1st Week - St Hugh's College JCR

1st Week - St Hugh's College JCR

1st Week - St Hugh's College JCR

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Date: 13 th January 2013Sunday,1 st <strong>Week</strong>, HT13<strong>JCR</strong> Committee RoomPresent: Thomas Pope, Gemma Robson, Luke Jones, William Arter, William Golightly, SachinMylavarapu, Kate Milne, Rebecca Abrey, Alice Hart, Oliver Bishop, Amy Ertan, Harry Touche, VenkatKondraguntaApologies: Nicola Milburna. Rep’s Remarks<strong>St</strong> Hugh’s <strong>JCR</strong> Committee MeetingMinutesThomas Pope (President)o Sky sorted out. Good job boys. Good job. Now with charity status but means that noSky can be played in the bar due to licensing agreements.o Meetings with David Townsend and the dean. Nothing to reporto Building project two weeks ahead of scheduleo Proposal for a beer garden later on in the termo Oxford University Internship people to come and do a talkGemma Robson (Vice-President)o Meeting Rahele later in the weeko Ideas for term need to be talked through with hero Maria Byrne meeting this week for renovations of the <strong>JCR</strong> (approx £15k estimatedcost)Luke Jones (Secretary)o Return of pizza? To make people turn up to <strong>JCR</strong> meetings - Accepted as late motionfor discussionWilliam Arter (Treasurer)o Finance switchover taking its time, due to the incapability of predecessor to get intouchWilliam Golightly (Access and Academic Affairs)o Met with Lizzie Emerson, college will provide money to allow undergrads to go toschools. More favoured as a scheme to run during holidays as oppose to term so notto interrupt studies.o “Undergrads you can contact” page and link to main college websiteSachin Mylavarapu and Kate Milne (Welfare)o One pee for a pint this termo Hot chocolate/tea/food event (G&D’s 5 th ?)o Cookie fairy - dairy milk chocolate as an improvement to the current cookies?Rebecca Abrey and Ally Hart (Entz)o A lot of drink things (i.e. bop juices, promotions etc) approved by the dean as long asthere is a non-alcoholic alternative.o Rahele will want to come to a bop, but she will be coming at 10. Important thatpeople do come early for that one otherwise she may get the impression thatthey’re a waste of time and money. Pee for a pint 11 o’clock cut-off?o Maybe get rid of free drink tokens. People turn up and then leave immediatelyo DJ will start charging for damages, so maybe a restriction of drinks near the decks

Date: 13 th January 2013Sunday,1 st <strong>Week</strong>, HT13<strong>JCR</strong> Committee Roomo Changing bop start time to 10, as noone really goes at 9 anyway.o Halfway hall, Tuesday 4 th weekAmy Ertan (Charities)o Looking to make with Ollie (E&E) a clothes collection scheme at the end of termso Completed charity training with OUSUo Charity formal in 6 th (maybe mix with Red Nose Day)o Find out who’s fundraising at the moment to help channel fundso Charity auction after 6 th week formal?Venkat Kondragunta (First Year Rep)o Needs moneyo Working on families for next years undergraduateso Going to do a survey for pros and cons of 1 st years freshers week this year.Oliver Bishop (Environment and Ethics)o Looking to have meeting with Maria Byrne about recycling in the barNicola Milburn (Sports)Harry Touche (DODO)o Committee page - meet the committee, each member needs to doo Wifi issue - Simon of IT office lobbies for better wifi each year, but the collegebelieves there is not enough student support. Survey would help find out how muchsupport there iso More Sky kudos.b. Items for discussion1. New TV in the <strong>JCR</strong>a. Whether we want to spend money spent on Sky on a new TVb. £600 for a new one as a ballpark figurec. Warranty cannot be found so no longer an option.d. Could find exactly the same one so brackets don’t have to be replacede. Figure out if it’s really that much of a problem by bringing it up in the <strong>JCR</strong> meetingf. Ask if there’s any college interest in buying the current TV2. Policy Booka. Policies are agreed with and will be renewed with a few exceptionsi. Wine in formalii. Boycott of formaliii. Nestle boycottb. Oxymoron subscription will be stopped3. Pool Tablea. Joel Taylor bought the pool table (£750). Pool club account has £500 in budget tocontributeb. The <strong>JCR</strong> should contribute, about £400?c. This would come out of the motions budget. Pay it in instalments?d. Do people want it there?e. Its used as a classroom for Summer Schools and there’s no storage space in college

Date: 13 th January 2013Sunday,1 st <strong>Week</strong>, HT13<strong>JCR</strong> Committee Roomf. Long term plan to move it into the bar may be better to run more smoothly with <strong>JCR</strong>renovationsg. Move it into the <strong>JCR</strong> committee room over summer and make it the <strong>JCR</strong> committeesor the pool clubs responsibilityh. Supermajority vote for £400 contribution4. Mind Your Head eventa. Charity in Oxford about someone talking about stress management etcb. Issue mainly with whether people would actually goc. May look to use the event during Trinity, where stress will be higher because ofexams5. OUSU council motions: Burma-Oxford exchange, Julian Assange & RAGa. Not great support for the denouncing of the invitation to Julian Assange. Voteagainst this motion.b. Full support for the other motionsc. Late items for discussion1. Pizza for <strong>JCR</strong> meetingsa. Survey to check whether it would work?b. Would the costings be that much of a difference, because sandwiches aren’t exactlybudget cheapc. Motion for pizza in <strong>JCR</strong> meetings needs to be passed as a motion for sandwiches waspassed in 2012.d. Gemma (VP)will submit motion early this week2. Condoms in the <strong>JCR</strong>a. Condoms openly available in the <strong>JCR</strong>b. It is believed that the system would be abusedd. Any other business

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