Leadership Pasco Newsletter - Fall 2023

The Leadership Pasco Newsletter is published quarterly. SINCE 1991, THE MISSION OF LEADERSHIP PASCO is to identify and recruit current or potential leaders of Pasco County, facilitate the development and interaction of those leaders, and to foster an issues-oriented learning environment for these leaders and the citizens of Pasco County in order to encourage an ex-change of ideas and generate enthusiasm for community growth and development.

The Leadership Pasco Newsletter is published quarterly. SINCE 1991, THE MISSION OF LEADERSHIP PASCO is to identify and recruit current or potential leaders of Pasco County, facilitate the development and interaction of those leaders, and to foster an issues-oriented learning environment for these leaders and the citizens of Pasco County in order to encourage an ex-change of ideas and generate enthusiasm for community growth and development.


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<strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

<strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Join us at Jingle and<br />

Mingle <strong>2023</strong>

To our <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> Family,<br />

We had a great kickoff to the Class of 2024<br />

program year! I had the opportunity to meet and<br />

welcome our new class of 34 outstanding leaders<br />

during our orientation in August. I encourage<br />

and welcome our alumni to meet our new class<br />

at any of our program days. If you are interested<br />

in attending or assisting with any program days,<br />

please contact me or Angel Cook.<br />

The class went straight into the program the<br />

same day with <strong>Leadership</strong> in Action Day. It was a<br />

fantastic day filled with learning about leadership<br />

skills, leadership traits, and leadership personalities.<br />

In September, the class had the pleasure of having a two-day bus tour led by our dedicated bus<br />

tour leaders, Harold Sample and Kurt Conover. We all love and remember our bus tour days.<br />

The class had the opportunity to tour and learn about our growing and dynamic county.<br />

I had the pleasure of attending Criminal Justice Day with the Class. Thank you to Craig<br />

Laporte, James Mallo, Sheriff Chris Nocco, the <strong>Pasco</strong> County Sheriff’s Office, and <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

County Corrections for putting on an extremely exciting and informative program day!<br />

We are also about to start our Youth <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> program. Barbara Desimone and<br />

Rob Aguis have a great year planned for these young leaders. We had a record number of<br />

applicants this year, 95 applicants from 18 different schools! This enthusiasm speaks to the<br />

successful record of informing, motivating, and cultivating our leaders of tomorrow.<br />

As the new <strong>2023</strong>-2024 president of the <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> Board of Directors, I would like to<br />

thank the board of directors for the trust you have placed in me. I do not take that trust lightly.<br />

I would also like to thank our program day leaders, volunteers, and speakers for the countless<br />

hours and efforts you put in to making this program a success. Last, but certainly, not least,<br />

I want to thank our sponsors who support our program throughout the year. Without your<br />

financial support, our program would not be possible. I am honored to serve as your president<br />

and I am excited for the year ahead!<br />

I look forward to seeing you at our Jingle & Mingle <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> Holiday Party on<br />

December 5th at Thirsty Buffalo!<br />

Best regards,<br />

Brendan Gorman Class of 2018<br />

President, <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

Personal Injury Attorney, Laporte, Mulligan, and Werner-Watkins, P.A.<br />

<strong>Leadership</strong><br />

<strong>Pasco</strong><br />

<strong>Newsletter</strong><br />


PASCO is to identify and recruit current or potential<br />

leaders of <strong>Pasco</strong> County, facilitate the development<br />

and interaction of those leaders, and to foster an issues-oriented<br />

learning environment for these leaders<br />

and the citizens of <strong>Pasco</strong> County in order to encourage<br />

an exchange of ideas and generate enthusiasm<br />

for community growth and development.<br />

The <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong> is published quarterly.<br />

Please direct correspondence about this publication<br />

to <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong>, P.O. Box 695, Elfers, FL,<br />

34680. Readers also may reach staff by sending an<br />

email to administration@leadershippasco.com.<br />

Editorial Staff<br />

Amanda Hart '14<br />

Editor<br />

Tara O'Connor '16<br />

Editor<br />

Jason Longo '17<br />

Design<br />

Board Members<br />

Don Anderson '16<br />

Chuck Anderson '20<br />

Gary Burden '19<br />

Paul Conley '23<br />

Angel Cook '18, President Elect<br />

Angie Gardner '11<br />

Brendan Gorman '18, President<br />

Kim Hamm '15<br />

Amanda Hart '14<br />

Laura Knight '22<br />

William Labbancz '22<br />

Crystal Lazar '13<br />

Manny Long '16, Treasurer<br />

Kathy Masucci '22<br />

Tara O'Connor '16, Immediate Past President<br />

Joseph Poblick '14<br />

Laura Raposa '19, Secretary<br />

Sam Rockwell '22<br />

Kim Rymanowski '19<br />

Debbie Shackowski '20<br />

James Walters '15<br />

© <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong>. All rights reserved.

Features<br />

2<br />

4<br />

6<br />

7<br />

Meet the Class of 2024<br />

"ATM" Ask Them, Tell Them, Make Them on<br />

"CJD"Class of <strong>2023</strong> Graduation<br />

A Message from the Class of 2024 Officers<br />

It's a Great Time to Renew Your Alumni Dues<br />

8<br />

9<br />

10<br />

Sponsor Spotlight: United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

Board Member Spotlight: Laura Raposa '19,<br />

President Elect<br />

Updates from Youth <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

<strong>Fall</strong> Sponsors<br />

4G Ranch<br />

Covanta<br />

Graybar<br />

Laporte, Mulligan & Werner-Watkins, P.A.<br />

O'Connor Law Group, P.A.<br />

Olympus Limo, Inc.<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> Economic Development Council<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> County Public Infrastructure<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> County Sheriff's Office<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> Hernando State College<br />

Phillips & Jordan Inc.<br />

Photos By J. David Wright<br />

Rotary Club of Dade City Noon<br />

Rotary Club of Holiday<br />

Rotary Club of New Port Richey<br />

Rotary Club of Seven Springs<br />

Rotary Club of Trinity<br />

Rotary Club of West <strong>Pasco</strong> Sunset<br />

SouthState Bank<br />

Time Trap Escape Room<br />

United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

USF Federal Credit Union

Meet the Class of 2024<br />

Branford Adumuah<br />

Alexander Alt<br />

Adolfo Alvarez<br />

Ashley Breaux<br />

Cristina Cordon<br />

Assistant County Administrator,<br />

Public Infrastructure, <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

Intergovernmental<br />

Affairs Officer,<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> Sheriff's Office<br />

Managing Director,<br />

Bay to Bay Cleaning Solutions<br />

Marketing Specialist,<br />

AdventHealth Dade City and<br />

AdventHealth Zephyrhills<br />

Assistant Director,<br />

Parks, Recreation and Natural<br />

Resources Department<br />

Jacques Hakim<br />

Timothy Hoyt<br />

Matthew Johnston<br />

Karis Kaeser<br />

Traci Kanaan<br />

President,<br />

goSASS.com<br />

Pastor,<br />

Church of the Nazarene<br />

Chief Operations Officer,<br />

HCA Florida Trinity Hospital<br />

Executive Director,<br />

Van Gogh's Palette dba<br />

Vincent House<br />

President, Wings Hypnosis, LLC /<br />

Stand Up Eight, Inc.<br />

Dan Mitchell<br />

J.J. Murphy<br />

Andres Nazario<br />

Benjamin Ortberg<br />

Brian Peterson<br />

SMARTstart Program Director,<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> Economic<br />

Development Council<br />

Assistant County Administrator -<br />

Public Safety <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

Independent Consultant--National<br />

Security/Defense, Training and<br />

Development and Foreign Affairs,<br />

Self-Employed<br />

Program Director,<br />

United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

Project Executive,<br />

Skanska USA Building<br />

Adam Thomas<br />

Leona Wells<br />

Michael Wolf<br />

Executive Director,<br />

Florida's Sports Coast<br />

Director of Development and<br />

Community Engagement,<br />

Metropolitan Ministries<br />

Director, Aquisitions,<br />

Columnar Land

Alex Delgado<br />

Anthony DeSantis<br />

Chris Dunning<br />

Toby Fritz<br />

Connie Galietti<br />

Associate Executive Director,<br />

Tampa Metro YMCA<br />

Associate Vice President for<br />

Student Affairs,<br />

Saint Leo University<br />

Principal, Wendell Krinn Technical<br />

High School<br />

Chief Operating Officer,<br />

Youth and Family<br />

Alternatives, Inc.<br />

Director, State Advocacy<br />

and <strong>Leadership</strong>, American<br />

Psychological Association<br />

Matthew Lazar<br />

Jennifer Lineburg<br />

Greg Manning<br />

Janine Martin-Literski<br />

Christina Mitchell<br />

Finance Director, Office of Nikki<br />

Alvarez-Sowles, Esq., <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

County Clerk & Comptroller<br />

Chief Human Resources Officer,<br />

Premier Community HealthCare<br />

Group<br />

Owner, Suncoast Clinical<br />

Research, Inc.<br />

Clinical Manager,<br />

BayCare Behavioral Health<br />

Chief Membership Officer,<br />

Girl Scouts of<br />

West Central Florida<br />

Angela Pottinger<br />

Executive Director,<br />

Debbie Prouix<br />

Executive Director,<br />

Lukas Roe<br />

Sales Agent,<br />

Samantha<br />

Stauffenberg<br />

Ashley Sulllivan<br />

Owner/Broker,<br />

Florida Medical Clinic<br />

Foundation of Caring<br />

NAMI <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

Roe Insurance<br />

Branch Manager,<br />

MIDFLORIDA Credit Union<br />

Sullivan Insurance Agency<br />

’24 Say No More

"ATM" Ask Them, Tell Them, Make Them on "CJD"<br />

By Craig Laporte '06<br />

Everyone knows that cops like acronyms, but the Class of 2024<br />

heard a new one during Criminal Justice Day on October 19,<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. During a lively panel discussion, filled with plenty of Q&A’s,<br />

Chief James Walters, Dade City Police, stumped the class with his<br />

use of the acronym, “ATM.”No, not like the bank ATM.<br />

First, a little context. The panel was discussing the state of civil<br />

disobedience we’ve all seen recently on TV; especially with climate<br />

activists around the globe sitting in the middle of busy roads<br />

to disrupt traffic. The panel agreed that such behavior is not<br />

tolerated in the Pinellas/<strong>Pasco</strong> area, and that law enforcement<br />

will enforce laws prohibiting protesting in the streets, blocking the<br />

free flow of traffic.<br />

Sheriff Nocco explained that the position of the <strong>Pasco</strong> Sheriff’s<br />

Office is to remove protesters from the streets. He said he has no<br />

problem with people lawfully protesting, but when one person’s<br />

protests interfere with another person’s rights, his agency will step<br />

in.<br />

That’s when Chief Walters said his department employs the<br />

“ATM” method with people: “Ask them, Tell them, and then Make<br />

them” comply with a lawful order.<br />

The panel also heard from Chief Judge Shawn Crane, the first<br />

judge from <strong>Pasco</strong> County ever selected to sit as chief judge of<br />

the Sixth Judicial Circuit. Judge Crane is nationally renowned for<br />

his innovations in setting up and presiding over <strong>Pasco</strong> county’s<br />

Veterans Court and Drug Court.<br />

Additionally State Attorney Bruce Bartlett and Public Defender<br />

Sarah Mollo (LP class of <strong>2023</strong>) talked about the challenges they<br />

face because of the fentanyl epidemic and mental health issues<br />

plaguing our counties. From the law enforcement agencies to the<br />

prosecutors, the public defenders and the courts, all are keenly<br />

aware of the need for drug and mental health interdiction to help<br />

reduce the number of crimes occurring in <strong>Pasco</strong> County.<br />

The class had the opportunity to also learn about the technological<br />

advances in <strong>Pasco</strong>’s law enforcement agencies, especially<br />

in the areas of robotics and drones, as well as IT. Sheriff Nocco<br />

expressed concern about the impact artificial intelligence will<br />

have in both the political and criminal areas, and how his agency<br />

is working to adapt to protect itself and the citizens from the<br />

problem.<br />

The walking tour of the jail was an eye-opening experience for<br />

the group. The jail is now operated by <strong>Pasco</strong> County’s Public<br />

Safety department, having been turned over to the county by<br />

Sheriff Nocco in October 2022. A new 640 bed jail is being<br />

added to the complex, and the class learned about the issues of<br />

hiring staff and increasing existing staff to run the new facility<br />

scheduled to come on line next year.<br />

Overall, it was another tremendous day thanks to the dedication<br />

of all the participants. We thank Sheriff Nocco for hosting us<br />

and making his entire administrative staff, K-9, SWAT, aviation,<br />

marine, forensics and countless other members of his agency<br />

available to the class. We also thank <strong>Pasco</strong> County Public Safety<br />

for once again being so hospitable during the jail tour.<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> NEWSLETTER

<strong>Pasco</strong> County Sheriff's Office and many other experts wowed the Class of 2024 with expertise and dedication to the entire day.<br />

<strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />


5<br />

Class members got to experience intense, simulated law enforcement situations.

A Message from the Class of 2024 Officers<br />

By Christina Mitchell '24 and Connie Galietti '24<br />

Class of 2024 is off to an energizing start. Our class is comprised<br />

of a diverse group of community leaders from a wide variety of<br />

industries. We are proud to be among leaders who are cutting<br />

ribbons on new developments, inclusive county parks, homeless<br />

shelters and even having among us the county wide Principal of<br />

the Year!<br />

Like the classes before us, we leave each class day learning more<br />

about <strong>Pasco</strong> County which equips us to lead now & in the future.<br />

Just finishing Infrastructure Day, we were encouraged to see the<br />

incredible collaboration that happens within and between the<br />

various branches of the County Administration. Each decision<br />

and plan is considered from every aspect that affects our<br />

residents. The Bus Tour had us exploring every inch of the county<br />

with new eyes. Harold and Kurt enlightened us on the rich history<br />

throughout <strong>Pasco</strong> County and no one was able to take Harold up<br />

on his free lunch after the tour, we all learned something new.<br />

Last, we remain impressed with the constant innovation<br />

throughout the county. During Criminal Justice Day we were<br />

proud to see the innovative technologies Sheriff Nocco and<br />

his team are researching & implementing that keep both our<br />

residents and officers safer. Even our Waste Management teams<br />

have R&D in the works finding ways to innovate in the disposal of<br />

materials.<br />

We are ending our first quarter feeling proud to be <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

Residents and hopeful for the experiences to come.<br />

Class of 2024, Say No More!<br />

Christina Mitchell, Class of 2024 President<br />

Connie Galietti, Class of 2024 Vice President<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> NEWSLETTER

It's a Great Time to Renew Your Alumni Dues<br />

By Kathy Masucci '22<br />

On Tuesday, December 5th <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

Alumni and guests will be having our Holiday<br />

Jingle and Mingle Social. We will begin the<br />

festivities at 5:30 at The Thirsty Buffalo.<br />

Please register for the event on the <strong>Leadership</strong><br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> website. We will be collecting<br />

unwrapped toys to benefit the Toys For Tots<br />

Foundation.<br />

Your <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> alumni committee are<br />

currently planning some great events for 2024. We are excited to be introducing<br />

a Bus Tour 2.0, government panel meet and greet, and a few other<br />

fun events. We are focused on professional and educational growth for our<br />

alumni. As you know our county is growing and developing rapidly. <strong>Leadership</strong><br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> is the place to network, educate, and prosper. Please make sure<br />

your membership is active by paying your $50 alumni dues, as you wouldn’t<br />

want to miss these great opportunities.<br />

Members benefit with discounts to alumni social events and activities, free<br />

access to a class-sponsored alumni mixer, and ability to request the business<br />

contact information for our alumni.<br />

<strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> Summer Social, August 17, <strong>2023</strong> at Thirsty Buffalo Brewing Company, Land O' Lakes<br />

<strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />



Sponsor Spotlight: United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

By Laura Knight '22<br />

United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County is a not-for-profit agency that is<br />

committed to addressing pressing health and human services<br />

related issues in the county. United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County focuses<br />

within the following areas Domestic Violence, Financial Stability,<br />

Homelessness, Human Trafficking, Mental Health, Physical Health,<br />

Substance Abuse Recovery, and Youth Success and Education.<br />

United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County serves as one of the largest funders<br />

of nonprofits in <strong>Pasco</strong> County, partnering with more than 40<br />

agencies and more than 50 programs on average a year. We fund<br />

many agencies that you are already familiar with such as Boys and<br />

Girls Club, YMCA, and Premier Health. While some other partners<br />

are more grass roots such as Marjorie’s Hope who provides school<br />

supplies to children, Veterans Alternative who provides mental<br />

health therapy to veterans, and Victory High School, a special<br />

school for children who are recovering from drug use, just to name<br />

a few.<br />

In addition to the programs, we fund through our Partner<br />

Agencies, we also have our own in-house programs. Our in-house<br />

programs include the Fighting Human Trafficking Program, VITA<br />

Tax assistance, and homeless prevention.<br />

Through our Fighting Human Trafficking Program we provide<br />

case management, emergency housing, and wrap around<br />

services to survivors of human trafficking. Our program provides<br />

case management and access to over 100 wrap around services<br />

including legal assistance, education and job training, mental<br />

health therapy, tattoo branding removal, dental care, physical<br />

health and more. We work with law enforcement departments and<br />

other anti- human trafficking agencies throughout the state to<br />

provide emergency housing in the form of hotels.<br />

Through our VITA Program we help senior citizens prepare their<br />

income taxes. On an average year we prepare 6,000 tax returns,<br />

bringing in about $2M in returns to <strong>Pasco</strong> residents.<br />

Many hard-working families and individuals fall through the cracks<br />

and many grants do not cover many day-to-day expenses. That is<br />

where we come in. In partnership with <strong>Pasco</strong> County Government,<br />

we provide gap funding to cover many things that other grants<br />

and programs do not through the Homeless Prevention Program.<br />

United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County has been able to help with minor car<br />

repair costs, rent, utilities, day care, and more.<br />

To learn more about United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County please visit our<br />

website www.unitedwaypasco.org.

Board Member Spotlight:<br />

Laura Raposa '19, Board Secretary<br />

Laura Raposa is the current Assistant Dean of Accelerated<br />

Learning at <strong>Pasco</strong> Hernando State College, working out of the<br />

New Port Richey campus. She works to oversee dual enrollment<br />

for public schools, home schools and private schools; the Early<br />

College Programs; and the FUSE transfer program. She has<br />

served PHSC since 2008 previously as an Academic Advisor and<br />

Assistant Director of Student Life and <strong>Leadership</strong>.<br />

Laura was born in New Port Richey and attended Ridgewood<br />

High School before receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business<br />

Administration from the University of West Florida. She served<br />

as the Historian for Delta Sigma Pi, UWF’s Professional Business<br />

fraternity. Later she received a Master of Business Administration<br />

from Hodges University.<br />

Laura is married to Ben, also born and raised in <strong>Pasco</strong> County.<br />

She and Ben live in Lutz with their 8-year-old son, Grayson. In her<br />

spare time, she enjoys reading, running, taking naps, and cheering<br />

on her favorite baseball player, Grayson.<br />


Updates from Youth <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />

By Barbara De Simone '96<br />

Youth <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> (YLP) is a leadership development<br />

program that informs, motivates, and increases the awareness<br />

of selected high school sophomores and juniors through issueoriented<br />

seminars and interaction with community leaders<br />

The class of 2024 was selected from a record-breaking 95<br />

applications, including schools that are new or returning to<br />

the program after several years. A class of 36 sophomores and<br />

juniors were selected from 18 different schools.<br />

The program began in October with Orientation and Team Building at<br />

TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park, Dade City and continued with the<br />

ever-popular Law Enforcement Day in November. Three program days<br />

remain, and all are welcome to attend graduation on Friday, March 15 at<br />

Timber Greens Country Club, New Port Richey.<br />

If you have any questions about the Youth <strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong> program,<br />

please email bdesimone03@gmail.com.<br />

Sponsors<br />

O'Connor Law Group, P.A.<br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> Hernando State College<br />

Rotary Club of Dade City Noon<br />

Rotary Club of Holiday<br />

Rotary Club of New Port Richey<br />

Rotary Club of Seven Springs<br />

Rotary Club of Trinity<br />

Rotary Club of West <strong>Pasco</strong> Sunset<br />

United Way of <strong>Pasco</strong> County<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> NEWSLETTER

Youth <strong>Leadership</strong><br />

<strong>Pasco</strong> Class of 2024<br />

Colt Blancher, Angeline Academy of Innovation<br />

Katarina Boglino, Gulf High School<br />

Isabella Bowling, River Ridge High School<br />

Tommy Celotto, Hudson High School<br />

Isabelle Chapman, Gulf High School<br />

Noah Downey, Sunlake High School<br />

Vincent Farides, River Ridge High School<br />

Dominic Fusco, Wesley Chapel High School<br />

William Gantt, J.W. Mitchell High School<br />

Jake Giber, Genesis Preparatory High School<br />

Nadama Gilkerson, <strong>Pasco</strong> High School<br />

Sophia Giri, Wiregrass Ranch High School<br />

Nathan Grimes, J.W. Mitchell High School<br />

Luiza Guryeva, Wesley Chapel High School<br />

Allan Guzman, Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation<br />

Jayden Heinemann, Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School<br />

Alina Manadyel, Dayspring Early College Academy<br />

Elissa Hill, JW Mitchell High School<br />

Liam Hornung, J.W Mitchell High School<br />

Melodi Kazazi, Sunlake High School<br />

Calina Levy, Wiregrass Ranch High School<br />

Ethan Mendez, Cypress Creek high School<br />

Alyssa Mintrone, Land O' Lakes High School<br />

Montana Montayre, Wendell Krinn Technical High School<br />

Morgan Montayre, Wendell Krinn Technical High School<br />

Lillian Moore, Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School<br />

Alfonso Nava, Dayspring Early College Academy<br />

Victoria Ogundeyin, Cypress Creek High School<br />

Xiomig Ozorio Matias, Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation<br />

Trinity Perry, Wesley Chapel High School<br />

Justyce Rice, Anclote High School<br />

Ethan Rubin, Hudson High School<br />

Lilliana St Aubin, Hudson High School<br />

Paul Steele, Land O Lakes High School<br />

Hailey Suggs, Anclote High School<br />

Gianna Walsh, Fivay High School<br />

Class Quotes<br />

"At treehoppers I got the opportunity to meet new people<br />

and learn how to be social. Talking to everyone showed<br />

me how many connections there are in the county. I really<br />

enjoyed just being able to bond with new people and<br />

challenging ourselves socially and physically." - Alyssa<br />

Mintrone<br />

"I enjoyed my time at our first meeting. I saw some old<br />

friends and made many new ones. The course was challenging<br />

but persevered through it. Our speaker for the<br />

meeting, Paul Friedlander, gave a very interesting speech<br />

and gave us some great connections. It was a great<br />

experience." - Vincent Farides<br />

"Tree Hoppers was an exciting experience for me<br />

because I got the chance to meet people from different<br />

backgrounds and cultures which helped us connect with<br />

one another and work together in the courses." - Xiomig<br />

Ozorio<br />

"Tree Hoppers was an amazing experience for me<br />

because I got to meet other students from around the<br />

county and challenge myself with others while going<br />

from easy to hard on the courses. I met Noah who I just<br />

recently went to a USF football game with, so it shows to<br />

use your 'people skills' to make new friends wherever you<br />

go or meet people." - Tommy Celotto<br />

<strong>Leadership</strong> <strong>Pasco</strong><br />


Sponsors<br />

Additional sponsorship<br />

opportunties are available<br />

at <strong>Leadership</strong><strong>Pasco</strong>.com

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