solid edge machinery design brochure - Siemens PLM Software

solid edge machinery design brochure - Siemens PLM Software

Solid Edge

Machinery Design

Siemens PLM Software

Solid Edge ® software is powerful 3D CAD software delivering

competitive advantage through cost reduction and increased

revenues. Insight technology directly embeds design management,

providing insight into design intent to the entire organization and

enhancing collaboration. Insight, along with superior modeling and

process workflows, greatly eases the design of increasingly complex

products required to meet changing market demands.

As a machine designer today you

are constantly facing one very

clear but difficult issue: the ever

increasing complexity of your

product designs. Driven by market

demand for new and innovative

products with an increasing array

of options, product complexity has

multiplied exponentially in the last

decade. Add the need to apply

new technologies before your

competitors do, customer demand

for faster delivery – and the need

to fit more and more capability

into smaller and smaller spaces

while delivering increasingly

functional shapes with optimized

material costs – and product

complexity becomes almost

impossible to manage.

Enter Solid Edge and its Design with

Insight approach to machine design.

Straightforward yet robust, simple

but elegant, Solid Edge eases the

design of complex machines.

Easing the design of complex machinery

Your products are becoming more complex,

but that doesn’t mean your processes or your

tools have to follow. Solid Edge can help you to

Design with Insight, simplifying design complexity

by providing insight into design intent throughout

the machine design process.

Solid Edge helps you capture and re-use pertinent

information starting at layout and moving through

to complete digital mockup, while providing

you with industry-best practices for machineryspecific

processes such as weldments, sheet metal,

wiring, tubing, shape creation and assembly.

By extending this valuable insight to all of the

users of design information through Solid Edge’s

unique built-in collaborative environment, you

will soon be managing product complexity

without adding to the complexity of your

machine design processes.

Results that count

Solid Edge is one of the few investments you

can make that will impact the top line of your

business. By maximizing design re-use and innovation,

Solid Edge will help you evaluate more

variations in less time, clearly differentiate your

product and quickly adapt to change – ultimately

leading to improved customer proposals and

higher win rates.

And, at the same time, Solid Edge helps to keep

your product development costs under control

through effortless re-use of components and

systems from previously completed projects,

streamlined design reviews, faster supplier

turnaround and fewer prototyping cycles.This all

leads to reduced rework and clearly identifiable

increases in engineering productivity that make

you more competitive in the marketplace.

Significant cost savings from lower material

costs and inventory optimization do not mean a

reduction in quality. Solid Edge lets you quickly

and easily explore new materials and shapes for

optimized functionality, while improving documentation

for your manufacturing team, customers

and suppliers.

It’s no accident that Solid Edge is the design

tool of choice for thousands of machinery

organizations around the world.These companies

rely on Solid Edge to make complex machine

design easier. Using Solid Edge, they build

functionally accurate machinery models and

eliminate costly errors and rework.They quickly

develop new and improved designs that exceed

customer expectations and help to keep their

order book full.


A proven workflow for the machine design process












and verification





Installation and

custom training

From the moment you implement Solid Edge, you are on the way to

differentiating your business from your competitors. First, enhance your

sales and marketing efforts using Solid Edge for web publishing, product

renderings and animations that demonstrate your capabilities.Then, take

advantage of Solid Edge’s unique ability to offer increased insight into

your machinery design process, from initial layouts for proposals through

complete digital mockup and final documentation. From concept to final

design, Solid Edge will help you explore and validate more variations,

confirm that the product performs as intended and facilitate the re-use

of proven components and systems to optimize costs and assure the

highest quality, on-time delivery.

Faster customer proposals

Existing machine designs often form the basis for new proposals

and Solid Edge helps you quickly generate a new project. Powerful

interrogation tools help your design team investigate the impact of any

necessary modifications and better evaluate the costs of these early

design decisions. By quickly finding all documents that will be affected

and giving you a more accurate understanding of the modifications

involved, Solid Edge helps you generate detailed customer proposals

faster and improves your chances for receiving the purchase order.

Conceptual design to full digital mockup and documentation

With Solid Edge, you design machinery the same way you think about it.

For speed and simplicity, 2D layouts provide a framework from which

more detailed part and subassemblies are developed.Then, unique

hybrid 2D/3D capabilities let you easily assure accurate fit of all parts.

As the design progresses, you can take advantage of Solid Edge’s proven

strengths in massive assembly design to develop a full digital mockup.

Solid Edge customers are creating digital mockups containing more

than 100,000 parts.These functionally realistic machinery models allow

you to emulate the real-world situations for which your products are

being designed.

2D drawings continue to be the most common deliverable for documenting

a completed machinery design and Solid Edge leads the market

in drawing creation productivity. Solid Edge dramatically accelerates the

production of assembly drawings by automatically creating exploded

views, balloons, parts lists and BOMs.You will quickly create fully

dimensioned drawings and maintenance documentation that is always

up to date with reference to the machinery models.


Maximizing re-use of existing design information

New machinery designs often evolve from existing products and, with

Solid Edge as your design knowledge resource, new product lines and

modifications to existing modules can be produced in less time and at

less cost. Following completion of each Solid Edge project, the entire

product data set and the intellectual property it contains are captured,

securely archived and remain easily accessible for future projects so you

can quickly understand the impact of proposed design modifications and

present accurate knowledge-rich proposals that shorten the time to

final purchase orders.

Quickly find and re-use data

Solid Edge Insight helps you better evaluate the impact of design

decisions by quickly finding all documents that will be affected by a

change, including all related 2D drawings.You can quickly locate design

data using any defined criteria and SQL indexing means searches take

seconds. Fast “where used” reporting also helps your design team

determine all the product and subassembly models that contain a

specific component, giving them a more accurate understanding of

the impact of replacing or modifying components of the machine.

Leveraging existing designs

Machinery designers commonly use 2D layouts to provide a framework

for more detailed part and subassembly design. Solid Edge lets you use

existing 2D machinery layouts or create new ones with familiar 2D

concepts and then add 3D as you progress.With these unique hybrid

2D/3D capabilities, you can mix and match 2D and 3D representations of

parts, only adding 3D detail when required. By modifying or updating an

existing 2D machinery design without having to first remodel all of the

individual components in 3D, you can quickly re-purpose existing designs

to meet the needs of new customers. And you will still be capturing

enough intelligence to ensure the finished machine comes together

smoothly and accurately.

Machinery modules as functional systems

Solid Edge lets you simulate the interaction of machinery components in

a real-world environment through Systems Design, a unique Solid Edge

approach that enables you to create and store functionally realistic

machinery sub-systems that emulate the real-world situations for which

they are being designed. Once you have simulated and validated the

behavior of assemblies and mechanisms used in your machinery designs,

you can save them as re-usable systems that you know will maintain

this built-in knowledge and function correctly when re-used in future

machinery designs. Solid Edge’s Systems Design capabilities are powerful

enablers for “what-if” scenarios, allowing you to incorporate modular

design changes and quickly adapt existing machine designs to meet

changing customer requirements.


Detail design

Quickly create a full digital mockup of the new

product, optimizing use of materials and

inventory for lower costs. Solid Edge resolves

fit and interference issues long before any parts

are manufactured. Unique systems design

capabilities develop functional models that

simulate real-world environments, enabling

better design decisions that ultimately lead to

clearly differentiated products at a lower cost.

Design reviews

Use Solid Edge’s built-in managed collaboration

capabilities to improve communication throughout

the entire design process. Engineers, designers,

external suppliers, customers and others can track

progress, view and mark up drawings and initiate

change orders that are seamlessly recorded,

managed and communicated, leading to fewer

downstream changes and lower costs through

earlier component definition.

Conceptual design

Use Solid Edge’s flexible 2D/3D capabilities to

arrange the machine layout, using a mix of

existing 2D drawings and 3D models and further

speeding time-to-completion by distributing

design tasks throughout the team. Assure

accurate fit of parts without having to model

every individual component. Leverage Solid

Edge’s proven strengths in massive assembly

design to develop machinery models containing

tens or even hundreds of thousands of parts.

Winning business

Quickly understand the impact of proposed

design modifications and present accurate

knowledge-rich proposals that shorten the

time to final purchase orders. Take advantage

of systems design capabilities to easily study

the impact of design variations and offer a

clearly differentiated solution at a price

that keeps your customers happy and your

business profitable.

Promoting capabilities

Use digital mockups created in Solid Edge for

previous projects to raise awareness and build

immediate customer confidence in your engineering

capabilities. Photo realistic renderings

remove the need for expensive photography,

while 3D animations bring your products to life

and can be published directly to your company

web pages.



Effortlessly create 2D drawings from machinery

assemblies containing thousands of parts.

Add standard, section, detail, broken and

isometric views with the click of a button.

Accelerate the production of assembly drawings

by automatically creating exploded views,

balloons, parts lists and BOMs.


Leverage the integration of world-class

partners in Solid Edge’s Voyager program for

seamless communications with CAM and other

downstream applications. Improve collaboration

between engineering, shop floor and external

suppliers using practical view and markup tools

and managed workflows for release control.

Assembly and verification

Use clearly understandable assembly drawings

and 3D animations to speed assembly time.

Enjoy the results of Solid Edge’s full digital

mockup and systems design capabilities that

ensure the finished product fits and functions

“right the first time.”

Installation and customer training

Create higher quality user and maintenance

guides, including 3D exploded views and

animations that can be easily customized to

suit the need of individual customers.

Post-project archive

Solid Edge captures and securely archives the

entire product data set and the intellectual

property it contains, so that it remains easily

accessible for future projects. By easing design

complexity, new products can be produced in

less time and at less cost.


Managing change

Integrated data vaulting

Solid Edge Insight manages your valuable machinery design data

in secure vaults. Document check-in and check-out processes

are seamlessly embedded inside standard Solid Edge file commands

and Solid Edge provides continual and instant feedback on the

status of files, their availability and who is working on them.

These secure, SQL server-based vaulting features prevent

unauthorized or conflicting changes and allow individual team

members to confidently work on the same machine, knowing

that the components they are referencing from other members

are always up to date.

Full ECR/ECO workflow management

Insight simplifies the release process for machinery designs, using

automated workflows to ensure that everyone is receiving the

information they need, when they need it. From pre-released, to

released and throughout any step in the complete product lifecycle,

industry leading collaboration and data management tools ensure

that changes can be enacted, checked and approved as swiftly and

accurately as possible. Insight supports both serial and parallel

approval processes and you can either use the out-of-the-box

workflow templates delivered with Solid Edge or customize your

own to suit your specific requirements.

Comprehensive revision management

Solid Edge Insight helps your design team keep abreast of design

changes as they develop.Throughout the lifecycle of each machine,

team members can subscribe to product data – individual files,

folders and even discussion groups – to receive automatic email

notification whenever changes are made. As designers complete

their work, Solid Edge automatically checks in the files, assigns new

version numbers and updates related files to reflect the changes.

Solid Edge saves and tracks multiple revisions of a design and Insight

provides powerful recursive searching so you can review the full

design history, determine the source of revisions and replace

designs with previous revisions.


Machinery-specific design applications

Solid Edge delivers tools and workflows that offer specific solutions

to the challenges of machinery design.Tailored environments,

specific to processes at hand, reduce development costs by

eliminating errors to assure designs are right the first time.With

optimized drawing production and manufacturing considerations

built directly into each process, you engineer and build complex

machines in less time.

Sheet metal

Solid Edge’s sheet metal environment uses standard sheet metal

and fabrication terminology, with streamlined modeling commands

for tabs, flanges, louvers, dimples, cutouts, mitered corners, corner

breaks and other sheet metal-specific part features.With automated

placement of bend relief, bend allowance calculations and

punch- and laser-ready flat pattern development, Solid Edge

delivers the most advanced sheet metal CAD package available.


The weldment environment assists in defining the constituent

parts of weldments, as well as weld beads, pre-weld surface

treatments and machining operations after the welds are applied.

Solid Edge drafting documents the entire weldment manufacturing

process, with component drawings as well as pre-weld and

post-machining views.Weldment designs can be placed and manipulated

as single components in machinery models.

Wiring and tubing

Solid Edge XpresRoute is an integrated add-on package that

rapidly routes and models wires, cables and rigid or flexible

tubing for hydraulic or pneumatic systems.Tubing and wiring

components are dynamically associative to the components they

connect, so that they automatically adjust when changes are

made to a machine’s related parts.

Standard Parts

Solid Edge Standard Parts is a powerful parts management

system that allows your designers to define, store, select and

position commonly used parts – like fasteners, bearings and

structural steel members – quickly and efficiently, enabling rapid

and precise completion of machinery designs.With Solid Edge

Standard Parts, you can establish and share company standards,

so your designers can concentrate on designing machinery and

not on redundant modeling tasks. In addition to the baseline of

components delivered with Solid Edge, an extensive machinery

parts library is available as an optional add-on package.


Better engineering for higher quality machinery

Solid Edge boosts design productivity with specialized tools that

encapsulate best practices for machinery design, helping you to

make better decisions and capture valuable knowledge as you refine

a design. Captured intelligence means your original design intent is

automatically preserved whenever you make changes, so you can

continue to innovate beyond your competitors while maintaining

the quality and serviceability of your products.

Design rule sensors

Analogous to physical sensing devices, sensors are unique Solid Edge

design aids that provide continuing feedback on engineering rules

and variables as the design develops. Sensors automatically monitor

distances between components, surface areas, physical properties

and other design variables and let you know when design rules and

other criteria are not being met.

Motion and interference analysis

Solid Edge provides a range of tools that allow you to simulate moving

parts within your machinery design and detect any interference

that may result. By simply moving a component, you can detect

collisions and observe the realistic effects of contacts and forces

that will influence the part’s movement. As parts collide, they will

either stop or push each other around, depending on how they

have been defined in the assembly. In addition, a built-in motion

analysis package can accurately simulate complex movement

involving multiple parts at once, detect interferences and create

AVI animations of the full range of assembly motion.

Online engineering reference

The Engineering Handbook is an integrated add-on package for

Solid Edge that provides online reference and automatic mechanical

part modeling. A calculation driven parts generator automatically

builds part models from the engineering calculations, based on

desired load and service criteria. Also included is a complete online

reference that documents algorithms, formulas and theories.


Solid Edge – Design with Insight for machinery

Solid Edge allows your machine designers to Design with Insight

by providing insight into design intent throughout your organization.

Complement this with Solid Edge’s superior core modeling and

process workflows and you can see how companies in the business

of machine design have been able to reduce their engineering

change orders and related rework by 50 percent or more.

The engineering aids in Solid Edge help you evaluate more design

alternatives in less time.You can rapidly create and evaluate large

numbers of design alternatives for your machinery – optimizing form,

fit and function, while maintaining design intent and manufacturability

of complete systems throughout the design process.

By optimizing machinery performance and reliability, increasing

engineering capacity, improving quality and reducing lead times

and costs, Solid Edge is helping machinery makers achieve strategic

business objectives of greater market share, revenue and profitability.

Contact your local reseller to see the productivity advantages of

Solid Edge and learn how Solid Edge delivers more insight into your

designs and processes.Your business can benefit from the CAD

industry’s most functional innovations for machinery design. Be first

to complete your new machinery designs, first to market with

an error-free product, the first to Design with Insight.


About Solid Edge

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is the most complete feature-based 2D/3D CAD

system available to the market today that combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with

precise control of dimension-driven design, to provide the fastest, most flexible design experience

possible. With superior part and assembly modeling, drafting, transparent data management, and

built-in finite element analysis, Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology is a core component

of theVelocity Series portfolio that eases the growing complexity of product design.

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Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, is a leading

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