air Commando takes charge at PrT Zabul - Hurlburt Warrior

air Commando takes charge at PrT Zabul - Hurlburt Warrior

Friday, July 15, 2011

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USAF file photo

Capt. Adam Fiedler, Air Force Special Operations Forces Air Operations Center, loads branches into a truck at the Gulf Breeze Zoo Nov. 20. Ten volunteers from the AFSOF

AOC transported several loads of wood, left over from Hurricane Ivan, to the zoo’s preserve to be ground into mulch for use in the exhibits.

Air Commando

takes charge

at PRT Zabul

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Security forces

members begin march

to Ground Zero

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Year No. 5, Edition No. 28

1st Special Operations Wing

Public Affairs

“Tip of the Spear” is a

monthly spotlight designed to

recognize outstanding Airmen

for the work they do every day at

Hurlburt Field. Airman 1st Class

Ashley Taylor, 1st Special Operations

Component Maintenance

Squadron mission systems journeyman,

was selected for this

month’s spotlight.

Name: Airman 1st Class Ashley


Unit: 1st Special Operations

Component Maintenance


Duty Title: Mission systems


Hometown: Oak Lawn, Ill.

Date Entered the Air Force:

Nov. 17, 2009

Hobbies: Bass guitar and

roller derby

Why did you join the Air Force?

College wasn’t a good fit, and

I wanted a job I could be proud


How does your Air Force .

specialty contribute to the


We repair radar systems so

pilots are able to do their job.

If you were Chief Master .

Sgt. of the Air Force for one day,

how would you change the Air


Try to better prepare Airmen-in-Training

for when they

become operational.

What’s your favorite thing

about Hurlburt Field?

The people here are great,

and, coming from the North, it’s

nice to have warm weather all

the time.

What do you like most about

being an Airman?

I like knowing that I’m responsible

for all my actions and

all the work that I do. If you

skate by doing the bare minimum,

people notice. If you work

hard and do the right thing, that

will get noticed, too.

What’s one thing you wish you

were told before joining the Air


Basic Military Training isn’t

hard, but trying to work well

with so many girls will frustrate

you to no end.

What motivates you at work?

Our shop has good leaders,

and people have good attitudes.

I want them to feel that I’m reliable

and a hard worker.

Who are your heroes/role


My older brother is a U.S.

tip of the spear

Airman 1st Class Ashley Taylor

Marine, and he inspires me to

work to the best of my ability

every day and make the right

decisions in my life.

Advice to others?

Have a good attitude when

you walk in to work. No one likes

someone who’s in a lousy mood

all the time.

Why was she selected?

“Airman Taylor is an outstanding

part of the 1st SOCMS

team and mission. She excels

at everything she does and was

recently selected as our squadron’s

Airman of the Quarter.

Prior to her arrival at Hurlburt

Field, she served as an element

leader in BMT overseeing 49

recruits in her flight. She currently

manages the electrostatic

discharge program in the Avionics

Flight ensuring the proper

handling of vital electronics.

During our recent Logistics

Compliance Assessment Program

inspection, her areas were

rated “Outstanding.” Outside of

her Air Force duties, she helped

raise $1,400 for breast cancer

awareness and volunteers at

the local Boys and Girls Club

remodeling their facilities.

Whether it’s repairing a milliondollar

antenna or raising money

for charity, Airman Taylor is

truly a phenomenal Airman and

is perfectly suited to be spotlighted

as Hurlburt Field’s Tip of

the Spear.”

-Chief Master Sgt. .

Scott Doremus

1st SOCMS superintendent

By Staff Sgt. .

Sarah Martinez

1st Special Operations Wing

Public Affairs

Editor’s note: This is

part five in a five-part series on

hurricane preparedness.

After the storm has

passed and the all-clear

has been given, the

Emergency Family Assistance

Control Center

will be there to ease your


The EFACC is used

as a staging area for the

Hurlburt community

when a natural disaster

or man-made incident occurs.

When an EFACC is

activated, service members

and their dependents

can obtain disaster

relief, contingency information

and services all in

one place.

“An EFACC brings

different family services

together so people aren’t

running around the base

trying to get help from

different agencies,” said

Kelly Childs, Airman &

Family Readiness Center

community readiness

specialist. “This way everything

is all together.”

The A&FRC acts as

the primary source of information,

referral advice

and crisis assistance,

which is similar to what

they do on a day-to-day

basis. They are responsible

for setting up the

EFACC when the installation

commander calls

for it and maintaining it

once it’s established.

Some of the different

agencies Hurlburt members

can expect to see at

the EFACC are Legal, Finance,

military and civilian

personnel office, the

Red Cross, Public Affairs,

the Chapel and Mental


Childs says other

agencies like the housing

and lodging offices can be

there but it depends on

the situation and people’s


The expected location

of the EFACC will be at

the A&FRC. However, if

another location is determined

due to base conditions,

personnel and their

families will be directed

to the new location by all

media outlets available.

Not all hurricane

situations will call for an

EFACC to be stood-up,

it will only happen when

the base completely


In situations where

the base has an emergency

but does not evacuate,

the A&FRC has some tips

Hurlburt members can

follow to help themselves


• Develop a family plan

- know where you and

your family are going to

head when the evacuation

order is given.

• Create a disaster

supply kit - know what

supplies you need and

make a kit before it’s too


• Secure your home

- put your valuables high

off the ground, think

about getting home or

renter’s insurance and

take pictures of your

belongings before you

evacuate the area.

• Have a pet plan

- think about what hotels

are pet-friendly

along your route to your

safe haven and plan


No matter what the

emergency, the staff at

the A&FRC would like

the Hurlburt community

to know that there will be


“We’re always going

to be here to provide

Hurlburt Airmen and

Friday, July 15, 2011 | Hurlburt Warrior | Page

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about hurricanes but were afraid to ask:

Margherita G. de Mooya, D.D.S.

Pediatric Dentistry


The EFACC is used as a staging area for the Hurlburt community when a

natural disaster or man-made incident occurs. When an EFACC is activated,

service members and their dependents can obtain disaster relief, contingency

information and services all in one place.

their families the support

they need, whether

the EFACC is stood up or

not,” said Childs. “So, if

someone has a problem

at any time, they can

come to us, and if we’re

not the right agency, then

we will connect them to

the right one.”

For more information

on the EFACC, contact

the A&FRC at 850-884-

5441. For the EFACC

hot line, activated only

after emergency, call

877-571-7209. For more

information on hurricanes

and hurricane

survival, visit the Hurlburt

Field hurricane

page at www.hurlburt.

TriCare Dental Provider


403 Hollywood Blvd. NW

Suite A101

Fort Walton Beach


3798163 2069499

Page | Hurlburt Warrior | Friday, July 15, 2011

If it’s not being used, don’t abuse

By Staff Sgt. .

Sarah Martinez

1st Special Operations Wing

Public Affairs

Do you like playing the

radio at work?

Northwest Florida State College

July 20, 21, 22 & 23

Tickets Available NOW!



Do you like working under

appropriate overhead


Do you enjoy using the

air conditioner when the

temperature is 90 degrees


Northwest Florida State College

An Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Institution


Hurlburt Field’s electricity

is precious; helping conserve

it can guarantee these

luxuries stay in place.

“Energy conservation

is a vital element of our national

strategy to reduce dependence

on non-renewable

energy sources,” expressed

Col. Michael Plehn, former

1st Special Operations Wing

commander, in the new Facility

Energy Management

Policy. “Individually we each

can do things to save a small

amount of energy, which collectively

will add up to a large


The policy contains new

implementation actions

that will take effect near

the end of July. The mandatory

actions will help ensure

Hurlburt Field’s population

conserves energy and aids

the wing in meeting its legislated

energy intensity reduction



A certain amount of electricity

is allotted for Hurlburt

Field’s daily activities, and

according to recent numbers,

Hurlburt is coming

close to exceeding the maximum


In addition to the energy

intensity goals, Hurlburt has

an aging electrical infrastructure.

A new substation is one

of the projects designed to

modernize this infrastructure.

The existing substation

is nearing capacity.

Hurlburt Field is operating

at a critical threshold for

the one operational substation

that we have on base,”

said Marc Barrett, 1st Special

Operations Civil Engineer

Squadron Resource

Efficiency Manager. “Significant

infrastructure growth

on base combined with the

high temperatures anticipated

through the summer will

drive [the heating ventilation

and air conditioning] system

energy demands that could

bring our base substation to

a point of failure. Everyone

should avoid unnecessary

energy demands placed on

the power grid to minimize

the potential for a power


Fortunately, there are actions

Hurlburt Airmen can

take now to help reduce the

amount of energy they use

and keep the base from complete

grid failure.

There are several ways

a unit or individual can save

energy either at work or at


• Set your thermostat

at 76 degrees Fahrenheit or


• Keep windows and

doors shut.

• Close blinds to reflect

solar heat.

• Turn off lights and unplug

equipment when not in


• Unplug coffee pots and

chilled water coolers after 11

a.m. each day.

•Consolidate refrigerators

and turn in empty units.

• Unplug TVs that don’t

directly support an ongoing


• Turn off computers and

peripherals at unoccupied

work stations.

“Remember, even a little

bit goes a long way,” said

Christopher Hood, Hurlburt

Field energy manager.

“Leaving just a bathroom

light on by mistake all night

hurts the base, which can

and will affect the entire

community if not stopped.”

For a copy of the Facility

Energy Management Policy

Letter, or more information

on ways your unit can save

energy, contact your unit

facility manager or the 1st

SOCES at 850-884-6683.

Friday, July 15, 2011 | Hurlburt Warrior | Page

Information, Tickets and Travel! Oh my!

By Nechel Newton

1st Special Operations Wing

Public Affairs

With the summer season

in full swing and your

dream vacation lurking in

every corner, the Hurlburt

Field Information, Tickets

and Travel is here to make

your wish upon a star come


The ITT office’s purpose

is to bring Airmen and their

families fun and entertainment

through locally-sponsored

events and discounted

vacation packages.

The ITT office, staffed

with full-time travel agents

and online services, offers

discounted packages for college

and professional sports,

cruises, airline tickets, vacation

packages, bus tours and

hotel accommodations.

“We greet everyone

who comes in, and because

they’re military and busy, we

get them in and out as fast

as possible,” said Brenda

Lopez, ITT travel agent. “We

are timely and diligent.”

The benefit of business

done in-person at the office

is the opportunity to receive

a money back guarantee

for travel mishaps and


The ITT office is also

heavily involved with the

base community. Last year,

they hosted a “Harry Potter

day,” in celebration of the

opening of the Harry Potter

theme park at Universal

Studios in Orlando.

They recently held

a “Splash in the Summer”

which had donated

boat rides, inflated slides

and free giveaways from local


The ITT office also hosts

a yearly travel show with

60 to 100 vendors and more

than 600 military personnel

from Northwest Florida in

attendance. These shows

are usually hosted within the

first week of March and are

used to inform people of vacation

deals, ticket discounts

and attraction benefits.

Summer is ITT’s most

popular season with kids out

of school and attractions at

locations like Disney World

and Universal Studios. However,

fall can be just as popular

with the frenzy of football

game tours in play, such as

trips to see the Atlanta Falcons,

New Orleans Saints,

Florida State Seminoles and


But, whether they may

save money or send people

Commando takes charge at PRT Zabul

U.S. Army Col. Todd Wood,

1st Stryker Combat Brigade,

25th Infantry Division commander

(left) passes the guidon

to Lt. Col. Paul LaVigne,

Provincial Reconstruction

Team Zabul commander, as

he takes command of PRT

Zabul during the Change

of Command ceremony at

Forward Operating Base

Smart, Afghanistan, July 10.

LaVigne, an Air Commando

assigned to the U.S. Air Force

Special Operations School at

Hurlburt Field, will lead PRT

Zabul which is comprised

of Air Force, Army, Department

of State, U.S. Agency

for International Development

of Agriculture and U.S.

Army Corps of Engineer

personnel who work with the

government of Afghanistan

to improve governance,

stability, and development

throughout the province.

Senior Airman Grovert

Fuentes-Contreras | USAF

miles away, the ITT office

does not just book vacations,

they book dreams and


“I have the love of travel

and the look on kids faces

when they get to go to Big

Kahuna’s, or even young

couples who go to Disney

or on a cruise for the first

time,” said Susan Milan,

1st Special Operations

Force Support Squadron

ITT director. “We’re hoping

to fill someone’s dream


For more information,

visit the Hurlburt Field ITT

website at www.myhurlburt.

com, their Facebook page or

visit their office. To schedule

an appointment for one of

their full-time travel agents,

call 884-5699 for leisure travel

and 884-6795 for tickets

and tours.

See Someone Who Can See You


• Family Health Care • School & Sports Physicals

• DOT & Non-DOT Physicals • Worker’s Compensation

• Minor Emergencies • Auto accidents

• Appointments Available • Over Seas Immunizations

Tricare Standard & Prime

2 4 4 - 3 2 1 1 2085450


Page | Hurlburt Warrior | Friday, July 15, 2011

Security forces members begin march to Ground Zero

Courtesy photo

Members of the Joint Base San Antonio security forces community

begin their portion of the 2,181 mile Ruck March to

Remember July 12, from Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.


Magnolia Grill

1910 Catalog

House located at

the foot of the

Brooks Bridge

in Historic

Downtown, FWB

Visitor Friendly!

The museum that

serves food.

Lunch M-F 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner M-Sat 5 p.m. Closed Sunday

Reservations: 850-302-0266

157 Brooks St. SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL


Text “Magnolia” to 56654 for Events and Specials


BASE, Texas (AFNS) —

Members of the Joint Base

San Antonio security forces

community began the kickoff

leg of a 2,181-mile ruck

march here July 12.

Participants from installations

across the nation will

continue the daily “Ruck

March to Remember,”

which is scheduled to end

Sept. 11 at Ground Zero in

New York, on the 10th anniversary

of the 9/11 terrorist


“The march honors security

forces and service

members who have fallen

supporting operations in

Iraq and Afghanistan,” said

Tech. Sgt. Mark Latimer,

the JB San Antonio team organizer

from the Air Force

Security Forces Center.

About 20 members from

JB San Antonio units originally

agreed to participate



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in the march.

But the word spread

quickly, Latimer said, and

“more Airmen have joined

the walk.”

Each JB San Antonio

team member has volunteered

off-duty time to participate,

and any expenses

have been paid for by the

Airmen, he said.

The JB San Antonio portion

of the journey culminates

July 16 in La Grange,

Texas, about 148 miles from

here. Airmen from Barksdale

Air Force Base, La., are

scheduled to take possession

of the guidon from the

JB San Antonio contingent

on that day.

With Airmen carrying 50-

lb. ruck sacks, and marching

in temperatures near 100

degrees with high humidity,

organizers took precautions

by calling for rotating shifts

and a 15-minute mile pace.

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4BR/3BA .................. 2440sqft ..............$279,900

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“The marchers will be

well hydrated,” said Latimer,

“plus we have escort and

trail vehicles for safety and


The “Ruck March to Remember”

originated in late


Maj. Jim Alves, the 4th

SFS commander at Seymour

Johnson AFB, N.C.,

suggested the march after

reading about how combat

controllers and pararescuemen

walked 800-plus

miles from Lackland AFB

to Hurlburt Field, Fla., in

honor of fallen special-tactics


“I thought if we applied

the same concept on a

march from San Antonio to

Ground Zero, it would not

only be possible, but it would

be an outstanding way of remembering

those who have

given their lives on, and

since, 9/11,” Alves said.

Tech. Sgt. Kenneth

Broughman, the overall

march coordinator from

the 4th SFS, said the

march is a time for reflection

on how Sept. 11

changed their career field,

their lives and a nation.

“We’re doing it to reflect

on ... the time we’ve been

away from our loved ones

due to deployments, the

effects those deployments

have had on each person,

and ultimately to remember

the defenders who lost their

lives by enemy hands since

the start of Operation Enduring

Freedom,” Broughman


Since 9/11, ten security

forces Airmen have been

killed and more than 100

have been wounded in Iraq

and Afghanistan combat


In addition to JB San Antonio

and Barksdale AFB,

other participating bases

in the 148-mile legs include

Keesler AFB, Miss.; Columbus

AFB, Miss.; Tyndall

AFB, Fla.; Moody AFB, Ga.;

Robins AFB, Ga.;

Pope AFB, N.C.; Seymour

Johnson AFB, N.C.;

Langley AFB, Va.; Andrews

AFB, Md.; Dover AFB,

Del.; Joint Base McGuire-

Dix-Lakehurst, N.J.; and

the New York Air National



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Free Pickup and Delivery on order $15 or more.

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With Coupon

Expires 07-22-2011


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or 850-586-2232


23rd Weather Squadron welcomes new commander

1st Special Operations

Wing Public Affairs

The 23rd Weather

Squadron welcomed a new

commander July 5. Here

is a little more information

about him.

Name/Rank: Maj. Christopher


Organization: 23rd

Weather Squadron

Hometown: Indianapolis,


Off-duty time is for:


Previous Bases:

• The Pentagon

• Peterson Air Force

Base, Colo.

• Wright-Patterson Air

Force Base, Ohio

Organizational Goals:

1. Strive for mission


2. Be an outstanding


3. Stay true to our Air

Force core values.

Work Philosophy:

Give your Airmen what

they need to succeed, then

step back and watch them

do amazing things.

Friday, July 15, 2011 | Hurlburt Warrior | Page

Maj. Christopher Hogue

Lt. Col. Christopher Patrick


welcomes new


1st Special Operations

Wing Public Affairs

The 1st Special Operations

Medical Operations

Squadron welcomed a new

commander June 20. Here

is a little more information

about him.

Name/Rank: Lt. Col.

Christopher Patrick

Organization: 1st Special

Operations Medical Operations


Hometown: Ocala

Off-duty time is for:


Previous bases:

• Kirtland Air Force

Base, N.M.

• Maxwell Air Force

Base, Ala.

• Little Rock Air Force

Base, Ark.

Organizational Goals:

Mission, teamwork and


Work Philosophy:

Lead, serve and support.


Page | Hurlburt Warrior | Friday, July 15, 2011

Sachel Seabrook | USAF

Sean Gresham protects Eglin’s goal at the military soccer

tournament at Hurlburt Field July 9.

Sachel Seabrook | USAF

Team Eglin participated in the military soccer tournament

at Hurlburt Field July 9.

Sachel Seabrook | USAF

An Eglin player holds off an opponent during the military soccer tournament at Hurlburt Field July 9.

Eglin soccer team warms up for defender’s cup

Kevin Birk (center)

races two opponents for

the ball at the military

soccer tournament at

Hurlburt Field July 9.

Eglin’s team defeated

Patrick Air Force Base

and Pensacola Naval Air

Station. The games were

a warm-up for the 2011

Defender’s Cup in San

Antonio during Labor

Day weekend. Eglin is

the defending champion

of the tournament.

Sachel Seabrook | USAF

Sean Gresham protects Eglin’s goal at the military soccer

tournament at Hurlburt Field July 9.

Sachel Seabrook | USAF

Friday, July 15, 2011 | Hurlburt Warrior | Page

They grow ’em, you pick ’em

Visitors control the quality at local blueberry farms


Florida Freedom Newspapers

BAKER — Away from the traffic on U.S. Highway

98 and the beach crowds lies a blueberry

picker’s paradise down a dirt road with the

silence broken only by the voice of “U-pickers”

like Yonok Olson of Crestview.

“Oh look at the size of this one,” Olson said as she

popped a berry into her mouth and a handful into her


Shockley Springs Farm in Baker is one of a few U-

pick farms in north Okaloosa County. It has been growing

blueberries since 1979.

“Okaloosa County has quite a heritage of blueberries,”

said Mark Davis, the farm’s owner.

“I like this because it’s a healthy thing for people.

It’s not like I’m selling them alcohol,” he added.

Dave Olson of Crestview, who said he drinks blueberries

in a smoothie every morning with his wife, prefers

picking them over going to the grocery store.

“It’s your own quality control,” he said. “You taste

the berry. If you don’t like it, you move to the next

bush. You know what you’ve got. It’s always a fresh


Many of the pickers at Shockley Springs Farm arrive

early to avoid the summer heat, but some people

such as Tom Burke of Niceville think it’s worth the


“They’re a dollar a pound here and they run about

seven dollars a pound at the grocery store,” Burke


Whether they pick their own berries for the health

benefit or to save some money, Davis has noticed that

people like to know the source of their food.

“A lot of people bring their children to show them

where food comes from,” he said. “It’s not just in a grocery

store. I think it’s a generational experience that

people want to hand down from parent to child. It’s

kind of a wild experience to some degree, but at the

same time that is the product of no pesticides and no


Pickers may also have luck finding good berries

from nearby Triple J Farm in Baker.

Triple J owner Rodney Bolton said he will allow customers

to pick as long as he has berries on the bush.

“I’ll leave it open to U-pickers until they are gone,”

he said.

People also may get lucky finding blueberry patches

on Eglin Air Force Base property. Most of the berries

are left over from old homesteads and grow wild,

according to Nancy Reece at Jackson Guard.

Pickers looking for blueberries on the reservation

need a $12 permit from Jackson Guard.

Above, Yonok Olson of Crestview picks

blueberries Saturday July 9, with her family

at Shockley Springs Farm in Baker. Farm

owner Mark Davis said there are plenty of

blueberries left to pick through the end of


At left, freshly picked blueberries sit in a

basket at Shockley Springs Farm in Baker.

nick tomecek | Daily News

Page 10 | Hurlburt Warrior | Friday, July 15, 2011




When your dollars are stretched

to the limit, we can help. We serve the

military exclusively and we’re committed to

offering you a smart, stress-free way

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Call or click to apply today:

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Friday, July 15, 2011 | Hurlburt Warrior | Page 11

GI Bill pay delay threat from new reform bill eases

As Congress moves

closer to protecting veterans

at private colleges in

seven states from a sharp

drop in Post-9/11 GI Bill

benefits, the Department

of Veterans Affairs has

softened its warning that

the relief move will cause

significant payment delays

for many thousands of GI

Bill users this fall.

VA officials still see payment

challenges ahead if

the Restoring GI Bill Fairness

Act becomes law this

year. The House approved

its version of the bill, HR

1383, in May. The Senate

Veterans Affairs Committee

endorsed a companion

bill, S 277, on June 29. A full

Senate vote is expected


A few months back,

VA officials had opposed

the bill. Keith M. Wilson,

director of the VA’s education

service, testified that

providing relief from a new

Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits’

cap to 30,000 students already

enrolled in private

colleges would require

that the VA process those

payments manually rather

than through a redesigned

computer software


The administrative

burden of doing this

would “lead to a significant

increase in the

average processing time

for all claims during the

critical fall enrollment period,”

Wilson told a House


But VA officials now

estimate that fewer than

6,000 of the 30,000 students

attending private colleges

in Arizona, Michigan, New

Hampshire, New York,

Pennsylvania, South Carolina

and Texas will need

relief from the benefit cap

to avoid a sharp drop in GI

Bill payments. This 80 percent

drop in the estimated

number of student vets who

would benefit from the relief

bill, and therefore would

need to have their GI Bill

payments manually processed,

lessens the threat

of widespread delays this

fall, agreed Joshua P. Taylor,

the VA’s press secretary.

But passage of the

relief bill still will pose


“VA has been working

with the House and Senate

for some time to solve issues

created for this group

of students at higher-tuition

schools in certain states,”

Taylor said. “It is important

that we make sure any

change in law that would

provide (cap) relief doesn’t

have the effect of disrupting

administration of the program

for the larger group

of GI Bill beneficiaries.”

VA officials know what’s

in the legislation, Taylor

added. But “we cannot

Debbie Harrell

implement changes in the

system based on potential

changes in the law. At this

point, the processing of fall

enrollments has already

begun, which complicates

the situation. We would

have to process all those

claims manually now and

until the (relief) legislation


Wilson first spoke of

30,000 students potentially

impacted because he

lacked cost data to make a

more accurate call, Taylor

said. The 30,000 is total

number of Post-9/11 GI Bill

“trainees” who attended

private colleges in the

seven states from August

2009 to July 2010.

Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla.,

chairman of the House

Veterans Affairs Committee,

introduced the Restoring

GI Bill Fairness Act to

Kitchen Innovations

Janet Wilson

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Visit our 3000 sq. ft. Showroom

44 SW Beal Parkway, F.W.B •





a problem


by the








last January.

That bill improved the

new GI Bill in several ways,

all to take effect in fall of

2011. This includes allowing

benefits to be used for

non-degree education and

vocational training, and

simplifying a complex payment-setting


The Post-9/11 GI Bill

will continue to cover full

tuition and fees at any

public college or university.

But the wide variance in

entitlement for students

attending private colleges

will end. Benefit ceilings

set in every state, based on

tuition and fees at the most

expensive state college or

university, will be replaced

by a single $17,500 annual

cap. Starting next year, that

cap will be adjusted annually

by the percentage rise in

education costs nationwide.

But the new cap left

private college students in

seven states facing hefty

unplanned out-of-pocket

costs. Individual schools

can address this by participating

more deeply in the

Post-9/11 GI Bill’s Yellow

Ribbon feature. That feature

requires VA to match

in higher payments any

portion of uncovered tuition

that a private college or

university agrees to waive.

At schools not planning

to strengthen Yellow

Ribbon participation, the

Restoring GI Bill Fairness

Act would prevent GI Bill

payments from falling for

veterans already enrolled

until they get their degree

or exhaust their benefit.


GETED — A new report

from the Congressional

Budget Office brightens

the bull’s eye on military

personnel accounts for

trimming future defense

spending, and it takes special

note of rising health

costs linked to military


TRICARE, the military’s

triple health care

option, is becoming more

attractive to beneficiaries

every year because of “low

out-of-pocket expenses”

and the rising cost of health

See gi bill page 12

Page 12 | Hurlburt Warrior | Friday, July 15, 2011

gi bill From page 11

insurance alternatives for

working age retirees and

their dependents, CBO explains

in the report “Long-

Term Implications of the

2012 Future Years Defense


At least in part because

of low fees, military beneficiaries

use inpatient and

outpatient health services

far more often than do civilian


Department of Defense

data cited by CBO shows

enrollees in TRICARE

Prime, the managed care

option, use inpatient services

at a rate 84 percent

higher than civilians in

comparable HMOs or

health maintenance organizations.

The Prime

usage rate for outpatient

services was 51 percent

higher and for prescription

drug services 27 percent


CBO said the data comparisons

were adjusted for

age and gender. There is

no mention of any attempt

to adjust usage rates to account

for hardships of service

life, including frequent

wartime deployments.

The report explains in

a footnote that the proportion

of military retirees and

their dependents who use

employer-provided health

insurance alternatives to

TRICARE hit 27 percent

last year, down from 49




Now you can order ahead


Available only at select locations. © 2011 Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc. “Zaxby’s” is a registered trademark of Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc.


percent in 2001.

Before wars in Afghanistan

and Iraq, the

biggest cost driver for the

defense budgets usually

was weapon modernization,

says CBO. But the

primary cause of long-term

defense budget growth has

shifted, with “significant

increases” now expected

in costs for military and

civilian compensation, military

health care and operation

and maintenance


Tom Philpott is a syndicated

columnist. You may write to him

at Military Update, P.O. Box

231111, Centreville, VA 20120-

1111; or at

2003 Hummer H2

Leather, Sunroof, New Tires

2008 Ford F450

20K Miles, Lariat, 6.4 Diesal

2008 Toyota Sequoia

20K Miles, Platinum, Save $$$




From staff reports

Inside the


Walk-in school,

sports physicals

If your child is making

their initial entry into

the Florida School System

in grades kindergarten

through 12th grade and has

not had a physical since

Sept. 30, 2010, the MDG

will be offering mass school

physicals on:

• July 27 from 4 – 6 p.m.

• Aug. 17 from 4 – 6


2006 Chevy Cobalt

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2010 Mitsubishi Galantant

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0y Toyota 4 Runner $19,995



07 Toyota FJ Cruiser $19,995

06 Chevy 1500 Z-71 $19,995

05 Infinity G-35 $17,995

09 Ford Focus SES $14,495




1 Year Normal

Oil Maintenance

Free with

hurlburt Briefs

If your child has special

needs or a complex

medical condition, please

schedule your school

physical appointment now

and avoid the last minute

rush. Florida schools require

a school physical

only upon initial entry and

not each year. The physical

is documented on the

standard yellow School

Entry Exam (Form DH

3040, 6/02).

Most school sponsored

sports activities require

annual physicals and

we recommend a sports

physical completion during

your child's birthday


Florida schools also require

up to date immunizations

upon initial entry

and again upon entry to

7th grade. ALL immunizations

must be recorded

on the blue Florida Certificate

of Immunization

(Form 680).

Formal training

section moves

Formal training section

has moved to the education

center (BLDG 90220).

The phone numbers are


Air Force Sergeants


Air Force Sergeants Association

(AFSA) strength

is in decline! Currently with

107,000 members, AFSA is

barely over the required

Breakfast Specials

Starting at $ 3.99

100,000 needed to exist as a

voice on Capitol Hill. AFSA

aggressively addresses our

concerns to protect our benefits

directly to the leaders

who have the power to positively

and negatively affect

our way of life. Concerns

such as our health care,

education and retirement

benefits are constantly a

topic on the congressional

table. AFSA also has many

membership benefits to

offer. Contact your base

AFSA chapter — Chapter

567 to help bring the fight

for our benefits to the steps

of Washington. Visit http:// to

get involved.



Fine arts camp

for youth

“Chillin’ with Chihuly”

for ages 9-12 from 1- 4 p.m.

July 18 - 21. Cost is $40.

Materials included, mediums:

watercolor, drawing,

sculpture, glass blowing,

collage & group projects.

Space is limited to 12 youth.

Youth programs/youth


Missoula Children’s


Missoula Children’s Theatre

(MCT) casting call, The

“Home of the Mother Tom Omelette”

Friday Special

Fresh Fried


with 2 sides

See briefs page 13



400 N. Eglin Pkwy., FWB, FL • 850-243-0733


Friday, July 15, 2011 | Hurlburt Warrior | Page 13

briefs From page 12

Tortoise Versus the Hare is

July 18 – 23. Auditions are

July 18, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. at

the commando auditorium.

Rehearsals immediately

follow. Be prepared to stay

until 2 pm. Open to family

members of DoD ID cardholders

(grades 1-12). MCT

provides all costumes, scenery,

props and make up. Cast

members must be available

to rehearse throughout

the week. Showtimes are

Friday, July 22, 7 p.m. and

Saturday, July 23 at 10 a.m.

Free admission to commando

auditorium. Community




Sewing instructor


The Arts & Crafts Center

is seeking a sewing instructor

to teach basic and intermediate

sewing. Machines

provided at the center, contract

position. Make your

own schedule and make extra

money. If interested, call

Donna at 884-6942.

FSS Gift Card

FSS Gift Card is a reloadable

gift card that can

be purchased and used at

Arts & Crafts, Auto Hobby,

Child Development Center,

Bowling Center, Fitness

Center, Golf, Library, Marina,

Outdoor Recreation,

Youth Programs and eventually

at Lodging – available

the end of June.

Fitness &


Movie night

at Landing Zone

Movie night at the Landing

Zone at 7 p.m. every

Friday. Serving free pizza

and soda on the last Friday

of each month. E1-4

and guests only. Landing


Swim lessons

Swim lessons are offered

at the Aquatics Center

with multiple sessions

offering different times and

levels. Sessions run Tuesday

– Friday for a two-week

period and cost $50. For details

and registration, contact

the Aquatics Center





Better have

the A/C



Call the Rheem Team ® .

We deliver service you can count on.

We’ll be there on time, in uniform and

wearing a photo ID. We do the job right at a

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Kool Breeze

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Ask us about rebates

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• Residential Heating & Cooling

• Routine Service

• Complete Replacement

• Certified Technicians

Massage therapy

Sometimes the best way

to relax from the rigors of

Air Force life is to take time

to play quietly with a nice

therapeutic massage! Available

by appointment daily,

from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. check

out the details here: http://

pdf. Book an appointment

for July, show focus card

– save $5. To book your massage,

call 1-866-344-5517.

Couples 9-hole


Playpass event - Couples

9-hole cookout July

17, 2 pm shotgun start, $40

per couple, includes: golf,

cart, food. You provide

the cooking skills. 9-hole

scramble followed by cook

your own burgers on the

back deck. Gator Lakes golf


850-939-3325 •

License # CM-C057173

Charity Golf


The L-3/ATECS 4th Annual

Charity Golf Tournament

is Aug. 5 at the Gator

Lakes Golf Course, Hurlburt

Field, FL.

Cost is $50 Non-Members/$35

Members. The

price includes golf fees, golf

cart and lunch.

Prizes for 1st & 2nd

for each flight (max of 3

Flights), Longest Drive and

Closest to the Pin Awards.

Sign up your team now

by sending an e-mail to ken. or

Life has a way of pulling you along for

the ride. And by the time you discover

your dreams lie in a different direction,

the pressures of work and family can

make changing course seem impossible.

That’s where Troy University can help.

Our on-site and online learning options

make continuing your education easy,

flexible and close.

Learn more by visiting today.

call 850-936-6702.

A portion of the proceeds

will benefit the Fisher

House of the Emerald

Coast in honor of Sergeant

Eddie Jeffers. The Fisher

House is a unique privatepublic

partnership that supports

America’s military in

A future of opportunities


See briefs page 14



Page 14 | Hurlburt Warrior | Friday, July 15, 2011

From staff reports

Florida Trail group


The group has several

activities planned for July.

July 16: 8:30 a.m. Bring

your canoe or kayak for

a float trip down Boiling

Creek. Details: 850-736


July 16: 7 p.m. Bring

your canoe or kayak for

a moonlight paddle on

Bluewater Bay. Details:


July 17: 7 a.m. a wake up

hike in Pensacola followed

by breakfast. Details: 850-

326 Eglin Pkwy. (Hwy 85)

Ft. Walton Beach

• Indian Cuisine •

Lunch Dinner

Buffet A la Carte

(M-F) 11am-1:30pm (M-SA) 5pm-8pm




sports Briefs

briefs From page 13

776-5147 or 850-434-8861.

July 23: 9 a.m. Bring

your canoe or kayak for a

float trip on Titi Creek &

Shoal River. Details: 850-

682-6098 or 850-826-3605.

July 24: 7 a.m. a wake up

hike in Milton followed by

breakfast. Details: 850-776-

5147 or 850-434-8861.

July 26: 6 p.m. Monthly

meeting of the Florida

Trail Association at Ed’s

Hometown Seafood &

Steaks in Niceville. Visitors

welcome. Details:


July 30: 9 a.m. Bring

your canoe or kayak for a

float trip on Alaqua Creek

near Freeport. Details: 850-

15% OFF


With this coupon. Valid until July 31, 2011


Open Mon-Sat


830-9486 or 850-654-1172.

July 31: 7 a.m. a wake up

hike in Milton followed by

breakfast. Details: 850-776-

5147 or 850-434-8861.

July 31: 8:30 am. Bring

your canoe or kayak for a

float trip on Juniper Creek

in Santa Rosa County. Details:


Visit online

Submit news items or

story ideas to news@ or fax

to 863-7834, Attention

Eglin Dispatch. Deadline

for Friday’s edition is noon


their time of need. The program

recognizes the special

sacrifices of our men and

women in uniform, as well

as the hardships of military

service, by meeting a humanitarian

need beyond

that normally provided by

both the DoD & VA.

New water workout

New water workout is

on Tuesdays and Thursdays

from noon - 12:45 p.m.

at the Aquatic Center (base

pool), taught by staff from

the Riptide Fitness Center.

For class questions,

call 881-5121. Classes run

now through September.

Cost: $3 per class. No signups

necessary. Pay at the

Aquatic Center. Conducted

in chest-high water, no

swimming abilities necessary.


New bowling


Munch Bowl: Every Friday

5 p.m. to close - Bowl

three games, shoe rental

and a meal for only $12

per person (extra charge

for chicken basket or hot

wings). Save $5 off regular


Cosmic Family: Every Saturday

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. - One

lane, $10 per hour, shoes

included, up to six people

per lane. Enjoy Cosmic glow

bowling and quality family


Cosmic PARTY: Every

Saturday 7 p.m. to close -

(Except the last Saturday of

the month), One lane, only

$10 for an hour of fun filled

bowling (shoes included)

under the Cosmic lights.

Saturday Nite Madness:

Last Saturday of the month,

5 p.m. to close - Games only

$1.75 each and shoe rental

is $1. Join the insanity, bowl

under Cosmic lights at crazy


Seniors/Retirees: Are

you a Baby Boomer? Did

you serve your country? We

appreciate you at Hurlburt

Lanes. Join us and bowl for

$1.50 a game anytime (not

to be used in conjunction

with any other programs).

Frequent Bowling Program:

Bowl 9 games, 10th is

free. Get your punch card.

Hurlburt lanes/884-6941

Sun strike summer

bowling fun

“Beat the Heatat Hurlburt

Lanes. Join us for the

Sun Strike kickoff complete

with Sun Strike $5 special:

Burger, Chips and Drink!

Sun Strike program runs

now – Aug. 19 from 11 a.m.

– 2 p.m. Bowl now for your

chance to win cash and

prizes. Pick up a Sun Strike

Scratch card at Hurlburt

Lanes when you bowl during

open bowling. Bowl a

paid game and get your 9-

game card punched. For

every three paid games,

receive a chance to win an

iPad2 at the end of June,

July and August. Turn in

your completed 9-game

punch card and enter for

a chance to win our grand

prize drawing of $500 cash.

Bowl a game and receive

a Sun Strike scratch card

and you could win instantly.

Hurlburt Lanes/884-6941

To submit an item for the briefs,

e-mail to

Deadline for Friday’s

edition is noon Monday.

GReek deli

SERVING our customers

for over 13 years



MON -FRI 10-5

SAT 11-3




130 Miracle Strip Pkwy

Mary Esther, FL 32569





Friday, July 15, 2011 | HURLBURT WARRIOR | Page 15


It’s easy to place an in-column classified ad

in the Hurlburt Warrior.

Call 850-864-0320


Place your ad online at


Bring this form in person to:

Northwest Florida Daily News

200 Racetrack Road NW


Classified Request Form


Ad Category _________________

If no category is requested, it will appear

in the Miscellaneous category.

25 word limit • Please print clearly or type


Home/Cell Phone ( )



Military Dependent Retiree

Classified Ad Copy:

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Jul 1. Left Gargoyle

glasses in hat @

soundside showers.

Sat hat there, galsses

gone. Please be kind,

return. were Dads day

gift. Jim@884-1499

Beautiful chocolate

cocker spaniel, 4 years,

M/neutered, all shots.


Text FL67671 to 56654

9-Piece King Bed Master

Suite $3,000; Thomasville

Dining Room

Set British Gentry

$3,000; Belgium

Shrunk $800:


Brand Name Queen

Size Pillowtop Set, still

in plastic, with mfr

warranty. Delivery avail.

$160. 850-471-0330

Brand New King Mattress

w/foundations pillowtop

factory sealed,

w/warranty, can deliver.

$265. 850-255-0123

Entertainment stand.

Fits up to 60in flat

screen. rubbed black

finish w/warm wood

top. 6 mths new from

Eglin BX. Call 678-6507

Full Size Mattress &

Box, new, never used,

with warranty. $140.


Living room set,

Brown reclining sectional,

round glass top

coffee & end tables 52”

rear projection TV.

$800 OBO. CALL


Memory Foam Mattress,

Still new in Box.

Queen$375, & King

$475 850-471-0330

FWB, 724 Randall Roberts

Rd.. Saturday 16

Jul 2011. 8AM-2PM.

house hold items,

DVDs, furniture, etc.

Mary Esther, 997 Fay

Dr. 98 to Parish Point

(McDonald’s on the

corner) drive S, around

the corner to right, Fay

Dr. is on the right Sat

and Sun, 0700-1400

Moving Sale

Lots of furniture, twin,

full and queen mattress

sets, desks, futon, dining

table, lamps,

dishes, glassware, bedding,

small appliances,

ladies motorcycle gear,

treadmill, childrens life

vests, much more

Text FL68008 to 56654

Niceville, 117 Elderberry

Lane. Hwy 20,

turn N. on Cedar, then

right on Elderberry

Lane. Sat. July 16, 8-1

Moving Sale

Dishes, crystal, fabrics,

fringe, designer accessories,

lamps, lots of

baby items, teacher

supplies, golf clubs, ladies

and men’s clothing,

table and chairs,

furniture, college bedding,

computer desk,


Text FL68218 to 56654

Duty Phone


• Free classified ads are for the one time sale of personal property

by military members and immediate family, and military retirees.

• Non-military individuals and all businesses should contact the

Hurlburt Warrior’s publisher, the Northwest Florida Daily News

by calling 850-864-0320.

• Ads must not exceed 25 words and must list a home or cell

phone number.

• Duty telephones are used by the Warrior staff for verification

purposes only. The Hurlburt Warrior staff reserves the right to

edit or refuse classified ads due to inappropriate content, space

considerations or for other reasons.

• Only one ad may be submitted per week, unless PCSing.

A copy of PCS orders must be presented in person at:

Northwest Florida Daily News

200 Racetrack Road NW

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

The submission deadline for classified ads is

Tuesday at noon prior to publication.



Quality Hi-Fi / Stereo

Equipment, Guitars,

Amps, Vacuum Tubes Furniture,

and Testers Old/New


text fl68148 to 56654

FWB, Choctaw High

School. School Cafeteria,

July 16, 6am-2pm


Rummage Sale


clothing, toys, bikes,

kitchen items, books,

jewelry and much

more!! Coffee and

donuts for early bird

shoppers. Please stop

by and help out the

Lady Indian Volleyball

Team raise money for

new equipment and

uniforms. Thank you for

your support!

Text FL67793 to 56654

Nordicktrack treadmill,

like new, $450. mobility

chair,like new, new

batteries. power chair

lift, used very little.


2ea Impact Glass 22”w

x 70”h paid $800 and

sell for $240 ea, AF

BDUs $10, floor

steamer $20,car stereo

$10,new 32” wood lazy

susan$70 call 986-5526

or 218-6278

A Clean You Can Trust!

Great Prices! Lic/Ins.

Military/Snr Discounts!

Call: (850) 543-1057

Page 16 | HURLBURT WARRIOR | Friday, July 15, 2011

8ft Ladder $69, Black

& Decker Edge Hog

$49, New Westinghouse

White Ceilng

Fan $49, 50ft HD Utility

Extension Cords

$15ea. 850-496-0418

German Bar Shrunk,

beautiful, solid oak.

light bar and shelf.

Measures 81, 40 by 23

inches. 4 sections $125

call 8624420

Kitchen Cabinets Oak

Complete Set. Excellent

Condition $500.

( 8 5 0 ) 3 1 4 - 9 4 5 2


NEW!!! Shark SC630

Steam Pocket

multi-Purpose Portable

Steamer with all new

assorted attachments

$70.00 call 862-4420

PIANO Jesse French &

Sons medium mahogany

with matching

bench Spinet 57\”W

24\”D 36\”H $1,200.00.





Competitive wages!


Apply M-F 10-4

138 Sandestin Ln.

Miramar Beach, FL

or call 850-267-2887


Web ID #34165820



Eglin Regional Hospital

is looking for a

Radiologist to work

in the Radiology Department.

He or she

must meet the following


• Must meet all credentialing


of the

“Medical Treatment

Facility” (MTF) to include

current Certification

in Basic Life

Support (BLS), Advanced

Cardiac Life

Support (ACLS) and

Board Certification

by the American

Board of Radiology

(ABR) or American

Osteopathic Board

of Radiology


• A Current Valid


A request for

proposal can be

requested by email:


Proposal packages

must be submitted

by close of business

July 22, 2011.

All questions are to

be directed to Ms.

Elisa Horrach at


Web Id# 34167959

TextFL67959 to 56654


Mini Storage

Climate Controlled

Storage. Best Rates

In FWB. Mill. Disc.&

Move-In Specials

(850) 863-8807

$199 Deposit

Westwood Apts

2 bd/1 Ba


‣ Villager Apts

1bd/1ba & 2 bd/1 ba

‣ Falcon House

1bd/1ba & 2bd/2 ba


text FL64588 to 56654

FWB-2br/1ba condo in

waterfront complex w/

dock. Upgrades, clean,

& nice!! W/D in unit.

Small pets OK. Military

Discount!!! $695/month

Call 850-499-3155

Text FL66896 to 56654

Shalimar-1, 2, 3 & 4 Br

Apts. $599-$799 Water

Incl. Pool and Laundry,

Central Air, Low Dep!

Mon-Sat (850)651-8267

Text FL64548 to 56654


Month Rent


2 br, 1.5 bath, near

base, shopping and

schools $725 Month.


FWB: 2 br, 1.5 bath TH

$775 mo. W/D hkups,

pool, storage. Sm. pets

welcome. Parkview

Estates. (850)862-4831

Niceville: 723 Powell

Dr. Fla Cottage style 2

br, 1 bath. Quiet shady

oaks nghborhood. New

kitchen ceiling and new

paint & carpet thru-out.

Ceiling fans. Screened

porch, fenced & gated

yard. Incl. stacked W/D

All electric. Cats ok w/

dep. Lease terms neg.

$850 per month. $800

sec dep 850-240-4920

Navarre Beach- 7681

Whitesands Blvd. 2bd

2ba. F/P, Cvrd Deck,

Gar. $1295/mo+ dep.

Call (727)422 -2470

Text fl68074 to 56654

FWB: Lot for rent.

Water & garbage, furn.

Lawn cut by owner

$300/mo 850-863-9369

Mary Esther, 105 Castle

Rd 3 br, 2 ba, carport,

unfurnished, located

on large fenced

yard. 2.2 miles from

Hurlburt. Quiet area

$600 month + dd


Text FL68259 to 56654

3 br, 2 ba, FR, FP, updated

kitchen, lrg lot

fncd yard. workshop,

driveway ramps for

handicap, between

AFB Bases, close to

schools and shopping.

$161,900 850-244-2010

3 br, 2 bath- Navarre.

Tile, carpet, & laminate

wood flooring. Ceiling

fans. Master has a Coffered

ceiling. Robledal

Estates.; MLS #548934

$139,900 Phil Price, Bill

Pullum Realty. Under

Contract 850-496-3873

Individual wants to

buy house for investment


Text FL64807 to 56654


Low Original Miles,

Rare Overdrive Trans.,

Extra Set of Rims &

Other Extras, Just

$1995, 352-234-6321

2000 Seadoo Bombardier

GTI,very good

condition, runs good

with trailer,3 seater.

$3000 O.B.O Call Rick

850-313-6829 or


Dixie RV


FL’s Newest RV




*Store Hours*



21 Acres / 30 Brands

New and Used Units

7 Manufacturers:






Forest River

Prime Time

Located off I-10

Exit 70 / SR285

328 Green Acres Dr.

De Funiak Springs,

FL 32435



Roadtrek 2007, Popular

210 (Chev) 22 ft,

17K miles, rare to find,

great gas mileage, like

new, fully equipped, 2

Twin beds/king;

$57,500 OBO. Call

850-651-8483 or


Car, Truck & SUV Accessories

Body Side Molding

Floor Mats

Bed Covers

Window Visors

Trunk Spoilers

Since 1988

Running Boards/Steps


Accent Tops & Trailers




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