i m m a n u e l ’ s t e m p l e s y s t e m s o f c h u r c h m a g a z i n e

Happy Birthday!

To The Dynamic Brother/Sister Duo...

Minister Emanuel Owens

& Minister Rachel Owens


A Message from

Bishop Phillip E. Owens

have We Lost the

RegaLia as LeadeRs?

Elect Lady’s Corner

Issue 2 | Volume 4 | November–December 2014

Table of Contents

A Letter from the Editorial Team ........................3

Bishop’s Sermon .................................................4-5

Elect Lady’s Corner ...........................................6-7

November Shout-out.............................................8

Give Thanks: Crossword Puzzle .........................9

ITSC Christmas Gifts ..........................................10

My-T-Sharp Ad / 7 Year Anniversary ...............11

New Year’s Eve Ad ...............................................12

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Blessings to one and all! We have another great edition during this new and exciting

season! We are in the homestretch of 2014 and the year is quickly coming to a close.

Everything about this season evokes change that is undeniable. Nevertheless, the

most poignant stabilizer in all of our lives is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whether

young or old, male or female, rich or poor, saint or sinner, the power of the blood transcends

all lines and barriers. And truthfully, that is what we love most about the end of the

year! First we have November - the month where we give thanks. We can go down the list

for what we are thankful for and fill a whole library with our praise! Psalm 118:1 says “O

give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.” We take

great pride in being willing and obedient to all that the word of God instructs us to!

Then we come to our beloved month of December where families are appreciated

and love runs deep. We always want to remember, though, the true reason for the

season. It is all about the birth of Jesus! This material world fades like the melting

snow, but power of Jesus remains! We’re just here to help keep you on track. So please buy

your gifts and bake your pies, but know that we all must commemorate the greatest gift

ever betrothed to mankind: A humble King that was born in a manger to a virgin! Jesus is

His name and we would love to wish you all an incredibly Merry Christmas and a Happy

New Year!

We hope you enjoy our articles and offerings in this edition! For more information,

please call us at (702) 818-4285 or visit us online at

Thanks again from all of the newsletter staff here at Immanuel’s

Temple. God bless and we would love to see you real soon!


A Word From Our Bishop

Have you ever noticed how a little toddler

loves to ask the question, Why? They

ask “Daddy, the sky is blue... why?” and

when you tell them they ask another “why?” Then

when they finish with that “why” they ask you “but

why?” They really believe that their parents have all

the answers. What many do not realize is that God

also asks us as His creation- “Why?” He asks those

the question why to those that have experienced

how good He can be and then in return they leave

Him. If you are saved or if you are unsaved we have

all experienced God; He reigns on the just and the

unjust. God asks this question to those who have

tasted of His goodness and have rolled in His mercy

but yet they walk away from Him and forsake Him

for the things of this world.

Many times people offer God excuses to answer

when answering the question “Why?” You say to

God that you were lonely so you left Him for human

affection. How could you leave the one that is more

to you than anyone who tells you that they love you

anybody that can ever say that they love you? God

said that He loves you with an everlasting love, and

with loving kindness has He drawn you.

Some may say to God that they have been going

through financially so that is why they ended their

relationship with Him. How could you leave the

one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills? The

gold and the silver belong to God! If God was in

need of something He would not have to ask you

because He owns everything. Why would you seek

something else? God has promised that if you seek

first the kingdom of God and His righteousness all

the things that others seek after shall be added to


It offends God when you know Him and you

leave Him to find help in other places. He stands in

heaven and asks, “Why?” When people leave God

to seek other things that is it’s because they do not

understand who God is. There is no reason for a

child of God to envy the people of the world. You

should not watch the Hollywood award shows and

be envious of their jewels and gowns.

Those possessions are only temporary because

many of them go home to hell on earth. They are

plagued by adultery or they have to use drugs in

order to live the life they are living. Why would you

give up what you have in God trying to get what is

not able to satisfy unsatisfying to the ones that have

the riches of this world?

God has to be your everything EVERYTHING.

When a man pleases God He makes even his

enemies to be at peace with Him. He is the Great

I Am, the Alpha and Omega and He will always

be your Prince of Peace. I admonish you to obtain

a constant love for God and tell God daily I will

never leave you so that He will never have to ask

you “Why?”

Did You Know?

Did you know that on December 19, 1999, God blessed us to occupy our beautiful edifice in Lansing,

MI? On that date, we left the rented facility of Plumber’s and Pipefitter’s Union Hall and marched directly

across the street to our brand new 2,000-seater church building. We are yet celebrating the joyous

miracle of faith through the obedience and sacrificial work of our leaders that wrought our $10 million

debt-free temple!


6 6

Elect Lady’s Corner

As I meditated upon an unfamiliar scripture

passage, Lamentations 5:16, “The crown is

fallen from our head: woe unto us, that we

have sinned!”, I waited for God to give me clarity as

to what He wanted me to receive or share from His


As I studied the verse, I could not help but to

relate it to the Church of today and become greatly

disturbed by the display of church leaders who

are supposed to be representing God’s plan on the

Earth. To follow your plan may be to miss God’s


“The crown has fallen” not only speaks of a king

that has fallen in disgrace, but sadly, there is no

one worthy to succeed him as king because they

are all like him. Jeremiah 8:10 says, “...for every one

from the least even unto the greatest is given to

covetousness, from the prophet even unto the priest

every one dealeth falsely.” The regalia is lost!

Regalia is defined as, “rights or privileges belonging

to a king; prerogatives of sovereignty.” The privileges

and rights given to us as leaders from God have been

abused by serving ourselves in carnality which has

caused the body of Christ to sin and displease God.

Therefore judgment must follow. Jeremiah 8:11,

“For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of

my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there

is no peace.” As long as the leaders continue to

fall into weak compromise, flattery, and desiring

the pleasures of sin rather than taking a stand in

righteousness, there will be no peace, but judgment

from God.

The regalia is lost because there is no power or

authority in our lives or words to rebuke the

devourer. When you’re not right with God who

gives you authority and the right to not only rebuke

satan, but to rule His church according to His will

and not yours. But how can you rebuke what you’re

in one accord with? (Amos 3:3)

That’s why satan is running churches today

with adultery, fornication, homosexuality, hiphop,

drugs, pornography, and all manner of sin

because the leaders have lost the regalia. God

does not give power and authority to those not

listening. It is called disobedience!

So be careful what you hear and who you hear!

Ephesians 5:6-7 says, “Let no man deceive you

with vain words: for because of these things

cometh the wrath of God upon the children of

disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with


If leaders want the regalia to return, they must

first turn to God in humility and repentance;

and begin to seek the face of God (not take the

place of God by ruling according to their own

understanding). Then God will hear from heaven,

and power will return to the Church when the

head is not sick defiling the body, but preaching

sound doctrine that we may be found at His

return a glorious church!

Elect Lady, Patricia A. Owens D.D,


The month of November is a very special

month for us here at ITSC! We take great joy

in celebrating the birthdays of two of the hardest

working members of this ministry: Minister

Emanuel Owens and Minister Rachel Owens. This

brother and sister team are truly assisting their parents

in ministry in a way that would make anyone proud.

There are so many stories in the media on ill-mannered

preacher’s kids and it’s about time to celebrate the ones

that can put a smile on your face because they are an

example to others!

Minister Emanuel Owens, the eldest of the three Owens

children, is truly a talented and anointed musician.

With his leadership over the music ministry, he leads

the services at Immanuel’s Temple into a deeper level

of praise and worship with our Lord and Savior. With

his no-nonsense attitude and ability to get the job done,

Bishop and Elect Lady Owens know that their son is a

strength to the ministry and one that they can always

rely on.

Minister Rachel Owens is a young lady who is full

of promise and power. Sincerely being a Ruth to her

Naomi, Min. Rachel works tirelessly and with all her

heart from the altar call during services to the direction

over the entire youth ministry. As one of the greatest

supporters of this vision and her parents, Min. Rachel

has given her life to the furtherance of communicating

the word of God to the world with a spirit of excellence.

She is certainly an individual that “makes things happen”

and is a catalyst that will help push the vision that

God has given to her parents.

We have been blessed with these two servants of the

house. Both are also great examples to the young and

old of ITSC and especially to their younger brother

Josiah. They live according to the standard of God’s holy

word and have shown themselves consistent. You can

see the favor of God upon these two. God has blessed

them with tenacity and a heart for the things of God.

Their testimony precedes them and we can’t wait to see

all that God has in store for the both of them. HAPPY



(Sing to the tune of “Joy to the World”)

Joy to the World, during this time of year,

Find gifts that will bring others cheer!

Be a blessing to your home or pass the word along,

Remember the messages heard or recall an anointed word;

Whichever you choose, remember that God Loves you!

That is right, it is the most beautiful time of year! The season in

which we take the time to remember the birth of our Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ. There is no better way to spread Christmas cheer than

by spreading the Gospel of our Lord. Immanuel’s Temple Systems of

Church has so much to offer. Whether you want to bless yourself with

a gift, are in need of awesome stocking stuffers or if you would like to

bless someone else; you are sure to find exactly what you are looking


During the 2014 year, anointed messages such as “The Necessity

of Obedience Chosen” and the “Whose Hands Are You Holding Up?”

series have been preached and are available. We cannot leave out the

awesome Christmas and Easter productions which were both incredible.

Lastly, we have blessed oil and notetaker journals as well. So

Please avail yourselves to our list pertaining to Christ and make your

list, check it twice, because we think you’ll find something that will

change your life...Christmas time is coming to town!


hosted by

Lamont Monkins

lamont Monkins



w w w. m y t s h a r p s h o w. c o m


Time sure does fly when you’re serving the Lord with gladness! Seven years ago on November 5,

2007, our ministry made the incredible journey from Lansing, Michigan. Across the continental

United States to the sunny city of Las Vegas, Nevada for the official planting of the first church under

the Bishopric of Prophet Phillip E. Owens and Elect Lady Patricia A. Owens. Destiny is geography and

the Lord has placed His stamp of approval on all that has been done through Immanuel’s Temple! The

ministry thrives in two locations and two time zones – Lansing, Michigan and Las Vegas, Nevada –

ministering to souls internationally as the Lord has ordained.


Happy New Year

Let’s Bring in the New Year Right!

Let’s Bring in the New Year Right!

We would love to leap into the new year with you at our annual

Watch Night Service!

We would love to leap into the new year with you at our Annual Watch Night Service!

Spend your New Spend Year’s Eve your with New us here Year’s at ITSC! Eve Come with us and here experience at ITSC! an Come unparalleled and experience move of God an

with a fresh unparalleled word from the move Lord. Our of God celebration with a won’t fresh be word the same from without the Lord. you Our so be celebration sure to come won’t

on out on December the same 31st! without We welcome you so the be entire sure to community come on and out look on December forward 31st!

to all the great things that await us in 2015!

We welcome the entire community and look forward to all the great

things that await us in 2015!

For further times and information regarding this event,

contact For the further main times office and @ information (702) 818 - regarding 4285 - Thank this event, You and contact God the Bless! main office at


Thank You and God Bless!

2610 Fire Mesa

las Vegas, NV 89128

5400 S. Martin l. king Blvd.

lansing, MI 48911




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