Interview – Alex Holzwarth for Czech Fanclub Alex Holzwarth: one ...

Interview – Alex Holzwarth for Czech Fanclub Alex Holzwarth: one ...

InterviewAlex Holzwarth for Czech Fanclub

Alex Holzwarth: one name and many bands (Sieges Even, Paradox, Rhapsody, Blind

Guardian, Valparaiso).

Although I am the Sieges Even fan, I do not know exactly why Sieges Even stoped. Tell me

something about reasons why the band closing musically journey many years ago?

Every musician of the uneven line-up wanted to do something else... there was nothing

to say anymore...

When you and Oli finished the Sieges Even era, what you planned/intend then time?

We started looking-glass-self the same night, which is now Val´paraiso with Markus

Steffen (ex-Sieges Even), so we never stopped:-). We got great songs for one record, a great

singer!, so now we gonna do it! Just number one hits:-)

How you joined to the Paradox? And why, cause Sieges Even played technicaly high level

music and Paradox was only typical germany speed metal (in my opinion or else good, but

not too much technicaly with so high niveau).

I always enjoyed the real heavy music! I like to play with maximum power!

Seems me Paradox and Rhapsody jobs like good places for physicaly maintain, but I guess

your loving technical high level music you must to do beside...right?

Yes! I cannot live without it!

According to question 4...Valparaiso will be real band with investment whole your powers or

only beside project both brothers?

Full power! The whole band is doing the songwriting! This is the band, where we can be

ourselfs! Its like a therapy, we go in the practise room and play, it´s like doing own


Exist any chance for re-union Sieges Even. I guess many oldtime-eyewitness asked you about


This is Sieges Even with another name! You got both now! You could take the new songs

and put it on the next Sieges Even record (just after sense of change).

Never seems me from the old pictures that you and Oli can be twins, but now when I first

time looked at Valparaiso promo pictures with your heads of skins I am not sure if are you

twins or not?

Ha, Ha, No!

I would be like congratulate to the two promo Valparaiso songs, cause they are absolutly

great. I am the fan to old Rush, Watchtower and Mekong Delta stuff, therefore Valparaiso

very very pleased me.

Thanks a lot!! We really do our very best! We don´t have any record deal, so we don´t

care about the stupid companies and their commercial aspect anymore! We just write what

comes out! And I think this is exactly what the Sieges Even fan is waiting for, since years!

Because it´s 100% us! I love it!

Do you can tell me what a drum set do you used at Rhapsody and Valparaiso? There are any


I use the premier gen-x set and paiste cymbals for both bands.

During the south American Blind Guardian tour 2002 Thomen Stauch be taken ill. This news

comes to magazines and websites, but I would be like to know what happend exactly by your

eyes. Do you can disclose all the order how you get this job?

You know, they give me the call, and I had to learn all the songs in some days, we

rocked, thats it!

How many shows and where you played with Blind Guardian together? (south America 2002

+ summer 2003)

I don´t know, about 8?

What a feeling stay together with brother on one stage after few years...

That was the just great! It was like playing at home, staying in the living room! He

helped me a lot!

When you learned Thomen parts, what you thing about them? About Thomen...about parts....

Very interesting stuff! Thomen is a great drummer...

Tell me something about Blind Guardian in your opinion. You spend any time with

them...forgot that I am head of Blind Guardian Czech fanclub, be wholehearted and truthful!

I just can tell, that they are very nice and we had a lot of fun in south America!

You tried get the deal for debut Valparaiso album at the major label or minor label or do you

released whole things by self?

We want to enter the studio around March/April 2004! If there is still no rec company

we do it ourself...

Exist still any Sieges Even official website? Is that site what arranged Charlie Bauerfeind?

I don´t know? For all the Sieges Even fans: check out the

forum. And You will get all the answers!

Hope you say "yes and did" to my last question. It will be request. Do you can send me by e-

mail any your picture where you are together with Blind Guardian in south America?

I try to find one, but check out they had some in the news sections!

Alex, Me and Czech fans would be like to you say: "A big thanx for your job Alex". Really we

are glad that you and Oli are here!

Thank You for this interview, it was a big pleasure!

Editor: Milan Skoda (by e-mail on 31st October 2003)

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