MT600D Brochure - Challenger

MT600D Brochure - Challenger

advanced technology,simply applied

TRANSMISSIONPGS 6/7When engaged, TechStar CVT with Power Management automatically controls engine speed and transmissionratio for unrivaled performance and efficiency.A Proven PerformerWith more than 15 years of researchand development and over 100,000CVT transmissions in serviceworldwide, the TechStar CVT is theproven industry leader.• The fewest number of movingparts leads to longer life, greaterresidual value and less downtime.• A separate transmission oilreservoir, isolated from thehydraulic remotes, minimizes thechance of contaminationfrom implements.• Service-friendly design allowstechnicians to easily performdiagnostics with the AGCOElectronic Diagnostic Tool.• A simple push of a button allowsyou to set four cruise speeds –two in each of the two ranges.• You’ll have access to speedsnormally hidden between gears.No shifting, no jerks, no delay intraction – just infinite speedcontrol from creep to transport.Your Choice of OperatingModesIn addition to easy manual operation,you have a choice of operating modesthat afford you even more flexibility.• Pedal Mode – Go hands-free byflipping a switch on the TMCconsole. Engine speed andtransmission ratio are adjusted tomanage ground speed.• Forager Mode – Ideal for PTOwork. You can maintain a specificengine speed while using the footpedal to control ground speed.• Power Management Mode – Whenactivated, the engine andtransmission automatically findthe most efficient settings toget the job done. The engineautomatically throttles up or downwhen you need more or lesspower. It saves fuel, reducesengine noise and extends servicelife. Plus, you can focus on thetask at hand rather than adjustingthe tractor.The Speed You NeedThe TechStar CVT lets you set twofield cruise speeds in each of the twospeed ranges. Just flip the toggleswitch on the SV1, or hold it downuntil the desired speed is indicated onthe digital display. With SV2, simplyhold it down until your intended speedis indicated.You can set speeds for specific tasks.Plus, once set, you can recall thespeed with the simple push ofa button.You’ll also have the unique ability tocouple A and B engine speed settingswith the ground speed memorysystem. This allows you to adjust bothengine speed and transmission groundspeed with the SV1 and SV2 buttons.

frame & axlesPGS 8/9Concrete strengthHigh-horsepower and demanding big-farm conditions call for a stronger, toughertractor. Day in and day out, the MT600D Series delivers with unsurpassed structuralrigidity, strength and support.A Powerful FrameA rugged pair of chassis rails, speciallycontoured for tight turns, extend from thefront mounting all the way to a mounting platebehind the engine. They deliver more strengthand support and serve as a strong mountingplate for a front-end loader, front-mountedimplements, fertilizer tanks and attachments.Front Axle StrengthStandard equipment is simply stronger andheavier. Extra-large final drives allow the axleto handle the largest draft loads and weightswith ease, while at the same time providing a55-degree steering angle for tight headland turns.Enhanced Ride Comfort andTractionThe OptiRide axle suspension enhancesride comfort and puts more power to theground. Coupled with the OptiRide Pluscab suspension system, it can easily reducevibration by 50% or more.Quicker Turns With Less EffortTruTrak fast-steering lets you adjust thesteering ratio to require more or less turns ofthe steering wheel for the same angle of turn ofthe front wheels.

hydraulics & PTOPGS 10/11do more with easeA powerful hydraulic system, a versatile PTO and a high-capacity, three-point hitch complementthe massive pulling power of the MT600D Series.High-PerformanceHydraulicsA closed-center, pressure- and flowcompensatedhydraulic system providesflow to multiple functions at up to 46gpm (175 lpm) and 2,900 psi (200 bar).A power-beyond circuit and a loadsensingline are also available, while afifth and sixth spool valve are optional.The MT600D Series tractors use fiveseparate pumps:• One for charging the TechStar CVT• Two for the steering circuit (onebeing an emergency back up)• One for low-pressure circuits likethe diff lock, PTO engagement, etc.• One large variable-displacementunit solely for the spool valvesand three-point hitch.Customize HydraulicSettingsUsing the touch keys and rotarydial on the TMC display, you canelectronically enable or disable “float”and accurately set ram extension andretraction, flow rates and kickout timing.Adaptable PTO SystemsPTO speed is digitally displayed on thedash for precise control of PTO-drivenimplements. The hydraulically actuatedsystem allows for smooth modulationand system protection.Economy PTO SystemThis allows the engine speed to bereduced by 18.5% to 1,605 rpm ineconomy mode, while maintaining full1,000 PTO shaft speed.Lots of LiftStandard amenities on all modelsinclude an electronic three-point hitchwith a maximum lift capacity of 22,760lbs (10,323 kg), four remote hydraulicoutlets and a choice of PTO systemsthat synch with your operation.Options include a front three-pointhitch and up to six rear remotes andtwo front remotes.Smooth TransportAs mounted equipment is being movedover the road or across the headlandin the raised position, the ActiveTransport Control (ATC) hydrauliccylinders automatically absorb theshocks that negatively impact ridequality and stability.

tractor management centerPG 13The intuitive and ergonomic design ofthe Tractor Management Center (TMC)puts all key functions — including sixhydraulic control valves — atyour fingertips.One-Touch Does It AllWith the touch of a button on thetransmission controller, the One-Touchsystem uses the ISOBUS network to recordand execute a host of repeated functions.These include changing ground speed,accelerating or decelerating the engine,raising and lowering the three-point hitch,engaging and disengaging the PTO andraising and lowering an implement.Multiple Memory FunctionsYou can easily input memory functions forup to eight implements so hydraulic settings,engine and ground speed presets and One-Touch sequences can be quickly recalled.Peak Performance LevelsWorking with the spool valve managementsystem, “trailed implement control”automatically adjusts the depth of sensorequippedtrailed implements to controlexcessive wheel slippage, assuring thatfield travel speed and engine performanceare optimized.

technologyPGS 14/15Technology at your serviceConvenient USB PortQuick and simple fortransferring field dataand reports.Complete Steering SolutionThe AGI-3 Positioning System can beupgraded to Omnistar or RTK performancewith 900 mHz radio, GSM option. TheAGI-3 is also compatible with Topcon basestations, GSM and CORS networks.Precision farming, machine control and machine management technology allowyou to work smarter than ever before.Topcon’s unique Paradigm G3 TripleConstellation Technology can receive GPS,Glonass and Galileo (when available) andfeatures state-of-the-art inertial sensorsand steering control with superior lineacquisition and holding capabilities.The AGCO System 150 Precision AutoSteeringTechnology, an industry leader in performance,is a complete automatic steering system,featuring flexible accuracy options.The Strongest Partnershipin the IndustryAGCO and Topcon Positioning Systemshave teamed up to usher in a new era ofprecision agriculture. This partnership wasformed with a commitment to provide themost sophisticated and accurate satelliteguidedpositioning systems on the market.Multiple Viewing OptionsThe moving map display can be set tosee the field in Bird’s Eye, North Up orHorizon views.Visual IndicatorsEasily identify area applied, speed, rownumber and satellites.Automatic Coverage MappingFeatures easy-to-read maps for trackingareas covered or missed, and boundarymapping for planning applicationand coverage.Direct Interface Steering• Automated steering system calibration• Designed for a wide range of guidancereadyequipmentThe Challenger DifferenceEvery AGCO System 150 comes standardwith sub-meter and decimeter accuracy.Easily upgrade to centimeter accuracy witha Snap-In Module that also allows the useof Internet-based correction signals. Simplycall OmniSTAR to subscribe to one of theirsignals (VBS, XP or HP) and start driving. Oruse WAAS for a no-cost sub-meter system.

AGCO’s AGCOMMAND system is aleading-edge data recording tool that helpsusers optimize fleet performance, monitoroperating costs and generate reports.How Agcommand WorksThe AGCOMMAND system collects GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) satellitelocation and machine performance dataevery 60 seconds in the Standard Pluspackage and every 10 seconds in theAdvanced package. This allows users to seewhere machines are, where they have beenand the data collected at each interval.Data CollectionMachine performance data is collectedfrom the vehicle’s CAN Bus. This datais then transferred via a GPRS cellularmodem. Access to the stored data isobtained by logging into a secure andeasy-to-use website.Benefits Of AGCOMMANDUtilizing this information will help managersanalyze vehicle efficiency, maximizeproductivity and increase profitability.The Universal Installation Kit allowsAGCOMMAND to be fitted to any piece ofmachinery in a fleet, regardless of brand.Optimum performanceAGCOMMAND organizes information anddevelops detailed reports that track enginehours, fuel consumption, operator efficiencyand field-specific machine information. Bycollecting and summarizing this information,the system promotes accountability to helpoptimize performance.MaintenanceAGCOMMAND makes maintenance easierto plan and track. Service alerts can be setto signal maintenance intervals. Alerts canalso be set to notify your dealer for fasterservice response time.Geo-fencing and logisticsGeo-fences, or virtual GPS boundaries, canbe created to track when machines enteror exit designated areas. Tracking logisticsenables the user to anticipate routine taskslike refueling. To help reduce downtime, thesystem plots a machine’s exact position onthe map so it can be quickly located.Internal MemoryIf a machine leaves a GPRS coveragearea, the onboard module will record itslocation and performance data for up to 50hours and transfer the information once themachine reenters a coverage area.EfficiencyManagers using AGCOMMAND can monitormultiple fleets from off-site locations. Operationsthat have numerous locations and projectscan utilize logistics to minimize downtimeby having instant tractor performance data.

servicePGS 16/17spend more time inthe fieldEasy-to-perform routine maintenance and easy-to-access daily service pointsput you back in the field in no time.Lengthy ReplacementIntervalsSpend more time working with replacementintervals for transmission oil and filters atevery 1,200 hours and engine oil changesat 400 hours.Quick DiagnosticsOur CAN Bus technology allows a servicetechnician to quickly isolate a problem bysimply plugging in a hand-held unit thatperforms diagnostics and displays resultsin seconds.Less Fuel StopsThe combination of a 167-gal (632L) tank andthe efficient operating dynamics of the AGCOPOWER engine allow for plenty of operatinghours between refills. And the diesel exhaustfluid tank holds 16 gallons (60L), enough fortwo tanks of diesel.Dealers who Make aDifferenceWith our world-class dealer network you canrest assured that you’ll be in good hands whenit comes to service and support.When you couple professional-gradeequipment with the professional service andsupport offered by our dealers, you’ll enjoytrue value well into the future.

specificationsPGS 18/19Models 645D 655D 665D 675D 685DEngine PerformancePTO HP @ 2,100-rated engine rpm (kW) 205 (153) 225 (168) 250 (186) 275 (205) 290 (216)ISO engine HP @ 2,100-rated engine rpm (kW) 240 (179) 265 (198) 290 (216) 320 (239) 340 (254)Maximum ISO engine HP @ 1,950 engine rpm (kW) 270 (201) 295 (220) 320 (239) 350 (261) 370 (276)All ModelsEngineRated speed (rpm) 2,100Maximum torque rise 29-38%Maximum power bulge24-29 hpTypeAGCO Power with e3 clean air technologyNumber of cylinders 6AspirationTurbocharged with air/air intercoolerDisplacement liters (CID) 8.4 (514)Compression Ratio 16.7 : 1Fuel Injection SystemBosch High Pressure Common-Rail, Electronic; Injectors withVariable Injection Timing and DurationFuelDieselFuel FilterReplaceable Filter - 30μ Prefilter - 5μ Main FilterLubrification SystemGear Pump at Bottom of Timing GearOil FilterSingle, Spin OnStarting AidThermostartelectrical systemBattery12V (X2)Alternator240 AmpsISO BUS Connector50 AmpsTransmissionTypeTechstar CVT with Power Management (PM) – 25 mph (40 kph)ClutchesNoneField speed range0.02 – 17 mph Forward and 0.02 - 10 mph Reverse(0.03 – 28 km/h Forward and 0.03 - 16 km/h Reverse)Road speed range0.02 – 25 mph Forward and 0.02 - 24 mph Reverse(0.03 – 40 km/h Forward and 0.03 - 38 km/h Reverse)Road speed range – 50 kph (optional)Optional – 0.02 – 30 mph Forward and 0.02 – 24 mph Reverse(0.03 – 50 km/h Forward and 0.03 – 38 km/h Reverse)Forward SpeedsInfiniteCruise Control Speeds 2brakes and final drivesType of Final DrivesInboard PlanetaryType of BrakesWet DiscBrake ActuationHydraulicPneumatic Trailer Brakes psi (bar) - Optional 94 – 116 (6.5 – 8)Hydraulic Trailer Brakes psi (bar) - Optional 0 – 2,175 (0 – 150)

all modelsHydraulicsSystem typeClosed Center Load Sensing (CCLS)Total flow rate - US standard gallon (L) 46 (175)Maximum pressure PSI (bar) 2,900 (200)Available flow rate per spool valves gpm (L/min) 26.4 (100)Remotes – standard / optionalStandard – 4 fingertip spool valves; Optional – up to 6 fingertipspool valves availableHydraulic CouplersDecompression Couplers with Connect/Disconnect UnderPressure FunctionCoupler Size ISO 1/2”steering wheelSteering WheelTilt and TelescopicTru TrakStandardRear Axle4.33 x 118 in. (110 x 2999 mm) Long Axle Standard4.33 x 118 in. (110 x 2999 mm) Long AxleOptionalwith Dual Wheel Provision4.33 x 118 in. (110 x 2999 mm) Long AxleOptionalwith Dual Wheel Provision and Spacers4.33 x 105 in (110 x 2550 mm) Short Axle Optional4.33 x 105 in (110 x 2550 mm) Short AxleOptionalwith Dual Wheel Provision and SpacersDifferential Lock - Full-locking, Electro-hydraulic StandardFront Axle2-wheel driveN/A4-wheel drive differential lockFull-locking, electrohydraulic standard4-wheel drive maximum steering angle 55°Quadlink front axle suspensionOptionalQuadlink differential lockFull-locking, electrohydraulicQuadlink front axle suspensionOptionalQuadlink differential lockFull-locking, electrohydraulicThree-Point Hitch - RearCategory 3StandardStabilizersSway blockMaximum lift capacity lbs. (kg) – through full stroke 22,760 (10,323)Quick HitchStandardthree-point Hitch - Front (Optional)Category 3StandardIntegrated Front HitchStandard with front three-point HitchMaximum Lift Capacity At Link End lbs (kg) 11,000 (5,000)DrawbarCategory 3 with Drop PinStandardCategory 3 Heavy-Duty with Drop PinOptionalCategory 4 with Drop PinOptionalall modelsPTOSpeeds - standard rpm1,000/1,000EEngagementElectro-hydraulic540EOptionalShaft Diameter in (mm)1.75 in (45 mm) Shaft, 20 splineEngine Speed if PTO at 1000 rpm / 1000E rpm / 540E rpm 1,970 / 1,605 / 1,577Operator AreaCab Volume ft³ (m³) 116.5 (3.3)Cab glass area ft² (m²) 67.3 (6.22)Noise level dB(A) 71OptiRide Plus hydraulic suspended cabStandardOperator seat - air suspensionStandardDeluxe VRS Operator SeatOptionalTransmission Control(s)Right Console/ArmrestForward Control(s)Left-hand ControlCab Doors (2)StandardTMC DisplayStandardGuidance SystemAGCO System 150 AutoSteeringPrecision TechnologyOptionalCapacityFuel tank capacity US gallon (L) with e3 technology 167 (630)DEF (AdBlue) usable tank capacity US gallon (L) (optional) 16 (60)Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity Gallon (L) 29.1 (110)Dimensions & Weight*Wheelbase in (mm) 122 (3,100)Overall Length in (mm) 215.7 (5,480)Maximum Height Over Cab in (mm) 141 (3,584)Approx. Shipping Weight lbs (kg) 24,250 (11,000)Max. Allowable Weight lbs (kg) 33,070 (15,000)* All dimensions measured with Dual 520/85R46 rear tires and 480/70R34 front tires

AGCO financeAGCO Finance understands that financing is as much a part of your purchase decision as the features and benefits ofthe product. So we’re committed to providing the best means of acquiring the equipment you need, while allowing you topreserve other credit lines of operating capital.Work with your local AGCO Dealer to find the equipment and financing program that best matches your operating andcash flow needs. You can also contact AGCO Finance directly at 888-989-8525 or AGCOfinance.comSee your authorized Challenger dealer for:• competitive rates• comprehensive financing• flexible payment schedules• flexible terms• quality service• leasing options• virtually unlimited resourcesABOUT AGCOAGCO, Your Agriculture Company, is a premier manufacturer of agricultural equipment, providing high-tech solutions forprofessional farmers feeding the world. The company is dedicated to delivering superior customer service, innovationand quality. AGCO products are distributed in more than 140 countries worldwide.At AGCO, customer care isn’t just a department. It’s a commitment. Contact us with your questions. We’ll do our best toanswer them promptly or put you in touch with someone who can.Challenger is a worldwide brand of© 2011 AGCO Corporation. AGCO is a registered trademark of AGCO. Challenger is a registered trademark of Caterpillar Inc. and used under license by AGCO.AGCO has a corporate policy of continuous product improvement and development; therefore, specifications are subject to change without any advancenotice. All rights reserved. AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 CH11B002DS (10) 05 PD

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