Burtonwood Community Beer Festival 2023

Burtonwood Community Centre Beer Festival 2023, beer guides and tasting notes

Burtonwood Community Centre Beer Festival 2023, beer guides and tasting notes


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The 8 th <strong>Burtonwood</strong><br />

<strong>Community</strong> Centre<br />

Charity <strong>Beer</strong> <strong>Festival</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Supporting St Rocco’s, JUMP Children’s Charity<br />

and the Adam Lewis Effect (TALE)<br />

Supported by<br />

Welcome...<br />

to the 8th <strong>Burtonwood</strong> <strong>Beer</strong> <strong>Festival</strong>. It is great to welcome<br />

friends old and new to this fantastic community event.<br />

Once again we are supporting local charities at this event.<br />

In the past few years we have raised thousands of pounds<br />

for good causes, and this year will be no different as we<br />

support St Rocco’s, JUMP Children’s Charity and The Adam<br />

Lewis Effect (TALE). These are three fabulous causes that<br />

rely on local fundraising, and I know the money we raise this<br />

weekend will be put to very good use. You can find out more<br />

about them overleaf.<br />

Thanks to all our sponsors, without whom we could not<br />

bring such an event together, particularly to Thomas Hardy,<br />

our main sponsor. We hope they all have a great weekend.<br />

Special mention goes to our centre manager, Andy Carr,<br />

his staff, trustees and management team, and to our<br />

valuable volunteers who all work so hard to ensure you enjoy<br />

this event.<br />

Please enjoy yourselves and bring a friend to a great event!<br />

Brian Pilling, Chairman<br />

How today works<br />

Where things happen...<br />

In Main Hall<br />

Music & Cask Ales, Bottled <strong>Beer</strong>s<br />

Prosecco Bar, Gins, Vodka and food<br />

In Foyer<br />

Glass Collection and Information<br />

Snug Bar<br />

<strong>Beer</strong> Token Sales<br />

Smoking Area – outside.<br />

Notice Board<br />

Updates on additional<br />

beers and ciders.<br />

Buying your beers/ciders<br />

Please note, you pay for all your drinks with TOKENS. Buy your beer tokens at the SNUG BAR.<br />

Please note that BUYING TOKENS operates on a CASH ONLY basis.<br />

Want to read this<br />

on your phone?<br />

Just scan this<br />

QR code!<br />

£10 buys you SIX GREEN tokens or FIVE YELLOW tokens<br />

£5 buys you THREE GREEN tokens or TWO YELLOW tokens<br />

Each token is worth one half pint of any cask ale or cider on sale.Two tokens = one pint<br />

Cask ales up to and including 4.5% abv are bought with GREEN tokens.<br />

Stronger beers of 4.6% abv and above require YELLOW tokens.<br />

All our Ciders require YELLOW tokens; Gins or Vodka and a Mixer require THREE YELLOW tokens.<br />

A glass of Prosecco costs TWO YELLOW tokens. Our <strong>Festival</strong> Lager requires YELLOW tokens.<br />

Tasting notes on beers and details of their abv can be found on the separate sheet.<br />


Friday: The Crew | Saturday Afternoon: Rock Choir | Saturday Evening: Ian C<br />


<strong>Beer</strong> festival sheet <strong>2023</strong>.indd 2 03/11/<strong>2023</strong> 18:17

<strong>Beer</strong> tasting notes - 1<br />

Supported by<br />

Indicates what colour token you need for one half-pint of this beer<br />

1 . Brewery: 4TS<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Hop Monster 32<br />

Abv: 3.2<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

A low gravity beer with a massive hop punch; tropical fruits with a<br />

bitter finish.<br />

Sponsor: <strong>Burtonwood</strong> Rugby League<br />

2. Brewery: Anarchy<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Wor <strong>Beer</strong><br />

Abv: 4.<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

A brand new light pale ale.<br />

Sponsor: Mr David Morris<br />

3. Brewery: Briggs Signature<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Nouvelle Chanson<br />

Abv: 4.2<br />

Colour/style: Pale<br />

Pale ale brew with vast amounts of hops.<br />

Sponsor: Showerplan<br />

4. Brewery: Four Priest<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Murgy Straight<br />

Abv: 4.2<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Murgy is a well hopped Citra and Talus ale, with a base of<br />

Crisp Extra Pale malt.<br />

Sponsor: Bitu Chem<br />

5. Brewery: George Shaw<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Premium<br />

Abv: 4.3<br />

Colour/Style: Bitter<br />

Premum bitter, very smooth drinking, leaving you wanting more.<br />

Sponsor: <strong>Burtonwood</strong> Bowling Club<br />

6. Brewery: Mallinsons<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Hallertau Blanc<br />

Abv: 4.2<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

This is a new single hopped beer using only Hallertau Blanc. It is pale<br />

gold with a lovely hop aroma.<br />

Sponsor: <strong>Burtonwood</strong> Coffee Company<br />

7. Brewery: Milestone<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: English Rose<br />

Abv: 4.5<br />

Colour/Style: Red <strong>Beer</strong><br />

Blood red English ale.<br />

Sponsor: Eat & Meet Luncheon Club<br />

8. Brewery: Mill Valley<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Black Panther<br />

Abv: 4.6<br />

Colour/Style: Stout<br />

A traditional Stout, very moreish.<br />

Sponsor: Creative Concrete<br />

9. Brewery: Stewarts<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Summer Citra<br />

Abv: 4.5<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Big refreshing citrus flavours of grapefruit, lemon and lime are at the<br />

fore, rounded off with tropical and floral notes.<br />

Sponsor: The Box Doctor<br />

10. Brewery: Redwillow<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Extra Pale<br />

Abv: 4.2<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Pale smooth Hop beer.<br />

Sponsor: Internal Short Mat Bowls<br />

11 . Brewery: Stockport<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: West Coast IPA<br />

Abv: 4.3<br />

Colour/Style: IPA<br />

A great IPA hoppy with great bitter finish.<br />

Sponsor: DPJ Brickwork<br />

12. Brewery: Vocation<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Newbarns Cascade<br />

Abv: 3.4<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

New England / Hazy IPA full of flavour.<br />

Sponsor: Rydale Chemist<br />

13. Brewery: Phoenix<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Wobbley Bob<br />

Abv: 6<br />

Colour/Style: Bitter<br />

Deep Amber – our legendary ale.<br />

Sponsor: JF Plumbing & Heating Solutions<br />

14. Brewery: Frontrow<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Tackle School<br />

Abv: 4.2<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Golden American style beer.<br />

Sponsor: <strong>Burtonwood</strong> Rugby League<br />

DON’T FORGET... There’s a great selection of gins, vodka and<br />

prosecco available, too - plus a special <strong>Festival</strong> Lager<br />

<strong>Beer</strong> festival sheet <strong>2023</strong>.indd 3 03/11/<strong>2023</strong> 18:21

<strong>Beer</strong> tasting notes - 2<br />

Supported by<br />

Indicates what colour token you need for one half-pint of this beer<br />

15. Brewery: 4T’s<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Choc Fudge Stout<br />

Abv: 5<br />

Colour/Style: Stout<br />

Moreish English stout with long lasting chocolate fudge aroma.<br />

Chocolate and Fudge, the stout detectives, weren’t letting this stout<br />

get away lightly! STOUT, in the name of the law.<br />

Sponsor: Village Barbers<br />

16. Brewery: Coach House<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Blueberry Bitter<br />

Abv: 4.7<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

A wonderful straw-coloured beer with a light hoppy aroma and a<br />

distinct blueberry after taste.<br />

Sponsor: Warrington Dyson Services & Repairs<br />

17. Brewery: Craven<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Som<br />

Abv: 5.1<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Autumn-inspired Golden ale brewed with Fuggles and liberty hops.<br />

Sponsor: Universal Tankers<br />

18. Brewery: 4T’s<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Tripwire<br />

Abv: 5.5<br />

Colour/Style: IPA<br />

Tropical IPA, hopped with Falconers Flight Blend & Mosaic. Bringing you<br />

a smooth mouth-feel of luscious tropical and citrus aromas.<br />

Sponsor: Mike Wire Electrical<br />

19. Brewery: Spitting Feathers<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Tba<br />

Abv: 4.7<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Gluten-free, Vegan-friendly pale ale with hints of passion fruit<br />

and melon.<br />

Sponsor: North West Fire Doors<br />

20 Brewery: Storm<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Dexter<br />

Abv: 4.2<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

A dry pale ale with zesty citrus top notes and a delicious bittersweet<br />

aftertaste.<br />

Sponsor: Mr Harry Ollerton<br />

21. Brewery: 4T’s<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: <strong>Burtonwood</strong> Bitter<br />

Abv: 3.8<br />

Colour/Style: Bitter<br />

A traditional recipe for this bitter; all the classic attributes for a beer<br />

from the early 1900s<br />

Sponsor: 4T’s Brewery<br />

22 Brewery: Mobberly<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Boom Juice<br />

Abv: 4<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

Light and hoppy session IPA with storing citrus notes.<br />

Sponsor: Protec Roofing<br />

23. Brewery: Wincle<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Waller<br />

Abv: 3.8<br />

Colour/Style: Pale<br />

A pale ale that is a delicious refresher with an enduring appeal.<br />

Sponsor: Mr Chris Doyle<br />

24. Brewery: Green Duck Brewery<br />

<strong>Beer</strong>: Bright Ideas<br />

Abv: 4.4%<br />

Colour/Style: Citrus<br />

American easy-drinking pale ale with strong citrus notes.<br />

Sponsor: FPS Accountants<br />

CIDERS<br />

1. Brewery: Lilleys<br />

Cider: Bee Sting<br />

Abv: 7.5<br />

Sponsor: Mr Sean Moon<br />

2. Brewery: Lilleys<br />

Cider: Strawberry<br />

Abv: 4<br />

Sponsor: Leo Upholstery<br />

3. Brewery: Lilleys<br />

Cider: Mango<br />

Abv: 4<br />

Sponsor: Mr Harry Ollerton<br />

4 . Brewery: Lilleys<br />

Cider: Cherries and Berries<br />

Abv: 4<br />

Sponsor: Cheeky Cherubs Committee<br />

5. Brewery: Lilleys<br />

Cider: Red Rabbit<br />

Abv: 6<br />

Sponsor: DJ Danny Woods<br />

6. Brewery: Lilleys<br />

Cider: Dark Cider<br />

Abv: 7.5<br />

Sponsor: Protec Roofing<br />

Lager, Gin,<br />

Vodka &<br />

Prosecco<br />

Our <strong>Festival</strong> Lager<br />

requires YELLOW<br />

tokens.<br />

Gins or Vodka and a<br />

Mixer require THREE<br />

YELLOW tokens.<br />

A glass of Prosecco<br />

requires TWO<br />

YELLOW tokens.<br />

<strong>Beer</strong> festival sheet <strong>2023</strong>.indd 4 06/11/<strong>2023</strong> 13:26

Our Charities<br />

We are delighted to be supporting three great local charities at this weekend’s event<br />


The word ‘hospice’ can make people feel anxious. Often people assume that it is a place where very ill<br />

people go at the end of their lives. But we are here to help as soon as someone is told that they<br />

have an illness that is no longer curable. We focus on the positives. Supporting patients physically,<br />

psychologically and emotionally to enable them to carry on living the lives they want to live for as<br />

long as possible.<br />

Find out more at: https://www.stroccos.org.uk<br />

JUMP Children’s Charity<br />

JUMP is a registered charity supporting children with life-limiting health<br />

conditions in the North West of England and North Wales.<br />

Find out more at https://www.jumpchildrenscharity.co.uk<br />


Raising awareness of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, and raising<br />

funds to support awareness-raising and to fund vital heart screening for<br />

people aged 14 - 35 across the UK.<br />

To watch Adam’s father, Peter, share their story or donate, visit<br />

Find out more at: The Adam Lewis Effect - #TALE on Facebook.<br />

Come down and see<br />

what’s going on at...<br />

‘Proud to be at the heart of<br />

the Local <strong>Community</strong>’<br />

Room hire – ideal for wedding receptions,<br />

birthdays & wakes<br />

Small Meeting Rooms available for seminars,<br />

training events – Free Wi-Fi<br />

Competitively priced beers<br />

Fantastic kitchen facility<br />

Social Club Lounge with Sky Sports and<br />

TNT Sports<br />

Contact the centre manager Andy Carr on 01925 225584 for details<br />

or see www.burtonwoodcommunitycentre.co.uk<br />

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