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bekido rate, chokko rate

bekido rate, chokko rate

JT E K TCorporation1-2)

JT E K TCorporation1-2) Workforce adjustments to match demand16Measures in Japan◇ Non-regular employeecontract nonrenewal◇ Zero overtime policy◇ Director/managersalary cuts, etc.Machine tool div. workforce adjustmentsFlexible workforce adjustmentsIndex of no. of employees and productivity(assuming FY2008 1 st quarter = 100)100 Emp. Prod.806040200FY2008FY2009※Mechanical component divisionsNon-regular employee contract non-renewalDispatch to other companies to support mfgTransfer/dispatch to other product divisions-Additional measures-◇ Admin (indirect) personneltemporary transfer to internal lines◇ Give/receive mfg support to/fromoutside companies◇ Do new employee process building◇ Improve skill-transfer training◇ Improve multi-skill trainingSept 08 employeesOct 09 employeesAdvanced development, innovation projectsWorkforce suitable for production volumeMachine toolemployees reducedto one-third the2008 level

JT E K TCorporation1-3) Reorganization of global mfg structure1 Domestic mfg structure17Reorganization aims◇ Eliminate product mfgoverlap created by merger◇ Appropriately adjust todecreased hydraulic PS volumesresulting from shift to EPS◇ Eliminate waste in partstransport between plantsImprove productivity bymerging lines between plantsNara Plant◎ NagoyaRBS・C-EPSRBS partsPLCPLCK ariya PlantHanazono PlantO kazaki PlantMechatronicsoperations stoppedin Dec 2009Higashi-K ariya PlantEPS partsKouda PlantHydraulic PSOperations tostop in March2010Hydraulic PS partsReorganization of domesticmfg structure nearlycompleteJATH (Thailand)Starter clutchToyohashi Plant

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