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<strong>GRUNDFOS</strong> <strong>ALPHA2</strong>The Grundfos <strong>ALPHA2</strong> domestic circulator is the most advanced energy efficient domesticcirculator of it’s kind on the market today. It is the ideal choice for a variety of domesticcirculation heating systems, having both variable speed pressure <strong>co</strong>ntrolled operation,and standard selectable three speed operation.The <strong>ALPHA2</strong> is an ‘A’ Rated Energy labelled product, achieving the highest possibleenergy savings under the energy labelling scheme. The reduction in power<strong>co</strong>nsumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motortechnology. Using pressure <strong>co</strong>ntrolled operation power <strong>co</strong>nsumption can bereduced to as low as 5 watts.The unique AUTOADAPT feature allows the pump to match it’s performance tothe system requirements, helping to reduce noise when thermostatic valves areclosing down.The <strong>ALPHA2</strong> models are simple to install as new or replacement pumps, and are 130mm between ports.FEATURES AND BENEFITS• ‘A’ Rated energy label – lowest power <strong>co</strong>nsumption• Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs• Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box• Power Display - shows actual power usage & power onPerformance curvesTECHNICAL DATALiquid Temperature: +2°C @ 110°CMaximum Ambient: 37°C @ 82°C FlowMin Inlet Pressure: 1.3m @ 82°C FlowMaximum System Pressure: 10 BarMean Sound Pressure Level:

<strong>GRUNDFOS</strong> <strong>ALPHA2</strong>Control of heating systemsThe heat requirements of a building vary greatly and today thermostatic radiator valves efficiently <strong>co</strong>ntrol the systemoutput. This can lead to excessive pump pressure and valve noise. <strong>ALPHA2</strong> can not only adapt to these variable <strong>co</strong>nditionsbut reduce electrical energy <strong>co</strong>nsumption.FIXED SPEED PUMP MODEWith a fixed speed pump, as the radiator TRV’s close,the system resistance increases (A1 to A2) causing anincrease in pump pressure (∆H 1) which can lead toTRV valve noise.PRESSURE CONTROLLED MODEAs the radiator TRV’s close (A1 to A2) the pump pressureis <strong>co</strong>ntrolled ac<strong>co</strong>rding to the selected mode (A1 to A3).At the reduced pressure the TRV’s then re-adjust tomaintain the required radiator output. The pump pressurereduces radiator valve noise and power <strong>co</strong>nsumption.HFIXED SPEED(l, ll, lll)2HCONSTANT PRESSURE(CP1, CP2)HPROPORTIONAL PRESSURE(PP1, PP2)A 2 1∆H 1A 1Q 2Q 1QA 2 1∆H 2A 1A 3Q 2Q 1QA 2 1∆H 2 A 1Q 2A 3Q 1Q<strong>ALPHA2</strong> FUNCTIONALITY AND SETTINGSHFIXED SPEEDSETTINGSCP2AUTOADAPTPP1 CP1 PP2 CP2PRESSURE CONTROLLEDSETTINGSAUTOADAPTILLUMINATEDOPERATING MODEDISPLAYSETTING PUMP CURVE TYPICALAPPLICATIONI, II, III Fixed SpeedoperationCP1CP2PP1PP2AUTOADAPTLower (CP1) &higher (CP2)<strong>co</strong>nstant pressureLower (PP1) &higher (PP2)proportionalpressureSet point withingreen area.Night set backABV = Automatic Bypass ValveSystem withoutTRVsUnderfloor systems.TRV systems withABV installedTRV systems withno mininum flowrequirement*TRV systems andno minimum flowrequirement*Reduced flow atnightTRV = Thermatic Radiator ValveCP1lPP2PP1NIGHT SET BACKOnly for <strong>co</strong>nstant running pump systems(not normally needed for UK systems).llIIIQINSTALLATION AND OPERATINGGUIDANCEWhen installing the <strong>ALPHA2</strong>, please refer tothe Installation and Operating Instructions,if using pump in either <strong>co</strong>nstant pressure,proportional pressure or AUTOadapt mode.*Please refer to the boiler manufacturersminimum flow rate requirements whensetting bypass valves.GB/<strong>ALPHA2</strong>/DBS/0208

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