Objective Evidence Record (OER) - SAE


Objective Evidence Record (OER) - SAE


8 9 10 Objective Evidence/Comments

Item # Quality Management System Requirements C NCR

(e.g., observations, OFIs)

8.2.3 Monitoring and measurement (M&M) of processes

343 Methods for M&M of QMS processes are in place and

demonstrate that processes achieve planned results

344 Correction and corrective actions are taken when results are

not achieved

Process nonconformities result in:

345 a. actions to correct the nonconforming process

346 b. evaluations of the affect on products

347 c. determinations of the affect on other processes or


348 d. control of nonconforming product (NCP)

8.2.4 Monitoring and measurement (M&M) of product

349 M&M of product characteristics are performed and


350 Maintenance operations are completed, as planned

(9110 only)

351 Acceptance measurement requirements are

documented and include:

352 a. acceptance and/or rejection criteria

Revision level

353 b. the sequence where measurement and testing

operations are planned

(including customer and/or Authority inspection -

9110 only)

354 c. records of measurement results Revision level

355 d. specific measurement instruments required

356 e. the inspection/testing operations that are to be

verified and/or witnessed (9110 only)

357 Critical items are controlled and monitored

358 Sampling plan are justified on the basis of recognized

statistical principles and appropriate for use

359 Defects are identified during maintenance (that are

outside the scope of the contract) are processed per

customer and/or Authority requirements (9110 only)

360 Product released for use prior to the completion of

planned activities is controlled to allow for recall

361 Records reflect person(s) authorizing release of product for

Revision level


362 Records show that products meet defined requirements Revision level

363 Release of product and/or delivery of services are not

performed until all planned activities are accomplished or

without Authority/customer approval

364 Documents required to accompany the product are

present at delivery

365 Documents required to accompany the product are

being provided and procedures are implemented for the

preparation and completion of Authority documentation

(9110 only)

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