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Al Noor

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Inner Park

Al Noor

Newsletter Date

The Holy Qur’an

154. O ye who believe,! seek help

through perseverance and Prayer;

surely, Allah is with the steadfast.

بِسْمِ‏ االلهِ‏ الر َّحْمَٰنِ‏ الر َّحِيمِ‏


Due to some technical difficulties,

we are publishing this newsletter

later than usual, we apologise for

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Abdullah bin ‘Amar (ra) relates

that the Holy Prophet

(saw) said:

(Ch.2 :V.154)

Inside this issue:

The Holy Qur’an 2

Hadith 2

Writings of The

Promised Messiah (as)


‘Surely things will happen

to my people as happened

earlier to the Israelites. They

will resemble each other like

one shoe in a pair resembles

the other - to the extent that

if anyone among the Israelites

had openly committed

adultery with his mother,

there will be some who

would do this in my ummah

(people) as well. Verily, the Israleites were divided into 72 sects, but my people

will be divided into 73 sects. All of them will be in the Fire except one.’

The Companions asked,’ Who are they, O Messenger of Allah?’ The Holy

Prophet (pbuh) said: They are the people who will follow my practice and that

of my companions.


Writings of Promised Messiah (as)

The revival of Islam demands a price from us. What is the price? The price is

to die in this pursuit. On this death depends the revival of Islam, the revival of

Muslims and the manifestation of the living God. This spirit of sacrifice is

known as “Islam” and this Islam is one that Allah wants to resurrect.

(Victory of Islam, page 14)

My dear companions! This is the time to perform service for your religion and

to establish objectives of your religion. Appreciate of this rare opportunity,

for, if it passes by it may never come back again.

(Kashti-e-Nuh, Roohani Khaza’in, Vol 19, Page 83)

Friday Sermon


Local Qaid

Atta-Ul-Manan Sidhu

Nazim Ishaat

Moonas Ahmad


Raza Ul Haq

Moonas Ahmad


Announcements 4

Activities 4

Local Ijtema + Pictures 5

Local Ijtema in


Review of Religions




Atfal Page 8

Atfal Page - Atfal Local

Ijtema in Pictures

Prayer Timings &

What’s New



Al Noor Newsletter 2

Al Noor

Short Summary of Friday Sermons

Summaries of Friday Sermons can be found on - Now for your convenience, the Summary of the Friday Sermons are also available in

Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

Please note that these are just summaries, readers are strongly advised to listen to the full audio or video recordings available online.

Persecution & Prayers – 3 rd December 2010

• Hudhur (aba) said that only Ahmadis of today are the models of victimized believers

• Hudhur (aba) referred to a poetic verse of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) outlining the principle to deal

with such persecution

‘When the enemy exceeds in noise and clamour; we take refuge in the Hidden Friend’

• Hudhur (aba) explained that in order to attain complete sincerity and absolute devotion to God, it is needed to lose

oneself in the Hidden Friend

• When the world persecutes God’s peoples, He and His angels shower every blessing on those who ‘hide/absorb

themselves in the protection of Allah’

• Hudhur (aba) said that each Ahmadi should offer two Nafl Prayer a day for the persecuted Ahmadis

Muharram and status of Hadhrat Hussein (ra) – 10 th December 2010

• Hudhur (aba) began the Friday Sermon by reading an Urdu poetic verse by Hadhrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be

pleased with him)

‘They make you Hussein –like and themselves become like Yazid, What a good bargain it is; let the enemy hurl arrows’

• When taqwa declines, the height of barbarity is committed and people of God are murdered in the name of God

• On the 10 th of Muharram, the beloved of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), Hadhrat Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him)

was murdered

• The details of this martyrdom and what followed ensures one that the perpetrators may have uttered the Kalima but

in fact they did not believe in God

• Hadhrat Imam Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him) gave his life to establish truth

• Hudhur (aba) said invoking Darood was the excellent way of expressing one’s sentiments about Karbala and love for

the beloved of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)

Faith-inspiring accounts of love of God and His chosen people – 17 th December 2010

• Hudhur (aba) gave a sermon on faith-inspiring accounts of love of God and His chosen people by a number of companions

of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace)

• Hudhur (aba) explained that to love others for the sake of God is an intense expression of loveo f God

• When God blesses the act of loving ordinary believers for His sake, then how much greater would be His blessings

for loving His Prophets and chosen people

• After narrating many faith-inspiring incidences, Hudhur (aba) said that these models of love and sincerity should be

kept alive in generations to come. May God enable us to uphold these models for His sake

Positive resolve and absence of despair in true believers – 24 th December 2010

• Hudhur (aba) based his Friday Sermon on true believers’ positive resolve and absence of despair even in most challenging

of times

• Hudhur (aba) recounted the faith-inspiring highlights of Jalsas in Rabwah in the past; enthusiasm of school children,

decorations of Rabwah and generosity of hospitable families

• Hudhur (aba) counselled Ahmadis against despair in these difficult and restrictive circumstances of distress and anguish

• Hudhur (aba) advised us to turn all our distress in tearful supplication to God during Jalsa Qadian and then make this

practice a permanent of life

• Hudhur (aba) announced the sad news of the martyrdom of Sheikh Umer Javed Sahib from Mardan, Pakistan

2010 – A blessed year for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – 31 st December 2010

• Hudhur (aba) said 2010 started on a Friday and is ending on a Friday, a day of immense blessings in Islam, thus giving

significance to an otherwise inconsequential matter of last day of the year

• Our detractors may question the blessed aspect of the year for us as we lost nearly a hundred lives during the year,

who left behind many bereaved families

• However, Hudhur (aba) said, when there are courageous mothers and families full of resolve then loss of life is not a

sign of God’s displeasure

• Hudhur (aba) said tonight bid farewell to this year and welcome the next one with prayers for special capacity to

remove our weaknesses that have kept us from doing good work, may we be able to carry them out in the New Year

• Hudhur (aba) commended the website team and mentioned that our website has a new resource. A word

search facility is now available for all the books of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace)

• Hudhur (aba) directed that the Facebook account opened in his name without knowledge should be avoided

and people should not leave their comments on it and no one should join it

Al Noor Newsletter 3

• Maal Ashra starting on January 8th.

Al Noor


• Atfal Class, every Saturday, 11am-12:30pm at Ackroydon Hall. All Atfal of Inner

Park are requested to attend these classes. All Atfal must bring a pen and a

diary to the class, and must always wear a “Topi”.

• Ta’leem Class every Sunday at 2:00pm in Ackroydon Hall.

Majlis-e-Aamla Meeting on 9th of January at 2:00pm in Ackroydon Hall.

• General Meeting on 23rd January 2011 at Ackroydon Hall.


Inner Park Qiadat planted a Tree in Sarai Khidmat on January 1st 2011.

Sadr Majlis Faheem Anwar Sahib were also present there. The tree we planted

was a flowering plant. Inner Park Qiadat will continue to plant a tree every month.


You can also have a look at our previous activities at .

Al Noor Newsletter 4

Al Noor

Qiadat Inner Park Local Ijtema 2010/2011

By the grace of Allah Qiadat Inner Park held its local Ijtema on 25th December

2010. Venue was Ackroydon hall. Registration began at 9:00am and the programme

started at 10:00am. Opening session was chaired by Sadr Jama’at Inner

Park Nasir Bhatti Sahib which ended with silent prayer.

Academic competitions started at 11:00 am for both Khuddam and Atfal. Zuhr and

Asr prayers were offered at 1:30pm. After prayers lunch was served. Final session

started at 3:30pm. Final session was chaired by Sadr Majlis Fahim Anwar Sahib

which ended in silent prayer.

More Ijtema pictures on the Khuddam website.

Al Noor Newsletter 5

Al Noor

Qiadat Inner Park Local Ijtema 2010/2011

Al Noor Newsletter 6

Al Noor

Review of Religions

My dear Khuddam and Atfal brothers,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

May the Lord of mankind open unto you the gates of His mercy and may He so ordain that you are always accompanied

by the supplication of His angels.

At this year’s Jalsa Salana UK, Huzur Aqdas (atba)

asked for members of the Jama’at to come forward to

subscribe for The Review of Religions. This magazine

was launched in Urdu and English by the Promised

Messiah (as) himself in 1902 and has, by the grace of

Allah, been in print ever since. Huzur (atba) reminded

the Jama’at that, in light of the importance of this magazine, the Promised Messiah (as) drew attention towards

increasing subscribers. I regret that we are not among the foremost to respond to this call of Huzur Aqdas (atba),

especially given that I happen to be on the Editorial Board for the magazine.

Huzur (atba) pointed out that, although currently the literature of the Jama‘at is disseminated through various modes,

as The Review of Religions began during the time of the Promised Messiah (as) and he desired that the subscription

should increase, the Jama’at should pay particular attention to subscribing to it in print form.

In reference to the magazine, the Promised Messiah (as) wrote: “If, God forbid, this magazine ceases to exist as a

result of a lack of interest from this community, then this would be a cause for mourning for the community.

Therefore, I urge, with great emphasis, the sincere members of my community to provide as much support and

financial assistance as may be possible for them.” He added: “Therefore, anyone who helps me in my wish in my

presence and during my lifetime, I expect that such a person will be with me on the Day of Resurrection.”

He stated further that: “If to support this magazine 10,000 people of this community subscribe to the English or Urdu

editions, then it would run according to one’s wishes.” [Al Hakam, vol. 7, number 32, p.19 and also cited in The

Review of Religions (Urdu), September 1903].

In light of Huzur Aqdas(atba)’s instruction and the unequivocal wishes of the Promised Messiah (as), I humbly

request all members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK to subscribe to, and reap the benefits of, this noble

publication. The annual cost of subscription in the UK is just £15 and this can be done online at, from where you can also obtain any further relevant information.

May Allah grant the members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK the opportunity to contribute both financially and

intellectually to this magazine and may He enable us to be ever responsive to the call of Khilafat.


Yours humbly,

Tommy Kallon.

Al Noor Newsletter 7

Al Noor

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Inner Park

I bear witness that there is none worthy of

worship except Allah. He is One and has

no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad

SAW is His servant and messenger.

I solemnly pledge that I shall always be

ready to serve Islam, Ahmadiyyat, The

Nation and the Country.

I shall always speak the truth I shall not

use foul language against anybody and I

shall strive to obey ALL the commands of

Khalifatul Masih. Insha’Allah.

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Pledge

What’s New

Daud Khan Sahib is the new National Mohtamim Atfal.

He can be contacted on:


Weekly Atfal Class takes place every

Saturday, 11am-12:30pm at (Lower)

Ackroydon Hall (26 Montfort Place, SW19


Please make sure you attend these

classes and arrive on time. Always bring a

pen, diary and a “Topi” with you.

Please send us your issues, suggestions, questions, articles, feedback, jokes and riddles for the next issue to:

Al Noor Newsletter 8

Al Noor

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya Inner Park

This month MAA Inner Park Qiadat held it local Ijtema, with the Atfal academics

held separately from Khuddam, in a separate hall. Atfal attendance at this Ijtema

was 100% Masha’Allah. Sadr Majlis Fahim Anwar Sahib distributed prizes as well.

Al Noor Newsletter 9

Al Noor

Prayer Timings

Fajr 6:45

Zuhr 13:00

Asr 15:00

Maghrib 16:45

Ishaa 19:45

Prayer Timings for Fazl Mosque—on 19th January 2011

What’s New

Inner Park Qiadat distributed packets of sweets to Non-Ahmadis and neighbours which included a message


“Wish you Merry Christmas and a Prosper and Happy New Year”

From: Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association UK

The London Mosque: 16 Gressenhall Road London SW18 5QL


The Inner Park Khuddam newsletter team welcomes your comments or suggestions for

improvements to this newsletter. We also wish to receive material for publication. In

particular we would like to hear about any jama’at news or information on any subject of

life. Please note that all material should be provided in electronic format together with

photographs where appropriate.

The deadline to submit your material is the 10th of each month. Please help us to make

this newsletter successful .

Please send all your correspondence to either Local Qaid or the email shown below.

Jazakallah and remember the newsletter publishing team in your prayers .

Any queries, questions, feedback etc. please email us on:

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