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Advanced road lighting with innovative Flat Beam ... - Thorn Lighting

OrusAdvanced road lighting withinnovative Flat Beam ® technologyfor low-level mounting

Low height lighting needsAs engineers and specifiersknow, there are a numberof cases where conventionallanterns do not providethe best solution to roadlighting problems.Mounting heights may berestricted by structures or localregulations; obtrusive light maybe an issue; or maintenance mayhave to be completed quickly –for example, to reduce operators’exposure to fast-moving traffic,or where downtime for servicehas to be reduced to the absoluteminimum. In situations such asthese, conventional lighting isoften deficient.Thorn has applied its legendaryexpertise to addressing theseissues and the result is Orus, thefirst luminaire with Flat Beam ®technology. Designed to satisfystandard lighting criteria in a lowheight format, it offers engineersan exciting new resource inroad lighting.Innovation is often driven byobservation of the world aroundus – and Orus is a primeexample of this2

Introducing OrusA new road lighting luminairewith a special bi-directionaloptic, resulting in a unique lightdistribution; excellent uniformitywith no glare; low energy andabove all a mounting heightof 0.9mAs well as the usual Thornbenefits of low energyconsumption, sustainability andeasy maintenance, Orus usesFlat Beam ® technology to exceedrequirement levels at mountingheights of 0.9m. Where the useof columns or other structures isan issue, Orus delivers optimisedperformance without glare forroad users, in an attractivepackage with a choice ofmounting options.Furthermore Orus deliversquality in a lighting installationthrough three distinct attributes:Performance, Efficiency andComfort (PEC).Performance: Visual EffectivenessHigh Utilisation Factor> Good task luminanceSmaller burner lamps> Good task visibilityEfficiency: Minimising the use of energy70W maximum wattage> Use less energyElectronic control gear> Longer LifeComfort: People satisfaction and stimulationStreet/road optic> Selective ambienceOptic design> Glare free lightLower height> Visual Guidance3

Flat Beam ® ConceptFlat Beam ® technology addresses two issues unique tolow-level mounting:8m - 15m• By positioning the optical light engine below the driver’s eye line,it reduces the risk of direct glare• Thorn research on road surfaces of all types ensures that Orusdelivers optimum luminanceThe optical system offers a very sharp and controlled light distributionwhile optimising the efficiency of the lamp. The use of ceramic metalhalide lamps with small burners, between 35W and 70W, is the bestchoice in terms of light control, driver comfort and power consumption.Because Orus is a radical departure from standard luminaires,its characteristics are equally innovative:• It projects light transversally to the road (up to 11m) in a single-sidedarrangement• The optimised mounting height is 0.9m to ensure that no direct lightenters the vehicle• Optimum spacing is between 8m and 15mWith conventional luminaires, the ratio of spacing to mounting heightis between 3.5 and 5; with Orus the figure is between 10 and 18.Taking the ratio of lit width to mounting height, conventional luminairesproduce a figure between 0.8 and 1.2; with Orus the figure isbetween 8 and 13.Orus delivers uncompromised excellence. When observing roadsurfaces lit at ‘grazing’ incidence it can be seen that drivers perceivehigher levels of road lighting because the peak of the reflected beamis roughly in the direction of the eye. This does not mean higher glarebecause light distribution is sharply reduced – practically nil whenOrus is installed at optimum height. In fact, the Orus beam angle canreach 88° to the vertical where as standard luminaires are restricted to85°. This additional 3° underpin the exceptional performance of FlatBeam ® technology, which gives road users the benefits of increasedperceived ‘brightness’ and visibility.0.90mConventional Installation8m8m0,90m8m8m8mNew concept0,90m8m85°10m24m24m24m24mFlat Beam ® technology is aproduct of extensive Thorn researchinvolving optical design, theoreticaland simulated photometry androad testing of prototypesIt improves the optical efficiency of luminaires at reduced mountingheights, ensuring uniform light distribution with minimal glare.Primarily created for road lighting, the Flat Beam ® concept satisfies themost demanding standards for safety, helping drivers to:• Detect static or moving obstacles on the carriageway• Confirm the road configuration comfortably• Perceive the entire road surface and any issues at all speeds4

Conventional Installation85°Light incident rayFlat beam lightingReflection areaReflected rayReflected rayWe have extensively tested Flat Beam ® technology for glare, luminanceand flicker. A comprehensive Research and Development programmehas surveyed Flat Beam ® performance with a representative rangeof road surfaces in different weather and lighting conditions. The testprogramme included comparisons of the system against referenceluminaires in traffic-intensive conditions.The Research and Development team’s findings, show that forcarriageway luminance of about 1.5cd/m 2 , Orus luminaires deliverbetween 227 and 3507cd/m 2 while dipped car headlights emitbetween 4521 and 46770cd/m 2 . This means that Orus is a tenth thebrightness of car headlights, hence no glare.Because Orus luminaires can be installed with spacing between8m and 15m, this flexibility allows the eyes to adjust dependenton speed, meaning that the flicker effect is maintained below 4Hzand in most cases less than 2.5Hz, keeping driver discomfort to anacceptable minimum.88°Dipped car headlightsOrus fittings5

ApplicationsThe system can be used wheretraditional road lighting usingcolumns or façade mounting isnot feasible, for reasons such as:• Ease of access• Extreme weather• Structural fragility• Maintenance difficulties• In the vicinity of airfields orother sensitive areas• Risk of obtrusive light• Other environmental orresource issuesOrus is not simply an idealsolution in such applications,it may even be the only solution.Yet it still conforms to – andmay even exceed – industrystandards and other operatingrequirements:• The unique flat beam of lightproduced by Orus can help toreduce light ‘leakage’ whilestill providing comfortablelighting for all road users• Orus places light exactly whereit is required• Orus combines optimumperformance and energyefficiency with safe andeasy installationRN 202 - Ville de NICE © Photo J. LACOMBEOrus delivers all the uniquebenefits of Flat Beam ®technology in a modern,easy to integrate design6

8mOrus ‘Road‘ optic10m8mOrus ‘Street‘ optic10mOrus can be specified for use onroads with or without pedestriantraffic. Without pedestrians,the optical design directs lightentirely onto the road. Wherepedestrians are present, Orusis available with an alternativeoptical design which createsa ‘circle’ of light around theluminaire, enabling drivers todetect a pedestrian’s entire body.This option also allows for facialrecognition by other pedestrians.ClassicOrusOrus is also an excellent solutionwhere obtrusive light has to bereduced. For example, it can bespecified in certain residentialareas, or in areas where thesurrounding buildings areilluminated and road lightingshould therefore be unobtrusive.The Flat Beam ® technology usedin Orus also makes the systemsuitable for use in parks andgardens. Here the luminaires canspread light at low level withoutdistracting attention from otherilluminated features.7

The Orus RangeRoad safetyOrus ensures better hazard andpedestrian visibility as well asimproved driver comfort. Thisunique luminaire combinesluminance and uniformity withlimited glare, revealing obstaclesand road surface irregularities. Atthe same time the low mountingheight acts as a good optical andvisual guide to the road layout.Durability blockOrus is constructed from highquality materials and engineeredfor low maintenance and a longoperating life. Metal componentsare either die-cast aluminiumor stainless steel, and thevisor is made from strong, UVstabilised and scratch protectedpolycarbonate. To withstandthe additional rigours of itslow mounting height, the entireOrus structure incorporatesan IK10/40 joules rating todefend it against harsh roadusage as well as vandalism.Tamper-resistant screwscombine protection with easymaintenance. Both optic andgear comply with IP66.Easy installation andmaintenanceIn areas where access is hard ormaintenance time is restricted,Orus is the perfect solution. Itis light, easy to handle, and isdelivered complete and ready toinstall in one box.VersatilityThe lighting head can be top orside mounted or suspended,enabling Orus to be integratedinto most existing infrastructures.As standard the system comeswith stirrup or bollard, but othermounting options can be developed.Energy savingWith a range of lamp optionsfrom 35 to 70W, Orus simplydelivers high performance withlow energy consumption. The useof electronic ballast enhancesthese energy savings and alsoincreases lamp life expectancy.Environmentally friendlyAll parts of Orus can berecycled, and its very preciselight distribution minimises ‘spill’and obtrusive light.Orus offers a number of benefitswhich make it suitable for localauthorities, engineers andlighting designers alike8

Lighting dataRN 202 - Ville de NICE © Photo J. LACOMBE2msetback3. Single sidedSetback: 2mTilting: -2˚R-Table: DryMaintenance factor: 0.80Lamp: HIT-CE 35WLamp Flux 3300lmLave: 1.65cd/m 2UO: 0.46When Flat Beam ® technologywas integrated into Orus, prioritywas given to the limitation ofglare. Calculations show that TI isconsiderably below 10% while,luminance and uniformity exceedrelevant standards.The system is designed with aspecific lamp burner cap sothat direct light cannot reachthe eyes of a driver or the rearmirrors of a car when installed atcompulsory height of 0.9m. In acomplete installation, Orus offersdrivers a unique ‘guidance’ effectwhich tracks the contours of theroad, ahead and behind.Orus can be installed eithersingle-sided, with luminairespacing between 8 and 15m, oron both sides of the road withthe same spacing. In the latterconfiguration it will cover roadsup to 20m wide, giving amplecoverage for roads with multiplelanes including cycle lanes andcentral reservations.Light output from Orus luminairesis surprisingly resistant toobstruction by queues of traffic.Tests have shown that there isno occultation nor distractingshadows, while light emitted fromthe system is distributed aheadof, behind and beneath vehicles.It is also reflected by the roadsurface. Spacing options between8 and 15m also reduce any‘pools’ of darkness, while lightingfrom vehicles further maintainslighting levels.Orus luminaires mix perfectlywith classic column mountedsystems. Because they usewhite light they can be used tohighlight sections of the highwaywhere care is required, as in ahazard black spot or area ofrestricted speed.The wide choice of lamps – from35 to 70W HIT-CE G12, or60W HIT-CE PGZ12 Cosmowhite– gives planners ample scope toadjust Orus to any project.9

Ordering GuideDimensions540200463193955900252252200 13200 252Ø22 170x7068193540474453353100Lamps35-70W HIT-CE (MT)metal halide. Cap: G1260W HIT-CE (MT)cosmowhite. Cap: PGZ12Materials/FinishBollard: 3mm steel powdercoated grey (RAL 9006)Enclosure: UV stabilisedpolycarbonate protected againstgraffiti and with extra scratchresistant treatmentReflector: pure aluminium withhigh reflectance coatingTamper-proof screws and bolts:stainless steelGaskets: siliconStirrup: die-cast aluminiumOrdering Guide Lamps to be ordered separatelyDescriptionIlcos Socket WtCode (Kg)StandardsDesigned and manufactured tocomply with EN60598-2-3Class I electricalClass II electricalTa -20/+35IK10/40 joules shock resistanceIP66SpecificationTo specify state:Innovative road lightingluminaire for 35-70W HIT-CElamps, incorporating Flat Beam ®technology, in die-cast aluminiumreaching lighting standards at0.9m high. Sealed to IP66 withunique lighting distribution andchoice of mounting options.As Thorn Orus.SAP CodeClass IRoadStreetClass IIRoadStreetInstallation/MountingMounting height has to be 0.9mwhile offset should be 2m foroptimum results. Plug and socketconnections.Rear access to lamp via 2 tamperproof Allen screws.Cable glands for Ø8 to 13mmcableAdjustment at 0° through spiritlevel. Tolerance of 5° is allowed.Delivered complete, ready toinstall.Stirrup version: Rear access togear components.Ready for through wiring via2 cable glands.180° rotating stirrup.Stirrup fixed through 2 x M10tempered bolts.Bollard version: Inside bollardaccess to gear componentsFlange mounting.Head fixed to bollard through2 x M10 tempered bolts.Stirrup versionORUS 35W HIT DGE MT G12 8.8 96231244 96250912 96231245 96250913ORUS 70W HIT DGE MT G12 8.8 96231242 96250914 96231243 96250915Bollard versionORUS 35W HIT DGE MT G12 23.7 96250919 96250921 96250920 96250922ORUS 70W HIT DGE MT G12 23.9 96250923 96250925 96250924 96250926ORUS 60W CPO-TW MT PGZ12 24.1 96250927 96250929 96250928 96250930AccessoryORUS BRAID 1M 0.4 96251381ORUS ANTIVANDAL KEY SET 0.05 962513741. 2. 3. 4.8. 9. 10.11a.10

Installation/MaintenanceOrus combines simple, safeinstallation with easy maintenanceSafetySafety is assured through Class Ior Class II electrical rating, withautomatic power disconnectionwhen the rear access door isopened. All external screwsare tamper-proof Allen type,restricting access to contractorsonly. Stirrup version wires canbe fitted with extra strong sleevesto resist cutting. The lantern isengineered to IK10/40 joulesimpact resistance to preventdamage from vandals and ensurethat up-times remain long. Thesurface temperature of the fittingis always below 50°C.Lamp position settingOrus optics are optimisedaround a single setting whichis maintained by 2 springs anddoes not need complicatedadjustment. All lamp access isvia the rear compartment whichis secured by two tamper-proofAllen screws.Fitting position settingThe mounting position of Orusmodels with the stirrup fittingcan easily be adjusted. Bollardversions require adjustment at theflange. The top of the lantern hasto be parallel to the road surfaceand a 0° tilt of the unit can easilybe assured by using a spirit level.Orus includes a built-in aimingguide which helps installers toachieve the perfect horizontalsetting. When the exact anglehas been selected, the secondarystirrup locking device ensures thatthe setting will not be altered bywind pressure or vibration.Gear tray installation andmaintenanceOrus has been designed to houseG12/PGZ12 lamp cap controlgear, either integrally on the rearsection, or remotely. The lamp isalways accessible from the rearcompartment. Gear trays aresupplied with the lantern andare ready to be installed. Allconnections are plug and socketand the gear box can be easilyremoved and replaced on site.Lantern maintenanceOrus has been designed toperform under a wide range ofconditions. The lantern (includingthe gear box) is IP66 rated andthe enclosure will withstand dust,high-pressure cleaning and softdetergents. The lighting head canbe easily removed and replacedso that damaged lanterns canbe maintained at the workshop.The visor and canopy can bereplaced on site. The bodyis supplied as standard withpowder coating. On requestit can be supplied unpaintedor with special treatments (forexample, against graffiti) tomatch the user’s requirements.1. Easy and safe wiring2/3. Class I plug and socketconnections4/5. Class II plug and socketconnections6/7. Easy and safe lampreplacement8. Easy and safe adjustment9. Stirrup with tamper proofscrews and setting marks10. Armoured cable protectioncan be ordered asattachment11. Bollard gear access andprotection5.6. 7.11b.11c.11

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