May-June 2011 - The Journey

May-June 2011 - The Journey

Issue 58 | May.June 2011




A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

The Search

Serving Cleveland • Columbus • Buffalo • Pittsburgh

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Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

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From the Publisher

Life can be interesting. I just finished the final

portion of a yoga teacher training/studies

program I have been facilitating over the last

few months. It coincided with the deadline

for this issue of the magazine. I had written

the Words from the Publisher column and

was happy that the final proof was about set

to go to the printer. The last training session

was ended with a meditation guided by one

of the students. She asked another one of

the students, who is a singer/songwriter, to

sing at the end of the meditation. The words

to this song touched us all deeply and I believe

it captures the essence of our theme:

The Search.

Singing for the Trees

by Corissa Bragg

Let the sunshine wash all over me

I’m in the woods, just singing for the trees

Dreaming of a place, that’s not so far away

I found home, in my own little way

I drove all over this country

Just to find the same old thing

And I’ve found all that I’ve wanted

Right here, with you and me

I can run, but I can’t get away from me

I can move slow or fast, but it’s all the same


Let the sunshine wash all over me

I’m in the woods, just singing for the trees

Dreaming of a place, that’s not so far away

I found home, in my own little way

Places don’t change you, they just sit in

your bones

There’s a time when you’ve got to have


You find home in your heart and your soul

Not in empty streets and dirty roads

Let the sunshine wash all over me

I’m in the woods, just singing for the trees

Dreaming of a place, that’s not so far away

I found home, in my own little way

Thank you Corissa, and may we all come

to that knowing that when we go within, we

never go without.

Namaste’ Clyde

The Front Porch | 5-9

Soul Food | 12

By Eva Starr

May.June 2011 | Issue 58

There’s No Place Like Home | 14

By Lauren Duke

4 Techniques for a Fruitful Search | 17

By Carolyn Elliott

I Search for Myself | 20

By Brenda Marroy

Discovering Your Soul: An Ongoing Search for a Better Life | 23

By Tina G. Sacchi

From Flower Power to Fluidity:

The Search for Yoga on American Soil | 26

By wah!

The Yoga Listings | 30

The Search for Spirituality | 31

By Elbert Crary

The Meaning of Dreams | 33

By Wendy Stokes

Horoscopes | Inner Views | 34

By Kimmie Rose Zapf

How to Find Your Guru | 36

By Jenya Dasi

Life is Good, All the Time | 40

By Annette Tabar

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Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Pa g e 4 T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y




Welcome to the Front Porch! This section serves as a welcoming stage for the rest of the magazine. It is a place for community

news and sharing, updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce that book and CD reviews will also take place

here on the Front Porch, so please send us any material you’ve written/recorded or anything you are enchanted by. Press releases

for the Front Porch, as well as submissions for the rest of the magazine are encouraged. Please go to the submission guidelines

page at

CDs, books and DVDs can be sent to: The Journey • 9557 Tamarin Ct. • Mentor, Ohio 44060

Now, grab a hot drink and settle into a rocking chair—Welcome to our humble abode!

On Wednesday, October 5 Deva Premal & Miten, with special

guest Manose, will lead an evening in the yoga of sacred song and

mantra at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio, 25 miles

east of Cleveland.

Deva Premal & Miten are living proof that mantras are as relevant today

as they were thousands of years ago. With over a million recordings

sold worldwide and regular performances across North America,

Asia, Europe and Australia, this couple, in both life and music, have

touched the hearts of millions of seekers throughout the world. They

have received accolades from such luminaries as His Holiness the

Dalai Lama, author Eckhart Tolle, Hollywood icon Cher and motivation

guru Anthony Robbins. Visit Tickets

and more details will be available online soon atwww.thejourneymag.

com and in the next issue of The Journey.

On the Cover: The Golden Room

The image depicts a sublime moment, where the inner and outer worlds merge and melt. Does the sacred geometry of the room

create the moment, or her inner light create the room?

The transparency, translucency and interconnectedness of the inner and outer realms.

Photos of architecture: Dhiren Dasu

Model: Angelique Payne.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Deva Premal & Miten

Coming to Cleveland October 5

Penny Slinger is a Visionary Surrealist artist. At the age of 21 her work was

exhibited in the Institute of Contemporary Art, London. She works in a variety

of media and has published a number of books, including ‘Sexual Secrets,

the Alchemy of Ecstasy’ (1979), and three books of photo collage. She has

released a number of videos, including ‘Visions of the Arawaks’, ‘Dance of the

Cosmos’, Goddess Juice’ and ‘Rainbow Body Awakening’.

Penny’s art was featured in ‘Angels of Anarchy’, Manchester Art Gallery, and

The Dark Monarch’ at Tate St Ives, England, in 2009.

Her current project is the ‘64 Dakini Oracle’, a divination system of Divine

Feminine archetypes.

To see more of her work, please go to

Pa g e 5

The Front Porch

Open Yoga Gallery: Urban Revitalization

through Yoga, Community and Art

Open Yoga Gallery is located at 4736 Lorain Avenue, in Cleveland’s

historic Ohio City neighborhood. OYG seeks to provide yoga instruction in

a safe and comfortable environment to any body and every body. There

are community classes every day, by donation, with no one refused due to

lack of funds. The donation jar is private, and the teachers friendly, leaving

nothing to be afraid of in this beginner-friendly setting. Non-judgment is

emphasized and all are brought into the fold. Its intention is to build an

inclusive community, where all are welcome.

Bringing yoga to this urban setting in an authentic way, OYG maintains

a steadfast adherence to its green business practices and progressive,

eco-conscious values. OYG believes in its responsibility to be a ripple that

joins the wave in making this city prosper. Local artists showcase their

work on the walls of this meticulously restored building, and the talents of

local teachers radiate throughout the space. Musicians occasionally accompany

classes, and the monthly Midnight Flow takes place every third

Friday of the month at 10 p.m. amidst the flicker of candlelight. If mellow

is the new power, OYG is the epicenter of a movement towards goodness

and authentic yoga practice. Open Yoga Gallery is committed to the yoga

community, the city’s revitalization, and an optimistic, open-minded approach

to the world.

Please visit Open Yoga Gallery in person at 4736 Lorain Avenue in Cleveland,

or online at

Doubt is the vestibule which all must pass before they can enter

the temple of wisdom. When we are in doubt and puzzle out

the truth by our own exertions, we have gained something that

will stay by us and will serve us again. But if to avoid the trouble

of the search we avail ourselves of the superior information of

a friend, such knowledge will not remain with us; we have not

bought, but borrowed it. ~ C. C. Colton

Strange But True!

• In Bahrain, a male gynecologist can

only examine a woman’s private parts

through a mirror.

• You burn more calories sleeping than

you do watching television.

• In the 1800’s, people believed that gin

could cure stomach problems.

• McDonalds calls frequent buyers of

their food heavy users.

• Americans ate eight million more orders

of french fries and almost six million

more hamburgers this year compared to


• Rats destroy an estimated 1/3 of the

world’s food supply each year.

• US tops the world in plastic surgery

procedures. Next comes Mexico.

• 22% of American women aged 20 gave

birth while in their teens. In Switzerland

and Japan, only 2% did so.

• Mexican women spend 15.3% of their

life in ill health.

• Most Zambians don’t live to see their

40th birthday.

• Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the

world. It is 10 times more effective than


• Consuming chocolate was once considered

a sin during the 16th and 17th


• Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine

when it was initially introduced.

• Acorns were used as a coffee substitute

during the American Civil War.

• Chocolate was used as medicine during

the 18th century. It was believed that

chocolate could cure a stomach ache.

The only “real” food that U.S. Astronauts

are allowed to take into space is

pecan nuts.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Pa g e 6 T h e Jo u r n e y

Fellowships of the Spirit

Since 1988, Fellowships of the Spirit has provided dynamic, in-depth

training in Mediumship, the Healing Arts and a broad spectrum of spiritual

studies for both beginner and advanced student. We welcome you

to take a look Fellowships of the Spirit’s new and expanded educational

programs. We offer you both introductory and in depth trainings in multiple

spiritual disciplines.

Fellowships of the Spirit’s Lakeside Learning Center is located at 282

Dale Drive, next to the Lily Dale Assembly, on the shore of beautiful

Cassadaga Lakes. For more information go to,

or call 716-595-2159.

T h e Jo u r n e y

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

The Front Porch


emember, life is always

uncertain. Everything

dead is certain, life is always

uncertain. Everything dead is

solid, fixed - its nature cannot

be changed; everything alive

is moving, changing - a flow,

a liquid thing, flexible, able

to move in any direction. The

more you become certain,

the more you will miss life.

And those who know, know

life is God. If you miss life,

you miss God. Act spontaneously.

If there is discomfort

in the beginning allow it to

be there; don’t hide it and

don’t suppress it - and don’t

imitate. Be childlike but don’t

be childish. If you are childlike,

you will become a great

saint; if you are childish, you

will become a great, knowledgeable


~ Osho

Clean House Inc.: A Sanctuary of

Healing and Self-Empowerment

The stereotypes that come with drug and alcohol abuse often overshadow the humanity of the people who suffer from it.

The fact is, people struggling with drugs and alcohol are everyday people – moms and dads, sisters and brothers, sons and

daughters – who have lost control of their lives through a series of poor decisions and unhealthy habits, often acquired in

very small, almost imperceptible steps taken over a period of years. Most want to regain control of their lives, but lack the

support and know-how needed to do so.

With the development of Clean House, Inc.; we plan to create a safe and sober living environment where good behaviors

can take root. Our facility will be a zero-tolerance sober living residence for anyone looking to live a drug and alcohol free

life. Our overarching goal will be to empower our clients to leave Clean House sober with a strong sense of self-esteem and

personal responsibility,and able to support themselves emotionally, spiritually and financially. 12-step recovery is the foundation

of our program which also includes career development and stress /anger management by the practice of meditation

and martial arts. Please help us make Clean House a reality. You can e-mail Clean House Inc. at : cleanhouse.smeltz0@ for more information and to make tax exempt donations.

Clean House Inc. is a non profit organization.


Changed Lives Empowered And New

Pa g e 7

The Front Porch

Bon Buddhist Center in Pittsburgh

Facilitates Historic Visit

Olmo Ling is a non-profit, religious organization dedicated to the

preservation and teaching of the ancient Bon Buddhist Tradition in

order to heal, transform and uplift the Pittsburgh and surrounding

communities, especially those most in need, including at risk youth,

adults and the terminally ill.

Founded in 2007 by Tempa Dukte Lama, Olmo Ling offers weekly

meditation sessions, Tibetan Dzochen Yoga Practice bi-weekly,

meditation instruction every first and third Thursday of each month

and monthly retreats and workshops. Continuing education credits

are also offered in partnership with places such as Carnegie Mellon

University and Chatham University.

On Saturday, June 4, 2011 Olmo Ling proudly presents the first, historic

public talk and blessing from His Holiness, the 33rd Menri Trizin,

the spiritual head of the Bon Buddhist Tradition and Abbot of Menri

Monastery, at Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh. A benefit reception dinner

will also be held that evening at India Garden in Monroeville, PA to

benefit the orphans, monks and nuns at Menri Monastery. Details are

available at

For the full calendar of events or more information about Olmo Ling,

visit or call 412-904-1112 or email at

Pa g e 8

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Renaissance Unity

Renaissance Unity is a spiritual community whose

time has come. We offer a positive, practical approach

to spirituality, where each person’s individuality

is a unique expression of God. We are open

and affirming and welcome people from all spiritual

and religious traditions. At Renaissance Unity you

will find joyous and loving people, stimulating messages

and uplifting music. Renaissance Unity is a

member of the Unity movement in spiritual understanding

and consciousness. We honor the universal

truths found in all religions and the teachings

that offer compassion, forgiveness, sacred service

a n d l o v e a s t o u c h s t o n e s t o a u t h e n t i c s p i r i t u a l l i f e .

Our mission is “transforming lives through a conscious

of love”. We model that with a strong local

community outreach program and a solid tithing

program to worthy global organizations. We offer

a variety of programs and study groups that help

to deepen and enrich one’s own personal spiritual

journey. We invite you to attend Sunday services

that are fun and inspirational, with wonderful music

and people and to discover your spiritual home.

Sunday services are at 10:30am with childcare and

a complete children’s program. All ages (infant –

teens) are welcome. Services are held at Mediterranean

Party Center, 25021 Rockside Rd, Bedford

Hts OH. Check out our events, location and other

information at

Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new

center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a different

way to stand. ~ Oprah Winfrey

T h e Jo u r n e y

Six basic things to know

about how search engines work:

Although the technology behind each search engine varies

slightly, there are some basic things you can learn about how

search engines work that can help you improve your search


1. When you enter a term into a search engine, you’re not

searching the entire Web. Rather, you’re searching the Web

sites that the search engine has indexed. If the search engine

hasn’t added a Web site to its index, it cannot include it in the

search results.

2. Spiders are powerful but they can travel only through the

hyperlinks that connect Web sites. If a page isn’t linked to any

other pages, spiders can’t find it. Also, search engines work

best with sites that cooperate with search engines by creating

a “site map” that tells a search engine where to spider. Many

sites don’t do this.

3. The part of the World Wide Web that is not linked to other

sites is called the “invisible Web” or the “deep Web.” It may

contain information highly relevant to your search.

4. Search engines don’t know why you want information—

they find information they deem relevant to the words you’ve

entered. These results are not recommendations; search

engines don’t rank their results by the content of each site.

They use mathematical equations algorithms to rank them,

and the formula may have little to do with a site’s credibility or

relevance to your task.

5. Companies have gotten wise to the way that search engines

work. Many Web pages are created and customized

with the goal of appearing near the top of a search engine’s

results list regardless of their credibility or usefulness. This

practice is called “search engine optimization,” and to it’s one

reason that not all of your search results will be relevant or


6. The “Help,” “About” or “Preferences” sections of a search

engine site have helpful tips for using that particular search

engine to your advantage. For example, if you’re looking for

a definition, Google tells you to add “define:” to the beginning

of your keyword. Thus, a search for “define: search engine”

in Google will give you a list of definitions for “search engine”

from around the Web. Similar tricks are innumerable, and

all search engines have them. Google has a complete list of

“search operators.”

Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time

and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the

world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having

or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile.

Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others

without getting a few drops on yourself. ~ Og Mandino

Rock on....

The Front Porch

The Front Porch

Krishna Das Announces June 2011

“Samsara By Bus” Tour

“If there’s such a thing as a rock ‘n roll star presiding over

the music category of kirtan — the 500-year-old tradition of

chanting Indian mantras — the honor belongs to Krishna

Das.” (Flavor Pill)

Krishna Das, one of the best-selling chant artists of all

time, returns to the road this June in Seattle, WA following

his hugely successful, sold out tour last spring with Deva

Premal, which the New York Post called “some enchanted

evening….”. This summer’s tour will include Cleveland,

Ohio on June 24 th at the Cleveland State University Student

Center Ballroom, 3 rd floor, 2121 Euclid Ave., Cleveland

44115. Tickets for the Cleveland event are available at www.

Krishna Das has been called the “Chant Master of American

Yoga” by The New York Times and “Pavarotti of Kirtan”

by Yoga Journal and is notable for making yoga and chant

music more accessible to Western listeners. His music layers

traditional kirtan – chanting of the divine names – over

popular arrangements and songs. Last March, Krishna Das

released his latest album Heart As Wide As The World to

critical acclaim. His first studio album in more than 10 years,

the album is a collaboration with David Nichtern (“Midnight

at the Oasis”), who produced and played guitar.

More information:

Read Me!

See additional Front Porch stories on

our newly revamped website at:

While you are there, check out the additional gooodies

we have for you, with more being added constantly!



A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

T h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Pa g e 9


professionals at your service.....

Carol Baglia, RRT is an expert Buteyko breathing coach with Correct Breathing Concepts. Carol

educates people on a safe, simple, and natural breathing retraining method to restore normal effortless

breathing all the time. A large percentage of the population is suffering from dysfunctional

breathing in the form of allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, snoring/sleep

apnea, excess mucus, shortness of breath and many more symptoms. Learn to breathe optimally

for best of health with this doctor-developed, scientifically-proven, life-changing program.

Carol Baglia, RRT, CBP • Correct Breathing Concepts, LLC 1-888-748-8874

A 2003 graduate of NIM, Kristen Johnson studied advanced methods in bodywork. In 2006 she

received her Managing License in Esthetics. Kristen has since obtained numerous certifications

from the International Dermal Institute and studied Organic approaches in skin Therapy. Kristen

is the Owner/Esthetician at Raw Esthetics. Spa Menu includes Organic Facials, Body Treatments,

Massage and Hair Removal using freshest biodynamic ingredients.

Kristen Johnson • Organic Skin/Body Therapy • 440-787-8252

1160 Linda Street • Rocky River, OH 44116 •

John Michael Thornton Focusing on physical and spiritual health, relationships, past, present,

and future events, my readings give you the information you need to make clear, informed choices

on your spiritual path. We explore the root causes of physical illness and negative patterns, finding

ways to untangle your life. 30 and 60 minute phone readings as well as personal 2 hour healing

consultations available. I also offer classes and psychic development workshops.

My New Meditation CD “Walking the Sacred Stair” is now available online and in select shops!

John Michael Thornton For more information

330-519-6558 •

Clyde Chafer, private and group yoga instruction. Facilitating teachers training and yoga studies

program; EFWA - Earth, Fire, Water Air. Next session at Acenda Yoga in September. Also, 30 day

cleanse and detox program - the Karma Kleanse.

Clyde Chafer • 440-223-1392

Lady Lindora H.Ps., Reiki Master Instructor, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Owner of

Aradia’s Garden - North East Ohio’s Largest Psychic and Spiritualist Center. I offer classes

on a variety of subjects - Ear Candling, Reiki, Witch School, Mediumship Development,

C.W.G., And Tarot Classes just to name a few, with a full schedule of guest speakers. Check

The Web-site for more events!

Lady Lindora • Aradia’s Garden • 34510C Lakeshore Blvd. Eastlake

440-975-1911 •

To Advertise in At Your Service..

Call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392

Pa g e 10 Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y


T h e Jo u r n e y

professionals at your service.....

Alyssa Sineni Truckenbrod - Master Reiki Practitioner. Visit our online shop www.maptotheimagination.

com, offering products and services for mind, body and soul. Explore our 100% natural skin care line,

As I Am Naturals, featuring soaps and skin care crafted with the finest quality botanicals and essential

oils to rejuvenate your skin as well as your senses. We also offer the therapeutic arts of Reiki and Meditation

to relax and refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Alyssa Sineni Truckenbrod •

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and wellbeing and received the

personal attention you deserve?

Have you been wanting to:

Improve your eating habits and your health? Understand your body better? Make your self-care a priority?

Feel confident in choosing and preparing better food for you and your loved ones?

Reduce stress and emotional imbalances to experience an increase in overall happiness in your life?

As a Health Counselor, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life.

Janet McKee at 724-417-6695 or •

Emily Pompei is certified and nationally accredited with over 12 years of experience in massage

therapy and 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is certified and trained in

12 different massage therapy techniques as well as facilitated stretching, joint mobility and golf fitness.

Emily’s Massage and Health offers private sessions of Yoga, Pilates, and weight training.

Emily’s Massage And Health

412-607-3158 •

Spirit Guide & Angelic Energy Healing Sessions with Lisa G. Lisa is an intuitive that works directly

with spirit guides and the soul to facilitate inner healing. Each soul has a unique blueprint for life, the

living essence. Lisa facilities the release of old patterns that no longer serve, while bringing in the

soul’s unique map for wellbeing.

Lisa G. • 864-567-0511

LuAnn Cibik, of Inner Harmony is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment® Feng Shui and Space

Clearing. She offers in person and distance consultations for anyone looking to Arrange their Home or

Office for SUCCESS! LuAnn is a Certified Soul Coach®, Dream Coach, and holds certification in Color

Therapeutics. She offers professional level feng shui certification.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAM BEGINS April 14th online, with onsite intensive July 10-15,2011

LuAnn Cibik • • 724-316-2428

Mandi S. Babkes is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Quantum Reflex Analysis

practitioner, and proprietor of Holistic And Raw With Mandi. She incorporates many specialties into her

practice including: natural healing, QRA, disease prevention, detoxification, live-sourced supplementation

and superfoods, and raw and living foods. Mandi’s mission is helping others achieve ultimate health,

energy, and happiness. She offers private and group consultations and workshops.

Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP 412-417-0466

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 Pa g e 11

Soul Food

By Eva Starr


I met and agreed to marry a man. I gave up my job,

car, etc. and moved to his state. Once I’d gotten

here, he began to change. Now he’s just a nasty SOB

and I’m totally stuck.

oul Food is dedicated to all my readers, as an offering

to share my metaphysical musings and the lessons I

have learned throughout my journey in this classroom

we call Planet Earth. I encourage your questions and

quandaries as we grow together toward solution and


Dear Eva:

I’m so frustrated and at my wits end. I’ve made a

huge mistake. I met and agreed to marry a man. I gave

up my job, car, etc. and moved to his state. Once I’d

gotten here, he began to change. Now he’s just a nasty

SOB and I’m totally stuck. It’s a small college town and I

can’t even find a job to work myself out of this situation.

I don’t have a car now and no way to get around. I’m just

stuck in this small apartment. In addition, things seem

so hopeless. I’ve got to get out of here. I’m getting really

depressed. I have no money, no nothing. I don’t know

why I’m writing; I’m just so desperate. –BK

Dear Desperate:

When there seems like absolutely no way out of a

situation, there is only one way – and that is to turn it over

to a higher power. Call it God, the Universe, the Angels,

whatever works for you, the name isn’t important. What

is important is to recognize that there is a power greater

than us, that knows the answers that we can’t see. The

how is up to God.

There is a process called The Golden Key; whenever

you think of the problem, turn your thoughts to God.

Then sit down and, on paper with a pen, write out the

problem as a question: “How can I get myself out of this


Then write out 25 answers without stopping. You’ll be

amazed at how fast the pen will move. Then every day

do at least three of the things on that list. Call a prayer

line. There are tons of them; find one you like and keep

the number in your cell phone. Remember, when you are

thinking of the problem and what has gone wrong you are

also praying, but you’re praying for more of the problem,

so Golden Key it each and every time.

Last but not least, silently bless and forgive that so

called SOB. The fastest way to bring the blessings upon

yourself is to see them for the person you are upset with.

You’ll be up and running again in no time. Good Luck!

The fastest way to bring us to

something better and something

we love is to start loving where

we are.

Dear Eva:

I’m in a job that I absolutely hate but I’m afraid to quit

because I know how hard it is to find a job these days. I

also don’t know if I’m good at anything else. The job I’m

at, I’ve had most of my life but it is causing me so much

stress I’m afraid it just might kill me.

When I get home from work, I take out my frustrations

on my family, and I don’t mean to; it’s just that I’m

so angry all the time. It seems like I have nowhere to

turn. Please help. –MR

Dear Stressed:

I know this is going to sound like a paradox but listen

carefully: The first thing I encourage you to do is start

loving your current job. Yes, I said start loving your current

job. The fastest way to bring us to something better

and something we love is to start loving where we are.

Sit down and make a list of all the positive things that job

has brought you since the first day you went to work.

List the building, or the relationship you’ve formed,

or the beautiful drive on the way to work, and the fact

that you were able to provide for your family. I think

you get the picture. From this point forward, just focus

Pa g e 12 Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

on the good things about the job; the Universe will take

care of the rest.

Now, let’s address the other issue – that you don’t

know how to do anything else. I’d bet that if I asked a

bunch of your friends and family, they’d be able to come

up with a few things that you’re absolutely great at.

Answer these questions: What do you like to do for fun?

What do you do that you just get lost in and time flies

by? What would you do even if you didn’t get paid? Now

start doing those things – even if it’s just a few minutes

every day. Before you know it, how you look at your job

now will change, and doors will start opening up for you

in other areas.

Nobody says you have to throw the baby out with

the bath water, but stranger things have happened. For

myself, when I’m in a job that I strongly dislike, and I’m

afraid to leave because of the economy or whatever false

premise I’m buying into at the time, I end up getting fired.

Which for me is a relief; then I don’t have to ask myself

whether I made the right decision by quitting.

You’re stronger than you think you are, and remember:

God never gives us anything we can’t handle.

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coast-tocoast

studying the various schools of thought. Starr now

resides in the San Diego area, devouring the alluring buffet

of wisdom the West Coast has to offer. E-mail your questions

to Visit her websites

and to sign up for her weekly

online Soul Food column and monthly newsletters.

T h e Jo u r n e y

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

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Pa g e 13

There’s No Place Like Home

woke up this morning with one

shoe on, make-up smeared

under my eyes and a head-


ache that just won’t quit. I

24 years old but I feel like I

am 90. I walk into the bathroom,

look in the mirror and drop down

to my knees in tears. I put my

face on the cold tile floor and lay

there remembering what I have

just done.

Once again, I drowned myself

in alcohol after my lover failed to

show up for the hundredth time,

the way that I had needed him

to. I put all my eggs in his basket

just like I always did, and he

goes on living his life just like he

always does. But this time I was

angry. Ten shots of tequila angry.

A makeout session with a girl for

attention, and throwing up in the

passenger side of my friend’s

Toyota truck angry. That’s what

got me here. Awesome!

My phone starts ringing and

won’t stop. I finally pick it up and

it’s him. He asks me why the hell

I came to his house last night and

tore his room apart. He is mad.

Not mad like all the times before

when I lost my shit, but mad like

this is the last time kind of mad. He

tells me that I am tragic, a complete

charity case. He tells me that I am

lost and that I need help.

I cuss him out, blame it all on

him. Tell him he is such a jerk and

that all of this is his fault. If he could

just love me like I want him to then

I would be alright. If he could just

distract me all day and all night then I

wouldn’t have to go over to his house

and trash it when he doesn’t pay attention

to me, right? God why can’t

he see what I am seeing?

I hang up on him and think to

myself how disconnected the male

species is. I walk back into the

bathroom, look in the mirror yet

Pa g e 14

It takes me a little time

after my moment of

divine intimacy with the

bathroom floor to finally

get up and pursue a

relentless effort to sell

all of my things. I decide

I am going to Costa Rica

where birds sing all day

and my problems are

far, far away.

By Lauren Duke

again, but this time something

has shifted. Instead of seeing a

90-year-old woman, I see this

sad little girl. And I begin crying.

It reminds me of watching

my mother cry in my adolescence

because she put her heart

somewhere far away and when

she wanted to find it again, she

couldn’t quite remember where

she put it.

And in this moment, shadowed

in complete separation, I

feel dead. I remember seeing this

same look in my mom’s eyes,

except for her it is still there. And

for me, well, I want to live. So I

go searching.

It takes me a little time after

my moment of divine intimacy

with the bathroom floor to finally

get up and pursue a relentless

effort to sell all of my things.

I decide I am going to Costa

Rica where birds sing all day and

my problems are far, far away. I

remember seeing a movie once

and the main character said that

if you don’t like your life to simply

run away. It sounds like a plan

to me.

I am on the next plane out of

here and in a couple of days I will

have new life. It’s like the magic

books that my teachers used to read

to me when I was in pre-kindergarten,

about how the frog would turn

into a prince just with the snap of a

finger. I keep snapping my fingers

and I am still sad.

So I get on the plane and fall

asleep secretly hoping that I won’t

wake up and this is really just a

crappy dream. But it’s my life so I

wake up the next morning in Costa

Rica. At least here I don’t have any

reminders, except for my photographic

memory – which I have been

trying to smoke away since I was 12.

It hasn’t worked.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

A year later

Costa Rica was majestic but just an escape. One day I

stood on the beach, early in the morning, long before anyone

woke up and began sobbing uncontrollably. I realized that the

whole time I had been on these beaches with hot Costa Rican

men was just a rich way to take me out of waking up.

One day an internal voice spoke, and it said something

like: “Dude, you have some serious work to do. Go home.”

So I went home. And not just home to the town that I lived in

before. No, I am talking home like the source of all the problems

in the first place. I moved back in with my parents.

And in renunciation I start to feel full

of forgiveness. I forgive my mom, my

dad, my sister. I forgive boyfriends

No. 1, 2 and 3 for not living up to my

expectations. I forgive myself. I start

to feel strong.

And here is where the real search begins. This is where I

learn to be patient. This is where I learn that people are different

and that it’s OK. This is where I learn from other people’s

mistakes and habits and patterns. This is where I learn what

I don’t want to be. I learn how to be better. How to mind my

business. How to respect.

I learn to see all the things beyond what my basic lens

“You can feel the energy

of the land; it moves

you. There’s no place

like it!”

– Festival Participant

T h e Jo u r n e y


“Celebrate the Creative Spirit”

July 18-24

perceives. I learn to stay open. This is where I learn to love

unconditionally. I learn that every time a conflict comes up,

it’s just so I can learn to love regardless – relentlessly, wholeheartedly.

I see we all have our luggage (or for some of us cargo

trucks) full of stuff that we carry with us. Things we don’t

want. Things we don’t need but yet we still hold on like it’s

our ticket home. This is where I learn to let go. And in letting

go this is where I find freedom. And in finding freedom this is

where I find a true home.

Three years later

I begin to watch humility come to me just by giving up

on my own thought of what everything should look like. And

in renunciation I start to feel full of forgiveness. I forgive my

mom, my dad, my sister. I forgive boyfriends No. 1, 2 and 3

for not living up to my expectations. I forgive myself. I start

to feel strong.

My container feels primal. I do a lot of yoga. I breathe

deep. I get bigger than any small, puny problem. I tattoo “Love

Thyself” on my wrist as a reminder to never forget where I’ve

come from. And I continue to search, to open and to commit

every single day of my life.

The second we give up the search is the exact moment

that life lives us rather than us living life. So we keep our eyes,

arms and hearts open, in tune and attuned with the search for

something that we already had in us all along: peace.

No regrets; just the knowing that if I had to trash my boyfriend’s

room when I was 24 just to find a little bit of peace,

then so be it. I wouldn’t take any of it back. It’s all part of the


sanctuary for the open mind

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Pa g e 16

Full Spectrum Center

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Know that you are love, that love is your essence.

Full Spectrum Intensive

June 4 & 5, 2011

Join us for this powerful and uplifting two-day

intensive, guided by Sandra Barnard, Full

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experiences intended to lead you

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The Full Spectrum Center offers

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within and experiencing the bliss of the true Self.

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The Full Spectrum Center is a nonprofit organization.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

4 Techniques for a

Fruitful Search

The search for fulfillment and

joy in this life can be tough. It often

feels like groping in treacherous

darkness. Here are some simple

suggestions to help you on your



Spend time each day focused

on what your ideal relationship

with the world would feel


People tend to think they want

specific things. For example, you

may think you want a house in

the country with cathedral ceilings,

a lush garden, and a teacup

poodle. I would argue it’s not really

these things that you want. It’s the

ideal relationship with the world

– which those things represent to

you – that you want. You want a

relationship with the world that’s

rich with beauty and opportunities

to nurture. A relationship that’s

expansive (cathedral ceilings),

alive (lush garden), adorable and

adoring (teacup poodle).

Many teachers of the law of attraction

will suggest that you focus

on imagining having the specific

things that you want. I suggest

this, too, but only as an aid to

imagining and vividly experiencing

the feeling of what it would be like

for you to be in your ideal relationship

with the world.

Because let’s face it: The

things would be meaningless

without the relationship. There are

lots of people who have fabulous

houses and gardens and poodles

who are rotting with misery. Being

T h e Jo u r n e y

By Carolyn Elliott

surrounded by wondrous things

only feels good when those things

occur in the context of a rich relationship

with life.

What would it feel like if every

person you encountered knew you

as you wish to be known, honored

you as you wish to be honored,

helped you as you wished to be

helped? And what would it feel

like if all the unseen forces of the

universe were continually showering

you with gifts? Focus on this

feeling every day; discover it and

nurture it.

2Notice what beliefs or selfimages

you hold that argue

against the possibility of this

ideal relationship – and work to

release them.

The ver y act of imagining

yourself within your ideal relationship

with the world has the effect

of turning on the bright lights

within your spirit, so you can see

the shadows more starkly.

As soon as you begin to focus

on the feeling of that relationship,

you’ll notice parts of yourself

objecting – “that’s impossible,”

“that’s not how life works,” “that

could never happen for me.” Those

objections come from the conditioned

beliefs and self-images you

hold about yourself.

The process of releasing longheld

limiting beliefs and self-imag-

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

es is ongoing and multi-layered.

Great progress can be made

immediately on some important

layers, and some layers take years

to effectively budge. It’s important,

though, to accomplish this

work, because doing so clears

your perception so you can find

the way toward your best world


In my experience, the most

effective way to work with these

doubts and false limitations is

through meditative inquiry, which

can be done alone or with a tutor.

3Discover what it is in your

life that argues against

your enjoying an ideal relationship

with the world, and make

changes accordingly.

Imagining what your best possible

relationship with the world

would feel like not only brings into

view your inner doubts and limiting

beliefs, it also can have the

effect of showing what elements

in your current life are out of tune

with the harmony you envision.

Once you begin focusing on

the ideal world relationship, you

may clearly realize that your

critical friend or your demanding

career don’t fit in with your best

Pa g e 17

Advertise In The Journey!

Call 440-223-1392





PARMA, OHIO 44134 (1-216-741-2082)

3 objects of the Society:

1) to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood without

distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

2) To encourage the study of comparative religion,

philosophy and science.

3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and

the powers latent in man.

Established in 1875

We will be having classes in: Steiner, Cayce, Esoteric

Christianity, Goldsmith, The Mahatma Letters (basic

Theosophy) and meditations – starting in the fall.

Please check our website for updates & information:

vision. This can be painful to realize, since people like

to hold to the familiar. It’s easy to make the mistake

of putting loyalty to others above loyalty to your own


Nonetheless, your dream relationship with the

world won’t come true until you consciously let go of

anything in your life that conflicts with it.

4Follow the path that sings.

As you focus on your ideal world relationship –

and let go of fearful doubts and people, places, and

things that don’t resonate with your vision – you’ll

come upon a path that sings to you.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by people who

know you as you want to be known, in an environment

rich with beauty and love. There will be spiritual

resources and opportunities present for you in this

place. And you’ll be able to recognize it because the

feeling that you get when you’re there will feel like the

wondrous world relationship you’ve been visualizing

in your daily practice.

As it happens, my path includes bhakti yoga,

which – literally – sings. In bhakti yoga practice, we

sing the names of the divine, offering ourselves to it

in unconditional devotional service. The first time I

came to a kirtan (a session of music and chanting

meditation) I immediately knew I was in the right

place for me. The people and the environment there

fully resonated with my heart, which I had carefully

tuned using the above-outlined steps.

Once you find your path, don’t stop dreaming of

that ideal world relationship and release that which

doesn’t align with it. Keep dreaming and dropping

until your life is a radiant pulsing jewel of love.

Carolyn Elliott is a leader in personal growth for

the millennial generation. Her inspirational book,

Awesome Your Life is forthcoming this fall from a division

of Hay House Press. Carolyn offers heart tutoring

via phone to clients around the world, and hosts Genius

Circle workshops. For more of Carolyn’s essays

and information about her services and workshops,

visit her blog at

Pa g e 18 Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

visit us online...

T h e Jo u r n e y

Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.D

Wholistic Psychologist


Hypnosis • Energy Healing

Ceremony • Chronic Illness

Stress Management

Womens Health Issues

Life Transitions

Health and Wellness Classes

and Workshops

3951 Erie St.

Willoughby , OH 44094

(440) 602-9977

5035 Mayfield Rd., #214

Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124


Ma y • Ju n e 2011 Pa g e 19

can’t remember a time in the first 40 years of my life,

when I wasn’t searching for something. I didn’t know

what I was looking for, however; what I did know was


that something was missing. I tried to fill that empty

with religion, food, sports, busy-ness, relationships,

shopping, sex, hobbies and entertainment. Eventually,

I realized that nothing was satisfying that deep hunger I

was carrying within my soul.

One day, in the middle of running to and fro, I experienced

an overwhelming quietness within. At the same

time I felt something inside of me whispering, “Stop

searching outside of yourself. I’m within you.” I wasn’t

sure what that meant, because when this happened I still

had the religious belief that God was somewhere up there

or out there, so obviously it wasn’t God speaking to me.

If not God, then what could possibly be in me that I was

searching so hard for?

I was confused, and having no answers all I could

do was to continue living like it was a matter of life and

death for me to find what was missing. So I kept on trying

everything I could to fill myself. No matter what I did

though, I still had that gaping hole in the middle of my


I don’t remember a specific time or place, or any

special incident that happened that brought me face to

face with my answer. Somehow though, it slowly began

to dawn on me that I was looking for myself. I started

realizing, that in the course of growing up I had been left

behind, and had been replaced with a girl who learned

how to be who she wasn’t. I somehow knew that being

what others wanted me to be would grant me acceptance

and approval. I had taken on the persona of a do-gooder

who wore herself out trying to be OK. I didn’t know how

to stand up for myself, how to say no, who I wanted or

what I wanted.

I felt like a mechanical person who lived on auto-pilot.

Up until then, it had never dawned on me to question

my unhappiness or my lack of peace and contentment,

nor did I know what a “false self” vs. an “authentic self”

meant. I just thought it was my lot in life to be miserable,

depressed, angry and unhappy.

As I began to see how my true self was trapped inside,

my search took on new meaning. I now had a vision of

what I was looking for and a passion for uncovering what

had been buried and locked away. I longed to go back and

recapture the child within me, who had been wounded

and stifled and who found it necessary to go underground

Pa g e 20

The Search For Myself

By Brenda Marroy

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

in order to survive. Who was I and what had I given up

that needed to be unearthed and reclaimed?

I was fortunate to meet an excellent therapist who

had already done her own excavation, therefore having

the ability to help me unearth my authentic self. Week

by week I met with her and we slowly began to dig into

my childhood. The messages I received from family

and acquaintances were, “Just accept life as it is and

be thankful,” and “The past is over and done, just move

on.” These words sounded good, but what my naysayers

didn’t realize was that my past kept showing up in

my present.

I don’t remember a specific time

or place, or any special incident

that happened that brought me

face to face with my answer.

Somehow though, it slowly began

to dawn on me that I was looking

for myself.

My wounded child was present in my depression,

anxiety, fear, inability to say no, broken relationships,

sadness, and my poor decision making skills. Because I

was emotionally and physically abandoned as a child, I

didn’t know how to have a healthy relationship. In fact, I

didn’t have relationships, I took hostages. I was so afraid of

being left again that I had to have control over everything,

including the other person. What I was unable to see was

that the tighter I held on, the more I lost.

The first hidden parts of me to be unearthed were my

positive and powerful attributes. I saw how much courage

it took for me to survive. I could have given up at any time,

but I kept hammering away and knocking at the door until

someone opened. I also was able to dig up, dust off, and

see clearly my loving, nurturing and kind nature. I’d lost

touch with that part of myself in my quest for love and

acceptance. I saw my intelligence and my quickness to

learn, and my openness to change. As I blossomed and

grew, I began to like myself and know that I deserved to

be loved for who I was.

T h e Jo u r n e y

Continuing on this journey over the years has brought

me into the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Seeing

the “good” parts of me was enlightening and energizing

and I embraced all of my new born self. Eventually, as I

became more solid in my self-worth, the next phase of

my uncovering started. After ascending to the highest

highs, spirit began to take me to the depths of myself

so I could meet my unacceptable villagers. These were

the parts of me that I didn’t like, but that I needed to see

because they were alive and well inside of me.

I felt like a mechanical person

who lived on auto-pilot. Up until

then, it had never dawned on me

to question my unhappiness or

my lack of peace and contentment…I

just thought it was my lot

in life to be miserable, depressed,

angry and unhappy.

Some of those villagers were: self-righteousness, fear,

shame, resentment, anxiety and sadness. These were

the parts that I denied and refused to look at or call by

name. I wanted to be spiritual and I thought I couldn’t



Relaxing and Therapeutic


Tai Massage


Quantum Touch

Tarot Readings

Drum Circles,

Sampler Night, Yoga

T h e Jo u r n e y

See our website for a

schedule of our classes

Check out our

Facebook Page

if I acknowledged that these traits lived within me. But,

my need to be authentic and whole trumped my fear of

not looking good. I called upon my courage to assist me

in being brave enough to let these hidden traits up, look

them in the face, acknowledge them and give them a

name. I call this part of my healing, Making Peace With

My Villagers.

After working with my therapist for over a year, she

set me free to continue my journey. I got involved in Healing

the Child Within work; I was introduced to and began

a relationship with goddess energy; and I followed the

work of John Bradshaw, Gerald Jampolsky, and Louise

Hay. I also began attending healing workshops and circles

where I met a few women who were on the same path,

and we developed supportive, nurturing relationships

with each other.

I obviously chose the life I did because I came to

the planet to heal. My search has been both long and

satisfactory. I know that the journey to find and live my

authentic self is nowhere near being finished. In fact, I

believe I’ll be on this path until the moment I leave the

planet. I’m still searching and still hungry for truth and

reality. The difference though, is that I know what I’m

looking for and I know the path to get there.

Brenda Marroy is a freelance writer and a facilitator

of women’s healing circles. She can be reached at: or http://brendamarroyauthor.


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Pa g e 22 Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

Discovering Your Soul:

An Ongoing Search

For a Better Life

ave you ever wondered why

you have instinctive knowledge

about certain subjects, tasks or

activities? How come you are

Hdrawn to certain people, cultures,

beliefs and traditions while some

places, people and things feel off

limits? Exploration of past and future

lives sounds mysterious and

mystical; some people are intimidated

by the concept. Why explore

or recall aspects of your being,


Each of us is an unlimited soul

bound for greatness and living within

a human body. This current human

lifetime that you chose is one of

many, many lifetimes that your soul

will experience. That is why many

people say that death, as we know

it here on Earth, really doesn’t exist.

It is an illusion, because you simply

shift from this life to another incarnation

after your “passing.”

You leave your body, but your

spirit continues in another form.

Your spirit is pure energy, and energy

does not disappear; it transforms into

something else. We all chose to be

here during this lifetime to experience

different things and to learn

important lessons.

Part of the lesson here on Earth

is to assume a human form in a human

body, while forgetting the soul’s

memories. It is like a temporary

amnesia. We are born, we forget

who we are, we rediscover ourselves,

and then ultimately return to our allknowing

essence. But, why should

you care about your past or future


Since you are a soul experiencing

being human, sometimes the

memories of your past lives come

through to this lifetime. For example,

if you’ve experienced a past life in

which you were killed by a snakebite,

you might be terrified of snakes – but

not really understand in this lifetime

why you have such a strong fear.

Tina Sacchi will present at The

Journey Expo in Cleveland, September

2011. You can register for

her workshop, Past and Future

Lives Exploration, at

The workshop will

help to discover how your gifts

and talents from another time will

enhance your life now. You will be

given an opportunity to experience

yourself from a different time

and space through various activities

presented, including a group

hypnotherapy session. Tina also

will facilitate a free meditation:

Connecting with Our Ascended

Masters, Guides, Angels and

Light Beings.

The emotions of the past-life

sometimes “bleed through” to this

current lifetime and create unconscious

blocks, obstacles and barriers

that prevent you from living your

fullest potential in the here and now,

in the present moment. Through exploration

with a common technique

By Tina G. Sacchi

known as past-life regression, you

get to the root of the problem across

all lifetimes – and you neutralize the

fear of snakes.

It is important to get to the root of

the matter; if you don’t, the problem

keeps coming back. It is like pulling

a weed, but failing to extract the

whole root; eventually the weed will

just grow back stronger and mightier.

If you only focus on the events that

happen to you in this lifetime, you

haven’t dug deep enough. Further,

making changes in your current lifetime

will help you create a future life

that is much more on track with your

spiritual purpose and destiny.

There are many ways in which

past lives affect your current reality.

For example, many people have

taken a vow of poverty in a previous

life. When they incarnate in this lifetime,

they still have not cleared the

vow, so they continue to live by it. You

might struggle to get ahead financially

in this lifetime because there is

a subconscious belief stored in your

soul’s memory that says, “You must

be poor to be close to God.” Clearing

these energy imprints will open the

channels for prosperity in this lifetime

and future lives to come.

T h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Pa g e 23

Exploring your lives from any time and space can

help you clear vows, eliminate phobias and fears, deal

with old and rusty emotions, and even address incongruent

relationships. Some people find themselves tied to

destructive people, and they wonder why they can’t let

go. Using past-life regression, future-life progression or

energy healing techniques such as shamanic practices

can shift relationships in this lifetime very rapidly for the

betterment of all involved.

If you’ve experienced a past life in

which you were killed by a snakebite,

you might be terrified of

snakes – but not really understand

in this lifetime why you have such a

strong fear.

It’s important to note that we are not clearing the

memory of a specific lifetime (because a soul’s memories

aren’t erased); rather, we are clearing the “the emotional

charge” associated with the memory. In the example of

the snakebite, you don’t erase the memory of death by

snakebite; you simply let go of the fearful emotions that

have carried over into this life, so that the next time you

look at a snake, you can have a neutral emotional response.

You might even be able to hold a snake because

Pa g e 24

you no longer associate it with causing your physical

death in a past-life.

Releasing and clearing past-life emotional charges is

like peeling the layers of an onion. Each time you peel

back a layer, you rediscover more and more of the essence

of your soul. Eventually, you start to see that you

are not your experiences, but rather a soul with unlimited

light and potential. Miracles start to happen in your current

life while setting a foundation for future lives.

So pay attention to the unexplainable reactions or

feelings. For example, if you have a feeling of abandonment

and there is no explanation for this feeling to exist in

your current lifetime, then it’s time to see if it is a leftover

feeling from a past-life – or a future lifetime that is ready

to manifest. You are always creating your future. You

move energy to your future through thoughts. Perhaps

the future life feelings were planted many lifetimes ago.

That is how powerful you are.

Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts,

which includes Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing (Reiki/

Shamanic), Mysticism, Chakra Balancing, Soul Path

Guidance, Past Lives Resolve, Future Life Progression,

Raw Food Coaching and Life Event Ceremonies. She is

certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Arizona

Society for Professional Hypnosis as well as the National

Guild of Hypnotists. Visit for

upcoming events and information on her international

radio show.

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A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Pa g e 25

WAH!: I’m pleased to be talking

with Philip Goldberg, whose book

American Veda takes us on a journey

from the original yogi Vivekananda

coming to America in the 1800s to

the present time – exploring ways

in which yogic culture has weaved

itself into the fabric of American

lives. An incredible exploration and

a must-read for any yoga teacher in

America today.

How did yoga seep into American

culture? Where did it all start?

Philip Goldberg: The basic

groundwork was laid earlier, by

Emerson and Thoreau, who were

powerfully influenced by Vedic

texts. Vivekananda came in 1893

and had an enormous impact in the

three years he spent in the U.S. He

was the first to describe the paths of

karma, bhakti, jnana and raja yoga

in English-language books, and

created The Vedanta Society and a

system for swamis to come and work

in the U.S.

In 1920, Paramahansa Yogananda

arrived. He made America his

home, with Los Angeles as his

headquarters, and he stayed for 32

years until he died in 1952. He was

the second major figure to come

here and have a lasting impact. Yo-

From Flower Power

To Fluidity:

The Search for Yoga

on American Soil

By Wah!

gananda made it easy for those who

were searching for a practice to learn

his Kriya Yoga; and SRF, his teaching

organization, offered a Christianfriendly

version of practical Vedanta.

And, of course, his Autobiography

of a Yogi, which was published right

after World War II, remains a classic

that has introduced millions to Indian


This wave of Indian gurus was made possible

in part by some significant changes in U.S.

immigration laws in 1965, which opened to

door to Indians to visit, stay and become

U.S. citizens.

By the 60s and 70s, how

many teachers were in the


The ones who had the

biggest impact on U.S. culture

initially were Swami

Satchidananda, Swami Vishnudevananda,

and Maharishi

Mahesh Yogi. They

came in the 50s and gained

enormous popularity by

the late 60s. Sri Chinmoy,

Bhaktivedanta, Muktananda,

Rajneesh, Amrit Desai and

others also established lasting

organizations and trained

teachers to disseminate their

brand of spirituality.

This wave of Indian gurus

was made possible in part by

some significant changes

in U.S. immigration laws in

1965, which opened to door

to Indians to visit, stay, and

become U.S. citizens. When

the Beatles went to India with Maharishi,

the media coverage was

relentless, and this created a huge

demand for the gurus’ services.

There were gurus of different kinds

who appealed to different kinds of


How long did these gurus teach

in the U.S?

Pa g e 26 Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y

Their biggest impact spanned

about 15-20 years, starting in 1967

with the counterculture and lasting

at least to the mid 1980s. During

that period, the teachings went

main stream. The gurus might not

have had a large number of direct

followers, but their teachings made

meditation and yoga widely available

to casual practitioners and devotees

alike. The main source of information

at first was the guru; as time

went on, more and more books were

published, lectures and teachings

were circulated, and Americans were

trained as teachers.

One of the things

India gave us was a

way to be genuinely

spiritual without

having to be conventionally


Some of the most important

books that influenced American

thinking and receptivity to yogic

philosophy were Autobiography of

a Yogi, Be Here Now, and various

translations of the Gita and Yoga

Sutras. The Vedanta Society Press

published translations and commentaries

that famous authors like

Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood

contributed to.

If you wanted a breathing technique,

a diet, a morning exercise

program, did you need to find a living

guru and join an organization in

order to fulfill your search?

In the early 60s, it wasn’t easy

to find yoga, even in places like

New York. But by the late 60s if you

were living in a major city or a college

town, you could get started in

a practice. SRF, Vishnudevananda,

Satchidananda and others had centers

and had started to train teachers,

and TM centers were opening

up everywhere. If you were a casual

seeker you could find a yoga class

or a meditation teacher. Plus, Lilias

Folan and Richard Hittleman had

T h e Jo u r n e y

TV shows. But if you were a serious

seeker, yes, you probably joined or

affiliated with a group.

And can you

explain why the

search was done

with such fervor?

There have always

been serious

spiritual seekers

who were not satisfied

by conventional

religion, or

have even been

hostile toward it.

T h e s e p e o p l e ,

spiritual but without

religious affiliation,

had no place

to go to connect

with the divine, to

uncover the nature of the Self. With

the arrival of gurus and mass communication,

all that changed. In the

mid-to-late 60s, young people felt

discontented with life as it was presented,

and many turned to psychedelics

to explore the inner realms. At

the same time, Ravi Shankar popped

into the scene with the sound of

Indian music, and there were brand

new opportunities for travel, along

with more leisure time.

All these factors played a part.

It was a perfect storm of social influence.

But the same key component

remains today – an individual who

wants more out of life, who knows

there is some higher level of connection

to the cosmos, who feels there

is something inside that needs to be

explored and is searching for a way

to do it. I think one of the things India

gave us was a way to be genuinely

spiritual without having to be conventionally

religious. And you can do

it in your own independent way because

India tradition acknowledges

many paths to the divine.

In the present time, how has the

Internet changed the way people

seek and the way people find community?

The initial gurus and teachers

died off at around the same time

the Internet was born. Ashrams

and guru-centered organizations

were replaced by

hundreds of yoga

centers as the focal

point for seekers.

The explosion

of interest in yoga

and yoga-related

activities is unprecedented

in history.

Today’s seeker

is more eclectic,

more open to different

teachers and

paths. Communities

are less exclusive,

less gurucentered

and more


People find

each other through

social networking and the Internet.

Modern seekers

of spirituality take

more responsibility

for their own journeys,

and are less

likely to turn over

their power to a

spiritual authority


Many of the teachings are available

online, but it doesn’t eliminate

the need for community. It seems

that yoga and meditation are made

to be practiced in a group. The teachings

come alive when you practice

them with others.

Today’s yoga centers tend to

be non-religious, not loyal to any

one particular teacher or yoga

style; and they embody an underlying

universality which translates

to the students. Modern seekers of

spirituality take more responsibility

for their own journeys, and are less

likely to turn over their power to a

spiritual authority figure.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 Pa g e 27

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

I also want to point out that not only did the Internet

level the playing field, but the organizations themselves

changed. After the founding gurus died, their mission

was not necessarily turned over to a new guru figure, but

was put in the hands of a more democratic organizational

structure. Many of the guru organizations transformed

into educational institutions run by a board of directors

or trustees. The centers themselves became more universal,

more accessible to the mainstream public. So far,

we haven’t seen large scandals in these organizations;

people have learned from past mistakes.

Yes, and many of those mistakes were a result of innocence,

misinformation and maybe even culture clash. The

first round of gurus were male – charming, charismatic,

capable of attracting lots of students, press and publicity.

The free-love society laid fertile ground for sexual abuse,

mental coercion, and in some cases criminality on the

part of the guru. How many casualties were there in this


There’s no way to specify a number, and the range

of woundedness varies from trauma (as in the case of

sexual-abuse victims) to disillusionment and/or mild

disappointment on the part of the followers. Even more

disturbing is the denial of some members that anything

ever happened. I know people to this day, 35 or 40 years

later, who refuse to believe anything their guru has been

accused of. No matter how convincing the evidence is,

they chalk it up to lies and imagination on the part of

the victims.

Most seekers who went through this learned very important

lessons about not giving over their power. We’ve

learned that gurus, no matter how enlightened, are still

human beings.

Pa g e 28

The divine feminine is a huge

part of the yogic movement,

of course, and not only in the

form of female gurus...Women

were the driving force behind

yoga’s rise in popularity. This

is a big departure from the

male-dominated hierarchy in


Let’s talk about women. When did the female gurus

come on the scene? Gurumayi, Shree Ma, Karunamayi,

Mother Meera, Amma…

Some of the guru organizations started with a male

figurehead but were handed down to females after the

guru died. Sri Daya Mata ran Yogananda’s Self Realization

Fellowship for more than 50 years, and Gurumayi

has carried on for Muktananda since the early 80s. So

some women became leaders by appointment. Others,

like Shree Ma, Mother Meera and Amma came in their

own right, without a lineage to precede them. Amma

came for the first time to the U.S. in 1987.

The divine feminine is a huge part of the yogic movement,

of course, and not only in the form of female gurus.

Many of the first American yoga teachers were female

– Rama Vernon, Judith Lasater, Beryl Bender Birch,

Patricia Walden – and the students have always been

predominantly female. Women were the driving force

behind yoga’s rise in popularity. This is a big departure

from the male-dominated hierarchy in India.

Some people feel the strong male teachers were

needed in the beginning to break down cultural barriers,

start organizations, get followers and plant seeds

of understanding through their discourses and books.

Then, perhaps feminine energy was invoked to cultivate,

nurture and properly grow the spirituality in a loving manner.

Perhaps the advent of female leaders and spiritual

goddesses in America balanced the American spiritual


Yogananda was quite a proponent of music. He used

music and changed the way it was used in the American

spiritual scene. Chanting, mantra and music were used

in the Hare Krishna movement and many others. Sri Sri

Ravi Shankar and Amma both use music as one of their

main tools to create and hold sacred space.

Yes, and this is part of the movement towards the

feminine. Most of the male gurus were intellect-oriented;

they gave long lectures and disseminated knowledge.

Today’s teachers are more bhakti, infused with devotion.

I think the sacred feminine and bhakti elements have

brought the heart forward, moving seekers towards balance

and integration.

The seekers of the 60s were social and political

activists. Are the current seekers looking only for bliss,

self-awareness, personal happiness? Andrew Harvey is

one of the few spiritual activists. Has social and political

activism gone to the wayside?

Well, because the gurus held all the information in

their person, they were necessarily in absolute power

and American seekers had to figure out how to get what

they needed within that context. Let me say that today’s

spiritual seeker can feel great about being able to get yogic

teachings and technology without sweeping floors,

performing sexual favors or running the ashram.

No, I think social activism is stronger than ever

among practitioners. Many seekers in the 60s became

frustrated with social activism and turned to personal

transformation instead. Some of those baby boomers

re-directed their idealism and became representatives

of teaching lineages, and in some cases they assumed

leadership positions and even took monastic vows.

Ma Ma y • Ju n e 2011


T h e Jo u r n e y

Andrew Harvey was one of the early voices calling

us back from seclusion, saying that meditation and inner

transformation was not enough. We couldn’t just be

removed from the world and think we were superior to

all the upheavals and problems in society. We needed

people to be engaged socially as well as spiritually. I

see a much bigger tendency for today’s spiritual seekers

to be socially engaged, especially with environmental

activism and various forms of seva directed at social


The modern yoga communities offer us opportunities

to come together and uplift ourselves and others. Do

you feel it naturally leads to service in the community

– free kitchens, off the mat and into the world, charity

fundraising and more?

Yes, and I’ll add that contemporary teachers like

Amma and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are service oriented

in a way that benefits the world community. The old

paradigms were service oriented towards the guru and

his teaching efforts, whereas the new leaders are also

directing that impulse to perform service toward the

world as a whole. Yoga activism is now aimed at poverty,

education, clean water, the environment. I think

social activism is greater and more vital now than it

ever was.

It’s been a great pleasure speaking with you. The

view you have given us through your book, American

Veda, gives us a beautiful understanding of how these

teachings worked through people’s lives, how the organizations

grew, evolved and matured into what we

have today… so that seekers can make intelligent and

informed choices about how to improve themsevles and

the world. Is there anything you’d like to add Philip?

Thank you Wah for your work in the yogic community.

I’ve been a fan of yours for years and it has been

a delight to connect with you tonight.

Philip Goldberg is a spiritual counselor, meditation

teacher and ordained Interfaith Minister. The author or

coauthor of 19 books, he lectures and leads workshops

throughout the country. A novelist and screenwriter

as well, he lives in Los Angeles, where he founded

Spiritual Wellness and Healing Associates (SWAHA).

He is Director of Outreach for and

blogs regularly on the Huffington Post and

Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels

the world singing and expanding sacred intention. Her

new CD MAA is the celebrated follow-up to the critically

acclaimed Love Holding Love. Her latest book (Dedicating

Your Life to Spirit) documents her teachings on

yoga, chant and meditation. Wah! is personable and

shares the wealth of her experience with humor and


T h e Jo u r n e y

The Akashic Records

A universal library of personal records

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Stephanie is an Intuitive and a

certified Akashic Record Consultant.

Through her ability to access your records and, with

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present. So that you may bring yourself into alignment

with your future goals and objectives.

Direction, tactics, and wisdom are just a few of the

elements gained to allow you to advance and

remove any blocks within your path.

Your highest potential can be achieved by recognizing

recurring patterns which may often prevent or hinder

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Are we ever really alone?

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

The Search for Spirituality

grew up on a 208-acre farm in Lawrence County,

Ohio. I had three brothers – one my twin – and three


sisters. Together we worked the farm. We were bapin

the Episcopal Church. But on the farm, we only

had access to the Methodist Church. My mother was the

pianist and we all went to the church with her. We always

used to go to the revivals that were held once or twice

a year.

When we were asked to give our hearts to God, we

would go to the altar and pray that “God would come

into our hearts.” For all those years we had no spiritual


As we children talked about our experiences while

working in the fields, we began to question and doubt

the truth of these teachings. We lived next to nature. We

felt and saw her energy and creativity all around us, and

our questioning grew deeper. We all had experiences with

this energy and wondered what it was.

In my 17th year, husking corn in the fall of 1941, I had

a very emotional experience with an energy flow coursing

through my body. I couldn’t understand it; I thought I was

having mental problems. It never occurred to me that I

was having a spiritual experience.

I was taken to the medical doctor who simply demonstrated

his ignorance by telling me to go back and get

busy on the farm. As if I had too much time on my hands

and was imagining things. My parents had no answers.

I’m sure the war, looming on the horizon, caused

emotional tension in me. This energy flow experience

upset me so that I missed several months of school in

my senior year; I finally got back to school in the spring

of 1942. This caused my grades to drop and I missed

being valedictorian at my commencement.

AAfter graduation from high school my twin

brother and I were given deferments from the

draft because we were needed on the farm. We

worked on the farm, living with our emotional problems,

praying for answers. When draft requirements grew for

World War II, I was drafted. In the autumn of 1943, I

entered the army with these great emotional questions,

complicated by what I later realized was homesickness.

I was a young farm boy amidst an army of men dressed

by military order, marching by military order, living by

military order. I had trouble finding my own individuality

and mental balance.

One night, I was coming back from the post church

where I was joining the drum-and-bugle corps. Just un-

By Elbert Crary

der the full moon was the feared mental hospital with its

dreaded Section Eight. I looked up at that full moon and

decreed that I would never give up. From that night on,

I began to improve in my emotional state.

My strength in myself seemed to grow. I got through

basic training in the spring of 1944 and our unit was

shipped overseas to active duty in the European theater.

We left New York on a transport ship converted to a

troop ship with about 5,000 men aboard. Our bunks were

hammocks, seven layers from floor to ceiling. I was put

on Deck D, the bottom deck of the ship. We went across

the Atlantic in a convoy. Destroyers were circling, dropping

depth charges to discover or destroy any German

submarines in the water around us.

I was taken to the medical doctor

who simply demonstrated his

ignorance by telling me to go back

and get busy on the farm. As if I

had too much time on my hands

and was imagining things. My

parents had no answers.

On one beautiful night, I was sitting on deck with a

row of other G.I.s and we were talking about the war and

our problems. We talked about being in a world made

of atoms and looking out at the blue sky and seeing the

stars–the suns with planets around them, like the nucleus

and circling electrons in cosmic-sized atoms.

We were between the infinitesimally small and the

infinitesimally large. What are we? What is this universe?

Is there a God? When it was time to go down to bunk in

the hammock on Deck D, I said to myself: “God, I don’t

believe you are, but if you are, don’t forget me.”

The next morning I came up on deck to a beautiful

day, the sun was shining, the deck was full of G.I.s,

the ocean was calm. I said to myself: “What is this joy

I feel?”

Despite where I was, I felt in the midst of a blissful

energy that pervaded everything, the whole universe.

Then I said to myself, an intuition, as if a revelation: “Oh,

this is what you are God.”

T h e Jo u r n e y Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Pa g e 31

as this related to what I had felt flow through me

two years earlier? But this time there was no fear.


It was pure bliss. This awareness stayed with me

the war. This Life, this Energy was in everything,

everywhere. God is imminent, in everything, everywhere.

When I came back from the army my older brother

came down to Columbus, where I had started college at

The Ohio State University. He wanted to talk about his

experiences with Rishis’ School in Cleveland. I thought it

was about religion.

I told him I didn’t want to talk about religion. I then

realized he wanted to talk about Spirit. At 2 a.m. we were

still talking.

I went on to finish my study at O.S.U. but in the meantime

we began to study at Rishis’ School. It was so important

to us we would drive 150 miles to Cleveland on weekends

to take a class at Rishis’. After I graduated with a degree in

education, we moved to Cleveland to continue our study

at Rishis’ School. During this time I began teaching public

school in a Cleveland suburb.

Raymond Cassidy was the founder of Rishis’ School

and the author of its course of study. It was a study of

self-improvement through spiritual growth based in

Christian teachings that emphasized the harmony of these

teachings with the teachings of all the other major religions.

I began to see that there was one spiritual truth permeating

all religions. This we especially found true in the esoteric

teachings of all the great religions.

All the great teachers taught it. I could see it in the Vidas,

The Baghavad Gita, in the works of Buddha, Lao Tzu,

Mohammed, Jesus Christ and in the Shamanic teachings

Pa g e 32

7051 Steubenville Pike, Suite 1, Oakdale, PA 15071

A Commitment to Wellness

Experience Ancient Healing Science of India!

such as those of the native Americans. The book of Aldous

Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy, spoke to this understanding.

All the fundamental truths of the great religions could

be expressed in Jesus’ statement that all of the laws and the

prophets of the Jewish Bible would be fulfilled if mankind

would love God with all his faculties and love his neighbor

as himself.

We went across the Atlantic in a

convoy. Destroyers were circling,

dropping depth charges to discover

or destroy any German submarines

in the water around us.

The fundamental truths of life are so simple but mankind

has hidden them in their warped religions. As Mohandas

Gandhi said, all the teachings had truths in them but “they

had been interpreted by weak minds or weak hearts or

misinterpreted all together.”

Our study of spirituality carries us on into a greater

realization of our own spirituality. As Jesus said, “The Spirit

of Truth will lead you to all truth.”

Most students come to us because they have had some

sort of experience of awakening. Our teaching is intended

to deepen the experience of this energy of spirit that Jesus

called the Life and the Light and this knowledge was the


He was finally and completely conscious of being this

Life and Light and identified himself with it. He was no longer

the human, but “the new creature in Christ.”

Christ means only “anointed.” This consciousness is

the anointing, and spiritual growth is to become more and

more fully anointed. Rishis teaching is to help you in this

growth. As a Rishis teacher, I continue in this growth.

Elbert Crary is actively retired as a grower of biodynamic

produce at his Ashbrook Farm in Auburn, Ohio. He

and his brother, Dr. Robert Crary, continue to teach at the

Rishis Institute of Metaphysics in Euclid, Ohio. He can be

reached at

490 Professional Building

First Floor

East North Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Ayurveda In Pittsburgh, LLC

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

The Meaning of Dreams

The dream

I have had a strange dream where I am dancing in circles

with a beautiful little girl with a crown of gold on her head.

It is really weird. Any feedback would be appreciated. – PT

What it means

There is an otherworldly aspect to your dream, which

has a quality of freedom, sensitivity and gentleness and is

rather like a delicate young girl before self-consciousness

or responsibilities have set in.

The crown of gold is a wish to return to a time of

innocence and purity of thought – a time of true caring

and openness; to love and be loved. It must be your goal

to create this sincerity in your life. As adults, we cannot

avoid responsibilities and commitments and must face

up to truth. This is an intelligent adult’s task as it requires

experience of life, courage and maturity. Recognize the

preciousness of youth and the importance of innocence

and grieve for a world that has lost its spiritual path.

The dream

Last night I was troubled by a dream. I tried to speak

but the sentences came out as gibberish. The harder and

louder I tried, the more garbled my words became. –LL

What it means

This dream relates to faulty communication and a

difficulty in explaining yourself when things really matter

to you – especially in relationships – and how difficult it

is for us all to express appropriate feelings, words and

actions in our life.

I would suggest four action steps. The first is to write

down what you would like to say to each important person

in your life. If you could only say one sentence to each,

what would it be?

The second is to have courage and say these words

kindly and calmly.

The third is to write down what you think each important

person would like to say to you – what are their

needs, wants and expectations of you. Next write down

what you would like them to say to you.

These are the people you need to focus on: family

members, friends, work colleagues, social acquaintances.

Give it a try; your life circumstances will improve as

a result of these actions.

The dream

I hope you can help me interpret a recurring

dream; it has some slight variations but the theme

is always the same. Even though we have a stable

home and finances, I dream that we need to relocate.

Instead of “buying up” we’re buying a smaller, older

and less desirable home. In some cases, the house has

no garden; in other cases, the kitchen is very dated

By Wendy Stokes

Wendy Stokes is a qualified

counsellor and dream

specialist. If you would like

a dream interpreted, please

email w.stokes@btinternet.

com with a description of

your dream and permission

to publish it in The Journey Magazine’s

Dream Column.

with an old refrigerator that has no ice maker, etc.

Prior to this, I have had dreams about members of

my family who are floating down a river. They tell me

they are looking for a new home because their current

one was flooded (or ruined by some other disaster).

I am concerned these dreams are precognitive of an

economic or other disaster. What do you think? –TD

What it means

I think these are anxiety dreams rather than precognitions.

After a period of hardship, perhaps whilst growing

up in a family where there was not much money for

luxuries, you do not fully register your good fortune. Or

perhaps your wealth is not perceived as permanent. Your

concerns for the future cause you to be subconsciously


Sometimes, a person describes a dream and I have

the feeling that there might be issues arising from past

lives (you might not believe in past lives, but it is a common

belief when explaining inexplicable dreams). This

occurred to me when I read your dream description. The

resolution to past-life issues is similar to recognizing historical

or inherited family patterns that might cause you

to have reduced enjoyment of your present life.

Affirmations are necessary to contradict the injunctions

that are causing the dreams. Try: “In our family... we

recover well from disaster.” “We are strong and quickly

get back on our feet.” “We are resourceful and can manage

to cope with anything.” If you fully appreciate the

pain of the past and the immense difficulties that people

can endure when they have to, you can move on to use

your financial power in a way that is neither wasteful

nor frivolous.

Wendy Stokes is the author of “The Lightworkers

Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups,” which

is available at Royalties for the sale of this

book are donated to The Durrell Wildlife Conservation

Trust, which protects endangered species from extinction.

For further information visit:

T h e Jo u r n e y Ma Ma y • Ju n e 2011


Pa g e 33



May – You may find yourself in stressful situations with

family members because of work. It’s important to balance

your family life and work. When you do this, you will find

that things will be in a better place for you financially too.

June – Light and pleasant interactions can help you

to connect with the right people in business. Make appointments

with people you want to present your ideas

to and watch the manifestation happen. This is a good

period for financial abundance.


May – A lingering health issue is causing you to be

tired. Look for ways to improve your health. Incorporate

a better diet with some exercise and plenty of rest.

This is a good month for investments so stay open to

opportunities that come your way.

June – Romance and flirtations are likely now. You

are feeling warm, expressive and lively. Loving feelings

flow between you and the people you meet, especially

those of the opposite sex. Also, your creativity and desire

to make something beautiful is stimulated now.


May – New relationships are on the horizon for you.

Stay open to possibilities because there could be more

than a friendship developing. Take time to show your

appreciation to the people in your life instead of seeing

the negatives. Let your kindness rule the day.

JuneThere may be some tension between you

and your mate or partner this month. You both need to

deal with it in constructive manner. All your exceptional

talents and abilities seem to be working for you and are

influencing the direction of your life.


May – People will approach you with new ideas and

projects, but you need to decide whether they fit in your

life or not. If you add too much to your plate right now, it

will put you in a spiral in the next five months. Proceed

with clarity and caution.

June – You may feel some worries and concerns

this month, but fear not because you won’t be loosing

your ability to look out for what is in your best interest.

Some new ideas could be very fruitful with the right

outside resources.

By Kimmie Rose Zapf


May – Relationship issues will present to you some

new ways to communicate with the people in your

life. As you find yourself in a better space of listening,

old issues get resolved as long as everyone’s voice is


June – You could run headlong into an emotional

landmine that forces you to reconsider your course

of action. You may feel you are at a crossroads, but

it’s more likely that you had different goals from the

beginning. Try to find a middle ground.


May – This month you will be finding a way out

of the financial slump you’ve been in lately. This is a

good to find a better balance with how you spend your

money. Set some money aside in a rainy day fund for

a feeling of added security.

June – You need to complete your work before you

can kick back and put your feet up. Focus on what you

must do in the immediate moment; the future will arrive

soon enough. Breathe and flow with the flow.


May – Pushing issues to the side will cause disruptions

this month. Be conscious of the things that need

attention and the things that require less attention. If

you don’t get organized this month, you’ll find yourself

in messy situations this summer.

June – You are finally ready to clean up your life,

and you feel the need to make massive changes right

away. Such a wind of revolt is likely to cause you

troubles if you don’t think things through. Forward

movement is important but balance is essential.


May – Old wounds are healing, making way for new

friendships, love and even a possible move. This is a

great month to think of cultivating new opportunities

for yourself and then watching them grow over the next

three years.

June – You may find it’s hard this month to please

others because there’s no way to break through the

resistance. If you push too hard, you’ll wish you didn’t.

But if you don’t try at all, you’ll wish you did. Find balance

this month.

Pa g e 34 Ma y • Ju Ju n e e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y


May – If you want to share something from your

heart, this is a good month to do it. But, it is important

to be clear in the way you communicate with others so

misunderstandings aren’t formulated creating further

issues in the future.

June – It may feel as if more is being asked of

you than you can reasonably deliver. Retreating into

your own private world is not the solution. Sometimes

exploring your feelings and abilities is the first step in

deciding your next destination. Be reflective.


May – Listen to what your own intuition is telling

you this month. This is a great time to look deeper into

your own gifts. You’ve had wonderful guidance from

others. Now, take what you’ve learned and direct it in

positive ways in your life.

June – Sometimes your adult obligations overwhelm

everything else in your life. But when you connect

with your gifts, this is when your genius, originality

and creativity flourish. New opportunities for teaching

will present themselves to you.


May – Ideas have been swirling around in your head

and this month you’re being asked to put them into

action. Make sure that you have your ducks in a row

so that you can follow through with things. Abundance

is sure to follow.

June – Everyone has an idea for what you should

be doing, but no one is asking you what you want to do.

It’s important to follow your heart right now because

you will be more centered when opportunities are presented

to you. This is a great time for growth.


May – Old wounds may be triggered as people who

you have not seen in a while reappear in your life. It is

important to make sure that you aren’t avoiding them

and take a deeper look at what each relationship is

presenting to you.

June – This month is about being practical. While

helping with a cause is rewarding, it can unravel you by

taking you into too many directions this month. Wait

until the fall before saying “Yes” to new projects.

Kimberly Rose is a professional intuitive, vibrational

astrologer, author, public speaker and radio and

television host on CBS Radio and Telos Television Networks.

She is available for personal readings, classes

and seminars. For more information, call her at Lite the

Way, (734) 854-1514 or visit

Thursday—Sunday, June 2-5, 2011

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cleveland South

I-77 & Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio

Conference registration:

Pre-conference Workshop with

World Renown Astrologer Rob Hand

Dealing with Difficult Chart Combinations

$95 before 3/1/11, after $110

Conference (includes Banquet)

$195 before 3/1/11, after $225

Special Beginner’s Track on Saturday

Signs, Planets, Houses & Aspects

Psychic Readers & Marketplace

T h e Jo u r n e y




y • • Ju


n e

n e 2011


Pa g e 35

The guru question always bothered me. I felt drawn

to deeply follow one path, but my skepticism arose

around the advice I’d heard about how to identify a

guru, that person whom the Vedic scriptures glorify

as the “eternal spiritual master.” It always seemed a bit

contrived – or to be fair, it was simply too difficult for

me to decipher.

How then do I find myself happily situated in a dynamic

and empowering spiritual discipleship?

It started with me asking a lot of questions from the

people I knew who already had established a meaningful

spiritual path. The answers I received hailed mostly from

the extreme ends of the rationality spectrum though, and

required my own synthesis to figure out.

I noticed two distinct approaches to answering the

question: How do I find my guru?

First, I heard the overly mystical approach from

those preaching the doctrine of “just knowing.” A friend

of mine tells the following story, which I would not call

unusual: “I never saw him but heard a recording of his

voice on a radio broadcast giving a lecture in English.

As soon as he began speaking, I said to myself, ‘This is

the voice of my spiritual master.’”

Pa g e 36

Esoteric descriptions of folks

experiencing spiritual union at

long last with their eternally

merciful spiritual master somehow

always left me feeling even

further away from choosing my

own mentor.

I wholeheartedly believed her, because there really

are eureka moments on the spiritual path. I’d experienced

my own slap in the face of the subtle body too many

times to discount the power of realization in making

spiritual decisions. However, my left brain was having

none of it. I’d heard so many stories like this and they

just don’t hit home.

Esoteric descriptions of folks experiencing spiritual

union at long last with their eternally merciful spiritual

master somehow always left me feeling even further away

from choosing my own mentor.

Second, I encountered the overly mechanistic approach

– one perfected by India’s IIT grads – which calculates

the precise formula for optimizing a connection

How to Find

Your Guru

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

By Jenya dasi

of souls. It works something like this:

Meet Guru X + hear X speak + listen to X’s lecture

recordings for Y months + read X’s literature + meet

disciples of X + determine compatibility quotient =

Match (bingo!) or no match (plug in new variables and


This is actually incredible advice. I tried it, and it

was a transformative process. But something was still

missing; it doesn’t explain the choice.

The mystical approach understands that there is a

feeling in the heart that comes from contact with a person’s

true guru. This cannot be underestimated.

Still, quantifiable measures should be offered to distinguish

this feeling from feelings you may have about

many other teachers. Also, there should be information

available about how to take proactive steps to reach

the rapturous moment of identifying your guru. The

mechanistic approach makes concrete suggestions that

anyone can follow. Yet it still doesn’t get to the heart of

the decision itself.

Now here’s my synthesis, my own eureka moment:

When I was days away from leaving India guru-less, I was

hit with some serendipitous advice from the gentleman

who helped arrange my train ticket in Calcutta’s dirty

and menacing railway station. His thoughtful remarks

struck my heart and resonated in my brain.

I had plenty of time to reflect on the young man’s

wisdom since I had to spend the night huddled on the

station floor awaiting my 19-hour train ride the following


“Who’s your guru?” my new friend asked. When I

said I was still looking and asked him for his suggestions,

he said, “Hm, I guess I would say that your guru

is the person from whom you take most of your spiritual

inspiration and instruction.”

This advice really gets to the heart of the matter in

a concrete way. The description of inspiration gives a

word to that mystical feeling of “just knowing.” At the

same time, the advice of my friend in the train station

emphasizes the practical element that one must not

only feel inspired, but also receive practical instruction

from one’s guru.

This synthesis of the mystical and mechanistic approach

is a balance of the rational with the intuitive.

Th e Jo u r n e y

Such balance is the dynamic tension that must be used

to guide the way on the spiritual search. Otherwise we

risk falling prey to an unhealthy degree of either submission

or skepticism.

T h e Jo u r n e y

I had plenty of time to reflect

on the young man’s wisdom

since I had to spend the night

huddled on the station floor

awaiting my 19-hour train

ride the following evening.

On the road to the absolute, neither blind faith nor

blind doubt will do. We have to tread the middle path.

We keep our eyes open, but reach out for a helping hand

at the same time.

Jenya dasi is a certified yoga instructor and reiki

practitioner living in Pittsburgh. She teaches yoga at local

universities and keeps busy directing a local non-profit organization

that promotes holistic lifestyle education. A dedicated

practitioner of the spiritual science of bhakti-yoga, she

has traveled the world to study under the tradition’s most

exalted teachers and shares her understanding of spiritual

life through writing and teaching philosophy.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Pa g e 37

Going Quantum: 2-Day Workshop

with Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons

What would life be like if you lived every minute

of every day with deep peace, knowing that

nothing and no one is against you? Often in life

we believe that outer circumstances are holding

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others to change, for outer conditions to adjust,

we give away our sense of wholeness and our

freedom to craft the life our heart desires.

Come and find out!

Friday, May 20, 2011 – 7 pm to 9 pm

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Ma y • Ju n e 2011

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ASTARA Holistic Addiction Recovery Program

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ASTARA is highly effective and affordable

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

T h e Jo u r n e y Pa g e 39

Life is Good, All the Time

here has got to be something more…what?

That’s the question I asked myself during the grief

of burying my 8-year-old daughter, Theresa, who had

passed after four years of leukemia.

Had I realized that my prayers had been heard and

answered when I asked God to give her to me for one

more year (at the age of 7), I would have asked to have

cured her completely.

I didn’t know that I could ask for a miracle and the

grace of God to intercede. Grief unfolded and I needed

to know more.

My soul absorbed the teachings of

reincarnation and soul attraction,

and I began to thank my daughter’s

soul for leading me to greater

understandings of life.

My church at the time didn’t have answers for me

about more than her body being placed in the ground. I

went on a search to find something more. My first inquiry

at the Rishis Institute of Metaphysics, which held my

focus for 18 plus years of study, was God-sent.

My teachers and fellow inquiring students helped me

step over a threshold of wisdom through ancient metaphysical

teachings. My soul absorbed the teachings of

reincarnation and soul attraction, and I began to thank

my daughter’s soul for leading me to greater understandings

of life. In so many ways, she showed me her faith

and understanding of a greater existence. I would often

say she was my strength and courage to go on.

And go on I did. By 1984 I became a member of the

Unity Church of Westlake, now called the Unity Spiritual

Center of Westlake, and volunteered as a youth education

teacher and kitchen angel.

The presence of God was no longer outside of me

but deep within my own Being. In the early 1990s, I was

drawn to the Theosophical Society, Besant Branch to hear

a talk given by Dr. V. G. Kulkarni. I became an active

member there to support my studies of world religions

and theologies, serving two years as vice-president of

the Besant-Cleveland Branch.

In 1997 I formulated a respite concept – the pause

for peace and renewal for adults with mental health

challenges – and opened the not-for-profit Rose Garden

Respite Center on the west side of Cleveland. Throughout

Pa g e 40

By Annette Tabar

the years, visitors have come to enjoy the quiet of this garden

setting and to experience inner peace. Tea and scones

are a treat many have enjoyed while sharing their stories

and experiencing guided imagery, Reiki, aromatherapy

and grace-filled prayer.

Staying in the flow of life, a challenging lesson in our

Rust Belt Blues arena, was another aspect of my life that

I knew “something more” was there for me.

Growing up in Cleveland, I was surrounded by vital

corporations that provided futures for thousands of employees.

And yet, I experienced seven layoffs or reductions

in force. Some of these occurred before Theresa passed

while others – the last being BP of America – dropped me

into an economic swirl for which I wasn’t ready. I returned

to school, using some of my part-time credits from Cuyahoga

Community College to transfer to Baldwin Wallace

for a four-year degree.

Psychology and philosophy were my choices of study,

which lead me to advanced studies at the Mandel School

of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.

I became a social worker in the mental health field.

Today, my greatest joy is helping people help themselves

through discovery of personal strengths and a deeper

source of inner power…their own God self.

I have not ever been concerned with my past lives,

yet I know that my talents and strengths have given me

support for the many challenges I have faced in this life.

Balancing and harmonizing my energy is a daily requirement

through silence and meditation.

I know that I am one with all of creation and thus

responsible for what I attract and send out into this universe.

Awakening to the present moment, the perfect

expression of God’s presence in my life is the greatest

gift I can accept.

Pausing to enjoy a flock of bobwhites take nourishment

in the garden or to listen to the call of a cardinal

on a summer’s night are a treasure to me. Taking the

seasons in stride, anticipating winter’s turn to spring,

lights up my soul, knowing a loving cycle continues and

will continue.

My many gifts include longtime friendships. Three

young women who were my daughter’s friends became

my friends. A caring son has given me a spirit-filled granddaughter.

I have had loving parents, grandparents and

siblings to share the family spirit with.

My hair is nearly all white now, yet I laugh deeply

and often for it is God’s pleasure to fill me with the gift of

laughter that others may hear the call of joy.

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y

It is time to transition to a

world or peace and not war.

This country seems to want

to advance by making war on

everything. Wars on Drugs,

Poverty, Terror, ad infinitum.

We need to realize that war

does not work.

As a child, I took on the name E-How-Wee, which

means laughing maiden. I do admit that has been my

greatest treasure –now knowing that the grace of God

fills and sustains me through this life.

I continue to pray for the renewal of planet Earth and

for the souls who have given me clarity to live in peace

and harmony. I live with gratitude for all my life experiences

and for the ability to search for greater awakenings

to Truth. Life is good, all the time.

Annette Tabar continues to share gifts and talents

through volunteerism at the Center for Integrated Therapies

in Cleveland, and by teaching Laughter Yoga and

other holistic insights at the Besant Branch of the Theosophical

Society. She resides in Cleveland, enthused by

those who visit the Rose Garden Respite Center for peace

and renewal. She can be contacted at

Ma y • Ju n e 2011

Shadybrook, Inc.

Tel: 216-556-5683

Cultivating Personal Growth

and Spiritual Exploration

Since 1955

Serving the people of Northeastern Ohio

Through the Eyes of Love:

Journeying with the

Spirit of Nature

with internationally acclaimed author

Michael Roads

at the Family Life Center, Bainbridge Township, Ohio

Introductory Talk and Book Signing

Friday, July 8, 2011 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Workshop Intensive

Saturday & Sunday, July 9 & 10, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pre-registration required by June 17, 2011

Register online with credit or debit card, or download a registration form.

Experience the sacred through an aspect of nature which is magical,

inspiring, and filled with grace. You’ll leave this event with profound

insights, and your life will have been touched in an unforgettable way.


On the Web:

Pa g e 41

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we might envision for ourselves. We need something else to

lean on, to fully trust in to help guide us along the way.

Having a strong spiritual connection has been the true icing

on the cake.

Staying connected to God has taken my life to a whole

new level of peace and balance. We cannot rely just on our

own willpower and works to change, so I encourage everyone

to lean on the transforming love of God to supply what

we don’t always get through the day.

Believe in your ability to change. You and God are the

only ones who know how to take care of you. Let us all live

a life full of purpose and passion and most of all peace. I

believe that if each of us developed into the person God

gifted us to be, the world would be a different place to live.

Janee Kuta-Iliano is the owner of ALiVE ONE, a health

coaching business that focuses on teaching others the benefits

of internal cleansing and purification of the body. She

is a holistic health educator and raw foods chef, offering

Internal Cleansing & Detoxification Programs, Juice Plus+

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T h e Jo u r n e y

T h e Jo u r n e y


Lily Dale

Lily Dale is a community dedicated to the religion

of Spiritualism. Since 1879, we’ve been offering a

variety of workshops, seminars, special events and

a daily event schedule all found in our tranquil,

lakeside environment to welcome you on your

journey of personal discovery.

Daily Event Schedule 2011

June 24 – September 4, 2011

8:30am ...........Meditation Service, Healing Temple

10:30am .............. Healing Service, Healing Temple

(Sunday at noon)

11:30am ............................. Welcome Video, Library

1:00pm ...........Message Service, Inspiration Stump

2:30pm .............Speaker & Clairvoyant, Auditorium

4:00pm .................Message Service, Forest Temple

(Except Sunday)

5:30pm ...........Message Service, Inspiration Stump

7:00pm ................ Healing Service, Healing Temple

All included in the Gate Fee

On the Lily Dale Grounds

Over 36 Mediums for your Private Consultation

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Daily Educational Workshops and Special Events

Activities for All Ages / Museum - Open Daily

Historical Buildings / Lily Dale Beach

Nature Walks in Old Growth Forest

The Picnic Pavilion / Labyrinth / Free Parking

Shopping / Dining / Lodging

Lily Dale Assembly / 5 Melrose Park, Lily Dale, NY 14752 / I-90 Exit 59 - Rte. 60 South - Dale Drive 716-595-8721

Ma y • Ju n e 2011 Pa g e 43

2011 Program Highlights

Reincarnation & Spirit Contact

Dick Sutphen

April 30 – May 1

Spirituality...Based on Nature’s Revelations

Ed McGaa, J.D.

Sunday, May 8

Spiritual Insight Training Part I

May 13 - 15 or May 20 - 22

Spiritual Insight Training Part II • June 10 - 12

Elaine D. Thomas, Jessie Furst

& Don Scott or Ron Thornton


Shelly Takei, Ph.D.

May 27 – 30

Healing of Mind, Body, and Spirit

John and Donna Carroll

June 18 -19

Spiritual Teaching and Healing

Dr. Issam Nemeh, M.D.

June 25

Elemental Forces…Our Healing Allies

Rev. Tom Cratsley, B.S.

June 26

Mediumship and the Akashic Records

Rev. Bill Coller from Scotland

July 9 - 10

Fellowships of the Spirit’s


July 16

Higher Realms, Higher Powers

Sharon Klingler

July 17

Fellowships of the Spirit

... A place your soul can call home

Elixir Light QiGong Essentials • July 23 - 24

Yi-Jin-Jing - Sinew Transformation Practice • July 30 - 31

Master Robert Peng

The Bengston Energy Healing Method

Dr. William Bengston, Ph.D

August 5 - 7

Pluto In Capricorn & Astrology & the Qabalah

Robert Hand

August 13 - 14

Mediumship & Spirit Communication as Healing

Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, M.S.,

August 20

Mediumship & World Prophecy

Rev. Gregory Kehn

August 21

Intensive Practical Mediumship

Paul and Deborah Reese from Wales, UK

August 27 - 28

A Sacred Garden Healing Retreat

Rev. Penny Donovan, D.D. & Don Gilbert, M.S.W.

September 2 - 4

Harmonize the Power of Your Intent

with CELLpH (Self) Love & The Law of Attraction!

Marcy Newman • September 11

School of Spiritually Based Hypnotherapy

and Past Life Regression

Dick Sutphen • September 27 - October 30

Breath ~ Body ~ Mind Workshop

Dr. Richard P. Brown, M.D. & Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, M.D.

October 22 - 23

The Oracles of the Hebrew…

Three of the Prophets Unveiled

Rocco Errico Ph.D., Th.D.

November 5

Call 716-595-2159 or register online at

Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center

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