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I do n' t know if you've heard:

The Cure are playing two shows

in Germany with a prom ised set

list of the dark trilogy

(Pornography, Disintegration &

Blood Flowers) in its entirety.

Rearrange your lives accordingly.

Pulp's We Love Life and Gene's

Libertine have finally been

released in the US with bonus

tracks. I highl y recommend them

to anyone wh o has enjoyed the

recent Coldplay, Doves or Badly

Drawn Boy releases.


The Breaker

They've been compared to the

Cure (you can hear it in the guitar

s and vocal delivery) and

Siou xsie (simply becau se they

are female fronted) and yo u

might even call them a gritt y

rock-heavy goth band. Basically,

By Ryan Michael Painter

they are refreshingly solid and

avoid del ving into too many

cliches. My only compla in t

would be the hint of Courtney

Love that seems to linger somewhere

in the mix. But hell, girls

with guitars w ho pla y heav y

music and actually come across

as musicians rather than a spectacle

is more than welcome.

Here's to the hop e that Sheila V.

Bommakanti keeps recording;

the whole darkwave scene can

only benefit from her presence.

Marianne Faithfull

Kissin Time


You might not believe me, but

this album is fantastic. I'v e often

been intrigued by Marianne the

char acter, bu t not as impressed

by her smoke-ras pe d vo ice.

Peering down at the accompanying

press release, I envi sioned a

schizophrenic album consid ering

the guest list included Beck,

Billy Cor gan (Sma shing

Pumpkins), Etienne Daho , Dave

Stewart (Eur ythmics), Jarvis

Cocker (Pulp) and Blur as either

co-writers, performers or producers;

this was far from the

case. Much like the 6th's

Hyacinths & Thistles (where there

was a different vocalist for each

track, the antithesis of this

release) there is a stylistic elementthat

ties the songs together.

In this case it is Marianne's life,

both real and imagined by rum or

and assumption (best d emonstrated

by the approp riately vulgar

"Sliding Through Life On

Charm"). "Son g For Nico" in

anyo ne else's hands might come

acro ss as an insincere stab at

pop-nostalgia, but in Marianne's

hands it is full of a compassion

that is und erstat ed and flawless.

"Sex With Stran gers" is Beck

submerged in an analog daydream

funk , and her cover of his

"Nobody's Fault " is more fragile

and easily as good as the or iginal

from Mid/light Vultures.


Remix Party


I don't believe a genre exists for

the little jingles stolen from

Saturday morning cartoons

mixed with an international flavor

w ith that retro-sleaze exotica

ba chel or bit th rown togeth er

with a general abando nment of

all the rules of making "po p

music." I'm not certain what the

songs sounded like originally

before the guests (I only recognize

the High Llamas) go t their

hands on the tracks, but consider

ing th e general tone and

atmosphere I believ e that pinatas

and cocktails w ere involved

from the get go. Yes, it might

require a certain mood, but

when that mood strikes, Remix

Parh) is a ph enomena l exercise in

freeform insanity. Burt

Bacharach is for pansies.

Various Arti sts

Burque LIIV Vol. 4

Fear Studios

Pulling all styles of electronic

m u s i c( t ec h no l el e ct r o I

trance I idm l ind ustr ial, etc.)

Burque LlIv 4 is a tour of New

Mexico's scene. The production

quality is fanta stic, with a

smooth mastering (which I suppose

should be expected since

the majorit y of the tracks w ere

most likely record ed d igitally).

As far as the mu sic goes I'm

drawn to the rather unconventional

structuring of Leiahd oru s"

synth pop fueled "Stars." Sadl y,

nothing stands out as new Or

inventive, but is evidence that

ther e is a wealth of talent and

great things on the hor izon in

New Mexico.

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