Compliance begins with YOU - Society of Corporate Compliance ...

Compliance begins with YOU - Society of Corporate Compliance ...

Compliance begins with YOU - Society of Corporate Compliance ...

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<strong>Compliance</strong> <strong>begins</strong> <strong>with</strong> <strong>YOU</strong>order products now for<strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013Product orderDEADLINEApril 19, 2013<strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> &Ethics Week, recognized bybusinesses across the globe, helpsshine a spotlight on the importance <strong>of</strong>behaving ethically and <strong>with</strong>in the law.Many businesses use this time toengage employees to raise awarenessand educate them about complianceand ethics issues that they mayencounter.<strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> & Ethics Weekis co-sponsored by the <strong>Society</strong> <strong>of</strong><strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> and Ethics(SCCE) and the Health Care <strong>Compliance</strong>Association (HCCA).Useful products helpreach employeesTo help reach employees and engagethem in these important conversations,HCCA and SCCE have a variety <strong>of</strong>products available for purchase. Fromposters to flashlights, these productsare great reminders for employees toact ethically on a daily basis.Review the products listed in thisbrochure and place your order byApril 19, 2013, to ensure availability <strong>of</strong>supplies and on-time delivery.Tools for a larger initiativeBusinesses <strong>of</strong>ten include <strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong> & Ethics Week as part <strong>of</strong>larger initiatives across the organization.For example, some use it as aspringboard to annual or semi‐annualcompliance training, or to help roll-outa new compliance training program.To learn how otherorganizationshave integrated<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong> &Ethics Week intolarger initiatives<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013<strong>Compliance</strong> Begins With Youor helped educate employees aboutethics-related issues, check out HCCAand SCCE’s online resources, includinga free web conference.Order products onlineExplore and order products online forthe 9 th annual <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> &Ethics Week, and get more informationon how other businesses celebrate.HCCA’s website:www.hcca-info.org/CandEWeekSCCE’s website:www.corporatecompliance.org/CandEWeek

2013-compliance-week-<strong>of</strong>ficial-poster-20x28.indd 111/27/12 10:57 AM2013-compliance-week-posters-20x28-perf.indd 1<strong>Compliance</strong> Begins With You11/27/12 10:55 AM2013-compliance-week-posters-20x28-perf.indd 2<strong>Compliance</strong> Begins With You11/27/12 10:56 AM2013-compliance-week-posters-20x28-perf.indd 3<strong>Compliance</strong> Begins With You11/27/12 10:56 AM2013-compliance-week-posters-20x28-perf.indd 4<strong>Compliance</strong> Begins With You11/27/12 10:57 AMProducts2013 <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> & Ethics WeekQuality means doing it rightwhen no one is looking.Henry FordIt takes less timeto do a thing rightthan it does to explain whyyou did it wrong.Henry Wadsworth LongfellowAct as if what you domakes a difference.It does.William JamesWatch the little things;a small leak willsink a great ship.Benjamin FranklinMay 5–11, 2013<strong>Compliance</strong> Begins With You<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013Official PosterOfficial poster for <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> &Ethics Week: 20" × 28" glossy color poster$6.25 (min. order 10)Poster 4-Pack (<strong>with</strong> removable logo strip)Four colorful glossy posters, 20" × 28", each showcasing a different ethics message (4-pack includes one <strong>of</strong> each poster).Perforated strip along bottom allows easy removal <strong>of</strong> <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> & Ethics Week logo once week is over.$30.00 per 4-packLogo MagnetHeavy-duty, 45 mil magnet, 2" × 3"$0.90 ea. (min. order 20)Stress-Reliever BallDurable polyurethane ball, 2 1 ⁄2" diameter$1.50 ea. (min. order 20)Spiral Sticky Note TotePlastic cover <strong>with</strong> 3" × 3" notes and 3" × 5 ⁄8" flags$1.75 ea. (min. order 20)Wide-Body PenGenuine Bic retractable, s<strong>of</strong>t contour-grip pen, black ink$1.70 ea. (min. order 20)Carabiner ID WalletCompact nylon-fabric wallet <strong>with</strong> Velcro®closure, clear window and zip pocket. HoldsID, keys and other small valuables, 4 1 ⁄4" × 3"$3.25 ea. (min. order 10)Ruler Letter Opener3" ruler <strong>with</strong> magnifier window and compactletter opener, 3 3 ⁄4" × 2 3 ⁄4"$1.70 ea. (min. order 20)Stainless Steel Tumbler15 oz. double-walled tumbler <strong>with</strong> brushedstainless steel exterior and BPA-free plastic interiorand push-on lid, 8 3 ⁄4" × 2 3 ⁄4" diameter$5.85 ea. (min. order 5)LED Mini FlashlightDurable metal <strong>with</strong> 5 white LED lights,on/<strong>of</strong>f button and nylon wrist holder, 2" × 7 ⁄8"$3.90 ea. (min. order 10)Order early to ensureavailability <strong>of</strong> popular itemsProduct orderDEADLINEApril 19, 2013

<strong>Society</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> and Ethics and Health Care <strong>Compliance</strong> Association6500 Barrie Road, Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55435HCCA 888 580 8373 | SCCE 888 277 4977 or +1 952 933 4977hcca-info.org | corporatecompliance.orgSupply Order Form 2013 <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> & Ethics Week (Please allow 10 business days for delivery)CUSTOMER INFORMATIONCompany NameContact PersonAddressNO PO BOXNUMBERSCity, State, ZipPhoneSHIP TO (if different from customer information)Company NameContact PersonAddressCity, State, ZipPhoneEmail(needed for package tracking notification)Order early for best availability <strong>of</strong> popular items.Order by April 19 to ensure delivery before the event.Order online at www.hcca-info.org/CandEWeek or www. corporatecompliance.org/CandEWeek, or fill out the form belowITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE (min. purchase required) QUANTITY AMOUNTOFFICIAL POSTER $6.25 (min. order 10) $POSTER 4-PACK (WITH REMOVABLE LOGO STRIP) $30.00 per 4-pack $LOGO MAGNET $0.90 ea. (min. order 20) $STRESS-RELIEVER BALL $1.50 ea. (min. order 20) $SPIRAL STICKY NOTE TOTE $1.75 ea. (min. order 20) $WIDE-BODY PEN $1.70 ea. (min. order 20) $CARABINER ID WALLET $3.25 ea. (min. order 10) $RULER LETTER OPENER $1.70 ea. (min. order 20) $STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLER $5.85 ea. (min. order 5) $LED MINI FLASHLIGHT $3.90 ea. (min. order 10) $SUBTOTAL $SHIPPING UPS Ground shipping is includedin the price <strong>with</strong>in the continental U.S. Shippingcharges will apply outside the continental U.S.My organization is tax exemptSALES TAX (MN 6.875%) $TOTAL $PAYMENTORDER ONLINE and pay <strong>with</strong> credit card or request an invoice.FAX your credit card or invoice/PO orders to +1 952 988 0146.MAIL your orders paid by check to HCCA or SCCE, 6500 Barrie Road, Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55435.QUESTIONS? Call HCCA at 888-580-8373 or SCCE at +1 952 933 4977 or 888 277 4977.NOTE: Your credit card will be charged the correct amount if the total listed is incorrect. We are required to charge sales tax in the state <strong>of</strong>Minnesota (6.875%). Please calculate sales tax for the cost <strong>of</strong> your products if applicable.I authorize charging my credit card: American Express MasterCard VisaCheck enclosed (payable to HCCA or SCCE) Invoice me Purchase Order NumberCredit Card NumberCredit Card Expiration DateCard Holder’s NameCard Holder’s Signature

6500 Barrie Road, Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55435HCCA 888 580 8373 | SCCE 888 277 4977 or +1 952 933 4977www.hcca-info.org | www.corporatecompliance.orgProduct orderDEADLINEApril 19, 2013<strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013SPONSORED BY:Health Care <strong>Compliance</strong> Association<strong>Society</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Corporate</strong> <strong>Compliance</strong> and EthicsIt’s time to celebrate<strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong>& Ethics WeekMay 5–11, 2013“What’s the benefit [<strong>of</strong> celebrating <strong>Corporate</strong><strong>Compliance</strong> & Ethics Week]? In one week,you can accomplish many things that mightbe in your compliance awareness workplan.”— Jenny O’Brien, Esq., CHC, Chief Medicare<strong>Compliance</strong> Officer, UnitedHealthcare Medicare &Retirement“Staff genuinely appreciated the variouspromotional items we were giving away….Our combination <strong>of</strong> written, Intranet, andface-to-face communication, which tookplace every day for the entire week, createdmuch needed exposure for the program.”— Anne Walsh, Healthcare <strong>Compliance</strong> Liaison,Metropolitan Jewish Health SystemLook inside for new promotional productsfor your employees | order by april 19, 2013

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