5th Week - St Hugh's College JCR

5th Week - St Hugh's College JCR

5th Week - St Hugh's College JCR


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Date: 19 th May 2013 Sunday,5 th <strong>Week</strong>, TT13<strong>JCR</strong> Committee RoomPresent: Thomas Pope, Gemma Robson, Luke Jones, William Arter, William Golightly, SachinMylavarapu, Kate Milne, Rebecca Abrey, Alice Hart, Amy Ertan, Nicola Milburn, Harry Touche,Venkat KondraguntaApologies: Oliver Bishopa. Rep’s Remarks<strong>St</strong> Hugh’s <strong>JCR</strong> Committee MeetingMinutesThomas Pope (President)o Rent proposal on Friday - the MCR want to be involved as well - job for this weeko Spoke to the bursar about leaving stuff in rooms - she was reluctant on the groundsthat they may not have the keys for the locks and even if they did, who’sresponsibility would it be for break ins etco On the bar renovations she seemed pretty reluctant also. She doesn’t think enoughpeople go the bar.o Leavers traditional give a notional gift. This year its going to be an opt-out donationto student hardship.o At Prescom - most the presidents disapproved of the traffic light parties. They wantto boycott stupid nights like that.Gemma Robson (Vice-President)o Rahele had a long detailed conversation about vomit - she wants us to talk to thedeans about banning those in the wrong from bops for the rest of term. Wewouldn’t punish anyone, but we would endorse the dean’s actions as a reasonablepunishmento Harry rudely stormed out of the meeting.o Tea and coffee in hall - part of Tom’s election manifesto - people have been bitchingto Gemma about it. Tea bags separated from the hot water would be ideal.o Douglas Tenison-Collins wants to set up a community garden - what a nice idea - willneed to speak to the gardener about the idea. The gardeners would need to becaretakers of the garden as students go home over the vacations.o Harry wants to speak to Rahele about paying at the bar with BOD cards - but oftenparents often pay for BOD card funds. Apparently using credit and debit cards itcosts about 30p per transaction. Could improve bar usage as well.Luke Jones (Secretary)William Arter (Treasurer)o Also doing rent things - maxed out the word count (over 400!) - will need to re dowith Tom to include MCRo Will attempt to go to bank and attempt to cash in some horrifically out of datecheques.o Two applications for travel grants and an application from Sachin “I play cricket bythe way” Mylavarapu for blues funds.o For the travel grants we need to talk about it within the committee and thenpresented for a vote in the main <strong>JCR</strong> meeting.

Date: 19 th May 2013 Sunday,5 th <strong>Week</strong>, TT13<strong>JCR</strong> Committee RoomWilliam Golightly (Access and Academic Affairs)o Tons of people still missing marked collections. Will send out an email this eveningto see who still hasn’to One school visit forthcoming and a shadowing scheme forthcoming. Sadly there isno one interested in shadowing a geologist.Sachin “OUCC” Mylavarapu and Kate Milne (Welfare)o Finalist pidge packs this weeko Did Eurovision food as well on the hush husho Big decision - bubbles or chocolate - bubbles gets shouted down by chocolateo Going to do an event like text a toastie but without the question. Have about 110cookies for this.o Morning after pill - Hugh’s is one of 5 colleges that doesn’t provide any support it.Logistically quite difficult, will need to ask about how other colleges do this, whetherit be reimbursing or some other method, about the take up rate as well.o Some colleges do some welfare “business” cards for freshers with the numbers ofrelevant people - lodge number, welfare rep numbers. Wouldn’t even cost thatmuch so Will A. is bound to be happy.Rebecca Abrey and Ally Hart (Entz)o Literally nothing - apart from the fact that they still don’t have receipts related tothe BBQ (cakes etc)Amy Ertan (Charities)o Some one contacted Amy about Year 12’s who are prospective students aboutshadowing chemistry and medics etc, so she passed on some details, but its badtiming to welcome them in 8 th week as there isn’t much academic going on.o 5k went pretty well. Luke got dragged out of bed 10 minutes before to be told laterhe had to pay £5.o Formal on Tuesday - still tickets left, but <strong>St</strong>ella is trying to sort a <strong>St</strong> Anne’s swingersfor the formal, so they would want seats as well for the meal.o Badges have arrived for ito Charity cocktails have been madeo Will sort out music at the bar as wello Earlier next week went to Oxford Gibbs and donated £200 to 4 different charities.o Twist - charity event on 24 th - organised by RAG - free cocktails for £10… - nextFridayVenkat Kondragunta (First Year Rep)o Meeting with Lizzie Emerson and Thea Crapper, who are more reluctant to distributethe names of the incoming freshers, in case the first years make contact with theirchildren.o Will G. has a nice idea about creating a separate closed group for the incomingfreshers and post a link to his undergrads to contacto Had a freshers committee thing and watched a bit of Eurovisiano Spoke to someone at union to design the freshers guide - she designed the unioncard - she said she’ll think about it.o Partway through organising a sports day with Keble at the grounds nearSummertown.

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