Summer Emotions

Summer Emotions

Summer Emotions

From the Dolomites to Lake Garda. Holidays above Expectations


From the


to Lake Garda

From the Alps to the Mediterranean, from the crisp air of the mountain peaks to the

lakes. In a journey of a few miles, through diverse climates and landscapes, from the

Dolomites to Lake Garda, Trentino unfolds like a story with several scenes of action.

Vertical rock faces for mountaineering, a web of paths for walking, peaceful blue lakes

for sailing or windsurfing, turbulent torrents for rafting or canyoning.

Or simply relaxing in green forests, breathing normally beneath a clear blue sky,

standing still to admire the crags, spires and steeples of the Dolomites that aroused the

curiosity of Dolomieu, a French naturalist who discovered these cathedrals of nature

were different from ordinary rocks and baptised them with his name.




of Rock

The Dolomites, a treasure and prominent feature of the Trentino landscape. Natural

constructions of extraordinary verticality, changeable colours and contrasts. The setting

of fantastic mountaineering feats.

The Dolomites owe their name to Déodat de Dolomieu, the French geologist from Dauphiné

who, in 1789, was the first to study their chemical composition, which distinguishes this rock

born from the sea once covering the entire area. There is, however, no need to be a scientist

to appreciate the Dolomites. It is enough to observe the unique spectacle called enrosadira,

at sunrise or sunset, when the rocks of this formation assume a pink or red glow.

Two great mountain groups watch over the Trentino region: in the west the Brenta Dolomites

with their important mountaineering history, in the east the more extensive Fassa Dolomites,

the Latemar Group and the cathedral-like Pale di San Martino.

For those who are not content with admiring the views and want to test their physical

strength, the Dolomites are ideal for climbing or mountain biking. Those seeking a quiet and

peaceful atmosphere for healthy walks will find a wealth of opportunities in the three parks in

the region; three large green lungs, the epitome of a balanced combination between natural

resources and human presence.

“The Dolomites.

Are they rocks or clouds?

Are they real or a dream?”

Dino Buzzati




The history of alpinism and love

of mountains passes through the

“Pale Mountains” of the Fassa

Dolomites. The Val di Fassa lies

amongst these rock giants. To the

north is the SELLA GROUP with the

passes of Sella and Pordoi, where

a cable car whisks you up to the

summit of SAS PORDOI. A magnificent

spot offering a stunning panorama

of the Dolomites and the starting

point for a number of excursions

surrounded by a lunar landscape.

Certainly the walk to PIZ BOÈ is the

most spectacular.

To the east of the valley stands the

MARMOLADA, the real queen of the

whole mountain range with a vast

array of climbing possibilities. To

the west rises the CATINACCIO, with

plenty of refuges and possibilities

for excursions. The main attractions

of this area are the spires of

the TORRI DEL VAJOLET, the coveted

destination of many climbers, and

LAKE ANTERMOIA. Farther north soars


Inhabited by the Ladin population

from time immemorial, Val di Fassa

has several magical localities

among which MOENA, also known

as “The Fairy of the Dolomites” for

its charm wrapped in a blanket of

ancient tales. Today the village is a

modern holiday resort, like CANAZEI,

the main centre of the valley, which

boasts a tourist tradition consolidated

over decades. Other important

resorts in the area, such as

Pozza, Vigo, Soraga, Campitello,

Alba and Mazzin, preserve a mountain


Around PREDAZZO, in Val di Fiemme,

the spires and pinnacles of the

LATEMAR Group form the so-called

Labyrinth, a network of paths and

routes snaking through an enchanting

landscape. The highest peak is

the famous TORRE DI PISA. Farther

south CAVALESE, the historical and

administrative capital of the valley,

conserves the traditions of the


The Panorama is Served The Panorama

pass offers an easy way to view the Dolomites. The

pass entitles you to use all the cable lifts operating in

Val di Fassa during the summer and opens the door to

the incomparable landscapes and environments of the

Marmolada, Sella and Pordoi, Sassolungo, Catinaccio,

Costabella and Monzoni.

Fun and Games in the Mountains

Children are the centre of attention in summer and

all the localities in Val di Fassa have designed special

places for them with games and facilities made of

wood and colourful inflatable material that recall

castles and the adventures of fairytale characters.

Entertainment and sports activities are also organised

weekly for toddlers.

4 Majestic Gardens of Rock

The Forest of Violins Nature “plays” in

Val di Fiemme’s Park. In PANEVEGGIO FOREST, called

the Forest of Violins, Stradivari used to look for

the best “resonant” red fir tree to make his famous

musical instruments. In the green expanses of the

“Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme” you will also find

the “MUSICAL WOOD” where a red fir tree has been

donated to three famous contemporary musicians,

Giovanni Allevi, Uto Ughi and Mario Brunello, who

have performed here.


Azienda per il Turismo

della Val di Fassa

Tel. 0039 0462 609500

Azienda per il Turismo

della Val di Fiemme

Tel. 0039 0462 241111

mountain guides

Scuola di Alpinismo “Tita Piaz”

Guide e Ciamorces de Fasha

Tel. 0039 0462 750459

Scuola di Alpinismo Dolomiti

Tel. 0039 0462 763309

The Art of Walking

The TREK OF LEGENDS is a long

distance path of almost 200 km

interlinking three of the most

characteristic areas in the

Dolomites: Val di Fassa, Val di

Fiemme and San Martino di


All these areas offer a weekly

programme along the “Trek

of Legends” escorted by a

mountain guide, with transfers


From any point on the itinerary

you can descend to the valley

and return quickly to the point of

departure using public transport

and organised transfers. In this

way you can cover the trek in


For NORDIC WALKING enthusiasts

there are theme parks with

specific services ranging from

the presence of instructors to

equipment hire and transport.

The parks are located in Val di

Fiemme, on the Altopiano di

Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna,

in the Garda Trentino area and in

Val di Sole.

Majestic Gardens of Rock


Cathedrals of Coral

Pale di San Martino

The Pale di San Martino are

majestic and elegant mountains

of coral with unmistakeable

tapered spires, razor-sharp

edges and towering peaks

soaring into the sky.

Since the nineteenth century

their sheer beauty has always

attracted visitors and foreign

mountaineers, but what has

continued to arouse everyone’s

curiosity, from the travellers of

the past to the writer Dino Buzzati

and the tourists of today,

is the lunar landscape of the

plateau; a mysterious table of

rock suspended at an altitude

of over 2500 metres, reachable

by the modernised Rosetta

cable car. The Pale di San Martino

are a paradise for activity

holidays, with itineraries for all

tastes, from walks across the

pasturelands to hikes around

the refuges, or on facilitated

paths and climbs.

The localities offer diverse

atmospheres: SAN MARTINO DI

CASTROZZA is a smart and lively

mountain resort, the colourful

villages of VALLE DI PRIMIERO bear

traces of ancient history, the

hamlets of VANOI lie peacefully

in a valley of forests and Alpine


The benefit of the crisp and

pure mountain air is complemented

by the special attention

for WELL-BEING. Many hotels and

holiday apartment complexes

have well-being centres with

the latest innovations for relaxation

and quality treatments.

The offer for FAMILIES is particularly

interesting and includes

entertainment programmes for

children, miniclubs, play parks,

the AGILITY FOREST adventure

park, walks around the mountain

dairies and environmental



Majestic Gardens of Rock


Azienda per il Turismo San Martino

di Castrozza, Primiero e Vanoi

Tel. 0039 0439 768867

mountain guides

Gruppo Guide Alpine San Martino

di Castrozza e Primiero

Tel. 0039 0439 768795

0039 349 7929255

The Writer’s Path The outstanding feature of the area is the

Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park with the splendid Val Venegia and

its mountain dairies and Val Canali. Here, on an inaccessible rock, stands

Castel Pietra, the manor of the Welsperg family who ruled Primiero for many

centuries. Not far from here you can admire the new Park house in the

renovated Villa Welsperg, a hunting lodge built by this powerful family in

the nineteenth century. A reading room in Villa Welsperg is dedicated to

the writer Dino Buzzati, who loved these places immensely and referred to

them in his stories and paintings. A prepared path starting from Val Canali

is dedicated to Buzzati.

Majestic Gardens of Rock




The beauty of these mountains,

the dolomite limestone rocks

and mountaineering history

make BRENTA one of the most

famous groups. The peaks of

Cima Tosa, Grosté, Cima Brenta,

Campanile Basso and Campanile

Alto in its three chains

are silhouetted against the sky.

The group lies in the Adamello

Brenta Park, an unspoilt and

sparsely inhabited conservation

area. Nearby the ADAMELLO

PRESANELLA GROUP, a large geographical

area, extends from


that hosts one of the biggest

glaciers in Europe. Here you

can find a wide range of tourist


The wild and chiefly uncontaminated

southern side features

characteristic villages. For

instance STENICO, dominated by

its majestic castle, not far from

8 Majestic Gardens of Rock

the famous skin healing waters

of the Terme di Comano, and San

LORENZO IN BANALE situated at the

head of Val D’Ambiez, which

penetrates the heart of Brenta.

Between Val Rendena and VAL

DI SOLE there are other splendid

landscapes and picturesque

localities. First and foremost


altitude of 1500 metres in the

beautiful wide valley between

the Brenta Dolomites and

the Adamello and Presanella

glaciers, is one of the most

popular resorts for its accommodation

facilities and infrastructures.

Farther down the

valley PINZOLO, with its important

medieval history, is now a

renovated tourist resort. A visit

to the wonderful environment

of VAL DI GENOVA, in the Adamello

Brenta Nature Park, is an absolute


The main centre of Val di Sole

is MALÉ, the starting point for

dozens of excursions. The village

has a Museum of Uses

and Customs displaying collections

on the life of the mountain

population. North of Malé lie

the great tourist centres of FOL-


small villages, such as Dimaro,

Croviana, Ossana and Peio,

each boasting a jewel of the

past; a parish, a castle, a palazzo.


side valleys of Val di Sole, are

known for their thermal springs

and spa centres.


Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo,

Val Rendena

Azienda per il Turismo

Tel. 0039 0465 447501

Azienda per il Turismo

Terme di Comano-

Dolomiti di Brenta s.c.a.r.l.

Tel. 0039 0465 702626

Azienda per il Turismo

Dolomiti di Brenta, Paganella,

Andalo, Lago di Molveno,

Fai della Paganella, Cavedago,


Tel. 0039 0461 585836

Azienda per il Turismo

delle Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi

Tel. 0039 0463 901280

mountain guides

Scuola di Alpinismo

Madonna di Campiglio

Tel. 0039 335 7193660

Guide Alpine di Pinzolo

Tel. 0039 0465 502111

Scuola di Alpinismo

Val di Sole, Malé

Tel. 0039 0463 901151

Mountain Biking Ready to

welcome the enthusiasts of this sport is

the DOLOMITI DI BRENTA BIKE, a tour in stages,

160 kilometres winding along dirt roads,

single mountain tracks and cycle lanes

down in the valley, on the borders of the

Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

This tour, surrounded by the splendid

scenery of the Brenta Dolomites, is

suitable for everyone, both enthusiasts

and experts, and leads to the discovery

of small rural villages, castles, springs,

torrents and lakes.

There are maps and GPS tracks available

for users which can be downloaded on

the site

Riding and Tasting in the Woods

Many activities are proposed in the area of Campiglio

during the summer, from sports events to cultural

and artistic ones like the MYSTERY OF THE MOUNTAINS,

which celebrates and pays homage to Val Rendena.

Those who want to test their legs on two wheels will

enjoy the VAL RENDENA CYCLE TRACK: twenty kilometres

with an altitude gain of only 200 metres.

Also held around Campiglio, in the months of July

and August, is NATURALLY…IN THE WOODS, an occasion

to taste traditional specialities.

Pinzolo in Black

and White

An important date with sport

is July when the Juventus

Football Club will be on retreat

in Pinzolo preparing for the

football season.

The Coffers of Nature This area of Trentino boasts

a real environmental coffer with two nature parks: the Trentino

section of Stelvio National Park and the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park.

The former extends into the heart of the Ortles-Cevedale group,

between the Sole, Rabbi and Peio valleys, and covers an area of

17,800 hectares between an altitude of 800 and 3,000 metres.

The latter occupies an area of 620 square kilometres between 470

and 3,650 metres in the Adamello Presanella chain and the Brenta


Comano, Well-being

and Nature

A green expanse stretches across the

plateaus of Banale, Bleggio and Lomaso

at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, in

the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature

Park. This is still an integral and unspoilt

valley where nature is sovereign; the ideal

destination for people seeking a well-being

and relaxing holiday.

Here you will find the Terme di Comano,

unique in Italy and one of the very few in

Europe specialising in skin cures and beauty

treatments for both adults and children.

In 2006 a centre of Corrective Aesthetic

Dermatology opened to treat skin trouble of

aesthetic interest.

This is also the territory of the Nature

Villages, old villages that have retained their

charm despite tourism. A good example is

Rango, which, thanks to its rural mountain

architecture, has been listed in the “Most

Beautiful Villages of Italy”, a club set up

in 2001 and promoted by the Council

of Tourism of the Italian Town Councils

Association to enhance the heritage of

history, art, culture, environment and

traditions of the small Italian centres.

In 2009 Rango will host the “Most Beautiful

Villages of Italy” festival.

Majestic Gardens of Rock


Val di Sole, Bike Thrills Val di Sole is a

mountain biker’s paradise and, last summer, hosted the World

Championships of the four disciplines of MTB: Cross Country,

Downhill, Four Cross and Trial.

You can ride through the valley on roads, paths and routes of

all difficulties and also experience the most adrenaline fuelled

discipline of the two wheels: the downhill. A breathtaking

descent on dirt tracks, or specifically prepared trails of various

difficulty and level in the woods.

By Bike and Train During the summer you can use the

“TRAIN + BIKE” service to Val di Sole travelling on the Trento-Malé-

Marilleva 900 train with your bike. The cost is only one euro plus

the normal price of the ticket and the bikes are transported in a van

equipped to carry up to forty bikes.

People who are already in the valley can use the ‘shuttle’ train that

during the day runs between Mostizzolo-Mezzena. You can hire a

bike for a whole day or only for five hours in the centres associated

with the Transport Company and then ride along the mountain bike

routes or cycle lanes in the valley. There is also the possibility of

returning the bike in a different place from where you collected it

and then return home by train or bus run by Trentino Trasporti in

Val di Sole.

Fitness in Nature Val di Sole is

a real paradise for practising this sport.

Apart from the two parks with 120 km of

well marked paths in the Peio and Rabbi

valleys, in the heart of Stelvio National Park,

the new Val di Sole Route is now available,

an itinerary of about 70 km on the right

of the river Noce running along old roads

and muletracks in green surroundings and

passing places of extraordinary historical

and scenic charm.

10 Majestic Gardens of Rock

A Mountain Golf Course

Sarnonico is also the location of the

Dolomiti Golf Club, an 18-hole course open

from February to November. It is the only

course with a view circling the Trentino


The Paradise

of Trekking

The Maddalene

The Maddalene mountain chain

in Val di Non is a trekker’s

paradise. Over seventy perfectly

waymarked routes in an

unusual landscape conveying

unique emotions: wide open

meadows, limpid alpine lakes,

stunning views and quietude

are the features of these mountains.

All the excursions on the Maddalene

start from Fondo, the capital

of Upper Val di Non, situated

between the alpine passes of

the Palade and the Mendola

joining Trentino to Alto Adige.

Lying in a splendid panoramic

plateau is the very picturesque

village of Sarnonico. The capital


Azienda per il Turismo Val di Non

Tel. 0039 0463 830133

Consorzio Turistico Le Maddalene

Tel. 0039 0463 530310

of the valley and main trade

centre is Cles, situated lower

down the valley on the left bank

of Lake Santa Giustina.

Val di Non also has a more rugged

and partly unknown side to

it. Hidden ravines and gorges,

scoured over thousands of

years by the force of water,

extend for dozens of kilometres

in the woods or below the historic

centres of the old villages.

For this reason the valley has

been renamed the LAND OF CAN-

YONS and it offers two wonderful

itineraries among the rocks: the

RIO SASS CANYON in Fondo and


Dambel and Romallo.

Caskets of Spirituality and

Attractions Val di Non has a

rich history and culture and the valley

is dotted with dozens of castles hidden

among dense woods or in full view, like

the eye-catching CASTEL THUN.

Privileged witnesses of the millennial

religious faith of the farming population

are the small churches and isolated

hermitages. Outstanding among these

and one of the most fascinating in Europe

is the SAN ROMEDIO SANCTUARY with seven

chapels built one above the other on a

steep rock crag in the valley of the same

name. It is a place of great appeal and

has been the destination of pilgrimages

for centuries.

Majestic Gardens of Rock


The Silence of Nature


Vast expanses, alpine lakes

and an unspoilt wilderness

make this the best loved area

for those who appreciate the

silence of the mountains. The

Lagorai Chain stretches from

Passo Manghen to Passo Rolle

passing Cima d’Asta. Forty

kilometres of mountains, dotted

with little lakes after which the

Group is named (lago=lake).

A destination of undisputed

renown for excursions, surrounded

by some of the most

beautiful valleys of Trentino;

Val di Fiemme in the north,

Altopiano di Piné in the west,

Valsugana in the south and Val

di Primiero in the east.

On the southern side of Lagorai

lies Tesino valley, a green paradise

for lovers of excursions

and relaxation, a land of ancient

traditions where you can practise

every kind of sport, including

golf. A 9-hole course called

“La Farfalla” is open from June

to September in the locality of

Pieve Tesino. Worth seeing is

the karst grotto.

Castello Tesino, the main centre,

has facilities for summer and

winter holidays and the greatest

number of hotels on the

Altopiano. Beyond Passo del

Brocon there is Canal San Bovo,

the gateway to Valle del Vanoi,

the green heart of Trentino.


Azienda per il Turismo Valsugana

Tel. 0039 0461 706101

Azienda per il Turismo

della Valle di Fiemme

Tel. 0039 0462 241111

Azienda per il Turismo

Altopiano di Piné e Valle di Cembra

Tel. 0039 0461 557028

mountain guides

Gruppo Guide Alpine Lagorai

Tel. 0039 0461 762563

Gruppo Guide Alpine

Valle di Fiemme

Tel. 0039 348 8271988

12 Majestic Gardens of Rock


a network of horse-riding paths winding over the Lagorai

chain, from Passo Rolle to Panarotta, all provided with

detailed waymarks and equipped with refreshment stops

at each stage. The information and booking centre of

the Equestrian Tourism Association can help you choose

your own route.

Thrilling Freedom

LAGORAI: FREEDOM IN NATURE is a varied programme of

activities for all tastes and all kinds of training, including

one or two-day treks with mountain guides, educational

recreation with environmental experts and

forest guards, mountain bike outings with instructors,

golf and fishing courses and much more.

Majestic Gardens of Rock




Impressive peaks, refreshing

lakes, lush green plateaus and

a multitude of opportunities for

recreation and relaxation for

adults and children alike. A holiday

with a difference in Trentino.

Starting from the ALTIPIANI DI FOL-


steep alpine mountainsides alternate

with gentle pasturelands

and densely wooded slopes.

Here you can do whatever takes

your fancy among the various

sports activities readily available:

youth championships of basket

ball and football, climbing

with mountain guides, lessons

on the golf course, swimming in

the Palasport centre, horse riding,

mountain biking and much


LUSERNA are three distinct, but

historically united communities.

Luserna is the living testimony

of the German-Cimbra colonisa-

tion, where the ancient Cimbra

language is still spoken.

The ALTOPIANO DI PINÉ, at an altitude

of around 1000 metres,

extends alongside the Valle dei

Mocheni and the Valle di Cembra

and with the latter forms one

tourist district.

With the Serraia, Piazze and

Buse lakes, it is a plateau full

of natural attractions. BASELGA DI

PINÉ, the tourist and economic

centre of the area, overlooks

Lake Serraia. At an altitude of

about 700 metres on the right of

the river Avisio, CEMBRA, the main

locality, commands a terraced

amphitheatre covered with vineyards.


lying on the gentle slopes of the

Calisio mountain, offer a scientific-educational

itinerary that is

unique of its kind: the Argentario

Ecomuseum that embraces the

centuries-old history of one of

the oldest and most important

mining activities in Europe.

Quite different is the ALTOPIANO

DELLA PAGANELLA, which extends

at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites

and is part of the Adamello

Brenta Nature Park. Among

its centres the tourist resort of

MOLVENO is popular for its dual

attraction of spectacular Brenta

peaks and enchanting lake. The

environment changes radically

in ANDALO and FAI, famed with

Cavedago and Spormaggiore

for their sincere, warm and cordial

hospitality, the essence of a

mountain and farm culture still

alive today. In Fai you can visit

the archaeological excavations

that have brought to light the

remains of a Rhaetian village.

The three sunny plateaus of

Banale, Bleggio and Lomaso,

around the TERME DI COMANO,

complete the scene.


Azienda per il Turismo Altipiano

di Folgaria, Lavarone e Luserna

Tel. 0039 0464 724100

Azienda per il Turismo Altopiano

di Piné e Valle di Cembra

Tel. 0039 0461 557028

Azienda per il Turismo Dolomiti

di Brenta, Paganella, Andalo,

Lago di Molveno, Fai della Paganella,

Cavedago, Spormaggiore

Tel. 0039 0461 585836

Azienda per il Turismo

Terme di Comano-

Dolomiti di Brenta s.c.a.r.l.

Tel. 0039 0465 702626

14 Majestic Gardens of Rock

On Holiday with the Champions

The Altopiano della Paganella with its fully equipped

sports centres offers endless opportunities for

practising various kinds of sport. During the summer

meetings will be organised again with the Olympic

champions Yury Chechi and Antonio Rossi to learn the

secrets of gymnastics and canoeing.

In Honour of Müller Thurgau From 1 to 5 July

Cembra will host the exhibition of the MÜLLER THURGAU of the Alps,

that has become an important international event for lovers of this

white wine, a cross between the Riesling, Sylvaner and Chasselas

grape varieties. A hundred or more producers from all over

the world bring their best wines here for five days of tasting

accompanied by local specialities.

The Path of Peace

The Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna

plateaus were of strategic importance

during the FIRST WORLD WAR and the Austro-

Hungarian soldiers fortified them with a

mighty system of dugouts, communication

trenches, casemates and towers.

In particular they built SEVEN FORTRESSES,


in Lavarone is particularly impressive.

Today the evocative remains lie on the PATH

OF PEACE, an itinerary that crosses the whole

of Trentino following the line of the front.

Grape Festival The oldest festival of grapes in the region

is held during the last week of September in Verla di Giovo. Three

days of wine, food and culture in the streets of the historic centre

and a procession of allegorical grape harvest floats on Sunday


Majestic Gardens of Rock




Apart from the principle

mountain chains, three other

groups called Baldo, Stivo and

Bondone are situated south

of Trento and north of Lake


The Baldo Group is a protected

nature reserve and botanical

area that attracts tourists

in search of genuine nature.

Known since the 1500s as the

Hortus Italiae, it is a casket

of different climates, unparalleled

panoramas, ancient rocks

and flowers. The Brentonico plateau

on the Trentino side, just

15 km from Rovereto, is

favoured by a mild climate and

gentle landscape and offers

numerous facilities for lovers

of outdoor activities and complete


A bit farther north, on the summit

of Monte Stivo, there is a

refuge named in memory of

Prospero Marchetti, a great

connoisseur of mountains and

founder of the SAT (Trentino

Alpinists Society).

In the north, a nature reserve

on Monte Bondone protects

the wonderful flora on the Tre

Cime, a special area covering

the peaks of Cornetto, Dos

d’Abramo and Cima Verde.

Bondone is a few kilometres

from the city of Trento and

offers a wealth of walks and


Towering above the Terme di

Comano, Mount CASALE offers

a splendid view of the Giudicarie

valleys, the Brenta and

Adamello mountain groups and

the Valle del Sarca and Garda,

Molveno, Cavedine, Toblino

and Santa Massenza lakes



Majestic Gardens of Rock


Azienda per il Turismo Trento,

Monte Bondone e Valle dei Laghi

Tel. 0039 0461 983880

Azienda per il Turismo

Rovereto e Vallagarina

Tel. 0039 0464 430363

mountain guides

Gruppo Guide Alpine Città di Trento

Tel. 0039 0464 834765

Gruppo Guide Alpine Arco

Tel. 0039 0464 519805

Alpinguide – Guide Alpine Arco

Tel. 0039 0464 422273

Friends of Arco

Tel. 0039 0464 519134

A Garden of a Thousand Plants The Viote Alpine Botanical

Garden on Monte Bondone covers an area of more than ten hectares in the

heart of one of the most picturesque areas of the Trento mountain. It has

over 1000 plants from mountain areas all over the world: the Pyrenees, the

Alps, the Apennines, the Balkans, the Carpathians, Caucasus.

Majestic Gardens of Rock


“You must climb high

to see far”

Constantin Brancusi


the Mountains

It is superfluous to recommend or prescribe things to do in the mountains such as walking,

climbing or mountain biking. If you are in the mountains you’ll obviously want to move around

and explore the countryside, climb skywards, command a view of a valley, walk through the

woods and pick flowers. It is also natural to relax in a meadow under the sun, with the bracing

air tingling your body, and inhale all the smells of the forest, earth and grass, and then enjoy the

cordial atmosphere of a refuge and spoil your palate with the rich taste of natural foods, like the

mountain dairy cheeses or certain red wines. What counts in the mountains is the sun, sounds,

colours, wind and being there. Nothing else matters.

4700 km


of Nature

Within Reach of the Sky

Within reach of the sky, conquering the silence of

the altitude, entering a world once the prerogative

of climbers. These are the priceless sensations

experienced on the Via delle Bocchette, the most

famous established route in the Dolomites.

Practicable with the proper equipment, this high via

ferrata, averaging an altitude of 2500-2700 metres,

gives the excursionist a splendid opportunity to go

round Campanile Basso and the other Dolomite peaks

in the Brenta range in one or more days: from the

Dodici Apostoli Refuge to Passo del Grosté.

A dense network of 832 pathways

spreads far and wide

across Trentino, covering a total

4787 km suitable for those who

want to go for a leisurely stroll,

or for more ambitious walkers

who are physically fit. The entire

region is a real paradise for hikers

and walkers who are spoilt

for choice with all the opportunities

it offers to indulge in an

experience that is impossible to

describe and must be explored

personally. From June to September

the mountain guides

and refuge wardens organise

excursions of all standards on

easy or more arduous paths,

on mountaineering routes and

vie ferrate, in a splendid and

unforgettable setting that goes

from the dramatic Dolomite

peaks to the pre-Alps around

Lake Garda.

The Angels of the

Mountains The custodians of

mountain traditions, the 197 mountain

guides, joined in 8 groups and 5

mountaineering and ski-mountaineering

schools, are trustworthy escorts for those

who want to discover the naturalistic,

cultural and ethnographic secrets of the

alpine environments. With the guides it is

possible to organise hikes lasting one or

more days on any of the routes crossing

the Trentino mountains, or join their

mountaineering courses for beginners.

There are mountain guides in every valley

with an office open to the public.

High Altitude


Indispensable reference points for

people in the mountains, the refuges

are inviting and efficient oases

always ready to offer a bed and a

hot meal, a place where mountain

enthusiasts meet and socialise and

share their experiences, but also

important guardians of the safety

and conservations of the territory.

Built in strategic positions and conceived

to combine simplicity and

comfort compatible with the delicate

environment surrounding them, they

are divided into alpine refuges and

excursion refuges. The former are

reachable along mountain paths, the

latter are mostly situated close to the

road network.

In Trentino there are 143 refuges,

(102 alpine and 41 excursion) and a few

years ago their wardens created an

association that establishes common

rules and regulations to raise

the standard of their offer.

Experience the mountains


Climbing is Rock When mountaineering

becomes a sports movement of skill and rapidity, it turns

into FREE CLIMBING, a young and dynamic discipline that

has found ideal natural and artificial walls in Trentino. The

homeland of sports climbing is definitely Arco which hosts

the ROCK MASTER every summer, but also Daone and its

valley with the unusual SPEED ROCK challenge on the walls of

the Malga Bissina dam. Another place suitable for climbing

is the valley of TERME DI COMANO, which offers over 400 climbs

of varying degrees of difficulty.

history and legends

A pair of walking boots and a small rucksack

is all you need, the rest you’ll find in

Trentino, the perfect place for those who


The TREK OF LEGENDS is the first great hiking

circuit interlinking three of the most important

and interesting areas of the Dolomites:

Val di Fiemme, San Martino di Castrozza–

Primiero-Vanoi and Val di Fassa. The route

goes along pre-existing interlinked paths

and is almost 200 kilometres long. From

any point on the itinerary it is possible to

descend to the valley and quickly return to

the point of departure using public transport

and organised transfers. In this way

you can attempt to walk the whole route

in stages, staying overnight in selected

hotels instead of in the alpine refuges.

Besides accommodation, the hotels are

ready to give the hiker all the support

necessary: from information to packed

lunches and luggage transfers.

The scope for walking is virtually endless,

also thanks to the proposals of the

mountain guides and the refuge wardens.

There are the long distance routes like the




VIA ALPINA, which passes through the Fassa


22 Experience the mountains

In the World of

Mountain Pastures

Dairy Aromas A rich calendar of

events involving the alpine dairies. Hikes,

including tastings of local products,

are organised weekly in every valley. A

chance to explore part of the land, meet

the herdsmen and learn about the work

in the alpine pastures, such as milking

the cows and goats, cleaning the sheds

and making butter and cheese. Then it is

time for a simple country meal of polenta,

sausages, wine and dairy cheeses.

On Lagorai you can ADOPT A COW for a

whole year and then enjoy the dairy

products made with its milk.

From June to September you

can discover the traditions of

the mountain pastures, a particular

world of pastoral farming.

Every area in Trentino has

a malga where the herds are

taken to graze in the green

alpine meadows and the dairymen

live and work during the

summer. The ‘malga’ - simple

sturdy buildings made of

wood and stone clinging to the

mountainside, or isolated in the

midst of a glade - evokes the

true spirit of Trentino and is a

universe of ancient values: even

the smallest produces great

tastes using traditional dairy

implements and methods.

Experience the mountains



of the sky

Like brilliant gems in a green carpet of meadows and woods, like segments of the sky embedded

in the rocks, the 297 Trentino lakes are an outstanding feature of the natural environment from

the Dolomites to Garda, the largest lake in the region. Different in size, depth, altitude, flora, fauna

and climate, the Trentino lakes all have pure clear calm waters. Lakes convey tranquillity and

peace where the pace of life is different, more natural. At the same time the lake is a place where

you can relax in an active way: swimming, rowing, sailing or windsurfing. You can’t go wrong if

you choose a lakeside holiday in Trentino.

“…this majestic scene of nature…

Lake Garda”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe




Garda Trentino overlooks the

northern shores of Lake Garda,

the largest lake in Italy and one

of the most beautiful in the

world. It is a Mediterranean

corner surrounded by mountains,

the custodian of art, history

and bygone flavours.

The crystal clean water lapping

the white beaches is charged

with all the colours of the sea.

The mild climate favours a typically

Mediterranean vegetation

and is conducive to outdoor

activities all year long. Between

the lake and the mountains

there are cliffs for climbing,

panoramic bike routes and

many footpaths for hikers and

enthusiasts of Nordic walking

and trekking.

The lake is the realm of sailing

and windsurfing and every year

hosts international regattas

and world events. The regatta

area is open to everyone: for

yachtsmen who choose Garda

Trentino for training and for

those who want to learn the

basics or improve their skills.

Garda Trentino is the ideal

destination for a holiday. The

accommodation facilities offer

all kinds of solutions, from 4-

star hotels to B&Bs, apartments,

campsites and agriturs,

a multitude of services in diversified

and hospitable settings.

And for lovers of well-being

and relaxation, the wellness

centres offer treatments for a

perfect “remise en forme”.


Mirrors of the Sky



Azienda per il Turismo S.p.A.

Tel. 0039 0464 554444

Historical Gems In Garda Trentino there are

charming historic villages with narrow alleyways

and small piazzas. The largest is RIVA DEL GARDA of

medieval origin with the Apponale clock-tower,

the Magisterial and Municipal palazzos, the Rocca

Fortress built to defend the waterfront and the

Venetian Bastion overlooking the town.

The historic centre of ARCO winds among

Renaissance palazzos, parks and art nouveau villas

around the rock topped by an ancient castle. A few

kilometres away the Roman bridge of DRO and DRENA

castle that dominates Valle del Sarca. And then,

TORBOLE with its small picturesque harbour and Casa

del Dazio, the old Austrian customs house, TENNO in

a spectacular panoramic position and CANALE one of

the most beautiful medieval villages of Italy.

Mirrors of the Sky


Sailing and Biking Garda Trentino is one of the most popular

destinations of lovers of outdoor activities. SAILING and WINDSURFING are

favoured by the constant winds. For MOUNTAIN BIKE enthusiasts there are many

trails in the woods and descents with breathtaking panoramas. For the

more daring the thrills of PARAGLIDING and CANYONING ensure unique emotions.

FREE CLIMBING fanatics find ideal places for this sport on the practice walls in

Arco, the rock walls of Corno Bo’, the Parete Zebrata of Pietramurata and

the Sperone in Riva. Then there are paths of varying difficulty for HIKES, VIE

FERRATE and NORDIC WALKING, a must in summer when Garda Trentino offers the

maximum scope for this discipline. NORDIC FITNESS SPORTS PARK Lago di Garda has

100 kilometres of mountain trails, some of which descend to the shores of

the lake.


Mirrors of the Sky

Nightlife on Garda Music, events and shows enliven

the nights (and not only) around Lake Garda. To begin with the

RADIOINCONTRI MEETINGS that turn Riva del Garda into the capital

of the radio for a few days. The notes of the GARDA JAZZ FESTIVAL

invade the lakeshores and streets, whilst classical sounds

reverberate in the MUSICARIVA FESTIVAL, a venue hosting young

musicians from all over the world.

DRODESERA offers dancing and theatrical performances staged

in the former Fies electric power station, whilst the village of

Canale revives ancient medieval scenes in RUSTICO MEDIOEVO.

And last, but not least, the FAIRYTALE NIGHT, a great festival for

young and old, in which the fairytale is the star of the event

that ends with a magical firework display illuminating the lake

waters. Apart from all this, there are many sports events of

world interest, including sailing and windsurfing regattas,

mountain bike races and free climbing.

Mirrors of the Sky


Leaping into the Past


Lake Ledro lies in the peaceful

oasis of Val di Ledro between

the peaks of the Brenta group

and the shores of Lake Garda.

The lake is situated at an altitude

of 655 metres and covers

an area of over 2 square

kilometres. Along its shores

at Molina di Ledro, you can see

the remains of a lake dwelling

site dating back to the Bronze

Age. This is an extremely valuable

archaeological site that

also hosts the Lake Dwelling

Museum where all the finds

(necklaces, utensils, ploughs,

canoes) are conserved and

where an animated programme

called “Palafittando”

is held every summer: a real

leap into the past where you

can use the boats and utensils

of prehistoric man.

Guests staying in any one of

the 29 hotels, 4 campsites

and 3 B&Bs of Lake Ledro

can practise many kinds of

sport including canyoning on

the Palvico Torrent and the Rio

Nero. Boats, pedalos, catamarans,

windsurf boards and

canoes can be hired on the

Pieve, Mezzolago and Molina

beaches. Pieve is the centre

of the local sailing association,

which organises courses for

children in the Optimist and

Derive classes. It is also possible

to obtain permits for fishing

on the lake.


Consorzio Pro Loco

Valle di Ledro

Tel. 0464 591222


Mirrors of the Sky


of Brenta


Lake Molveno is the largest

alpine lake in Italy situated

above an altitude of 800 metres.

The Brenta peaks are mirrored

in its limpid water. The contrast

between the expanse of the

lake and the rock walls towering

above creates a magnificent

and unforgettable scene.

During the summer you can go

swimming, sailing, windsurfing,

canoeing and boating on the

lake, or dive into the Olympic

pool, play beach volleyball, or

even land on the beautiful green

grass lakeside after paragliding

in a breathtaking flight over

the Dolomites. Lake Molveno is

also plentifully populated with

fish including the reintroduced



Azienda per il Turismo

Dolomiti di Brenta, Paganella, Andalo,

Lago di Molveno, Fai della Paganella,

Cavedago, Spormaggiore

Tel. 0461 585836

Mirrors of the Sky


Active Relaxation

Levico and Caldonazzo

Valsugana, situated not far from the city

of Trento and bordering on Veneto, is

synonymous with nature. Dense woods,

flowering meadows, lakes with pure

clean water suitable for bathing, mountains

rich in fauna and flora, fertile countryside

and panoramic sunny hillsides

create the perfect setting for a holiday

of well-being.

The crystal clear waters of the Levico and Caldonazzo

lakes are favourite destinations of

water sports lovers and families seeking

a cool and relaxing spot on hot days in

summer. Valsugana, with its spas (Levico

Terme, Vetriolo Terme and Roncegno

Terme) renowned since ancient times,

attracts people in search of the physical

and mental well-being guaranteed by

the quality and uniqueness of its arsenic

ferruginous waters.

New in 2008, the off-road cycle route

from Pergine Valsugana to Bassano

del Grappa, the mountain bike trails,

the offers for families and a multitude of

events, festivals and village fêtes highlighting

the summer holiday.


Mirrors of the Sky


Azienda per il Turismo


Tel. 0039 0461 706101

Mirrors of the Sky



Azienda per il Turismo

Altopiano di Piné

e Valle di Cembra

Tel. 0039 0461 557028

Gems in a

verdant Landscape

the Piné lakes

The Altopiano di Pinè with the two

lovely alpine lakes of Serraia and

Piazze is a tableland rich in natural

attractions and a departure point

for delightful mountain excursions,

relaxing walks around the lakes, hiking,

horse riding and biking itineraries.

The mountain environment is

suitable for lovers of nature, wellbeing

and sport.

From spring to autumn there are

plenty of offers for a holiday in complete

freedom: from Monday to Sunday,

from morning to night, free

activities appreciated by adults and

children alike. There are many things

to do in contact with nature, like

yoga, guided excursions and Nordic

walking outings. And proposals for

families, from games for toddlers

to film screenings, from the Piné

Musica concerts to meetings with

medical specialists and guided visits

to the monuments. The full-packed

summer programme also includes

mountain bike outings, the possibility

of practising Dragon boating on

the lake and Piné under the Stars



Mirrors of the Sky

The Lake

of the Forts


Lake Lavarone, one of the few of

Karst formation in Trentino, lies on

the plateau of the same name at

an altitude of 1100 metres. In summer

its waters are ploughed with

pedaloes and rowing boats and the

two lidos allow visitors to relax in

the sun and swim. The Gradiva Trail

(in homage to Sigmund Freud who

came here several times in the early

1900s) provides a lovely easy walk

for families around the lake.

There are also many reminders of the

First World War in this area and the


the Headquarters at Virti and, especially,



worth a visit. The complex is part of

the fortifications that were built on

the plateaus; seven forts of modern

design distributed along a line of

almost 30 kilometres, from Cima

Vézzena to Dosso delle Somme, on

the Altopiano di Folgaria, Lavarone

and Luserna.


Azienda per il Turismo

Altipiano di Folgaria,

Lavarone e Luserna

Tel. 0039 0464 724100

Mirrors of the Sky



The transparency of LAKE CIMA

D’ASTA, against the backdrop of

the towering Lagorai mountains,

is proverbial. The Trentino section

of Stelvio National Park

hosts another ‘must’ in hiking

and alpine itineraries that goes to

LAKE DELLE MARMOTTE at an altitude

over 2700 metres, and not to be

missed is an outing to LAKE CORVO,

the three little STERNAI LAKES and

LAKE ROTONDO in Val di Rabbi.

There are 257 alpine lakes in Trentino

situated between an altitude

of 1500 and 3200 metres. These

characteristic circular pools of

water glistening in the meadows

of the Alps are not always easy

to reach, but the effort of the long

walk is rewarded by the view of

the mountain peaks reflected in

their crystal clear waters. LAKE

ANTERMOIA lies at about 2500

metres amid the peaks of the

Catinaccio, whilst the little COLBRI-

CON LAKES create a unique setting

in the Pale di San Martino. In

the heart of the Adamello Brenta

Nature Park, LAKE TOVEL, one of

the jewels of the park, sparkles

in its own valley and the lakes of

LÀRES and MANDRONE shine below

the glaciers at the end of Val di

Genova. An extremely attractive

itinerary goes around the 5 LAKES


and NAMBINO, above Madonna di

Campiglio, along the mountain

ridge dividing Val Nambrone from

the Presanella glaciers. Close to

the Brenta Dolomites and Lake

Molveno is Lake Nembia, where

a WWF Oasis has been created.


Mirrors of the Sky

Mirrors of the Sky


“That special air

I seek in Trentino”

Cesare Musatti

Feeling good

Holidaying in Trentino is conducive to feeling fit and healthy. No complicated activities, only immersion in

nature: mountains, forest, water, air. Nature here gets under your skin with the scent of pine needles and

the smell of moss as you stroll through the alpine forest, or relax in a mountain meadow. Looking at the

views while the sun inflames the Dolomites on the horizon, listening to the babbling of a brook, allowing

the sun to tan you and the crisp mountain air refresh you, calms the body and mind. Scientific studies

have shown that an average altitude, from 1,000 to 2,000 metres, improves the metabolism, the oxygen

in the blood, the heartbeat and blood pressure, even in a brief sojourn.

Healthy Heights

It doesn’t take much to keep

fit, walking is enough. Although

it is the simplest physical activity,

walking in the mountains,

from gentle uphill rambles to

more taxing hikes, is ideal in

summer. You use more energy

in proportion to the speed and

it is more relaxing when you

do it in natural beautiful and

uncontaminated surroundings.

Not only is walking healthy

because it is a gravitational

stimulating activity, but it also

revitalises the bone tissue and

combats demineralization.

Generally speaking sport in the

mountains is good for you. The

altitude and the minor concentration

of oxygen in the air

favours a better oxygenation of

the blood and muscular tissues.

It is not by chance that many

athletes train in the mountains.

The principle, anyway, is the

same for everyone: the mountains

offer the possibility of a

natural recharge and when you

return to the town you feel fitter

and more efficient.


Feeling good

Feeling good




The Trentino landscape is

dominated by water, from the

crystal alpine lakes and silver

torrents to the dark blue

lake of Garda. From the valleys

to the mountain basins there

are almost 400 expanses of

pure water. Water inhabited by

prized and delicious fish. Water

in mineral springs known since

antiquity and used in the spas.

Water to drink and water to

bathe in. Water with a thousand

reflections to contemplate.

Water murmuring in the

brooks, pools, cascades, lakes

and rivers in the forests, plateaus

and valleys. In Trentino

you are never far from water,

starting from the river Adige that

flows down the main valley and

once served as a great waterway

for trade between north

and south.



at The Spas

To regenerate the body and

mind, or simply to treat yourself

to a relaxing holiday, there

is nothing better than a few

days in one of the Trentino

spa centres, the ideal place

for dedicating time to health

and rest.

Owing to different types of

water, each spa specialises in

the treatment or prevention of

specific ailments. However the

effects go well beyond this as

a holiday in the mountains is

a cure-all and improves, for

example, the oxygenation of

the blood and lungs. Further

benefits are gained from the

climate, the countryside, the

uncontaminated natural surroundings,

the opportunities for

physical activities and walks, in

a nutshell from the mountains.

A holiday in a Trentino spa centre

is therefore an absolutely

natural and effective remedy for

confronting the winter season

and also useful in the prevention

of chills and colds.

The spa centres are “Terme

Dolomia” in Val di Fassa, “Casa

di Salute Raphael” in Roncegno

and “Terme di Levico and

Vetriolo” in Valsugana, “Terme

di Comano” in the Valli Giudicarie,

“Terme di Rabbi and

Peio” in Val di Sole, “Terme Val

Rendena – Fonte S. Antonio”

in Val Rendena and “Terme di

Garniga”, the only one in Italy

specialising in hay baths using

the officinal and medicinal

herbs growing in the meadows

on Monte Bondone.

Feeling good




Water is the essential element

and natural resource for practising

a multitude of sports and

the magnetic appeal of the

mountain torrents, rivers and

lakes in Trentino equals that

of the great peaks. The desire

to be transported by the current

or wind across the water

is spontaneous when you

come to Trentino. The queen

of watersports is SAILING which

draws thousands of enthusiasts

from all over the world to

Riva del Garda, Lido di Arco

and Torbole every year. Those

who are not content to stay in

one place can change scene

and go to Lake Molveno, Lake

Ledro or Lake Caldonazzo.

Besides the calm waters of its

297 LAKES, Trentino boasts hundreds

of tortuous whitewater

torrents, ideal for lovers of kayaking

and rafting, but also for

hydrospeed, diving headfirst

down the river lying on a float.

Terrific Whitewater Jumping into water,

gorges and natural pools, sliding through narrow

passageways as slippery as ice, this is CANYONING.

An exciting sport that has found its paradise in the area

of Upper Garda and Valle di Ledro.

Alternatively you can try the thrill of RAFTING and KAYAKING

on the river Noce in Val di Sole.

All you need for rafting is a safety jacket and helmet,

then you can get in a raft and conquer the powerful

current in complete safety.

You can practise gentle rafting also on the river Avisio,

in Val di Fiemme, which is suitable for beginners.


Feeling good

The Ora Wind Blows Ideal for regattas from February

to November, thanks to the mild climate of the area. Sailing and

surfing on LAKE GARDA is guaranteed by the ORA, a wind that blows

from south to north regularly every day from late in the morning

to late in the afternoon.

The lake is also the home of WINDSURFING and along the shores

of Riva, Lido di Arco and Torbole there are nine centres and

several areas catering exclusively for surfers.

Feeling good



Walking around the mountains

you acquire a new state of wellbeing.

The climate is fresh even

in summer; the pure air and the

pace of life high up gives the

human body a ‘breath’ of health.

The atmosphere is clean and

above all dry, the days clear and

sunny. It has been proved that

a mountain holiday favours the

well-being of the body and also

improves the oxygenation of the

blood. Furthermore, the high

concentration of negative ions in

the air makes you feel energetic,

facilitates the elimination of free

radicals and the minor presence

of pollution neutralises the

action of allergens.

All this is particularly beneficial

for children because it restores

their well-being before returning

to the town. It is good for

adults too. The mountains are

ideal for getting rid of stress and

finding your equilibrium again in

tune with your biological clock.

Recovering your health and

strength with the natural rhythm

of time produces benefits that

last beyond the holiday.


Feeling good

Fitness in nature

Trentino has planned and organised

everything for a summer

holiday of relaxation, well-being

and physical exercise. A holiday

full of emotions and a sense of

freedom to recover your energy

and practise a different sport

every day in natural surroundings.

“Fitness in Nature” is the

new offer that enables you to

arrange a holiday according to

your own needs.




DI SOLE offer a rich programme

of outdoor sports, in localities

provided with the latest facilities

and equipment, where hospitality

and a warm welcome are of

paramount importance.

The possibilities for practising

sports in the open air amidst

enchanting scenery, from the

Dolomites to the plateaus and

Lake Garda, are endless. You

can choose NORDIC WALKING in the

theme parks in Val di Fiemme, on

the Altopiano di Folgaria Lavarone

and Luserna, in the Garda

Trentino area and Val di Sole. Or

BIKING or WALKING in nature, RAFT-


And if you want to sample the

local products in a characteristic

and cosy environment, you cannot

beat a lunch in a mountain

refuge or a dinner in one of



The Palm as a Guide The palm guides you along the path and can

tell you everything about it: gradients, curiosities, flora, fauna. The Sentieri Vivi

programme, operating in almost all the Trentino areas, allows you first to choose

the most interesting itineraries on a powerful computer screen installed in a hotel

or tourist office and then to use the “palmareamico” (“palm-friend”). This instrument

illustrates, on video or in audio, the points of interest you will find during the outing,

thanks to the extensive data bank activated in the selection phase and stored by

the exclusive, recorded and patented, software programme called Sentieri Vivi® and

the GPS integrated in the palm that tells you always exactly where you are.

Feeling good



Walking in green surroundings

among colourful flowers and

secular trees. Breathing in the

crisp air in the silent forest and

admiring the stupendous landscapes.

All this is quite normal

in the three nature parks in

Trentino, Adamello Brenta, Paneveggio-Pale

di San Martino and

Stelvio, because here nature

is still untouched. An area of

over 1100 square kilometres

under environmental conservation,

equivalent to 18% of

the Trentino province. Taken

as a whole, the system of protected

areas covers 25% of the

Province. An uncontaminated

environment you can explore in

guided excursions or by participating

in the numerous activities

organised by the Parks

and Visitor Centres. Nature in

Trentino is interwoven with art

and culture and in summer

the Parks are also settings for

events, concerts and shows.

Not to be forgotten, when talking

of the heritage of culture

and traditions, are the four

ecomuseums. The ecomuseums

of the Giudicarie and of Valle

del Chiese, in the surroundings

of the Adamello Brenta Nature

Park, the ecomuseum of Vanoi,

near the Paneveggio-Pale di

San Martino Nature Park and

the ecomuseum of Val di Peio

linked to the Trentino section of

Stelvio National Park.


Feeling good

Adamello Brenta Nature Park

Trailing the Bear

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park is the most important consrvation area in Trentino and

one of the largest in the Alps: 620 square kilometres between an altitude of 470 and 3560

metres. Among its splendid valley landscapes, surrounded by the magnificent Adamello

Presanella chain and the Brenta Dolomites, the most outstanding and incomparable are VAL

DI GENOVA, VAL DI TOVEL and Val d’Algone.

This unspoilt environment is home to deer, roebucks, chamois, eagles, snow-grouse, wood

grouse, alpine ibex and a small population of brown bears, the only ones present in the

whole of the Alpine Chain, reintroduced with the LIFE URSUS project. Rich and interesting

is the Visitor Centre dedicated to the BEAR, THE LORD OF THE FOREST, housed in the Corte Franca

building in Spormaggiore. Some bears can be seen at close quarters in the Spormaggiore

animal sanctuary, in Albarè-Plan della Fontana.

In summer the Park, recently included in the world web of Unesco geo parks, organises

many activities suitable for all ages. To gain an insight into the gestures, sounds and

genuine flavours of the mountain dairies, A TRANQUIL WEEKEND IN NATURE is a must. This easy two

day walking tour along the ancient routes of the transhumance introduces you to the art

of making cheese and processing sheep’s wool. Guided outings on the tracks of the bear,

hikes in the alpine pastures and walks under the stars are also organised.

Feeling good


Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park

In the Kingdom of the Deer

High above, the rose-coloured walls of the Dolomites and the dark rocks of the Lagorai dotted with pools of glacial origin;

lower down, dark green secular forests and expanses of alpine pasturelands. This is the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature

Park, situated on the far eastern side of Trentino and instituted in 1967.

It is the smallest of the three provincial parks covering an area of 197 square kilometres between an altitude of 700 and

2400 metres and has a huge spruce forest known as the Forest of Violins for the quality of its ‘resonant’ firs. The wood of

these trees is used to make the soundbox of pianos, violins, violoncellos and double basses. A quality already known by the

famous seventeenth century violinmakers, the Stradivari, Guarnieri and Amati, who used to come to Paneveggio to choose

the wood for their “harmonic jewels”.

Walking through the trees and mountains you may come across alpine animals and birds. This was the home of the deer for

many centuries until it became extinct. It has only recently been reintroduced and now the Park, where hunting is prohibited,

is a refuge and centre of distribution for this animal. You can see some deer at close range in the Paneveggio Visitor Centre.

Study meetings and environmental workshops are held in Villa Welsperg on Sundays.


Feeling good

Stelvio National Park

Beneath the Eagle’s Eye

In the heart of the Ortles-Cevedale range, between the Sole, Rabbi and

Peio valleys, lies the Trentino section of Stelvio National Park, a vast green

expanse that extends over an area of 19,350 hectares at an altitude of

800 to 3,000 metres. Here the peaks are snow-capped even in summer

and roebucks, deer, chamois and ibex roam freely among the larch and

red fir woods. Walking in this untouched countryside you are quite likely

to encounter a hare, marmot, stoat or fox. A few pairs of golden eagles

have made their home here and in recent years the lammergeyer, also

known as the vulture of the Alps, has been seen circling in the sky. The

Park Guides will escort you in outings to explore this environment and

learn all the secrets of this conservation area in the visitor centres and

animal enclosure in Peio.

Pedalling in freedom

Trentino is the ideal place for

2-wheel enthusiasts. There is

a vast range of routes that can

be tackled by cycling tourists

and mountainbikers every day.

Exploring a region, full of natural

beauty and cultural attractions

like Trentino, on a bicycle

gives you the chance to

visit the hidden corners of the

land and come into contact

with people and environments

far from the annoying hum of

modern times.

In Trentino tourist cyclists have

over 400 kilometres of safe

and well-kept routes (including

provincial and municipal ones)

at their disposal, provided with

services like bike grills, transport

by rail, bike maps and

Internet points.

The Valle dell’Adige cycle and

walking path is the main part

of the entire bicycle network

of Trentino. It is a route for

the almost exclusive use of

cyclists that mostly runs along

the banks of the river Adige,

from the border with the province

of Bolzano to the one with

the province of Verona, passing

through 14 municipalities. It is

82 kilometres long with an altitude

gain of only 45 metres.

The second longest cycle track

in Trentino is the Valsugana

that in 45 km links the province

of Trento with Belluno. These

two cycle tracks are part of

the international route of the


imperial road that ran from the

Danube to the Adriatic sea.

Those who love tough climbs

and adrenaline-fuelled descents

will be in their element in Trentino

on trails ranging from 67 m

at Lake Garda to 2000 m in the

surrounding mountains.

For mountain bikers there are

the “cult tracks”, seventeen itineraries

in each area of Trentino

combining the effort of sport

with the pleasure of cycling in

the mountains among fabulous

landscapes, woods, fields

and even lakeshores and farmlands.

Not to be missed the offer

of the “Fortezze Bike Tour”, a

journey in ten stages along a

prepared route, from the Vigolana

plateau to the Pasubio

range, to discover the fortifications

and military defences

made by the Austro-Hungarian

troops in preparation for the

First World War.


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Fun Together

Adults and children can enjoy summer

together in Trentino. While the

adults are relaxing in the natural

surroundings, the children can join in

the events, sports activities, games

and mini excursions designed especially

for them. There are also special

areas prepared for the kids, like the

CHILDREN’S VILLAGE, “strictly off-limits to

adults”, which takes the environment

to heart; the GARDONÈ summer sledge

run, a thrilling descent of 700 metres

zigzagging through the forest in Val

di Fassa, or the seven FASSALANDIA

parks in Val di Fassa where children

can play in safety with professional

entertainers. The programme of outings

organised for children is rich

and varied: from an introduction to

climbing with the mountain guides,

to interesting naturalistic workshops

exploring the area and nature.


the programme catering for young

guests in Madonna di Campiglio,

Pinzolo and Val Rendena: an exciting

week of activities close to nature with

the mountain guides and the alpinist


The VALSUGANA JUNIOR caters for children

holidaying on the Levico and

Caldonazzo lakes with games, sports

and creative workshops. COMANO JUN-

IOR, instead, turns a spa holiday

into an entertaining experience by

combining games and outings to

discover nature, castles and traces

of primitive man.

The San Martino di Castrozza,

Primiero and Vanoi Promotion Office

proposes FAMILY FUN, a daily programme

for children to learn about

and appreciate the area while enjoying

themselves. There are also the

weekly FISHING PARADISE appointments

to try fishing in the torrents and lakes

with a qualified instructor.

Feeling good


Take Your Time...

In the shade of a larch tree,

lulled by the gurgling of a

stream, caressed by the

breeze, feeling the anxieties,

worries and stresses of everyday

life gradually slipping away.

Time slows down and finds its

natural pace in Trentino among

the green woods, blue lakes

and grey-pink ancient village

stones. Entering a tavern to

savour a tasty meal and a

glass of wine, pausing to look

at the panorama that comes

into view around a bend in the

path, enjoying the emotions

conveyed by nature, or sleeping

and dreaming in a small

hotel all of wood. There is no

need to rush about in Trentino.

You can take your time and

savour every single minute.


Feeling good

indulge yourself

Vita Nova is a trademark representing

the excellence of

well-being in Trentino and it is

entrusted to 47 hotels located

in the most prestigious resorts.

In the Vita Nova Trentino Wellness

hotels you can personalise

your holiday according to

your own tastes.

The BEAUTY hotels are hospitable

corners of well-being where

you can recuperate your physical

and mental energy.

Personalised and targeted

body treatments are recommended

by the qualified and

experienced staff and besides

the traditional treatments there

are those with honey, herbs,

chocolate or apples, plus relaxing

massages with stones and

warm oils.

The ACTIVITY hotels cater for

those who want to combine

a relaxing holiday with physical

activity by a lake or in the

mountains. They offer a wide

choice of excursions and itineraries

suitable for all abilities and

the possibility of practising your

favourite sport, from mountain

biking to trekking, from swimming

to windsurfing and sailing,

from canoeing to rafting.

The FAMILY hotels, instead,

are the ideal choice for family

holidays. These hotels cater

especially for children who

can spend enjoyable hours in

the play areas, organised also

within the well-being centres,

while their parents indulge in

complete relaxation.

The new innovative line of

cosmetics for facial and body

beauty treatments is prepared

with the rare RIBES NIGRUM berries

growing in the Trentino

forests. These precious vegetal

extracts give the skin all the

resources it needs in a natural

way. You can try and purchase

the treatments of the bio-cosmetic

line only in the Vita Nova

club hotels.

Feeling good


A region

to Savour

In Trentino the lakes, rivers,

mountains, plateaus, valleys

and Mediterranean to Alpine

land and climate are reflected

in the agricultural produce and

genuine products.

Extensive vineyards, producing

unsurpassed white and

red wines such as the excellent



VINO SANTO, and marcs for the

ancient art of distillation to

produce Trentino Grappa, give

way to mountain pastures and

meadows that distinguish the

unmistakable flavours of milk

and cheese. The production of

sausage meats is also a longstanding

tradition. A variety of

fruit and vegetables are grown

in the mountain areas mirrored

in the clear waters of lakes and

streams full of trout and char. A

unique land that man respects

and cultivates today in accord

with tradition.

The rite of the mountain pastures

The culture of the mountain pastures is an old tradition,

still in vogue today, that can be shared by tourists

who are in search of life in the mountains. Spread

throughout the province, the ‘malghe’ (alpine huts

where the herdsmen spend the summer while their

cows and sheep graze in pastures) are guardians of the

centuries-old culture and traditions of the people who

live in the mountains. In these small worlds, far from

the hectic life of the town, the animals are raised to



Feeling good

Cheers! Trentino produces 40% of

the Italian CLASSIC METHOD spumante. The

extensive cultivations of Chardonnay

grapes offer an exceptional raw material

for the TRENTODOC spumante that is

unequalled in quality.

The process for obtaining the Trentino

bubbles is complex and rigorous: from

the selection of the grapes grown in

optimum conditions to the delicate

phase of adding the liqueur d’expedition.

This is the only way to achieve an

excellent product with an elegant and

delicate perfume, fruity fragrant notes,

a dry crisp taste, moderately vibrant,

fine and harmonious. Suitable as an

accompaniment to the whole meal,

it pairs well with many dishes of the

Mediterranean cuisine and those of varied

regional gastronomic traditions.

Quality in Osteria Eating out in Trentino

can be a really enjoyable experience and an exciting

discovery of the products, recipes and local culture,

especially if you choose a restaurant displaying “Osteria

Tipica Trentino”. This sign is granted only to restaurants

that meet the high standards set forth by the

association and serve traditional dishes using genuine

Trentino products.

Not only the food, but also the hospitality and service

in these establishments must be of quality and the

atmosphere pleasant and intimate, with a qualified staff

who can explain the dishes and products.

Feeling good


trentino Wine

and Flavours Routes

A tribute to the land and a new way

to discover its characteristics

The Vallagarina Wine and Flavours

Route combines a dedication

for winegrowing with

some important quality produce.

About 40% of all the

vineyards in the province are

cultivated here. The famous

Marzemino, the red wine

praised by Mozart, accompanies

the no less famous Organic

vegetables of Val di Gresta,

the chestnuts of Castione and

the strongly flavoured Vezzena

cheese still produced in the

summer pasturelands on the

Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna


A few kilometres from Vallagarina

the Wine and Flavours

Route from Garda to the Brenta

Dolomites extends for about

30 km passing from a Mediterranean

environment dotted

with olive-groves to the Alpine

climates and frozen peaks. An

incredible variety reflected in

the natural beauty of the protected

Adamello-Brenta Park,

but also in products like the

prized extra virgin olive oil of

Garda, the ‘Spressa’ Giudicarie

D.O.P. cheese made with raw

milk, the boast of Val Rendena

and the Giudicarie, ‘Vino

Santo’, a passito made with

native Nosiola grapes left to dry

and pressed the week before

Easter, and lastly the ‘ciuìga’,

a traditional sausage of the

Banale area made with pork

and turnips.

The Müller Thurgau vineyards

are one of the most fascinating

features of the Wine and Flavours

Route of the Avisio hills,

Faedo and Valle di Cembra. The

view takes in an incredible

progression of terraced vineyards

of mostly Müller Thurgau

grapevines that have found a

natural habitat in this area and

produce wines of top quality.

Age-long experience, aromatic

marcs and pure water produce

the prized grappas. Soft

fruits, instead, are grown in

the enchanting green countryside

of Valle dei Mocheni.

For wine enthusiasts a trip

along the Piana Rotaliana Wine

and Flavours Route to visit

the Teroldego vineyards is an

absolute must. This large fertile

alluvial plain, protected on

three sides by high rock walls,

was inhabited as far back as

the Neolithic period and is literally

covered with historical

evidence of ancient times. The

Teroldego Rotaliano DOC is a

fantastic and unique dry wine

with a delicate aroma and fullbodied

fruity taste.

The city of Trento represents

the whole of the province, not

only geographically, but also

culturally and historically. Here

the Trento and Valsugana Wine

and Flavours Route includes

important cultural and museum

institutions in which events representing

the whole of Trentino

are held as, for example, in Palazzo

Roccabruna, the house of

all Trentino’s quality products.

However, what makes this area

really unique is the spumante

TrentoDOC classic method, the

pride of the Trentino winegrowing


There are also two routes in

which wine gives way to other

products. One is the Apples

and Flavours Route of the

valle di Non and val di sole

where extensive apple orchards

produce the Golden Delicious,

Renetta and Stark Delicious

varieties that have received the

D.O.P. a denomination of protected

origin. In Val di Sole,

about a third of which is part of

Stelvio National Park, you can

savour the traditional Casolét

cheese, now a protected Slow

Food like other products such

as the Valle di Non smoked

Mortandela sausage and

Trentingrana cheese.

The The Cheese Route of

the Fassa, Fiemme and Primiero

Dolomites, instead, goes

through the valleys of Fassa,

Fiemme and Primiero. An itinerary

in the heart of Trentino

highlighted by the beauty of the

Dolomites, the Ladinian culture

and the red fir forests that

for centuries have produced

the wood for musical instruments.

The names of the dairy

produce alone are enough to

make one’s mouth water: Puzzone

di Moena or, in Ladin,

‘Spretz Tsaorì’, made with milk

from the Dolomite mountain

dairies, Dolomiti, Fontàl, Trentingrana,

TosÈla and many other

local cheeses




Nature in Trentino has created a masterpiece and man has enhanced it with castles,

villas, squares, works of art, events and shows. From the Roman remains under Trento

to the modern architectural lines of the Mart in Rovereto there is a wealth of artistic

and cultural heritage to discover. The masterpieces of great artists and anonymous

handmade objects are exhibited in the big and small museums. The festivals and

reviews that fill the summer months host leading interpreters and performers of all

kinds. Trentino… an exciting and enjoyable experience.

“The museum is the mirror

where Man sees himself”

Charles Baudelaire


Festivals, exhibitions, concerts,

meetings, shows. This is the

Art of Holidaying, the summer

calendar of the main cultural

and artistic events of Trentino

paired with special holiday

offers set out in a single brochure

and on site

To begin with the exhibitions

in the MART, this year focusing

on the hundredth anniversary

of Futurism, in BUONCONSIGLIO





TIVAL, for over half a century

the festival that presents a rich

selection of meetings, fiction

and documentary films on the

mountains, the FUTURO PRESENTE

with its journeys through new

and modern trends, and the


to Trento scholars from all over

the world.

Furthermore RADIOINCONTRI, an

event that turns Riva del Garda

into a great radio broadcasting

station open to the public;


confirms its vocation to experiment

new ways of performing

shows; ARTESELLA bringing

together art and nature; DRODE-

SERA, the international festival

of performing arts that every

year animates the Fies power


Music is the star of SOUNDS

OF THE DOLOMITES, in this case

combined with the emotion the

most beautiful mountains in the

world can give you; the MUSICA



International dancing comes to


itinerary of meetings, exchanges

and combinations between

peoples and cultures, traditions

and innovations.


Discover Learn Enjoy


of history

Trentino is a land rich in art and

history. There are many and

diverse cultural deposits highlighting

the events that have

marked the course of life in this

region. Apart from the historic

centres of Trento and Rovereto,

every corner of the province is

endowed with great and small

works of art of the past, from

the Middle Ages to the Renaissance,

from the 17th to 18th

centuries, passing through the

peasant culture. There are castles,

picturesque villages, small

Alpine churches and fascinating

eighteenth century centres.

Discover Learn Enjoy


The ancient Tridentum, as it was

then called, is still conserved

in the archaeological remains

under the city. The majestic

Cathedral of San Vigilio overlooks

piazza Duomo, the main

square of the town. The city

is dominated by Buonconsiglio

Castle, for many centuries the

residence of the prince bishops

who ruled over it. Today

the castle is the seat of the

museum of ancient and Renaissance

art and hosts a permanent

collection as well as

many interesting temporary

exhibitions. Other museums in

Trento are worth visiting, such

as the Diocesan Museum, Palwhere

cultures merge


Nestling in Valle dell’Adige, at

the foot of Monte Bondone,

Trento is a historic city steeped in

Renaissance art. The crossroads

between the cultures of

Italy and Central Europe, the

capital of Trentino was chosen

to host the Council of Trent in

1545. It conserves interesting

evidence of the Renaissance

period much of which is immediately

obvious to visitors as

they stroll through the streets

lined with the frescoed walls

of palazzos that decorate and

colour the historic centre. The

city’s history, however, goes

back much farther than this to

the time of the Roman Empire.

azzo delle Albere, the Gallery of

Modern Art and the Tridentine

Museum of Natural Sciences.

The city of Trento is also the

crossroads for several cycle

routes and therefore an ideal

base for people who like to

keep moving in natural surroundings.

MTB fans can ride

from the city centre to the top

of Monte Bondone where there are

dirt tracks winding all over the

Altopiano delle Viote. For those

who prefer a mythical route

there is the Charly Gaul ascent,

towards Bondone, named after

the legendary cyclist who, in

1956, won a stage of the Giro

d’Italia in a snowstorm.


Azienda per il Turismo

Trento, Monte Bondone

e Valle dei Laghi

Tel. 0039 0461 216000


Discover Learn Enjoy


Azienda per il Turismo

Rovereto e Vallagarina

Tel. 0039 0464 430363




Rovereto, the second largest

town of Trentino, is the ideal and

cultural centre of Vallagarina. In

the heart of the Valle dell’Adige,

lying among hills and vineyards,

the so-called ‘Oak Town’ has

always been a place of lively cultural

exhange. Strolling through

the streets of the historic centre

you can retrace its history. The

urban arrangement retains traces

of its medieval origins in the

cluster of houses around CASTEL

VENETO. The influence of the Serenissima

can be seen in the alleyways

that evoke the atmosphere

of the Venetian calle and splendid

eighteenth century palazzos line

Corso Bettini.

The town also has some interesting

museums like the ITALIAN WAR


and the MART that beginning with

the inheritance of Fortunato Depero

was launched on the scene of

the art capitals in Europe.

Since the time it was crossed by

the front line of the First World

War, the town has been deeply

involved in subjects promoting

brotherhood among peoples. Visible

evidence of this can be found

in the huge BELL on the Colle di


Discover Learn Enjoy


Living Memories



Mart is a museum of modern and contemporary art with a

permanent collection of over 13,000 paintings, drawings and

sculptures, a considerable number of which are dedicated to

Futurism and include some 3,000 works by the Trentino artist

Fortunato Depero.

Besides the new building in Rovereto, designed by the architect

Mario Botta and Giulio Andreolli, Mart also has a centre in

Palazzo delle Albere, a Renaissance palace in Trento.

Among the events held in the museum in Rovereto this year,

there is Picturing New York. Works from MoMA, open to the public

from 11 July to 4 October. This exhibition will display 140

original photographs from the permanent collection of the

famous MoMA museum and dedicated to the Big Apple.

Buonconsiglio Castle


The seat of the prince bishops since 1255, Buonconsiglio

Castle in Trento is a complex of several buildings each

representing a particular period and its prominent personalities.

The rooms in Castelvecchio, the oldest part of the castle,

and those in the Magno Palazzo, one of the most beautiful

Renaissance residences in Italy, form the setting for a rich

collection of art. The Torre dell’Aquila preserves the frescoes

of the CYCLE OF MONTHS, one of the most important examples of

international gothic art.

From the end of May to November the museum is displaying to

the public a series of sarcophagi and funerary items dating back

to the 2nd millennium B.C., from the Egyptian Museum of Turin,

as well as a rich collection of precious exhibits belonging to

Buonconsiglio Castle and on show for the first time. In particular

some funerary masks, remains of mummies and small bronze

and wooden statues of divinities.

Museum of Uses and Customs

of the Trentino People

San Michele all’Adige

Founded in 1968 by Giuseppe Šebesta, it is one of the

most important ethnographic museums in Europe. A long

story develops in the forty-three rooms of the 14th century

Augustinian monastery of San Michele all’Adige, where the

tools and objects of everyday life are displayed; from agriculture

to craft work in wood, material, stone and metals and from

costumes and masks to exhibits connected with music, religion

and hunting. An unexpected folk world, full of fascination and

ingenious creativity.

Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences


In the centre of Trento, the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences,

where research and the conservation of nature is combined

with science and topics of current interest, organises interactive

exhibitions and events for young people and families.

Apart from the permanent collections, the museum will host, from

July to November, the interactive exhibition Terremoti e Vulcani that

explains the basic concepts of plate tectonics with exhibits and

multimedia installations.

From June to September, the Gianni Caproni Air Museum

will present Luna di Carta, a show in which period magazines,

newspapers and audio documents narrate the vicissitudes that led

to man’s conquest of space and, in particular, our satellite.

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Visitors to Trentino cannot fail to

notice the great number of castles

dotting the valleys. Once

used as fortified constructions

and inhabited by princes, the

castles today narrate the history

and customs of the people

and armies that have passed

through the region over the


The most striking of all of them


the residence of the prince

bishops and a magnificent

example of a fortified construction

combined with elegance.

Other attractive castles of great

visual impact are CASTEL BESE-

NO, one of the largest fortified

complexes in the province; the

thirteenth century SABBIONARA

Castle overlooking the town


TEL CAMPO (privately owned but

open to the public in summer)

in the Valli Giudicarie near the


and ARCO CASTLE built on bare



and the romantic CASTEL TOBLINO

on the shore of the lake of the

same name. As you go through

the crenellated walls, wander

around the beautiful frescoed

rooms and admire the towers

or ruins, you are enveloped

by a mysterious atmosphere

of history and legend, lords

and ladies, knights and jugglers.

A sensation that turns

into reality when you attend the

wide range of events held in

the castles, villas and palazzos

during the summer. The festival


creates an imaginary journey

between past and present with

concerts, dances and historical

pageants in the rooms of the



Discover Learn Enjoy

70 Discover Learn Enjoy

SUMMER entertainment

In summer Trentino stages two

great events outdoor: Sounds of

the Dolomites and AgriCulture.

Two outstanding events in a

sensational journey combining

culture and nature that will

make your holiday in Trentino

truly memorable.

Sounds of the Dolomites is a high

altitude music festival. In July

and August the most beautiful

mountains of Trentino become

a theatre to receive the notes

of leading figures in the music

world of jazz, ethnic groups,

original and classical music

performed in enchanting landscapes.

The early afternoon performances

were followed in time by

those held at sunrise. Almost a

festival within a festival in which

artists, actors and men of culture

propose shows, recitals

and monologues in the unique

atmosphere of the mountains.

Sounds of the Dolomites also

presents first performances

and new productions, specifically

dedicated to the mountains

and nature of Trentino,

which, apart from being highly

successful with the public and

critics, have become shows

and albums that appeal to an

international audience. These

include “Canti Rocciosi” by

Giovanni Sollima, “Mountain

Passages” by the jazz player

Dave Douglas, “Divenire” by

Ludovico Einaudi, “Gente in

cerca di nuvole” by Stefano

Bollani, “Cime domestiche”

by Paolo Benvegnù, Monica

Demuru, Petra Magoni and

Ares Tavolazzi and “300 Anelli”

by Giovanni Allevi.

Other attractive places, like

the streets, squares and historic

buildings of some of the

most beautiful resorts in the

province, are the stages for

the Trentino agronomic specialities

in AgriCulture. This event

combines tourism, agricultural

traditions and local culture in

an innovative and entertaining

way. Thanks to the ability of

the Koiné Company, the story

of the Trentino products is narrated

in theatrical-agro-culinary

shows in which tourists are

asked to participate.

Performances relating and portraying

the wholesomeness

and genuineness of the typical

agricultural produce, food and

wine of this land - apples, wine,

grappa, cheese, berry fruits,

trout, vegetables, flour, salami –

that all together are significant

proof of a healthy environment

and therefore a perfect place

for a holiday.


The Hospitality


Trentino provides accommodation for approximately

470 thousand guests: 94 thousand in about 1600

hotels (from 1 to 4 stars), 176 thousand in residence

apartments, campsites, agriturs, B&Bs and another

200 thousand in second homes. Some of these

are grouped in product clubs and establishments

selected for their quality and sectors.

B&B The B&Bs in Trentino are the answer for those

seeking a comfortable family atmosphere for their

holiday. The high standard of these 47 establishments is

guaranteed by the “Quality System of B&Bs in Trentino” and

the B&B owners who agree to comply with the policies of

the association. In these homes you will receive a friendly

welcome and you can spend a really genuine holiday

linked to the local traditions and family life. All the B&Bs

are situated in beautiful countryside or close to towns.


Club Comfort A holiday in

an apartment without forgoing the

pleasure of comfort, the Club Comfort

accommodation establishments are

excellent value for money. They are run

by hoteliers, people who let rooms and

holiday homes, residence organisations

and estate agents who agree to fix fair

prices and furnish their apartments with

top quality facilities. If you choose one

of these you will find everything required

for an enjoyable holiday together with

pleasant surprises such as kit for the

kids, or mountain bikes for healthy rides

in the forest.

Adamello Brenta Park Quality

The “Quality Park” club denotes hospitality with

respect for the environment. This is the philosophy

behind the 15 associated accommodation facilities.

These traditional hotels, guest-houses and campsites

offer guests a quality welcome in conformity with

the laws in force aimed at reducing environmental

impact and enhancing local gastronomy and close

links with the land. The operators organise outdoor

activities for their guests in collaboration with the

Park authorities. There are also special prices for

those participating in the various initiatives.


Camping Campsites are a good solution if you

want to visit an area and remain in close contact

with nature in a relaxed environment where adults

and children are free to do as they please. There are

approximately 70 campsites in Trentino, mainly located

around the more important lakes, but also in the most

beautiful alpine valleys or in the nature parks. The

facilities of the Trentino campsites are always of a high

standard and some of them offer first class wellbeing


Wellness Trentino is the ideal place throughout the

year for the wellbeing and harmony of body and mind.

The natural environment and establishments offer perfect

locations for pleasant healthy holidays. Vita Nova – Trentino

Wellness is the quality answer to the demand for wellbeing

holidays: a selected group of hotels situated in enchanting

settings, immersed in nature, at the foot of the Dolomites, or

on the shores of a lake. In the “Vita Nova” hotels the feeling

of wellbeing is really complete with relaxation, exercise and

care of the body.

Fitness in Nature Fitness and relaxation in

the open, practising complete and innovative sports

like Nordic Walking or theme trekking: this is Fitness

in Nature. This new proposal is for those who want

to keep fit. Not to be missed the theme trekking

and particularly the Trek of Legends. You can choose

from over sixty hotels in the best locations in the

Dolomites: Fiemme, Garda, Valle di Sole, Folgaria.

Each organisation offers transfer services, routes

and modern facilities. The hotels are tailor-made for

sports enthusiasts and have fitness areas, wellbeing

activities and saunas and pools.

Agritourism Chasing a rabbit

among the trees, milking a cow, drinking

a newly-laid egg, biting a tasty apple

still wet with dew, tasting steaming

polenta sitting on a bench in an old

kitchen… this too is agritourism. Where

agriculture, hospitality and good food

are combined you can dive into nature,

explore the environment and discover the

farm traditions. You can relax and enjoy

unforgettable flavours. An agritur (over

300 in Trentino) is the ideal place after a

year in the town.


Tourist Apartments The

right apartment at the right time. This is

guaranteed by the Tourist Apartments club

created to select and offer tourists staying

in Trentino a minimum standard of quality.

The self-catering properties, all situated in

attractive places of great appeal, provide

accommodation for 2 to 10 people. They

are furnished with attention for detail and

include kitchenware, electrical appliances

and TV. An excellent choice for families

as many apartments have facilities for

children such as cots, highchairs, etc.

Hotels for Families in Trentino

Club Giocovacanza Families choosing Trentino

for their holidays should look for the GIOCOVACANZA sign in the

following areas: Lake Garda, Terme di Comano, Val Rendena, Altopiano

della Paganella, Altopiano di Folgaria, Lavarone and Lucerna, San Martino

di Castrozza, Primiero and Vanoi and Val di Fiemme. This is a product

club grouping dozens of small and medium size family-run

hotels that offer a series of activities for adults and children to

enjoy together: walking in the woods and by the lakes, learning

about the countryside and old trades, playing games. The

hotels have all mod cons for the whole family and a cuisine

based on genuine local products. The club aims to restore

relations between people and with the territory and to offer

holidays tailored for families.

Motorbike Tourism Towering peaks, great

lakes, but also a road network with steep gradients

and very varied routes. Travelling around Trentino on a

motorbike is an incredible experience and an increasing

number of motorcyclists choose this region for a

holiday or a weekend break, thanks to the wide range

of itineraries, services and food and wine proposals

planned purposely for them by the “Motor Tourism in

Trentino” club. Approximately 80 hotels are members of

the club and are associated with firms specialising in

luggage transfers and the transport of bikes by train if



Trentino on-line

Trentino has so many locations,

events and offers it is virtually

impossible to mention them all

in a single publication and so

there are numerous brochures

describing individual aspects

and offers. You can download

any of the Trentino S.p.A.

publications from the site

Complete and updated information

can be found on the

official site of tourist Trentino at any time:

a complete calendar of events,

fact files on the locations, itineraries,

photos, maps, curiosities,

snow bulletin, webcam

on the pistes, specialist hotel

groups, restaurants, accommodation

and package offers.

The section on holiday packages

is updated every week

and contains many solutions,

inclusive of accommodation

and ski-pass, on the site

where you can also make a



Weekly News on the WEB

To keep abreast of the multitude of opportunities

Trentino offers today there is a new on-line magazine

updated weekly. By clicking on WWW.INTRENTINO.TO

you will find news on Trentino ranging from culture

to sport, from wellbeing to food and wine. This web

site, designed to integrate with the tourist portal, gives an account of all the most

interesting and particular features of Trentino bearing

in mind an attentive traveller. The site also allows you

to download the magazine in pdf format, and you

can subscribe to the newsletter to receive the news

by email.



Passo del Tonale




SS 42


SS 237


SS 239





di Campiglio




Riva del Garda

Comano Terme



SS 45b



SS 240


SS 12


SS 43




Molveno Andalo




SS 12


San Michele




SS 350





SS 612

Baselga di Piné


Altopiano di FOLGARIA,



Munich 312 km

Innsbruck 172 km

BolZano 57 km

SS 47



Borgo Valsugana


SS 48

Brescia 135 km

Bergamo 180 km

MILAN 250 km



Lago di Garda


Brescia 135 km

Bergamo 180 km

MILAN 250 km


Verona 90 km



Bologna 224 km


Passo Sella

Passo Pordoi


Passo Fedaia





Passo San Pellegrino


San Martino

di Castrozza



SS 50

Fiera di Primiero

Passo Brocon

Castel Tesino

Treviso 133 km

venice 163 km

Getting to Trentino

You can reach Trentino from the north and south either by rail (Verona-Brenner-Munich)

or on the A22 Brenner motorway.

The nearest airports to Trento are the “Dolomiti S. Giacomo” in Bolzano (57 km), the “Valerio Catullo”

in Verona (90 km), the “Gabriele d’Annunzio” in Brescia (135 km), the “Marco Polo” in Venice (163 km),

the “Orio al Serio” in Bergamo (180 km) and the “Linate” and “Malpensa” airports in Milan (about 250 km).

Local transport includes bus services run by the Trentino Trasporti and two minor railways,

the Trento-Venice through Valsugana and the Trento-Malé serving Val di Non and Val di Sole.

Trentino S.p.A. Territorial Marketing Company

via Romagnosi 11 I-38100 Trento



Azienda per il Turismo

Trento, Monte Bondone,

Valle dei Laghi

Azienda per il Turismo

Trento, Monte Bondone, valle dei laghi

Via Manci 2 – 38100 Trento

Tel. +39 0461 216000 – Fax +39 0461 216060

Azienda per il Turismo

Val di Fiemme

Via Fratelli Bronzetti 60 – 38033 Cavalese

Tel. +39 0462 241111 – Fax +39 0462 241199

Azienda per il Turismo

Val di Fassa

Strèda Roma 36 – 38032 Canazei

Tel. +39 0462 609500 – Fax +39 0462 602278

Azienda per il Turismo

San Martino di Castrozza,

Primiero e Vanoi

Via Passo Rolle 165

38058 San Martino di Castrozza

Tel. +39 0439 768867 – Fax +39 0439 768814

Azienda per il Turismo

Valsugana Scarl

Villa Sissi – Parco delle Terme 3

38056 Levico Terme

Tel. +39 0461 706101 – Fax +39 0461 706004

Azienda per il Turismo

Altopiano di Piné e Valle di Cembra

Via Battisti 106 – 38042 Baselga di Piné

Tel. +39 0461 557028 – Fax +39 0461 557577

Azienda per il Turismo

Altipiano di Folgaria, Lavarone e Luserna

Via Roma 67 – 38064 Folgaria

Tel. +39 0464 724100 – Fax +39 0464 720250

Azienda per il Turismo

Rovereto e Vallagarina

Corso Rosmini 6 – 38068 Rovereto

Tel. +39 0464 430363 – Fax +39 0464 435528

Azienda per il Turismo

Ingarda Trentino

Largo Medaglie d’Oro al Valor Militare 5

38066 Riva del Garda

Tel. +39 0464 554444 – Fax +39 0464 520308

Azienda per il Turismo

Terme di Comano-Dolomiti di Brenta


Via Battisti 38/D – 38070 Ponte Arche

Tel. +39 0465 702626 – Fax +39 0465 702281

Azienda per il Turismo

Madonna di Campiglio - Pinzolo -

Val Rendena

Via Pradalago 4 – 38086 Madonna di Campiglio

Tel. +39 0465 38084 – Fax +39 0465 440404

Azienda per il Turismo

Valli di Sole, Peio e Rabbi

Viale Marconi 7 – 38027 Malé

Tel. +39 0463 901280 – Fax +39 0463 901563

Azienda per il Turismo

Val di Non

Via Roma 21 – 38013 Fondo

Tel. +39 0463 830133 – Fax +39 0463 830161

Azienda per il Turismo

Dolomiti di Brenta, Paganella, Andalo,

Lago di Molveno, Fai della Paganella,

Cavedago, Spormaggiore

Piazza Dolomiti 1 – 38010 Andalo

Tel. +39 0461 585836 – Fax +39 0461 585570


Consorzio Pro Loco


Via Bagni di Fieno 18 - 38060 Garniga Terme

Tel. +39 0461 842586 - Fax +39 0461 843098

Consorzio Pro Loco


Via San Rocco 4 - 38040 Vattaro

Tel. +39 0461 848350 - Fax +39 0461 848050

Consorzio Pro Loco


Loc. Pintarei 75/A - 38050 Sant’Orsola Terme

Tel. +39 0461 551440 - Fax +39 0461 551030

Consorzio Pro Loco


Via Nuova 9 - 38060 Pieve di Ledro

Tel. +39 0464 591222 - Fax +39 0464 591577

Consorzio Pro Loco


Via Roma 61/1 - 38070 Vezzano

Tel. +39 0461 864400 - Fax +39 0461 864535

Consorzio Pro Loco


Via Damiano Chiesa 3 - 38079 Tione di Trento

Tel. +39 0465 323090 - Fax +39 0465 324140

Consorzio Pro Loco


Via Brescia 62 - 38080 Lardaro

Tel. +39 0465 901217 - Fax +39 0465 901937

Consorzio Pro Loco


Via 24 Maggio 115 - 38080 Lodrone di Storo

Tel. +39 0465 685033 - Fax +39 0465 685544



Via Garibaldi 3 - 38100 Trento

Tel. +39 e Fax +39 0461 239006

This brochure was edited by the Trentino S.p.A. in January 2009

Texts by: Redazione Trentino S.p.A.

Editorial coordination and translation: Relazioni Esterne Editoria Trentino S.p.A.

Graphic Design by: Designfabrik, Rovereto

Printed by: Litografica Editrice Saturnia, Trento

Photography: Trentino S.p.A. Photolibrary: Nicola Angeli, Silvano Angelani, Valerio Banal, Carlo Baroni, Maurizio Belli,

Emil Bosco, Paolo Calzà, Alberto Campanile, Piero Cavagna, Giovanni Cavulli, Giorgio Deflorian, Moreno Diana, Franco De Ruvo,

Flavio Faganello, Aldo Fedele, Bruno Fontanesi, Alessandro Gardin, Franco Gionco, Davide Grossi, Ronny Kiaulehn,

Pietro Lattuada, Armin Linke, Daniele Lira, Romano Magrone, Marisa Montibeller, Pierluigi Orler Dellasega, Andrea Parolin,

Ettore Perazzini, Alessio Periotto, Stefano Salvi, Lucio Tonina, Ugo Visciani, Gilberto Volcan, Gianni Zotta, local Tourist Offices


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