Surveyor - Townsville City Council

Surveyor - Townsville City Council

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Surveyors assemble and assess land and

geographic information which is used for

planning and regulation of the land, the

sea and a related structures.

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How do Surveyors do it?

Surveyors measure accurate positions on the earth’s surface

for mapping and construction purposes. This is achieved by

performing complex calculations with the assistance of precise

surveying instruments. Surveyors may spend a lot of time

working outdoors. They also work in offices, analysing data

and preparing plans and reports.

What are the job prospects?

Engineering & Cadastral Surveyors are rare and therefore in

very high demand.

What entry subjects do you need?

Surveying involves complex trigonometry calculations so a

good understanding of this & mathematics is an advantage.

To become qualified the minimum course required is a 2 year

full time/4 years part time Associate Degree in Spatial Science


Council’s Surveyor Cadetship program:

>> TCC employs students who are accepted/enrolled in the

University of Southern Queensland Associate Degree

external Survey study program.

>> The cadetship contract offers flexible study leave as well as

some financial assistance with external study obligations.

>> Council’s cadetship program requires the qualified

surveyors to undertake a fixed-term contract of employment

on completion of studies.

>> Attractive remuneration increases are awarded for

successful completion of each years study.

How do I apply?

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