesday of every month.<br />

Patients, caregivers and health<br />

professionals are all welcome.<br />


Blackpool /<br />

Preston / Lakes<br />

Fundraising is a key part of our annual funding and our volunteers often to go<br />

extreme lengths to raise valuable money for our charity. From bag packs to 28km<br />

swims in the Lake District and even cycling coast to coast across the UK, we are<br />

truly thankful for all their efforts! Luckily we’ve made it much easier to support The<br />

Swallows - you can simply scan the QR code with your smart phone to donate. We<br />

are extremely grateful for any donation, no matter how small or big!<br />




Cornwall/<br />

South Devon<br />





TORBAY<br />



Blackburn/Preston/Lakes CAREGIVERS grimsby lincolnshire<br />




justgiving.com/campaign/<br />

SwallowsCharity<br />

2 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />


BATH (FROM FEB '24)<br />



#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 3

<strong>2023</strong> HEADLINE SPONSORS<br />

We will explore potential ways of enabling all of us<br />

to think differently about how we learn and what we<br />

can achieve.<br />

The programme will deliver an exciting mix of<br />

keynote speakers and panel discussions, exhibitions<br />

themed around the strands of 'Living With and<br />

Beyond <strong>Cancer</strong>’ and will invite delegates to 'Think<br />

Differently' as a result.<br />


After a very successful 2022 conference,<br />

at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland,<br />

this year we are very pleased to be in<br />

the English Riviera. We anticipate that<br />

the <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Conference</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong> will be an inspiring and memorable<br />

experience for everyone who attends.<br />

The conference will pose questions about<br />

‘Living With and Beyond <strong>Cancer</strong>’. Inspired<br />

by leading national and international<br />

thinkers, the conference will explore<br />

how, by introducing greater passion and<br />

understanding into the patient’s journey,<br />

caregivers and the people who work<br />

with them will make informed choices,<br />

continue learning and aspire to worldclass<br />

performance.<br />

This year we are proud to thank a<br />

truly international line-up of speakers<br />

who give up their time to speak at<br />

the conference. We will welcome two<br />

celebrities: Tommy Walsh, H&N cancer<br />

survivor and TV Celebrity, and Michael<br />

Caines, TV chef.<br />

At a time when health professionals<br />

are under ever more severe pressures,<br />

the conference will examine the<br />

opportunities for everyone involved to<br />

help improve the Quality of Life.<br />

Speakers and panels will be invited to build their<br />

presentation around this triple-pronged approach<br />

or to concentrate on one aspect. Anecdotal and<br />

personal experience will be encouraged. Wherever<br />

possible, speakers have been grouped to explore<br />

counter or complementary positions within a strand<br />

to further engage the audience. The participation<br />

of patients and caregivers in all aspects will form an<br />

integral part of the conference.<br />

We all hope you get involved and enjoy the<br />

experience. Please use #HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> when<br />

posting your thoughts on social media.<br />


Chief Executive Officer<br />

& 12-year H&N <strong>Cancer</strong> Survivor<br />

chris@theswallows.org.uk<br />

4 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 5


Fahida Rehman, Clinical Nurse Specialist<br />

and Samantha Gregory, Speech and<br />

Language Therapist being honoured<br />

with the accolade of becoming Swallows<br />

charity patrons, giving them the privilege<br />

of supporting and championing the<br />

charity’s incredible work and continuing<br />

to make a meaningful difference in the<br />

lives of those we serve.<br />

Welcome<br />

to Torbaydos<br />

Welcome to the English Riviera and this<br />

year’s Swallows <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancer<br />

conference here in Torbaydos. It is a<br />

fantastic honour to host this conference<br />

and we will do our very best to live up to<br />

it. South Devon is a fantastic place to live,<br />

work and play.<br />

I started my consultant job here in<br />

Torbay in 2007 and started my family<br />

shortly after and have no regrets about<br />

either. I said a moment earlier that “we<br />

will do our very best to live up to it”,<br />

because it is so important to recognise<br />

that “we” are a team. It is undoubtably<br />

a tough job but rewarding beyond<br />

compare. The colleagues I work with<br />

are some of the most wonderful people<br />

I know and it as honour to have them<br />

not just as colleagues but as friends. I<br />

would hope that all those here know<br />

what a multidisciplinary team (MDT) is<br />

and the pride and trust we have in ours,<br />

I believe, means that it is rewarding and<br />

when the going gets tough we are able<br />

to support each other. I am also very<br />

much aware that the MDT is not just<br />

clinical staff and I am incredibly lucky to<br />

have such amazing administrative and<br />

management colleagues as well, who go<br />

the extra mile on a daily basis.<br />

I also believe that as a functioning caring<br />

and thoughtful team we can provide the<br />

best, most up to date, successful and<br />

kind service for all those who need us.<br />

We are also very much aware that not<br />

only do we learn from each other, but<br />

we learn from our head and neck cancer<br />

patients, their care givers, friends and<br />

relatives. Essentially every day is a school<br />

day and I am not sure if the next couple<br />

of days are lessons, revision, exams or<br />

parents evening! Whatever way you look<br />

at it I am sure the conference will be<br />

both fun and informative<br />

As you are here today, I can only presume<br />

you know what the Swallows Charity is<br />

about and as a head and neck surgeon it<br />

seems to encompass the vast majority of<br />

my job! It is about helping those affected<br />

by head and neck cancer along a long,<br />

hard and quite often brutal journey. I<br />

don’t need to tell you how tough the<br />

journey is. For some it takes a few years,<br />

for many it is for the rest of their lives.<br />

As a result of our collaborative work<br />

with the Swallows Charity our head and<br />

neck cancer patients in Torbay benefit<br />

from the south west’s first patient-led<br />

Swallows support group. Stemming<br />

from this initiative we developed a<br />

partnership and direct linking with<br />

Lowell General Hospital in Boston,<br />

USA; the first NHS trust in the UK to do<br />

so. The aim is to twin and refine best<br />

practice for both head and neck cancer<br />

service departments. This also led to<br />

Our patients in Torbay also now have the<br />

opportunity to receive a revolutionary<br />

form of radiotherapy, as we have recently<br />

opened a clinical research trial called<br />

ToRPEdo, where our patients benefit<br />

from proton beam therapy, giving them<br />

an excellent opportunity to have access<br />

to world class treatment. This is co-led<br />

by The Christie NHS Foundation Trust<br />

based in Manchester and The Institute<br />

of <strong>Cancer</strong> Research in London. The trial<br />

will determine whether the use of proton<br />

beam therapy reduces long-term side<br />

effects and improves quality of life for<br />

people treated with radiotherapy for<br />

oropharyngeal cancer.<br />

Added to this drive in providing<br />

advancing treatment in head and neck<br />

cancer, our patients in Torbay are also<br />

benefiting from our 14-day Pathway<br />

from Decision to Treat to Radiotherapy.<br />

Since implementing the new pathway<br />

in October 2017 our findings have shown<br />

that for most patients the pathway is<br />

achievable and maintainable despite the<br />

significant pressures within the NHS. In<br />

view of the success and potential benefit,<br />

we would strongly encourage other<br />

centres to consider adopting a similar<br />

approach in their departments.<br />

This conference will bring together<br />

experts, researchers, healthcare<br />

professionals, and individuals passionate<br />

about head and neck cancer care. Our<br />

aim is to create a platform for sharing<br />

knowledge, fostering collaboration, and<br />

advancing the field of head and neck<br />

cancer and research. Throughout the<br />

conference, you will have the opportunity<br />

to hear from inspirational international<br />

speakers, leading experts in the field.<br />

They will be sharing the latest research<br />

findings, treatment strategies, and<br />

advancements diagnostic techniques.<br />

We encourage you to actively participate<br />

in discussions, ask questions, and<br />

exchange your ideas with fellow<br />

attendees.<br />

We want to express our gratitude to<br />

our sponsors, exhibitors and all the<br />

individuals who have contributed to<br />

making this conference possible. Your<br />

support plays a crucial role in advancing<br />

the fight again head and neck cancer.<br />

We hope you find this event enriching<br />

and inspiring. Together we can make<br />

significant strides in improving the<br />

lives of those affected. Thank you once<br />

again for being part of this important<br />

event. Let’s make the most of our time<br />

in Torquay and work towards a brighter<br />

future in head and neck cancer care.<br />


ENT / <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> Consultant<br />

& <strong>2023</strong> <strong>Conference</strong> President<br />

6 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 7

Day 1 >> Wednesday 8th November<br />

Day 2 >> Thursday 9th November<br />

9.00 - 9.30<br />

<strong>2023</strong> <strong>Conference</strong> and Day 1 Welcome<br />

Chris Curtis<br />

Philip Reece<br />

9.00 - 9.05<br />

Day 2 Welcome<br />

Chris Curtis<br />

Philip Reece<br />

9.30 - 10.15<br />

SESSION: Pathologists, with you from the first step of your journey<br />

Professor Ali Khurram<br />

Dr Paul Hankinson<br />

9.05 - 9.50<br />

SESSION: Look, Listen and Observe for Mouth <strong>Cancer</strong> in the elderly<br />

Emma Riley<br />

10.20 - 11.05<br />

SESSION: Alternative medicine<br />

Simon Erridge<br />

Derek Lewthwaite<br />

9.55 - 10.40<br />

SESSION: Looking Beyond H&N <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Shyam Singam<br />

Tamsin Longley<br />

11.05 - 11.35 Morning coffee break<br />

10.40 - 11.10 Morning coffee break<br />

11.35 - 12.20<br />

SESSION: <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong>s latest technology<br />

Richard Cave<br />

Vladimír Vondráček<br />

11.10 - 11.55<br />

SESSION: Acute & Late Effects of Radiotherapy Treatment<br />

Emma Hallam<br />

Nicola Freeman<br />

12.25 - 13.10<br />

13.10 - 14.20 Lunch break<br />

14.20 - 15.05<br />

15.10 - 16.00<br />

16.05 - 17.15<br />

SESSION: The unseen discrimination of cancer<br />

Chris Lewis<br />

SESSION: What we eat “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”<br />

Sarah Pearce<br />

SESSION: My Personal Experience of Throat <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Tommy Walsh<br />

SESSION: Latest research in <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Emma Kinloch Alexandra Langstaff<br />

Michael J Passineau<br />

12.00 - 12.40<br />

12.40 - 13.50 Lunch break<br />

13.50 - 14.40<br />

14.45 - 15.25<br />

15.30 - 16.10<br />

SESSION: Collaboration outcomes<br />

Dr Naomi Cole Arthur M. Lauretano<br />

Fahida Rehman Samantha Gregory<br />

SESSION: Nutrition doesn’t need to look boring<br />

Michael Caines<br />

SESSION: Laryngectomy my voice<br />

Jon Organ Peter Cousens<br />

Richard Andrews<br />

SESSION: A patients journey<br />

Sid Platt<br />

Denise Rudgley<br />

17.15 - 17.20 Day 1 wrap up<br />


16.10 - 16.30<br />

Day 2 wrap up, 2024 location<br />

announcement and close<br />

8 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 9


Patients, caregivers, and<br />

family members all welcome<br />

JOIN US AT OUR Patient &<br />

Caregiver MONTHLY MEETINGS<br />


Support for PATIENTS & Caregivers<br />

affected by HEAD & NECK CANCER<br />

Our main activities:<br />

• Provide a wide range of patient & caregiver information books<br />

• Offer a unique & dedicated 24/7 support phone line<br />

• Distribute Our patient and caregiver Support Boxes<br />

• USE OUR website and social media platforms TO help educate patients & caregivers<br />

• A range of supportive and awareness material for <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

• DEVELOP OUR Patient Mobile Phone App TO sharE ideas & tips<br />

• GET involved with health professionals at all HEALTHCARE levels<br />

• HOST OUR Regular monthly patient & caregiver meetingS<br />

Our 24/7 PATIENT & CAREGIVER<br />

support line service is<br />

answered by a real person<br />


theswallowscancersupport<br />

(+44) 07504 725 059 info@theswallows.org.uk<br />

@swallowsgroup<br />

Come and meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere.<br />

There’s no need to book, just turn up on the<br />

evening. Visit our website to find your local meeting.<br />









Chris Curtis<br />

Chief Executive Officer,<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Survivor,<br />

The Swallows H&N <strong>Cancer</strong> Support Charity<br />

chris@theswallows.org.uk<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Support<br />

Patient &<br />

Caregiver<br />

Mobile App<br />

Find lots of tips and articles to<br />

help with your journey, join our<br />

community plus much more.<br />




10 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 11

<strong>2023</strong> Speakers<br />

The International <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Conference</strong> is delighted to welcome a range of<br />

health professionals, patients and carers from around the world to take part in seminars and<br />

keynote sessions to dive into the latest and most interesting topics from the last 12 months.<br />

Tommy Walsh<br />

TV Presenter/DIY Expert<br />

DAY 1<br />

Philip Reece<br />


DAY 1 & DAY 2<br />

Tommy is best known for his presenting role in Ground Force alongside Charlie and Alan.<br />

Educated at Parmiter’s School, then a grammar school in Bethnal Green, Walsh became a builder<br />

and first came to public attention after appearing in the BBC television gardening programme<br />

Ground Force. He stayed with the show for the rest of its run, from 1997 to 2005.<br />

ENT/<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> Consultant<br />

& <strong>2023</strong> <strong>Conference</strong> President<br />

After leaving school Philip studied medicine at University College London, qualifying in 1992. In the<br />

middle of this he undertook an intercalated BSc in Cellular pathology. Philip was attracted to ENT<br />

Surgery while a medical student and his postgraduate training involved jobs at the Royal Marsden,<br />

Great Ormond Street, Royal Throat, Noise and Ear, St Mary’s and Addenbrookes Hospitals. The bulk<br />

of Philip’s senior surgical training was at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford. At the end of his training<br />

he spent time in Tanzania and then completed a Fellowship in <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> Surgery at the<br />

Royal Brisbane Hospital in Australia.<br />

In 2007 he returned to the United Kingdom to take up his post as ENT/<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> Consultant<br />

at Torbay Hospital in South Devon. Philip has been active in training surgeons of the future as an<br />

Assigned Educational Supervisor for the Royal College of Surgeons, and he is the South Devon<br />

“Ambassador” for the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD)<br />

and the <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Lead for South Devon. Philip and his team were the first surgeons<br />

in the UK to perform Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) for cancer and today continue to innovate<br />

cancer treatment including laser and advanced airway surgery. On a personal level his wife and<br />

Philip are raising four children and umpteen animals. He would like to list all his hobbies, but he<br />

has four children and umpteen animals!<br />

Fahida Rehman<br />

Lead <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong>/Thyroid <strong>Cancer</strong> Clinical<br />

Nurse Specialist Swallows <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> Charity Patron<br />

DAY 2<br />

Fahida is the Lead H&N <strong>Cancer</strong> Specialist Nurse at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust,<br />

providing holistic care for cancer patients undergoing investigation and treatment throughout their<br />

entire patient pathway, maintaining a high standard of person-centred care through clinical expertise.<br />

As a result of collaborative work with The Swallows Charity, she was instrumental in pioneering the<br />

region’s first patient-led support group in the South-West, as well as developing a partnership and<br />

direct linking with the Lowell General Hospital in Boston, USA. The aim being to twin and refine<br />

best practice for both head and neck cancer service departments; this successfully resulted in the<br />

continuing development of an equivalent role there.<br />

She also has a passion for health inequalities, committed and dedicated to improving outcomes<br />

for patients who are most vulnerable to cancer and its associated health disparities; most recently<br />

reflected in being a member of the advisory panel for the Macmillan Torbay Equity Project, which<br />

aims bridge the gap in cancer care and promote equitable access to treatment.<br />

His hard landscaping and building knowledge and skills led him to go onto film Fix It Yourself” for<br />

Discovery Real Time in 2010 and his series, “Fix Your House for Free” made in 2009 for Discovery<br />

Real Time was another successful series. In 2007 Tommy and his team pushed their talent and<br />

dexterity right to the edge, going beyond anything he has previously attempted on TV, with the<br />

task of building a new home in 60 days for £60K. It was built in the most eco and cost-friendly<br />

manner as possible, with construction materials which take into account eco benefits, cost,<br />

availability and ease of use. Recently Tommy Walsh was back on our screens presenting “Homes<br />

Under the Hammer” and “Clean It Fix It”.<br />

His book DIY Survival on publication made it into the UK’s bestsellers list and he subsequently<br />

published 4 project books; Kitchen DIY, Bathroom DIY, Outdoor DIY and Living Spaces DIY.<br />

Tommy had a small acting role in the film “One”. He is Patron of the “Stairway to Heaven Memorial<br />

Trust”, and is the subject of the song “Tommy Walsh’s Eco House” on the 2011 album 90 Bisodol<br />

(Crimond) by the band Half Man Half Biscuit. He has also appeared on Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank<br />

amongst other TV guest appearances.<br />

Clinical instructor in otology and laryngology, Harvard Medical School<br />

Assistant clinical professor in otolaryngology, Boston University School of Medicine<br />

Board Certified – American Academy of Otolaryngology and <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> Surgery<br />

Board Certified – American Academy of Preventive Medicine<br />

Dr. Lauretano is a head and neck cancer surgical oncologist from Boston Massachusetts. A<br />

graduate of the Boston University Six-year Accelerated Medical Program, he trained at Harvard<br />

Medical School/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.<br />

He was a full-time academic surgeon at Harvard Medical School, including the Dana Farber<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> Institute, and then moved his cancer practice to the urban area of Lowell, Massachusetts.<br />

There he established the Multidisciplinary <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Center, which sees patients<br />

from throughout the United States. Arthur is a proud International Patron of The Swallows.<br />

Join the conversation<br />

Use the <strong>2023</strong> hashtag on social media<br />

Arthur M. Lauretano<br />

MD, MS, FACS<br />

DAY 2<br />

Medical Director, Lowell General Hospital<br />

Multidisciplinary <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Center<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong><br />

12 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 13

Catherine Holborn<br />

MSc; BSc (Hons); PGCert<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> Medical Oncologist<br />

DAY 2<br />

Tamsin Longley<br />

Senior Occupational Therapist,<br />

The Royal Marsden Hospital<br />

DAY 2<br />

Catherine is professionally registered as a Therapeutic Radiographer and worked clinically, within<br />

Radiotherapy, between 1998 and 2003. In 2003, she joined Sheffield Hallam University as a senior<br />

lecturer within their Radiotherapy & Oncology team. The majority of Catherine’s workload is in the<br />

post-registration/ post-graduate setting, delivering education to qualified practitioners, from a<br />

range of professional backgrounds, working within the cancer setting. The focus of her education<br />

predominantly focuses on topics related to cancer survivorship and personalised cancer care.<br />

She is passionate about using education to promote best practice in this field. She has a particular<br />

interest in strategies that help people to manage, and cope with, the long-term impact of cancer<br />

and its treatment. In 2022, Catherine also took on the role of Training & Education Lead at Sheffield<br />

Hallam’s Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) where work is undertaken to develop<br />

innovations that help people to move and improve their quality of life.<br />

Tamsin Longley is a Senior Occupational Therapist The Royal Marsden Hospital Foundation<br />

trust (RMH). She works as a clinical member of the Occupational Therapy department and is<br />

also committed to quality improvement and patient-centred care. In 2018, she was awarded the<br />

Churchill Fellowship in order to gain a better understanding into the research and therapeutic<br />

interventions available for individuals experiencing cancer related cognitive impairment (CRCI)<br />

following cancer and cancer treatment.<br />

As a result since 2021 and with support from the Royal Marsden cancer charity, Tamsin has now<br />

been running an adapted UK version of the ‘Emerging from the HazeTM’ programme for patient’s<br />

experiencing CRCI, initially built by Dr Arash Asher at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, with promising<br />

results so far.<br />

Peter Cousens<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Survivor<br />

DAY 2<br />

Emma Kinloch<br />

Director, Salivary Gland <strong>Cancer</strong> UK<br />

DAY 2<br />

Peter was born in South West London in 1946, and attended Battersea County School. He has<br />

spent most of my working life in the dairy industry, first in London managing a Distributive Retail<br />

Depot in Shepherds Bush, then after meeting Chris and moving to Devon in 1979, he worked for St<br />

Ivel/Daws dairy as a Territory Manager covering Devon and Cornwall. Peter took early retirement<br />

in 2001. He owned an old 1951 London Bus and decided to go part time bus driving, which he did<br />

until he was made a member of this club in 2013.<br />

Peter was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx in November 2011 and was given laser and<br />

radiotherapy over Christmas and the New year of 2011/12, but unfortunately the cancer returned in<br />

July 2013 after which he had a full laryngectomee.<br />

Emma Kinloch is the founder of Salivary Gland <strong>Cancer</strong> UK (SGC UK), a unique collaboration<br />

between a patient advocate and medical oncologist. SGC UK is focussed on building a network<br />

of those affected by, treating and researching rare salivary gland cancers in the UK and beyond,<br />

pushing forwards research and providing reliable information.<br />

Internationally Emma represents salivary gland cancers as a Patient Advisor to the EURACAN rare<br />

head and neck cancer domain, a member of the International Rare <strong>Cancer</strong> Initiative (IRCI) and a<br />

Non-Executive Director of a US based Research Foundation. In all these roles she is focussed on<br />

collaboration, co-production and ensuring the patient/public voice is fully integrated into research<br />

from strategy and priority setting, through delivery, to output, evaluation, and dissemination<br />

Emma studied Experimental Psychology at Corpus Christi Oxford, holds an MSc in Criminology<br />

and Masters in Organisational Psychology.<br />

Simon Erridge<br />

MBBS BSc (Hons)<br />

<strong>Head</strong> of Research & Access, Sapphire Clinic<br />

DAY 1<br />

Sid Platt<br />

Former <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> Patient<br />

DAY 2<br />

Simon is a medical doctor, based in London, who leads on the conduct and development of<br />

research on medical cannabis at Sapphire Medical Clinics. He combines this with a role at Imperial<br />

College London, where he also studies the effects of components from the cannabis plant on<br />

pancreatic cancer cells in pre-clinical models.<br />

Sid is a 75 year young East Ender - former (un)civil servant, public sector Trade Union bureaucrat<br />

(Nalgo/Unison), Midlands TUC Chair, and Local authorities chief executive (West Midlands Local<br />

Government Association WMLGA). His future careers are behind him as his work avoidance<br />

programme is proceeding well! (with the exception of my commitment to the Swallows cancer<br />

recovery groups). Sid is now living in Cornwall on grandparenting duties, boating, travelling and<br />

playing golf enthusiastically (and often referred to as “Lazarus” when he wins!).<br />

14 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 15

Emma Hallam<br />

BSc MSc PGCertNMP<br />

DAY 2<br />

Vladimír Vondráček<br />

MSc.<br />

DAY 1<br />

Macmillan Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer<br />

Medical Physicist<br />

In 2013 Emma, a Macmillan Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer at The Nottingham<br />

Radiotherapy Centre developed and now leads the award winning Macmillan Nottingham<br />

Radiotherapy Late Effects Clinic. This bespoke service, the first if its kind within the UK helps<br />

patients with any physical or psychological late effects that patients may have as a consequence<br />

from their treatment.<br />

In 2019 she developed the service further to include the follow up of head and neck radiotherapy<br />

patients using patient reported outcome measures and digital technology and it is here where<br />

Emma helps to provide rehabilitation, identify early lymphoedema and other late effects with the<br />

intention of providing help and support before these consequences have a negative impact on<br />

the patient’s quality of life. Emma is also an Associate Lecturer at Sheffield University providing<br />

education and expert clinical guidance on personalised care and living with and beyond cancer.<br />

Offering a holistic approach, helping patients live well with and beyond cancer and education on<br />

late effects to both patients and health professionals is Emma’s key focus and area if interest.<br />

Vladimír has been a medical physicist in Thomayer´s Memorial Hospital since 1997, and since 2005<br />

head of medical physics department. He was head of medical physics department in University<br />

hospital Na Bulovce, Institute of radiation oncology between 2003-2012. Vladimír has held the<br />

position of <strong>Head</strong> of medical physics department in Proton Therapy Center in Prague since 2012,<br />

with special accreditation for radiation protection in proton therapy facility and accreditation for<br />

commissioning of proton beam for clinical treatment.<br />

He’s worked on a project on collaboration with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna,<br />

Russia, since 2004 in using proton beams and/or hadron beams for treatment. He was also a<br />

teacher at Institute for Postgradual Education in Medicine, 2006-2022, Faculty of medical physics<br />

and has participated in research projects with Institute of Radiation Dosimetry, Czech Academy of<br />

Science (RBE measurement of proton beam, LET measurement) and Czech Metrological Institute<br />

(measurement of unwanted doses during radiation therapy).<br />

Shyam Singam<br />


ENT Surgeon<br />

Shyam completed his Undergraduate and ENT Postgraduate training (Coimbatore and Madras<br />

medical Colleges respectively) in India. He then trained in the Republic of Ireland and got his<br />

ENT Fellowship. Subsequently, after a stint of freelancing around the UK, he’ll be catching the<br />

Hogwart’s Express, to Torbay!<br />

DAY 2<br />

His special interests include BAHA, Obstructive Sleep Disordered Breathing, Coblation surgery and<br />

Acupuncture. The Acupuncture Clinic for Post Radiotherapy Xerostomia, was set up back in 2003<br />

with Julie Hewitt. Outside of work, he enjoys a little golf, gardening (including hard labour in an<br />

allotment that churns out Rhubarb gin and Cherry vodka!) and cooking, keeping him busy!<br />

Emma Riley<br />

Emma has many years’ experience in dental nursing and oral health care, having qualified from<br />

Manchester Dental School. She was at one point the only Sponsored McMillian Oral Health<br />

practitioner working for the Pennine Trust and supported patients at all stages of their treatment<br />

of oral cancers. Emma led nurse led clinics and was the DCP member of UKOMIC. Her work has<br />

seen her present and write both nationally and internationally and allowed her to present at the<br />

Mouth <strong>Cancer</strong> Awareness event in Parliament.<br />

Emma is also a clinical advisor for MCF. She has throughout the pandemic worked closely with<br />

care homes and was proud to contribute to the COP26 event which put oral care for the older<br />

person under the spot light.<br />

DAY 2<br />

Dental Nurse and Oral Health Practitioner,<br />

Patron of The Society of British Dental Nurses<br />

Dr Naomi Cole<br />


<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> Oncologist<br />

DAY 2<br />

Naomi completed her Oncology training in South Wales, and became a consultant, treating <strong>Head</strong><br />

and <strong>Neck</strong> and Skull base tumours, in 2013. In 2017 Naomi moved down to the South West and<br />

she started working in Torbay Hospital treating people with <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancer and with lung<br />

SABR. Naomi works with a fantastic team in Torbay and who continually aim to provide great care<br />

for their patients.<br />

Richard Cave<br />

Speech and Language Therapist<br />

DAY 1<br />

Richard Cave is a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) based in the UK, PhD candidate at<br />

UCL, national adviser to Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists for voice banking,<br />

Ambassador to the Mouth <strong>Cancer</strong> Foundation and recipient of the 2022 Allied Professional award<br />

from the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations. Richard works with Google, providing<br />

specialist SLT consultancy to the Relate, Euphonia, Look to Speak, Activate projects. He also<br />

works with the MND Association, providing training and practical support for voice banking and<br />

communication technology. Prior to qualification as a SLT, he worked in the IT industry for 18 years.<br />

16 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 17

Jon Organ<br />

DAY 2<br />

Michael Caines<br />

MBE DL<br />

DAY 2<br />

Laryngectomee<br />

Chef Owner Michael Caines Collection<br />

My name is Jon Organ I am 57 and I am a Laryngectomee. I have been married to Nicky for 34<br />

years and have 4 children and 11 grandchildren. Up until November last year life was ticking<br />

along very nicely, and cares were few and far between. I ran my own building company, as well as<br />

consulting on Health and Safety in the construction industry (I still do).<br />

A two week rule visit to ENT at hospital after many months of a hoarse voice, found cancer of the<br />

voice box. Initially staged at 3, soon after stage 4. The cancer had grown through the thyroid. An<br />

urgent total laryngectomy, plus removal of thyroid gland and 84 lymph nodes followed.<br />

Shortly after 6 weeks of radiotherapy, at the Royal Marsden hospital London and two doses of<br />

chemotherapy. I am now classed as NED, No evidence of disease at a recent PET scan. During my<br />

short but intense journey, the one thing I have learnt is that people out there feel alone just as I<br />

did. Nobody should feel alone, and everybody should be helped wherever they can. If possible, I<br />

would like to help make a painful situation a little less painful.<br />

Michael Caines MBE, chef patron of Lympstone Manor, is known as one of Britain’s most<br />

celebrated and acclaimed Michelinstarred chefs. Having grown up in the South West of England,<br />

Michael has earned a global reputation for his distinctive modern cuisine, which champions the<br />

finest local produce and suppliers, combined with influences from his global travels.<br />

In 2006 Michael was awarded an MBE for contributions and services to the hospitality industry and<br />

made a Freeman of the City of Exeter for his work impassioning the hospitality industry in the local<br />

area. Michael also created the Michael Caines Academy at Exeter College – of which he is alumnus –<br />

as well as The Michael Caines Foundation which supports numerous charities including Families for<br />

Children, Farms for City Children, The Exeter Foundation, One for the Boys, WESC and Devon Wildlife<br />

Trust.<br />

Michael is a familiar face on television, appearing regularly on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, Great British<br />

Menu and MasterChef and has authored a cookbook, Michael Caines at Home.<br />

Join the conference<br />

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Professor<br />

Ali Khurram<br />

DAY 1 & DAY 2<br />

Consultant Pathologist<br />

Michael J Passineau<br />

PhD<br />

Vice President and <strong>Head</strong> of Salivary Gland<br />

Therapeutics MeiraGTx<br />

DAY 1<br />

2021- Present, Vice President and <strong>Head</strong> of Salivary Gland Therapeutics, MeiraGTx (NASDAQ:MGTX).<br />

MeiraGTx is a global gene therapy company with corporate headquarters in New York City,<br />

and primary manufacturing facilities in London and Shannon, Ireland. MeiraGTx develops and<br />

manufacturers and develops gene therapy vectors in inherited retinal diseases (partnership with<br />

Janssen), central nervous system disorders and salivary gland dysfunction.<br />

My role encompasses oversight of clinical drug development and research for the company’s lead<br />

candidate, AAV2-hAQP1, a gene therapy agent intended to treat radiation-induced xerostomia and<br />

Sjogren’s disease, as well as other undisclosed therapeutic candidates. AAV2-hAQP1 completed a<br />

Phase 1 clinical trial in March <strong>2023</strong>, and the company has begun dosing a Phase 2 trial in June, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Formerly 13 years at Allegheny Health Network, Drexel University College of Medicine, Pittsburgh<br />

Campus (Allegheny General Hospital). Retired as full Professor, Drexel University CoM, in 2021.<br />

Ali Khurram is a Professor and Consultant Pathologist at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield<br />

Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK. He is passionate about raising the profile of<br />

Pathology as a specialty and raising awareness of head and neck cancers. He is a Patron for The<br />

Swallows <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Charity.<br />

Professor Khurram has a number of local, regional and national leadership roles including Clinical<br />

lead for the local/regional Diagnostic Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Service, Secretary of the<br />

British Society for Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (BSOMP), Digital Advisor for the Pathological<br />

Society of Great Britain & Ireland and Deputy Chair of the NCRI’s Salivary Gland working group. He<br />

is also the Training Programme Director for the specialty in Yorkshire and was awarded the 2022<br />

Golden Microscope Medal for his contribution to pathology training and education.<br />

Professor Khurram is actively involved in research with numerous ongoing projects investigating<br />

head and neck cancer and pre-cancer as well as the use of Artificial Intelligence in diagnosis and<br />

prediction of prognosis.<br />

Download the patient<br />

& caregiver mobile app<br />



18 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 19

Nicola Freeman<br />

BSc (HONS) Radiotherapy & Oncology,<br />

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice<br />

Radiotherapy & Oncology<br />

H&N Consultant Radiographer<br />

DAY 2<br />

Nicola qualified as a therapeutic radiographer in 2003, and progressed up to superintendent<br />

radiographer in 2015 incorporating H&N specialist duties as part of her role. This involved supporting<br />

service users and their families throughout, and beyond their treatment journey providing specialist<br />

advice and care.<br />

Throughout this time, she has acquired knowledge and skills to further her expertise and developed<br />

networking skills with the wider multidisciplinary team to ensure their service users receive the best<br />

possible holistic care appropriate to their individual needs. In 2021 Nicola completed her masters<br />

degree, with her dissertation focussing on prehabillitation for HNCa, following a service user<br />

evaluation about their needs and the service provisions.<br />

Following on from this, Nicola was fortunate to be appointed to H&N consultant radiographer,<br />

and for the past year and a half has been working to reduce the oncologist time, and improve<br />

efficiency of the pathway throughout our service. Nicola is passionate about enabling service<br />

users to optimise their health and well-being pre-, and during treatment, and highly motivated to<br />

facilitate a better quality of life post-treatment.<br />

Alexandra Langstaff<br />

BSc, BNurs, Msc, NMP<br />

Ward Manager for <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong>,<br />

Brachytherapy and Molecular Radiation<br />

at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust<br />

DAY 1<br />

Alexandra trained for BNurs Adult Nursing and MSc Specialist Practice <strong>Cancer</strong> at The University<br />

of Manchester and is current ward manager for <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong>, Brachytherapy and Molecular<br />

Radiation at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. She’s held previous roles within the same unit as a<br />

Registered nurse and Sister.<br />

Alexandra’s symptom control and end of life care interest led to previous role as a Clinical Nurse<br />

Specialist in Supportive and Palliative Care. Attempting to regularly alleviate symptoms for a<br />

variety of disease groups, ongoing issues with patients experiencing severe mucositis as a result of<br />

head and neck radical radiation were noted leading to completion of research project during 2022.<br />

Her clinical innovation research completed on alleviation of radiation induced mucositis for head<br />

and neck patients via use of Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM). A Green Team Award was<br />

received in January <strong>2023</strong> from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. She has a strong passion for<br />

staff mental health and wellbeing and her MSc research project focused on the impact of end of<br />

life care on nurses within the oncology setting. Alexandra also holds the additional role of clinical<br />

supervisor within her current NHS trust.<br />

Samantha Gregory<br />

DAY 2<br />

Join the conversation<br />

Use the <strong>2023</strong> hashtag on social media<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong><br />

Macmillan Speech<br />

and Language Therapist<br />

Samantha graduated in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Speech and Language Therapy. Since<br />

qualifying she has always had a passion for working with people with <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

and their caregivers. She has been the clinical lead for the <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Speech and<br />

Language Therapy service at Torbay Hospital in South Devon since 2018.<br />

Samantha’s role is to provide assessment and rehabilitation of communication and / or swallowing<br />

difficulties associated with head and neck cancers and their treatment. She specialises in surgical<br />

voice restoration in laryngectomy rehabilitation and specialist instrumental swallow assessments<br />

including videofluoroscopy and fibreoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES).<br />

Sarah Pearce<br />

Director of Services and Operations,<br />

Fifth Sense<br />

DAY 1<br />

Samantha is honoured to have taken part in a transatlantic collaboration with The Swallows<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Support Group and the head and neck cancer team at the Lowell General<br />

Hospital in Boston, USA. The aim is to twin the two hospital trusts and continue to develop their<br />

overseas partnerships. She is proud to support The Swallows <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Support<br />

Group in Torbay and has been recently given the honour of patron for which she is truly grateful<br />

and humbled.<br />

Originally trained as a nurse, Sarah later studied in her spare time to acquire the qualifications<br />

to study full time as an undergraduate Law student, before going on to successfully complete<br />

a master’s degree in law. She then commenced employment within the third sector, including<br />

setting up a citizens advocacy charity in Kent for people with learning disabilities and their families.<br />

Following on from this, Sarah commenced working in various roles for physical and mental health<br />

charities. These were both large and small, established, and new.<br />

Join the conference<br />

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Her roles over the years have included national senior management, advocacy and writing policy<br />

documents for a government minister on advocacy for adults with learning disabilities. She has<br />

worked for Fifth Sense, the smell and taste charity, for over a year and enjoys working in an area<br />

which, prior to joining the organisation, was something of which she had very little experience<br />

except with her late father, when he had mouth cancer and lost his sense of taste.<br />

20 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 21

Chris Lewis<br />

DAY 1<br />

Denise Rudgley<br />

Retired RGN, RHV, MSc in Public Health<br />

DAY 2<br />

CEO of Chris’s <strong>Cancer</strong> Community<br />

and COO of SimPal<br />

Ex Intensive Care Nurse<br />

Chris was a self-employed Business Consultant for many years until being diagnosed in 2007,<br />

with a stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma, with a 6-month prognosis. He received a donor stemcell<br />

transplant but was unable to work regularly afterwards, due to frequent bouts of differing<br />

GvHD. He decided to spend the rest of his life empowering people going through what he had<br />

experienced. Chris is now one of the most influential cancer patients in the world.<br />

Having seen the many challenges for people living with cancer, Chris works with numerous<br />

global organisations to aid better collaboration in the sector. He runs his own very successful<br />

website (www.chris-cancercommunity.com) and his innovative charity, (www.yoursimpal.com)<br />

Enabling people in the UK affected by cancer, long term health issues, and poverty, to stay digitally<br />

connected for free.<br />

Successful collaboration is key to this work, and Chris is a frequent keynote speaker and writer<br />

across the world. He also has a powerful presence on Twitter @christheeagle1<br />

Denise qualified in 1975 from the Royal Air Force as a State Registered Nurse and went on to<br />

specialise in Intensive Care Nursing for approximately 20 years around the UK and in the Middle<br />

East (Sultanate of Oman). She was also Matron of a military hospital for head and spinal injuries<br />

and a practising Health Visitor for approximately 10 years, which included running a Health Visiting<br />

Service in the Middle East for 3 of those.<br />

On return to the UK, Denise was professional lead/advisor to other agencies in respect of health<br />

and homeless issues and was seconded to the UK Public Health Association for 1 year to coordinate<br />

the ‘Health Visiting Matters’ national project. After gaining her MSc in Public Health,<br />

Denise has been involved in a variety of research and evaluation projects, including a collaboration<br />

with Plymouth and Exeter Universities as a visiting lecturer for the Specialist Community Public<br />

Health Nurse Courses, and Southwest Public Health Trainee programme.<br />

Alongside her working life she has also been Mayor and Chair of the local Town Council. Denise is<br />

happily married to Andy whom she met over the bonnet of a rally car which continued to fuel a<br />

lifelong love of motorsport!<br />

Richard Andrews<br />

DAY 2<br />

Join the conference<br />

community platform<br />

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the conference<br />

Stage 2 Throat <strong>Cancer</strong> Survivor<br />

and Total Laryngectomee<br />

Having suffered with a sore throat and squeaky voice for 6 months, Richard diagnosed with<br />

stage 2 throat cancer in August 2018 and was prescribed 30 radiotherapy sessions. Following<br />

radiotherapy he began to exercise in order to help with recovery – he entered and completed a<br />

Duathlon and a 10k race, but unfortunately began getting breathless and suffering severe earache.<br />

In the June Richard was re-diagnosed and told a total laryngectomy with a radical neck dissection<br />

was required.<br />

Post surgery Richard began to run and cycle to get fit and assist with his recovery and three<br />

months after the operation he ran the Cardiff half marathon, followed by a 50k ultra 3 months<br />

later. Then came Covid, and he started getting interested in bigger challenges 100k ultra and<br />

Duathlons.<br />

He then heard about the special snorkel provided by Clare at the The Royal Devon which peaked<br />

his interest in becoming the first Laryngectomee to complete a triathlon(swim 400mtrs; cycle 12<br />

miles; run 5km) and half Ironman( swim 1.2 miles; cycle 50 miles and run 13 miles). Richard has now<br />

completed 3 triathlons and a half Ironman ( although he didn’t quite finish due to hypothermia).<br />

Dr Paul Hankinson<br />

MSc; BSc (Hons); PGCert<br />

Academic clinical fellow in oral and maxillofacial<br />

pathology<br />

I am an academic clinical fellow in oral and maxillofacial pathology with research interests in<br />

discovering saliva tests for head and neck cancers and precancers.<br />

DAY 2<br />

I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2017 before working in a general dental practice for<br />

one year followed by two years in an oral and maxillofacial (head and neck) surgery team. During<br />

that time, I assisted in theatre and managed patients with head and neck cancers on the ward<br />

and in clinics after discharge.<br />

Download the patient<br />

& caregiver mobile app<br />



I am now in training in pathology, the specialists who look at patients tissue (for example from a<br />

biopsy) to diagnose head and neck diseases. I lead a clinical study recruiting patients to see if we<br />

can develop a saliva-based test for head and neck cancers and pre-cancers. As well as my clinical<br />

and research roles I teach dental students, postgraduate dental/medical trainees and general<br />

dentists about head and neck cancer.<br />

22 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 23


Request your <strong>2023</strong><br />

certificate of attendance<br />

Prevent and Treat<br />

Oral Mucositis<br />

Over 90% of head and neck cancer patients treated with<br />

both chemo and radiotherapy develop oral mucositis. 1<br />

Photobiomodulation reduces incidence, severity, and<br />

duration of oral mucositis. Treatment is quick, easy, well<br />

tolerated by patients, and has no known side effects.<br />

Come talk to us<br />

1<br />

Pulito, C., Cristaudo, A., Porta, C.L. et al. Oral mucositis: the hidden side of cancer therapy. J Exp<br />

Clin <strong>Cancer</strong> Res 39, 210 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13046-020-01715-7<br />



for the <strong>2023</strong><br />

International <strong>Head</strong> &<br />

<strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> <strong>Conference</strong><br />


8TH & 9TH NOVEMBER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Thank you for attending<br />

8th & 9th November <strong>2023</strong><br />

World <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Patient Ambassador<br />


Email: sharon@ccconsultant.co.uk<br />

24 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

Paul Burns | paul.burns@thormedical.com | 07974 631 335<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 25

‘Paul, I have to admit,<br />

I’m impressed...’<br />

Now, let me be upfront about this – nobody has<br />

ever said these words to me before. Picture any<br />

scenario you wish to (go on, picture it), and I can<br />

assure you that these words have never been<br />

uttered in my direction in my 42 years.<br />

How then, did we get here?<br />

I suppose in some sense I have to rewind almost<br />

13 years, to the first time I met The King of the<br />

Dad Joke, the man who has brought us all here<br />

today, esteemed Chair of The Swallows, Chris<br />

Curtis. Because it was upon meeting Chris that<br />

my life changed. At the time I was working with<br />

a wound dressing that, to this day, I will gladly<br />

bore on about at length. Some of you might<br />

know it – it’s pink, it’s foamy, it’s amazing. A new<br />

window of opportunity had opened with this<br />

dressing thanks to some work that had been<br />

done by a team of clinicians in Leeds, whereby it<br />

had become apparent that patients undergoing<br />

radiotherapy who were at risk of radiation<br />

dermatitis (radiotherapy burns, to you and me)<br />

could benefit enormously from having these<br />

dressings applied. Enter into the scene, Chris<br />

Curtis, stage left.<br />

Chris was not the first head and neck cancer<br />

patient I had met. In 2004, my grandad on my<br />

dad’s side, (another person who had the most<br />

profound of impacts on my life thanks to his<br />

Bootle upbringing and his rampant romancing<br />

of Ian St. John) passed away from throat cancer.<br />

I was asked to speak at his funeral (and I bottled<br />

it by the way, there was no way I was going to<br />

be able to keep it together, and trust me, as a<br />

man who has cried during all of the best man<br />

speeches he has given, it was for the best).<br />

So I had been touched by this insidious disease<br />

and meeting Chris on that day in Preston back<br />

in 2011 gave me the opportunity to start to learn<br />

so much more about it, and to stop looking<br />

at windows of opportunity for the company I<br />

was working for, but for the patients we were<br />

ultimately here to serve.<br />

Fast forward ten years and the Covid 19<br />

pandemic (remember that??) had brought<br />

me to a crossroads. And Chris told me about<br />

something. And my reaction to that something<br />

was:<br />

‘Hogwash. What kind of black-magic mumbo<br />

jumbo are you talking about? What witchcraft,<br />

what sorcery is this?’<br />

How, I thought, could shining a light on<br />

something (and I mean that quite literally – the<br />

simple shining of a light) possibly have the<br />

profound effect on the life of a patient that was<br />

being described?<br />

Turns out that in 2018, NICE (The National<br />

Institute for Health & Care Excellence) had<br />

issued what’s known as an Interventional<br />

Procedure Overview which examined a therapy<br />

called Photobiomodulation (PBM) in the<br />

prevention and treatment of radiotherapy and<br />

chemotherapy induced oral mucositis, and Chris<br />

had got very excited about this. You see, Chris<br />

didn’t need telling what oral mucositis was, it<br />

was one of the many t-shirts he had been there<br />

and worn as a cancer patient. If you’re reading<br />

this, you don’t need telling what oral mucositis<br />

is either, and nor do you need telling about the<br />

debilitating effect it can have on the life of a<br />

patient.<br />

My interest suitably piqued, I dived into the<br />

evidence and the history of this, on the face of it,<br />

somewhat peculiar therapy.<br />

I have to admit, I was impressed.<br />

Laser bio-stimulation was discovered by Endre<br />

Mester in 1967, though lasers, as it turned out,<br />

would be a problem with regards delivering<br />

PBM to the people who needed it here in the<br />

United Kingdom. Prior to my joining THOR, a<br />

trial had been run in the National Health Service<br />

which was named LiTEFORM, and it had proved<br />

that delivering PBM in order to prevent oral<br />

mucositis by using lasers was a cumbersome,<br />

time consuming, uncomfortable, and laborious<br />

process.<br />

Back to the drawing board? In a sense, yes. What<br />

was needed was a mechanism of delivering<br />

intra-oral light using LEDs, to remove the<br />

associated problems of the laser light that had<br />

been established by LiTEFORM. And THOR had it.<br />

They had it in the form of a lollipop. And as we’ve<br />

discussed, Chris was very excited about it.<br />

On the face of it, when I was brought into the<br />

company my task was simple. Here was an easy<br />

to deliver (I have a video I can show you of an<br />

infant treating themselves), a quick to deliver<br />

(it takes five minutes), safe to deliver (there are<br />

no more lasers), NICE assessed (see above), and<br />

remarkably cost effective solution to a problem<br />

that causes untold pain and suffering to millions<br />

of incredibly unfortunate people (Chris once<br />

described getting a cancer of the head or neck to<br />

me as, ‘The lottery you don’t want to win’).<br />

Those of us who have worked in, and for, and<br />

with the NHS know that these things are never<br />

quite that simple, and yet for all the immediate<br />

obstacles that presented themselves, I carried<br />

Chris and the hundreds of patients I have met<br />

whilst being an advocate for The Swallows<br />

these last 12 years with me, both literally and<br />

figuratively, keeping in mind that whatever it<br />

was I was doing, I was doing it to make sure that<br />

the people who needed this therapy could get<br />

this therapy.<br />

In those heady 2021 days, ‘the people who<br />

needed this therapy’, were the patients who<br />

would in all likelihood be suffering from oral<br />

mucositis as a result of their treatment for their<br />

cancer. Time (and an awful lot of work!) has<br />

shown that we are finally starting to make a<br />

difference to patients’ lives, as the NHS slowly<br />

starts to adopt PBM and introduce it to their<br />

patients, and it gives me the most enormous<br />

thrill that you’ll get to hear more about this<br />

from Alex Langstaff (a Royal College of Nursing<br />

awards finalist no less!) from The Christie at this<br />

conference, as well as hearing all about how<br />

her colleague Angela Hayes gave me a ‘Eureka!’<br />

moment in her office. Lucky me, having my life<br />

changed yet again.<br />

Remember how I mentioned windows of<br />

opportunity earlier? Well, there was another<br />

clinician whom I knew from my frothy pink dressing<br />

days, and having looked at the body of evidence<br />

supporting the use of PBM in areas beyond oral<br />

mucositis, she decided that she was going to have a<br />

little look at it in her Late Effects clinic.<br />

And she had to admit, she was impressed.<br />

For those of you who don’t know Emma, she<br />

is Macmillan Consultant Radiographer in<br />

Post Treatment & Late Effects at Nottingham<br />

University Hospitals, and without wishing to<br />

sound too grandiose about this, she has changed<br />

your author’s life, just like Chris, Alex & Angela<br />

before her, because without Emma, it wouldn’t<br />

have become my privilege to become so<br />

intwined around one of Chris’s oldest adages<br />

– ‘Survivorship is not survivorship without<br />

quality of life’.<br />

The lives that matter are those that<br />

belong to the patients. Let’s sit together<br />

for a moment, and have a look at the kind<br />

of difference Emma has made to those lives,<br />

straight from the mouth of one:<br />

I cannot put in words how grateful I am to the<br />

team for the CARE I have been shown. It has<br />

literally saved my life. Previously I was existing<br />

in spite of how I had been left post treatment<br />

and felt terribly isolated. I had felt grateful to be<br />

alive but wasn’t actually doing anything with<br />

my life. I felt I couldn’t complain. Emma has<br />

encouraged me to enquire and not feel bad<br />

about doing so. She is always so honest in the<br />

most compassionate of ways and it’s clear the<br />

team work closely together and with a shared<br />

ethos. I feel I am only just beginning to recognise<br />

what I’ve been through and getting some<br />

control back in my life. This is all because of the<br />

incredible support I’ve had from Emma and the<br />

team. Her passion for what she does is obvious<br />

and infectious. I was fortunate enough to have<br />

experienced the red light therapy and could tell<br />

within a couple of sessions it was helping. I feel<br />

extremely grateful.<br />

The ’red light therapy’ in question is the<br />

aforementioned black-magic mumbo jumbo,<br />

and I can also show you something that a<br />

Christie patient gave to Alex as a thank you that<br />

will make your heart melt. If you fancy coming to<br />

have a chat about the impact it can have upon<br />

the quality of a patient’s life then please do come<br />

and speak to me on our stand.<br />

You never know, you might be impressed.<br />

Paul | UK Oncology Manager<br />

26 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 27

Why caring for<br />

a dry mouth<br />

is important<br />

for oral cancer<br />

patients<br />

Radiotherapy or chemotherapy<br />

treatments to the head and neck can<br />

often affect the salivary glands, which<br />

may result in your mouth becoming dry.<br />

After treatment you might find your dry<br />

mouth disappears as the salivary glands<br />

recover, but your saliva might be thicker and stickier than before.<br />

For some patients dry mouth becomes a permanent problem.<br />

Why is saliva important?<br />

Saliva plays an important role in both keeping your mouth moist<br />

and comfortable, as well as keeping the mouth healthy.<br />

Whilst saliva is 99% water, the remaining 1% [which includes<br />

proteins, enzymes and immunoglobulins] is responsible for<br />

numerous functions, such as talking, eating and digesting food,<br />

which we often take for granted.<br />

Saliva helps wash away food debris, restore the natural pH of<br />

the mouth to protect dental hard tissues [such as enamel] and<br />

protect against tooth decay.<br />

A lack of saliva<br />

A lack of saliva, or change in its texture, might make chewing<br />

and swallowing food, or even talking more difficult. It can also<br />

increase the risk of dental problems, such as tooth decay and<br />

gum disease.<br />

So it’s vital to maintain your oral hygiene to minimise the risk<br />

of oral disease especially for those that may be nil by mouth or<br />

PEG fed. Regular dental visits, as well as brushing your teeth<br />

twice a day with an appropriate fluoride toothpaste is important.<br />

Ask your dentist or hygienist for advice on toothpastes as some<br />

contain foaming agents [commonly sodium lauryl sulphate –<br />

SLS], which can dry your mouth further.<br />

Managing a dry mouth<br />

You might also find artificial saliva products, such as Oralieve Moisturising Mouth<br />

Spray or Gel, can help moisten your mouth and throat, making speaking, eating and<br />

swallowing more comfortable.<br />

The Oralieve range of products is specially designed for people suffering from dry or<br />

sensitive mouths to help provide relief throughout the day and night. Formulated<br />

with bioactive ingredients and enzymes which help supplement the natural systems<br />

in saliva, Oralieve works to restore the natural balance of the mouth, whilst providing<br />

effective relief.<br />

Some products can be prescribed, such as Oralieve Mouth Spray and Gel, or can be<br />

purchased from pharmacies or online.<br />

Day or night, Oralieve has you covered<br />

If you are experiencing difficulty in swallowing food, why not try applying Oralieve<br />

Moisturising Mouth Gel. Simply take a pea-sized<br />

amount of the gel and massage into the cheeks,<br />

tongue and gums 20 minutes before eating.<br />

When you are out and about Oralieve<br />

Moisturising Mouth Spray is a simple and<br />

discreet option for use during the day. Simply<br />

spray into the cheeks to instantly refresh your<br />

mouth and provide effective relief from a dry<br />

mouth.<br />

Night-time can be a real challenge for dry<br />

mouth sufferers as the mouth naturally<br />

produces less saliva. Sipping water can often<br />

lead to interrupted sleep and increased visits to<br />

the toilet.<br />

Applying Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Gel 20<br />

minutes before bed, and supplementing with<br />

Oralieve Moisturising Mouth Spray can help<br />

keep your mouth feeling moist and comfortable,<br />

aiding restful sleep.<br />

Find out what works best for you<br />

Every mouth is different, so it is important to try<br />

different types of artificial saliva product to find<br />

out which work best for you.<br />

Ask your dental professional for advice as they<br />

may be able to give you samples to try. For<br />

samples of Oralieve products visit www.oralieve.<br />

co.uk or email hello@oralieve.co.uk.<br />

To find out more visit www.oralieve.co.uk<br />

28 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 29

Oral Mucositis<br />

An acute inflammatory and ulcerative<br />

complication of the mucosal membrane that<br />

commonly occurs during cancer therapy.<br />

The primary symptom of OM is intense<br />

pain, which is usually associated with<br />

ulcers in the mouth. It can also make it hard<br />

to talk, eat and swallow (Dysphagia).<br />

The inflammation in OM can range from erythema to<br />

severe ulceration and is typically associated with pain and<br />

discomfort. OM can cause profound psychological distress<br />

and impairment of quality of life for cancer patients, due to<br />

the pain and inability to eat solid foods. This can lead to the<br />

use of nasogastric tube placement or total parenteral nutrition<br />

use. OM is one of the more significant side-effects of cancer<br />

treatment and can result from systemic chemotherapy,<br />

radiation therapy, or a combination of the two.<br />

Prevalence of OM:<br />

It’s estimated that 40% of people receiving<br />

chemotherapy will develop some degree of<br />

mucositis.<br />

Up to 97% of people who have radiotherapy<br />

for head and neck cancer will develop some<br />

form of mucositis, which can include OM.<br />

Up to 90% of paediatric oncology patients<br />

may suffer from cancer treatment-induced<br />

oral complications.<br />

The oral mucosa is made up of epithelial cells that<br />

regenerate every 7-14 days, making them easily damaged<br />

by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. When unable to<br />

regenerate properly, the oral mucosa becomes thinner and<br />

ulceration can occur, allowing bacteria and other microbes<br />

entry into the body. Chemotherapy-induced OM is regarded<br />

as an acute condition, with ulceration normally occurring 1-2<br />

weeks after first treatment, and resolving within 3 weeks of<br />

treatment.<br />

Radiotherapy-induced OM normally occurs around 2 weeks<br />

into a 7-week treatment cycle, and resolves 3-4 weeks after<br />

treatment has ended. <strong>Cancer</strong> therapy induced-OM can have<br />

a significant economic impact due to increased healthcare<br />

costs such as hospitalisation and anti-infective treatment.<br />

Signs and symptoms of OM include:<br />

• Red, shiny, or swollen mouth and gums<br />

• Blood in the mouth<br />

• Sores in the mouth or on the gums or tongue<br />

• Soreness or pain in the mouth or throat<br />

• Difficulty swallowing or talking<br />

• Feeling of dryness, mild burning, or pain when eating<br />

• Soft, whitish patches or pus, in the mouth/tongue<br />

• Increased mucus production or thicker saliva in<br />

the mouth<br />


BOXES<br />

Thanks to the Friends of the Swallows we are<br />

sending Support Boxes to <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Patients<br />

to help them with the side effects of treatment<br />

To order your box please email<br />

info@theswallows.org.uk<br />

with your full name, address,<br />

telephone number and hospital details<br />



£10<br />


For people undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy<br />


Factors that increase the likelihood of developing OM<br />

Patients with compromised oral mucous membranes<br />

secondary to alcoholism and/or excessive smoking exhibit<br />

the most severe mucosal lesions.<br />

• Low body mass index<br />

• Previous cancer treatment<br />

• Impaired immune status (e.g. diabetes, HIV/AIDS)<br />

Furthermore, there are additional factors that can make it<br />

worse if it does occur, include:<br />

• Poor oral hygiene and pre-existing mouth damage<br />

• Smoking or chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol<br />

• Gender (females appear to be more likely than<br />

males to develop OM)<br />

• Dehydration<br />

Younger patients tend to be more likely to develop OM<br />

than older patients. This appears to be due to the more<br />

rapid rate of basal cell turnover noted in children.<br />

Further information on Oral Mucositis is available<br />

through The Swallows. Our brochure on Mucosamin at<br />

the back of this book also contains some tips for dealing<br />

with Oral Mucositis.<br />

10104611274 v1 Aug 21<br />

Treating the painful symptoms of oral<br />

mucositis, helping to protect lesions<br />

and promote healing.<br />

For the management of radiotherapy<br />

and chemotherapy skin lesions<br />

supporting the reduction of skin<br />

inflammation and associated pain.<br />

Sponsored by<br />

For more information please visit our stand on 8-9th November or email jalosome@mediuk.co.uk<br />

30 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

jalosome@mediuk.co.uk<br />

medi. I feel better.

Liquid biopsies – can they help us improve head<br />

and neck cancer care? You can help us.<br />

By Ben O’Leary, The Institute of <strong>Cancer</strong> Research and The Royal<br />

Marsden Hospital, London, UK | ben.oleary@icr.ac.uk<br />

One question we get asked a lot in the head and neck oncology clinic after patients<br />

complete their radiotherapy is ‘how do we know if it’s going to come back’? It’s one of<br />

the most important questions for people who have been through radiotherapy, but the<br />

honest answer is that for any given individual we don’t know. It’s because we don’t know<br />

that we see people so regularly even after they have completed their treatment, aiming to<br />

catch any cancer recurrences as quickly as we can.<br />

Those of us who work in<br />

cancer research are trying<br />

to find more accurate and<br />

effective ways of detecting<br />

cancer recurrence. One<br />

promising technology has<br />

been called ‘liquid biopsy’.<br />

All of use have some of our<br />

DNA floating in our blood,<br />

which can we detected when<br />

a blood sample is taken. A<br />

relatively recent discovery is<br />

that in people with cancer, a<br />

small proportion of the DNA<br />

in the blood can be found to<br />

have originated form the<br />

person’s cancer.<br />

Liquid biopsies – Using blood tests to detect cancer.<br />

Created with biorender.com<br />

This means that it might be possible to develop a blood test designed to detect cancer<br />

recurrence. The available evidence suggests that this could indeed be possible, although<br />

at present difficult and expensive to do. We could potentially use a test like this to help<br />

improve cancer detection in people who we have treated with radiotherapy.<br />

Even though it is possible to develop liquid biopsy tests like this, what is not clear currently<br />

is whether they are useful and provide benefit for patients. Detecting cancer recurrences<br />

early could allow earlier treatment, which might improve how people feel or how long<br />

they live. However, we don’t know this is the case, and it may be that such a test just<br />

introduces additional burdens for patients in terms of inconvenience and anxiety, without<br />

helping them feel better or live longer. It often feels logical that more medical testing<br />

should produce better results for patients, but research has shown this is often not the<br />

case. Given the expense and the complexity of these liquid biopsies, it is important to<br />

properly understand if they can really help people before we start using them routinely.<br />

The Swallows charity, working with colleagues in Edinburgh, has previously sent round a<br />

survey asking people how they feel about some of these issues. Broadly, people liked the<br />

idea of such a test, but felt it was important that the test be done with some treatment<br />

in mind – not just to find out about recurrence, but to find out and then do something<br />

about it.<br />

We are now developing a clinical trial to see if using liquid biopsies can improve treatment<br />

for people with head and neck cancer. We want to take blood tests for liquid biopsies<br />

32 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

from people after they have finished their radiotherapy for head and neck cancer and<br />

test them for cancer recurrence, giving them treatment based on the result, rather than<br />

waiting for the patient or their doctors to notice the cancer coming back.<br />

An important part of clinical trials is comparison. If you want to try something new you<br />

need to compare it to what you would have done normally to see if it is better. Without a<br />

proper comparison you will never really know. The best way to get a fair comparison is to<br />

randomly decide whether people get the usual treatment or the trial treatment – doctors<br />

or patients can’t choose.<br />

For our trial, this means randomly deciding whether patients and their doctors get the<br />

liquid biopsy tests, or whether they don’t. At the end of the trial, we will see whether people<br />

who, along with their doctors, were given the liquid biopsy information felt better and lived<br />

longer, or whether they were just more inconvenienced and anxious, without living longer.<br />

Communicating these ideas, along with the possible risks and benefits is hard to do well,<br />

but so important to connect with people for whom this really matters – patients with head<br />

and neck cancer and their families, friends, and carers. We would like your help so we can<br />

do this better.<br />

We work with an expert group of patients who we ask to help us with our research plans. They<br />

flagged the following issues as important which I have tried to explain a bit about already:<br />

1. Explaining why it was necessary to randomly decide whether a patient and their<br />

team was informed or not of the liquid biopsy results.<br />

2. Being clear that the trial would mean extra tests, which could be more<br />

inconvenient and lead to worry about results.<br />

3. If the trial showed the liquid biopsy test made a difference, being able to share<br />

results with the people who had been randomly allocated the usual treatment.<br />

We believe it is really important to get as many views on this trial as possible and we would<br />

be very grateful for your help with this. It is harder than ever to get research funding for<br />

clinical trials, and showing that a trial is supported by patients can make a real difference.<br />

If you have any views on this trial, supportive or not, we would very much like to hear from<br />

you, even if just to say you are supportive, or would be interested in hearing more. You can<br />

email me on ben.oleary@icr.ac.uk.<br />

Clinical trial design – People in the trial all have blood tests after they complete<br />

their radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. Half of patients have their blood tests<br />

analysed for cancer DNA and the patients and their doctors are told the results –<br />

this is decided randomly. The other half have follow up as normal with their blood<br />

tests only analysed when the trial finishes. Created with biorender.com.<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 33<br />


<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> charities<br />

come together to create one<br />

voice in the fight against <strong>Head</strong><br />

& <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> in the UK.<br />

The coalition will ensure that there is a more cohesive and<br />

collaborative approach by members to; Patient Support, Research,<br />

Education and Policy Advocacy for <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> in the UK.<br />

The coalition aims are to include <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> charities,<br />

clinicians, surgeons, other members of the <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

multi- disciplinary teams, and key industry partners.<br />

12k<br />

people will be<br />

diagnosed with<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> every year<br />

Symptoms<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Make sure you know the dangers<br />

theHPV Virus<br />

is linked to some<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong>s<br />

Sinuses and<br />

nasal cavity<br />

Earache<br />

Lips, tongue<br />

and mouth<br />

Salivary glands<br />

Throat<br />

Chris Curtis<br />

CEO, The Swallows H&N <strong>Cancer</strong> Charity<br />

e: chris@theswallows.org.uk<br />

Coalition Members<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

Initial Co-Leaders<br />

Tamara Kahn<br />

CEO, Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust<br />

e: tamara@oraclecancertrust.org<br />

www.oraclecancertrust.org<br />

• Sore in the mouth<br />

that won’t heal<br />

• Sore throat<br />

• Lumps or patches in<br />

your mouth<br />

• Trouble swallowing<br />

• Changes in voice<br />

• Lump in neck<br />

• Prolonged earache<br />

4%<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong>s account<br />

for around 4% of all UK <strong>Cancer</strong>s<br />

Smokers are<br />

15x<br />

more likely to develop<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

than non-smokers<br />

Voice box and<br />

thyroid gland<br />

Reduce<br />

your risk...<br />

75% of <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong><br />

<strong>Cancer</strong>s are caused<br />

by alcohol & tobacco<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 35

Meet the future artists<br />

honing their skills...<br />

Tucked away in beautiful Devon, England lies the creative hub of University Centre South<br />

Devon (UCSD). As part of South Devon College, UCSD upholds rigorous academic standards<br />

while fostering an environment, where students can thrive and develop their unique creative<br />

talents. This institution prides itself on offering a diverse range of arts programmes that equip<br />

graduates with the skills to excel in their chosen creative fields.<br />

This November, UCSD is thrilled to showcase its students'<br />

talents at the International <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

<strong>Conference</strong> <strong>2023</strong> at the Grand Hotel in Torquay.<br />

Contemporary Arts students will exhibit paintings and mixed media work<br />

reflecting on their process of artistically interpreting patients' experiences.<br />

Illustration students will use the conference as inspiration for powerful live figure<br />

drawing and portraiture. Media Production students will document the events<br />

through video, interviews and photography. By contributing their creativity to this<br />

international conference, UCSD's arts students will spread awareness and hope to<br />

attendees from around the globe.<br />

Within the halls of UCSD, one will find future artists honing their skills in the Fine Art studios,<br />

illustrators carefully etching in the printmaking rooms, and actors bringing stories to life. The<br />

university’s state-of-the-art facilities, including photography darkrooms, MAC suites, and dance<br />

studios, enable students to learn specialised techniques and put theory into practice.<br />

The renowned FdA Contemporary Arts Practice course allows artists to explore everything<br />

from illustration to graphic design, sculpture to textiles, as they shape their own creative<br />

identities. Through access to expert faculty, exhibition opportunities, and hands-on workshops,<br />

students gain real-world skills to turn their artistic passions into professions after graduation.<br />

Beeke<br />

Gundermann<br />

Samuel<br />

Buscombe<br />

Lily<br />

Osborne<br />

Ela<br />

Seiflow<br />

UCSD takes immense pride in seeing its<br />

graduates succeed as professional artists,<br />

performers, writers, and content creators.<br />

The university is dedicated to nurturing<br />

creative talent, sparking imaginative<br />

thinking, and preparing students<br />

for careers doing what they<br />

love. With guidance from<br />

passionate faculty and<br />

access to world-class<br />

facilities, UCSD empowers<br />

its students to push artistic<br />

boundaries and shape<br />

the creative landscape of<br />

tomorrow.<br />

Jacob<br />

Moan<br />

Sam<br />

Gilbert<br />

Mei<br />

Wilcock<br />

Marie<br />

Mustard<br />

Jessica<br />

Jones<br />

Susan Norton<br />

Turner<br />

Bradley<br />

Ellis<br />

Siobhan<br />

Price<br />

Kerry<br />

Green<br />

36 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 37

Not all<br />

disabilities<br />

are visible<br />

Tackling Inequalities<br />

in <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

>>> Educational<br />

Awareness<br />

>>> Mission Statement<br />

“To ensure everyone, whatever their ethnicity is aware<br />

of <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong>, the signs to look for, how and<br />

where to seek diagnoses and where to go for support<br />

and help. Creating awareness for early diagnosis in all<br />

societies could save lives and go a long way in helping<br />

the NHS reach point 4 of the Core20Plus5 target of 75%<br />

of <strong>Cancer</strong> cases diagnosed at stage 1 or 2 by 2028.”<br />

Can YOU spot the cancer patient?<br />

It’s not always possible to see the emotional or physical<br />

affects of cancer on patients, families and caregivers.<br />

Everyone’s cancer journey is different.<br />

‘Survivorship is not Survivorship<br />

without Quality of Life.’<br />

We offer support for <strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> patients and their caregivers:<br />

24/7 Patient and Caregiver support line service: 07504 725 059<br />

e: info@theswallows.org.uk | theswallows.org.uk | Blackpool & Fylde, Blackburn & Darwen<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

theswallowscancersupport<br />




Leaving a gift in your will to support The Swallows <strong>Head</strong> &<br />

<strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Support Charity will help us to support cancer<br />

patients, caregivers, family and friends into the future.<br />

When you are told you have cancer it is devastating and<br />

support is needed from like-minded people who understand<br />

what you are going through, so leaving a gift helps us to<br />

continue our important work.<br />







www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

01253 428 940 | info@theswallows.org.uk<br />

How does it work?<br />

It is a very simple and easy process. All you need to do is<br />

decide on your gift amount and add the following words in<br />

your will:<br />


CHARITY of Lancaster House, Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool,<br />

Lancashire, FY4 2RP - registered charity number 1149794<br />

the sum of [specify words and figures] free of tax for it’s<br />

general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of<br />

the Legacy Administration Manager or other proper officer at<br />

The Swallows Charity for the time being shall be a sufficient<br />

discharge to my executor(s).<br />

Thank you<br />

40<br />

Registered charity number: HEAD 1149794 & | NECK 68-70 Waterloo CANCER Road, CONFERENCE South Shore, Blackpool, 2022 SUNDERLAND<br />

FY41SP<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 41

The mission of the <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> Alliance<br />

is to advance prevention, detection, treatment<br />

and rehabilitation of oral, head and neck cancer<br />

through public awareness, research, advocacy<br />

and survivorship.<br />

Programs include peer-to-peer support,<br />

educational webinars, Survivorship Symposium,<br />

transportation assistance, Awareness Month, the<br />

Move-a-Thon, and more.<br />

For more information, please contact<br />

info@headandneck.org<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong><br />

DON’T<br />

MISS<br />

Relieve the symptoms of<br />

dry mouth with Oralieve<br />

Radiotherapy or chemotherapy to the head and neck can<br />

damage the salivary glands, causing a dry mouth. Salivary<br />

glands may gradually recover but it can take 6 months or<br />

even longer to start noticing an improvement.<br />

Oralieve’s unique combination of bioactive ingredients and<br />

enzymes supplement natural saliva, helping to bring you relief<br />

and promote a healthy mouth.<br />

Patient &<br />

Caregiver<br />

Mobile App<br />

For Patients,<br />

Caregivers & Health<br />

Professionals<br />



Follow the instructions to set up<br />

>>PATIENTS: Select your hospital<br />


Register as yourself as a Health Professional,<br />

do not select a hospital<br />

<strong>Conference</strong><br />

Community Platform<br />

Scan the QR code and register to<br />

join in during the conference<br />

Or you can access the platform<br />

via the Mobile App<br />

Specially designed and tested with dry mouth sufferers<br />

to replicate the same natural enzyme system as saliva<br />

Formulated with gentle flavours, no alcohol and no SLS<br />

Effective day and night time relief<br />

Live polls Latest news Meet other delegates<br />

Forum<br />

Meet the sponsors<br />

Visit the Oralieve stand<br />

for more information<br />

To view the full Oralieve range, visit<br />

www.oralieve.co.uk or scan the QR code.<br />

For more information,<br />

please email hello@oralieve.co.uk<br />


Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th November <strong>2023</strong><br />




3 TONGUE<br />

1 LIPS<br />

Pull down your lips and<br />

look inside for any sores or<br />

change in colour. Use your<br />

thumb and forefIngers to<br />

check for any lumps, bumps<br />

or changes in texture.<br />

2 CHEEKS<br />

Pull out your cheek<br />

to look on the inside.<br />

Look for any red or<br />

white patches. Use your<br />

thumb and forefInger<br />

to squeeze and roll<br />

the cheek to check<br />

for ulcers, lumps or<br />

tenderness. Repeat on<br />

the other cheek.<br />

Stick your tongue out and look at the<br />

surface for any changes in colour and<br />

texture. Gently pull out your tongue and<br />

look at one side FIRST, AND THEN THE OTHER.<br />

Look for any swelling, ulcer or change<br />

in colour. Examine the underside of your<br />

tongue by lifting the tip of your tongue to<br />

the roof of your mouth.<br />

4 ROOF<br />

OF MOUTH<br />

Tilt back your head and open<br />

your mouth wide to check the<br />

roof of your mouth. Look to see<br />

if there are changes in colour<br />

or ulcers. Check for changes in<br />

texture with your fINGER.<br />

5 FLOOR<br />

OF MOUTH<br />






If you have any concerns,<br />

go to your dentist or<br />

doctor to see if you need<br />

SPECIALIST advice<br />

This illustration is derived from<br />

Let’s Talk About Mouth <strong>Cancer</strong> (SC045100)<br />

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Thank you to all our friends<br />

for your ongoing support<br />



46 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 47

Caregivers<br />

Go through more than they will tell you.<br />

They give up a lot and rarely have a social life.<br />

They can become sick and emotionally worn out.<br />

It's a lot for one person.<br />

We never really know until we walk in<br />

the path of a caregiver ourself.<br />

Kelly’s Treehouse<br />

•Soothes pain 1<br />

•Reduces the incidence of<br />

moist desquamation (MD) 2<br />

Apply from Day 1<br />

Soothes & cools the skin<br />

Non-sticky<br />

Easy to apply<br />

www.flenhealth.co.uk<br />

Scan here for more info<br />

Reference<br />

1. Korting HC, Schollmann C, White RJ. Management of minor acute cutaneous wounds: importance<br />

of wound healing in a moist environment. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and<br />

Venereology : JEADV. 2011;25(2):130-7<br />

24/7 patient and caregiver support line service:<br />

07504 725 059<br />

www.theswallows.org.uk<br />

48 theswallowscancersupport HEAD & NECK @swallowsgroup<br />

CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

2. Censabella S, Claes S, Orlandini M et al (2017) Efficacy of a hydroactive colloid gel versus historical<br />

controls for the prevention of radiotherapy-induced moist desquamation in breast cancer patients.<br />

Eu Jnl0ncNsg 29:1-7<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 49

Preserve<br />

your voice<br />

Personalised synthetic voices for<br />

communication aids.<br />


HOPE<br />

Helping people who have lost<br />

or are at risk of losing their<br />

voice to create a digital<br />

version of their voice.<br />

Use your digital voice through<br />

text-to-speech applications on your<br />

phone or computer<br />

Discover how we’re using gene therapies to help build<br />

a better future for patients with serious diseases at<br />

MeiraGTx.com<br />

“I was able to<br />

surprise my wife with<br />

my (almost) voice.<br />

Priceless.”<br />

“You’ve recreated me,<br />

thank you”<br />

Don’t just take our<br />

word for it!<br />

Scan the QR code to<br />

listen to voice samples<br />

Our Voice Banking Services<br />

Voice Build<br />

A synthetic replica of your own voice<br />

Voice Repair<br />

A healthy sounding synthetic voice<br />

even if your speech is already impaired<br />

Voice Design<br />

A bespoke synthetic voice, designed by you<br />

© <strong>2023</strong> MeiraGTx. All Rights Reserved.<br />

50 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.speakunique.co.uk<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 51

Can you help? We are seeking volunteers who<br />

had radiotherapy for head and neck cancer while<br />

lying down<br />

The Study<br />

Sheffield Hallam University and Leo <strong>Cancer</strong> Care are<br />

seeking volunteers to participate in a research study<br />

that considers a novel radiotherapy system where<br />

patients are treated in an upright position on a special<br />

chair rather than lying flat on a couch.<br />

You are eligible to participate if you:<br />

ü Had radiotherapy for head and neck cancer<br />

ü Were treated lying flat on a couch<br />

ü Can raise and lower yourself into a seated position<br />

ü Have no major mobility issues<br />

Involvement will require around 20 minutes of your time at the Swallows<br />

conference, where you will:<br />

• Read a participant information sheet and sign a consent form (5 mins)<br />

• Experience sitting in the upright treatment chair for around 5 mins (you will<br />

not be asked to wear a radiotherapy mask)<br />

• Be given a questionnaire to complete at your leisure & return it to us (10 mins)<br />

We would really appreciate your help as we assess patient views on this new form of<br />

radiotherapy. As a small thank you, participants will receive a £15 One4All gift card,<br />

covering a wide range of shops and restaurants.<br />

There will also be an invitation to sign-up for a further online focus group exploring<br />

patient experiences of head and neck radiotherapy.<br />

If interested in taking part, please talk to the research team at your earliest<br />

convenience, we will be based on the exhibition stage at the Swallows conference.<br />

Or for further information, please email tracy.underwood@leocancercare.com<br />

52 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 53

HEAD & NECK<br />

CANCER<br />

Patient &<br />

Caregiver<br />

Mobile App<br />






» Real Time Messaging<br />

» CREATE A personal record of<br />

YOUR symptoms<br />

» H&N CANCER Signposting<br />

» Community Forum<br />

» FAVOURITE Recipes<br />

» Related Articles<br />

» Suggested Tips<br />



Health professional team<br />




» Live feedback from your registered patients<br />

» Priority callback list<br />

» Patient Symptom Severity breakdown<br />

» Patient ProFIle and reporting<br />

» Access to the Community Forum<br />

» Links to Friends of the Swallows<br />


54 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: info@theswallows.org.uk<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 55

Shine light.<br />

Change lives.<br />

With fluorescence technology, OralID<br />

provides clinicians an aid in visualization<br />

of oral mucosal abnormalities.<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

Optimal oral health<br />

is our goal.<br />

SalivaMAX is a supersaturated calcium<br />

phosphate rinse indicated for xerostomia<br />

and mucositis.<br />

BioStōm is a non-opioid, oral hydrogel wound<br />

dressing indicated for all oral wounds.<br />



ForwardScience.com/international<br />

Find out more at: www.cancerproducts.co.uk<br />


ForwardScience.com/international<br />


Find out more at: www.cancerproducts.co.uk

Who is eligible?<br />

Who is not eligible?<br />

VERSATILE-002<br />

A PDS Biotechnology Trial in <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong><br />

Squamous Carcinoma <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

VERSATILE-002 is a clinical study for patients whose head and neck cancer has<br />

returned or spread. Patients who enroll in VERSATILE-002 will receive two drugs:<br />

PDS0101 and KEYTRUDA ® .<br />

KEYTRUDA ® is an approved drug for patients whose head and neck cancer has<br />

returned or spread. PDS0101 is an investigational medicine targeting human<br />

papillomavirus (HPV). PDS0101 has been shown to attack HPV-related cancer.<br />

VERSATILE-002 will study if combining PDS0101 with KEYTRUDA ® is more effective<br />

than using KEYTRUDA ® alone. In this study, all patients who choose to enroll will<br />

receive both drugs. There is no placebo.<br />

Many head and neck cancers are caused by HPV infection. Most HPV-related head<br />

and neck cancers are caused by HPV16. PDS0101 has been shown to stimulate high<br />

levels of HPV16-specific killer T-cells that target and kill head and neck cancers that<br />

are caused by HPV infection.<br />

Lauren V. Wood, MD.<br />

Chief Medical Director<br />

www.pdsbiotech.com<br />

You may be able to enroll in the VERSATILE-002<br />

study if you:<br />

• Are an adult who has HPV16 positive head &<br />

neck cancer that has come back or spread<br />

• Have recovered from complications from<br />

previous major surgeries or radiation therapy<br />

• Are in good overall health (determined by an<br />

exam and blood work)<br />

• The head and neck cancer tests positive for<br />

HPV and PD-L1<br />

Interested patients should talk to their doctor to see if they qualify.<br />

What will happen during the study?<br />

If you qualify for and decide to participate in the VERSATILE-002 study:<br />

You may be excluded from enrolling in<br />

the VERSATILE-002 study if you:<br />

• Are pregnant<br />

• Have active cancer that has spread<br />

to the brain<br />

• Have HIV infection<br />

• Developed complications from<br />

prior anti-cancer therapy<br />

• You will undergo screening tests<br />

• You will receive KEYTRUDA ® treatment every 3 weeks for up to 35 treatments (~2 years)<br />

• PDS0101 will be given in combination with KEYTRUDA ® during the first four cycles of treatment<br />

and again during cycle 12<br />

• Both medicines are given by injection<br />

• You will have blood work done before each treatment<br />

• You will have imaging studies every 9 weeks for the first year to evaluate the status of your<br />

cancer; after the first year, you will be checked every 12 weeks<br />

• You will receive treatment until either the cancer worsens, or you’ve received 35 treatments (the<br />

maximum number given in the study)<br />

An Introduction to PDS0101<br />

PDS Biotech has developed Versamune ® , a proprietary T-cell activating platform technology designed to<br />

train the immune system to target a specific type of cancer with minimal side effects and is delivered by a<br />

simple injection. All PDS Biotech products pair Versamune® with a target to attack specific cancers.<br />

PDS0101 targets cancers associated with the human papillomavirus (HPV). PDS0101 combines the utility<br />

of the Versamune ® platform with a proprietary mix of HPV16 antigens, the most virulent high-risk HPV<br />

type and by far the most prevalent in patients with HPV-associated cancers.<br />

Approximately 43,000 patients are diagnosed with HPV-associated cancers each year, a number unlikely<br />

to be impacted in the next decade by the increased use of HPV preventive vaccines – given that the time<br />

from initial HPV infection to cancer diagnosis is often measured in decades. Nearly all of the HPV-related<br />

cancer patients that PDS0101 might treat in the coming years are already infected with HPV16.<br />

Men and women are both impacted by HPV-associated cancers, but in strikingly different ways. In<br />

women, HPV infection most often leads to cervical, anal or vulvar cancer. While most men who develop<br />

HPV-associated cancer are diagnosed with oropharynx cancer, which affects the head and neck.<br />

58 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 59

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

The Symptoms<br />

Look out for<br />

the warning signs<br />



Sore tongue,<br />

non-healing mouth<br />

ulcers and/or red<br />

or white patches in<br />

the mouth<br />

Pain in the<br />

throat<br />

Persistent<br />

hoarseness<br />

Persistent<br />

sore throat<br />

Foul breath<br />

Hoarseness or<br />

voice changes<br />

Swelling of<br />

throat<br />

Painful and/<br />

or difficulty<br />

swallowing<br />

Lump in the<br />

neck<br />

Blocked nose<br />

on one side<br />

and/or bloody<br />

discharge from<br />

the nose<br />

WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3<br />

Lump, bump or<br />

mass without pain<br />

White or red<br />

patch<br />

Persistent nasal<br />

obstructions or congestions<br />

Ask your dentist about<br />

oral screening at your<br />

next appointment<br />



Any one of these symptoms in the head and neck area could indicate<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong>, contact your GP immediately<br />

Any one of these symptoms in the head and neck area could indicate<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong>, contact your GP immediately<br />

60 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 61

The only integrated care and distribution<br />

service for people with a laryngectomy and<br />

tracheostomy in the UK<br />

Best start<br />

• Enhanced support for your first six<br />

months with CQC Registered Nurses<br />

on the phone<br />

• Regular liaison with clinicians for<br />

joined up care<br />

Connection hub<br />

• A dedicated Customer Care<br />

Representative<br />

• CQC Registered Nurses to<br />

support you at home<br />

• Educational and community<br />

events<br />

Care delivered<br />

Community Life<br />

with Atos Care<br />

Did you know that as well as providing<br />

laryngectomy and tracheostomy<br />

supplies across the UK, Atos and<br />

the Atos Care service also organise<br />

a variety of events and activities.<br />

Want to set up<br />

a group in your<br />

local area?<br />

If so, Atos Care is here to<br />

offer advice and support.<br />

Contact us to start the<br />

conversation!<br />

• Easy and convenient ordering<br />

• Rapid, reliable delivery to your<br />

door<br />

Communities play a vital<br />

role in supporting individuals<br />

with laryngectomy and<br />

tracheostomy conditions.<br />

These groups provide a<br />

safe space for people<br />

facing similar challenges<br />

to come together to share<br />

experiences, discuss any<br />

concerns or just have a<br />

relaxing chat over a cup of<br />

tea.<br />

This year, we’ve had a busy<br />

event schedule and one of<br />

the highlights has been the<br />

film screening in Glasgow,<br />

Cambridge and London<br />

of the award-winning<br />

documentary, ‘Can you<br />

hear my voice?’, produced<br />

and directed by filmmaker<br />

Bill Brummel. We invited<br />

patients and clinicians to<br />

attend and there was plenty<br />

of opportunity for socialising<br />

after the screening with<br />

nibbles and drinks.<br />

Our Customer Care team<br />

maintain regular contact<br />

with thousands of customers<br />

each month and also<br />

immerse themselves in<br />

community events. Last year<br />

they participated in over<br />

twenty clubs and groups<br />

around the country.<br />

To register for our services visit www.atos-care.co.uk or call 0800 783 1659<br />

Clinical enquires info@atos-care.co.uk<br />

62 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

Tel 0800 783 1659<br />

info@atos-care.co.uk<br />

www.atos-care.co.uk<br />

Text 07537 417 928<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 63



64 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong> #HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> Find out more at: www.cancerproducts.co.uk<br />


Salivary Gland <strong>Cancer</strong>s are rare.<br />

Over 23 distinct types account for only c.0.3% of cancer<br />

cases globally each year. They are poorly understood,<br />

have limited treatment options and poor prognoses.<br />

Salivary Gland <strong>Cancer</strong> UK was set up in 2019 to address<br />

the unmet need for a salivary cancer specific advocacy<br />

group to support patients, and provide support for the<br />

development of new treatment options to improve<br />

outcomes for patients.<br />


A unique charity world-wide focussed specifically<br />

on these cancers. A collaboration between a patient<br />

advocate and a salivary cancer medical oncologist.<br />

Using co-production we have built an active patient and<br />

research community working to advance understanding<br />

of SGC biology, advance research, develop new<br />

treatments, and support patients and carers.<br />

Join us? Join Our Network - Salivary Gland <strong>Cancer</strong> UK<br />

WANTED<br />



hello@salivaryglandcancer.uk<br />

@SG<strong>Cancer</strong>UK<br />




www.salivaryglandcancer.uk<br />

66 HEAD & NECK CANCER CONFERENCE <strong>2023</strong><br />

For more information email: info@theswallows.org.uk<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 67

Oncology<br />

Professional<br />

Care<br />

21 - 22 May 2024<br />

ExCeL London<br />

World-class CPD<br />

accredited learning<br />

Leading product, service<br />

and solution providers<br />

1,500+ like-minded peers<br />

across every stage of the<br />

cancer care pathway<br />

Keep in touch...<br />

Scan the QR code to be the<br />

first to hear about event updates<br />

In partnership with:<br />

An award-winning<br />

event for oncology<br />

healthcare<br />

professionals<br />

www.oncologyprofessionalcare.co.uk<br />

#OPC24<br />

Scan for<br />

updates<br />


ONLY<br />

P R O F E S S<br />

Returning<br />

in 2024<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and<br />

<strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Village<br />

I O N A L S<br />

Oncology Professional Care returns<br />

to ExCeL London on 21-22 May 2024<br />

Delivering free CPD-certified learning for<br />

the entire oncology community, Oncology<br />

Professional Care is the must-attend, multidisciplinary<br />

event with carefully curated content<br />

focusing on the whole patient pathway.<br />

With a two-day conference programme and<br />

50+ leading suppliers on the exhibition floor,<br />

delegates will hear real-world expertise and<br />

will connect with those shaping the future of<br />

oncology care.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> edition brought together a record<br />

number of 1,300+ healthcare professionals<br />

to discover cutting-edge developments in<br />

cancer treatment from world-class speakers<br />

and hear directly from patients on their<br />

cancer journeys. A wide range of professionals,<br />

including oncologists, consultants, radiologists,<br />

pharmacists, clinical nurse specialists and AHPs,<br />

attended the conference and exhibition along<br />

with clinical leads from across the UK.<br />

Representatives from Macmillan <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Support, <strong>Cancer</strong> Research UK, UKONS, BASO ~<br />

The Association for <strong>Cancer</strong> Surgery, and BOPA<br />

were also in attendance following their support<br />

in the development of the programme and<br />

speaker faculty.<br />

Lucy Clarke, Event Manager, said: “We are<br />

absolutely delighted with this year’s Oncology<br />

Professional Care. We achieved 24% more<br />

attendees than last year, and the feedback<br />

we are getting from exhibitors, sponsors<br />

and delegates has been incredible. It really is<br />

the place to meet for the entire spectrum of<br />

oncology professionals involved in each stage of<br />

the patient care pathway.”<br />

Jo McNamara, Registered Therapeutic<br />

Radiographer and Senior Lecturer at Sheffield<br />

Hallam University, said: “Oncology Professional<br />

Care provides an amazing opportunity to<br />

connect with professionals and patients from<br />

across oncology. I love that the patient voice is<br />

at the heart of this event, whilst also having the<br />

latest scientific developments in oncology.”<br />

Dr Anthony Cunliffe, National Lead GP Adviser<br />

of Macmillan <strong>Cancer</strong> Support, said: “I had such<br />

a great experience chairing and attending<br />

sessions, it was even better than last year. What<br />

an amazing opportunity to hear from such a<br />

high calibre of speakers from across oncology<br />

professions and get some great insight from<br />

the exhibitors regarding advances in oncology<br />

care. Already looking forward to Oncology<br />

Professional Care 2024.”<br />

Highlights on day one included an opening<br />

keynote from Holly Roberts, Founder of Larsen’s<br />

Pride, and Patient Advocates Victoria Gaston<br />

and Ellie Waters as they shared their personal<br />

experiences of cancer care. A panel discussion<br />

including NHS England’s Anna Rarity (<strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Experience of Care Programme Manager, NHS<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> Programme), Emily Corser (Project<br />

Manager (Living With and Beyond <strong>Cancer</strong>), and<br />

Amelia Randle (Clinical Chair SWAG <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Alliance) focused on mental health and addressing<br />

health inequalities. Author and <strong>Cancer</strong> Educator,<br />

Elaine Vickers, explored the prospects for CAR<br />

T cell therapy in solid tumours in the Advanced<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> Treatments Theatre, whilst Emma Hallam,<br />

Macmillan Consultant Radiographer in Post<br />

Treatment & Late Effects at Nottingham University<br />

Hospitals NHS Trust, discussed the late effects of<br />

non-surgical cancer treatment in the Living With<br />

and Beyond <strong>Cancer</strong> Theatre.<br />

Highlights from day two included Mary Oladele,<br />

CEO and Founder of <strong>Cancer</strong> Education UK,<br />

speaking on tackling health inequalities. Chris<br />

Curtis, CEO of The Swallows <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong><br />

Charity, and Abdul Ahmed, Consultant OMFS/<br />

<strong>Head</strong> & <strong>Neck</strong>/Reconstructive/Robotic Surgeon of<br />

Queen Mary University of London, also discussed<br />

oral screening in the fight against head and<br />

neck cancer.<br />

The next edition of Oncology Professional<br />

Care is taking place on 21-22 May 2024 at<br />

ExCeL London. To join us next year, please<br />

register your interest by visiting the website:<br />

oncologyprofessionalcare.co.uk/registerinterest-2024<br />

For delegate enquiries, please contact the team on opc@closerstillmedia.com<br />

For sponsorship, exhibition or speaking enquiries, please contact Lucy,<br />

Event Manager, on l.clarke@closerstillmedia.com<br />

#HNCCONF<strong>2023</strong> 69

The quality<br />

of life you<br />

deserve.<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and neck tumours represent diagnoses where the benefit of proton therapy is very high.<br />

Proton therapy enables us to treat patients with tumours that were previously difficult to manage,<br />

found near healthy tissues such as the optic nerve, the retina or the spinal cord. Proton therapy<br />

considerably reduces the risk of developing undesirable side effects of radiation and it<br />

also reduces the risk of secondary tumours. The benefit of proton therapy can be seen early<br />

during treatment, as the vast majority of patients manage the therapy without hospitalisation and<br />

various invasive interventions, such as the insertion of a gastric tube in the stomach to provide<br />

nutrition. In the long term, proton therapy reduces the risk of damage to the vision, hearing,<br />

intellectual functions, the risk swallowing and breathing problems, and dry mouth.<br />

The Benefits<br />

In addition to increasing curability, the aim is<br />

to reduce late side effects and maintain the<br />

quality of life of the patients.<br />

Significant dose reduction of undesirable<br />

radiation to the brain, preventing the risk<br />

of developing memory impairment.<br />

Significant dose reduction of undesirable<br />

radiation to the spinal cord by up to<br />

80%, preventing the development of<br />

myelopathy accompanied by movement<br />

impairment or even paralysis.<br />

Significant dose reduction to all optic<br />

structures (macula, cornea, retina,<br />

optic nerve), mitigating the risk of visual<br />

impairment or loss.<br />

Lower risk of hearing impairment or<br />

loss, namely at high frequencies.<br />

Our Clinic<br />

The Proton Therapy Center located in<br />

Prague, Czech Republic, offers the most<br />

advanced and accurate form of<br />

radiotherapy currently available. Proton<br />

beam therapy, using pencil beam scanning,<br />

allows for a precise dose to be delivered to<br />

highly complicated target volumes while<br />

sparing nearby critical organs and healthy<br />

tissue.<br />

We know fighting cancer is one of the hardest<br />

battles you will ever face, but you don’t have<br />

to face it alone.<br />

FREE Case Assessment<br />

Call us<br />

+44 (0) 1268 919 046<br />

UK’s leading <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers<br />

charity dedicated to raising awareness<br />

and discovering newer and kinder<br />

treatments.<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers are now the 4th<br />

most common type of cancer in men, and<br />

the 8th overall yet awareness of the signs<br />

and symptoms is low and access to the<br />

latest treatments varies throughout the UK.<br />


12,400<br />

new <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong><br />

cancer cases a year<br />

50+<br />

research projects<br />

supported<br />

Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust are committed to<br />

funding world-class research, raising<br />

awareness of the signs and<br />

symptoms and leading on service<br />

delivery innovation - transforming the<br />

lives of those affected by <strong>Head</strong> and<br />

<strong>Neck</strong> cancers.<br />

£8m<br />

awarded for research<br />

into better and kinder<br />

treatment options<br />

Significant dose reduction to the<br />

structure of swallowing pathways,<br />

decreasing the probability of swallowing<br />

difficulties, saliva production disorder,<br />

and need for the insertion of a nutrition<br />

feeding tube into the stomach (PEG).<br />

For more information on how<br />

Proton Therapy Center can give you<br />

the quality of life you deserve:<br />

info@ukprotontherapy.co.uk<br />

ukprotontherapy.co.uk<br />

info@oraclecancertrust.org<br />

oraclecancertrust.org<br />

0203 475 3471<br />

Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (1142037). A company limited by guarantee. Registered<br />

company in England and Wales (7125497).

The RACE to overcome the crisis in<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers<br />

Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust<br />

Since Oracle was founded, we have funded over<br />

£8million of research projects. Our research<br />

focus is to provide support and funding for<br />

projects that result in better understanding,<br />

data and improved patient outcomes for those<br />

affected by <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers.<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers are the 4th most<br />

common cancer in men in the UK and the 7th<br />

overall. Around 12,400 people are diagnosed with<br />

a <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancer each year with growing<br />

levels of late-stage diagnoses, low public<br />

awareness and poor rates of mortality.<br />

Patients are often left with debilitating<br />

appearance, speech, eating, swallowing and/or<br />

respiratory problems as well as psychological<br />

effects of loss of function and change in body<br />

image.<br />

Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust is the UK’s leading <strong>Head</strong> and<br />

<strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> charity. Our mission is to improve<br />

<strong>Head</strong><br />

and <strong>Neck</strong> <strong>Cancer</strong> patient quality of life<br />

and outcomes in the UK.<br />

Our charity’s purpose and activities are all<br />

aimed at improving quality of life<br />

outcomes for <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancer<br />

patients. To this end, Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust<br />

supports and runs 4 types of projects:<br />

Research projects: Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong> Trust<br />

supports research projects that<br />

demonstrate potential to deliver and<br />

drive greater understanding about <strong>Head</strong><br />

and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers, how best to treat<br />

them and where the greatest unmet<br />

needs are. This includes 1) lab-based<br />

medical research projects, 2) data<br />

gathering and analysis of disease and<br />

patient trends, and 3) qualitative and<br />

behavioural research projects.<br />

Awareness campaigns: Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Trust drives, delivers and supports<br />

awareness campaigns focused on <strong>Head</strong><br />

and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers<br />

Collaboration programmes: Oracle<br />

<strong>Cancer</strong> Trust promotes and supports<br />

collaboration and creates key<br />

opportunities for knowledge sharing and<br />

agreeing best practice within <strong>Head</strong> and<br />

<strong>Neck</strong> cancers<br />

Experience of patients: Oracle <strong>Cancer</strong><br />

Trust will support, promote and<br />

encourage more focus and<br />

understanding on the patient experience<br />

within <strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancers.<br />

Oracle jointly funded a new study that suggests<br />

robotic surgery has high cure rates for some<br />

<strong>Head</strong> and <strong>Neck</strong> cancer patients. Published in<br />

the Journal of the National <strong>Cancer</strong> Institute,<br />

results from the RECUT study reveal that,<br />

following transoral robotic surgery (TORS), the<br />

two-year overall survival rate for recurrent head<br />

and neck cancer patients whose recurrence has<br />

been detected at an early stage is nearly three<br />

quarters (72%). This improves on other<br />

treatments currently available to this patient<br />

group, which often includes further<br />

radiotherapy or open surgery, in combination or<br />

alone, or chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy<br />

with palliative intent.<br />

Professor Vin Paleri, Project Lead<br />

RECUT study<br />

Get in touch<br />

oraclecancertrust.org<br />

+44 (0) 203 475 3471<br />

info@oraclecancertrust.org<br />

Support Oracle now, donate<br />

today!<br />

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