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•<br />

greg hodges • lisa whelchel • rod browning • himed . panavision" cobr bv cfi ^<br />

W JOE CAMP and RICHARD BAKER • Screenplay, Produced and Directed by JOE CAMP<br />


• MAY 7, 1979<br />


Including All Sactional News Page<br />

B<br />

E<br />

y>^\a^yAp p^ie/de^^—<br />



:^*!^i<br />

'<br />

'ymvir<br />

^.J^-C.r<br />

.:;:«<br />



starring "HUSTLER" centerfold Deseree Cousteau<br />

Released ttirough Tenaha TImpson Releasing. Inc.<br />

1800 N. Highland Ave. Suite 401 »o"y>^

'aidPrexy,Relocalion Annual JnderSfudybyNATO 'Stars of the Year' Banquet<br />

r«„. c / ; cl >i n ,.. ,<br />

By RALPH KAMiNSKY ^-Ops bucccsstul Stiow-A-Roma Week<br />

West Coast Edilo:<br />

HOLLYWOOD—NATO piesidcnl A.<br />

kin Fricdbcrg is studying a budgel pro-<br />

)sal that might point the way for the cx-<br />

group to hire a fulitime, professional<br />

I~ibitor resident and move its headquarters lo<br />

Vashington, D.C.<br />

But an early "scanning" of the biidgL-l<br />

lans submitted by Wilham Kartozian, chairlan<br />

of the Theatre Assn. of California, in^<br />

icates that "it may not be entirely realist ic,"<br />

riedberg said.<br />

"He makes certain assumptions thai have<br />

3 be looked into. It can be very premature<br />

t this time to talk about it," Friedberg said.<br />

Kartozian refused to respond to Boxofrce<br />

eries on his budget proposal. Frequent<br />

fforts to reach him by telephone auki\<br />

/ith his secretary saying that "he said he<br />

as no comment to make on the subject."<br />

Friedberg expressed a "complete willingess<br />

to explore the possibilities." The idea<br />

or a paid president and the proposal lo<br />

nove the NATO headquarters out of New<br />

"ork City to the nation's capital was pro-<br />

•osed more than three years ago by Call<br />

ornia members of NATO, but was re~<br />

And in 1977 NATO of California<br />

ithdrew from the organization.<br />

T was in favor of it when it was consid<br />

red and i ejected," Friedberg said, poiniiii;;<br />

ut that at that time he was not a menihcr<br />

f the administrative team of NATO.<br />

"I still favor the concept of a paid execu-<br />

(Continued on page 6)<br />

North Carolina 13th State<br />

To Pass Blind Bid Ruling<br />

North Carolina is the latest state to<br />

pa.ss anti-blind bid legislation, becoming<br />

effective July 1. The bill passed the<br />

House on April 3, 102-6, and the Senate,<br />

47-0, on April 25.<br />

The margin of victory in North<br />

Carolina is reported to be the largest<br />

in any state where a bill of this type<br />

has passed.<br />

Herman A. Stone, president of<br />

NATO of North and South Carolina.<br />

Inc. expressed appreciation to attorney<br />

William W. Staton of Sanford, N.C.<br />

and to W. Sanford Jordan of Martin<br />

Theatres, Raleigh, N.C. for their efforts<br />

in working for passage of the bill.<br />

North Carolina is the 13th state to<br />

pass anti-blind bidding legislation. Gov.<br />

Bill Clinton vetoed the blind-bidding<br />

bill in Arkansas April 23. In Ohio,<br />

Judge Robert Duncan has set July 2 as<br />

trial date for the test case of the constitutionality<br />

of the law in that state.<br />

I>ublUbed weeklj-, eicept one ksue at year-end, by<br />

Vance I»iibllshlng Corp., 825 Van Brunt Blvd.. liansas<br />

nty. Missouri 64124. Subscrlptlnn rates: Sectional<br />

Edition, $15.00 per year, foreign, $25.00. National<br />

Executive EMltlon: $25.00, foreign. $30.00. Single<br />

copy, T 5c. Second class postage paid Kansas aty,<br />

at<br />

Mo. BOXOFFICE Publication No. (USPS 062-260)<br />

OXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />

KANSA.S CriY — .Show-A-R;<br />

wound up four days of equipment i<br />

product screenings and technical s<br />

exhibits,<br />

ieminais<br />

Banquet<br />

April 26 with a celebrity-filled<br />

With the Stars.<br />

The prime rib feast was the climax of<br />

convention activities that included both major<br />

and independent film companies, along<br />

with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, convening<br />

to take pride in past accomplishments<br />

and preview the future. In addition<br />

to the convention's standard array of activities,<br />

delegates were treated to such surprises<br />

as a giant six-foot cigar awarded to Entertainer<br />

of the Century George Burns and the<br />

appearance of a real "electric horseman" to<br />

plug Columbia's upcoming release.<br />

The black-tie banquet Thursday evening<br />

was attended by over 1,000 exhibitors and<br />

industry personnel.<br />

Cannon<br />

Following the introduction of celebrities<br />

seated at the head table. Paramount was<br />

honored as Film Company of the Year for<br />

releasing more product than any other distributor,<br />

Frank Mancuso, senior vice-president<br />

in charge of domestic distribution,<br />

accepted the citation.<br />

After the meal, Terrence Malick, director<br />

of "Days of Heaven," and Alan Carr, producer<br />

of "Grease," accepted their Director<br />

of the Year and Producer of the Year<br />

awards, respectively. Carr told guests about<br />

his new film, "Discoland," with the Village<br />

People.<br />

Christopher Reeve was honored as<br />

International<br />

Star of the Year. In his brief speech,<br />

Reeve sa'd he was grateful for the reaction<br />

shown to him here in the Midwest, since<br />

his acting travels had kept him on the<br />

coasts.<br />

Dyan Cannon, Academy Award nominee<br />

for her role in "Heaven Can Wait," received<br />

the Female Star of the Year award. Earlier<br />

shj made a truly Hollywood entrance<br />

through the crowd, smiling and waving as<br />

the diners applauded and flashbulbs popped.<br />

Ms. Cannon observed that "the exhibitor<br />

is really the one that does as much creating<br />

as the creator. They're the ones who are out<br />

in the front line selling it."<br />

She observed that movie stars should<br />

.someday throw a party for theatre owners<br />

in recognition of their support.<br />

The Male Star of the Year award was<br />

presented to Alan Alda, whose appearance<br />

ai the convention was uncertain three davs<br />

nelorc Ihc convention began. Alda. whose<br />

Mini roles include "Paper Lion," "Jenny,"<br />

"California Suite" and "Same Time, Next<br />

Year," is most famous as Hawkeyc<br />

CBS-TVs "M-- A*S*H."<br />

on<br />

The actor announced the August release<br />

of his<br />

Universal film ".Senator," the story of<br />

a successful politician and his difficulties in<br />

maintaining a happy private life. "You can't<br />

buy a politician these days," he quipped,<br />

•But you can rent them."<br />

During the Wednesday luncheon sponsored<br />

by Crown International and Thomas and<br />

Shipp, Mark Tenser of Crown leceived an<br />

award honoring his organization's 20th anniversary<br />

as an independent film company.<br />

In presenting the award to Tenser, NATO<br />

president A. Alan Friedberg thanked him<br />

for the "continuity of product . . . that has<br />

left us with more dollars than some of the<br />

epics."<br />

Need for Support<br />

Friedberg said that exhibitors "have a<br />

selfish interest in supporting independent<br />

distribution. If we don't support them, we<br />

can't cut off the evils (blind bidding) we<br />

deal with."<br />

Tenser thanked the convention for the<br />

plaque and added, "You need to support<br />

us. You don't know what the market's going<br />

to be next year. But we'll still be in the<br />

business."<br />

Following a screening of tradereels from<br />

Crown's 1979 product. Chip Rouse, editor<br />

of BoxoFFicE, presented the Honored Showman<br />

awards to Ed Myers, manager of the<br />

Frontier Theatre in Lima, Ohio, Arnold<br />

Simmons of the Huron Theatre in Pontiac,<br />

Mich., and Tony Bruguiere of the Santa<br />

Rosa Cinema in Florida,<br />

Dreams Come True<br />

Avco Embassy hosted the Thursday morning<br />

breakfast, during which moderator Darrell<br />

Manes introduced Show-A-Rama's Female<br />

Star of Tomorrow, Susan Anton. Portions<br />

of Avco's "Goldengirl," starring Miss<br />

Anton, were screened, in addition to clips<br />

from other Avco products. The star compared<br />

her current experiences in the entertainment<br />

industry to those of Cinderella, exclaiming.<br />

"All of my dreams are coming<br />

true."<br />

The Thursday luncheon, hosted by Warner<br />

Bros., included a surprise appearance by<br />

"Superman" star Christopher Reeve. After<br />

an introduction of Warner VIPs. the focus<br />

shifted to Martin Stone, head of Mid-America<br />

Cinema, who awarded Show-A-Rama's<br />

Male Star of Tomorrow citation to Mark<br />

Harmon. Harmon, the son of football legend<br />

Tom Harmon, will be seen in Warner's<br />

"Beyond the Poseidon Adventure,"<br />

The crowd was so thick at one point during<br />

the convention that one exhibitor was<br />

overheard to remark, "A pickpocket would<br />

have a field day here." "What can he steal<br />

from our wallet" replied one conventionweary<br />

delegate. "We've been here a week."

, ,<br />

is spearheading an effort to<br />

\<br />

t<br />


Published in Five Sectional Editions<br />


Publisher<br />


Assoc. Publishw/National Sales Manager<br />


Editor<br />

Executive Editor<br />


MORRIS SCHLO'ZMAN ...Business Manajer<br />

HARVEY SHARP Circulation Direc or<br />

GABY BURCH Equipment Ed, or<br />

JONNA JEFFERIS Assocate Edi or<br />

STUART A. GOLDSTEIN Associate Editor<br />

RON SCHAUMBURG Associate Edi or<br />

JIMMY SUMMERS Associate Edi or<br />

KEVIN KIOUS Associate Editor<br />

RALPH KAMINSKY Weil Coast Editor<br />

JOHN COCCHI East Coast Editor<br />



Chairman<br />

B. JOHN ONEIL Pfnip, 166 Lindbergh Drive, N.E.<br />

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Cincinnati: Tony B. Rutherford, Box 362, Huntington,<br />

W. V». J57U«. Tele. (304) 535-3837.<br />

Cleveland: Blaln. Fried. 3255 Urenway Rd. 44122.<br />

Tele. (216) 991-3797.<br />

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Calgary; Maxlne McBear., 420 40th St., S.W., F3C<br />

IWl. Tele. (403) 249-6039.<br />

Montreal: Tom Cleary, Association des Proprletalres<br />

de Cinema du Quebec, 3720 Van Home, Suite 4-5,<br />

No. H3S 1R8.<br />

Ottawa: Garfield "WUlle" Wilson, 758 Ralnsford Ave.,<br />

KJK 2K1. Tele. 746-6660.<br />

Toronto: J. W. Agnew, 274 St. John's Rd., MOP 1V5.<br />

Vancouver: Jimmy Davie, 3345 W. 12. V6K 2R8.<br />

Winnipeg: Robert Hucal, 600-232 Portage Ave., K3C<br />

OBI.<br />

IF<br />


THE PROFUSION of product reel<br />

footage previewed at Show-A-Rama<br />

22 is a true indication, the quantity as<br />

well as the quality of films scheduled for<br />

release the remainder of the year and<br />

into next indeed looks bright.<br />

Production again appears to be on the<br />

upswing after several comparitively lean<br />

years in terms of product availability and<br />

resulting business at the boxoffice.<br />

In recent years exhibitors have found<br />

themselves caught between the proverbial<br />

rock and a hard spot what with a<br />

dearth of sufficient product, staggering<br />

film rentals and all the little nuances associated<br />

with distribution agreements.<br />

Although official figures are not immediately<br />

available, an examination of more<br />

than 30 of the larger film studios and<br />

distributors reveals over 130 full-length<br />

features at the moment either in a postproduction<br />

phase or ready for release<br />

sometime in the next 12 months.<br />

The same companies also report an<br />

equivalent number of attractions planned<br />

for the near future. To say the least, this<br />

is a healthy outlook.<br />

But exhibition has been party before<br />

to such talk and similar boom periods in<br />

the industry.<br />

Due in large part to the cyclical nature<br />

of our business, we have mixed feelings<br />

about the long-range state of affairs concerning<br />

production and exhibition.<br />

Though we are pleased with what we<br />

see at present being done by the studios<br />

in the way of film production, our optimism<br />

is somewhat guarded. Perhaps the<br />

oft-quoted expression "You can't see the<br />

forest for the trees" best describes our<br />

concern.<br />

Granted, the outlook for exhibition<br />

may look encouraging in the short<br />

scheme of things, but what we are concerned<br />

about is what lies beyond that vision.<br />

The continued success of exhibition is<br />

undeniably predicated on its ability to<br />

engage quality films that will attract<br />

moviegoers to the theatre in consistent<br />

numbers. By simple deductive reasoning,<br />

it becomes increasingly clear that such<br />

an ideal state can be sustained only if<br />

the flow of product is in sufficient supply<br />

to give the exhibitor a workable choice.<br />

Contrary to what some would like;<br />

believe, inflation's ubiquitous swath i<br />

also reached the filmmaking busin;<br />

As production costs continue to soar e;<br />

upward, film companies, as we see it,<br />

faced with two basic alternatives: 1<br />

lower the production budget on some:<br />

all film projects, or 2) cut back proci<br />

tion schedules. It is likely, in fact higl<br />

probable, that we will see the latter<br />

fore the former. After all, history spe<br />

for itself.<br />

In an effort to head off some of<br />

problems faced by exhibition during<br />

predictable down cycles in the Indus<br />

EXPRODICO was conceived. EXPRO<br />

GO'S prime objective was simple: exh<br />

tion should be able to control its (<br />

destiny by subsidizing and directing<br />

own program of film product. Sevi<br />

years in the making, EXPRODICO :<br />

its chief spokesman, Tom Moyer, v<br />

forced into premature demise when<br />

hibitor pledges fell short of the ne<br />

sary funding requirement. There are<br />

eral reasons given for EXPRODIC<br />

short-lived experience, the most noti<br />

of which is exhibitors questioning<br />

bonafide need and value of such a<br />

;<br />

gram.<br />

Now Tom Patterson, president of<br />

National Independent Theatre Exhibi<br />

(NITE) ,<br />

erate membership support for ano<br />

exhibitors' cooperative, TOFCO, wl<br />

not surprisingly stands for Theatre C<br />

ers Film Cooperative. Like Moyer's<br />

]<br />

for EXPRODICO, TOFCO's objectiv<br />

to end distribution abuses by allo\<br />

exhibitors more of a say in crea<br />

product and establishing fair boo;<br />

terms.<br />

Whether or not exhibitor organizat<br />

or the like can work out the inhe<br />

problems associated with such an<br />

deavor and still deliver quality filn<br />

subject to the test of time and the £<br />

tiny of the industry.<br />

Regardless, such efforts should be<br />

couraged and not go unrecognized i<br />

hibition expects to fortify its positic<br />

the industry. Final judgment rests ii<br />

most critical hands of all: movie{<br />


fOR TH£<br />

RECORD<br />

Hunter Murtaugh has been appointed<br />

viee-president/music for Paramount. Murtaugh<br />

is mow headquartered for both motion<br />

picture and television production.<br />

Tom Campanella has been appointed<br />

vice-president/ national advertising for the<br />

motion picture division of Paramount.<br />

Frank Bodo has been appointed director<br />

ol production finance for the motion picttne<br />

di\ision of Paramount.<br />

Julia Kaminski has been appointed director<br />

of legal information services for United<br />

Artists.<br />

Andrew Grucnberg, Cincinnati branch<br />

manager for Warner Bros., has been named<br />

the company's acting branch manager in<br />

Boston, replacing Roger Hill who is on an<br />

extended leave while recuperating from serious<br />

injuries.<br />

Victor SaJant has been appointed audiloi<br />

of Variety International Pictures.<br />

prank Mancuso has been named executive Vivian Cooper has been named director<br />

management Lorimar Productions.<br />

services for of<br />

vice-president of distribution and marketing<br />

for the motion picture division of<br />

Paramount Pictures. In this newly created<br />

Mancuso<br />

George Justin has joined Orion Pictures<br />

position, effective immediately, executive production manager.<br />

as<br />

will continue to be responsible for the domestic<br />

Lawrence D. Foldes has been appointed<br />

distribution of Paramount films and<br />

chairman of the Academy of Science Fiction.<br />

will also assume overall responsibility for<br />

Fantasy and Horror Films.<br />

the company's motion picture marketing<br />

group, which includes advertising, publicity Roger Brooke was appointed group managing<br />

and promotion.<br />

director and member of the board of<br />

EMI.<br />

Louis S. Arkoff, vice-president of American<br />

Nanette Leonard has been named marketing<br />

International, is leaving his executive<br />

coordinator for United Artists' "Moonraker"<br />

post with the company to enter the field of<br />

independent film production, which he will<br />

pursue on a mon-exclusive basis. Arkoff has J. Anthony Young has joined Lorimar as<br />

been a production vice-president at the company<br />

for the past six years and has functioned<br />

as executive in charge of production<br />

vice-president of finance.<br />

Bonnie Rothbart has been named manager<br />

of the MGM motion picture research<br />

on a number of AI productions.<br />

library.<br />

Lonnie Halouska has joined the legal department<br />

of Warner Bros.<br />

John P. Vinnedge has been named administrations<br />

and operations manager for American<br />

Cinema. Glenn R. Zinser has taken<br />

over the position of comptroller.<br />

Titles & Takes<br />

"Hair" has drawn .$502,523 at the Ziegfeld<br />

Iheaire in five weeks and $229,388 at<br />

six theatres in one week in New York. The<br />

Milos Forman film pulled in $237,922 at<br />

the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles in five<br />

weeks and $245,1 IS in four weeks in Boston.<br />

"Coming Home" (UA) grossed $2,526,-<br />

000 in national post-Oscar engagements in<br />

one week.<br />

"Blazing Saddles" (WB), in rerelease,<br />

grossed $1,164,612 in 333 theatres in four<br />

branches, bringing the total take to date to<br />

$5,192,884. In 17 theatres in Metropolitan<br />

New York the film took in $510,030 in its<br />

second week. In the Atlanta exchange, playing<br />

in 110 theatres, the gross was $325,610,<br />

while the New Orleans exchange gross was<br />

$198,481 in 88 theatres and the Memphis<br />

gross in 64 theatres was $130,501.<br />

COMING<br />

fUuaaai<br />

Warner Bros.' "Boulevard Nights" has<br />

pulled in $2.2 million in roughly 100 theatres<br />

during its first 17 days of release.<br />

American International's "Love at First<br />

Bite" grossed a total of $8,322,193 in its<br />

first 24 days of release on 702 screens. Biggest<br />

week so far of the release was the<br />

fourth, which saw grosses of $3,254,008.<br />

Picture was on over 900 screens May 4.<br />


BOXOmCE:<br />

825 Van Brunt Blvd.<br />

Kansas City, Mo. 64124<br />

Please enter my subscription to BOX-<br />

OFPICE.<br />

D<br />

1 YEAR $15.00<br />

D 2 YEARS $28.00<br />

D Remittance Enclosed<br />

n Send Invoice<br />

Outside U.S., Canada and Pan American<br />

Union, $25.00 Per Year.<br />


STREET<br />

Right on target for a<br />

boxoffice bullseyc!<br />

Something hilarious and<br />

something hideous from tlie<br />

world's most popular<br />

science-fiction magazine.<br />

TOWN<br />

ZIP CODE<br />

NAME<br />


STATE<br />


475 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016 (212) 689-2830<br />

BOXOmCE :: May 7, 1979

Pool Shark Cast of 'Bullet'<br />

Learns<br />

To Hustle on Camera as Well as Off<br />


West Coast Editor<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Next winter, when director<br />

Robert Ellis Miller comes to town to<br />

then, if Coburn invites you for a friendly<br />

game, stay clear of him, too. And the same<br />

goes for Omar Sharif, Ronee Blakely and<br />

Bruce Boxleitner. They've all become pool<br />

sharks. So be warned.<br />

All this came out April 19 on Stage 25<br />

MGM where Miller was winding up his<br />

at<br />

Hollywood shooting on "The Baltimore Bullet."<br />

Miller invited the press to chat with<br />

the cast and have a few drinks in the completely<br />

equipped and utterly realistic barroom<br />

used in the picture.<br />

In the next two days he would complete<br />

his Hollywood shooting on the movie about<br />

a couple of pool sharks before moving to<br />

New Orleans for two weeks of filming.<br />

Ten Great Professionals<br />

The windup at MGM was a pool tournament<br />

in which the competitors were ten of<br />

the world's greatest professionals. Competing<br />

were Lou "Machine Gun" Butera,<br />

technical<br />

advisor on the film and teacher to the<br />

with Ray Martin, Steve Mizerak, Pete<br />

stars,<br />

Margo. Alan Hopkins, Jim Rempe, Mike<br />

Segal, Irving Crane, Jim Mataya and Richie<br />

Florence.<br />

The tournament was described in the film<br />

by Willie Mosconi, who has a role as the<br />

narrator.<br />

During the long days of shooting, with<br />

everyone on the set for 12 or more hours<br />

daily, there had developed the kind of warm<br />

friendships that made life easy for Miller<br />

and added a quality to the film that "you<br />

just can't get any other way," according to<br />

Miller.<br />

One of the highlights<br />

that tipped him off<br />

to the rapport came when the professional<br />

pool sharks burst into a spontaneous ovation<br />

for Coburn when, as part of the filming,<br />

he sank a four-cushion shot, a difficult<br />

feat for anyone.<br />

"They just stood up and cheered." Miller<br />

said.<br />

Coburn and Boxleitner developed a<br />

friendly relationship that "shows through on<br />

ballyhoo his new movie, don't let him talk the screen," Miller reported. "They're supposed<br />

you into an innocent little game of pool.<br />

to be buddies in the picture, a couple<br />

Take it from James Coburn: "He'll murder<br />

of hustlers who are out to challenge Omar<br />

you. Don't play pool with him." Bui Sharif, the big time gambler who knows<br />

how<br />

to psyche out his opponents."<br />

'Better at Bridge'<br />

Under Butera's tutelage Coburn and Boxleitner<br />

became experts with the cue stick.<br />

Sharif hardly needed any lessons, it turned<br />

out. "He's modest about it, but he's one of<br />

the world's top rankers in billiards," Miller<br />

confided. "He underestimates himself, but if<br />

he really tried he'd be better at it than he<br />

is at bridge."<br />

"We didn't need actors to cover for the<br />

pro sharks," said Miller. "They're fearless.<br />

I gave them lines and they carried off their<br />

scenes without fear. They give the picture a<br />

lot of reality. They're wonderful," the director<br />

said.<br />

The FilmFair production is "a big, broad<br />

comedy that also is an action picture.<br />

There's a tongue-in-cheek feel to it, and yet<br />

underneath the comedy there's a sense of<br />

reality—and without that feeling of reality<br />

you just can't get good comedy," Miller<br />

said.<br />

Adding the essential touch of authenticity<br />

to<br />

the realistic ballroom were dozens of pictures<br />

lining the walls. The pictures were not<br />

mere props. Miller assured, "Everyone of<br />

them belong to the pool professionals. They<br />

brought them here out of their homes.<br />

They're wonderful people for doing that."<br />

305 Student Films Enter<br />

65th Annual Competition<br />


305 films were submitted by student filmmakers<br />

from colleges and universities<br />

throughout the country in the sixth annual<br />

student film awards competition, according<br />

to Howard W, Koch, president of the Academy<br />

of Motion PiclLire Arts and .Sciences,<br />


Photo Highlights<br />

Scenes From Show-A-Rama<br />

(Left) Director of the Year Tcrrence Malick and Sylvia Slcnie,<br />

wife of Martin Stone, president of Mid-America Cinema;<br />

(Above) Producer of the Year Allan Carr and Miss Show-A-<br />

Rama, Christine LaBruzzo.<br />

(Above) Singer-actress Susan Anton signs autographs; (Left)<br />

Ageless George Bums, Entertainer of the Century, and part of<br />

his surprise gift from Columbia Pictures.<br />

Honored Showman winners (from right) Ed Meyers, Chip Rouse (right), editor of <strong>Boxoffice</strong>, and Mark<br />

Lima, Ohio, radio-TV promotion; Tony Bruguiere Tenser, president of Crown Int'l.; Arnold Simmons,<br />

(center*. Mary Esther, Fla., off-site promotion, with Pontiac, Mich., winner of best print promotion.<br />

Photos hy<br />

Fred Siihahi<br />

ami<br />

Cil I'iiilar<br />

Dick O'Rear, chairman of the board of Coninionwealth Theares,<br />

honors the Man of Steel. Christopher Reeve, as Int'l Star<br />

of the Yi<br />

MC Fred Broski. left, and Peter Fonda<br />

at Casino Supper following screening<br />


Roger Corman Honored in New York; VCI Awards to NBA,<br />

His Low-Budgefers Lead to Success<br />


East Coast Editor<br />

NEW YORK—Roger Corman, president<br />

of New World Pictures, was honored with<br />

a two-week retrospective of his films at<br />

Joseph Papp's Public Theatre here March<br />

6-18. Corman appeared at the theatre to<br />

cial hatred which has been called his best<br />

work at a director. In addition, Corman<br />

was promoting Papp's efforts in presenting<br />

the art of the cinema at the theatre.<br />

Handling Corman's publicity was the<br />

Ruth Pologe Levinson Group. For many<br />

years, Levinson was assistant national director<br />

of advertising, publicity and exploitation<br />

for American International Pictures,<br />

which had released many of Corman's earlier—and<br />

some of his best—features.<br />

On Thursday night, Corman made his<br />

entrance directly after a showing of "The<br />

Intruder." in which William Shatner stars<br />

as a bigot who stirs up a small Southern<br />

town which is being forced to integrate the<br />

high school.<br />

Many Locals Cast<br />

One member of the audience was enthusiastic<br />

in proclaiming that the film had been<br />

shot in her home town, Charleston, Mo.,<br />

while Corman pointed out that Sykeston<br />

and East Prairie were other locales used in<br />

the state.<br />

Many local people were cast in supporting<br />

parts and some trouble was encountered<br />

because of the theme, which was antibigotry.<br />

The Shatner character was patterned<br />

after that of a segregationist named<br />

John Kasper. who made headlines in 1957.<br />

Although admitting the film was flawed,<br />

Corman said that he thought a great deal<br />

of "The Intruder." which he co-produced<br />

with brother Gene (latter has a featured<br />

role as one of the rednecks), from a novel<br />

and screenplay by Charles Beaumont. The<br />

initial reviews were favorable and the Venice<br />

Film Festival showing was quite enthusiastic,<br />

yet the film constituted his first<br />

failure.<br />

Corman knew a man named Mike Ritz,<br />

who had taken the film "Bayou," which<br />

had been a 1957 United Artists release,<br />

and retitled it "Poor White Trash." With a<br />

new campaign, this film grossed around $5<br />

participate in a question-and-answer session<br />

with his fans on the evenings of March 14 million, while it had been unsuccessful before.<br />

Ritz then took "The Intruder," orig-<br />

and 15.<br />

Shown were a documentary, "Roger Corman:<br />

Hollywood's Wild Angel" (1977) and pany called Pathe America, and rechristeninally<br />

distributed through a shortlived com-<br />

"The Intruder" (1962), a feature about raed<br />

it "I Hate Your Guts," with similar sensational<br />

selling. However, it still didn't do<br />

anything at the boxoffice.<br />

Praise for Assistants<br />

Corman revealed a warm personality as<br />

he answered all the questions, many put<br />

forth from a fan's point of view. He had<br />

for those who had toiled on his early<br />

praise<br />

low-budget films, made in two to seven<br />

days for $50,000 or less.<br />

He once shot three films back-to-back in<br />

Puerto Rico in a month's time, although the<br />

classic example of the Corman method<br />

would seem to be "The Terror" (1963), a<br />

horror pic starring Boris Karloff and a yet<br />

unappreciated Jack Nicholson. Filmed in<br />

two days with generous footage from other<br />

pictures, leftover sets and a cast of five, the<br />

picture managed to be effective for all its<br />

shortcomings. The Poe-Vincent Price films<br />

were also discussed and praised.<br />

New World Pictures was formed, said<br />

Corman. so that he could retain control<br />

over the films he produced. The pressures<br />

of running the company are such that he<br />

has not directed a film since "Von Richthofen<br />

and Brown" (UA 1971), although he<br />

hopes to be able to direct again within the<br />

next year or two and leave some of the<br />

business details to his staff.<br />

New World will release the new Francois<br />

Truffaut film. "Love On the Run,"<br />

fifth of the series dealing with Antoine<br />

Doinel and starring Jean-Pierre Leaud in<br />

the role he originated as a boy in "The 400<br />

Blows" (1958). This film had its American<br />

premiere .April 6 at the Coronet here.<br />

Gmeiner at Conclave<br />

NEW YORK.—Variety Clubs International<br />

will present a special award to commissioner<br />

Lawrence O'Brien of the National<br />

Basketball Assn. in recognition of the<br />

NBA's cooperation with Variety's work in<br />

behalf of handicapped and underprivileged<br />

children.<br />

The NBA selected VCI for public service<br />

announcements on the CBS telecasts of its<br />

1978-79 basketball games in which appeals<br />

are made by the commissioner. Julius ("Dr.<br />

J.") Erving, Jack Lemmon. Walter Matthau<br />

and Monty Hall, western hemisphere<br />

co-chairman of VCI.<br />

The award will be presented to O'Brien<br />

at the 52nd annual VCI convention, which<br />

will be held from May 19 to May 24 at<br />

the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans.<br />

The 1978 International Humanitarian<br />

Award will be presented to Hermann<br />

Gmeiner for his dedicated service in helping<br />

neglected and homeless children throughout<br />

the world, announced Eric D. Morley.<br />

president of the show business organization.<br />

This award will also be presented to<br />

Gmeiner at the concluding banquet at the<br />

convention of VCI May 23.<br />



ASCO Auditorium Services<br />

Theatre refurbishing—designing—acoustical<br />

wall covering—seat reiurbishing—custom<br />

seat covers—screens, frames, main act<br />

curtains, black masking conversion systems.<br />

Materials and labor supplied. Call<br />

(617) 769-6680. Endicott St., Bldg 25, Norwood,<br />

Mass. 02062.<br />



Dav ST-en Installation, screens resurfaced.'<br />

(817) 642-3591. Drawer P. Rogers,<br />

Texas 76569.<br />


and repaired in Tex., Okla,, N, Mex Ark,,<br />

,<br />

and La. Gene Taylor, P.O. Box 3524, Shawnee,<br />

Ks. 66203 . (913) 631-9695.<br />


quality of your picture. Renew old<br />

screen with our process. New screens also<br />

installed. Dazzling Construction, (516) 581-<br />

4653.<br />


BUILD ATTENDANCE with real Hawaiian<br />

orchids. Few cents each. Write Flowers<br />

of Hawaii, 670 S. Lafayette Place, Los<br />

Angeles, Cal U. 90005.<br />

SALU IE—The board of directors of (he<br />

Foundation of Motion Picture Pioneers<br />

congratulates I.co Jaffe, chairman of the board of Columbia Pictures Industries,<br />

on receiving the Anti-Defamation League award at their semiannual<br />

meeting. Attending were (left to right) Charles Reagan. Martin Quigley<br />

Jr., Richard Walsh, John Broumas, Martin Levine, Ralph Pries, Leo Jaffe, B. V.<br />

Sturdivant, Sherill Corwin. M. J. Frankovich, Martin H. Newman, Ben Marcus,<br />

Burton Robbins, Bernard Myerson, Harry Buxbaum, Norman Gluck and Salah<br />

Hassanein.<br />

BINGO CARDS DIE CUT: 1-75, 1500 combinations<br />

in color. PREMIUM PRODUCTS<br />

339 West 44th St., Now York, N.Y. 10035.<br />

(212) 246-4972.<br />


programs, heralds, bumper strips,<br />

daily/weekly boxoffice reports, time<br />

schedules, passes, labels, etc. Write lor<br />

samples, prices. Dixie Lltho. Box 882, Atlanta,<br />

GA 30301.<br />

More Classified Listing<br />

On Inside Back Cover<br />

May 7. 197'

j<br />

[<br />

Moore<br />

'<br />

May<br />

'<br />

Tickets<br />

I<br />

13 Feature Premieres<br />

Part of Seattle Fesl<br />

SEATTLE—The Moore Egyptian's fourth<br />

innual international film festival begins<br />

May 10 and v/ill run through June 6. It will<br />

,ave a blockbuster schedule of 81 feature<br />

ilms and 33 shorts, representing 26 counties<br />

and including 13 American premieres.<br />

Its three festival directors arc Rajeeve Gup-<br />

!a, Dan Ireland and Darryl MacDonald.<br />

Opening the event will be George Roy<br />

Hill's "A Little Romance" at 8 p.m., May<br />

10. with a $5 ticket fee including a party<br />

aftei wards.<br />

Initial festival regular attraction on May<br />

I I will be "Fedora" at 7 p.m., followed by<br />

ihe American debut of Anthony Harvey's<br />

new western, "Eagle's Wing."<br />

The world premiere of the year's most<br />

[eagerly awaited new science-fiction film,<br />

Ridley Scott's "Alien" is scheduled for midnight<br />

May 24. Because "Alien" will be<br />

shown in 70mm and six-track Dolby stereo,<br />

ithat screening will be held at the UA cine-<br />

'raa 150, about six blocks away from the<br />

because it will open in that theatre<br />

25.<br />

for the "Alien" world premiere<br />

will be sold separately for $4. Admission for<br />

regular evening performances for the festival<br />

is $3.50 per film. Admission to matinees<br />

'<br />

and midnight shows is $2.50, except for the<br />

documentary marathon, which will cost<br />

$3.50.<br />

Full series tickets, admitting the holder to<br />

all films except "Alien," are $65, or $55<br />

for students and Seattle Film Society members.<br />

Partial series tickets, good for any six<br />

films except "Alien," are $15. or $13.50 for<br />

students and S.F.S. members.<br />

Universal's 'Walk Proud'<br />

Still Slated for June Release<br />

NEW YORK — Universal's "Walk<br />

Proud," a contemporary love story set<br />

against the background of a Los Angeles<br />

street gang, will be released in New York,<br />

as scheduled, in- June. The film, starring<br />

Robby Benson, centers on a young man's<br />

growing up and his successful efforts to<br />

break away from the gang to which he had<br />

belonged.<br />

A Turman-Foster production, produced<br />

by Lawrence Turman and directed by Robert<br />

Collins from an original screenplay by<br />

Evan Hunter, "Walk Proud" co-stars Henry<br />

Darrow, Pepe Serna, Ji-Tu Combuka and<br />

Lawience Pressman. Elmer Bernstein wrote<br />

the<br />

score.<br />

'Star Wars' Toy Products<br />

Still Hot After Two Years<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Two years after its release,<br />

"Star Wars" continues to be a hot<br />

item in the merchandising field.<br />

20th Century-Fox reports that the Kenner<br />

'79 toy catalogue set aside 45 pages to boost<br />

ihe "Star Wars" toy line, including eight<br />

new action figures added to the list of chairacters<br />

up for sale.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />

Laurel Group, a Mini-Conglomerate,<br />

Offers Romeros 'Dawn of tfie Dead<br />


East Coast Editor<br />

NEW YORK—Between April 20 and<br />

Muy 11, 90 percent of the major markets<br />

in the country will have been saturated by<br />

"Dawn of the Dead."<br />

Touted as the long-awaited sequel to the<br />

low budgeted black-and-white horror classic<br />

"Night of the Living Dead" (1968), the<br />

new film is in color and employs all the<br />

current advances in special effects to make<br />

the monsters real.<br />

The film is also the latest in the line of<br />

offerings from the New York-based The<br />

Laurel Group, headed by producer Richard<br />

P. Rubinstein and director-writer<br />

George A. Romero, creator of the original<br />

•Dead."<br />

Six Years Old<br />

The Laurel Group, in operation for six<br />

years, is a mini-conglomerate. Apart from<br />

producing films (its recent vampire pic<br />

"Martin" is in release through Ben Barenholtz'<br />

Libra Films), it has made sports profiles<br />

for ABC Television (including the first<br />

outside sports special purchased by the network,<br />

"Juice on the Loose," on O. J. Simpson);<br />

operates a publishing division which<br />

runs the gamut of authors from Dick Gregory<br />

to J. B. Priestley, and it imports foreign<br />

films, such as "I^ Secret," "Where There's<br />

Smoke" and "Ten Little Indians."<br />

While Laurel and Libra share office<br />

space,<br />

the companies collaborate on various<br />

films but work independently of each other.<br />

Rubinstein says that Laurel has operated<br />

outside<br />

the mainstream and has made "better<br />

films." He terms his producer-director<br />

relationship with Romero more in the European<br />

style and points out that Romero has<br />

a rare total creative control as an independent.<br />

X Ratings Condemned<br />

Both men support the ratings but condemn<br />

the X as not having the "dignity" of<br />

a designation for non-explicit yet adult<br />

material. "Dawn" is unrated but a disclaimer<br />

prohibits anyone under 17 from seeing<br />

the film because of the violence. Any unrated<br />

film would automatically qualify as<br />

an X, the only rating which can be selfapplied.<br />

Romero and Rubinstein both applaud<br />

the chains that booked their "Dawn."<br />

At a press luncheon for "Dawn," Romero<br />

retaliated against those who accused<br />

him of making "trash disguised as art" by<br />

saying that his film "isn't disguised." He<br />

feels that "Dawn" is both allegory and<br />

satire on our consumer society while being<br />

a traditional horror film.<br />

He deliberately adopted a comic book<br />

look to the film, even to the extent of making<br />

the 3M "blood" appear to be unrealistic.<br />

Romero considers "Dawn" more of a<br />

pop culture feature, whereas "Night" was<br />

tongue-in-cheek. In both, he felt any explanation<br />

of the dead returning to life would<br />

be irrelevant.<br />

A few years ago, Romero met socially<br />

with a group of investors from Oxford<br />

Development, owners of the Monroeville<br />

Mall near Pittsburgh. In touring the shopping<br />

complex, Romero, true to his Pennsylvania<br />

heritage, decided that the site would<br />

be ideal for "Dawn."<br />

He wrote an outline, completing the<br />

script two years later in Rome and getting<br />

together with Italian horror filmmaker<br />

Dario Argento, who co-financed "Dawn."<br />

Argento. credited as script consultant, also<br />

helped with the creation of the music (played<br />

by The Goblins) and worked on the effects.<br />

Tom Savini, also in the film as an<br />

actor, contributed makeup and cosmetic<br />

special effects.<br />

Once the Mall was obtained as a shootirig<br />

site in which all but the opening sequences<br />

take place, the army of technicians<br />

and actors used the premises on an 11<br />

p.m. to 7 a.m. schedule, after store hours.<br />

The logistics for moving equipment and<br />

zombies in and out were staggering.<br />

Four Main Actors<br />

Four main actors appear throughout:<br />

Gaylen Ross as a TV technician, David<br />

Emge as her lover and a TV helicopter pilot.<br />

Ken Force and Scott Reiniger as Philadelphia<br />

SWAT policemen. The Zombies<br />

were recruited from the production crew,<br />

local residents and visiting writers, executives,<br />

and so on.<br />

Among the undead are Chris Steinbrunner,<br />

author of "The Films of Sherlock<br />

Holmes" and other books in the horrorfantasy-mystery<br />

vein; David Bartholomew,<br />

writer for Cinefantastique and the Film<br />

Bulletin; Ed Perchaluk, Independent Film<br />

Journal; Tom Pasavant, Playboy; Evelyn<br />

Reynolds, Newsday, and Chet Flippo,<br />

Rolling Stone.<br />

"Dawn" is a presentation of Herbert R.<br />

Steinmann and Billy Baxter, in association<br />

with Alfredo Cuomo and Claudio Argento<br />

and is being released in the U. S. by United<br />

Film Distributing Co.. a subsidiary of<br />

United Artists Theatre Circuit. Plitt, Mann,<br />

Loews, RKO and AMC theatres are involved<br />

in the playdates.<br />

Woody Allen's 'Manhattan'<br />

On 420 Screens by May 16<br />

NEW YORK—Woody Allen's "Manhattan,"<br />

which opened at seven theatres in New<br />

York and 20 in the Los Angeles area on<br />

April 25, will be shown in approximately<br />

420 theatres coast-to-coast by May 16. The<br />

national booking schedule calls for an additional<br />

264 during the week of May 2; 110<br />

during the week of the 9th and another 19<br />

starting the week of May 16.<br />

"Manhattan," which was directed by<br />

Allen who also co-authored the film with<br />

Marshall Brickman, stars Allen, Diane Keaton,<br />

Michael Murphy. Mariel Hemingway<br />

and Meryl Streep.

International Harmony Plans Films<br />

That Appeal to FM Radio Listeners<br />


NEW<br />

East Coast Editor<br />

YORK—International Harmony<br />

here is a distribution company of recent<br />

vintage (tounded in 1974, distiibuting films<br />

since 1976) which is geared to youth-onented<br />

product in the comedy vein.<br />

According to president Stuart S. Shapiro,<br />

it caters to the market which prefers FM<br />

radio, that is, the audience that made "National<br />

Lampoon's Animal House" and "Up<br />

in Smoke" major hits.<br />

An example is International Harmony s<br />

double billing of "Tunnel Vision" and<br />

"Shame of the Jungle" for an R-rated comedy<br />

program. Both films (the latter is an animated<br />

feature) use the talents of members<br />

of the "Saturday Night Live" TV show.<br />

Shapiro, who is aided in his company by<br />

of marketing Steven Menkin, a<br />

director<br />

former actor (he starred in "Hair" off-<br />

Broadway and appeared on the soap opera<br />

"AH My Children") and office manager<br />

Dawn Hanrahan. began the company in<br />

partnership with Gary Legon. who now<br />

produces such films as "Chalk."<br />

Organized Rock Comcerls<br />

I H. started out by organizing rock concerts<br />

and albums (as Rock 'n' Road) until<br />

acquiring "Tunnel Vision." a satire of television<br />

featuring Chevy Chase, and "Tarzoon.<br />

Shame of the Jungle," made in Belgium<br />

by Michel Gast. Latter film was<br />

dubbed into English with the voices of John<br />

Belushi and Johnny Weis&muller Jr. and<br />

was first booked under that title. The similarity<br />

to Tarzan was challenged by Edgar<br />

Rice Burroughs' widow and the soundtrack<br />

had to be redone. Four minutes were cut<br />

to earn an R from the original X version.<br />

As "Tarzoon." the animated feature played<br />

St Louis. Las Vegas. Tucson and Kansas<br />

City, while as "Shame." it did great<br />

business in such territories as San Francisco<br />

and Minneapolis. "Tunnel Vision" was first<br />

released successfully by World Wide Enter-<br />

COMING SOON...<br />

A<br />

BIGGER<br />

and<br />

BETTER<br />


..>inment. from which International Harmony<br />

acquired it. Now. Shapiro feels, the<br />

combo is ready for the drive-in and summer<br />

markets.<br />

For June-July, the company will have a<br />

Neil Young concert film, "Rust Never<br />

Sleeps," with Dolby stereo, in fifteen major<br />

markets beginning with Washington, D. C.<br />

A soundtrack album will be released on the<br />

Reprise/Warner Bros, label.<br />

Firesign Theatre.<br />

Formerly a partner in Douglas Records,<br />

Shaprio produced a posthumous Jimi Hendrix<br />

album. He considers himself an expert<br />

in FM radio promotion and uses this outlet<br />

to a great extent. Handling his radio promos<br />

are Peter Shanaberg and Morrie Eisenman<br />

of Selluloid Promotions in California. They<br />

have worked on campaigns for "The Fantastics<br />

Animated Film Festival," "National<br />

Lampoon's Animal House" and "Love At<br />

First Bite." Also on the West Coast is Norman<br />

Smith, national sales coordinator for<br />

International Harmony.<br />

Business For Independents<br />

There is a big future in rock films, says<br />

Shapiro, who also thinks that it will be a<br />

business for the Independent rather than the<br />

major distributor. The majors tend not to<br />

promote these films as well as the indies.<br />

'Goldengirr lo Bring<br />

Gold to U.S. Olympics<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Avco Embassy Pictures<br />

will premiere "Goldengirl" June 18 in<br />

Washington. D. C. as a special fund raising<br />

event for the benefit of the U. S. Olympic<br />

Committee.<br />

The screening at the John F. Kennedy<br />

Center for the Performing Arts will be attended<br />

by top Olympic athletes and major<br />

stars as well as Washington officials, according<br />

to Bob Rehme, executive vice-president<br />

and chief operating officer.<br />

Men Forever'<br />

"Goldengirl" stars Susan Anton in her<br />

debut a beautiful and mysterious<br />

'J<br />

film as<br />

Upcoming are "Cocaine Cowboys," a Olympic triple gold medal contender. James<br />

spoof directed by Ulli Lommel (of "Tenderness<br />

of the Wolves") with the unlikely combination<br />

Coburn also stars as a sports star merchandising<br />

whiz.<br />

of Jack Palance and Andy Warhol,<br />

and "J Men Forever," a black and white<br />

camp presentation of old Republic serials<br />

with new dialogue and a rock score, as revised<br />

by Phil Proctor and Andy Bergman of<br />

EMI Now Directs, Manages<br />

Spacevision 3-D Process<br />

HOLLYWOOD—EMI Films has taken<br />

over management and direction of Spacevision,<br />

a subsidiary of Capitol Records<br />

which is developing a "breakthrough" in<br />

three-dimensional motion pictures, according<br />

to Lord Delfont, chairman and chief executive<br />

of EMI Film and Theatre Corp.<br />

The process is applicable to all film and<br />

video projects, according to Spacevision<br />

president Alan Weber, and it will be used<br />

to develop future 3-D feature presentations.<br />

It also will be used for special attractions at<br />

theme parks and leisure centers as well as<br />

theatre in Marineland, Fla.<br />

presentations in the commercial and indus-<br />

world.<br />

trial<br />

WMI's Spacevision presentation, "Sea<br />

Dream," will be screened at the Cannes<br />

Film Festival. The feature is on permanent<br />

exhibition at a large screen quadrophonic<br />

EMI's Central Research Laboratories in<br />

Ideally. Shapiro would like to have three<br />

the United Kingdom will direct the research<br />

or four concert films a year for his company.<br />

He credits I.H.'s unbroken string of<br />

and development. Derek Leithead. a director<br />

of EMI Film and Theatre Corp. will supervise<br />

Spacevision in the UK and Europe froni<br />

successes to their promotions. The increasingly<br />

popular midnight movie concept is a<br />

his London office. Weber will work out of<br />

long shot in his estimation.<br />

the EMI Films offices in Beverly Hills.<br />

Diversifying. International Harmony is<br />

now in pre-production on "Film Festival."<br />

a satire by Tony Hendra, Ted Mann and<br />

Sean Kelly of National Lampoon, to be coprodu:ed<br />

in Alberta, Canada and New York<br />

Distributed by Laurel<br />

as a co-production with Second City of<br />

Toronto. It has an option on "White Man PITTSBURGH—The Laurel Group of<br />

Meets Big Foot," a film project by R. New York City has completed negotiations<br />

Crumb and is working on a show/ film/ recckagj<br />

of the musical "Robin Hood." program book for distribution with<br />

with MW Communications to produce a<br />

"Dawn<br />

'Dawn of the Dead' Book<br />

'Moments' at Cannes Fest<br />

NEW YORK— Moshe Mizrahi's "Moments"<br />

was selected as an entry in the "uncertain<br />

regard" official category of the<br />

theatres and selected book store<br />

Cannes Festival 1979. Written and directed<br />

by Michal Bat Adam, the Israeli-French coproduction<br />

was produced by the Academy doing blockbuster business in<br />

Award director Mizrahi ("Madame Rosa")<br />

of the Dead."<br />

MW principals William Wilson and Robert<br />

Michelucci plan initial distribution to<br />

all United .Artists theatres, with additiona<br />

distributior<br />

scheduled.<br />

George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead,'<br />

a sequel to "Night of the Living Dead," i!<br />

Europe unde<br />

the title "Zombie" and was released nation<br />

,llv April 20 bv United Film Distributioi<br />


1<br />

Director Romero Asks Avco to Release The Onion Field';<br />

^^l^^^^^"^^^ SCOITSDALE. ARIZ.—A $2 Million Advertising Campaign Set<br />

re-evaluation<br />

ol the Motion Picture Assn. of Ameiica's<br />

i.iting system is long overdue, according to<br />

lirector-producer George A. Romero, who<br />

spoke before a group of motion picture<br />

exhibitors at the mid-winter NATO meeting.<br />

"Times change," stated Romero, "and it<br />

would have been foolish to believe that<br />

movies could remain unaffected by the<br />

change and torment in our society over the<br />

last<br />

12 years—the time span of our self-imposed<br />

code."<br />

Romero said that the MPAA rating system<br />

is and has been a model program to<br />

some extent: "We (the industry) can be<br />

proud to be self-regulated. However, if it<br />

was working that well, we wouldn't have<br />

the problems we are now having."<br />

Romero's main complaint is that there<br />

are no defined guidelines that determine<br />

whether a film should be PG or R. The<br />

guidefKists between ratings have constantly<br />

been blurred—relaxed, tightened or appealed.<br />

He asked that in order to achieve<br />

genuine public acceptance, guidelines must<br />

be set so that there is understanding and<br />

acceptance on the part of the public.<br />

Romero has asked the entire industry<br />

both exhibition and distribution—to establish<br />

"a truly effective system that can be<br />

defended philosophically, morally, and legally;<br />

to take a hard look at the system<br />

mechanism and to be sure that it is as<br />

close to 100 percent effective as it can be<br />

made."<br />

He asked, most importantly, that the<br />

films be so designated that the public may<br />

know what it is going to see, thereby affording<br />

freedom to the filmmaker and<br />

avoiding any threat of government intervention.<br />

Romero advocated a category for adult<br />

films which would not have the stigma<br />

which the present X category implies. He<br />

maintained that present connotation of the<br />

X category diverted adult films, which are<br />

not pornographic, into the R category.<br />

In summation, Romero called for a<br />

realistic restructuring of the entire rating<br />

system and a redefining of the code.<br />

Cinema Radio Contracted<br />

For 23 More Drive-Ins<br />

Twenty-three new Cinema Radio Sound<br />

System installations have been constracted<br />

by drive-in operators across the country, it<br />

was announced by Fred Schwartz, president<br />

of Cinema Radio Corp.<br />

Topping the list will be additional installations<br />

for the United Artists Theatre Circuit<br />

at three of the chain's East Coast theatres.<br />

Portland, Ore., exhibitor Tom Moyer,<br />

who already has five Cinema Radio installations,<br />

has contracted for two additional<br />

units.<br />

As many as 50 additional Cinema Radio<br />

installations are now in final contractual<br />

stages, according to Schwartz.<br />

By<br />


West Coasi Editor<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Avco Embassy Pictures<br />

is gearing itself for an initial .$2,000,000<br />

launch of its newest acquisition, Joseph<br />

Waumbaugh's "The Onion Field." The true<br />

story concerns the kidnapping of two Los<br />

Angeles police officers, the murder of one<br />

of them and the longest criminal trial in the<br />

history of California to convict the killers.<br />

"The Onion Field" will be released October<br />

3, opening in Los Angeles and New<br />

York in a carefully planned campaign that<br />

will lead gradually into spreading it into<br />

major cities. "It's a serious film and we're<br />

going to handle it in a serious way," declared<br />

Bob Rehme, executive vice president<br />

and chief operating officer of Avco.<br />

'No BUnd Bids'<br />

"We're so e.xcited about the picture we<br />

decided to call a press conference to announce<br />

we got it," Rehme said during a<br />

press luncheon at a swank restaurant.<br />

Rehme assured exhibitors that "there will<br />

be no blind bids on this picture. We want<br />

to show it to exhibitors and let them see<br />

what they're getting. That's how proud we<br />

are of it."<br />

With the release scheduled for the fall,<br />

Rehme pointed out that, "We have a lot of<br />

time for a proper campaign. We have a lot<br />

of ideas to work on."<br />

Working from its worldwide distribution<br />

agreement with Waumbaugh's Black Marble<br />

Productions, Avco will show the film at the<br />

Cannes Film Festival May 17 and 20. looking<br />

for foreign sales and deals with foreign<br />

distributors.<br />

'Better Than Book'<br />

"The script is better than the book, and<br />

Joe wrote both of them," Rehme declared.<br />

Waumbaugh's well-publicized disillusionment<br />

at Hollywood's treatment of his books<br />

had driven him to regain rights to "The<br />

Onion Field" from Columbia Pictures which<br />

had held the book until the ex-cop filed a<br />

$.3,200,000 suit in February 1978. The<br />

company agreed to sell him the rights and<br />

the suit was dropped last May.<br />

"I'm very happy," Waumbaugh said of the<br />

Avco deal. "We showed the picture yesterday<br />

to the tough guys at Avco and it made<br />

them cry," he said. Added Rehme: "They<br />

were real upbeat tears."<br />

"Nothing has been changed from the<br />

book," Waumbaugh declared. "All the<br />

names are the same—the killers, the lawyers,<br />

even the judges." Even the casting was done<br />

with an effort to find faces to fit those of<br />

the paiticipants in the sensational event. "I<br />

wanted the public to live 'The Onion Field'<br />

experience the way I did." he declared.<br />

"The Onion Field" was written after<br />

Waumbaugh, a policeman, became concerned<br />

over the effect the kidnapping and killing<br />

had over Officer Karl Hettinger. The<br />

young officer saw his buddy murdered, escaped<br />

the killers in a harrowing chase, and<br />

then had to cope with the aftermath of peer<br />

judgements over his conduct, plus the trauma<br />

of recalling the experience in the numerous<br />

trials that followed apprehension of the<br />

killers.<br />

Waumbaugh and his wife, Dee, raised the<br />

financing for the film from 30 investors<br />

mostly friends—even getting $25,000 from<br />

one of his former police buddies. When the<br />

production went $200,000 over budget,<br />

Waumbaugh sold an apartment house he<br />

owned. "After all, who wants to own an<br />

apartment house," he said in an aside.<br />

'Bare-Bones Budget'<br />

The $2,400,000 budget was a "bare-bones<br />

budget," according to Walter Coblenz who<br />

produced the film. He pointed out that<br />

Waumbaugh had not taken any payment for<br />

film rights to the book, nor for his work<br />

in writing the screenplay. If those costs had<br />

been added to the film and if the production<br />

had been made by a major studio with<br />

its usual 10 percent overhead charges, the<br />

budget easily could have been upwards of<br />

$4,500,000 as a "rock bottom," Coblenz<br />

pointed out.<br />

Now Waumbaugh's main concern is to<br />

see that every investor—many of them his<br />

friends— "gets his money back before I get<br />

a<br />

penny."<br />

Starring in the Karl Hettinger role will<br />

be rising star John Savage, who has made<br />

his mark in "Hair" and especially "The<br />

Deer Hunter." "We got him for wholesale,"<br />

Waumbaugh commented, since the young<br />

actor was signed before either of his other<br />

pictures propelled him into the upper brackets.<br />

Ronnie Cox will play the role of Detective<br />

Pierce Brooks who was the chief investigator<br />

in the case and now is police<br />

chief in Eugene, Ore.<br />

Others in the cast are James Woods, portraying<br />

the convicted murderer Gregory<br />

Powell and Franklyn Scales as convicted<br />

murderer Jimmy Smith. Each actor has an<br />

uncanny resemblance to the actual characters<br />

they portray, and Waumbaugh demonstrates<br />

that with side-by-side photographs of<br />

the people.<br />

Other roles are handled by Richard Herd,<br />

who starred as chairman of the board of<br />

the company operating a nuclear plant in<br />

"The China Syndrome," Ted Danson, Diane<br />

Hull, Priscilla Pointer, Beege Barkett.<br />

plus 45 other performers who are relatively<br />

unknown and thus add to the realism that<br />

Waumbaugh, Coblenz and director Harold<br />

Becker sought.<br />

'Scared Straight!' Honor<br />

TEMPE, ARIZ.—The National Press<br />

Photographers Assn. and the Department of<br />

Mass Communications at Arizona State University<br />

bestowed a Best Documentary award<br />

on "Scared Straight!", touted as the first<br />

television documentary' ever to win an<br />

Academy Award.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />


MGM has entered into a long-term agreei<br />

ment with Franco Zeffirelli and Dyson Loj<br />

|<br />

j<br />

1^ J^olluwood i^eepon m<br />

^<br />

Bruce Dern has been signed to star in<br />

Middle Age Crazy, comedy-drama about the<br />

problems faced by American man after his<br />

40th birthday. Picture will go before the<br />

cameras in July.<br />


Writer-producer Andrew J. Fenady plans<br />

to begin filming May 14 on The Man with<br />

Bogart's Face. Script is from Fenady's own<br />

novel about a man who hero-worships Humphrey<br />

Bogart to the point of having plastic<br />

surgery to look like him. He then legally<br />

changes his name and opens an office in<br />

Hollywood as a private eye. Robert Day<br />

will direct on. locations in Hollywood and<br />

Catalina Island.<br />

Universal Productions Canada will make<br />

its first feature film. The Silence of the<br />

North, starring Ellen Burstyn. Filming is<br />

scheduled to begin in September on location<br />

in Alberta and Ontario. Secomd unit photography<br />

began late in April. Allan King<br />

will direct. Robert Baylis and Allan King<br />

and In Pursuit of Historical Jesus.<br />

Howard Rothberg is developing four feature<br />

projects for Lorimar Films under a<br />

multi-picture deal he signed with the company.<br />

Some Kind of Lizard is an intennational<br />

sleuth spoof. The Murder League is<br />

a comedy. With or Without Roller Skates<br />

is also a comedy, and an original screenplay,<br />

still untitled, is being developed by<br />

Henry Olek.<br />

Filming has begun on Key West Crossing,<br />

with Chuck Workman directing from his<br />

own script. In the cast are Stuart Whitman,<br />

Robert Vaughn and Albert Salmi.<br />

Rehearsals on UniversaLs The Return of<br />

Maxwell Smart began April 23. Producer<br />

Jennings Lang has scheduled a May 7 starting<br />

date on the $8,000,000 feature. Clive<br />

Donner is directing. Script is by Arne Sultan,<br />

Bill Dana and Leonard B. Stern. Don<br />

Adams will star.<br />

Filming began April 23 on Universal's<br />

Esther, Ruth and Jennifer. Andrew McLaglen<br />

is directing with Roger Moore and<br />

James Mason starring. Jack Davies wrote<br />

the script. Elliot Kastncr is producing.<br />

EMI films has signed Mitchell Cannold<br />

and Andrew Meyer to produce The Wonful<br />

Adventures of Paul Bunyan with their<br />

recently formed Noah's Ark production<br />

company. Dennis Lynton Clark has written<br />

the screenplay, based on the book by Louis<br />

Untermeyer. Special effects designer John<br />

Dykstra has been signed to serve as consultant.<br />



Michael Ontkean has replaced John<br />

Heard in 20th-Fox's Willie & Phil, set to<br />

roll May 17 in New York. Ray Sharkey and<br />

Margot Kidder are also starring.<br />

Allan Rich will portray a crusty New<br />

York actor's agent and Robin Sherwood<br />

has signed for a feature role in MGM's Captain<br />

Avenger.<br />

John Friedrich and Gary Springer have<br />

signed to play college students in United<br />

Artists' A Small Circle of Friends. Picture<br />

produce with Murray Shostak set as<br />

will<br />

executive producer.<br />

being directed by Rob Cohen on location<br />

is<br />

Quinn Martin Film Productions has in Boston.<br />

scheduled Six Against the Rock as its first Jane Seymour has been signed to star<br />

feature film. Glenn Ford, Joe Don Baker, with Christopher Reeve in Universal's<br />

Stacy Keach<br />

true story about<br />

and Sam Elliott<br />

Alcatraz. Cliff<br />

star<br />

Gould<br />

in the<br />

will<br />

Somewhere in Time. The Rastar Films production<br />

is slated to begin photography this<br />

month. Seymour will portray Elise, a beautiful<br />

write the script from the novel by Clark<br />

and talented actress. Screenplay is by<br />

Howard. Richard Lang will direct.<br />

Richard Matheson.<br />

Unionport Road Productions, formed by<br />

Tim Mclntire. whose last association with<br />

Lecmora Thuna, plans to begin shooting<br />

Robert Redford was as composer for "Jeremiah<br />

screenplay.<br />

next spring on her original<br />

Blackout on Rodeo Drive.<br />

Johnson," rejoins Redford for a<br />

straight acting assignment in Brubaker. Mclntire<br />

Sunn Classic Pictures will complete four<br />

will be ringleader of a group of har-<br />

features for theatrical release during 1979.<br />

Beyond Death's Door<br />

dened criminals working against the reforms<br />

First to lense will be<br />

attempted by Redford, cast as the warden.<br />

directing.<br />

Angela Punch has been signed by producers<br />

Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown<br />

to make her American film debut in The<br />

Island. Michael Cainc also stars.<br />

Gary Springer has been signed to co-star<br />

with Brad Davis, Karen Allen and Jameson-<br />

Parker in UA's A Small Circle of Friends.<br />

Picture is currently before the cameras in<br />

Boston.<br />

Michael and Patrick Roman, identical<br />

twin actors, have completed llicir roles in<br />

Fatso. Both actors arc<br />

lour months old.<br />



vel for the development of motion picture I<br />

properties. Their first project will be Africa<br />

Run, based on an original screenplay by<br />

Willis<br />

Hall.<br />

Stuart Rosenberg has replaced Bob Rafelson<br />

as director of Brubaker. The 20th-Fox<br />

feature stars Robert Redford.<br />

I<br />

Alex North will write the score for John<br />

1<br />

Huston's Fire Blood. Picture is a co-production<br />

of Ithaca Productions and Anthea<br />

Films of Munich.<br />

Marvin Paige has been signed as casting,<br />

director on The Man with Bogart's Face.<br />

Shooting is set to begin May 14 with Robert<br />

Day directing.<br />

Fred Mintz has been named associate<br />

producer on Quinn Martin Film Productions'<br />

Six Against the Rock. :<br />

Valley Hoffman has been named post<br />

i<br />

production supervisor on Guyana, Crime of<br />

the Century. Principal photography has<br />

|<br />

been completed on the Rene Cardona Jr./<br />

Alfonso Lopez Negrete feature.<br />

,<br />


Libra Films Corporation: U.S. distribution<br />

of The Consequence. American premiere<br />

will be in San Francisco in June.<br />

Universal City Studios Inc.: From Summa<br />

Corp., eight Howard Hughes films: including<br />

The Conqueror, Hell's Angels, Jet<br />

Pilot and others.<br />

Fiilm Ventures International: Five Films<br />

Stuart Rosenberg is directing.<br />

Richard Mulligan has signed for a starring<br />

role in Scavenger Hunt. The Melvin<br />

Simon production is now shooting on loca-<br />

for release in fall: The Shape of Things to<br />

tion in Pasadena. Michael Schultz is directing.<br />

Come, Survival Run, Cardiac Arrest, Fifth<br />

Anthony Perkins will portray the leader Floor and Klondike Fever.<br />

of an international band of extorters in<br />

Universal's Esther, Ruth and Jennifer. Andrew<br />

McLaglen is directing on location in<br />


Galaway, Eire.<br />

Bob E. Hannah will play Patsy Cline's<br />

husband in Universal's Coal Miner's Daugh-<br />

American International: worldwide distribution<br />

for Something Short of Paradise.<br />

ter.<br />

Michael Lombard will play a sanitation Avco Embassy Pictures: Foreign distribution<br />

rights to kiss in Attack of the Phan-<br />

department foreman in Fatso. The 20th-Fox<br />

comedy is now filming with Anne Bancroft toms. Picture is a $2,000,000 TV movie<br />

featuring the rock group in their acting<br />

debut.<br />

NMD Film Distributing Co.: How to<br />

Score With Girls, for worldwide distribution.<br />

Bauer International: U.S. and Canadian<br />

rights to Coming of Age, Far From Home<br />

and Diary of a Lover. Aldo signed for<br />

American distribution by Bauer: The Thiid<br />

Walker, starring Coleon Dewhurst and William<br />

^^i<br />

Shatner.<br />

The Cannon Group: National distribution<br />

American Nitro and Incoming Freshman.<br />

12<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979


Send news of adyertising campaigns and publicUy to STU GOLDSTEIN, MERCHANDISING EDITOR<br />

Plitt Stages Xhamp'<br />

Of a Contest in LA<br />

Plitt Theaters, MGM and Chrysler-Plymouth<br />

pulled off a champ of a contest.<br />

Throughout March, Chrysler-Plymouth dealers<br />

throughout Los Angeles and Orange<br />

GUIDE<br />

Count Dracula at a Dallas Disco<br />

One of Transylvania's most renowned cilizens<br />

was in Dallas April 19 for a unique<br />

appearance at a local discotheque.<br />

George Hamilton, who plays the suave,<br />

sophisticated Count Vladamir Dracula in<br />

American International's "Love at First<br />

Counties distributed entry blanks in their<br />

showrooms for the double-barreled give-<br />

Bite," appeared in full Transylvania gaib<br />

da 'Vinci International in Dallas.<br />

away. prize was a natural: a 1979 Plymouth<br />

First at<br />

Champ.<br />

On Saturday morning, April 7, hundreds<br />

of contestaints assembled at the Century Plaza<br />

Theatre in the ABC Entertainment Center<br />

for a private screening of "The Champ,"<br />

His appearance was part of a promotion<br />

sponsored by KNUS-FM 99 that included a<br />

dinner date and dancing with Hamilton.<br />

Most Unusual Encounter<br />

courtesy of Plitt and MGM. They were also<br />

drawing and<br />

KNUS gave tickets away to female listeners<br />

over the age of 18 who called and<br />

there to witness the first prize<br />

announcement by "Champ" co-star Arthur<br />

executive secretary of<br />

described their most unusual romantic encounter.<br />

Hill. Lewis J. Jabro,<br />

The calls were taped and later<br />

the Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers Assn.. was<br />

played over the air.<br />

also on hand, as were MGM project director On the morning of April 19, disc jockey<br />

Tony Hoffman and Plitt advertising director<br />

Jack Schell selected at random a name from<br />

Bob Artz.<br />

the women who called as the contest winner.<br />

The name was announced in a unique<br />

simulcast with KNUS and The Charlie Rose<br />

Show on KXAS-TV in Fort Worth, where<br />

Hamilton was appearing as guest host.<br />

The winner, Lauri Pulliam of Dallas, was<br />

picked up by limousine at her home and<br />

taken to the Loews Anatole Hotel, where she<br />

had dinner with Hamilton at L'Entrecote.<br />

After dinner, the couple—with Hamilton in<br />

costume—was whisked away to dance and<br />

meet newspaper photographers at da Vinci,<br />

then returned to the hotel before Ms. Pulliam<br />

was taken home by the limousine.<br />

Glenn, Bozell & Jacobs Public Relations<br />

Count Didciila {George Hamilton) with<br />

American Multi Cinema's Sandy<br />

Franklin. Hamilton appeared in full<br />

Transylvanian garb at a Dallas club to<br />

promote his film.<br />

assisted American International with the<br />

promotion and publicity in Dallas and Fort<br />

Worth.<br />

'Champ' co-star Arthur Hill awards a<br />

1979 Plymouth Champ to the winner<br />

of putt's promotional give-a-way.<br />

The Plitt Century Plaza Theatre had promoted<br />

the opening of the film several weeks<br />

in advance. With the cooperation of MGM,<br />

the theatre displayed posters throughout the<br />

ABC Entertainment Center and the Century<br />

City Shopping Center. Thirty thousand "I'll<br />

be the Champ" buttons were distributed<br />

throughout the center and during the Los<br />

Angeles International Film Exposition. The<br />

audience the campaign reached at the exposition<br />

alone was estimated at some 105,000.<br />

Auburn, Ala.: How to Stage a World Premiere<br />

Publicizing a film without distributor support<br />

can be tough. A national premiere for<br />

a picture without such support is even<br />

tougher. But the "Village Theatre in Auburn,<br />

Ala^, did it, and the results were outstanding.<br />

Twentieth-Fox's "Norma Rae" was<br />

filmed last summer in Opelika, Ala., just<br />

seven miles from Auburn. Early attempts<br />

were made to secure a major national premiere<br />

in Auburn but technicalities prevented<br />

the appearance of any of the major<br />

stars. Manager Donnie Stone decided to<br />

stage his own premiere regardless. With the<br />

assistance of the local Chamber of Commerce,<br />

the premiere was held, utilizing the<br />

local folk who had parts in the film.<br />

Opening night was a fanfare of activity<br />

with the local stars arriving at the theatre<br />

in chauffeur-driven Lincoln Continentals.<br />

Radio station WFRI-FM was on hand for<br />

live interviews amd Columbus TV station<br />

Channel 9 sent their news team to cover<br />

the event.<br />

The grosses were proof of the premiere's<br />

success. Auburn outgrossed ever)" situation<br />

in the South on the first weekend, giving<br />

ain excellent example of the power of local<br />

initiative.<br />

BOXOFFICE Showmandiser ;; May 7, 1979<br />




425<br />

This chart records the performance of current attractions in the opening week of their first runs in<br />

the 20 key cities checked. Pictures with fewer than five engagements are not listed. As new runs<br />

ore reported, ratings are added and averages revised. Computation is in terms of percentage in<br />

relation to overage grosses as determined by the theatre managers. With 100 per cent as average,<br />

the figures show the gioss ratings above or below that mark. (Asterisk * denotes combination bills.)<br />

1 Agatha (WB)<br />

K ui - z<br />

=^<br />

-<br />

^ o<br />

5° S"^«£>3^°S !2ui<br />

[<br />

Greta<br />

[<br />

ka"<br />

'•<br />

I<br />

The<br />

l<br />

\ ernor's<br />

I<br />

1<br />

merce<br />

•<br />

Universal's<br />

i' background<br />

!<br />

will<br />

'<br />

which<br />


UNITED ARTISTS has two current winners<br />

with Woody Allen's "Manhattan" manager. unreeled for exhibitors<br />

^^illiani ZoetLs, 20th Century-Fox branch<br />

and Billy Wilder's "Fedora" packing them "Breaking Away," at the MPAA May 2.<br />

Slairing Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid,<br />

in at various theatres. While the Allen film<br />

was designed to be laughed at and touched<br />

by, the same is not necessarily true for "Fedora,"<br />

a sardonic and often bitter look at<br />

the old and the new Hollywood. Film buff<br />

Robert Kent reports that the audience at<br />

Cinema Studio 1 for the Wilder film was<br />

laughing in all the wrong places prompting<br />

the thought that this could be a camp attraction.<br />

Far from being perfect. "Fedora" is<br />

'<br />

not a total flop dramatically and should be<br />

viewed as a serious work, at least by those<br />

who are still able to take their movies seriously.<br />

Of course, no one can argue with<br />

success,<br />

or can one<br />

Governor Hugh L.<br />

•<br />

Carey has aniioitiiccd<br />

ihc appointment of Francis T. Vincent Jr.<br />

i/.v (I member of the New York State Motion<br />

Pid lire anil Television Advisory Board for<br />

a term expiring March 8. 1980. Vincent, of<br />

New York City, is president and chief e.xeciiiive<br />

officer of Columbia Pictures Indiistncs.<br />

Inc.<br />

The board has been created by the Gov-<br />

Executive Order and operates within<br />

the New York State Department of Com-<br />

to encourage and promote the development<br />

of the film and television industry<br />

in the state.<br />

•<br />

"Walk Proud," set against the<br />

of a Los Angeles street gang,<br />

open here as scheduled in June. Robby<br />

\<br />

Benson and Sarah Holcomb star in the story<br />

[<br />

of a youth's romantic involvement and his<br />

f efforts to break away from the gang to<br />

he had belonged. After the problems<br />

in the wake of Paramount's "The Warriors"<br />

and Warner Bros.' "Boulevard Nights," also<br />

about street gangs, it was feared that similar<br />

events could occur with the new film's debut.<br />

•<br />

The revival scene: Last of the series of<br />

f<br />

Garbo bills in the Carnegie Hall Cinema<br />

series will be on May 13 with her<br />

last two films and only comedies, "Ninotch-<br />

(1939) and "Two Faced Woman'<br />

1 1 94 1), both also starring Melvyn Douglas.<br />

Regency Murder Mystery Mayhem<br />

series continues through next week, ending<br />

with a May 17-19 booking of Hitchcock's<br />

"Psycho" (I960} and Brian De Palmas Sisters"<br />

(1973). A 20th Century-Fox tribute<br />

begins on May 20 through Mav 22 with "In<br />

Old Chicago" (1939) and '-Roxie Hart"<br />

(1942) and continues until July 7.<br />

"Loudspeaker," a play by the late John<br />

Howard Lawson, ended its<br />

run on May 6 at<br />

The Van Dam Theatre. A political playwright<br />

and screenwriter (1938's "Blockade"),<br />

Lawson was one of the Hollywood<br />

Ten who was blacklisted in 1948. Starring in<br />

the play, originally presented in 1927, was<br />

John Baird, brother of reviewer Lewis Archibald.<br />

Jackie Earl Haley and Dan Stern, the film's<br />

commercial area playdalcs begin Aug. 3,<br />

according to head booker LaVerne Boswell.<br />

Jennifer O'Neill stopped off here to promote<br />

"The Innocent." Produced in Rome<br />

by the late Italian director Luchino Visconti,<br />

the film opened at the Pedas Outer Circle<br />

Sept. 27. O'Neill's portrayal in the movie<br />

was described by the Post's Henry Allen as<br />

"a lively performance amid the art-film<br />

sluggishness, like the smell of a cup of col-<br />

Ice amid the frangipani."<br />

Woody Allen's "Manhattan," a United<br />

Artists release, had a four-theatre unveiling<br />

May 2, and seemed to be very well received.<br />

After 37 weeks of continuous showings<br />

in the Pedas Circle Theatres, Franco Brusati's<br />

"Bread and Chocolate" has been rebooked.<br />

Handled locally by independent distributor<br />

Herbert Schwartz, the film is now<br />

playing in the KB circuit's Cerberus and<br />

Baronet theatres. The Post's Gary Arnold<br />

has called it a "wit*y, compassionate social<br />

comedy ."<br />

. .<br />

Schwartz's New World Pictures of Washington<br />

has set "Star Crash" to open in the<br />

entire Washington exchange (approximately<br />

100 situations) May 25 with "tremendous<br />

media coverage," according to Schwartz.<br />

"French Detective," a<br />

French police story<br />

starring Lino Ventura, began an exclusive<br />

engagement (unrated) at the KB Janus April<br />

27.<br />

Oscar-winner Christopher Walken opened<br />

in UA's release "Last Embrace," which also<br />

stars Roy Scheider and Janet Margolin, in<br />

an area multiple booking May 2.<br />

Doug Potash, United Artists branch chief,<br />

in his invitation to exhibitors for a screening<br />

of "Fiddler on the Roof," pointed out that<br />

the picture, "(which is) one of the most<br />

successful films in UA history, is returning<br />

to the screen in Dolby stereo." Potash had<br />

the tradescrcening in Dolby stereo at MPAA<br />

on the evening of May 1.<br />

Mollis Alpert, editor of the American<br />

Film Institute's magazine, American Film,<br />

will be teaching during May and June a sixsession<br />

course on "Creativity in Film:<br />

Screenwriting." Also in API's lecture/seminar<br />

series is Albert Ihde, president of the<br />

Washington Film Group, who will teach a<br />

two-part "Intro to Film." And the API<br />

Theatre has scheduled a film series of Hollywood's<br />

courtroom dramas and a Vincenio<br />

Minnelli retrospective.<br />

George Romero, director of "Dawn of the<br />

Dead." while here April 26 and 27. attended<br />

a critic's luncheon hosted by Ted and Jim<br />

Pedas, owner/operators of the Circle Theatres.<br />

Romero also attended a midnight sneak<br />

of his creation at the Embassy Circle.<br />

"Dawn of the Dead." distributed locally by<br />

Wheeler Film Co.. opened commercially at<br />

two Circle theatres May 4. Among other<br />

scheduled playdates for Wheeler Film product<br />

are: Cal-Am's "Racquet," summer opening,<br />

and Film Ventures International's<br />

"Hometown U.S.A.." a May opening in the<br />

Richmond area.<br />

Charles T. Jordan, Warner Bros, branch<br />

manager, invited exhibitors to bring a guest<br />

to his recent tradescrcening of "A Little Romance"<br />

at the Motion Picture Assn. of<br />

American theatre. The film will unreel here<br />

commercially May 9.<br />

'Breaking Away' Welcomed<br />

By Bloomington Audience<br />

BLOOMINGTON, IND. — "Breaking<br />

Away," a 20th Century-Fox film shot entirely<br />

in Bloomington, received enthusiastic<br />

praise from the audience of more than 3,000<br />

who attended the premiere April 21. Present<br />

at the premiere were Steve Tesich. who<br />

v/rote the screenplay, and Peter Yates, the<br />

director.<br />

In gratitude for their perseverence in<br />

seeing<br />

the movie through from idea to feature<br />

film, the Indiana University Foundation<br />

honored both Tesich and Yates in pre-movie<br />

ceremonies. Yates is the third recipient of<br />

the foundation's distinguished service award.<br />

Tesich and Yates also received lU watches.<br />

Release of the film was set for Aug. 3,<br />

but has been moved up after audience reaction<br />

tests in New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver<br />

and Bloomington. Yates said the Hoosier<br />

audiences may be able to see the movie as<br />

early as July 11.<br />

3-Screen Addition Planned<br />

For Mid States' Continent<br />

COLUMBUS—The present four-screen<br />

Continent Cinema complex on Busch Boulevard,<br />

operated by Mid States Theatres of<br />

Cincinnati, plans to expand to seven screens.<br />

Don Wirts, general manager, said negotiations<br />

have been completed with the owners,<br />

and the architectural plans would be finalized<br />

about May I. A construction completion<br />

target of late summer has been set.<br />

When the expansion is completed, this will<br />

be the largest theatre complex in Columbus.<br />

Twin Cinema Part of Plan<br />

SOUTH HADLEY. MASS.— Plans for a<br />

$3,000,000 shopping/ recreation/office complex<br />

off Rte. 202, to include a twin cinema,<br />

have been announced by Andre P. Theroux<br />

of H. Theroux & Sons Construction Inc.<br />

The 18-acre site, across from the Flaming<br />

Pit Restaurant and adjacent to the Had-<br />

Icy Village Apartments, is to include the<br />

cinema twin, a restaurant, a supermarket, a<br />

14-court racketball facility, 15 to 20 specialty<br />

shops and professional offices.<br />

Theroux indicated that the 200,000-<br />

square-foot development is to be in a parklike<br />

setting, with clusterlike buildings.<br />

BOXOFHCE May 7, 1979 E-1

i<br />

New York<br />

(Average weekly grosses lollovv<br />


theatre)<br />

All About Gloria Leonard (Evart).<br />

World ($8,000), 15th wk 8.460<br />

An Almost Perfect Affair (Para).<br />

Trans-Lux East (8.500). 1st wk. . .17.900<br />

Fedora (UA). Cinema Studio I (5.000).<br />

2nd wk 14.000<br />

The French Detective (Quartet),<br />

68th Street Playhouse (5,000),<br />

7th wk 8.100<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs<br />

(New Line). Paris (9,000),<br />

19th wk 14,.^45<br />

.lust Like at Home (New Yorker),<br />

Cinema Studio II (4,000),<br />

2nd wk 4.200<br />

A Little Romance (Orion-WB). Sutton<br />

(9.000), 1st wk 23,000<br />

Love on the Run (New World), Coronet<br />

(9.650). 3rd wk 15,800<br />

Manhattan (UA), 7 theatres,<br />

1st wk 400,()()()<br />

A Portrait of the Artist as a<br />

Young Man (Mahler), 1st wk.<br />

Guild (6.700) 10.565<br />

Embassy (6.100) 12,700<br />

Saint Jack (New World), Cinema I<br />

(10,400), 1st wk 35,000<br />

Cleveland<br />

Ashanti (WB), 1 theatre, 2nd wk 70<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ),<br />

5 theatres, 3rd wk 235<br />

The Champ (UA), 5 theatres, 2nd wk. 355<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). 6 theatres,<br />

5th wk 235<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). 5 theatres.<br />

1st wk 560<br />

Disco 9000 (SR), 2 theatres, 1st wk. . . 185<br />

Firepower (SR). 3 theatres, 1st wk 165<br />

Get Oat Your Handkerchiefs (SR),<br />

Cedar Lee Theatre, 5th wk 95<br />

Hair (UA), 6 theatres, 3rd wk 115<br />

Halloween (SR), 6 theatres, 6th wk. . . .275<br />

Hurricane (Para), 6 theatres, 1st wk. . . 90<br />

The Promise (Univ), 3 theatres, 1st wk. 265<br />

Superman (WB). 3 theatres. 18th wk. . .360<br />

Cincinnaf'i<br />

Ashanti (WB). Showcase. 3rd wk 200<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ), 3 theatres. 4th wk 350<br />

The Champ (UA), 3 theatres, 3rd wk. . .600<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), 3 theatres.<br />

6th wk 400<br />

Dawn of the Dead (SR), Showcase,<br />

1st wk 450<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), 3 theatres,<br />

9th wk 750<br />

Fa.st Break (Col), 3 theatres, 6th wk. . .275<br />

Hair (UA), Showcase, 4th wk 225<br />

Hurricane (Para), Showcase, 2nd wk. . .200<br />

The Innocent (SR), 2 theatres, Isl wk. 250<br />

Love at First Bite (AI), Showcase,<br />

2nd wk 500<br />

.Murder hy Decree lA\\.ol. I'liULCto<br />

5lh wk^<br />

Showcase,<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox),<br />

6th wk<br />

.200<br />

The Promise (Univ), 4 theatres.<br />

2nd wk 500<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE).<br />

Skywalk. 10th wk 200<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ),<br />

Showcase, 1 1 th wk 200<br />

Superman (WB), 2 theatres, 19th wk. . .400<br />

Hartford<br />

Buck Rogers in the 2Sth Century<br />

(Univ). 3 theatres, 4th wk 165<br />

The Champ (MGM-UA), Showcase<br />

V. 3rd wk 140<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). 3 theatres,<br />

6th wk 235<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Showcase<br />

n, 7th wk 250<br />

Hair (UA), Showcase III, 4th wk 300<br />

Halloween (Compass Infl), Showcase<br />

VL 6th wk 200<br />

Hurricane (Para). Showcase L<br />

2nd wk 185<br />

Little Blue Box (SR), Art Cinema.<br />

2nd wk 225<br />

Love at First Bite (AI), Showcase IV,<br />

2nd wk 200<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), Cinema City<br />

IV. Elm II. 5th wk 175<br />

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Atlantic<br />

Releasing). Atheneum Cimema.<br />

3rd wk.^ 100<br />

The Psychic (Group I), 3 theatres,<br />

2nd wk 235<br />

Buffalo<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ). 2 theatres. 3rd wk 100<br />

The Champ (UA). 3 theatres. 2nd wk. . .250<br />

The China Syndrome (Col).<br />

3 theatres, 5th wk 175<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), 1 theatre,<br />

8th wk 250<br />

Hair (UA), 3 theaters, 4th wk 100<br />

Halloween (Compass), 1 theatre,<br />

nth wk 125<br />

Hurricane (Para), 2 theatres, 1st wk. ... 150<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), 1 theatre,<br />

6th wk 100<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert<br />

(SEE), 1 theatre, 7th wk 90<br />

Superman (WB), 2 theatres, 18th wk. . . 90<br />

The Warriors (Para). 1 theatre,<br />

10th wk 80<br />

Columbus<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ),<br />

Cinema North, 4th wk 200<br />

The Champ (UA), 2 theatres, 3rd wk. . .290<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), 4 theatres,<br />

6th wk 150<br />

Dawn of the Dead (SR). Raintree.<br />

1st wk 500<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), 2 theatres.<br />

9th wk 315<br />

Fast Break (Col). 2 theatres, 5th wk. .<br />

I he Great American Chase (WB),<br />

. 90<br />

3 theatres. 2nd wk 165<br />

Hair (UA). 2 theatres. 4th wk 190<br />

Hurricane (Para), Raintree, 2nd wk. ..300<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), 3 theatres,<br />

2nd wk 175<br />

The Promi.se (Univ), 2 theatres,<br />

3rd wk 250<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE),<br />

Continent, 9th wk 300<br />

Silent Partner (SR), Raintree, 4th wk. . .500<br />

Superman (WB). 2 theatres, 19th wk. . .140<br />

New Haven<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ), Milford II, 4th wk 135<br />

The Champ (MGM-UA), Showcase V,<br />

3rd wk .125<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), Cinemart<br />

11, Milford I, 6th wk 200<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). Showcase<br />

II, 7th wk 250<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (New<br />

Line Cinema), Lincoln, 1st wk 300<br />

Hair (UA), Showcase III, 4th wk 225<br />

Halloween (Compass Int'l), Showcase<br />

IV, 6th wk 185<br />

Hurricane (Para), Showcase I,<br />

2nd wk 200<br />

Love at First Bite (AI), Cinemart I,<br />

1st wk 250<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), York Square<br />

Cinema, 2nd wk 225<br />

Take All of Me (Group I), Milford<br />

Twin Drive-In I, 1st wk 225<br />


tentative plans are under way to bring a<br />

major film festival to Philadelphia next<br />

year. Dr. Stuart Samuels, one of the principal<br />

organizers, said that the preliminary<br />

ideas for the festival called for a concentration<br />

on the films of one particular country,<br />

probably France, with major French<br />

actors and directors coming to Philadelphia<br />

to discuss their work.<br />

City officials of Chester, stung by constant<br />

complaints that<br />

in<br />

the only movie theatre<br />

the community shows only X-rated films,<br />

are negotiating to purchase the center-city<br />

theatre. City councilman Michael MacNeilly.<br />

at the council meeting last week, said<br />

that they are trying to "work out a pro<br />

gram" imder which purchase of the Boyd<br />

Art Theatre, the city's only operating movie<br />

house, will lead to changing its "adult film<br />

policy to<br />

family-type fare."<br />

Jerry Frebowitz has established Video<br />

House Entertainment Co. in suburban Bala<br />

Cynwyd, Pa., for the distribution of motion<br />

pictures and video cassettes.<br />

Douglas J. Keating of the Philadelphia<br />

Inquirer sees "Ashanti" as a "second-rate<br />

Western, set in Africa." For Joe Adcock of<br />

the Bulletin, the film is "one of total idiocy."<br />

The locally based chain of Silo stereo,<br />

sound and appliance stores has lease dthe!<br />

Centurv Twin Thealies in the nearby<br />

Moorcstown (N.J.) Shopping Mall. The*<br />

E-2 BOXOFFICE May 7. 197^

I<br />

houses<br />

'<br />

In<br />

,<br />

decline,<br />

'<br />

, relli<br />

;<br />

until<br />

I Max<br />

1 United<br />

[screens have been dark and Silo, with a<br />

'ten-year lease, will convert the movie<br />

to another unit in the Silo chain.<br />

another retail transaction here, the onetime<br />

movie theatre building at 917-25 N.<br />

Second St. has been purchased by a cyclonr<br />

fencing operation.<br />

The coniniunity effort to help save and<br />

restore the Warner Theatre in West Chester.<br />

Pa., an art deco palace that has fallen into<br />

recently received a boost with a<br />

benefit concert featuring the Duke Ellington<br />

Orchestra conducted by Mercer Ellington.<br />

Lawrence Toppman of the Atlantic City<br />

Press reviewed "Hair" and said Milos Forman<br />

produced "a barbed, ironic view of the<br />

IMdOs that few other directors would have<br />

hud the insight, imagination or inclination<br />

to make."<br />

Ernest Schier of the Philadelphia Bulletin<br />

thinks it's "outrageous" for Franco Zeffito<br />

remake the 1931 tearjerker "The<br />

Champ." "Outrageous, because it tampers<br />

with the long memories of filmgoers, and<br />

outr.igeous, because ours is not exactly an<br />

,igj of innocence." Schier called "A Perfect<br />

Couple" an "essentially trivial film ... an<br />

amiable, well-made minor film that suggests<br />

! (director Robert) Altman is only vamping<br />

he's ready for his next film."<br />

Miller, regional promotion chief for<br />

Artists, had the Philadelphia Daily<br />

News give out T-shirts promoting "Hair,"<br />

which opened at the SamEric Theatre. In<br />

a random drawing of coupons mailed in by<br />

readers, 50 multi-colored "Hair" shirts were<br />

sent to the winners.<br />


! (Continued on following page)<br />

"Qonsidering all the talent that went into<br />

the remake of 'Hurricane,' one marvels<br />

at the fact that it has turned out so badly."<br />

writes Lou Cedrone, movie critic for the<br />

Evening Sun. "It moves like a leaky boat,<br />

leaving a wake of dialogue that brings<br />

laughter . .<br />

."<br />

The Tenth Annual Baltimore International<br />

Film Festival has been announced for<br />

May 9-22. The sponsor is the Baltimore<br />

Film Forum, 516 N. Charles St., and the<br />

theatre used will be The Playhouse, 25 ih<br />

and Charles streets. It is a Schwaber World<br />

Fare Cinemas house.<br />

"Dawn of the Dead" opened April 20 at<br />

The Hippodrome (along with "Ashanti").<br />

Joppatowne Cinema, The Movies, Randallstown<br />

and Ritchie Cinema.<br />

Cable television companies are taking a<br />

sudden interest in Anne Arundel County<br />

after years of allowing cable franchises to<br />

gather dust. The county council April 16<br />

granted a franchise to Rau Broadcasting to<br />

provide services to a broad swath in the<br />

center of the county which includes the<br />

Crofton, Millersville, Severna Park and<br />

Cape St. Claire areas. The president of<br />

the company, Lloyd S,<br />

Smith, said he could<br />

be ready to offer cable service to some customers<br />

within a year.<br />

1<br />

Spotlight on New England<br />


f^ichard Frcednian, Newhonse News Serv<br />

ice, was not impres,sed with "Huriicane."<br />

His dispatch to The Morning Union<br />

lamented; "For a reported $20,000,000<br />

Dino DeLaurentiis has brewed himself the<br />

proverbial tempest in<br />

a teapot."<br />

The same tritic quoted veteran tliespiaii<br />

Burgess Meredith on the merits of upcoming<br />

"The Great Bank Hoax," which also<br />

stars Richard Basehart, Ned Beatty and<br />

Michael Murphy: "It isn't easy to get a major<br />

studio to pay attention to a small-budget<br />

picture. The French used to make movies<br />

like this, and so did the English in the great<br />

Ealing Studios days. There's no reason wc<br />

can't."<br />


The Mallclts Bay Drive-In, suburban Burlington,<br />

resumed full-time operations<br />

for 1979, scheduling a double-bill. X-rated.<br />

from the statesrights field ("Little Girls<br />

Blue" and "Erotic Adventures of Candy").<br />

The Sunset Drivc-Iii, suburban Burlington,<br />

had the first four-feature underskyer<br />

bill in northern Vermont for 1979— Paramount's<br />

"Up in Smoke" and "American Hot<br />

Wax," plus "Speed Trap" and 'Satan's<br />

Cheer Leaders," with a "special price" of<br />

$5 per carload in effect.<br />


^ave Brown continues to demonstrate how<br />

a small-town exhibitor indeed can be<br />

all things to all people. In addition to running<br />

a regular program of Hollywood output<br />

at the Edmond Town Hall Theatre,<br />

Newtown, Brown also schedules topical programs.<br />

As witness, a Newtown Animal Welfare<br />

Society-sponsored evening on a recent<br />

Thursday (8 p.m.); a motion picture, "Endangered<br />

Predatois," was shown. Admission<br />

was $2.<br />

Bob Einiicke, New Haven Register, called<br />

Universal's "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"<br />

a "shrewd and palatable adventure, a<br />

gaudy and lowdown B picture to occupy a<br />

rainy afternoon for children and adults. A<br />

respectful tribute to the Buster Crabbe<br />

serial . .<br />

."<br />


fwentieth-Fox's "Norma Rae" drew a rave<br />

from Janice Trecker in the West Hartford<br />

News; " 'Norma Rae' is an unusual picture,<br />

tough without being brutal and dramatic<br />

without slipping into melodrama. For<br />

Sally Field, it has provided a magnificent<br />

opportunity: she has used it to reveal an<br />

actress at the height of her powers."<br />

Anemic Cinema Corp., 25 Powers Court.<br />

Westport 06880. filed a certificate of dissolution<br />

(going out of business) with the office<br />

of the Connecticut Secretary of Stale.<br />


n nicrican International slotted mid-Massachusetts<br />

premiere of "Love at First<br />

Bite" into the Redstone White City Cinemas<br />

2 . . . Mid-Massachusetts undenskyers opened<br />

for the warmer weather with $5 per<br />

carload (regardless of number of passengers)<br />

very much evident in on-going policy.<br />


phe DeSantis Kensington Cinema, which<br />

has been on a 99 cents admission<br />

policy, increased the charge to $1.50 for<br />

showings of Warner Bros.' "Every Which<br />

Way But Loose."<br />

BOSTON<br />

gack Theatres is expanding again by twinning<br />

theatres, with 45 screens in the<br />

offing. The latest is the twinning of the two<br />

larger houses in the Natick complex. Cinemas<br />

I and II, now underway. The recently<br />

opened Natick Cinemas III and IV remain<br />

in operation during the renovation period.<br />

The six cinemas reopen June 15 with<br />

"Prophecy." "Butch and Sundance: The<br />

Early Days," "In Laws" and "Rocky II."<br />

Francis E. Charles, 49, retired vice-president<br />

of General Cinema Theatre Corp.,<br />

Chestnut Hill, Boston, died April 24 in Peter<br />

Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston. Surviving<br />

arc his wife, a son, a daughter and a<br />

brother.<br />

Sack Theatres still wants to continue in<br />

the Icgil field triggered by the success of<br />

"Man of La Mancha" last summer, and has<br />

booked the company of "Grease" for the<br />

4.400-seat house for May 1-13. The film<br />

chain, which is expanding to 45 screens in<br />

Massachusetts, also seeks to book legit productions<br />

into the Savoy Theatre, which it<br />

once owned, and sold to Sarah Caldwell's<br />

Opera Company.<br />

Under teims of the sale to the Opera<br />

Company. Sack has the right to present<br />

stage shows when the theatre is not being<br />

used. A. Alan Friedberg. president of Sack.<br />

said part of the sales agreement was that<br />

Sack could book the house with shows when<br />

it was dark, but he now says he fears Caldwell<br />

will keep the theatre dark from May<br />

25. final day of her opera season, until<br />

sometime next March when the new season<br />

begins.<br />

Joan Collins will star in "The Bitch" as a<br />

wealthy woman who "keeps" the manager of<br />

a night club.<br />


, .<br />

,<br />


V,** ,s\ v<br />

\V\VS |lO«Ot( ONtlSSI O»0£» YOU MfNilOS IF THIS „ Ot""^'.<br />

[<br />

^^<br />

p.nj.ijjjiiiiii^mmiiiiii<br />

BOXOFHCE May 7, 1979<br />


movie marathon featuring four anj<br />


gpringfield-based Chakeres Theatres reopened<br />

its 21 Ohio and Kentucky outdoor<br />

screens with a first-run engagement of<br />

•Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" and<br />

•The Great Train Robbery." Good weather<br />

brought •sunshine"" to the boxoffice. according<br />

to spokesman Jack Oberleitner. Meanwhile,<br />

same company has initiated a giant<br />

Pepsi and popcorn campaign using "The<br />

Bigger, the Better'" as their slogan. Top<br />

managers and concessionists<br />

uses for increased sales.<br />

cash bon-<br />

Showcase Cinemas recently held a midnight<br />

prevuc of "'Dawn of the Dead," the<br />

sequel to the cult favorite "•Night of the<br />

Living Dead." In conjunction with WEBN-<br />

FM. the promotion included nurses on duty<br />

in the lobby and ambulances stationed in<br />

front of the complex . . . just in case a<br />

patron became overcome by the gory goiings-on.<br />

New additions to the Chakeres Theatre<br />

family are Mike Glass, Bill Canton, Raymond<br />

Barrett, Noah Penix, Gregg Scott,<br />

and Tim Ahern. Sally Morgan is the new<br />

co-op advertising secretary in the Springfield<br />

main office.<br />

AI's "Love at First Bite" opened to "near<br />

blockbuster"' business at Cincy's two Showcase<br />

houses.<br />

1978's Best Foreign Film, "Get Out Your<br />

Handkerchiefs." debuted recently at 20th<br />

Century, while Visconti"s "The Innocent"<br />

was on tap at Carousel and Studio.<br />

Regent and State Theatres, Springfield.<br />

Ohio, have now completed the installation<br />

of new heating and air conditioning systems.<br />

The Enquirer's Tom McEl fresh labeled<br />

••Dawn of the Dead" "an obscenity of violence<br />

designed in rank greed to prey for<br />

profit on the most flaccid of televisionlobotomized<br />

minds." The plot' "Just rancid,<br />

relentless, repulsive killings." Performances<br />

"You have to have actors before you can<br />

have performances."<br />

Screenings: UA's new Woody Allen comedy,<br />

"Manhattan."<br />

A new trial date has been set for the landmurk<br />

challenge to Ohio's anti-blind bidding<br />

law, The case is now set to open July 2.<br />

Mid America Theatre Service moved to<br />

new quarters, effective April 30. Their new<br />

address is: P.O. Box 11047. 6020 Harrison<br />

Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Telephone<br />

513-574-1550. Bennett Goldstein asks that<br />

the correct box number be used on mail in<br />

order to insuic delivery.<br />

E-4<br />

Writer Alleges Abuse<br />

Of Children at 'Davra'<br />

LEXINGTON, KY. — Wood Simpson<br />

writing m the Lexington Herald discussed<br />

••Dawn of the Dead," a movie sans rating<br />

which is being enforced as an R. Critic<br />

Simpson's complaint with management of<br />

the Crossroads Cinema is that parents are<br />

being allowed to bring their children to see<br />

"Dawn of the Dead."<br />

••Sitting in the audience the other night<br />

at<br />

the Crossroads Cinema was a serious test<br />

of my faith in the First Amendment to the<br />

U.S. Constitution and the film rating code,<br />

which jointly confer the privilege of exhibiting<br />

a film like 'Dawn of the Dead' in the<br />

presence of young children," Simpson said.<br />

" -Dawn of the Dead' features gross,<br />

hardcore, repetitive acts of cannibalism. It<br />

is easily the sickest film I have ever seen.<br />

But hearing the horrified screams of small<br />

children in the audience, mixed in with the<br />

nervous laughter of their parents sent a chill<br />

up my spine. These parents, to put it bluntly,<br />

are abusing their children, abusing their<br />

mimds in ways that may, years from now,<br />

have awful consequences for them.<br />

"Well, I protest. I protest on behalf of<br />

these youngsters. And I call on the management<br />

of this theatre to—at the very leastwarm<br />

parents at the door of the unsuitability<br />

of this film for childron or—^better<br />

still<br />

prohibit their attendance."<br />

voluntarity<br />

Concluding. Simpson asked for theatre<br />

owners to "accept the responsibility for ensuring<br />

that children are not exposed to<br />

harml'ul films," adding that "parents should<br />

be very careful about taking their children<br />

to R-rated films and should inquire of the<br />

theatre management before doing so.<br />

'•The sad truth is that too may children<br />

are being given the impression too soon that<br />

violence is the way to solve problems,"<br />

Simpson said.<br />

Akron Vice Squad Starts<br />

Crackdown on Porn Films<br />

AKRON, OHIO—Akron vice detectives<br />

have launched a new crackdown on allegedly<br />

pornographic films, after a recent Ohio<br />

Supreme Court decisions overturned an earlier<br />

one that held the city's pandering obscenity<br />

ordinance unconstitutional. Until the<br />

high court ruled on this measure, there had<br />

been no enforcement for the past several<br />

months.<br />

On April 9, detectives confiscated a film,<br />

"Debbie Does Dallas," at the Art Theatre.<br />

Lee Kramer, manager, said the house closed<br />

down that evening after the film was seized.<br />

The next night six films were confiscated<br />

from two theatres, the Astor on 131 S. Main<br />

and the Main at 278 S. Main. Six employees<br />

at the three theatres were issued summonses<br />

and charged with<br />

pandering obscenity.<br />

Woman Vents Anger on D-I<br />

FALL RIVER, MASS.—A Somerset.<br />

Wilbur Eckard Dies at 73<br />

ASHLAND, OHIO- Wilbur S. Eckard.<br />

73. owner and operatoi- of the Ashland Mass., woman who has been opposing ihc<br />

Bernice. X-ratcd policy at the Family Drive-In 1 he<br />

died April 8. His wife,<br />

Drive-In,<br />

two sons and a daughter survive.<br />

was charged with attempted arson, nia<br />

aire,<br />

licious mischief and breaking and entering<br />

at the underskyer. She was due to appear<br />

in<br />

Fall River Disrtict Court. Police reported<br />

that an employee of the drive-in (whose lij<br />

cense Frances Robidoux, 38, was petitioning<br />

the selectmen to revoke) found a door<br />

damaged and a flammable liquid splashed<br />

on a building.<br />

Attacks in Theatre Areas<br />

Cause Film Cancellations<br />

PHILADELPHIA—After watching an;<br />

all-night<br />

ti-establishment and martial arts films at the<br />

midtown Milgram Theatre, some of<br />

^<br />

the'<br />

movie patrons went on a crime spree resulting<br />

in<br />

the cancellation of a repeat of the allnight<br />

program on a second night. Not only<br />

were five persons injured early Saturday<br />

morning (April 21) in four beatings and robberies<br />

following the all-night film festival,<br />

but the Milgram Theatre itself was reportedly<br />

left in shambles.<br />

Starting at midnight and continuing until<br />

6 a.m., four features were offered, including<br />

Richard Pryor's "Which Way Is Up". "Exit<br />

the Dragon. Enter the Dragon," "The<br />

Human Tornado" and Fred Williamson in<br />

"Boss Nigger."<br />

The next day a man standing in line to<br />

attend the screening of "Phantasm" at Budco's<br />

Golman Theatre, just a few blocks away<br />

in center city, was attacked and robbed byj<br />

four youths.<br />


(Continued from previous page)<br />

Philadelphia premiere for "The Opium<br />

War," the first film out of Red China, was<br />

the weekend viewing at the Walnut Street<br />

Theatre Film Center.<br />

Desmond Ryan of the Philadelphia Inquirer<br />

finds •Love at First Bite" as being<br />

"neither funny nor frightening. It is merely<br />

frightful."<br />

City representative and director of commerce<br />

Joseph A. LaSala has announced thai<br />

the world premiere of "•Rocky 11"' here or<br />

June 8 will be followed by a sparkling gak<br />

at the Philadelphia Art Museum for th(<br />

picture's stars and the select audience. Pro<br />

ceeds of the gala will benefit the Polia<br />

Athletic League (PAL). Mayor Frank S<br />

Rizzo expressed his pleasure with thi<br />

planned premiere for which arrangement<br />

were made by Carl Ferrazza, executive di<br />

rector of promotion for United Artists<br />

Robert Arnold, advertising director of Bud<br />

CO Theatres; Lewis Klein, chairman of PAL<br />

and the staff of the city representative'<br />

office and the Art Museum.<br />

The J. I. Rodale Theatre in Allentowr<br />

which features a repertory company fc<br />

Broadway stage productions throughout th<br />

year, will convert the playhouse to a movi<br />

house for a spring film series at the end c<br />

the month.<br />

BOXOmCE :: May 7, 197

f!<br />

i<br />

admissions<br />

,<br />

Spadero,<br />

;<br />

banquet<br />

[<br />

Midnight<br />

'<br />

, held<br />

, —<br />

'<br />

^V<br />

'<br />

^'<br />


H<br />

Jerry Collins, 67. died April 23. He had<br />

been active in the film industry for the<br />

past 40 years as a buyer at UATC, Scro<br />

Amusement, Fox West Coast, Syufy Bmtcririses<br />

and independently. Survivors include<br />

his wife Dorothy, who is the branch manager's<br />

secretary of United Artists, three<br />

sons and two daughters.<br />

Branch manager Jim Mooney and salesmen<br />

Tony Grabowy and Tom Muller of the<br />

Universal branch were in New Orleans<br />

April 30-May 4 for a sales meeting.<br />

Daria Martinez, who has been head cashier<br />

at Paramount for five years, is the new<br />

booker at Warner Bros., replacing Celia Velasco<br />

who has returned to Los Angeles.<br />

1979-80 WOMPI officers will be Tillie<br />

president; Liana Figane, first vice-<br />

president; Maureen Devine, second vicepresident:<br />

Ramona Wascher, secretary, and<br />

Marji Rykowski, treasurer. The installation<br />

( )<br />

will be at Orontes June 20.<br />

I<br />

show programs with separate<br />

are reaching the saturation stage<br />

with nine theatres (Balboa, Market Street<br />

Cinema, Coliseum, Egyptian, Ghirardelli.<br />

,<br />

Presidio, Roxie, Serra and Strand theatres<br />

[<br />

in San Francisco) having them on the weekend<br />

of April 27-28.<br />

Funeral services for Roy Cooper were<br />

April 30 at Sinai Memorial Chapel.<br />

Metro 2 (2,700) 3.366<br />

Goneva Drive-In 3 (5,400) 2.593<br />

'M^gm<br />

gBp^<br />

Plaza 1 (6.200). Norma Rae (20th-Fox), rngM<br />

6th wk 4.271 ,^^<br />

Phantasm (Avco), Balboa 1 (4,200). wm'-^---^.<br />

4th wk 2.1^-1 ;<br />

^<br />

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Atlantic). " <<br />

Lumiere (3,850), 1st wk 9.7 V)<br />

The Promise (Univ), UA Stonestown II<br />

(4,050), 3rd wk 5,799<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ), Cinema<br />

21 (8,600), 11th wk 6,275<br />

Superman (WB), Northpoint (11.800).<br />

19th wk 16.35S<br />

Tourist Trap (Compass). St. Francis 1<br />

(5,200). 1st wk 2.913<br />

Wifemistress (Quartet). Stage Door HEAR! HEAR!—George Hamilton<br />

(4.600), 5th wk 8.523<br />

(right), who stars in the role of Dracula<br />

in American International's comedy<br />

Hollywood<br />

^onny Saland and Elliot<br />

Happenings<br />

Geisinger of Professional<br />

Films Inc. will produce a<br />

television featurette dealing with behindthe-scenes<br />

highligjhts in the making of Blake<br />

Edwards' "10" for Orion Pictures. Also included<br />

will be interviews with stars Dudley<br />

Moore and Julie Andrews.<br />

Buddy Rogers will introduce a 90-minute<br />

film salute "1929: An All Talking, All Singing,<br />

All Dancing Year," to be shown May 9<br />

at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and<br />

Sciences as this year's first in a series of<br />

retrospective screenings at the Academy.<br />

Free admission for Academy members and<br />

the public.<br />

pMt%^T<br />

Vincent Price, his wife, actress Coral<br />

Diikt<br />

r/nJM KUN Biowne, Edith Head, James Galanos and<br />

Betsy Bloomingdale will be among trend-<br />

DCDftDT<br />

setters taking part in the "Ultimate Chic<br />

J nCtWn i West" course in fashion and style to be<br />

_l<br />

m\m, presented for two months beginning June<br />

. 4 by the College of Continuing Education<br />

San Francisco .„ ,p,^. University of Southern California.<br />

(Average weekly grosses follow theatre) jhe session will be held at Hershenson Hall<br />

Boulevard Nights (WB), Geneva at the Temple Stephen S. Wise in Los Ange-<br />

Drive-In (5.400), 5th wk 1,961<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ),<br />

les.<br />

*<br />

4th wk. Woody Allen's "Interiors." a United<br />

Coliseum (7.400) 3.580 Artists release, has been awarded Spain's<br />

UA Stonestown 1 (4,040) 5,204 "Sant Jordi" prize as best picture of the<br />

St. Francis 2 (5,200) 3,753<br />

The Champ (MGM/UA). Metro<br />

wk (10.200). 3rd 6.799<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). Coronet<br />

i^^^^mi _•»*#*.••.<br />

(14.900). 6th wk 26.06S<br />

"H^B "l^^r<br />

H^^^ ThAatrA Q\/Qf^mQ<br />

(10.800). 9th wk 22.035 1^<br />

'<br />

neauc oysiemb<br />

^*^<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ). Alexandria 1<br />

Dirt (American Cinema). 1st wk. 1<br />

Alexandria 2 (4.500) 4.55.S<br />

, I<br />

'<br />

J,<br />

film "Love At First Bite," toasts the<br />

memory of the greatest Dracula of<br />

them all, Bela Lugosi, in ceremonies<br />

held on the site of Lugosi's Walk of<br />

Fame star on Hollywood Boulevard.<br />

Joining in the toast (left) is William F.<br />

Hertz, president of the Hollywood<br />

Chamber of Commerce and director of<br />

theatre operations for Mann Theatres.<br />

year by Radio Nacional de Espagna. Top<br />

film critics in Barcelona serve as the awards<br />

jury.<br />

•<br />

Henry Fonda went home April 20 from<br />

Cedars Sinai Medical Center after minor<br />

surgery on an arthritic hip. A hospital<br />

spokesman said a few malignant cells were<br />

detected in the actor's prostate gland during<br />

surgery to clear a urinaiy block but<br />

that further treatment would not be necessary.<br />

Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley declared<br />

April 27 "A Little Romance" Day in Los<br />

Angeles in a citation that pointed out the<br />

film was "the first motion picture to be<br />

produced by the Orion Pictures Co." The<br />

film, the mayor declared, is "a return to the<br />

type of movies which made Hollywood and<br />

Los Angeles the entertainment capital of the<br />

world." "A Little Romance" premiered thai<br />

day at the Plaza Theatre in Westwood.<br />

^<br />

S: 'ottS . ,5,4„o, :::::: ;.;:S<br />

// M ffl[^3P3 EP BF^<br />

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (SR).<br />

Clay (4.100), 11th wk 6,788<br />

^<br />

'<br />

" '^ '<br />

"-'<br />

"th wL- ''.'.''"'.'. ".'""' .1.8.8 ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT<br />

Hurricane (Para). Royal (9.600).<br />

Design Construction Equipment Interiors<br />

2nd wk 10.132<br />

Last Wave (SR). Bridae (4.200), Filbert Company 1100 Flower St.. Glendale, Calif., 91201 1213)247-6550<br />

^.<br />

5th wk<br />

8.981 Filbert Northwest 2503- 152nd Ave N.E, Redmond. Wa, 98052 (206)885-0200<br />

Love at First Bite (AD, 3rd wk.<br />

Alexandria 3 (4.500) 6,126<br />

BOXOFFICE :; May 7, 1979<br />

[T<br />


. . "The<br />

. . Opening<br />

TUCSON<br />

"Qalifornia Dreaming" premiered April 28<br />

at Tucson Drive-In. Showcase and Oracle<br />

View quad . Silent Partner" was<br />

sneak previewed April 28 at Showcase . . .<br />

"Love at First Bite" began April 28 at Cineworld<br />

and Oracle View 4.<br />

KWFM Radio special midnight show<br />

April 27 and 28 was "The Last Waltz," with<br />

all seats $3 . . . "Buck Rogers in the 25th<br />

Century" was held over for its fifth and<br />

final week at Cineworld . . . "The Champ"<br />

was still in there at Oracle View quad for<br />

holdover fourth smash week.<br />

First Tucson showing of "Inframan" and<br />

"Superman" took place April 1 1 at DeAnza<br />

Drive-In . . . "Halloween" came early this<br />

year to the Coronado . at the<br />

Tucson 5 Drive-In, Cineworld and Oracle<br />

View quad April I 1 was "Bedknobs and<br />

Broomsticks" . . . Held over at DeAnza<br />

Drive-In was "Phantasm."<br />

Reviewer Tully Tossed Out<br />

Of TM Theatres' Showcase<br />

TUCSON—The lid was clamped tight<br />

on The Airzona Daily Star's movie critic<br />

Jacqi Tully"s effort to review "The Bell Jar"<br />

April 27 at TM Theatres of Tucson's Showcase<br />

on Speedway Boulevard.<br />

Tully had settled comfortably in her seat<br />

for the 5:15 p.m. show when the manager<br />

approached and quietly requested her to<br />

leave. The Star earlier had been forewarned<br />

that Tully would not be tolerated at any<br />

TM theatre.<br />

In lieu of TM owner Merton and son<br />

Jeffrey Weiner's unavailability for official<br />

comment, Ernie Hoffman, TM's ad manager,<br />

explained, emphasizing he did not express<br />

TM's official position; "I think her<br />

opinions are biased." said Hoffman. "They<br />

are Jacqi Tully's opinions; they are not to<br />

me a reviewer's opinions—someone who<br />

should be stating a quality of a film good<br />

or bad on the basis of an impartial review."<br />

Specifically, Hoffman continued: "Jacqi<br />

goes far more into detail than most reviewers."<br />

Asked to mention a specific review.<br />

Hoffman answered "I'd have to do some<br />

research on it to pick out specific points."<br />

Ruffled over the incident, Frank John-<br />


1st CHOICE<br />

WITH<br />



son. Stai managing editor, said, "banning a<br />

critic from a public place of entertainment<br />

is reprehensible. In this case it appears that<br />

Ms. Tully is being punished for being a<br />

throughtful and truthful reporter. Movie<br />

criticism and movie industry reporting are<br />

major portions of her responsibilities to the<br />

Star and its readers. She will continue to<br />

fulfill that role despite such overt attempts<br />

at censorship as instigated by TM Theatres<br />

management."<br />

Tully's picture hung in the Showcase boxoffice<br />

adjacent to a notation ordering employees<br />

to refuse her admission. luily said<br />

apparently the Showcase manager failed to<br />

recognize her at first. She said he said he<br />

was only following orders; according to<br />

Tully he further explained that management<br />

has the right to refuse admission to anyone,<br />

the standard notation on many theatre ticket<br />

stubs.<br />

Arizona's Mystery Gunman<br />

Shoots Drive-In Cashier<br />

CASA GRANDE. ARIZ. — Considered<br />

Ihe ciyhth<br />

^hooting victim of Casa Grande's<br />

iinsicrioiis yiinman is 22-year-old Lily C.<br />

G.ucia. .1 cashier at the Desert Drive-In<br />

Jheatre. Watching a movie during a lull,<br />

April 26, Mrs. Garcia responded to a knock<br />

at the booth door only to be shot without<br />

warning, bullets entering her head behind<br />

her right ear and her right shoulder. She<br />

collapsed after running from the booth for<br />

20 feet.<br />

A witness chased the suspect, described<br />

as a medium build. Mexican-American with<br />

dark wavy hair, across the street where the<br />

assailant escaped in an older-model, white<br />

pickup, avoiding a police roadblock.<br />

At last report Mrs. Garcia was in good<br />

condition at Hoemako Hospital.<br />


C F. Burns and Raylah Holleman ol the<br />

S.F. Burns Co. here were able to attend<br />

the Show-A-Rama 22 convention in Kansas<br />

City. They have returned to town, along<br />

with Sterling Recreation Organization's Bob<br />

Bond, lb Johanson and Fun magazine's Stu<br />

Goldman.<br />

Niinierous executives from Paramount<br />









60605 312-427-^3395<br />

Pictures were on hand for the sneak preview<br />

of "Prophecy" at the Cinerama Theatre<br />

April 21. The theatre closed after matinee<br />

showings of the regular film. "Murder by<br />

Decree," reopening at 7:30 p.m. for the<br />

8:00 sneak preview followed by a showing<br />

of "Murder by Decree." The theatre was<br />

completely sold out long before the sneak<br />

hit<br />

the screen.<br />

American Interiiational's Love at First<br />

Bite" was featured in vivid colors on the<br />

cover of Fun magazine's April 18 edition.<br />

It opened two days later to fine grosses<br />

at Sterling's Lewis & Clark. John Danz.<br />

Lake City and Lynn Four theatres as well<br />

as at Tom Moyer's downtown Everett Tri-<br />

Cinema.<br />

Openings: "Firepower," the first Ironi<br />

Associated Film Distributors, April 27 at<br />

the .Seattle Aurora. Bellevue Oveilake, Renton<br />

Village and Everett Mall cinemas, the<br />

SeaTac 6 Cinema and in the Sno-King and<br />

Duwamish drive-ins; "The Children of Sanchez"<br />

at the Uptown April 27, and in<br />

70mm and six-track stereo, "The Exorcist"<br />

at the Cinerama Theatre for the first lime<br />

in<br />

Seattle.<br />

The original "The Thief of Bagdad" weni<br />

into the Guild 45th April 25.<br />

Tom Moyer's Bellevue Crossroads Quail<br />

was open showing "Buck Rogers in the 25lli<br />

Century," "Good Guys Wear Black," "Com<br />

ing Home" and "Invasion of the Bod\<br />

Snatchers." Meanwhile in Everett. Moyer's<br />

new Tri-Cinema was going full blast with<br />

"Love at First Bite," "The Deer Hunter"<br />

and "Good Guys Wear Black "<br />

Bravura Films hosted a "10th Anniversary<br />

Extravaganza" at the JWA screening<br />

room April 12. with cocktails, lavish hors<br />

d'oeuvres and the screening of 80 minutes<br />

of its films, including a brief retrospective<br />

of "landmark" productions, a short animated<br />

film "Once Upon a Fishook" which is a<br />

work in progress and Part I of "Secrets of<br />

an Alien World" which will be shown on<br />

national television later this year. The company,<br />

with offices in The Cannery, has ambitious<br />

plans for the production and distribution<br />

of features and shorts.<br />

Dina Bachelor Resigns<br />

As Head of Film Office<br />

PHOENIX—April 20 was Dina Bache-.<br />

lor's last day as motion picture coordinator<br />

for the city of Phoenix.<br />

Ms. Bachelor will be relocating to Newport<br />

Beach, Calif., to manage a division of'<br />

Center Industries, a professional rccruitingj<br />

firm with corporate offices in Phoenix.<br />

j<br />

"The last four years and a resulting $14J<br />

million dollars of filming activity in 1978i<br />

in the city of Phoenix has to be one of thei<br />

most rewarding projects of my career," said<br />

Dina. "This industry is growing at an evenj<br />

faster pace than anticipated, with $.^ million;<br />

dollars accoimted lor in the first quarter of,<br />

1979 from commercials and documentaries;<br />

alone."<br />

Luci Alvarado has been assigned to coordinate<br />

shooting iictivity in Phoenix under<br />

BOXOFFICE :: Mav 7. 1979

'<br />

the direction of Frank Fairbanks, assistant<br />

to city manager.<br />

"Phoenix is looking at the reahty of becoming<br />

the third-largest filming center in<br />

U.S., according to the Producers Assn.<br />

Hthe<br />

of America," says Dina. "And I feel very<br />

privileged to have played a part in that<br />

,<br />

F' growth."<br />

Matai Chiefs Protest<br />

'Hurricane' Portrayal<br />

HONOLULU—A week after Dino Lauren<br />

li is" production of "Hurricane" from<br />

Paramount opened at the Royal Theatre in<br />

Waikiki, a group of Samoan chiefs (Matai)<br />

.iiiircd in their native lava lavas and chanting<br />

as they marched held a peaceful protest<br />

in front of the theatre for two hours.<br />

Two television stations, reporters from<br />

newspapers and radio covered the picketing.<br />

just after the first-night performance had<br />

begun.<br />

The protest was sponsored by the Samo-<br />

;in Council of Chiefs and Orators in Hawaii<br />

and the Service for Hawaii (Tautua Mo<br />

Samoa) organization. The council sponsors<br />

the annual celebration of Samoan Flag Day<br />

in Hawaii and advocates the preservation<br />

of Samoan culture.<br />

The group is headed by High Chief Fialaugaluia<br />

K. Salanoa. Tautua Mo Samoa's<br />

president is Gus Hannemann and his was<br />

the first organization to be cited by the<br />

.American Samoa Legislature for their efforts<br />

in behalf of the Samoan people.<br />

Hannemann stated that the Samoan culture<br />

was being misrepresented and distorted<br />

to the fullest in the movie version of Laurentiis'<br />

"Hurricane." "As depicted on the<br />

screen, the image of the Samoan and especially<br />

the Matai was full of mockery and<br />

deceit," said Hannemann. "We are against<br />

the showing of the movie around the<br />

world."<br />


J^ovietiine Films' •Death Dimension. "<br />

cmrcntly<br />

1<br />

at the King downtown and<br />

is Royal Sunset Drive-ins, a production by<br />

Oscar L. Nichols, with Harold "Oddjob"<br />

Sakata and Myron Biiice Lee, all of Honolulu.<br />

Lippert Personnel Shifts<br />

In California Announced<br />

SAN FRANCl.SCO -Robert L. lippert<br />

Jr., presidont of the theatre chain bearing<br />

his name, has announced several changes<br />

in field and main office personnel.<br />

The company is in the final stages of<br />

complete reorganization. In keeping with<br />

policy of promotions from within. Gene<br />

O'Neill, former manager of the circuit's<br />

Arden Fair 4 in Sacramento, has been elevated<br />

to district manager for the Sacramento<br />

area.<br />

O'Neill will oversee operation of the Arden<br />

Fair and Village Cinemas in Sacramento,<br />

the Yuba City Drivc-In (formerly Autoseel<br />

and the Marysville Drive-ln (formerly<br />

Sierra).<br />

In Southern California, Naomi Vcnablc,<br />

manager of the Indio Twin, has been made<br />

city manager and will oversee the Aladdin<br />

and Deserf theatres and the Indio Twin.<br />

Also in Southern California, Bob Maness,<br />

recently manager of the Colorado 4 in Denver,<br />

has taken over the Americana 6 cinemas<br />

in Panorama City.<br />

In a field-to-main office move, Donald<br />

Crawford, who has served the circuit as<br />

manager in Denver, Oakland and Hayward<br />

has been promoted to director of advertis<br />

ing.<br />

If it's<br />

Tom Peterson, former manager of Gen<br />

eral Cinema's Sun Valley in Concord, re<br />

places Crawford at the Hayward .5 cinemas<br />

just anyone,<br />

anyplace will do.<br />

If it's<br />

someone important,<br />

say "Meet me<br />

at the Derby<br />

Ricky Schroder ("The Champ") was<br />

scheduled to arrive to begin his role in<br />

Walt Disney's "The Last Flight of Noah's<br />

Ark" on Kauai Island.<br />

The storm over Dino De Laiiientiis'<br />

"Hurricane" continues. Following wide coverage<br />

by the media and the press, the Samoan<br />

protesters headed by Gus Hanneman<br />

of Service for Samoa and the Samoan Chiefs<br />

met with Frank Miller, president and general<br />

manager of Royal Theatres Ltd. The<br />

peaceful picketing was held in front of the<br />

Royal Theatre in Waikiki.<br />

The Samoan group requested that the piclure<br />

not be shown anymore, and Miller explained<br />

that contractual obligations with<br />

Paramount, have to be met.<br />

mmi^^<br />

"Meet me at the Derby."<br />


Hollywood & Vine HOllywood o_s]5I • V\/ilshire & Rodeo BRadshaw 0-2311.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979

\<br />

DENVER<br />

_^vco set a Friday night sneak screening<br />

of "Phantasm" at the Buckingham 5<br />

and Thornton 3 theatres. The new Gary<br />

Busey picture "Fooling Around" was sneaked<br />

at the Cherry Creek Cinema.<br />

Visiting the exchanges were Jack McGce.<br />

Judith Theatre. Lewistown. Montana, and<br />

Neal Lloyd. Westland Theatres. Colorado<br />

Springs.<br />

John Burton of the Nile Theatre in Mitchell.<br />

Nebiaska has been hospitalized. John's<br />

v/ife Margarite is handling the theatre during<br />

his absence.<br />

Ken Newbert, branch manager for Columbia<br />

Pictures, has resigned. Newbert had<br />

managed the local branch office for just<br />

about a year prior to his resigning and is<br />

expected to announce a connection within<br />

the industry shortly.<br />

Fun magazine devoted their April 18<br />

cover to the opening of American International's<br />

"Love at First Bite" which started<br />

April 20 in the Lynn Four, Lake City. John<br />

Danz and Lewis & Clark theatres.<br />


REPORT<br />

Denver<br />

Agatha (WB), Cooper Cameo,<br />

8th wk 65<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ). 6 theatres, 3rd wk 110<br />

The Champ (UA), 2 theatres, 3rd wk. .280<br />

The China Syndrome (Col).<br />

Continental. 6th wk<br />

l-'^O<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ).<br />

Colorado 4, 9th wk 300<br />

Hair (UA). Colorado 4, 4th wk 280<br />

Hurricane (Para). 3 theatres,<br />

2nd wk 90<br />



455 Bearcat Drive<br />

Times Square Park<br />

SUPPLY<br />

Salt Lake City, Utoh 84115<br />

801-466-7642<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox). 2 theatres,<br />

5th wk 70<br />

The Promise (Univ), 4 theatres,<br />

3rd wk 110<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ),<br />

Cooper, 11th wk 100<br />

Superman (VVB), Century 21.<br />

18th wk<br />

1-''<br />

Stigwood Is Awarded<br />

Showmanship Prize<br />

HOLLYWOOD—Robert Stigwood, whose<br />

motion picture hits include the boxoffice<br />

smashes "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever,"<br />

was awarded the Showmanship Award<br />

of the Publicists Guild of America at its annual<br />

luncheon April 6 at the Beverly Wilshire<br />

Hotel.<br />

The award was accepted by Robert Frost,<br />

substituting for Stigwood who was in England.<br />

Tony Habeeb, publicity director for<br />

Irwin Allen Productions, received the Bob<br />

Yeager Award, given to a guild member<br />

for his outstanding coimtributions to the organization.<br />

Regina Gruss, publicity director of Marble<br />

Arch Productions, was presented with the<br />

Les Mason Award, given annually to a<br />

guild member whose "high professional<br />

standards rebound to the credit of the guild<br />

and publicists." British actor Anthony Hopkins<br />

made the presentation.<br />

Cecil Smith, Los Angeles Times and<br />

Times-Mirror Synidate TV columnist, was<br />

honored with the annual Press Award, with<br />

actress Penelope Milford making the presentation.<br />

Montana Theatre Owners<br />

Assemble in Missoula<br />

MISSOULA. MONT. — The Montana<br />

Assn. of Theatre Owners recently held its<br />

annual meeting at the Village Inn here. Attending<br />

were exhibitors from throughout<br />

Montana as well as the neighboring states<br />

Poison.<br />

Also re-elected were Rich Snyder, Wolf<br />

Point, president; Patsy Skogen, Ronan, secretary<br />

and Larry Flesch, Shelby, vice-president<br />

and treasurer.<br />

Others serving on the board are Norman<br />

Costen, Harvre; Tom Mines. Kalispell; Dave<br />

Wiesbeck, Libby; Peyton Terry, Glasgow;<br />

Myron Bean, Choteau and Dean Osteraner,<br />

Great Falls.<br />

John Roberts Elected<br />

President of RMMPA<br />

DENVER—John Roberts, general manager<br />

Wolfberg Theatres here, has been<br />

elected president of the Rocky Mountain<br />

Motion Picture Assn. (RMMPA) effective<br />

July 1, 1979.<br />

President-elect Roberts has long been<br />

chairman of RMMPA's legislature commit-<br />

,<br />

ice. This year Biruce Young, Commoni<br />

wealth Theatres, was selected to serve with<br />

Roberts on the committee.<br />

,<br />

RMMPA Luncheon to Hear<br />

Successful News/Adman<br />

DENVER—A kmcheon meeting of the<br />

Rocky Mountain Motion Picture Assn. to,<br />

Sam Lusky<br />

be held May 22 willj<br />

feature Sam Lusky, a<br />

man who has packed<br />

two successful careers<br />

into one lifetime. His<br />

topic will be "What<br />

Makes Sammy Run"<br />

He was a prize winning<br />

reporter and featured<br />

columnist on<br />

the Rocky Mountain:<br />

News before becoming<br />

its city editor.<br />

Since 1961 he has been a major force in<br />

the Rocky Mountain area with his own advertising<br />

and public relations agency. The<br />

luncheon will be held at the Continental<br />

Broker. 235 Fillmore St.<br />

Children's Programs Part<br />

Of Denver Int'l Film Fest<br />

DENVER— Eight children's programs<br />

will be included in the second Denver International<br />

Film Festival, May 4-17. More<br />

than 150 events are scheduled at the Ogden,<br />

Esquire and Flick theatres during the<br />

festival.<br />

The children's program is sponsored by<br />

of Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Several distributors<br />

from the Denver and Salt Lake will be shown on two weekends at the<br />

the Pepsi Cola Co. of Denver. The films<br />

City exchanges were also in attendance. Ogden and Esquire. Each program consists<br />

Elected to a three-year term on the board of a feature length film and a short subject<br />

and will begin at 11:30 a.m.<br />

of directors of MATO were Dion Smith of<br />

Laurel, Mont., and Lanny Wagner of Billings.<br />

Re-elected was Howard Pickerell of scribed the children's films as<br />

Terry Thoren, festival co-director, de-<br />

"personal,<br />

entertaining, warm and human. The films<br />

reflect the best qualities inherent in theii<br />

audience," he said.<br />

The May schedule at the Ogden will feature<br />

the Denver revival premiere of Alexander<br />

Korda's 1942 production of "Th<<br />

Jungle Book," directed by Zoltan Korda<br />

The film remains unsurpassed for its fan'<br />

tasy, adventure and appeal to the children<br />

according to Thoran.<br />

Salt Loke • Boston • Dolios • New Yoik<br />


- HOME OFFICE -<br />

254 Eoit lit Scurh, Solt Lake City, Utah 84111<br />

BOXOFFICE :; May 7, 197

i<br />

Qrchids<br />

'<br />

j<br />

'<br />


to J. P. Davis of Southgate-High<br />

Point theatres. High Point. N. C. Several<br />

weeks ago wc told you about him anci<br />

his<br />

successful operation of his theatres with-<br />

OLii resorting to sex; now he's working with<br />

a local church and is allowing them to use<br />

ihc<br />

theatre on Sunday mornings for the next<br />

3 months while the church is remodeled.<br />

Robbie McClure, son of Bob and Tena<br />

(Variety Films), spent a week with them.<br />

.11x1 returned to the Universal Studio to start<br />

proJuction on a new film.<br />

"C.H.O.IVI.P.S." (American International)<br />

was screened this week and will be Southern<br />

Booking's first family film of the summer.<br />

It's the story of a computerized crime-fighting<br />

robot in the body of a cuddly shaggy<br />

dog. and has numerous possibilities<br />

for special<br />

gimmicks that will help to enhance the<br />

boxoffice grosses.<br />

Steve Smith (Independent Theatres) took<br />

J<br />

I a swing through Winston-Salem, Greens-<br />

I boro and Raleigh. N. C. while Nancy, his<br />

wife, tended shop.<br />

Screenings at Car-Mel: "Boulevard<br />

Nights" and "Over the Edge" (Warner<br />

Bros.); "Patrick" (Tar Heel Films); "The<br />

Glove" (New World Pictures, Walter Powell.<br />

Atlanta, Ga.): "Americathon" (United<br />

Artists Corp., product reel), and "Game of<br />

Death" (Columbia Pictures).<br />

A tradescreening of "Last Embrace"<br />

(United Artists) took place at the Richland<br />

Mall. Columbia, S.C.<br />

New pictures on the marquees: "Tilt"<br />

(Capri Theatre), "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"<br />

(Capri). "Serena" (Cinema Blue).<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Percy Osteen of Osteen Theatres.<br />

Anderson, S. C. are in town setting<br />

up bookings and discussing future product<br />

with his booker and buyer R. T. Belcher<br />

(Twin States Booking) and also attended<br />

Warner Bros.' new picture "Beyond the<br />

Poseidon Adventure" at Car-Mel screening<br />

room.<br />

Top grosses of the week: "The Champ"<br />

(Charlottetown Mall II), "The Deer Hunter"<br />

(Eastland Mall 3), "China Syndrome" (Charlottetown<br />

Mall I and Eastland Mall 1),<br />

"Coming Home" (Park Terrace II) and<br />

"The Promise" (Eastland Mall II and Park<br />

Terrace<br />

I).<br />

Sneak preview at Tryon Mall II. Meatballs"<br />

(Para.).<br />

It'll be sorriclhing like old home week<br />

when director Martin Ritt visits Raleigh,<br />

N.C. Ritt has always been fascinated by the<br />

South. His Southern-flavored films include<br />

"Conrak," "Sounder" and "Norma Rae."<br />

That film, which stars Sally Field, is based<br />

on the experiences of Crystal Lee Sutton,<br />

who helped organize the J. P. Steven textile<br />

mill in Roanoke Rapids. N. C. But it wasn't<br />

a chance to promote "Norma Rae" (showing<br />

at Tryon Mall, Charlotte, N.C.) that<br />

convinced Ritt to come south to speak at<br />

the North Carolina Film Festival, to be held<br />

May 4-5 in Raleigh.<br />

It turns out Ritt went to Elon College<br />

near Burlington and Raleigh, and a few of<br />

his old class mates talked him into attending<br />

the festival.<br />


J^n invitational local premiere of "The<br />

Innocent" April 12 at the West Palm<br />

Beach Mall was arranged by the promoters<br />

of Luchino Visconti's R-rated motion picture<br />

and attracted a stellar crowd of Palm<br />

Beachers. Ancky Johnson, referring to Jennifer<br />

O'Neill, said, "I came to see my sons<br />

ex-girlfriend" and following the film Mrs.<br />

Johnson added, "I certainly got to see a lot<br />

of Jennifer." Terry Garrity. author of "The<br />

Sensuous Woman." was on hand for the<br />

opening. Robert J. Kaplan, American distributor<br />

of the film also attended the special<br />

screening. Ralph Bluemke. entertainment<br />

critic for Palm Beach Entertainment,<br />

wrote. "Visconti has surely made this his<br />

most visually beautiful film. The sheer opulence<br />

of the locations, settings and costumes<br />

are alone worthy of the price of admission.<br />

This is probably his most effective outcry<br />

against moral and social decay."<br />

Eartha Kitt, international star of theatre,<br />

films. TV and recording, has been in the<br />

area for the shooting of the motion pictuie<br />

"The Last Resort." While here. Ms. Kitt.<br />

whose cat-like communication has made her<br />

famous, found her film schedule permitted<br />

her time to repeat her Tony-award nominated<br />

role as Sahleem-La-Lume in a threeweek<br />

run of "Timbuktu" at the Parker Pla>house,<br />

which began April 17.<br />

De l.aurenliis "blew it" and that "Paramount<br />

has a niultimillion dollar Titanic on<br />

its hands. 'Hurricane' cuts a swath that's<br />

more washout than wipcout. It couldn't<br />

have been a more laughable love story if<br />

he put King Kong in a string bikini and had<br />

him surl into a .Samoan sunset," the critic<br />

wrote.<br />

Philip Kenny, 1 8, West Palm Beach, managed<br />

to correctly predict almost all the right<br />

Oscar winners in the Palm Beach Post's<br />

Academy-Av/ard contest. Kenny correctly<br />

selected six winners in the seven-category<br />

contest and has seen only two of the major<br />

movie contenders. A senior at Forest Hill<br />

High School, Kenny usually sees about 30<br />

movies a year. Of the citrrent crop of<br />

contenders he'd seen only "Midnight Express"<br />

and "California Suite" — "because of<br />

the rising cost of tickets. I wanted to see<br />

a lot more, birt I couldn't afford it. Most of<br />

the time I wait until they come to the dollar<br />

houses—$3.50, that's a pretty hefty<br />

price." This year Kenny can afford to see<br />

as many movies as he chooses as he won a<br />

pass for a year of free movie admissions.<br />

Pic's Fabulous Bonus Offer:<br />

You Buy 200 Packs* im.ii v.iu. $70.00<br />

"2 Large coils per pack, retail 35c<br />

You get FREE - 16 Packs .<br />

. .fm.ii v.iu. 5.60<br />

Total RMII V.IU. $75.60<br />

Your Cost 200 Packs (21c each) .... .$42.00<br />

Your Profit $33.60<br />

Screenings this week at Car-Mel:<br />

"C.H.O.M.P.S." (American International).<br />

"Nocturna" (Charlotte Film Co.) and "Encounter<br />

With Disaster" (Sunn Classic).<br />

"Hurricane," from Pai amount, opened at<br />

Cinema 70. Budco Twin City and Cross<br />

County 8 on April 13. Bob Michael. Palm<br />

Beach Post Times film critic, said that Dino<br />

Plus FREE<br />

Attractive Promotional Material/-<br />

704 333-9651<br />

CTS<br />

L^karlotte Ukealre J^ui<br />

Full Line Theatre Supply House<br />

229 S. Church Street • P. O. Box 1973<br />

• Charlotte, N.C. 28201<br />

BOXOFTICE May 7, 1979 S-1

. . . "Dawn<br />

. . "Dreamer."<br />

. . "Love<br />

. .<br />

j<br />

]<br />

|<br />

I<br />

j<br />

MIAMI<br />

"pietch," the story of a reporter who uncovers<br />

a drug ring, will shoot in Florida<br />

but not in South Florida. The producers<br />

have said they will work in the Fort Myers<br />

area, and not in Miami as previously<br />

planned. Production of another big-budget<br />

film seems headed towards Miami, at least<br />

for a week or two. It is called "The Last<br />

Countdown." and will star Kirk Douglas<br />

and Suzanne Somers. The Douglas family,<br />

including son Peter who will produce, wants<br />

to shoot scenes at Homestead Air Force<br />

Gary Chason, Universal Studios casting<br />

director, put out a call for local actors "with<br />

something strange about them." such as<br />

scars, missing teeth and features that were<br />

out of balance. He needed such people to<br />

play $100-a-week pirates in a movie called<br />

"The Island," to be filmed on Antigua in<br />

May. "The Island" concerns a race of demented<br />

people, about 300 strong, who live<br />

on an isolated secret island in the Caribbean.<br />

Because of centuries of inbreeding,<br />

these strange people, descended from 18th<br />

century pirates, are a dying clan. Their only<br />

business is plunder and murder; for they<br />

remain pirates, attacking any ship or pleasure<br />

boat that comes within range of their<br />

boats.<br />

Womefco Theatres, according to their<br />

publication "On Target," is conducting a<br />

summer concession contest. The 12-weeklong<br />

contest runs from June 12 through<br />

September 3. The three first prizes are a<br />

weekend for two to Disneyworld, including<br />

hotel and tickets to the park; the three second<br />

prizes are $100 cash; and the three<br />

third prizes are $50 cash.<br />

A bonus for the manager with the best<br />

sales promotion contest idea is also offered.<br />

Each manager is to send in his ideas for<br />

promotions that will increase sales at the<br />

concession units. The three ideas selected by<br />

the committee to be used will get the three<br />

managers a weekend off, plus a dinner for<br />

two. These entries are to be in no later<br />

than May 25 and sent to the attention of<br />

Jack Mitchell, Wometco official.<br />

Film producer Ivan Tors, whose Ivan<br />

Tors Studios were located in North Miami<br />

until he left the area about seven years ago,<br />

v/as back recently to scout sites for two<br />

films, parts of which will be shot here. One,<br />

for MGM. is titled "The .Sea Dragon of<br />

Lock Ness"; the other is called "Bates Island,"<br />

and is being done for ABC-TV. Tors<br />

left Miami and closed his studio here in<br />

1971, when, he says, interest in family films<br />

began to lag. Since then he has spent his<br />

time on lecture tours, filming specials on<br />

animals and making science fiction films.<br />

Most of the underwater scenes of "The Sea<br />

Dragon of Loch Ness" will be shot in<br />

Miami's surrounding waters, the rest in Scotland.<br />

Tors expects a June starting date.<br />

"The China Sydrorae," currently playing<br />

in the area, has attracted 120.000 Floridians<br />

since it opened about three weeks ago. According<br />

to John Huddy. entertainment editor<br />

of the Miami Herald, it has become a<br />

focal point for a bitter dispute between<br />

those who favor the use of nuclear power<br />

and those who oppose it. Huddy says the<br />

film also provokes deeper questions about<br />

the role of film, the accountability of art, the<br />

responsibility of fiction to truth, and the<br />

role movies sometimes play in influencing<br />

public opinion during heated social and<br />

political debates. He says that "such is the<br />

power of a movie that some scientists wonder<br />

whether ten years from now, people will<br />

confuse the film scenario and the Harrisburg<br />

near-accident. Which will represent<br />

reality in the public mind"<br />

The Rex Theatre in Little River, a northeast<br />

section of Greater Miami, has undergone<br />

a change. Formerly an adult-movie<br />

house at 7974 N.E. Second Avenue, it has<br />

changed its name and ownership. Instead<br />

of skin flicks, the New Rex Theatre is showing<br />

French language films to audiences composed<br />

of Haitians, Canadians and other<br />

French-speaking groups. George Daniel, a<br />

broker for Royal Caribbean Realty in Miami,<br />

is subleasing and managing the house.<br />

Daniel has said that he h'a.s had the idea of<br />

opening a French movie theatre ever since<br />

the French and Haitians started coming to<br />

Miami. Daniel himself is a native of Haiti.<br />

Chairman of the Haitian American Community<br />

Assn. of Dade County, Daniel says<br />

that more than 25,000 Haitians live in Dade<br />

County, with the largest portion in Little<br />

River. More than 200 persons attended the<br />

theatre's opening in March to see the film<br />

"Mains d'Acier Furie Chinose" (Hand of<br />

Q.eorge Ellis' Film Forum and the Atlanta<br />

Goethe Institute are preparing another<br />

treat for Atlanta foreign film buffs. They<br />

will see a selection of six recent German<br />

'Everything for your theatre—except<br />

®<br />

film"<br />

800 Lambert Drive N.E.<br />

800 S. Graham St.<br />

Atlanta, Ga. 30324<br />

Chorlotte, N.C. 28202<br />

(404) 876-0347<br />

(704) 334-3616<br />

films, four of which were screened at the<br />

Berlin Film Festival. The twn-week event<br />

from April 30 through May 1 1 marks the<br />

third time the forum and the institute have<br />

cosponsored a German Film Festival.<br />

Two special previews were held here recently.<br />

They were 20th-Fox's "A Perfect<br />

Couple," screened at AMC Tower Place 6,<br />

Arrowhead and North DeKalb Twin, and<br />

MGM's "The Champ," shown at Cobb Center,<br />

Lenox Square, National Four and Perimeter<br />

Mall.<br />

. . . "Boulevard Nights,"<br />

Marquee Changes— "Murder By Decree,"<br />

Loew's 12 Oaks Twin, National Four,<br />

South DeKalb Mall Quad and Town &<br />

Country Twin<br />

Cinema 75. Suburban Plaza Twin, Arrowhead,<br />

AMC Omni 6 and two drive-ins,<br />

.<br />

. . . "Wifemistress."<br />

Northeast Expressway and North Starlight<br />

of the Dead," Phipps Penthouse,<br />

Stonemont and Town & Country<br />

"Chinatown Kid." Rialto<br />

Rhodes. North DeKalb<br />

Akers Mill.<br />

Twin and Southlake . . . "The Shout." The<br />

Screening Room . at First Bite,"<br />

Biiford Highway Twin, Cobb Center 4,<br />

Greenbriar Mall Twin, Old Dixie Twin,<br />

Parkaite Mamm Twin and South DeKalb<br />

Mall Quad . AMC Omni 6,<br />

National Four. AMC Tower Place 6. Mableton<br />

Tiiple and North 85 Twin drive-in . . .<br />

"California Suite" (99 cents). Toco Hill . . .<br />

"Blazing Saddles." Buford Highway, Rosewell<br />

Village. Douglasville and Lawrenceville.<br />


"\X7e aim to accommodate—Not ALIENate"<br />

is the creed for Kent Theatres'<br />

circuit wide contest this summer. First, second<br />

and third prizes total $750 and will be<br />

awarded to the theatres exhibiting the best<br />

teamwork in providing a superior operation.<br />

According to J. Cleveland Kent, president<br />

of the Kent circuit, the purpose of the contest<br />

is ". . . to reaffirm and recognize the<br />

importance of service to our patrons. Judg-<br />

entertainment dollar, service and well run<br />

theatres certainly will be the deciding factor<br />

when pictures are on multiple runs," Kent<br />

fiu-thor stated.<br />

Ed Potash of United Artists Theatres,<br />

Cherry Hill, N.J. was in town April 18 and<br />

19 to consult with Wamen Teal, who has<br />

just recently set up a new office for United<br />

Artists.<br />

The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" is a<br />

common midnight occurrence in many<br />

towns in Florida. The midnight cult, gen- t<br />

erally credited with starting in New York,<br />

\<br />

S-2 BOXOFFICE May 7, 1979

;<br />

"A<br />

'<br />

I<br />

ipread quickly to Miami and had already<br />

'ijaycd about nine months there before il<br />

ipened in Jacksonville and now on April<br />

'.Olh marked a celebration of year-long midlight<br />

shows at Plitt's San Marco Theatre.<br />

Perfect Couple" is the "best, most in-<br />

'entive Robert Altman picture in a couple<br />

years." says Stan Franklin, Florida Times<br />

Jnion entertainment staff writer. "Thai's<br />

101 10 it's say the to equal 'Nashville,' 'Mc-<br />

:abe and Mrs. Miller' and •M*A*S*H,' but<br />

liter such recent disappointments as the<br />

nerpopulatcd 'A Wedding' and the disasrous<br />

'Quintet,' 'A Perfect Couple' may not<br />

le perfect, but it is a fresh, satirical poke at<br />

he old boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love<br />

novics. It has the spark of wit and satire<br />

hai is the mark of Robert Altman."<br />

Walter Powell of New World Pictures,<br />

Atlanta, was in Jacksonville on April 18<br />

.-ailing<br />

on exhibitors and friends.<br />

The first item of business at the WOMPl<br />

iieeting held April 24th was the election<br />

if officers for the 1979-80 year. Mary Ellen<br />

IJoyd was elected as president for a second<br />

crm. .Serving with her will be Nell Haack<br />

IS first vice president, Sandy Easley as secind<br />

vice president. Fay Weaver as recordng<br />

secretary. Tanya Russel as correspondng<br />

secretary and Edwina Johnston as treasjrer.<br />

The new officers will be installed at a<br />

jala installation banquet on June 16th.<br />

DALLAS<br />

ug Lightner Jr. has been appointed general<br />

manager of Noret Theatres Inc.<br />

After 15 years of experience with Common-<br />

(Avco), Loews, 1st wk. .<br />

Frank Gagnard reviewing "Hair": 'Hair'<br />

"<br />

two movies—an hour-and-a-half of loosely<br />

2nd wk.<br />

of Iron<br />

200<br />

.250<br />

is<br />

connected musical numbers somewhat in Circle<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Robert E.<br />

wealth Theatres and having held virtually<br />

Broadway original,<br />

the wobbly mold of the every position within operations, Lightner<br />

wk 600<br />

now takes on the task of overseeing 31 and half-an-hour of concluding tight narrative.<br />

Towards the end, one tends to forget<br />

screens. His last three positions with Commonwealth<br />

Lee, 8th<br />

The Fifth Musketeer (Col), Loews.<br />

Plaza. wk<br />

were as city manager in Carls-<br />

that the film is a musical. It plays more<br />

1st 200<br />

bad. N.M., Sante Fe, N.M. and in Oklahoma<br />

like 'A Tale of Two Cities.' But there's one Halloween (Compass), Loews,<br />

5th wk 300<br />

City, Okla.<br />

thing that the film consistently is, and that's<br />

Norma Rae (20lh-Fo.x). Plaza,<br />

erratic."<br />

Officers for the 1979-80 term were elected<br />

April 19.<br />

4th wk<br />

(SEE),<br />

200<br />

at the WOMPI luncheon on Richard Pryor in Concert All Filmrow was saddened to hear of<br />

The new slate is composed of president.<br />

Orpheum. 7th wk 600<br />

the passing of Mrs. A.E. Foster, a veteran<br />

Mary Crump; first vice president. Suzanne<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ).<br />

of many years in the industry. Mrs. Foster<br />

Cook; second vice president, Evelyn Bills; operated the Foster Theatre in Port Sulphur, Lakeside, 10th wk 100<br />

lecording secretary. Lorena Sigler; corre-<br />

La.<br />

Superman (WB). Lakeside, .225<br />

12th wk. . .<br />

sponding secretary, Elvira Golden; treasurer,<br />

Marjorie Stanfield; and the current president,<br />

Claudia Patterson, will remain on the<br />

board for another year as director.<br />

Ramon Medrano has closed a deal<br />

through Joe Joseph to take over the Kaufman<br />

Pike Drive-ln, Dallas. Medrano also<br />

the in Dallas, the bought Arcadia Meadowbrook<br />

in Ft. Worth and a theatre in El Paso<br />

and in Waco.<br />

THEATRE—<br />

Bob Boovy of Texas Cinema Corp. says<br />

that TCC sold the Majestic Theatre and<br />

Starlite Drive-In, both in Stephenville, to<br />

Jack L. Hall. All previous bookings submitted<br />

by TCC on those theatres arc still<br />

in effect and TCC will reportedly continue<br />

to represent Hall as a booking agent only.<br />


Ladies of Variety Tent 45 will help at the<br />

annual International Convention May<br />

19-24 by working in the hospitality room,<br />

helping with registration and by serving on<br />

the telephone committee and as guides.<br />

A! Shea, New Orleans Guide movie critic,<br />

leviewed "Hair" and wrote, "Academy<br />

Award director Milos Forman has not so<br />

much opened up 'Hair' to the movie lens;<br />

he has, through a tender and often touching<br />

screenplay by Michael Weller, given 'Hair'<br />

the substance, the humanity, the humility<br />

and the vulnerability it so lacked onstage in<br />

its original frisky, filthy and fake form."<br />

In his review of "Buck Rogers in the 25th<br />

Century" he writes, "Except for the special<br />

effects which are indeed special and a great,<br />

glowing tribute to George Lucas' 'Star<br />

Wars.' 'Buck Rogers' is dull, sophomoric and<br />

more than downright silly."<br />

Marqitee changes: return engagement of<br />

"Bonnie and Clyde," Lakeside and Westside<br />

theatres; "The Last Wave" at the Lakeside<br />

Cinema; and an early Bruce Lee fihn found<br />

in the Chinese archives. "The Real Bruce<br />

Lee.<br />

New titles this week: "The Promise";<br />

"Tilt"; "The Passage"; "A Perfect Couple";<br />

"Hair," and "The Champ."<br />

Richard Dodds, writer for Times-Picayune,<br />

in his review of "The Champ" remarks,<br />

"Despite updating, the story remains mawkish,<br />

and the attempts to elicit tears are unabashed.<br />

Early scenes move slowly, though<br />

the pace quickens after Voight decides to<br />

go back into the ring. There is an air of<br />

competency surrounding all aspects of the<br />

film, but little is outstanding. Voight works<br />

hard at his role, but finally seems miscast.<br />

His appearance is too patrician, and the<br />

thick New York accent rings false. Young<br />

Schroder is cute (too cute) and he indicates<br />

an acting ability while demonstrating an<br />

undeniable ability to cry on cue. There<br />

are moments when Voight and .Schroder<br />

overcome the limitations of script and roles,<br />

and create a credible and moving bond<br />

between father and son. It is the strength<br />

and intensity of this relationship that generates<br />

most of 'The Champ's' emotional<br />

heat, and this is what could ultimately win<br />

audiences over."<br />

Congratulations to Dick Salkin. branch<br />

manager of Buena Vista, who has announced<br />

his engagement and plans to be wed<br />

within the year.<br />


REPORT<br />

New Orleans<br />

Agatha (WB). Lakeside, 6th wk 75<br />

The Champ (MGM), Plaza, 2nd wk. . . .350<br />

The China Syndrome (Col), Plaza,<br />


'advertising CO<br />

( 626, OMAHA, NE 68101 402 453-6160<br />

"Go Modern...For All Your Theatre Needs"<br />

Jeremy Watt is producing "Hussy" with<br />

Don Boyd as executive producer.<br />

©<br />

'<br />

^^^^Atoole/Ut<br />

r^ SALES & SERVICE<br />

"Go MoJtTw . . E^ipmnl, ,Supplia & Sntk^<br />

•<br />

2200 YOUNG STREET DALLAS. TEXAS. 75201 • TELEPHONE 747-3191<br />


Complete Sales Service or Repadr<br />


Ed Cemosek<br />

©<br />

lim Frilz<br />

'.14-741-1637<br />

2017 Younq St.<br />

Dallas, Tex. 75231<br />

or 741-1638<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />



garen Sassnian, a housewife, was the grand<br />

prize winner in the San Antonio Light's<br />

annual Academy Awards contest. She didn't<br />

see even one of the nominated movies. Her<br />

prize was a season pass or its equivalent to<br />

every major theatre chain in San Antonio.<br />

The five second prize winners will receive<br />

ten tickets each. A number of contes-tants<br />

correctly guessed all winners and the grand<br />

prize winner and runners-up were selected<br />

in a drawing from the names of all those<br />

who selected the right Oscar winners.<br />

Groups participating in the contest were<br />

Braha Theatres. General Cinema Theatres,<br />

PJitt Southern Theatres, Santikos Theatres<br />

and United Artist Theatres.<br />

A "Tilt" contest is being conducted at the<br />

three United Artist Theatres, the Movies-4,<br />

Cine Cinco and Ingram-6, with a pinball<br />

machine as the grand prize. Details and entry<br />

forms are at each theatre boxoffice and<br />

no purchase is required to enter the contest.<br />

Bob Polunsky, film critic, said "Take<br />

Down" was "a historical first. It's the first<br />

PG-rate movie released by the Walt Disney<br />

studios. The reasons for the rating are obscure,<br />

however, because 'Take Down' is<br />

still a good family film in every respect.<br />

Unlike most Disney films there is one word<br />

of profanity in it but the characterizations<br />

are down-to-earth, realistic and warmly human."<br />

Concerning "Tilt." Polunsky said it is<br />

"off-center. It might have been a good picture<br />

if it hadn't taken itself so seriously. As<br />

it stands, it's funny in spite of itself.<br />

"Tilt does have plenty of rock music and<br />

and stock characters to appeal to those<br />

young people who get a kick out of playing<br />

pinball machines." About "Hurricane," Polunsky<br />

said the storm scene is "one of the<br />

best ever photographed. The plot, however,<br />

isn't developed. The biggest flaw was in the<br />

pairing of Dayton Ka'ne and Mia Farrow<br />

in the" leads. The best part of the show is<br />

the 25 minute hurricane sequence at the<br />

end. It's<br />

beautifully done, although the 'survival<br />

epilogue' following it makes it look<br />

somewhat silly in perspective. After all, isn't<br />

it only logical to see some wreckage and a<br />

few bodies after such a holocaust"<br />

W. B. Carson, division manager for Plitt<br />

Southern Theatres, with headquarters in<br />

Dallas, was a visitor here to discuss matters<br />

with Fred McClellan, city manager for the<br />

circuit in San Antomio where they operate<br />

the Wonder I and II and the Broadway.<br />

Don Coscarelli, writer/ director, was in<br />

_ L/y/Lfs/ern j/ieaire &QiilpjnmH2£L<br />

1702 Rusk Avenue<br />

Houston, Texos 77003<br />

Bob Mortensen<br />

Don Waggoner<br />

(713) 654-1461 - Office<br />

(713) 931-0748 -After Hrs.<br />


Projection & Sound Equip.<br />

j^^ ^^^^„^j<br />

Auditorium 8f Lobby Equip. jeannie Grahor<br />

Concession Equip. & Supplies<br />


riLMACK IS<br />

CHOICE<br />

1st<br />

WITH<br />



P]P<br />

|<br />


I<br />










312-427'3395<br />

San Antonio on a promotional visit in behalf<br />

of "Phantasm" which opened at the<br />

UA Movies-4.<br />

New titles appearing on the marquees of.<br />

indoor and outdoor theatres include "Murder<br />

by Decree," "Once in Paris," "Dawn<br />

of the Dead," "The Dark," "The Children<br />

of Sanchez" plus "The Last Hard Man,"<br />

and the double bill of "Los Caballos de<br />

Aguilar" and "Las Noches de Paloma.<br />

Teddy Castellano, branch manager of Azteca<br />

Films Inc., the largest distributing com-i<br />

pany of Mexican films in the United States,,<br />

has announced 14 major film releases for<br />

the summer, all produced in Mexico, which;<br />

soon will be playing in theatres in Dallas.<br />

Houston, West Texas, El Paso, Corpus!<br />

Christi, San Antonio and Rio Grande Val-|<br />

ley.<br />

;<br />

Santikos Theatre Inc. has instituted an<br />

inflation special on Monday nights at thel<br />

San Pedro Triple Screen Outdoor. Varsity<br />

Outdoor Theatre and Mission Twin Outdoor<br />

Theatres. It is called Dollar Night. Admission<br />

is $1 per person and children under<br />

12 get in free.<br />

San Antonio Spotlighted<br />

In U of T Film Series<br />

SAN ANTONIO—Films ranging from<br />

the first movie to win an Academy Award<br />

to one recently made in San Antonio will<br />

be studied in a special April film series at,<br />

the University of Texas-San Antonio.<br />

•'San Antonio in the Movies" featured as<br />

its first film "The Alamo." starring John<br />

Wayne, on April 5.<br />

"Wings." filmed in this area and released<br />

in 1926, was shown April 12. This was the<br />

first movie to win an Oscar.<br />

On April 19. the movie "Viva Max" starring<br />

Peter Ustinov, was scheduled. "The<br />

Adventures of Jody Shannon." recently produced<br />

locally, will be screened April 26.<br />

All the movies are free and open to the<br />

public. Films will be screened in the UTSA<br />

Humanities Business Building.<br />

The film series highlights the UTSA<br />

course, "San Antonio as Seen Through Its<br />

Art and Film from 1850 to the Present."<br />


piitt Southern Theatres Inc., which oper<br />

ates the Alabama, Briargrove 111. Clear<br />

lake II. Noithshore. Parkview and Wood<br />

lake HI in Houston, plans to build thre*<br />

new triple screen movie theatres in Hous<br />

ton in the next 18 months. With over 40(<br />

screens nationwide. Plitt reportedly is th<br />

largest independent theatre circuit in th<br />

country.<br />

New film titles include "Rock 'n' Rol<br />

High School." "Hometown U.S.A.." "Le<br />

Joy Reian Supreme," "Love at First Bite,<br />

••Once in Paris," "The Best Way." "Harpe<br />

Valley PTA." "The Innocent," "Midnigh<br />

Express," "Phantasm," "Picnic at Hangin<br />

Rock" and "Watership Down."<br />

Previews screened March 30 were "Th<br />

Champ," "A Perfect Couple" and •'Tilt."<br />

S-4<br />

BOXOFFICE :; May 7. 197

fr<br />

'<br />

"<br />

'<br />

I<br />

.<br />

.<br />

.<br />

Kansas City<br />

(Average Is 100)<br />

AslKiiiti (WB), Midland, 3rd wk 65<br />

UiicU Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

d'niv), 5 theatres, 4th wk 150<br />

I he Champ (UA), 3 theatres, 3rd wk. 170<br />

. .<br />

111- ( hiiia Syndrome (Col),<br />


'^''<br />

3 ihcalrcs, 6th wk<br />

iMn Which Way but Loose (WB).<br />

Metro North, Ranchmart. 18th wk. ..110<br />

Firepower (Associated Film). Empire,<br />

3rd wk 20<br />

(;c» Out Your Handkerchiefs (SR).<br />

. . 60<br />

Fine Arts. 1st wk 23.5<br />

Hair (UA), Midland, Oak Park,<br />

4th wk ^^<br />

Hurricane (Para), 6 theatres, 2nd wk.<br />

Love at First Bite (Al). 6 theatres.<br />

2nd wk.<br />

Malibu High (SR). 6 theatres, 1st wk,<br />

.245<br />

.105<br />

Murder by Decree (Avco), Embassy,<br />

5th wk<br />

60<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox). Plaza,<br />

Watts Mill, 6th wk 100<br />

The North Avenue Irregulars (BV).<br />

Ranchmart, 10th wk 9''<br />

Phantasm (Avco). 9 theatres, 1st wk. .370<br />

.<br />

The Promise (Univ), 4 theatres.<br />

'^'^<br />

3rd wk<br />

The Real Bruce Lee (SR),<br />

3 theatres, 1st wk " ''<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ),<br />

I<br />

Glenwood. 9th wk 25<br />

Minneapolis<br />

Agatha (WB), Park, 8th wk 45<br />

Ashanti (WB), 7 theatres, 1st wk 40<br />

The Bell Jar (Avco), Skyway III.<br />

4th wk 45<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ).<br />

4 theatres. 4th wk 85<br />

The Champ (MGM), 3 theatres,<br />

)<br />

3rd wk 155<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). Cooper.<br />

Southdale, 6th wk<br />

200<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Mann,<br />

9th wk '40<br />

Every Which Way But Loose (WB).<br />

Northtown. Southdale, 18th wk 60<br />

The Great American Chase (WB). Movies<br />

^<br />

at Eden Prairie, Terrace, 2nd wk. ... 70<br />

Hair (UA). Skyway II. 4th wk<br />

Halloween (Compass), Brookdale East.<br />

Edina II. 12th wk<br />

Hurricane (Para), 3 theatres, 2nd wk. .<br />

.<br />

Love at First Bite (AIP), 4 theatres,<br />

1st wk<br />

Murder by Decree (Avco), Hopkins,<br />

8th wk<br />

Norma Rae (20th-Fox), Edina I.<br />

6th wk<br />

The Promise (Univ). Cooper Cameo.<br />

Movies at Burnsville. 3rd wk.<br />

Richard Pryor—Live in Concert (SEE).<br />

Skyway I, 3rd wk<br />

Superman (WB). Brookdale. Southtown<br />

19th wk<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />

Chicago<br />

Agatha (WB), Water Tower. 8th wk. .<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Univ)<br />

4 theatres, 4th wk<br />

The Champ (UA). 8 theatres. 3rd wk. .<br />

The China Syndrome (Col). 1 1<br />

theatres.<br />

6th wk<br />

Circle of Iron (AE), 4 theatres,<br />

3rd wk<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Esquire,<br />

7th wk<br />

Firepower (AFD), 16 theaties, 1st wk.<br />

Hair (UA). 10 theatres. 5th wk<br />

Hurricane (Para). 10 theatres. 2nd wk.<br />

The Innocent (AN). Cinema. 3rd wk. .<br />

Love at First Bite (AI). 10 theatres,<br />

3rd wk<br />

Love on the Run (SR). Carnegie.<br />

2nd wk<br />

The Real Bruce Lee (SR), 3 theatres.<br />

2nd wk<br />

Superman (WB), 4 theatres, 18th wk. .<br />

Wifemistress (SR). Carnegie, 2nd wk. .<br />

ST.<br />

LOUIS<br />

275<br />

175<br />

150<br />

J^ichele Rappaport, producer of "Old Boyfriends."<br />

and director of the film Joan<br />

Tewkesbury (who wrote "Nashville") were<br />

iin' town for interviews prior to the April 25<br />

opening of the Avco Embassy romantic<br />

comedy at Crestwood. Village, Esquire,<br />

Woods Mill and the Namcoki in Granite<br />

City, III.<br />

In iU reivew of "Hair" currently at<br />

Westport<br />

and Ronnie's 6, the Clayton Citizen<br />

states that though the movie will not achieve<br />

the notoriety of the stage play, "the cinematic<br />

version of the '60s blockbuster is a<br />

lot of fun. The songs and choreography carry<br />

the same exuberance as those from the<br />

play."<br />

"Circus Daze" is the time of the Variety<br />

Club Women's 19th annual Fun-for-Funds<br />

Frolic May 5 in the Khorassan Room of the<br />

Chase-Park Plaza Hotel. The ballroom will<br />

be converted to<br />

a "big top" and the Variety-<br />

costumes :ontnbute<br />

will<br />

to<br />

ncnt loll owing the dinner.<br />

Tickets at $20 each way may be ordered<br />

by calling 576-6688. Funds from the annual<br />

affair arc distributed among nine children's<br />

charities. To date Variety Club women have<br />

raised more than $250,000 lor local projects.<br />

"Manhattan," Woody Allen's latest effort,<br />

opened May 4 at the Varsity, Ronnie's 6,<br />

Cypress Village and in Illinois at Fairview,<br />

Fairview Heights and Eastgate, Alton.<br />

Crown's action-drama revolving around<br />

drag racing, "Burnout." began a multiple<br />

showing May 2 . . . Also in wide multiple<br />

in the areas is "Boulevard Nights." a contemporary<br />

glimpse of the Chicano community<br />

of Los Angeles with its cruising<br />

youths and their conflicts.<br />

Celebrating its anniversary is "Woodstock"<br />

on the screen at the Brentwood in<br />

an exclusive engagement. It should attrucl<br />

an audience of those who have heard about<br />

the forerunner of rock 'n toll concerns but<br />

who were too young to see it as well as<br />

those who want to enjoy again the performances<br />

of the groups it brought to fame.<br />

"Battlestar Galactica." which in its initial<br />

Canadian release outgrossed "Star Wars," is<br />

scheduled to open May 18 at Halls Ferry.<br />

Des Peres, Ronnie's and Cinema 4. The<br />

film is enhanced by Universal's Sensurround<br />

sound system which places the audience<br />

right in the middle of the holocaust.<br />

Charles Vaden, Columbia branch manager<br />

in Detroit, was in town on a brief visit.<br />

He lunched with Jerry Banta of Thomas &<br />

Shipp. Vaden was a member of the MGM<br />

staff here for a number of years when Banta<br />

was in<br />

charge of sales.<br />

"Autumn Sonata," with Ingrid Bergman<br />

and Liv Ullmann. is back in town at the<br />

Djs Psres and Hi Pointe.<br />

Pictures opening here May 1 1 are "California<br />

Dreaming" and "Blazing Saddles," a<br />

reissue.<br />

"Grease," which is in rerelease, will open<br />

May 18.<br />

DEM^<br />

1^<br />

If<br />

I<br />

I<br />

[IolbV<br />

Potts 3 and 5<br />

Stack Platters<br />

Hector Elizondo, Nina Van Pallandt. Bill<br />

Duke and K. Callan have been cast in<br />

"American Gigolo."<br />

P rePBAD STEREO iQ<br />

Christie Lamphouscs & Consoles<br />

Ballantyne-Strong-Hanovia<br />

Replacement Package Plan<br />

For the best at less, contact John or Mike.<br />

Ringold Cinema Equipment Co.<br />

8421 Gravois Road. St. Louis, Mo 63123.Phone 314-352-2020<br />



Fven though the Gateway Theatre is undergoing<br />

extensive remodeling work, the<br />

new "owner, the Pohsh Alliance Assn., announced<br />

the presentation of "Land of Promise.'"<br />

The 15-day program. launched by the<br />

Chicago International Film Festival in cooperation<br />

with the Copernicus Foundation,<br />

features films from Poland as a special tribute<br />

to Andrzej Wajda. Director Wajda has<br />

been described by Time magazine as one<br />

of the world's foremost stage aind film directors.<br />

Films to be shown include "Everythmg<br />

for Sale." "Kanal," "Landscape After Battle"<br />

and "Man of Marble." All films are<br />

in 35mm and in Polish with English subtitles.<br />

The proceeds will benefit the Copernicus<br />

Cultural and Civic Center, which is<br />

being established to serve the Polish-Americam<br />

community and, in. fact, the entire Chicago<br />

area.<br />

L & S Theatre Corp. and the Tiffin Theatre<br />

Corp. moved to new and larger headquarters<br />

at 7106 N. Western Ave.. Chicago<br />

60669. A new telephone number will be announced<br />

shortly. Both companies are headed<br />

by Leo Freedburg.<br />

Barbara Gillespie, manager of the Tiffin<br />

Theatre, says "Beyond the Door. Part 2"<br />

rated especially good business,<br />

it<br />

even though<br />

arrived without the usual advance publicity<br />

during a week when attendance everywhere<br />

dropped because the first days of<br />

spring had people spending time outdoors.<br />

Richard Stern booked two first run dramas<br />

at his 3 Penny Cinema: "Mado" and<br />

"A Woman at Her Window." Director is<br />

Claude Sautet, who may be remembered for<br />

"Jean, Francois, Paul and the Others," and<br />

Michel Piccoli is the star.<br />

The Francis Parker Cinema, which has<br />

been quiet for the past months, is now back<br />

in business with a program of Japanese<br />

films. Featured are "Yellow Handkerchief"<br />

and "Crimson Bat."<br />

Plitt Theatres Inc. is using extensive newspaper<br />

advertising to tell moviegoers about<br />

the return of "The Exorcist" to the State<br />

Lake Theatre in the Loop. This is on exclusive<br />

engagement in 70mm and full stereo.<br />

Facets Multimedia Inc. will present a new<br />

children's film festival in May. The program,<br />

which highlights animated musicals,<br />

starts<br />

off with "Make Mine Music." This is<br />

a ten-part fantasy with such musical sequences<br />

as "Martins and the Coys," "Casey<br />

at the Bat." "Peter and the Wolf." "Gulliver's<br />

Travels," Hoppity Goes to Town" and<br />

Sinbad the Sailor."<br />

About eight years ago, a group of Indians<br />

took over an abandoned Nike missile<br />

site in Chicago's Belmont Harbor in protest<br />

to government disregard of their needs.<br />

They were taking a stand in behalf of jobs,<br />

housing and good schools for their children.<br />

The settlers drew considerable attention, but<br />

little or no results.<br />

However, through the efforts of a young<br />

local filmmaker by the name of Jerry Aronson.<br />

the set of incidents was kept alive in<br />

a 30-miinute film entitled "The Divided<br />

Trail: A Native American Odyssey." This<br />

was one of five films nominated for an<br />

Academy Award in the documentary short<br />

subject<br />

category.<br />

Facets Multimedia introduced what was<br />

considered a most interesting film: Orson<br />

Welles' 1976 film, "F for Fake." Welles<br />

uses the story of two men called hoaxers<br />

by many—Cliffort Irving (who wrote about<br />

Howard Hughes) and Elmyr de Hory, Irving's<br />

friend and recognized art forger.<br />

The 12th annual Variety Club Celebrity<br />

Ball was held April 20 at the Chicago Marriott<br />

Hotel. Restauranteur Arnie Morton<br />

was honored for his outstanding contributions<br />

to Variety Club children's charities.<br />

Mr. Morton and Barbara Eden were<br />

crowned as King and Queen of Hearts.<br />

Both Governor Thompson and mewly elected<br />

Mayor Jane Byrne issued proclamations<br />

designating April 12-21 as Variety Club<br />

Week in Illinois and Chicago.<br />

"Firepower," an action thriller from Associated<br />

Film Distribution, opened in Chicago<br />

area theatres on April 20. This is a<br />

fictional story of an illegal attempt by the<br />

U.S. government to return to America for<br />

trial a multi-millionaire industrialist who is<br />

wanted on criminal charges. To accomplish<br />

this effort, the government enlists the help<br />

of an ex-syndicate hit man. Stars are Sophia<br />

Loren, James Coburn, Jerry Fanon and<br />

O. J. Simpson. Filming was done in the<br />

Caribbean, Washington, Miami and New<br />

York.<br />


Robert R. Jackson, 54. was killed in a<br />

collision April 23 near Warsaw. Mo. Jackson<br />

was a shipper with Universal Film Exchange<br />

for the past ten years. Funeral services<br />

were held in Liberty. Mo.. April 26.<br />

Ralph J.<br />

Webber, former secretary-trcas-<br />

urer with Dickinson Operating Co., passed<br />

away April 23. He had been with Dickinson<br />

for 23 years until he retired in 1976. He<br />

belonged to Variety Tent 8 and was former<br />

treasurer of the now-defunct Motion Picture<br />

Assn.<br />

Canine Star Thrills<br />

Hospitalized Children<br />

Young patients at<br />

Children's Mercy Hos-|<br />

pital, 24th at Gilham in Kansas City, Mo..=<br />

had a special celebrity visitor recently when<br />

i<br />

the mongrel star of American Intemationiil'si<br />

"C.H.O.M.P.S." dropped by to entertain,<br />

The visitor was Hank, a 22-pound siWer.i<br />

black and beige mutt who plays the role oP<br />

"Rascal." the world's first computerized<br />

watchdog.<br />


^ith the arrival of spring in the frigid<br />

winterized Midwest, the drive-in theates<br />

are starting to cover from the snow<br />

and freezing temperatures. Last weekend<br />

Douglas Theatre's 84th & Drive-In played<br />

a hit combination of "Up in Smoke" and<br />

"Looking for Mr. Goodbar." while the Dubinsky<br />

Bros.' Starview offered "Corvette<br />

Summer" and "Convoy."<br />

David Livington, vice-president of Douglas<br />

Theatres, sees this summer as a good<br />

year for the drive-ins. He feels the outlook<br />

and product look very promising. His enthusiasm<br />

is perhaps keyed by Kevin<br />

Graham, the 84th & O's new manager,<br />

Graham is a past assistant manager at the<br />

downtown Douglas 3 Theatres. 84th & C<br />

opened with a big promotion for "Foul<br />

Play" which included Lincoln Radio Statior<br />

KHAT.<br />

This weekend Graham is taking advan<br />

tage of the disco craze by bookimg "Sat<br />

urday Night Fever" followed by a big discc<br />

contest. The event is co-sponsored by radi<<br />

KFRX and Team Electronics is installini<br />

special speakers and sound equipment<br />

Judges for the contest will be the FR><br />

Chicken and members of the Dance Empo<br />

rium. a local dance studio, with trophic<br />

being awarded to the best dancers ^com<br />

and third show on the billing are "Goin<br />

South" and "First Love."<br />

With the popularity of Jon Voight afte<br />

winning the best actor Academy Award fo<br />

"Coming Home." Smith hopes for an ovei<br />

flow on^Voight's new film "The Champ.<br />

Radio station" KFMQ and Cinema Theatre<br />

are giving away "Champ" posters to hel<br />

promote the film. "Same Time. Next Year<br />

is still holding its own also at the Cinemi<br />


'Everything for the Theatre"<br />


At the Douglas 3, Dave Livingston reac<br />

ily admits that the sleeper "Halloween" h£<br />

been a lite-saver for them the past fe'<br />

weeks. The picture is finally ending its ru<br />

this week and will be replaced by "Hurr<br />

cane." although Livingston admits that I<br />

hates to see it" go. Also new at the Dougli<br />

MW-2<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7,<br />


,<br />

\<br />

winning<br />

I<br />

) I<br />

.-<br />

1 "Coming<br />

'<br />

. now<br />

[j j<br />

was "The Brink's Job" and slated for a liiture<br />

appearance is the re-re-release ol<br />

"Smokey and the Bandit."<br />

Doing better in Lincoln than up in Oma<br />

ha for Douglas Theatres is Sally Fields<br />

"Norma Rae." The popularity of the film<br />

in a relatively non-union city such as Lincoln<br />

is surprising, but Livingston feels that<br />

much of the sophistication of the Lincoln<br />

audiences is underrated. He feels that the<br />

movie-viewing populace is a good deal more<br />

intelligent and discriminating than they are<br />

given credit for being.<br />

Looking forward to a star-studded summer,<br />

the Plaza 4 and Cooper/ Lincoln Theatres<br />

are basking in the proposed line-up of<br />

films they have booked. On tap are "Manhattan,"<br />

"Beyond the Poseidon Adventure,"<br />

•players," "Butch and Sundance; the Early<br />

Years," "Moonraker," "In-laws," and<br />

"Bloodline."<br />

Currently "The Promise" has been doing<br />

wings, in a holding pattern, for the Plaza is<br />

Home," the other runaway from<br />

the Academy Awards presentations. "The<br />

China Syndrome" is still doing relatively<br />

well at the Cooper, now playing four weeks.<br />

Some Omaha-Lincoln Douglas Theatre<br />

news finds ex-84th & O manager Doug<br />

Kinney now managing Omaha-Bellevue's<br />

South Cinema 4, and Tom Stackhouse, previously<br />

manager at the South Cinema 4,<br />

calling the shots for the Q-Cinema 4<br />

in Omaha.<br />


Qne man's meat is another man's poison<br />

and that applies to Iheatremen. Beautiful<br />

spring weather with temperatures pushing<br />

well into the 70s engulfed the region<br />

and house-locked citizens fled into the<br />

out-of-doors, both for their gardening and<br />

golfing and for their moviegoing. Drive-in<br />

business boomed while the hardtops wilted.<br />

It's traditional—but it still hurts.<br />

The new face on Filmrow is that of Kris<br />

Cayou, secretary to American International<br />

branch manager Tom Viste. Viste, meanwhile,<br />

has a "green thumb" from ink that<br />

•rubbed off all the bucks he's counted with<br />

a dynamite combination. "Last Hou-se on<br />

the Left," "The House that Vanished" and<br />

"Don't Look in the Basement" were booked<br />

at five drive-ins April 11-17 and hauled in<br />

$35,000. That was followed by a threeday<br />

move-over on three ozoner screens<br />

which grossed $21,000. Viste now has five<br />

sets of prints but warns: "Bookers better<br />

call quickly because everyone wants this<br />

lineup!"<br />

"The Champ" continues to swing hard in<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />

Mary-Margaret Miller, wife ..f Bo Miller, one of the founders of Show-A-Rama,<br />

awards money to two of the winners in the drawing held at Show-A-Rama and<br />

sponsored by Variety Club Women Tent 8. The winners are Glen Dickinson (left),<br />

owner of Dickinson Theatres. Kansas City. $50 and Richard Smith of Sniith Theatres<br />

in Marysville. Mo.. $50. Tony Dipardo, Kansas City bandleader, who is not<br />

pictured, won $50. The drawing benefitted the children's charity projects.<br />

reasonably well at the Plaza while "A Perfect<br />

Couple" has been a -big disappointment<br />

for them. "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"<br />

has been doing excellent business and Walt Badger, United Artists branch boss.<br />

the Twin Cities, much to the delight of<br />

"The Deer Hunter" has been sold out every And it's performing proportionately stronger<br />

evening since opening last week. Naturally in Si. Paul, where moppet star Ricky Schroder<br />

has been generating quite a bit of copy.<br />

five Academy Awards is bound to<br />

help the picture even more. Also in the And since the Academy Awards, Badger here and two in St. Paul.<br />

notes, "Coming Home" has been bringing<br />

home the bacon, sizzling at each situation.<br />

Carl Olson, United Artists division manager,<br />

and Al Fitter, UA vice president and<br />

general sales manager, were here from New<br />

York City April 25-26. One of their purposes<br />

was to weigh the possibility of a move<br />

of the UA branch out of its current offices<br />

in the Mann Theatre Building to the Plill<br />

Theatre Building, right across the street on<br />

Hennepin Avenue.<br />

UA branch boss Badger announceil a<br />

change in branch hours which he hopes will<br />

be an added convenience to customers. The<br />

branch has operated daily from 8 a.m. lo<br />

4 p.m., but now it will be open from 8:.3()<br />

10 4:30. Badger set a special screening of<br />

"Voices" for May 18 at the Campus Theatre<br />

The invitational showing will be al midnight.<br />

Things aren't left till the last minute by<br />

I'rank Zanotti, who heads the Universal<br />

branch. "The Jerk," the forthcoming Steve<br />

Martin comedy, has been booked for the<br />

Skyway Theatre here and the Grandvicw<br />

and The Movies at Maplewood in St. Paul<br />

for a Dec. 21 bow. "Running." the next<br />

Michael Douglas picture, also has been set.<br />

It will open Nov. 2 at the Cooper Cameo,<br />

Southdale, Northtown and The Movies al<br />

Burnsville here and at the Har-Mar in St.<br />

Paul.<br />

A new twin theatre will open May 16 in<br />

Pipestone, Minn., the Quarry 1 and 2. I. ail<br />

die D. Kozak, Estherville, Iowa, is the owner<br />

and will be doing his own buying anti<br />

booking.<br />

Randy Gentzkow has taken over the Scenic<br />

Theatre. Lisbon, N.D., formerly run by<br />

Phyllis Krchnavy.<br />

Dean Lutz, Avco Embassy branch man<br />

ager, set a 50-print territory wide break for<br />

"Phantasm" May 11. Also set by Luiz:<br />

"Winter Kills" for May 18 at three theatres<br />

in Minneapolis and two in St. Paul, and<br />

"Goldengirl" for July 27 al five houses<br />

"Sunnyside," starring Joey Travolta, will<br />

be screened May 8 at 1:30 p.m. at the Plill<br />

Scieening Room by Al branch manager<br />

Tom Viste. Viste also announced "The<br />

Amityville Horror" will blossom July 27.<br />

"Meteor" will land Oct. 19.<br />

m \mmm<br />


|<br />

'<br />

M I<br />

L)N A U KEE<br />

Three-.vear terms have been won by officers<br />

and board members of Motion Picture<br />

Projectionists Local 164 as a result of balloting<br />

at a meeting in mid-April. Harold<br />

Eifeit was elected to another term as business<br />

manager. Other results: Carl Earner,<br />

president; Randy Grass, vice-president;<br />

Harvey Black, treasurer; Tom Pignegui, secretary.<br />

Executive board members include<br />

Robert Medower and William Breuchel.<br />

Eifert urged all unions and organizations<br />

in the Milwaukee area to contact his office<br />

for highly trained projectionists for all film<br />

showings, trade shows, and more. The oil ice<br />

number is 463-4240.<br />

Gimbels Stores in the Milwaukee urea<br />

have a "Remember Mom" contest with a<br />

choice of one of seven prizes for Mom to<br />

the winners. The first 50 entrants at each<br />

store receive two passes to Warner Bios."<br />

new movie "A Little Romance." starring<br />

.Sir Laurence Olivier.<br />

Ruby Isle Theatre in Brookfield, Milwaukee<br />

suburb, noted in its listing in the local<br />

daily's movie guide: "Girls, bring your guy<br />

free to the 7:15 or 9:15 show with the Monday<br />

newspaper ad." The attraction was<br />

"Every Which Way But Loose."<br />

The Towne Theatre in Whitewater, Wis.,<br />

had a tie-in with members of the Whitewater<br />

Volunteer Fire Dept. which sponsored<br />

a free movie for kiddies April 14. The film,<br />

"Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown" was<br />

given two showings at 1 and 3 p.m.<br />

Sheldon Klinian, owner and operator of<br />

the Palace Theatre in Spooner, Wis., again<br />

donated the theatre for the use of the Assn.<br />

for Mental Health in Washburn County as<br />

it presented its spring variety show on stage<br />

April 18. The show is presented twice a<br />

The Council's annual spring kmcheon, to<br />

be held May 9, will again feature the naming<br />

of the winner in the Theatre Man of<br />

the Year Award, as well as the winner of<br />

a special scholarship presented annually to<br />

an outstanding student in theatre arts at<br />

Marquette University. The event is to be<br />

held at the Wisconsin Club.<br />

"The Opium War," first feature film to<br />

be released from mainland China in 25<br />

years, was shown at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater<br />

four times April 10-11.<br />

The film was produced at the Shanghai<br />

Film Studio in the People's Republic of<br />

China and was directed by Chen Chun IL<br />

A full length motion picture, "The Opium<br />

War." tells the story behind the 1840s struggle<br />

between the British and Chinese, how<br />

the emperor eventually resisted British domination<br />

and rallied the peasants to oust the<br />

British and halt the drug trade. There are<br />

scenes which take place in the Forbidden<br />

City and Forbidden Palace, the only time<br />

any filming has been allowed there. The<br />

showings were open to the public; admission<br />

was $L<br />

Ford Theatre in Waterford. Wis., had<br />

"Kiddie Matinee" at 2 p.m. on Saturday<br />

and Sunday of the first weekend in April,<br />

inviting kids to win a giant four-foot tall<br />

bunny.<br />

Vilas Theatre in Eagle River is being split<br />

in half, and a photo in the local newspaper<br />

"Vilas County News-Review" shows the<br />

owner and operator Alma Conway studying<br />

the ha If-completed remodeling plans. A<br />

new screen and new seats had been installed<br />

while the walls (seen in the photo background)<br />

feature acoustical wall drapery accented<br />

by cedar columns. The second half<br />

year as a fundraiser, and Sheldon and his<br />

of the theatre is expected to be finished<br />

wife, Gertrude, assist with stage settings,<br />

in the first week in May.<br />

lights and the boxoffice.<br />

A second photo in the newspaper shows<br />

The 23 Outdoor near Ripon. Wis., had a Ms. Conway pointing to a sign (that she<br />

"Special Friday the 13th" movie offer which and her husband, Steve, had painted) set<br />

included the screening of three flicks: "Last above a VW Beetle as promotion for the<br />

House on the Left," "Last House Part H," film, "The Love Bug." Herbie was on display<br />

be<br />

and "House on the Hill." The offer was:<br />

in front of the theatre and could "Free driver's pass to all who remain seen driving around town to publicize the<br />

thiough the entire program."<br />

movie beins shown at the time.<br />

THEAT ,^<br />





SINCE 1955<br />

WINDOW CARDS /calendars/programs<br />

^( ^JIPadvertising CO.<br />

BOX 626, OMAHA, NE. 68101 402 453<br />

Walt Blaney, manager of the Marc Twins<br />

Cinema in Menomonee Falls, a Milwaukee<br />

suburb, had a tie-in with Post M of Travelers<br />

Protective Assn. for a special benefit<br />

with the movie "Support Your Local Sheriff"<br />

on March 23. This was a "no school"<br />

day for the Falls primary schools, and two<br />

showings were arranged, at 1 1 a.m. and 1<br />

p.m. TV personality "Farmer Vic" Hellman<br />

was on hand to greet the young moviegoers.<br />

Tickets were $1, with the proceeds going to<br />

TPA charities, which are centered on youth<br />

activities and safety. One of the associa- '<br />

tion's objectives is to help the newly re-<br />

,<br />

constructed Halloween parade.<br />

'<br />

Blaney is urging local townspeople to be<br />

patient instead of traveling great distances I<br />

to see the big films. "Wait a few weeks and<br />

see all the finest movies at the beautiful i<br />

Marc Twins Cinema, Main St., Menomonee<br />

Falls," he states in a recent newspaper display<br />

ad that is topped with the eye-catching<br />

"Movies-Movies-Movies: Only $2, children<br />

only $1.25. Why pay more"<br />

Milwaukee area theatres showing George<br />

C. Scott's "Hardcore" have added this warning<br />

note in their newspaper listings: "The<br />

subject matter of this movie may be considered<br />

shocking and offensive." The R-<br />

lated film is being screened at Capitol Court<br />

Cinemas. Skyway Cinemas, Centre Twins,<br />

Spring Mall and Movies Northridge.<br />

The Isle Theatre in Cumberland, Wise,<br />

had a tie-in with the Cumberland Chamber<br />

of Commerce for a "Free Chamber Matinee"<br />

on Saturday morning recently. A news<br />

item appearing in the local weekly quoted<br />

a chamber spokesman as stating: "Parents,<br />

leave your children at the movies while you<br />

shop in 'Wisconsin's Island City.' " The<br />

theatre's newspaper display ad invited "all<br />

area youngsters." Two feature films were<br />

shown, but their titles were not revealed.<br />

LL Supply Co. Sold<br />

To Bayless, Toohey<br />

KANSAS CITY—Bob Flemming. former<br />

owner of L & L Supply and Equipment<br />

Co.. recently announced the sale of that<br />

firm to Alan (Skip) Bayless.<br />

Bayless reportedly has moved the business<br />

from its Southwest Boulevard location<br />

here to 3160 Terrace in the Downtown<br />

Industrial Park. He said the new location<br />

"is more conducive to our operation anc<br />

affords us the opportunity for growth anc<br />

expansion."<br />

Gregg Toohey, formerly of Omaha, Neb.<br />

joined Bayless as a partner in the newlj<br />

acquired firm last January. The two part<br />

ners have a combined total of 20 years ex<br />

pericnce in the concession supply business<br />

the firm reports.<br />

According to Bayless and Toohey, plan<br />

call for the expansion of concession sup<br />

plies into a "one-stop shop concept," includ<br />

ing an expansion of services to include foo(<br />

and fiozen products.<br />

The firm is an authorized distributor fo<br />

Crclors and Gold Medal and offers equip<br />

mcnt, parts and supplies for most conccs<br />

sion equipment.<br />

MW-4<br />

BOXOFHCE :: May 7, 197

.Very<br />

. .Very<br />

.Very<br />

Montreal<br />

Ashanli (WB). Loews 2.<br />

1st wk Very Good<br />

The Champ (UA), Loews 1,<br />

2nd wk Excellent<br />

The China Syndrome (Astral),<br />

Atwater, 4th wk Excellent<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Place du<br />

Canada, 5th wk Excellent<br />

Hair (UA). York, 2nd wk<br />

Excellent<br />

Halloween (Astral), Cinema de<br />

Paris, 9th wk Very Good<br />

Norma Rae (BVFD), The Cinema.<br />

4th wk Very Good<br />

The Passage (UA), Palace, 1st wk, . . .Good<br />

The Promise (Univ), Bonaventure,<br />

2nd wk Good<br />

Superman (WB), Loews 3,<br />

17th wk Very Good<br />

The Warriors (Para), Loews 4,<br />

9th wk<br />

Very Good<br />

French Language Films<br />

Le Bonheur Renait (UA),<br />

Champlain, 1st wk Good<br />

La Cage Aux Folles (UA), Parisien<br />

1, 3rd wk Very Good<br />

Le Ciel Pent Attendre (Para),<br />

Parisien 4, 9th wk Very Good<br />

Doux, Dur et Dingue (WB), Berri,<br />

1st wk Very Good<br />

Drole d'Em Brouille (Para).<br />

Parisien 2, 1st wk Good<br />

LaFuitea 4 Partes (PR),<br />

Parisien 3, 1st wk Very Good<br />

Moeurs Cachees de la Bourgeoisie<br />

(Para), Parisien 5, 2nd wk. . Good<br />

Va Voir Maman, Papa Travail (PR),<br />

Le Dauphin, 1st wk. Very Good<br />

Vancouver<br />

Agatha (WB), Capitol, 7th wk Good<br />

Ashanti (WB), Downtown,<br />

1st wk E.vcellent<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ), Coronet, 5th wk<br />

Excellent<br />

The Champ (UA), Vancouver<br />

Centre, 2nd wk Very Good<br />

The China Syndrome (Astral),<br />

4th wk<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Vogue,<br />

n<br />

•*^siet. 2nd wk. .<br />

Good<br />

The Champ (UA), Elgin,<br />

1st wk E.xcellent<br />

The China Syndrome (Astral),<br />

St. Lauient, 3rd wk Excellent<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Elmdale,<br />

4th wk<br />

Excellent<br />

The Great Train Robbery (UA), Little<br />

Elgin, Cinema 6, 8th wk Good<br />

Hair (UA), Nelson,<br />

1st wk. Very Good<br />

Murder by Decree (AFD). Capitol<br />

Square. 9th wk Good<br />

Norma Rae (BVFD). Place de Villc,<br />

4th wk Very Good<br />

The North Avenue Irregulars (BV),<br />

Rideau, 4th wk<br />

Good<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ),<br />

St. Laurent, 7lh wk Very Good<br />

Winnipeg<br />

Black and White in Color (PR).<br />

Festival. 1st wk Average<br />

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century<br />

(Univ). 3 theatres. 2nd wk. . Good<br />

The Champ (MGM-UA),<br />

Metropolitan, 2nd wk ..Excellent<br />

The China Syndrome (Astral), Odeon,<br />

1st wk Excellent<br />

The Deer Hunter (Univ), Garrick II,<br />

5th wk<br />

Excellent<br />

Every Which Way But Loose (WB),<br />

Northstar II, 17th wk Good<br />

Fast Break (Astral), Convention Centre,<br />

9th wk Very Good<br />

Hair (UA). Colony, 2nd wk Excellent<br />

Hardcore (Astral), 6th wk. Good<br />

Hurricane (Para). Northstar I.<br />

1 St wk Very Good<br />

The North Avenue Irregulars (PR).<br />

Garden City. 5th wk Very Good<br />

Same Time, Next Year (Univ),<br />

Grant Park, 9th wk<br />

Very Good<br />

Servants & Mistresses (PR),<br />

Downtown, 1st wk Average<br />

Wild Pleasures (PR), Downtown,<br />

1st wk Average<br />

Canadian Film Corp.<br />

Seeks Big Productions<br />

MONTREAL—The Canadian Film Development<br />

Corp. is deliberately setting its<br />

sights on helping multi-million-dollar mov!e<br />

productions that will attract private investment<br />

and foreign sales, says an official of<br />

the federal agency.<br />

Richard Woods, the agency's new deputy<br />

director, said recently that the corporation<br />

wasn't cutting off support to small-time filmmakers<br />

catering primarily to Canadian<br />

tastes. But the agency will be investing only<br />

in films that are likely to make a profit, he<br />

said.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />


j<br />

,<br />


^ri-Media Studios Ltd. piesident Alan<br />

Waldie has announced the expansion<br />

of the company's shareholder base and the<br />

possibility of going public in the fall. The<br />

company's number of shareholders has increased<br />

from eleven to 18. Late in October<br />

Tri-Media purchased 312 acres of land<br />

about one mile west of Calgary. The company<br />

plans to build a multi-million dollar<br />

residential, industrial and commercial complex<br />

on the site. Since then the company<br />

has also purchased an additional 320 acres<br />

of land, including a recreation area, a golf<br />

course and trailer park. The first part of the<br />

project involves the construction of a movie<br />

and television studio valued at $8 million.<br />

Completed plans for the complex will include<br />

a major hotel-entertainment project,<br />

a shopping center and an exclusive residential<br />

housing development. It was expected<br />

that the company would look for funding<br />

for the movie studio from the Alberta<br />

Opportunity Company. Waldie now says<br />

that plans call for any capital investments<br />

for such construction to be raised by remortgaging<br />

the company's land holdings.<br />

Negotiations are under way with the Municipal<br />

District of Rockyview and other<br />

provincial regulatory bodies before the presentation<br />

for approval of a detailed plan for<br />

the Tri-Media project. "Right now we are<br />

trying to get a clarification with respect to<br />

having the land re-zoned for residential,<br />

commercial and industrial purposes at the<br />

same time and if all goes well we could get<br />

under way by June or July," Waldie said.<br />

That is a somewhat later start than had been<br />

planned.<br />

The Film Classification Services of the<br />

province of Saskatchewan viewed and classified<br />

a total of 31 features during March.<br />

There were no films in the General category,<br />

13 in the Adult classification, seven<br />

in the Restricted Adult group and the remaining<br />

eleven were given a Special X tag.<br />

Of those, 14 must carry warnings: "scenes<br />

& violence warning" for "Naked Over the<br />

Fence"; "language warning" on "Richard<br />

Piyor—Live in Concert"; "not suitable for<br />

children" goes with "Marquis of O" and<br />

"Norma Rae"; "violence warning" is for<br />

"Beyond the Law," "Of Flesh and Blood,"<br />

"Legacy" and "Zoltan—Hound of Dracula";<br />

"scenes warning" goes with "Can You<br />

Keep It Up for a Week," "Emmanuelle &<br />

Francoise," "Fruit Is Ripe," "Runaway<br />

Hormones," "Summer Camp" and "Taste<br />

of Hot Lead." Two of the Special X-rated<br />

features were also banned from exhibition<br />

in any drive-in theatres: "Can You Keep<br />

It Up for a Week" and "Taste of Hot<br />

Lead".<br />

Ken McBean, Landmark Cinemas of<br />

Canada, flew to the interior of neighboring<br />

British Columbia for i few day's business<br />

with theatres along the Okanogan Valley.<br />

A large number of theatres in both Edmonton<br />

and Calgary took advantage of the<br />

Easter weekend to offer special shows. In<br />

Canada Easter Monday is a holiday for all<br />

government offices and a number of businesses<br />

follow suit. This gives a lot of people<br />

a four-day weekend and the drive-in theatres<br />

took the opportunity to have a Thursday<br />

and a Sunday dusk-to-dawn program.<br />

The Twin One and Two in Edmonton ran<br />

five features for both events, as did Calgary's<br />

Stampede and 17 Avenue. The Towne<br />

Cinema in Calgary screened "The Rocky<br />

Horror Picture Show" as a midnight special<br />

on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and<br />

played to sell-out crowds each night. Studio<br />

82 in Calgary ran "Jesus Christ Superstar"<br />

and "Ben Hur" on Friday, Saturday and<br />

Sunday evenings and matinees on Friday<br />

and Sunday. Alberta Culture in Edmonton<br />

.showed a special Good Friday film at the<br />

Provincial Museum theatre, and a matinee<br />

and evening screening of "The Ten Commandments."<br />

During late April the National Film Theatre/Edmonton<br />

screened several films at the<br />

Citadel Theatre, including "Isadora" (Great<br />

Britain, 1968), directed by Karel Reisz with<br />

Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards:<br />

"Zorba the Greek" (Greece/ USA, 1964),<br />

starring Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas<br />

and directed by M. Cacoyannis; "Sounder"<br />

(USA, 1972), directed by Martin Ritt and<br />

starring Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield;<br />

"The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars and<br />

Motor Kings" (USA, 1976). starring Billy<br />

Dee Williams and directed by John Badham;<br />

"Mon Oncle Antoine" (Canada,<br />

1971), starring Jean Duceppe and Jacques<br />

Gagnon under the direction of Claude<br />

Jutra; "Ti-Cul Tougas" (Canada, 1976), directed<br />

by Jean-Guy Noel and starring<br />

Claude Maher and Micheline Lanctot; "Una<br />

Giornata Particolare/One Special Day"<br />

(Italy/Canada, 1978), starring Sophia Loren.<br />

and John Vernon under the direction of<br />

Ettore Scola: "II Generale Delia Rovere/<br />

General della Rovere" (Italy, 1959) by Roberto<br />

Roselini with Vittorio de Sica; and<br />

"Umberto D" (Italy, 1952), directed by<br />

Vittorio de Sica and starring Carlo Battisti<br />

and Maria Pia Casilio.<br />

The Canadian Film Editors Guild has<br />

elected the following members to the executive<br />

committee for 1979: president, Vince<br />

Hatherly, cfe; first vice president, John<br />

Fryd, cfe; second vice president, Al Streeter,<br />

cfe; treasurer, Donald Ginsberg, cfe;<br />

secretary, Havelock Gradige, cfe; directors.<br />

Jim Hopkins, cfe, Bryan Ravok, cfe. Mike<br />

MacLaverty, asso, Steve Fanfara. affil.<br />

George Ritter resigned as executive director<br />

of the Motion Picture Institute of Canada<br />

on April 30. At that time, Ritter's twoyear<br />

contract with the MPIC expired. Ritter<br />

said he thought the MPIC had gained<br />

strength in the two years since it was<br />

founded. One of great achievements of the<br />

MPIC, Ritter said, is the dialogue initiated<br />

and maintained among the members.<br />

"There's no question but that heightened<br />

understanding among the members of each<br />

other's problems and points of view has<br />

been a major factor in the success of the<br />

MPIC." he said.<br />

Hopping into the Easter spirit. Famous<br />

Players advertised their books of gift<br />

certificates<br />

as the ideal gift for Easter for persons<br />

of any age group. Window cards in theatres<br />

and ads in both local papers (Calgary and<br />

Edmonton) were used to get the campaign<br />


Vancouver celebrated the 85th anniversary;<br />

of the first public showing of motion<br />

pictures with fitting boxoffice tributes from<br />

each phase of the industry. The Ridge Theatre<br />

had its regular monthly midnight extravaganza<br />

devoted to "The Rocky Horror<br />

Picture Show" cult and the drive-ins were<br />

packed from dusk to dawn with marathon<br />

movie patrons.<br />

On Granville Street crowds flocked to the<br />

15 first-run screens racking up six "e.\cellents,"<br />

one "very good" and eight "goods"<br />

during the day. Academy Award winner!<br />

"The Deer Hunter" set a new record in its'<br />

fifth week at the Vogue. "Superman" also<br />

;<br />

bounced up in its 17th week at the Capitol'<br />

6 while newcomers "Coming Home"<br />

•<br />

(brought back to the Capitol 6 after nine;<br />

big weeks last year) and "Ashanti" at the<br />

Downtown were also doing "excellent."<br />

;<br />

The industry lost yet another from the<br />

dwindling band of veterans whose experience<br />

goes back to the silent movies recently<br />

when George Hislop died at age 75. He<br />

started in the shipping room of the old<br />

Universal Films in the early '20s and later<br />

moved to Fox. After 40 years with them he<br />

managed Victoria Film Services for several<br />

years until he retired.<br />

Lloyd Pritchard, manager of Victoria<br />

Film Services, reports that the company<br />

survived a hectic pre-holiday week without<br />

losing its cool. Shipments were at a maximum<br />

because the drive-ins were running<br />

additional shows and there was a large<br />

number of prints arriving from the East<br />

lequiring mounting and servicing before<br />

going to their destinations.<br />

Although this territory has never gone in<br />

for special campaigns during the Academy<br />

Awards nomination period, radio CHQM<br />

did run a contest this in year tying awards<br />

of a year's passes to theatres of the Odeon<br />

circuit. Film critic Les Wedman gave detailed<br />

information on the various nominees<br />

and their accomplishments and the campaign<br />

had a good response. The Ridge,<br />

which has a large number of dedicated film<br />

buffs as regular patrons, clo.sed<br />

for the night<br />

of the awards.<br />

A total of 170 films will be unreeled during<br />

the National Film Board's three monthlong<br />

Anniversary Festival, which ends June<br />

29. The anniversary is for the board, whose<br />

work has achieved worldwide recognition<br />

during the past 40 years. The festival's remaining<br />

schedule will be:<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7. 1979

One of the key films to be suppressed and<br />

then laundered was a significant NFB docu-<br />

Program 6. May 7-11: I.ATTITUDES The new category would be placed between<br />

mentary containing the first film of Mao's<br />

the present "Restricted" category, struggles in China.<br />

This group of films presents a broader understanding<br />

which bans attendance by any parton under<br />

the ordinary<br />

of the world for<br />

viewer who may have been outside Canada.<br />

Rare Footage<br />

18, and the "Adult Entertainment" "category,<br />

Program 7, May 14-18: FRAGILE<br />

which is intended as a guide to parents Rare footage of the Red scare eta and<br />

EARTH<br />

aind others concerned with content. The new interviews with the survivors was a taut and<br />

Program 8, May 22-25: OLD MOVIES grading would allow attendance of young dramatic segment of "Has Anybody Here<br />

The documentary in Canada may be said to people only if accompanied by an adult. Seen Canada," an often humorous 90-minute<br />

have had its official beginning in 1939 with No decision has yet been made as to the<br />

Board<br />

yet unnamed<br />

NFB documentary about<br />

on CBC<br />

Canadian<br />

television<br />

the formation of the National Film age margins applying to the as movie-making broadcast<br />

under John Grierson. This program is devoted<br />

NFB<br />

category, and opinions were sought from April 3.<br />

the managers because it was agreed that the The show covered the period from 1939<br />

to the work of the during its<br />

early days, 1939-53.<br />

Piogram 9, May 28-June 1: ODDITIES,<br />



Program 10. June 4-8: QUEBEC, QUE-<br />

BEC<br />

Program 11, June 11-15: KIDS ARE<br />


Program 12, June 18-22: THE GOLD<br />

Program 13.<br />


June 25-29: THE GOLD<br />

S1:EKERS of films profiling the athletes<br />

and athletic events of the 1976 summer<br />

Olympics,<br />


Ctarting with summer "79 product, Walt<br />

Disney films will be distributed by<br />

Paramoumt Films in Canada, as announced<br />

jointly by Charles Good, vice president and<br />

general sales manager for Buena Vista Distribution<br />

Company and Robert Lightstone,<br />

President of Paramount Films Distribution<br />

Ltd.<br />

Frank Mancuso has been named executive<br />

vice president, distribution and marketing,<br />

for the motion picture division of<br />

Paramount Pictures.<br />

In this newly-created position, Mancuso<br />

will continue to be responsible for the domestic<br />

distribution of Paramount films and<br />

will also assume overall responsibility for<br />

the marketing group, which includes advertising,<br />

publicity and promotion. The appointment<br />

is effective immediately.<br />

"Meatballs," the Canadian feature filmed<br />

last summer in northern Ontario, is to be<br />

released in this country and the United<br />

States by Paramount for an estimated $3<br />

million. This somewhat follows the pattern<br />

set by "Running." with the North American<br />

theatre rights for the film being picked up<br />

by Universal. Canadian distributors are up<br />

in arms over both transactions and the fact<br />

that better deals have been offered by Paramount<br />

and Universal for this basically Canadian<br />

product coupled with the fact that<br />

both films were at least partially financed<br />

by the Canadian Film Development Corporation.<br />

The Metro Toronto Theatre Managers'<br />

Association believes in going directly to the<br />

source. For their regular April luncheon<br />

meeting they invited Don Sims, chief of the<br />

Ontario Film Censor Board. The main item<br />

of discussion was the proposed new legislation<br />

setting up a third designated film category.<br />

policing of the new legislation would largely<br />

fall on them.<br />

Movie admissions now cost less in this<br />

province. The latest Ontario budget has lowered<br />

its amusement tax on theatre tickets<br />

priced at $3.50 or less, and rather than raising<br />

prices or continuing to pay the tax, both<br />

Famous Players and Canadian Odeon have<br />

lowered prices to $3.50 from the $.75<br />

which had been in effect for the past two<br />

years.<br />

The new Cineplex opened here with eight<br />

films instead of the ten originally planned.<br />

Rather thain the usual ribbon, a length of<br />

film was cut in three places by Nat Taylor.<br />

Garth Drabinsky and Harry Mandell, coowners<br />

of the $2'/2 million mini-cinema<br />

complex, to mark their official opening. Nat<br />

Taylor spoke confidently of extendimg this<br />

new theatre concept to Kitchener and other<br />

Canadian cities.<br />

Judith Ann Carson has been appointed<br />

director of publicity for Paramount Films<br />

Distribution Ltd.<br />

Ms. Carson comes to Paramount with a<br />

wide background in media and marketing<br />

publicity, having held publicist responsibilities<br />

for the Young People's Theatre in this<br />

city, associate editorship for Showbill magazine,<br />

and being assistant to the Minister of<br />

Government Services (Ontario).<br />

This year, -the Ontario Variety Club's seventh<br />

annual Bike-A-Thon had royal commendation.<br />

On his recent visit to this city.<br />

Prince Charles, himself a barker of Tent<br />

1026 (the Variety Club of Great Britain,<br />

largest in the world) wished success to the<br />

local club in its efforts to raise $500,000<br />

for the several children's charities which it<br />

supports.<br />

Canada Film Industry<br />

Felt Red Scare Impact<br />

MONTREAL—Not having either a<br />

thriving<br />

Hollywood or a Senator Joe McCarthy,<br />

it would seem unlikely that Canada's tiny<br />

post-war fihn community was ever subjected<br />

to the Red scare. Not so.<br />

In those years lists of alleged communist<br />

sympathizers, secret tribunals, and guilt by<br />

association rocked the fledgling National<br />

Film Board. Casualties included film commissioner<br />

John Grierson, movie-makers and<br />

their films.<br />

to 1953—at first glance not a particularly<br />

glorious time for Canadian movies. For example,<br />

in 1946 the United States produced<br />

422 feature films. Burma made 46 and English<br />

Canada came up with "Bush Pilot."<br />

At 32, John Kramer has edited a dozen<br />

major films for the NFB including he Oscarnominated<br />

"Volcano: An Inquiry Into the<br />

Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry" which<br />

he co-directed with Donald Brittain.<br />

Their latest documentary traces the evolution<br />

of the NFB from a wartime propaganda<br />

agency to a creative force, the beginnings of<br />

Quebec's feature film industry and the<br />

steady domination of Canadian movie<br />

screens by Hollywood.<br />

'Politics<br />

of Filmmaking'<br />

Kramer admits he wanted the film to<br />

show "something of the politics of filmmaking."<br />

And with carefully-selected film clips and<br />

Brittain's irreverent wit. the show does little<br />

to enhance the reputation of MacKenzie<br />

King, Lxster Pearson, CD. Howe and other<br />

big-shot Ottawa Liberals of the period.<br />

For instance, at a time when every other<br />

developed nation had enacted legislation to<br />

stop Hollywood movies from totally dominating<br />

their theatres, Canadian cabinet ministers<br />

accepted invitations to Hollywood<br />

where they looked like awe-struck schoolboys.<br />

Persistent<br />

Voice<br />

One of the few peisistent nationalist<br />

voices who tried in vain to get a break<br />

for Canadian movies was Quebec filmmaker<br />

Paul L'Anglais who made popular movies<br />

in French and English.<br />

L'Anglais wistfully reflects on his failure<br />

to get a hearing in Ottawa: "I'm afraid I<br />

was a Franco voice in the desert, a Waspish<br />

English desert at that."<br />

As for Kramer, he says he sees an obvious<br />

parallel between the situation his film<br />

depicts and the current state of Canadian<br />

culture.<br />

"To say a laissez-faire attitude is possible<br />

is ridiculous when you're dealing with an<br />

unequal partner," he commented after a<br />

screening of the documentary.<br />

"So you look to the politicians for an<br />

understanding of the situation and the history<br />

of the country shows it isn't there."<br />

Four More Screens in Texas<br />

From South Edition<br />

ARLINGTON. TEX.— .\ movie theatre<br />

will be developed on a two-and-a-half-acre<br />

site adjoining the Forum 303 Shopping Mall<br />

here by Alpert Corp.. developer of Forum<br />

Mall, and American Multi Cinema, the<br />

Kansas City-based multi-cinema operations.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 7, 1979<br />


Toronto Bypassed by Foreign Film<br />

Distribs;<br />

By J. W. AGNEW<br />

Toronto Correspondent<br />

TORONTO—With the opening of the<br />

new Cineplex here, this city certainly becomes<br />

the leading Canadian marketplace<br />

for foreign films. And yet, until now at<br />

least—according to a weekend Star item<br />

by Dorothy Mikos—Toronto has failed to<br />

attract<br />

Cineplex May Alfer Trend<br />

top-rated films from other countries.<br />

'"We certainly don't get anything like the<br />

cream of the crop here anymore." stated<br />

Gerald Pratley of the Ontario Film Theatre,<br />

the busiest outlet for foreign films locally.<br />

"Seventy-five per cent of the films shown<br />

at the festivals are interesting and wellmade,<br />

but not one-Jtenth of them will be<br />

shown here. Truffaut's "The Green Room"<br />

has been available for ages, for instance, as<br />

has been an excellent Finnish movie, 'The<br />

Year of the Hare.' We see nothing from<br />

India, despite the success of Satyajit Ray's<br />

"The Chess Players' at the Festival of Festivals.<br />

We see nothing from Germany.<br />

Greece, Hungary, Finland, Japain."<br />

Four Showings<br />

The Ontario Film Theatre, in the Ontario<br />

Science Centre, has four showings weekly,<br />

changing nightly. Last year, Pratley presented<br />

a series of new films from Germany,<br />

Greece, Finland and Bulgaria, in addition<br />

EVERY<br />

to special screenings of films briefly available<br />

in Canada, such as Japan's "Where<br />

Spring Comes Late."<br />

One opinion is that foreign distributors<br />

are their own worst enemies, as many of<br />

them look upon- the lucrative North American<br />

market as the fatted calf.<br />

""There's no doubt that many producers<br />

have unrealistic financial expectations,"<br />

stated Linda Beath of New Cinema. "They<br />

think they're going to make millions, and<br />

they price themselves right out of the market."<br />

Unique Position<br />

Ms. Beath is in a unique position, as she<br />

owns her own theatres, the Festival and the<br />

Fine Arts—both having healthy balance<br />

sheets. "Happiness is owning your own theatre,"<br />

she confirms. "In a lot of ways, the<br />

situation here is better than it has been for<br />

a long time."<br />

Another important factor is that many<br />

foreign films are not booked here until, or<br />

unless, they receive favorable New York<br />

reviews. A prime example is "Diablo<br />

Menthe," which was shown with good reviews<br />

at last year's Festival of Festivals.<br />

However Beath is holding back its commercial<br />

showing here until it opens in New<br />

York.<br />

"Recent successes such as 'Bread and<br />

Chocolate.' 'Handkerchiefs' or 'Cousin.<br />

WEEK<br />

Opportunity<br />

in<br />

Knocks<br />

Cousine' would not have done as well without<br />

New York reviews," Linda Beath stated.<br />

" 'Pourquoi Pas' is a good case in point. It<br />

had a modest three-week run here. I'll rerelease<br />

it after it plays New York and it'll<br />

do much better."<br />

Sharon Singer of Dabara Films agrees<br />

with this, but says that it's partly a self-fulfilling<br />

prophecy. "A film opens but because<br />

it's unknown the exhibitor doesn't want to<br />

spend a lot of money on it. It isn't promoted,<br />

and its closes. People don't go, because<br />

they don't know what to expect.<br />

"Most foreign films are general audience<br />

films these days anyway. Nobody is making<br />

experimental films anymore. American films<br />

dictate the standards of films that other<br />

countries produce. These are not daring<br />

times."<br />

'Syndrome' Writer No!<br />

Surprised by Accident<br />

From Midwest Edition<br />

CHICAGO — "Everyone seemed astonished<br />

at the coincidence that the accident at<br />

Three Mile Island happened eleven days<br />

after the movie was released. But we were<br />

not."<br />

So declared Michael Grey, who wrote the<br />

screenplay for "The China Syndrome."<br />

Grey spoke to a group at the Oak Park-<br />

River Forest High School. Grey told his<br />

audience, "We knew the accident was going<br />

to happen. We knew it because of the meticulous<br />

research we had done over the<br />

years."<br />


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• SHOWMANDISER for Promotion Ideas<br />

• FEATURE REVIEWS for Opinions on Current Films<br />

• REVIEW DIGEST for Analysis of Reviews<br />

Don't miss<br />

any issue.<br />

BOXOFTICE :: May 7, 1979

.<br />

Across<br />

. United<br />


JONNA JEFFERIS, Bookinguide Editor<br />

interpretive analysis oi lay and tradepress reviews. Running time is in parenth<br />

The plus and<br />

te degree of merit. Listings cover current reviews regularly. Symbol<br />

BOXOFFICE Blue Ribbon Award. All iilms are color except those indicated by (h&v,<br />

white or (© and b&w) ior color and black & v le. Motion Picture Ass'n (MPAA) ratings: m —general<br />

audiences; PC!—all ages admitted (parental g' once suggested); [r]— restricted, with persons under<br />

17 not admitted unless accompanied by parent dult guardian; (X^—persons under 17 not admitted.<br />

Reviews assigned "N" poge numbers will be found in the National (front) section of BOXOFFICE.<br />



H Very Good; + Good; ± Fair; - Poor; = Very Poor.<br />

roted 2 pluses, — os 2 minuses.<br />

the Great Divide (103)<br />

OD-Ad PIE 2- 5-79 B|<br />

Agatha (104) D WB 2-19-79 PG<br />

!Ashanti (117) Ac-Ad WB 4-23-79 (H<br />

Attack of the<br />

Killer Tomatoes (86) Ho-C<br />

M ..Four Square Productions 11- 6-78 PG<br />

(97) World 10- 9-78 PG<br />

World 9-11-78 PG<br />

I Battlestar Gallactica (125)<br />

SF-Ac<br />

Univ<br />

Caddie (107)<br />

D ....Australian Fil<br />

8-79<br />

5107 California Dreaming<br />

(92) C-D Al 4.23-79 S<br />

5086 California Suite (103) C ... Col 1- 8-79 PG<br />

5074 Caravans (123) Ad-D Univ 11-13-78 PG<br />

5108 Champ. The (la) D MGM-UA 4-23-79 PG<br />

5088 Children of Sancliez, Tlie (lU)<br />

D Lone Star 1-15-79 IS<br />

5100 China Syndrome, Tlie<br />

(122) Sus-D Col 3-18-79 PG<br />

5092 Circle of Iron<br />

(102) F-Ac-Ad Av<br />

5093 Class of Miss MacMichael, The<br />

(92) C<br />

5070 Comes a Horseman<br />

5-79 m<br />

.Brut 2-12-79 H<br />

(118) W-D UA 10-30-78 PG<br />

5069 Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride<br />

(87) Ho Dynamite 10-30-78 El<br />

5097 Dark, The<br />

(92) SF Film Ventures 3- 5-79 IS<br />

5109 Dawn of the Dead<br />

(127) Ho-D ,<br />

5061 U Death on the Nile<br />

Film 4-30-79<br />

(140) My Para 9-25-78 PG<br />

5080 Deer Hunter, The (183) D . . Univ 12-11-78 IB


AND ALPHABETICAL INDEX W Very Good; ^ Good; ± Fair; - Poor; = Very Poor. the summary ff is rated 2 pluses, - as 2 minuses.<br />

i :<br />

: i ]

ill<br />

1<br />

Hi<br />

ill<br />

fa<br />

slit<br />

•ON g gs

Feb<br />

The<br />

Apr<br />

]<br />

. . . Hi-D<br />



Little Mermaid (71)<br />

Legenil of tlie Nortliwest<br />

(S3)<br />

(96) ..<br />


Come Under My Spell<br />

(84) Se<br />

Lusty Princess (82)<br />

Pel.<br />

Date<br />

Jan 79<br />

Rei Date<br />


Peppermint Soda May 79<br />

Newsfront (UO) . . .June 79<br />

Bill Hunter, Gerard Kenneily<br />

The Tree of Wooden Clojs<br />

(175) Hi-D.. June 79<br />

Woyzeck July 79<br />

Orchestra Rehearsal<br />

(70) DM.. Aug 79<br />

Against the Grain Sept 79<br />

Don Giovanni Nov 79<br />



Lust Flioht 2000<br />

(78) Sex C-D..Nov78<br />

Vltkt Ullck. Pat Manning<br />


Jusl Crazy About Horses<br />

(93) Doc. Dec 78<br />

The Black Goddess Jan 79<br />


When the Screaming Stops<br />

(94) He-F..No»78<br />

The Black Six (90) .Ac-D. . . 79<br />

Mean" Joe Greene, Carl Eller<br />



The Carhops (88) June 78<br />

The New Adventures of Snow White<br />

(76) July 78<br />


Carnal's Cuties<br />

(76) Sex C. Apr 79<br />

Pat Manning, Janet Sands,<br />

Frisco King. U'illlam Margold<br />

Curves Ahead!<br />

(78) Sex C.Jui<br />

The Lady Wants I<br />

TramB Sex C. July 79<br />

Dirty Deadlines<br />

(74) Sex C. Oct 79<br />


Hookers<br />

Ti^)'<br />

Sex C-D..July<br />

Carrarflne. Bnife Falrbalm<br />


(Sail Palmer's Candy Goes to<br />

Hollywood Sex CI<br />

Carol Connors. John Leslie<br />

CINEMA 5<br />

Viva Itallal (87) C. July 78<br />

Vlftorlo Oassman. Ugo TognazzI<br />


Jacob Two-Two Meets the<br />

Hooded Fang<br />

(80) F-CD..Sept7S<br />

Alex Karras, Stephen Rnsenhprt<br />

Point the Finger of<br />

Death Ac . 79<br />

Shaolin Death Squad ...Ac Feb 79<br />

Fists of Bruce Lee<br />

(99) Ac. Mar 79<br />

Bruce U<br />


loe Panther (93) A*. Sept 78<br />

Brian Keith, Itlcariln Montaltian<br />

Lejend of Sea Wolf<br />

(90)<br />

Ad.. Sept 78<br />

(TllJCk Cnnnore. Darhi<br />

Astral Fartor (93) . . . Sus. . No» 78<br />

Elke Sommer, UoIitI Koxworlh<br />

Poonsle (95) C..Det78<br />

Sophia lx>ren. Marrello Ma-iti

Opinions on Current Productions<br />

All Ulma levicwod here are in color, unless otherwise specilied aa blacl

FEATURE REVIEWS Story Synopsis; Exploitips; Adiines for Newspapers and Program<br />

THE STORY: "Aii Almost Perfect Affau" (Para)<br />

Keith Carradine arrives at Cannes hoping to show his<br />

fii-st film at the festival. The film is confiscated by the ^^o<br />

Customs Office untU a censor can see it. He rmis into I...<br />

Monica Vitti. the wife of an international fihrmiaker<br />

iRaf Vallonei who knows the ropes, and she persuades<br />

her husband to cut the red tape. Soon Carradine and<br />

Vitti are in the thi-oes of an affair while all around them<br />

the colorful atmosphere of Cannes holds sway. Vallone<br />

watches the affair develop and does nothing to stop it.<br />

After Customs releases Can-adine's film, he screens it for<br />

Vitti and their affair takes a tm-n for the worse. She<br />

tells him his movie is no good. He doubts her love and<br />

they part in a huff. He decides to win her back and "kidnaps"<br />

her in a motorboat, which runs out of gas far from<br />

port. They come close to a reconciliation by the next<br />

morning when her stepson Chi'istian De Sica rescues<br />

them. Can-adine is ready to give up his self-centered<br />

attitude. Vitti wavers in her affectioirs, but finally opts<br />

to stick with her husband.<br />


Play up the glamom- of the Cannes Film Festival as a<br />

background for the romance of Carradine and European<br />

star Monica Vitti.<br />


He's Younger. She's Richer. He Has a Girlfriend. She<br />

Has a Husband ... At the World's Most Glamomous Film<br />

Festival—That's an Almost Perfect Beginning.

•!<br />

I<br />

I<br />

ema<br />

1 relcate<br />

; s,<br />

*or price of three.<br />

ITES: 50c per word, mmimum $5.00 CASH WITH COPY. Fo<br />

\ en using a <strong>Boxoffice</strong> No. figure 2 additional words and include 51.00 additional<br />

lidllno repUes. Display Classilied. $38.00 per Column Inch. No commission allowed. CLOSING DATE:<br />

Inday noon preceding publication dale. Send copy and answers to Box Numbers to BOXOFFICE, 825<br />

rjit Brunt Blvd., Kansas City<br />

Y<br />



i)ded by Luxury Theatres, Portland,<br />

ijgon. Salary commensurate with ex-<br />

.-ience. No limit to opportunity lor ad-<br />

Mcemenl. Send resume and reierences<br />

Luxury Theatres, 919 S.W. Taylor<br />

Iset,<br />

1<br />

Portland, Oregon 97205.<br />

7-dai<br />

lANAGEH FOR TRIPLEX in beauUlul<br />

:iwest suburb. $13,500 starting salary<br />

experienced person. No booking or<br />

Jvertising. Replies held in confidence.<br />

te age, experience, telephone number.<br />



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