Celebrating Father's Day with Classic Car Weekly

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<strong>Celebrating</strong> Father’s <strong>Day</strong><br />

CAR MAD?<br />


We asked you to tell us the stories<br />

of how Fathers had got their<br />

children into classics cars –<br />

and you didn’t disappoint<br />

T<br />

hey say most football fans support<br />

the teams they do because of their<br />

dads, but what about more<br />

important things – like cars?<br />

We asked you to tell us the stories of how<br />

fathers had got their children into classics, and<br />

had responses from sons, daughters and dads.<br />

Growing up around old cars seems to rub off<br />

on children, because so many of you told us<br />

that this was the reason why you now had your<br />

own classic, whether it’s a Mini, Peugeot 205 or<br />

Triumph Toledo.<br />

It’s more than just inspiration for many of<br />

you, though – there were touching stories of<br />

relationships built on a shared interest, <strong>with</strong><br />

joint restorations a common theme, often<br />

<strong>with</strong> children helping to restore cars that they<br />

would be gifted when they reached 17. So too,<br />

you shared stories of multi-generational classic<br />

car families, <strong>with</strong> oil truly running in some<br />

families’ veins.<br />

Here are 12 of those stories, as we approach<br />

Fathers’ <strong>Day</strong> and the time to say ‘Thanks, dad.’<br />

Words Charlie Calderwood PHOTOGRAPHY CCW Collection<br />

this week p2-11 out & about p14-15 living <strong>with</strong> classics p22-24 buying & selling p26-35 CLASSIFIEDS p38-57<br />

ANDREW<br />

& GEORGE<br />



‘My youngest son George has<br />

been brought up around classic<br />

cars because I have quite a large<br />

and varied collection that we’ve<br />

showed all over northern England<br />

ever since George was born.<br />

‘The collection includes a 1978<br />

Pontiac Trans Am, a 1963 Ford<br />

Galaxie 500 convertible, a 1977<br />

Jaguar XJC V12, a 1939 Rover<br />

14HP, a 1972 Rover 2000, a 1966<br />

Wolseley 16/60, a 1969 Rolls-<br />

Royce Silver Shadow and a pair of<br />

Triumph Stags.<br />

‘George and I have been working<br />

on a 1972 MG Midget since last<br />

summer. I’ve owned the car for<br />

more than 15 years, but it has sat<br />

unloved in my workshop. George<br />

set an aim to get the car finished<br />

for this year’s Whitby Traction<br />

Engine Rally, which was planned to<br />

run at the end of July. Last year we<br />

cleaned off all the old underseal,<br />

welded three small areas and then<br />

re-coated the underside.<br />

‘George has pushed the<br />

restoration on over the last six<br />

weeks. We cut out all of the rust,<br />

welded in new repair sections and<br />

primed and re-painted it.<br />

‘The car is road legal, now, and<br />

we will be off to Whitby as soon as<br />

the current coronavirus lockdown<br />

is lifted.’<br />

Andrew Jackson<br />

and his son George<br />

restored this MG<br />

Midget together.<br />

DAVID &<br />


LONDON<br />

‘Dad has always been a petrolhead,<br />

owning a variety of cars including<br />

Morgans, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces. I<br />

have grown up around them and got the<br />

bug for them as child, encouraged by him.<br />

‘I’m now restoring my grandad’s<br />

Wolseley 6/110, which has only done<br />

34,000 miles from new. I’ve had it resprayed<br />

and the leather re-trimmed, I’m<br />

just waiting for the wood trim – which is<br />

stuck in north Norfolk at the moment – to<br />

arrive but I’m very excited to get it back<br />

in the car.’<br />

David Berg got<br />

into classics<br />

through his dad,<br />

Robert, and is<br />

now restoring<br />

his grandad’s<br />

Wolseley 6/110.<br />


‘My father has been an enormous<br />

classic car fan ever since I was young<br />

– I remember taking a trip in my<br />

grandfather’s midnight blue MGB that he<br />

had rebuilt when I was quite young.<br />

‘This love for cars was further<br />

cemented when my father bought his<br />

1971 MGB in 2002 – the highlight of my<br />

weekends throughout summer was<br />

going to car shows and on classic rallies<br />

<strong>with</strong> him. I specifically loved the ‘tulip<br />

run’ style where I’d be his co-driver. We<br />

always listened to Jeff Wayne’s War of<br />

the Worlds and Glenn Miller. These rallies<br />

were always superb because he makes<br />

excellent picnics!<br />

‘My very first car was a 1976 MGB GT<br />

(which dad bought for me) and I’ve never<br />

been so proud to have such a stand-out<br />

car as a 17-year-old.<br />

‘My cars were predominantly<br />

turbocharged and Japanese in my 20s,<br />

but I inherited my grandfather’s Triumph<br />

Roadster 1800 18 months ago. It was<br />

his prized possession for 43 years so<br />

to say that I’m now obsessed <strong>with</strong> it is<br />

an understatement. It belonged to my<br />

mum’s boyfriend when she was 17; when<br />

he came to visit in 1976 my grandmother<br />


‘Living on the family farm since I was<br />

born, I have always been brought up<br />

around machinery and vehicles. I’ve<br />

always watched from behind while my<br />

dad fixed his old cars and machines and<br />

would constantly be the designated<br />

“chief torch holder” on various projects.<br />

‘He’s owned a 1942 Willys Jeep for<br />

as long as I can remember; there are<br />

countless photos of me fast asleep in<br />

the back from a young age, despite the<br />

bumpy ride. I learned to drive in that<br />

same Jeep, which bit me in the backside<br />

Ben inherited his Triumph Roadster from his grandfather; he and dad, Tony, got him into classics.<br />

when I had to switch from left- to righthand-drive<br />

for the first time when I took<br />

my driving test!<br />

‘Now 19, I’m a partner in our family<br />

garage, Browns <strong>Classic</strong>s, in West<br />

Berkshire, and own a 1985 Mini, 1952<br />

Fordson Thames lorry and three MGB<br />

GTs — one modified for hillclimbing.<br />

‘I’m grateful I still live on the farm,<br />

otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep<br />

buying these rust buckets!’<br />

was so taken <strong>with</strong> the look of it that she<br />

told my grandfather that he should buy<br />

it and it has been in our family ever since.<br />

‘I wholeheartedly point my finger at my<br />

father and grandfather for my vehicular<br />

obsession, though I’m not complaining!’<br />

What to get your classic-mad dad this Father’s <strong>Day</strong> (21 June)<br />

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his exact model in the text. As long<br />

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an illustration of the model – and<br />

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16 | classic car weekly Wednesday 3 June 2020<br />

Wednesday 3 June 2020 classic car weekly | 17

<strong>Celebrating</strong> Father’s <strong>Day</strong><br />



‘My dad David had owned his 1972 MG<br />

Midget for nearly ten years before I was<br />

born, so I was used to being <strong>with</strong> classic<br />

cars as far back as I can remember. I used to<br />

help him when he was cleaning it or working<br />

on it, and then accompanied him on classic<br />

car runs when I could hardly see through<br />

the windscreen!<br />

‘I’d always loved Minis and after a long<br />

search we finally bought an ‘Italian Job’<br />

Limited Edition just before my 17th birthday.<br />

Dad gave me some early driving lessons on<br />

private land so that I was ready to go out<br />

on the road as soon as I turned 17. I’m now<br />

thoroughly enjoying introducing it to my<br />

two-year-old son.<br />

‘Then, to mark my 21st birthday, dad<br />

and I joined the four-day ‘Brussels-Paris-<br />

Brussels’ event commemorating the Mini’s<br />

50th anniversary. We were the only British<br />

crew and shared the driving and navigating,<br />

which was rather challenging as the route<br />

books were designed to catch you out!<br />

‘Dad’s MG TD had been laid up for several<br />

years when I told him that I’d love to use it<br />

as my wedding car.<br />

‘I helped him to get it back on the road,<br />

which included a clutch change, plus an<br />

overhaul of the brakes and fuel system. It<br />

was great to be able to use a car that we<br />

had both enjoyed over the years and now it<br />

has an even more special place in my heart.‘<br />

Castrol <strong>Classic</strong> Oils FREE DELIVERY OFFERS<br />

Rebecca’s Dad<br />

Andrew is restoring<br />

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HOME WORKSHOP DRUMS Gear & Engine Oil XL30, XXL40, GP50, XL20w/50<br />

Lance Forty’s Dad<br />

Phil sold Jaguars<br />

in the 1960s.<br />

Aaron helped to<br />

recommission<br />

Dad David’s MG<br />

TD, which was<br />

then Aaron’s<br />

wedding car.<br />

MG TD Engine 1250cc/4-cyl/OHV POWER 54bhp@5200rpm TORQUE<br />

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‘My dad was a young apprentice for<br />

Le Mans winner, Ivor Bueb, and was<br />

taking part in trials back in 1950 in his<br />

1938 MG TA. I have been in a world of<br />

cars, whether motorsport or classics,<br />

ever since I was born. My earliest<br />

memory is the 1970 Gold Cup at<br />

Oulton Park and a visit to Beaulieu<br />

shortly after.<br />

‘My latest classic is an Austin A30<br />

which has been built to Historic<br />

Racing Drivers’ Club Academy spec,<br />

but I haven’t been able to show it to<br />

dad recently because he is currently<br />

in isolation.’<br />

Ian Edwards currently has an<br />

Academy-spec A30, having grown up<br />

seeing his dad racing classic machinery.<br />

Aaron and Dad David completed<br />

the Brussels-Paris-Brussels run<br />

together in Aaron’s Mini.<br />

RACHAEL &<br />



‘My dad has always loved classic cars<br />

and bought a Morris Oxford when he<br />

hit his “mid-life crisis” at 40 and I was 11<br />

years old. I fell in love <strong>with</strong> classics from<br />

attending classic car shows and meets<br />

for many years and together we decided<br />

that a Morris Minor would make the<br />

perfect first car!<br />

‘We bought a 1969 Morris Minor<br />

1000 six months before I turned 17 and<br />

tinkered away on it to get it ready for<br />

me to start driving lessons. Dad took<br />

me for my first driving lesson on my 17th<br />

birthday and a few months later I took<br />

my test in the Moggy and passed (well,<br />

second time lucky!)<br />

‘I’ve had “Bella” for ten years now and<br />

she was my daily driver until I started<br />

work in Liverpool and I felt the 50-miles<br />

commute just wasn’t fair on her.<br />

Rachael Foster got her Morris<br />

Minor as her first car <strong>with</strong> the<br />

help of dad Eddie ten years ago.<br />

‘She now comes out on sunny days,<br />

and continues to raise a smile on my face<br />

and those of the many people who I pass<br />

on the roads.’<br />


KENT<br />

‘My dad owned classic cars before<br />

I was born. The first ones I can<br />

remember (and which he still owns)<br />

are a 1961 Ford Zephyr MkII and a<br />

1964 Ford Anglia 123E Super. His<br />

collection has since grown <strong>with</strong> a 1961<br />

Ford Thames Van, ‘62 Ford Thames<br />

Van, ‘59 Chevy Apache Truck and a<br />

‘59 Chevy Apache school bus.<br />

‘My dad has currently been<br />

restoring a 1971 Fiat 500 for my 21st<br />

birthday in June. I’ve always attended<br />

classic car shows <strong>with</strong> my dad ever<br />

since I was a baby and have always<br />

enjoyed every minute of them – and<br />

still do now.<br />

‘I can’t wait to show my classic Fiat<br />

500 off at car shows.’<br />


‘When I was a boy the Triumph Spitfire was<br />

my dream car; I lived across the road from<br />

a garage where one of the mechanics had<br />

one. My wife hired a Spitfire for a day when<br />

I turned 50, which made me want one even<br />

more, so I trawled online until I found one.<br />

‘We have always enjoyed classic cars so<br />

it was no surprise that my son decided that<br />

he wanted one, too; he was very keen on a<br />

Triumph 1300, but was still a student at the<br />

time so they were out of his budget. We<br />

were at the Thirlestane Castle classic car<br />

show <strong>with</strong> my Spitfire in June 2016 when he<br />

spied a 1975 Toledo, which he got for £1400<br />

and since then we have been to a local<br />

show in our cars twice.<br />

‘He went back to university to do a<br />

Masters so the car hasn’t been out much,<br />

but he says that he will never part <strong>with</strong> it.’<br />

Tim and brother<br />

Martin bought their<br />

dad a Ford Anglia as a<br />

retirement present.<br />

TIM & JOHN YORK Somerset<br />

‘My late and much missed father, John,<br />

spent his life working in the motor trade<br />

following an apprenticeship at Bristol<br />

Vauxhall dealer, Bawns. His infectious<br />

enthusiasm got me into classics by the<br />

time I was 21 <strong>with</strong> an Anglia 100E and I<br />

currently have a stable of nine, ranging<br />

from a 1928 Singer Junior through to a<br />

2008 Mustang GT V8 convertible.<br />

‘My brother Martin and I bought a Ford<br />

Anglia E494A for him as a project when he<br />

retired, and helped him to restore it.<br />

‘Fast forward more than 20 years<br />

and the Anglia now lives <strong>with</strong> me and I<br />

displayed it at the <strong>Classic</strong> Motor Show last<br />

year on the Boston <strong>Classic</strong> <strong>Car</strong> Club stand.<br />

My brother was able to bring mum to see<br />

it there and it was a very emotional time.<br />

‘The genes have been safely passed<br />

onto my son, Ollie, who runs a Ford Capri<br />

2.0 S and my eight-year-old grandson<br />

Callum is being suitably brought up, so it<br />

looks like the love of classics is safe for<br />

generations to come!’<br />

Leslie and Stuart got into classics<br />

together – Stuart bought his Toledo<br />

shortly after Leslie bought his Spitfire.<br />

LANCE &<br />



‘I have been selling cars for more than<br />

40 years; I was inspired by my late father,<br />

who was in the trade from 1950 to 1992.<br />

‘When I was at school, he had the local<br />

dealership for Jaguar and Daimler. He<br />

would take me to school in E-types and<br />

other demonstrators. My school mates<br />

were most impressed! I’ve since tracked<br />

down one of those E-types and have<br />

arranged to view it after the lockdown.<br />

‘My dad was also a classic enthusiast,<br />

<strong>with</strong> cars of the 1920s and 1930s the<br />

classics of his age – he owned several<br />

and my most vivid memory is of his 1938<br />

Austin 10 Cambridge. I would assist him<br />

<strong>with</strong> maintenance and polishing and now<br />

my classics are those of the 1950s and<br />

1960s, similar to what my father sold<br />

new. I currently have a very low mileage<br />

1962 Wolseley 1500.’<br />

Lance has tracked down the E-type that<br />

his dad was photographed <strong>with</strong> and<br />

plans to go and see the car.<br />

What to get your classic-mad dad this Father’s <strong>Day</strong> (21 June)<br />

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rolling rubber wheels, making it a perfect<br />

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Formula 1: <strong>Car</strong> by <strong>Car</strong><br />

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EVRO’s ‘<strong>Car</strong> by <strong>Car</strong>’ series has<br />

been a delight for historic F1<br />

fans, presenting a rundown<br />

of a decade of top-tier motor<br />

racing. What’s been particularly<br />

refreshing is that the books are<br />

broken up into small sections on<br />

every car that took part – not<br />

only keeping it focused on the<br />

cars – when so many historians<br />

love to focus on the drivers<br />

– but also keeping it light and<br />

readable. The latest decade of<br />

F1 to receive this treatment is<br />

the formula’s first, the 1950s,<br />

released just this May. With Alfa,<br />

Ferrari and Maserati bringing<br />

Italian exotica, while Vanwall and<br />

Cooper represent the plucky<br />

privateer Brits, it’s a decade of<br />

firsts, heroics and massive change<br />

and should be considered an<br />

essential book for F1-mad dads.<br />

❚ Publisher: EVRO<br />

❚ ISBN: 978-1-91050-544-1<br />

❚ Author: Peter Higham<br />

❚ Publisher: EVRO<br />

Polishing ‘Puck’<br />

£4.30<br />

Even those who have full<br />

detailing sets for their cars can<br />

always use more polishing cloths<br />

and applicators. This polishing<br />

‘puck’ is designed to be used as<br />

an applicator and polishing pad,<br />

but its moulded ‘handle’ means<br />

that it’s much more ergonomic<br />

than a traditional block of<br />

material. It’s useful even for<br />

those <strong>with</strong> machine polishers,<br />

being the perfect tool for hardto-reach<br />

or delicate areas.<br />

❚ spautopia.co.uk<br />



‘One of the earliest things I can<br />

remember is hearing the deep<br />

rumble of my dad’s Range<br />

Rover bursting into life – and<br />

I’ve been hooked on old cars<br />

ever since.<br />

‘When I was growing up<br />

most of our weekends would<br />

involve mucking around <strong>with</strong><br />

the Rangie – the last one that<br />

FLM Panelcraft converted from<br />

two doors to four – or taking it<br />

up rutted lanes to see other old Land<br />

Rovers strutting their stuff on the<br />

Lancashire hillsides. School runs were<br />

in a V8-hauled One Ten, too.<br />

‘We’d take the Range Rover to<br />

car shows, so I had more than my<br />

fair share of poking around Minis<br />

and MGBs as an impressionable<br />

eight-year-old, which is probably<br />

why I ended up owning both, many<br />

years later. It was also through my<br />

dad’s membership of the Red Rose<br />

Land Rover Club that I got my first<br />

gigs writing about old cars, long<br />

before I started scribbling for local<br />

newspapers.<br />

‘And the Range Rover? It’s still in his<br />

garage, thankfully…’<br />

18 | classic car weekly Wednesday 3 June 2020 Wednesday 3 June 2020 classic car weekly | 19

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