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Woolston / Heathcote Cemetery Tour - Christchurch City Libraries

Marquet was naturalised at Christchurch, on 24 October 1860. On 16 July 1862, aged

23, he married Elizabeth Palmer, 19, at St. John’s, Woolston.

Louis Marquet captained several ships which traded in the estuary and came up the

Heathcote River to the wharf at Woolston, his favourite vessel being the ketch

Margaret. Navigation being difficult, the captain often had a friend meet him with a

strong draughthorse which would drag the vessel to the wharf.

The Marquet home was in Woolston. Louis and Elizabeth had a family of at least 12

children. In the baptismal records of the younger Marquets, Louis is described,

usually, as a mariner or master mariner but, occasionally, as a tanner. In 1905 the

captain was lost without trace on a voyage to the Pacific Islands.

Louis - or Lewis - junior was baptised on 12 April 1863. He and his wife, Ada, lived

at Sumner. Louis’ gravestone records that he died, at 74, on 5 March 1937.

Ada had died on 25 September 1903. The entry, in the St. John’s, Woolston, burial

book is scant. Nothing is included ‘other than the surname of the deceased, her sex,

date of burial and the name of the officiating minister’, A. C. Hoggins.

Row I

No. 161-62


This grave commemorates three brothers who were killed in World War I. Sergeant

Richard Burman Turner, 23, 1 st Canterbury Regiment, Main Body, son of J. R. and J

Turner, died 8 March 1918, aged.

Corporal Frederick Everard Turner, 25, was killed on the Somme on 15 September

1916. He was named after the Woolston doctor, Frederick Everard Hunt. Hunt was

born in 1840, arrived in the colony in 1880 and, presumably, brought young Frederick

into the world. Dr. Hunt, well known for arguing with his patients, obviously had

some admirers. He died in 1900 and is buried in the Burwood Anglican Cemetery.

Gunner Edgar Mercer Turner, 21, was killed at Messines on 3 June 1917.

Their mother, Jessie, 73, died on 13 November 1939; their father, John Richard, 84,

died on 1 Jan 1942.

Row I

No. 185


Annie Killick, 20, wife of S. R. Charlesworth, died 19 December 1899

James Joseph Killick, 75, died 6 June 1916

Solomon R. Charlesworth, 73, died 29 June 1944

These were members of the Charlesworth family. The most prominent member of

the family, Captain William Charlesworth, is buried elsewhere in the cemetery.

Woolston / Heathcote Cemetery



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