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donna bradleyNVPBELIEVE IN YOURDREAMSIndependent Consultant, National Vice PresidentDonna Bradley Nation; Ship Bottom, NJIt is amazing that less than two years ago I had never heard of Arbonne,and now my life is completely different, thanks to this incredible company!The changes and choices my affiliation with Arbonne has brought to my lifeseem like a dream, yet I know it is real. I went from cleaning houses, to thetop of Arbonne, within 20 months. Five months after promoting to Region,we became New Jersey’s first Nation! If you are just discovering Arbonne,I strongly recommend you read these Eye on Arbonne stories because theywill help you understand the impact Arbonne is making across the country.They will also introduce you to the wonderful people who make this opportunityso great. This company could change your life in ways you may noteven be able to imagine.We are so programmed to think if it sounds too good to be true, it probablyis. I had no clue what network marketing was when I started my business.I believe we are never meant to stop learning, so by reading books,attending trainings, following Arbonne’s system, and being willing tochange, my life is transforming. I believe this is the most powerful way foranyone to become successful with a home-based business.I started working at a very young age and was used to paying my own wayearly in life, so college was not an option. I hated debt and always tried toavoid it, so student loans were not for me. Being my own boss alwaysappealed to me because I never liked the confinement of being trapped inan office like a prisoner, so at 19 I started a cleaning business. Although mybusiness was successful and self-employment was much better than being anemployee, I began to feel something was missing and I wanted to do morewith my life. I was desperately looking for a way out of scrubbing toilets. Idecided to attend a local college with the aspiration of earning a degree. Ialso looked into computer repair, medical billing and even considered takinga job at the local bank. My husband, Wade, has always supported mein all of my endeavors, though he advised me of the independence I wouldlose by being an employee. Knowing deep down that he was right, I decidedto start a bookkeeping service to stay self-employed. It got me out ofcleaning, but I was still not happy. I had less control over my life, made lessmoney and being self-employed I still did not get paid if I did not go to workevery day.My husband, Wade, is a captain on a tugboat, so his schedule is muchdifferent than most. He is home for two weeks and away for two weeks.True, he only works six months out of the year and earns a very goodDonna with husband, Wade and nieces, Jamie and Kacie.Donna with husband, Wade.Donna with President Rita Davenport at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.

Donna with Chris Stipicevic, DM Patty Bernaboo, DM Carol Cooper, RVP Laura Tool, RVP-in-qualification JamieKleber, RVP-in-qualification Shannon Harris, AM Deb Demyan and AM Sue Scheets at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.RVP-in-qualification Shannon Harris, ENVP Linda Parker, Donna and DM Carol Cooper.“salary, but since I worked at least five or six days a week, we reallyonly had two Saturdays and two Sundays a month together.Additionally, the tugboat runs 365 days a year, regardless of anyholiday or special occasion. When I earned Arbonne’s trip toCancún last year, Wade did not attend with me since he wouldhave to forfeit his time off at Christmas.My journey with Arbonne began October 25, 2003, after telling mysister, ERVP Ann Murphy “no” for four months. Ann tried to tell meabout these incredible products and the opportunity, however I toldher this was one of those “things,” and I was not interested.Remember: Do not let the no’s bother you; many people cannot seethis “gift” right away, but many of us come back later! I bought theSkin Care Basics set just to appease my sister and help her in her newbusiness. When I washed my face for the first time, I could not believethe immediate difference in my skin; Wade even noticed it. I calledAnn and asked her how much she was making with this. She cameto my house and I hosted a Presentation with a few of my friends andwe were so impressed with the information she shared, I decided tostart my own business. I drove to Pennsylvania to observe anotherPresentation and when I left, I said, ”That’s all we have to do? We’llboth be driving a Mercedes-Benz.” Well, sure enough, that is exactlywhat happened; we both received our Mercedes-Benzes throughparticipating in the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program a year afterstarting our businesses.Two weeks after starting my business, I had the pleasure of meetingENVPs Cecilia Stoll and Linda Parker. Hearing their stories instilledthe vision of how New Jersey and Pennsylvania were going toexplode with Arbonne, just as in Oklahoma. Then, I realized if Lindacould start a business in Pennsylvania where Arbonne was virtuallysuccess strategy:Share your vision, believe in yourself,dream big, work through your fearsand always focus on the positive.”unheard of, with her sponsor located in Oklahoma, I could do thesame thing in New Jersey. With Ann two hours away, we spent manylate nights on the phone. At first, I was unhappy about driving toPennsylvania for trainings. I told Ann I was too busy trying to balancecleaning, bookkeeping and a commitment to my Girl Scout Troop.Then I realized that everyone is busy, so I had no excuse. You mustcommit to working your business no matter what. I have alwaysheard, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” The questionwe should ask ourselves is: What are you willing to do to changeyour life?After attending only one of Linda’s Regional meetings inPennsylvania, I was determined I would never miss a meeting. At thattime, Linda was the only RVP in Pennsylvania and there were no RVPsin New Jersey. I continued to travel to Pennsylvania, getting homevery late at night. I complained to Ann that I could not get anyone tojoin me. She said, “You just haven’t found another you yet.” Therewere no meetings near me, so I started doing some training meetingsat my home. It amazes me that one year ago, I was an AreaManager, with five people in my living room for my training. Now,one year later, our Nation finished in June and our trainings havegrown to over 50 in attendance!Although I had major fears when I started my business, I learned youmust work through them. I recalled that when I became a Girl Scoutleader, I was nervous that 10 pairs of eyes were looking at me, sothe thought of hosting Presentations terrified me. In both cases, aftercontinued ...Donna with her family: Wade, Ann, Brian, Conner, Tyler and Dakota.

NTC 2005 Las Vegas.doing it a few times, the fear went away. Along the way, I have hadmy share of no-shows, people rolling their eyes at me, time awayfrom home and late nights: although I knew the sacrifices would beworth it. I also made mistakes, but mistakes are not a bad thing aslong as I can learn from them. As with anything, we can focus on badthings or look at the bright side. There are so many great things withthis journey, such as working and traveling with family, makingincredible friendships, and choosing your own schedule and personalgrowth, which are all priceless.I am a different person than I was when I started this journey. I recallENVP Misty Whitfield stating it best at NTC 2004 Texas, “I am a betterperson, not better than anyone else, but better than I was.” Thisbusiness will change you! It allows you to find the potential within youthat is waiting to be discovered, nurtured and realized. This is aboutpeople helping people and I have learned so much from everyonewho has brought this gift into my life. One of the greatest and unexpectedbenefits has been the changed relationships with my sisters,sisters-in-law and friends since we have ventured into Arbonne, all atdifferent times. We are growing together and even after all theseyears, we are learning new things about each another. I feel we arenot just family anymore, but we are friends on a shared journey. Mymission is to help everyone on my team go to the top!To RVP Laura Tool: Thankfully I do not know how to make bows, orwe may not have met! You are an awesome leader, but more importantly,your friendship means the world to me.To my RVPs-in-qualification: Shannon Harris, your giving and caringspirit has helped everyone in so many ways. Janine Kleber, you confessedto using the products out of order and now you are on your wayto becoming an RVP!Donna with RVP Laura Tool and Consultants at the Annual Test Drive a Mercedes Day.To AMs, Sue Scheets, Deb Demyan, Ellen Plumley, Johanna Roth,Gale Van Waalwijk, Daniella Schnell, Kim Terzian, Denise Wachterand Ann Wallace: I cannot wait to hand you ladies your keysbecause you are next! To my AMs-in-qualification, Beth Bradley,Lynne Wildenboer, Tolli Rutter, Sara Kozlowski, Ellen Wengen,Diane Kett, Jen O’Boyle, Stacey Campo and Sharon Smith: I amproud of how hard you have worked and I am excited for you,watching your success.To all DMs and Consultants: You are at the start of something big!Hold your focus and commit no matter what and you will get there!We are all here to support you.To ERVP Ann Murphy: This sure is better than when we cleanedtogether. We even saw our paychecks grow while playing in Mexico.Thank you for listening and being patient with my control issues; Ilove you!To my husband, Wade: I love you so much! Thank you for believingin and supporting me. Our Nation is a reality because we work together;you are always there to help in every way. I am so happy you arecoming home for good. I look forward to all the trips together.To ENVPs Cecilia Stoll and Linda Parker: Thank you for your leadership,vision, heart and soul to help all of us learn and grow whilebuilding our businesses. I also want to thank all the VPs, crosslinefriends and the Home Office staff for all the support you lovingly give.As wonderful as the start of this dream is, I know this is only the beginning.Believe in your dreams and help others to start dreaming again.Donna Bradley & Co.The in this story reflect the actual of an are only, and may be NEW EXECUTIVE NATIONAL NATIONAL VICE PRESIDENT The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.VICE PRESIDENTDonna with DM Carol Cooper, Sr. VP Product Development & Marketing,Candace Keefe, DM Patty Bernaboo, AM Deb Demyan and AM Susan Scheetsat NTC 2005 Las Vegas ‘80s Managers’ celebration.EYE ON ARBONNE SEPTEMBER 2005

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