march 2013 - Townsville City Council - Queensland Government

march 2013 - Townsville City Council - Queensland Government

march 2013

City Update

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Magnetic Island Walkway


From the Mayor

Welcome to the first edition of City Update for

2013. One of my top priorities as Mayor is to

make our community more inclusive and this

month we’ve achieved two major initiatives

towards that end.

Recently council re-launched its mowing

service for residents in desperate need and

without the capability or support to maintain

their own lawns. A substantial majority of this

initiative is solely funded by council, replacing

one previously supported by the Queensland

Government, and it continues to operate

through our Home Services unit.

It will be a great relief to eligible seniors and

people with disabilities who have a permanent

health condition or disability which

prevents them from mowing their

lawn and have no family or other

supports that are able to assist with mowing

their lawn.

If you think that you, one of your relatives or

someone whom you know such as a neighbour

would qualify, please call our Customer Service

Centre on 1300 878 001.

In addition, we’ve held the first meeting of our

Inclusive Community Advisory Committee, which

fulfilled one of my election commitments, that

is, to reinstate an advisory committee for Council

and seek community feedback on a broad range

of needs throughout the community.

This group of 35 community representatives is

an amalgamation of the previous six advisory

committees, namely: women, families,

Indigenous people, community safety, people

with disabilities, and seniors.

Through this committee,

whether it’s city events or

council services, I want to

improve access and

connectivity within our


You too can do your part by

being a good neighbour.

Townsville has always been known as a

friendly and welcoming city where we step up

and lend a hand in times of need.


Cr Jenny Hill


on Townsville

Rates online

Want to know the quickest and easiest way to

pay your latest Rates Notice Head to council’s

website and pay online! Features of this service

include online credit card payments,

notification of a new notice and viewing and

printing your Rates Notice. To use this service,

just visit the website and register your details.

You can then view and pay your Rates Notices at

a time suitable to you. It’s that’s simple!

Contacting your Councillors

cr vern veitch Deputy Mayor


M 0418 729 496

division 3

Smart City Sustainable Future Committee Chair

cr suzanne blom


M 0427 300 364

division 1

Community and Culture Committee Chair

cr tony parsons


M 0419 642 265

division 2

Planning and Development Committee Chair

cr jenny lane


M 0417 726 699

division 4

Governance and Finance Committee Chair

Get mobile with iCouncil for iPhones

iCouncil lets you interact with your council

anytime… easily! Install the app and you’ll be

able to quickly report problems to council such

as dumped rubbish, potholes, graffiti and

damaged infrastructure. Download from

iTunes. If you don’t have an iPhone, no worries

– you can still ‘Report a Problem’ by visiting

council’s website.

Townsville Pet Expo

Do the best for your best friend, and make sure

your cat and dog is microchipped. Come along to

council’s Pet Expo on Saturday 15 June, 9am to

5pm, Thuringowa Drive Soundshell/Dan Gleeson

Park, for microchipping at a discount cost of $25

per implant. There’ll also be talks from dog

behaviourists, grooming tips, merchandise, ‘Kids

Corner’ and more. Entry is FREE.

cr pat ernst


M 0418 279 351

division 5

Sport, Recreation and Parks Committee Chair

cr trevor roberts


M 0488 426 074

division 6

Infrastructure Committee Chair

cr Gary Eddiehausen APM


M 0418 262 786

division 7

Healthy and Safe City Committee Chair

cr ray gartrell


M 0447 185 772

division 8

Townsville Waste and Water Committee Chair

Experience it live and enjoy!

Visit our new look events web page and find

out what’s happening ‘live’ in your city. You can

keep up to date with all the latest theatre

performances, events and gallery exhibitions

presented by Townsville City Council by signing

up to the Experience it Live monthly

e-newsletter. Visit council’s website and click

‘what’s on’.

For more information go to

cr Colleen Doyle


M 0418 273 817

division 9

cr les walker


M 0418 315 705

division 10

follow council online >>

Townsville Ticketshop

Townsville City Council Events

Townsville Disaster Information

Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

Pinnacles Gallery

CityLibraries Townsville





2 townsville city council city update >> March 2013


What goes in which

bin – Red or Yellow

Do you know what waste goes in which bin Your red lid bin is for

general household waste and is collected weekly. All new bins now

have red lids as required by Australian Standards, although some

residents may still have the old green lid bins. Both red and green lid

bins are for domestic general waste.

in your general waste

red or green lid bin >>

R Food scraps

R Garden waste

R Disposable nappies

R Ceramics and ovenware

R Small broken household


R Non-recyclable plastic &


R Styrofoam

R Food packaging

items to avoid >>

Q Building materials - bricks,

rocks, soil or concrete

Q Car batteries

Q Hot ashes

Q Tree stumps

Q Motor parts

Q Oils, solvents or paints

Q Soil

Q Hazardous waste including

chemicals, medicines, mobile

phones, gas cylinders

Free tipping


Owners of residential property

in Townsville who pay a

waste service charge as part of

their property rates will receive

six free tipping vouchers each

year (three per rates notice).

Residents can dispose of

domestic waste (including green

waste, white goods and furniture)

free of charge at any of council’s

waste facilities or transfer

one voucher

two vouchers

three vouchers

stations – simply present your

voucher at the gatehouse where

an officer will assess your load

and tell you how many vouchers

are required. If you own a

property which is occupied by

tenants, why not consider passing

on some vouchers to your tenants

– it will help them to keep your

property tidy and well maintained.

Car boot, station wagon, utility, small trailer,

up to four wheelie bins.

Van, long trailer, long utility, station wagon

and trailer, utility and trailer.

Van and trailer, long utility and trailer.

in your recycle yellow

lid bin >>

R Paper – newspaper, magazines

and advertising brochures

R Cardboard – cardboard, egg

cartons and pizza boxes


R Cartons – milk and juice

cartons including tetrapacks


R Plastic – bottles and

containers (no polystyrene),

lids removed, with a recycling

triangle symbol around the

numbers 1 to 7

R Glass – bottles and jars but

not window glass, light bulbs,

mirrors, ceramics, or cookware

R Aluminium – cans and pie

trays (no food scraps)

R Steel – food cans and

containers lids (clean) and

empty aerosols

green waste >>

items to avoid >>

Q Ceramics and ovenware

Q Syringes

Q Food scraps

Q Nappies

Q Light bulbs

Q Plastic bags

Q Cling wrap

Q Garden waste – lawn or plant


Q Automotive parts

Q Batteries

Q Foam or Styrofoam

Q Crockery or china

If green waste in your backyard is amassing, this

can cause a potential fire hazard or mosquito breeding ground. Tree

branches, leaves and bagged lawn clippings can be placed in your

red lid wheelie bin for kerbside collection or taken to a council waste

facility for disposal.

If you’re placing your lawn clippings in your red bin – be sure to

bag them first. This ensures the clippings don’t become a sticky

mass in your bin due to the heat and humidity in the closed bin.

Better yet, why not compost your lawn clippings Most green

waste and food scraps can be placed in a compost bin. Use the

compost on your lawn to help retain moisture and reduce the amount

of watering you need to do! For more information about composting

check out our website, search ‘composting’.

make sure to have

your bins out by 6am on

the day of your street’s

collection day. general waste

bins (red and green lid) are

collected weekly; recycling

bins (yellow lid) are collected

fortnightly. for details, visit

council’s website and

search ‘bin collection


Council Waste contact details

Council waste facility locations and opening hours have recently

changed and are listed below:

toomulla transfer


bluewater transfer


stuart landfill

hervey range landfill

and transfer station

magnetic island


jensen landfill and

transfer station

Saturday only, 7.30am to 4.30pm

Sunday only, 7.30am to 4.30pm

6.30am to 5.45pm daily

6.30am to 5.45pm daily

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7am to 3.45pm

Saturday, Sunday 11am to 1.45pm

6.30am to 5.45pm daily

All landfills and transfer stations closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.

valid until 30 sept 2012

Present this voucher at the gatehouse of any Townsville City

Council Landfill or Waste Transfer Station for free disposal of

domestic or green waste

valid until 30 sept 2012

Present this voucher at the gatehouse of any Townsville City

Council Landfill or Waste Transfer Station for free disposal of

domestic or green waste

valid until 30 sept 2012

Present this voucher at the gatehouse of any Townsville City

Council Landfill or Waste Transfer Station for free disposal of

domestic or green waste

townsville city council city update >> March 2013 3



CBD vision

vibrant tropical hub and

A northern gateway to the world is

the exciting vision for Townsville’s

CBD, and part of council’s efforts to

keep creating the right environment

for business and investment.

The new CBD Master Plan vision

document will be formally released

during 2013, with a focus on

revitalising the CBD as the premier

business and investment district of

northern Australia; creating a safe,

unique and comfortable tropical city

environment all year round; and

enhancing the city’s natural

resources and great historical


“In creating a future CBD of more

than 30,000 people over the next 20

years, this plan will help to do

justice to the character and history

of our city heart,” Mayor Cr Jenny Hill


The Master Plan continues

Townsville’s tradition of developing

long term community and citybuilding

vision, which has

underpinned landmark

achievements like the Flinders

Street Redevelopment and The

Strand Foreshore.

“It’s through the best expression

of character and lifestyle that the

CBD can attract residents and

investors, and Council is working to

get that balance right for the

community,” she said.

The release of the new City

Planning Scheme this year will also

continue to create stability and

certainty for business and

investment, and most importantly,

ensure that Townsville continues to

grow and prosper as a city that

maintains and builds on the city’s

great lifestyle and environment for

the community.

“Above all, the new scheme is a

statement of Townsville’s potential.

It’s a blueprint for us to become a

capital city of more than 300,000

people over the next 20 years,”

Cr Hill said.

For more information about the

new City Plan and CBD Master Plan,

see council’s website for updates.

Lawn mowing



A new lawn mowing

service has been

launched for

residents in

desperate need and

without the

capability or

support to maintain

their own lawns.

Eligible residents will receive 15

$20 vouchers each financial year so

that their lawns can be mowed by a

selection of council contractors.

Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said the

service was a great relief to elderly

people and people with disabilities

who did not have assistance from

family and friends.

To be eligible residents must

receive a pension from the

Australian Government, have a

permanent health condition or

disability that prevents them from

mowing their lawn, and have no

family members or other support

who can assist them to mow their


For more information, contact the

Customer Service Centre on

1300 878 001 or go to

4 townsville city council city update >> March 2013

Gabul Way

drawcard for



The much anticipated walkway, Gabul Way,

connecting Nelly and Geoffrey Bays has been

completed and is proving popular with Magnetic

Island residents and visitors.

The 710m elevated walkway complements the

Island’s existing 25km walking track network and

provides spectacular views over the Coral Sea.

Townsville Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said that in

addition to its tourism appeal, the walkway also

greatly improves public safety, which has been a

long running issue on the island.

“Up until now pedestrians and people on bikes

have had to run the gauntlet with traffic on the

narrow, winding road to go between the two bays,”

she said.

Construction on the walkway began in May 2012

and wrapped up just before Christmas.

Gabul Way was officially opened earlier this month.

Council received $4.79 million in Round One of

the Australian Government’s Regional

Development Australia Funding to build the

walkway. Council contributed $500,000 towards

the project.

Keeping Townsville

on the move

Townsville City Council is working hard to

keep Townsville motorists moving and

improve our road network through considered

and planned investment in road renewal and

maintenance programs.

With a drier wet season so far this year

compared to the last three wet seasons, council

has taken advantage of this by continuing its

three year rolling road renewal and

reconstruction program without many time-outs

from the weather.

Instead of fixing potholes temporarily and on

the run during the wet season, energy has been

re-invested into improving our road infrastructure

so it is more resilient to our wild wet weather and

motorists/travellers remain safe.

By the end of the 2012/13 financial year

council will have invested over $24m on its

various road programs of work throughout the

Townsville region.

Road renewals and reconstructions include

works to improve kerb and guttering, laying new

asphalt or resealing existing roads to lengthen

their lifespan or completely reconstructing a

road, as was recently completed on Mill Drive in


Major works to be carried out between now

and this June include:

>> Balls Lane (between Kings and Ross River

Roads), Mysterton

>> Bell Street, South Townsville

>> Church Street, West End

>> Francis Street, West End

>> William Angliss Drive, Annandale

>> Woolcock Street (between Whitehouse and

Hills Streets), Garbutt

>> Wynberg Drive (between Macarthur Drive

and Starcross Court), Annandale

Council would like to take this opportunity

to thank all of Townsville’s driving community

for their patience during the delivery of our

road works.

townsville city council city update >> March 2013 5


experience it Live

> arts

> culture

> events



Tom Risley, Still life with paint (glass floats) #4 (detail) 2010

Tom Risley: Last and Recent Works

A KickArts Contemporary Arts Touring Exhibition

22 February–19 May

perc tucker regional gallery


Moment in Time

Donna Beningfield, Margaret Crawford, Andy Smith,

Ros Jones, Marjory Cook and Raya Keskela

3-30 April

yourspace citylibraries thuringowa

National Youth Week

5-14 April

North Queensland Arts Awards

12 April, 6pm–10pm

townsville civic theatre

Morning Melodies – David Scheel

16-17 April, 11am

townsville civic theatre

Morning Melodies – Showstoppers

of the West End with Philip Gould

30 April–1 May, 11am

townsville civic theatre


May Month of Learning

1-31 May


Tourism Expo

3 May, 5pm–9pm

strand park

Festival of One Act Plays

3-5 May

townsville civic theatre

Battle of the Coral Sea

6 May, 6am

anzac park

Stephen Dupont An Afghan special forces soldier leaving a house

after a weapons and Taliban search, Gonbaz Village, Kandahar

Province 2005


The Perils of Freedom

1993-2009 – Stephen Dupont

An Australian Centre for Photography Touring


15 March–26 May

perc tucker regional gallery

Guest Curator Series: Diversity in Clay

Curated by members of the North Queensland Potters Ass. Inc.

23 March–15 May

pinnacles gallery

School Holiday Program

31 March–12 April



Donna Beningfield, Moment in Time 1 (detail), 2012

Heritage Festival

18 April–18 May


Townsville Artist Markets

20 April, 1–4pm

riverway arts centre

Animal Farm

23-24 April, 8pm

townsville civic theatre

Anzac Day

25 April

the strand, anzac park and

thuringowa cenotaph

Melbourne Comedy

Festival Roadshow

27-28 April, 8.30pm

townsville civic theatre

Room on the Broom

6-7 May

townsville civic theatre

Townsville Sports Awards

15 May, 5.30pm–9.30pm

townsville rsl stadium

Heritage Day

19 May, 10am–2pm

west end park

The Book Club

21-22 May, 8pm

riverway arts centre

VRROOOM: Annual Children’s Exhibition

24 May–4 August

perc tucker regional gallery

Musings with Materials:

Adrian Davis and Lubi Thomas

25 May–21 July

pinnacles gallery

Townsville Young Artist Awards 2013

31 May–16 June

perc tucker regional gallery

6 townsville city council city update >> March 2013


Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow

27-28 April, 8.30pm

townsville civic theatre

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is back, with a big

night of comedy from some of the world’s funniest comedians including Colin

Lane (MC), Cal Wilson, Tommy Dean, Asher Treleaven plus one more yet to be

announced. Be part of the fun when they roll into the Townsville Civic Theatre on

27-28 April! Don’t miss Roadshow 2013 – all the hijinks are coming your way!

Tickets: Adult $37

Guest Curator Series: Diversity in Clay

Curated by members of the North Queensland Potters Ass. Inc.

23 March–15 May 2013

Pinnacles Gallery

Members of the North Queensland Potters Association have curated Diversity in

Clay, an exhibition that showcases the calibre and diversity of ceramic artworks

held in the City of Townsville Art Collection. The exhibition is supplemented

by select works from the Potters’ organisation and personal collections. The

Association has been instrumental in the development of the ceramic collection

through donations, and the organisation of annual acquisitive prizes since 1973

which have involved some of the nation’s finest ceramicists.

Alexanda Copeland, Camellia Night (detail) 1995, ceramic: earthenware, majolica decoration, 13.6 x 51 cm diam.

Purchased with the assistance of the VACB of the Australia Council, 1997, City of Townsville Art Collection

Animal Farm

23-24 April, 8pm

townsville civic theatre

One of the most controversial political commentaries tours as a new production

combining physical theatre and storytelling. This simple yet intensely powerful

fairy tale illustrates how greed and absolute power corrupts absolutely and, with

devastating consequences, can change the course of history.

Revolution has taken place at Manor Farm. The pigs have assumed control; a better

life free from human service is promised to all. Guided by a simple set of rules, it is

not long before the rules become the chains that bind the animals once again.

Regular adult price: $47

Tourism Expo

Friday 3 May, 5pm–9pm

strand park, townsville

The Townsville Tourism Expo in conjunction with the Strand Night Markets

gives you the opportunity to find out about things to do, see and experience

within the Townsville region. If you have friends or family visiting, or simply just

looking for some entertainment for your weekend, the Expo will give you plenty

of great ideas: from hiking to skydiving, dining and accommodation. With

heaps of great prizes to be won, the Townsville Tourism Expo is a must-do!

Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993-2009

An Australian Centre for Photography Touring Exhibition

15 March–26 May

perc tucker regional gallery

Afghanistan: The Perils of Freedom 1993-2009 presents a confronting portrait

of a country that has remained a focal point of the world’s attention for several

decades. Between 1993 and 2009, Stephen Dupont – whose images of

American soldiers burning the bodies of dead Taliban earned him the Robert

Capa Gold Medal Award citation from the Overseas Press Club of America –

travelled to and from the conflict-ridden country, documenting the rise and fall

of several regimes and gaining unparalleled access to political leaders.

Stephen Dupont, Amputee Northern Alliance soldier on frontline at Bagram airbase, Afghanistan 1998

May Month of Learning

Month of May


Learning is the food for life during May as we celebrate the range of learning

opportunities that are available in Townsville. Our focus is not only on the formal

learning opportunities available but also those that are informal or recreational.

The program has a number of major elements including One Title One

Townsville, Big Book Club session, The Family Reading Challenge and

the National Trust of Queensland Heritage Festival. It will also include

opportunities to engage with well-known visiting authors and illustrators, a

celebrity chef and take some tours behind the scenes of interesting Townsville

places. Check out the next Learn Discover Connect for details.

townsville city council city update >> March 2013 7


Everybody needs good neighbours

Having good neighbours can make a big

difference to our lives, contributing to a happy,

healthy and peaceful environment. Often, people

don’t realise that their actions are impacting on

their neighbours. If it is safe to do so, talk to your

neighbour about your concerns before contacting

council or the police.

The following are some of the laws and

regulations that can help guide your and your

neighbour’s activities.

Garden care and maintenance

Overgrown trees or shrubs can impact on your

neighbour’s yard and fence line. Trim the trees on

your side of the fence so that they don’t create a

problem for your neighbour. If you are going away

for a long period, organise to have someone

maintain your garden.

Clear your garden of potential mosquito breeding

sites – the serious health risks that can occur from

mosquito bites are not only a danger to the health

of your family but to your friends and neighbours

as well. Stop the breeding and stop the disease –

defend against dengue.

Pet care

Fences and gates protect your dog from the

dangers of roaming, stop it from causing a

nuisance in your neighbourhood and ensures the

safety of your pet and neighbours.

Consider others when you leave your animal by

itself. Barking dogs are one of the most common

urban animal behavioural problems. Taking the

time to understand what makes a dog bark is the

first step towards solving the problem. It is

important for residents who are experiencing

issues with barking dogs to make the owners

aware – it’s possible that they don’t know their

dogs are causing a nuisance. Invite them to seek

advice from council, their vet or pet shop. Council

has a range of fact sheets available online on

common pet issues.

Burning off

Burning garden refuse and other waste pollutes

the air and is prohibited in the Townsville area.

Owners of fireplaces and occupiers of industrial

and commercial premises must take all practicable

means to prevent or minimise air pollution.

Property development

If you are planning on developing your property,

give your neighbours plenty of notice and obey the

local laws for construction and limit activity to

business hours. Reduce the impact on neighbours

by putting up protective barriers and advising them

of any dust that may enter their yard.


Noise is a common cause of neighbourhood

disputes. Play musical instruments indoors during

the day, and when using power tools and

equipment obey the local noise laws.

More information on ‘Environmental Nuisances’

can be found on council’s website by using the

search function.

Benefits of being

a good neighbour

>> You may strike up a lifelong friendship

>> You can have someone to pick up your

mail or check on your house while you’re


>> You may feel safer and less isolated in

your neighbourhood

>> You may feel more connected to your


How you can be a good neighbour

>> Get to know and talk to your neighbours

>> Consider your neighbours when you play

loud music or use power tools

>> Let your neighbours know when you are

having a party before the event

>> Take pride in your house and yard

>> Be responsible for your visitors

State Government information

The Queensland Government Dispute

Resolution Centre offers free mediation

services to assist people to manage their

neighbourhood disputes without having to

go to court.

The Neighbourhood Mediation kit is a

valuable resource for resolving disputes and

contains information and tips on how you

can talk with your neighbour and information

about how mediation may help you.


for more


Are you

fuelling the fire

With the wet weather clearing up, Townsville

City Council is urging residents to make sure

their properties aren’t overgrown and become a

fire hazard and risk a fine.

Townsville Local Disaster Management Group

Chair, Cr Jenny Hill, said now that wet season is

coming to a close there is no excuse for overgrown

and untidy properties.

“Not only do these properties reduce the

amenity of the area, but they are also a huge fire

hazard and can attract vermin and in some cases

reduce the visibility of motorists.”

Local rural fire brigades patrol areas across

Townsville, and are often on the look-out for

overgrown properties that are deemed a fire

hazard. It’s time to get the mower out and maintain

your property as we head into the drier months in

North Queensland.

8 townsville city council city update >> March 2013


Greening Jezzine

Works on the $40 million Jezzine

Barracks redevelopment are

progressing, with the first turf laid on

the eastern side of the site and

continuing construction of the coastal

boardwalk and amphitheatre.

Mayor Cr Jenny Hill said it was exciting to see the

old army barracks transforming into a community

recreation area.

“The site is really starting to take shape and you

can now get a feel for how the area is going to look

when it’s complete,” she said.

Planting activities are scheduled to commence in

May and involve approximately 40,000 trees and


Once completed the former historical military

site will become a multi-use precinct that will cater

to the needs of the broader Townsville community.

It will deliver newly accessible green space along

the city’s shoreline and deliver the missing coastal

walk link between the Rock Pool, The Strand and

Rowes Bay.

A $200 voucher for

NQ Farmers Market

at North Shore

Grab your codeword and

enter online.

Experience the North

Queensland Farmers Market

with its local and fresh

produce, every Saturday,

6am – midday at the North

Shore Town Square, Main


North Queensland Farmers

Market is giving away a $200

voucher to one lucky reader.

Grab your codeword and

enter online at council’s

website to go into the draw

to win this great prize!

Competition closes

19 April 2013.

Codeword: North


For full terms and conditions visit

council’s website at

Townsville Recreational

Boat Park

As a joint venture project between Townsville

City Council and the Queensland

Government, council is responsible for designing

the on-shore facilities for the $25m boat park,

while the Department of Transport and Main

Roads (Maritime Safety Queensland) will provide

designs for the in-water facilities.

Council’s designer, Cardno (Qld) Pty Ltd, is

developing the design for the boat park’s land

based facilities, located on Ross River and

accessed via Fifth and Seventh Avenues with

works to start in 2013.

Council’s joint venture partner in the project,

the Department of Transport and Main Roads, is

managing the in-water design for the project.

The $25m project will allow for the rectification

and enhancement of vacant land at the end of

Fifth Avenue, adjacent to Goondi Creek, and will

ensure the preservation of the “Fisherman’s

Memorial” in the existing park at the end of Fifth


Facilities will include:

>> Four boat ramps each with four lanes (16 lanes

in total)

>> Floating walkways at each ramp

>> Two pontoons (one Disability Discrimination

Act compliant)

>> Approximately 360 parking spaces for vehicles

with trailers

>> An overflow car park for use by cars without


>> Public toilet facilities

>> Security lighting

>> Enhanced green spaces

>> Provision for a commercial boat stacker

>> Boat wash facilities

>> Barbeque and picnic facilities

For further information see council’s website, and search

Townsville Recreational Boat Park’.

townsville city council city update >> March 2013 9


citylibraries >>

more than you expect!

Lectures in Queensland History

“An Impertinent Tyranny:

The 1935 Bathing

Costume Controversy”

Dr Nancy Cushing

CityLibraries has begun its second

series of lectures on Queensland

history. In March Dr Nancy Cushing

from the University of Newcastle will

present a lecture entitled “An

impertinent tyranny: the 1935

bathing costume controversy” – a

look at the impact on society of a

swimming costume designed in 1935

by the NSW Minister of Local

Government Eric Spooner.

Short Story Competition

The search is on for Townsville’s

undiscovered writing superstars!

CityLibraries’ short story competition

provides the opportunity for local

writers to show their flare for writing

with some great prizes up for grabs.

Judges are looking for original,

thoughtfully constructed, entertaining

short stories. Get your entry in by Friday

5 May for your chance to win an Apple

iPad. Details are on council’s website.

One Title, One Townsville

Townsville’s biggest book club is

back and this year’s book is The

Italian Girl by Rebecca Huntley. Head

to your local CityLibraries branch to

borrow a copy and take part in the

Q&A session to be held with the

author on Friday 24 May, 7pm at

CityLibraries Thuringowa.

School Holiday Program

Grab your friends and head to

CityLibraries these school holidays to

take part in the free activities on

offer. There is lots of fun with

marbles to be had and you can create

your very own ochre painting!

For a full list of events and

activities see the latest edition of

Learn Discover Connect

e-magazine now available at

council’s website.


CityLibraries Townsville

issue no. 20 >> feb-apr 2013




>> One Title – One Townsville

>> Workshops

>> Short Story competition

>> Defence Force welcome day

unleash the writer in you!

Short Story


>> Great prizes

>> Free entry

>> Two categories:

Young Adult (13-17yrs) – 1000 words

Adults (18yrs+) – 2500 words

>> Entries Close Friday 3 May, 5pm

Rebecca Huntley, author

Dance North

New Regional focus

for Arts Awards

A big night of entertainment is being

planned for the 2013 North Queensland

Arts Awards to be held at the Townsville

Civic Theatre on Friday 12 April.

For the first time this year, the awards will take in the areas of Townsville,

Burdekin, Ingham and Charters Towers and will be known as the 2013 North

Queensland Arts Awards.

If you would like to attend this great night out and support our local artists,

tickets will be available from 22 March through TicketShop for $10 on 4727 9797

or online at

This year’s awards include 13 award categories including: Visual Arts

Exhibition; Visual Arts Individual; Production of the Year; Writing; Theatre;

Dance; Film and New Media; Technical; Limelight Award; Arts Event/Festival

of the Year; Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF); Outstanding

Performance by an Individual; and Music. Nominations close 15 March 2013.

Nominate online by visiting

proudly sponsored by >>

2012 Winner, Chrissy Maguire

10 townsville city council city update >> March 2013


Low cost

family holiday fun

Townsville has

something for

everyone when it comes

to low cost activities to

keep the family entertained

during the holidays and all

year round! Here are a few

ideas for what’s on offer

around the city:

Find a park

near you

>> Check out native and exotic plants and

flowers at one of council’s Botanic

Gardens located at Anderson Gardens, the

Palmetum, Queens Gardens and Dan

Gleeson Memorial Park.

>> Take the dog for a run in an off leash area

like Cambridge Park in Vincent or Rossiter

Park in Aitkenvale

>> Try out the playground equipment at the

recently upgraded Soroptomist Park, the

All Abilities Playground at Riverway or

Sherriff Park in Mundingburra.

for more

information on

these facilities,

visit council’s

website and click on

the “facilities and

recreation” page.

Get out and

get active

>> Head to the pipes, ramps and grinds any

one of council’s skate parks including

Murray Skate Park, Horseshoe Bay Sports

and Recreation Reserve, and Bushland

Beach Skate Park.

>> Challenge yourself at exercise stations in

outdoor gyms like the Outdoor Fitness

Circuit at Rowes Bay.

>> Grab the bikes and check out the table

tops, stairs and beams at one of council’s

BMX tracks.

>> Enjoy a walk along The Strand or Riverway,

check out the flora and fauna along the

Boroona Trail and for the extra

adventurous explore the history of

Townsville along the Heritage and West

End Cemetery Trails.

>> Head over to Magnetic Island and enjoy the

spectacular views of the Coral Sea from the

new 710m elevated walkway, Gabul Way,

which compliments the Island’s existing

25km walking track network.

Make a


>> No matter where you live there is sure to

be a public pool nearby! Head to Riverway,

The Strand Waterpark or the Rockpool,

and cool off at Kokoda, Tobruk or Long Tan

Memorial Pools or the Northern Beaches

Leisure Centre. Opening hours vary and

can be found on council’s website.

Remember, it only takes six minutes to

burn – be sun safe!



>> Townsville’s galleries showcase the

region’s best art and multimedia from

local, regional and national artists. Perc

Tucker Regional Gallery in the CBD and

Pinnacles Gallery at the Riverway Arts

Centre are both free to the public and

offer hands on programs for kids during

the school holidays.

>> There is a lot more than you might expect

on offer at CityLibraries. A library card is

your ticket to experience a great range of

services and events on offer – books are

really just the beginning!



>> Why not take advantage of the cooler

autumn weather and enjoy the great

outdoors with a spot of camping

Townsville has a number of great camping

spots right on its doorstep including

Paluma, the Burdekin and the Tablelands.

Paluma is a highly popular camping spot,

particularly for families and will be a great

low cost option for the Easter break.

Around 22 camp sites are available and

bookings are essential. Campers can go

online to book the popular retreat via the

council’s website.

>> If you’re looking for somewhere closer to

town, try council’s designated camping

areas at Bluewater and Rollingstone Parks

and Toomulla, Saunders and Balgal

Beaches. Time restrictions of 24 and 48

hours apply and some sites are limited.

See council’s website for more details.

townsville city council city update >> March 2013 11


Become a Together Townsville

sponsor in 2013!

Together Townsville is Townsville

City Council’s sponsorship

program. It aims to build long term

and strategic partnerships with

corporate and community

organisations for the sponsorship

of important community projects.

There are many sponsorship opportunities that

can cover a range of areas including the arts,

community, environment and events, to name a few.

In 2013, just some of the new and exciting

opportunities available for sponsorship include:

>> Toad Day Out

>> Carols by Candlelight

>> Mobile Library van

>> Gallery exhibitions

>> Riverway Oval naming rights

>> Public benches

>> Strand Ephemera.

Council invites businesses, community groups

and residents to participate and support the

Together Townsville program.

Together we can continue to deliver these

important initiatives that help make Townsville a

great community.

Visit the Together Townsville page on council’s

website for more information.

together townsville is council’s incoming

sponsorship program that engages the corporate and

community sector to sponsor council initiatives that

benefit our city. There are a number of initiatives

sponsored under the program, ranging from

community events to infrastructure projects. To find

out more about the program visit council’s website.

Support the program that supports our city!

Contact Council

Townsville City Council

PO Box 1268

Townsville QLD 4810

1300 878 001 from 8am–5pm

103 Walker Street, Townsville City

86 Thuringowa Drive, Thuringowa Central

Operating hours 8.30am–5pm

Monday to Friday

Council Meetings

>> For the latest information and dates for

Council and Standing Committee Meetings,

please visit council’s website.


excellence and


awards 2013

Sports Awards 2013

nominations closing

Know a team or individual who has

achieved national or international

success in their chosen sport

Nominate them for the 2013 Townsville

Sports Awards. Townsville’s annual sports

awards recognise the achievements of amateur

Townsville athletes, coaches and officials who

have represented Queensland or Australia at a

national or international level. The awards also

recognise Townsville teams that have achieved

at the highest level, and the invaluable

contribution of volunteers.


Nominate online by visiting www.townsville.

the townsville sports awards is proudly

sponsored by clean it nq.

proudly sponsored by >>

Nominations are now open for the

Environmental Excellence and Sustainability

Awards 2013. The awards recognise the

contributions and achievements of individuals,

schools, community groups and businesses in

shaping Townsville into a clean, green and

sustainable place to live and work.

Nominations close Friday 3 May.

Winners will be announced at the

Townsville Eco Fiesta and Smart Lifestyle

Expo at Queens Gardens on Saturday 1 June,

2013 between 11am and 4pm.

Individual and groups can nominate in

the following award categories:

>> Sustainability in Business award

Prize $1000

>> Individual Initiative award

Prize $500

>> Neighbourhood/ Local Resident award

Prize $500

>> Community Group award

Prize $1000

>> Junior school award – Preschools and

Primary Schools

Prize $500

>> Senior Schools award - High school, TAFE

and University award

Prize $500

Further details on award categories can be

found via the online nomination form on

council’s website.

12 townsville city council city update >> March 2013

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