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December 2012 - SUNY Delhi

December 2012 - SUNY Delhi

4Our fellow Greek

4Our fellow Greek Organizations put on quite the showfor our campus here at SUNY Delhi the week of November25 th . Beta Delta Epsilon Sorority crossed theirZeta Line, a line of nine Beautiful ladies and showedus their dazzling moves at their probate. The sisters ofSigma Omega Epsilon Sorority Incorporated hosted ajoint probate with their brothers, Delta Omega EpsilonFraternity Incorporated. At this probate eight SweetSigmas of the Alpha Zeta line were presented as wellNew Greeks CrossSamantha MuelthalerPhotos: Photography Club members, Miguelina Amarante & Elizabeth FungDECEMBER 2012as five Smooth Brothers of the Alpha Alpha Line thatshowed us just how smooth they can be with their chairdance. November was a long strenuous month for allGreek Organizations especially to those who are newlycrossed.On behalf of Campus Voice, congratulations to all thatcrossed we hope you enjoy your new families. Continueto contribute to our campus and our community!BDE Zeta Line: Chelsea Marcelin, Sofia Lyons, Shanique Johnson, Angie Trujillo,Tiarra Grey, Jazmine Powell, Simone Edward-Gordon, Ashley Billy, MarissaSmith.SOE Inc. Alpha Zeta Line: Alena Haskins, Zerina Becirspahic, TanekaRosario, Ariadna Ramos, Gabrielle Rosario, Adriana Ramos, Alexis Heath,Julissa John.

DECEMBER 2012 5CONGRATULATIONSTo All the newGreekBrothers & SistersatSUNY DelhiDOE Inc. Alpha Alpha Line: Obi Ijomah, Brandon Rodriguez, Michael Smith, Romario Stewart, Hannibal Barnes.

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