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We always look forward to calls from our daughter, Marissa. I distinctly

remember the one that came one evening in February of 2005.

She shared with her father and me that she was considering getting

involved with a network marketing company called Arbonne

International. Not only had we never heard the name Arbonne

before, we also had strongly-formed and outdated opinions of the

business model. We were less than enthusiastic and stressed to her

that she should research the company.

About a month later, she came home for a visit and the subject came

up again. Marissa asked me if I would try a few skin care products,

including the NutriMinC ® RE 9 anti-aging skin care line, and by the

way, would I also consider doing the business with her? I skeptically

said, “Yes” to her first request and emphatically, “No” to the second.

Much to my surprise and chagrin, I fell in love with the product,

so much so that I was reluctant to give it back to her. At this

point, she was just fishing and not officially in business, so we did

not discuss purchasing products.

Marissa went home to San Diego and I forgot about Arbonne until

April when she called to tell us she was starting her business. I said

“great” and told her I would buy the product to help her out with her

new business. Again, she asked if I would consider the opportunity

and I said, “No!” I was thinking to myself, what part of “no” does

she not understand?

Several more weeks passed and I had a friend come for a visit. During

the time she spent with me, I shared my NutriMinC ® RE 9 anti-aging

skin care samples with her. Since my friend is a master esthetician, I

thought I would test her opinion of the product. Not only did she love

Maureen with daughter, ERVP Marissa Prigg.

maureen karras

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Maureen Karras Region; Olympia, WA

it, she thought she might be interested in the business! Choking back

my shock and trying to maintain a competitive edge, I suggested we

both check it out. With that, my “no” began to soften.

Within days, we went to an Arbonne opportunity meeting in Seattle

and that night my “no” changed to, “Why not?” I listened carefully

to what was being said and I began to form my Why. First, if I

worked the business, even part time, it would help my daughter

financially. That was a “no brainer” for me. Plus, being able to work

with Marissa would make any job a dream job. She is that good!

Then I thought this might be a fun little thing to do after my retirement.

I was born in 1946 and consider myself one of the first baby

boomers and as most of you know, we kind of worry about the big

“r” word (that is, retirement, if you were born after the 1960s). Lastly,

continued ...

DM Cathy Langan, Maureen and DM Jo Kain.

DM Valerie Harvey, AM Teri Frederick, Maureen,

ERVP Marissa Prigg and AM Abby Jones.

success strategy:

Be sensitive, straightforward

and perceptive.

I began thinking about my current job and finally, the wall I had built

up in my mind about network marketing came tumbling down.

I had been a school counselor in an elementary school at Fort Lewis,

Washington. The entire class, or 100 percent of my students, was from

military families. And 80 percent of them, at any given time, had a parent

in Iraq or Afghanistan, with some for their second and third oneyear

deployments away from loved ones. I was counseling approximately

150 students per week in deployment groups. It was difficult

work, to say the least. As a professional, you work hard at keeping

your emotions out of emotional situations; however, I found it becoming

more difficult. More often than not, I was sharing tears with the kids

and beginning to realize the war (at home) was taking its toll on me,

as well.

When Arbonne came into my life, suddenly the world looked beautiful

again. It truly did not have to do with the potential financial

rewards that Arbonne offered. I was just glad to see people smiling

and dreaming of the possibilities for their future. I saw hope come

alive for the first time in a very long while. As I thought of Marissa,

it all became crystal clear. She is married to a Marine pilot. She and

her husband, Luke, have two children. They both understand the

value of life and time freedom. I wanted to give them that gift of hope

for their family. I decided at that moment to make my best effort as a

business builder. I have never looked back or questioned my decision.

So, after nine months in business, Marissa is now an ERVP and

I reached RVP in 11 months. Together, we are sharing the Arbonne

journey. I resigned as a school counselor and have found my passion

helping others achieve their dreams.

To my husband, Dennis: Thank you for never once standing in the

way or questioning my decision to join Arbonne. I know sometimes

you need to reign me in because I am hardheaded. This time you just

stood back and watched me run. I feel like a thoroughbred in the

winner’s circle! You are most definitely the love of my life.

To my beautiful daughter and sponsor, ERVP Marissa Prigg: Thank

you for always believing in me, no matter what! You were and remain

my first Why. To my son, Peter: I want to thank you for your understanding,

unconditional love and support. You have been my best

cheerleader and product user.

DM Jody Avalos, DM Katey Devert, AM Teri Frederick, Independent Consultant Kristin

McClanahan, Maureen, Independent Consultant Marsha Stead and DM Jo Kain.

DM Phyllis McSwain, AM Allison Graves, Independent Consultant Denise Charles and

DM Lorraine Larson.

To ENVP Jill Ellis and NVP Jennifer Landes: Thank you two for taking

a risk to become part of the Arbonne family. Without your foresight,

I would not be here today, nor would so many others from the

Pacific Northwest. You two girls have done nothing but give of yourselves

to build this incredible team. To DM Cathy Langan, AM Teri

Frederick, AM Allison Graves, DM Sharon McGill and DM Jane

Tyler: You are the cornerstones of this team. All of you are “gold

stars.” From the beginning, you have given it your all and the vision

you have for your own teams reflects the spirit of Arbonne. We have

called it shared success. To the rest of my team: Thank you for your

trust. I am dedicated to your success and will walk side by side with

you as you reach for your dreams.

To President Rita Davenport, Chairman & CEO Bob Henry, Sr. VP

of Product Development & Field Events, Candace Keefe and the rest

of the Home Office staff: Thank you for your guidance and vision.

The integrity and mission of this company has renewed my faith in

the American dream of life, hope and the pursuit of happiness.

DM Roberta Carroll, DM Roberta Sackville, DM Sharon McGill, Maureen, Independent

Consultant Dene’ Joubert, Independent Consultant Nika Cayton and Independent

Consultant Linda Bogart.

The team at the

McSwain residence.


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