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Woolston / Heathcote Cemetery Tour - Christchurch City Libraries

On 6 February 1877, at St. John’s Anglican church, Latimer Square, William Potter

Townend, ‘chemist’, married Rosa Perkins. In 1879 Townend gained a position

with Christchurch Public Hospital.

Ida Constance Harvey, 6 months, infant daughter of W. P. and R. Townend, died on

11 August 1890. Rosa died on 16 October 1926 and William Potter Townend died on

1 October 1934.

Row O

No. 277


Humphrey Hanmer, third son of John Hanmer, Vicar of Hanmer, Flintshire, was

born on 20 July 1827 and died on died 24 December 1892. Harriet, 77, his wife, died

at Hampstead, London, on 2 June 1913

Three sons of the vicar of Hanmer, Flintshire, Wales - George, Philip and Humphrey -

came to Canterbury. Philip gave his name to Hanmer Springs. George and Humphrey

were among the first to settle at Rangiora. About September 1853 George selected a

freehold section on the Cam and, with his brothers, built a wooden house with cob

chimneys and a stockyard, drained the property and put up post and rail fences.

Charles Torlesse sold George some standing timber and allowed the brothers to make

a track into the bush to get it out.

To encourage people to settle in the area, the authorities granted George and

Humphrey a ‘bush licence’ or limited accommodation house licence. Alas, the

accommodation house does not appear to have been well run and, after a year, the

licence was revoked. Although others sought the licence, it was never renewed.

Humphrey was a ‘well-known landed proprietor of Canterbury’. One of his properties

was close to the Avon River and a little to the east of FitzGerald Avenue. The land

was subdivided, wooden cottages built and there working class families dwelt for

many years. The road put through is Hanmer Street. William Harper, a handsome

wholesome young man, dwelt there with his widowed mother. In 1898 he was struck

and killed by a runaway nightcart. His funeral at Holy Trinity, Avonside, was a very

big affair.

In later years Humphrey Hanmer lived in retirement in Sumner. In 1892 he and his

wife visited Auckland, stayed at the Star Hotel, and there he died suddenly as the

result of a stroke. Beside his wife, he left a son and daughter.

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