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2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 1<br />

<strong>LEARNING</strong> <strong>MATERIALS</strong><br />

English<br />

ABC EN ESPERANTO, Charlotte KOHRS. This fun coloring book allows home-schooling parents and other teachers to introduce language<br />

instruction to young students. Bound so that one can easily replace pages. 1994. 30p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ABC002 $5.00<br />

ANGLAJ PREPOZICIOJ, J. W. PRENT. Ordered alphabetically by English words, this booklet gives many examples of the different uses<br />

of prepositions. 1987. 20+2p. 215x150. Paper. England.<br />

ANG004 $1.90<br />

BEGINNER'S ESPERANTO. J. F. CONROY. 15 lessons present all the essentials of <strong>Esperanto</strong> grammar and cover the basic vocabulary<br />

students will need to express their thoughts in the language. Includes several helpful appendices. 1994. 342p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ISBN 078180230X.<br />

BEG001 $14.95<br />

BEING COLLOQUIAL IN ESPERANTO (A REFERENCE GUIDE), David K. JORDAN. Considered an immediate classic for its depth, breadth and<br />

level of humor. Not surprisingly, the first edition sold out rather quickly; now after several years of being unavailable, it’s back in print in<br />

a new, improved format: this time it has a convenient index! Second edition 1999. 235p. 215x140. Bound. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0939785048<br />

BEI001 $15.00<br />

COMPREHENSIVE INTRODUCTORY COURSE IN ESPERANTO. Based around the famous Brazilian computer <strong>Esperanto</strong> course, this<br />

disk includes introductions in ten European languages including English and Spanish, the continuation “Gerda Malaperis” course, and a<br />

number of additional features, including word-trainer software, dictionary, and samples of <strong>Esperanto</strong> music and literature. CD-ROM,<br />

requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium 100Mhz, 16 MB RAM, 27 MB free disk space, SVGA, sound card, microphone useful.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 9058408213.<br />

ESP025 $24.40<br />

CORRECT ESPERANTO PRONUNCIATION, Charles R. POWER & Don HARLOW. A single-sheet guide to <strong>Esperanto</strong> pronunciation for<br />

Americans.<br />

COR001 $.10<br />

DEK DEMANDOJ, Charlotte KOHRS. A workbook for teachers, with lesson-plans and suggestions for drawing students into the process<br />

of learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Many of the cute illustrations are drawn by children. 1994. 45p. 275x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DEK005 $9.00<br />


Trans. R.H. GEOGHEGAN. One of the five original brochures known collectively as The First Book (in Russian, Polish, French, and<br />

German, and later, in 1889, this version in English). Recomposed in clear, easy-to-read, large type, with a preface by the editor Gene<br />

KEYES. 2000. 50p. 218x140. Paper. Canada. ISBN 0969864337<br />

DRE001 $5.00<br />

ESPERANTO IN 24 PAGES. A quick and easy introduction to <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2006. 24p. 150x105. Paper. France.<br />

ESP053 $0.70<br />

ESPERANTO—<strong>LEARNING</strong> AND USING THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. David RICHARDSON. Popular textbook, now in its third<br />

edition. Contains historical overview of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, short ten-lesson course, heavily annotated reading section, complete vocabulary.<br />

2004. 368 p. 220x150. Bound. United States. ISBN 0-939785-06-4.<br />

ESP046 $15.00<br />

ESPERANTO PRONUNCIATION AUDIO CD. A brief talk on why people learn <strong>Esperanto</strong> and a basic pronunciation guide by renowned<br />

phoneticist John C. WELLS, and a translated British song sung by Stephen THOMPSON, playable on ordinary CD players. In addition,<br />

there are the texts of the audio tracks and a computer course with spoken examples and exercises Kurso de <strong>Esperanto</strong> 2.2 for Windows<br />

computers. (The course part is not yet usable in Windows XP). 2001. CD+2 pages of explanation, contents, and lyrics to the song. Great<br />

Britain.<br />

ESP035 $5.25<br />

ESPERANTO TEACHER, THE, Mason STUTTARD. Concise textbook with key to exercises. Very popular introductory textbook. Sixth<br />

edition. 1989. 104p. 165x115. Paper. Australia.<br />

ESP017 $4.20<br />

ESPERANTO · TEXTBOOK OF THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, Div. Textbook for the popular Zagreb Method of teaching <strong>Esperanto</strong>.<br />

1986. 56p. 210x140. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

ZAG004 $5.70<br />

ESPERANTO · THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE, W.J. DOWNES. A grammar-based textbook from England. The author compiled this<br />

book from materials developed over decades of experience teaching in classrooms and by correspondence. 1982. 203p. 180x120. Paper.<br />

Great Britain.<br />

ESP034 $8.60

2 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

JEN NIA MONDO, Div. A complete taped <strong>Esperanto</strong> course for self-teaching. The course may be ordered complete or a piece-at-a-time.<br />

England.<br />

Basic level.<br />

Textbook. Second edition 1984 (reprint 1992). 66p. 210x150. Paper. ISBN 0902756109<br />

JNM001 $14.80<br />

Dialogue cassette (basic level)<br />

JNM002 $9.80<br />

Complete course (basic level) on three CDs (2 hrs 50’26”)<br />

JNM005 $24.60<br />

Collection of exercises for a correspondence course (basic level)<br />

JNM007 $2.80<br />

Advanced level.<br />

Textbook. 1979 (reprint 1997). 89p. 210x150. Paper. ISBN 0906632013<br />

JNM003 $11.10<br />

Dialogue cassette (advanced level)<br />

JNM004 $7.80<br />

Complete course (advanced level) on three CDs (3 hrs 6’49”)<br />

JNM006 $24.80<br />

Collection of exercises for a correspondence course (advanced level)<br />

JNM008 $2.80<br />

LET'S LEARN ESPERANTO. P. V. RANGANAYAKULU. Written for the English-speaking market in India (includes comparisons to<br />

Sanskrit in the introduction), this is a compact and well-written textbook of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Contains keys to exercises, grammatical tables,<br />

and an <strong>Esperanto</strong>-English vocabulary. 2004 (2nd ed.). 113 p. 215x140. Paper. India.<br />

LET004 $6.70<br />

NI PAROLU ESPERANTON KUNE, Charlotte KOHRS. Sixteen lessons with dialogues and vocabularies in simple style. Suitable for<br />

children. Illustrated. 1984. 44p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NIP002 $5.20<br />

NUN NI KOMPRENAS ... KAJ ALIAJ PORINFANAJ TEATRA¬ETOJ. Paul Gubbins. Four short and two somewhat longer skits for<br />

children to do, each in a separate booklet. Created as part of the "Springboard ... to languages" project. Illustrated by Viv O'Dunne. 2007.<br />

220x150. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 978-0-901757-24-1.<br />

NUN001 $12.10<br />

STEP BY STEP IN ESPERANTO, Montagu C. BUTLER. The second book published by ELNA, this is a reprint of a classic textbook and<br />

reference grammar which was long out of print. Essential for all <strong>Esperanto</strong> students whose native language is English. Ninth edition<br />

1991. 281p. 180x120. Bound. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0939785013<br />

STE001 $13.00<br />

TEACHME! ESPERANTO. LinguaShop. Computer <strong>Esperanto</strong> course. 2004. CD-ROM. Canada.<br />

TEA001 $14.00<br />

TRADUKU! William AULD. A collection of 56 difficult, because colloquial, paragraphs in English, followed by their translations into<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> and discussions of difficult points. Includes an index of English terms discussed and of <strong>Esperanto</strong> words used to resolve these<br />

points. These exercises originally appeared in La Brita Esperantisto 1991-1999. A must-have for the individual who wants to get a full<br />

command of colloquial <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Note: since this is British in origin, not all solutions may be applicable to American text. 2004 (2nd<br />

ed.). 116 p. 210x145. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 0-902756-23-0.<br />

TRA012 $18.50<br />

URSO-KURSO (Lessons 1-6). This attractive package will appeal to small children who are fond of bears, cats and other cute animals.<br />

The course aims at learning words for numbers, colors, shapes, body parts and family members. Consists of Workbook (36p. 295x210),<br />

Teachers’ Guide (32p. 295x210), one audio cassette and a deck of 36 playing cards (105x75). More lessons will be published soon. England.<br />

1997.<br />

URS002 $39.20<br />

URSO-KURSO: KAJERO 2. A follow-on workbook to the popular "Urso-Kurso" for younger children learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Contains lessons<br />

7-12 ("La horloĝo", "Manĝaĵoj kaj trinkaĵoj", "Vestaĵoj", "Ludoj", "Besto-familioj" and "En la domo"). Colorfully illustrated, with cut-out<br />

materials and board game. N.d. 40 p. 295x210. Paper. Great Britain.<br />

URS003 $14.10<br />

URSO-KURSO: KAJERO 3. Third workbook in the popular "Urso-Kurso" series for younger children learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Contains<br />

lessons 13-18 ("La ŝranko", "Landoj", "La tagoj de la semajno", "Hieraŭ - hodiaŭ - morgaŭ", "Rakontoj" and "Veturiloj"). Colorfully<br />

illustrated, with cut-out cards. N.d. 40 p. 295x210. Paper. Great Britain.<br />

URS004 $14.40<br />

URSO-KURSO: KAJERO 4. Fourth workbook in the popular "Urso-Kurso" series for younger children learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Written in the<br />

form of a child's diary, with much emphasis on word-building and geography. Colorfully illustrated, with cut-out cards in the middle. N.d.<br />

32 p. 295x210. Paper. Great Britain.<br />

URS005 $14.40<br />

WISE OWL GRAMMAR. Basic grammar workbook, covering nouns, aimed at children in the last year of grammar school or beginning<br />

junior high school. Includes 15 lessons. Part of the "Springboard ... to languages" project.. 2007. 23p. 300x210. Paper. Great Britain.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 3<br />

WIS001 $6.80<br />

WISE OWL GRAMMAR – WORKSHEETS. 15 separate worksheets to accompany Wise Owl Grammar. Part of the "Springboard ... to<br />

languages" project.. N.d. (2007). 15p. 300x210. Paper. Great Britain.<br />

WIS002 $7.60<br />

Spanish<br />

CURSO BÁSICO COMPLETO ESPERANTO. Based around the famous Brazilian computer <strong>Esperanto</strong> course, this disk includes<br />

introductions in ten European languages including English and Spanish, the continuation “Gerda Malaperis” course, and a number of<br />

additional features, including word-trainer software, dictionary, and samples of <strong>Esperanto</strong> music and literature. CD-ROM, requires<br />

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium 100Mhz, 16 MB RAM, 27 MB free disk space, SVGA, sound card, microphone useful. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9058408213.<br />

ESP026 $22.70<br />


speakers. Includes general Spanish-<strong>Esperanto</strong> vocabulary as well as several more specialized vocabularies. 1970. 164p. 225x155. Paper.<br />

Argentina.<br />

CUR001 $8.50<br />

ESPERANTO AL ALCANCE DE TODOS, Fernando SOLER Y VALLS. <strong>Esperanto</strong> textbook for Spanish speakers based on the Unua Libro.<br />

Twelfth edition 1976. 115p. 205x150. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8440019122<br />

ESP004 $22.00<br />

ESPERANTO, EL: FENÓMENO DE LA COMUNICATIÓN, William AULD. Trans. Marco CRUZ. Spanish (updated) version of La fenomeno<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> (see description under “<strong>Esperanto</strong> Language, Linguistics”). 1992. 125p. 205x150. Paper. Spain. ISBN 9290170379<br />

ESP039 $16.50<br />

ESPERANTO UNA LENGUA PARA TODOS. F. ZARAGOZA RUIZ. A short but complete <strong>Esperanto</strong> course for Spanish speakers in 21<br />

two-page lessons. 1987. 48p. 240x170. Paper. Spain.<br />

ESP002 $3.50<br />

NUEVO MÉTODO DE ESPERANTO, Fernando de DIEGO. Basic <strong>Esperanto</strong> textbook for Spanish speakers. Ten dialogs, helpful tables,<br />

illustration, index. Third edition 2001. 221p. 200x120. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8488519079<br />

NUE001 $23.50<br />

PAROLU E-ON (MÉTODO AUTODIDACTICA DE LENGUA INTERNACIONAL ESPERANTO). José F. ARROYO. An attractive large format beginner’s textbook for<br />

Spanish speakers. Each of the 15 lessons has one page in comic-book format, and one page of text. With <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Spanish word list.<br />

1984. 48p. 350x220. Paperback. Spain. ISBN 8475820085<br />

PAR002 $3.60<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

ABC-GRAMATIKO DE ESPERANTO, Christiane DE VLEMICK & Emile VAN DAMME. Grammar textbook arranged alphabetically by<br />

topic to facilitate its use as a reference. 1994. 240p. 295x205. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205525<br />

ABC003 $45.60<br />

AKTUALA METODO DE ESPERANTO, Geraldo MATTOS. Beginner’s book designed to be used in a classroom setting, but could be used<br />

by a post-basic student for vocabulary building and better use of the language. Based on 917 of the most common roots. 1987. 142p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

AKT003 $11.00<br />

AŬDO-VIDA KONVERSACIA KURSO DE ESPERANTO POR PROGRESINTOJ. Stano MARÆEK. 8-lesson course with wide-ranging study<br />

material, pictures and sound, covering eight everyday topics from family life through travel to industrial production and business,<br />

suitable for large-screen projection and DVD reader. 2006. DVD. Slovakia.<br />

AUD002 $43.90<br />

BAZA CSEH-KURSO. New and modernized version of the guidelines for the Cseh method of direct instruction. Eighth edition 1992. 171p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

BAZ003 $19.50<br />

ĈU VI PAROLAS TENDARE Renato CORSETTI & Mauro LA TORRE. A short introduction to <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with an emphasis on<br />

speaking, for young people. Meant to be used in a classroom or with a group of young people. Illustrated. Fourth edition 1992. 96p.<br />

205x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

CUV001 $6.40<br />

EDUKADO.NET. Katalin KOVATS. CD-ROM containing the entire web site of edukado.net: catalog describing 190 books for teaching<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>, lerniloteko with 250 exercises (some with accompanying sound), samples of the UEA/ILEI international examinations, Bertilo<br />

Wennergren’s complete handbook of <strong>Esperanto</strong> grammar. 2004. Netherlands.

4 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

EDU001 $22.20<br />

ESPERANTO-LERNOLIBRO POR POPOLLERNEJOJ, Arthur DEGEN. Direct-method textbook with many exercises and excellent illustrations<br />

by Ernst KUTZER. 1930. 67p. 220x145. Paper. Germany.<br />

ESP049 $2.80<br />

ESPERANTO PER REKTA METODO. Stano MARÆEK. 22-lesson direct method course of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Words are defined by<br />

accompanying illustrations and include the 750 most commonly used words in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, from the Baza Oficiala Radikaro. Illustrated by<br />

Linda Maræeková. 2006. 111p. 250x175. Paper. Slovakia. ISBN 80-969581-8-6.<br />

ESP059 - Textbook $14.80<br />

INS006 – Illustrations on CD/PDF $27.40<br />

ESPERANTO POR INFANOJ, G. GLADSTONE SOLOMON. The classic text/reader about a mouse family. With exercises and<br />

illustrations. Sixth edition 1975. 68p. 180x120. Paper. Australia. ISBN 0852300603<br />

ESP015 $2.80<br />

ESPERANTO POR NI, Helena & Jozefo MIKULÁS. Four-volume <strong>Esperanto</strong> textbook for children. Many drawings, questions, easy<br />

dialogues and readings. 1989. 266p. 230x160. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635713045<br />

ESP020 $19.40<br />

ESPRIMO DE SENTOJ EN ESPERANTO, Edmond PRIVAT. A classic primer on the subtleties of word usage, phrase construction, word<br />

order etc. to express the feelings and nuance behind the facts. Written in 1929-30, but still valid and very fresh. Fifth edition 2000. 56p.<br />

200x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9080565113<br />

ESP033 $7.00<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! See under “Readers”.<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! – CD set. See under “Readers”.<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! – DVD. See under “Readers”.<br />


courses for which the Zagreb Method can be used, international express courses, types of evaluation, sample exercises, and two short<br />

readings by Claude Piron. 1989. 56p. 200x140. Paper. Yugoslavia. NOTE: ONE COPY REMAINING, DISCONTINUED.<br />

ZAG001 $6.60<br />

JUNUL-KURSO, Div. A very popular direct-method course from France. Some explanation in French.<br />

Textbook. Fifth edition 1981. 92p. 240x157. Paper. Illustrated.<br />

JUN001 $11.20<br />

Cassette<br />

JUN002 $11.20<br />

ĴAMBOREA LINGVO. J. K. HAMMER. An introduction to <strong>Esperanto</strong> aimed primarily at boy and girl scouts. Many black-and-white<br />

illustrations. 1994. 123p. 210x140. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 9071205517.<br />

JAM001 $10.90<br />

KUNVOJAĜU, Paul GUBBINS. Published under the auspices of the International League of <strong>Esperanto</strong> Instructors, this intermediate-level<br />

textbook covers many practical applications of the International Language from business letters to tourism and beyond. Replete with<br />

appropriate exercises. 1993. 239p. 210x135. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360504<br />

KUN002 $20.90<br />

KUNVOJAĜU, Paul GUBBINS. Published under the auspices of the International League of <strong>Esperanto</strong> Instructors, this intermediate-level<br />

textbook covers many practical applications of the International Language from business letters to tourism and beyond. Replete with<br />

appropriate exercises. 2006 (2nd ed.). 239p. 210x135. Paper. Italy. ISBN 9788870360721<br />

KUN006 $27.60<br />

LEKSIKAJ EKSKURSOJ, Christiane DE VLEMINCK & Emile VAN DAMME. A fun way to improve your <strong>Esperanto</strong> vocabulary! A<br />

collection of puzzles, games, amusing stories, silly synonyms, poems, pictures etc. all woven together to help the reader learn new words<br />

with a smile and a chuckle. 120x140. Paper. Belgium.<br />

Vol. 1. 1997. 118p. ISBN 907120569X<br />

LEK001 $19.00<br />

Vol. 2. 2000. 204p. ISBN 907120577 0<br />

LEK002 $19.70<br />

Vol. 3. 2005. 190p. ISBN 907706606 3<br />

LEK002 $23.40<br />

LINGVAJ ANGULOJ, Félicien BARONNET. This is another aid for those who want to improve their <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Short definitions and<br />

many examples make this book very useful. 1990. 104p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

LIN005 $5.40<br />


introductory course which covers a surprising amount of linguistic territory, and does it quite well! Attractive drawings and interesting<br />

stories/experiences. 295x210. Paper. Italy.<br />

Vol. 1. 1994. 150p.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 5<br />

LUD002 $43.40<br />

Vol. 2. 128p.<br />

LUD003 $17.30<br />

MAZI EN GONDOLANDO. Dialogues from the <strong>Esperanto</strong> version of the BBC language instruction video series of the same name. Includes<br />

notes pointing out grammatical features covered, a word list with page of first appearance. Many illustrations. 1989. 159p. 205x145.<br />

Paper. The Netherlands.ISBN 8385677402.<br />

MAZ002 $10.00<br />

MAZI EN GONDOLANDO – AKTIVIGA LIBRO. Exercise and play book to accompany the <strong>Esperanto</strong> version of the BBC language<br />

instruction video series of the same name. Full color pages. 1989. 93p. 240x170. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 8385677607.<br />

MAZ003 $9.60<br />

NE TIEL, SED TIEL ĈI!, F. FAULHABER. Tips on style in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Unchanged reprint of the 1965 edition. An important aid for<br />

students and those unsure of the best usage. 1996. 64p. 205x145. Paper. France.<br />

NET001 $3.80<br />

OKULO, Stefan MacGILL. A fun teaching tool, full of silly illustrations (by Mónika MOLNÁR) and funny texts which emphasize verbs.<br />

Although aimed primarily at youngster, this booklet would also work quite well for adults. Includes a list of all words used, and teachers’<br />

tips for each lesson. 1999. 40p. 215x160. Paper. Hungary.<br />

OKU001 $5.00<br />

OKULO (1): GVIDILO. Stefan MacGILL. Ilustris Monika Molnar. Study guide for the student workbook Okulo (1) (also available from<br />

ELNA). Contains advice to the instructor on the use of each section of the main workbook, and then a series of additional exercises that<br />

can be proposed to the student. Useful also for the self-student who is using Okulo (1) as supplementary study material. 2002. 52p.<br />

220x160. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 963 00 9802 4.<br />

OKU002 $5.00<br />

PASPORTO AL LA TUTA MONDO. Paul GUBBINS. Complete <strong>Esperanto</strong> course for individual or group study. Follow the activities of the<br />

Bonvolo family and have fun learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Four DVDs and two CDs contain 16 lessons plus exercises. Completely in <strong>Esperanto</strong>,<br />

with subtitles in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, English, French, Spanish Portuguese, Italian, German and Japanese. 2005. 4 DVDs + 2 CDs with texts and<br />

exercises. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PAS009 – DVD Region 1 $90.00<br />

PAS012 – DVD Region 2 $90.00<br />

PAS014 – DVD Region 4 $90.00<br />

POÞAMIKO. Beatrice ALLÉE & Katalin KOVÁTS. A handy pocket-sized collection of well-illustrated exercises showing how <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

is used in everyday situations. 2006. 40p. 140x105. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN (978)9078519010.<br />

POS015 $10.50<br />

PRENU PLU, GBEGLO Koffi. Aimed at mid-level Esperantists seeking expert fluency, this twelve-lesson textbook (with appendices) covers<br />

a lot of ground clearly and efficiently. 1995. 113p 200x140. Paper. France.<br />

PRE004 $7.70<br />

PRIVILEGIA VOJO AL LINGVOSCIO, Vilho SETÄLÄ. Designed to be used by the home student with little assistance. New words are<br />

introduced gradually and definitions are included on the same page. Illustrations by Asmo ALHO & Kylli KOSKI. Fifth edition 1981. 128p.<br />

172x122. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005412<br />

PRI005 $14.00<br />

SALUTON! · ESPERANTO AŬTODIDAKTE, Audrey CHILDS-MEE. Direct-method materials, designed for self-instruction but also good<br />

for classes. Illustrations by Stano MARKOVIĈ. Textbook. Sixth edition 1996. 234p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170506<br />

SAL006 $16.70<br />

SUBTEKSTE (PAROLIGAJ KAJ PERFEKTIGAJ EKZERCOJ), Paul GUBBINS. Outstanding course material for those who have finished at least the tenlesson<br />

introductory course. Graduated according to relative difficulty. 1999. 71 lessons, mostly 1 page per lesson. 295x210. Loose leaf<br />

with plastic binder. Belgium. ISBN 9071205789<br />

SUB004 $25.90<br />

TENDARAJ TAGOJ, Stefan MacGILL. Textbook of <strong>Esperanto</strong> especially for students between the ages of 10 and 14, written by the<br />

former editor of Juna Amiko. With appropriate illustrations by Pavel RAK. 285x205. Paper. Hungary.<br />

Vol. I, Second edition 1991. 42p. ISBN9630411962<br />

TEN001 $12.20<br />

Vol. II, Second edition 1997. 72p. ISBN 9630420953<br />

TEN002 $6.90<br />

Vol. III, 1994. 76p. ISBN 9630439573<br />

TEN003 $10.50<br />

TUTA ESPERANTO, LA, Henrik SEPPIK. Useful reference and exercise book for exploring difficult areas of grammar. Detailed, yet easy<br />

to understand explanations for advanced student. Fourth edition 1987. 154p. 205x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711964<br />

TUT001 $11.90

6 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

Language Dictionaries<br />

AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND ESPERANTO DICTIONARY, Ralph HARRY & Brian FOX. Expanded fourth edition of this essential<br />

supplement to Benson’s Comprehensive English-<strong>Esperanto</strong> Dictionary. The addition of New Zealand terms and more Australian ones,<br />

including 600 names of plants and animals, makes this edition almost twice as big as the third edition, with much nicer printing and<br />

binding. 98p. 210x140. Paper. Australia.<br />

AUS003 $6.70<br />

BAZA ESPERANTA RADIKARO. Wouter F. PILGER. A pocket-sized compendium of the approximately 2700 most useful word-roots in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>, each one defined in “usual and basic” <strong>Esperanto</strong> words.Especially useful for beginners who want to learn what <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

words mean, not just what the dictionaries say their English equivalents are. 2001. 159p. 180x110. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 92 9017<br />

076-X.<br />

BAZ001 $11.70<br />

BEGINNER’S COMPACT DICTIONARY OF ESPERANTO, P. V. RANGANAYAKULU. Due to an economical use of space (two columns per<br />

page) an extraordinary depth is achieved in both directions: 3 500 root words in <strong>Esperanto</strong> are translated into English, and 7 500 from<br />

English into <strong>Esperanto</strong>. More than just a low-cost dictionary, this little volume includes a short and clear introduction to <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

grammar. 200p. 175x120. Paper. India.<br />

BEG002 $6.60<br />

COMPREHENSIVE ENGLISH-ESPERANTO DICTIONARY, Peter J. BENSON. The title says it all! Many entries include idioms and subtle<br />

shades of meaning. Necessary for any serious student or translator of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1995. 607p. 215x140. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

Bound. ISBN 0939785021<br />

CEED01 $27.00<br />

Paper. ISBN 093978503X<br />

CEED02 $20.00<br />

DICCIONARIO DE BOLSILLO ESPERANTO-ESPAÑOL ESPAÑOL-ESPERANTO. The famous pocket dictionary "Lexicon Sopena",<br />

contains 25,000 common and scientific terms in two directions. A genuine pocket-sized dictionary. 1988. 383p. 155x75. Paper. Spain.<br />

ISBN 8430301488.<br />

DIC002 $20.70<br />

DICCIONARIO ELEMENTAL, E. TUDELA FLORES. A basic two-way Spanish-<strong>Esperanto</strong> dictionary. 1963. 71p. 160x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

DIC001 $1.60<br />

EAB MINI-DICTIONARY. Edmund Grimley EVANS. Useful pocket-size dictionary containing several thousand words, in both directions.<br />

2003. 64p. 150x100. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 0902756206.<br />

EAB001 $7.20<br />

ENGLISH-ESPERANTO DICTIONARY, Fleming FULCHER & Bernard LONG. 1985 reprint of the third edition (1963). The best available<br />

English-<strong>Esperanto</strong> pocket-size dictionary. 332p. 180x120. England.<br />

Paper. ENG004 $9.80<br />

Bound. ENG003 $14.30<br />

ENGLISH PHRASES AND EXPRESSIONS IN ESPERANTO. Felix WOOLF. Approximately 5000 <strong>Esperanto</strong> translations of common<br />

idioms and other figures of speech in English. Written by a South African author in 1969, this little book does not contain much modern<br />

slang (or slang of that period, either), but concentrates on more enduring expressions that sometimes defy immediate translation.<br />

Particularly useful for those who want to use “everyday speech” in their <strong>Esperanto</strong> conversations or writings. 1989 (2d ed.). 119p.<br />

205x145. Paper. Canada.<br />

ENG001 $6.90<br />

ESPERANTAJ SINONIMOJ, Jaan OJALO. This revised edition contains over 2,200 entries, with an index of more then 5,000. A must for<br />

writers and translators. Third edition 1999. 96p. 205x145. Paper. Netherlands-Spain. ISBN 9290170670<br />

ESP040 $11.40<br />


includes many useful phrases and lists of related words, which is quite helpful in preparing for a particular situation. Includes a short<br />

presentation of <strong>Esperanto</strong> grammar and a list of useful addresses. 1999. 224p. 190x95. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0781807360<br />

ESP005 $13.95<br />

ESPERANTONIMOJ. Marinko ĜIVOJE. Lists of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms and especially paronyms (words which are similar,<br />

sometimes confusingly so, in form, but not identical) in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1979. 119p. 170x120. Paper. Italy.<br />

ESP044 $9.70<br />

ETIMOLOGIA VORTARO DE ESPERANTO, Ebbe VILBORG. All five volumes of a long-awaited professional etymological <strong>Esperanto</strong> dictionary.<br />

Presents not only information about the etymology of all official roots, but also comparison with other artificial languages. The<br />

fifth volume also includes etymologies of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s affixes, grammatical endings, and correlative system. 240x170. Paper. Sweden.<br />

Vol. 1: A—D. 1989. 104p. ISBN 9185288179<br />

ETI001 $25.70<br />

Vol. 2: E—Ĵ. 1991. 114p. ISBN 9185288195<br />

ETI002 $21.90<br />

Vol. 3: K—M. 1993. 128p. ISBN 9185288217<br />

ETI003 $24.40

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 7<br />

Vol. 4: N—R. 1995. 124p. ISBN 9185288225<br />

ETI004 $23.50<br />

Vol. 5: S—Z. 2001. 196p. ISBN 9185288233<br />

ETI005 $35.40<br />

Complete five-volume set<br />

ETI006 $116.60<br />

ETIMOLOGIA VORTARO DE LA PROPRAJ NOMOJ. André CHERPILLOD. A list of approximately 4500 proper names assimilated into<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> in various publications, from the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro to the Koran, along with explanations of their ultimate origins and<br />

derivation. Includes several interesting sidebars, e.g. Chinese tones, Greek alphabet. 2005. X+227p. 210x145. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 9290170891.<br />

ETI007 $29.90<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! · vortlisto/wordlist. See under “Readers”.<br />

KIEL DIRI– PRAKTIKA ESPERANTA FRAZEOLOGIO, Lentaigne. Collection of 5,000 phrases and expressions, ordered by content and<br />

use. Reprint (1996) of the 1963 edition, 136p. 210x145. Paper. France.<br />

KIE001 $10.50<br />

KNEDU MIN SINJORINO!, Renato CORSETTI et al. Taboo and insulting expressions in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 37p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISSN<br />

03985822<br />

KNE001 $8.20<br />

KONCIZA ETIMOLOGIA VORTARO. André CHERPILLOD. Basic etymological information for approximately 15,000 word roots and<br />

other morphemes in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Aimed primarily at the lay user who is interested in a wider stock of words, but not the scientific detail<br />

provided by Vilborg (Etimologia Vortaro de <strong>Esperanto</strong>). Also includes twenty different alphabets and syllabaries in use around the world.<br />

2003. 503p. 205x150. Netherlands. ISBN 92 9017 082-4.<br />

KON010 (paper) $29.30<br />

KON011 (bound) $37.90<br />

MIL UNUAJ VORTOJ EN ESPERANTO, Heather AMERY. This is the cleverest, most fun vocabulary-building book ever published in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. The large page layout encourages use in groups. Color illustrations by Stephen CARTWRIGHT. 1994. 63p. 305x225. Paper.<br />

England. ISBN 090275615X<br />

MIL002 $20.00<br />

NEPIVAJ VORTOJ. André CHERPILLOD. A list of 6800 words, collected by the author and not found in the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro, "of<br />

which some may be useful". 1991 (2nd ed.). 182 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-05-8.<br />

NEP001 $22.40<br />

OPORTUNA VORTARO DE ORDINARA ESPERANTISTO. Vilho SETÄLÄ. Convenient little dictionary with definitions in simple<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. Richly illustrated. 1974. 96p. 215x145. Paper. Finland. ISBN 951-9005-18-8.<br />

OPO001 $12.20<br />

ORIGINALA ESPERANTA BILDVORTARO, Sylla CHAVES. 100 illustrations and tables, arranged by topic, showing the meaning of<br />

many <strong>Esperanto</strong> words and expressions. Good index. 1991. 170p. 210x145. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ORI003 $11.60<br />

PLENA ILUSTRITA VORTARO 2005. Michel DUC GONINAZ (ed.). Updated version (with errors corrected) of what is currently the most<br />

authoritative <strong>Esperanto</strong> dictionary. Contains 16,780 primary words and 46,890 lexical units, with definitions in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Many<br />

illustrations and tables. 2005. 1265 p. 245x155. Bound. France. ISBN 2-9502432-8-2.<br />

PIV003 $154.00<br />

POCKET ESPERANTO DICTIONARY. Andrew McLINEN. A new edition of a useful, genuinely pocket-sized (if you don’t mind stretching<br />

your pocket a bit) dictionary; primarily English-<strong>Esperanto</strong>, but devotes about 25% of its space to an <strong>Esperanto</strong>-English section. Contains<br />

about 20,000 more words than the original edition. Use with some care. 2001 (2 nd edition). 406p. 150x110. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 92 9017 072-7.<br />

POC001 $22.90<br />

SALUTON, AMIK(IN)O!/SALUT, AMI(E)!/ HELLO, FRIEND!, Div. <strong>Esperanto</strong>, French and English translations of daily phrases and<br />

words useful during Olympics. Space left to add phrases in another language. 1988. 121p. 170x125. Paper. Canada.<br />

SAL004 $3.30<br />

Cassettes, CDs and Book-Cassette Sets to<br />

Improve Language Skills and to Entertain<br />

ĈU VI AŬDIS, KE..., Katalin SMIDÉLIUSZ. This combination of booklet and cassette tape is an excellent tool for mid-level Esperantists<br />

who wish to improve their abilities in aural comprehension. One listens to the short essays on the tape and then takes the accompanying<br />

test in the booklet. The texts of the essays are also given in the booklet, so the student can also reinforce the linkage between the spoken<br />

and written forms of the language. Second edition 1994. 63p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9634506682<br />

CUV003 $24.40

8 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

FLUGU KUN PETRO, Charlotte KOHRS. This tape and booklet are excellent introductory materials. The readers explain everything in<br />

English and <strong>Esperanto</strong>, presenting many grammatical concepts within an interactive sequence of questions and answers. 1995. Cassette+12-page<br />

booklet. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

FLU001 $3.40<br />

KANTOJ EL URSO-KURSO. Short songs from 18 lessons of the well-known Urso-Kurso. Includes song sheet. 2005. CD: 17'54". Great<br />

Britain.<br />

URS006 $5.20<br />

KANTU ESPERANTE KUN JANICO KAJ JOHANO, Janice & John ATKINSON. Twelve conversational songs for beginners. Successfully<br />

used in the “Children Around the World” program. 1988. Cassette+16-page booklet. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

KAN010 $7.00<br />

LIZA KAJ PAŬLO, Div. Drama, by Reto Rossetti, to stimulate the studying of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Also includes songs and poetry. Fourth edition<br />

1986. Cassette+12-page booklet. England.<br />

LIZ001 $14.20<br />

LIZA KAJ PAŬLO, Div. Drama, by Reto Rossetti, to stimulate the studying of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Also includes songs and poetry. 2005. CD.<br />

Running time: 39’10”. England.<br />

LIZ002 $4.80<br />

VERDAJ VOĈOJ. Paul GUBBINS (comp.). A series of eight graded, short film clips in which well-known, as well as less-known, <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

speakers from various parts of the world speak on various topics. To be used only in a computer with browser and MPEG-player software, no<br />

extra hard disk space required. 2004. CD-ROM. Great Britain. ISBN 0901757195.<br />

VER013 $14.30<br />

Games for Learning and Fun<br />

100 ZAMENHOFAJ PROVERBOJ. Nora CARAGEA. Each of these 100 proverbs is from the Proverbaro Esperanta, but you may not<br />

recognize them; each one has been encoded as a series of symbols, one symbol per letter, and it's up to you to restore the original proverb<br />

by deciphering this "cryptoquiz". 2005. 51p. 145x205. Paper. Germany.<br />

CEN008 $16.90<br />

100 ZAMENHOFAJ PROVERBOJ – SERIO 2. Nora CARAGEA. A second series of encrypted proverbs. Each of these 100 proverbs is<br />

from the Proverbaro Esperanta, but you may not recognize them; each one has been encoded as a series of symbols, one symbol per letter,<br />

and it's up to you to restore the original proverb by deciphering this "cryptoquiz". 2007. 51p. 145x205. Paper. Germany.<br />

CEN009 $18.30<br />

ENIGMO 1. Crosswords, anagrams, magic squares, logic puzzles, all in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. N.d. 20p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ENI002 $4.00<br />

ENIGMO 2. Crosswords, anagrams, magic squares, logic puzzles, all in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. N.d. 24p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ENI003 $4.20<br />

ENIGMO 3. Crosswords, anagrams, magic squares, logic puzzles, all in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. N.d. 24p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ENI004 $4.30<br />

ENIGMO 4. Crosswords, anagrams, magic squares, logic puzzles, all in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. N.d. 24p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ENI005 $4.30<br />

ESPERANTAJ KRUCVORTENIGMOJ. Easy crossword puzzles for beginners. While the first (short) puzzles have definitions in English,<br />

the final (longer) ones are completely in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 40p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ESP097 $3.00<br />

FUNDAMENTO DE TAKTIKO KAJ STRATEGIO EN GO-LUDO. Minosuke EMORI. A follow-on to the author’s Invito al Go-ludo (INV001)<br />

provides a complete overview of strategy and tactics in the game of Go. Many diagrams, three-page collection of Go terms in <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

and Japanese. 1981. 193 p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

FUN003 $11.70<br />

GOO ESTAS FACILA LUDO. An introductory training kit for what is arguably the most popular board game in the world. Contains a<br />

four-page introduction to the rules, strategy and tactics of Go (in <strong>Esperanto</strong>), a reduced-size (9x9) practice board, and sets of black and<br />

white stones. N.d. Japan.<br />

GOO002 $13.90<br />

INVITO AL GO-LUDO, EMORI Minosuke. A basic but complete introduction to what is arguably the world's most popular board game.<br />

Illustrated. 2004 (2nd ed). 51p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

INV001 $7.50<br />

LINGEON. George WU. This new word game, which was tested at the 2005 Tut-Kalifornia <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Konferenco and the ELNA congress<br />

in Austin, is somewhat reminiscent of Scrabble; the purpose is to select tiles from a common pool to create a selected <strong>Esperanto</strong> proverb<br />

(includes list of proverbs). There are solitaire and competition rules. Includes 160 alphabetic tiles, four holders for short phrases, eight<br />

long tile-holders, and instructions in English and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2005. United States.<br />

LIN019 $21.30


2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 9<br />

LINGVAJ DOMENOJ. Each packet contains forty eight tiles to be used in domino-like games. Students have reported that these games<br />

make word learning easy and fun. Excellent for children and adults alike. Hungary. $19.00/each<br />

#2 – At home LIN009<br />

#3 – Animals LIN010<br />

#4 – At school LIN011<br />

#5 – Fun, Games, Sports LIN012<br />

#6 – Food, Drinks, Plants LIN013<br />

#7 – Action tiles – Questions LIN014<br />

#8 – Particles, Affixes LIN015<br />

SUDOKOJ. Lode Van de VELDE. 74 standard Sudokus in four categories ("Komencanto", "Inicito", "Spertulo", "Eksperto"), plus six<br />

bonus letter Sudokus, for two of which the player has to derive for himself the nine-letter secret word whose characters are used to satisfy<br />

the puzzle. 2006. 8+80+40p. 150x100. Paper. Belgium.<br />

SUD002 $5.20<br />

VORTO-MOZAIKO. A set of small card-tiles for a language game that can be played in at last three different ways; somewhat similar to<br />

Scrabble. 2 to 10 people can play. 1991. Japan.<br />

VOR005 $10.50<br />

Readers<br />

Level 1<br />

Basic/Post Basic<br />

DEK FABELOJ, Charlotte KOHRS & Dorothy KRUGER. Collection of ten skits for group reading or home study. Based on popular<br />

fables. Nicely illustrated by Alan HENDERSON. 1986. 36p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0939057093<br />

DEK009 $4.50<br />

ESPERANTO NE ESTAS NUR LINGVO. Spomenka ÞTIMEC. Short reader and learning aid to follow a basic course of the "Zagreb<br />

Method". A total of 13 lessons, each with a number of new words, on topics ranging from "Diary of an Esperantist" to "<strong>Esperanto</strong> on the<br />

Internet". 2002 (4th ed.). 24p. 205x145. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-96918-5-0.<br />

ESP014 $7.80<br />

FAJRO! FAJRO! R. MacKAY. A series of nine short sketches primarily aimed at elementary school pupils. 1970. 24p. 170x110. Paper.<br />

Great Britain.<br />

FAJ003 $2.00<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS!, Claude PIRON. Simple suspense story, mostly dialogue, vocabulary of 450 roots. Ideal for beginners. 48p.<br />

210x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

GER001 $7.90<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! · vortlisto/wordlist, Claude PIRON. An <strong>Esperanto</strong>-English wordlist to accompany the above book. Lists the new<br />

words for each chapter and has brief grammar notes. Second edition 1998. 28p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251059<br />

GER003 $4.40<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! Claude PIRON et al. A film version of Claude Piron's popular didactic novella Gerda malaperis!. Mystery ... danger<br />

... amusement ... love ... and laughable moments are there for you to enjoy in this adventure. 2006. DVD.<br />

GER007 $29.50<br />

GERDA MALAPERIS! Claude PIRON et al. A reading of Claude Piron's popular didactic novella Gerda malaperis! Parts read by Lucas<br />

Yassumura, Emilio Cid, Simone Schumacher Cid, Leandro Aristeu, Ana Mikami and Petola. If you are studying <strong>Esperanto</strong> using this<br />

novella, and have a CD player, you should consider getting this kit as accompaniment! N.d. 2 CDs. Running time: 71'36"+20'11".<br />

GER006 $16.50<br />

INTER TERO KAJ ĈIELO, Benjamin JACOBSEN. Translated and adapted by Sten Johansson. What happens when two brothers sell<br />

their six-year-old sister as a white slave One of five stories by a well-known Danish author, now rendered into simple <strong>Esperanto</strong> (only<br />

607 morphemes used in the book) primarily for the use of advancing students. 1997. 38p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden<br />

INT005 $6.20<br />

KARLO, Edmond PRIVAT. Not only a reader but also an interesting book for children. This book is considered one of the best readers for<br />

beginners. Fifteenth edition 1968. 47p. 150x115. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

KAR004 $2.90<br />

KATRINA MALFRUAS, Sten JOHANSSON. A third episode from the life of young Swedish teacher Katrina, written in limited <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

for the relatively new student. In this novella, Katrina tries to find – and create – a family. 2007. 52 p. 210x145. Paper. Japan. ISBN<br />

4930785545<br />

KAT001 $5.10

10 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

KION AJN, Sten JOHANSSON. A novella in easy <strong>Esperanto</strong> (see Vojaĝo kun Katrina, below) about a group of young people who meet at a<br />

festival. Includes as an appendix a complete list of <strong>Esperanto</strong> morphemes in Johansson's frequency groups A-D. Intended primarily for<br />

students who have completed a basic course. 2002. 63p. 205x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-85288-24-1.<br />

KIO005 $10.30<br />

KRIMO DE KATRINA, LA. Sten JOHANSSON. A novelette in ten chapters written in very easy <strong>Esperanto</strong>, primarily for beginners or<br />

post-beginners. A short glossary follows each chapter. Second revised edition. 2007. 40p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4930785529.<br />

KRI003 $4.50<br />

LASU MIN PAROLI PLU!, Claude PIRON. Graded reader meant to accompany and reinforce the author’s book Gerda malaperis!. 1984.<br />

214p. 205x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LAS001 $19.00<br />

MARY KAJ SULO, Kamemoro. A story of budding friendship told in the form of letters between a young Finnish man who starts a<br />

correspondence with a young British woman, whose name was given to him by his <strong>Esperanto</strong> teacher. The letters are dated in 1946.<br />

1985. 15p. 150x100. Brochure. Netherlands.<br />

MAR005 $1.90<br />

ORPANTALONO, LA, Sten JOHANSSON. A condensation by Sten Johansson of a novel for young people, consisting in large part of<br />

dialogue. Johansson has restricted his vocabulary to a stock of approximately 450 morphemes to make this a suitable reader for the<br />

student just beginning to read in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, putting it into the same class as Gerda malaperis, Karlo and La verda koro. 1996. 40p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

ORP001 $6.00<br />

ÞI ESTAS MIA AMIKO. Luiz PORTELLA. Eleven chapters about the life of a boy living in Brazil, written in easy <strong>Esperanto</strong> along the lines<br />

of Sten Johansson's "Katrina" books. Each chapter has a glossary of new words with definitions in easy <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2007. 38p. 195x140.<br />

Paper. Brazil. ISBN 978-85-60661-00-B.<br />

SIE001 $7.00<br />

VOJAĜO KUN KATRINA. Sten JOHANSSON. An easy novella about the journey of a young teacher and her pupils from Göteborg to<br />

Bialystok. The book is limited to 493 morphemes, mostly among the most commonly used in the language, with glossaries at the end of<br />

each (short) chapter. Aimed primarily at relatively new students of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2007. 56p. 210x145. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4930785537.<br />

VOJ002 $5.00<br />

Level 2<br />

Intermediate<br />

ADAMO KAJ EVA, János SÁRKÖZI. Simple love story, written for the early student of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1994 (2a eld.). 42p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Hungary.<br />

ADA001 $3.60<br />

AMUZA LEGOLIBRO EN ESPERANTO, Albert LIENHARDT. This book, whose first edition was widely acclaimed, has 100 short and<br />

amusing stories and 2,000 questions and answers to help improve your command of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Illustrations by István ENDR_DI. Second<br />

edition 1989. 216p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 963571288X<br />

AMU003 $14.10<br />

ILI KAPTIS ELZAN!, Johán VALANO. A humorous novella for post-beginners; to be used after Gerda malaperis! by the same author. An<br />

excellent tool to improve vocabulary and understanding. 1985. 103p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ILI001 $20.00<br />

JOĈJO, LA AMIKETO. Elsa OTTO. Charming story in easy <strong>Esperanto</strong> about a boy who discovers and learns <strong>Esperanto</strong>, set in Europe<br />

(France and the Netherlands). A pearl in the <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature. Illustrations by Jan. Second edition 1985. 96p. 165x120. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

JOC001 $5.50<br />

LAŬTA VEKHORLOĜO, LA, Stefan MacGILL. Collection of short stories, games, puzzles, exercises to help keep the attention of the<br />

post-basic <strong>Esperanto</strong> student. Illustrated by Pavel RAK. 1988. 200p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635712464<br />

LAU002 $11.90<br />

PAŜOJ AL PLENA POSEDO, William AULD. Current reprint of one of the most popular literary readers and intermediate course. With<br />

exercises. Sixth edition 1989. 228p. 195x125. Paper. Hungary.<br />

PAS001 $15.20<br />

SENTIMULO, LA. Classic story by James Fenimore COOPER translated into simple <strong>Esperanto</strong> by Roger IMBERT. Part of the “Zagreb<br />

Method”. Second edition 1984. 72p. 205x140. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

SEN001 $4.70<br />

VERE AŬ FANTAZIE, Claude PIRON. New edition of a popular collection of short stories and essays aimed at the intermediate student of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. The reader is assumed to understand 405 roots, affixes and grammatical endings when starting the book (there is a list), and<br />

by the end will command somewhat more than 1000 morphemes in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. This new edition closes with an alphabetical list of all

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 11<br />

introduced new roots and compounded words, with spaces for translations in your own language as you encounter the words. 2001 (3rd<br />

ed.) 239p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

VER005 $25.00<br />

Level 3<br />

Advanced<br />

BAZA LITERATURA KRESTOMATIO, Vilmos BENCZIK, ed. A compendium of the most important prose and poetry written in <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

in the first 100 years. Third edition 1986. 282p. 185x120. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711654<br />

BAZ002 $13.00<br />

CENT PRI CENT. Andrzej PETTYN. 100 anecdotes about 100 famous people. Intended as a reader for Polish students, and notes are in<br />

Polish, but anecdotes are easily readable by the student. NOTE: ONLY TWO COPIES REMAIN. 1989. 45p. 200x135. Paper. Poland.<br />

CEN004 $3.80<br />

CONVERSATIONAL ESPERANTO. Don LORD. Eighty-six columns from the Brita Esperantisto giving everyday, conversational vocabulary<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. The columns are here separated into eleven categories: Economy and Labour, Environment, Family and Home, Food and<br />

Drink, Health, Holidays and Leisure, House and Garden, Law and Order, Science and Technology, Shopping, and Society. Includes<br />

English-<strong>Esperanto</strong> and <strong>Esperanto</strong>-English vocabularies of terms introduced. 2006. 200p. 210x145. Paper. United Kingdom. ISBN<br />

0902756222.<br />

CON001 $22.20<br />

DE SEZONO AL SEZONO (AŬTUNO KAJ VINTRO), Miyamoto MASAO (ed.) Contains a relatively easy reading, generally 2-4 pages, for<br />

each week from September through February. Though written primarily for Japanese speakers, with endnotes in Japanese, all the<br />

reading material is in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes stories, poems, grammatical commentary. 1977. 89 p. 180x125. Paper. Japan.<br />

DES002 $5.10<br />

FAKTOJ KAJ FANTAZIOJ, Marjorie BOULTON. Full-fledged reader for students who have advanced beyong the beginning stages of the<br />

language. Includes many short stories, proverbs, puzzles, some verse (much of it describing points of grammar), and a ten-page<br />

vocabulary of new or unusual words used in the text. 1984. 430p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 92 9017 028 X.<br />

FAK001 $20.60<br />

40 PAŜETOJ AL PLUA POSEDO. LENTAIGNE (ed). Designed as a first reader for "post-basic" level. 40 short readings in easy <strong>Esperanto</strong>.<br />

Parallel text in French. 1989. 2x40p. 145x110. Paper. France.<br />

KVA010 $3.90<br />

KVA001 (tape) $5.50<br />

KVA009 (CD) $7.20<br />

PAŜOJ AL PLI ALTA ŜTUPO, LU Chuanbiao & WANG Hanping, editors. Trans. HAO Duoren. This collection of short texts from El<br />

Popola Ĉinio comes from the column “Por komencantoj”, so it is well-suited for advanced beginners and intermediate-level students. 1994.<br />

195p. 185x120. Paperback. China. ISBN 7505201190<br />

PAS005 $7.50<br />

SAMIDEANOJ. Aleksander KOR¬ENKOV. A collection of 27 humorous and satirical short stories about <strong>Esperanto</strong> and <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

speakers, aimed primarily at those who have taken a basic course in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and want to start reading but don't yet have the courage<br />

to face a novel. Series "Legu kaj lernu" #2. 2006. 80p. 200x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

SAM002 $8.80<br />

SPRITAJ DIALOGOJ POR LA KONVERSACIA KURSO, Edwin GROBE. Twenty short and amusing dialogs usable for skits or for<br />

conversational practice. 2000. 28p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

SPR001 $2.50<br />

VERDA KORO, LA, Julio BAGHY. Easy reader for beginners, with <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Hungarian vocabulary at the end, and grammatical notes<br />

for beginners. Reprint 1982. 91p. 205x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711069<br />

VER010 $8.40<br />

VIBRAJ MOMENTOJ. Johan Hammond ROSBACH. A series of 12 short sketches by the author, followed by 58 pages of study material<br />

covering the meanings of various words included in each sketch. Illustrated by Helge B. Skånlund. 1981. 83p. 285x205. Paper. Norway.<br />

VIB001 $12.20<br />

VOJAĜO EN ESPERANTO-LANDO, Boris KOLKER. “An advanced <strong>Esperanto</strong> course and guidebook to the <strong>Esperanto</strong> culture.” This<br />

revised, expanded and enhanced third edition contains numerous short stories, poems and articles selected for interest as well as<br />

didactic value. Broken down into 26 “lessons”, each with around half a dozen different items for reading and discussion. Each lesson is<br />

heavily annotated with explanatory notes by the author, and concludes with a series of questions for “practice of the language.” Lots and<br />

lots of illustrations. 2005. 280p. 240x150. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 929017088-3.<br />

VOJ005 $28.20<br />

Children, Young People, and Beginners<br />

AMUZAJ KARIKATUROJ, PENG Guoliang. Trans. DAI Song’en. Beautifully illustrated book for children which uses entertaining<br />

pictures to teach about words ans simple expressions. 1990. 20p. 205x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200542<br />

AMU002 $3.30

12 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

ANASETO KAJ KOKETO, HŬANG Ĝjunŭan. Three very short stories for young children. Color illustrations by Ĉu Ĉŭan. 1985. 27p.<br />

185x160. Paper. China.<br />

ANA002 $2.40<br />

ARBO... KIU FORKURIS, LA, Martin BURKERT. A charming story for children. Not merely cute, it informs readers about ecology and<br />

the importance of trees. Bi-lingual edition (<strong>Esperanto</strong>-Japanese) edition. 1990. 38p. 255x130. Bound. Japan.<br />

ARB001 $17.40<br />

AVINETO LUNO, LIN Songjing. Two short illustrated stories, one about a noisy frog, the other about a hare. Illustrations by ĜANG Ĝjiping.<br />

1988. 20p. 205x180. Paper. China ISBN 7505200135<br />

AVI001 $2.50<br />

AVINJO, Peter HÄRTLING. Translated by Nora CARAGEA, Illustrated by Peter Knorr. A series of episodes in the life of a German boy<br />

who, after his parents are killed, goes to live with his elderly grandmother, and how the two of them learn to bridge a huge generation<br />

gap. 2000. 79p. 210x150. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3-00-006168-1.<br />

AVI002 $15.80<br />

AVO EN LA ĈARETO, LA, Gudrun PAUSEWANG. Translated by Nora CARAGEA, Illustrated by Inge Steineke. An old man who feels that<br />

he has nothing left to live for is taught by his grandson and others around him that life is still worth living. 1999. 63p. 200x130. Bound.<br />

Germany. ISBN 3-00- 004992-4.<br />

AVO001 $13.60<br />

BELA PLANEDO, LA, Charlotte KOHRS. This booklet presents a surprising amount of material, focusing on the most useful expressions<br />

needed by beginners. Illustrations were done by children, which lends a charming authenticity to the familiar sentiments of international<br />

friendship. Published by Children Around The World. Second edition 1992. 16p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

BEL005 $1.00<br />

BELA REVULO, GENG Geng. Lesson about modesty, diligence and hard work, whose main character is a beautiful but lazy bird.<br />

Illustrations by JIANG Cheng’an & WU Daisheng. Second edition 1983. 40p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

BEL003 $2.80<br />

BESTIDOJ KAJ ILIAJ PATRINOJ, ĜJANG Jiming. “Scientific” tale for children about eighteen animals (mothers and their offsprings).<br />

Color illustrations. 1986. 20p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

BES003 $2.40<br />

BESTOJ EN NIA DOMO, Zdravka METZ. A collection of true stories and anecdotes from the inter-ethnic Esperantist family of the<br />

author. The style is simple and clear. Illustrated. 1999. 63p. 215x135. Paper. Canada. ISBN 2980624608<br />

BES006 $11.80<br />

BONA BAOBAO, HE Yanrong. Trans. DAI Song’en. Beautiful illustrations teach simple sentences to small children. 1990. 20p. 205x180.<br />

Paper. China. ISBN 7505200569<br />

BON003 $3.50<br />

BONKORA ŜJAŬDON, MEJ Jing. A small boy learns the value of respect and cooperation. With color illustrations. 1984. 65p. 205x180.<br />

Paper. China.<br />

BON004 $2.50<br />

BRAVA KOLOMBIDO, ĜAN Tong. Two children’s stories: one is about a brave little dove, the other is about a beautiful peacock. 1984.<br />

20p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

BRA003 $3.20<br />

BUSTER KAJ LA INSEKTOJ. Helen CLAESSON. Story of a young boy who shrinks to the size of a bug and learns about our friends in<br />

the insect world. Pages of large text alternate with full-page color illustrations. 2003. 33p. 295x205. Paper. Denmark.<br />

BUS001 $19.90<br />

ÆIO FAREBLAS. Aline de PÉTIGNY. Trans. Martine and Christian Rivière. Children's story about a little girl and the fairy who helps her<br />

get her wish through self-confidence. Every other page is a color illustration. 2002. 16 p. 200x200. Paper. France. ISBN 2-915125-23-6.<br />

CIO001 $12.00<br />

13 HORLOĜOJ, LA, James THURBER. Trans. Ralph LEWIN. A short novel for children by one of America’s favorite humorists.<br />

Illustrations by Ronald SEARLE. 1993. 42p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251040<br />

DEK006 $6.60<br />

DIVENU DO, KION MI FARAS!, Div. Colorfully illustrated book published for the International Literacy Year. One of the best and most<br />

beautiful books for children in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Profoundly international portrayal of life’s variety. 1990. 80p. 210x300. Paper. Japan.<br />

DIV001 $17.00<br />

DU KATETOJ, ĜAN Tong. Two children’s stories with a moral: where two argue, the third wins. 1984. 20p. 202x180. Paper. China.<br />

DUK002 $2.50<br />

222 SIMPLAJ VERSAĴOJ POR KOMENCANTOJ, Laŭlum. These poems are simple but not simplistic. A wide range of subject matter is<br />

treated with creative flair within a limited vocabulary. Many are rhymed riddles. 1995. 127p. 175x105. Paper. China. ISBN 7505202421<br />

DUC001 $7.40

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 13<br />

EKZILE. Mircea ELIADE. Trans. Ionel Onet. Two short stories "Frato disipa" and "En la ombro de lilio" by the famous Romanian<br />

author. La KromKancerKliniko #21. 1987. 19 p. 300x210. Paper. France. ISSN 0398-5822.<br />

EKZ003 $7.20<br />

EMILO DE SMOLANDO, Astrid LINDGREN. Children's book by the popular Swedish authoress (Pippi Longstockings, see below), about<br />

the adventures of a bad boy on a farm in Sweden. Illustrated by Björn Berg, translated by Harold Brown and Kerstin Rohdin. 1993. 72p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-87320-08-8.<br />

EMI002 $10.00<br />

ETA KATO KIU NE VOLIS MORTI, LA. Trans. by Lentaigne. A cat gets sick and its owner wants to dispose of it. A touching story written<br />

and illustrated by French children. 1998 reprint of the second edition. 16p. 205x145. Paper. France.<br />

ETA004 $1.00<br />

FABLOJ KAJ FABELOJ. Georg SCHINDLER. Trans. Nora Caragea. 39 short fables and fairy tales by a modern German master of the<br />

art. 2002. 84p. 210x150. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3000110186.<br />

FAB002 $15.40<br />

FANTAZIAĴOJ KAJ KANTOJ POR INFANOJ, Jon ROMMESMO. A treasure-trove of songs, poems and pictures to amuse and instruct<br />

children of all ages. Includes 28 melodies in standard music notation – most with chords. 1995. 98p. 280x200. Paper. Hungary.<br />

FAN001 $8.30<br />

FIERA GENERALO, LA, HŬA Ĝjun’u. Trans. Laŭlum. A very agile general learns a lesson about pride. Color illustrations by TE Ŭej.<br />

Second edition 1985. 22p. 250x170. Paper. China.<br />

FIE002 $1.50<br />

FIERA MULTKOLORA KATETO, LA, GENG Geng. Trans. FAN Yizu. A painted cat escapes from his painting and learns about excessive<br />

pride. Color illustrations by JIANG Cheng’an and WU Daisheng. Third edition 1985. 40p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

FIE001 $3.10<br />

GRANATOJ, ŜJAŬ Ding. Compliance, justice and good-heartedness are rewarded, just as deceit, greed and guile are. But not in exactly<br />

the same way. Illustrations by ĜONG Ŝuheng. 1989. 40p. 205x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200127<br />

GRA003 $2.50<br />

GRANDAJ PANDOJ—BRILAJ STELOJ, GENG Ŝoŭĝong. Colorfully illustrated (by JANG Jongĉing) book for children about pandas as<br />

characters in a circus. 1988. 48p. 255x185. Paper. China.<br />

GRA005 $4.10<br />

HEJMOJ DE BIRDOJ, JU Zi. Children’s book of birds and nests, richly illustrated by WU Daisheng. 1983. 37p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

HEJ001 $3.80<br />

HISTORIOJ ... RAKONTU! Herman NYECK LIPORT & Chamberline NGUEFACK ZEDONG. An attractive collection of 15 African tales<br />

intended not only to amuse but also to teach morality. Many illustrations. 2006. 123p. 200x145. Paper. Cameroon.<br />

HIS009 $27.70<br />

KAMARADARO DE PETRO NODETO, LA, Mato LOVRAK. Trans. Josip PLEADIN. Novel written in 1933 for children, about a group of<br />

kids who decide to repair the old village water mill. Illustrated by Blado MLINJARI_. 1998. 125p. 250x150. Hardbound. Croatia. ISBN<br />

9539700132<br />

KAM002 $10.70<br />

KAPTI ŜTELISTON. Adapted by GU Zhongjing. Illustrated by MU Yongrui. A simple moral tale in which a thief is outwitted by a clever<br />

young boy. 1994. 24p. 210x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201921<br />

KAP002 $3.20<br />

KIAL LEPOROJ HAVAS MALLONGAN VOSTON, ŜJU Gŭangju. Children’s story of why rabbits have short tails. Color illustrations by<br />

LIŬ Ĝjijoŭ. 1986. 26p. 185x165. Paper. China.<br />

KIA002 $2.40<br />

KIEL ĈIUJ KATETOJ, Agnieszka <strong>USA</strong>KIEWICZ. Trans. Wojciech <strong>USA</strong>KIEWICZ. A collection of sweet animal stories with charming illustrations<br />

by Aleksander OCZKO. Suitable for school-aged children (not infants) due to the relatively advanced level of language. 1993. 64p.<br />

250x200. Hardbound. Poland. ISBN 8385159819<br />

KIE005 $14.60<br />

KIEL KOVI, LIN Songying. How the mother chicken learned to incubate her eggs. Color illustrations by JIAN Cheng’an & WU Daisheng.<br />

1983. 24p. 170x165. Paper. China.<br />

KIE006 $1.00<br />

KIM KAJ MIKA. Helen CLAESSON. Story about two young girls who become close friends. Several full-page color illustrations. 2003.<br />

29p. 300x210. Paper. Denmark.<br />

KIM001 $20.40<br />

KNABINO GINSENGO, JIANG Cheng’an & WU Daisheng. Magic tale of how the ginseng got its curative powers. Color illustrations.<br />

1983. 38p. 180x165. Paper. China.<br />

KNA002 $3.00

14 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

KNABINO KIU NE VOLIS IRI AL LA INFANEJO, LA, Siw WIDERBERG & Cecilia TORUDD. Children's book, with abundant color<br />

illustrations, about a young girl who wants to stay home but learns about the joys of going to child care. Translated by Malte Markheden.<br />

1988. 33p. 235x175. Bound. Sweden. ISBN 91-87320-02-9.<br />

KNA001 $8.20<br />

KOKIDO VENĜIS SIAN PANJON, ĜAN Tong. Cooperation among a sewing needle, a chestnut, a crab and a stick helps a kitten to avenge<br />

its mother against a savage cat. 1984. 20p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

KOK002 $1.50<br />

KOLORIGU LA BESTOJN KAJ LERNU LA ALFABETON!. Lode van de VELDE. Alphabet book with black and white pictures to be<br />

colored and simple two-line explanations of the animals shown. 2005. 32p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

KOL004 $3.40<br />

KONSTRUI NOVAN PONTON, WAN Yun. Beautifully illustrated book for children about the cooperation between a squirrel, a rabbit, a<br />

chimpanzee and an elephant. Color illustrations by CHEN Yongzhen. Second edition 1982. 40p. 180x160. Paper. China.<br />

KON018 $2.50<br />

KRABO KIU LUDIS KUN LA MARO, LA, Rudyard KIPLING. Translated and illustrated by Amri WANDEL. This charming story concerns<br />

magic, the relationship between men and animals, and why the world is as it is. Especially suited for children aged 4-10. 1993. 27p.<br />

200x200. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360598<br />

KRA002 $15.60<br />

KUNIBERTO KAJ KILEVAMBA, Gudrun PAUSEWANG. Translated by Nora CARAGEA, illustrated by Friedrich KOHLSAAT. When<br />

catastrophe strikes, Kuniberto and Kilevamba dedicate themselves to helping the third-world inhabitants of the island of Sisimanio to<br />

recover, in this lovely children's book. 2001. 111p. 210x145. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3-00-008497-5.<br />

KUN005 $14.40<br />

KVARONLANDO. Gina RUCK-PAUQUET. Trans. Nora Caragea. In those four countries, all thing have their special color: green, red,<br />

yellow and blue. This is decided by the grownups. But the children want only one common color: rainbow. What do they do to get their<br />

way Read and find out ... 2005. 20p. 270x210. Bound. Germany. ISBN 3-00-016066-3.<br />

KVA011 $25.40<br />

LERNI PENTRADON. Adapted by GU Zhongjing. A young man learns about the art of painting and its effects on the art of living.<br />

Illustrated by MU Yongrui. 1994. 24p. 210x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201913<br />

LER001 $2.50<br />

LEVI ŜUON. Adapted by GU Zhongjing. This little book, well illustrated in traditional Chinese style, demonstrates the usefulness of<br />

humility and the importance of study. Illustrated by MU Yongrui. 1994. 24p. 210x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201891<br />

LEV001 $2.50<br />

LONGHARA FRATINO, DING Juĝen. A beautifully illustrated tale about honesty and courage. Illustrations by HŬANG Ĝing. 1986. 36p.<br />

205x180. Paper. China.<br />

LON001 $3.50<br />

LUPO INVITAS URSON, MEJ Jing. A fox deceives a wolf and a bear by trickery, and deprives them of food. 1984. 35p. 180x205. Paper.<br />

China.<br />

LUP001 $2.50<br />

LUTRO KAJ BUFO, ĜAN Tong. An otter and a toad quarrel about their attributes, and bees fight a wild boar. 1984. 20p. 205x180.<br />

Paper. China.<br />

LUT001 $2.00<br />

MALATENTEMA VIRINO, FANG Yuan. Amusing tale about an inattentive woman whose deeds in daily life may be truly dangerous.<br />

Color illustrations by ZHOU Xianche. 1983. 21p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

MAL003 $2.20<br />

MALBONA LUPO REENKARNIĜINTA, Roque JACINTHO. Translated from Portuguese by Afonso Costa, illus. by Joel Linck. A spiritist<br />

children's story. 1973. 20p. 220x160. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAL011 $3.00<br />

MALGRANDA RANO FLUGIS KAJ FALIS, ĜANG Ĝiĝjun. Story about a frog that flew to help its two friends, but finally fell because of its<br />

pride. Color illustrations by £JºE £jªe. 1986. 18p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

MAL008 $2.50<br />

MARVIRINETO, LA, H. C. ANDERSEN. Ib Schleicher's translation of Andersen's classic fairy tale, familiar to many modern Americans<br />

through the Disney feature cartoon. Ideal for children learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes an in-depth biographical sketch of the author by<br />

Svend Larsen. Many color illustrations by Gustav Hjortlund. 1962. 72p. 270x200. Bound. Denmark.<br />

MAR009 $21.50<br />

MIO, MIA FILO. Astrid Lindgren. Trans. Leif Nordenstorm. Charming children's story about a young boy who is carried away from<br />

humdrum Stockholm to a distant kingdom where he turns out to be a prince and is expected to fight and defeat a great evil that<br />

threatens the land. 2006. 143p. 200x130. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 9185288349.<br />

MIO002 $23.90

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 15<br />

MIRINDA SORĈISTO DE OZ, LA, L. Frank BAUM. Trans. H.R. DREYER. A new translation of the first and most popular in the series of<br />

novels, published for the centennial anniversary of its first edition. Illustrations by W.W. DENSLOW. 2000. 146p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ISBN 1882251318<br />

MIR003 $20.00<br />

MIRINDAJ AVENTUROJ DE METILERNANTO HLAPIĈ, Ivana BRLIĈ-MAZURANIĈ. Trans. Maja TIŜLJAR. Children’s story about a little<br />

apprentice shoemaker who runs away from the shoemaker’s shop for a week of wonderful adventure. 1998. 111p. 200x170. Paper.<br />

Croatia. ISBN 9539691826<br />

MIR004 $10.30<br />

MISTERO ĈE NIGRA LAGO, Sten JOHANSSON. Illustrated by Beatrix Svenonius. A long mystery novella, set in the Swedish town of<br />

Âköping, during school vacation; very suitable for pre- and early teens. A long glossary at the end includes a number of interesting<br />

vacation terms. 1997. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

MIS002 $10.00<br />

NEĜA INFANO, LIU Si. A bunny has interesting experiences with a snowman which he makes and which saves the life of the small<br />

rabbit. Color illustrations. Second edition 1985. 40p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

NEG002 $3.00<br />

NI ESPLORU LA MONDON!, Div. Written and illustrated by children from different countries, this booklet was published by Children<br />

Around the World. Second edition 1991. 20p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NIE001 $1.00<br />

NI KUNE LUDU, JI Jiaxiu. Trans. DAI Song’en. A boy learns a good lesson about selfishness from his friends. Color illustrations by HE<br />

Yanrong. 1990. 20p. 205x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200585<br />

NIK003 $1.20<br />

NOVAJ VESTOJ DE LA IMPERIESTRO, LA. Hans Christian ANDERSEN. Translated from Danish by Ib Schleicher. The famous<br />

children’s story in large format, with many color illustrations by Gustav Hjortlund. Includes two other fairy-tales by the same author:<br />

“Hans-fuþulo” and “Estas tute certe!” Ideal for reading to children, but don’t let them damage this beautiful book! 1964. 49 p. 270x205.<br />

Bound. Denmark.<br />

NOV005 $17.60<br />

ORA BUKCENO, ŬANG Ĉjiĝong. Folk tale from China. Color illustrations by ĜJANG Ŭejju. 1986. 39p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

ORA004 $2.20<br />

ORA HAKILO, FANG Yuan. Beautifully illustrated story with honesty as the moral. Illustrations by YANG Yongqing. 1983. 28p. 260x175.<br />

Paper. China.<br />

ORA003 $3.30<br />

PESI ELEFANTON. Seven illustrated educational stories about some smart children and how they solve various problems. Color<br />

illustrations by HE Youzhi. 1981. 91p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

PES001 $3.80<br />

PETER JAMESON’S SECRET LANGUAGE, Sylvan ZAFT. A story for every ten- or eleven-year old boy or girl who would like to have<br />

their own secret language and everyone who ever was ten or eleven years old and wanted to have their own secret language. Includes a<br />

pronunciation guide and lists of words and affixes used in the story. 1996. 152p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0965254909<br />

PET002 $7.80<br />

PETOLEMA KAPRIDO, ĜAN Tong. A spoiled lamb gets a lesson about being naughty, and a deer gives a lesson on helpfulness. 1984.<br />

20p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

PET001 $1.50<br />

PIPI ŜTRUMPOLONGA, Astrid LINDGREN. The popular Swedish authoress's most famous children's book, about the life of a young<br />

Swedish girl. Translated by Sven Alexandersson. 1989. 174p. 210x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-87320-06-1.<br />

PIP001 $14.20<br />

PLAŬ! PLAŬ!, JANG Ŝjaŭĉun. Fruits from a papaya which fall into the water frighten all the fauna around a lake. Of course, the<br />

exaggerations of the participants add some excitement to this illustrated story, with which you can learn the <strong>Esperanto</strong> names of many<br />

animals. 1985. 56p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

PLA001 $3.30<br />

PLUPO EN LA GRANDARBARO, Inga BORG. Translated by Malte Markheden, illustrated by the author. Ecologically sound, beautifully<br />

illustrated children's story about a halfling-like being who lives in the mountains of northern Scandinavia among his forest friends.<br />

Beautiful color illustrations. Part of a series of five tales. 1987. 24p. 160x155. Bound. Sweden. ISBN 91-87320-00-2.<br />

PLU003 $4.70<br />

PLUPO KAJ LA GRUOJ, Inga BORG. Translated by Malta Markheden, illustrated by the author. 1986. 24p. 160x155. Bound. Sweden.<br />

ISBN 91-7810-644-3.<br />

PLU005 $4.40<br />

PLUPO KAJ LA LUPO, Inga BORG. Translated by Anna-Maria Lange, illustrated by the author. 1986. 24p. 160x155. Bound. Sweden.

16 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

ISBN 91-7810-646-X.<br />

PLU006 $4.50<br />

PLUPO KAJ LA MARO, Inga BORG. Translated by Malte Markheden, illustrated by the author. 1986. 24p. 160x155. Bound. Sweden.<br />

ISBN 91-7810-645-1.<br />

PLU007 $5.10<br />

PLUPO KAJ LA URSIDOJ, Inga BORG. Translated by Malte Markheden, illustrated by the author. 1987. 24p. 160x155. Bound. Sweden.<br />

ISBN 91-87320-01-0.<br />

PLU004 $4.80<br />

RAKONTO PRI SIMA GUANG. Adapted by GU Zhongjing. Two short stories about children who use their wits to solve tricky problems.<br />

Illustrated by MU Yongrui. 1994. 24p. 210x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201883<br />

RAK008 $3.50<br />

RAKONTOJ SUB LA LITO, Antoaneta KLOBUCAR. Trans. Davor Klobucar. 19 short tales for children, simply but beautifully illustrated<br />

by the daughter of the author and translator. 2003. 120 p. 205x145. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-98081-2-X.<br />

RAK010 $20.90<br />

SENMORTIGAJ FRUKTOJ, MEJ Jing. Adaptation for children from the famous mythological novel Pilgrimage to the West (16 th century)<br />

by U Ĉeng’en, about a famous Buddhist priest traveling to India. Color illustrations. 1984. 64p. 180x205. Paper. China.<br />

SEN002 $2.80<br />

SERĈI INSTRUANTON. Adapted by GU Zhongjing. This story demonstrates that even a learned doctor can accept a humble position and<br />

learn from a superior man. Illustrated by MU Yongrui. 1994. 24p. 210x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201965<br />

SER002 $2.50<br />

SIMIOJ PROVAS ELAKVIGI LA LUNON, XIA Xia. Trans. LIU Ling. Two stories about monkeys. Color illustrations by WAN Laiming.<br />

1981. 18p. 255x210. Paper. China.<br />

SIM002 $2.50<br />

SONĜO DE ĜENĜEN, MEJ Jing. An enlightening dream teaches a very spoiled girl a good lesson about obedience. 1986. 47p. 160x180.<br />

Paper. China.<br />

SON001 $1.80<br />

ŜALMISTO DE HAMELIN, LA. Adapted by Hanna HUTCHINSON. Trans. David CROWELL. A retelling in <strong>Esperanto</strong> of The Pied Piper of<br />

Hamlin. Each page is illustrated with a clever drawing by Edward NOFZIGER. 1992. 20p. 175x210. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0922852170<br />

SAL003 $3.30<br />

TRI URSOJ, LA. Adapted by Hanna HUTCHINSON. Trans. David CROWELL. The classic fairy tale is presented in proper format to be<br />

read with a child. Cute cartoon illustrations by Edward NOFZIGER. 1995. 24p. 175x210. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 09228524005<br />

TRI007 $3.30<br />

UNUIĜINTAJ NACIOJ — VENU KUN MI!, Nane ANNAN. Trans. Anna LÖWENSTEIN. Children’s book written by the wife of the current<br />

Secretary General of the United Nations. The author presents the UN and children that she met in traveling around the world for the UN.<br />

Illustrated with photos and paintings by children and by the author. 2001 34p. 200x170. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 9532030891<br />

UNU002 $5.30<br />

URSETO EKKONIS SIAN ERARON, LIN Songjing. Story about a rude little bear and the lesson it learned. Color illustrations by LI<br />

Gŭoji. 1988. 18p. 205x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200100<br />

URS001 $1.20<br />

VETURU AL PIEDPILKLANDO! Jeronimas LAUCIUS. Large-format children’s book about a football (aka soccer) game. Text overlies<br />

extremely colorful full-page illustrations by Aténé Jasaíté. Don’t overlook the crossword puzzle on the back. 2003. 16 p + 4 colorful<br />

covers. 290x205. Paper. Lithuania. ISBN 9955-454-59-8.<br />

VET001 $8.40<br />

VIA AMIKO DINOSAŬRO/LIBRO DE LEONO. Jeronimas LAUCIUS. The adventures of dinosaurs seeking friends on the earth,<br />

illustrated in black and white by Juraté Leikaité. And flip the book over and find a story telling how, if you succeed, you too may become<br />

a lion king, illustrated in color by Rima Stasiunaité. 2003. 16+8p. 285x205. Paper. Lithuania. ISBN 9955454695.<br />

VIA001 $11.10<br />

VIZITO DE PREZIDENTO, Jerzy ZAWIEYSKI. Trans. Andrzey PETTYN. Because of his father’s divorce, a 6-year old boy gets a new mother<br />

and a new grandmother. Will the new, richer life of this young boy make him happy Illustrated by children. 1984. 36p. 205x145.<br />

Paper. Poland. ISBN 8370130011<br />

VIZ001 $1.50<br />

VOSTOKONKURSO, WANG Zhenhua. The forest animals have a tail contest, whose conclusion is: every tail has its special use, but all<br />

tails are useful. Color illustrations by JIANG Cheng’an & WU Daisheng. 1983. 14p. 205x180. Paper. China.<br />

VOS001 $2.50<br />

WINNIE-LA-PU, A. A. MILNE. Trans. Ivy KELLERMAN RED & Ralph A. LEWIN. Winnie the Pooh and all his friends speak <strong>Esperanto</strong>. This<br />

classic children’s book is also suitable for beginners because of the <strong>Esperanto</strong>-English glossary and some grammar notes. Illustrated by

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 17<br />

Ernest H. SHEPARD. Second edition 1992. 164p. 190x205. Hardbound. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170468<br />

WIN001 $20.20<br />

Prose<br />

ABISMOJ, Jean FORGE. The theme of this novel is the daily repetition of history, but the author, by means of his well developed style,<br />

holds your attention to the last word. 1973. 150p. 180x125. Paper. Finland. ISBN 0959005277<br />

ABI001 $14.00<br />

ADIAŬ, KUZKO!, Oldich KNÍCHAL. A young South-American doctor’s involvement in left wing revolutionary activity in Latin America,<br />

loosely based on the life of Ernesto “Che” Guevara. 1987. 88p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711735<br />

ADI001 $7.90<br />

ADOLESKO, Blazio VAHA. Autobiographical story of a Hungarian Catholic Esperantist. 1987. 242p. 195x140. Paper. Hungary-Finland.<br />

ISBN 9635711727<br />

ADO002 $11.70<br />

AKBAR, P. A. S. VAN LIMBURK BROUWER. Trans. J. C. & J. R. G. ISBRUCKER & J. ZIERMAN. Novel about a real Hindu king from the<br />

16 th century. Second edition 1936. 215p. 200x150. Bound. Netherlands.<br />

AKB001 $8.90<br />

ALFLUGINTA MONTO, HUA Jiqing, ed. Trans. HAO Duoren. Another in a series of collections of Chinese folk tales. This little volume<br />

presents twelve short legends from the region of the Yangtze river delta. Charming stories written in simple, but not simplistic, style.<br />

1999. 62p. 180x110. Paper. China. ISBN 7505203304<br />

ALF001 $5.00<br />

ALIA PASINTECO, LA, Rico BULTHUIS. Trans. Julia ISBRUCKER. This novel tells the story of a man who is arrested by the police under<br />

suspicious circumstances. When his amnesia is discovered, he is committed to a sanatorium. 1952. 292p. 195x130. Bound. Netherlands.<br />

ALI001 $8.90<br />

ALIAJ TEMPOJ, Edith WHARTON. Trans. Edwin GROBE. Although Professor Grobe calls this series “Klasikaj usonaj noveloj”, this is<br />

rather a little-known gem, which is indeed worthy of promotion to “classic” status. 1999. 23p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ALI003 $3.90<br />

ALICO EN MIRLANDO, Lewis CARROLL. Trans. Donald BROADRIBB. Not only a charming translation of this classic story; it is a recreation<br />

of the original, with the same drawings by John Tenniell. Even the silly poems (You are old, Father William, Lobster quadrille, etc.)<br />

retain their elegance. 1999 (2 nd ed., 2 nd printing). 79p. 195x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

ALI004 $7.40<br />

ALIENISTO, LA, Machado DE ASSIS. Trans. Paulo Sergio VIANA. This novella about a psychologist and his influence on a Brazilian<br />

village asks questions about sanity and society. 1997. 95p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ALI002 $9.10<br />

ALTA AKVO, LA, István NEMERE. A psychological novel from the Hungarian master of <strong>Esperanto</strong> prose. 1985. 129p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Hungary. ISBN 963571159X<br />

ALT002 $11.20<br />

AMARA PANO, Jószef DARVAS. Translated from Hungarian by Ladislao Somlai. A novel about life in Hungary around the time of the<br />

first world war. Note: pages uncut. N.d. 111 p. 215x155. Paper. Denmark.<br />

AMA003 $12.70<br />

AMERIKA SKIZLIBRO, Petro BRAŬN. This collection of personal vignettes gives a rich look at life in the <strong>USA</strong> with special focus on the<br />

landscape and its influence. 1996. 59p. 205x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>-Denmark.<br />

AME001 $5.00<br />

AMARO. Sten JOHANSSON. 30 serious, humorous, psychological and satirical short stories by a Swedish master of short literature in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. Several of these stories have won awards in UEA's "Belartaj Konkursoj". "Jen finfine aperis la sopirata verko de nia literatura<br />

majstro kaj lingva soræisto, la altestimata, aminda, admirinda kaj amorinda Sten Johansson", enthusiastically writes Marina<br />

Korinklinova about this book, though reviewer Reinhold Haupenberg somewhat less enthusiastically endorses it as follows: "Æi produkto<br />

ne literaturas øi konsistas el fek-papero per kiu Johansson viþis sian merdan kaj sange bugritan pugon!" 2005. 222 p. 210x140. Paper.<br />

Brazil.<br />

AMA004 $24.70<br />

AMIKO EL LA JUNAĜO DE MAIGRET. Georges SIMENON. After Maigret hezitas and Maigret kaj la maljuna damo, the third <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

version of a novel about the world-famous French inspector-detective. Worth reading from a learning viewpoint as well, because it is very<br />

heavy on dialogue. Series Mondliteraturo #13. 2005. 124 p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

AMI001 $17.00<br />

AMPAROLO, Istvan NEMERE. Fifteen short stories about encounters between people, by one of Hungary's - and <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s - best and

18 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

most renowned writers. 1997. 80p. 210x145. Paper. Sweden.<br />

AMP001 $10.10<br />

AMULETO, LA, Conrad Ferdinand MEYER. Trans. Reinhard HAUPENTHAL. Short story from the melancholy period of one of the<br />

greatest Swiss writers. 1987. 48p. 205x135. Paper. Germany. ISSN 01791044<br />

AMU005 $11.80<br />

ANNA FRANK NE ESTAS DE HIERAŬ, Mies BOUHUYS. Trans. Nora BARTELS. New version of the famous history of Anne Frank. 1982.<br />

194p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ANN001 $13.00<br />

ANO DE L’ RINGLUDO, Dinko ŜIMUNOVIĈ. Trans. Fran JANJIĈ. Emotional short story about life in the Croatian countryside. 1926.<br />

86p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

ANO001 $2.10<br />

ANTAŬ DU MIL JAROJ, Francisco Cândido XAVIER. Translated from Portuguese by L. C. Porto Carreiro Neto. The spirit Emanuelo<br />

tells of the early days of the Roman Empire and the time of Christ. 1993. 453p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ANT009 $3.90<br />

ANTAŬPAROLO DE “KROMVELO”, Edwin GROBE. This clever novella deals with the influence of Marlena Dietrich on the minds of<br />

post-war American students. 1994. 19p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ANT001 $1.70<br />

APENAŬ PAPILIOJ EN BERGEN-BELSEN, Trevor STEELE. A serious novel about Germany, which addresses many disturbing issues of<br />

WW2 and its aftermath. 1994. 148p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3851820177<br />

APE001 $24.90<br />

ARDES, B. TORNADO (pseud.). Is this a science-fiction novel well-spiced with poems, or a series of poems with a tale woven around them<br />

for context You decide! Either way, it’s a richly imaginative and colorful display of story-telling. 1996. 180p. 200x130. Paper. Russia.<br />

ISBN 5716100260<br />

ARD001 $9.40<br />

ARD002 (CD-ROM MP3) $24.50<br />

ARBO DE LA SCIADO, LA. Pío BAROJA. Trans. Fernando de Diego. The best-known novel by the greatest Spanish author of the 20th<br />

century, a novel that typifies "the generation of '98" (the year in which Spain finally lost her last overseas possessions to the upstart<br />

United States). Stafeto series "Belliteratura Serio" #31. 1973. 232p. 220x160. Paper. Spain.<br />

ARB002 $5.80<br />

ARNE, LA ĈEFIDO. Leif NORDENSTORM. A short novel about a village in Scandinavia in the year 829, where Vikings and Christian<br />

missionaries collide. Illustrated by Pavel Rak. 2005. 112 p. 160x115. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-77-9.<br />

ARN001 $8.70<br />

AUSTRALIA FELIX, Trevor STEELE. Eleven stories ranging in length from short-short to novella and concentrating on the major<br />

anomalies in the Australian life-style and the historical treatment, and its current results, of the Australian aborigine. 1999. 132p.<br />

230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series “Originala Literaturo” #29. ISBN 3-901752-15-3.<br />

AUS004 $16.50<br />

AŬTUNO EN LA PRINTEMPO, BA Jin. Trans. Laŭlum. Touching story exposing the tragic results of a rigid adherence to the tradition of<br />

arranged marriage. Illustrations by YAO Youxin. 1980. 97p. 210x150. Paper. China.<br />

AUT003 $4.30<br />

AVENTUROJ DE ĈASISTETO DUM EKSPEDICIADO, ĈEN Ŝjaŭji. Trans. HŬANG Fengĝu. Collection of twelve short stories for children<br />

and beginners. Illustrations by HU Hŭanĵan. 1988. 81p. 185x120. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200321<br />

AVE005 $4.00<br />

AVENTUROJ DE JONATANO GULLIBLE, LA. Ken SCHOOLLAND. Trans. ¬enja Amis. Inspired by Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, a<br />

Libertarian excursion into a very familiar economic dystopia. Many illustrations by Randall Lavarias. 2006. 143p. 215x145. Paper.<br />

Russia. ISBN 5716101577.<br />

AVE007 $21.20<br />

AVENTUROJ DE PINOKJO, LA, Carlo COLLODI (Carlo LORENZINI). Translated by Jozefo HORVATH. The famous children's novel<br />

about the puppet who wanted to become a real boy. Illustrated by Enrico Marzanti. 2003. 157 p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90<br />

71205 91 6.<br />

AVE004 $15.80<br />

AVENTUROJ DE TOĈJO SAŬJERO, LA, Mark TWAIN. Trans. Edwin GROBE. This is the beginning of a huge project about which we<br />

should all rejoice: Grobe is translating all of Tom Sawyer and will release it in segments. Follow the work in progress serially, rather like<br />

19 th century readers might have read novels of Dickens, Balzac et al. 1999. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

Vol. 1. 17p.<br />

AVE001 $2.80<br />

Vol. 2. 22p.<br />

AVE003 $2.90<br />

BADENLANDA LEGENDARO DE LA KONSTANCA LAGO, Benoît PHILIPPE. 100 legends and anecdotes from the region of Lake

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 19<br />

Konstanz, where Germany meets Switzerland meets Austria. Besides being interesting, most of these are shorter than a single page, and<br />

so suitable as reading exercises. 1998. 127p. 200x130. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-39-6.<br />

BAD001 $10.20<br />

BAGASEJO, LA, José Américo DE ALMEIDA. Trans. Geraldo MATTOS. Historically significant novel about life in north-eastern Brazil.<br />

1985. 176p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BAG003 $9.10<br />

BAGATELARO. Johan Hammond ROSBACH. An early collection of 21 short stories by an author who has treated <strong>Esperanto</strong> readers to<br />

his work for half a century. 1951. 175 p. 200x135. Paper. Norway.<br />

BAG001 $9.50<br />

BAPTOFILINO, LA, Jon MIRANDE. Translated from Basque by Joxemari Sarasua. A short novel about an unusual love. 2002. 94p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BAP002 $12.70<br />

BARBARAJ PROZAĴOJ, Prudenci BERTRANA. Trans. Jaume Grau CASAS. Four short stories by an eminent writer in the Catalan<br />

language. 1926. 59p. 190x120. Paper. Germany.<br />

BAR001 $2.30<br />

BARKOJ EL AKVO, Ivan ŜPOLJAREC (ed.). An excellent collection of 22 short stories from modern Croatia, translated by various, with<br />

subjects ranging from the political (“Premio” by Nedjeljko Fabrio) through fantasy (“Ne pekas la plandoj” by Ivan Aralica) to the avantgarde<br />

(“Rip Kirby kaj la Sfinkso-Demando” by Josip Cvenic). Includes an introductory overview of Croatian prose in the second half of<br />

the 20th century, by Julijana Matanovic. 1998. 245p. 200x140. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-96010-8-8.<br />

BAR003 $13.40<br />

BATALO DE L' VIVO, LA, Charles DICKENS. Trans by L. L. ZAMENHOF.| One of Zamenhof's earliest translations from English<br />

literature (it preceded his Hamlet by three years) of one of Charles Dickens' shorter and lesser-known works. 1982 (reprint). 93p.<br />

200x145. Paper. Germany.<br />

BAT002 $9.70<br />

BATO, LA, Lena KARPUNINA. A collection of largely autobiographical episodes depicting life in Tajikistan, told in simple and fluent style<br />

that is easy to understand, and through which clearly shines the charm of the ordinary people living in the mountains villages and cities.<br />

2000. 125p. 250x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205878<br />

BAT001 $13.20<br />

BELA PETVETURANTINO, LA, Leopold VERMEIREN. Trans. Lode VAN DE VELDE. Six erotic stories from the author of La nuda feino<br />

and La ludanta lumo. Sophisticated psychological insights. 1996. 76p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205673<br />

BEL001 $10.40<br />

BELECO DE MERAB, LA, Torgny LINDGREN. Translated by Sten JOHANSSON. Nine short stories with a religious bent looking back to<br />

life in northern Sweden in the first half of the 20th century, by an award-winning Swedish author. 1995. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

BEL002 $6.70<br />

LA BESTO DE VAKARESO, Joseph d'ARBAUD. Translated from Occitan (Provençal) by Jean-Luc Tortel. A short novel from the great<br />

treeless marshes at the mouth of the Rhône River. "Was it madness, swamp fever or a magic spirit that persecuted a medieval cowboy of<br />

the Camargue Unable to confide in anyone because of the Holy Inquisition, will he be able to reach a truce with the spirit, risking both<br />

his cattle and his very life" Undated (late 1990s). 95p. 200x130. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-40-X.<br />

BES001 $8.10<br />

BESTO-FARMO, LA, George ORWELL. Trans. Gerald TUCKER. Although Orwell had personal reasons to resent the International<br />

Language, the <strong>Esperanto</strong> world has no need to shun his work. Animal Farm deals with many of the linguistic issues which naturally<br />

intrigue Esperantists. Illustrations by Josep IPFELKOFER. Second edition 1970. 108p. 175x125. Paper. Germany.<br />

BES004 $14.50<br />

BESTOJ KAJ HOMOJ, Bernard GOLDEN. Collection of short stories by one of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s most prolific authors. Stories previously<br />

published in many <strong>Esperanto</strong> periodicals. 1986. 137p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360355<br />

BES002 $13.50<br />

BILDLIBRO SEN BILDOJ. H. C. ANDERSEN. Trans. Birthe TRÆRUP. The great Danish storyteller recounts "What the moon saw" in<br />

thirty-three short vignettes, today little-known and rarely collected in the more usual publications of Andersen's fairy tales. 2005. 56 p.<br />

200x145. Paper. Denmark. ISBN 8709537068.<br />

BIL004 $18.30<br />

BILDOJ PRI NORDA LANDO KAJ ALIAJ RAKONTOJ. Sen RODIN. 32 short stories about life in Scandinavia as seen by an Italian<br />

author, followed by 19 somewhat longer tales of a more general nature. Series "Stafeto" #30. 2006. 360p. 205x130. Paper. Belgium. ISBN<br />

9077066225.<br />

BIL005 $37.20<br />

BLANKAJ NOKTOJ, Fjodor DOSTOJEVSKIJ. Six novellas by Russia's greatest 19th century prose author. Includes "Malriĉaj homoj", "Sozio", "Honesta<br />

ºtelisto", "Blankaj noktoj", "Misfortuna historio" and "Noticoj el la kelo". First in a projected series of selected works by Dostojevskij in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Limited edition<br />

(500 copies). 2003. 448p. 210x150. Bound. Russia.<br />

BLA002 $43.20

20 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

BLINDA BIRDO, LA, István NEMERE. Novel about the present situation in a country controlled by oppression and state-sponsored<br />

injustice. Second edition 1987. 118p. 200x135. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711956<br />

BLI001 $6.50<br />

BONA RIDO. Axel A. HELM. An old Swedish proverb says: "A good laugh will increase your life span." If so, this joke collection should<br />

keep you going to well beyond 100. 1965. 85 p. 185x120. Paper. Sweden.<br />

BON012 $7.00<br />

BONA SINJORINO, Eliza ORZESZKO. Trans. Kabe. Exciting and tragic presentation of a woman’s capriciousness. Second edition 1924.<br />

56p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

BON005 $1.30<br />

BRULANTA KASTELO, LA, Leopold VERMEIREN. Trans. Ivo DURWAEL. An interesting story which reveals many aspects about<br />

medieval European life. Suitable for anybody who enjoys historical fiction about knights and courtly matters. 1997. 48p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 9071205711<br />

BRU001 $5.10<br />

BUKEDO AL VI, Div. Collection of very short stories illustrating Chinese life. 1984. 95p. 180x110. Paper. China.<br />

BUK001 $3.20<br />

CECILJA, Felix TIMMERMANS. Trans. Lode DORES, Pierre ANSELME, Eugeen PAESMANS. Three short stories, “pearls of the Dutch<br />

literature” linked to the Flemish people and culture, but radiating joie de vivre. Illustrated by the author. 2000. 106p. 200x130. Paper.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 9071205819<br />

CEC001 $12.20<br />

CENT ĈINAJ FABLOJ. Jingmin (ed.). Trans. Yu Tao and Wang Lihua. Actually, 103 short (usually one-page) morality fables from<br />

China, in straightforward <strong>Esperanto</strong> suitable for the early student. 1999. 146p. 180x110. Paper. China. ISBN 7-5052-0443-2.<br />

CEN005 $8.30<br />

CEZARO, Mirko JELUŜIĈ. Trans. Ivo ROTKVIĈ. A broadly sweeping historical novel about the life of Julius Caesar. A lively and colorful<br />

evocation of ancient Rome, considered a masterpiece of European literature. Second edition 1997. 486p. 200x130. Bound. Croatia.<br />

CEZ001 $36.50<br />

CIKATRO DE AMO, V. EROŜENKO. Trans. from Chinese by SHI Chengtai and Guozhu, and from Japanese by MINE Yositaka, who<br />

compiled the book. Short stories by the Russian blind “poet”originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, but published in Chinese, then, decades<br />

later, retranslated into <strong>Esperanto</strong>. With an historical sketch by Shi Chengtai of the author’s time in China. 1996. 113p. 180x130. Paper.<br />

Japan. ISBN 4930785448<br />

CIK002 $8.40<br />

CIKONI-KALIFO, LA, Miĥaelo BABITS. Trans. Karlo BODÓ. A profound novel from one of Hungary’s most important poets. Touching<br />

story of a split personality. 1929. 187p. 170x105. Paper. Germany.<br />

CIK001 $4.00<br />

ĈAPO DE LA STERKO-VERMO, LA, Georgo KAMAĈO. Even notebooks can be interesting when the subject matter is controversial and<br />

the writer a respected author. Kamaĉo discusses psychedelic drugs in many contexts. A valuable look at the mind of the poet. 1995. 20p.<br />

295x210. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

CAP001 $6.20<br />

ĈE AKVORANDO, SHI Nai'an & LUO Guanzhong . Translated by Laŭlum. This famous three-volume Chinese novel about a bandits'<br />

rebellion against a corrupt dynasty and its armies, one of the four great Chinese novels, is the Chinese equivalent of "Robin Hood".<br />

American readers may better recognize it by the name Pearl Buck gave it when she translated an abridged version: All Men Are Brothers.<br />

Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #34. 2004. 584 + 633 + 613 p. 210x130. Paper. China. ISBN 7-119-03637-8.<br />

CEA004 $75.00<br />

ĈERIZA ĜARDENO. Anton ĈEĤOV. 34 short stories and two plays by a classmate of Zamenhof's who went on to become the greatest<br />

master of the Russian short story of the end of the 19th century. Volume 10 in the series "Rusa literaturo". 2004. 351 p. 210x150.<br />

Bound. Russia.<br />

CER002 $40.40<br />

ĈIELARKA ESTONTO, Carmel MALLIA. A novel of love set in wartime Malta, by the well-known Maltese Esperantist author, poet and<br />

translator. 2002. 112p. 210x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1-882251-34-2.<br />

CIE002 $12.50<br />

ĈU LI VENIS TRAKOSME, Johán VALANO. Spies and space add spice to the third of the detective books of Jano Karal. 1980. 144p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Belgium-Spain. ISBN 9063360193<br />

CUL002 $11.80<br />

ĈU ŜI MORTU TRA-FIKE, Johán BALANO. The fifth adventure of police detective Jano Karal, this time involving ... oh, sorry, I can't<br />

say in a family-oriented magazine. 2000. 74p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #32. ISBN 3-901752-18-8.<br />

CUS001 $20.10<br />

ĈU VI KUIRAS ĈINE , Johán VALANO. The first of the adventures of police detective Jano Karal, his psychologist wife Øoja and their<br />

nephew Stefano, this time in the hunt for the murderer of a young revolutionary. 1996. 135p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series<br />

"Originala Literaturo" #20. ISBN 3-901752-02-1.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 21<br />

CUV002 $21.80<br />

ĈUNHJANG. Trans. CHO Sung Ho. Fidelity, loyalty and honesty are the themes of this collection of three folk stories from Korea.<br />

Illustrations by SONG Jang Gŭon. Third edition 1989. 40p. Paper. S. Korea.<br />

CUN002 $6.00<br />

DAJZINJO MILERO. Henry JAMES. Trans. Edwin Grobe. Daisy Miller, a classic late 19th century tale of young Americans in Europe and<br />

their relationships, improper and otherwise, with Europeans and with each other. 2005. 37p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DAJ001 $8.70<br />

DANCANTE KUN BARBANJO. Edwin GROBE. Short original tale of how a high-school encounter can change fifty years of one's life.<br />

1997. 19p. 210x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DAN005 $3.10<br />

DE JEĤEZKEL AL MALAĤI. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Volume 6 of the second part of the "iam kompletigota verkaro de l. l. zamenhof".<br />

Contains facsimiles of Zamenhof's original typescripts of his translations of 23 books from the Old Testament. 1987. 438p. 295x205.<br />

Paper. Japan. NOTE: SOLD ONLY WITH De Josuo al Jeremia. NOTE: This is a discontinued item, and only one copy remains in<br />

stock.<br />

IVZ020 $42.60<br />

DE JOSUO AL JEREMIA. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Volume 5 of the second part of the "iam kompletigota verkaro de l. l. zamenhof". Contains<br />

facsimiles of Zamenhof's original typescripts of his translations of eight books from the Old Testament. In a foreword, Gaston Waringhien<br />

explains how and why these may, in many places, differ from the versions attributed to Zamenhof and published in the Bible Society<br />

edition of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> Bible. 1987. 487p. 295x205. Paper. Japan. NOTE: SOLD ONLY WITH De Jeĥezkel al Malaĥi. NOTE: This is a<br />

discontinued item, and only one copy remains in stock.<br />

IVZ019 $42.60<br />

DE PATRONIA AL ŜEKSPIR'. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Zamenhof's literary writings and translations from the appearance of the "Unua Libro"<br />

in 1887, through the period of "La Esperantisto", and concluding with his entire translation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" Illustrated. 1984.<br />

Pages are not numbered, but there would appear to be 400-500 of them. 220x155. Paper. Japan. NOTE: This is a discontinued item,<br />

and only three copies remain in stock.<br />

IVZ014 $30.50<br />

DE VILAĜO AL ĈEFURBO, GBEGLO Koffi. The story of an intelligent African student. Easy and enjoyable style. 1993. 32p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Netherlands.<br />

DEV002 $4.70<br />

DEK DU SEØOJ. Ilja ILF & Evgenij PETROV. Trans. by A. Kerbel. One of the main works of early Soviet humor. The main character<br />

Ostap Bender — whose name became a synonym for "con man" in Russian of the Soviet period — seeks a diamond treasure hidden in<br />

one of twelve chairs during the Russian revolution. 2006. 250p. 210x150. Paper. Israel.<br />

DEK011 $18.10<br />

DEK TAGOJ DE KAPITANO POSTNIKOV. Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. A historical novel about ten days in the early <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement,<br />

centered on the notorious Russian Captain A. A. Postnikov. The action covers Russia, the World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Washington DC,<br />

and all points between. 2004. 332p. 205x140. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5860380275.<br />

DEK007 $33.30<br />

DEMIAN. Hermann HESSE. Trans. by Detlef Karthaus. A novel about the often complicated way taken by young people to self-discovery<br />

or self-recognition, before everything by those young people who, like Hesse himself, as adolescents feel themselves more loners than<br />

parts of groups of their contemporaries. 2007. 141 p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 978-1-59569-066-1.<br />

DEM001 $16.95<br />

DENASKA KONGRESANO KAJ ALIAJ NOVELOJ, Sten JOHANSSON. Nine early short stories by a recent master of the craft. All are<br />

enjoyable, but two in particular -- "Nils Lapono", a jaundiced view of how history is written, and "La viro kiu restos", a vignette which<br />

seems by its style to come from a very unusual language textbook, are worth the price of admission by themselves. 1992. 46p. 210x145.<br />

Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-630-1344-4.<br />

DEN001 $6.50<br />

DEZERTO DE LA TATAROJ, LA, Dino BUZZATI. Trans. Daniele MISTRETTA. One of Buzzati’s most well-known novels. Addresses such<br />

important themes as the impact of solitude, the necessity of waiting, the dignity of optimism. 1992. 172p. 210x140. Bound. Italy. ISBN<br />

887036058X<br />

DEZ001 $14.80<br />

DIA KOLERO, Edwin GROBE. This novella deals with the nature of sin and its unforeseen consequences. An amusing autobiographical<br />

story set in pre-war rural Missouri. 1994. 23p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DIA001 $1.90<br />

DIALOGO INTER SURDULOJ. Jean CODJO. Tale of a black African who became a "white man" and his relationship with the village from<br />

which he came. 2007. 52p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 77066 26 8.<br />

DIA006 $10.10<br />

DIAMANTO TIEL GRANDA KIEL RIC-HOTELO, LA, F. Scott FITZGERALD. Trans Edwin GROBE. Here is a great way to discover (or rediscover)<br />

an excellent short-story from one of America’s best-known but least-read authors. 1999. 30p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DIA002 $4.30

22 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

DIINO HERTHA, Kálmán KALOCSAY. A book showing another facet of the great Kalocsay – that of a short story writer. Five little known<br />

stories which undoubtedly enrich the original literature in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1992. 71p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DII001 $9.60<br />

DIRDRI KAJ LA FILOJ DE USNAĤ, Adrian Roland HOLST. Trans. Christian DECLERCK. One of the pearls of Dutch literature from the<br />

first half of our century, this short novel set in Ireland was inspired by Celtic legend. 1988. 51p. 210x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN<br />

907120524X<br />

DIR001 $6.40<br />

DIS! Sten JOHANSSON. A short original novel by a Swedish master of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> short story, described as “not only amusing but<br />

also half serious, touching at times the depths of human contacts and love relationships.” 2001. 135p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN<br />

9071205959<br />

DIS003 $13.60<br />

DIVERSKOLORE. Trevor STEELE. A collection of short prose works by the author of Sed nur fragmento, Falantaj muroj and La<br />

fotoalbumo. Includes nine essays from the author's recent visit (as a teacher of <strong>Esperanto</strong>) to India, seven essays from other countries,<br />

five reviews and four short stories. 2005. 112 p. 200x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

DIV003 $13.30<br />

DOKTORO GLAS, Hjalmar SÖDERBERG. Translated by Sten Johansson. A novel about a murder committed with the best of intentions.<br />

1997. 88p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-973467-2-1.<br />

DOK002 $9.30<br />

D-RO JEKYLL KAJ S-RO HYDE, Robert Louis STEVENSON. Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. Recent translation of the famous novel about<br />

a respectable doctor and his monstrous other side. 1985. 93p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DRO002 $9.40<br />

DORMANTA GRAFINO, LA, Ivan G. ŜIRJAEV. Twelve short stories and novelettes by one of the earliest and best <strong>Esperanto</strong> prose<br />

stylists. Includes "Venĝo", which was chosen for the short- story collection Trezoro. 1993. 157p. 240x170. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-85182-<br />

021-5.<br />

DOR002 $13.40<br />

DORMANTA HEJMARO. Manashi DASGUPTA. Trans. Probal Dasgupta. What kind of participation in the Nakshalist guerilla movement<br />

in Bengal does the adolescent Ŝontu see for himself Will the parliamentary leftists among his "uncles" in Calcutta help him find less<br />

extreme channels What sort of destiny will their incapability of seeing force on him 2006. 239p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN<br />

9077066209.<br />

DOR003 $26.10<br />

DORSOSAKO DE PANJO RUT', LA, Sandor J. BAKO & Claude PIRON. Ten short stories by Sandor Bako, a too-little-known<br />

Hungarian Esperantist author of the mid-twentieth century (from the book Tiaj ni estas) and seven short stories by Claude Piron. "Written<br />

in beautiful and simple language ... [suitable] for new <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers who want to start reading and, through reading, improve their<br />

competence in the language" (Herbert Mayer). 1995. 109p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. Series "Original Literature" #12. ISBN 3-85182-028-<br />

2.<br />

DOR001 $20.10<br />

DU NOVELOJ. William FAULKNER. Translated by Edwin Grobe. Contains <strong>Esperanto</strong> translations of “Dry September” and “A Rose for<br />

Emily”. 2003. 20 p. 215x180. Paper. United States.<br />

DUN001 $3.40<br />

DU VIRINOJ, Harry MULISCH. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. For the first time in her life Laura went to bed with a woman. What feelings<br />

does she experience as a result Guilt, liberation, enthusiasm, the feeling that she has left something behind 1992. 140p. 210x140.<br />

Paper. Brazil.<br />

DUV001 $13.30<br />

DUA INVADO DE MARSANOJ, Arkadij & Boris STRUGACKIJ. Trans. Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. The Strugatsky brothers are undeniable<br />

masters of the art of science fiction. This is no exercise in violence and heroics, rather a thought-provoking exploration of a possible<br />

parallel history. 1998. 111p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100449<br />

DUA001 $8.20<br />

DUM VI ESTIS KUN NI, István NEMERE. The theme of this novel is the “easy death”: euthanasia. The author asks the question whether<br />

one has the right to help his incurably ill “brother” cross the threshold between life and death. 1988. 165p. 200x135. Paper. Hungary.<br />

ISBN 9635712448<br />

DUM002 $12.20<br />

DURANKULAK, Sabira STÅHLBERG. This fantasy brings a traveler to a rarely-visited land somewhere between Moscow and infinity,<br />

beyond dream and reality. The residents there have secrets not only because they are little known: they seem to enjoy and perhaps even<br />

cultivate their own sense of mystery. 1998. 78p. 200x135. Paper. Bulgaria. ISBN 9549637026<br />

DUR001 $11.20<br />

EGIPTA DANCISTINO, La, Leopold VERMEIREN. Trans. Lode van de VELDE. Three erotic stories which are artistic and romantic, rather<br />

than pornographic. The author uses the same characters already well-known in his earlier collections: Nuda feino, Ludanta Lumo and<br />

Bela petveturantino. Marko the poet creates for his beloved Silvia a series of stories based on three words which she gives. 1999. 92p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205797

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 23<br />

EGI001 $14.80<br />

EKSTREMOJ, FERNANDEZ, Jorge CAMACHO, Gonçalo NEVES, Liven DEK. Following up their poetic success as the "Iberia Skolo",<br />

these four authors – one Portuguese, three Spanish – offer us 28 short stories. From the series "Originala Literaturo" no. 26. 1997. 207p.<br />

230x150. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-901752-10-2.<br />

EKS002 $19.50<br />

EL LA “CAMERA OBSCURA”, Hildebrand. Trans. H. C. MEES. Collection of three short stories from the Camera Obscura which occupies<br />

a unique place in Dutch literature. 1923. 64p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

ELL007 $2.20<br />

EL LA SKIZLIBRO. Trans. H. L. ELVIN. Collection of short stories by the first great American author, Washington IRVING. Includes Rip<br />

Van Winkle, and others. 1924. 65p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

ELL002 $3.00<br />

EL LA VIVO DE BERVALA SENTAŬGULO, Louis BEAUCAIRE. Witty, “indecent” <strong>Esperanto</strong>-related stories. Reprint 1989. 136p.<br />

180x120. Paper. Spain-Netherlands. ISBN 8440076371<br />

ELL004 $9.80<br />

EL TERO KAJ ETERO. Julia PIÓRO. Eight easy but interesting short stories by a mid-century Esperantist authoress from Poland.<br />

Stafeto series "Beletraj Kajeroj" #23. 1964. 115p. 190x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

ELT002 $3.00<br />

ELEKTITAJ FABELOJ, Fratoj GRIMM. Trans by Kabe. 28 of the famous fairy-tales of the Brothers Grimm, translated elegantly into<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> by the early-20th-century stylist Kazimierz Bein (Kabe). Includes "Snow White" and "Cinderella". 1985 (reprint). 199p.<br />

185x125. Bound. Germany.<br />

ELE003 $23.00<br />

ELZASAJ LEGENDOJ. Trans. Charlotte PULVERS. Ten magical and miraculous folk stories from Alsace. Second edition 1924. 47p.<br />

140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

ELZ001 $1.20<br />


Niklas RÅDSTRÖM. Translated by Sten Johansson. Two stories each by six modern Swedish authors. The stories are chosen to<br />

represent a style of writing similar to "magical realism" – "the ability," according to the translator, "to find or disclose, in the midst of<br />

reality and daily life, a door to another world". 1996. 84p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

ENL002 $8.00<br />

ENIGMO DE L’ AR@NEO, LA, Abel MONTAGUT. Eladi, an 18-year-old boy, receives an anonymous death threat against his father via e-<br />

mail. Can he and his friend Kalu save his father’s life A wide-ranging crime novel set against the modern world of the internet. 2003.<br />

279 p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-01-000030-8.<br />

ENI001 $32.00<br />

ERARO, Stig JACOBSON. Illustrated by Kurt Frisk. Ten short stories about unusual people faced with unusual events. The author<br />

"wanders on a journey of exploration through the dark levels of the human subconscious" (Yenovk Lazian). 1998. 52p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Sweden. ISBN 91-973467-1-3.<br />

ERA001 $6.70<br />

EREVONO, Samuel BUTLER. The classic Utopian novel Erehwon (read it backwards!) now in <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation by Alec VENTURE.<br />

1978. 177p. 215x140. Paper. England.<br />

ERE001 $5.00<br />

FABELOJ EL LA BUDHISMA LITERATURO, Watanabe AIKO. Translated from Japanese by Yamaguti Sin'iti. Budhisma Biblioteko N-ro<br />

2. Ten traditional Buddhist stories, retold by the Japanese authoress Aiko Watanabe, with lots of color illustrations by Hatanaka Kôkyô.<br />

2002. 68p. 215x155. Bound. Japan. ISBN 4 901651 01 3.<br />

FAB001 $16.20<br />

FADENOJ DE L’ AMO, Gerrit BERVELING. A modern story about an experience in love: can three play as easily as two Will the<br />

complications be worthwhile We see the affair from all three viewpoints, which adds to the range of subtle details and the general depth<br />

of the description. 1998. 104p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

FAD001 $7.60<br />

FAJREJO. Johan Hammond ROSBACH. 25 sketches and short stories by a master of the craft of the miniature in <strong>Esperanto</strong>.<br />

Illustrated. 2002. 147 p. 200x145. Paper. Italy.<br />

FAJ002 $19.60<br />

FAJRON SENTAS MI INTERNE, Ulrich MATTHIAS. Novel about a confused young man who searches for reason, sense, human<br />

warmth. Outstanding work by a young writer. Also worth reading by parents. 1990. 97p. 205x145. Paper. Austria.<br />

FAJ001 $12.10<br />

FALĈITA KIEL FOJNO, Sten JOHANSSON. A realistic murder mystery, the first adventure of detectives Svedberg and Jankéus. Jorge<br />

Camacho says that "Johansson writes in the good language which he masters with the expressiveness, elasticity and elegance of – why<br />

not – Trevor Steele". 1997. 76p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

FAL003 $10.30

24 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

FALO DE LA DOMO USHER, LA, Edgar Allan POE. Trans. Edmund Grimley Evans. A new translation of Poe's famous horror classic.<br />

2002. 24p. 220x180. Paper. Russia.<br />

FAL005 $2.60<br />

FALO DE UŜERO-DOMO, LA, Edgar Allan POE. Trans. Edwin GROBE. One of the horror classics from the inventor and acknowledged<br />

master of the “short story” in English. 2000. 16p. 220x180. Brochure. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

FAL002 $2.90<br />

FAMILIO, LA, Bakin. Trans. WEI Yida. The author has been involved with literature, and with <strong>Esperanto</strong>, during most of the last<br />

century. He is currently president of the Chinese Writers Associations. This novel portrays life in a feudalistic Chinese family not unlike<br />

the one Bakin was born into. 1999. 572p. 205x145. Hardbound. China. ISBN 7505204424<br />

FAM002 $26.60<br />

FAMILIO DE PASCUAL DUARTE, LA, Camilo José CELA. Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. One of the most popular authors in Spain, Cela<br />

displays humanity’s dark side as a result of instincts and passions difficult to understand and impossible to control. 1985. 166p.<br />

180x110. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8439836236<br />

FAM001 $9.40<br />

FEBRO, István NEMERE. A tale of love and revenge from an author well-known for his outstanding style. 1984. 131p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Hungary. ISBN 9635711433<br />

FEB001 $11.50<br />

FELIĈA BIRDO, LA, Var. Three short Tibetan fairy tales: "La feliæa birdo", "Rano-rajdisto", "Øomaøi". Illustrated. 1984. 49p. 180x110.<br />

Paper. China.<br />

FEL002 $2.40<br />

FERMITA KONKO, LA, Julian MODEST. 18 short stories by a well-known author of novels and short stories in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. In the short<br />

story "La kaverno" we read: "We all leave signs on the walls of the caverns, but not all who follow us can decipher our signs." Here is<br />

where Julian Modest has left his signs. 2001. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-89432-05-3.<br />

FER002 $8.10<br />

FERMITA URBO, LA, István NEMERE. In the 26th century, in the megalopolis, people are disappearing. A new edition of Nemere's first<br />

published novel in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2000. 158p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #33. ISBN 3-901752-19-6.<br />

FER003 $20.90<br />

FILIGRANOJ EL LUMO, Divaldo P. FRANCO. Translated by Benedicto Silva. A series of prose poems, presumably channeled from the<br />

spirit of Rabindranath Tagore, in three categories: Mystical; Memories; Parables. 1976. 154p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

FIL001 $3.90<br />

FIRMAO DE LA KATO KIU PILKLUDAS, LA, Honoré DE BALZAC. Trans. Paul BENOIT. Balzac introduces us to the private life of a<br />

conservative Parisian businessman. 1924. 75p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

FIR001 $2.80<br />

FLOROJ DE L' KREPUSKO, LA. Serøo ELGO. A novel about terrorism and murder, political and otherwise, in modern Europe. The third<br />

Inspector Kramer mystery. 1995. 168 p. 200x145. Paper. Switzerland. ISBN 3-906595-08-0.<br />

FLO004 $23.70<br />

FLORVILLE KAJ COURVAL aŭ FATALECO, Markizo DE SADE. Trans. Armela LEQUINT & ¥ ak LEPUIL. One of the 11 short stories<br />

which appeared under the title The Crimes of Love, in which the author masterfully combines elegance, strength and precision. In a world<br />

of taboos and prohibitions, the main character commits two murders and three incests. 1992. 79p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

FLO001 $8.20<br />

FORA ĈIELARKO, LA, Arkadij & Boris STRUGACKIJ. Trans. Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. This might be the most “communist” novel from<br />

the Strugatsky brothers: or is it What are the implications of the invention of a transporter system like the one in Star Trek 1997. 130p.<br />

200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100422<br />

FOR004 $8.90<br />

FORKAPTITA, Robert Louis STEVENSON. Trans. Albert GOODHEIR. Stirring adventure novel set against the backdrop of 18 th century<br />

Scotland. Second edition 1989. 181p. 205x145. Paper. Scotland. ISBN 0905149017<br />

FOR002 $7.50<br />

FOTOALBUMO, LA, Trevor STEELE. The first volume of the chronicles of the O'Shea family of Queensland, Australia, as shown in a<br />

collection of short pieces built around photographs from their family album. Written in "living, normal <strong>Esperanto</strong>" (Sten Johansson).<br />

2001. 366p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #39. ISBN 3-901752-26-9.<br />

FOT001 $34.00<br />

FOTOALBUMO, LA (DUA VOLUMO). Trevor STEELE. The second volume of the chronicles of the O'Shea family of Queensland,<br />

Australia, as shown in a collection of short pieces built around photographs from their family album, carries them through the turbulent<br />

sixties and into the Vietnam War. 2005. 165p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #39/2. ISBN 3-901752-26-9.<br />

FOT002 $25.90<br />

FRAKSENO IGDRASILO, LA. Alf HENRIKSON & Edward LINDAHL. Trans. Bertil Nilsson. An outstanding "history" of the lives of the<br />

Aesir, Alfar, Giants and Humans in the great world-spanning ash tree Yggdrasil before the creation of the solar system. Tells of the Norns,

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 25<br />

how Odin created mankind, Loki and his two monstrous offspring the wolf Fenris and the Midgard Serpent, and ultimately the<br />

Fimbulwinter, Ragnarok, and the fall of the tree. Many black-and-white illustrations by Lindahl. 2005. 138p. 230x200. Paper. Sweden.<br />

ISBN 9185288330.<br />

FRA003 $35.00<br />

FREMDULO, LA, Albert CAMUS. Trans. Michel DUC GONINAZ. Famous novel by the French Nobel laureate about a man condemned to<br />

death simply because he refused to play by the rules of his society. 1993. 142p. 205x140. Paper. France. ISBN 2950243223.<br />

FRE002 $13.60<br />

FROSTA NOKTO, Bakin. Trans. Laŭlum. Novel by one of China’s greatest 20 th century novelists, about the life and death of a<br />

“meaningless intellectual” in prewar China. 1990. 301p. 220x160. Bound. China. ISBN 7505200313.<br />

FRO001 $13.30<br />

F-VORTA NEPO, LA, Edwin GROBE. This cute story deals with moral issues of cursing and the appropriate use of taboo words. 1994.<br />

23p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

FVO001 $3.10<br />

GEFIANĈOJ, LA. Alessandro MANZONI. Trans. Battista CADEI. Italian classic novel from the early 19th century about two lovers whose<br />

stars are crossed by political and religious upheaval. Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #41. 2006. 496p. 200x140. Paper. Italy. ISBN<br />

8889177233.<br />

GEF001 $49.00<br />

GERŜVINO EN PREĜEJO, Edwin GROBE. In this novella, Grobe invokes Mozart and Gershwin, calling our attention to matters<br />

aesthetic and theological. 1994. 19p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

GER004 $2.30<br />

GIMNAZIO, LA, Ŝalom ALEJĤEM. <strong>Esperanto</strong> version by L. L. Zamenhof. Japanese version by NOZIMA Yasutarô. What an international<br />

work this is! Originally written in Yiddish, translated by LLZ into <strong>Esperanto</strong>, on which the Japanese translation was based. Shalom<br />

Aleichem’s humor and humanism are legendary and well represented here. 1988. 104p. 175x105. Paper. Japan.<br />

GIM001 $8.10<br />

GOOŜ LA 'ĈELISTO, MIYAZAWA Kenzi. Translated from Japanese by Nozima Yasutarô. Nineteen short stories by the popular Japanese<br />

author. 1991. 197p. 215x155. Bound, with dust cover. Japan.<br />

GOO001 $19.70<br />

GRANDA AVENTURO, LA, Ferenc SZILÁGYI. The humor of these fifteen short stories, sometimes true sometimes not, is greatly varied.<br />

Ranging from humorous, sad or satirical to tragic. But than again, so is life. Second edition 1989. 151p. 200x125. Paper. Hungary. ISBN<br />

9635712642<br />

GRA006 $10.40<br />

GRANDA MEAULNES, LA, Alain FOURNIER. Trans. Roger BERNARD. Adolescent love is the basis for this somewhat autobiographical<br />

novel. This is the only completed work of Henri (Alain) Fournier. 1976. 222p. 210x150. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8440061964<br />

GRA004 $14.50<br />

ĜIS REVIDO KROKODILIDO, Sten JOHANSSON. 15 amusing and easy-to-read short stories. The first eight are on general topics; the<br />

last seven have to do with life (as some might imagine it) in <strong>Esperanto</strong>-land. 1996. 69p. 210x145. Paper. Sweden.<br />

GIS001 $10.00<br />

HANDBOOK OF VOLAPÜK. Andrew DRUMMOND. An amusing pastiche/parody of the struggle between proponents of Volapük and<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> in Scotland at the beginning of the 1890s. Enjoyable novel, in English. Includes some Volapük lessons for the interested.<br />

2006. 320 p. 215x140. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 1904598676.<br />

HAN001 $19.90<br />

HELPA MANO, Edwin GROBE. A short story from the author’s student years. Rich with literary allusions and lofty sentiment. 1994. 26p.<br />

215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

HEL001 $2.80<br />

HENRIKO VIKENBURGO KAJ LA VULTUR-MINEJO, Edwin GROBE. From the series “Pages from Arizona History”. 1993. 12p.<br />

215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

HEN001 $1.10<br />

HIERAŬ–HODIAŬ–MORGAŬ, Bernard GOLDEN. Twelve short stories by a prolific author. Stories previously published in <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

periodicals. 1982. 96p. 210x150. Paper. Belgium-Spain. ISBN 9063360223<br />

HIE001 $8.70<br />

HIGIENO DE L’ MURDISTO, Amélie NOTHOMB. Trans. Armela LEQUINT & Ĵak LEPUIL. This is the first novel from a writer who burst<br />

onto the literary scene just a few years ago with this incredible popular criminal story, which is much more than a genre piece. Many<br />

levels of truth and secrecy commingle in this complex tale of a writer who has won the Nobel prize ans now is written about, which leads<br />

to interviews revealing further secrets. 1999. 151p. 195x125. Hardbound. Poland. ISBN 8371981692<br />

HIG001 $11.60<br />

HISTORIETOJ DE LA SIUOJ, Luther Standing Bear. Trans. William R. HARMON. Illustrations by Moton STOOPS. Everybody who<br />

liked the first volume, Mia indiana knabeco, will want this one, too! Not autobiographical like the previous book, this presents a collection<br />

of legends of the Sioux people. 1999. 59p. 215x155. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251253

26 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

HIS005 $4.80<br />

HOBITO, LA, J.R.R. TOLKIEN. Trans. Christopher GLEDHILL, poetry trans. William AULD. The Hobbit is the novel that introduces<br />

Middle Earth, Tolkien's fantasy land of hobbits, elves, wizards and many other wondrous creatures. It sets the stage for the Lord of the<br />

Rings trilogy, one of the most-loved fantasy adventures of the 20 th century. 2005. 224p. 200x250. Paper. Russia.<br />

HOB001 $17.10<br />

HODLER EN MOSTAR. Spomenka ŠTIMEC. An original historical novel about two paintings, which have disappeared, painted by<br />

Ferdinand Hodler, the father of Hector Hodler, the founder of the Universala <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Asocio. 2006. 105p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN<br />

9788870360738.<br />

HOD001 $23.00<br />

HOHOKAMAJ FANTOMOJ, Edwin GROBE. This learned modern ghost story is full of flavors of the U.S. Southwest. A fun read with a<br />

surprise ending. 1994. 23p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

HOH001 $3.40<br />

HOMARO INTER 2160-3600, LA, Gerard COOL. An esoteric and utopian science-fiction novel that follows mankind’s evolution through<br />

a millennium and a half. A sequel to La misio de SAVA. 2002. 174p. 200x140. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

HOM004 $17.60<br />

HOMARO POST 5040 JARO, LA, Gerard COOL. Fourth and last of the series of utopian SF novels that began with Sava la savontino.<br />

n.d. 209 p. 205x140. Paper. Bulgaria. ISBN 054-684-086-6.<br />

HOM005 $18.40<br />

HORO KAJ LA VICO DE AŬGUSTO MATRAGA, LA, João Guimarães ROSA. Trans. Leopold H. KNOEDT. A story of a simple animal<br />

breeder and the complex wisdom he gleans from his surroundings. Although the author is famed for his difficult style, this story is an<br />

exception in its easy elegance. 1997. 63p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

HOR001 $11.00<br />

HUNDO DE FLANDRIO, OUIDA. Translated from English by Lode van de Velde. "A touching, classical short novel about the love between<br />

a boy and a dog in a hostile world. The story is reminiscent of a Christmas carol." 2004. 50 p. 210x150. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 77066<br />

08 X.<br />

HUN001 $9.90<br />

HUNGARAJ RAKONTOJ, Ferenc HERCZEG. Trans. A. PANAJOTT. Four short stories written during the first 20 years of this century.<br />

Second edition 1925. 48p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

HUN006 $1.40<br />

HURA! Julio BAGHY. Satirical/philosophical novel of social criticism with a very complicated plot. One of the classics of the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

literature. Second edition 1986. 426p. 180x115. Card-stock. Hungary. ISBN 9635711670<br />

HUR001 $22.30<br />

IMPERIO ORNAKS, LA, A. THORKENT. Trans. Liven DEK. This science-fiction short novel is published by the editors of the popular<br />

“Sferoj” series. Action-packed and cosmic in scope. 1994. 96p. 165x110. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8460524574<br />

IMP004 $4.60<br />

INDIANAJ VIZAĜOJ DE HODIAŬA ARIZONO, Edwin GROBE. This booklet has 24 one-page descriptions of individual American Indians<br />

currently living in Arizona. Includes <strong>Esperanto</strong>-English glossary. 2000. 31p. 210x175. Paperback. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

IND002 $2.60<br />

INFERIO, Hindrik Jan BULTHUIS. Three young men who grew up in a "country of the blind" are given sight and exposed to the modern<br />

world in this 1938 original science-fiction novel. 1990. 153p. 200x145. Paper. Austria.<br />

INF004 $11.60<br />

INĜENIA HIDALGO DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA, LA, Miguel de CERVANTES SAAVEDRA. Trans. Fernando de Diego. Spain's great<br />

classic novel that spelled the end of medieval chivalry as it was then known, translated by one of <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s premier stylists. 1977.<br />

820p. 255x175. Bound. Spain. ISBN 8440035829.<br />

ING001 $43.20<br />

INOCENTA, Alfredo D’ESCRAGNOLLE TAUNAY. Trans. Geraldo PÁDUA. This romance novel exposes and protests the tyranny of men<br />

over women in the remote interior of Brazil, an area little known to outsiders. Written and set in the late nineteenth century. 1997. 237p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

INO002 $21.90<br />

INSULANOJ DE HEMSÖ. August STRINDBERG. Trans.Sten Johansson. A novel about amorous and marital relationships between<br />

people belonging to different classes, in which Strindberg "succeeds in combining the popular suspicion of those who wish to climb out of<br />

their class with the contempt of those social superiors towards the person who is not content to remain a tailor at his work." 2005. 177 p.<br />

210x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1-59569-015-8.<br />

INS005 $12.00<br />

INSULO DE REVOJ, Manjo AUSTIN. An entertaining short novel about a British wife’s experiences in Italy. 1989 95p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Italy. ISBN 887036038X<br />

INS003 $17.10

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 27<br />

INSULO DE VOĈOJ, LA+LA DIABLETO EN LA BOTELO, Robert Louis STEVENSON. Trans. Cynthia C. VINCENT. Two of Stevenson’s<br />

less well-known short stories. 1982. 66p. 210x150. Paper. Scotland. ISBN 090514919X<br />

INS004 $5.60<br />

INTER SUDO KAJ NORDO. Ferenc SZILÁGYI. Eight short stories and novelettes by a classic master of the mid-century <strong>Esperanto</strong> prose<br />

style. Includes ""La enirejo de la tunelo", "Problemo: Lordo", "Aventuro en kvar etapoj", "La turka marþo", "Sinamo", "Viola", "Kiu donis,<br />

kiu ricevis" and "Inter sudo kaj nordo". 1950. 185p. 195x135. Bound. Sweden.<br />

INT008 $12.30<br />

INTERVIDIĜO, LA+NEKONITA DIALOGO, Alfred DE VIGNY. Trans. Sam. MEYER. Fragments from the historical novel Cinq-Mars by one<br />

of the most highly esteemed French authors. Second edition 1924. 35p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

INT014 $.80<br />

IVAN LA MALSAĜULO, Lev TOLSTOJ. Trans. V. A. ŜIROKOV. Illustrations by TAKEHANA To. Although Tolstoy is best known for his<br />

massive novels, this quaint and easy little story does no harm to his reputation as a giant of world literature. Devils abound and trick<br />

hapless humans in this archaic morality play. Second, revised edition 1998. 78p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4930785456<br />

IVA001 $8.10<br />

JAĤTO VETURAS FOR… KAJ VETURIGAS LA MORTON, Deck DORVAL. Detective novel in the style of Agatha Christie written by a<br />

group of Belgian Esperantists. 1983. 191p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

JAH001 $7.20<br />

JOHANO (EL LA VIVO DE ROTERDAMA KNABO), K. J. K. VROEGOP. An autobiographical novel of a teenage boy from Rotterdam growing up<br />

during WW2. 2001. 95p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205932<br />

JOH002 $8.50<br />

JURGEN, James Branch CABELL. Trans. William AULD. Finally, the translator’s all-time favorite novel is available in <strong>Esperanto</strong>! The<br />

titular hero regains his youth without losing his adult wisdom, and travels through many fantasy and legendary places searching for his<br />

wife who was taken from him magically. 2001. 240p. 210x140. Hardbound. Russia.<br />

JUR002 $26.90<br />

¬IM’ LA MIGRULO. Siegfried STAMPA. Trans. from Jim der Wanderer by Rüdiger Sachs. Jim, the hero of this tale, is a young leopard<br />

who lives together with his mother and siblings in the coast range of Cape Province, South Africa. His flight from human beings leads him<br />

into many dangers, but at the same time teaches him to overcome them. The book also includes historical information about the daily life<br />

of the countryfolk of South Africa at the time of the story. Illustrated by the author; includes a map of the region covered. 2007. 175p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 978-80-85853-92-6.<br />

JIM001 $23.00<br />

KAJ KIO POSTE, GBEGLO Koffi. Another fine short story from the pen of Africa’s rising star. Rich with the flavors and wisdom of<br />

village life. 1994. 16p. 200x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

KAJ001 $3.60<br />

KAJ STAROS TRE ALTE... Trevor STEELE. Apocryphal history of the life of Jeŝu bar Josef, one of the great figures of human history<br />

today worshipped as a god by hundreds of millions of people. 2006. 293p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3010000340.<br />

KAJ007 $40.30<br />

KAMELO ŜJANGZI, LAŬ Ŝe. Trans. ŬANG Ĉongfang. Realistic novel about the tragic fate of a rickshaw driver during the 30's. A<br />

masterpiece of modern-day Chinese literature. Illustrations by GAŬ Ĵongŝeng. 1988. 319p. 210x150. Paper. Bound. China. ISBN<br />

7505200232<br />

KAM001 $13.30<br />

KANAANO, Graça ARANHA. Trans. Caetano COUTINHO. This historical novel from Brazil follows the lives of two German immigrants<br />

last century, each with conflicting ideologies on race supremacy. Social and psychological novel which opened a new era in Brazilian<br />

national literature. Illustrations by Percy LAU. 1987. 188p. 210x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KAN007 $9.00<br />

KANTISTINO, LA, Vilhelmo HAUFF. Trans. Eugen WÜSTER. Short story written in 19 th century Germany. 1921. 62p. 160x110. Paper.<br />

Germany.<br />

KAN008 $2.40<br />

KAPTITA UNIVERSO, LA, Harry HARRISON. Trans. Andrej GRIGORJEVSKIJ. Science fiction novel involving the meeting of various<br />

cultures of this planet and others, by the author of the Stainless Steel Rat series. 2001. 173p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN<br />

5716100864<br />

KAP003 $8.80<br />

KAP005 (CD-ROM MP3) $7.80<br />

KAPTURNOJ, Higinio GARCÍA. A collection of short stories which can be read individually, but which add up to a profoundly<br />

pessimistic worldview reminiscent of 1984. The reader is led to consider the basic questions of our social interaction with regards to<br />

freedom, money, governance, etc. Quite a clever range of subject matter, all dealing with the same invented world full of robots and<br />

repressed humans. 1999. 159p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205827<br />

KAP001 $21.20<br />

KARNAVALO, Lina GABRIELLI. Collection of short stories originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Well received by critics and public. 1973. 77p.<br />

205x140. Paper. Italy.

28 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

KAR001 $9.80<br />

KARNAVALO+LA SOMNAMBULINO, Karl Lebrecht IMMERMANN. Trans. A. E. WOHLTHAT. Two short works by a German writer from<br />

the early 19 th century who is little-known in the U.S., although he is famous in Europe. 1952. 99p. 185x115. Paper. England.<br />

KAR002 $1.90<br />

KARUSELOJ, Sara LARBAR. A love story which carries the reader and the characters from mystic fantasy to crude reality. 1987. 117p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KAR003 $7.80<br />

KASTELO DE VITRO, LA, John FRANCIS. From the author of Vitralo and La granda kaldrono. Two children, Stela and Ernesto, during<br />

a summer trip pass through a mysterious door, behind which an adventure in a magical world with strange wonders and great danger is<br />

awaiting them. Illustrated by Francisco Veuthey. 2004. 197 p. 210x150. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 929017079-4.<br />

KAS002 $27.90<br />

KATORELO, Jeannette van MENS. Trans. Coosje DEKKER-KIEFER. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a cat,<br />

especially a Siamese cat In this amusing little book, that noble and enigmatic beast plays the main role. 1998. 81p. 200x145. Paper.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 9071205746<br />

KAT002 $7.50<br />

KAVERNO APUD LA MARO, Bertram POTTS. Eleven stories originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by an author admired for his poetical and<br />

writing ability. 1983. 228p. 215x150. Paper. Belgium-Spain. ISBN 9063360258<br />

KAV001 $17.80<br />

KAZINSKI VENAS TRO MALFRUE, Deck DORVAL & Christian DECLERCK. This crime novel deals with the enigma of murder. Within<br />

the first few pages the reader already knows that Ivo Kazinski intends to kill the blackmailing businessman Johan Krimp. Did Kazinski<br />

kill Krimp Find out in this second detective story staring Ksavero Kant, the well-known Esperantist detective. 1987. 175p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205185<br />

KAZ001 $8.20<br />

KIEL AKVO DE L’ RIVERO, Raymond SCHWARTZ. This classic novel about a family torn apart by two world wars is both serious and<br />

amusing, as we expect from Schwartz, who was a wise comic. Reprinted 1991. 487p. 210x135. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360482<br />

KIE007 $26.10<br />

KIEL ŜTALO ESTIS HARDATA, Nikolaj OSTROVSKIJ. Trans. Solomon I. CINS. This inspiring novel was one of the most popular<br />

Russian books during the Soviet era. The author introduces us to noble youths who fight for social equality, brotherhood and justice,<br />

remaining ever loyal to the working class as they confront traitors and opportunists. 1997. 363p. 200x145. Bound. Russia.<br />

KIE003 $13.80<br />

KISA MALSANO, LA, Sándor J. BAKO & Claude PIRON. The title novella, a medical mystery written in relatively simple <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

(according to the author, the person who has worked through Gerda malaperis will understand 93% of each chapter), is by Piron. The<br />

collection is rounded out by nine short stories taken from Hungarian-American Esperantist Bako's important but almost forgotten<br />

collection Tiaj ni estas. 2000. 119p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #31. ISBN 3-901752-17-X.<br />

KIS002 $20.90<br />

KISO, LA, Hjalmar SÖDERBERG. Trans. Sten Johansson. 14 short stories by a still-popular Swedish author from the turn of the (last)<br />

century. "[Soderberg's language] is strict, moderate, clean and striking" (the translator). 1995. 56p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

KIS001 $6.50<br />

KIUJ SEMAS PLORANTE…, Éva TÓFALVI & Oldich KNÍCHAL. Outstanding novel dealing with a young man and the rise of Fascism in<br />

the 1930's somewhere in Eastern Europe. 1984. 107p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170298<br />

KIU002 $8.60<br />

KLAŬSTRALIO. István BEJCZY. A tale of the political and social problems of late 20th century Europe, and of an insular utopian society<br />

that has solved those problems. Series "Utopia" #. 2005. 52p. 210x145. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

KLA001 $5.90<br />

KLERA EDZINO, Upendronath GANGOPADDHAE. Trans. Probal DAŜGUPTO. This novel which was translated from the Bengali,<br />

presents scenes from the last days of the British Empire in India. It deals with themes of patriarchy, hegemony and the role of English in<br />

Colonial India. Number 29 in the East-West Series. 1994. 182p. 210x145. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360474<br />

KLE001 $19.80<br />

KOBO, Ernest CLAES. Trans. Cor BRUINS. One of the best-known Belgian authors writing between the World Wars. This is a semiautobiographical<br />

tale of a boy born in a sad little village which offers little hope of spiritual fulfillment. So the boy spends some time in a<br />

monastery, and afterwards travels about the countryside drinking in the wisdom of penniless but philosophical peasant. 1999. 231p.<br />

205x135. Paper Belgium. ISBN 9071205649<br />

KOB001 $29.50<br />

KOLERA AFERO, Ronald Cecil GATES. This novella is a sequel to the popular La septaga murdenigmo. 1993. 88p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9071205487<br />

KOL002 $6.80<br />

KOMPRENI, Gonçalo NEVES. Collection of 9 short stories by a young award-winning Portuguese Esperantist author. 1993. 56p.<br />

215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251075

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 29<br />

KOM005 $4.50<br />

KONSILISTO KRESPEL, E. T. A. HOFFMANN. A rather strange novelette about love and music, by the early-19th-century German<br />

author and composer. 2001. 24p. 200x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

KON004 $2.20<br />

KONSTRUI FAJRON, Jack LONDON. Trans. D.C. Story by well-known American author about the gold rush period in the Yukon. 1984.<br />

27p. 205x145. Paper. France.<br />

KON006 $1.10<br />

KOREA ANTOLOGIO DE NOVELOJ, CHO Sung Ho & KIM Uson (ed.) An anthology of short stories and novelettes by Korean authors<br />

written and published between the years 1922 and 1978. Of these 26 stories, 25 are translations and one was originally written in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> by Korean <strong>Esperanto</strong> pioneer Hong Hengwi. 1999. xiv+339p. 220x150. Paper. Korea. ISBN 89-87281-02-7.<br />

KOR001 $26.80<br />

KOREA SAKETASO, LA, Edwin GROBE. An especially moving and elegant novella which deals with moral codes of different cultures.<br />

1994. 19p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

KOR007 $2.40<br />

KORMORANOJ ANKORAŬ NE REVENIS, LA, Nándor GION. Trans. László HUSZÁR. Although the novel is mainly about children, it is<br />

also suitable for adults. Reading this novel will undoubtedly stir some nostalgia for childhood. 1991. 116p. 195x125. Paper. Poland-<br />

France-Yugoslavia. ISBN 8385159010<br />

KOR004 $13.10<br />

KREDU MIN, SINJORINO!, Cezaro ROSSETTI. This rich and lively novel is one of the classics of <strong>Esperanto</strong> original literature. Reprinted<br />

1990. 278p. 210x135. Bound Italy. ISBN 8870360407<br />

KRE001 $23.00<br />

KRIAS LA SILENTO, Istvan NEMERE. A novel about an author's struggle to raise his teratogenically damaged child, based on the actual<br />

case of a recent Nobel laureate and his son. 2002. 178p. 210x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1-882251-35-0.<br />

KRI002 $15.80<br />

KROMOSOMOJ, Lorjak. Can paternal traits be inherited by artificial insemination Well, we will see in this light, amusing book. 1989.<br />

155p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205266<br />

KRO001 $5.50<br />

KRUĈO DA SAĜECO, LA, V. EROŜENKO. The famous blind Esperantist and world traveler tells some fables collected during his<br />

journeys. 1995. 95p. 185x130. Paper. Japan. ISBN 493078543X<br />

KRU001 $8.50<br />

KUN DIABLO EN LA KORPO. Raymond RADIGUET. Trans. Michel Duc Goninaz. In a village near Paris during the first world war, the<br />

nineteen-year-old wife of a soldier away at the war experiences a love affair with a sixteen-year-old boy. Based on a scandal in the<br />

author's own life. 2006. 139p. 215x140. Paper. United States. ISBN 1595690344.<br />

KUN003 $18.80<br />

KVAR FABELOJ, MIYAZAWA Kenzi. Trans. Konisi Gaku. Four short fantasies by the popular Japanese author. <strong>Esperanto</strong> and Japanese<br />

texts both provided on facing pages. Woodcut illustrations by Takehana To. 2000. 141p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-930785-48-0.<br />

KVA008 $11.60<br />

KVAR NOVELOJ, Valerij BRJUSOV. Briusov is best known as one of the founders of the Russian school of poetic symbolism, although<br />

his prose works were also influential. Any of these four short stories can be easily read at a single sitting: deep thoughts in small places.<br />

1999. 24p. 195x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

KVA006 $2.20<br />

KVIN VIRINOJ DE AMORO, IHARA Saikaku. Trans. MIYAMOTO Masao. An exquisite translation of this great Japanese classic.<br />

Illustrated with traditional woodcuts. Useful explanatory appendices. Number 7 in the East-West Series. 1989. 158p. 210x150. Bound.<br />

Japan.<br />

KVI001 $32.20<br />

LADA TAMBURETO, LA, Günther GRASS. Trans. Tomasz CHMIELIK. A novel about the free city Gdansk (Danzig), a poetic attempt to<br />

save from oblivion the memory of that small world where Poles and Germans, Jews and Kashubs lived together. Number 33 in the East-<br />

West Series. 2000. 534p. 210x150. Hardbound. ISBN 8371940793<br />

LAD001 $37.20<br />

LANDO DE ARĜENTA AKVO, Vingie E. ROE. Trans. Edward S. PAYSON. A story from the Wild West, whose hero is a Navaho Indian<br />

educated in white man’s schools and caught between two cultures. 1931. 48p. 150x100. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LAN001 $2.10<br />

LANDO DE LA BLINDULOJ, LA. H. G. WELLS. Reprint of the E. W. Amos translation of H. G. Wells's classic utopian novella. "In the<br />

country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." Series "Utopia" #3. 2006. 26p. 210x145. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

LAN004 $4.40<br />

LASTAJ INFANOJ DE OLDROVALO, LA, Gudrun PAUSEWANG. Trans. Joachim GEISSNER. A German family travels to visit its<br />

relatives in another city, when nuclear war suddenly breaks out. 1987. 77p. 210x150. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3922570445

30 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

LAS005 $9.20<br />

LEGENDO DE LA BELA PREKOPENO KAJ LA BELA BOLDURA, Viktoro HUGO. Trans. Valo. One part of Le Rhin. A fantastic tale<br />

written under the influence of German fairy tales, during the 1 st half of the 19 th century. 1988. 69p. 205x145. Paper. France.<br />

LEG004 $3.30<br />

LEGENDO PRI GALAKSA KORO. Povilas Antanas KAUNAS. Trans. Laimias STRAŽNIKAS. Short tale of a comatose boy who is taken on<br />

a psychic, though scientific, tour of the solar system and galaxy. Book includes both Lithuanian original and <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation.<br />

2005. 80p. 205x140. Paper. Lithuania. ISBN 9955646020.<br />

LEG006 $9.30<br />

LEGENDO PRI LA DORM-VALETO, Washington IRVING. Trans. Edwin GROBE. Another classic known by all, but actually read by few.<br />

What really happened in Sleepy Hollow 1998. 24p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LEG001 $4.00<br />

LEGENDOJ, A. NIEMOJEWSKI. Trans. Bronislaw KUHL. Four short stories about the life of Jesus, who, although playing the main part,<br />

never actually is called by that name. Second edition 1923. 74p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

LEG003 $5.00<br />

LIBRO DE AMO. John CLELAND. Translated by group I.E.R. <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation of one of the best known early erotic works in the<br />

English language (“Fanny Hill”), originally translated in 1952 and now reprinted. N.d. (2003). 88 p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

LIB001 $13.00<br />

LIBERIGO/EINE BEFREIUNG, Karl MAY. Trans. Cornelia RAU. In this book, one of Germany’s most popular authors, famous mainly for<br />

his writings on American Indians, tells the story of Kara Ben Nemsi in the fabled Arab-Jewish-Christian world of North Africa. Beautiful<br />

bilingual (German-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. 1999. 239p. 185x130. Hardbound. Germany.<br />

LIB008 $23.40<br />

LITO APUD LA FENESTRO, Betty SALT. Written in a fairly simple but elegant style, these stories, dramatic sketches and poems display<br />

an obvious charm which will lead the reader to explore just a bit further. 1999. 108p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170689<br />

LIT002 $6.10<br />

LOĜATA INSULO, LA. Arkadij & Boris STRUGATSKIJ. At the end of the Soviet era, the renowned Strugatskij brothers wrote this tale of<br />

an alien visitor, who may – or may not – be what he seems, in a strange society not totally unfamiliar to us. "This science-fiction detective<br />

novel immediately catches the reader" (Donald Broadribb). Trans. Mikaelo Bronŝtejn. 2004. 304 p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-<br />

0122-4.<br />

LOG002 $27.80<br />

LONDONO-PONTO ALVENAS ARIZONON, Edwin GROBE. A description of the London Bridge blossoms into an ethnographic study of<br />

Arizona. From the series “Pages from Arizona History”. 1993. 12p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LON002 $1.10<br />

LONGA DAŬRO, LA, Edith WHARTON. Trans. Edwin GROBE. Perhaps Professor Grobe’s appreciation of Wharton’s works will lead some<br />

of us to rediscover these psychologically rich treasures. 1999. 22p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LON003 $1.70<br />

LOTTE EN WEIMAR. Thomas MANN. Trans. Karl Schulze. The Nobel Laureate's very personal novel about court adviser Charlotte<br />

Kestner's 1816 visit to Weimar to "secretly" encounter, after forty-four years, the love of her youth – the author Goethe, who made her<br />

(and himself) famous in the romantic tragedy The Sorrows of the Young Werther. 2005. 445 p. 215x140. Paper. United States. ISBN 1-<br />

59569-021-2.<br />

LOT002 $27.00<br />

LOULAN, INOUE Yasushi. Trans. Miyamoto MASAO. Two short historical novels ("Loulan" and "Fremd-regionano") about the firstmillenium<br />

culture of the Tarim Basin of the Chinese far west and its interactions with such neighboring peoples as the Chinese and the<br />

Huns. Number 20 of the series "Oriento-Okcidento". 1984. 95p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

LOU001 $14.60<br />

LUDANTA LUMO, LA, Leopold VERMEIREN. An artistically crafted collection of romantic and erotic short stories featuring the discovery<br />

of the pleasures of love between a young poet and his first beloved. The author is well known in Belgium for his Flemish-language short<br />

stories and novels. See also La nuda feino below. 1995. 93p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205576<br />

LUD001 $15.50<br />

LUKIO AŬ AZENO, Lukiano. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. Humorous story about a man who is transformed into a donkey. With useful<br />

footnotes. Second edition 1988. 43p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LUK001 $5.10<br />

LUMO KAJ OMBRO, V. EROŜENKO. Compiled by MINE Yositaka. Short stories, poems, fables by the blind Russian “poet” who traveled<br />

extensively in East Asia in the first half of the 20 th Century, when such travel was not easy even for sighted people. His prose feels poetic,<br />

and his love for humanity permeates his writings. 1979. 94p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

LUM001 $6.90<br />

LUMO NUTRANTA, LA, Endre DUDICH. What if man could live by photosynthesis This science-fiction novel is set against the<br />

international race to develop such a human variant. 2003. 108 p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 963 571 471 8.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 31<br />

LUM002 $12.40<br />

LUNDO EKAS SABATE. Arkadij & Boris STRUGACKIJ. Trans. Mikaelo Bronŝtejn. Russia's best-known authors of science-fiction try<br />

their hand – successfully! – at fantasy in what the translator describes as "the merriest book in the huge stock of Russian fictional<br />

literature." 2005. 232p. 200x125. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716101275.<br />

LUN001 $22.20<br />

LUPINO KAJ ALIAJ RAKONTOJ, LA. Saki (H. H. MUNRO). Trans. Edmund Grimley Evans. Twenty stories by this early 20th century<br />

master of the short story, characterized by witty humor, elegant style, acerbic satire and, not rarely, a touch of cruelty. 2005. 152p.<br />

200x130. Paper. England. ISBN 0902756249.<br />

LUP003 $20.40<br />

LUPO SUR KAPITOLO, LA, Stellan ENGHOLM. Nine short stories by a Swedish master of <strong>Esperanto</strong> style, author of the novel Homoj<br />

sur la tero and translator of Selma Lagerlöf's Gösta Berling. 1997. 93p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #22.<br />

ISBN 3-901752-05-6.<br />

LUP002 $13.70<br />

MAGIA ŜIPO. Six Chinese folk tales from the Han period. 1984. 75p. 180x110. Paper. China.<br />

MAG001 $3.30<br />

MAJA PLUVO, Julian MODEST. The first novel from a well-known <strong>Esperanto</strong> author dealing with the concepts of human relations in<br />

everyday life. 1984. 94p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAJ001 $5.60<br />

MALEMULOJ, LA. Giovanni VERGA. Trans. Giancarlo Rinaldo, Anselmo Ruffatti, Paola Tosato. A historical novel about the struggle in<br />

Sicily in the mid-19th century between the reactionary Bourbon monarchists on the one hand and the ardent republican revolutionaries<br />

on the other. 2006. 261p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 9788870360769.<br />

MAL016 $29.50<br />

MALFACILAS ESTI DIO, Arkadij & Boris STRUGACKIJ. Trans. Aleksej ĴURAVLJOV. One of the best novels by Russia’s leading<br />

science-fiction writers. 1992. 168p. 200x105. Paper. Russia. ISBN 573120019X<br />

MAL005 $12.20<br />

MALGRANDA JOHANO, LA, Frederik VAN EEDEN. Trans. Rejna DE JONG. Classic psychological fable about a child’s maturation.<br />

1986. 142p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAL001 $7.70<br />

MALICA KOMIZO, Wenceslao FERNÁNDEZ-FLÓREZ. Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. A stylish and urbane novel whose lofty humor is<br />

based in wisdom. 1993. 167p. 195x140. Bound. Russia.<br />

MAL007 $16.20<br />

MALJUNULINO KIU PAŜIS EN LA MARO, LA, San-Antonio. A delightfully silly story about an old adventuress who chooses an heir and<br />

instructs him in the art of thievery. Exquisite language style. 1996. 349p. 180x110. Paper. France. ISBN 2950737617<br />

MAL006 $40.30<br />

MALSATA ŜTONO. Rabindranath TAGORE. Trans. Lakshmiswar SINHA. A collection of seven short stories, often with an occult<br />

nuance, from the works of the Bengali Nobel Laureate. Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #1. NOTE: ONLY TWO COPIES LEFT, OUT OF PRINT<br />

AT THE PUBLISHER. 1961. 128p. 210x150. Bound. Sweden.<br />

MAL013 $19.70<br />

MALVASTA KAĜO, V. EROŜENKO. Trans. from Japanese by MIYAMOTO Masao, compiled by MINE Yositaka. Stories by the blind but<br />

adventuresome “poet” who felt that it is not his works that are art, rather it is through his whole life that he creates art. With a literary<br />

critique by the translator of Eroshenko’s works. 1981. 86p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

MAL010 $6.40<br />

MALVIVAJ ANIMOJ, Nikolaj GOGOL. Trans. Vladimir VYĈEGĴANIN. A witty and thought-provoking classic of the Russian literature.<br />

Why does Ĉiĉikov, newly arrived in the city, want to buy the souls of dead servants Number 32 in the East-West Series. 2001. 224p.<br />

195x145. Hardbound. Russia.<br />

MAL009 $17.70<br />

MALVIZITO AL TULUMO, Edwin GROBE. This subtle and amusing story tells of a difficult trip to Mexico. Hardships and trouble are<br />

good material for later reflection! 1994. 19p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

MAL002 $2.00<br />

MANTO, LA, Paula MÄHRTI (pseud.). There are rumors that some parts of this hot novel report scandalous events within the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

community. Or is it merely fiction Perhaps you know some of the characters. Perhaps you are even in it yourself! 1997. 182. 210x140.<br />

Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAN002 $21.90<br />

MARIA KAJ LA GRUPO, Emba. Original novel in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Maria is the not so visible mover and shaker behind the local workers’<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> group, which comes into conflict with another <strong>Esperanto</strong> group over political lines. Read this novel to understand the<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> movement in Europe between the wars. 1936. 172p. 190x130. Paper. Hungary.<br />

MAR006 $5.00

32 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

MARIAGNES, Lorjak. A retired bank officer falls in love with a famous film star. 1986. 220p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN<br />

9635711689<br />

MAR003 $11.50<br />

MARIAMNE, Pär LAGERKVIST. Trans. Bertil Nilsson. A Nobel Laureate's novella about love in the time of King Herod. 1995. 56p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

MAR007 $5.50<br />

MARKIZINO DE O..., Heinrich VON KLEIST. Trans. Reinhard HAUPENTHAL. Romantic tale of an unforseen pregnancy and its social<br />

implication. The happy ending is not what is expected. High artistry in the poetic prose style. 1997. 61p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAR004 $11.00<br />

MARTA, Eliza ORZESZKO. Trans. Ludoviko Lazaro ZAMENHOF. One of the most widely-read and highly regarded novels ion <strong>Esperanto</strong>.<br />

Deals with issues of women’s right to a dignified and honest life. The heroine of this story is refined and has high principles, until the<br />

harsh pressure of survival push her into actions against her will. Fifth edition 1999. 256p. 195x125. Hardbound. Poland. ISBN<br />

8371940203<br />

MAR002 $15.90<br />

MAŜINO KIU KRIIS, LA, Var. Eleven stories of "strange phenomena" – i.e., ghost stories – by authors ranging over the history of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> literature from Zamenhof's friend Nikolai Borovko to Trevor Steele and Claude Piron. 1995. 105p. 230x150. Paper. Austria.<br />

IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #13. ISBN 3-85182-034-7.<br />

MAS003 $16.40<br />

MATENMANĜO ĈE LA CIRKO, Edwin GROBE. The latest work from this gifted author reflects interesting detail in refined language. The<br />

ordinary becomes extra-ordinary and vice-versa. 1996. 22p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

MAT004 $2.50<br />

MATERADA, Fulvio TOMIZZA. Trans. Pier Giorgio SORANZO. Two times in this century the inhabitants of the Yugoslavian part of<br />

Trieste had the chance to choose between living in Eastern or Western “worlds”. But the choice was not easy to make. 1983. 159p.<br />

210x155. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360172<br />

MAT005 $12.20<br />

MEKSIKIANO, LA. Jack LONDON. From deep in Mexico to a Los Angeles boxing ring, the story of Felipe Rivera, a hero of the Mexican<br />

Revolution against Porfirio Diaz’s dictatorship, as told by a 20 th century master of the American short story and translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong> by<br />

Edwin Grobe. 2003. 23 p. 220x180. Paper. United States.<br />

MEK001 $3.40<br />

MEMOR' MORTIGA, Sten JOHANSSON. Fourth and last of the "Seasonal Crimes" novellas, a sequel to Falæita kiel fojno, Trans maro kaj<br />

morto, kaj Neøo kaþas nur. Commissioner Svedberg and Inspector Jankéus must track down a serial killer in the Swedish springtime.<br />

2003. 80p. 210x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-89432-07-X.<br />

MEM004 $10.30<br />

MEMORI KAJ FORGESI, Trevor STEELE. Six short stories and novelettes from the northern mountains of Australia in the fifties and<br />

sixties. Written in abundant and colorful language by the virtuoso author of Sed nur fragmento, Neniu ajn papilio and others. 1992. 143p.<br />

205x145. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #5. ISBN 3-85182-004-6.<br />

MEM003 $9.90<br />

METAMORFOZO, LA, Franz KAFKA. Trans. Mauro NERVI. This famous short story is not merely a jewel as a work of art; it also influences<br />

all subsequent authors. Discover why this is so. 1996. 75p. Bound. Italy. ISBN 88703606905<br />

MET003 $16.60<br />

METAMORFOZO, LA, Franz KAFKA. Trans. Reinhard HAUPENTHAL. A third translation of this famous German story about a man who<br />

wakes up as an insect. The translator, who confesses that Kafka is one of his “most not-liked” authors, apparently felt the obligation to<br />

retranslate the work after severely criticizing the previous translations. 2000. 58p. 210x140. Brochure. Brazil.<br />

MET002 $4.60<br />

METEORO, LA, Sandor J. BAKO & Claude PIRON. Serio Originala Literaturo N-ro 37. Seventeen short stories by Piron and ten by<br />

Bako, the latter originally published in Bako's Tiaj ni estas many years ago. This is the third and concluding volume in a series that<br />

makes available these stories by Bako; the other two are La kisa malsano and La dorsosako de Panjo Rut'. 2002. 135p. 230x150. Paper.<br />

Austria. ISBN 3-01-000031-6.<br />

MET001 $21.70<br />

METROPOLITENO, Vladimir VARANKIN. A classic <strong>Esperanto</strong> novel about a young Russian engineer who helps build the Moscow<br />

subway. Third edition 1992. 264p. 195x145. Bound. Russia.<br />

MET005 $17.40<br />

MI AMAS, Ueyama MASAO. 16 short stories about love in its many variants by a Japanese master of the medium, enlivened by<br />

illustrations by Saito Eizo. 1977. 99 p. 185x170. Paper.<br />

MIA007 $10.20<br />

MI NE ESTAS MONA LISA, ’SIGMOND Júlia. Original short stories based on life and told with warmth and profound understanding.<br />

Debut volume from an award-winning author. 2002. 68p. 215x140. Brochure. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251377<br />

MIN001 $10.00

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 33<br />

MI SERĈIS ORON KAJ OLEON SED TROVIS…, David FLOOD. Trans. Karl GUSTAFFSON. An autobiographical tale about an<br />

adventure-filled life in America at the beginning of the 20 th century. 1946. 132p. 190x120. Paper. Sweden.<br />

MIS001 $7.30<br />

MIA KONTRABANDULO, Louisa May ALCOTT. Professor Grobe accomplishes a difficult feat: rendering Southern U.S. dialects of<br />

English into <strong>Esperanto</strong> with grace and dignity. A stirring story of faith and race relations from the author of Little Women. This artistic<br />

translation presents a good reason to read this little-known gem. 1989. 20p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

MIA004 $2.10<br />

MIA VERDA BREVIERO, Jean FORGE. Collection of satirical stories from Esperantujo, in which the author humorously paints different<br />

dimensions of our green microcosm. A valuable continuation of La verda raketo. 264p. 180x125. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005315<br />

MIA001 $18.30<br />

MIGRANTA JUDO, LA, August VERMEYLEN. Trans. Christian DECLERCK. Small but poetic novel built on a philosophical substrate but<br />

with autobiographical nuances, and set in Biblical times. 2000. 71p. 210x130. Brochure. Belgium. ISBN 9071205908<br />

MIG001 $8.80<br />

MIRINDA VOJAĜO DE NILS HOLGERSSON, LA, Selma LAGERLÖF. Trans. Sten Johansson. Early in the 21st century a Swedish<br />

committee, in a fit of national pride, recruited one of Sweden's best-known authors, later winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, to write<br />

a guide to Sweden for schoolchildren. The result was this wonderful long tale of a small ne'er-do-well boy who, reduced in size by a<br />

goblin, is taken on a marvellous journey to every part of Sweden by a flock of wild geese. Lots of illustrations by Bertil Lybeck. 2002.<br />

614p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MIR005 $33.10<br />

MIRRAKONTOJ DE LIAOZHAI, PU Songling. Trans. Laŭlum. This miraculous collection of stories shows many little-known aspects of<br />

Chinese culture of the late 17 th century. Exotic and insightful. 1994. 541p. 200x140. Bound. China. ISBN 7505201565<br />

MIR002 $20.70<br />

MISIO DE SAVA, LA. Gerard COOL. An esoteric and utopian science fiction novel which follows the further adventures of SAVA in the<br />

second half of the 21 st century. A sequel to Sava la savontino. 2001. 175p. 195x140. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

MIS003 $18.70<br />

MISTERA LUMO, Julian MODEST. Mildly lyrical stories from this popular Bulgarian author. 1987. 91p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN<br />

9635711883<br />

MIS007 $6.80<br />

MISTERO, Petro ANSELMO. Nice adventure-filled novella in the style of the “Analiza skolo”. Third edition 1991. 27p. 210x145. Paper.<br />

Germany. ISBN 3922570534<br />

MIS008 $6.00<br />

MISTERO DE MARNJO ROØETO, LA. Edgar Allan POE. Translated by Edwin Grobe. Another investigative novella of that earliest of<br />

detectives, August Dupin, hero of the Rue Morgue. 2004. 40 p (2 pamphlets). 215x180. Paper. United States.<br />

MIS004 $6.80<br />

MODERNAJ ROBINZONOJ, Teodoro SCHWARTZ. The true story of the author’s miraculous escape from captivity as a prisoner of war<br />

in Siberia and his journey through a primitive forest for several weeks of terrible adventures. Ultimately an inspiring tale of the will to<br />

survive. The author went on to become an important contributor to and editor of Literatura Mondo. 1999. 61p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ISBN 1882251245<br />

MOD003 $7.80<br />

MOKROKALVO LA GIGANTEGEGO, Gunnar GÄLLMO. Four tales from ancient Scandinavian mythology, woven together into a single<br />

story, part of which is narrated by the god Thor himself. Occasional amusing references to modern (specifically <strong>Esperanto</strong>-related) affairs.<br />

1999. 72p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

MOK002 $7.30<br />

MONDOJ (34 ESPERANTAJ RAKONTOJ: RIKOLTO 2001), Tomasz CHMIELIK, Georgo HANDZLIK, Sten JOHANSSON, ed. A collection of 34<br />

original stories written by 30 Esperantists from five continents. Illustrated with small maps showing authors’ homelands. 2001. 213p.<br />

210x130. Hardbound. Poland. ISBN 837194201X<br />

MON002 $18.30<br />

MONTARA VILAĜO, Chun-Chan YEH. Trans. William AULD. Story about the beginning of the 1927 revolution in China. Number 21 in<br />

the East-West Series. 1984. 272p. 210x145. Bound. China.<br />

MON004 $9.30<br />

MONTO, LA, István NEMERE. The sixth novel by the prolific Hungarian writer. Four soldiers disappear near a mountain inhabited by a<br />

strange group of mountain people; two government officials come looking for them. Odd tale with serious social commentary. 1984. 166p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711409<br />

MON007 $10.80<br />

MORGAÝ DENOVE NI VIDU. Simon CARMIGGELT. Translated by Gerrit Berveling. A collection of 42 short stories by the most popular<br />

Dutch humorist of the mid-20 th century. 2002. 128 p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium.<br />

MOR001 $16.00

34 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

MORTIGA EKSKURSO. Ronald Cecil GATES. It's springtime, and a group of botany students are on a field trip in the state forest. While<br />

they drink tea beside a picnic fire pit, their teacher goes into the trees and is killed. Once again Police Commissioner Roberto Elis and<br />

university guard Petro Tomson are called on to solve a murder. A sequel to La septaga murdenigmo, Kolera afero and Morto de sciencisto.<br />

2006. 111p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9077066233.<br />

MOR008 $17.40<br />

MORTO DE IVAN ILJIĈ, LA, Lev TOLSTOJ. Trans. Valentin MELNIKOV. Although Tolstoy is best known for his great novels, his short<br />

stories are even more widely read, and make him among the most popular Russian authors. Here is a chance to experience Tolstoy’s<br />

greatness without the herculean effort which the huge works require. 1997. 53p. 195x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

MOR003 $3.40<br />

MORTO DE SCIENCISTO, Ronald Cecil GATES. Another clever murder mystery from the author of several popular <strong>Esperanto</strong> works in<br />

that genre. Set in a university campus, which environment Gates knows well. 1994. 81p. 210x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 907120555X<br />

MOR004 $7.30<br />

MORTO EN VENECIO, LA. Thomas MANN. Trans. Petro Buijnsters. Gustav Aschenbach, a neurotic author, during a vacation in Venice<br />

falls in love with a Polish teenager, Tadzio. His obsessive secret love slowly ruins him spiritually, and at the same time he is struck down<br />

by a cholera epidemic. 2006. 87p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9077066217.<br />

MOR007 $13.00<br />

MORTO+LA MORTO DE KINKAS AKVOBLEKO, LA, Jorge AMADO. Trans. Geraldo PÁDUA. A section from a masterpiece of Brazilian<br />

literature. 1984. 111p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MOR006 $7.80<br />

MR. TOT AÃETAS MIL OKULOJN, Jean FORGE. Original mystery novel concerning invasion of privacy. Used as the basis of a popular<br />

film. Second edition. Reprint 1973. 244p. 180x125. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005293<br />

MRT001 $16.50<br />

MURDO EN LA PREĜEJO, Edwin GROBE. This moral tale deals with adultery, hypocrisy, religion, fear and ultimately – murder. The<br />

author investigates philosophical depths with elegant style. 1995. 31p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

MUR002 $4.00<br />

MURDOJ DE KADAVREJO-STRATO, LA, Edgar Allan POE. Trans. Edwin GROBE. One of <strong>USA</strong>’s most colorful writers presents<br />

challenges to a translator: see how Grobe solves them! 1998. 24p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

MUR003 $3.40<br />

MUSONO, Vimala DEVI. Trans. Manuel de Seabra. Nine short stories about life in colonial Goa, a society that has since disappeared; the<br />

only document from which we can today learn how people lived in that milieu. 2000. 64p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-81432-01-0.<br />

MUS001 $10.40<br />

NANATASIS. Robert DUTIL. Trans. Zdravka Metz et al. A solitary traveler in a canoe, wounded in an accident, discovers an unknown<br />

world, forgotten values, a different life. And Nanatasis, an Abenaki woman living in the wilderness, learns to her surprise how her human<br />

brothers and sisters live. 20 full-page color illustrations. Includes short Abenaki-<strong>Esperanto</strong> vocabulary. 2005. 114 p. 175x115. Paper.<br />

Canada. ISBN 2-9806246-1-6.<br />

NAN001 $18.30<br />

NASKIĜO DE LA RUSTIMUNA £TALRATO, Harry HARRISON. The first of the Stainless Steel Rat series, translated by a committee but<br />

well polished. All fans of sci-fi should have this! 1996. 222p. 195x145. Bound. Russia.<br />

NAS001 $25.00<br />

NE GRIMACU, UEYAMA Masao. Although the author is better known as a poet, this is a collection of ten of his short stories. The book<br />

also contains a table showing the major events of Ueyama's life. 1998. 147p. 180x130. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947691-12-3.<br />

NEG007 $8.40<br />

NE NUR SOLDATO ŠVEJK, Jaroslav HAŠEK. Translated by various. More adventures of the Brave Soldier Švejk, in large part from his<br />

non-military life. A continuation of the story recounted in Brava soldato Švejk (TRA008 7.00). 1994. 248p. 200x130. Paper. Czech<br />

Republic. ISBN 80-85853-05-1.<br />

NEN002 $12.00<br />

NECESEJAJ RAKONTOJ/BATHROOM TALES, Edwin GROBE. This bilingual booklet is just the ticket for those who like to have an<br />

English translation ready at hand. Also appealing to those who like lofty toilet humor! 1994. 16p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NEC001 $1.70<br />

NEĜA BLOVADO, LA, Aleksandr PUŜKIN. Trans. Antoni GRABOWSKI. A short story from the pen of Russia’s greatest poet.<br />

Romanticism, irony and a happy ending combine in this classic and inspiring tale. Reprint 1993. 16p. 195x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

NEG003 $1.90<br />

NEĜA LANDO, KAWABATA Yasunari. Trans. KONISI Gaku. The author won a Nobel prize for literature largely on the merits of this<br />

novel, which is published here as number 11 of the East-West Series. Second edition 1992. 119p. 210x145. Paper. Japan.<br />

NEG004 $19.20<br />

NEĜO KAŜAS NUR, Sten JOHANSSON. The third adventure of detectives Svedberg and Jankéus. Murder in a winter snowstorm. 2001.<br />

80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-89432-02-9.<br />

NEG006 $9.40

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 35<br />

NEĜOJ DE KILIMANĜARO, LA, Ernest HEMINGWAY. Trans. Edwin GROBE. A captivating adventure story by one of America’s bestloved<br />

story tellers. 2000. 20p. 220x180. Brochure. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NEG005 $2.20<br />

NEÏULINO KAJ ALIAJ FABELOJ de Fratoj Grimm. Trans. Kabe. A reprint of the 1939 edition, which was itself a reprint of some of the<br />

1906. Third edition 1999. 94p. 200x140. Paper. France.<br />

NEG001 $4.80<br />

NEKONATA DIO, LA, Ferenc MÓZSI. Trans. István NAGY. Short story about the human tragedy behind a group of clay statues found in<br />

the ruins of a village. 1988. 44p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

NEK003 $4.00<br />

NENIU AJN PAPILIO, Trevor STEELE. A rewriting, widening and strengthening of the novel Apenaý papilioj en Bergen-Belsen, about a<br />

young Englishman learning, in Germany of the revolutionary end of the sixties, some of the realities of the Hitler era. By one of the bestknown<br />

of modern <strong>Esperanto</strong> stylists. 2000. 337p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #35. ISBN 3-901752-21-8.<br />

NEN001 $25.30<br />

NEOKAZINTA AMO. Lena KARPUNINA. Fifteen short stories by the authoress of La bato. The stories tell of people, actions, situations, in<br />

the form of witnessing, while leaving judgment to the reader. 2007. 149p. 200x130. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 77066 28 7.<br />

NEO003 $25.20<br />

NEOLOGISME, Lorjak. What did she have tattooed where they couldn’t see it 1975. 88p. 180x125. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005358<br />

NEO002 $6.70<br />

NESTO DE VIPEROJ, István NEMERE. One of the latest creations of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s most prolific novelist. An intriguing mystery in fine<br />

style. 1994. 179p. 200x125. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100066<br />

NES003 $12.80<br />

NIGRA GALERO, LA, Wilhelm RAABE. Trans. Fritz WICKE. Historical story about the Spanish-Dutch wars of the 16 th century. Second<br />

edition 1922. 64p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

NIG003 $2.00<br />

NIGRA MAGIO, Deck DORVAL & Christian DECLERCK. During a stormy evening the car broke down. Mrs. Barnas, a clairvoyant, one<br />

of the four passengers, sensed the bad spirits in the area… Thus opens the scene for a puzzle to be solved by inspector Ksavero Kant in<br />

this third part of the successful detective series. 1998. 215p. 210x150. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205231<br />

NIG001 $9.30<br />

NIGRA SPARTAKO, LA, Geraldo MATTOS. Novel written in <strong>Esperanto</strong> about the colonization of a region in Africa. Second edition 1986.<br />

54p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

NIG002 $4.00<br />

NOBELA NOVELARO, Pär LAGERKVIST, Eyvind JOHNSON, Harry MARTINSON| Trans. Sten JOHANSSON. Seven short stories by<br />

three Swedish winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. These range from the factual-appearing (Johnson's "Halto en marĉlando") to the<br />

surreal (Lagerkvist's "La postulema gasto"). 1995. 56p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

NOB003 $5.20<br />

NOBELA PEKO, Mihail SADOVEANU. Trans. Tiberiu MORARIU. Three stories from the pen of one of the most important Romanian<br />

authors. Realistic picture of Romania at the turn of the century. 1929. 63p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

NOB002 $2.30<br />

NOKTA PATROLO, LA: PROPRA DESTINO. Sergej LUKJANENKO. Trans. Dmitrij Þevæenko. In "The Night Stalker", "Special Unit 2" and<br />

The Dresden Files we've learned about the seamy supernatural underside of Chicago. Now learn about the seamy supernatural underside<br />

of Moscow, from unregistered vampires to super-powerful rogue magicians, and the struggles of the Light-representing Night Patrol to<br />

maintain supernatural order. 2006. 182p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-0163-1.<br />

NOK005 $17.20<br />

NOKTA PATROLO, LA: SIA INTER LA SIAJ. Sergej LUKJANENKO. Trans. Mikaelo Æertilov and Svetlana Smetanina. The second part of<br />

a trilogy about the supernatural in modern Moscow. 2007. 152p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 978-5-7161-0169-2.<br />

NOK006 $23.70<br />

NOKTA PATROLO, LA: EKSKLUZIVE POR LA SIAJ. Sergej LUKJANENKO. Trans. Gennadij Basov, Mikaelo Æertilov, Svetlana<br />

Smetanina and Aleksandr Uljanov. The third part of a trilogy about the supernatural in modern Moscow. 2007. 133p. 200x130. Paper.<br />

Russia. ISBN 978-5-7161-0170-8.<br />

NOK007 $20.30<br />

NOKTO DE LA EZOKO, LA. Serøo ELGO. In a lost village in provincial France, a man soon to be middle-aged studies a terrible secret<br />

that has gnawed at his spirit since he was a teen-ager: was his father guilty of betrayal of a partisan detachment exterminated during the<br />

German occupation The second Inspector Kramer mystery. 1992. 171 p. 195x135. Paper. Switzerland. ISBN 3-906595-05-6.<br />

NOK004 $26.00<br />

NOKTO DE LA GALAKSIA FERVOJO, MIYAZAWA Kenzi. Trans. Konisi Gaku. Five short stories by one of the 20th century's most<br />

popular Japanese authors. The title story, as well as inspiring one of the "Captain Harlock" feature-length science-fiction cartoons, has<br />

been turned into an animé film itself, available on DVD in the United States and with all written text in the film in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1994.

36 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

103p. 255x180. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-930785-42-1.<br />

NOK001 $11.00<br />

NOMOJ, Johan Hammond ROSBACH. Eighteen short autobiographical stories, each introducing an interesting real-life character. 1999.<br />

73p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205835<br />

NOM002 $9.10<br />

NORDA ODISEADO, Jack LONDON. Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. Five short stories by one of the last century’s most important<br />

American masters of the short story, in translation by a skilled <strong>Esperanto</strong> stylist. 1988. 112p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

NOR002 $10.00<br />

NORDA VENTO, Frederiko KARINTHY. Trans. Karlo BODÓ. Thirteen short stories translated from Hungarian. 1926. 95p. 170x105.<br />

Paper. Germany.<br />

NOR001 $3.20<br />

NORDGERMANAJ RAKONTOJ, Heinrich BANDLOW. Trans. Ella SCHEERPELTZ. Five humorous short stories by a well-known German<br />

writer. Second edition 1924. 48p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

NOR004 $1.30<br />

NOTOJ PRI NUNTEMPA USONINDIANA MUZIKO, Edwin GROBE. An excellent introduction to the ethnomusicological wealth of American<br />

Indians. From “Pages from Arizona History”. 1994. 16p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NOT002 $1.30<br />

NOVA VIVO, LA, Ivan G. ŜIRJAEV. A short novel about an elderly man raising a young, abandoned boy in pre-revolutionary Russia.<br />

1993. 80p. 240x165. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-85182- 022-3.<br />

NOV004 $10.70<br />

NOVELARO, Grgur KARLOVĈAN. Trans. Josip PLEADIN. Eight short stories by a young Croatian author, who died at the age of 29.<br />

1981. 35p. 200x140. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

NOV001 $3.70<br />

NOVELOJ, Henryk SIENKIEWICZ. Trans. Lidja ZAMENHOF. One of the few translations by Zamenhof’s daughter still available, this<br />

short-story collection is from the pen of a Nobel Prize winner. 1925. 64p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

NOV007 $2.30<br />

NOVELOJ EL ANTIKVA ĈINIO. Div. Trans. What a range of stories! There are ghost stories, heroic tales, court intrigues, rustic legends,<br />

romances, etc. Something for everyone. All written in clear and simple style. Experience the richness of ancient Chinese culture, while<br />

being transported to a distant place and time. 1998. 554p. 200x140. Bound. China. ISBN 7505203363<br />

NOV008 $30.00<br />

NUDA FEINO, LA, Leopold VERMEIREN. Another collection of erotic short stories, with a good dose of fantasy and a generous spicing of<br />

philosophy. This was Vermeiren’s first publication in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, and was very well received by critics and readers. See also La ludanta<br />

lumo above. 1993. 108p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205495<br />

NUD002 $15.50<br />

OBSEDITA DE L’ SUNO, István GÁLL. Trans. Vilmos BENCZIK. Story of a Hungarian woman’s life between the years 1944-70. 1986.<br />

186p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711417<br />

OBS003 $10.80<br />

OKLAHOMAJ KONTRABANDISTOJ, Edwin GROBE. With the framework of a simple story, the author shows how actions have<br />

repercussions and gestures have symbolic content. Is wine a sinful beverage Read this story to find out! 1994. 18p. 215x180. Paper.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>.<br />

OKL001 $2.00<br />

OLDULO KAJ LA MARO, LA, Ernest HEMINGWAY. Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. This classic work, which won a Nobel Prize in 1954, is<br />

now available in excellent <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation. 1996. 99p. 210x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

OLD001 $14.40<br />

OMBRO SUR INTERNA PEJZAĜO, Spomenka ŜTIMEC. Well-written semi-autobiographical novel about a Croatian Esperantist who<br />

looks back on a relationship after she and her lover break up. 1984. 141p. 210x115. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360199<br />

OMB001 $22.20<br />

ONI NE PAFAS EN JAMBURG, Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. The first serious work of fiction from the famous Russian poet/songwriter gives a<br />

lyrical insight into the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement in the Soviet Union during the 60s and 70s. 1993. 136p. 195x125. Paper. Russia. ISBN<br />

571610004X<br />

ONI001 $10.30<br />

ORA BOVIDO. Ilja ILF & Evgenij PETROV. Trans. by A. Kerbel. In this sequel to Dek du seøoj, Ostap Bender, the antihero of the earlier<br />

work, follows a Soviet underground multi-millionaire, hoping to amass a fortune, but loses the money as he flees the country. 2006.<br />

265p. 210x150. Paper. Israel.<br />

ORA006 $17.30<br />

ORA POZIDONO, LA, Julian MODEST. Love story about the conflict that arises and the tragic outcome when a young woman enters the<br />

life of a young man. 1984. 68p. 195x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711328

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 37<br />

ORA001 $4.60<br />

ORANĜA OMBRELO. Collection of forty Chinese short-short stories. 1986. 148p. 180x110. Paper. China.<br />

ORA002 $3.30<br />

ORIENTAJ FABELOJ, Vlas DOROŜEVIĈ. Trans. Nikolao HOHLOV. Asian fairy tales rewritten by a Russian author and translated into<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1924. 66p. 190x130. Paper. Germany.<br />

ORI001 $3.40<br />

ORM LA RUĜA, Frans G. BENGTSSON. Trans. Bertil NILSSON. Exciting novel about the age of Vikings. 1989. 215p. 220x140. Paper.<br />

Sweden. ISBN 9285288160<br />

ORM001 $31.10<br />

PADANAJ RAKONTOJ. G. C. NEGRO. Seven fascinating fantasies about the land through which the Po River of northern Italy flows,<br />

covering the "history" of the region from the era of Celts and Elves to the modern emigration to America. 2001. 43p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Sweden.<br />

PAD002 $4.20<br />

PAĜOJ BIZARAJ, Urmuz. Trans. Ionel ONEŢ. Is this avant-garde writer describing our world or is he creating his own new world In<br />

either case, the extended logic and classic prose style are worthy vessels for Urmuz’s thought-provoking humor. 1998. 44p. 215x135.<br />

Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251164<br />

PAG002 $5.50<br />

PALACO DE DANĜERO, Mabel WAGNALLS. Trans. Edward S. PAYSON. Historical novel about Madam Pompadour. 1926. 206p.<br />

185x120. Paper. Germany.<br />

PAL001 $6.70<br />

PANEO, LA. Serĝo ELGO. A collection of ten short stories and two novelettes by the author of the Inspector Kramer mysteries. "Seriously<br />

recreational" (Jorge Camacho). 2000. 159p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #28. ISBN 3-901752-14-5.<br />

PAN001 $19.30<br />

PAPILIA FONTO. Five popular folk tales from China. 1984. 67p. 180x110. Paper. China.<br />

PAP001 $2.20<br />

PASTEĈO. Sten JOHANSSON. The subtitle says it: "Dudek kvin stilaj pastiĉoj, parodioj kaj plagiatoj". Each short story is based<br />

(speaking generally) on the work of a particular Esperantist author well-known in recent years; names of the putative authors have been<br />

modified, perhaps to protect Johansson from lawsuit, but with every story there's a caricature of the caricatured author captioned with<br />

his real name. A worthy successor to "Baupierre"'s Specimene: Parodioj kaj pastiĉoj, long out of print. 2005. 168 p. 170x120. Paper. The<br />

Netherlands.<br />

PAS007 $12.20<br />

PAÞO SENELIREJEN, LA. Jean CODJO. Tale of a boy growing up in an African village, in an era of change. 2007. 44p. 200x135. Paper.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 90 77066 27 6.<br />

PAS011 $10.10<br />

PATRINA KORO, Nevena NEDELĈEVA. Collection of well written, easy to understand short stories by a Bulgarian author. 1975. 147p.<br />

170x120. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8485195043<br />

PAT004 $8.20<br />

PATRO KINO, Edwin GROBE. Fascinating history of early Spanish influence in the great desert region. From “Pages from Arizona History”.<br />

1993. 16p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PAT005 $1.30<br />

PAŬLO KAJ STEFANO. Francisco Cândido XAVIER. Trans. L. C. Porto Carreiro Neto. A historical novel about St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus),<br />

dictated by the spirit Emmanuel. N.d. 543p. 185x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PAU001 $5.00<br />

PELTO KAJ DEK KVAR ALIAJ NOVELOJ, LA. Hjalmar SÖDERBERG. Trans. by Sten Johansson. Life's little dramas, memories from<br />

childhood and youth, the vanity of personal happiness and social ambition, mankind as foolish and admirable. Fifteen short stories<br />

written between 1897 and 1907. 75p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-973467-5-6.<br />

PEL001 $7.60<br />

PERDITA ORMINEJO EN SUPERSTIĈA MONTARO, Edwin GROBE. A classic story of the Wild West! From “Pages from Arizona<br />

History”. 1993. 12p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PER002 $1.10<br />

PERFEKTA CIVITANO, Sándor SZATHMÁRI. This large book has all of Szathmári’s original stories and short novels, in all twenty six<br />

pieces, without which <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature would be much poorer. 1988. 456p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711786<br />

PER004 $19.20<br />

PERUA VENĜO, Edwin GROBE. A sexy and amusing novella. 1994. 18p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PER003 $1.50<br />

PETRO SCHLEMIHL. Adalberto de CHAMISSO. Trans. Eugen Wüster. A classic translation, by the inventor of the science of

38 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

terminology, of the story of the man who sold his shadow. 2007. 89p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 978-1-59569-061-6.<br />

SCH001 $13.30<br />

PIGRE PASAS LA NOKTO. István NEMERE. The story of a murder trial centered around a love triangle involving a middle-aged man, a<br />

young Gypsy woman and the woman's criminal husband. 1992. 151p. 230x165. Paper. Austria.<br />

PIG001 $13.10<br />

PIKNIKO ĈE LA VOJRANDO, Arkadij & Boris STRUGACKIJ. Trans. Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. This is the novel on which the famous film<br />

The Stalker was based. What is there were a “Zone” where all normal rules of reality are suspended What would happen to the brave<br />

adventurers who explore it 1996. 191p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100279<br />

PIK002 $12.20<br />

PLANEDO DE LA SENFELAJ SIMIOJ, LA. Thierry SALOMON. Five short stories sometimes about science-fiction, sometimes about<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>, sometimes both. 2005. 28p. 210x150. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9632182138.<br />

PLA004 $4.30<br />

PLUKITAĴOJ, Ĝ. Ĥalil ĜIBRAN’. Trans. George ABRAHAM. Short stories on various themes by the famous Lebanese philosopher. 1986.<br />

96p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PLU002 $6.20<br />

POSTDOMO, LA. István ERTL. A perhaps jaundiced look at the day-to-day operations of the Central Office of the Internacia <strong>Esperanto</strong>-<br />

Asocio at Oude Buitenweg 176, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Readers who may imagine they see some nuance of reality here should<br />

remember that, as the author says, "Any similarity between fiction and reality is the fault of reality. Fiction is, as ever, innocent." 2003.<br />

85p. 175x125. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

POS012 $11.90<br />

POSTMILITA JAPANA ANTOLOGIO. Very high quality addition to the already existing national anthologies. Twelve prose works written<br />

after the Second World War. 1988. 319p. 210x150. Bound. Japan.<br />

POS001 $22.10<br />

PREMIITAJ KAJ ALIAJ NOVELOJ, Tibor SEKELJ. Collection of seven short stories by a well-known Esperantist and traveler. 1974.<br />

53p. 165x120. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

PRE001 $5.10<br />

PRINCIDINO MARY, Miĥail LERMONTOV. Trans. Nikolaj DANOVSKIJ. This novella is the central part of a novel A Hero of Our Time<br />

which completely captures the spirit of early-nineteenth-century Russia. 1996. 71p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

PRI008 $5.10<br />

PRINCO SEREBRJANIJ. Aleksej Konstantinoviæ TOLSTOJ. Translated by Maria Þidlovskaja, with corrections by Ulrich Becker. “Ivan<br />

the Terrible, Boris Godunov, Prince Serebrjanij, and the era of boyars, Cossacks, Tartars and bandits, in a breathtaking historical noval,<br />

tragic, in high style, humorous, a masterful translation from the early years (1912) of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement.” Don’t confuse this<br />

famous 19 th -century adventure author with Count Leo Tolstoy. 2004. 229 p. 260x170. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1-59569-006-9.<br />

PRI001 $22.50<br />

PRINTEMPO DE MORTO. Lajos ZILAHY. Trans. Ladislao Somlai. A passionate love story set against the background of the decadent<br />

middle class in early 20th century Hungary. 1947. 119 p. 190x125. Bound. Sweden.<br />

PRI003 $9.90<br />

PRO IŜTAR, H. A. LUYKEN. Original novel about Jews in ancient Babylon. The usual themes and style of the author, “positive” and<br />

“negative” heroes, and transposition of puritanism into an era which didn’t know of it. 1924. 304p. 190x125. Bound. Germany.<br />

PRO010 $11.50<br />

PROFETO EL PEDRAS, LA, Gersi Alfredo BAYS. The long-awaited first novel by the editor and publisher of the literature magazine and<br />

series of books Fonto. The story is fiction, but based on childhood memories of the author and is set in a small village, Pedras, which is<br />

now flooded from a hydroelectric dam. Second edition 2001. 237p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PRO004 $11.10<br />

PROVINCA GASTEJO, Bo¼idar TRUDIÆ. A short, fantastic tale set in the Serbian countryside. Originally intended to be the first in a<br />

series. 1955. 27 p. 170x115. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

PRO011 $4.90<br />

RAKONTO KOMENCIĜANTA PER TERPOMOJ, MASAĴI Iŭakura. Trans. SEJŜO Nomra. Two touching stories about children in difficult<br />

times. 1989. 92p. 180x125. Paper. Japan.<br />

RAK003 $4.40<br />

RAKONTOJ I, Francisko KAFKO. Trans. Vilhelmo LUTERMANO. Seven short stories by this strange stylist. This translation preserves<br />

many of the German nuances which often are lost in translation. 1993. 36p. 210x145. Paper. France.<br />

RAK006 $3.50<br />

RAKONTOJ EL PLURAJ LANDOJ, Fred PARKER. Collection of short tales in very good <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Aimed at helping the novice to use<br />

Zamenhofic <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1972. 89p. Paper. England.<br />

RAK001 $2.10

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 39<br />

RAKONTOJ NE NUR ŜERCAJ. Vladimir VÁNA. 20 short stories by a Czech master of the humorous tale; though, as the title says, not<br />

all these stories are humorous. Includes the classic "Kiel ni mortigadis la leporon por la antaŭkristnaska vespermanĝo". Illustrated by<br />

Pavel Rak. 2002. 128p. 200x130. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 808585354-X.<br />

RAK009 $14.30<br />


wit runs deep in this collection of charming “falselore” tales about the mythical prehistory of <strong>Esperanto</strong>-land, when the world was<br />

young and there were dragons in Europe and giants in Asia. 1996. 77p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 188225113X<br />

RAK002 $8.50<br />

RAKONTOJ PRI AFANTI. Trans. FAN Yizu. Collection of short tales about the popular Nasrudin Afanti, a character well-known (by other<br />

names) in various cultures (Southern European, Caucasian, Arabian etc.). Illustrations by TIAN Yuan. 1982. 71p. 180x110. Paper.<br />

China. ISBN 7505200461<br />

RAK005 $3.30<br />

RANDE DE L’ PRUDENTO, Miroslav KRLEĴA. Trans. Zlatko TIŜLJAR. Novel written an a “chain of thoughts” style, by an important<br />

Croatian writer from the beginning of the 20 th century. 1987. 240p. 215x140. Hardbound. Yugoslavia.<br />

RAN001 $13.50<br />

RATETO VOLAS EDZINIĜI, ZHAO Muying, ed. Trans. SHAN Ren. Another collection of Chinese short folk tales. Illustrated. 1995. 60p.<br />

180x110. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201387<br />

RAT001 $8.00<br />

REFOJE KRIMNOVELOJ SEP, Ronald Cecil GATES. A sequel to the successful collection Sep krimnoveloj. Seven more clever stories.<br />

1994. 90p. 205x145. Paper. Australia. ISBN 0646185497<br />

REF002 $7.50<br />

"LA REGRIFUZANTO" KAJ ALIAJ BUDHISMAJ FABELOJ. Gunnar GÄLLMO. Seven Buddhist tales. Basic details of the stories are from<br />

medieval commentaries by Buddhaghosa to the Dhammapada and Jaataka, but they are here very freely used. 2006. 84p. 230x150.<br />

Paper. United States.<br />

REG006 $15.50<br />

REGULUS. "Lorjak" (J.-J. Mahé). Though not Lorjak's last novel in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, almost certainly the crowning tale of his writing career; a<br />

crime of kidnapping and ransom in post-Reformation Paris. 1981. 339p. 200x140. Paper. Italy.<br />

REG001 $16.60<br />

REĜO DE LA ORA RIVERO, LA aŭ LA NIGRAJ FRATOJ, John RUSKIN. Trans. Ivy KELLERMANN. Ruskin became famous for his<br />

works about art and culture, but he wrote this short novel to amuse a young girl. Second edition 1926. 40p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

REG004 $1.60<br />

RESUREKTO, Lev TOLSTOJ. Trans. Viktor SAPOĴNIKOV. Leo Tolstoy’s delightful prose follows steps of a Russian nobleman as he<br />

awakens to his conscience and delves into the injustices of society in Tolstoy’s time (Russia of one hundred years ago). 2000. 368p.<br />

200x145. Hardbound. Russia.<br />

RES002 $32.60<br />

RETOJ, Lorjak. A young French nobleman mixes it up with international jewel thieves. 1978. 206p. 175x125. Paper. Finland. ISBN<br />

9519005455<br />

RET001 $14.00<br />

RIBELO, LA, Joseph ROTH. Trans. Tarsen REGI. Exciting novel in which the events occur in an “unusual” order. The belief in and the<br />

acceptance of others’ superiority creates the misery in which we live. 1988. 98p. 210x145. Paper. France.<br />

RIB001 $5.50<br />

RIGARDANTE MALANTAŬEN (EN LA JARO 2000). Edward BELLAMY. Trans. C. M. Hamaker. He fell asleep in May, 1887, and awoke<br />

to witness the American utopia at the end of the 20th century. Considered one of the most influential American works of the end of the<br />

19th century. Serio Utopia #1. 2005 (2nd ed.). 204 p. 210x145. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

RIG001 $19.90<br />

ROBINSONO KRUSO. Daniel DEFOE. Translated by A. Krafft, with corrections by Ulrich Becker. <strong>Esperanto</strong> version, originally published<br />

in 1908, of an abridged (children’s) version of the famous novel about a sailor shipwrecked on an island in the south seas. 2004. 125 p.<br />

200x130. Paper. Illustrated. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1-59569-001-8.<br />

ROB001 $17.50<br />

ROMEO, JULIETA KAJ LA TENEBRO. Jan OTČENÁŠEK. Translated from Czech by Vladimír VÁŇA. A novel of young lovers in Prague<br />

shortly after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi gauleiter of Prague. Stafeto: Beletraj Kajeroj #26. 1967. 175 p. 185x120.<br />

Paper. Spain.<br />

ROM002 $3.80<br />

ROSEANNA. Maj SJÖWALL & Per WAHLÖÖ. Translated from Swedish by Malte Markheden.A popular Swedish crime novel. "A nude,<br />

tortured woman's body is dragged up from Lake Boren. She has been murdered, terribly mistreated, is about 28 years old and has a<br />

birthmark on her left leg. This is all that Martin Beck and his colleagues know when they set out to find the names of the killer and his<br />

victim." 1990. 202p. 205x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-87320-07-X.<br />

ROS001 $10.70

40 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

RUBEKOLO, LA, Emile MASSON. In La rubekolo this early 20th century Breton author shows us two young lovers who struggle against<br />

the conservative society of a provincial village; they modestly try to develop it, not through the usual political activity but through their<br />

own vigorous example. 2003. 90 p. 180x120. Paper. France. ISBN 2-9520978-0-1.<br />

RUB003 $14.90<br />

RUĜA KOKONO. ABE Kôbô. Trans. HAYASI Kenn. Seven short stories about power and counter-power by a modern Japanese master of<br />

speculative fiction. 2004. 109p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4947691190.<br />

RUG004 $10.80<br />

RUĜDOMA SONĜO. Trans. XIE Yuming. Volumes I and II by CAO Xueqin; vol. III by GAO E. One of the most important Chinese novels is<br />

now available in <strong>Esperanto</strong>! Yet this epic-scale work is much more than a novel, for it deals with the subtleties of Qing dynasty morals,<br />

political intrigues, etc. Includes footnotes and genealogical tables to help the reader avoid confusion. Illustrated.<br />

Vol. I. 1995. 582p. 200x140. Hardbound. China. ISBN 7505202359<br />

RUG001 $26.50<br />

Vol. II. 1996. 684p. 200x140. Hardbound. China. ISBN 7505203037<br />

RUG002 $36.00<br />

Vol. III. 1997. 627p. 200x140. Hardbound. China. ISBN 7505203223<br />

RUG003 $30.00<br />

R<strong>USA</strong> NOVELARO – LA 19A JARCENTO. Aleksander KORĴENKOV & Nikolai LOZGAĈEV (ed.). Trans. Various. 28 short stories from<br />

the works of the great 19th century Russian authors Puŝkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Turgenev, Dostojevskij, Saltykov-Ŝĉedrin, Tolstoj and<br />

Ĉeĥov. First in a series of three projected works covering the Russian literature of the last two centuries. Series "Rusa Literaturo" #9.<br />

2003. 400p. 205x150. Bound. Russia.<br />

RUS003 $46.30<br />

R<strong>USA</strong>J AMNOVELOJ, Anton ĈEĤOV, Ivan BUNIN, Vladimir NABOKOV. Trans. Grigori AROSEV & Aleksander KORĴENKOV. Three love<br />

stories written by three very different Russian authors. 2000. 24p. 200x145. Brochure.<br />

RUS002 $2.20<br />

R<strong>USA</strong>J RAKONTOJ, Mamin SIBIRJAK. Trans. N. KABANOV. The most famous of Sibiriak’s works, which has been published many<br />

times, is the most beloved of his works geared toward children. Third edition 1924. 47p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

RUS001 $1.60<br />

RUZA PETRO, Sava POPOV. Trans. Koljo PANĈEV. Humorous short stories about the popular Bulgarian folk hero, whose adventures are<br />

not only amusing but also instructive. 1990. 92p. 200x145. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

RUZ001 $12.80<br />

SAGAO DE NJAL. Translated by Baldur Ragnarsson. An <strong>Esperanto</strong> version of the old Icelandic saga about law, order and disorder in the<br />

Iceland of a thousand years ago. Recently chosen as one of the hundred great works of world literature. Includes an introduction by the<br />

translator explaining the saga’s place in Icelandic history, a chronology of events, a glossary of character names, and eight color plates<br />

with maps, drawings and photographs. Series “Stafeto” #27. 2003. 357 p. 200x135. Paper. Belgium.<br />

SAG001 $31.00<br />

SAĜO-SAKO. Var. Translated from Chinese by FAN Yizu. 14 short tales about five Asian folk heroes of the Mongol, Tibetan, Kazakh and<br />

Yao peoples.1983. 73p. 180x110. Paper. China.<br />

SAG002 $3.00<br />

SALTEGO TRANS JARMILOJ. Jean FORGE. One of the earliest original science-fiction novels in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. A group of time travelers<br />

journey to Nero's Rome. 1973 (reprint). 192p. 180x125. Paper. Finland. ISBN 095-9005-27-7.<br />

SAL007 $14.00<br />

SAVA LA SAVONTINO. Gerard COOL. An esoteric and utopian science-fiction novel, which revolves in large part around the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

movement at the beginning of the 21st century. 2000. 228p. 200x140. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

SAV001 $20.00<br />

SED NUR FRAGMENTO, Trevor STEELE. A magnificent biographical novel about Maklin, a Russian anthropologist in the South Pacific<br />

at the end of the 19 th century. An easily readable recreation of the stage of the colonial era, with an admixture of scientific and religious<br />

philosophy. 1987. 448p. 210x140. Bound. Brazil.<br />

SED001 $28.70<br />

SEĜO DEKTRIA, LA, George E. WAGNER. Can chance, fate and <strong>Esperanto</strong> rejoin those whom different cultures, family disputes and too<br />

much money have separated How can two people from different worlds solve a mystery from the past Second edition 1992. 22p.<br />

215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251024<br />

SEG001 $2.80<br />

SEKRETO DE LA PATRINO. Valerij SIPOVIÆ. Original novel about a woman's life in post-revolutionary Russia. 2006. 110p. 200x130.<br />

Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716101542.<br />

SK001 $18.90<br />

SEN TITOLO. Ivan G. ŜIRJAEV. "...from an era when a letter from a foreign country provoked admiration and suspicion, when the<br />

experience of Swedes and Russians understanding each other through <strong>Esperanto</strong> seemed something extraordinary, when La Espero<br />

sounded most hopeful ..." (István Ertl). Perhaps the oldest extant <strong>Esperanto</strong> novel, recently rediscovered in manuscript and published by<br />

Pro <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1995. 336p. 240x170. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-85182-023-1.<br />

SEN005 $29.50

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 41<br />

SENSO. Camillo BOITO. Translated from Italian by Jean-Luc Tortel. A novella of sensuality and scandal, which first appeared in 1883<br />

but had to wait until the mid-20 th century to attain popularity (partly through the film adaptation by Luchino Visconti). 2004. 64 p.<br />

165x115. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-72-8.<br />

SEN009 $6.80<br />

SENSORTECO. Imre KERTÉSZ. Trans. István ERTL. The Hungarian Nobel Laureate's masterwork about the effects on the human body<br />

and spirit of life in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #37. 2002. 207p. 200x145. Bound. Hungary.<br />

ISBN 9632062175.<br />

SEN008 $25.50<br />

SEP KRIMNOVELOJ, Ronald Cecil GATES. Seven original detective stories from Australia. 1993. 84p. 210x145. Paper. Australia. ISBN<br />

0646136607<br />

SEP004 $12.30<br />

SEP VANGOFRAPOJ, Károly ASZLÁNYI. Trans. László SOMLAI. A novel by a Hungarian writer set in England. Amusing tale of a young<br />

worker’s revenge on an industrialist. Second edition 1984. 148p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 963571131X<br />

SEP002 $9.00<br />

SEPTAGA MURDENIGMO, LA, Ronald Cecil GATES. A short detective novel in everyday language about a murder on the campus of a<br />

big Australian university. Beautiful description of university life will attract young readers. 1991. 75p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN<br />

9071205401<br />

SEP003 $6.90<br />

SERĈU, KAJ VI TROVOS! István NEMERE. Cora, a young detective, tries to solve the "accidental" death of a painter in this crime<br />

novella by the well-known Hungarian Esperantist author. 1999. 71p. 210x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-973467-3-X.<br />

SER009 $9.90<br />

SERĈU MIAN SONĜON, István NEMERE. Novel by the popular Hungarian writer about a young couple whose friend turns about to be a<br />

terrorist. 1987. 171p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711816<br />

SER001 $13.60<br />

SERVOKAPABLA!+MARCUS TYBOT, Georges EEKHOUD. Trans. Léon BERGIERS. Two stories from 19 th century Belgium. 1927. 71p.<br />

190x110. Paper. Germany.<br />

SER004 $2.90<br />

SFEROJ 4, Div. Collection of twelve translated science-fiction stories from various countries. Illustrated. 1986. 128p. 180x110. Paper.<br />

Spain. ISBN 8439857535<br />

SFE004 $12.80<br />

SFEROJ 5, Div. Special collection of science-fiction stories written by women writers and translated from various languages. Illustrated.<br />

1987. 141p. 180x110. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8439887779<br />

SFE005 $12.80<br />

SFEROJ 6, Div. Collection of thirteen science-fiction stories originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Illustrated. 1988. 138p. 180x110. Paper.<br />

Spain. ISBN 844042065X<br />

SFE006 $12.80<br />

SFEROJ 7, Div. Twelve translations from various languages and countries. Illustrated. 1992. 135p. 180x110. Paper. Spain. ISBN<br />

8460423395<br />

SFE007 $12.10<br />

SFEROJ 8, Div. Eighteen original short stories. Illustrated. 1993. 144p. 180x110. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8460465926<br />

SFE008 $12.80<br />

SFEROJ 10, Div. Twenty one science fiction and fantasy short stories, all originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Larger format than the others<br />

in the series, with large type. 2000. 206p. 210x130. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8460707781<br />

SFE010 $17.10<br />

SFINKSO DE STEPLANDO, LA, V. V. GLAZUNOV. Lively stories inspired by the travels of a Russian geographer, written in a clear, easy<br />

style. Includes the inspiring novelellte “La Ĉarmo de Ĉielmontaro”. 1988 111p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SFI001 $8.50<br />

SIBERIO EN NEØO, KUROSIMA Denzi. Translated by Miyamoto Masao, illustrated by Saito Eizo. Three anti-war novelettes, written in<br />

1927, set in the Japanese expeditionary force in Sibera. Kurosima has the distinction of having had his works censored by the pre-war<br />

Japanese government, by the Soviet government in Moscow, and by the postwar U.S. occupation forces in Japan. 1982. 88 p. 180x130.<br />

Paper. Japan.<br />

SIB001 $5.10<br />

SIKSTO KAJ SESTO, Heinrich FEDERER. Trans. By Bertino GOERNER. Charming story in classic style about the bandits in the<br />

Abruzzi Mountains of Italy. 1999. 96p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SIK001 8.90

42 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

SILKA KUSENO, Johan HAMMOND ROSBACH. A collection of charming short stories set in various locations in North Europe. Excellent<br />

style. 1991. 64p. 200x140. Paper. Finland-Poland. ISBN 9519607686<br />

SIL001 $3.30<br />

SINJORINO BRAKNELO SINJORIĜAS. Edwin GROBE. A humorous short story from the memoirs of American <strong>Esperanto</strong> author and<br />

publisher Edwin Grobe. 1997. 14p. 210x150. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

SIN004 $3.10<br />

SINJORO JOKASTO, Guy DE MAUPASSANT. Trans. Daniel LUEZ. Selections from the famous French short-story teller. A truly<br />

enjoyable book for those who appreciate this master of irony. 1987. 111p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SIN001 $7.40<br />

SKANDALO PRO JOZEFO. Valdemar VINAR. The Biblical story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife, as told by five different witnesses.<br />

Illustrations by Radim Vacha. 2002. 88p. 205x135. Bound. Czech Republic.<br />

SKA001 $11.90<br />

SOMERA TAGO KAJ AŬTUNA VESPERO. Inger BRATTSTRÖM. Translated from Swedish by Malte Markheden. A short, easily readable<br />

love story. 1988. 52p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-8732-03-7.<br />

SOM001 $5.20<br />

SONØO KAJ ALIAJ RAKONTOJ. Franz KAFKA. Translated from German by Wilhelm Lutterman. 16 short (1-5 pages) pieces by the<br />

famous Czech-German-Jewish author, as well as Lutterman’s translation of the entire Metamorphosis. 1996. 102 p. 200x130. Paper.<br />

Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-25-6.<br />

SON005 $10.40<br />

SONĜONOVELO. Arthur SCHNITZLER. Translated by Michel Duc Goninaz. A somewhat erotic psychological novel from the early part of<br />

the 20th century; "Schnitzler's answer to Freud" (Duc Goninaz). 1997. 95p. 200x130. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-34-5.<br />

SON004 $8.60<br />

SPECIALA PREMIO, Div. Very short stories from China. 1991. 117p. 180x110. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200364<br />

SPE001 $3.60<br />

SPLENO DE PARIZO, LA, Charles BAUDELAIRE. Trans. Paul Lobut. 50 short prose pieces by the famous 19 th century French author<br />

primarily known for his poetry (Les Fleurs du Mal). Includes an introduction to Baudelaire and his work by the author, and many<br />

postnotes. This book is number 8 in the series “Oriento-Okcidento”. 1967. 125 p. 215x150. Bound. Denmark.<br />

SPL001 $19.10<br />

STOKITA VINO, Poul THORSEN. These lively stories tell a world-traveler’s favorite tales which bring insight and amusement to the<br />

armchair traveler or anybody planing a journey. Illustrated. 1995. 103p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360660<br />

STO002 $17.50<br />

STONE CITY, THE, Anna LÖWENSTEIN. English version of La þtona urbo, novel about a Celtic girl taken to Rome as a slave in early<br />

Christian times. 1999. 229 p. 210x145. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 0-7544-0098-0.<br />

STO004 $25.70<br />

STRANGA KATO, V. EROŜENKO. Compiled by MINE Yositaka. Short stories and fables by a blind Russian poet who tried not to let<br />

artificial barriers get in his life’s way. Mostly translated from Japanese. 1983. 82p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

STR004 $6.30<br />

STRATOJ DE AŜKELONO, Harry HARRISON. Trans. William AULD. Is this science-fiction or a reinterpretation of history Did extraterrestrial<br />

beings influence religiously significant events See for yourself! 1994. 24p. 195x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

STR001 $2.00<br />

STULTAJ INFANOJ, Ana María MATUTE. Trans. Liven DEK. Brief tales written by a Spanish writer and poet who has won several<br />

awards. Illustrations by Pedro ULLATE LÓPEZ. 1988. 102p. 180x110. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8440433492<br />

STU002 $8.00<br />

SUB CIRKOTENDO, Stan BUBENIĈ. Well written autobiographical novel about a young boy’s early childhood in the circus. 1988. 195p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

SUB002 $17.20<br />

SUB INFLUO DE LA ALKOHOLO, J. Herbert SULLIVAN. These short stories reflect life in modern society and the choices and<br />

relationships which make up our social worlds. 1991. 92p. 210x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205428<br />

SUB003 $8.80<br />

SUNKRONO, LA, Marie KOENEN. Trans. P. Ch. M. VAN DE VIJVER. Collection of short stories and legends from the Dutch. 1937. 99p.<br />

200x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

SUN001 $4.50<br />

SUR KAMPO GRANITA, István NEMERE. Yet another novel from Nemere, based on a real life incident of a high-ranking member of<br />

society found to have engaged in atrocities during World War II; written before the Waldheim revelations. Second edition 1987. 127p.<br />

200x135. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711891<br />

SUR002 $10.60

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 43<br />

SUR LA BORDO, Nevil SHUTE. K. G. LINTON’s translation of the classic nuclear war novel On the Beach. 1983. 254p. 210x145. Paper.<br />

Australia. ISBN 095953363X<br />

SUR006 $15.50<br />

SUR LA LINIO, Georgo KAMAĈO. A collection of 9 modern-style short stories by a young award-winning Spanish Esperantist author.<br />

1991. 40p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251016<br />

SUR009 $4.00<br />

SURKLIFA. Serĝo ELGO. The fourth case from the files of Inspector Kramer, by the author of Ŝia lasta poŝtkarto. "Nothing clear is known<br />

about what goes on in the village of Surklifa." This is your chance to find out ... 2000. 214p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series<br />

"Originala Literaturo" #30. ISBN 3-901752-16-1.<br />

SUR011 $17.50<br />

SVEDA NOVELARO. Ferenc SZILÁGYI (ed. & trans.). 20 short stories by 16 authors all of whom arose through the Swedish labor<br />

movement. Includes several Nobel Laureates (also represented in Sten Johansson's Nobela novelaro>, which see). 1985 (2nd ed.). 235p.<br />

190x130. Paper. France.<br />

SVE001 $9.60<br />

ŜAK-VOJO. C. RIVIÈRE. Collection of 17 short stories and essays by a recent up-and-coming <strong>Esperanto</strong> author, winner in 2001 and<br />

2002 Belartaj Konkursoj. The essay "Reprezalie" is especially timely in October, 2002. N.d., probably 2002. 88p. 185x125. Paper. France.<br />

ISBN 2-9514747-2-5.<br />

SAK002 $15.60<br />

ŜIA LASTA POŜTKARTO. Serĝo ELGO. Serio Originala Literaturo N-ro 40. A brand-new edition of the very first of the "Inspector<br />

Kramer" mysteries, originally published in 1988. "Tie, supre, en la bosko de Sant' Jakobo, tie en la bosko... kadavron, duonputran<br />

kadavron mi malkovris... terure... naŭze..." 2002. 200p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-01-000029-4.<br />

SIA001 $22.60<br />

ŜIPESTRO RAKONTAS. F. T. LUNDQUIST. Adventures of a Swedish sailor, as seaman and as captain, aboard sailing ships and<br />

steamships in the first half of the twentieth century. 1962. 72 p. 195x130. Bound. Sweden.<br />

SIP001 $8.00<br />

ŜOLANDRO, Waldemar BONSELS. Trans. Edmund SÓS. German short novel with a psychological theme. 1924. 48p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Austria.<br />

SOL001 $1.20<br />

ŜTONA URBO, LA, Anna LÖWENSTEIN. A brilliant new historical novel set in the first-century Rome. A Celtic slave girl sees advanced<br />

civilization from her “primitive” point of view. Vividly portrays differences between Druids, Romans, Christians, and Jews. Carefully<br />

written using only official words. 1999. 350p. 205x130. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205770<br />

STO003 $40.70<br />

ŜTONADORANTO, LA/THE STONE-WORSHIPER, Edwin GROBE. A bilingual look at the intersection between the sacred and secular,<br />

illusion and reality, ecstasy and mundaneness. 1994. 19p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

STO001 $2.00<br />

ŜVEJK, Jaroslav HAŠEK. Trans. Vladimir Vána. The complete adventures of the gallant soldier Ŝvejk during the (first) World War, a<br />

classic satire. "A great era demands great men," says the author. "There are unknown heroes, modest men, without the glory and history<br />

of a Napoleon. But an analysis of their characters would shadow the glory even of Alexander of Macedon." Ŝvejk was such a hero.<br />

Illustrations by Josef Lada. Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #38. 2004. 711 p. 210x150. Bound. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-76-0.<br />

SVE002 $65.80<br />

TAROKOJ KAJ EPOKOJ. Christian DECLERCK. A semi-autobiographical novel, originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, about life at the end of<br />

the 20th century. The author writes: "...there are, in it, also allusions to esotericism, art, science. The text includes various styles of<br />

writing. There is an attempt to sketch the process of creation, of writing. ... I touch on points of tangency between the national literatures,<br />

global literature, and our own literary art." 2002. 654p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 71205 93 3.<br />

TAR002 $43.90<br />

TARTARIN DE TARASKONO, Alphonse DAUDET. Trans. Jean DELOR & Paul LE BRUN. This hilarious novel by the great French author<br />

has been unavailable for many years. Illustrations by Lucien GUÉZENNEC. 1955. 192p. 190x130. Bound. France.<br />

TAR001 $11.00<br />

TARZANO DE LA SIMIEGOJ. Edgar Rice BURROUGHS. Trans. Edwin Grobe. The first four chapters of the famous story about the<br />

English lordling raised in Africa by anthropoid great apes. 2004. 28p. 215x180. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TAR003 $4.80<br />

TEMPO FUĜAS, Div. A collection of twenty five stories originally published in Monato, selected and edited by William Auld. Great variety<br />

of theme and linguistic level. 1995. 159p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205622<br />

TEM002 $16.90<br />

TEMPO-MAÞINO, LA. H. G. WELLS. Trans. E. W. Amos. Wells' famous dystopian novel about the time-traveler who discovers the end<br />

result, a hundred thousand years in the future, of the 19th century struggle between capital and labor, in the persons of the butterflylike<br />

Eloi and the cannibalistic Morlocks. Series "Utopia" #4. 2006. 82 p. 210x145. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

TEM004 $12.10

44 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

TERRA, István NEMERE. Science-fiction story with the message that we must protect Earth. 1987. 151p. 195x140. Paper. Hungary.<br />

ISBN 9635711972<br />

TER001 $12.60<br />

TIEL PROFUNDA ESTAS LA NOKTO, Villy E. RISØR. Trans. Svend Dragsted et al. Eleven short stories and a poem from colonial<br />

Africa as seen by a Danish author of the fifties. 1959. 112 p. 205x130. Paper. Denmark.<br />

TIE003 $5.10<br />

TIEN. Johán VALANO. What would you do if there existed an alternate world in which people were happy – and you knew how to get<br />

there A new science-fiction novel by the author of the “Ĉu" mystery series. 1997. 139p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala<br />

Literaturo" #27. ISBN 3-901752-12-9.<br />

TIE001 $22.80<br />

TILLA. Spomenka ŠTIMEC. A biographical novel about the German actress Tilla Durieux, who spent many yeas in exile in Zagreb<br />

during the Nazi era. 2002. 179p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360717.<br />

TIL001 $27.70<br />

TIO KONVENAS. Carl Jonas Love ALMQVIST. Translated by Sten JOHANSSON. A 19th century novella, daring in its day, of<br />

unconventional and unsatisfied love. "She was satisfied with spiritual togetherness, bodily separation; but for him, what a fate!" (Mao<br />

Zifu). 1998. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-973467-0-5.<br />

TIO002 $7.60<br />

TIU TOSKANA SEPTEMBRO, Corrado TAVANTI & István ERTL. The lifeless body of a young girl is found in a park. It’s not easy to find<br />

the murderer, but as usual in these kinds of book that happens at the end. 1990. 137p. 205x150. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 963571128X<br />

TIU001 $12.80<br />

TRAGEDIO APUD HILAO-RIVERO, Edwin GROBE. The five-year captivity of a white woman among Mojave Indians. From “Pages from<br />

Arizona History”. 1993. 16p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRA006 $1.40<br />

TRANS LA SPEGULO (KAJ KION ALICO TROVIS TIE), Lewis CARROLL. Trans. Donald BROADRIBB. This beloved sequel to Alice in Wonderland<br />

was first published in 1872, and never ceases to amaze and amuse. Includes yet another translation of the poem "Jabberwocky".<br />

Illustrated by John TENNIEL whose drawings captivated readers of many of the English versions of the book. 2001. 128p. 200x140.<br />

Paper. Russia.<br />

TRA007 $7.40<br />

TRANS MARO KAJ MORTO. Sten JOHANSSON. The second adventure of detectives Svedberg and Jankéus. Welcome to the criminal<br />

world of the Baltic Sea. 1999. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-973467-4-8.<br />

TRA010 $11.70<br />

TRANSE, Lorjak. Fantastic tale in which time and space or not the same as in the real world. So the temporal and geographic distance<br />

between Paris and San Francisco are not what we expect. 1976. 153p. 175x120. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005382<br />

TRA003 $18.80<br />


bumpkin views World War One with a foolish kind of wisdom. Soldier Ŝvejk shows what is wrong about war by doing what is right. Reprint<br />

1995. 152p. 205x145p. Paper. France.<br />

TRA008 $7.00<br />

TREZORO, Reto ROSSETTI & Henri VATRÉ, ed. Rich collection of prose works (short stories, chapters from novels etc.) From the first<br />

century of <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature. Includes biographical notes on authors. Together with Esperanta antologio it forms a set which should<br />

not be missing from any Esperantist’s library. Two volumes. 1989. 984p. 210x145. Bound. Hungary. ISBN 9635711050<br />

TRE001 $34.20<br />

TRI CETERAJ NOVELOJ, Mark TWAIN. Trans. Edwin GROBE. Professor Grobe is obviously having fun in this task of locating and<br />

translating little-known gems of American literature. I rather doubt you’ve ever read “The Eskimo Maiden’s Romance” or “Cannibalism in<br />

the Cars” or “Luck”. Well, you should have! Now’s your chance. You’ll be glad you did. 1999. 22p. 215x174. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRI016 $1.90<br />

TRI HOMOJ EN BOATO, Jerome K. JEROME. Trans. G. BADASH. Three young English gentlemen decide to go for a relaxing boat ride<br />

on a river, but go through a variety of adventures spiced with very British humor in this classic story of uppcrust life on the Thames.<br />

Written in the late 19 th century. 1934. 256p. 190x130. Hungary.<br />

TRI001 (paper) $6.00<br />

TRI NOVELOJ, Sherwood ANDERSON. Trans. Edwin GROBE. Yet another collection of classic American short-stories brought to the<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> world in sparkling translation. Contains "Death in the Woods", "The Return" and "The Lost Novel". 1999. 26p. 215x174. Paper.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRI017 $2.10<br />

TRI NOVELOJ. Bret HARTE. Translated by Edwin Grobe. From the Gold-Rush era. Contains <strong>Esperanto</strong> translations of “The Luck of<br />

Roaring Camp”, “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” and “Tennessee’s Partner”. 2003. 26 p. 215x180. Paper. United States.<br />

TRI019 $4.00

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 45<br />

TRI NOVELOJ, Nathaniel HAWTHORNE. Trans. Edwin GROBE. One of the Republic's most polished early stylists is here presented to<br />

the <strong>Esperanto</strong>-reading public with his "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment", "The Minister's Black Veil" and "Young Goodman Brown". This highly<br />

polished translation is an excellent gift for overseas friends who have not been introduced to American literature. 1998. 26p. 215x175.<br />

Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRI013 $2.20<br />

TRI NOVELOJ, Washington IRVING. Trans. Edwin GROBE. This early American fantasist is here represented by the classic "Rip van<br />

Winkle" as well as his lesser-known "To the Reader" and "Adventure of the German Student". 1999. 24p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRI010 $2.10<br />

TRI NOVELOJ, Edgar Allan POE. Trans. Edwin GROBE. Three of Poe's best-known short stories in <strong>Esperanto</strong> guise: "The Cask of<br />

Amontillado" ("Pro amo al Dio, Montrezoro!"), "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "MS Found In a Bottle". 1998. 24p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRI011 $3.40<br />

TRI NOVELOJ, Mark TWAIN. Trans. Edwin GROBE. The classic story "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" is presented<br />

here with a pair of lesser-known short stories: "A Dying Man's Confession" and "The Story of the Bad Little Boy". You probably wonder<br />

how Grobe tackles the problems inherent in translating Twain’s rustic dialects. 1999. 22p. 215x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong><br />

TRI014 $3.10<br />

TRI RAKONTOJ PRI LA MILJARA PACO, John FRANCIS. Francis here takes us back to a fictional world he made famous almost forty<br />

years earlier in Vitralo. This world may remind you of Gulliver's Travels. The thousand-year peace of the title does not in fact last that<br />

long and is often in danger. Francis proves that his writings form an integral part of the basic literature of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1997. 117p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205666<br />

TRI012 $15.20<br />

TRIA KOLEKTO DA KRIMNOVELOJ, Ronald Cecil GATES. Gates again proves his mastery of the crime short story as the characters<br />

from his previous stories meet again in various combinations for new adventures and encounters with crime. 1996. 84p. 205x145. Paper.<br />

Australia. ISBN 0958665109<br />

TRI008 $7.30<br />

33 RAKONTOJ · LA ESPERANTA NOVELARTO, Reto ROSSETTI & Ferenc SZILÁGYI, ed. A classic collection of some of the all-time best<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> short stories. A good companion to Trezoro (see above). 1964. 328p. 215x155. Bound. Spain.<br />

TRI002 $32.20<br />

TUNDRO ĜEMAS, LA, V. EROŜENKO. Stories and observations about the life of the Chukchi people of Arctic Siberia, where the blind<br />

author spent many adventuresome months in 1928-29 studying the living conditions of the local blind people. With a biographical sketch<br />

of Eroºenko by MINE Yositaka, who compiled the book. 1980. 82p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

TUN001 $6.90<br />

TURE SVENTON EN LONDONO. Åke HOLMBERG. Trans. Malte Markheden. From the popular Swedish series of novels about private<br />

eye Ture Sventon, this time hired by Lord Hubbard in London to find who is penetrating into his London home on dark, foggy nights.<br />

1989. 64p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-87320-04-5.<br />

TUR001 $7.00<br />

TURNO DE LA ŜRAŬBO, LA, Henry JAMES. Trans. Edwin GROBE. This classical American novelette is suspenseful ghost story from a<br />

century ago. 1999. 79p. 210x175. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

vol. 1 TUR002 $2.50<br />

vol. 2 TUR004 $2.10<br />

vol. 3 TUR005 $2.10<br />

TURO DE L’ POPOLOJ, LA, Han RINER. Trans. Valo. Novel about the mythical Tower of Babel. 1983. 153p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

TUR003 $5.40<br />

UNUA AMO, LA, Ivan TURGENEV. Trans. Ilsia NOVIKOVA. This lyrical novella by one of the greatest Russian prose stylists reflects the<br />

changes in Russian culture as serfdom gave way to middle-class moral principles. His characters struggle with new freedoms and<br />

unforeseen emotions. Does History repeat itself! 1993. 67p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

UNU005 $6.50<br />

UNUMANE. Johan Hammond ROSBACH. A novel about a group of people who, faced with individual handicaps, succeed in overcoming<br />

them. 1991. 126p. 210x145. Paper. Norway. ISBN 8290006098.<br />

UNU001 $21.20<br />

URD HADDA MURDITA! Deck DORVAL. The fourth and final book in the detective series about Ksavero Kant. This time the story takes<br />

place in the world of the theater. 1990. 196p. 200x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205371<br />

URD001 $16.10<br />

VAGE TRA LA DIMENSIOJ, KONISI Gaku. Original short science-fiction stories from a Japanese author. 1976. 78p. 180x130.Paper.<br />

Japan.<br />

VAG003 $5.30<br />

VARMEGA KAMPARO, Zsigmond MÓRICZ. Trans. István NAGY. A naturalistic novel which portrays the moral and social crises of the<br />

Hungarian nobility at the turn of the 20 th century. Rich, evocative descriptions of a troubled world. 1985. 169p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Hungary. ISBN 9635710496

46 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

VAR002 $8.20<br />

VENĜANTO, Eduard BORNHÖHE. Trans. Valev KRU<strong>USA</strong>LU. Historical tale of ancient times and events in Estonia, which skillfully<br />

describes the difficult position of small nations and the fate of individuals. 1990. 118p. 210x145. Paper. Finland-China. ISBN<br />

9519607625<br />

VEN002 $15.50<br />

VERAJ RAKONTOJ. LUKIANO. Trans. Gerrit Berveling. Two connected fantasies written by one of the best-known fantasists of classical<br />

times. Facing pages in the original Greek and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2006. 58p. 210x150. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

VER015 $6.30<br />

VI POVAS MORTI NUR DUFOJE, István NEMERE. Sequel to Vivi estas danĝere. Vivid and exciting crime novel. 1989. 183p. 205x145.<br />

Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635712863<br />

VIP001 $13.70<br />

VIDVINO KAJ LA PROFESORO, LA. Ronald Cecil GATES. A full-length original crime novel by the well-known Australian author. 1997.<br />

132p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. Series "Original Literature" #23. ISBN 3-901752-06-4.<br />

VID001 $13.60<br />

VIENAJ LEGENDOJ. Div. Nine legends from Vienna, six of them traditional and three of them from the Viennese <strong>Esperanto</strong> community.<br />

1992. 40p. 210x150. Paper. Austria.<br />

VIE001 $3.90<br />

VIKTIMOJ, Julio BAGHY. This is the first novel in <strong>Esperanto</strong> whose action comes not from the author’s imagination, but from real life<br />

itself. The author’s experiences as a prisoner of war in Siberia inspired the events in this popular novel. 1991 (6 th ed.). 207p. 205x140.<br />

Paper. Hungary.<br />

VIK001 $14.30<br />

VILA MANO, LA. Hindrik Jan BULTHUIS. An urban legend is born and takes on a life of its own in a small Dutch village in this classic<br />

1928 <strong>Esperanto</strong> novel. 1991. 299 + 14p. 200x145. Paper. Austria.<br />

VIL001 $11.60<br />

VIRO KIU PLANTIS ARBOJN, LA, Jean GIONO. Trans. EKES. The man who plants trees can save a valley and restore an ecosystem.<br />

This moving story has inspired many ecologists to patient activism. Illustrated by Nicole POMMAUX. 1991. 32p. 230x165. Paper. France.<br />

ISBN 2868195035<br />

VIR004 $7.90<br />

VITA NOVA / VIVO NOVA. DANTE Alighieri. Translated by Enrico Dondi. The story of Dante’s love for Beatrice, the woman who<br />

inspired the Divine Comedy, from age of nine to her death at age twenty-five; “the first love-story in Italian literature”. 2003. 167 p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

VIV016 $13.90<br />

VIVEROJ. CASTELAO. Trans. Fernando de Diego. Five short vignettes from the life of the Galician author. 1983. 43p. 215x155. Paper.<br />

Spain. ISBN 8430091262.<br />

VIV004 $1.50<br />

VIVI ESTAS DANĜERE, István NEMERE. Adventure-filled tale of a group of doubtful soldiers who kidnap a sometime war criminal<br />

under the commission of the French government. For the sequel see Vi povas morti nur dufoje. 1988. 159p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary.<br />

ISBN 9635712386<br />

VIV006 $14.50<br />

VIVO ESTAS PLI FORTA, LA. Jolanthe LESSER. Edited by H. Mayer. Six short stories by one of Austria's best-known 20th century<br />

woman authors. As it happens, she has also written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, and these six stories are originals rather than translations. 1991. 36p.<br />

205x140. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" (unnumbered, perhaps #1).<br />

VIV012 $4.30<br />

VIVOJ SEKAJ, Graciliano RAMOS. Trans. Leopoldo H. KNOEDT. In the style called “New Realism” this novel deals with the struggles of<br />

peasants against the elements during a prolonged drought. 1997. 135p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

VIV008 $21.90<br />

VIZITO SUR LA TERON, István NEMERE. Science-fiction novel original in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by one of the most popular authors in Hungary.<br />

2001. 168p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100848<br />

VIZ002 $15.90<br />

VOJAĜO AL DISIĜO, Spomenka ŜTIMEC. Short stories by one of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s most acclaimed writers. Several of the stories were prize<br />

winners. 1990. 91p. 200x145. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711069<br />

VOJ007 $9.10<br />

VOJAĜO AL KAZOHINIO, Sándor SZATHMÁRI. This satirically Utopian work presents two alternative worldviews, one of which is ruled<br />

exclusively by reason, the other by the senses and emotions. The author shows that the excesses of either extreme must lead to an intolerable<br />

society, and that there are excellent advantages to this imperfect real world where reason and emotion continually wrestle each<br />

other into equilibrium. The setting is a continuation of Gulliver’s travels. 1998 reprint of the 1958 edition. 316p. 195x135. Paper. France.<br />

VOJ003 $22.70

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 47<br />

VOJAĜO ĜIS NOKTOFINO. Louis-Ferdinand CELINE. Trans. Armela LeQuint & Ĵak Le Puil. The first novel of a French author known<br />

both for his anti-Semitism and his black humor. Set around the end of World War I, the book was a literary signal against wars and all<br />

human vanities, and broke with French literary tranditions, using the speech of uneducated people, slang, even obscenities. 2005. 370p.<br />

220x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1595690220.<br />

VOJ003 $22.70<br />

VOJAĜOJ FINIĜAS, AMANTOJ KUNIĜAS, Manjo AUSTIN. This novel follows the internal psychological experiences of a young half-orphan<br />

girl throughout her life. As a “light” novel originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong> this type of book is rare. 1988. 128p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 9071205215<br />

VOJ011 $9.60<br />

VOJO DE SERPENTO SUR ROKO, LA. Torgny LINDGREN. Trans. Sten Johansson. Novel by a modern Swedish author about the<br />

meaning of life, in or out of a religious context. 1997. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

VOJ001 $8.20<br />

VUALO DE L’ TEMPO, LA, J. H. SULLIVAN. Twenty short stories by a talented English Esperantist. 1983. 116p. 215x150. Paper.<br />

Belgium-Spain. ISBN 9063360282<br />

VUA001 $10.80<br />

WAKAJTAPU, Joĵa HORVAT. Trans. Zlatko TIŠLJAR. Very beautiful short novel whose atmosphere reminds one of The Little Prince.<br />

Drawings by Nada ZILJAK. 1989. 134p. 165x120. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

WAK001 $6.40<br />

ZODIAKIDOJ, LA, Rudyard KIPLING. Trans. Katelina HALO. Five charming short stories from the pen of a master storyteller. These are<br />

little-known works which the translator has chosen because they demonstrate Kipling’s deep compassion for humanity. Includes "The<br />

Other Man" from Plain Tales from the Hills, "A Wayside Comedy" from Wee Willie Winkie, "The Children of the Zodiac" from Many<br />

Inventions, "The Butterfly That Stamped" from Just-So Stories, and "They" from Traffics and Discoveries. 1997. 87p. 210x140. Paper.<br />

Brazil.<br />

ZOD001 $11.00<br />

Plays and Sketches<br />

AMO PER PROVERBOJ. Arthur AZEVEDO. Short, witty play by a famous Brazilian playwright. 1988. 23p. 140x105. Paper. France.<br />

AMO001 $1.00<br />

ANTAŬ LA KULISOJ, Bernard GOLDEN. A collection of one-act plays with amazing variety – tragicomedies, crime stories, fantasies,<br />

comedies – something for everyone! 1994. 188p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635714521<br />

ANT007 $9.30<br />

AŬDIENCO. Václav HAVEL. The best-known short comedy by the Czech playwright who would later become the first president of the<br />

Czech Republic. A presentation not only of a fragment from Havel's life, while he was still a dissident, but also a good reflection of the<br />

means that were used by those in the political opposition. 1996. 40p. 200x130. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-26-4.<br />

AUD001 $3.50<br />

BORIS GODUNOV. Aleksandr PUÞKIN. Trans. Vladimir Edelþtejn. Puþkin's famous play about the last days of Ivan the Terrible. 2005.<br />

112p. 170x120. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716101461.<br />

BOR002 $8.10<br />

BRAND, Henrik IBSEN. Translated from Norwegian by Erling Anker Haugen. Ibsen's famous play about a priest whose faith in "All or<br />

Nothing" is tested to the limit. This book is number 13 in the series "Oriento-Okcidento". 1978. 320 p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90<br />

6336 004 5.<br />

BRA005 $19.10<br />

BRONZA TIGRO, GUO Moruo. Trans. Seimin. Five-act historical drama. 1985. 122p. 210x145. Bound. China.<br />

BRO001 $7.00<br />

15 KOMEDIETOJ, Robert MACKAY. Brief and easy sketches; suitable for beginning and intermediate courses or simply for<br />

entertainment. Second edition 1983. 82p. 210x145. Paper. Scotland.<br />

DEK008 $3.80<br />

DOKTORO BRAUN VIVAS EN NI. Julian MODEST. A drama about a journalist's dilemma: what to do when a cancer cure developed by<br />

an unknown doctor ... works. Also includes the comedy "Kripto", about a Byzantine crypt discovered beneath an ordinary home. 1987.<br />

74p. 195x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635712057.<br />

DOK004 $10.80<br />

DON KARLOS. Friedrich SCHILLER. Trans. Willi Nüesch. In 16th century Spain the heir to the throne of Spain attempts to use his<br />

closest childhood friend to set up an assignation with his young stepmother the queen, not realizing that his friend wants to involve him<br />

in rebellion against the throne. 2006. 251p 210x150. Paper. Switzerland.<br />

DON001 $29.70<br />

EDUKO DANĜERA KAJ ALIAJ TEATRAĴOJ. Harold BROWN. The ten plays in this book present people who for various reasons find<br />

themselves standing against, or separated from, the majority of members of their societies. Includes also the essay "La Jubileo" written by

48 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

Brown and Zofia Banet-Fornalowa, and an overview by Zofia Banet-Fornalowa on Harold Brown's contribution to the <strong>Esperanto</strong> theater.<br />

2006. 189p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 9789163190070.<br />

EDU002 $36.90<br />

EL DRAMOJ. Trans. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Short sections from Zamenhof’s translations of Goethe and Schiller. Second edition 1924. 48p.<br />

140x85. Paper. Germany.<br />

ELD001 $1.70<br />

EPIFANIO, William SHAKESPEARE. Trans. William AULD. Twelfth Night in an excellent translation by one of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s finest<br />

English-speaking poets. Second edition 1980. 72p. 205x145. Paper. Scotland.<br />

EPI001 $5.10<br />

FACILA SKEĈ-ALBUMO, Bertram POTTS. 100 one-page skits recommended for classes and club meetings. 1984. 112p. 210x140.<br />

Paper. Brazil.<br />

FAC002 $13.40<br />

FENIKSO TRO OFTA, Christopher FRY. A retelling of Petronius's story of the widow of Ephesus, who vows to die in her husband's tomb<br />

but rediscovers life and love, translated by William AULD. 1984. 78p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

FEN002 $6.50<br />

FULMOTONDRO, CAO Yu. Trans. LIU Caisheng. Written in the early 1930's, this play is considered a classic of pre-Revolutionary<br />

Chinese theater. It presents a yearning for the collapse of the corrupt old system and a naïve vision of the perfect new society which<br />

would replace it. 1997. 135p. 200x140. Hardbound. China. ISBN 7505203436<br />

FUL001 $10.80<br />

GRAVECO DE LA FIDELIĜO, LA. Oscar WILDE. Trans. by William Auld. Famous comic play The Importance of Being Earnest (“Ernest”)<br />

about the hard-working Johano Worthing and his ne'er-do-well brother Fidel – both of them, the same person. Esperantaj Kajeroj #9.<br />

1987. 79 p. 210x150. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 0 9505323 7 1.<br />

GRA008 $4.80<br />

GRAVECO DE LA FIDELIØO, LA. Oscar WILDE. Trans. William Auld. DVD of the July 4, 1987, presentation of the play by an amateur<br />

cast at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London. NOTE: DVD uses PAL standard, so in the United States is probably best viewed on your<br />

computer's DVD player. 2006. 145 minutes. United Kingdom.<br />

GRA010 $24.50<br />

HAMLETO · Princo de Danujo, William SHAKESPEARE. Trans. L. N. M. NEWELL. A modern translation which successfully reproduces<br />

the beauty of the original. 1964. 252p. 210x145. Paper. Spain.<br />

HAM002 $13.00<br />

HAMLETO · Reĝido de Danujo, William SHAKESPEARE. Zamenhof’s translation of Hamlet. A reference book for the serious Esperantist.<br />

Eighth edition 1964. 206p. 195x130. Bound. France.<br />

HAM001 $13.40<br />

HEKSAKLORO UNU KOMO TRI. Paul GUBBINS. Award-winning tragedy by the scriptwriter of "<strong>Esperanto</strong>: Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo",<br />

about a family caught up in chemical-industrial poisoning of the local environment. Fonto-Kajeroj #30. 2005. 62p. 210x140. Paper.<br />

Brazil. ISBN 9090188371<br />

HEK001 $6.30<br />

INTERKONA MATENO. Sten JOHANSSON. Four original short plays, two of which won prizes in the UEA Belartaj Konkursoj. Each play<br />

requires from three to six participants (one play has one participant and four off-stage voices), and are suitable for small-group<br />

presentation. 1996. 52p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

INT001 $7.10<br />

INTERPAROLO, Angelo BEOLCO. Trans. Carlo MINNAJA. Whoever can defend his own life is courageous; in other words, why wage war<br />

against “enemies” who have done nothing to us. That is the message of this dialogue written more than 4½ centuries ago. 1990. 29p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360431<br />

INT011 $10.30<br />

INVENTO DE L' JARCENTO. Julian MODEST. Three and two comedies by a Bulgarian master, from the 1980s and 1990s, of the short<br />

prose work in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1993. 79p. 195x145. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

INV002 $5.40<br />

KOMEDIO DE ERAROJ, LA, William SHAKESPEARE. Trans. William AULD & Asen M. SIMEONOV. Translation of one of Shakespeare’s<br />

earliest plays The Comedy of Errors. 1987. 88p. 205x145. Paper. Scotland-Yugoslavia. ISBN 0905149254<br />

KOM006 $5.10<br />

KONTO DE L’ VIVO, Paul GUBBINS. Four short theater pieces from the author of <strong>Esperanto</strong> – pasporto al la tuta mondo. Although these<br />

works are obviously intended as amusement (they are witty!), they also address current social issues. 1998. 137p. 205x130. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9071205762<br />

KON007 $20.70<br />

KVAR TEATRAĴOJ, CULBERT Ruto. Four one-act original <strong>Esperanto</strong> plays, two of which received awards in UEA Fine Arts<br />

competitions. Color illustrations by Elise WEINER. 1994. 148p. 275x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

KVA003 $12.80

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 49<br />

MANOJ DE EŬRIDICA, LA, Pedro BLOCH. Trans. Geraldo MATTOS. A virtuoso theater-piece: a one-man show which covers an amazing<br />

breadth of material in a wide range of emotional states. 1997. 63p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAN003 $7.30<br />

MOKINDAJ PRECIOZULINOJ, LA, Molière. Trans. André RIBOT. A comedy by the great French classic writer; a satire on affectation.<br />

36p. 170x120. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

MOK001 $1.60<br />

MONDO NE HAVAS ATENDEJON, LA. Maurits DEKKER. Trans. F. Faulhaber. Three-act Dutch anti-nuclear play, dating from 1951.<br />

1985. 80p. 200x135. Paper. France.<br />

MON001 $3.20<br />

NAJBAROJ+BOROJ, Stefan MacGILL. Two plays with questions, exercises and role-playing, in the well known style of Stefan MacGill.<br />

The illustrations by Pavel RAK make the book even more amusing. 1989. 213p. 210x140. Bound. Hungary-Italy. ISBN 8870350458<br />

NAJ001 $17.50<br />

NEMAVE EDIFI. Stefan MacGILL. Four educational plays plus one poem by the author of La laýta verkhorloøo, Najbaroj kaj boroj,<br />

Tendaraj tagoj and others. Includes many exercises and riddles for the reader/player. Illustrations by Pavel Rak. 2007. 264p. 205x135.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 77066 25 X.<br />

NEM002 $33.60<br />

NEMEZA/NEMESIS. Alfred NOBEL. Translated from Swedish by Gunnar GÄLLMO. A play written by the father of dynamite and the<br />

Nobel Prizes, suppressed after his death as religiously controversial; this edition, in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and the original Swedish, is the first<br />

published version. 2003. 253p. 215x140. Bound. Sweden. ISBN 91-85288-29-2.<br />

NEM001 $43.10<br />

NI VIVOS! Julian MODEST. A nine-act documentary drama about the last years in the life of Lidia Zamenhof, and about the terrors that<br />

the fascist invasion visited upon Europe. 1987. 53p. 200x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711913.<br />

NIV001 $5.00<br />

OKTAVIA, Seneca. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. Nero, emperor of Rome, well-known for his cruelty and insanity, also caused many<br />

tragedies among his own family. This play focuses on the altercation between his wife and his concubine. 1989. 60p. 205x140. Paper.<br />

Belgium. ISBN 9071205274<br />

OKT001 $7.10<br />

ONKLO VANJA. Anton Pavloviĉ ĈEĤOV. A four-act play, perhaps the author's most famous, about scenes from life in a Russian village<br />

in pre-revolutionary times. 2005. 44p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

ONK001 $6.10<br />

PORDOJ, Stefan MacGILL. This collection of amusing short dramatic sketches shows enough variety to suit most circumstances.<br />

Includes exercises, word-lists and notes for teachers/directors. Illustrations by Katie KEATES. Second edition 1987. 84p. 215x145.<br />

Paper. Belgium.<br />

POR004 $5.50<br />

PROMETEO LIGITA, Esĥilo. Albert GOODHEIR’s translation of the famous Greek play by Aeschylus. 1982. 54p. 210x145. Paper.<br />

Scotland. ISBN 0905149165<br />

PRO006 $6.00<br />

QU YUAN, GUO Moruo. Trans. Laŭlum. Historical drama in five acts about events during the Chu dynasty. 1987. 121p. 210x150.<br />

Bound. China. ISBN 7505200054<br />

QUY001 $6.10<br />

RABISTOJ, LA. Friedrich SCHILLER. Translated by L. L. Zamenhof. Story of two brothers, the power-hungry Francisko and the<br />

overproud Karolo, leader of a band of robbers. This was the play whose unexpected success encouraged the young Schiller to become an<br />

author and poet (his “Ode to Joy” inspired Beethoven in turn to write the music that would later become the European anthem). 2004.<br />

151 p. 215x125. Paper. United States. 1-59569-011-5.<br />

RAB001 $15.40<br />



220X140. PAPER. BRAZIL.<br />

REG003 $22.80<br />

REĜO EDIPO KAJ ANTIGONA. Sofoklo. Trans. D. B. Gregor. The first and third plays in Sophocles’ cycle about Oedipus, King of<br />

Thebes, who discovers the hard way that if you don't want an answer, you shouldn't ask the question. Excellent translation. Stafeto: Bel-<br />

Literatura Eldon-Serio #16. 1960. 215 p. 220x160. Paper. Spain.<br />

REG005 $11.40<br />

REĜO LEAR, William SHAKESPEARE. King Lear in Kálmán KALOCSAY’s translation. Number 6 in the East-West Series. 1966. 156p.<br />

200x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

REG002 $11.30<br />

REVIZORO, LA. N. V. GOGOL. This is a hard-cover photocopy of the original edition of Zamenhof's translation of Gogol's famous five-act

50 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

comedy (the English-language film version starred Danny Kaye), about a couple of ne'er-do-wells passing themselves off as<br />

representatives of the Tsar in a country town. Undated. 99p. 210x155. Bound. Japan.<br />

REV003 $4.10<br />

RIKARDO TRIA, William SHAKESPEARE. Richard III translated and annotated by John FRANCIS. 1980. 80p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Scotland. ISBN 0905149104<br />

RIK001 $7.10<br />

SALOME. Oscar WILDE. Originally published in 1922, this translation of Wilde's one-act play about the Biblical dancer and John the<br />

Baptist was done by Japanese Esperantist T. Chif in an attempt to improve on H. J. Bulthuis's earlier translation. Based on the English<br />

translation by Lord Alfred Douglas (Wilde originally wrote the play in French!). 1973. 51p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

SAL001 $1.00<br />

SERVORAJTO, LA+LA SINMORTIGO, Geraldo MATTOS. Two short comedies which can be performed by five actors. Although amusing,<br />

these plays do not avoid serious themes! 1997. 55p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SER007 $7.30<br />

SOMERMEZNOKTA SONĜO, William SHAKESPEARE. Kalocsay’s translation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 1967. 99p. 180x115.<br />

Paper. Spain.<br />

SOM003 $4.90<br />

SONĜODRAMO. August STRINDBERG. Trans. Sten JOHANSSON. Strindberg's own favorite play, a drama in which fantasy, humor,<br />

satire, compassion and despair for mankind mix and swirl in an endlessly changing flow of scenes. 1999. 80p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

ISBN 91-973467-6-4.<br />

SON002 $11.70<br />

SUNLEVIĜO, CAO Yu. Trans. TAN Xiuzhu. A surprising level of optimism permeates this sordid play about prostitutes, pimps and<br />

bankers. Out with the old world order, in with the new! 1997. 142p. 200x140. Hardbound. China. ISBN 7505203438<br />

SUN003 $9.30<br />

SUPEO DE LA KARDINALOJ, LA, Júlio DANTAS. Trans. Geraldo MATTOS. A nicely sentimental play which shows three old cardinals<br />

who dine together in the Vatican and reminisce about their various experiences as youths. 1997. 40p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SUP001 $7.30<br />

ŜTONA GASTO, LA. Michel Duc GONINAZ. A miniature tragedy in four scenes, from the life of Don Juan, based on a presentation by<br />

Pushkin. 1989. 24p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

STO005 $1.00<br />

TEMPESTO, LA, William SHAKESPEARE. Trans. Kálmán KALOCSAY. Shakespeare’s final drama, with a very useful commentary by the<br />

translator. 1970. 119p. 175x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

TEM001 $5.00<br />

TRIDEK ROLULOJ, Stefan MacGILL. Five sketches in graded order with exercises. Illustrated by Huibert den DRAAK. 1981. 72p.<br />

210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170239<br />

TRI004 $6.50<br />

VERDA RANARO PREZENTAS, LA ... Paul GUBBINS. Two one-act plays which were presented at the World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in<br />

Florence, Italy (2006). The play "Pacaj batalantoj" requires three players (two women, one man) and the play "Mikael kaj la monstro" has<br />

four (two men, one woman, one voice). 2006. 40p. 210x145. Paper. Great Britain. ISBN 0902756257.<br />

VER008 $10.10<br />

VESPERA GRUO, KINOSITA Zyunzi. A play in one act, with four characters and a chorus, based on the traditional Japanese tale of the<br />

crane-wife and the over-curious husband. Illustrations by Kita Satori. 1982. 73 p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

VES003 $5.10<br />

VINTRA FABELO, LA. William SHAKESPEARE. One of Shakespeare's four great romances, written near the end of his career, in a<br />

translation by Humphrey Tonkin. Includes the famous if non-existent "coast of Bohemia". 2006. 154p. 210x150. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

VIN006 $22.80<br />

VIVO DE HENRIKO KVINA, LA. William SHAKESPEARE. Trans. Humphrey Tonkin, the first <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation of perhaps the best<br />

known of Shakespeare's "Historical" plays. "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers ..." 2003. 158p. 205x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 9290170239.<br />

VIV015 $18.10<br />

VULPO KAJ LA VINBEROJ, LA, Guilherme FIGUEIREDO. Trans. Benedicto SILVA. A famous and funny play whose characters are<br />

ancient Greeks: a philosopher, his wife, an army captain and several slaves. They wrestle with the importance and the dangers of<br />

personal freedom. 1997. 90p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

VUL003 $10.40<br />

ZAM- ZAM- ZAMENHOF. Paul GUBBINS. A three-act play, which is less explanatory than educational, in a humorous, occasionally<br />

satirical, even scandalous manner about the genesis of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and about the life of its creator. The background is somewhat<br />

anachronistic ... 2005. 87 p. 210x15. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 1-882251-41-5.<br />

ZAM008 $13.80

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 51<br />

Poetry<br />

AL ABELUJO ĜI FLUGAS. Juhan LIIV. Trans. Hilda Dresen, illus. Jüri Talvet. Poetry by the great Estonian author of the end of the 19th<br />

century. 1980. 159p. 160x125. Paper. Estonia.<br />

ALA001 $3.00<br />

ALILINGVAJ EROTIKAJ POEZIAĴOJ, Gaston WARINGHIEN. La Krom-KancerKliniko 18. Twenty erotic poems translated by Gaston<br />

Waringhien from other languages or originally written by Waringhien in Franch and translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong> by Georges Lagrange and<br />

Serge Sire. Preface by Michel Duc Goninaz. Abundantly (and graphically!) illustrated. N.d. (probably 2003). 32 p. 150x210. Paper. France.<br />

ALI005 $6.60<br />

ANTOLOGIO DE LA HEBREA POEZIO, Josef KOHEN-CEDEK, ed. This rich anthology spans the great timespan from the Old Testament<br />

to still living poets. Many songs are printed with notated melodies. Index is bilingual Hebrew-<strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1987. 268p. 240x170. Paper.<br />

Israel.<br />

ANT002 $20.40<br />

ARĈOJ. Geraldo MATTOS. An early collection of 109 poems by the man who is now president of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Stafeto<br />

series "Beletraj Kajeroj" #35. Note: pages are not cut and are somewhat dark with age; also, glue in binding has dried over the decades.<br />

1967. 141p. 185x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

ARC001 $3.20<br />

ARDES. B. TORNADO (pseud.) See “Prose”.<br />

ARIZONA SONETARO. Edwin GROBE. A collection of 100 sonnets, in the French style but about the U.S. state Arizona, its wealth of<br />

prehistoric, historic and modern-day cultural attractions, both native and Euro-American. 2006. 46p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ARI001 $8.70<br />

BALADO DE LA REKTADORSA HOMO, Zlatko TOMIĈIĈ. Trans. Josip VELEBIT. A collection of prose-poems (or are they ultra-short<br />

short-stories) Which treat big ideas with imagination and insight. The unusual format (tall & skinny) reflects the author’s unusual<br />

world-view: he seems to be wiser than a poet, more creative than a philosopher. 2000. 55p. 280x100. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251296<br />

BAL002 $4.40<br />


on freedom and society is well presented, with the English original and the excellent <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation on facing pages. 1993. 77p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BAL001 $8.40<br />


satirical poem attack the despotism of czars, but truly addresses a wide range of human frailties. Includes the original Czech poem in<br />

parallel. Second edition 1996. 127p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BAP001 $15.70<br />

BARBARAJ SONOJ KAJ SONETOJ, Geraldo MATTOS. A collection of poems by the current president of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, who<br />

took a break from his many linguistic works to let the poet inside be heard. 2000. 80p. 210x140. Brochure. Brazil.<br />

BAR002 $4.30<br />

BLUOJ, LA. Vesna PARUN. "Reaches the boundaries of Croatian poetry in our decades and our centuries" (Anĝelko Novakoviĉ). 48<br />

poems by this 20th century Croatian poetess, translated by Lucija Borĉiĉ. Includes the Croatian originals on facing pages, as well as a<br />

biography and bibliography. 1999. 141p. 200x140. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-96010-9-6.<br />

BLU001 $11.30<br />

BRAZILA ANTOLOGIO POEZIA. Trans. Francisco Valdomiro LORENZ. Poems of 120 Brazilian poets, translated by one of the greatest<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> translators. 1994. 452p. 205x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BRA002 $24.50<br />

CELAKANTOJ, Jorge CAMACHO. 62 poems that sketch the author's life as an <strong>Esperanto</strong> speaker and introduce us to various<br />

Esperantist friends. Includes a long discussion of the author's work by Mauro Nervi. 2004. 117 p. 200x140. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

CEL001 $13.40<br />

CIGANA ROMANCARO, Federico GARCÍA LORCA. Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. Outstanding book of poems by one of the most famous<br />

European authors from the early 20 th century. 1971. 110p. 180x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

CIG001 $5.30<br />

ĈIELARKO, Julio BAGHY. Twenty fairy tales from as many lands, retold in verse. 1966. 111p. 180x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

CIE001 $5.90<br />

ĈINAJ KLASIKAJ POEMOJ ILUSTRITAJ, WANG Yanbo & REN Guang, ed. Trans Laªlum. Beautifully illustrated collection of short<br />

poems divided into four chapters, according to the period in which they were written. Bilingual (Chinese-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. Color<br />

illustrations by YANG Yongqing. 1980. 63p. 185x260. Bound. China. ISBN 7505200658<br />

CIN008 $12.50

52 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

ĈIUJ DIOJ ESTAS FOR. Ulrich BECKER. 43 original poems (and one translation) by a recent immigrant to New York from Germany, all<br />

written (except the translation) in the post-9/11 era and inspired by the vigor of that city. 2004. 103 p. 215x140. Paper. United States. 1-<br />

59569-009-3.<br />

CIU001 $13.60<br />

DAMNEJOJ. Julius BALBIN. 52 poems about World War II and life in the Nazi concentration camps by a well-known Polish-American<br />

Esperantist. Includes "Strangolitaj krioj". Poems are in both <strong>Esperanto</strong> and Polish versions, on facing pages. 1992. 156p. 200x130.<br />

Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360563.<br />

DAM001 $13.40<br />

DE NENIE KUN AMO… . Iosif BRODSKIJ. Translations of the poetry and prose of one of Russia's most famous dissident poets. 2001.<br />

159p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-0087-2.<br />

DEN002 $10.70<br />

DIA KOMEDIO, LA. DANTE Alighieri. A new complete translation by Enrico Dondi, in the original terza rima style, of the classic Divine<br />

Comedy. This three-volume set is profusely illustrated by Gustav Doré. 2006. 650 p. 220x150. Paper. Brazil<br />

DIA005 $64.80<br />

DIVERSKOLORA BUKEDETO. Francisco Valdomiro LORENZ. A collection of representative poems translated from 40 languages by<br />

Lorenz, as well as six of his own poems. 1987 (2d edition). 159p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DIV002 $3.90<br />

“DOKTORO ĴIVAGO”· POEMOJ, Boris PASTERNAK. Trans. Kris LONG. These poems normally are printed at the end of the novel; but<br />

they stand alone quite well. 1992. 77p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DOK003 $6.40<br />

DOLĈE-AMARE, Emile VAN DAMME. Original modern poetry from the pen of a Belgian Esperantist and teacher. 1990. 87p. 210x130.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 907120538X<br />

DOL001 $7.80<br />

DON JOHANO, Lord BYRON. Auld’s translation of Canto I of the poet’s finest work, a readable satiric epic. 1979. 69p. 210x145. Paper.<br />

England. ISBN 0950532339<br />

DON003 $6.20<br />

DU LINGVOJ. Mikaelo BRONÞTEJN. Recent collection of poetry by the Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> Bard, collected in nine separate "Zumoj".<br />

2001. 192p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-0093-7.<br />

DUL001 $7.30<br />


Trans. Fernando DE DIEGO. Beautiful poems full of emotion and fresh imagery. Neruda’s first and most popular collection of poems.<br />

Bilingual (Spanish-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. 1997. 81p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DUD002 $8.40<br />

DUONVOĈE, G. E. MAURA. One of the first collections of poetry by Gaston Waringhien, writing under the pen name of G. E. Maura.<br />

Second edition 1963. 179p. 185x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

DUO001 $5.70<br />

EKLIPSAS. Jorge CAMACHO. A new collection of poems by this well-known Spanish Esperantist poet, written for the most part in Japan<br />

and Taiwan, which provided inspiration for form, content and atmosphere. Most of the poems are accompanied by equivalents in<br />

Spanish, usually at the bottom of the page, sometimes on facing pages. Afterword by Baldur Ragnarsson. Illustrated. 2007. 117p.<br />

200x140. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

EKL001 $15.00<br />

EKZAKTO DE L’ OMBRO, L’, Gellu NAUM. Trans. Sasha VLAD. Surrealist poetry from a major Romanian author. 1995. 21p. 215x135.<br />

Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251113<br />

EKZ001 $3.00<br />

EKZILO KAJ AZILO. Emba (Imre BARANYAI). A collection of the original poetry of one of the great Hungarian <strong>Esperanto</strong> authors of the<br />

inter-war period, the author of the novel Maria kaj la grupo. No. 15 in the classic Stafeto series "Beletraj kajeroj". 1962. 164p. 190x120.<br />

Paper. Spain.<br />

EKZ002 $4.70<br />

EL ĈINA POEZIO, Saint Jules ZEE, ed. and trans. A collection of Chinese poetry from 2400 B.C. to the present. 1980. 135p. 210x145.<br />

Paper. China.<br />

ELC001 - Paper $5.00<br />

ELC011 - Paper $7.00<br />

EL MANJOO, Miyamoto MASAO (ed.) A collection of several hundred utas (fixed-form five-line verses) from old Japan. 1971. 110 p.<br />

175x110. Paper. Japan.<br />

ELM002 $2.40

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 53<br />

EL MIA BUDUARO, Eli URBANOVÁ. A collection of poems by a much acclaimed Czech authoress. Intimate ralationships, observations of<br />

the human psyche, and a sense of humor. 2001. 71p. 210x140. Brazil.<br />

ELM001 $4.60<br />

EL PARNASO DE POPOLOJ, Antoni GRABOWSKI. Reprint of 1913 work by an outstanding early poet. Partly original, partly translated<br />

collection. 1983. 236p. 205x145. Paper. Germany.<br />

ELP003 $29.30<br />

EL SISMA ZONO, Mikaelo GIŜPLING. Begun as correspondence in verse sent to friends, this volume includes truly masterful poems<br />

which describe the state of society in post-Communist Russia, and many others which deal with issues universally human. 1994. 109p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205568<br />

ELS001 $11.50<br />

EL TIOM DA JARCENTOJ. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. A small anthology of Latin poetry, published to commemorate the translator’s<br />

fiftieth birthday. A sweet bouquet of fifty poems from antiquity to the present. 1994. 49p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ELT001 $4.20<br />

ELEKTITAJ POEMOJ KAJ AFORISMOJ. Christian MORGENSTERN. Trans. Willy Nüesch. A very complete collection of the poetry and<br />

aphorisms of a great German poet and philosopher from the beginning of the 20th century. 2006. 205p. 210x150. Paper. Switzerland.<br />

ELE007 $31.10<br />

ELEKTITAJ SIĜOJ DE NOSAN. Trans. Gim Taekeng. 100 Korean poems in traditional "defined" style (siĝoj). 1976. 150p. 215x150.<br />

Bound. Korea.<br />

ELE006 $6.50<br />

ELPAFU LA SAGON. Trans. Tibor SEKELJ. <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation of oral poetry, especially from Third World cultures. Number 18 in the<br />

East-West Series. 1983. 187p. 210x150. Bound. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170255<br />

ELP001 $15.60<br />

EMINESCU EN ESPERANTO, Mihai EMINESCU. A collection of poems by the “Shakespeare of Romania”, the acknowledged Romanian<br />

national poet. Bilingual: Romanian and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2001. 79p. 200x130. Paper. Romania. ISBN 9735853884<br />

EMI001 $5.00<br />

EN BARKO SENPILOTA, William AULD. Auld’s magnum opus containing all of his published poetry before 1987. Bound to be a major<br />

reference work for modern <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetry. 1987. 874p. 165x100. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360304<br />

ENB001 $35.10<br />

ENLUMIØO. Albert GOODHEIR. Second collection of poetry by this underrated Scottish <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet. Includes "Strofoj pri la interna<br />

lumo", "Lumo sur dolmeno" and "Vintraj strofoj". 1987. 44 p. 210x150. Paper. Scotland. ISBN 0-905149-22-X.<br />

ENL005 $3.20<br />

EROJ, Marjorie BOULTON. Approximately 200 poems by <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s best-loved poetess of the mid-20th century. This book, Boulton's<br />

second major collection and #15 of the Stafeto "Bel-Literatura Eldon-Serio", is included in William Auld's "Basic Reading List of Original<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> Literature". 1959. 367 p. 220x160. Paper. Spain.<br />

ERO001 $21.60<br />

ESPERANTA ANTOLOGIO, William AULD, ed. Overview of original <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetry from 1887 to 1981. With a literary afterward by<br />

Auld on the poetic history of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Number 1 in the Jubilee collection “Jarcento de <strong>Esperanto</strong>”. Second edition 1984. 900p.<br />

210x150. Bound. Netherlands-China. ISBN 9290170301<br />

ESP045 $13.80<br />

ESPLOROJ. Baldur RAGNARSSON. A second collection of this Icelandic <strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking author’s usually avant-garde poetry.<br />

Contains some 34 poems. Stafeto’s Beletraj Kajeroj #44. 1973. 122 p. 185x120. Paper. Spain. ISBN 84-500-5757-4.<br />

ESP001 $4.80<br />

ETA VIVO. Clelia CONTERNO GUGLIELMINETTI. Poems by this well-known <strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking Italian poetess of the mid-20th<br />

century. Series "Beletraj Kajeroj" #37. Note: Pages are uncut (in the old European fashion), glue on binding has dried. 1979. 119p.<br />

170x120. Paper. Italy.<br />

ETA001 $2.20<br />

EŬGENO ONEGIN. Aleksandr PUŜKIN. Trans. Valentin MELNIKOV. A "novel in verse" set in the time of the Decembrist rebellion in early<br />

19th century Russia. Probably the outstanding work of the entire corpus of Russian literature. A more modern and, according to the<br />

translator, more faithful translation than those of Nekrasov and Rublov. Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #40. Includes 46 pages of notes by<br />

Aleksander KORĴENKOV and a complete list of all works in the series "Oriento-Okcidento". 2005. 256 p. 200x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

EUG001 $27.00<br />

EZOPA SAĜO. K. KALOCSAY. 77 of Aesop's fables converted into verse by one of <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s best known poets. Originally published in<br />

1956, this is Kalocsay's last collection of original poetry, though a few uncollected poems appeared in magazines over the following<br />

decade. Note: does not contain Kalocsay's famous original poem "Ezopa saĝo". 1978 (reprint). 127p. 200x125. Paper. Germany.<br />

EZO001 $7.40

54 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

FAÝSTO. Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE. Translated by Karl Schulze. Goethe’s greatest work and one of the greatest poems/tragedies<br />

of European literature – the story of the relationship between the tempter Mephistopheles and the inquisitive youth Faust. Includes an<br />

introductory essay by Ulrich Becker, a description of the work of translation by Schulze, and a criticism by Sabine Fiedler. 2004. 567 p.<br />

215x140. Paper. United States. ISBN 1-59569-008-5.<br />

FAU001 $41.10<br />

FINALO '73, Hajkista Klubo. The seventh and final collection of hajku from the Hajkista Klubo of Japan. Includes hajku by Ueyama<br />

Masao, Tomita Tom, Tanaka Sadami and Miyamoto Masao. 1973. 44 p. 175x115. Paper. Japan.<br />

FIN001 $1.00<br />

FLOR’ KAJ KANTO. Trans. Juan Jacobo SCHMITTER and Jorge Luis GUTIÉRREZ. A selection of Mexican poetry collected with an eye<br />

toward eventually making an anthology. Illustrated. 1998. 33p. 210x140. Paper. Mexico.<br />

FLO002 $4.10<br />

FLUGILHAVA ŜTONO, Jií KAREN. Trans. Jirí KORÍNEK. Works of the Czech and <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet, including three of his complete poem<br />

collections. Drawings by Ji_ina ADAMCOVÁ. 1985. 237p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

FLU002 $8.60<br />

FRITHJOF-SAGAO, LA, Esaias TEGNÉR. A modern saga translated from Swedish by Theodor OESTE. 1976. 206p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Italy.<br />

FRI003 $7.50<br />

ĜIS NUN, Daphne LISTER. Collection of 40 poems by an excellent but underrated English Esperantist poetess of the third quarter of the<br />

20th century. With afterword by William Auld. 1976. 64 p. 145x115. Paper. Great Britain.<br />

GIS002 $2.40<br />

HALKA, W. WOLSKI. Trans. Antoni GRABOWSKI. Reprint (1987) of the libretto of the first opera translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 38p.<br />

205x145. Paper. Poland.<br />

HAL002 $3.30<br />

HUMOROJ. William AULD. A collection of Auld's original poetry from the 1960s. Includes such classics as "Mankas krotaloj" and<br />

"Incitnudiøo". 1969. 114p. 175x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

HUM003 $4.30<br />

IAM, KIAM... Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. A collection of more recent poetry by Russia's best-known <strong>Esperanto</strong> bard. 2005. 128p. 165x120.<br />

Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716101291.<br />

IAM001 $7.90<br />

IBERE LIBERE, Gonçalo NEVES, Georgo KAMAĈO, Liven DEK, Miguel FERNÁNDEZ. Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Iberian school” of<br />

young poets who are the current torchbearers of the Parnassian flame If you are interested in seeing the extremes to which Zamenhof’s<br />

language can stretch without showing signs of strain, this is the place. 136p. 230x150. Paper. Austria.<br />

IBE001 $16.00<br />

IMPERIO DE L’ KOROJ, Julius BALBIN. Some of these poems were inspired by experiences in Nazi concentration camps, others have<br />

an American or <strong>Esperanto</strong> background. 1989. 237p. 205x120. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360371<br />

IMP001 $19.40<br />

INFANA RASO, LA/A RAÇA MENINA, William AULD. A bilingual <strong>Esperanto</strong>/Portuguese version of this long poem often considered the<br />

author’s masterwork. Portuguese translation by Leopold H. KNOEDT. Illustrations by George McINTOSH. 1992. 159p. 210x140. Paper.<br />

Brazil.<br />

INF002 $9.20<br />

INOJ, Frantiŝek HALAS. Trans. Josef RUMLER. Poems in praise of women, ranging from naughty desire of teenagers to worshipful<br />

appreciation of old women. 1996. 63p. Paper. Brazil.<br />

INO001 $9.80<br />

INTER VIVO KAJ MORTO, Julius BALBIN. These poems plumb the depths of suffering and the philosophical lessons which result from<br />

it. Balbin’s experiences in Nazi concentration camps are fertile soil for these intensely emotional poems. 1996. 155p. 210x115. Bound.<br />

Italy. ISBN 8870360687<br />

INT007 $16.20<br />

ISLANDAJ PRAVOĈOJ. Baldur RAGNARSSON. Three prose tales ("Rakonto pri Hrafnkel", "Torstein la stangofrapito" and "Audun kaj la<br />

urso") and one long poem ("Voluspá, aŭ Antaŭdiro de Aŭguristino") from the literature of Viking-era Iceland. 1964. 110p. 195x130.<br />

Bound or paper. Sweden.<br />

ISL002 $7.30<br />

JAPANESKOJ, Edwin DE KOCK. Short original poems in forms similar to Japanese poetry haiku, tanka or double tanka. With preface<br />

by NAKAMURA Tazuo and 20 pages of notes by the author. 1982. 114p. 190x110. Brochure. South Africa.<br />

JAP001 $3.00<br />

JEN, DENOVE... Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. A collection of poetry by Russia's best-known <strong>Esperanto</strong> bard. Includes also several translations<br />

of Russian poetry and two short stories. 1997. 119p. 165x120. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100503.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 55<br />

JEN001 $7.90<br />

JOHANO LA BRAVA, Sándor PETÖFI. Trans. K. KALOCSAY. Amusing adventures of a peasant boy who survives and thrives through his<br />

own wit and effort, written in verse form by Hungary’s most beloved poet. Second, revised edition 1948. 65p. 165x120. Paper. Hungary.<br />

JOH001 $3.00<br />

KAJ POSTE, Daphne LISTER. An additional 48 later poems by the English Esperantist poetess. 1986. 56 p. 145x115. Paper. Great<br />

Britain. ISBN 0 9505323 5 5.<br />

KAJ003 $1.40<br />

KALEVALA. Elias LÖNNROT. Trans. Joh. Edv. LEPPÄKOSKI. Finland's national epic about familial strife among the gods of the north<br />

(the real gods of the real north, not those southern wusses like Odin and Loki). The inspiration for Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha.<br />

Series "Oriento-Okcidento" #4. 1985 (2nd ed.). 392p. 210x155. Bound. Finland. ISBN 951900551X.<br />

KAL004 $52.00<br />

KANTO DE TELEGRAFISTOJ, Josip VELEBIT. Touching original poetry from a sensible Croatian author, translator and teacher.<br />

Themes of the poems range from everyday life to war memories. 1996. 80p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251148<br />

KAN006 $4.20<br />

KANTO PRI MINOTAŬRO KAJ ALIAJ POEMOJ, Gerrit BERVELING. This new collection of poems (some original, some translated) is<br />

the cream of the crop from this prolific and erudite poet and translator. The subject matter is often metaphysical or historical, the<br />

treatment always profound. 1993. 135p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205460<br />

KAN009 $15.50<br />

KANTOJ DE ANTEO. MAO Zifu. The poetry of the currently best-known <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet in China. Includes four collections: "kantoj de<br />

anteo," "eterna distanco," "ekspliko," and "þanøado", as well as a preface by Miguel Fernández describing Mao, his work, his problems and<br />

his poetry. 2006. 259p. 215x140. Paper. United States. ISBN 1595690441.<br />

KAN013 $18.80<br />

KANTOJ KAJ ROMANCOJ. Heinrich HEINE. Translated from German by Kalman Kalocsay and Gaston Waringhien. 260 poems selected<br />

from the works of one of the greatest German romantic poets of the early 19th century. Includes a short biography of Heine. Stafeto: Bel-<br />

Literatura Eldon-Serio #27-28. 1969. 381 p. 215x155. Paper. Spain.<br />

KAN012 $11.90<br />

KAPRIĈO '70, Hajkista Klubo. “Ĉi tiu libro / en mano sidas loge / por min ĝojigi". The fourth collection of hajku by the Hajkista Klubo.<br />

Includes original poetry by Esperantist poets Yamada Tempu, Ueyama Masao, Tomita Tomu, Tanaka Sadami, Murata Keinosuke and<br />

Miyamoto Masao. 1970. 52 p. 175x115. Paper. Japan.<br />

KAP004 $1.00<br />

KARNAVALE. Abel MONTAGUT. A collection of Carnival poems relating to "the abandonment of one's own language" (the author)<br />

followed by two short stories ("Don Kiĥoto eksterlande" and "Don Kiĥoto en Adrajlo") which treat of "the non-understanding of other<br />

cultures and other languages" (the author). 1997. 65p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #25. ISBN 3- 901752-<br />

09-9.<br />

KAR005 $14.20<br />

KIE BRULAS, ĜENTLEMANOJ Charles BUKOWSKI. Trans. Hagen Hirte. 50 selected poems by this 20th century German-American<br />

poet. 1989. 88p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

KIE010 $4.00<br />

KOJONOV LUĈJO. Trans. Valentin MELNIKOV. A Russian erotic poem vulgar enough to shock the prudish, and yet silly enough to<br />

amuse the jaded. 1995. 19p. 205x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

KOJ001 $1.80<br />

KOLEKTITAJ POEMOJ. L. N. M. NEWELL. A complete collection of the original poems of an extraordinary <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet, the man who<br />

did the second <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Also includes a prologue and biography by Edwin De Kock and a selection<br />

of Newell's English-language poetry. 1987. 80p. 210x145. Paper. United Kingdom. ISBN 0950532363.<br />

KOL003 $3.00<br />

KONTRALTE, Marjorie BOULTON. This book, #5 in Stafeto's classic "Bel-Literatura Eldon-Serio", was Marjorie Boulton's introduction to<br />

the readership of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> community, and contains more than 200 of her earliest poems. Preface by William Auld. 1955. 286 p.<br />

215x155. Paper. Spain.<br />

KON012 $16.00<br />

KREPUSKOJ. Viŝnja STAHULJAK. Poems by the well-known Croatian poetess and novelist, collected from ten of her books, translated<br />

by Zora Heide. Includes a biography and complete bibliography. 2001. 125p. 200x140. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-6697-07-6.<br />

KRE002 $9.80<br />

KROATAJ POETINOJ DE LA 20-A JARCENTO. Spomenka ÞTIMEC (red.). A collection of 85 of the most popular poems, including<br />

several prose poems, by 20 of Croatia’s best-known 20 th century poetesses, among them Vesna Parun (La bluoj) and Viþnja Stahuljak<br />

(Krepuskoj), both also available at ELNA. 2003. 129 p. 200x120. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-96918-6-9.<br />

KRO005 $8.50<br />

KROATIA ESPERANTA POEMARO. Lucija BORĈIĈ (ed.) A collection of representative poems by some 22 Esperantist authors, either

56 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

ethnically Croatian or resident in Croatia, including such internationally renowned names as Hohlov, Imbert, Sekelj and Velebit. 1991.<br />

110p. 200x145. Paper. Croatia.<br />

KRO003 $8.10<br />

KROATIA POEZIO, Ivan KRTALIĈ, ed. Translations of Croatian poetry from the 19 th and 20 th centuries. 1983. 296p. 200x145. Paper.<br />

Yugoslavia.<br />

KRO002 $16.50<br />

4*(4*4) RUMANAJ POEMOJ. Trans. Ionel ONEŢ. 64 modern poems written by four contemporary Romanian poets. 1990. 80p. 215x135.<br />

Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251008<br />

KVA002 $4.50<br />

KVARTETO, Viktor ĈALDAJEV, Gafur GAZIZI, Nikolai LOZGAĈEV, Alen KRIS. A collection of modern poems from the Russian<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> School of literature. 1996. 78p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

KVA005 $6.80<br />

KVIN ELEMENTOJ, Edwin DE KOCK. Original poem, written in 1957-58, in 5 parts: water, air, earth, fire and time. One of the<br />

masterworks of original <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetry, according to William Auld. 1970. 55p. 160x100. Paper. South Africa.<br />

KVI002 $2.10<br />

KVINTETO '69, Hajkista Klubo. The third annual poetry almanac from the Hajkista Klubo. Includes original hajku by Japanese<br />

Esperantist poets Ueyama Masao, Murata Keinosuke, Tomita Tomu, Tanaka Sadami and Miyamoto Masao. 1969. 46 p. 175x115. Paper.<br />

Japan.<br />

KVI006 $1.00<br />

LANDO MALEKZISTA. Edith SÖDERGRAN. Translated by Sabira Staahlberg. This Swedish-language Finnish poetess is already known<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, largely through translations by Magda Carlsson, but this is probably the most complete and up-to-date collection of her<br />

poems in the international language. 1999. 92 p. 200x140. Paper. Bulgaria. ISBN 954-9637-05-0.<br />

LAN003 $5.70<br />

LASTA ĈEVALO, Josef RUMLER. High-level artistry abounds in this musical work of true poetic inspiration. Illustrations by Karel<br />

OBERTHOR. 1992. 47p. 205x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LAS003 $6.60<br />

LIBERPOETO, LA. Dan TIRINARO. Illustrated by Solemio Palermo. Long-lost poetry collection by an early Korean <strong>Esperanto</strong> speaker,<br />

originally published by the author in Paris in 1938. The author, in an era of rampant ultranationalism, considered himself a free citizen<br />

of the world. Includes photo section. 1999 (2nd ed.). 203 p. 220x145. Paper. Korea. ISBN 89-87281-01-9.<br />

LIB002 $10.00<br />

LIBRO DE ADORO, LA, Geraldo MATTOS. Second part of the “Libro de…” set of <strong>Esperanto</strong> erotic poetry. See also La libro de Nejma.<br />

1985. 80p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LIB010 $7.50<br />

LIBRO DE NEJMA, LA, Geraldo MATTOS. First part of the “Libro de…” set of <strong>Esperanto</strong> erotic poetry. See also La libro de Adoro. 1985.<br />

80p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LIB009 $8.00<br />

LIRIKA POEMARO, Boriŝa MILIĈEVIĈ, ed. Collection of poems from Voivodina (Serbia) translated from several local languages. 1983.<br />

98p. 200x140. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

LIR001 $5.00<br />

LIRIKAJ PERLOJ DE AL-ANDALUS, Antonio Marco BOTELLA. Here is a fine example of the value of <strong>Esperanto</strong> as a language of<br />

translation: much of this exquisite literature is not available in English. This collection features the pearls of Arabic, Spanish and Jewish<br />

lyric poetry from Spain during the Golden Age of Islam. Illustrated. 1995. 326p. 210x145. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8460534448<br />

LIR002 $21.20<br />

LISAO, LA. QU Yuan. Trans. Licius. Perhaps the earliest long poem from Chinese classical literature, dating from the fourth century B.C.<br />

1984. 32p. 220x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LIS001 $5.00<br />

LUĈIFERO. Mihai EMINESCU. Trans. Jozefo Petrin. The first <strong>Esperanto</strong> version of Eminescu's longest and most famous poem. Full-page<br />

illustrations by Vladuca Partener. See also Nagy's translation La vesperstel'. 1998. 48p. 210x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LUC001 $5.00<br />

LUZIDOJ, LA, Luis de CAMÕES. Trans. Leopoldo H. KNOEDT. Epic poem about the journey of Vasco da Gama to India; the Portuguese<br />

national epic. Excellent translation and high quality book. Number 14 of the East-West Series. 1980. 463p. 210x140. Bound. Brazil.<br />

LUZ001 $41.70<br />

MAGO, LA. Rikardo ŜULCO. 99 poems by the founder of the Analiza Skolo. Each poem is in the fixed form known as the pantuno (three<br />

verses, rhyme scheme abab bcbc caca). Each poem is accompanied by a different full-page illustration showing an aggregation of human<br />

faces and bodies. NOTE: ONLY ONE COPY REMAINS, DISCONTINUED. 1989. 13p. 205x135. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3922570615.<br />

MAG002 $15.10

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 57<br />

MAJSTRO KAJ MARGARETA, LA, Miĥail BULGAKOV. Trans. Kris LONG. Translation from Russian by a prolific poet and translator.<br />

Originally a novel, than a play, and now in poetic verse! 1987. 26p. 295x205. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

MAJ002 $4.30<br />

MALMALICE, Johán VALANO. Interesting and unusual use of the capabilities of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in poetry. 1977. 59p. 210x150. Paper. Italy.<br />

MAL004 $5.70<br />

MARIONETOJ, Carmel MALLIA. Discover how widely the Muse of <strong>Esperanto</strong> spreads her inspiration: even to the tiny island of Malta!<br />

This is actually two collections of poems: Rapsodie and Akrostike, which display rather different styles and themes. 1999. 62p. 215x135.<br />

Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 18822251288<br />

MAR001 $4.40<br />

MARTIN FIERRO, José HERNÁNDEZ. Trans. Ernesto SONNENFELD. A cry of rebellion and a denunciation of injustice against the<br />

disappearance of the Argentine Gauchos’ lifestyle, lost between the primitive (traditional) world and the civilized (i.e. European) one.<br />

Number 5 in the East-West Series. 1965. 289p. 210x150. Paper. Spain.<br />

MAR008 $13.80<br />

MEDIUMA POEMARO. Div. Translated from Portuguese by A. K. Afonso Costa. 99 post mortem poems written by various Esperantist and<br />

non-Esperantist authors of an earlier age. 1972. 128p. 230x160. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MED001 $3.90<br />

MEMKRITIKO, Victor SADLER. William Auld considered this short collection of poetry by the younger Victor Sadler important enough to<br />

include it in his "Basic Reading List of Original <strong>Esperanto</strong> Literature", a distinction it shares with only 58 other books. 1967. 60 p.<br />

180x130. Bound. Denmark.<br />

MEM005 $4.10<br />

MERLO SUR MENHIRO. Albert GOODHEIR. First collection of poetry by this underrated Scottish <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet. 1979. 94 p. 210x145.<br />

Paper. Scotland. ISBN 0-905149-10-1.<br />

MER001 $3.00<br />

MEZNOKTO METROPOLA, Krys UNGAR. High-quality original poetry from the pen of one of our newest (and most valuable) talents.<br />

1991. 111p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 907120541X<br />

MEZ001 $14.10<br />

MIA SPEKTRO, N. KURZENS. Thought-provoking and smile-producing short poems expressing moments and feelings that are likely to<br />

strike a chord with most of us. 1938. 64p. 190x125. Paper. Hungary.<br />

MIA005 $3.20<br />

MIOZOTO. Benita KÄRT. Collection of 31 poems originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by an Estonian poetess (see e.g. Esperanta Antologio),<br />

arranged and printed by U.S. Esperantist Annette Greenland. 1970. 31p. 225x150. Paper, mimeo. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

MIO001 $2.00<br />

MYOZOTIS. Margarethe-Greta STOLL. 65 original poems by Serbia's best known <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetess. Also includes two poetic<br />

dedications to the authoress by Branko Rajþiæ and N. Gusev. 2006. 92p. 210x150. Paper. Serbia. ISBN 86-7307-184-4.<br />

MIO003 $9.20<br />

MOSKVAJ SONORILOJ. Nikolao GUDSKOV (ed.). An anthology of poetry by 36 <strong>Esperanto</strong> writers from Moscow, ranging from classical<br />

pre-war authors ("Genezo") such as Georgo Deþkin through Soviet-period writers ("Profetoj") such as Konstantin Gusev and the early<br />

post-Soviet period ("Nova Testamento") such as Mikaelo Giþpling and Ivan Naumov to the current crop ("Epistoloj") with e.g. Nikolao<br />

Gudskov and Natalia Soljakova. Includes short biographies of the authors. 2007. 159p. 215x145. Paper. Russia. ISBN 978-5-7161-0139-<br />

5.<br />

MOSO001 $16.40<br />

NOKTURNO ‘71. Another collection of original hajku by members of the Japanese Esperantist Hajkista Klubo. Authors are Tomita Tomu,<br />

Ueyama Masao, Tanaka Sadami, Miyamoto Masao and Murata Keinosuke. These are all modern hajku (“En mini-jupo / Tra parko ino<br />

paþas. / Aýtun’ sen dubo.” -Tomita). 1971. 44 p. 175x117. Paper. Japan.<br />

NOK002 $1.00<br />

OBSEDO. Karolo PIĈ. 112 poems, in a seasonal cycle, written by the author of La Litomyŝla Tombejo. A 16-page glossary explains a<br />

number of the author's interesting linguistic fantasies, for which he was famous. NOTE: ONE COPY REMAINING, DISCONTINUED. 1984.<br />

144p. 200x145. Paper. Germany.<br />

OBS004 $18.70<br />

OMAĜOJ, William AULD. 100 poems in translation by 57 well-known authors, for the most part British. A fitting supplement to the<br />

Angla antologio. 1987. 152p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

OMA001 $7.90<br />

PALA FAJRO, Vladimir NABOKOV. Trans. Meva Maron. Excerpts from Nabokov’s novel. Ostensibly a long poem with accompanying<br />

critical notes, it is actually a parody of a certain kind of literary criticism. 1989. 24p. 295x205. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

PAL003 $4.90

58 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

PALMŜTROJMO. Kristiano MORGENŜTERNO. Trans. Rikardo Ŝulco. A collection of the poetry of Morgenstern about Palmŝtrojmo and<br />

his friend De Korfo. Includes a section of copious notes (and some additional poetry) by the translator. NOTE: ONE COPY REMAINING,<br />

DISCONTINUED. 1983. 181p. 190x120. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3922570364.<br />

PAL002 $8.80<br />

PARNASA GVIDLIBRO, K. KALOCSAY, G. WARINGHIEN, R. BERNARD. Handbook on the theory of <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetry (metrics, poetic<br />

art, rhyme list), with many examples. Third edition 1984. 206p. 210x105. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360180<br />

PAR001 $18.80<br />

PATRO MIA LACA · L’ AVANTAĜO DE L’ VERTEBROJ, Gellu NAUM. Trans. Sasha VLAD & Ionel ONEŢ. Two long poems from the<br />

surrealist school of Romania. The first weaves a dream-like web of shifting linguistic images; the second presents a multimedia spectacle<br />

of a catalog of garments with wry commentary. 1995. 44p. 215x170. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251156<br />

PAT007 $7.00<br />

PILGRIMO, Julio BAGHY. Baghy’s second poetry collection. A continuation of Preter la vivo, but undoubtedly much more optimistic.<br />

Baghy’s growth as a poet is also notable. Second edition 1991. 132p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary.<br />

PIL001 $14.70<br />

PLENA POEMARO, Eŭgeno MIĤALSKI. Politics and poetics blend well in this celebration of proletarian values. This first complete<br />

collection of Miĥalski’s poems was edited by William Auld. Includes biographical essay by Krys Ungar. 1994. 176p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9071205541<br />

PLE001 $18.40<br />

"PLI LUME LA MALLUMO ZUMAS ..." Till-Dietrich DAHLENBURG. See under “<strong>Esperanto</strong> Language, Linguistics”.<br />

PLUKONSTRUE, Edwin DE KOCK. Original poetry to “further build” the poet’s art and collective works, according to his preface. 1975.<br />

40p. 200x140. Brochure. South Africa.<br />

PLU001 $1.80<br />

POEMARO DE LI BAI (1). Div. More than a hundred poems by the great Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty, some of them in more than<br />

one translation. Translators include William Auld, Hu Guozhu, Kalman Kalocsay, Laŭlum, Kenĵi Ossaka, Shi Chengtai and Saint-Jules<br />

Zee. Includes a long essay on the poet and his works by Shi Chengtai. 1997. 141+5p. 215x150. Bound. Japan. ISBN 4-947691-09-3.<br />

POE004 $25.30<br />

POEMARO KAJ PROZEROJ, Edwin DE KOCK. Original poetry and some short prose, with prefaces both front and back one from the<br />

author, the other by Vilmos Benczik. 1970. 106p. 160x100. Paper. South Africa.<br />

POE001 $3.00<br />

POEMO DE RODANO, LA. Frederi MISTRAL. Translated by R. Laval. The magnificent epic poem, by the master of the langue d’oc<br />

(Occitan), about the life of boatmen on the great French river Rhône. With an introduction by Michel Duc Goninaz. 1988. 134 p.<br />

210x140. Paper. France.<br />

POE006 $5.60<br />

POEMO DE UTNOA. Abel MONTAGUT. The story of Noah, rewritten as epic poetry and with additions from other great stories that touch<br />

on the same topic (e.g. The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Ramayana, The Divine Comedy) and with a touch of modern science-fiction thrown in.<br />

1993. 225p. 240x165. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #7.<br />

POE005 $25.60<br />

POEMOJ DE ARMAND SU. The first volume of original poems by the best Chinese <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet. 1992. 158p. 180x110. Paper. China.<br />

ISBN 7505200798<br />

POE002 $4.80<br />

POEMOJ DE OMAR KAJAM. Trans. G. WARINGHIEN. A reprint of Waringhien’s 1953 translation of the Rubáiyát. Includes good introduction<br />

and explanatory footnotes. 1994, 60p. 200x145. Paper. France.<br />

POE003 $3.10<br />

PREFERE NE TRO RIGARDI RETRO. Eli URBANOVÁ. Despite the title, this is a collection of 72 of the authoress's most successful<br />

poems, selected by her from seven of her earlier works. Includes the classic "Nur tri kolorojn". 2007. 127p. 200x130. Paper. Czech<br />

Republic. ISBN 978-80-85853-94-0.<br />

PRE008 $16.50<br />

PRETER LA VIVO, Julio BAGHY. The experiences of the author as a prisoner of war in Siberia and the return home are the subjects of<br />

this poetry collection as well. Third edition 1991, 144p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary.<br />

PRE002 $16.40<br />

PROVIZORE. István ERTL. A collection of 40 poems by the well-known author, translator and editor. 2004. 60 p. 170x120. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

PRO002 $7.90<br />

PULSAS LA VIV'. Lucija BORĈIĈ. A collection of poems by the Croatian Esperantist poetess and translator. Includes more than a<br />

hundred poems, a biography and a bibliography. 2001. 128p. 200x140. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-6697-04-1.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 59<br />

PUL001 $12.10<br />

PURGATORIO. Dante ALIGHIERI. Trans. Enrico DONDI. A new translation of the second part of the author's Divine Comedy. Adjoining<br />

columns contain the original Italian and the <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation. Unlike Peterlongo's translation, Dondi has chosen to follow Dante in<br />

using terza rima in his translation. Illustrations by Gustav Doré. Very large format. 2000. 255p. 310x220. Paper. Brazil<br />

PUR001 $23.90<br />

RAPIDE PASIS LA TEMP’. Eli URBANOVÁ. 37 pieces, mostly poems but with a few short prose works. This is, by her own declaration,<br />

the final work by the Czech Esperantist poetess best known for such works as the collection Nur tri koloroj and the autobiographical novel<br />

Hetajro dancas. Illustrated by Pavel Rak. 2003. 91 p. 200x130. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-67-1.<br />

RAP008 $10.60<br />

REVE KAJ REALE. Anneke BUYS. 34 poems by a well-known <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetess from the Netherlands. 2006. 40p. 165x125. Paper.<br />

Russia. ISBN 5-7161-0155-0.<br />

REV005 $4.90<br />

ROBAIOJ, LA, Umar KAJJAM. Trans. Gaston WARINGHIEN. <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation of the famous Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. Illustrations<br />

by Eugene KARLIN. Third edition 1997. 151p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ROB003 $16.30<br />

SALUTON AL LA SUNO, Edwin DE KOCK. Original poetry from South Africa. With glossary, notes, and a list of the poetry of de Kock,<br />

with reference to the book in which the poem was published. 1983. 90p. 200x120. Brochure. South Africa.<br />

SAL002 $3.00<br />

SATURNO, Jorge CAMACHO. A collection of poems written by the author since 1995 in both <strong>Esperanto</strong> and Spanish. Includes a critique<br />

(in both languages) by Gonçalo Neves. 2004. 138 p. 200x140. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

SAT001 $15.90<br />

SE AŬSKULTAS LA ANIMO, Guido GEZELLE. Trans. Hector VERMUYTEN. This collection of poems from one of the greatest Flemish<br />

Romantic poets allows us to encounter his love of nature and the perfected skill with which he constructed verse. 1999. 53p. 210x135.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205800<br />

SEA001 $8.40<br />

SEKRETAJ SONETOJ, Peter Peneter. This third and slick version of erotic poetry was written originally in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by one of our most<br />

loved and valued poets – Kálmán KALOCSAY. 1989. 111p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635713142<br />

SEK002 $17.30<br />

SEN PARAŜUTO. Poul THORSEN. Many poems, both original and translated, by this humorous Danish <strong>Esperanto</strong> author. Preface by<br />

Henri Baupierre, illustrations by Erling Höfft. Note: pages are uncut in the older European fashion, glue on spine has turned brittle with<br />

age. Stafeto's "Beletraj Kajeroj" #20. 1964. 144p. 185x120. Paper. Denmark.<br />

SEN006 $2.50<br />

SIMPTOMOJ, Gonçalo NEVES. The latest collection of poems from this young award-winning author who is widely recognized as one of<br />

the most important living writers of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1999. 72p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 907120586X<br />

SIM001 $9.90<br />

SINJORO TADEO. Adam MICKIEWICZ. Translated from Polish by Antoni Grabowski. Poland’s great epic poem about the last armed<br />

uprising in that country after its partition at the end of the 18 th century. Number 22 in the series Oriento-Okcidento. 1986. 334 p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Poland.<br />

SIN002 $19.50<br />

SOIFO. Lajos TARKONY. A collection of the poetry of a well-known and popular poet of the "Budapeºta Skolo", but one who continued his production of<br />

poetry well past mid-century. Stafeto series "Belliteratura Serio" #23. 1964. 231p. 220x160. Paper. Spain.<br />

SOI001 $5.80<br />

SONATO ‘72. Sixth collection from the Hajkista Klubo. Authors are Tomita Tomu, Miyamoto Masao, Ueyama Masao and Tanaka Sadami.<br />

1971. 44 p. 175x117. Paper. Japan.<br />

SON009 $1.00<br />

SONETOJ, Marie UNDER. Trans. Hilda DRESEN. New edition of a sonnet collection by an important Estonian poet. 1988. 62p. 210x140.<br />

Paper. Brazil.<br />

SON006 $3.70<br />

SONETOJ DE L’ NOKTO/SONETOS DA NOITE, Cruz E. SO<strong>USA</strong>. Trans. Leopoldo H. KNOEDT. This elegant little book includes seven<br />

profound sonnets in the original Portuguese with the <strong>Esperanto</strong> translations, as well as seven woodcut illustrations (by Hugo MUND<br />

JÚNIOR). 1993. 56p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SON007 $3.90<br />

SONETOJ, LA/SONNETS, THE, William SHAKESPEARE. All of Shakespeare’s sonnets, in outstanding <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation by<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>’s own bard, William AULD. Bilingual (English-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. Number 16 in the East-West Series. 1981. 326p. 210x150.<br />

Bound. Italy. ISBN 887036013X<br />

SON003 $19,30

60 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

SORDINE, Mila RAMOS. Trans. Leopoldo H. KNOEDT. Charmingly simple poems present fresh insights into everyday life. Each poem<br />

has a lovely illustration on the facing page. 1995. 63p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SOR001 $9.20<br />

SPITE LA VIVON!, Miŝu BERARU. This collection of amusing poems includes a bunch of parodies which are sure to delight those who<br />

already know the originals. Even readers not familiar with classic <strong>Esperanto</strong> verse will enjoy the humor and insight which inform all of<br />

these playful works. Second edition 1998. 108p. 205x150. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251229<br />

SPI001 $8.30<br />

SUB STELO RIGIDA. ÞORSTEINN frá Hamri. Trans. and prologue by Baldur Ragnarsson. 59 poems selected from two of the works by<br />

one of Iceland's most popular poets of the mid-20th century. Stafeto series "Beletraj Kajeroj" #21. Illustrated by Ásta Sigurðardóttir.<br />

1963. 131p. 190x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

SUB005 $3.00<br />

SUR LA SOJLO DE LA AMO, Markéta PROCHÁZKOVÁ. Trans Jirí KORÍNEK. Poetry from a young Czech poet, with a deeply penetrating<br />

view. 1986. 96p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SUR005 $5.00<br />

SUR LA VIVOVOJO. Aleksandro LOGVIN. A collection of the poetry by a Soviet-era Ukrainian <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet who remained faithful to<br />

the language and wrote poetry in it during twenty-five years in which he saw "neither one word nor one magazine in <strong>Esperanto</strong>". Series<br />

"Beletraj Kajeroj" #24. Note: pages uncut, glue on spine somewhat dried and brittle with age. 1964. 115p. 190x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

SUR004 $3.00<br />

SUR PARNASO, Timothy Brian CARR. This poet is already well-known thanks to his appearance in the Esperanta antologio and his<br />

winning of several prizes in UEA’s Belartaj Konkursoj. This volume gives lovers of poetry a rich harvest from this fine Welsh poet. 1998.<br />

115p. 200x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205738<br />

SUR003 $16.10<br />

SURVOJE. Klara ILUTOVIÆ. 53 poems by Russia's best-known poetess. Includes "La deziroj de esperantisto" inspired by Modest<br />

Moussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition." 2005. 55p. 165x120. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-0147-X.<br />

SUR014 $4.90<br />

ŜANĜADO. MAO Zifu. 64 poems by one of the best known of the current generation of <strong>Esperanto</strong> poets in China; each of these poems is<br />

based on one of the 64 hexagrams from the I Ching (Book of Changes). Supplement to La KancerKliniko. 1997. 176p. 295x210. Paper.<br />

France.<br />

SAN003 $5.10<br />

ŜIRPECOJ (ANSTATAŬ MONUMENTO), Christian DECLERCK. Poems about falling in love, being in love and making love, arranged as a<br />

complete life history. Illustrations by Herman R. M. DECLERCK. 1991. 168p. 215x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205444<br />

SIR002 $15.10<br />

ÞTUPOJ SEN NOMO. Baldur Ragnarsson. This Icelandic author’s first collection of original poetry, much of it avant-garde, much of it<br />

with a nuance of science-fiction, much of it pessimistic. Contains 66 poems in three sections of equal length. Stafeto’s Beletraj Kajeroj<br />

#1. 1959. 127 p. 190x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

STU004 $4.30<br />

TEMPO TEMPESTA, Franz-Georg RÖSSLER. A selection of poems from 1985-1995 and a short essay about the poet’s involvement in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> during this time. The poems are all short and clever; some are downright philosophical, even mystical: yet they are easy to<br />

read and enjoy. Includes several line-drawings by the poet’s wife. 1995. 24p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 99071205630<br />

TEM003 $3.90<br />

TERI-STRATO, Douglas DUNN. Trans. William AULD. A series of poems which use simple language and images to create a complex<br />

impression of village life and thought. 1995. 62p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

TER003 $5.90<br />

TESTAMENTE. Edwin de KOCK. The complete poetic works of the famous South African (now American) <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet, here collected<br />

on a single disk along with some works not previously collected. 2005. CD-ROM. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TES002 $10.00<br />

TIE ÆI TIE, Mikaelo GIÞPLING. 61 new poems by the author of El Sisma Zono (which, not long after its publication, William Auld added<br />

to his list of “must reads” in <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature). The poems here cover the period of Giþpling’s emigration from Moscow to Jerusalem.<br />

2003. 104 p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium.<br />

TIE004 $16.20<br />

TRA L’ SILENTO, Edmond PRIVAT. High quality new edition of a poetry collection first published about 80 years ago, but which has<br />

remained a milestone in original <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature. Fifth edition 1989. 29p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635712928<br />

TRA002 $4.90<br />

TRI ‘STAS TRO, Gerrit BERVELING. Original poem-cycle about life in the 1980's. From a Dutch Esperantist famous mainly for his<br />

translations. Second edition 1988. 61p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 61<br />

TRI006 $4.80<br />

TRILINGVA LANDLIM'. Peter BROWNE. A recent collection of the poetry of an American <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet. Each poem appears in three<br />

languages: <strong>Esperanto</strong>, Spanish, English. N.d. (prob. 2006). 32p. 150x210. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822.<br />

TRI021 $7.50<br />

UNUFINGRAJ MELODIOJ. William AULD. A collection of Auld's original poetry from the 1950s. Includes, among many others, the<br />

poems "Noktaj pensoj" and "Julia sur Pandatario", as well as Auld's complete one-act comedy "Kvazaý birdoj konstruas". 1960. 126p.<br />

190x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

UNU004 $4.30<br />

URNO KAJ RUNOJ, Meva Maron (pseud.). These poems show a wide range of styles and sentiments. An amazing talent springs into view<br />

already fully mature. 1996. 96p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

URN001 $11.00<br />

ŬANG GUJ KAJ LI ŜJANŜJANG, LI Ĝji. Trans. Laŭlum. Stories in verse about the past loves of two miserable young farmers. 1985. 41p.<br />

210x145. Bound. China.<br />

UAN001 $2.90<br />

VAGABONDE, Petro BRAŬN. Although he strays a bit from classic Zamenhofic <strong>Esperanto</strong>, Braªn has produced a nice collection of<br />

musings on several subjects: mostly individuals, places and animals. His familiarity with New World Latin and indigenous cultures<br />

informs the poems with cultural insights. 1998. 64p. 210x145. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>-Denmark.<br />

VAG002 $9.60<br />

VESPERSTEL’, LA/ LUCEAFARUL, Mihai EMINESCU. Trans. Jozefo E. NAGY. A long philosophical poem from the pen of Romania’s<br />

national poet. Bilingual (Romanian-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. Includes the only four known pictures of the poet. 2000. 76p. 215x140. Paper.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251261<br />

VES002 $8.30<br />

VINO, VIROJ KAJ KANTO, Eli URBANOVÁ. Poems full of love and life, from the author of Hetajro dancas. 1995. 59p. 210x140. Paper.<br />

Brazil.<br />

VIN005 $5.90<br />

VIVO DE PROMETEO, B. TORNADO (pseud.). A real epic poem based on a new interpretation of one of the most important myths of<br />

modern man. Aren’t you curious about what kind of epic poems our language can produce 1996. 263p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN<br />

5716100317<br />

VIV009 $9.10<br />

VOĈOJ DE POETOJ EL LA SPIRITA MONDO. Francisco Valdomiro LORENZ. Proof, if any was needed, that a poet will not let a minor<br />

inconvenience such as death stop him. First part contains a number of post mortem poems by <strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking poets such as<br />

Zamenhof and Grabowski; the second part contains post mortem poems by non-<strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking poets, mainly Portuguese and<br />

Brazilian. 1944. 143p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil<br />

VOC002 $3.90<br />

VOJAĜOJ KAJ ALIAJ POEMOJ, Edwin DE KOCK. The tenth and most recent collection of poetry by this profound <strong>Esperanto</strong> poet. 1992.<br />

147p. 205x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205452<br />

VOJ006 $8.50<br />

Mixed Literature<br />

A. S. PUŜKIN. Trans. Sergej RUBLOV. The most complete collection of <strong>Esperanto</strong> translations from the poetry of the "father of Russian<br />

literature" so far published. As well as many poems, several fairy tales in poetry, some longer poems and several short tragedies in verse,<br />

this book also contains the complete "novel in poetry" Eŭgeno Onegin (191 pages). Includes an introductory essay on Puŝkin by Mikaelo<br />

Bronŝtejn and one about the life work of Sergej Rublov by Vladimir Samodaj. The first of a projected three-volume set of translations of<br />

Russian poetry by Rublov, also known for his translations of Krilov's Fables in the series Oriento-Okcidento. 2002. 468p. 205x145.<br />

Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-94755-008-3.<br />

ASP001 $25.50<br />

AFORISMOJ KAJ TEKSTOJ, Constantin BRÂNCUI. A complete collection of aphorisms and short texts by the famous Romanian<br />

sculptor rendered into <strong>Esperanto</strong> by Ionel ONEŢ. 1994. 35p. 280x105. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251105<br />

AFO001 $5.00<br />

ANGLA ANTOLOGIO (1000-1800), Div. Translations by some of the most famous Esperantists today. Includes works by Bacon, Blake,<br />

Chaucer, Milton, Raleigh, Shakespeare, a.o. 1957. 319p. 215x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ANG002 $9.30<br />

ANGLA ANTOLOGIO (1800-1960), Div. Selections from Byron, Carroll, Hardy, Wilde, Kipling, Dickens, Conan Doyle, Wells, Joyce, a.o.<br />

1987. 432p. 215x145. Paperback. England. ISBN 0951326805<br />

ANG005 $10.90

62 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

ANTOLOGIO DE AMORO. A funny and insightful collection of erotic prose and poetry. Third revised edition 1995. 95p. 210x135. Paper.<br />

Netherlands-Japan.<br />

ANT006 $15.50<br />

ANTOLOGIO LATINA, Translator & editor: Gerrit BERVELING. This long-awaited anthology lives up to its promise, for the author<br />

delivers a wide range of material from the obviously great to the unjustifiably obscure – all in highly polished style which well reflects<br />

aspects of the original. Here you can taste the rich flavors of Latin literature much more accurately than in English translation. Two volumes.<br />

1998. 576p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ANT008 $46.40<br />

ARTO KAJ NATURO, Reto ROSSETTI. Collections of essays about the most diverse subjects, both <strong>Esperanto</strong>-related and not, ranging<br />

from style in <strong>Esperanto</strong> to American exports. 1989. 127p. 245x170. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635713126<br />

ART003 $17.70<br />

AŬSTRALIA ANTOLOGIO, Alan TOWSEY, ed. Beautifully bound collection of various Australian authors. Number 25 in the East-West<br />

Series. 1988. 431p. 210x150. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360363<br />

AUS001 $29.70<br />

BELETRO, SED NE EL KATEDRO, Gaston WARINGHIEN. Second edition of Eseoj I – Beletro (1956). Three new essays. 1987. 263p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205193<br />

BEL004 $25.50<br />

ĈI-SEMAJNE EĈ AJN-MISE, Stefan MacGILL. This quaint eclectic collection of short dramas, cartoons, jokes and satires is a natural<br />

expression of the world-view of Stefan MacGill. 1998. 24p. 295x210. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

CIS001 $5.20<br />

ĈINA ANTOLOGIO, Vol. I (1919-1949). Collection of many diverse authors and translators. In this book will be found short stories,<br />

essays, and poems of many different styles and schools of thought. 1986. 612p. 210x145. Bound. China.<br />

CIN001 $15.00<br />

ĈINA ANTOLOGIO, Vol. II (1949-1979), ZHAO Muying, ed. Collection of many diverse authors and translators from post-Revolutionary<br />

China. 1989. 417p. 210x145. Bound. China. ISBN 7505200402<br />

CIN005 $14.60<br />

DESISLAVA RIDETAS. Giorgio SILFER. Short prose and poetry by the founder of the "Civito" and one of the initiators of Raumism.<br />

NOTE: DISCONTINUED, ONLY ONE COPY REMAINS. 1987. 71p. 205x145. Paper. Switzerland.<br />

DES001 $12.00<br />

DUM NOKTA DEĴORO, Nevena NEDELĈEVA. Twelve simple realistic stories and two sketches originally written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1987.<br />

87p. 200x135. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711808<br />

DUM001 $5.20<br />

EL LA PLUMO DE RUMANA REĜINO. Aphorisms and short stories by Elizabeth, Queen of Romania, who wrote under the pen-name<br />

Carmen Sylva. 1996, 36p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251121<br />

ELL006 $4.80<br />

EL PROPRA KAJ FREMDA. Hans Amund ROSBACH. A collection of short stories, sketches, essays and poems, taken from the<br />

Scandinavian languages. Illustrated. 1971. 74 p. 210x145. Paper. Norway.<br />

ELP005 $4.50<br />

ELEKTITAJ VERKOJ, Aleksandr PUŜKIN. Div. trans. Of course we all know the name of Pushkin, but how many of us have read any of<br />

his works Here’s your chance! Selected and translated by Russians who love this poet and understand his importance in the world of<br />

ideas. Includes lyric poems, long poems, dramas, fables and prose. 1998. 240p. 215x145. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100546<br />

ELE002 $18.20<br />

ESPERANTO-LITERATURO. 16 pieces from the <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature are declaimed. Includes e.g. Duncan Charters doing his “Mia<br />

eksterlanda vojaøo”, Nikolaj Rytjkov doing Reto Rossetti’s translation of the “Parolado de Brutus” from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”,<br />

and ELNA’s own Miko Sloper presenting “La Grafo Usus” by ELNA’s own David K. Jordan. Series “Tiel Sonis” #2. 2003. CD:<br />

68'39”.Netherlands. NEW.<br />

ESP010 $15.40<br />

ELPENSAĴOJ KAJ TRADUKOJ. Bruna Ŝtono (Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN). Originals and translations from Bronŝtejn's "three ethnicities" –<br />

Yiddish, Russian and Ukrainian. Also includes four-page erotic comic-strip by Serge Sire. Supplement to La KancerKliniko. 2002. 28p.<br />

300x210. Paper. France. ISSN 0398-5822.<br />

ELP002 $6.10<br />

FUNDAMENTA KRESTOMATIO, L. ZAMENHOF. Essays, short stories, poems etc., whose goal is to give the reader a model of proper<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> style and usage. Notes by G. Waringhien. Eighteenth edition 1992. 446p. 205x150. Bound. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170441<br />

FUN002 $17.60

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 63<br />

HETAJRO DANCAS, Eli URBANOVÁ. This autobiographic work from the famous Czech poet displays the inner working of the creative<br />

process. She waves together letters, essay-fragments, poems, and personal observations into a rich fabric portraying a life in the post-<br />

World-War-Two Eastern European province of Esperantio. 1995. 327p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

HET001 $23.00<br />

HUMURO LAŬ LA SKOTA MANIERO, Andrzej & Remigiusz PETTYN. Most of the classic jokes about people who just happen to live in<br />

Scotland. 1985. 84p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205606<br />

HUM002 $9.20<br />

HUNGARA ANTOLOGIO, Vilmos BENCZIK, ed. Hungarian literature translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong> by some of our most famous translators:<br />

Benczik, Fenyvesi, Kalocsay, Szabó, Szilágyi, Tárkony et al. Second edition 1983. 448p. 240x165. Bound. Hungary. ISBN 9631316254<br />

HUN003 $29.90<br />

HURA-A-A-A, Daniil HARMS. Trans. Natan PROCENKO. Dialogues, sketches and poems translated from Russian. Sometimes absurd,<br />

sometimes ironic, but always amusing. 1991. 32p. 295x205. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

HUR002 $4.00<br />

IMPETO ‘89, Div. The first in a series of bi-annual socio-political and literary almanacs published in Russia. Contents include:<br />

information about the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement in the former Soviet Union, translations from Bulgakov and Pushkin, portraits of Soviet<br />

dictators Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev etc. Illustrated. 1990. 248p. 200x125. Paper. USSR. ISBN 5010025434<br />

IMP002 $5.00<br />

IMPETO ‘91, Div. Socio-political and literary almanac. Among the contents: the youth counter-culture in the USSR, the formation of<br />

Stalinism, an interlinguistic lexicon, stories by Pasternak etc. Illustrated. 1991. 248p. 200x125. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5010026139<br />

IMP003 $5.00<br />

ITALA ANTOLOGIO, Giordano AZZI, ed. Collection of works by Italian authors from the 13 th to the 19 th century. Represented are,<br />

among others, Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, L. da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Cellini, Goldoni, Leopardi, de Amicis. 1988. 477p.<br />

205x140. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8885872026<br />

ITA001 $41.20<br />

JOĈJO MULATO+LA MASKOJ, Menotti DEL PICCHIA. Trans. Geraldo MATTOS. One of the first flowerings of modernism in Brazil, this<br />

poem cycle deals with love and class struggle. Also includes two short dramas which feature romantic intertwinings of Columbino with<br />

Harlequin and Pierrot. 1998. 1997. 108. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

JOC002 $11.00<br />

KAJ LA CETER' — NUR LITERATURO. Gaston WARINGHIEN. The fifth and final collection of Waringhien's essays, about the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

literary world and literary translations into <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Contains many illustrative excerpts and translations. 1983. 350p. 210x145.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9063360312.<br />

KAJ006 $33.10<br />

KOLEKTANTO DE ĈIELARKOJ, Tibor SEKELJ. A rich collection of short stories and poems from this well-beloved author. By turns<br />

philosophical and adventurous, the range of subject matter is certain to include something for everyone. 1992. 117p. 195x125. Bound.<br />

Italy. ISBN 8870360520<br />

KOL001 $20.40<br />

KOREAJ ESEOJ, NOVELOJ KAJ POPOLRAKONTOJ. Trans. HAJPIN Li. Collection of essays (translated and original), short stories and<br />

folk tales translated from Korean. 1987. 222p. 225x150. Paper. S. Korea.<br />

KOR005 $6.70<br />

…KUN SIASPECA SPICO!, Raymond SCHWARTZ. Anthology of humorous writings, including the entire series El mia ridpunkto. 1971.<br />

215p. 215x155. Paper. Spain.<br />

KUN001 $13.50<br />

KVARLINGVA PROVERBARO, Lucien BOURGOIS. A collection of 482 proverbs in alphabetical order in French, with equivalents in<br />

English, German, and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Some are cross-referenced by subject. 2000. 26p. 300x210. Brochure. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

KVA007 $7.10<br />

MALGRANDA BOLIVIA ANTOLOGIO. José Roberto ARZE (ed.). A series of articles about the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement in Bolivia, some in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> and some in Spanish, is followed by a literary section including poetry, short stories and essays in both Spanish and<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>, as well as a few originally in Aymara. 2004. 395 p. 210x140. Paper. Bolivia.<br />

MAL015 $22.90<br />

MANUSKRIPTOJ POR BRULIGO, Ljubomir TRIFONĈOVSKI. Very short poems, prose selections and sketches from a new Bulgarian<br />

talent. 1992. 32p. 160x120. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

MAN004 $2.50<br />

NOVA ESPERANTA KRESTOMATIO, William AULD, ed. Although this book is structurally based on the Fundamenta krestomatio of L.L.<br />

Zamenhof, it is more comprehensive, more modern and, of course, updated. Translations from more than 70 languages occupy an

64 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

important part in the book, another proof of the literary qualities of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Number 4 in the jubilee collection “Jarcento de <strong>Esperanto</strong>”.<br />

1991. 509p. 205x150. Bound. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170433<br />

NOV003 $20.70<br />

OMNIBUSO KUN LA TRI PASAØEROJ, LA. MIYAMOTO Masao, UEYAMA Masao, SAITO Eizo. A collection from various Japanese<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> magazines of fiction, essays and poems by Miyamoto and Ueyama, most notably the beginning of Miyamoto’s (unfinished)<br />

autobiographical epic poem “Okinawa en 1945”, a topic to which he would return in his novel Naskita sur la ruinoj: Okinavo. Illustrations<br />

by Saito. 1980. 65 p. 180x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

OMN001 $4.90<br />

PAJLEROJ KAJ STOPLOJ, William AULD. A collection of material which Auld has never included in other volumes. Many little essays,<br />

reviews, translations, introductions, stories – all with the unmistakable style of a master. 1997. 342p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 9290170522<br />

PAJ001 $26.30<br />

PANDEMONIO, Div. Collection of short stories, essays and one poem by young and talented Spanish Esperantists. 1987. 80p. 210x135.<br />

Paper. Spain-Netherlands-Belgium.<br />

PAN003 $11.20<br />

PRATEMPO, LA+BROLGO. Legends of Australian aborigines, simply and elegantly told. Translated by members of the Australian <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Association. 1994. 52p. 210x145. Paper. Australia. ISBN 0646149091<br />

PRA004 $6.70<br />

PRETER LA HORIZONTO, Gibran KHALIL GIBRAN. Trans. Georgo ABRAHAM. This collection of short stories has a flavor and intention<br />

similar to Gibran’s more famous works: they are all simple, profound, wise and poetic. 1992. 95p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PRE003 $8.80<br />

PROVERBARO ESPERANTA, Lazaro Ludoviko ZAMENHOF. 2,630 proverbs collected and translated by Zamenhof. Index ordered by<br />

theme. Suitable as learning aid. Second edition 1974. 167p. 185x120. Paper. Spain.<br />

PRO003 $11.10<br />

RIKOLTO, Juan Régulo PÉREZ. Impressive volume in homage to one of the most important Esperantists of the last 50 years. Divided<br />

into 5 sections: Canary Islands; <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Land; Philology; Philosophy; Reviews. Important work which not only mirrors the author’s<br />

personality, but also shows important aspects of our movement. 1992. 596p. 205x150. Bound. Brazil.<br />

RIK002 $52.10<br />

RUMANA ANTOLOGIO, Constantin DOMINTE & Jozefo NAGY, ed. A collection of 20 th century Romanian literature. 1990. 92p.<br />

205x140. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

RUM001 $8.50<br />

SEP MANIFESTOJ DADA, Tristan TZARA. Trans. Ionel ONE_. The first Dada book in <strong>Esperanto</strong>! This school of literature paved the way<br />

for other forms of avant-garde art and opened up many new avenues of creativity. 2001. 52p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251326<br />

SEP007 $7.60<br />

75 JAROJ, William AULD. A short autobiography of one of the giants of the modern <strong>Esperanto</strong> scene, together with several of his most<br />

important poems, and a comprehensive bibliography. A must for all fans of Auld, the poet, who are interested in Auld, the man. 1999.<br />

48p. 195x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

SEP006 $5.20<br />

STILEKZERCOJ, Raymond QUENEAU. Trans. István ERTL. Information may reach us in different forms/styles, depending on who gives<br />

it to us. For some, the form is more important than the message, which sometimes may not be understood (because of the form). 1986.<br />

20p. 295x210. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

STI001 $3.20<br />

SUB LA SIGNO DE SOCIA MUZO, William AULD & Stefan MAUL, ed. Anthology of original socially-conscious poems and essays. All<br />

previously appeared in Monato. Illustrations by Georgo KAMAĈO. 1988. 123p. 210x150. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205169<br />

SUB001 $16.50<br />

SVISA ANTOLOGIO, edited by Arthur BAUR. Prose and poetry of Switzerland rendered into <strong>Esperanto</strong> by various translators, arranged<br />

in four parts corresponding to the four languages of Switzerland: Swish-German, French, Italian, and Romantsch. With introductions and<br />

brief histories of the literatures of the four cultures written by the editor. 1939. 540p. 230x150. Paper. Hungary.<br />

SVI001 $20.00<br />

333 CERBAJ IMPULSOJ, Dinko MATKOVIĈ. A collection of short aphorisms, mostly original, arranged in 9 chapters by themes. Witty,<br />

thought-provoking, irreverent, sometimes silly thoughts. Illustrated. 2001. 73p. 200x130. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 9532030921<br />

TRI018 $5.30<br />

UNUMINUTAJ NOVELOJ, István ÖRKÉNY. A collection of short short stories, poems and parables which are at turns absurd, banal,<br />

humorous, tragic – such as life. 1994. 120p. 210x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251067

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 65<br />

UNU003 $8.00<br />

VERDAJ DONKIĤOTOJ. Julio BAGHY. <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s favorite author from the period between the wars gives us, besides the (most likely<br />

autobiographical) novel Paŭlo Paal, a series of nine short caricatures of Esperantist life during the period, including the short comic<br />

sketch "Lingva Evoluo". 1996. 175p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #14. ISBN 3-85182-036-3.<br />

VER006 $20.40<br />

VERKOJ DE ELPIN, CHOE Taesok (ed.) An attractive collection of the works of An Useng, Korean author more commonly known in the<br />

prewar era as Elpin. While a few of these are original works, the majority are poems, short stories and plays translated by Elpin, primarily<br />

from Chinese. Includes among others “Kanto de plugisto,” perhaps the oldest known Chinese poem (six lines of verse), and Lusin’s famous<br />

short story “Taglibro de Frenezulo.” 2004. 214 p. 225x150. Paper. Korea (Republic of). ISBN 89-87281-13-2.<br />

VER007 $15.40<br />

VERKOJ DE MIYAMOTO MASAO – VOL. 3. MIYAMOTO Masao. A collection of Miyamoto's literary works – poems, short stories and<br />

plays, translated from Japanese and originally written by Miyamoto – not previously collected in book form. Includes e.g. Akutagawa's<br />

short story "The Rashomon Gate", Yosano Akiko's collection "Modern Tankas" and Miyamoto's own poem "Okinawa in 1945". 1993. 288p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

VER012 $23.60<br />

VERKOJ DE VERDA MAJO. Autobiographical and translated works by a famous Japanese Esperantist, who lived in Chine and<br />

supported the anti-Japanese war. Includes the eminently readable “En Ĉinio batalanta”. With photographs. 1982. 501p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

China.<br />

VER009 $11.40<br />

VORTAJ (A)LUDOJ, Stefan MAUL. Spirited and satirical poems and short essays from the former editor of Monato which illustrate the<br />

possibilities of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in metaphorical and experimental camps of language use. 1987. 112p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

VOR004 $7.10

66 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />


Biographical<br />

AMARA VIVOVOJO, M. MANDRIK. A bitter life story of dealing with Gestapo, NKVD and KGB agents, told with simple dignity and<br />

chilling detail. Not available in any other language. 1997. 77p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251210<br />

AMA001 $11.80<br />

ANTON ĈEĤOV EN ESPERANTO. Aleksander KORĴENKOV. A discussion of the works of the great Russian master of the short story<br />

and their various translations into <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with examples of Ĉeĥov's prose in our language. 2005. 19p. 210x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

ANT011 $4.40<br />

D-RO ESPERANTO · La Homo Plena de Espero, Hanna ZAMENHOF-ZARUSKI. Trans. Senjo UMEDA. A tribute to the Creator of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> by his great granddaughter. This booklet in easy language is geared towards children and young people. Illustrated by<br />

Dominique DE ROUGEMONT. 1993. 22p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

DOK001 $5.50<br />

EL VERVA VIVO ĴURNALISTA. Stefan MAUL. An autobiography of long-time Esperantist journalist and writer Stefan Maul, creator and<br />

for many years editor of the popular monthly news magazine Monato. Follow his odyssey as he becomes an Esperantist and journalist,<br />

fighting against all kinds of injustice, from a childhood as a war-orphan to the 25-year anniversary of Monato. 2005. 271p. 205x140.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9077066187.<br />

ELV004 $33.60<br />

ERINGIO — HERBO VAGABONDA. Valerij SIPOVIÆ. Trans. Svetlana Smetanina. Biography of Irina Vlasova, chief editor of the<br />

children's television staff in USSR State Television, creator of the popular Russian children's program "Good Night, Little Ones". 2006.<br />

278p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-0158-5.<br />

ERI001 $24.50<br />

FAMILIO ZAMENHOF, LA, Zofia BANET-FORNALOWA. Short but relatively complete biographical sketches of the father, brother and<br />

sisters of the creator of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, as well as information about their children and succeeding generations of the family. Includes map,<br />

family tree, 15 pages of photos. 2001. 226 p. 210x150. Paper. Switzerland. ISBN 3-906595-16-1.<br />

FAM003 $43.50<br />

FJODOR DOSTOJEVSKIJ EN ESPERANTO. Aleksander KOR¬ENKOV. A discussion of the works of this great 19th century Russian<br />

author and their various translations into <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with examples of Dostojevskij's prose in our language. Also includes the short story<br />

"Kampulo Marej". 2005. 19p. 210x150. Paper. Russia.<br />

FJO001 $4.70<br />

GASTON WARINGHIEN 1901-1991. André CHERPILLOD. An overview of the life and works of a major <strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking voice of the<br />

20th century. Facing pages in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and French. 2000. 80 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-49-X.<br />

GAS002 $11.60<br />

GILLES DE RAIS. André CHERPILLOD. A history of the life and times of one of the great human monsters of history. 2000. 44 p.<br />

210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-51-1.<br />

GIL001 $7.60<br />

HEROO DE AMO. Karel KRAFT. Biography of Czech pedagogue and Esperantist Premysl Pitter, as he lived and carried on through<br />

fascist and communist rule in Czechoslovakia. 2006. 194 p. 200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-81-7.<br />

HER002 $19.20<br />

IŜMAEL GOMES BRAGA. Zeus WANTUIL. A short biography of the famous Esperantist and Spiritist author and translator. 1971. 41p.<br />

180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ISM001 $1.50<br />

JAROJ SUR TERO. Lakshmiswar SINHA. Autobiographical notes by one of the best-known pioneer Bengali <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers,<br />

perhaps best known for his translations from the works of his mentor, the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. 1966. 126 p. 195x125.<br />

Bound. Sweden.<br />

JAR001 $10.70<br />

JOHANA "D'ARKO". André CHERPILLOD. The life and times of the famous Maid of Orléans. 1996. 56 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN<br />

2-906134-36-8.<br />

JOH003 $9.00<br />

KAJ KIU PRAVAS. Eugene de ZILAH. Memoirs of the well-known author and editor of La Gazeto, many of them erotic/sexual. "A<br />

phenomenological study of the genesis and development of the human intellectual perspective". Color illustrations by Jean-Pierre<br />

Cavelan. Series "Originala Literaturo" #42. 2002. 360p. 230x150 Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-85182-040-1.<br />

KAJ002 $39.90<br />

KAREL ĈAPEK, Div. Trans. Josef VONDROUŜEK. Short description of the life and works of this great Czech author, with brief excerpts<br />

from several of his works. 1987. 32p. 205x145. Paper. Czechoslovakia.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 67<br />

KAR006 $2.00<br />

KAŜITA VIVO DE ZAMENHOF, LA. N. Z. MAIMON. The culmination of many years of research by Maimon about the life of Zamenhof<br />

and about the environment in which he grew up. Includes sections on Zamenhof's background, his childhood, his student years, his<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> years, and after his death. Also includes mapes of Bialystok and the Warsaw Ghetto, where Zamenhof spent most of his life.<br />

1978. 214p. 210x160. Bound. Japan.<br />

KAS001 $56.50<br />

KREDO FLOROJ DINAMITO. Ernst OLSSON. Short biographies of three eminent Swedish subjects: Saint Birgitta, the biologist<br />

Linnaeus, and Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and creator of the Nobel Prize. 1961. 79 p. 195x125. Bound. Sweden.<br />

KRE003 $9.00<br />

LIFE OF ZAMENHOF, THE, Edmond PRIVAT. Trans. Ralph ELIOTT. An English translation of the classic biography of Zamenhof written<br />

by a Swiss journalist who was a personal friend of Zamenhof’s. Fourth edition 1980. 160p. 165x105. Paper. Canada. ISBN 0919186084<br />

LIF001 $3.00<br />

MI JUNA, Manashi DAS GUPTA. Trans. Probal DAŜGUPTO. This autobiography presents the world of a young woman in India during<br />

the British occupation leading up to the tumultuous creation of a free Indian state. Fascinating details about the inner workings of<br />

traditional Indian families. 1989. 102p. 205x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 0950532398<br />

MIJ001 $4.70<br />

MIA INDIANA KNABECO, Ĉefo Luther Standing Bear. Trans. William R. HARMON. This excellent little book should be required reading<br />

for anybody who has any interest in the traditional way of life among the Plains Indians. While focusing on the lessons of childhood, the<br />

entire scope of Sioux culture is vividly described. 1995. 88p. 215x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251091<br />

MIA002 $7.00<br />

MIA PADO, Gerrit BERVELING. A collection of twenty five years worth of essays, reviews, poems, and interviews from this famous and<br />

important author and translator. Follow the author path of his life’s work and share the depths of his spiritual thought. 1997. 311p.<br />

210x120. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MIA003 $23.50<br />

MORTA SUITO, LA. MIYAMOTO Masao. A well-researched critical biography describing the life and (unnatural) death of early-20 th -<br />

century Japanese anarchist-Esperantist Oosugi Sakae. Illustrated by Saito Eizo. 1984. 169 p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

MOR005 $10.60<br />

SENLEGENDA BIOGRAFIO DE L. L. ZAMENHOF. "ludovikito". A biography of the creator of <strong>Esperanto</strong> based on the documents<br />

collected by "ludovikito" for his "iam kompletigota plena verkaro de l. l. zamenhof", of which this is Kromkajero 1. 1982. 304p. 215x160.<br />

Paper. Japan.<br />

SEN011 $36.10<br />

7000 TAGOJ EN SIBERIO, Karlo ŜTAJNER. Trans. Kreŝimir BARKOVIĈ. Autobiography of a Communist exiled by Stalin to a<br />

concentration camp in Siberia. 1983. 495p. 240x170. Paper. France.<br />

SEP005 $36.00<br />

TAGLIBRO DE ANNE FRANK. Trans. Nora BARTELS. This text is more complete than earlier versions of the Diary, for the editors have<br />

restored sections previously deleted because they dealt with sexual matters or were considered too judgmental of Anne’s mother. Good<br />

photos & floor plan. 1997. 299p. 210x145. Paper. Japan.<br />

TAG001 $32.00<br />

TAGLIBRO DE MIA FRATO. Chava PRESSBURGER. Trans. Vlastimil Novobilsky & Vera Novobilska. Compiled by the author from the<br />

diary of her brother Petr Ginz, a teenage Czech-Jewish Esperantist, in the year before his transportation to the death-camp at Terezin.<br />

Includes many color plates, mostly Petr's artwork, including one of the pencil drawing of the earth seen over imagined lunar mountains, a<br />

copy of which was aboard the ill-fated shuttle Columbia, as well as photos of two pages from his manuscript of an attempt at an<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>-Czech dictionary. 2005. 136p + 22p of photos and color plates. 200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 8085853795.<br />

TAG002 $38.40<br />

TENA–HEJMO EN MEZEŬROPO. Spomenka ŜTIMEC. A personal chronicle of a woman's life in beautiful but war-torn Central Europe<br />

during the 20th century. 1996. 175p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #16. ISBN 3-85182-038-9.<br />

TEN004 $18.10<br />

TESTAMENTO, LA, Beet ho v e n . Trans. Walter KLAG. The famous Heiligenstadt Testame nt in which Beethoven acknowledged his deafness<br />

and reflects on its implications for his musical life. 4p. 215x140. Austria.<br />

TES001 $.20<br />

VIVO DE ANDREO CSEH. Ed BORSBOOM. An interesting and comprehensive recounting of the struggles and successes, the life and<br />

death, of the man who created the direct-method system of teaching <strong>Esperanto</strong> (and, ultimately, not just <strong>Esperanto</strong>). 2003. 313p.<br />

210x135. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 9080565121.<br />

VIV014 $32.80<br />

VIVO DE LANTI, E. BORSBOOM. A biography of the founder of SAT, the <strong>Esperanto</strong> World Non-nationalist Association. With

68 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

photographs. 1976. 273p. 190x135. Paper. France.<br />

VIV002 $14.70<br />

VIVO KAJ VERKOJ DE MIYAMOTO MASAO. Var. A short biography of Miyamoto's life and work, originally as a prewar activist for the<br />

Japanese anti-war left, later primarily as a writer and translator for the Japanese <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement. Includes a table showing the<br />

major points of his life and a complete bibliography of his works. 1999. 91p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

VIV003 $9.30<br />

VUALO DE L’ SILENTO, Ĝura. Trans. Henri CASTIAU. A tale of the lives of Muslim women in Europe and their Algerian homeland with<br />

traditions which continue to influence their lives. Largely autobiographical, but with great scope across two interacting cultures. 1997.<br />

168p. 235x155. Paper. France. ISBN 295024324X<br />

VUA002 $13.40<br />

ZAMENHOF · CREATOR OF ESPERANTO, Marjorie BOULTON. The most complete biography of Zamenhof available in English. With<br />

index. Written in 1960, reprinted in 1980. 223p. 210x140. Paper. Great Britain.<br />

ZAM004 $23.40<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> Language,<br />

Linguistics<br />

AGLUTINAJ LINGVOJ KAJ ESPERANTO, LA. André CHERPILLOD. A short discussion comparing <strong>Esperanto</strong> with the agglutinative<br />

languages of the old and new worlds. 1988. 24 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-06-6.<br />

AGL001 $4.90<br />

AKTOJ DE LA AKADEMIO DE ESPERANTO – I (1963-1967). First of three volumes of discussions and recommendations by members<br />

of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong> on various disputed points of <strong>Esperanto</strong> grammar, misusage of words etc. 1968. 75p. 230x150. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

AKT004 $4.00<br />

AKTOJ DE LA AKADEMIO DE ESPERANTO – III (1975-1991). The most recent published discussions, recommendations etc., by<br />

members of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong> on grammar, word usage etc. 1992. 79p. 230x150. Paper. France.<br />

AKT006 $8.00<br />


BOLDUC, editors. The proceedings of the Nitobé Symposium during the World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Prague (1996). A detailed<br />

analysis of various aspects of international language policy. This is a crucial book for every serious student of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s role in history<br />

and the future. 1998. 212p. 235x160. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170549<br />

ALL002 $13.70<br />

AL NOVA INTERNACIA LINGVA ORDO, LEE Chong-yeong & LIU Haitao (ed.). Proceedings of the 3rd Nitobé Symposium, Beijing,<br />

China, 2004. Includes ten papers on the world language problem by representatives of a number of different international movements<br />

and organizations. All papers are presented here in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, English and Chinese. 2004. 239 p. 235x160. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 929017085-9.<br />

ALN001 $30.00<br />

APARTAJ MONDOJ: VERBOJ KAJ PARTICIPOJ, Geraldo MATTOS. The current president of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong> explains how<br />

to understand and properly use verbs and participles in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Second edition 1999. 88p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

APA001 $13.80<br />

BONA LINGVO, LA, Claude PIRON. A semi-polemical discussion, from the point of view of a supporter of schematicism, of the question<br />

of “naturalism” vs. “schematicism” in the creation of <strong>Esperanto</strong> vocabulary. Second edition 1997. 109p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. ISBN<br />

3901752117<br />

BON008 $22.00<br />


Problems & Language Planning about the danger posed by unbridled use of English to other European languages. Extensive bibliography.<br />

2003. 19p. 230x150. Paper. The Netherlands. E-ISSN 15699889.<br />

CAN001 $4.60<br />


collection of essays dealing with the economics and social costs of language barriers. Especially intriguing is the article by the editor<br />

Reinhard Selten which analyses the current advantages of learning <strong>Esperanto</strong>. See below for the <strong>Esperanto</strong> version (Kostoj de la...) 1997.<br />

149p. 240x170. Paper. Italy.<br />

COS001 $22.00<br />

DE A AL B: FESTLIBRO POR ANDRÉ ALBAULT, Div. Collection of linguistic essays about <strong>Esperanto</strong> by Boulton, Tonkin, Wells et al.<br />

Includes a complete bibliography of the works of the ex-president of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong> as well as the separate brochure Laŭdacio<br />

por D-ro André Albault. 2000, 281+8p. 250x150. Germany. ISBN 393280709X.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 69<br />

DEA001 $55.40<br />

DEVENO DE ESPERANTO, LA, Geraldo MATTOS. Exploration of the sources and elements of <strong>Esperanto</strong> from the viewpoint of a linguist<br />

and poet. 1987. 111p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DEV001 $10.40<br />

EN LA KOMENCO ESTAS LA VORTO, Geraldo MATTOS. A treatise on the making of words in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, putting roots and other<br />

elements together, by the president of the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2000. 166p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ENL001 $14.70<br />

EN LA SERÆADO DE LA MONDOLINGVO. Aleksandr DULIÆENKO. An introduction to the history of interlinguistics, from the story of<br />

the Tower of Babel to the present day, with separate chapters devoted to Solresol, Volapük, <strong>Esperanto</strong> and the post-<strong>Esperanto</strong> projects.<br />

2006. 160p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

ENL004 $21.10<br />

ENKONDUKO EN LA JAPANAN, YAMASAKI Seikô. A beginner’s 20-lesson textbook in <strong>Esperanto</strong> for learning Japanese. The Japanese is<br />

written using the Latin alphabet rather than the Japanese and Chinese characters to facilitate rapid understanding of the structure,<br />

grammar, and basic vocabulary. Comparisons with the structure of <strong>Esperanto</strong> illustrate how Japanese functions. 2000. 181p. 210x140.<br />

Paper. Brazil.<br />

ENK004 $16.70<br />

ESENCA LERNOLIBRO DE LA ITALA LINGVO. Marco MEZZADRI. This book, with a section of diagnostic tests, is a grammatical<br />

textbook for <strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking beginners and advanced students learning Italian as a foreign language. It treats the main structures of<br />

the Italian language, with common usage, and presents 96 units and a section with diagnostic tests and keys. Ideal for use in class or<br />

home, or as a reference book. 2006. 251p. 180x120. Paper. Italy. ISBN 88-7715-917-0.<br />

ESE003 $23.20<br />

ESPERANTA FRAZEOLOGIO. Sabine FIEDLER. A study of the use of non-concrete phraseology in <strong>Esperanto</strong> (proverbs, aphorisms,<br />

metaphors &c) to present ideas. Abundant examples. Useful for the advanced student of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and especially for anyone who wishes<br />

to write or translate in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes index. 2002. 185p. 205x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 92 9017 080-8.<br />

ESP009 $28.70<br />

ESPERANTO EL LA VIDPUNKTO DE VERKISTO. Claude PIRON. This short monograph describes a number of the structural features<br />

of <strong>Esperanto</strong> that make it particularly suitable for literary creation. 16p. 235x165. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-85182-002-9.<br />

ESP008 $4.60<br />

ESPERANTO LANGUAGE, THE, Frank NUESSEL. Intended for readers who have little knowledge of the language and its historical<br />

setting. A thorough exposition of the basics with plenty of documentation and references. Technical enough for serious linguist, yet<br />

written without unnecessary jargon. While this book presents little new information for those already deeply involved in the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

movement, it can prove highly useful to the newcomer. 2000. 153p. 230x150. Paper. Canada. ISBN 0921252951<br />

ESP021 $26.50<br />

ESPERANTO LANGUAGE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS, THE, R. Kent JONES, ed. A collection of essays and letters written testifying to<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>’s value as a normal school subject. Second edition 1997. 42p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ESP043 $5.30<br />


JOHNSON-WEINER. This book contains a survey of today’s movement for the promotion of <strong>Esperanto</strong> as an international language, and<br />

a description of the extensive literature in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, both original and translated. It also provides a survey of the other global language<br />

projects, explaining why <strong>Esperanto</strong> has prevailed. 1993. 169p. 230x150. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0791412547<br />

ESP047 $18.10<br />

ESPERANTO · LERNEJA EKSPERIMENTO, Helmut SONNABEND. Although now somewhat dated, this rigorous report on an<br />

experiment teaching <strong>Esperanto</strong> continues to provide data and encouragement for teachers and administrators. 1979. 157p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360059<br />

ESP006 $11.00<br />

ESPERANTO · LINGVO, LITERATURO, MOVADO, Pierre JANTON. This immensely popular work which originally appeared in French<br />

has been rendered into German, Dutch, Spanish, <strong>Esperanto</strong>, Italian and English (see above. 1988. 118p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 9290170344<br />

ESP011 $10.30<br />

ESPERANTO STUDIES: AN OVERVIEW, Humphrey TONKIN & Mark FETTES. This little pamphlet deals with the context of <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

studies; the relation of this field to related fields; recent developments and trends. The seven-page bibliography alone makes this a<br />

valuable acquisition for any serious student of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Number 43 in the <strong>Esperanto</strong> Documents series. 1996. 16p. 215x140. Paper.<br />

Netherlands-<strong>USA</strong>. ISSN 01672575<br />

EDA043 $3.00<br />

ESPERANTA VORTKONSISTO, LA. Geraldo MATTOS. A different viewpoint on the construction of words in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, in disagreement<br />

with the Waringhien-Kalocsay theory adopted by the Academy, from the President of the Academy. 2006. 113 p. 200x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ESP056 $15.00

70 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

ESPERANTOLOGIO / ESPERANTO STUDIES 1. First issue of the new series of occasional publications of the specialized magazine<br />

“<strong>Esperanto</strong>logio”. Includes articles on the founder of the magazine Paul Neergaard, on some words from the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro, on the<br />

Fundamento de <strong>Esperanto</strong>, on <strong>Esperanto</strong> phraseology, and on syllable structure in <strong>Esperanto</strong> (in English). Large format. 1999. 80 p.<br />

235x200. Paper. Bulgaria.<br />

ESP023 $10.00<br />

ESPERANTOLOGIO / ESPERANTO STUDIES 2. Second issue of the new series of occasional publications of the specialized magazine<br />

“<strong>Esperanto</strong>logio”. Includes articles on the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement in Tanzania and Togoland, on spiritism and <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Brazil (in<br />

English), on the relation between planned languages and social and religious ideas (in French), as well as reviews of several recent works<br />

on <strong>Esperanto</strong> and planned languages. Large format. 2001. 64 p. 235x200. Paper. Bulgaria. ISSN 1311-3496.<br />

ESP024 $10.00<br />

ESPERANTOLOGIO / ESPERANTO STUDIES 3. Christer KISELMAN (ed.) Contains three articles, two in <strong>Esperanto</strong> (about parentlanguage<br />

influence on learning and <strong>Esperanto</strong> and about <strong>Esperanto</strong>logical activity in Germany), one in German (about the old Nürnberg<br />

World Language Club), and one review in <strong>Esperanto</strong> (about the early <strong>Esperanto</strong>logical magazine Lingva Kritiko). 2005. 68p. 205x145.<br />

Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 8085853833.<br />

ESP051 $11.30<br />

FENOMENO ESPERANTO, LA, William AULD. Excellent introduction to the world language problem, possible solutions and <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

as a specific solution. Includes a history of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, how to use <strong>Esperanto</strong>, and answers the question “Do we have a<br />

culture” 1988. 120p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170379<br />

FEN003 $10.50<br />

FUNDAMENTO DE ESPERANTO. Basic touchstone that defines the <strong>Esperanto</strong> language. Includes Preface by Zamenhof, the Sixteen<br />

Rules in several languages, the basic Universala Vortaro and the Ekzercaro. 2007. 355p. 220x160. Bound. Italy. ISBN 978-88-7036-077-<br />

6.<br />

FUN001 $28.30<br />

GALLA LINGVO, LA. André CHERPILLOD. The ur-Celtic language of Europe millennium minus one: phonology, grammar and Celtic-<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> dictionary. Includes list of <strong>Esperanto</strong> words of Celtic origin. 1997. 108 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-44-9.<br />

GAL001 $13.00<br />

GRAMATIKO DE ESPERANTO. Miroslav MALOVEC. A somewhat technical description of the grammar of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes sections<br />

on stylistics and translation methods, as well as the usual parts on the sound system and orthography, morphology, syntax and wordbuilding.<br />

2000 (2nd expanded edition). 135p. 200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-47-7.<br />

GRA001 $21.70<br />


Discussion of the several systems of organization-level international communication that function (to greater or lesser degree) throughout<br />

the world, comparing their effectiveness and cost-efficiency. From a speech given at an international youth forum in Novosibirsk in 1994.<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> Documents 48A. n.d. 15 p. 210x145. Paper. The Netherlands. ISSN 0165-2575.<br />

EDA048 $4.30<br />

HISTORIO DE LA UNIVERSALA LINGVO VOLAPUKO. Johann SCHMIDT. A history of Volapük, the first widely recognized planned<br />

language, from its inception in 1880 through the reform by Arie de Jong at the beginning of the 1930s. 1996. 30+22 p. 210x145. Paper.<br />

France. ISBN 2-906134-30-9.<br />

HIS001 $8.80<br />

ILUSTRITA FRAZEOLOGIO. Sabine FIEDLER. A collection of 62 standard turns of phrase in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, useful for spicing conversation.<br />

Each item is accompanied by an explanation of meaning, examples (usually two) from <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature, and similar turns of phrase in<br />

several other languages, as well as an illustration by Pavel Rak. Based on Fiedler’s research as described in Esperanta frazeologio (q.v.).<br />

2004. 140 p. 200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-57-4.<br />

ILU002 $18.10<br />


little booklet is crammed with facts gleaned from many years of study. All statements are carefully documented, using a broad base of resources.<br />

An excellent source of material for anybody spreading the word about <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1996. 93p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN<br />

0915935147<br />

IMP005 $9.00<br />


Tonkin. Overview and guidebook to the technical literature, in both book and serial form, about interlinguistics in general and<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>logy in particular. Includes a comprehensive 21-page bibliography. <strong>Esperanto</strong> Documents 47A. n.d. 40 p. 210x145. Paper.<br />

The Netherlands. ISSN 0165-2575.<br />

EDA047 $4.30<br />

INTIMAJ TEMOJ EN LA ESPERANTO-BELETRO. Petr CHRDLE (ed.) Contributions presented at the 2003 International <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Conference held by OSIEK in Prague. Includes lectures by Christian Declerck, Gerrit Berveling, Vlastimil Koĉvara, Miroslav Malovec, Eli<br />

Urbanová, Maria Butan, Jean-Luc Tortel and Eugene de Zilah. Illustrated by Pavel Rak. 2005. 103 p. 160x115. Paper. Czech Republic.<br />

ISBN 80-85853-74-4.<br />

INT009 $14.80

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 71<br />

JAPANA ESEARO. SYOZI Keiko (ed.). 14 essays, each relating to some aspect of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, by Japanese authors. 106p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-26-4.<br />

JAP003 $18.40<br />

KONCIZA GRAMATIKO DE VOLAPUKO/GRAMAT BREFIK VOLAPÜKA. André CHERPILLOD. A complete grammar of the first wellknown<br />

planned language, in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes lists of particles and affixes with examples of use. 1995. 48 p. 210x145. Paper. France.<br />

ISBN 2-906134-27-9.<br />

KON014 $7.30<br />

KOSTOJ DE LA EŬROPA LINGVA (NE)KOMUNIKADO, LA, Reinhard SELTEN, ed. Trans. Umberto BROCCATELLI. See description<br />

above, under Costs of European....1997. 148p. 240x170. Paper. Italy.<br />

KOS001 $22.70<br />

KULTURO KAJ INTERNACIA LINGVO, William AULD. Collection of ten essays about culture, language, and, of course, <strong>Esperanto</strong> from<br />

the pen of our best poet. 1986. 119p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KUL002 $12.60<br />

LEKSARA KOLEKTO DE OFTE UZATAJ PROPRAJ NOMOJ. Rikardo ŜULCO & Hermano BERMANO. Alphabetized dictionary of<br />

roughly 5500 assimilated proper names in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, bi-directional, compiled by two representatives of the Analytic School. 1989. 141 p.<br />

205x135. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3-922570-60-7.<br />

LEK004 $21.80<br />

LINGUISTIC COMMUNICATION: A COMPARATIVE STUDY, Claude PIRON. An insightful study of the ways to communicate interethnically,<br />

giving advantages and disadvantages of the various systems used, from several viewpoints. Number 46 in the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Documents Series. 2000. 23p. 85x215x140. Paper. Netherlands-<strong>USA</strong>. ISSN 01652575<br />

EDA046 $2.50<br />

LINGVA ARTO, Vilmos BENCZIK, ed. To celebrate the 75 th birthdays of William Auld and Marjorie Boulton, UEA collected this volume<br />

of essays and articles in appreciation of their profound service to <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature. Twenty-three authors contributed to this volume!<br />

1999. 217p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170646<br />

LIN001 $24.40<br />

LINGVA DIVERSECO. Martin HAASE. A lecture by Dr. Martin Haase, Herzberg, Germany, November 3, 2001, in which Dr. Haase<br />

analyzes various languages and raises the question of whether <strong>Esperanto</strong> may not be as easy as many people think. 2005. CD. Running<br />

time: 39'54".<br />

LIN020 $13.30<br />

LINGVAJ ASPEKTOJ DE ESPERANTO, Bruno MIGLIORINI. Seven essays on interlinguistics and <strong>Esperanto</strong>logical themes. 2006, 112p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 9788870360752.<br />

LIN007 $27.30<br />

LINGVAJ BABILAĴOJ. André CHERPILLOD. 43 essays by Cherpillod about various linguistic topics usually relating to <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Also<br />

includes 16 studies of etymology (did you know that vagina is related to vanilla). 2005. 196 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-<br />

65-1.<br />

LIN002 $19.70<br />

LINGVAJ RESPONDOJ, Sergio POKROVSKIJ. A collection of articles from Ruslanda Esperantisto from 1993-1997, which deal with such<br />

contemporary issues as country names (-io vs. -ujo), medial/ passive/reflexive (-iß vs. sin), diacritical letters in noncooperative fonts (cx<br />

vs. ch), and so forth. 1999. 80p. 195x145. Paper. Russia.<br />

LIN004 $5.60<br />

LINGVAJ RESPONDOJ. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Want to know where "edzo" came from When to use 'h' instead of a supersign What to use<br />

after a passive What the role of the Academy ought to be Here are answers given to these questions by the creator of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Anyone<br />

seriously interested in the language itself should have this book on her bookshelf. 1995. 133p. 240x170. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3-85182-<br />

031-2.<br />

LIN008 $17.60<br />

LINGVISTIKAJ ASPEKTOJ DE ESPERANTO, John WELLS. Comprehensive modern description of <strong>Esperanto</strong> by a professional linguist<br />

and Esperantist. Second edition 1989. 76p. 230x165. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170212<br />

LIN003 $8.80<br />

LINGVO KAJ VIVO · ESPERANTOLOGIAJ ESEOJ, Gaston WARINGHIEN. Elegant collection of studies about the sources and structure of <strong>Esperanto</strong>;<br />

one of the main works of <strong>Esperanto</strong>logy. Number 3 in the Jubilee collection “Jarcento de <strong>Esperanto</strong>”. Second edition 1989. 452p.<br />

205x150. Bound. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170425<br />

LIN016 $16.00<br />

LINGVO UNIVERSALA. Rikardo CASH. A collection of materials available in the ur-<strong>Esperanto</strong> of 1881, including surviving fragments<br />

from Zamenhof and several more recent experimental sonnets in the language, as well as an explicit grammar extracted from those<br />

fragments and a complete vocabulary. Invaluable for the linguistic historian who is interested in Zamenhof's process of developing<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. A supplement to La KancerKliniko. 1992. 31p. 295x210. Paper. France. ISSN 0398-5822.<br />

LIN018 $6.20

72 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

LITOVA LINGVO PER ESPERANTO-OKULOJ. Marc VANDEN BEMPT. Good grammatical overview and introduction to the Lithuanian<br />

language, from the point of view of a speaker of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes alphabet and sound-system, grammar, syntax, 47 pages of<br />

vocabulary organized by subject, some practice texts, and an alphabetical Lithuanian-<strong>Esperanto</strong> vocabulary. 2005. 184 p. 290x205.<br />

Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 77066 15 2.<br />

LIT004 $33.50<br />

MANLIBRO PRI INSTRUADO DE ESPERANTO. Katalin KOVÁTS (ed.). A handbook on the teaching of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Though various parts<br />

were written by different experts, the material is systematically organized, covering general didactics. teaching methods, available<br />

materials, teacher preparation, exercises, evaluations, etc. 2005 (2nd ed). 150p. 205x145. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 8096904264.<br />

MAN007 $14.40<br />

MATERIALOJ PRI LA NUNA UZADO DE LA AKUZATIVO, Daniel MOIRAND. Based on 43 selected works by well-known writers, the<br />

author tries to explain the use of the accusative in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1990. 331p. 200x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205355<br />

MAT001 $15.20<br />

MENADE BAL PÜKI BAL (FESTLIBRO POR REINHARD HAUPENTHAL), Div. Collection of essays by some 40 authors around the world, many of them<br />

well-known Esperantists, on esperantology, interlinguistics, and other topics. Mostly in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, one fourth in German. 1998. 487p.<br />

210x150. Hardbound. Germany. ISBN 3932807065<br />

MEN001 $65.20<br />

METODIKO DE LA ESPERANTO-INSTRUADO, Rudolf RAKUŜA. A must for <strong>Esperanto</strong> teachers. Contents include “The <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Teacher”, “The <strong>Esperanto</strong> Student”, “Special Problems”, useful bibliography and index. Third edition 1991. 195p. 200x145. Paper.<br />

Netherlands-Czechoslovakia. ISBN 929017045X<br />

MET004 $7.90<br />

MIL EKZOTAJ VORTOJ. André CHERPILLOD. Etymological discussions of some 1,250 <strong>Esperanto</strong> words that originally derive from non-<br />

European tongues. 1992. 122 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-17-1.<br />

MIL004 $14.80<br />

1887 KAJ LA SEKVO..., Gaston WARINGHIEN. The author’s fourth volume of essays containing articles on the development of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. Second revised and expanded edition 1990. 312p. 205x150. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205339<br />

MIL001 $12.60<br />

MODERNAJ RIMEDOJ DE KOMUNIKADO. Miroslav MALOVEC (ed.) 23 lectures from the KAEST colloquium of 1998. The book is<br />

divided into three parts: "Modern Means of Communication"; "Terminological Problems of Applications of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Science and<br />

Technology"; and "Science and Technology in General". Abstracts in English, German, Czech, occasionally other languages. 1999. 193p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-46-9.<br />

MOD004 $12.40<br />


treatment of the various grammatical niceties, including the participles -ata and -ita. Schwartz’s elegant exposition simplifies many<br />

complex issues. 48p. 170x105. Paper. France.<br />

NEK002 $1.50<br />

NIA FUNDAMENTO SUB LUPEO, G. F. MAKKINK. An in-depth study of the Fundamento, the solid basis of all correct <strong>Esperanto</strong> usage.<br />

Should be on the bookshelf of every serious Esperantist, right next to the Fundamento itself! 1990. 128p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN<br />

9071205398<br />

NIA001 $16.90<br />

PLANNED LANGUAGES: FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY. Klaus SCHUBERT (ed.) A compendium of eight relatively long articles about<br />

the development of planned languages, primarily <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Four of the articles are in English, two in German, one in French and one in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2001. 257p. 240x160. Paper. Germany.<br />

PLA002 $26.40<br />

PLENA MANLIBRO DE ESPERANTA GRAMATIKO. Bertilo WENNERGREN. The long-awaited successor to the Plena Gramatiko de<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>, this book is aimed at ordinary <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers who want to study the language's grammar, word-building system, writing<br />

and pronunciation in detail. It explains the language in an easy manner, from the most basic matters through the most special of details.<br />

It uses an abundance of examples to help its explanations, among them many from the Fundamento and the other works of Zamenhof.<br />

2005. 696p. 235x165. Bound. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0939785072.<br />

PMEG01 $27.00<br />

"PLI LUME LA MALLUMO ZUMAS ..." Till-Dietrich DAHLENBURG. A collection of style-figures used in <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetry. Contains<br />

many, many illustrative poems in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Along with Parnasa Gvidlibro, a "must" for the serious connoisseur of <strong>Esperanto</strong> poetry.<br />

2006. 215p. 215x140. Paper. United States. ISBN 1595690573.<br />

PLI002 $21.40<br />

PO, LA DIABLA VORTO. André CHERPILLOD. Cherpillod's contribution to discussions on how best to use this numerical particle. 1996.<br />

20 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-34-1.<br />

POL003 $4.80<br />

POLICY FOR ESPERANTO, A, Andrea CHITI-BATELLI. Trans. Diccon MASTERMAN. A broad look at current language policies in<br />

national and international contexts, and suggestions how to promote <strong>Esperanto</strong> rationally and persuasively. Number 44 in the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Documents series. 1997. 19p. 210x140. Paper. Netherlands-<strong>USA</strong>. ISSN 01652575

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 73<br />

EDA044 $3.00<br />

POLITICAL ASPECTS OF LANGUAGE RIGHTS, Andrea CHITI-BATELLI. Is there a remedy to the “glottophagy” of English This extract<br />

from Multilingual Cities and Language Policies proceedings looks at the effects of current language policy in an international context, seeks<br />

alternatives from a historical perspective, and finds <strong>Esperanto</strong> to be a worthy candidate. 2000. 20p. 240x170. Paper. Italy.<br />

POL002 $3.50<br />

POR AKTIVA LINGVOPOLITIKO, Div. This collection of seven essays is the result of a seminar in Prague during the 1996 World<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress. Six of the most respected scholars of <strong>Esperanto</strong> present their thoughts about linguistic policy with a wide range of<br />

foci, from a general presentation of what is involved in linguistic policy-making and the place of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in the future of international<br />

communication to a historical look at the successful reawakening of the Hebrew language and the influence of official policy on the<br />

development of modern Japanese. 1999. 71p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 929107062X<br />

POR005 $9.10<br />

PRI KELKAJ PROBLEMOJ DE INTER-LINGVISTIKO (<strong>Esperanto</strong>-Dokumento 31E). Div. An interview with the late and famous French<br />

linguist Andre Martinet on a range of topics having to do with <strong>Esperanto</strong>, Interlingua and planned languages in general. The interview<br />

was carried out by Detlev Blanke and Martinet's one-time student, Esperantist François lo Jacomo. 1993. 19p. 205x145. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

EDE031 $2.60<br />

SERĈADO DE LA PERFEKTA LINGVO, LA, Umberto ECO. Trans. Daniele MISTRETTA. This book deals with the history of planned<br />

languages within the framework of the Biblical stories of Adam’s naming all things and the collapse of the Tower of Babel. A complete<br />

chapter on <strong>Esperanto</strong>, quite accurate and not condescending. 1994. 317p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360644<br />

SER006 $30.70<br />

STATO KAJ ESTONTECO DE LA INTERNACIA LINGVO ESPERANTO, LA. Petro CHRDLE (ed.) Acts of a colloquium held in Prague,<br />

1994, by the Academy of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. While this is not a grammar, several articles may be of special interest to those who want to<br />

understand the deeper workings of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and how they apply to daily usage; note specifically articles by Michel Duc Goninaz on<br />

regularity (and deviations from) in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and by Christer Kiselman on transitivity and intransitivity. 1995. 191p. 200x140. Paper.<br />

Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-08-6.<br />

STA001 $12.40<br />

STUDOJ PRI LA ESPERANTA LITERATURO. Vilmos BENCZIK. 14 essays by a Hungarian specialist on <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature about<br />

various facets of our literary world. Four essays discuss general topics; other essays treat the works of Henri Vallienne, H. A. Luyken,<br />

Stanislav Schulhof, Julio Baghy, "Emba", Ferenc Szilágyi, the Scottish School, William Auld's La Infana Raso, Sándor Szathmári, and<br />

Victor Sadler's Memkritiko. 1980. 141p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

STU001 $21.40<br />

STUDOJ PRI LA INTERNACIA LINGVO. Michel Duc GONINAZ (ed.) Nine rather technical articles about <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s structure, history<br />

and culture. Of these, four are in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, two in English, two in French and one in German. 1987. 155p. 240x160. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

STU003 $4.90<br />

SUR LA VOJOJ DE LA ANALIZA SKOLO, Rikardo ŜULCO. One of the most important books about the “Analiza Skolo”; articles about<br />

grammar, correct “fundamenta” <strong>Esperanto</strong> with two detailed indexes. 1987. 279p. 205x135. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3922570496<br />

SUR007 $24.00<br />

TEORIO DE ESPERANTO. V. VARANKIN. Of primarily historical interest, this work by the famous Russian-Esperantist author was<br />

intended as an instructional aid for teachers of advanced <strong>Esperanto</strong> courses that concentrate on the structure of the language. 1977<br />

(reprint). 70p. 210x145. Paper. Germany.<br />

TEO002 $9.30<br />

TEORIO KAJ PRAKTIKO DE LINGVO-INSTRUADO, Irena SZANSER. Instruction method for learning languages, and quite a bit of<br />

linguistic theory to support it. 1992. 170p. 210x135. Bound. Hungary.<br />

TEO001 $16.30<br />

VERECO, DISTRO, STILO. William AULD. Published 20 years ago, this book is an overview of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> novel up to that date.<br />

Since more than half of all <strong>Esperanto</strong> novels have been published in the past 20 years, the book is somewhat dated, but nevertheless<br />

remains an interesting historical overview, by an always fascinating author, of the development of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> novel. 1981. 101p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Germany.<br />

VER001 $10.40<br />


André CHERPILLOD. Comprehensive two-way dictionary based on the reformed Volapük of Arie de Jong. Includes etymological notes in<br />

the Volapük-<strong>Esperanto</strong> section. 2003. 208 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-63-5.<br />

VOR002 $21.60<br />

VORTFARADO EN DEK LECIONOJ, LA. André CHERPILLOD. A simplified overview, in easy steps, of the system of word-formation in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> as described by Kalocsay and Waringhien in the Plena Gramatiko. Each lesson concludes with a summary rule. 2003. 23p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Francio.<br />

VOR001 $4.90<br />

VORTKONSISTO VORTFARADO VORTANALIZO VORTORDO. André CHERPILLOD. Some notes on the grammar and word-formation

74 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1996. 57 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-35-X.<br />

VOR006 $8.20<br />

VUNDA PUNKTO, LA, Rikardo ŜULCO. Two pamphlets containing some basic documents and arguments of the Analytic School. 1992.<br />

32+36 p. 210x145. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3-922570-74-7, 3-922570-75-5.<br />

VUN001 $13.10<br />

ZAMENHOFA RADIKFARADO, LA. André CHERPILLOD. Extrapolated rules for the correct creation of <strong>Esperanto</strong> roots by borrowing<br />

from other languages, à la Zamenhof. 1990. 32 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-11-2.<br />

ZAM007 $6.20<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> Movement<br />

AL UNU LINGVO POR EŬROPO LA ESTONTECO DE LA EŬROPA BABELO. Mark FETTES. <strong>Esperanto</strong> version of the Maxwell-Prizewinning<br />

essay by the former editor of <strong>Esperanto</strong> about <strong>Esperanto</strong> vs. English in Europe. 1991. 19p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

ALU001 $1.60<br />

ANALIZA HISTORIO DE ESPERANTO-MOVADO, Ernst DREZEN. Reprint of an early (1930) analysis of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, largely<br />

from a Marxist viewpoint. Includes two chapter on the Ido schism. N.d. (1972). 95 p. 215x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

ANA004 $2.50<br />

CENTRA OFICEJO DE UEA EN VORTOJ, LA. GBEGLO Koffi. A description of the physical layout and work of the UEA Central Office,<br />

as seen by an African visitor to Rotterdam. Concludes with Trevor Steele's "Unu tago en la vivo de la Centra Oficejo". A good way for UEA<br />

members to get acquainted with what goes on from day to day in the C.O. 2002. 46p. 210x150. Paper. Togoland.<br />

CEN006 $6.90<br />

ĈIUJ KUNE. Four short lectures presented during the 1998 UK dealing with strategies of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> community concerning topics of<br />

unity & solidarity, ecology, and the very nature of the international <strong>Esperanto</strong> comm unity. Number 35 in the <strong>Esperanto</strong>-dokumentoj<br />

series. 1999. 20p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

EDE035 $3.00<br />

ÆU NUR-ANGLA EÝROPO DEFIO AL LINGVA POLITIKO, Robert PHILLIPSON. Translated from English by István Ertl. A specialist on<br />

communication and language rights details the current status of, perspectives for, and problems arising from the use of English as a<br />

common language in Europe. 2004. 254 p. 215x140. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 973832919-1. NEW.<br />

CUN001 $30.30<br />

DANĜERA LINGVO, LA, Ulrich LINS. Extensive and well-documented study about the persecutions against <strong>Esperanto</strong> in its first<br />

century. Includes index of names and dates. With photographs. 1988. 546p. 185x115. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3883505056<br />

DAN002 $33.70<br />

ELEKTITAJ PAROLADOJ KAJ PRELEGOJ, Ivo LAPENNA. Thoughts of a former president of UEA. 1966. 152p. 210x145. Cardstock<br />

bound. Netherlands.<br />

ELE001 $17.90<br />

EPITOMO DE ESPERANTOLOGIO. Nikolao GUDSKOV. A detailed overview of the history and current state of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement.<br />

Valuable material for anybody who is involved with promoting <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2002. 151p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100945.<br />

EPI002 $12.30<br />

ESEOJ MEMORE AL IVO LAPENNA, Carlo MINNAJA, ed. A fascinating collection of personal memories by 29 authors about the<br />

architect and builder of the modern World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Associaton (UEA). With CD of three keynote speeches by Lapenna, one of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>’s best orators. 2001. 417p. 250x180. Paper. Denmark. ISBN 87087089092<br />

ESE002 $50.40<br />

ESPERANTISMO: PRELEGOJ KAJ ESEOJ. Giordano MOYA ESCAYOLA. A series of talks and articles by the Catalonian philosopher on<br />

the question of <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s role as a means of uniting mankind at a spiritual level, against the ongoing backround of political and<br />

economic globalization. 2001. 238p. 200x130. Paper. Spain. ISBN 8460745090.<br />

ESP018 $15.10<br />

ESPERANTO EN LA 21A JARCENTO. LEE Chong-Yeong et al. A wide-ranging study of how <strong>Esperanto</strong> relates to the world around us,<br />

with ideas on how it could or should relate in the coming century, and numerous documents relating to the topic. Additional related<br />

essays from eminent Esperantists around the world. 2001. 392p. 220x150. Paper. Korea. ISBN 89-87281-06-X-93790.<br />

ESP048 $17.50<br />

ESPERANTO EN PROSPEKTIVO, Giordano MOYA Escayola. In this book the author analyzes the ideas of L. L. Zamenhof in relation to<br />

the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, and shows that these ideas are powerful enough to change our present-day civilization. 1989. 149p. 200x135.<br />

Paper. Spain. ISBN 8440454872<br />

ESP022 $15.20<br />


pictures on <strong>Esperanto</strong> and the language problem. Bilingual edition. Useful index. Second edition 1982. 600p. 205x145. Bound. Canada.<br />

ISBN 0919186181<br />

ESP042 $25.00

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 75<br />

ESPERANTO KAJ INTERNACIAJ ORGANIZAĴOJ. LEE Chong-Yeong. Collection of resolutions favorable to <strong>Esperanto</strong> by various non-<br />

Esperantist organizations and congresses; useful reference in the series "Esperantaj Dokumentoj". 2003. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

EDE038 $3.40<br />

ESPERANTO KAJ KULTURO – SOCIAJ KAJ LINGVAJ ASPEKTOJ. Detlev BLANKE (ed.). A collection of five articles, all in <strong>Esperanto</strong>,<br />

from the 19th <strong>Esperanto</strong>logical Conference held during the 1996 World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Prague; discussions of various aspects of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>'s evolution and the culture and community associated with the language. 2001. 50p. 300x210. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 92<br />

9017 07 78.<br />

ESP007 $8.50<br />

ESPERANTO KAJ LINGVA DIVERSECO. François Lo Jacomo interviews the famous French linguist Claude Hagège. 2006. 16p.<br />

210x150. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

EDE040 $4.40<br />

ESPERANTO KAJ SOCIALISMO. Detlev BLANKE. A history of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement on the “other side”, 1945-1989, written by one<br />

who played a significant role. The reader himself will have to determine whether this is an apology (apologio, not pardonpeto) or a strictly<br />

unbiased presentation. 2004. 64 p. 210x130. Paper. United States. 1-59569-007-7.<br />

ESP019 $11.30<br />

ESPERANTO – LINGVO KAJ KULTURO EN BERLINO. Fritz WOLLENBERG (ed.). A study of the development of the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

movement and culture in Berlin over the period 1903 through 2003. Many photographs. Mostly in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with some German. 2006.<br />

368p. 210x135. Paper. United States. ISBN 1595690433.<br />

ESP057 $20.00<br />

ESPERANTO · LA NOVA LATINO DE LA EKLEZIO, Ulrich MATTHIAS. History of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Catholic and protestant religions, with<br />

arguments for the use of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in religion. 2001. 142p. 210x130. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205975<br />

ESP031 $10.80<br />

ESPERANTO POST LA JARO 2000, Aleksander KORĴENKOV. A wise little essay about the future use of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and how to promote<br />

the language while avoiding some common errors of promotion and explanation. He argues that social activism must replace the dogged<br />

neutrality which now makes <strong>Esperanto</strong> seem to be an unimportant hobby. 1998. 20p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ESP037 $3.10<br />

ESPERANTO SEN MITOJ, Ziko Marcus SIKOSEK. Of course there are many myths and half-truths about <strong>Esperanto</strong> in wide<br />

circulation. In his zeal to destroy or banish all of them, perhaps the author will also undermine the emotional appeal of this international<br />

language project: judge for yourself. An excellent source of facts both historical and statistical. 1999. 311p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9071205703<br />

ESP016 $47.90<br />

ESPERANTO–THE NEW LATIN FOR THE CHURCH. Ulrich MATTHIAS. Trans. Mike Leon & Maire Mullarney. As the Catholic Church<br />

deprecates the traditional use of Latin, there are various ideas about how to replace its unifying effect; Matthias makes the case, both<br />

rational and practical, for <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2002. 144p. 215x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 77066 04 7.<br />

ESP030 $13.40<br />

FENOMENO ESPERANTO, LA. See under “<strong>Esperanto</strong> Language, Linguistics”.<br />

HISTORIO DE ESPERANTO, Karl BECKMANN. Very concise but informative history of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s first century. Second edition 1988.<br />

16p. 210x150. Paper. Austria.<br />

HIS007 $3.60<br />

HISTORIO DE ESPERANTO. Aleksander KORĴENKOV. A synoptic history of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, concentrating on<br />

the period before World War II, but with two chapters ("Post la dua mondmilito" and "Post la falo de la berlina muro") dedicated to more<br />

recent events. Korĵenkov takes a hard look at some of the icons of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, most particularly including Zamenhof. 2005.<br />

128 p. 200x140. Paper. Russia.<br />

HIS002 $12.60<br />

HISTORY OF THE ESPERANTO LEAGUE FOR NORTH AMERICA, INC., A. William R. HARMON. Covers the period from 1952 to 2002.<br />

Includes lists of national and regional congresses, important individuals, <strong>Esperanto</strong> books published in the U.S. Many photographs.<br />

2002. 64p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0-939785-05-06.<br />

HIS008 $5.00<br />

IJK-TELEVIDO. Var. More than two and a half hours of television film from the 2004 International Youth Congress (IJK) in Kovrov,<br />

Russia, on a two-disk set. First disk contains fairly low-quality IJK-TV film taken by Konstantin Viĥrov; second disk contains higher<br />

quality film by Thomas Cordonnier. Films are in format XviD (MPEG4). 2004. CD-ROM. 2hr39'. Russia.<br />

IJK001 $6.50<br />

JUBILEO, Mark FETTES, ed. Reports, essays, poems, and pictures about the first century of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement. A must for the<br />

serious student of <strong>Esperanto</strong> history. 1988. 162p. 235x160. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170409<br />

JUB001 $43.00<br />

KIAL VENKIS ESPERANTO. Profesoro L. ĴIRKOV. An early, somewhat polemical, analysis of the history of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and especially of

76 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

the Ido schism, originally published in Germany in 1931. 1974. 40p. 155x125. Paper. Japan.<br />

KIA003 $0.50<br />

KIEL (MAL)VENKIGI ESPERANTON (ELEKTITAJ METODOJ DE KANGURUO). An amusing collection of wise satires about how (not) to present <strong>Esperanto</strong>,<br />

how (not) to recruit new students, etc. Quite funny. Reprint. 20p. 200x135. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

KIE009 $1.50<br />

KIO ESTAS S.A.T, Henri MASSON. Lecture on “Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda”, presented by the author in London (1983). 1996. 20p.<br />

210x140. Paper. France.<br />

KIO001 $1.10<br />


themes of the Prague Manifesto, with historical and philosophical details which flesh out the structure of that crucial document. 1999.<br />

24p. 300x210. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170611<br />

KIO002 $7.00<br />

KONCIZA HISTORIO DE LA ÆINA ESPERANTO-MOVADO. HOU Zhiping. Despite the title, a comprehensive history of the Chinese<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> movement from its beginnings in around 1905 until the World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Beijing in 2004. First part of the book is<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong>; second part in Chinese. Good section of plates. 2004. 280+8+4+187p. 220x150. Bound. China. ISBN 7801486072.<br />

KON015 $25.00<br />

KONGRESAJ PAROLADOJ, L. L. ZAMENHOF. This collection includes some of Zamenhof’s most important speeches dealing with<br />

profound historical and philosophical issues of the International Language. 1995. 64p. 200x145p. Paper. Russia.<br />

KON003 $3.40<br />

KUN GRADAJ PAŜOJ EKSTERLANDEN. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Volume 6 of the "iam kompletigota verkaro de l. l. zamenhof" contains<br />

Zamenhof's correspondence from 1901 through 1904, the period when <strong>Esperanto</strong> was getting established in France and England.<br />

Illustrated. 1979. 427p. 220x155. Bound. Japan. NOTE: This is a discontinued item, and only one copy remains in stock.<br />

IVZ013 $30.50<br />

LABORO DE UNIVERSALA ESPERANTO-ASOCIO POR PLI PACA MONDO, LA, Ulrich LINS. See why UEA is a reasonable nominee for<br />

a Nobel Peace prize. Number 36 in the <strong>Esperanto</strong>-dokumentoj series. 2000. 12p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISSN 01652524<br />

EDE036 $2.80<br />

LEGENDOJ PRI SEJM. Mikaelo BRONÞTEJN. Annals and anecdotes from the history of the unofficial <strong>Esperanto</strong> youth movement in the<br />

USSR during the last thirty years of the Soviet Union. Newly expanded third edition. 2005. 231p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5-7161-<br />

0152-6.<br />

LEG007 $24.50<br />

LINGVO KAJ POPOLO. Humphrey TONKIN. An inventory and critical examination of experiences gained by the author during more<br />

than half a century of activity having to do with <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Its purpose is to question received wisdom about <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with the goal of a<br />

deeper interrogation of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement and <strong>Esperanto</strong> culture. 2006. 159 p. 210x150. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN<br />

929017093X.<br />

LIN021 $22.90<br />

LITURGIO DE L’ FOIRO, LA, Jorge CAMACHO. For those who have wondered about what is happening at Literatura Foiro and why there<br />

is so much animosity towards the FL-clique, here is a source of much-needed insight. After starting out with a bit of history about<br />

“Raŭmismo” and its offspring “Foirismo”, Camacho pours out vitriolic condemnation on a wide array of lies, deceits and ego-fed<br />

posturing. 1999. 44p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

LIT001 $4.50<br />

LUMO, MALLUMO KAJ KELKAJ MEMOROJ. Marjorie BOULTON. Text of speech about the famous poetess's reminiscences of her life in<br />

the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, given at the UEA open house of November 27, 2004, when Boulton was awarded the Deguĉi Prize. 2005. 16p.<br />

210x150. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 9290170905.<br />

LUM004 $3.00<br />

MALNEŬTRALE PRI LA NEŬTRALA, Nikolao GUDSKOV. 15 politically oriented essays about the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, the <strong>Esperanto</strong>speaking<br />

community, and the future of <strong>Esperanto</strong> by one of the Coryphaei of the modern Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement. 1997. 96 p.<br />

205x140. Paper. France.<br />

MAL012 $4.00<br />

MATERIALOJ PRI ESPERANTO-KULTURO (LINGVO KAJ MOVADO), Przemyslaw GRZYBOWSKI. A fine concise guide to the most important<br />

dates, addresses, courses, services, etc. relative to <strong>Esperanto</strong> and its movement. 1999. 20p. 205x145. Paper. Poland. ISBN 8387145068<br />

MAT003 $1.60<br />


ESPERANTOLOGIO), TAMÁS GECSÖ, ED. Texts of the lectures presented in the international Jubilee conference for the 30 th anniversary of the<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>logy Department in the University of Eötvös Loránd in Budapest. A wide range of topics concerning <strong>Esperanto</strong>logy, divided into<br />

four chapters: <strong>Esperanto</strong> Culture, Teaching <strong>Esperanto</strong>, <strong>Esperanto</strong>: language and literature, and History of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> Movement.<br />

1998. 495+10p. 240x170. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 963764766X<br />

MEM002 $37.40

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 77<br />

MEMORLIBRO OMAĜE AL ANDREO CSEH, Katalin SMIDÉLIUSZ, ed. Everybody who has any interest in teaching <strong>Esperanto</strong> by<br />

means of the Cseh method should become familiar with its inventor. This collection of short essays presents the man and the method in<br />

warm and personal vignettes. Published in recognition of the hundredth anniversary of Cseh’s birth. Illustrated. 1995. 128p. 235x165.<br />

Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9636502153<br />

MEM001 $19.00<br />

MONUMENTE PRI ESPERANTO, Hugo RÖLLINGER, ed. A comprehensive catalog of streets, plazas, statues, monuments, ships, comets,<br />

etc. named after Zamenhof or <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Many photos and charts. 1997. 111p. 235x160. Paperback. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170514<br />

MON005 $9.90<br />

NE NUR LEGENDOJ, NE NUR PRI SEJM. Vladimir SAMODAJ. Recounting the life and times of an active and enthusiastic Esperantist<br />

in Russia, and elsewhere, under the USSR. 1999. 174p. 215x140. Paper. Russia. ISBN 5716100619.<br />

NEN004 $15.50<br />

ORDENO DE VERDA PLUMO. Josip PLEADIN. Encyclopedic collection of information about individuals who have played important roles<br />

in the development of <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature. Published in collaboration with the Esperantlingva Verkista Asocio. 2006. 272p. 245x175.<br />

Bound. Croatia. ISBN 953-96975-5-7.<br />

ORD001 $54.90<br />

POSTRIKOLTO DE LUDOVIKAĴOJ. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Volume 10 of the "iam kompletigota verkaro de l. l. zamenhof" contains a number<br />

of letters and other documents that were not available for the earlier, chronologically ordered volumes in the series. Illustrated. 1985.<br />

307p. 220x155. Bound. Japan. NOTE: This is a discontinued item, and only one copy remains in stock.<br />

IVZ016 $30.50<br />

PRAGA MANIFESTO DE LA MOVADO POR LA INTERNACIA LINGVO ESPERANTO. The complete text of this declaration of what it<br />

means to be a proponent of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, in seven languages: <strong>Esperanto</strong> and the six official languages of the United Nations Organization.<br />

2000. 19p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170697<br />

PRA001 $2.30<br />

PREZIDANTOJ DE UEA. Recordings of eight former presidents of the Universala <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Asocio: Edmond Privat, Ernfrid Malmgren,<br />

Giorgio Canuto, Hideo Yagi, Ivo Lapenna, Humphrey Tonkin, Grégoire Maertens and John Wells. Lengths range from 19 seconds<br />

(Malmgren) to 27’35” (Tonkin). Series “Tiel Sonis” #3. 2003. CD: 72'31”.Netherlands. NEW.<br />

PRE006 $15.40<br />

PRI NIA PVZ-ADO. Ludovikito. A volume describing the history and processes by which the many-volume "iam kompletigota verkaro de<br />

l. l. zamenhof" was put together. 2004. 258 p. 215x155. Paper. Japan.<br />

PRI007 $27.20<br />

REJKJAVIKO 1977. Seven talks given at the 62 nd World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in 1977 by Humphrey Tonkin (then President of UEA),<br />

Baldur Ragnarsson (LKK), Vilhjálmur Hjálmarsson (Icelandic Minister of Culture), Birgir Ísleifur Gunnarsson (Mayor of Reykjavik), Ralph<br />

Harry (then Australia’s Permanent Ambassador to the UN) and Amadou Mahtar M’Bow (Director-General of UNESCO). Six of the talks are<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, but that of M’Bow is in French. Series “Tiel Sonis” #1. 2003. CD: 72'3”.Netherlands.<br />

REJ001 $16.10<br />

RENKONTIØO EN PEKINO. Colorful and well-compiled photo album commemorating the 89th World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Beijing,<br />

China, 2004. 2005. 172p. 210x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7801487508.<br />

REN001 $25.00<br />

RONDO FAMILIA, LA, Nikola RAŜIĈ. These sociological explorations of the worldwide <strong>Esperanto</strong> community provide new insights,<br />

summaries of former studies, and abundant statistics. A necessary book for anyone interested in the overall picture of the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

speakers. 1994. 192p. 210x140. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360628<br />

RON001 $17.00<br />

RUBENAJ REFRENOJ, Paul GUBBINS, ed. Six essays based on lectures given at the 40 th anniversary celebration of the <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

courses at Barlaston, England. Enjoy the tastes of culture and history from authors whose reknown is not limited to Great Britain, such<br />

as M. Boulton, T. Carr, R. Corsetti, and the editor. 2001. 53p. 220x140. Brochure. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251369<br />

RUB001 $7.40<br />

SED HOMOJ KUN HOMOJ. Ziko Marcus SIKOSEK. The author of <strong>Esperanto</strong> sen mitoj gives us an overview of each and every one of the<br />

first 90 World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congresses, including three pages dedicated to Vilnius, 2005. Many photos. 2005. 197 p. 235x160. Paper. The<br />

Netherlands. ISBN 929017086-7.<br />

SED003 $32.40<br />

SERVISTO DE L’ IDEO, Hans JAKOB. This volume should correct the tendency of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s historians to ignore one of the motors of<br />

the movement, who worked at UEA from 1908-1958. Jakob presents an insider’s understanding of a half-century of struggles and accomplishments<br />

of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. An important addition de the formal history of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement. 1995. 120p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9071205584<br />

SER008 $21.00<br />

SKIZO DE LA ESPERANTA LITERATURO. Eduard V. TVAROŽEK. An overview of the history of <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature and short

78 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

biographies of many of those who contributed to it. Divided into three periods, separated by the two world wars. Also includes sections on<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> literary magazines and <strong>Esperanto</strong> literature in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 2004 (2d edition). 91 p. 205x145. Paper.<br />

Slovakia. ISBN 80-969042-4-8.<br />

SKI001 $11.70<br />


Malcolm JONES. The aim of this booklet, translated from <strong>Esperanto</strong>, is to reveal some of the many sides of the International Language,<br />

with particular attention to the benefits it can offer to young people in our schools. 1990. 43p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

SOC005 $5.00<br />


essay whose style is so refined that the English parallel text reveals the excellence of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> original. Deep insight into the<br />

various advantages of using <strong>Esperanto</strong> to experience the world. 1994. 19p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

SPE002 $2.40<br />

SPIRITO DE ESPERANTO KAJ LA “SAMIDEANAJ” MALAMIKAĴOJ, LA, Ignat BOCIORT. A passionate yet well-reasoned plea for<br />

friendliness and mutual toleration between Esperantists in the face of the backbiting, ego-battles and factionalism which all too often<br />

plague the <strong>Esperanto</strong> community and many other groups of well-intended like-minded people. 1999. 12p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

SPI002 $1.90<br />

STRATEGIO DE ESPERANTO EN LA NOVA JARMILO, LA, Gian Carlo FIGHIERA. Suggestions and supporting arguments for efficient<br />

action in favor of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, both for individuals and for organizations, including UEA. 2000. 24p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISSN<br />

13882252<br />

STR003 $2.40<br />


KISELMAN (ed.). A selection of papers presented at a two-day symposium held at Göteborg University in Sweden, in 2003. Contains ten<br />

papers, eight of them in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, one in English, one in French. 2005. 157p. 205x145. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 8085853825.<br />

SIM004 $22.60<br />

UNIVERSALAJ KONGRESOJ. Ten presentations associated with World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congresses dating from 1955 to 1996. Most<br />

presentations are short, but there are four long ones: “Salutantoj” (Bologna, 1955); “<strong>Esperanto</strong>-ideologio” (Mark Fettes, 1996); “Literaturo”<br />

(William Auld and Petro de Smedt, 1972); and “Gazetoj” (Emilija Lapenna and Victor Sadler, 1972). Disc concludes with a presentation of<br />

“La Espero” by the choir “Muzilo” from Warsaw (1987). Series “Tiel Sonis” #4. 2003. CD: 72'22”.Netherlands.<br />

UNI001 $15.10<br />

VENDREDA KLUBO, LA. Johannes DIETTERLE (ed.) A set of eleven articles about <strong>Esperanto</strong>, the international language question, and<br />

other topics, collected shortly after the first world war in honor of Dr. Albert Steche, at that time President of the German <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Association. 1920. 115p. 225x150. Paper. Germany.<br />

VEN001 $5.90<br />


is useful for the absolute beginner and seasoned veteran. See why UEA is a reasonable nominee for a Nobel Peace prize. Number 45 in<br />

the <strong>Esperanto</strong> Documents series. 2000. 12p. 215x140. Paper. Netherlands-<strong>USA</strong>. ISSN 01652575<br />

EDA045 $2.80<br />

ZAMENHOF HODIAŬ, Andrea CHITI-BATELLI. Trans. Umberto BROCATELLI. More than a mere analysis of the current level of<br />

awareness relative to <strong>Esperanto</strong>, this pamphlet aims to improve the position of the international language by means of specific and<br />

general suggestions about political and social strategies, especially within the ongoing struggle for European identity. 1999. 20p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ZAM002 $2.80<br />

ZAMENHOF-STRATO, LA. Roman DOBRZYŃSKI. A series of interviews with Dr. Ludovik Zaleski-Zamenhof in which the life of L. L.<br />

Zamenhof, the development of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, the evolution of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, and life in Poland under German occupation are<br />

described. 2003. 288p. 200x140. Bound. Lithuania. ISBN 9955963514.<br />

ZAM006 $33.30<br />

ZAMENHOF TODAY, Andrea CHITI-BATELLI. An English translation of Zamenhof hodiaŭ (see above), with two appendices added:<br />

Globalization and International Language and A Too Frequently Neglected Argument in Favor of <strong>Esperanto</strong>: The Universality. 2000. 45p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Italy.<br />

ZAM001 $3.50<br />

Political, History<br />

AL LA TERO RETURNE, Gilbert R. LEDON. A critical view of several aspects of human societies and activities. Interesting and useful<br />

information about the present-day poor health of the Earth. 1992. 159p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ALL001 $11.70<br />

AVENTUROJ DE PIONIRO, Edmond PRIVAT. A collection of radio talks in easy <strong>Esperanto</strong> by the eminent journalist who became a key

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 79<br />

figure in the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement while still a teenager. His adventures include several in the <strong>USA</strong>, where he met President Theodore<br />

Roosevelt. Iranian reprint of the 1963 edition. 143p. 210x140. Paper.<br />

AVE006 $18.30<br />

CENTA SIMIO, LA, Ken KEYES, Jr. Trans. Joek NABER-KELLER. Collection of opinions and comments about the desirability of nuclear<br />

disarmament, with an allegory which may be encouranging to those working for any kind of social change. 1984. 135p. 195x95. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

CEN002 $6.30<br />

CIVILA MALOBEEMO. Henry David THOREAU. Trans. Brian McClafferty. Thoreau's famous essay on why and when to refuse to pay<br />

taxes to your government. With a short biographical sketch by Léon Bazalgette. 1990. 38p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

CIV001 $2.40<br />

ĈERNOBIL, Jurij ŜĈERBAK. Trans. Elena ŜEVĈENKO & Aleksej ĴURAVLJOV. An illustrated “documentary novel” about the explosion of<br />

Chernobyl and its aftermath. Even now, after the event, there is much to be learned about this terrible accident. 1990. 398p. 165x100.<br />

Paper. USSR. ISBN 501002344X<br />

CER001 $9.30<br />

DANTESKAJ ITINEROJ. Vittorio RUSSO. Trans. Nicolino Rossi. The historical, political, geographical and autobiographical places and<br />

events reflected in the Divine Comedy. 2001. 85p. 210x140. Paper. Italy.<br />

DAN001 $12.20<br />

DE LA EDIKTO DE NANTO ØIS LA RIBELO DE LA KAMIZARDOJ. André CHERPILLOD. A history of the religious wars in France<br />

during the 16th through the 18th centuries. 1999. 42 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-48-1.<br />

DEL001 $7.60<br />

DECIDO PRO AMO. OKAMOTO Bunryô. Trans. Ikai Yosikazu. About the life and work of Sugihara Tiune, whose consular work in<br />

Kaunas during the early days of the war in Europe made it possible for several thousand Jews to escape the Nazi persecutions.<br />

Illustrated. 2004. 23p. 250x170. Paper. Japan.<br />

DEC001 $4.50<br />

DECLARATION FOR ALL, A. Div. Trans. Humphrey TONKIN. The U.S. Declaration of Independence, an interlinear translation. 1976. 4p.<br />

280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DEK017 $0.80<br />

DISKRIMINACIO, Div. Collection of speeches delivered to the 65 th World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Convention about discrimination in its various<br />

forms. 1984. 175p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 929017031X<br />

DIS002 $13.30<br />

DISKUTLIBRO PRI MALPLI UZATAJ LINGVOJ. Jordi BANERES & Miguel STRUBELL. 80 questions and answers, abundantly<br />

referenced to official documents, on the question of unofficial and minority languages, particularly in Europe. <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation by<br />

Edmund Grimley Evans from the 1998 publication of the European Bureau of Lesser Used Languages. Illustrated. 2002. 59p. 220x120.<br />

Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 92-90170-81-6.<br />

DIS001 $12.60<br />

EL VERKOJ DE E. LANTI. LANTI (Eugène ADAM). A series of articles, speeches and short pieces by the creater of "Sennaciismo".<br />

Includes the seminal "For la neŭtralismon!". 1991. 170p. 205x145. Paper. France.<br />

ELV001 $8.00<br />

EL VERKOJ DE E. LANTI .3. LANTI (Eugène ADAM). Articles, speeches and letters by the creater of "Sennaciismo", dating from the<br />

period 1937-1946. 1985. 120p. 200x140. Paper. France.<br />

ELV002 $4.80<br />

EL VERKOJ DE LEO TOLSTOJ. Leo TOLSTOJ. A collection of four of Tolstoy's political writings: "Patriotismo kaj registaro", "Al<br />

politikistoj", "Ĥodinka", "Ne mortigu!". 1981. 74p. 205x145. Paper. France.<br />

ELV003 $2.40<br />

EÝROPO, VI BALDAÝMORTOS! Zlatko TIÞLJAR. What are city administrations to do when European citizens with equal right demand<br />

their decuments, what will the courts do when they have trials, what will doctors and nurses do when Greek children and Portuguese<br />

wives ask for help in their own languages In what language will policemen argue with citizens speaking other languages who were<br />

driving to fast or had a bit of a tipple They too cannot be expected to know 21 languages. 2005. 63p. 210x145. Paper. Slovenia. ISBN<br />

9616075241.<br />

EUR001 $10.50<br />

FALANTAJ MUROJ. Trevor STEELE. A peregrinating Australian Esperantist describes his experiences in the Soviet Union and Eastern<br />

Europe in the period just before the collapse of the Soviet empire. Includes many amusing anecdotes about life in that part of the world.<br />

1997. 160p. 230x150. Paper. Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #21. ISBN 3-901752-04-X.<br />

FAL004 $21.80<br />

FORTO DE LA FORTAJ, LA, Jack LONDON. In addition to The Strength of the Strong, this pamphlet includes translations of How I<br />

Became a Socialist and a biography by London’s wife. 1990. 29p. 210x145. Paper. France.<br />

FOR003 $1.10

80 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

GRANDA AERATAKO DE TOKIO, LA. Var. Trans. Mizuno Yoshiaki & Hori Yasuo. Though the Japanese first instituted incendiary<br />

bombing of civilian targets, in China, the United States took the practice to its zenith in March, 1945, as described here. 2005. 32p.<br />

260x180. Paper. JAPAN.<br />

GRA009 $3.10<br />

HISTORIO. Herodoto. Trans. Spiros Sarafian. The complete works of the Father of History. The history, geography and prodigies of the<br />

world of the Classic Greeks, in nine books. Long considered one of the great books of the Western world. Includes 33-page index of<br />

names, in assimilated form. 2006. 623p. 210x150. Paper. Greece. ISBN 9605320118.<br />

HIS010 $64.80<br />

HOMAJ RAJTOJ: DEMANDOJ KAJ RESPONDOJ, Leah LEVIN. Trans. Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS. This book first appeared in English under the<br />

auspices of UNESCO in 1981. The first part is a general introduction to the theory and history of human rights; the second part is a detailed<br />

analysis and explanation of every Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 1998. 140p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 9290170581<br />

HOM001 $13.70<br />


essay whose bilingual format lends itself well to advanced beginners who will not want to look up many vocabulary words. Interesting<br />

perspective on issues of indigenous peoples’ rights. 1995. 19p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

IND001 $2.00<br />

INTERNA MILITO EN FRANCIO, LA (1871). Karl MARX. Trans. Vilhelmo Lutermano. One of Marx's more important and better known<br />

texts, with an introduction by Engels–a book about the historic events in France in 1871: documents and story from the siege of the Paris<br />

Commune. 2005. 1373 p. 210x140. Paper. United States. ISBN 1-59569-025-5.<br />

INT010 $12.00<br />

INTERNACIAJ LINGVOJ KAJ INTER-NACIAJ HOMAJ RAJTOJ. Robert PHILLIPSON. <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Dokumento 37E. "This article<br />

analyses how some languages have become "international," and it quotes examples of the spread and legitimization of the most widely<br />

used, English. The subject of egalitarian linguistic rights is treated in relation to the practice of multilingualism in international<br />

organizations, the League of Nations and the United Nations, and in the most ambitious and largest of all unions of states, the European<br />

Union. It is possible to consider alternatives to a system in which a small number of official languages are used and which as a result<br />

gives rights on an unjust basis to people of different linguistic backgrounds. The article further points out that international languages<br />

force themselves on national languages in ways that do not agree with the principles of human rights." 2002. 19p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Netherlands.<br />

EDE037 $2.60<br />

INTERPOPOLA KONDUTO. Edmond PRIVAT. An original, clear-sighted attempt to analyze the genesis of hatred, violence and war<br />

between peoples Privat's goal is to describe the problems of national pride, vanity and egotism, and to explain the errors of patriotism,<br />

nationalism and messianism, the consequences of imperialist and the contraditions of national moralities in conflict with others. 2006<br />

(new edition). 142p. 205x145. Paper. Poland. ISBN 8392028937.<br />

INT013 $19.50<br />

JAPANAJ VINTRAJ FABELOJ, MIYAMOTO Masao. A sheaf of essays, and a few poems, from the life of the well-known Japanese<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> author and translator. Mainly political. Illustrated. 1989. 153 p. 180x130. Paper. Japan.<br />

JAP002 $4.90<br />

KIE DISKRIMINACIO JUSTAS, Werner SCHAD. A collection of twenty-four short essays, most of which are only one page long, which<br />

deal with a wide range of topics from politics to religion to human rights. 36p. 215x145. Paper. Argentina.<br />

KIE008 $3.80<br />

KIO ESTAS DEMOKRATIO, David BEETHAM & Kevin BOYLE. Trans. Geoffrey SUTTON. Eight questions and answers about the<br />

nature of democracy, arranged in six sections: basic concepts; free and fair elections; open and responsible rule; individual rights and<br />

their defense; democratic or civil society; the future of democracy. Masterfully clear explanations make this an excellent reference work<br />

on the core concepts of democracy. 2000. 143p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170662<br />

KIO003 $11.40<br />

KONSPIRO DE KATILINO, Kajo SALUSTIO Krispo. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. Some fascinating moments in Roman history are described<br />

by a contemporary writer, who knew some of the protagonists first-hand. Line numbering of the original Latin text are preserved<br />

to help the student of Latin. 1995. 71p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KON005 $9.10<br />

KROATA MILITA NOKTLIBRO. Spomenka ŜTIMEC. One woman's experience of the horrors of the early part of the horrible Balkan war<br />

that would, after this book was written, spread to Bosnia and later involve the entire West in Kosovo. 1993. 104p. 235x165. Paper.<br />

Austria. IEM Series "Originala Literaturo" #6. ISBN 3-85182-011-8.<br />

KRO004 $13.80<br />

KULTURO KAJ EVOLUO, Mervyn CLAXTON. Trans. Johano RAPLEY. Originally published by UNESCO, this short but learned<br />

examination of the relation between technology and culture focuses on the problems of Westernization and its influence on traditions and<br />

values in rapidly changing societies. 1998. 60p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 929017059X<br />

KUL004 $9.70<br />

KULTURO KAJ TEKNOLOGIO, Andrew O. UREVBU. Trans. Johano RAPLEY. After a general analysis of the core issues of what con-

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 81<br />

stitutes technology and what are its benefits and cultural implications, the author discusses the specific manifestations of technological<br />

evolution in several countries. 1997. 63p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170530<br />

KUL001 $9.10<br />

5000 JAROJ DE ĈINIO, CAŬ Bjalong. Trans. Faibo. This book presents the 5000-year history of China, from primitive society until the<br />

1911 revolution. 1988. 388p. 185x130. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200143<br />

KVI003 $6.50<br />

LEĜOJ DE LA HOMA SOCIO. Trans. U. UNGERT. This little book written between the two world wars is full of thoughts on human<br />

society and how it should (and shouldn’t) be organized. Thought-provoking philosophy about social and state structures and the human<br />

condition. 1968. 79p. 130x90. Paper. Germany.<br />

LEG005 $2.00<br />

LETERO EL PALESTINO, Santiago ALBA. Trans. Georgo KAMAĈO. In December 1983 three Spaniards traveled through the Palestinian<br />

occupied territories. One of the travelers’ impressions are now available in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1990. 16p. 295x210. Paper. France. ISSN<br />

03985822<br />

LET002 $4.50<br />

LETEROJ DE E. LANTI. E. LANTI (Eugène ADAM). 60 letters describing the various opinions and philosophies of the founder of<br />

Sennaciismo. Foreword by Gaston Waringhien. N.d. 244p. 205x140. Paper. France.<br />

LET001 $12.80<br />

LITOVIO DUM JARCENTOJ. Petras ČELIAUSKAS. A concise sketch of the history of the interesting and attractive Baltic country of<br />

Lithuania (which once extended all the way to the Black Sea). Many illustrations and maps. 2002. 144p. 200x140. Paper. Lithuania.<br />

LIT003 $11.10<br />

MANIFESTO DE SENNACISITOJ KAJ DOKUMENTOJ PRI SENNACIISMO, E. LANTI. Fundamental ideas of “Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda”, written<br />

in 1930. Third edition 1970. 84p. 165x120. Paper. France-Yugoslavia.<br />

MAN005 $2.40<br />

MASKERADO ĈIRKAŬ LA MORTO, Tivadar SOROS (Teodoro ŜVARC). Edited and richly commentated by Humphrey TONKIN, with<br />

forwards by the author’s sons Paul and George Soros (yes, the famous billionaire!). How the cofounder of the renowned magazine<br />

Literatura Mondo and his family lived through the Holocaust in Budapest. Illustrated. Secon edition 2001. 318p. 200x130. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ISBN 9290170735<br />

MAS001 $37.60<br />

MILITARTO DE SUN ZI, LA. “On difficult ground, press on. On encircled ground, devise strategies. On death ground, fight.” See p. 64 of<br />

this earliest of military treatises for a complete explanation of this famous quotation. Each of 12 chapters is in <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation by<br />

Zheng Zhaotian, followed by the original Chinese and then by a modern Chinese translation. 2003. 86 p. 200x140. Paper. China. ISBN<br />

962-86613-8-8.<br />

MIL003 $16.60<br />

MODERNA HISTORIO DE ĈINIO LAŬ TEMOJ, SU Kaiming. Provides facts about the history of China during the past 150 years.<br />

Divided into three main parts: Fall of the Empire, Failure of the Republic, People’s China. Illustrated. 1992. 210p. 205x130. Paper.<br />

China. ISBN 7505200496<br />

MOD002 $6.00<br />


basics ideas of democracy, government, federaton and international law and how they relate to the current world situation. An in-depth<br />

discussion of the idea of a federated world government, and how to establish one. 2001. 356p. 240x160. Hardbound. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN<br />

0967966299<br />

MON006 $24.90<br />

NACIISMO. E. LANTI. The founder of Sennaciismo studies the development of nationalism, from primitive societies through the era of the<br />

First World War. 1986. 73p. 210x150. Paper. France.<br />

NAC001 $2.40<br />

NAVAHOAJ ĈIFROPAROLANTOJ DE ARIZONO (1941-1945), Edwin GROBE. A fascinating account of the role played by Navaho<br />

speakers during the second world war. Offers profound insight into Navaho culture and history. 1994. 15p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NAV001 $2.30<br />

NOTOJ PRI LA DELTO. OKADA Haru. Translated by Konisi Gaku, illustrated by Miyazaki Sizuo. The author, a resident of Hiroshima,<br />

describes her experiences immediately after the nuclear attack of August 6, 1945. 1992. 90 p. 180x130. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-930785-<br />

34-0.<br />

NOT001 $1.00<br />

PAĈJO, KIO ESTAS RASISMO, Tahar ben JELLOUN. Trans. Armela LEQUINT, Ĵak LEPUIL. Based on the premise that education is<br />

the best method of rooting out injustice, the author explores the nature and causes of racism, using a form of dialogue which presents<br />

real conversations between himself, his daughter and various friends. 1999. 52p. 190x110. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170638<br />

PAC001 $8.30

82 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

PRINCO, LA. Niccolò MACHIAVELLI. Trans. Carlo Minnaja. The seminal European work on how to be a ruler. Series "Oriento-<br />

Okcidento" #42. 2006. 104p. 200x140. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8889177683.<br />

PRI011 $18.20<br />

RAKONTOJ PRI SARAJEVA SIEĜO, Zlatko DIZDAREVIĈ. Trans. François LO JACOMO. A collection of short, poetic, insightful essays<br />

about the ongoing horror in Bosnia. 1993. 80p. 240x165. Paper. France-Hungary. ISBN 2904052011<br />

RAK007 $13.50<br />

RAPORTOJ EL VJETNAMIO. SAIKI Akira (ed.). A collection of wartime memories by those in Vietnam who lived through the war, many<br />

of them Esperantists. Includes information about <strong>Esperanto</strong> books and magazines published in Vietnam. Mostly in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, partly in<br />

Japanese. Many photos of authors and events. 2002. 183p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

RAP002 $12.70<br />

REFORMA MOVADO DE 1898, LA. History of the late 19th century reaction of a series of wars between China on the one hand and the<br />

Western powers and Japan on the other. 1979. 93p. 185x150. Paper. China.<br />

REF001 $1.50<br />

RUBRIKO ESPERANTO. The editorial staff of the Korean <strong>Esperanto</strong> Association has compiled this collection of articles published weekly<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong> in the newspaper Dong-a Ilbo in 1924. Includes some articles by Osaka Ken¼i and Vasily Eroþenko.Of special historical<br />

interest are those written by “Esperantujano”, “Unu Esperantujano” and “H. Park”, all more properly known as Pak Hunyung who would<br />

later become first Vice-Premier of North Korea (and would be executed there in 1953). 2004. 79 p. 210x150. Paper. Korea (Republic of).<br />

ISBN 89-87281-14-0.<br />

RUB002 $7.50<br />

SUR LA VOJO AL LA LUMO. Francisco Cândido XAVIER. Translated from Portuguese by A. K. Afonso Costa. The history of the world<br />

from a Spiritist viewpoint, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel. 1972. 174p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SUR012 $3.90<br />

TIMOR – O maior campo de extermínio do mondo/The biggest extermination camp in the world/ La plej granda ekstermejo en la<br />

mondo, Miguel Faria de BASTOS. This little book presents the case for Timor’s independence and, perhaps, more importantly, presents<br />

crucial facts and figures about the ongoing slaughter of civilians at the hands of the Indonesian government. An important statement<br />

against genocide and in favor of democracy. Tri-lingual: Portuguese, English and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1998. 67p. 236x140. Paper. Portugal ISBN<br />

9729471347<br />

TIM001 $9.90<br />

TRA L’ OKULOJ DE L’ VENKITOJ, Miguel LEÓN-PORTILLA. Trans. Juan Jacobo SCHMITTER. Collection of actual accounts of the<br />

interaction between native Americans (in Mexico) and the invading Europeans, written by the natives. This book, published in Spanish,<br />

has had a large impact on Mexican society because of its authenticity and its presentation of a viewpoint that is quite different from the<br />

usual one. A fascinating read! Illustrated. 2001. 156p. 210x135. Paper. Mexico.<br />

TRA004 $10.50<br />

TRIA ŜUO DE ĤRUŜĈOV, LA, H.-Georg MACIOSEK. A series of short witty essays about how to negotiate and win arguments. Many<br />

historical anecdotes lend flesh and blood to some wild theories. 1997. 63p. 210x150. Paper. Italy. ISBN 8870360709<br />

TRI015 $11.00<br />

VIVBRULIGITA, SUAD. Translated from the French by Rémy Bouchet. A young woman, condemned to be burned alive by her brother for<br />

the vile crime of premarital sex, tells about her experience. 2004. 190 p. 200x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2950243274.<br />

VIV018 $26.70<br />

VORTOJ DE KAMARADO E. LANTI. A collection of short essays and speeches by the father of non-nationalism. 1979 reprint of the 1931<br />

edition, 191p. 185x125. Paper. France.<br />

VOR003 $3.20<br />

Religion, Philosophy<br />

ADORU. Ecumenical book of Christian songs, hymns, liturgies, and prayers for various forms of Christianity. Almost one thousand<br />

songs, most with music notes plus a small taste of quotes from other religions. Alfabetical index. 2001. 1422+50p. 190x110. Hardbound.<br />

Germany. ISBN 3980379353<br />

ADO001 $33.70<br />

AFERO JESUO KAJ LA JUDOJ, LA, Peter J. TOMSON. Trans. Rob MOORBEEK. A scholarly look at the relations between Jesus and<br />

Judaism. Three principal areas are covered: the significance of Jesus, the trial and crucifiction, and the general conflict between Jews<br />

and Christians. 2000. 158p. 210x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205940<br />

AFE001 $12.60<br />

AGO KAJ REAGO. Francisco Cândido XAVIER. Trans. L. C. Porto Carreiro Neto. The spirit Andreo Ludoviko speaks of the sort of<br />

punishment that sinners against divine law can expect in the afterlife. 1963. 231p. 185x120. Paper. Brazil.<br />

AGO001 $3.00

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 83<br />

ANALEKTOJ DE KONFUCEO. Trans. WANG Chogfang. The core of the Confucian wisdom tradition. This rich collection of analects deals<br />

with politics, philosophy, education, ethics, art, etc. The most quoted work of Chinese literature. 1996. 114p. 200x125. Bound. China.<br />

ISBN 7505202898<br />

ANA003 $14.60<br />

ANTIKVAJ FILOZOFOJ DE ĈINIO, HOŬ Ĝjŭeljang. Introduction to the ancient philosophies of China with information about the most<br />

important proponents. Useful for those interested in philosophy in general, and oriental philosophy in particular. 1988. 224p. 185x120.<br />

Paper. China. ISBN 750520002X<br />

ANT004 $5.80<br />

BHAGAVAD-GITA. Francisco Valdomiro LORENZ. Trans. Francisco Valdomiro Lorenz. "The Gita," the most famous religious-literary<br />

work of Vedic India. No date. 95p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BHA001 $3.90<br />

BIBLIO. Div. A totally new edition of this staple of <strong>Esperanto</strong> (and world) literature. In the main, the book is identical with previous<br />

editions; however, the so-called 'Deuterocanonical Books', translated from Greek by Gerrit Berveling, have now been placed in their<br />

proper positions in the Old Testament. An unnumbered publication in the series “Oriento-Okcidento”. 2006. 1375 p. 210x130. Bound.<br />

Czech Republic. ISBN 8085853906.<br />

BIB003 $31.30<br />

BONA MESAĜO DE JESUO, LA (laŭ Johano). Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. A new translation of the Gospel according to John. 1992. 91p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BON007 $9.70<br />

BONA MESAĜO DE JESUO, LA (laŭ Luko). Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. A new translation of the Gospel according to Luke. 1992. 90p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BON006 $9.30<br />

BONA MESAĜO DE JESUO, LA (laŭ Marko). Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. A new translation of the Gospel according to Mark. 1992. 63p.<br />

210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BON002 $8.80<br />

BONA MESAĜO DE JESUO, LA (laŭ Mateo). Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. A new translation of the Gospel according to Matthew. 1992.<br />

84p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

BON001 $9.00<br />

ĈIELO KAJ LA INFERO, LA. Allan KARDEC. Trans. A. K. Afonso Costa and Benedicto Silva. A long and detailed description of the<br />

punishments and rewards awaiting us in the afterlife, according to a founder of modern spiritism. 1979. 420p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

CIE003 $3.90<br />

ĈINAJ MITOJ, YUAN Ke, ed. Trans. LI Baofa & XU Wanfen. The Chinese myths deal with creation, heroes, cosmology etc. Simple,<br />

elegant prose. Illustrated by SU Xinping. 1992. 95p. 180x110. Paper. China. ISBN 750520081X<br />

CIN006 $5.60<br />

DHARMO-PADO, LA. Trans. from Pali by Gunnar GÄLLMO. One of the basic books of Buddhism, in a new poetic <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

translation."Serio Oriento-Okcidento #36". 2002. 110p. 215x150. Bound. Sweden. ISBN 91-85288-25-X.<br />

DHA001 $30.40<br />

DIAJ REVELACIOJ. DEGUĈI Nao. Translated by Maeda Ŝigeki. A selection of the divine revelations revealed to the founder of Oomoto<br />

by the god Uŝitora. These revelations, which constitute "a book of foretelling and warning", form the basis of this variant of Shinto (which<br />

has made heavy use of <strong>Esperanto</strong> throughout its history). Includes a 28-page afterword which describes the history and doctrines of the<br />

religion. 1999. 247 p. 215x155. Bound. Japan. ISBN 4-88756-030-3.<br />

DIA004 $20.00<br />

DIAJ VOJSIGNOJ. DEGUĈI Onisaburo. Translated by Maeda Ŝigeki. Written by a co-founder of Oomoto, under the influence of the<br />

divine spirit Mizu. A special section describes the author's life, the Oomoto concept of deity and spirits, and the phenomenon of<br />

kamigakari (spirit-posession). 1997. 174 p. 215x155. Bound. Japan. ISBN 4-924501-01-8.<br />

DIA003 $20.00<br />

DISKURSO PRI LA METODO, Kartezio. Trans. Eugène DE ZILAH. Discourse on the Method is the starting point of modern philosophy.<br />

Bilingual (French-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. 1985. 176p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DIS004 $12.60<br />

DONACE AL VI, Phil BOSMANS. A collection of short pieces of advice and inspiration: “vitamins for the heart” from the independent<br />

philosophical Movement Without a Name. Illustrated. 2000. 75p. 200x130. Brochure. Belgium. ISBN 9071205894<br />

DON002 $7.70<br />

DUAKANONAJ LIBROJ, LA: VOL. 1. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. The first of two volumes containing Biblical books omitted from the<br />

Protestant Bible and the "complete" <strong>Esperanto</strong> bible; this volume contains the books of Tobit, Judith, Esther, and 1 and 2<br />

Maccabees.Includes a prologue, general introduction to the Bible, and annotations by the translator. Illustrations by Gustav Doré. 2001.<br />

263p. 210x130. Paper. Brazil.

84 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

DUA002 $25.00<br />

DUAKANONAJ LIBROJ, LA: VOL. 2. Trans. Gerrit Berveling. Includes La Saĝeco de Salomono, La Saĝeco de Jesuo Siraĥ, Baruĥ, Letero<br />

de Jeremia, and several scenes from Daniel. These are books that can't be found in the traditional (Jewish-Protestant) <strong>Esperanto</strong> Sankta<br />

Biblio. Illustrations by Gustav Doré. 2001. 261p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

DUA003 $22.70<br />

EDINBURGH PRELEGOJ PRI MENSA SCIENCO, LA, Thomas TROWARD. Trans. Elwyn C. POLLOCK. A series of lectures on mental<br />

functioning translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1986. 97p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0930704207<br />

EDI001 $10.00<br />

EL LA BIBLIO. Chapters from the Bible in the original translation by Zamenhof. Third edition 1924. 48p. 140x95. Paper. Germany.<br />

ELL008 $1.00<br />

EN LA PAŜOJ DE JESUO, DIV. The Gospel according to St. Mark, divided into 30 one-day readings. 2004. 43 p. 215x135. Paper. United<br />

States.<br />

ENL003 $2.50<br />

EN PLI GRANDA MONDO. Francisco Candido XAVIER. Wonderful reports, by the spirit Andreo Ludoviko, about the works carried out<br />

in extraterrestrial regions by beneficent, wise and loving spirits. 1976. 215p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ENP001 $3.90<br />

ENKONDUKO EN LA KATEGORIOJN DE ARISTOTELO, Porfirio la Fenica. Trans. Evaldo PAULI. Historically important text dealing<br />

with the foundations of logic. 1983. 79p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

ENK003 $5.60<br />

ESPLORADO DE VIVĜOJO. DEGUĈI Hidemaru. Trans. Eizo Itoo. Thoughts about life and religion, written in 1923-1924 by a thirdgeneration<br />

leader of Oomoto. 1986. 203 p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

ESP029 $16.00<br />

ESPLORADO EN JAPANIO: RELIGIO OOMOTO. Tadao UMESAO. Trans. Eizo Itoo. Compilation of a series of articles about Oomoto by<br />

a world-famous ethnologist. Discusses the history and beliefs of the religion, its attitude towards and use of <strong>Esperanto</strong>, and several other<br />

religions related to or impacting on it (Baha'i, Spiritism, Die Blanke Fahne, the White Brotherhood, Cao Dai). Many photos. n.d. 38 p.<br />

255x180. Paper. Japan.<br />

ESP041 $4.00<br />

EVANGELIO DE LA HORO, LA, Paul BERTHELOT. Trans. Osvaldo Pires DE HOLANDA. A fantasy which advocates anarchism. Concisely<br />

discusses all of the fundamental problems of life, thus requiring the reader’s complete concentration. 1990. 36p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Brazil.<br />

EVA001 $3.50<br />

EVANGELIO LAŬ SPIRITISMO, LA. Allan KARDEC. Trans. Ismael Gomes Braga. One of the fundamental works of modern Spiritism.<br />

1946 (printing of 1980). 472p. 175x125. Paper. Brazil.<br />

EVA002 $3.90<br />


FELIĈAJ LA SIMPLAJ. Waldo VIEIRA. Trans. A. K. Afonso Costa. A series of 50 short (generally two-page) parables, each with its moral,<br />

dictated by the spirit Valerium. 1982. 114p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

FEL003 $3.00<br />

FILOZOFIO DE LIBERECO, LA. Rudolf STEINER. Trans. Willy Nuesch. "May man, as a being with will, attribute freedom to himself, or<br />

is this freedom a mere illusion, arising in him because he does not see through the threads of necessity on which his will depends as a<br />

natural process" This is the question Steiner addresses in this work, written originally in the early 20th century. 2002. 205p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Switzerland.<br />

FIL002 $33.00<br />

FONDITA SUR ROKO, Albert GOODHEIR. The philosophy of Spinoza. Written in clear and good <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Second edition 1981. 37p.<br />

210x145. Paper. Scotland. ISBN 0905149041<br />

FON002 $5.60<br />

FRATOJ EBLE NI ESTAS, La Ĉefo Seattle. Trans. Philippe CHAVIGNON. Chief Seattle’s famous 1854 speech describes Native<br />

American understanding of ecology, history and destiny. Illustrated by Philip RIVIERE. 1993. 32p. 230x165. Paper. France. ISBN<br />

2868195105<br />

FRA001 $7.90<br />


Discussions of man as free agent vs. man as simple reactor to external stimuli. 1998. 102p. 205x140. Paper. France.<br />

FRO002 $4.80<br />

GOSPULS FOL VOLAPÜKIK. Trans. Arie de Jong. The Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in Arie de Jong's reformed<br />

version of the language Volapük. 2003. 142 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-58-9.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 85<br />

GOS001 $18.10<br />

HAVI PROSPERON EN LA VIVO. H. Spencer LEVIS Trans. Sven Karrefors. A translation of the lectures of the leader of the Rosicrucean<br />

Order in the United States. 1998. 75p. 222x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-88742-68-7<br />

HAV001 $13.40<br />

HILELISMO, L. ZAMENHOF. Trans. Adolf HOLZHAUS. Russian-<strong>Esperanto</strong> text of ideas which were promulgated by L. L. Zamenhof. It<br />

has similar goals to Homoranismo but was aimed mainly at Jews. 1972. 86p. 210x145. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005242<br />

HIL001 $11.70<br />

HILELISMO, L. ZAMENHOF. Trans. Adolf HOLZHAUS. Russian-<strong>Esperanto</strong> text of ideas which were promulgated by L. L. Zamenhof. It<br />

has similar goals to Homoranismo but was aimed mainly at Jews. 1972. 86p. 210x145. Paper. Finland. ISBN 9519005242<br />

HIL001 $11.70<br />

HIMNARO ESPERANTA, Montagu C. BUTLER, ed. See under “Music”.<br />

IMITADO DE KRISTO, Thomas à KEMPIS. Trans. G. F. DE RUYVER, F. C. One of the most important books of the Christian tradition.<br />

A series of meditations and clarifications of themes from the Bible. 1997. 165p. 200x140. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205657<br />

IMI001 $19.00<br />

INSTRUOJ DE BUDHO, LA. Translation of the teachings of Buddha. High quality book. 1983. 310p. 180x125. Bound. Japan. ISBN<br />

4892370290<br />

INS001 $8.00<br />

JE LA FLANKO DE LA PROFETO, Italo CHIUSSI. Excellent introduction to Islam with emphasis upon its prophet Muhammad, written<br />

by the translator of La Nobla Korano. Number 12 in the East-West Series. 1978. 362p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9063360037<br />

JEL001 $16.00<br />

KELKAJ FAKTOJ PRI LA BUDHISMO. Gunnar GÄLLMO. An overview of the Buddha, his teachings, and the development of the<br />

community of this great world religion over the past two and a half millenia. 2002. 77 p. 210x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-85288-27-6.<br />

KEL002 $17.90<br />

KIALO DE L' VIVO, LA . Léon DENIS. Translated from French by Affonso Soares. Advice to those who suffer from life. 1982. 47p.<br />

180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KIA004 $1.50<br />

KONSOLANTO, LA. Francisco Cândido XAVIER. A Spiritist overview of science, philosophy and religion, dictated by the spirit<br />

Emmanuel. 1977. 190p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KON008 $3.90<br />

KRISTANA AGENDO. Francisco Cândido XAVIER. 50 chapters of advice on how to live your life optimally, dictated by the spirit André<br />

Luiz. 1991. 108p. 180x125. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KRI004 $3.00<br />

KVINA EVANGELIO, LA, Han RINER. Trans. R. LAVAL. A new viewpoint on the life of Jesus Christ. First published in 1910, this book by<br />

Henri Ner enjoys great success throughout the world. 144p. 210x145. Paper. France.<br />

KVI005 $6.20<br />

LAŬDO DE L’ STULTECO, Erasmo de Roterdamo. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. This book aimed at being amusing, but it proved to be<br />

more educational and serious than entertaining, although irony, satire and parody are not lacking. Number 24 in the East-West Series.<br />

1988. 111p. 210x145. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170395<br />

LAU004 $13.00<br />

LETEROJ DE PAŬLO KAJ LIA SKOLO. Trans. Gerrit BERVELING. A new translation of that part of the New Testament written by St.<br />

Paul, prepared by Gerrit Berveling and heavily annotated by him. The cover indicates that this is the first of several volumes which,<br />

together with Berveling's translations of the Gospels (already available), will make up a new translation of the New Testament. Serio<br />

Oriento-Okcidento 39. 2004. 253 p. 220x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LET003 $25.10<br />

LIBRO DE LA MEDIUMOJ LA. Allan KARDEC. Trans. L. C. Porto Carreiro Neto. How to communicate with and channel spirits; one of<br />

the basic works of modern Spiritism. A sequel to La libro de la spiritoj. 1964. 430p. 180x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LIB005 $5.00<br />

LUMPIRAMIDO, LA. Jürgen WULFF. A series of exercises for meditation and relaxation, aimed at redirecting your attitudes and<br />

convictions towards the attainment of your goals. 2004. CD: Running time 41'36". Germany.<br />

LUM003 $21.30<br />

MAKSIMOJ, La Rochefoucauld. Trans. Gaston WARINGHIEN. Aphorisms and maxims by the well-known French sage. A reprint of the<br />

1935 edition in both French and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Second edition 1986. 112p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

MAK002 $9.70<br />

MI ESTAS HOMO. L. L. ZAMENHOF. Ed. Aleksander Kor¼enkov. A collection of Zamenhof's letters and articles, most in <strong>Esperanto</strong> but<br />

some translated from Russian, relating to his views on religion, specifically homaranismo. 2006. 288p. 200x145. Paper. Russia.

86 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

MIE003 $33.80<br />

NEKONATO: LA ZAMENHOFA HOMARANISMO, André CAUBEL. Reprint of an article from Sennacieca Revuo (1959). 1986. 22p.<br />

210x150. Paper. France.<br />

NEK004 $1.70<br />


<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition of a book whose goal is to present various Bahá’i points of view in a logical and easy way. 1992. 63p. 220x140. Paper.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 0879612258<br />

NEK001 $7.40<br />

NI KAJ ĜI, Gaston WARINGHIEN. A collection of original <strong>Esperanto</strong> essays about religion and art. 1973. 346p. 215x155. Paper. Spain.<br />

ISBN 8440059892<br />

NIK001 $30.30<br />

NOBLA KORANO, LA. Trans. Italo CHIUSSI. <strong>Esperanto</strong> version of the Holy Koran. Number 10 in the East-West series. Second edition<br />

1970. 665p. 210x145. Bound. Iran.<br />

NOB001 $35.40<br />

NOMBROJ (BIBLIA LIBRO). Trans. From the Hebrew by Gerrit BERVELING. With introduction and through notes by the translator. 1999.<br />

105p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

NOM001 $8.90<br />

NOVA REALISMO, LA, Bruno VOGELMANN. This book deals with a new worldview of the future. Highly acclaimed. The book has been<br />

translated into several languages. 1989. 185p. 205x140. Paper. Belgium.<br />

NOV002 (paper ISBN 9071205290) $13.70<br />

NOV012 (bound ISBN 8085853361) $19.40<br />

PENSOJ EL LA BIBLIO/THOUGHTS FROM THE BIBLE, Stanley J. DRAKE, ed. Bilingual (English-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) collection of quotations<br />

from the Bible, arranged by main ideas/words. 1991. 85p. 280x215. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PEN001 $13.70<br />

PREĜADO, LA, Alexis CARREL. Trans. André ALBAULT. A philosophical analysis of the function of prayer and its effects from rational<br />

and spiritual points of view. 1995. 35p. 210x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PRE005 $4.90<br />

PRI DUBO KAJ CERTECO, Evaldo PAULI. A philosophical work that systematically treats the central question of epistemology, that of<br />

our mental ability to know with certainty. 1984. 162p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PRI002 $7.10<br />

PRI LA KRISTANA AMO. Benedikto XVI. Trans. Reinhard Haupenthal et al. The first encyclical from Pope Benedict XVI, written in the<br />

summer of 2005. 2006. 43p. 210x145. Paper. Germany.<br />

PRI004 $12.60<br />

PROFETO, LA, Ĝ. Ĥalil’ ĜIBRAN’. Trans. Roan ORLOFF-STONE. Second printing of the 1961 translation of the famous work.<br />

Illustrated. Second edition 1987. 96p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

PRO009 $10.50<br />

RACIA KAJ ATEISTA BUDHISMO, LA. Trans. T. F. Comparison between rationalist and atheist ways of regarding Buddhism. 1984. 33p.<br />

210x145. Paper. France.<br />

RAC001 $1.90<br />

REGADO DE LA VIVO, LA. A short introduction to the history and current situation of Rosicrucianism and the A.M.O.R.C. 1993. 36 p.<br />

210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

REG007 $3.50<br />


REKTA PENSADO, Evaldo PAULI. Study on thinking from the viewpoint of a Brazilian university professor. In easy to understand<br />

language. 1983. 149p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

REK001 $7.80<br />

RESPUBLIKO, LA, Platono. Trans. Donald BROADRIBB. An elegant translation of Plato’s most important dialogue. Includes useful<br />

notes. 1993. 113p. 295x210. Paper. Australia. ISBN 0959533699<br />

RES001 $17.80<br />

SAĜECO DE L’ORIENTO AL VI KONFIDATA. Various. Trans. Sven Karrefors. The wisdom of the orient based on a 3,000 year-old<br />

manuscript, as revized by a member of the Rosicrucean Order. 1998. 75p. 222x145. Paper. Sweden. ISBN 91-88742-66-0.<br />

SAG003 $22.30<br />

SANKTA BIBLIO, LA. Finally, after several years out-of-print, this staple of <strong>Esperanto</strong> (and world) literature is again available. In the

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 87<br />

main, the book is identical with previous editions; however, the so-called “Deuterocanonical Books”, translated from Greek by Gerrit<br />

Berveling, have now been added between the Old and New Testaments. n.d. 925+225 p. 190x130. Plastic bound. Great Britain. ISBN<br />

0564 018082.<br />

SAN002 $31.50<br />

ŜANCO POR FELIĈO, Phil BOSMANS. Trans. Lydia KERREMANS. Whether this is poetry or psychology, this little book proposes a real<br />

Chance for Happiness. Illustrated. 1988. 96p. 210x125. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 3451213877<br />

SAN006 $14.50<br />

TIELE PAROLIS ZARATUŜTRA, Friedrich NIETZSCHE. Trans. W. A. VERLOREN VAN THEMAAT. One of modern philosophy’s best<br />

known works. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” 1977. 366p. 210x145. Paper. Finnland. ISBN 9519005404.<br />

TIE002 $20.50<br />

TIO, KION MI KREDAS, Jean ROSTAND. Trans. Pierre BERLOT. Sincere, optimistic praise for rationalism, tolerance and democracy<br />

from the pen of one of the members of the French Academy. 1962. 39p. 195x135. Paper. France.<br />

TIO001 $3.70<br />

365 TAGOJ EL LA BIBLIO, Jerald T. VEIT, ed. Short quotations from the Bible arranges so the reader has a bit of inspiration for each<br />

day of the year. Translations are from the standard <strong>Esperanto</strong> Bible. 1996. 43p. 215x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

TRI009 $3.00<br />

TURMENTEGO DE LA MEMMORTIGINTOJ, LA. Almerindo Martins de CASTRO. Trans. Benedicto Silva. A compilation of descriptions<br />

of the indescribable sufferings of those who take their own lives. 1970. 158p. 185x135. Paper. Brazil.<br />

TUR006 $2.00<br />

VERAJ INTERPAROLADOJ DE SOKRATO, LA, Han RYNER. Trans. E. LANTI. An amusing re-interpretation of the philosophy of<br />

Socrates, presented as “lost” dialogues and “contemporary” commentary, including a new account of Socrates’ death. 1999. 164p.<br />

205x140. Paper. France.<br />

VER003 $9.00<br />

Science, Technology<br />

ABOCO DE TEMPOPLANADO, LA, Lothar J. SEIWERT. Trans. E-Grupo Stuttgart. This little self-help book focuses on organizing one’s<br />

schedule to efficiently use time and accomplish more with less stress. 1995. 53p. 200x145. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

ABO001 $3.10<br />

ABZ DE AMO, Inge & Sten HEGELER. Trans. Ib. SCHLEICHER & August WEIDE. Encyclopedia of sexual life. Not for beginners!<br />

Illustrated with drawings by Eiler KRAG. 1972. 274p. 245x170. Bound. Denmark. ISBN 8787089092<br />

ABZ001 $19.20<br />

AFRIKA MEDICINO, MIRIGE EFIKA, LA. Yvette PARÈS. Trans. Jacques Roux. A study of the effectiveness of traditional African<br />

medicine. "Is it not already time to recognize and accept the huge cultural and medical wealth of the southern countries" (Dr. Jean-<br />

Pierre Willem, in the preface). 2006. 199p 200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-89-2<br />

AFR001 $24.10<br />


articles and essays on various themes written by famous Esperantists. 1992. 118p. 260x180. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200429<br />

AKT002 $9.00<br />

ANTIKVAJ ĈINAJ SCIENCISTOJ, CAO Bailong & ZHANG Qingzhen. Trans. DAI Song’en & XUE Meixian. Book about the activities and<br />

achievements of the twenty most outstanding ancient Chinese scientists. Illustrated. 1990. 134p. 185x120. Paper. China. ISBN<br />

7505200410<br />

ANT003 $4.00<br />

ASTRONOMIA ALMANAKO 2000. Alex MIKISHEV (ed.) First publication of the Astronomia <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Klubo. Contains interesting<br />

articles by professionals in the space sciences, including Amri Wandel's "La moderna astrofiziko", Patrick Lagrange's "Enkonduka<br />

astronomia kurso por laikoj", David Galadi-Enriquez's "Aliaj mondoj: la malkovro de planedoj ekster la Sunsistemo" and articles by Helio<br />

J. Rocha-Pinto on quasi-satellites, planetary nebulae and measuring the ages of stars. 2000. 72p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

AST005 $12.70<br />

ASTRONOMIA ALMANAKO 2002. Alex MIKISHEV (ed.) Second in the series. Includes articles by Amri Wandel ("Sunsistemoj kaj<br />

planedoj ĉirkaŭ foraj steloj"), Helio Rocha-Pinto ("Astronomoj kaj Astro-nomoj"), Raquel Y. Shida ("Planedaj Observadoj per malgrandaj<br />

Iloj"), others. 2002. 56p. 210x145. Paper. Belgium.<br />

AST006 $17.30<br />


about the various types of cetaceans existing in our oceans, along with their legends and history and a denunciation of the overhunting<br />

that is leading many of their species towards extinction. 2006. 57 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-69-4.<br />

BAL003 $9.00

88 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

BELA SUBTERA MONDO, LA. Leander TELL. An introduction to the history, science and practice of speleology. Includes many blackand-white<br />

photographs. 1959. 95p. 240x160. Paper. Spain.<br />

BEL007 $5.80<br />

BILDSTRIA GVIDO AL GENETIKO, LA. Larry GONICK & Mark WHEELIS. Trans. Sung Ho Cho. An excellent, heavily illustrated<br />

introduction for the layperson and the beginning student of biology to the basics of a science which will . for better or for worse . shape<br />

the 21st century. 1996. 216 p. 220x155. Paper. Korea. ISBN 89-7616-155-6.<br />

BIL002 $22.80<br />

ĈINA CERAMIKO, ZHAO Hongshen. Trans. WANG Chongfang. This dense little book deals with the history of Chinese ceramics,<br />

touching on various dynasties and regions separately, so that the reader appreciates the amazing variety of this great art form. 1994.<br />

222p. 185x120. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200879<br />

CIN010 $6.90<br />

ĈINAJ PROTEKTATAJ BESTOJ, ĈEN Ŝjaŭji, ed. Chinese contribution to the worldwide concern for endangered species. Very useful for<br />

those interested in ecological conservation. Illustrated with excellent pen and ink drawings. 1987. 350p. 140x205. Paper. China. ISBN<br />

7505200186<br />

CIN004 $11.00<br />

ĈU VI KONAS LA TERON Endre DUDICH. Collection of writings on geology. Many illustrations and tables. 1983. 150p. 230x165.<br />

Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635710801<br />

CUV005 $6.60<br />

FAKAJ APLIKOJ DE ESPERANTO. Zdenek PLUHAR (ed.) Proceedings of the KAEST (Colloquium Applications of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Science<br />

and Technology) 2000. Includes 21 papers presented in sessons on economics, terminology and general applications of <strong>Esperanto</strong>.<br />

Includes numerous diagrams. Abstracts in English, German and Czech. 2001. 157p. 200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-<br />

52-3.<br />

FAK002 $23.50<br />

FAKAJ STUDOJ DE ESPERANTO. Zdenek PLUHAR (ed.) Proceedings of the KAEST (Colloquium Applications of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Science<br />

and Technology) 2002. Includes 23 papers presented in sessons on electronic resources (computer science), terminology and general<br />

applications of <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes numerous diagrams. Abstracts in English, German and Czech. 2003. 146p. 200x140. Paper. Czech<br />

Republic. ISBN 80-85853-63-9.<br />

FAK003 $23.50<br />

FAKE PRI ESPERANTO KAJ ESPERANTO PRI SCIENCOJ. Zdenek PLUHAR (ed.) Contributions presented at the 2004 Conference on<br />

Application of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Science and Technology. Includes papers on (i.a.) electronic dictionaries, the Wikipedia, XML and the E@I<br />

organization. Contains some tables and diagrams. Papers are in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, abstracts in Czech, English and German. 2005. 84 p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-78-7.<br />

FAK004 $15.80<br />

GERMANAJ BIERO KAJ BIERKULTURO, Harald SCHICKE. Everything you might want to know about German beer, its history,<br />

chemical composition, influence on health, aesthetic value, etc. Useful index and illustrations. 1995. 130p. 205x150. Paper. Germany.<br />

ISBN 3892400954<br />

GER005 $13.50<br />

GIMNASTIKO POR CERBO, DIV. 50 numerical, mathematical and geometric riddles to test your mind. With diagrams. 1986. 126 p.<br />

175x115. Paper. Japan.<br />

GIM002 $4.80<br />

HISTORIO DE LA CIFEROJ. André CHERPILLOD. A history of numbers, from ancient times to the "Arabic" numerals we use today.<br />

1996. 28 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-32-5.<br />

HIS011 $6.30<br />

HOMEOPATIO KAJ SPIRITISMO. Lauro S. THIAGO. Translated from Portuguese by Carlos de Almeida Wutke. Hahnemann's<br />

homeopathic idea of medicine from a Spiritist viewpoint. 1975. 36p. 180x130. Paper. Brazil.<br />

HOM003 $1.50<br />

IKU – INTERNACIA KONGRESA UNIVERSITATO. Roy McCOY (ed.) A collection of the ten presentations of the International Congress<br />

University at the Fortaleza Universala Kongreso in 2002. Presenters include Mattos, Leal, Frank, Benczik, Tonkin, Saliba-Silva, Wandel,<br />

Lunazzi, Ávila and Resende, on topics as diverse as <strong>Esperanto</strong>, semiotics, archaeoastronomy, holography, penology and stomatology.<br />

2002. 123p. 300x210. Paper, spiral-bound. Netherlands<br />

IKU001 $9.80<br />

IKU – INTERNACIA KONGRESA UNIVERSITATO, Michela LIPARI (ed.) Large-format, spiral-bound collection of papers presented at the<br />

Gothenburg World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in 2003. Includes topics from syncretism in religion to nanoscale semiconductors. N.d. (2004).<br />

83 p. 300x210. Paper. The Netherlands.<br />

IKU002 $15.20<br />

IKU – INTERNACIA KONGRESA UNIVERSITATO. Amri WANDEL (ed.) Large-format collection of papers presented at the Florence World<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in 2006. Topics range from planned languages through lipid metabolism and a statistical study of words in the<br />

proposed European Constitution to possible applications of the I Ching in the modern world. N.d. (2006). 154p. 300x210. Paper. The

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 89<br />

Netherlands.<br />

IKU004 $19.70<br />

ILUSTRITA ENCIKLOPEDIO DE AKVARIAJ FIÞOJ. Aleksandr ÞEVÆENKO & Nikolao GUDSKOV. Encyclopedia of 78 different fish to<br />

keep in your aquarium, including the ever-popular piranha. Includes tips on creating and keeping an aquarium and indexes of names in<br />

several languages, including English. 2007. 119p. 200x130. Paper. Russia. ISBN 978-5-7161-0138-8.<br />

ILU003 $16.40<br />

KALENDARO TRA LA TEMPO, TRA LA SPACO, LA. André CHERPILLOD. Describes the history and use of our Western calendar, as<br />

well as going into detail about such historical calendars as the Druid, Mayan and Aztec and such modern calendars as the Chinese,<br />

Arabic, Jewish, Persian, etc. 2002. 203 p. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-56-2.<br />

KAL001 $22.60<br />

KLOPODU KOMPRENI MIN!, Aira KANKKUNEN. Intended as an instruction manual for parents of hearing-impaired children, this book<br />

could also help anyone who has any kind of interaction with hearing-impaired persons. 1994. 50p. 210x145. Paper. Germany. ISBN<br />

3892400857<br />

KLO001 $9.60<br />

KOMPENDIO DE PSIKANALIZO. Sigmund FREUD. Translated by Gérard Patureaux. One of Freud’s last works, an overview of the field<br />

of psychoanalysis as he saw it in the late 1930s. Translated in a style that reflects the clear and comprehensible German original; don’t<br />

be misled by the turgid English translations of Freud. 2003. 106 p. 210x150. Bound. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-62-0.<br />

KOM002 $18.30<br />

KOMPLEKSIA MEDICINO KAJ SAAMA AKUPUNKTURO. Puramo CHONG. Translated by Choe Taesok. A thorough, almost textbook,<br />

overview of certain aspects of Asian, and particularly Korean, medical practice, including case studies, bibliography and index. Heavily<br />

illustrated, large format. 2003. 267 p. 280x195. Bound. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-55-8.<br />

KOM001 $41.60<br />

KONSTRUU VIAN DOMON. Gilbert R. LEDON. Teknika Kajero N-ro 6. How to build a house, starting with selection of house type,<br />

design, and selection of materials. Lots of illustrations and plans, also illustrations to show <strong>Esperanto</strong> words for various parts of the<br />

house. 2002. 39p. 220x160. Paper. Brazil.<br />

KON009 $5.00<br />


astronomy by two professional astronomists. A handbook on theoretical and practical astronomy written for the layman. Illustrated.<br />

2001. 199p. 200x130. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205924. FIRST EDITION – ONLY TWO COPIES LEFT – WILL NOT BE RESTOCKED.<br />

KOS002 $21.60<br />

KOSMO KAJ NI, LA. David GALADÍ-ENRÍQUEZ & Amri WANDEL. 2nd edition of this basic introduction to the field of astronomy for<br />

the layman, written originally in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by two professional astronomers. Includes two new chapters, about extra-solar planets and<br />

supernovae. Many diagrams and photos. 2005. 223 p. 205x135. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 90 71205 92 4.<br />

KOS003 $28.10<br />

KULTURO DE LA AMO/SZERELMI KULTÚRÁNK, Vilmos SZILÁGYI. Trans. Aladár TÓT. With beautiful and graphic illustrations, this<br />

book is not for the prudish. Bilingual (Hungarian-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) edition. 1988. 192p. 135x210. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711980<br />

KUL003 $30.90<br />

KULTURO KAJ SANO, Mervyn CLAXTON. Trans. Helga RAPLEY. A surprisingly broad look at health practices throughout history<br />

around the world. The author gives due credit to non-Western and pre-modern theories and methods. He argues that more research<br />

should be done by technologically advanced countries into folk medicine, and that underdeveloped countries should learn from one<br />

another as well as from sophisticated western medicine. 1999. 42p. 210x150. Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170603<br />

KUL005 $6.90<br />

LERNOLIBRO PRI OFTALMOLOGIO, Seiiĉi KATO. More than a simple anatomical description of the eye, this book presents insights for<br />

diagnosis and therapy for many types of illness and trauma. Third edition 1994. 128p. 210x150. Paper. Illustrated. Germany. ISBN<br />

3892400881<br />

LER002 $13.50<br />

LINGVO KAJ INTERRETO KAJ ALIAJ STUDOJ. Zdenek PLUHAR (ed.). This is a collection of contributions presented during the<br />

conference "Applications of <strong>Esperanto</strong> in Science and Technology" held in Dobrichovice (Czech Republic) from the 10th through the 12th<br />

of November 2006. The book has three parts: "Language and the Internet" (6 papers); "Language Studies" (6 papers); and "Natural Science<br />

Studies" (4 papers). Each paper is in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and is followed by abstracts in English, German, French and Czech. 2007. 134p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 978-80-85853-93-3.<br />

LIN022 $25.00<br />

MANLIBRO PRI ĴURNALISMO, Judith JUNGER & Stefan MAUL. Useful handbook for Esperantists involved in journalism, magazine<br />

layout and format; with illustrations. Second edition 1988. 94p. 205x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205258<br />

MAN006 $8.00<br />

MI RESANIGIS PPPETRON, Pero ĈIMBUR. Trans. Lucija BORĈIĈ. An inspirational case study of a patient who overcomes a speech<br />

defect. 1995. 136p. 210x150. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3892400903<br />

MIR001 $16.60

90 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

MULTISENSORAJ LANDPEJZAĜOJ, Aleksandra KOWALCZYK. This is either wacky pseudoscience or a profoundly new interpretation<br />

of the relationship between geographical types and psychological reactions. 1999. 19p. 205x140. Paper. Poland. ISBN 8387145106<br />

MUL001 $1.50<br />

NOVA PARADIGMO EN PSIKOLOGIO, LA, Ruben FELDMAN-GONZALES. A treatise on holographic, holokinetic and holistic approaches<br />

to perception. 1985. 259p. 210x140. Paper. France.<br />

NOV009 $2.00<br />

PRI NIA UNIVERSO. LI Qiang (ed) Trans. Liu Caisheng. Despite the title, concentrates on only one corner of the universe, in four parts:<br />

the earth, the sun, the moon and the planets and other phenomena of our solar system. Illustrated. 1992. 112p. 185x120. Paper. China.<br />

ISBN 7-5052-0052-6.<br />

PRI010 $5.80<br />

PROVU POR VIA SANO, LIU Caishen, ed. and trans. This little book gives an overview of many diverse aspects of Chinese medicine:<br />

diet, exercise, self-massage, acupressure. Includes a section on the roles and sources of various minerals. 1994. 132p. 185x120. Paper.<br />

China. ISBN 7505201468<br />

PRO005 $10.00<br />

RAKONTOJ PRI LA HISTORIO DE LA ĈINAJ MEDICINO KAJ FARMAKOLOGIO, Div. Trans. LIAO Zhigen. More than a mere collection<br />

of historical anecdotes, this volume includes essays on medical theory, acupuncture, massage, diet, herbs etc. Illustrated. 1991. 258p.<br />

185x120. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200089<br />

RAK004 $6.40<br />

SANON! KURACU VIN MEM PER NATURAJ METODOJ, Jaime SCOLNIK. Addresses a wide range of alternative strategies for<br />

maintaining health and therapeutic methods of self-healing. 1995. 318p. 210x145. Paper. Germany. ISBN 3892400873<br />

SAN005 $34.10<br />

SIN NUTRI EN LA NATURO, Edmond DAZUN & André ANDRIEU. Describes the ways wild plants can be eaten, their therapeutic effects<br />

and where they grow. Well illustrated with black and white botanical drawings. Includes Latin-<strong>Esperanto</strong> and <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Latin lexicons.<br />

1995. 223p. 205x140. Paper. France.<br />

SIN003 $20.20<br />

SONOSTENO, Joseph GAMBLE. Much more than providing a treatise on shorthand writing systems and their histories, the author<br />

addresses themes of linguistics, peace, and relaxation while teaching his shorthand writing system for <strong>Esperanto</strong>, English and other<br />

languages. 1995. 110p. 240 x 170. Hardbound. Italy. ISBN 8870360601<br />

SON008 $12.30<br />

TAJĜIĈUAN. Clarifications and illustrations for the practice of the Chinese method of exercise also known as tai-chi. Explains the<br />

influence on various organ systems. 1986. 36p. 185x120. Paper. China.<br />

TAJ001 $2.90<br />

TERMINOLOGIA GVIDILO, Heidi SUONUUTI. Trans. Sabine FIEDLER. A technical analysis of the process of creating standardized<br />

vocabularies for any branch of science, with special focus on the organization of the various tasks involved. 1998. 38p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Netherlands. ISBN 9290170573<br />

TER004 $8.00<br />

TERMINOLOGIAJ KONSIDEROJ. Jan WERNER. A monograph on the various considerations relating to the adoption of specialist<br />

terminology in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes a "terminology terminology" (glossary of words relating to the science of terminology). 2004. 179 p.<br />

200x140. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-71-X.<br />

TER006 $23.50<br />

TERTREMOJ, ĈU ENIGMO Daniel DENEVA POWER. Introduction to seismology for non-scientists by a specialist. An original work in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> which enriches our scientific bibliography. The pictures and data in the book make it even more interesting. 1991. 148p.<br />

215x140. Bound. Italy. ISBN 887036044X<br />

TER002 $17.90<br />

VETERO KAJ KLIMATO DE LA MONDO. Denis RILEY & Lewis SPOLTON. Trans. Kris Long. A basic but very complete introduction to<br />

the sciences of meteorology and climatology. Many diagrams. 1987. 131p. 250x175. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 9290170352.<br />

VET002 $5.80<br />

VIKIPEDIO – PRAKTIKA MANLIBRO. Yves NEVELSTEEN (ed.). A booklet devoted to the Wikipedia (primarily the <strong>Esperanto</strong> version),<br />

with complete instructions on how to become an editor and how to edit Wikipedia. Profusely illustrated. 2007. 40 p. 150x115. Paper.<br />

Slovakia. ISBN 978-80-969533-3-2.<br />

VIK003 $4.20<br />

VOLVOTIGO DE AMIKECO, LA. Soiĉi HORI. 15 articles about Japanese biology, particularly botany. Includes a glossary (<strong>Esperanto</strong>-<br />

Latin-Japanese). 1965. 89p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

VOL002 $3.50

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 91<br />

Science Dictionaries<br />

ANATOMIA NOMENKLATURO, Div. Collection of anatomical terms in five languages: Chinese, English, <strong>Esperanto</strong>, French and Latin. In<br />

the first part of the book the terms are arranged by body parts; at the end of the book all terms are listed alphabetically for each<br />

language. 1989. 697p. 260x185. Bound. China. ISBN 7505200372<br />

ANA001 $41.20<br />

ANGLA-ESPERANTA-HUNGARA ETVORTARO PRI HOMA VIVO KAJ LOØADO. Ilona KOUTNY. A third useful and attractive pocketsized<br />

book in this series of small thesaurus-like dictionaries. Words are organized by meaning within categories (main categories: Human<br />

life and Lodging) rather than by alphabetical order, which means that although the first language is English, you can use any of the three<br />

languages as a key into any of the others. 2005. 156p. 170x115. Paper. Poland. ISBN 83-89887-19-3.<br />

ANG008 $15.40<br />


attractive pocket-sized book is more like a thesaurus than a dictionary; words are organized by meaning within categories (main<br />

categories: Education and Work) rather than by alphabetical order, which means that although the first language is English, you can use<br />

any of the three languages as a key into any of the others. 2002. 143p. 170x115. Paper. Poland. ISBN 83-88518-36-4.<br />

ANG003 $12.30<br />


pocket-sized book in this series of small thesaurus-like dictionaries. Words are organized by meaning within categories (main categories:<br />

Language and Communication) rather than by alphabetical order, which means that although the first language is English, you can use<br />

any of the three languages as a key into any of the others. 2003. 122p. 170x115. Paper. Poland. ISBN 83-88518-71-2.<br />

ANG007 $15.40<br />

ANGLA-ESPERANTA MEDICINA TERMINARO. Yamazoe SABUROO. Simply arranged but quite complete medical dictionary; organized<br />

by English words, with corresponding <strong>Esperanto</strong> terms. 2001. 720p. 215x150. Bound. Poland. ISBN 83-908748-1-4.<br />

ANG001 $51.30<br />

ATLASO DE INSEKTA MORFOLOGIO. H. STEINMANN & L. ZOMBORI. <strong>Esperanto</strong> and Chinese versions prepared and re-edited by Li<br />

Kexi. 757 figures taken from insect anatomy; each figure is labeled, names of each labeled item are given in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, Latin and<br />

Chinese. Indexes in all three languages, with an additional Chinese-Latin-English index. 1987. 454+42p. 205x150. Bound. China. ISBN<br />

7-5052-0000-3.<br />

ATL001 $15.00<br />

AVIADA TERMINARO. Gilbert R. LEDON. A four-part collection of terms for aviation. The first part contains an alphabetical list of<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> words, with definitions, from the field of aviation. The second part consists of illustrative plates. The third part is an English-<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> aeronautical dictionary, broken down into categories with words by English alphabetical order within each category. The<br />

fourth part is a basic aviation phraseology. 2002. 287p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

AVI003 $25.80<br />

BORSA TERMINARO. Hans WIERSCH. Large-format dictionary of stock-market terms in five languages: German, English, <strong>Esperanto</strong>,<br />

French, Dutch, in that order. Indexes keyed to each language make it possible for the user to access all languages for any given term; e.g.<br />

English "bear market" gives us location 0111, under which we find "Baisse", "bear market; slump in prices; sharp fall", "(kurza) basiĝo",<br />

"baisse f", "baisse; daling; beursdaling". 2004. 137p. 290x205. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9077066012.<br />

BOR001 $17.50<br />

DEKLINGVA MANLIBRO PRI POLITIKO, Stefan MAUL, ed. A specialist’s dictionary No! Politics concerns everybody! All definitions are<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, but nine translations of the entry word are cited (Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese,<br />

Russian, Spanish). A great tool for building useful vocabulary. 1994. 459p. 200x145. Paper. Belgium. ISBN 9071205509<br />

DEK004 $14.60<br />

FERVOJA TERMINARO/RAILWAY DICTIONARY, Div. This impressive volume provides bilingual translations of every conceivable expression<br />

used in the railroad business, with an eye to providing international standards for a business which is already profoundly<br />

international in its scope. Also available in twelve other languages. 1997. 355p. 205x145. Paper. Hungary.<br />

FER001 $24.90<br />

INTERNACIA VORTARO DE MIKROBA GENETIKO, Ralph A. LEWIN. Trilingual (Chinese, English, <strong>Esperanto</strong>) dictionary with<br />

explanations in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and Chinese. 1995. 117p. 185x130. Paper. China. ISBN 7505201840<br />

INT002 $12.00<br />

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DICTIONARY IN 11 LANGUAGES, F. MUNNIKSMA, ed. All definitions are given in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and English,<br />

with translations of each term into Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. 1990. 688p.<br />

210x145. Bound. China. ISBN 7505200259<br />

INT004 $25.70<br />


ONLY THREE COPIES LEFT, DISCONTINUED. 1983. 49p. 200x145. Paper. Yugoslavia.<br />

LEK003 $6.10

92 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

MATEMATIKA VORTARO. Marc BAVANT. Some 1300 terms and 1500 concepts in eight languages (Czech, German, English, <strong>Esperanto</strong>,<br />

French, Hungarian, Polish and Russian), with <strong>Esperanto</strong> as the key. Definitions in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Indexes in each language. A section of<br />

plates show various mathematical symbols, logic and sets, plane geometry and numerous curves from analytic geometry. 2003. 231 p.<br />

210x150. Bound. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-65-5.<br />

MAT002 $29.10<br />

TERMINARO DE BETONO KAJ DE BETONISTAJ LABOROJ. Jan WERNER et al. Very specialized terminology for construction workers<br />

using concrete and cement. Starts with basic notions and works its way up through types of concrete, technology of concrete and<br />

concrete structures. Basic words in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with translations in English, German, Czech; alphabetical indexes in all four languages<br />

plus Dutch. 2002. 40p. 290x205. Paper. Czech Republic.<br />

TER005 $7.70<br />

TERMINARO POR BIBLIAJ STUDOJ. G. RUST & D. BROADRIBB. An introduction to the study of the Bible, aimed particularly at<br />

specialists. 1973. 79p. 240x170. Paper. Italy.<br />

TER007 $4.90<br />

Geography, Travel, Custom<br />

ATLANTIDO LA PERDITA KONTINENTO. André CHERPILLOD. A study of Atlantis the lost continent in fact, fiction, history and film.<br />

1997. 60 p. 210x145. Paper. France. ISBN 2-906134-39-2.<br />

ATL002 $8.70<br />

ANTIKVAJ VIDINDAĴOJ DE PEKINO. Large-format album-style book containing many lovely color photos of attractions in and around<br />

the Chinese capitol city. Includes a map and many photos for each of eight areas included: Tianan'men Square, the Forbidden City, the<br />

Heavenly Altar, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall at Badaling, the Ming Dynasty mausoleums, Beihai Park and the Yonghe Lamasery.<br />

2003. 135p. 280x210. Paper. China. ISBN 7801485483.<br />

ANT010 $26.70<br />

AVO BICIKLAS ĈIRKAŬ LA MONDO, Zef JÉGARD. If you aren't planning on bicycling across Eurasia, this book will tell you what you're<br />

missing. If you are, it will tell you how to do it. The diary of a French bicyclist traveling from Islamabad across Pakistan, China, Mongolia<br />

and Siberia to Vladivostok. Includes 54 color photos. 2004. 255 p + 16 color plates. 210x150. Paper. France. ISBN 2-9518258-1-1.<br />

AVO002 $39.90<br />

ÆE¦A KURACISTO EN KORO DE AFRIKO. Marcel DRLÍK. Trans. Olga Glendová. A description of Doctor Drlík's year of work in a<br />

Carmelite mission in the Central African Republic, where for his neighbors he was surgeon, gynecologist, dictor of internal illnesses,<br />

midwife and pediatrician. Beautifully illustrated. 2006. 192p. 210x150. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-86858-16-2.<br />

CEH001 $20.80<br />

Ĉ INAJ BATALARTOJ, Zhaohua, ed . Trans. Superklubo Internacia. Illustrated introduction to the Chinese martial art of wu shu, plus<br />

a short presentation on the Shaolin Temple. 1990. 40p. 205x185. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200488<br />

CIN007 $4.80<br />

Ĉ INAJ TRADICIAJ FESTOJ, ĈIN Ŝing . Useful and interesting description of the most prevalent traditional Chinese celebrations. A<br />

worthwhile book exploring oriental culture. 1987. 124p. 180x120. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200208<br />

CIN002 $4.70<br />

12 MONATOJ — 12 MONTOPINTOJ. Ján VAJS. A description of how <strong>Esperanto</strong> groups in Slovakia combined forces to bag twelve<br />

popular summits in twelve successive months. Beautifully illustrated. 2006. 28p. 210x145. Paper. Slovakia. ISBN 8096904280.<br />

DEK010 $4.80<br />

DEK SES URBOJ DE ĈINIO . This travel guide introduces the reader to many cities of the normal tourist trail. Illustrated. 1984. 176p.<br />

185x120. Paper. China.<br />

DEK003 $3.00<br />

EBONO · RAPORTOJ EL AFRIKO, Ryszard KAPUŜCINSKI. Trans. Tomasz CHMIELIK. Well-known Polish journalist and author writes<br />

about people he met in Africa during his many visits to that continent over four decades. 2001. 329p. 210x130. Hardbound. Poland.<br />

ISBN 837194392X<br />

EBO001 $24.90<br />

EL ĈINA FOTOGRAFIA ARTO. Large-format book with many photographs, mostly b/w but some color, showing life in China at the<br />

beginning of the 1960s. 1963. 112p. 260x230. Bound. China. NOTE: ONLY TWO COPIES REMAINING, DISCONTINUED.<br />

ELC002 $7.00<br />

ENCIKLOPEDIETO DE ĈINIO, LI Qiang & ZHANG Meizi, ed . Trans. FAN Yizhu. Can you believe this An encyclopedia for under ten<br />

bucks! Learn fascinating fun facts about this awakening dragon. Illustrated. 1994. 305p. 200x140. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200860<br />

ENC002 $9.90<br />

FALANTAJ MUROJ. Trevor STEELE. See under “Political, History”.<br />

GEEDZIĜAJ MOROJ DE ĈINAJ MALPLIMULTOJ, TIAN Xing. Trans. FENG Yi. Nationalities with diverse customs live in China. Several<br />

of those customs related to marriage are presented in this book, which also includes numerous translations from marriage-related

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 93<br />

folklore. Illustrated. 1989. 157p. 185x120. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200224<br />

GEE001 $4.40<br />

GEOGRAFIO DE MIAJ MEMOROJ, Spomenka ŜTIMEC. Much more than a mere travelogue! When a great writer travels, you can be<br />

sure that the changing scenery and cultures form a series of topics for the writer to display her powers of description and insight into the<br />

human condition. And yet as a travelogue it inspires the desire to visit other countries, all the while relating many historical details and<br />

charming anecdotes. 1992. 140p. 230x165. Paper. Austria. ISBN 3831820096<br />

GEO001 $12.40<br />

GVIDLIBRO PRI PEKINO, LAJ Hajlong. An illustrated guidebook about the Chinese capital, published for the World <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

Convention in Beijing, but still just as useful today. 1986. 162p. Paper. China.<br />

GVI003 $2.80<br />

ĜAMBO RAFIKI, Tibor SEKELJ. The author, a well-known explorer and Esperantist, describes his voyage through East Africa during<br />

the 1960's. Illustrated. Second edition 1991. 173p. 210x140. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360415<br />

GAM001 $15.50<br />

ILI VIVIS SUR LA TERO, Maryvonne & Bruno ROBINEAU. Div. trans. This amazing story of an eight-year trip all around the world<br />

visiting Esperantists (and not only) and sharing their lives, dreams and work is much more than a simple travelogue. Illustrated. 1998.<br />

243p. 240x160. Paper. France. ISBN 2908068966<br />

ILI002 $22.70<br />

KANAKO EL KANANAM / THE FRIEND FROM KANANAM. Kenneth G. LINTON. Translated by Pierre L. Ullman. The classic memoir<br />

about an Australian soldier in the backlands of New Guinea during the second world war is now available in both the original <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

and English translation, on facing pages. 2004. 239 p. 255x200. Paper. Canada. ISBN 141201498-0.<br />

FRI001 $22.00<br />

KUMEŬAŬA, LA FILO DE ĜANGALO, Tibor SEKELJ. One of the most popular original <strong>Esperanto</strong> works ever, this novella was<br />

translated into more than twenty other languages. A lively picture of life in the Brazilian rain forest. Second edition 1994. 96p. 210x145.<br />

Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170484<br />

KUM002 $7.20<br />

40 VIDINDAJ LOKOJ EN ĈINIO. Trans. Censinio. Great resource for the globe-trotting traveler and fine spark for the imagination for the<br />

armchair traveler. Illustrations by LU Dacheng. 1984. 269p. 185x120. Paper. China.<br />

KVA004 $4.00<br />

LANDOJ DE LA MONDO. Five-color wall map of the world, with names of countries in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 740x460. Canada.<br />

LAN002 $14.50<br />

LIBRO DE MIRINDAĴOJ, LA (Aº LA PRISKRIBO DE LA MONDO), MARKO POLO. Trans. Daniel MOIRAND. Although this work, written at the end of<br />

the 13 th century, was not taken seriously for a long time, it has come to be a milestone in the history of the world – the first detailed<br />

account of a European’s voyage in Mongolia, China, and Southeast Asia. Number 34 in the East-West Series. 2001. 445p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Netherlands. ISBN 9290170751<br />

LIB007 $45.60<br />

MAPO DE LA ĈINA POPOLA RESPUBLIKO. Map in <strong>Esperanto</strong> with <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Chinese index. Scale 1:9,000,000. 1984. China.<br />

MAP001 $2.60<br />

MONATOJ TRA LA MONDO. HORI Yasuo. A collection of views of the meanings of the various months of the year as seen from Finland,<br />

France, Japan, Vietnam, Togoland, Romania, the United States, Nepal, the Netherlands, Argentina and Serbia. N.d. (prob. 2006). 96p.<br />

255x180. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4939088054.<br />

MON008 $11.00<br />

MONDMAPO EN PLASTO, DIV. Five-color map of the world, with names of countries in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, in plastic. Good for tables or coffee<br />

tables. 2004. 740x460. Canada.<br />

MAP002 $23.70<br />

MONDO DE TRAVIVAĴOJ, Tibor SEKELJ. Although the author often mixes together essays of many themes, this collection includes<br />

only travel descriptions. What amazing adventures! Second edition 1990. 284p. 210x140. Bound. Italy. ISBN 8870360121<br />

MON003 $16.20<br />

MOROJ DE ĈINAJ NACIMAPLIMULTOJ, LI Qiang. Trans. HANG Jun & NAN Youli. This collection of short essays introduces the reader<br />

to a wide variety of customs and celebrations practiced by China’s less-known people. Illustrated. 1991. 105p. 185x120. Paper. China.<br />

ISBN 7505200216<br />

MOR002 $2.50<br />

NESENDITAJ LETEROJ EL JAPANIO, Spomenka ŜTIMEC. Travel impressions of a very talented Croatian writer during her<br />

5000-kilometer journey through Japan. Very good and easy style of an author perceptive enough to know what to leave out! 1990, Third<br />

edition 1995. 66p. 180x125. Paper. Japan-Croatia-Japan.<br />

NES002 $5.90

94 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

PASPORTA SERVO 2007. Var. Catalog of international hosting service for <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers, this year contains 1294 sites in 89<br />

countries. Given that hotel prices run $100/night and up these days, if you plan to travel abroad this year, you can see how valuable this<br />

book may be for you. 2007. 186 p. 155x110. Paper. The Netherlands. ISBN 83-923382-1-9.<br />

PAS010 $24.90<br />

PEKINA TURISMA MAPO. Attractive bilingual (Chinese-<strong>Esperanto</strong>) fold-out tourist map of Beijing. Reverse contains information about<br />

hotels, telephone numbers of embassies (including U.S.), maps of Beijing's suburbs and administrative districts, and insert blowup maps<br />

of sights of interest. 2004. 750x520. Paper. China.<br />

PEK002 $5.80<br />

PEKINAJ VIDINDAĴOJ. Trans. Mollum. This bilingual (Chinese & <strong>Esperanto</strong>) guide book would function quite well for a traveler<br />

planning to visit Beijing, or for the arm-chair traveler who would appreciate a great collection of splendid color photos which show the<br />

rich sites of this ancient city. 1989. 144p. 260x185. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200445<br />

PEK001 $24.00<br />

PITORESKA PEKINO, ĈENG Limin & ŜEN Taŭ. Tourist’s guide to the Chinese capitol with color photos. 1984. 72p. 185x130. Paper.<br />

China.<br />

PIT001 $3.20<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO. HORI Yasuo. A series of 94 reports about life and events in Japan during the years 1991 through 1997.<br />

Subjects range from sex among the Japanese to the Ŝinkansen (Bullet Train). Illustrated. 1998. 205p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-<br />

947728-18-3.<br />

RAP003 $25.60<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 2. HORI Yasuo. A series of 24 reports about life and events in Japan during the years 1997 and 1998.<br />

Includes, among many other things, a history of Godzilla coupled with a (somewhat jaundiced) Japanese view of the Emmerich-Devlin<br />

film of that name. Illustrated. 1999. 84p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-20-3.<br />

RAP004 $14.00<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 3. HORI Yasuo. 25 further reports about Japanese life and doings, with, mixed in among them, eight<br />

descriptions of "The Japanese Observed"; all from 1999. Includes reports on the major nuclear accident at Tookai, and how the Japanese<br />

"national anthem" caused the death of a schoolmaster in Hiroshima. Illustrated. 2000. 114p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-22-<br />

1.<br />

RAP005 $17.50<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 4. HORI Yasuo. 27 additional reports from life in Japan during the year 2000, interspersed with seven<br />

descriptions of items peculiar to Japanese culture. Articles include the official promotion of English in Japan, the eruption of Mt. Usu,<br />

and the "hidden coup d'etat" of April 2. Illustrated. 2001. 146p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-23-X.<br />

RAP006 $18.60<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 5. HORI Yasuo. 30 interesting articles ("reports") about life in Japan during the year 2001. Topics range from<br />

"Kial Furoras Kristnasko en Japanio" to "Subaĉetitaj Parlamentanoj de la Liberal-Demokratia Partio". 2002. 161p. 210x150. Paper.<br />

Japan. ISBN 4-947728-24-8.<br />

RAP001 $19.90<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 6. HORI Yasuo. 16 interesting articles ("reports") about life in Japan during the year 2002. Topics range from<br />

"Familiaj nomoj de japanoj" to "Pinta konferenco en Nord-Koreio". 2003. 168p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-25-6.<br />

RAP007 $21.10<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 7, HORI Yasuo. Another set of 35 essays and informational articles from Japan, this time from the year 2003.<br />

Read about catfish and earthquakes, vanity postage stamps (which Esperantists may find useful for promoting the language),<br />

professional wrestlers, and Japanese participation in the occupation of Iraq, among other things. Illustrated. 2004. 155 p. 210x150.<br />

Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-27-2.<br />

RAP009 $21.70<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 8. HORI Yasuo. 39 essays and informational articles from Japan in 2004. Titles include "When Young, Learn<br />

English", "Three Kisses", and "Ten Typhoons Make Landfall", a record number (Americans in 2005 please note!). Illustrated with pictures<br />

and diagrams. 2005. 179 p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4-947728-28-0.<br />

RAP010 $19.40<br />

RAPORTOJ EL JAPANIO 9. HORI Jasuo. A new collection of essays by the author about life, culture and politics in Japan in 2005.<br />

2006. 184p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4947728299.<br />

RAP011 $19.70<br />

SENNACIECE TRA NIA MONDO, Gilbert R. LEDON. Travel report with striking commentaries on various aspects of life in the areas<br />

visited. Color illustrations. 1989. 225p. 210x140. Paper. Brazil.<br />

SEN003 $10.40<br />

SUDE KAJ NORDE DE LA GRANDA MURO. Extensively illustrated album about points of interest directly north and south of the Great<br />

Wall. Detailed explanations and maps make the album a true guidebook. 1986. 88p. 260x185. Paper. China.<br />

SUD001 $8.00

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 95<br />

TRA LA MONDO PER BICIKLO KAJ ESPERANTO. Lucien A. PERAIRE. Recounting a journey through Eurasia in the late 1920s and<br />

early 1930s. 1990. 106p. 205x140. Paper. France.<br />

TRA011 $4.80<br />

TRA LANDO DE INDIANOJ. Tibor SEKELJ. Trans. Ernesto Sonnenfeld, translation checked by Tibor Sekelj. Adventures of the wellknown<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>-speaking globe-trotter in the back country of South America. 1970. 186 p. 195x125. Bound. Sweden.<br />

TRA013 $10.70<br />

USONO NIGRE-BLANKE, Ionel ONE. A compilation of basic facts about the U.S.A., listed state by state. Includes maps and many<br />

surprising insights. 1998. 110p. 140x215. Spiralbound. <strong>USA</strong>. ISBN 1882251261<br />

USO001 $8.30<br />

VOJAĜIMPRESOJ PRI JAPANIO, Vasja CVETKOVA. Travel impressions in a simple style from a Bulgarian Esperantist and peace<br />

activist. Color pictures. 1986. 68p. 210x140. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635711719<br />

VOJ010 $9.10<br />

VOJAĜO TRA ĈINIO. Yet another Chinese travel guide – this has the best pictures! In fact, this is a photo album with explanations,<br />

rather than an illustrated travelogue. 1986. 136p. 216x185. Paper. China.<br />

VOJ008 $10.00<br />

Cookbooks<br />

à INAJ FAMILIAJ PLADOJ. Trans LIŬ Caiŝeng. Eighty six traditional Chinese recipes, ranging from quite simple to exotically complex.<br />

Illustrated. 1986. 80p. 185x120. Paper. China.<br />

CIN003 $4.00<br />

INTERNACIA KUIRLIBRO, Johanna SHORTER-EYCK. Truly an international cookbook with 500 recipes from 100 countries. 1971.<br />

193p. 200x125. Paperback. England.<br />

INT012 $4.20<br />

INTERNACIE KUIRI, Maria BECKER-MEISBERGER. Hundreds of recipes from all around the world collected from Monato’s<br />

contributors. A nicely done and useful book. Illustrations by Hugo FONTYN. Second edition 2000. 184p. 205x145. Paperback. Belgium.<br />

ISBN 9071205703<br />

INT003 $13.50<br />

KIEL KUIRI SEN VIANDO. Clara de HESS. 1001 recipes for cooking healthful, vegetarian dishes. Includes a culinary vocabulary, table<br />

of measurements, names and descriptions of utensils, and a table of nutritional values for each ingredient used. 1998. 432p. 210x145.<br />

Paper. Brazil.<br />

KIE002 $22.30<br />

KURACAJ MANĜAĴOJ, ŬENG Ŭejĝjan et al. Trans. TAN ªIŭĝu. Eighty seven recipes of a curative nature. Includes a useful appendix showing effects and<br />

sources of important nutrients. Illustrated. 1986. 64p. 185x120. Paper. China.<br />

KUR002 $2.10<br />

Comic–Book Format<br />

AVENTURO DE MOMO · LA RINGO DE MOBIUSO, Jean-Pierre CAVELAN & Michel CAVELAN. This funky comic-book is roughly<br />

drawn, but with a kind of rustic charm. The story is rich in fantasy and rooted in science fiction. 1996. 44p. 295x210. France. ISSN<br />

03985822<br />

AVE002 $10.70<br />

BONA ARBO, LA, Shel SILVERSTEIN. Trans. Victor SADLER. A simple tale for children of all ages who need to be reminded that giving<br />

is better than receiving; that trees can feel and express love; and that happiness is truly attainable. Cute illustrations well reflect the tone<br />

of the story. 1999. 60p. 215x165. Bound. Croatia. ISBN 9536157993<br />

BON009 $15.50<br />

CISKO KAJ VINJO: LA BRUSELA BUBO. Willy VANDERSTEEN. Trans. Bert Boon, Mark Vanden Bempt k.a. Two Belgian children visit<br />


Brussels and have adventures with famous statue Maneken Pis. Drawn in a style very reminiscent of Asterix, but set (mostly) in modern<br />

times. 2002. 58p. 260x200. Paper. Belgium.<br />

CIS002 $13.70<br />

10 JAROJN POSTE, J. P. HUMPHREYS. An original <strong>Esperanto</strong> comic-book! Or perhaps more accurately described as an illustrated<br />

story-book, for there is not much comic in this futuristic tale of violent tribal skirmishes and genetic monstrosities. 1995. 28p. 280x215.<br />

Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

DEK002 $7.00<br />

D-RO SENESPERANTO SERĈAS LA BONAN ETOSON, Arnau TORRAS I TUT<strong>USA</strong>US. Already famous for his bawdy and anarchistic<br />

comix, Arnau attacks the very roots of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement, as a detective searches everywhere in Esperantio for good feelings. Not

96 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

as sexy as his previous volumes, but certainly just as wild and weird. 1998. 23p. 240x170. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 9539757606<br />

DRO001 $5.80<br />

FARAONO, LA, Boleslaw PRUS. Comic-book version of a famous Polish novel. 1980. 44p. 235x165. Paper. Hungary. ISBN 9635710690<br />

FAR002 $3.90<br />

FLAMBIRDO, LA, TEZUKA Osamu. Trans. KONISI Gaku. Part of an epic novel, the author’s masterwork, in comic book format. High<br />

adventure that transcends time and space and touches profound thoughts on the essence of life. This part is called Future and is set in<br />

the future. With biographical sketch of the author and notes from the translator. 2001. 295p. 210x150. Paper. Japan. ISBN 4888870195<br />

FLA003 $25.30<br />

HUMURAĴOJ EN BILDOJ, LI Jia. One-page comics. Illustrated by MAO Yintang. 1992. 88p. 185x130. Paper. China. ISBN 7505200801<br />

HUM001 $5.80<br />

ILUSTRITAJ GRAVAJ EVENTOJ EN LA VIVO DE KONFUCEO. The illustrations are like modern Chinese comic books, but the moral<br />

tales serve to instruct, rather than merely to amuse. There is no attempt to describe the entire complex system of Confucian morality, but<br />

the little snippets present a kind of continuity of virtue. Each page has a short paragraph of text along with a large-format drawing. 1998.<br />

84p. 185x260. Paper. China. ISBN 750520369X<br />

ILU001 $16.60<br />

KOMPENDIO PRI BLAZONOJ, Serge SIRE. A colorful and interesting introduction to the science of heraldry, suitable for those with an<br />

interest in the European medieval era. 2001. 16p. 300x105. Paper. France. ISSN 03985822<br />

KOM004 $4.60<br />

KUNIKS LA KUNIKLO, Jean-Pierre CAVELAN. A cute rabbit has a scary encounter with a fox, but winds up becoming good friends with<br />

a couple of dogs. A good way of presenting the advantages of friendship. A beautiful work of art, which is really an illustrated story for<br />

children of all ages. 1998. 12p. 295x210. Paper. France.<br />

KUN004 $11.30<br />

LASTA FLORO, LA, James THURBER. Trans. Liland B. ROS’. A sweet story about a serious theme – the origins of war. Features<br />

Thurber’s simple drawings. 1996. 31p. 175x105. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LAS006 $3.70<br />

LOGO, Maria Antonia SOBRAL & Elison de NOVAIS SIMAS. Four short illustrated comic-like stories, each unlike the others. A lively<br />

imagination propels these stories. Beautiful, delicate illustrations. 16p. 275x210. Paper. Brazil.<br />

LOG001 $4.50<br />

LOTUS-LANTERNO. Trans. YU Tao. A full-color children’s book from China with illustrations that look like Disney-esque animation cells.<br />

A mythological adventure involving gods, Budha, and humans fighting against injustice. 2000. 112p. 220x160. Paper. China. ISBN<br />

7505204351<br />

LOT001 $11.40<br />

MALPLI DA TEKSTO KAJ PLI DA SEKSO, Arnau Torras I TUT<strong>USA</strong>US. We won't guarantee the first part of the title, but the second<br />

part seems to be true. Large-format picture book in the “underground” mode, by the author of Romantikulo en la XX-a jarcento and D-ro<br />

Senesperanto ser.as la bonan etoson. Not for the faint of heart or the prudish. Illustrated. 2004. 56 p (not counting the four covers).<br />

295x210. Paper. Catalonia. ISBN 84-609-0204-8.<br />

MAL014 $20.70<br />

NUDPIEDA GEN, Keizi NAKAZAWA. Trans. IZUMI Yukio. The collected comic-strip story of the Nakaoka family in Hiroshima. Not funny,<br />

but moving. Second edition 1985. 284p. 210x150. Paper. Japan.<br />

NUD001 $10.00<br />

PLI OL HOMO, ESPERANTISTO. Arnau TORRAS. A series of short graphic (sometimes very graphic) stories of the "underground" style,<br />

suitable for shocking your parents. 1996. 50p. 290x210. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 953-96912-0-6.<br />

PLI001 $8.00<br />

ROMANTIKULO EN LA XX-A JARCENTO, Arnau TORRAS. A collection of pornographic comics which proves that <strong>Esperanto</strong> is a living<br />

language, as capable of indecency as any national tongue. 1996. 48p. 295x210. Paper. Croatia. ISBN 9539691214<br />

ROM001 $9.70<br />

SUN VUKONG TRIFOJE BATIS SKELETOSPIRITON, VANG Hingbej. Another episode from the Pilgrimage to the West, this time in a<br />

comic book style with black and white illustrations suitable for coloring. Illustrations by ÏAº Hongben & KIAN Hiaªdaj. 1974. 110p.<br />

250x170. Paper. China.<br />

SUN002 $6.20<br />

TINĈJO EN TIBETO. Hergé. After La krabo kun la oraj pinĉiloj and La nigra insulo, the third – and arguably most popular – of the largeformat<br />

"Tin-Tin" graphic adventure novels to be translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Our intrepid hero and his companions, seeking a lost aircraft,<br />

encounter monks and yetis on the roof of the world. Trans. Hervé Gonin. 2005. 62 p. 300x225. Bound. France. ISBN 2-203-00927-6.<br />

TIN001 $22.60

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 97<br />

VIVO SIMPLAS, LA, Arnau Torras I TUT<strong>USA</strong>US. If it does, this book doesn't prove it. Large-format picture book in the “underground”<br />

mode, by the author of Malpli da teksto kaj pli da sekso. A very graphic novel. Illustrated. 2004. 56 p (not counting the four covers).<br />

295x210. Paper. Catalonia. ISBN 84-609-0203-X.<br />

VIV017 $23.00<br />

Music<br />

AERLUMO, Flávio FONSECA. Cassette which resulted from the collaboration of many talented musicians. Most songs evoke a Brazilian<br />

atmosphere. Cassette and texts. 1990. Brazil.<br />

AER001 $8.70<br />

AKCEPTU, MONDO, NIN AMIKE! Elena PUHOVA. 12 songs, poems by Mikaelo Bronŝtejn, put to music and sung by Puhova, combo<br />

accompaniment. Includes song based on the delightful poem “Verdaj karavanoj". 2003. CD, running time 40 min 5 sec. Czech Republic.<br />

AKC001 $23.30<br />

AL LA ĜOJO. Ludwig van BEETHOVEN & Friedrich von SCHILLER. Trans. Kálmán Kalocsay & Konisi Gaku. Piano adaptation of the<br />

finale of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, with the <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation of the poem by Schiller that inspired it; now the anthem of the<br />

European Union. 2004. 65p. 250x180. Paper. Japan.<br />

ALL003 $9.40<br />

AL VENKO!. Sixteen <strong>Esperanto</strong> songs from the professional guitarist/singer József DINNYÉS. Besides the music itself, you will also enjoy<br />

the works of famous Esperantists like, R. Schwartz, J. Baghy, L. L. Zamenhof and others. Cassette+24-page booklet. 1986. Hungary.<br />

ALV003 $16.00<br />

AL VI DE MI. Var. 16 perennial popular favorites, sung in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by Alberta Casey. 1990. Cassette. <strong>USA</strong>. NOTE: This is a<br />

discontinued item, and only one copy remains in stock.<br />

ALV002 $9.00<br />

AMATA LANDO. Var. A collection of 19 <strong>Esperanto</strong> songs popular among Russian and other formerly Soviet <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers. Includes<br />

campout, drinking and folk music from various countries. Second part of a CD set, Oraj kantoj. CD.<br />

AMA002 $20.00<br />

AMU MIN. ¬omart & Nataþa. 12 songs of love, from texts by Mikaelo Bronþtejn, arranged, instrumented and sung by ¬omart Amzeyev<br />

and Nataþa Gerlach. Lyrics are clearly spoken and comprehensible. Includes booklet with lyrics. N.d. (2004). CD: 43'36". Sweden.<br />

AMU004 $32.80<br />

ANTAŬ DU JAROJ, TANAKA Akiko & KAWAMOTO Hiromi. Side A: nine original songs in <strong>Esperanto</strong>; side B: instrumental version of<br />

side A. Cassette+texts. 1989. Japan.<br />

ANT005 $13.00<br />

BELA REVO. Div. Compact disk of 19 popular and religious songs, translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong>, from Literatura Foiro. Miklós Teleki on the<br />

organ, vocals by Mária Permai and Gyöngyi Mézes, taped at Radio Hungary. CD. 67'27" running time. 2002. Switzerland.<br />

BEL006 $27.10<br />

BEST OF ALBERTA CASEY IN ESPERANTO, THE. This CD includes thirty songs which previously were released as two tapes or two<br />

LP’s. Now combined on a single CD, this new format makes it easier to find your favorite songs! CD+texts. 1998. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

BES005 $15.90<br />

BLANKA NOKTO. Ensemblo "Espero". A collection of 15 songs, mostly Russian, some translated and some originally written in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. Lyrics (included on paper) and songs mostly by Mikaelo Bronŝtejn and Vladislav Rajskij, sung by Larisa Selivanova, Vera<br />

Vlasova and Tatjana Belova. CD. 2002. Russia. Running time 48 min 40 sec.<br />

BLA001 $23.80<br />

BONVENU PACO: 28 HEBREAJ KAJ JIDAJ KANTOJ EN ESPERANTO. Yiddish and Hebrew songs sung in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by Tova Ben-Cvi and Chantal. The<br />

songs from the two cassettes Israelo kantas and Israelo ne ĉesas kanti, together on one CD. CD+12-page booklet of the lyrics. 2000. Israel.<br />

BON011 $18.10<br />

BRAZILA AKVARELO. Vida JERMAN. 23 relatively short but lovely songs, originaly presented at the 87th World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in<br />

Fortaleza, Brazil. With an explanatory booklet containing several of the texts. 2003. CD: 34'42". Croatia.<br />

BRA004 $30.20<br />

BRAZILA KOLEKTO. Tom JOBIM. Ten songs by a Brazilian master, sung by Alejandro Cossavella and Flavio Fonseca. Includes "The Girl<br />

from Ipanema". CD + lyrics. 30'35" running time. 2002. Brazil.<br />

BRA001 $24.40<br />

BROKANTAĴOJ, <strong>Esperanto</strong> Desperado. Kim HENDRIKSEN of Amplifiki fame brings some of the classic songs from that first<br />

Esperantist rock group to his new band, with new arrangements and some new songs. CD+12-page booklet. 2000. France.<br />

BRO002 $20.50<br />

CIVILIZACIO. Strika Tango. 13 lite rock songs from this new group, as well as three additional songs from "La Desertoj Dezertaj".<br />

Includes booklet with lyrics. 2004. CD. Playing time: 45'57". France.

98 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

CIV002 $25.90<br />

ĈERIZFLOROJ, Vol. 1. KONISI Gaku (ed.). A collection of 46 popular Japanese songs as translated by various well-known Japanese<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers and authors. Each song includes both melody and lyrics. At the end of the book, Konisi describes the history of song<br />

translation in Japan and gives some information about the translators represented here. 2005. 56p. 260x180. Paper. Japan.<br />

CER003 $11.30<br />

ĈU NE Amplifiki. The result of a Swedish-German-Russian-Italian collaboration, this is a high-quality cassette with twelve original<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> rock & folk songs. Cassette+16-page booklet (ISBN 8870360490). 1991. Italy.<br />

CUN003 $11.00<br />

DANĜERA UL’, Ĵak LEPŬIL’. Eleven modern protest songs by the editor of the famous La Kancerkliniko. Cassette+69-page booklet (ISBN<br />

8870360105). 1980. Italy.<br />

DAN003 $12.00<br />

DE PONT-AVEN AL VARSOVI’, Ĵak LE PUIL. This collection of ten songs finds Le Puil in good voice and humor. Nice tunes. Cassette+12-page<br />

booklet (ISBN 8870360347). 1985. Italy.<br />

DEP001 $15.00<br />

DEBUTO EN EKSTERLANDO, Nataŝa & Ĵomart. Short and easy to understand folk-style songs, recorded during a concert in Hungary.<br />

One of the first tapes from Soviet Esperantists. 1989. Hungary.<br />

DEB001 $10.00<br />

...DUM KRISTNASKA TEMPO. Ralph GLOMP. 12 Christmas songs, includes some old favorites well-known in the United States (e.g.<br />

"Tintilar'" = "Jingle Bells"). Accompanying booklet with lyrics. 2003. CD: Runing time 37'43".<br />

DUM003 $21.80<br />

DUONE, Thierry FAVERIAL. A one-man production by the lead guitarist in the group La Kompanoj: a kind of fusion of jazz and easy<br />

listening, about 40 minutes. CD+8-page booklet. 2001. France.<br />

DUO002 $17.80<br />

EL MALPROKSIMA HELO, VAR. 24 more of the most popular songs of Soviet and Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers, some written originally<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong> (e.g. "La Espero"), some translated from Russian, English, Ukrainian and other languages. Guitar accompaniment by<br />

Andrej Obrezkov and Valerij Vorobjev. Fourth in the series "Oraj Kantoj". 2003. CD: 53'47". Russia.<br />

ELP004 $20.30<br />

ELEKTRONIKA KOMPILO. Div. A selection of 16 pieces of electronic music with vocals in <strong>Esperanto</strong> by ten <strong>Esperanto</strong> singers and<br />

groups. 2002. CD: 70 min 43 sec. Russia.<br />

ELE004 $27.50<br />

EN VERDA ĜARDENO. Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. A compendium of 102 of Bronŝtejn's poems put to music and sung by the author, with<br />

guitar accompaniment. NOTE: This is not a regular audio CD but a set of MP3 files suitable for playing in a computer or any other device<br />

that handles MP3s. Includes an HTML songbook with lyrics to about 20 of the songs. 2004. CD. Russia.<br />

ENV001 $20.50<br />

ESPERANTA VOĈO. Vera JORDAN. 11 original songs in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, in styles ranging from easy-listening through pop to lite rock, as well<br />

as the Brazilian national anthem in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes sheet with lyrics. N.d. CD. Running time 42'31". Brazil.<br />

ESP028 $19.00<br />

ESPERANTE. Jose CALIXTO. Nine original songs from a newcomer to the Brazilian <strong>Esperanto</strong> music scene. CD + lyrics. 27'39" running<br />

time. 2002. Brazil.<br />

ESP012 $6.80<br />

ESPERANTO SUBGRUNDE, Div. A loud collection of punk, thrash, underground music. If you like this style of noise, you’ll enjoy it in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. 31 track form 15 different band. The wailing feedback, machinegun drumming and frantic screaming often obscure the lyrics,<br />

but does that really matter 2000. CD+16-page booklet. Brazil-France.<br />

ESP036 $20.50<br />

ESPERANTUJO MIA. Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. 12 songs, primarily from poems by Bronŝtejn, put to music and sung by the author, with<br />

guitar accompaniment by himself; see also "Iom da bono de Bruna Ŝtono" in this list. 2002. CD + 12-page booklet (lyrics and photos).<br />

48'50" running time. Russia.<br />

ESP052 $21.00<br />

ESPERO, LA. The “<strong>Esperanto</strong> Hymn”. Words and music. One sheet.<br />

ESP038 $.10<br />

FLORIS VIOLETOJ, VAR. Ten songs, six from Japan and four from <strong>Esperanto</strong>land ("Kanto de KLEG", "La Espero", "La tagiĝo", "Himno de<br />

la Lingwe Uniwersala"), published for the 88th Japanese <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Takarazuka, 2001. 2000. 16 p. 255x180. Paper. Japan.<br />

ISSN 0915-6038.<br />

FLO003 $1.50<br />

FLUGDRAKO, Kajto. Original <strong>Esperanto</strong> texts by Baghy, Piron, Thorsen and others in folk-music style. This group is widely acclaimed at

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 99<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> gatherings in Europe. 24-page booklet included. 1989. Netherlands.<br />

FLU003 (Csssette) $18.00<br />

FLU004 (CD) $19.10<br />

FOLIOJ DE MIA MEMORO, Ĵomart MAZEJEV & Nataŝa GERLAĤ. The second <strong>Esperanto</strong> cassette by this popular duo, this time<br />

published in Sweden. Seventeen folk-style songs. Cassette+texts. 1990.<br />

FOL001 12.00<br />

HEROOJ KAJ MARTIROJ, Div. Australian folk songs interspersed with stories and some historical background. One very versatile voice<br />

performs almost the whole disk, with instrumental and recorded sounds as accompaniment. CD+8-page booklet. 1999. Australia.<br />

HER001 $16.60<br />

HIMNARO ESPERANTA, Montagu C. BUTLER, ed. This tiny book is loaded with translations of many English-language hymns,<br />

including much music in four-part notation. 1966. 205p. 160x95. Paper. England.<br />

HIM001 $3.40<br />

HO! MIA KOR’, Merlin. A CD with 20-page brochure; primarily music, but also some visual content for those with a CD-equipped<br />

computer. Modern yet musical Brazilian rock in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2000. Brazil.<br />

HOM002 $12.90<br />

HORO DA OPOZICIO, Ĝanfranko & Ĝuljo. Twenty one protest songs with different social and political messages and translated from<br />

different languages. Cassette+22-page booklet. 1979. Italy.<br />

HOR003 $15.00<br />

HOTEL DESPERADO, <strong>Esperanto</strong> Desperado. A second music CD (after Brokantaĵoj) from <strong>Esperanto</strong> Desperado (Amir Hadziahmatovic,<br />

Brian Laustsen, Helle Eble Cleary, Kim Henriksen, His Bramsen). Includes booklet with lyrics and photos. 2004. CD: 54'56”. France.<br />

HOT001 $25.80<br />

IN-SPIR’, Morice BENIN. Fifteen original French style ballads with a message (some written in collaboration with other artists).<br />

Translated into <strong>Esperanto</strong> by various people. CD+20-page booklet. 2001. France.<br />

INS002 $17.40<br />

INICIADOGALILEO. Solotronik. Music CD.<br />

INI001 $23.30<br />

IOM DA BONO DE BRUNA ŜTONO, Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN. Twenty-two mostly original songs often with biting humor by a Russian bard.<br />

CD. 2000(). Russia.<br />

IOM001 $15.80<br />

ISRAELO KANTAS, Chantal. Fifteen modern and ancient songs from Israeli folklore in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Cassette+19-page booklet. 1989.<br />

Israel.<br />

ISR001 $13.00<br />

ISRAELO NE ĈESAS KANTI, Tova BEN-CVI. Twenty popular Israeli and Jewish songs in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Cassette+texts. 1993. Israel.<br />

ISR002 $14.00<br />

IUFOJE SOMERMEZE. Andreo BERTSE. Popular instrumentals from Sweden, France, <strong>USA</strong>, Russia and Finland; cover information in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. 1992. CD. Running time 55'57".<br />

IUF001 $28.40<br />

JACQUES YVART KANTAS GEORGES BRASSENS. Long popular as a romantic chanteur, Yvart is well known for his interpretations of<br />

songs by his friend Brassens. Yvart recently learned <strong>Esperanto</strong>, and now presents his first album in the international language. His deep<br />

and mellifluous voice surely demonstrates that <strong>Esperanto</strong> is capable of expressing a wide range of musical nuance. CD+12-page booklet.<br />

1998. France.<br />

JAC001 $17.50<br />

JAZSPERANTO. Kaj STRIDELL. 11 old-timers mainly from the United States (e.g. "Pennies from Heaven", "Ain't Misbehavin'", "Takin' a<br />

Chance on Love"), played in jazz fashion and sung in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Includes sheet with lyrics. 2003. CD. Running time 48'21". Sweden.<br />

JAZ001 $28.50<br />

JOMO FRIPONAS! Popular <strong>Esperanto</strong> singer JoMo has fun in the studio and brings to us a taste of <strong>Esperanto</strong> youth festivals. CD+12-<br />

page booklet with lyrics. 2001. France.<br />

JOM002 $24.00<br />

JOMO KAJ LIBERECANOJ. A strange but successful combination of revolutionary socialist sentiment and straight-forward 50s style<br />

rock’n’roll. Not merely a curiosity, this well-produced album will bring pleasure to anybody who likes retro-rock. CD+12-page booklet.<br />

1998. France.<br />

JOM001 $18.10<br />

JOMO SLAVUMAS. Excellent new disk by jOmO, contains 24 pieces with an exotic Eastern European flavor, ranging from traditional to<br />

rock. Pieces range from "La Golemo" through "Tumbalalajka" and "La reveno de Taras Bulba" to "Apudmoskvaj vesperoj". "You'll find

100 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

inside, i.a., a Kiev nightingale, a Gypsy prince, a Belarussian virtuosa, bass players of Romanian and Indian origin, motorized cossacks<br />

and an unforgettable fiddler on the roof." CD + lyrics booklet: 69'51". France.<br />

JOM003 $30.20<br />

JUBILEA KONCERTO. VAR. Compact disk presentation of a concerto arranged to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the <strong>Esperanto</strong>-<br />

Gesellschaft Südharz in the castle auditorium en Herzberg/Harz. Contains 14 vocal pieces by Abt, Beethoven, Donizetti, Lehar, Mozart,<br />

Nicolai, Smetana, J. Strauss, Verdi and Winkler, sung by Katrina Kudlikova, Anni Wiesmann, Miroslav Smyæka, Alfons Hofman and<br />

Walter Lange, with Ulrich Mattke and Jan Zimmel on the piano. CD. 55'35" running time. 2001. Germany.<br />

JUB002 $22.90<br />

ĴUS PER KARES'. Ralph GLOMP. 11 original pieces of pop music sung by Ralph Glomp. Includes two variants of "La Espero", one with<br />

traditional music and one somewhat modernized. Accompanied by booklet with lyrics. 2003. CD. Running time 40'24". Germany.<br />

JUS001 $25.50<br />

KAJTO-KANONOJ, Kajto. This small collection of canons includes all of those which appear on Kajto’s albums, plus a few more. They<br />

range in difficulty from simple to expert level. All are fun and clever. An excellent means to get groups singing together. 1995. 6p.<br />

295x210. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

KAJ004 $2.60<br />

KAJTO-KANTLIBRO, Kajto. A must for all fans of Kajto who like to sing along with the albums. This book includes all songs on the<br />

band’s first three albums. Slick, professionally done. Includes melodies, chords, lyrics and even some nice photos of the band at play.<br />

1995. 72p. 295x210. Paper. Netherlands.<br />

KAJ005 $11.90<br />

KANTAROJ, MUZIKO. A booklet with 24 of the early songs – music and lyrics – by the well known Kazakh singing couple, Ĵomart and<br />

Nataŝa, before their move to Sweden. n.d.. 32 p. 205x145. Paper. Ukraine.<br />

KAN011 $3.10<br />

KANTOJ DE L’ POPOLO, Keka & Cantica. Traditional Slovak songs in <strong>Esperanto</strong> translation. Half traditional arrangements with folk<br />

instruments, half choral settings. Lovely and exotic music. CD+4-page booklet. 1993. Czech Republic.<br />

KAN005 $13.80<br />

KANTOJ EL HIMNARO ESPERANTA. Bil MUNSIL. Audiotape of various Christmas carols in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and English. Side A contains "Ho<br />

Venu Vi Emanuel", Ĉeestu Fiduloj", "Sankta Bebo", "En la Vintromezo", "Ho Eta Urbo Betlehem", "Kantas Anĝeloj Heroldaj", "Kiel Kun<br />

Ĝojo de la Saĝuloj", "Paca Nokt'", "La Espero". Side B contains the English versions. With lyrics. Tape. ND. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

KAN002 $11.70<br />

KANTOJ KARMEMORAJ, VAR. Song book compiled by Konisi Gaku. Contains 33 songs from Japan, 20 international. Includes both<br />

lyrics and melody. 1985. 61 p. 260x180. Paper. Japan.<br />

KAN004 $5.10<br />

KANTOJ POR ØOJO. Stanislava CHRDLOVÁ. 30 traditional and generally simple songs in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, many Czech and Slovak in origin<br />

but also with a number of internationally known pieces (e.g. “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” and “John Brown’s Body” from the<br />

United States). Illustrated by Pavel Rak. 2003. 63 p. 165x115. Paper. Czech Republic. ISBN 80-85853-68-X.<br />

KAN003 $7.40<br />

KELKAJ KANTOJ POR MIAJ GEAMIKOJ. Jan STRYDOM. 32 songs from various countries and in various languages, two of them in<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong>. Enclosed booklet with acknowledgements and table of contents in Afrikaans, English and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Insert with texts for two<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> songs. N.d. CD. Running time 67'50". Sweden.<br />

KEL001 $12.70<br />

KIA VIV’, Kore. A smooth album of pop/rock songs which feature the strong, highly polished, subtly-nuanced singing of Kris Spitzer.<br />

This is the debut album of a band which we will certainly hear from again. CD-12-page booklet. 2000. France<br />

KIA001 $18.40<br />

KOMPIL-RECOPILATORIO 1990-1995. Solotronik. Music CD.<br />

REC002 $20.00<br />

KOMPIL-RECOPILATORIO 1997-2001. Solotronik. Music CD.<br />

REC003 $23.30<br />

KOMPILAĴO. La Mevo. A compendium of 23 songs from three earlier albums (cassette) by the Japanese <strong>Esperanto</strong> pop group “La Mevo”,<br />

as well as one song from Vinilkosmo-Kompil’ Vol. 1. Includes folder with lyrics.. N.d. (2004). CD: 73'26". Japan. NEW.<br />

KOM003 $28.50<br />

KOMUNE. Ralph GLOMP. Five more four-minute songs primarily by Ralph Glomp, Jürgen Wulff and Marcus Pengel. Includes page with<br />

lyrics. 2005. CD. Running time: 19'29".<br />

KOM007 $11.10<br />

KONCERTO EN QUINTIN (12 APRILO 1998), BRETONA ESPERANTO-KORUSO. Although this is a small homemade project, the recording<br />

quality is surprisingly good; and the singing is superb! The songs represent a wide variety of styles, including several Breton songs, folk<br />

songs from other regions, a Renaissance song, a Negro spiritual, and two rounds by Kajto. CD. France.<br />

KON002 $13.30

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 101<br />

KORO SUTRO, LA. Technically, professionally and content-wise, this recording is one of the best produced in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Definitely not<br />

for light listening, this collection by the world famous Lou Harrison is nonetheless a masterpiece in any language. An innovator of<br />

musical composition and performance who transcends cultural boundaries, Harrison’s highly acclaimed work juxtaposes and synthesizes<br />

musical dialects from virtually every corner of the world. CD+text. 1988. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

KOR003 $11.60<br />

KRISTNASKA KORDO, AKORDO. New Christmas collection by the Dutch Esperantist ensemble Akordo. 25 Christmas carols from a<br />

number of sources, including several <strong>Esperanto</strong> versions of well-known English carols (e.g. "The Coventry Carol", "Little Drummer Boy",<br />

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"). Includes 16-page booklet of lyrics. 2003. CD: 59'09". The Netherlands.<br />

KRI005 $26.50<br />

KVINPINTA KANTARO 2000. Sten Johansson (kompilis). 49 favorite songs, mostly pop and folk, with lyrics and notes. Arranged by<br />

title, also includes index of first lines and table of guitar chords. 2000. 72p. 210x150. Paper. Sweden.<br />

KVI004 $9.40<br />

LINGVO INTERMONDA, Dolcxamar. A collection of songs which have melodies and arrangements worth hearing again and again. The<br />

style is a mixture of Europop and techno. All lyrics are quite clear and worthy of attention. CD+8-page booklet. 2000. France.<br />

LIN006 $18.40<br />

LINGVO POR NI, LA, VAR. 22 songs popular both among Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers and with an international audience. Includes<br />

such old favorites as "Guantanamera", "Mariŝa, kisu min" and "Apudmoskvaj vesperoj". Guitar accompaniment by Andrej Obrezkov,<br />

Marija Koĉetkova and Maksim Kablukov. Third in the series "Oraj Kantoj". 2003. CD: 54'17". Russia.<br />

LIN017 $20.00<br />

LITOVAJ POPOLKANTOJ. 23 Lithuanian folk songs, in Lithuanian an <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with melody notes. Includes also a discussion of<br />

Lithuanian folk music, two short Lithuanian fairy tales, and a set of Lithuanian proverbs. Colorfully illustrated outer and inner covers.<br />

2005. 32p. 150x210. Paper. Lithuania.<br />

LIT005 $5.40<br />

LOKOMOTIVO, RULU NUN! Kajto. Fourteen new songs, relating to railways and trains, from the popular Dutch singing group. Includes<br />

booklet with lyrics. 2004. CD: 51'13". The Netherlands.<br />

LOK001 $17.80<br />

LONDONO KANTAS. Londona <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Ĥoro. Twenty songs, many of them popular in <strong>Esperanto</strong> clubs throughout the world, sung by<br />

members of the London <strong>Esperanto</strong> Club. 1983. CD. Running time: 51'14".<br />

LON005 $6.40<br />

LONGA KAJ PROSPERA VIVO. Solotronik. Music CD.<br />

LON004 $29.00<br />

MESIO, George Friedrich HÄNDEL. Trans. Imre SZABÓ. Fragments of the world-famous and well-loved classical oratorio Messiah<br />

performed by professional Hungarian singers. Concert recording. Cassette+text. 1989. Hungary.<br />

MES001 $11.00<br />

MEVEN, Bretona <strong>Esperanto</strong>-Koruso. Seafaring, traditional and folk songs of Brittany and the Sant-Brieg region of France sung by a<br />

local <strong>Esperanto</strong> chorus of Brittany. Very pleasant listening. CD+12-page booklet with lyrics in <strong>Esperanto</strong> alongside the originals. 2001.<br />

France.<br />

MEV001 $14.00<br />

MI ESTAS. ¬ak le PUIL. 14 vigorous traditional-style (pop and folk-type) songs by long-time <strong>Esperanto</strong> singer ¬ak le Puil, with guitar<br />

accompaniment by JoMo. Includes booklet with lyrics. 2004. CD: 51'24”. France.<br />

MIE002 $31.40<br />

MIA NOMO NE GRAVAS... Mikaelo BRONÞTEJN. 18 of the most popular poems of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s Russian bard set to music. Guitar<br />

accompaniment by Mikaelo Bronþtejn, A. Obrezkov and M. Koæetkova. Includes booklet containing lyrics. Fifth in the series “Oraj Kantoj”.<br />

2003. CD: 67’16". Russia.<br />

MIA006 $20.30<br />

MIRAKLO. Solotronik. Music CD.<br />

MIR006 $20.00<br />

MUSIC OF DAVID GAINES, THE. David Gaines. Contains the composer's "Concerto for euphonium and orchestra" and his "Symphony<br />

No. 1 ('<strong>Esperanto</strong>')", both performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra as conducted by Vit Micka and, in the symphony, with the<br />

vocal accompaniment of mezzo-soprano Kimball Wheeler, singing in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. CD, 52:09 minutes.<br />

MUS002 $17.30<br />

MUZIKA ALBUMO “FRANZ SCHUBERT”, Ernst A. EKKER & Doris EISENBURGER. Trans. Georgo HANDZLIK. This large-format book<br />

relates many interesting stories of the composer’s life. Beautifully illustrated. Includes a music CD. 1997. 28p. 300x235. Bound. Poland.<br />

ISBN 8386147768<br />

MUZ002 $30.50

102 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

MUZIK-NOTOJ, K. KALOCSAY, J. BAGHY, et al. A rare collection of songs with music notes from Hungary. The words are by Kalocsay<br />

and Baghy; the music is by Kalocsay, Sárossy, Kálmán, a.o. 34p. 230x155. Paper. Hungary.<br />

MUZ003 $1.50<br />

MUZIKPLUVO, Akordo. This talented septet sings a capella arrangements of medieval/Renaissance courtly music and folk songs from all<br />

over the world. Luscious harmonies and fine voices. CD+booklet. 1996. Netherlands.<br />

MUZ001 $25.00<br />

NE DONU TRO, Ĵak LE PUIL. Singing in the style of French chansonette, Le Puil is by turns silly, mocking, melancholy, political–yet<br />

always amusing. Cassette+texts. 1996. France.<br />

NED001 $18.00<br />

NENIO DEPENDAS DE NI. Pavel KOROTENKO & Grigorij AROSEV. 24 songs played (on guitar) and sung by Korotenko and Arosev;<br />

recorded during Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> Days, 2002, Kovrov, Russia. 2004. CD. 70'20". Russia.<br />

NEN003 $6.50<br />

NI DANCU EN LA RONDO, Flávio FONSECA & Cristina PANCIERI. Simple yet pleasing songs for children, translated from [Brazilian]<br />

Portuguese. CD+16-page brochure. 1999. Brazil.<br />

NID001 $13.20<br />

NI KANTU EN ESPERANTO. Frans JAHGER, Duncan CHARTERS, Julius BALBIN. 12 songs popular among members of JEN in the<br />

sixties. Also, Julius Balbin declaims his translation of Yevtushenko's Babij Jar and Duncan Charters does his famous monologue Mia<br />

Eksterlanda Vojaøo. CD+booklet with lyrics. 40', 2003. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

NIK002 $11.10<br />

NI RENKONTIĜOS. Div. A collection of 19 <strong>Esperanto</strong> songs popular among Russian and other formerly Soviet <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers.<br />

Includes campout, drinking and folk music from various countries, including the US. First part of a CD set, Oraj kantoj. CD.<br />

NIR001 $20.00<br />

NI TOSTU LA VERDAN FORTUNON..., Georgo HANDZLIK. A nice collection of original songs, mostly with pleasant folk accompaniment<br />

of guitar and/or piano. Many include insiders’ humor about <strong>Esperanto</strong> congresses or other aspects of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> movement. Others<br />

are nostalgic in a Slavic vein. CD. 1999. Poland.<br />

NIT001 $19.30<br />

NOKTO IĜAS TAG'. Ralph GLOMP. 10 pieces of lite rock, with original <strong>Esperanto</strong> lyrics sung by Ralph Glomp. Also includes a mix of<br />

three pieces from Ĵus per kares'. 2004. CD: Running time 41'03". Germany.<br />

NOK003 $17.80<br />

PER NIA NURA VOL’, Suzana. A collection of ten songs for and about the Women’s Movement. Uplifting optimistic sentiment (for the<br />

most part!) matches the bouncy singable tunes. Cassette+12-page booklet (ISBN 8870360320). 1980. Italy.<br />

PER005 $15.00<br />

PIRATOJ DE PENZANCO, LA, W. S. GILBERT & Arthur SULLIVAN. The famous The Pirates of Penzance translated by Reto ROSSETTI.<br />

1979. 37p. 210x145. Paper. England. ISBN 0950532347<br />

PIR001 $6.10<br />

PLAÆAS AL MI. Kaj Tiel Plu. 16 mostly traditional Catalonian and Occitanian songs ranging in period from the 14 th century to the<br />

Spanish Civil War, played on the base guitar, flutes, drums, violin, clamshells, cello, guitar, mandolin and tambourine. Includes booklet<br />

with lyrics in <strong>Esperanto</strong> and (usually) Catalán. 2004. CD: 44'47”. France (Occitanie).<br />

PLA003 $26.10<br />

PLI OL NENIO. Martin & La Talpoj. First solo album by Martin Wiese, the former guitarist and main vocalist of Persone. Includes ten<br />

light rock pieces.; also on the CD an MP3 of Roøer Borøes and two videofilms of Martin Wiese. 2007. CD: 37'55". France.<br />

PLI003 $26.50<br />

PLU MEVEN: ONDUMOJ TRA LA MOND', Meven. The Breton <strong>Esperanto</strong> Chorus Meven sings fifteen traditional sea- and river-based<br />

songs from around the world. Includes booklet with lyrics and drawings. 2004. CD: 41'25”. France.<br />

PLU009 $28.40<br />

POLIMORFIA ARKITEKNIA, Solotronik. Nice post-modern music from the synthesizer artist Edu Vargas. His soothing baritone voice<br />

presents a wide range of melodic styles. Excellent texts by the “Iberian School” taken from their book Ekstremoj. CD+12-page booklet.<br />

1999. France.<br />

POL001 $17.50<br />

POPOLAJ KANTOJ, ROMANCOJ, KANZONOJ. Daniel KOLKER. Lyrics to 46 traditional songs (including burlesque variants), largely of<br />

Russian or Israeli origin. 2002. 56p. 210x150. Paper. Israel.<br />

POP001 $4.60<br />

POR LA MONDO, Merlin Esperante. A compact disk of music which will delight nearly everybody! Attractive lightly swinging samba<br />

rhythms and hummable tunes with clearly sung texts about truth, justice and peace. No harsh rock’n’roll, this is pretty Brazilian style<br />

pop music: slightly exotic, but mostly mainstream. Easy listening in the best sense of the phrase. CD+texts. 1999. France.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 103<br />

POR001 $18.30<br />

PRINTEMPO BLU¬INSA. Mikaelo BRONÞTEJN. Sixteen songs by the Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> bard, including the six from the "Puþkinjubileo".<br />

CD + lyrics booklet: 54'28". Russia.<br />

PRI006 $24.40<br />

PROCESIO MULTKOLORA, Kajto. The second recording by a very popular Dutch ensemble. This time members of the group wrote the<br />

texts. 16-page brochure included. 1991. Netherlands.<br />

PRO007 (Cassette) $14.00<br />

PRO008 (CD) $16.80<br />

PROTECT LOVE. Nargis MONDJAZIB. The singer is the winner of the “Belartaj Konkursoj” in the branch “Kanto” at Göteborg in 2003.<br />

This disk contains eight songs, primarily of Middle Eastern background with some emphasis on Baha’i (e.g. “Our Teacher”), in Persian,<br />

Uzbek and Tajik. Two of the songs are in <strong>Esperanto</strong>: “Piano in the Night” and “Our teacher”. 2003. CD: 35'32". United States.<br />

PRO001 $16.70<br />

RAMONA VAN DALSEM KANTAS 23 ELEKTITAJN KANTOJN. The entire recorded repertoire of the “<strong>Esperanto</strong> Nightingale” from the<br />

Netherlands. CD+20-page booklet. 2001. Denmark.<br />

RAM001 $10.90<br />

REBELA SONO, Dolchamar. Twelve new songs from the popular Finnish group, who have also changed the spelling of their name and<br />

their lyrics. Main vocals by Patrik Austin, supported by Jako Kalliokoski and Leena Peisa, Jani Salo, Valtteri Konttinen, Hannu Linkola<br />

and Hipo Ohvo on instruments 2005. CD: 50'39". France.<br />

REB001 $25.00<br />

REVENAS MI, Ĵak LE PUIL. Ten vintage songs in Ĵak’s unique vocal interpretation of several styles. Includes some revered classics.<br />

Cassette+12-page booklet. 1982. Italy.<br />

REV001 $15.00<br />

REVULA SEZONO. Mikaelo POVORIN. 20 new songs by a relatively newly-discovered Russian musician. Sung by Povorin and Nataþa<br />

Gerla, guitar accompaniment by Povorin. 2006. CD: 56'27". Russia.<br />

REV004 $25.10<br />

SAMARKAND, Ĵomart & Nataŝa. A re-release by this important duo of a cassette which includes many of their early hits which brought<br />

them deserved fame. Such sweet harmonies; such hauntingly melancholy melodies. Cassette+texts. 1994. Sweden.<br />

SAM001 $12.00<br />

... SED ESTAS NE, Persone. This second CD from the renowned Swedish trio lives up to its promise, as it displays more excellent<br />

original poetry set to hard-driving modern rock’n’roll melodies with energetic drums, bass and guitar accompaniment. Persone continues<br />

to provide high-quality cultural artifacts for the modern Esperantist. CD+12-page booklet. 1998. France.<br />

SED002 $18.40<br />

SEN. Persone. A new acoustic album from the Swedish rock group Persone. Includes eleven pieces, nine of them new, two from the<br />

albums ...sed estas ne and Povus esti simple. CD. 40'45" running time. 2002. France.<br />

SEN007 $20.60<br />

SIMBIOZO. Flávio FONSECA & Geraldo MATTOS. Twelve poems by the Brazilian author and linguist (currently president of the<br />

Akademio de <strong>Esperanto</strong>) put to vigorous Brazilian music by Flávio Fonseca. CD. 2002. Brazil. Running time 35‘2”.<br />

SIM003 $24.50<br />

SOJLE DE LA KLARA TEMP’, Kaj tiel plu. Traditional folksongs translated from Catalan, Occitan (Provençal), Ladino (Judeo-Spanish),<br />

Hebrew, and Castilian (Spanish) presented so beautifully, that one can’t help wishing it were longer than a half hour. CD+8-page booklet.<br />

2000. France.<br />

SOJ001 $19.30<br />

SUNRADIO. La Rolls. Ten rock pieces, vocals in <strong>Esperanto</strong>, with an African nuance, with Dennis Rock Tamba, Jorge Jimenez and<br />

Marcus Nachtigall. 2004. CD. Running time: 42'44". Germany.<br />

SUN004 $21.80<br />

SUPERNOVA. Supernova. First collection of rock music by a new Latin group. By Rogener Pavinski (voice and bass guitar), Ale Mancini<br />

(electric guitar), Roøer Borøes (drums and synthesizer). Includes: "Pasio en katen'", "Stela nokto", "Alia mondo eblas", "Floro kaj abelo",<br />

"La vetemulo", "Ironio de l' destin'", "Animo flama", "Dominant'", "Kiam la suno falas", "Mizera tim'", "Fil'", "Lasu min" and "La lasta<br />

kanzono". 2006. CD: 54'20". France.<br />

SUP002 $24.80<br />

SURVOJE, La kompanoj. This album presents a wide range of styles; in fact there’s one each of the following: solidarity anthem, love<br />

song, Renaissance ballad, flamenco tune, torch song, Music Hall ditty, satirical “children’s song”. CD+12-page booklet. 1999. France.<br />

SUR010 $19.40<br />

ŜAKO, Porkoj. Fine rock’n’roll with an occasional poetic ballad. All the lyrics are clever and very well performed. You will likely find your -<br />

self wanting to hear more, for this is an unfortunately small collection of songs. CD+12-page booklet. 1999. France.

104 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

SAK001 $15.60<br />

ÞOSOJ DE L’ UTOPI’, LA. Thierry FAVERIAL. Ten new pop songs by the lead guitarist of La Kompanoj (Survoje) and soloist of Duone.<br />

Songs are: “La fia besto” (text by Roel Haveman), “La Muzo”, “Iluzio”, “Suneto”, “Iom post iom”, “La infaneco”, “Øiseterne”, “Sopiro”, “Mi<br />

petas de l’ mondo”, “Epitafo”. Includes booklet containing lyrics. 2004. CD: 55’59". France.<br />

SOS001 $22.00<br />

TIELAS VIVO. Kore. Eleven new songs and six older ones from this European group. The disk also includes MP3s of the titles and a<br />

short MPEG videofilm of Kore in studio. There is a booklet containing the lyrics. 2007. CD: 57'06". France.<br />

TIE005 $29.30<br />

TOHUVABOHUO, Kajto. This album of Esperantio’s most popular band continues their tradition of presenting a programmed concert,<br />

rather than a mere collection of songs. Many songs are based on lyrics of William Auld. Booklet included. 1993. Netherlands.<br />

TOH001 (Cassette) $16.00<br />

TOH002 (CD) $18.70<br />

UKRAINAJ KANTOJ EN ESPERANTO. Mikaelo LINECKIJ et al. 20 mostly traditional Ukrainian folk songs, sung in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. An<br />

included booklet includes texts not only in <strong>Esperanto</strong> but in Ukrainian (Cyrillic letters) and Ukrainian (Latin letters). CD. Running time:<br />

49'19".<br />

UKR001 $23.00<br />

VALSO POR AMIKOJ, Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa. The latest batch of songs from this famous duet shows how they continue to develop their<br />

masterful blend of folk, swing and jazz roots, displaying their well-known vocal harmonies. A sweet melancholy feeling predominates,<br />

with a bit of joy and hope as spices. CD+texts. 1999. Sweden.<br />

VAL001 $19.90<br />

VENOS LIBER’, Marĉela. These twelve songs are translations of Basque and Catalan popular songs, with lively and catchy tunes.<br />

Although some of the accompanying musicians are not polished professionals, their love of the music carries the day. Cassette+24-page<br />

booklet. 1989. Italy.<br />

VEN004 $15.00<br />

VENU AMIKOJ. Eleven songs from the Era of Protest, compiled and sometimes translated by Konisi Gaku. Most of the songs are<br />

Japanese, but some <strong>Esperanto</strong> speakers might appreciate these translations of “The Cruel War Is Raging”, “Puff the Magic Dragon” and<br />

“The Times They Are A-Changing”. 1970. 12 p. 255x180. Paper. Japan.<br />

VEN003 $1.00<br />

VERSTELAJ BRAZILAĴOJ. Tarcisio LIMA. A compendium of 13 songs, several of them award- winning, by Brazil's <strong>Esperanto</strong> bard.<br />

Vocals by Carlos Candida, Ines Mapurunga, others. CD. Brazil.<br />

VER002 $13.00<br />

VERULA SEZONO. Mikaelo POVORIN. 20 new songs by a relatively newly-discovered Russian musician. Sung by Povorin and Nataþa<br />

Gerla, guitar accompaniment by Povorin. 2006. CD: 59'38". Russia.<br />

VER014 $25.10<br />

VESELIN DAMJANOV KONCERTAS EN KANADO. What a variety is found here! Opera arias and folk songs from Russia and Canada.<br />

Richly nuanced singing and fine piano accompaniment. Lyric sheet includes all <strong>Esperanto</strong> texts. Audiotape. Canada.<br />

VES001 $19.00<br />

VI KURAS DE VI, Ĵomart & Nataŝa. This collection of thirteen mostly melancholy songs well displays the rich vocal talents of this wellknown<br />

duo. All original songs, with simple guitar accompaniment. Cassette+16-page booklet (ISBN 8870360571). 1992. Italy.<br />

VIK002 $15.00<br />

VINILKOSMO · KOMPIL’, Div. An excellent introduction to the various music groups and singers of Esperantio, with a balanced mixture<br />

of long-time favorites and newcomers. Multilingual booklet included. France.<br />

Vol. 2. 1996<br />

VIN003 (Cassette) $16.00<br />

VIN004 (CD) $28.60<br />

VIVAJ KONCERTOJ. Div. More than nine hours of music, recorded in 1997-2002 at various Russian <strong>Esperanto</strong> conferences. Includes<br />

Sergei Bozin, Mikaelo Bronŝtejn, Ĵomart kaj Nataŝa, Maŝa Koĉetkova, Paŝa Korotenko kaj Griŝa Arosev, Vladimir Soroka kaj kompanio,<br />

Ekvinokso, Slavjanskaj Stomakoj, JoMo, Vladimir Ŝiŝkin, Ivan Naumov kaj kompanio, Andrej Obrezkov, Evelina Sokalova, Aleksandr<br />

Koval kaj Oĉjo, Anatolij Radaev, Slava Bondarjkov and Miĥail Povorin. Can also be transferred to an iPod or similar portable listening<br />

device. Includes Winamp listening program for Windows machines. 2004. CD-ROM. 9hr30'. Russia.<br />

VIV019 $6.50<br />

VIVU ESPERANTUJO, Georgo HANDZLIK. Twelve songs, original and translated, with guitar accompaniment. Cassette+16-page booklet<br />

(ISBN 8870360399). 1989. Italy.<br />

VIV001 $13.00<br />

VIVU LA KANTO, Ton VERWOERD & Bram HIJMANS. Forty five songs for children are presented in clear, large, professional quality<br />

notation including chords. Includes nine songs from Mazi. Most pages are illustrated with children’s drawings. 1996. 46p. 300x210.

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 105<br />

Paper/Plastic. Netherlands. ISBN 9075830017<br />

VIV007 $17.70<br />

VIVU LA STEL'. Div. Pocket-sized collection of lyrics (no music) to 51 songs in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Contains some well-known <strong>Esperanto</strong> songs, a<br />

number of Swedish and other folk songs, and the national anthems of the various Scandinavian countries. 1956. 64p. 145x105. Paper.<br />

Sweden.<br />

VIV013 $4.40<br />

VOJO, LA, Ĝanfranko. Fifteen songs on various themes written in the folk style popular among Esperantists. Cassette+73-page booklet.<br />

1986. Italy.<br />

VOJ009 $12.00<br />

WATER OF LIFE, THE. Nargis MONDJAZIB. Eight more songs by this engaging and award-winning young Baha’i songstress from<br />

Uzbekistan. Songs on this disk are in Persian, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik and <strong>Esperanto</strong> (“The Scarf” and “Summer World”). n.d. CD: 34'44".<br />

United States.<br />

WAT001 $16.70<br />

Postcards, Philately<br />

LITOVIO: EDITAL-FOLIO, 90A UNIVERSALA KONGRESO. Folding card from Lithuanian postal service, shows painting of Kaunas home<br />

of Zamenhof's father-in-law Zilbernik (now HQ of Lithuanian <strong>Esperanto</strong> Association) on front, explanations about world congress in<br />

Lithuanian, <strong>Esperanto</strong> and English on inside left page, two 1 litas postage stamps commemorating the congress on inside right page, the<br />

lower one of which has been stamped with the first-day postmark. Stamps are under protecting transparent plastic. Card comes<br />

protected in congress envelope with picture of Zamenhof monument at lower left. 2005. 155x110. Paper. Lithuania.<br />

LIT008 $8.30<br />

LUDWIG ZAMENHOF · KREINTO DE ESPERANTO. A sketch by Alberta CASEY. Postcard. 153x100. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

POS003 $.10<br />

POŜTKARTO CED. Beautiful four-color painting of several human forms in silhouette in a dream-like landscape. The title HEJMO ESTAS...<br />

and various descriptions are written in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Published by the Center for the Evolution of Democracy. 1995. 150x100. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

POS007 $.60<br />

POŜTKARTO "<strong>Esperanto</strong> (The Universal Language)". Cute postcard from Western Australia with painting of two children, friends, one<br />

blond, one aboriginal.<br />

POS008 $1.80<br />

POŜTKARTO FLAGO. The <strong>Esperanto</strong> flag in postcard format. Send a symbol of solidarity to sam<br />

ideanoj! 1995. 150x100. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

POS009 $.30<br />

POŜTKARTOJ MERLIN. Packet of eight different color postcards advertising the recording group "Merlin". N.d. 150x100. Brazil.<br />

POS014 $4.00<br />

POŜTKARTO PATRO NIA. Attractive color postcard with the <strong>Esperanto</strong> text of the "Patro Nia" superimposed on the front. 1998.<br />

140x100. Brazil.<br />

POS013 $.25<br />

POŜTKARTO SVISA 3. Rolfo’s artwork portrays the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and <strong>Esperanto</strong>! Vibrantly colorful and downright<br />

pretty. 1996. 150x105. Switzerland.<br />

POS004 $.50<br />

POŜTKARTO SVISA 4. The letter a is the subject matter, but the result is quite amusing and unexpectedly brilliant. A real eye-catcher.<br />

1996. 150x105. Switzerland.<br />

POS011 $.50<br />


POS010 $.30<br />

POŜTKARTO USONA. A brilliant four-color printing portrays a man clutching his head in despair. The slogan LINGVA PROBLEMO – ESPERANT-<br />

IĜU! explains why. 1994. 140x90. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

POS006 $.20<br />

POŜTKARTOJ KOREAJ. Series of ten high quality, multicolored postcards with explanations only in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Five of them are about<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> and the other five are about sports. 150x100. S. Korea.<br />

ESPERANTO · PASPORTO AL LA TUTA MONDO. Video course in <strong>Esperanto</strong> with 15 half-hour<br />

lessons, complete text in loose leaf format, and exercises. Follow the Bonvolo family through<br />

their continuing adventures in Esperantio, presented in sit-com style, along with instructional<br />

elements. For price and ordering information, please contact ELNA’s CO.


106 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

POS005 $2.60<br />

Computer Programs<br />

BILLY. This computer game is fun for children of all ages from three to ninety three! Somewhat similar to Mario Brothers but much more<br />

complex and quite a bit sillier. No violence. Five different worlds and more than a hundred levels to play in. Text and speech in numerous<br />

languages, including (of course) <strong>Esperanto</strong>. High-resolution graphic and excellent sound. CD-ROM format. 1997.<br />

BIL003 $30.00<br />

NI VOJAĜU!/TRAVEL TALK. This CD-ROM presents model pronunciations of <strong>Esperanto</strong> while teaching many phrases useful to<br />

travelers. Also includes parallel lessons in Dutch and English (for speakers of <strong>Esperanto</strong> and Dutch). Includes <strong>Esperanto</strong> fonts, so<br />

diacritical marks appear on the screen. CD+4-page booklet. 1996. England.<br />

NIV002 $50.00<br />


about <strong>Esperanto</strong> and the social, cultural and linguistic foundations for the international language. In PDF format, readable on any<br />

computer with Acrobat Reader. With TrueType fonts and other extras. 2001. Mexico.<br />

VIV011 $4.10<br />

Videotapes, DVDs<br />

DUONOKULVITRO, LA. Aŭgusto BAISSAC. An amusing little drama about a man in love who struggles with his beloved's unusual<br />

demand. Awarded a prize in the Belartaj Konkursoj of UEA, 2005. 2005. DVD: 14 minutes. All regions. Great Britain.<br />

DUO003 $14.80<br />

ELECTRONIC ESPERANTO. DVD-ROM containing much information about, courses of and materials in <strong>Esperanto</strong>. DVD-ROM requires<br />

browser with support for XHTML 1.0. 2006. DVD-ROM. Multinational.<br />

ESP054 $4.50<br />

FLYING AN OCTOPUS. Larry MOSS et al. Main movie narration in English or <strong>Esperanto</strong>, subtitles in English, Spanish, <strong>Esperanto</strong> and<br />

Portuguese. A documentary on the world’s first piloted latex balloon sculpture, powered by the wind and 10,000 cubic feet of helium.<br />

DVD, region-free (viewable anywhere in the world). 2004. 56 min. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

FLY001 $29.95<br />

PLURSPECAJ EROJ POR ARTAJ VESPEROJ. Sylla CHAVES. A collection of seven short videotaped skits and songs suitable for club<br />

meetings. N.d., probably 2002. Videotape (NTSC format, suitable for US VCRs). Brazil.<br />

PLU008 $25.50<br />

WORLD OF ESPERANTO, THE. Recently updated video tape interview of Steve ALLEN and William R. HARMON. VHS format. 28:16 min.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>.<br />

WOR002 $10.00<br />

ABC’s OF ESPERANTO, THE. Contains basic information about <strong>Esperanto</strong>, including the alphabet and fundamental grammar. Small<br />

format two-color drawings. 1986. 16p. 200x140. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ABC001 $.40<br />

AFI£O “KIA VI SENTAS VIN HODIAŬ”. See description under T-shirts SHI071-75. 1998. 765x510. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

AFI003 $2.20<br />

BRIDGING THE BORDERS. This attractive flyer provides basic information on <strong>Esperanto</strong>, its structure, uses and contacts. Excellent first<br />

brochure. 280x220. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

BRI002 $1.50/set of 10<br />

CULTURAL VALUE OF ESPERANTO, THE. This flyer provides sound arguments on the cultural value of learning any language and<br />

<strong>Esperanto</strong> in particular. From a translation by William AULD. 355x220. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

CUL003 $2.00/set of 10<br />

ENGLISH-ESPERANTO VOCABULARY. This tiny booklet is complementary to A Key to <strong>Esperanto</strong> and contains about 3,600 English<br />

words. 36p. 105x70. Paper. England.<br />

ENG005 $.50<br />

ESPERANTO: A LANGUAGE FOR THE GLOBAL VILLAGE. Sylvan ZAFT. An introduction to <strong>Esperanto</strong>, not merely its structure but<br />

also its uses and its value to the ordinary individual, with many anecdotes about language problems and <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 2002 (first paper<br />

edition). 159p. 210x135. Paper. Canada. ISBN 0-7795-0031-8.<br />

ESP013 $15.00<br />

ESPERANTO FOR BEGINNERS, Montagu C. BUTLER. Brief introduction to <strong>Esperanto</strong> for English speakers in ten short lessons. 24p.<br />

160x105. Paper. England. ISBN 0902756176<br />

ESP096 $2.90

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 107<br />

ESPERANTO · THE IDEA BEHIND THE LANGUAGE. This flyer answers the questions “What is <strong>Esperanto</strong>” and “Why do people use it”.<br />

Excellent first brochure. 280x220. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

ESP102 $1.50/set of 10<br />

FREE POSTAL COURSE · Lesson 1. One of the most popular methods of introducing someone to <strong>Esperanto</strong>. Preprinted with the<br />

addresses of the <strong>Esperanto</strong> League for North America and the Ten-Lesson Free Postal Course Commissioner. Simply distribute and a<br />

qualified teacher will guide the course from there. 355x220. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

POS025 $2.00/set of 10<br />

GETTING INVOLVED WITH ESPERANTO. This flyer shows beginners the first steps to take in learning and using <strong>Esperanto</strong>. 280x220.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>.<br />

GET001 $1.50/set of 10<br />

HOW TO PROMOTE ESPERANTO, David BARRON. Excerpts from a paper designed to answer the question of how to promote <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

in the United States. Contains many particular suggestions and instructions for interacting with the various media. 11p. 280x220. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

HOW001 $1.70<br />

MUMMY, WHY CAN'T WE ALL SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE Nicole ELSE. A series of 15 one-page presentations, aimed primarily at<br />

children but instructive also for adults, about languages in general, the language problem, and <strong>Esperanto</strong> as its solution. Each<br />

presentation is followed by a brief multiple-choice quiz to check comprehension. 2005. 38p. 300x210. Paper. Australia. ISBN<br />

095866515X.<br />

MUM001 $8.50<br />

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT ESPERANTO (a guide for activists), David T. WOLFF. Possible questions Esperantists might<br />

encounter from others, with suggested answers. 1990. 15p. 280x220. Paper. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

QUE001 $3.00<br />

Pins and Insignia<br />

Ø = diameter in millimeters<br />

Pin NENIU FREMDULO EN ESPERANTUJO. Dark green on light green background. Ø37. 1998. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PIN003 $.80<br />

The classic green star and the word ESPERANTO. Ø31. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PIN005 $.60<br />

Whole Earth and ESPERANTO · INTERNACIA LINGVO in purple on light blue. Ø53. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PIN006 $.80<br />

The phrase SALUTOJN EL USONO in green letters with the required green star. Ø43. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PIN007 $.90<br />

GREEN STAR PIN. New pin from ELNA. Round, white enamel with green star, gold border, clutch, for lapel. Diameter 13mm. <strong>USA</strong><br />

PIN009 $1.50<br />

ESPERANTO FLAG PIN. New pin from ELNA. <strong>Esperanto</strong> flag in green and white, gold border, clutch, for lapel. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PIN010 $1.90<br />

DOUBLE-E PIN. Attractive metal <strong>Esperanto</strong> pin, elliptical, white background with the double-E (facing) <strong>Esperanto</strong> Jubilee symbol in the<br />

foreground in green, green star above the middle arm of the right-hand E, the word "ESPERANTO" in green centered below the arms.<br />

Attaches horizontally. 2005. 25x15mm. Great Britain.<br />

PIN013 $4.70<br />

TRIANGULAR PIN. Lapel pin: equilateral triangle - green star on white background with word "ESPERANTO" in gold on blue at base,<br />

clutch, for lapel. Edge 25mm. <strong>USA</strong><br />

PIN014 $3.40<br />

GREEN STAR PIN. Lapel pin: round - green star on white in center with word "ESPERANTO" on blue at rim, clutch, for lapel. Diameter<br />

19mm. <strong>USA</strong><br />

PIN015 $2.20<br />

Caps, patches, pens, stickers, etc.<br />

ESPERANTO BAG. This pure white sack has green lettering which gives ELNA’s contact information and displays the ¼ symbol of <strong>Esperanto</strong><br />

in the middle of a very large arching phrase ESPERANTO LEAGUE. This sack is quite a bit bigger than the last one we offered; it has a

108 2006 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog<br />

gusseted bottom; and the straps are longer. The tough material is made of recycled plastic, but it feels like cloth. 2000. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

BAG002 $5.00<br />

BUMPERSTRIP. This green-on-white bumperstrip simply says 1-800-ESPERANTO. Help others find <strong>Esperanto</strong>! Tough vinyl is time-tested<br />

and proven durable. 295x100. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

STK004 $1.00<br />

BUMPERSTRIP. Small, black, green star + "www.esperanto.org . link to an amazing world". Limited supply. 170x50.<br />

STK006 $1.50<br />

FLAGO ESPERANTA. Fly the colors of Esperantio during meetings and expositions. 550x1110. Romania.<br />

FLA001 $7.10<br />

FLAGETO ESPERANTA. This small brilliant-colored flag answers the constant request for an eye-catching identification symbol which<br />

does not require huge space. The golden borders, tassels and hanging-cord make this little flag especially attractive. 150x100. Romania.<br />

FLA002 $7.50<br />

FOOTBAG. For juggling, or for practicing bouncing on your foot, small green-and-white beanbag 2-1/2 inches long by around 2 inches in<br />

diameter, has green star on white and "www.esperanto.net". <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

FOO001 $5.80<br />

MURKALENDARO. Large-format plastic-covered one-month wall planner, valid for all months, on which you can define your daily agenda<br />

for every day of the month with a grease pencil, and which is easily eraseable at the end of the month. Canada.<br />

MUR004 $4.50<br />

MUR005 (w/ grease pencil) $6.50<br />

ORELRINGOJ. A pair of earrings, round, green star on white background. From Alba Designs. Limited supply. Diameter about 12mm<br />

(half an inch). United States.<br />

ORE001 $4.75<br />

ORE002 (w/ green rim) $5.00<br />

ESPERANTO PATCHES ROUND. Beautifully designed patch with green star on white background. Ø75. Taiwan.<br />

Red outer circle.<br />

PAT001<br />

Blue outer circle.<br />

PAT002<br />

$2.50/each<br />

ESPERANTO PATCH RECTANGULAR. This big bold new patch will look good on your jacket, backpack or anywhere! The dark blue ¼<br />

against a light blue background evokes the “whole Earth” motif. A green star and the word ESPERANTO also appear. 110x70. Taiwan.<br />

PAT006 $2.60<br />

SFSU VERDUCCI PATCH. Multicolored patch with SFSU’s Verducci Hall, for many years home of NASK. Green star and gold lettering.<br />

Ø75. Taiwan.<br />

PAT003 $2.50<br />

PEN 1. A bright neon green pen; includes ELNA’s contact information and the phrases INTERNACIA LINGVO and INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE so that<br />

anybody seeing it gets a quick <strong>Esperanto</strong> lesson. 1998.<strong>USA</strong><br />

PEN003 $.50<br />

PEN 2. Same information as above but the pen itself is higher quality. Smooth roller ball writes effortlessly with deep black ink. Green<br />

pen includes multicolored cap with clip. 1998. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

PEN004 $1.00<br />

PEN. Burgundy color, rechargeable ball-point with inscription in gold: “ESPERANTO The International Language. Length 5-3/4”.<br />

PEN005 $1.40<br />

VINYL PORTFOLIO. This handsome dark green folder will be useful for carrying documents and miscellaneous papers whether they are<br />

in <strong>Esperanto</strong> or any other language. Large enough for legal size paper. Includes ELNA’s name, address, phone and fax numbers. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

POR002 $1.90<br />

PORTRAIT OF ZAMENHOF. Reproduction of ink drawing on special paper, suitable for framing. 280x220. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

LLZ001 $1.50<br />

AFIÞO JOKOHAMO. For wall mount: beautiful poster advertising 92nd World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Yokohama, Japan. Shows skyline of<br />

Yokohama. 2006. 590x410 (approx). Japan.<br />

AFI006 $4.70<br />

GLUMARKOJ PEKINO. Sheet of 12 stickers commemorating the 2004 World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Beijing. Use them on letters to<br />

remind your friends of <strong>Esperanto</strong>’s existence and utility.<br />

GLU001 $1.80<br />

GLUMARKOJ JOKOHAMO. Sheet of 12 stickers commemorating the 2006 World <strong>Esperanto</strong> Congress in Yokohama. Use them on letters

2007 <strong>Esperanto</strong> Catalog 109<br />

to remind your friends of <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s existence and utility.<br />

GLU003 $1.90<br />

STICKER. Shows a green star 70mm across and the word ESPERANTO below. Made of the same durable vinyl as the bumperstrip, this sticker<br />

will last forever on your luggage, motorcycle, front door or wherever you affix it. 105x110. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

STK002 $.40<br />

STICKER SHEET. Each sheet contains twenty 20mm and two 40mm circular sticker with blue, red and green printing and the words MI<br />

AMAS ESPERANTON-N. 1989. Japan.<br />

STK001 $.50<br />

STICKER SHEET. Each sheet contains sixteen 23mm and two 45mm circular stickers with blue, multicolored printing, showing the<br />

world, a green star, and the word "ESPERANTO". N.D. Korea.<br />

STK003 $.40<br />

WINDOW CLING. Sybil HARLOW. Attractive round picture of northwestern hemisphere of earth, with "www.esperanto-usa.org" on<br />

border. Meant to attach to the inside of car or house window. No glue. 2002. 100mm diameter. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

CLI001 $2.00<br />

Shirts<br />

T-shirts. Photo of the Earth as seen from space, on a starry background, and the words ĈIUJ UNU POPOLO. White 100% cotton. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

$15.00<br />

Item #<br />

Sizes<br />

SHI011<br />

SMALL<br />

T-SHIRT "ESPERANTO". Lovely medium-green T-shirt, heavy cotton. Contains row of caricatured figures performing various actions<br />

(juggling, riding a unicycle, etc.); if you stand a few feet away, the forms spell out the word "ESPERANTO". <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

Item # (size)<br />

Price<br />

SHI031 (Small) $14.00<br />

SHI032 (Medium) $14.00<br />

SHI033 (Large) $14.00<br />

SHI034 (X-Large) $14.00<br />

SHI035 (XX-Large) $17.00<br />

SHI036 (XXX-Large) $18.00<br />

T-shirts JEN NIA MONDO – ĈIUJ UNU POPOLO. Light blue with world-map (polar projection – similar to UN flag) and slogan. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

$10.20<br />

Item #<br />

Sizes<br />

SHI051<br />

SMALL<br />

SHI055<br />

XX-LARGE<br />

T-shirts. A cute crocodile with a greenstar tail seems to speak the bilingual phrase LONG LIVE ESPERANTO VIVU!. 50% cotton/50% polyester.<br />

<strong>USA</strong>.<br />

$15.00<br />

Item #<br />

Sizes<br />

SHI062<br />

MEDIUM<br />

SHI063<br />

LARGE<br />

SHI064<br />

X-LARGE<br />

T-shirts KIA VI SENTAS VIN HODIAŬ. Thirty faces expressing emotions from “anksia” to “zorga” with the word written below. An excellent<br />

teaching tool. 1997. <strong>USA</strong>.<br />

$13.00<br />

Item #<br />

Sizes<br />

SHI071<br />

SMALL<br />

SHI072<br />

MEDIUM<br />

SHI073<br />

LARGE<br />

SHI074<br />

X-LARGE<br />

SHI075<br />

XX-LARGE<br />

T-SHIRT "DAFT HATS". Attractive gray T-shirt, heavy cotton, with large-size picture on front of <strong>Esperanto</strong>'s "special" (supersigned)<br />

characters and, below, the words "DAFT HATS". Below that, in small print, "Oficiala T-chemizo de Helmut von Druhler" (for the identity of<br />

Helmut von Druhler, listen to Radio Verda at http://www.radioverda.com/).<br />

$13.40<br />

Item #<br />

Sizes<br />

SHI092<br />

MEDIUM<br />

SHI093<br />

LARGE<br />

SHI094<br />


Notes<br />

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