Article. Energy in fokus - from Kyoto to Copenhagen. - AgroTech

Article. Energy in fokus - from Kyoto to Copenhagen. - AgroTech

carbon footprint

CC Container, has contributed to a reduction

in CO2 emissions long before climate

changes became a global concern.

From February 2010, all CC Containers

will be equipped with RFID tags (Radio

Frequency IDentification). Using RFID for

Track & Trace further improves logistics,

leading to even larger CO2 – and cost

savings in the future.

More information:

This is how the CC Container

reduces the carbon footprint

in horticultural transportation

• Since the CC Container is a returnable transport item, continuous production

and waste of disposable packaging are avoided.

• The introduction of RFID on CC Containers in 2010 will optimise logistics and

thus reduce CO 2 emissions further.

• The CC Container has been developed to utilise all available space in cooled /

traditional “flower” trucks to avoid transportation of “air”.

• CC Containers can be exchanged full for empty and vice versa in the CC Pool

System, and therefore don’t have to travel empty over long distances.

• Container Centralen also ensures that the trucks don’t travel empty on their

return trips. Average utilisation of truck space on CC controlled transportation

of CC Containers is about 97% (including empty trucks in transit), versus the

Danish average of only 38% (source: A recent analysis published by e.g.: http://

• Whenever empty CC Containers have to be transported, they can be condensed

to a fraction of their loaded volume (1/10).

• New CC Containers are loaded for the first time already in their country of origin

for their maiden voyage – so right from the start they don’t travel empty.

Complete horticultural


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