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My gift was delivered 12 months ago when I was introduced to

Arbonne. Just like many of you, I signed up as a Consultant to purchase

product for a discount, and I wanted no part of doing this as a business.

I thought I was happy working and traveling all the time. I was doing

what I was taught to do – be an employee. Most people are trained to

work 9-to-5 each day. There is little preparation for being an entrepreneur

or business owner. My career demanded so much of my time that

at the end of the day, I had two hours left to fit everything else in, including

my family.

The dilemma was, do I live for my job or own my life? I had been living

a career as a dance teacher, yet allowed that career to take over.

I had been born with such a passion for life and people that I allowed

everything else to become minimal. Through this passion, my career

took precedence over my family and God. As a teacher, I thought this

is what I was supposed to do, but I knew I was missing something; a

personal life.

Five years ago, my husband, Mark, and I had a beautiful little girl,

Hadley. I yearned to be the best wife and mom I could be. Well, that

could not happen if I kept living my life inverted and working family

around my career. Then, I started to notice my daughter would call me

grandma more than she would call me mommy. I began to wonder,

what kind of message was I sending to my daughter? Was I declaring

that my career was more important than she was to me?

I decided, then and there, it was my choice to allow my career to conquer

my home life. My new mission was to find a balance in my life and

get my priorities straight. I decided to ask my dear friend and sponsor,

y v e t t e w a l t s

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Yvette Walts Region; Evansville, IN

ERVP Stacey Shanks, to share more of the Arbonne opportunity with me.

I wondered, why Stacey would leave corporate America to open a

home-based business, I thought she was living the American dream.

After researching Arbonne and enjoying their pure, safe, beneficial

products, I made the switch. I chose to try the Arbonne business for an

entire year. After six months, I took “try” out of my vocabulary, and

said, “I am going to succeed at this business and help many people

along the way.”

continued ...

The Walts: Mark, Yvette

and Hadley.

The Walts with Stacey, Farren,

Riely and Reed Shanks.

Yvette’s Why: Hadley.

success strategy:

Own your life.

Perhaps you are wondering if I ever doubted if I would succeed in this

business. No way; I would not allow myself to give in to self doubt. Each

night before retiring, I would read a few Eye on Arbonne stories and

say to myself, “I will do this, just like they did.” Yes, I had ups and

downs; however, I always returned to those comforting Eye on Arbonne

stories, which gave me the positive focus to succeed. I was not going to

quit. I had one incredible life to live and own. I love the fact that I could

still have a positive impact on people’s lives. We all have options with

how we set our priorities. The only way to lose at this business is to never

get started or to quit. Life is a choice and we live it the way we choose

to. This is a business of working together to succeed together.

I feel blessed in my new Arbonne business with the incredible friendships

and leadership of ENVP Jennifer Simon and ERVP Stacey Shanks:

Thank you both for being you. I respect, love and appreciate you two.

You are the best.

A special thank you goes out to my team: You are the reason that I

can write this story. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Congratulations to my first business builder, EDM Lori Manion: I cannot

wait to read your story.

I would like to thank AM Pauline Kanter: You are a true Arbonne Ace.

Thank you for all of your consistency, perseverance and hard work. Start

writing that story, and you will do it.

Thank you “Arbonne Angels,” EDM Linda Luker, EDM Carol Lukins and

DM Cecile Martin: Keep up the momentum. You are a dream team and

I am so proud of you.

Great job, “incredibles” EDM Connie Howard – I am so excited for you

both. Double duo, DMs Debbie and Elyse McGillem: Thank you for

being you. I know you can do it, keep the faith. DMs in serious activity

include, Leslie Brooks, Cathi Fergerson, Karen Peterson, Amanda

Williams and Kendra Willis. Keep up the great work. You can do it.

To our serious business builders in action, Jonell and Tony Chernetsky,

Kim Gillis, Denis T. Locsin, Michelle Corne, Diane Matt, Elizabeth

DM Elyse McGillem, EDM Debbie McGillem, Yvette, Marilyn Isreal, EDM Linda Luker

and DM Carrie Abts.

BACK: Cathi Fergerson. FRONT, L-R: ERVP Stacey Shanks, ENVP Jennifer Simon, EDM

Debbie McGillem, DM Elyse McGillem, Yvette, DM Monica Shakun, Faith and Hope.

Roberts, Jane Strassel, Marilyn Isreal, Emily Brenneman, Lydia Rea,

Sarah Quinett, Michelle Upp, Cheryl Afana and Rachel Sinclair: You

can do it. You have to believe to achieve and I believe in you.

To all of my family and Consultants who purchase products: Thank you

for being a part of my Arbonne team and loving the products.

To my husband, Mark: You are absolutely amazing. Thank you for

believing in me and being so patient with me. You are my rock and I

love you.

To mommy’s girl, Hadley: You are my Why.

To my mom and dad: How can I ever thank you for all that you do. I

love, respect and cherish the two of you. When I grow up, I want to be

you — the best parents and grandparents. Thank you.

To my favorite aunt Peach and uncle Bill: Thank you for always supporting,

caring and helping me. I love you.

To Jonell and Tony Chernetsky, Mike and Charlotte Walts: Thank you

for being you. I appreciate and love you.

Thank you to the Home Office staff: This is one class act that I am proud

to be a part of.

To God: I thank You and give You all the glory.


Yvette with her new




Yvette, ERVP Stacey Shanks

and ENVP Jennifer Simon.


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