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punctum lux - SWS Gesellschaft für Glasbaubeschläge mbH

punctum ® lux

Luminous. Striking. Unique.

Shining architecture

in a nightly, urban context



Ideas. Passion. Perfection.


The development and realisation of the punctum ® lux point fi xture is based on cooperation between the two

companies INSTA and SWS. Only by joining and meshing the knowledge and experiences in two special

areas – electronic building-system engineering and glass construction hardware – has it become possible

to implement a continuously convincing total solution. The fact is that linking the INSTA LED technology with

the SWS punctum ® concept portrays the innovative strength of both companies along with the willingness to

hold open dialogues during committed cooperation. You can fi nd out more about our cooperation partner,

INSTA, at www.insta.de.

punctum ® lux brings light into dark

With the patented point fi xture, the punctum ® lux, glass facades can be completely illuminated at night.

That turns entire buildings into luminous elements that set accents, create atmosphere and call attention to

themselves. The integrated light emitting diodes (LEDs), well protected in the point fi xtures, are controlled

and supplied with current based on a safe and uncomplicated low-volt technology. The colour of the light

can be freely selected from the RGB range (16.7 million colours) via a sequencer. Connecting to the digital

building engineering via a bus system facilitates comfortable light scenarios control and programming.

Practical advantage: The LED low volt technology is maintenance and energy effi cient – for example, LEDs

can be replaced with a fl ick of the wrist.

punctum® lux

Control and programming of the LED light

mood via the instalight® LEDTRIX module

The doping applied to the glass (white points)

allows the light pattern to be defi ned.

Intelligent down to the last detail

punctum ® is an innovative, highly loadable mounting system for demanding glass façade design. The

interior swivel head absorbs the pane forces and conducts them into the supporting frame – the occurring

loads are ideally distributed. The practical reset function and easy system adjustability clearly simplifi es

installation. In addition, the reduced stainless steel design supports modern architecture. As punctum ® has

a general building permit (AbZ), there is no need to apply for one in each individual case. With over 300,000

extant type statics, we additionally support you with rapid and simple static calculations for your glass

façade project.

Much is possible

The opportunities to set glowing accents with punctum ® lux are extraordinarily versatile. Along with use as

style-forming elements in urban architecture, „Corporate Architecture“ stands in special focus – corporate

headquarters that shine in the company colours or that are put into the focus of attention with alternating

light scenarios. Because intensive moods and atmospheres can be created and supported with light, you

can use punctum ® lux to implement new creative solutions, for example in shop fi ttings and exhibitionstand

construction along with the entire wellness segment.

Technical Data:








Ø 68

M 12x1,75

Ø 30

glass drilling VSG:

Ø42,5 +0,5



Retaining pin:

Force initiation:

Glass thickness:


Thread length*:

V4A mirrored

fl exible

in front of the pane-middle

17,52 mm

68 mm

35 mm

* Other thread lengths / sizes available on request!

** General construction supervisory approval applied for!

Rated voltage: 28V dc

LED colours: RGB


2,2 W

Protection class: IP 67

Channels: 3


ca. 0,7 kg


punctum ® lux – a vision turned into reality

„Impossible. That will never work.“ At fi rst, many experts were unable to imagine a point fi xture with integrated

LED glass façade lighting. For us, such critical statements were motivation and challenge enough to

develop just such a point fi xture despite all resistance and diffi culties. Meanwhile the vision has become a

patented product that securely holds glass facades and moves them into a completely new light. Builders

and architects can illuminate entire buildings in any conceivable colours desired, setting powerful lighting

accents in the nightly urban context. Use punctum ® lux for visionary architecture that distinctly sets itself

apart from the city silhouette day and night.

SWS has been a DIN EN ISO 9001

certifi ed company for over 10 years


Gesellschaft für Glasbaubeschläge mbH

Friedrich-Engels-Str. 12

51545 Waldbröl


Telephone: (+49) 02291-7905-0

Telefax: (+49) 02291-7905-10




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