Interview – Marcus Siepen (mIRC chat) Chat with Marcus Siepen ...

Interview – Marcus Siepen (mIRC chat) Chat with Marcus Siepen ...

InterviewMarcus Siepen (mIRC chat)

Chat with Marcus Siepen, taken from the Bard´s Tavern (mIRC channel, #tavern), 29.01.

2002. Marcus entered as Marcus.

!mode +m


Hello Marcus :)

I guess this is where it starts :)

We will in a moment start the chat system

what is going to happen now?

Oh, just a little chat :P


I have set the channel to +m now

That means that right now only ops and voiced ppl can talk

We will, in turns, give voice to groups of two ppl each

In the order that you have registered before

If you haven't registered yet, you can do that by typing /msg ooga chat-register

lol, nice nicks...

so did I get that right that I only have to stay here and answer questions



And sell some internal organs

But the latter is optional




another thing:


Everyone gets to ask ONE question

Please stick with that, for fairness' sake :)


Marcus, I would like to ask you that if someone asks multiple questions to only

answer the first

We know there's always smart ppl asking three questions in a line

I´ll try



We can start then, with the first two voices

And I guess I don´t have to answer private messages like the one that just came up

to me...


First of all, maybe an opener question for those who love to hear the latest news..

What colour of underwear are you wearing today?


Please, don't private message Marcus, ppl

Marcus, if someone is too persistent, tell us

And we will tell their mother!


let the chat begin


So I´m ready...

Okay, Thanatos, TexasFriedCriminal, ask your questions :)

No question


ok, the question that everybody else will also want to ask (:P) : why

was a the new album named a night at the opera ?

Oh yeah, I expected that, well, we didn´t want another name with "Tales" in it and

we just liked that one...

:) thought something like that

alright, let's go on :)

Hello Marcus! First of all: thx for visiting forum page that often! Question: I am

the second organizer of BG TRIBUTE Project and i heard you liked the covers;we´re

going to publish longer extracts soon; would you tell us your opinion after listening it

in the forum maybe?

suck english btw ;)

Yep, no problem, I realy enjoyed the samples I heared so far :-)


Abaddon__, it's your turn to ask a question too

Hi Marcus.when is the album finally going to be released?

on March 4th

Hi Marcus, first of all BG is the best band ever!!! I would like to know

what kind of education did you have before joining BG, did you study, did you course

university, if yes, which course? or if not, did you work, or what? Thank you very

much =) (ps: do you come to brazil this year?)


like ask only 1 question please ... not this much in 1 line

We signed our recordeal when I still was in school, so I finished school, did my

civil service afterwords and then... well I played guitar :-)

I just wanna know about Marcus´s education.

It is strictly one question in this case, but you're basically right :P


Will you play ATTWS live?

We don´t know that yet... but I don´t think so to be honest

i do have one small question before I leave

a pity

how well is the new album going to do when played live?

lol, I have no idea, we´ll find out about that in about 3 months...

!kickban MarcusGivesBJs

Hi Marcus, I'm Silvano from Italy :) I just wanted you to know that in my opinion it

would be cool to have a section on the website

where we can download some of the material that you're not going to release, like

guitar bases, samples, .. or just rehearsals :) it it possible?

is it possible?

thank you :)

It would be possible and I guess there will be some things up there in the future

but in the moment I can´t tell you what exactly will happen, we´re still planing...

Arto, please ask your question



I guess Arto is not paying attention

on to the next



Sorry Arto, we have to keep moving :)

Marcus, what do you think of all lame asskissers? Fun or annoying?


Fun in the beginning, boring in the end...


Hi Marcus, will there be a meeting with band and fans in the future like

the meeting in'98 again? It was so great but now where the Fan Club not longer


The fanclub still exists, we didn´t cancel it, it just will be different in the future!

Concerning the meeting, I don´t know yet, that depends on how the circle will work

Hope to see you thanks

Hi Marcus, here goes my question to you: What is your favorite guitar ? See

you in Barcelona ( Razzmatazz 31/05/02 ) Thanks for your music !



dont you wanna wait for the answer? :)

Hi Marcus, why Marshall dont do the picture of the new disc? Thanks friend and i

hope that BG plays in Las Palmas any day

A Gibson Les Paul Custom, I got 2 of those... ;-)


Marshall is doing too many covers that all look very similar, we didn´t want that

so we looked for somebody else. He is still a very talented artist though

thanks friend guardian forever :)

ruddy, Moley, your turn :)

hi, any plans to came to Brasil??

Yep, there are plans, but nothing is confirmed yet we´ll let you know as soon as

the dates are fixed

hi, any plans to came to Brasil again??

Hi Marcus,Question bout touring,Will yous be coming to scotland in the near

future?P.S BG Rock!!

We will play in England, I don´t know where exactly but there definitely will be

some shows in the UK


Hi Jason :-)

do you have any plans to have some guest apearence on the following albuns?

No, we never planned anything like thatm it either happens or not

Trilynth, please ask your question :)




Marcus, that is some weird language, ignore that


I thought so...

Aragorn-WP, please ask your question :)

Hello Marcus! Did you changed many things in your gituar

playcharacteristics since the recording of the new album? See you at Z7 Pratteln-CH,

maybe for a talk! ;) visit: ;) Thank you!!!

No, not realy

Dearest Marcus, I'm only here to thank you for replying in my topic in the coffee

shop, called "life sux". You have no idea what it did to me. I just can't thank you

enough. See you in the Netherlands 12th april!


No problem, any time...I´m glad you listened to all of us :-)




Ask your question now, or be silent forever, like on weddings :P

just in time :P

First of all - Hi man! Russia greets you! So, the question:

Are you going to present something special in Russia (playing old and new songs, or

other activities like meeting with fans)?

We´ll definitely meet with fans, concerning the songs we don´t know what we´ll

play yet, we´re still learning our own songs...


Hi Marcus! Are you going to do a cover of the "Carry on Wayward Son" From

Kansas? (Hey wait I'm kidding….: )). Can you tell with what criterions you decide

whose name will be as a melodist of a song, in a booklet? I ask this because for a big

song such as ATTWS (almost 14min) is "only" two persons, and for the smaller HOS

(almost 4min) are 3 persons and I find it a little strange! Thanks! CU in Athens! Hail

to LES PAUL Standard



please answer only one of these questions


That was not playing with the rules, crispin :P

It just depends on who who came up with the ideas and who worked on

them...well, who wrote the song :-) oh, and Hail to LP Custom...

hallo, do you have any plans to come Turkey in this year?

I don´t know, as far as I know we didn´t get an offer to tour turky yet, but I guess

that would be fun

Hey marus i got 3 questions to ask




you ask only one

That's the rule



marcus has a life outside irc as well :P

marcus will u ever come to america on a tour

hey marcus. how are the chances for a live album/dvd this time around?

There, works fine with one question :) :P

@ shadow: There are plans for a US tour this year...we´ll come :-)


dude !!!

¬¬ shh

@ beorn: We´ll definitely record a nwe livealbum on the next tour, we´re still

talking about the dvd

marcus why don´t you tour with ARCH ENEMY? to have a more "exciting" or at

least different tour not just two similar bands?

ya´s cool to have different bands and don´t make a show too

monotone, or whatever it´s spelled :P

that's pretty close to the german word, he'll get it :P


you must remember Andreas too then :P

daniel: send him my "promo" attachment hahahaha

(/me saw some discussions..)

shh shh.. let the good man concentrate

* BlindG hides....

marcus why don´t you tour with ARCH ENEMY? to have a more "exciting" or at

least different tour not just two similar bands?

ya´s cool to have different bands and don´t make a show

too monotone, or whatever it´s spelled :P

sorry ;P

@ DA: I like Arch enemy but Freedom Call are confirmed and that won´t change

Once was enough, Koldo :)

* Bringa withholds commentary

Marcus, seeing that Thomen The Monkey gathered more people for the chat than

you, do you consider selling cardboard figures of yourself in different flavors in order

to promote yourself some more?

oh ohh

(Or using colors in IRC)

Hello Marcus question: What do you enjoy most when you're on tour with

Blind Guardian ?? Keep up the good work :o)


great Idea, how much would you pay for that?



Marcus: I think ~ EUR 50 would fit




I love to get the direct feedback from the fans when we´re on stage, to see all these

different countries, to meet people...stuff like that


Its a great pleasure to chat with you. So the Q´s; Will You guys do any signing

at Wacken this year? And How come you have changed the production since the

Imaginations cd. I mean the it´s alot different now, thinking bout guitars for example,

I personally think Imaginations was outstanding?

Midwinter.. one question

1 question plz

Marcus, again, answer the first :P

Hi Marcus - what do you think think of mp3s / how much money they get

from their cds... [ % of the price of the cd ] you know, the music industry and their

complaining about losing sooo much money with mp3s ? - see you in pratteln ;)

Yes, we´ll sign everything at wacken

* Bringa will test that theory

I like MP3´s as a way to check out Bands I don´t know, I fI like the band I´ll buy

the album, as easy as that

that was ment to be " If I like... " :-)

Hullo Marcus! How many songs do you plan to include in this tour's playlist

or rephrased how long are your gigs going to be?

Thom, if you're gonna ask a question, do it now :)




i was watching tv :PP

I play the guitar and I'm trying to get a band together but having no luck. do you

have any tips on getting together some like minded musicians and getting recognised

by a record label? and how about you leaving BG to join my band instead? we cant

offer as much fame and fortune but we practice near a great kebab place!!!!!

As I said before we don´t have a fixed setlist yet, we´re still trying different songs.

We´ll definitely learn more songs than we´ll play at a show so we can change the set

from time to time...

oh and as you said earlier you don't know where you'll play in England yet. i

reccomend The Brighton Centre!! :PP

i'm back

hey marcus!

Thanx mate!

Start with some friends for example, guys who loike the same musik like you.

what about poland? there is many fans of blind guardian... will you ever come

to us and have a concert? we're still waiting for you. Thanks for all :)

I would like to play everywhere but somebody will have to offer us some gigs...

* Bringa offers you a gig in his backyard

Vector, if you're gonna ask a question do it now :)


lol, how much will you pay...

My undying gratefulness. :P

and lots of fans' gratefulness

and beer




and belgian beer too *grin*



I guess Vector is not here

do you have some interest in a parallel project (or solo project)?

hello marcus i want to ask if there is any chance for you to come to

YUGOSLAVIA on next tour?

Our country had been unfairly ignored..and you would be suprised how many

fans there are...

PS.Ill take you and Hansi for a beansoup (i have seen that metalla show)

(visit: - The Warring Bards´Empire –

South American Fan club)

I might do something in the future but nothing is planned yet... we´ll see

great :)))))

@ fingolfin: as I said before, I´d like to play everywhere but somebody has to book

the gigs



damn... sorry

too much

Hi Marcus,I'm Arturo (Arthur) a spanish fan of Blind guardian and you will see

me in madrid concert and my question is this:

after your concert on madrid, will you do a photographs session and autographs?


cool, short answer...


MacMoney, Bran :)

I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here and ask what you think about a certain

individual called Chuck Schuldiner and his guitarwork.

good question :)

Hi Marcus, you're grat! My question: if you was Santa Claus what would have you

given each other member of BG on Christmas day to make them very very happy?

thanks :-)

great! thanx

I never met him personally but I liked death and I realy think that nobody should

have to die just because he can´t pay the doctor...

@ Bran lol, just a second, I´ll have to think about that...


Elfstone, Cybertroll

Wait a second please :)


Give Marcus time to think

sure :)


go on elf :-)


Lots of books for Hansi, lots of DVD´s for Thomen and a guide of how to use the

forum for ANdre... ;-)




he knows alright

Hey Marcus, I wanted to ask if the idea behind the new album cover is somehow

in the same vein as your choice of ANATO title (Queen-inspired) ?





a pratchett book to hansi :P

No, not at all, at least I don´t know a Queencover that looks like ours...

"Innuendo" looks a little like it




I will stay on the cover/title issue myself too

lol...the general style funny style i mean :P

A lot of fans said that they don't like either the cover nor the title of the new

album. How do you feel about that?

depending on what you smoke... :P


To be honest... I don´t realy care :-) We like both, so what. And after the cover of

ATTWS a lot of people were complaining because it is a fantasy cover...well, what did

you expect :-) You just can´t make everybody happy

I don´t smoke ;-)

good answer :)

i know :-)


smoking rules ;-P NExt please! :-)

Hi Marcus, sorry about the flood before, I had too much to ask... But I've got one

question that ponders the minds of everyone on the Forum: Where's Andre!!!???

.. in japan

No, he was in with us in the rehearsalroom 2 hour ago and I guess he´s home now

hi Marcus! :)) what do you think about lord of the rings film? thanks for all :)

I love it, even though some parts from the book are missing

hi marcus are you surprised that the single reached number 1 in spain for 2 weeks

thanks see u on tour

Oh yes, i didn´t expect that, but i love it :-))))))))))

Snek from BG czech fanclub - at Wienna four years ago, you told me about three or

four songs which comes from your hands (for unreleased EP). What happend with

these songs (except Harvest of Sorrow)?

which is, in your opinion, the better album: a night at the opera by queen, or a night

at the opera by blind guardian?

They will be released one day for sure

one day?...why not now?

I like both, but our´s is better of course... ;-)

one question :)


Candlemass, Blindfan

It's your turns :)

give them some time :)

blindfan, here's your chance, go ahead

give them some time


that's one less :P

alright, we gave them some time :P


i suggest you voice the next person already


Léon, move ahead please :)

When will you come to sweden??? =/


What do you think about downloading Bootlegs?

after the summer break

Thanx. =D

I have no problem with that

and about Bootlegs itself

one question, one answer

I knew that :-)

what metal bands are you listening these days? (apart from the super progressive Arch

era Fates Warning [muahahaha])

btw, instead of asking him if they will play Antarctica, why not ask him his fave BG

songs to play live...hmmm? just an idea....what? two questions? ME? :P


Hey Marcus, my question is, Is BG thinking about coming to Israel? - Bonus

question (Bringa is gonna kill me for this), What inspires you for writing rhythm riffs

for a song?

BTW, Hi mom!

!devoice Zer00

not kill, devoice


that was 6, Vic :P

no, I only see one

All kinds of bands... mostly old stuff like Mercyful Fate, Maiden, B. Sabbath... oh,

am I allowed to metion Linkin Park here... ;-) Let the flaming start :-)


Hi marcus, This is a chance I wont get very often =). A blind guardian

autograph is very hard to get, so I wonder if you could write me one and send it to me?

I asked the guitar player in Hammerfall, and he actually did send me the autographs

of the band. Hammerfall did it, And I hope Blind Guardian to can do it =) It would

make me VERY happy. Adress: Anders Backman

S:björklunda v.7


Piteĺ, Sweden

When will you produce another music video? btw, i like Bright Eyes

We´ll sign anything at gigs, so why don´t you just come to one of the shows

Marcus, a question from Blindfan, who missed the opportunity

I know you wirte a good amount of the music for BG. How do you go

about doing it? I always try and come up with stuff and it sucks. I needs tips!

There are not too many tv-stations playing metal clips so in the moment it doesn´t

realy make sense to record a video

Just work on your ideas as long as neccesary ( how do you spell that...) and you´ll

get some good parts

well, let me make my way to ask my question, since the other ops dont cooperate

with me ;/




wait for your turn.


nice try


okay ill have my vengeance

Ask your question first :)

If you're here at all

Heya Marcus! I'm Lari from Finland. Who do you think is the best metal guitarist?

g'nite opers, marcus (thanks for being here to answer questions of your fans)

Thanks for coming to talk with your fans. You know I should be studying for

tomorrow, but I didn't want to miss this chat I will sue you if I fail college :)

lari: hope you liked it


I don´t know if you would call him metal but definitely Michael Schenker

concerning leads, Rhythmwise old Hetfield

Marcus, a simple question from a humble fan: When you're on stage, is your guitar

plugged at all? :>

I would like to see you touring Helsinki. Not that I care, since I will probably see you

guys in Germany. But I think it would be nice if you did.

Bringa: it shows that you're a vocalist :P

Well yeah.. all that guitarstuff is confusing.

only during unplugged shows ;-)



Good :P

nicely avoided :P

About the tour, how about the ummpf.."Bühnenshow" (sorry cant remeber english

expression). And another small question considering the tour, HOW MUCH old stuff

will be played ?! Bad english, one question too much I know, and the ANATO cover

rulez because it's very "Monkey Island'ish" :-P *wechduck* . cu in düsseldorf, or at

least.. i'll see you in düsseldorf ;-)

Bühnenshow means well the show on stage

you said you'll sign everything at the gigs, how about checks ;-)?




Good point!

Concerning the show, we´ll try something new but we didn´t see it ourself ´til

now, so we´ll also have to wait

Alright, MORGOTH

well...almost everything

Marcus, I use to remember when Thomen and André used to come here, very

often near to the release date of Nightfall album, and I would like to know if you all

intend to come here more often to spend some time chatting, promoting the new

album, or even to just blab about nothing... like thomen used to do :P, of course

assuming you enjoy being online to chat... I expect you all here for a gig in Săo Paulo,

there are good memories of those gigs. Thank

thanks & cu :)

I used to chat a lot some years ago but in a chat where nobody knew who I am,

that leaves me a bit more privacy... I remeber coming here some weeks ago and I

didn´t expect anybody to remember my old nick... until all the pm´s opened up :-)


Never expect us to forget anything

Marcus: nicks are not forgotten (tip to change it :P)

yeah, I learned that :-9

you could come as KrefeldHottieSeekingCyber

ok guys bye

nobody would ever notice that :p

Greetings Marcus from eastern canada! I had heard that Hansi was planning on

writing a fantasy novel himself one day. Kind of like Bruce Dickinson, but less vile, I

suppose. I could be asking the wrong person, but do you know anything about it?


sorry, no, i can´t tell you anything about that, you´ll have to wait until Hansi´s


Alright, thanks anyways man.

bgst, speak ye now or hush forever :)

Hi i would like to know if there is any chance to c u in Greece the next 2 months for


If yes when.You r u l e ! ! !Keep on the good work

I don´t know the whole promoplan yet, maybe we´ll be in Greece...

c u men thanx

actually, hansi told me last week that there will probabbly be no time to come to

greece, sorry...

Hi Marcus. I was thinking of asking u something about Daiblo2 at first but I

came to think of something else to ask. Question : How do u like Baroq music? :)

I like some of it...

thanks, me to

what do you think about the italian Metal scene ? Will you come in Italy

before 8 june (GODS OF METAL) ?? KEEP THE FAITH ALIVE !!! ! ! !

No, the Gods of Metal show will be the first in Italy on this tour, there will be more

later this year

what do you think about the italian Metal scene ?


One question

one answer


* Bringa

Haplo :///

chris, only one question!!! ;oP

no question even :P

Marcus have you ever thought of making your OWN music project \or even

band!\ alongside Blind Guardian

here it goes

Hey Marcus, last time on tour, in the belgian show (don't know about the others)

you played Lord Of The Rings.. but only half of it, and Hansi promised the rest for

next time.. Hopefully this is the next time :)

Maedhros, we had that question before :P


sorry..i was disconectedd

oh nevermind :)

I just wanna hear it completely :PP

I answered that before, that may happen one day, I don´t know that now...

he can type it again, after all we pay him.


I don't even care if you start in the middle!


Maybe we´ll play that again...half of it...or less... ;-)

Now that there is no good music program in tv anymore... what do you think of a

label and band sponsored show or program just for non-mainstream bands? Now the

question: What do you think of it? Possible? Btw the new album is on position 196 in

the amazon sales charts :o)

Hello Marcus, I play guitar too, and I`m giving my best to catch up with You two

(You and Andre, of course). I wanted to ask You which guitar I should buy, which is

good? And, come to YUGOSLAVIA, change your boring trips, and do something new!

YUG has too much fans for You to let them down!!!

i was faster :P

That would be a good idea but the lables would have to invest money in that...

that´s something a lot of labels don´t like... ;-)

(I hope you'll get money for your next answer, Marcus)


I can´t tell you what is a good guitar for you, you are the only one to decide about

that. Go to a shop and try as many guitars as you can get, you´ll find the right one


Hi Marcus! My name is Camilla and i'm from Brazil. My question is: What do

you think about the fact that Blind Guardian isn't included as track in the film "Lord

of the Rings", what happened? Thanks a lot!!! :)



[NightWisher], it's your time now too :)

It would have been great to be inclouded in the movie but it just didn´t happen

and we can live with that;-) We were in contact with the filmcrew but if we would have

got the job to do the score there would be no new bg album right now and I guess that

is more important

* Bringa nods.. [NightWisher], I give you 20 more seconds.. give me a sign of life :P

he died...

Looks like

Thanks X for the +


Trooper16, thanks for the colourful script ¬¬

BraveNewOzzy, Trooper16, ask your questions

Marcus, you make ppl go shy :P

i even thoguht he was thomen ;)


no way Thomen is huge

Fasih, shh, please :P

yeah but colorful too


That's two ppl that decided not to say anything either


We go on then

Sorry Marcus, some ppl got scared :P



I´m so eeeevil


First of all I will just thank BG for making my life 300 times better because of all

the wonderful music you create. My question is: have you set any future plans? like

after the touring... I hope I will get the opportunity to meet you guys backstage while

BG touring sweden.

We´ll be touring ´till next year so it would be a little too early to mke plans for

that now... maybe vacation

Isidora, ask your question :)


and then there was silence...

I guess nobody doesn't want to ask you a question


she's on Paris*


marcus: ok... I read a review of ANATO.. the end line was: If there is ever a reward

for heavy metal achievement, Blind Guardian's A Night at the Opera is top honor.

Awesome, awesome, awesome

Paris is out for the moment

ahh yeah paris just split.. i got disconnected :p

Yes, we have a little netsplit situation

let's wait a moment..

Marcus: you can have a pee if you want, like we granted to thomen :P

one server is about to disconnect from the net, and a lot of ppl here are on that


sorry for the inconvenience

ahah yeah

how nice of you :-)

Marcus.. just don' stay on the couch..

no problem

and do all the other things...

you know ;P

I´m not on the couch


maybe I´ll start some music...

every musician has a song of his own that he thinks 'damn this sucks'. Which BG

song do you pick up and say 'well, this sucks'.?


ah here we go




that was a hell of a netsplit

That's what I meant


Wizard´s crown

Damn french servers >:P

EXACTGLY at 90 minutes of chat.. AGAIN..

let's wait for a moment until they come back


maybe somebody is attacking France right now


every musician has a song of his own that he thinks 'damn this sucks'. Which BG

song do you pick up and say 'well, this sucks'.?




pasted my question accidentaly :p

one question one answer... ;-)


Good Marcus, you learnt :P

couldn´t resist...

Let's just wait another moment

All the ppl who were on Paris were disconnected

gotta be fair and give them a chance to come back :)


no problem

time's up !


ah no, I guess other ppl still want to ask that question


hey marcus i have a question too ;oP did you write any of the songs in the new


I wrote a couple of songs but only Harvest made it on this one, the others will be

released later


let's move on :-)

ok, having 2 windows open :P

I guess we can go on now :)

fine with me

ok... i wonder who wrote sadly sings destiny, its my favourite so far ;oP

wasn´t me ;-)

Argh Pedro, don't make us envy you :P

* Cybertroll gives the daggers to pedro



huh... here I am

nobody, we left with you

Ask away :)

Hey Marcus, hmmm, I love Bg etc.... and I'm not gonna get that low to beg you to

come here... heheh, somebody already did ;P, but I do have a question... which is not

for you at all, but I'm too curious: Does Hansi have some kind of speaking disorder?




What?????? No, he doesn´t!



none that I know of...


speaking german could be called a "disorder" ;)


there we go

(Tasos From Greece) Which country do you think has the biggest BG fans?Where

did you felt more comfortable?Thank you...!!!

There is no special country I would pick, fans are a little different everywhere but

still they are great

the biggest? we eat a lot here I suppose :P

i'm doing a website with a friend ( is there a possibility to

ask u some questions (a little interview) during the autographs?. when you are in

switzerland, visit the beautyful WALLIS and the matterhorn! i'm sure you like

mountains, i'll guide you :)

If there is enough time we can do an interview, sure


Hello Marcus from Tyllisos Crete, What is your favourite songs to play live?

That depends on my mood, normaly it is a fast one, maybe something like

Somewhere or journey.

cool, ;) thanx


yeah! :)


* BlindG holds his fingers...

SFB power




giving metalerin 20 secs then


Could i have a original autogram card from/of Blind Guardian?? I'm 15 and

could drive to all the cities to have an autogram!!

couldn't i mean

just come to a show and we´ll sign anything (besides checks...)

hail ibanez by the way ;) my opinion

What do you think of old PC-Games (classics) like Monkey Island (ANATO Cover;-

)), indiana Jones, Quake1, Doom, Wolfenstein3D etc ?!

ahaha poor cover :P

I love them all, I have them all, I played them all, I... ;-)

Hello Marcus the almighty... I know this is totally a guitarist's question, but I

am curious... what is your favorite model guitar to play... what is the most comfortable

for you?

lol :)

*wechduck* ;)

Again a Gibson Les Paul Custom

bye all


Cool. Thanks

Oh oh


edu :)


* Bringa covers his eyes


marcus, every musician has a song of his own that he thinks 'damn this sucks'.

Which BG song do you pick up and say 'well, this sucks'.?

* BlindG ducks

yeah endlich

Edu.. didn't we have that before?

no, he didnt answer


not again :-) Wizards crown

i just pasted it accidentaly

Is the album delayed because Thomen is kinda humiliated after meeting with

#tavern's Andreas (BlindG) ?




thomane said it was Majesty

* BlindG hides...

lol, no Andreas can´t be blamed

no, they'll never go for rap on the album :(

thomane = thomen

i've given up all hope on that


Thank you Marcus :)

Andreas CAN be blamed for pretty much anything else though




Thank you Fwuff :)

*sigh* :) :) :)

hey, haven't been following this (at work) so sorry if this is a repeat

but... the Bloodstock festival webpage hints that a "major european band" is in

negotiations to play

that hasn't played in the UK before

any chance this is BG? :P

Hi Marcus!My name is Christine and I have an e-zine, so is it possible to arrange an

interview via email?

I don´t know if tis is the one but we´ll play a festival in the UK this year

heh, Bloodstock is about the only festival in the UK... that's a good sign :)


yep, no problem, send your questions to our webmasters, they´ll forward them to

me, i just don´t want to tell everybody my email here...

yeah I know

and I accept this

after all i wasn't going to ask u to tell it here in front of everybody

(finally...) no question :P - since i didnt get the chance to say 'hoi' and

'dummdidumm' i want to do that now - i also want to say goodnight :)(: bye... (see you

in Lichtenfels Marcus)

I noticed a picture in the forum of pink boxer shorts given to you,my questions is:

did they fit and if so are you wearing them now or maybe you prefer briefs?

ok, dumdidumdidum


time to go...

lol, i didn´t realy try them and I don´t wear them now



that covers it I believe :P


so thats a wear briefs answer...okay thanks :)

you can´t escape...


so give them to me

pink boxer shirts are...

well never mind.

exotic? :P

Ok,this is my question,though not sure if already asked ,was late too :At what age

did you start playin the guitar and did you practise regularily and a lot ?p.s. youre

awesome p.p.s very awesome =p

no... gay, :p

I started with 11 and had lessons in classical guitar for about 4-5 years

oki thanks~


goodnight all. Marcus Curse of Feanor is a slow mid-tempo :-P




fuck you :-)

but isn't it ? ;)


Leon, go on :)



* Cybertroll bows :-)

Be quiet :P

you are welcome :-)

that reminds me of something...

o.O ?

goodnight :-)


of course he did !

well it is midtempo if you have only 2 strings


I said that he would :)

For great justice!


* Slay licks Marcus.



ahahaha shit

That'll be all, Marcus. Thanks for your collaboration.

No BG chat complete without Slay licking ppl :)


anybody got a towel

I see

Sorry, I just joined so I don't know if this has been asked already. What do you

think of playing in a festival like the Gods of Metal in Milan? How can you play a song

like And then there was silence live? Do you plan on touring in smaller venues after

the summer in Italy?

sorry :)



Marcus, answer one of those, as always :)

Spawn, look at the topic

I just love playing live, no matter if it is a big festival or a clubshow, both is fun

Can you read big letters?



If you wanna ask something, do it now ;)

I would like to ask you about your opinion on the cover of the album,

especially why that motif was selected

itsmonkeyisland, stop changing nick pls


It was selected because we like it ;-) I know most people expected something

different, but hey, we wanted to have something different this time


it *is* something different :P

* Bringa likes the cover a lot btw

I know, that´s what I said


I never read discworld

Marcus! Have you ever played any Final Fantasy games? If so which is your

favorite?! If you haven't, you should! Also you should make a song about Stephen

King's Dark Tower, only Blind Guardian can do it!

I still think it looks like Queen :P

Also give Thomen a high five when next you meet. >:D

Thank you!


There IS a song about Dark Tower

I played some on my gameboy, the were great but I never realy liked the ones for

PC, don´t know why

It's called Somewhere far beyond


* BlindG bows to Somewhere Far Beyond


SFB power!!

Your turn :)


And that is too late :P

nothin to say here




oh, hang on


calvinball: calvin and hobbes rules btw

oogas time to ask a question :P

Marcus, can i be on the cover of the next newest BG album?

There, ask :P

sure, why not

"I love you blah blah blah your so good marcus, will you sign me butt" sorry had to

be a cliche fan :P

Markus should ask ooga I think you sure, markus?


!devoice Pariah

i think in the last 2 albums your 2nd guitar is hardly to listen you like that ,

that your guitar is very low on the sound ?

no, I´m not sure... ;-9

i mean the solo guitar is too loud and your 2nd is too low..

what do you think ?

!devoice veter

Alrighty then

We finished very well on time

It's exactly two hours now


Marcus didn' answer veters



Did you listen to the new samples, the rhythm git. is muuuch louder on the new

one, that´s what I like ;-) The problem is that everybody wants his instrument to be

louder but you have to keep in mind that the song is important, not a single




there :P

now he did :P


Marcus, that's what you got mudwrestling for :)



Alrighty then

Marcus, have you ever thought about doing an album with DEATH KRISTJAN, The

mostest true not niec blakc metal band ever?

so Hansi is VERY good in mudwrestling?

no need for typicalities :P


tjhey dont exist anymore Errtu :(

don´t know that band

oh :(

i guess that all the other members were killed

Marcus, when will you play on my birthday party?

I made some calculations, I can offer you 42 euro.

* CurseOfFeanor is midtempo



cool, that would be enough i guess




one more question from someone we forgot

!voice sinner

ill chip in too if I can come Bringa :P

but like, only marcus will come to your birthday? and the rest of the band? :p

hey marcus, did you ever consider putting hansi in a bunny rabbit suit and making

him band mascot ?

great idea lol



i thought as much :p

we should call him eddie then

no...bunsy sounds better :p

no, not eddie!!!

* DS-sama is eddie :P


lol, bunsy rules :-))))))))))

Okay then

!devoice sinner


That was today's chat session


Marcus: So what colour are your boxer/briefs ((i hear the orginal question

wasnt asnwered:P~))?

in the name of all your fans I want to thank you a lot for taking the time to come

here today



oh, we can go on if there are more questions




Marcus, if you want to go on, we'll get into a second round :)

as usual it is black...

Alright, everyone can register *again* now

ahahah yea, Marcus, are you in for a second round ? :)


no problem, I´m not realy tired yet


Those of you who didn't get a chance to talk to Marcus again, or want to ask

something else, do the same as before:

/msg ooga chat-register

Note well please that you must *not* change nick after registering

cause otherwise the bot won't recognize you

soon as the first couple of registerings are in, we restart the process :)



Round two!


*imagine scarcly dressed girl walking through the room with a sign*

Marcus, how much pay do you need to play somewhere? If your expenses are paid,

are you content? ;p

hello again!!!1

marcus, what do you think of Blaze's new band?

well, sorta new

That depends on the place, sometimes that is enough but of course we like to earn

some money so we can buy food adn stuff like that... ;-)

And if we paid food and beer too? ;)

* Bringa could give you food


shuddup matt :PP

I don´t know his new band, I just didn´t like him in his old bands...

* Thom slaps Marcus around a bit with a large trout

hmph :P

!devoice Thom

who likes Blaze anyway :P



I asked if you could send me an autograph, but you told me to come to an gig. I

really would try, but im just 15 years old, and the gigs to far away from my place.Mom

doesnt want me to go to travel 100eds of miles alone. Couldnt you just send me an

autograph? It dont see it like it is too much trouble.=) Please, make a fan happy=)

Adress: Anders Backman

S:Björklunda V.7

94331 Piteĺ, Sweden




no, not that again

!devoice ConQu3Zt

* DS-sama writes down that address >:)

Marcus, ignore that :P

marcus: are the songs on the ANATO mostly fast or slow songs?

oooh good question from Tip :P


That depends on who you are asking... I know one guy who would call most of

them slow... ;-)


That wouldn't happen to be a troll?

hehe.. Ok

dude.... right now i just realized that ANATO means A night at the opera

Edu, drop dead

it is a good mixture and it is ver yheavy and aggressive


okay, do you plan on having more dates, like smaller venues, after the summer in

Italy? The bill at the Gods of Metal sucks (except for BG of course! sucking up) and I

don't think I'll go :(

BTW: Marcus, I wouldn't :P

Spawn, he already said there will be more gigs in Italy :P

There will be more shows in Italy after the summer

good! thanks :)

If you would name your right sock, what would you call it?


Greetings again. Let me think of a you guys have any plans to do

another concept/story album like NIME? That one was so masterfully put together.

You know, with all the story tracks and such... :-)

i call mine 'argentinian' :PP

not in the moment, maybe one day in the future


!devoice Luthien

That's cool. Thanks again.

marcus: what kind of influences have you "received" and "used" for ANATO?

do you name your instruments ?

i mean, from new artists and stuff...

like mortician, cannibal corpse etc...;)

ahaha be quiet koldo



No, I don´t name my guitars

pah, nuts to you :P

!devoice Pariah

call your gibson linkin park


Ya, Cannibal Corpse have been a great influence for teh vocals...






Hi Marcus and thank you for being here. I'd like to ask you what is the main

source that inspires you when you write music?

marcus: tell me a band that you think that should give up and try another


There is no main inspiration source, that can be anything from a person to a mood

or anything else

hahaha...Metal Sludge question :)


If Blaze would still be in the band...maiden

ahahah! GOOD ANSWER! :]]


* DS-sama slaps Thom

In Madrid, the concert will be in la riviera and after the concert the band will make

a autograph sessions? And "lol" what does it mean? hehehehe

any plans for a gig in innsbruck or austria at all?

thank you very much sir marcus

Klaus, touring questions are lame

i know

but you are too, so screw you

We´ll play austria too, of course



and I am lame

!devoice BEORN

and mute


what a cripple!


lol Marcus hahaha

!devoice jasdkl

Why do you prefere Unreal Tournament to Quake 3 ;-) ?

So to my second question then, hehehe. How come you have changed the

production since the Imaginations cd. I mean the it´s alot different now, thinking

bout guitars for example, I personally think Imaginations was outstanding. Check out

Abyssos also at Extremly weldone metal.

I just think it is better

lol cool answer ;) q3 rulez ;)

* Midwinter looks down

We don´t want to sound the same all the time


* DS-sama is god-like!

UT = playmobile online

would you dress up in armour with a massive broadsword and come on stage and

cry, "I AM THE TRUE GOD"? and whould you like to use a massive war drum? one

that shatters walls when hit through noise

Hi again.I know you said you would do dates in teh uk but do you think you will do

any dates in sctland (The little country north of england)Also have you seen lord of

the rings if so what did you think P.S Thanks for the music!!


@ flush: I leave that to other bands...



who? *cough*manowar*cough*

noone knows where scotland is:)

please go into one of those custume shops and dress up really power like


!devoice flush


I know where scotland is and i know it is not england and I don´t know if we can

play some gigs there...

Snek from BG czech fanclub - on 5th May I will take mini-bus with (maybe 20) fans

from Czech and we will go to Munich - do you can come to our bus for some-minutes

long autograph-party there?

Hi, Marcus! Do BG have any plans to continue Demons&Wizards project or make

a tour together with Iced Earth in future?

no problem


BG will not continue demons&wizards because bg is no part of that, it is just Hansi


Hope to see you in Russia this year!!!!!!!

name your two favourite songs off the new album

Camilla Brazil -Marcus, have a country that you want to visit, that Blind

Guardian never played? Thanks a lot again!

and dont gimme "all of them" :P

only two songs?



Battlefield and Punishment Devine


Punishment Divie


Maybe Australia

are they fast???



btwm thats not a second question

Vic, Punishment... IS

!devoice Vic


yes it is

* Bringa loves precious jerusalem.. prog, yeah!


I love them all...

I am from Poland, you know you've got some fans there? Question: Will you

ever be in Poland? Any plans of coming here for a concert? Ever been in Poland?

but some you love more ;)

Hi again.Does anyone in the band hear stuff like anathema,cure,paradise lost e.t.c.?

Of corse B.G. are much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kwazariusz, we had that before ¬¬

I have some Paradise Lost CD´s

didn't know that :(

We had the Poland question before, yeah, we would like to play there

hansi has told that u hear a lot of heavy stuff

Monisia asked?

Greetings from switzerland, i thank you, that you play first on you tour in pratteln!

I'm a great tolkienfan. i read that bg will make a last long song about a tolkientheme,

when comes this song out or doesn't he come?

I recently talked to Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity and he said that when they

started out you where one of their biggest influences. QUESTION: Do you like Dark

Tranquillity? (Btw, love the new album, I have an advance copy, favourite song is

Under the ice, play it live!!!)

What you think about Manowar? Hail to Aragorn-WB and Holy

!devoice Auge

NP: Wait for an answer

Auge, one question

Daniel: you're a show off and we hate you :P

I´m sure there will be more songs about tolkien but don´t ask me what they´ll

sound like, we didn´t write them yet

reply the manowar one ;)

ahah no, that was a second question

doesn't count

Answer mine please

I love Dark Tranquility, they are my fav. Death Metal Band with In Flames, cool

that we influenced them :-)

what do you think about a world wide web bard clan? i and aragorn would help, if

possible. visit: your answers rule :) thanks for your time for

all of us

* BeatchSLap slaps Marcus around a bit with a large cardboard Thomen

Marcus, boxers, briefs, or no underwear at all?



We didnt have that before

What is all that underwear thing going on here???

God damnit leave the man's underwear alone

Marcus, we have fetishes

ahaha Marcus, your fault! You started that on the forum :P


not on purpous

that's what they all say!




mine is light blue

What is the point you like most about being a member of Blind

Guardian ?

Highlord_Thunder, LoRd_RiNg

What kind of distortion do you use? (pedals, amplification etc...) please visit

my spanish web site thanks!

being able to travel around the world and see all those great places

I only use the distortion from my rectifier

Marcus: Whats your favorite UT weapon or Mod? ((i thought of the Boxer/Brief

question thing earlyer... i was told it was asked, so i had to come up w/another

question about it..))

marcus: and coming here to chat of course ;)


I like domination and a railgun

heh cool, Sniper rifle on DM for me:)

fuckin camper... ;-)

* DS-sama makes a headshot on Mr_Thou





* BlindG pokes Chris


* DS-sama is in a killing frenzy!

* BlindG kicks Chris


I gotta go, cyas...

Hey, next time you come to Argentina, want to come play at a pool party? We'll have

beer and topless chicks!





Can he bring his wife?


that's a yes?



Sure, he can.

* Bringa is the nagging little voice of conscious :P

even better :-9

those are his mom and sister, and a bucket of water :P



hey marcus, thanks for all the great sing-a-long music :D

Hey, I'll remember this when I stalk you next time you come here.


!devoice Slay

leon, please :)


Are you going to release a guitartab book (tabbed by you and andre of

course) with the BG songs? I Read on the homepage that you maybe would do

that....but my question is: Have the work begun on the book? And a question for fun=)

Wanna start a Counter Strike Clan with me?, cause I've heard you like computer

games =)

Sir Kostroman, you can ask now too :)

No, we don´t work on such a book, i said that i wrote down some songs for the

homepage...and counterstrike is boring ;-)

UT power!!



Q3 power !

God damn playmobile kids

UT here too :P


CS is for real men


UT has too many colors!


I prefer Doom

q3 is for people with a brain infection

alright alright, let's cut this :P


sir k?

Chris, he told me he forgot his question :P



Strange estonian ppl

First of all, I hope you had a good time on the weekend of Dec 7-9. heh, I'll be brief

with a request, more than a question... will you join us more often so we can all chat

regularly and not formally ? :)


yep, I promise...

RobinXv, go ahead, ask a good question



Sir K can send me a mail with his question ;-)


"..." ? :P


no shoestring?


Damn that man LOVES to flirt with danger.




done :P



Alrighty.. that was the second round



Marcus, do you want to ask US something?


yea hright :P

I mean, just for fairness' sake

can I ask yet another question?



Sure, go ahead :P

ask your question

where are you planning to spend vacations after this tour?

No idea, maybe the states...

come chill in holland, we can smoke weed together and stuff




maybe rap together too :P

and listen to rap music

:) :) :) :)


The dutch boarder is about 15 minutes away fro here, that wouldn´realy be a


Marcus, what do you think of Megadeth? :)


wow, a dutch boarder! :P

* BlindG pays attention to that one...


so a coffee visit then?

Old megadeth have been great, Peace sells...

:) :) :) :)


uh oh

* BlindG jumps again

coffee or coffeeshop?


megadeth power!!

BlindG and megadeth

you made him happy



coffeeshop ofcourse

Markus, what do you think of Progressive Metal?

Such bands like Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and so on?

Well, it's a good thing :) He said earlier that he likes Somewhere :) :) :)

of course he likes .. he helped make it ¬¬

marcus: tell him that prog is gay so he'll shut up

I love old Fates Warning, Rush and DT, so I guess i like it





marcus, one last question from me

Good :)

!voice vic

what did you think of all the questions asked here today?

Do you like Marvin Gaye's music?

he said Rush!! :)

!voice SirK

Marcus: did you just say old Fates Warning is progressive??? SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Marcus, is there any plans to make some more songs based exactly on Lord Of The

Rings? or slow epic ballads?


SirK didn't get to ask his question a moment ago

the questions have been ok, besides the underware stuff... ;-)

!devoice vic

my question was irrellevant anyways :)

Hey Dennis, back again ;-)


Marcus: but but but WHY not the underwear ? Pppl want NEWS !!!


There are no plans for any songs in the moment

Andrea: thats OLD news :P

ask him about other kinds of clothes :PP

@ Vic Old F.W. are the gods of prog Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't know anything about it :P

* BlindG hides

conquests or contests?



Marcus, what do you think, do you want a third round?

No, never again... ;-)

Marcus, I saw you took participation in Harvest of Sorrow's composition... did

you compose any other song for the new album?


That was asked before :P

NOT my fault ! NOT MY FAULT !!! NOT MY FAULT !!!!

hey, i´m outta here.. later folks :)

Yep, I wrote some more songs but they will be released later

He said that he composed other songs, but only Harvest made it to the album

bye Don :)

Ah sorry :p


god bless cappuccino

Teddy, it's ok :P

well, here it's 4:42 pm ;P

so for the time being I'm ok :P

Marcus, you already gave us one over hour..

Do you want more?

No, not another complete round, we can do some more questions, but not a full

round...I start to get tired


* Errtu agrees with marcus


!voice Vampyrella

You had a question?

You know, kids don´t let you sleep in the morning, they don´t care if you were

chating all night...

What do you think about Black metal?

ahah the joys of fatherhood :)

Marcus tell us about something funny or unusual event while making this new album

I loved Venom back in the 80s and I like some new bands, but the image is just too


Marcus : are they old enough to operate a Playstation 2 yet? :)

!devoice SirK

!devoice Vampyrella

!voice dark-ange

appart from developing and stuff...will ANATO feature old "thrash" metal

influeced BG classics such as SFB, FTB era???? i hope so

he is pld enough, yep

!devoice dark-ange

listen to punishment devine

!voice Kirsty

* BlindG grins

that´s kind of modern old school

Good evening Marcus! You are known for being a very creative guy... So tell us, how

did you propose to your wife? :)

Had to ask at least one girlie question this evening!


to be honest...well, i don´t realy remember...shame on me :-)

ahahaha traumatic experience and all

Well... maybe we should invite your wife next time ;)

of course it was the most beautiful proposal ever


!devoice Kirsty

ehe cute

!voice Thom




i bet its something i would say ;)))

alright, last question I'd say :)

okay, i forgive you for not liking blaze, but, what shampoo do you use on long hair?


Good final question :)


Jade asked you to ask that? :p

!devoice Thom

fuck you :-)


What do british ppl use Thom? Grease?


axle grease most probably fuck you from marcus...a tie with thomen :P

Fuck you is a good closing statement



NO !!!



he uses Revlon, because of that chick


Marcus, we're calling it a night then, okay?


good fuck you's :)

* BlindG kicks Daniel

thomen said he hated me :(

I want to win, so again...fuck you ;-)



take that

Marcus: you already won :P 3-1 :P



Marcus: great having you here, the chatters score was Thomen 128 - Marcus were close :))

alright alright

fuck thomen


Will do!


He's just a drummer


* Bringa kicks BlindG



* BlindG kicks Daniel

thats true

Official part:

* BlindG looks at Marcus.....

Thanks, from all your fans, for being here tonight

And taking this much time for us :)

Thanks to all the chatters asking questions tonight

no problem, it was fun

for your patience and your interest :)


We certainly hope to see you here again some day soon


Soon ey ? :)

As for the log: This time (/me kicks Blindg) it will be posted somewhere

yep, I´ll be back

prolly on the official page too.. if I have to beat Pedro :P





not your fault

yes yes

It was the underwear




Okay :)


Thank you very much again :)


Thank you Marcus :)

and again fuck the underwear

I'll unmoderate now, so you better leave quickly

be back soon, you hear?





yes :P

he sure will

Marcus: I told you about that picture :)

any closing words, Marcus? Otherwise I remove the moderation

yeah, you did

and all hell shall break loose











* Bringa senses Markus typing

Marcus:I hope you had a good time during our visit there man :)

yep, i had :-)


I'll unmoderate now :)

!mode -m

And thank you for the hospitality and all the good time :)

--- Chat session ends here.

Ahh finally I can go to sleep.

bye marcus


Marcus, can we have your vote on a contest between two girls? It'd be really

important for all of us. I'd send you two pics and you'd vote for girl1 or girl2. No

nudity involved. ;-P


bye marcus




bye marcus

bye marcus!!


bye marcus


your the king

Later man.


farewell marcus!

marcus = god

whats the worst thing with every member in the group as a person

(including your self)?? =))

HELL!!!!!!!!!!! broken lose

See you soon Marcus :)

oh my



he will smite any1 that dosent think so

thanks marcus

Good night Markus :)

ooga, say bye :)

[marcus] for ever :))

cu marcus

bye :)

Bye my friend!!




nite marcus !



Just.. leave.. run.. Quickly!


Fare thee well Marcus. Cya

ta marcus, seeya

Thanks Marcus! :D

This place opened like pandora's box!

deserves this

oh shit, this is too fast for me...

indeed :)


Marcus, can we have your vote on a contest between two girls? It'd be really

important for all of us. I'd send you two pics and you'd vote for girl1 or girl2. No

nudity involved. ;-P


bye marcus!

he said old Fates was progressive

I warned you

ooga, is markus a god?

flush, yes no yes no yes no yes no .. i dunno, ask somebody else

haha =)

whats the worst thing with every member in the group as a person

(including your self)?? =))



is Laughing Out Loud marcus


Quote 250 of 344: Don't tell this to anyone, but I'm gay. damn i wanna feel

Thom's packer.


cages are open...FREEEEEEEE!



!mode +m




that's what I meant


Just .. go :PP


a taste of CHAOS :)

since I can´t read that fast, cu next time, good night

Alright :)

Good night

Goodnight :)


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