IT IS NOT - Arbonne

IT IS NOT - Arbonne

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When my mom called me about Arbonne, in late March of 2006, I was

very surprised. I had a great job with a Web conferencing company,

working out of my home and making a significant income for my family.

I could not understand why my mom would be so insistent about a network

marketing company. She had even told me many times how lucky

I was to have the job that I had. So, for her to bring up Arbonne in every

conversation, every day, was just so strange to me. I did not get it.

Then on April 6 th I lost my “great” job. My company was acquired by

another company and they let most of us go. I could not believe it. I still

was not going to do Arbonne, though. However, that Easter, there were

other plans in store for me. My mom, who lives in Edmond, Oklahoma,

flew out to visit us. As I suspected would happen, she started talking to

me about Arbonne again. She spoke about how much she liked the

NutriMinC ® RE 9® anti-aging skin care; how it made her skin feel and that

she just loved everything about it, even the packaging. She talked about

how all of these women (nearly 200 in fact) were driving a white

Mercedes-Benz in Oklahoma — by participating in the Mercedes-Benz

Cash Bonus Program — and about the potential income some people

were making. I was really hesitant and even explained to her that if it

was big in Oklahoma, then we were too late. Then, I saw the map. I

saw all the amazing activity in Oklahoma and I looked over at my little

state of Delaware and was shocked. There was only one woman driving

the Mercedes-Benz in the entire state! I know Delaware is small, but

surely there was room for more than one. I looked up to my mom and

said, “Mom, I do not think we are late; I think we are early.” Then I said,

“I need to wash my face!”

Well, that is what I did and I have since not only fallen madly in love

with the products, but have made it to Regional Vice President in only

four-and-a-half months! I am not alone. The first woman who joined me

— Carol Newberry — is getting her Mercedes-Benz, too. And my second

business builder, Laurie Schaefer, is right on our heels, too, for her

Angie’s family: Husband, Dave, daughter, Cambria and son, Christian.

a n g i e c e l l a

Independent Consultant, Executive Regional Vice President

Angie Cella Region; Wilmington, DE

Mercedes-Benz. We are not only hugely successful in Arbonne, we are

actually having fun doing it, and I think that is a secret to being successful

in Arbonne. If you are enjoying your life, especially your working

life, it shows and other people want to be a part of that.

Working as a team with my friend, EAM Laurie Schaefer, and my

neighbor (turned good friend), RVP Carol Newberry, in growing our

businesses, we learned there are really two key reasons to success with

Arbonne. The first is understanding that in order for you to be successful,

you must help others be successful. The second is knowing that finding

these other people is simply a matter of time — it will happen. Some

on the team find their teammates or business builders right away; others

take months, but those who stay with it eventually find their teams.

So when you start an Arbonne business you need to give yourself some

time, have a committed mind and heart and once you find your business

continued ...

Cambria, Angie’s Why.

Christian, Angie’s Why.

success strategy:

Stop wishing and start doing.

builders, help them. We found the more we helped each other and encouraged

others to stay with it, the more we were blessed in our businesses.

In the beginning, my husband was totally against me doing Arbonne.

This past summer he was transformed. He now sees Arbonne as a blessing

to our family and our lives. I hardly know who he is when he says

things to me like, “Honey, I will watch the kids, I will cook dinner, give

the kids their baths … you just go do your Arbonne.” For the first time

in our lives together, we see those dreams of ours may actually come

true; buying the Avalon beach home may become a reality. We will

have the potential to go on trips with our children, without scheduling

conflicts and money concerns. Spending more time with each other and

them is a possibility. The worry of watching every dime and stressing out

between paychecks is ending. Our lives have been altered into the life

we always dreamed. We actually laugh more and have less stress now,

though we are busier than ever with my (or I should say “our”) Arbonne

business. The difference is, we now have — as he puts it — an “exit strategy,”

basically, the opportunity for both of us to have the potential to

retire in just a few short years. Can you imagine being retired and financially

secure by the age of 30 or 40? We have this option now.

First of all, I want to thank my team. To Carol, Laurie, EDM Glendy

Prado, EDM Gina Ellis and my newest business builder and longtime

friend, Nicole Kerr: Thank you for believing in me and this journey. And

to the whole team, I know you hear this all the time, but you all are

amazing. Your spirit, determination, trust and commitment astound me.

Instead of me motivating you, you all motivate me. Thank you for all you

do, for the sacrifices and the many things I never see you do every day

to grow your business. I want so much for each of you to achieve all of

your dreams and get the most you can out of life. I pray for each of you

every night and will always love and admire you. To my mentor and

coach, ENVP Kristi Sivigliano: The first time I spoke to you, I felt your

energy and drive. I was touched by how much you wanted this, and still

believe, for me. You never made me feel that this was about you. I

appreciate you being honest with me (especially on those days I probably

wish you had not) and for hanging in there with me. You make me

laugh and I feel proud to know you. And finally, a big thank you to

ENVP Cecilia Stoll for being a pioneer and paving the way so that all

The Delaware/Pennsylvania team: EAM Katina Tsaganos,

ENVP Kristi Sivigliano, RVP Carol Newberry, EAM Susan

Coles (aka “Mom”), Angie, EAM Hilary Eberle and EDM

Gina Ellis.

Angie’s family.

of us might also have the opportunity to have our dreams come true. I

am very thankful and honored to be a part of your team.

To my mom and dad Cella: Thanks for keeping it real and making me

laugh. I love you both so much and I am so glad I am your “favorite”

now. To my husband and best friend, Dave: You are my foundation and

touchstone. I know you know I could not have done this without you. I

love you. To my mom: Thanks for keeping on me about it. You helped

me to see that network marketing is simply a way of distributing products,

that the products are phenomenal and you can make a potentially

amazing living doing it; and also that anything is possible in life if you

believe. I love you, mom!

I once thought that the potential to earn extraordinary income only happened

to extraordinary people; well, that is not the case with Arbonne.

Anyone who puts their mind to it can go all the way to the top. I love

what this company has done for our family and friends. And I believe it

is just the beginning.


The Delaware/Pennsylvania team: AM Lisa

White, DM Cristi Edwards, EDM Gina

Ellis, Angie, RVP Carol Newberry, EDM

Glendy Prado, EAM Hilary Eberle and

EAM Katina Tsaganos.


The DC/Virginia team: Tania Ivey, EAM

Laurie Schaefer, DM Shelley Sorensen,

Angie, EDM Lara Zauner, DM Gretchen

Cioffi and EDM Ed Taylor.


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