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Volume 5 | Issue 6 | June – July 2019



F r o m t h e D e s k o f B i s h o p O w e n s



Bishop Phillip E. Owens, D.D.

“I know it is so…” Job 9:2a (KJV)

Many times in the Gospels you hear Jesus saying, “...Verily,

verily,” indicating the truth of the matter. This is called a

living truth... Truth that does not change with time nor

situations. For example, it is raining, but it may not always

be rainy. But when Job said, “...It is so,” he spoke of the

immutable (unchanging) word and will of God. Maybe

you did not know that God has spoken these three words

over you. Let us go higher and put these two dynamics

together: “Verily verily - it is so.” What a powerful phrase

for you to believe and to receive! If there are any three

words you can trust, they are “it is so!”


Elect Lady’s Corner

Jesus Is Still All You Need!


Elect Lady Patricia A. Owens, D.D.

I listened to a conversation between two older gentlemen that really concerned me. They were supposed to

be renown, senior Christian men that had been pastors and preached extensively throughout the world. They

spoke about their resentment and anger towards Christians that professed the statement: “God is all I need!”

They vehemently resounded their disapproval towards that statement as well as the way Christian pastors

would tell people struggling with pornography, all they needed was the Word. I was deplored with such a

comment from men of God who should be rightly dividing the word of God and not dividing the Truth. Well,

sorry gentlemen; I have to disagree with your opinions and stand on the Word of God. All I need and all you

need or all anyone else needs is Jesus! Need is defined as: “To require (something) because it is essential or very

important; a necessity or obligation created by some situation; something useful, required, or desired that is

lacking; want; requirement.” So, from this definition, Jesus is the epitome of what we need in this life and the

life to come. Jesus is a requirement. He is essential; He is necessary. He is useful; He is obligated to us. He is to

be desired, and we are in great lack and want without Him. There is nothing and no one to be compared to His

need in our lives. We have to be careful that we are not Answering Questions That No One Is Asking! Jesus is

the source of all needs and the fulfillment.

The Word of God makes it very clear of the necessity and need of Jesus alone in our lives. It is impossible to

have Jesus and He not add all the other things we need to live an “abun-dant” life when He is preeminent in our

lives. I am not saying that all you need is a confession of Christ and nothing else matters, because you must also

obey His Word and commandments if you really believe He is all sufficient. As we study His Word, we find out

why and how Jesus is all we need - He provides all we need. Phil 4:19 says: “But my God shall supply all your

need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Pr 3:6 says: “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He

shall direct thy paths.” Ps 84:11b says: “…No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly.” Mal

3:10 says: “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, … prove me … if I will not open you the windows of

heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” Ps 34:19 says: “Many

are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth them out of them all.” Ps 27:10 says: “When my

father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.” Ps 68:5a says He will be: “...A Father of the

fatherless…” Heb 13:5b: “...For He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” I Jn 3:1 says: “Behold,

what manner of love the father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God….” Gen 2:18

says: “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for

him.” Eph 4: 11-12 says: “And he gave some, apostles; and some prophets; and some, evangelists; and some,

pastors and teacher; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body

of Christ.” St Jn 14:14 says; “If ye ask anything in my name, I will do it.” Mt 6:33 says: “But seek ye first the

kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things (whatever is needed in your life) shall be added

unto you.” All these scripture passages, and more, assure us that everything we have, we need, or desire comes

from Jesus and through Jesus. Even though people or things or situations have or can bless us, Jesus is always

the source of our needs. He touches them or situations to meet our needs. So, yes, Jesus Is Still All You Need!”




Ready, Set, Travel: Your Guide to

Bi-Coastal Family Fun

Written by Andrea Slade

Wherever you choose to go this summer to make

family memories, take Jesus with you and do not let

anything get in the way of having a ball with the people

you love the most.

You cannot go wrong going to Disney parks in Anaheim

or Orlando but if you are looking for old world charm,

Catalina Island may be just the spot for you. It is one of

California’s Channel Islands, located southwest of Los

Angeles. A ferry boat will whisk you away to a resort

town from four mainland ports in southern California.

There is a wealth of things for the family to do such

as: relaxing by the beach, hiking, viewing a botanical

garden, and cruising on a glass bottom boat overlooking

the wonders of the sea.

Have you ever wanted to experience wildlife up close?

Virginia’s Safari Park voted top 10 animal attraction

in the United States by “Family Fun Magazine” is the

perfect place for animal lovers. Over 1,000 animals are

there for you to interact with. While in Virginia stop by

Kings Dominion and ride the Intimidator 305, a roller

coaster that reaches the height of 305 feet with a speed

of 90 mph and a G-force of 4.5.

If a good shopping spree excites your teens and

tweens, the Mall of America located in Bloomington,

Minnesota, is their dream destination. Mall of America

has over 520 shops, 50 restaurants and an indoor

amusement park. There are high-end stores such as

Burberry and Nordstrom’s, Chanel Boutique, and

endless entertainment for the kids like Nickelodeon

Universe®, SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium, FlyOver

America and Crayola Experience.

Perhaps you are looking to impart a cultural

perspective on your children. The National Center for

Civil and Human Rights Museum, located in downtown

Atlanta, Georgia, is dedicated to the achievements

of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. A

current exhibit called, Breaking Barriers, recognizes

athletes who have become activists and catalysts for

change on and off the field. Likewise, you may want

to explore our nation’s history by visiting Washington

D.C. There are a wealth of guided tour packages that

explore the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Martin Luther King,

Jr. Memorial and other national monuments.


Written by Min. Josiah Owens & Tarone Gilbert

What is stopping you from reaching your goal? Is it time? Is it age? Do you think you are too far gone from your goal to even start?

Many have asked themselves these questions when it comes to fitness. But just like your spiritual life, it’s never too late to get on track.

Start now!

3 Keys to Reaching your Goals: 1. Have a plan 2. Stay consistent with that plan 3. And see it through

The following exercise plan is designed for beginners looking to make strides toward their goals. This plan has four sessions that you

can spread throughout your week. If you feel you can do more, well first off, that’s great!

Secondly, you can double up the sessions for one day and decrease your rest times. For any questions on how to perform these

exercises, perform a Google search for the intended workout.


Stretching is very important when exercising. You want to make sure your body is warmed up for the physical activity ahead! Stretch

for about 10-15 minutes before and after any physical activity. This could be toe touches, butterflies, arm circles, you name it! After

stretching, it is time to begin your workout!

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

5 Rounds

6 Rounds

4 Rounds

Run at least 30 minutes.

5 Push Ups

10 Sit Ups

15 BW Squat

Rest 30 seconds after each round

3 Rounds

10 Superman Back Extension

10 Two Count Flutter Kick

Rest 30 seconds after each round

12 Alternate Lunges (6 each leg)

6x Plank Walk-up

6x Lateral Lunges

6x Plank Walk-Up

2 Rounds

25 Leg Raises

25 Sit ups

Rest 60 seconds after each round

For these rounds you are going for

time, meaning there are no set reps

but you have to perform the exercise

until the 30 seconds is up.

Burpees 30 sec

Rest 30 sec

BW Squat 30 sec

Rest 30 Sec

Burpees 30 sec

Rest 60 seconds after each round

Use a walk, jog technique if needed

(jog until you need a break, then

walk as needed, repeat for 30


Look to build up your mileage over

time; do not push too hard.

If you can go 30 minutes try a 5K. If

a 5K is too easy, do a 10K!

Cool down @ 10 min. easy jog,

Static stretching.

4 Rounds

Iso Squat Hold 30 sec

6x Bird Dog (each side)

6x Superman Back Extensions

Rest 60 seconds after each round

So, what’s stopping you from reaching your goal?

The answer is YOU. Don’t stop yourself from reaching your goals.

Be consistent, and see it through!



Written by Patricia Waucaush

I have had the blessed opportunity for my children to be a

part of the Patricia A. Owens Christian Academy (PAOCA)

since the inception of the school. Raising soaring eagles is such

an honor and a privilege, and along the way I have gleaned

and incorporated three important aspects that have been

instrumental in our home in striving for Christ, academics, and

esteem. First, and most importantly, Matthew 10:41a says, “He

that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive

a prophet’s reward.” I am a firm believer that the blessings that

come from following our God-ordained leaders fall into all

aspects of life, including academically. The PAOCA is a school

that has been prayed into fruition, the namesake is from the

greatest woman of the 21 st century, which makes me a proud

parent of P. A. Owens students. Secondly, the standard that

Bishop and Elect Lady have set forth is to do all with the spirit

of excellence, which coincides with Colossians 3:23, “Whatever

you do [whatever your task may be], work from the soul [that

is, put in your very best effort], as [something done] for the

Lord and not for men” (AMP). In our household, student of the

month is not just a goal, but an expectation. I have two students

on different academic spectrums; subjects and concepts come

easily for one, while certain subjects are challenging for the

other. As a result, we apply different strategies for success and

mastery of skill. We have invested in teacher suggested flash

cards, created extra problems to work on at home, and even

enlisted the help of an older sibling who has experience in that

grade level. Finally, I focus on positive words, and discourage

words with negative connotations. Something isn’t “too hard”

or “impossible”, but a challenge that can be overcome. I restrict

statements that involve words such as dislike or even worse,

hate. Scripture says, “I can do all things through Christ which

strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13), and that is what our

home focuses on.



The Health Benefits of Sleep

Written by Megan Bass

How many of us actually get a full, restful night of sleep on a regular basis? Most of the time we shorten our sleep in order to

coordinate it with our busy schedules. However, sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle and can benefit your heart, weight, mind,

and every other part of your body.

One of the ways sleep can improve your health is by sharpening your memory. According to The National Sleep Foundation,

sleep triggers changes in which the brain solidifies memories to strengthen connections between brain cells and information

transfer in order to help you concentrate and have quicker response time during waking hours.

Sleep is also the body’s natural way of restoring itself after a full day of activity has caused cell damage. While you are relaxing,

your body is hard at work repairing these cells in order to produce more proteins needed to restore these cells.

Lastly, it is recommended that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep can help reduce levels of stress caused by sleep

deprivation. Stress hormones usually peak during afternoon and early evening hours making it harder for you to fall asleep.

The book of John 11:12 KJV says, “Then said his disciples, Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well.” It is important to get a good

night’s sleep, it will help your body function properly and you will feel energized and alert the next day.




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