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“Mad Gilly & the Were-Bear” copyright © 2012 by Ralph Sevush.<br />

Prologue<br />

T<br />

his here is the story of one Gilmore Gammesson, known as<br />

Mad Gilly Games… gambler, drunkard, killer and king,<br />

without peer in his time, who reckoned he could live<br />

forever. Now you might have already heard this yarn of the most<br />

famous son of Rockton, Colorado, but you likely didn’t hear it the<br />

way I tell it.<br />

Sure, it’s got yer gunfights and injun raids, miners and<br />

mountain men, a corrupt sheriff and a greedy tycoon, a pretty<br />

young thing and an old whore with a heart of gold, and, o’ course,<br />

a handsome gun-slinging hero. And it’s got t’other parts, too, but if<br />

you squint real hard, you can skip right past the demons, dragons<br />

and wizards—even the were-bear—if’n you’ve a mind to. You<br />

won’t hardly notice them a’tall, most likely. But those parts of the<br />

story need atellin’, too, even though they oft get left out by the<br />

pale, chinless ninnies hereabouts what ain’t got the stomach for<br />

such notions.<br />

Now don’t git me wrong. It’s not like I put much stock in such<br />

foolishness… after all, who could believe such things? I jes’ think<br />

you should hear the whole caboodle and then you can make up<br />

your own mind about it, one way or t’other. Besides, even if you<br />

don’t entertain such notions, you jes’ might find that such notions<br />

may entertain you.<br />

So, this is the story… complete and unabridged, as best as I<br />

can remember it, and nearly true… or near enough.<br />

But first, let ole Uncle Tim here take a swig from this jug o’<br />

Mountain’s Blood to whet mah whistle… ah, that’s better. Now<br />

where were we?<br />

* * *<br />


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