Syllabus Checklists

Syllabus Checklists

SYLLABUS CHECKLIST Integrated ScienceGeneral objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)1.4.1. Understand therole of technologyas it applies tocommunication2.3.3 Know types,sources and methodsof prevention ofpollution3.1.7 Understand theparticulate structure ofmatter1.4.1.1 Use various media andformats to communicatescientific information and ideas1.4.1.2 Assess the impact onsociety of having limitlessaccess to information providedby communication networks1.4.1.3 Discuss thecultural impact of globalcommunication1.4.1.4 Identify potential careersin ICTTopic 1.4;Activity 1.6Topics 1.3, 1.5;Activity 1.410, 157, 9, 14Topics 1.3, 1.5 7, 14Topic 1.6 Explain pollution Exercise 2.1; 31Activity Describe types of Topic 2.2 32pollution2.3.3.3 Describe common Topic 2.2 32sources of pollution2.3.3.4 Discuss problems caused Topic 2.2 32by pollution2.3.3.5 Describe methods of Topic 2.2 32controlling pollution2.3.3.6 Investigate effects of airand water pollution on ourhealthTopic 2.2 322.3.3.7 Identify the mostcommon pollutant in theirlocality2.3.3.8 Investigate measurestaken to prevent pollution intheir locality3.1.7.1 Define the terms atomand molecule3.1.7.2 Draw the structure ofatoms of the first 20 elementsof the Periodic Table3.1.7.3 Distinguish between anatom and a moleculeTopic 2.2;Activity 2.2;Project 2.1Topic 2.2;Exercise 2.2Topics 3.1, 3.2;Exercise 3.2Topic 3.3;Investigation 3.1,Exercises 3.3, 3.4Topics 3.1, 3.2;Exercise 3.232, 3832, 3944, 5153, 5944, 51244 EXPLORING INTEGRATED SCIENCE FORM 3EXPLORE form 3.indb 2442011/07/17 1:57 PM

General objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)3.2.2 Understand thenature of acids andbases3.2.3 Understandcommon chemicalreactions of acids withbases3.2.4 Understandcommon chemicalreactions of acids withmetals3.2.2.1 Define pH Topic 4.1 783.2.2.2 Investigate the properties Topic 4.1; 78, 80of strong acids and weak acids Investigation Investigate the propertiesof strong alkalis and weakalkalis3.2.2.4 Distinguish between abase and an alkali3.2.2.5 Explain the differencebetween the strength andconcentration of a substance3.2.3.1 Investigate thecharacteristic properties ofacids in reactions with bases3.2.3.2 Identify applications ofacid–base reactions in everydaylife3.2.3.3 Demonstrate physicaland chemical changes in acid–base reactions3.2.3.4 Carry out neutralisationreactions between acids andalkalis3.2.3.5 Write word equations forreactions of acids with bases3.2.4.1 Investigate thecharacteristic properties ofacids in reactions with metals3.2.4.2 Identify applicationsof acid–metal reactions ineveryday life3.2.4.3 Identify products ofreactions between acids andmetalsTopic 4.1;Investigation 4.1Topic 4.1 78Topic 4.1 78Topic 4.2;Investigation 4.6Topic 4.2 82Topic 4.2 82Topic 4.2;Investigation 4.6Topic 4.2 82Topic 4.3 85Topic 4.3 85Topic 4.3 853.2.4.4 Test for hydrogen Topic 4.3 853.2.4.5 Write word equations for Topic 4.3 85reactions of acids with metals78, 8082, 9382, 93246 EXPLORING INTEGRATED SCIENCE FORM 3EXPLORE form 3.indb 2462011/07/17 1:57 PM

General objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)3.2.5 Understandcommon chemicalreactions of acids andcarbonates3.2.6 Understand thequalitative effect ofsome variables onthe rate of a chemicalreaction3.2.7 Conduct somesimple householdchemical reactions3.2.5.1 Investigate theTopic 4.4 87characteristic propertiesof acids in reactions withcarbonates3.2.5.2 Identify applications of Topic 4.4 87acid–carbonate reactions ineveryday life3.2.5.3 Identify products of Topic 4.4 87reactions between acids andcarbonates from a givenchemical equation3.2.5.4 Write word equationsfor reactions of acids withcarbonatesTopic 4.4 873.2.6.1 Design an experiment Topic 4.5 89to determine the effect ofdifferent variables on the rateof a reaction3.2.6.2 Record data obtained Topic 4.5 89from an investigation involvingchemical reaction(s) Interpret data from Topic 4.5 89an investigation involvingchemical reaction(s) Identify applications of Topic 4.5 89rates of reaction in everydaylife3.2.7.1 Investigate traditional Topic 4.6 93ways of making soap3.2.7.2 Make simple soap Topic 4.6; 93Investigation Write the word equation Topic 4.6 93that summarises the reactionof soap production3.2.7.4 Soften hard water Topic 4.6 93chemicallySyllabus checklist Integrated Science247EXPLORE form 3.indb 2472011/07/17 1:57 PM

General objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)3.5.1 Know theproperties and uses ofmetals and non-metals3.5.2 Know andappreciate thereaction of metalswith oxygen3.5.3 Know theproperties of thedifferent forms ofcarbon3.5.4 Understand theprocesses of extractingmetals from their ores3.5.1.1 State the physical and Topics 5.1, 5.2 100, 104chemical properties of metals3.5.1.2 State the physical and Topics 5.1, 5.3, 5.4 100, 109, 112chemical properties of nonmetals3.5.1.3 Compare uses of metalsand non-metals with referenceto their propertiesTopic 5.1 1003.5.2.1 Investigate reactions of Topic 5.2 104metals with water3.5.2.2 Define oxidation Topic 5.4 1123.5.2.3 Demonstrate how rusting Topic 5.4 112occurs3.5.2.4 Demonstrate methods of Topic 5.4 112preventing rusting3.5.3.1 Define allotrope Topic 5.5 1153.5.3.2 List allotropes of carbon Topic 5.5 1153.5.3.3 State the properties of Topic 5.5 115carbon allotropes3.5.3.4 Relate the structure of Topic 5.5 115carbon allotropes to their uses3.5.4.1 Describe the process of Topic 5.8 124extracting iron from its ores3.5.4.2 Describe the chemical Topic 5.8 124reactions involved in theextraction of iron3.5.4.3 Describe the process of Topic 5.9 126extracting copper from its ores3.5.4.4 Describe the chemical Topic 5.9 126reactions involved in theextraction of copper3.5.4.5 Define an alloy Topic 5.6 1173.5.4.6 State constituent Topic 5.6 117elements of common alloys3.5.4.7 Explain the importance Topic 5.6 117of alloys to industry248 EXPLORING INTEGRATED SCIENCE FORM 3EXPLORE form 3.indb 2482011/07/17 1:57 PM

General objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)3.5.5 Know andappreciate theresources found in theEarth’s crust3.5.6 Appreciatethe existence ofradioactive emissions5.4.3 Understandmotion and therelationship betweenthe variables5.7.1 Know principles ofsimple machines andtheir applications ineveryday life3.5.5.1 Distinguish betweenrocks, minerals and ores3.5.5.2 Identify minerals andores found in Botswana3.5.5.3 Distinguish betweenprecious minerals, nonpreciousminerals andgemstones3.5.5.4 Discuss steps involved inthe production of gemstonesuntil they reach the market3.5.6.1 Describe the process ofradioactivity3.5.6.2 Identify radioactivematerials3.5.6.3 Discuss the dangersof exposure to radioactiveemissions3.5.6.4 Describe the safehandling and storage ofradioactive material in alaboratory3.5.6.5 Discuss merits anddemerits of harnessing nuclearenergy5.4.3.1 State Newton’s laws ofmotion5.4.3.2 Use the relationshipF = ma in calculations5.7.1.1 Use simple machines indaily life situations5.7.1.2 Demonstrate the abilityof levers and inclined planes toexert a magnified or reducedforce5.7.1.3 Discuss applications ofsimple machines in everydaylifeTopic 5.7 120Topic 5.7 120Topic 5.10 128Topic 5.10 128Topic 5.11 131Topic 5.11 131Topic 5.11 131Topic 5.11 131Topic 5.11 131Topic 6.2; 141, 145Investigation 6.2Topic 6.2 141Topic 7.1;Investigation 7.1,7.2Topic 7.1;Investigation 7.3,7.4, 7.5Topic 7.1 154154, 156, 157154, 159, 160,162Syllabus checklist Integrated Science249EXPLORE form 3.indb 2492011/07/17 1:57 PM

General objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)5.7.2 Understand theturning effects offorces and appreciatetheir role in everydaylife6.6.1 Show knowledgeand skills in the care ofpeople with HIV andAIDS7.4.1 Know the basicphysiology of theskeleton, muscles andjoints5.7.2.1 Describe the moment ofa force5.7.2.2 Identify moments offorce in everyday life situations5.7.2.3 Demonstrate theprinciple of moments5.7.2.4 Calculate the moment ofa force about a fixed point6.6.1.1 Explain the need forcounselling of people caringfor AIDS patients at home6.6.1.2 Demonstrate safe andhealthy ways of caring for aperson with AIDS7.4.1.1 List the main functions ofa human skeleton7.4.1.2 Describe movement inanimals in terms of bones,muscles and joints7.4.1.3 Explain the importanceof good posture and physicalexercise to the bodyTopic 7.2 164Topic 7.2 164Topic 7.2; 164, 165Investigation 7.6Topic 7.2 164Topic 8.2;Activities 8.2, 8.3Topic 8.3 174Topic 9.2;Activities 9.1, 9.2Topic 9.2;Investigation 9.1;Activities 9.3, 9.4Topic 9.3;Activities 9.5171, 173, 175179, 181179, 182, 184,187185, 188250 EXPLORING INTEGRATED SCIENCE FORM 3EXPLORE form 3.indb 2502011/07/17 1:57 PM

General objectives Specific objectives Covered inStudent’s BookStudent’sBook page(s)8.1.10 Demonstratean understanding ofelectric resistance8.1.10.1 Give a simple definitionof resistance8.1.10.2 State the SI unit forresistance8.1.10.3 Determine theresistance of a circuitcomponent throughexperiment8.1.10.4 Use R = V ITopic 10.1 192Topic 10.1 192Topic 10.2;Investigation 10.1,10.2195, 203in calculationsTopic 10.2 195, 1969.2.1 Develop interestin the study of naturebeyond the Earth8.1.10.5 Describe qualitativelythe relationship betweenresistance, length and crosssectionalarea of a conductor8.1.10.6 Calculate the totalresistance of at least tworesistors in series8.1.10.7 Calculate the totalresistance of not more thanthree resistors in parallel8.1.10.8 Explain the functions ofa resistor in circuits9.2.1.1 Define the termastronomy9.2.1.2 Discuss the possiblebenefits of space explorationto man9.2.1.3 List some of thetechnology used in spaceexploration9.2.1.4 Identify potential careersin space explorationTopic 10.3 199Topic 10.4 200Topic 10.4 200, 198Topic 10.5, 10.6 202, 207Topic 11.1;Activity 11.2Topic 11.2;Activity 11.4Topic 11.2;Activity 11.3Topic 11.3 224212, 216218, 222218, 221Syllabus checklist Integrated Science251EXPLORE form 3.indb 2512011/07/17 1:57 PM

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