lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

lyrics lyrics - Anthony Antoine

FIRE (contd.)

Lyrics by Anthony Antoine - Produced by Syd

(And three) Stroke it deep, so deep you never

forget me

Gonna wear that a** out and put yo a** to


(Four) Soon as I walked into the door

The crowd got hype, couldn’t be giving it more

Checkin’ my reflection as you telling your


(That boy is vain)

I think my head is getting big


(Fire) Tracks are burnin’ heads are turnin’ now I

feel you, now I want you

Gonna pull it for the night is through

Ain’t even concerned

(Fire) Whoa it’s burnin’ burnin’ baby

(And no we don’t need no water)

We don’t want no water let the mother mother

burn baby burn

Middle Section

C l o s e t s O n F i r e


Took them some time to see

But now they feel me, now they want me

And its okay cause now they pay what a lesson

to learn

Even though the odds were against me

An industry not ready for me

But now I’m the new ticket in town about to

burn this b***h down

Verse 3

You can find me on the floor dancing til I’m sore

Or burnin’ up the charts like never before

Why you hatin’ on me, I’m just chillin’ over here

Though my ego getting bigger every song I


Quite apparent I’m incredible

I know that you hate it

Can’t even break a smile to show you happy I

made it

One of the busters that told me no

I told the busters please

I know what the kids want

I know what the kids need


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