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For the past few years, working two jobs had become protocol for

me. I was a full-time safety coordinator and part-time dental assistant.

I was exhausted and tired of spending minimal time with my

family, and always being the mom who was never able to take part

in school functions. I longed for a different life, a life where I could

help provide for my family without being gone six to seven days a

week. Little did I know that Arbonne would soon come knocking at

my door. Life is full of surprises.

Ever since my sister presented Arbonne to me in December of 2005,

there has been no looking back. Her enthusiasm and excitement for

her own Arbonne business and belief in the phenomenal products

definitely intrigued me. I admit I was very skeptical at first, since I

have always been one to believe that if it sounds too good to be

true, it probably is. I did extensive research on Arbonne and network

marketing, and this, combined with the fact that I had tried the

products and became instantly addicted, made me ready to jump in

with both feet. After all, the true secret of getting ahead is getting

started. I figured I might be disappointed if I failed, but I would be

doomed if I did not try.

Arbonne=REsults has been the answer for people like me who do

not have a lot of free time. This method, combined with the implementation

of Presentations, always having a positive attitude and

never losing momentum, have really been the keys to building a successful

business. I will never forget hearing a quote in a training session

that talked about the pace of the leader determining the pace of

the pack. I know this has been instrumental in my business because

my team followed my example and soon we were on our way.

The Thompson family: Brett, Kaylee and Paula.

Paula’s daughter, Kaylee.


paula thompson

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Paula Thompson Region; Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

After my third month in business, I was fast approaching qualification

for Region and was finally able to make a choice about my

future. No more 9-to-5 hours for me. This is also when the words

“dare to dream” and “believe before seeing” became very real for

me. After all, I believe you are never given a wish without also being

given the power to make it come true.

To my sister and sponsor, EAM Jodie Jamieson: Thank you for the

gift of Arbonne. I will be forever grateful to you and to our upline,

ERVP Marci Laye and ENVP Sonya Shields, for this new life. We

have truly shared so much together as sisters and I cannot wait to sit

Paula with ERVP Marci Laye and sister/sponsor, EAM Jodie Jamieson.

continued ...

success strategy:

You will become what

you think about.

on the beach with you and watch our children grow up together in

style. I love you with all of my heart.

To AM Crystal Stevenson: You were my first Consultant. Thank you

for believing in me and what I was presenting to you. You took my

words for what they were: A gift to be opened. Then you began to

build an amazing business of your own. You are awesome!

To EAM Dawn Craig: I am astounded by how quickly you are growing.

You have an amazing bunch of leaders on your team who are

led by your example. Your ambitious nature will take you far in this

business. Your Mercedes-Benz is waiting.

To AM Nicole Orr: You are so inspiring! The drive and passion you

show, and your work ethic and organizational skills, have all paid

off in your business that is growing so quickly. You have surrounded

yourself with stars. I cannot wait to see you at the top!

To EDM Sherry Radmacher: Arbonne really does rekindle old friendships

and I am so happy to share this experience with you! Diligence

and relentlessness will be your keys to driving that white Mercedes-

Benz. You are building a solid team of awesome ladies and it is only

a matter of time. See you at the top!

To my cousin, EDM Robert Lang: I am thrilled to be sharing this

experience with you. You have so much to look forward to with your

business and your awesome expanding team. Your time is coming

and I am so proud of you.

To my parents, Dale and Debbie Greenwood: I love you both unconditionally.

Mom, you have given me the gift of an amazing work ethic.

Dad, thank you for being such a role model for success.

To my husband, Brett: You are my best friend and the one person I

can count on no matter what. From the beginning, you have believed

in me and my abilities. Your belief in the Arbonne opportunity will

take you to the top in your own business. I cannot wait for you to be

driving your white Mercedes-Benz and enjoying the success that you

deserve. You were right — Arbonne has become all that you said it

would be and so much more. I love you very much.

The Paula Thompson Region: AM Nicole Orr, EAM Jill Moore, EDM Sherry

Radmacher, Paula, AM Crystal Stevenson, EAM Dawn Craig and Kyla Steinke.

Paula with her white Mercedes-Benz in beautiful Banff, Alberta.

To my amazing daughter, Kaylee: You are my number one Why for

wanting to secure a brighter future through Arbonne. You are my little

piece of heaven on earth, the main reason I want to succeed with my

Arbonne business. I am home with you much more now and am so

thankful for this. Now I am able to give you the lifestyle you deserve. I

love you with all my heart!

To my other Managers and Consultants in Canada: Thank you for

being so committed to Arbonne. Every month I am blown away by the

strength in all of you. You are an amazing group of leaders paving

the path for other leaders to come. Success is the good fortune that

comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration. You

will become what you think about.

To Arbonne and our amazing Canadian Arbonne leadership team:

I want to send along a big thank you. To ENVP Sonya Shields: You

have given such an amazing gift to those of us in Canada. You and

your leaders have paved an amazing path for us to follow. Thank

you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and represent.

You will forever remain the “leader of the pack.”

Are you sitting on the fence with Arbonne because you are afraid

of failing Just remember, you will always pass failure on the way

to success, and success starts with you.

President Rita

Davenport with

members of Paula’s

upline and

SuccessLine in

Calgary, Alberta.

Paula’s Edmonton team at

the Legislature Grounds in

Edmonton, Alberta: Kyla

Steinke, AM Nicole Orr,

EDM Sherry Radmacher,

Paula, EAM Dawn Craig,

AM Crystal Stevenson and

Jill Moore.


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