21 - Franklin Township Public Library

21 - Franklin Township Public Library

21 - Franklin Township Public Library


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T eFra nk l in n ews-reco roVol.s20. No. 47November 21,1974 Two sections, 24 pageRent freeze approved;landlord vows iniuctionby Brtan Wood cilmea with "political ex- saidtheywoufdnotparticipate Consumer Price Index (CPI/. to act ,’on our livelihood"News Editor pediency" for voting in the six in the injunction but pledged Critics of that index say it ls without letting them at leastper cent freeze instead of the their "suppert?’ heavily weighted by.the cost of sit in on the discussions. AfterOverriding a recommendationfrom the township to recommend, the Franklin council could that do not directly figure into comment on anything, lheeight per cent they had come Mr. Segal did not see how living in New York and items the landlords agreed not torent leveling board, thedefend their freeze in court the costs of a landlord, such as council consented to let themFranklin Township Council Injunction vowed because he won an injunction the price of sugar. inTuesday night voted to freezeagainst a similar freeze in Mr. Weiner, Mr. Segal and Ṁr. Horne told the councilmenthe rent hoard hadall rents in the township for a Further,. the apartment West Orange six months ago. Mr. Friedkin arrived at theninety day period while a owner vowed to seek a court "If six months ago five per agenda session Tuesday night called an emergency meetingstudy is conducted on the use injunction against that freeze, cent was not fair," he seid, "I much to the surprise of Mayor to come up with a figure for aof the Consumer Price Index which is scheduled to be doubthat six per cent is fair Dr. Joseph Marline, who tried fair rent freeze, which turnedas the guideline for judging retroactive to this morning six months later."to keep them out. "We can’t out to be eight per cent. Hefair rent increases. once the council votes publiclyturn this into another public explained that the tenantsThat vote drew immediate oa the question tonight.Theissuecriticism from the two rentsession," he said.wanted a lower figure and theTwo other owners of largeNormally executive sessions apartment owners wantedleveling board members that apartment complexes; Tex The rent issue landed in the are closed except for the more, but they agreed on acame to the meeting, SimmionWeiner, from Weiner lap of the councilafter tenants press.compromise.Harne and Norman Friedkin: Development Corporation, the from the Edgemere complex,Mr. Horne was irate that theMr, Freidkin, who is the new owners of Edgemere at formerly Pine Grove, askedNot faircouncil had not taken theirowner of the Franklin- Somerset, and Richard Segal for the freeze while the rentadvice. He called the wholeHamilton Gardens apartment of Segal Realty Co., the leveling board studies the Mr. Weinor charged that itcomplex charged the coun-owners of Franklin Greens possibility of dropping the(See FREEZE, page 4)was not "fair" for the councilHearings end on sour noteBy Brian WoodNews EditorHearings for preliminaryapproval of the proposedPlanned Unit Development byBertram Bonnet ended lastweek on a sour note, withmany issues still unsettled.Still to be resolved beforethe planners give their tentativeOK in 60 days, is anagreement between theSubscribe nowand help outthe FHS banddeveloper and the township A letter was also read at the by the developer,but no developments havesewerage authority on who is hearing from the Franklin Mr. Chadwick also said he come out of Somerville. The.to build the sewer lines to the Township Taxpayers had treated the golf course as attorney also pledged last702 acre tract between Cedar Association opposing the an ’integral part of the week to’~have an agreementGrove Lane and John F. approval of the $100 million development in his report and with the sewerage authorityKennedy Boulevard. project.not as a park owned by the and an owner for the golfThere is also a question of Township planner John county,course in 60 days.who will operate a golf course Chadwick also added his list cfThe taxpayers’ letter saidto be constructed through the recommendations if the plans Course questioned the township should wait untilcenter of the development; the were to be approved. He calledthe other PUD proposed byapartment owners or the for some changes in the Considerable question has Caii Associates is built to see ifSomerset County Park placement of low and been raised by the planning such aa approach to zoningCommisalon.moderate income apartments beard about the golf course and home-building isso the perimeter of the because of fears it will not workable. They also suggesteddevelopment would "be more make money and the township a moratorium on PUD approvalsuntil the Call PUD iscompatible" with private will get stuck with maintainingit. Some board completely finished.property nearby.The planner also suggested members have wonderedthat some ef the living areas whether local golf courses are Also opposedbe eonsolidatedl that new making a profit.roads be extended into the William E. Ozzard, theinterior of the tract and that attorney for the developer, hasthe design requirements be said there is interest at the Last month the townshipstricter than those proposed county level in the golf course, environmental commissionFor the next several weeks theFranklia News-Record will be runninga subscription drive in conjunctionwith the Franklin High School MarchingBand Parents Association.Any new subscribers to thenewspaper between now andDecember 26, when the band leavesfor the Orange Bowl in Miami, maydesignate one dollar of their subscriptionto the cost of the band’s trip.Band members and parents will becirculating special flyers advertisingthis with a special $3 rate and a couponthat may he cut out and mailed to ouroffice.If, however) one does not receivespecial coupon and would like to helpthe band, the coupon on the editorialpage may be clipped out with a noteattached letting us know you wish todonate one dollar to the band.Sewer locationi s switchedphone 7253300, Second class postage paid" at Princeton, N,J. 0854010 cents per copy; $4.50 per yearalso mad a letter into therecord opposing some of themajor parts of the development,specifically the locationof the golf course.Mr. Ozzard has even beencharged with a conflict cfinterest by the Mayor ofFranklin, Dr. Joseph Martino.The mayor claims that theLet’s go Warriors !Franklin High School’s football team hosted Somerville Highat the home field here this weekend. The Warriors emergedvictorious from that contest. Here, an unidentifiedcheerleader gives the teem some support. For a play-by-playreport of the game and another photo see our sports pages.(Ken Shulak photo)How to .help the needyIn a sudden reversal of an missioners last week to put the attorney sat in on Somersetearlier position, the Franklin sewer in the center, hut before County Freeholder discussionsTownship Sewerage Authority they could, tell their story to on a road that runs through thehas decided to put the Phase the authority, the commissionersvoted toput it downtract.III sewer line down the centerof Cedar Grove Lane instead the side anyway.hyBrtaaWood them. needy families living out in Mrs. Messner has alsoof along the side.The "News-Reeord" learned Mr. Ozzard, who is the News Editar Mrs. Messner said her those suburban develop- received approval from theThe decision was a victory from Mrs~ Vito Resta that she lawyer for Somerset County,agency provides this yearly ments," she said. . township to spend an extrafor residents along the road received a call Tuesday night denied that he took part in If you, as a member of an service, hatwith the economic Cornelia Thum, the director $150 for turkeys which theywho had pleaded with the from commissioner Alexander those discussions.organization or an individual, situation that exists, she of welfare for Somerset will distribute Monday andsewerage authority cam- Naruta, notifying her of the The Banner PUD hearings wish to donate food or clothing doesn’t think they will make County placed the current ’~nsday also. She said anchange.were supposed to end some for needy families in Franklin much of a "dent" in the needs number of needy families in arrangement has been madeShe called the decision an time ago but the builder approachedthe planning board program here that will help "More and more people are said most of the welfare cases at Rutgers Plaza shoppingfor Thanksgiving, there is a of poor people in Franklin. Franklin at about 350. She also with the Finast supermarket"act of God."According to her, Mr. in September and asked that you help them. in need this year," she said, involving senior citizens, center to supply the turkeysNaruta said they had altered his building timetable be The Township Department "and it is reaching into what which total 100, are from and some baked goods.their plans because of a water doubled to 14 years. of Social Services will he used to be the middle class. All Franklin.main they had found oe that Mr. Ozzard said his client distributing Thanksgiving we can do is try to provideside of the street. Mrs, Resta needed the extra time because baskets to families nnd senior relief for the most desperate Any person or organizationcouldn’t see how they missed it of the tight mosey situalian citizens next week. The cases."wishing to donate food orin the first place,today, lle added, however, director of that departmeat, That does not take into The Thanksgiving program clothing can drop it off at the"That should have been in that building would accelerate Jean Mesaner, stressed that account, however, all of the in Franklin is run in social services’ office abovetheir blueprints," she said. once the housing demand they would he "glad" to take cases they never hear about, cooperation with the local unit the library at 93B Hamillon St.,At the time this story wear to picks up.the food items and distribute "I think there are a lot of of the Salvation Army, or call 844-9400.print, there was nobody at tbosawqrage authority that couldcomment or verify Mrs.Rnstu’s story. A secretarythere said she did ileal"samething about a sewer lilleTaxpayers’ hearing rescheduledbeing moved.The commissionerspreviously voted to put the A Ilearing on tbe political couducthe hearing before the that they coukl be rescheduledthat the F1"rA should have tile group would not accept thetrench along the side of the ilwulvemcttt of the Frauklln state Election Law En- without any problem, flied its iacome sources with reprimand and they asked forstreet to save money and avoid Township Taxpuycrs forcemout Centmissiou, said The election cotnmleston’s tile cmnmisaion because it a full hearing into the case,l~wiag to tear lhc street up. Association that was the martin, was delayed iovcstigatiouofthe~ , tt~xpayera endorsed Freeholder can.Mrs. ttesta found that the scheduled for next Wednesdaybecause of tile "unavathlblllly begun after townsltlp didates. According to Geergo Eekordtconstruction would damage luis been put off tmtil January ofwituessesonbethsides."tle Democratic Municipal the vice-president, they mayher houae becouso it is 10 acxt year. exphdaed that the rules of Chalrmou David Liaett sanl After tilt eommiesioners eomluct their owe In.’siluatud fairly close lo the Barry Osntan, an altorney saeii bearings are out as h’ou. ceples nl their leaflets to tbo looked lute il they vnstlgatlan of the election lawroad.from Morristown who is to clad as court proceedings and commissioners, 11o mahttains reprthumded lhn FTTA, Bul itself,Krochtacomes up snor er in recountby Itch Yaeger filed for the recount Iollowhlgeel of the eauttty’a ltl~," Mr, mistake wilctt rocordlag the whldlwuy it woahl go. I hod to full threu year ternt aext year,the Nov, (l ’ deet)uu when l,h, ochta suld, "When t heurd votes off of the Voting me- fhKl out and satisfy tuy "I’m very proad of lilycouats, at that time ahow~l uhoot wlntt had Im)lanied ia chine, curiosity. If we hadn’t asked showing el the Italia, rm eatManville Democrat Paler )hal lit trailed Mr, Noble by l,’t, anklhl I asked thut the Sl~ addt~l lhat the el)stake foiqhereepuot, we weuhl hove dlsappolotetl, allhou~lh IfKroehlaccepted tleft~lt in the ouly 2(13 votes, recouat lie slopped L~euutto, was u "complete surprise" to booo i’elltiss~’ he added, would ILave [ydeo ilit’e to hgverage for ~.l flu’co year ~eat ou The rt~otlnt, conduet~ all to go any further would have her, and lhat to line Mr, l{rechta, who titlll hasthe Sotnerset County lltmt’d of day MOltday by the SOIBOI’SOth~ea fl wlu]te of tllOl|ey," is [lluwledge, eo ally Ill Frallklht two years lu serve tin ul,’rooho!dortt fullewlag o vote Cegttty lluard of ~leetloPa, added, laid tltlSlX~ded the error, MaIwIIIO cotmelhltall, said haraeouul Mooduy whMI gore ahuwed a dleerepal|ey hi "We dhl do Wurron," Mr, "That’s whet t’t~ouata ore hl serluuaiy tldnking about woulll l altt/iot’it~lsly lhlakhtgMr, Kroehta 1o0 votes leas Fruaklia Towaahip’s District Kt’ndda 8okl, "[Igl we fotiad for,,,todiseover ally adstake~ ealet’glng agaht next year tu abotttrunnhlgal~ehllprco ytiara lit had before, ~, whore a tulstttke Ill the no diset’e|nttleles Iharu, alul that might loire l~ot~ tuade," roit for rill)or the seat uow office," ’Mr, Krt~,hta ad 1,The re¢oultt gave Mr, eleellolt Itlght readiag of w!dvod a recount In the Mr, Kruchta t~ald, "an. held hy Froehuhler TitoluaaKroehla’s tip pOl|Ollt polUltg IttachhleN erroltoogsly ixmtahdng tllalriettt," fortouately, this eao weal ht Meg 11o, or the seat r~e,ttlyILeltublleaa Green Ih’ank gave t)tb i)alttt~ratle can, At:eortllllg Io Fraaklla favor of my u))unaitt," wttll ~y Warrea Nevil~,80 FAR, the high s~hool mutohlng band ira= reload around $32,000 for their trttt to Mlantl Mayor Veraolt Nohh~, ~,73U to dltlate |ttere voles lhun he TuwnshLp Clo|’k Ltl~Le [,uttt. Mr, l(roehta soldlle"kaow" Mi,Nevlt~woathepno-yeur "l, lveryono worked verynext month, That total did not ohanou nluoh from lest week, eeoordhtg to Elloon Hemming, tile I)olnool’at’a ~tl 3’/li hdlles, tlcluallyhad poll~’d, |~lrdo awarkeralthoDIstrlet SUlUO sort of tliNerenlney tllleXlll’atl tufts of ll]uru hard, undwedhlverywellthlapresident ot the bend parents ossoalt~llon, he0auso they had to pay u0rnu hill= thai ware title, T 10 Malty e rustic llilau "We reeottaled i0~l districts :1 valhlg p ore fat mat o 0 exlslod. But "1 d d eel koow l,’lrlng, lag pM)v¢ t~ to uoek I to year" Mr, Kt’oehta ~aid,

Thursdayl November 21, 1974 The Franklin NEWS’RECORD , 34Volunteers sought to plan vocational coursesFranklin Township’s Board decision making, be kept in- advise on new requirements regarding programs in certain changes in the labor mariner, Vocational programs; anof Education is seekiog citizen formed of the current and and priorities, trades, crafts or occupations. and assist in recruiting, awareness of trends that mayvolunteers from business and anticipated skill needs of in- Among the membership of These will include Health providing internships and effect training in the districtthdustry to serve on advisory dustry."theGoneralCommittcewillbe Occupations, Distribution and placing qualified graduates in and competency in their owncommittees related to school Two types Of voluntary representatives of Business, ’Marketing, Office Oc- jobs.chosen field.vocational programs, advisory committees have Industry, Labor, Public’cupations, Trade and In- After the members of each For Cluster Committees .."Preparation of students for been designed to perform a Agencies, a homemaker, the dustry, Work Cooperative committee are .appointed by demonstrated competence invocational careers calls for variety of functions. The Superintendent of Schools, Program and Home the Board of Education, the the program area beingcooperative planning by in- General Career-Vocational district professional staff Economics-Related Ocand/ormembers of the Chster eupations.person. The Gener’,d Com-Vocational Education. Thegroup will choose a chair. served and interest in Career*dustry and education," ex- Citizens Advisory Committeeplains Alden Phillips, (General Committee) will Committees. ~ Members of Cluster ad- mittee will forward its Board will also seek to involveSupervisor of Career meet as needed on a con- The later groups will meet visery committees ¯(such as recommendations through the in Cluster Committees, some’Education and Practical Arts. tinulng basis - probably no lessoften-aminimurnofonee staff members, business, Superintendent to The Board persons whose firms are"The.nature of occupational more than once a month. a year -- and will be more industry and labor of Education, while Cluster potential employers.change requires that It. will review the total specific in nature. Each representatives)willserveas groups will submit theirs to . Volunteerswillbe sought foreducators, and particularly career-vocational educational Cluster Committee will advise communication channels Dr. Phillips for possible action all committees wbo have athose who are charged with program being offered and school, administrators between district and communityoccupational groups. In considering committee toward the community as wellby the Director of Instruction. keen sense of responsibilityThey will be asked to members, the Board will seek as adequate spare time toidentify specific skills, suggest various qualifications: For the sei’ve.related course content and General Committee -. an Potential advisory committeemembers can phonehelp evaluate programs of overall knowledge of CareertFSJ When you think of gifts think of instruction.8444500, Extensions 226, 223,In addition they will assist inor 211, for further information.~’~ Dave’s of Mgnville Old=STOP’CHRISTMASo,, s.op FOH A’" T," Mm I, ,OUH",,’.NO MATTER IF HE’S BIG, TALLor SMALL, WE FIT THEM ALL. ’FROM BOYS SIZE 8 - MEN’S SIZE 60 ~ t/t~) rl ~~ ~1 ~ ~ I~ II~ {.,r .locating competent personnelfrom business and industry as ’potential irtstruc!ors, watchLocal Jayceeshonored atNovember meetThe New Jersey JayceesNovember Assembly was heldat the Governor Morris Inn, coach at Livingston College,Morristown this past weekend. will be the guest speaker. TheThe following Franklin charge for adults will be $3.25Jayeees attended: Frankand $1.75 for children under 14.Thomas, Russ Guglidmino., Contact any team businessMike Thomas, Jeff Green, Joe managerCooper, Pete Higgins, Ed VanDen Ameele, Jerry Dycns, andJohn Cullen.Franklin Township Jayeeescame home with severalawards~ They took a thirdplaee in the Impact Awardsfor the Castleton Park Project.Impact Awards recognizethose local projects that have..specific impact on the community.Pete Higgins made it two outof two for Franklin Townshipwith the First Timer award.The award is granted to thatJC attending his firstassembly who obtains themost signatures of State officers,State VPs, US directors,and chapter presidents.Mr. Higgins obtained 116signatures. Mike Thonms wonthe First Timer award at theSeptember Assembly. Mr.Thomas also was granted aPresidential Commendationfor his efforts with the 1974New Jersey Jaycee Football.Classic., : . . ,~Pop WarnersponsoringbanquetThe Franklin Township PopWarner football teams willhave their second’ annualclosing banquets this Saturdayat Sampson G. Smith intermediateschool from 5 to 9p.m.Walter Davis, the headWe also have a full line of holiday goodiesCROWN ROAST" PRIME RIBS ¯¯ FRESH KILLED CAPONS ®DUCKS ¯ and ROASTING CHICKENit12Z 1111 STORE HOURS: Men., Tues; & Sat, ,-6 s Wed.’til 8 s Thurs. &.Fri. 9-9 e Closed Sun. Convement parking lot for customers.NOt responsible for typograpllieat er¢or$Win or lose,it’s fun to read about itin the Sports pages weekly.This week.S27worthof wool car4OPEN YOURCHRISTMAS CLUBNOWtot onlyL~4iClubs StartOctober 28, 1974FREE GIFTSDelightful HurricaneLampsCurrier & lves ClothCalendarsThe Bank That PutsIt All Ibgether, tate Sank403 Route 20634 East Somerset St,Corner Ridge Rd, & Rt, 22Hillsboroush Towt~hipRarJtort, N, J,Readln$on TownshipSaturdoy 9 A,M, to 12Saturday 9A,M, to 12Saturday 9 A,M, to 12359,8144534,4088A II Oeposlt~ 725,1200 In~ure,,l to $40,000,Member F, D, I, C,SANDLER&WORTHYou’ll like our style.For our special $hop.et.Honio itorvlco ~all:LAWRIrNGI TOWNIIIIP; 2901 RI. 1, 0,3 mile Sotltl~ ut Uakors Ila~i,l Rd, (609) 882.8550OTH|IIfO#tlh IN NKW J|RS|?, [atontown/Norlh [lrullswiek/Paramu~/Sprin~lield arid WayneIN NEW YORK, Nalluot/NowburghiPou~hkeel)Sio and Mltldlotowt~

Franklin as it used to be ... -, .....A scene in Franklin Park.[Courtesy Dolores Rowland)2The NEWS.RECORDl "I There’s politics2!in thosetsewer trenchesiiiTOWN FORUMNovember 21,1975because they already know what it will find out;there were no specifications for backfilling trenchesthen and there arc none now.They state that matteris being worked on, so the investigation would notbenefit work-in progress on the lownship’s streetopening ordinances.Councilman John Cullen maintains that theremight have been an "abuse of responsibility" bythose employees for writing the street opening ordinanceswithout any specifications.Further, engineers for the sewerage authority saythe Phase I and II programs were done exactly theIn Franklin Township sewers mean polities.Its no secret to anyone that attends public councilsessions or sewerage authority meetings that thesame way and there has been no evidence of roadscaving in anywhere else. It was believed that fillingaction of the sewerage authority are under the watchfuleye of most of the councilmen and some ar-the trenches with sand would add enormous coststhe sewer users would eventually have to pay anddent members of the Franklin Township Taxpayersthere would be no real benefit over the shale backfill.Association.For several years the Phase III sewers were held It should be noted here that there has been noup by dragged-out court suits and legal hassles. Tomove yet to finance this investigation by the council.They are first going to look for volunteer helpsome this was evidence that any allegedwrongdoers were being gnlledbut to others itfrom the talent bank and for money from the statemeant added expenses that would be passed fromor county.the authority to the sewer users. It has also beencharged that those delays held up construction The question that should be asked by townshipduring years of rapid inflation, which forced taxpayersto bear the brunt of the costs.will serve them. Work is already being done toresidents is what useful purpose such an inquiryNow there is the possibility that an investigation strengthen any legal loopholes in street openingwill be carried out by the township council to determineif township engineers, the authority or other dug up during the Phase II! program will collapseordinances. There ~s also no evidence that streetstownship employees engaged in any illegal actions some day. The council is trying to prepare forwhile awarding the contracts for the Phase III network.Finally, any legal action against employees involvedsomething that has not and may never happen.The cause for concern among five of the in the contracts would just be another burdenRepubfican councilmen is that trenches for the heaved on an already taxed homeowner.sewers are not being filled in with sand and they It appears that only the council will benefit frommight cave in at some point after the shale in them such a probe. If at some time the roads do cave incompacts from weathering. They want toget the information"on tile record" so it will be clear who can point to their investigation results and sayand the public arrives clamoring at their door theymade the mistakes, if any were done."they did It."However, the township attorney, Herbert Silver, For the council to carry out such an investigationthe township manager, George Nickerson, and tbe would mean they think there is no business morefour other councilmen think that such an investigationwill be a waste of time and money We thinkimportant for them to spend their time on.not.¯ 4 LIt does allthe jobs yourwrap does...and thengoes itone wrap better.Stretches to sealaround glass bowlswith a tight gripthat makes spillsalmost impossible.Be sure to use thecoupon, You’ll saveon enough .+Stretch,n,+Seal~__~/"to ~.’~wrap your holiday¯turk, ey, fixings and ’~all the leftovers. ~’~(I IIlllllll: 15¢0FFfollow the CPI, while any councilman, said if a landlordleases coming up after will be had trouble meeting Iris bills The Franklin NEWS’RECORDII1~ reezelimited to an eight per cent he could come to the rentincrease. Any two or three board with his books and ask [,u~l)ffi

Thursday, November 21, 1974 The Franklin NEWSRECORD5-A50TH ANNIVERSARY AND $100 MILLION CELEBRATION --First Savings and Loan Association, with offices in Somerset,celebrated its 50th Anniversary and reaching.S100 million intotal asset strength, with a dinner this past week at McAteorsRestaurant in Somerset. Seen here at the dinner, which wasattended by hundreds of friends and invited guests, (from leftto right) are, Arnold B. Rosenthal, Director; Terrill M. Brenner,Director; Emil F. Klein, Chairman of the Board; Louis Friedberg,Director Emeritus; Harold M. Bruskin, Vice Chairman ofthe Board; William B. Lewis, New Jersey Deputy Commissionerof Banking; ThomasHart, Vice President of theNew¯PresidentJersey Savings League; and LeRoy R. Terry,of First Savings.Speaking of Franklin... o,,,,,,:""°a""r"°’""’v°CostasandAnoa Cantinas of and his wife Alice reside on Cyprus Road in Somerset is at Fairleigh DickensonEvergreen Road in Somerset Marigold Lane in Somdrsetcurrently a freshman at University’s Florham- |recently returned from a three with their eight children. Biseayne College on the Bay in Madison campus.day trip to the Concord HotelFlorida where he is majoring in upstate New York where ’ *..... in business administration. ~r~.f~,fm~t:~t~t~ |they attended the New York The Franklin Township ’State Metermaos Committee DeneseSanders, daughter of Seniorheld Citizens’a Thanksgiving Club recentlycovered~ ~,’Meeting.JemcrialaodJosephSanders~ BOOKS~ I ""-of Mark St. in Somerset is dish party at the. East .~ say....... studyingattheUniversidadde FranklinFirehousewithLealas Americas in Puebla, Laux serving as chairlady.’rerrenee Hartman has Mexico. Sheisa 1971graduate~ MERRY ~ ~joined the National Bank of of Franklin High School and is ****** ~ CHRISTMAS ~ iNorth America as a vice abi-liogualedueationmajoratpresident in the Electronic Kean College.Joan Grealis of Main St. ina~~ %30% tq~OData Processing Divisions Dcnese will be spending a Somerset has beea named to best ! iSystems and Programmingtotal of four months inMexicothe Dean’s List at Boston in SomersetBook&GiftSh0p, ~ |I 8Department.under a program sponsored by University where she is alie was previously the American Association ofsenior s~ majoring in speech~.~’ ,4~ ~l°~s ~sW,,~l~,aaYassoclatedwlthChemiea,StatoCollogosandU0iver.tho,ogyandaudio,ogyBank, Insurance Services sities: ......:!Office and Atlantic Mutual .......’’~Insm’ance Company. and ******~ ~F41/~ ~"received his B.S. and B.A.Peter Dunn of JFK rl Z~iii~illtio countn, om ono ooa, ns--0",’ ,~1.cAs’s, "Muhlenberg College. Terrence George and Jackie Byrne of been named to the Dean’s List ~i~.~.f~l:~i~z:~"J iII~ ~a~ 0 ~$Thanksgiving [?inner without flowers from Petalpeddlersis like your favorite football game without a ball...SO HAVE A BALLWITH OUR FLOWERS!We’re featuring these delightful centerpieces:I. "TRADITIONAL" A bounty of mixed Atttitmn shaded ehrysanthenmmsio a golden centerpiece bowl.2. "TURKEY IN THE STRAW" A lively assortment of collecteddried decoratives and cut flowers in a rotmd bowl.3. "WILLIAMSBURG" Our own special creation in a footed compotemade with smaller type flowers ... a classic selection.4. "PEI)DLERS’ PETALS" Some folks prefer this exciting selectionof roses and carnations in a setting of exotle greenery and aglass centerpiece bowl."CORNOCOPIA"Harvest symbolism.6. "CHICKEN FEED" For those who live flowers but don’t reallywant to spend too tnnch.$4.767. "SUPER BOWL"It’s a little early for the name, but it’s all thattile name intplies, large gold, bronze and yellow football typentttnls -- tile largest you’ve ever seen -- Cond)ined with perkyFall-shaded ponlponls lind dried deeoratives in a Imndsomc rattanbasket.An, ,,..,y °, ou. u.u., ,2.,, IlllPLUS : Onr beautiful F’aU Bokay -- Munts & l)omps aplentySelections IncludingtCAIINATIONSPOTTED MUMSMUMSALL Not the usttttl types, but ottr own grownPOMPSAS USUAL plants dtttt average 20 bh)onls aud areROSli’,Snifty to give and receive.I)R l El) IIOKAYS$2"86$4 It 76Don,’t librget:Birnn Chocolates The Delieious tlomemade KindCome on in and meet the "Bunch" at"i It,, I,’rle,dllest 81tOlJ ht T,wn"~} Hamilton St, 469.ROSE Bound BrookHIT OR MISS IS NOWOPEN IN PRINCETONDay in and day out we save you 30% to 50% on the same quality feminine fashions sold onlyat the most exclusive stores. Our styles are always in-season and up-to-the-minute andthere’s always a huge selection of current styles in junior and misse sizes. Come in forfabulous savings onSlacks ¯ Blouses ¯ Pant Sets ¯ Sweaters ¯ Knit Tops ¯ DressesLong Dresses ¯ Coats ¯ Skiwear ¯ and everything else that’s new and in.Princeton North Shopping CenterIntersection of Routes 206 g 518 Across from Princeton AirportOPEN 9=00 A,M,. 9:00 P,M, Monduy.through FridayOPEN Saturday 9=00 A,M,. 7t00 P,M,Sunday 10t00 A,M, ¯ S=00 P,M,Now open: 11 other fine Hit or Miss FashionShops throughout New Jersey,

ft,owers ’rl stuffLIFEYL EMAKE THIS A CHRISTMASHARED... WITH HALLMARK BOXED CARDSThere are greetings on reeyHed .paper, boxes that include additlomilstationery, boxes that feature sealing wax. and a broad assortment ofTraditional. Scenic, Seasons Greetings and Betsy Clark.Your name imprinted on the card and your address on tile en- ’ ]velope ..........................$1.00 per line per box.INASSAU CARD AND GIFT SHOPPrinceton North Shopping Ctr.Next to Grand Union¢ ICE CREAMFOODTOWN TURKEYS,+ c 43c0 51t0 22 Ibs. 15. 14 Um 15.by C. Jane Boning evening and caterpillars are tainer for most attractive in a vase of water or a pebblefuzzier than in previous years, show Do not allow bulbs to tilled shallow bowlWe have been "warned" and ~. fragrant bowl of narcissus touch either themselves or As in outdoor planning,"advised" by the U.S, Gov’t or a bright splash of tulips or side of pot for best developmeat.Place in pan of water to early, and late blooming bulbschoosing from a variety ofand "Farmers’ Almanac" to hyacinths blooming in theexpect a long, hard, cold middle of winter, seems like a absorb moisture from bottom, will assure a spring in winter.winter. Squirrels are hoarding haPPY thought,After a thorough soaking, Forced bulbs may ha plantedmore nuts, developing bushier Since all bulbs are selftails,Cicada are making their contained plants which inolude unheated, (above freezing) flower until following year, ifremove, place in dark in garden in spring but will not"locust sounds" earlier each a food supply, their only area such as garage, shed or ever, Nursery and gardenrequirements in forcing bloom cellar for a 12-week period. centers are very helpful in:::::::::::::;::::::::: are soil, container with Make note of when bulbs wereI[R~ P[[~]~I drathageandadepth2xsizoofbulb used. Clay pets should be238 So. Main Street 725-2936 Manville, N. J."suggesti’ng varieties andplants, color¯ type and water blooming period for variousrngulary.bulbs.The Charles C. Thomas in various models, as aOutdoor beds for bulb for. Healthy bulbs, brought to Company of Springfield. competency-based method of> " Soil which supports bulbs may cing should be a depth to includethree levels: sand or fine not only add beauty aad joy to new book written by Richard service teachers. The basicflowering, by this proeedure~ Illinois recently ~blished a training preserviee and in-be a combination of. sterileI! ~ [i n I C i seaked $ garden ~’ haurs soil, peat ~f°r° and sand eae or a rock. pots covered with sand your home, but also have the N. Jansen, Director of In- etemcnts ofmicroteachingareI ~ commercial mix.and 3-4" soil with moat or additional quality of being struction for the Franklin the condensation of lesson1’ ¯ Protaselonal Piercing ~ Fill ~t with soil layer after drainage ditch to prevent bulb relatively free from plant Township Public Schools. time and class size. the1’ ,larrlnllSelectlon "t covering drainage hale with rot. After frost, cover with diseases, You only need to Entitled "Microteaching," systematic provision of imthevolume deals with the mediate feedback and the¯ )HuursblrAppolntmentstones or broken crockery. mulch of hay or leaves. - provide adequate moisture ..924-7040 t Gently place bulbs so tips are" Cheek for root and stem sit hack -- and enjoy! planning and implementation opportunity for the trainee to:~ ItSNo,auSt..Pdaceton.NJ.~ visibleafter adding remainder development after 19. weeksof competency-based training teach another lesson im.1’ "~¢rdntPhlt¢itn&Pnie~t$ince1955"* of soil. Size of bulb will Stems with roots may ha When meting cuttings in programs and the use of mediately after being===¢¢=¢::.’;;=;¢.’===;;;== determine number in con- brought into s dark area of water, remember their mieroteaching techniques, critiqued."60F. for seven days, followed natural rooting medium is According to Dr. Jansenby filtered light, warmer 62. under the soil, so use colored microteaching can be used in65F. temperatures. In a few glass or container covered all kinds of personnel training.weeks, bulbs will flower. Do with aluminum foil or dark He explains that "LessonHave A Happy Thanksgiving not expose to bright light and paper to speed rooting content, duration of lessonskeep temperatures low, soil process.and the objectives of the lessonmoist. To increase floweringperiod, reduce temperature at We will try to find answersnight, the forced.bulbs will be for any plant problems youCharles Jewelershappy with our patriotically have. Please send a card tolowered thermostats. this newspaper.Foe your shopping con.venience Fo~ltownk carries Hdkl~"a po~hrycomplete includingllne dcapons, ducks, ¢ornls~he~s, turkey bre~ts, turkeywings and drumstkks,and bon~ess furkeyroasts and also a fullllne d Kosh~ poukry ~ryour hdkk~y f~st.BUTTERBALL TURKEYS,+ 55c ,o.,. 63 cntk lb. 141". Ib:There are many varieties ofdaffodils, tulips, hyacinths andsmall bulbs, (grape hyacinth,iris, seillas and crocus.) Forflower lovers, too busy toinvolve themselves in thisprocedure, nursery andgarden centers offer protreatedhyacinth and narcissusbulbs which willdevelop and bloom by plantingNEW GO-CART CLUBThe organizational mootingof a new 4-H Go Cart 4-H Clubfor Somerset County will beThe NEWS.RECORDNovember 21,1975Jansenpublishes bookare scaled down considerablyfrom traditional personneltraining,"These lessons are more andmore often "competencybased" - that is, they requirethai the trainee demonstratemastery of certain skills oreompetenciea, rather thanthat he complete certainprescribed courses.Video tape is often used toprovide feedback for the use ofboth trainee and supervisor.The trainee performs therequired skill or ’role plays’ aheld at the Somerset County 4-H Center tomorrow night from7:30 to 9 p.m.situation. Then the demonstrationis played back and theTHEODORE M. AL TSCHULER, O.D. performance criticallyreviewed."Microteaehing," states Dr.Jensen in his summary, "hasannouncestheremovalofhisbecome increasingly popularoffiee for the practice OfOPTOMETRY¯ (EYE EXAMINATIONS)TO216 Findeme Ave., Finderne, N.J.(Brldgewater Medlcal Center’the B ue EchoRt. 206 North, HarllngenBelle MeadfeaturingFine Ladies’A pparelMen Ihru Thurs 10 - 5 30Ft~dSy 10-6Saturday 10 - 5 30(201)359-7155CedarDr. Richard N. JenseaWoodselects leadfor ’Fiddler’By Appointment Only -- Call 725-3018N Harlan Tuckman has been people and a full orchestra.eastin the lead role of Tevye in The show will open March 7the Cedar Wood Woman’s Club and run for three weekends.,: , ,Will Sell.to Highest Bid ..... production of ’!Fiddler on theReceived Before Thanksgiving Roof." Local audiences willremember him forhis role ofFagin in last years’ CedarWood production of "Oliver."My 1970 Set (22 Volumes) of Compton’s He Ires workedprofessionally on the stage,Encyclopedia -- Excellent Condition -- screen and television. In 1965Selling because I now represent the he starred in the ’IV series ofWorld Book EcyclopediaMr. Novak and in 1963 actedwith Myrna Loy in a pre-Broadway show called "Theresend Bids To:Must Be A Pony." While underC.H. Wraycontract for Universal Studios,Mr. Tuckman appeared inmany movies, his favoriteP O BOX132, EAST BRUNSWICK,being "The Lively Set."Joining him in the cast isN,J, 08818 OR PHONE M E AT (DAY) 968-B700. Lynn Labbe as Golde, Mary(NIGHT) 2S7-6889Ellen Dzielak as Tzeitel,Sheila Zakra as Hodel, LindaSilverman as Chava, BrendaGreenberg as Shprintze, Ilarlan ’rucknlaaPeggy Vail as Bielke andGeorgine Callahan as Yente.Also Gary Levine as Model,Marc Mattliano as Parchik,Thomas Chisari as Lazar#Wolf, Bob Gomes as Fyedka,Gayhi Potter as GrandmaTzeitel, Am1 Cipello as Fruma-Sarah, Barbara ttawkins asShandel, Warren Kimball asMordcha, Donald Aarouson asthe Rabbi, Dick Jeusen asMendel, Ira Tanz as Avram,Start Pearlman as Nahum,tloward Altschul as theConstable, Warren Waite asSasha, Phil Weintraub andCraig Woodland playing theRussians and Lcw Gelfond asthe Fiddler.The total casts consists of 75Athleticsat SGStonightSampson G, Smith Schoolstudouts are putting the finaltouches on their practicesessions as they prepare for anathletic night to be presentedtouight at 8 p.m.Girls and boys will bedemonstrating tumbling,vaulting and apparatus, folkdancing and wrestling skills.Tbe program will he followedby refreshmentserved by theP.T,S.O.

Thursday, November 21, 1974. The Franklin NEWS’RECORD 7-ACommunity cookbookI Franklin High Highlights¯ [ ]Win or use,it’s fun to read about itin the Sports pages weekly.Mrs, Richard Sos, president of the Cedar Wood Woman’sClub preparesome of her cheese favorites for her holidayvisitors.These recedes ano many others may be found in the CedarWood Woman’s Club Cookbook "The Happy Cooker,"CHEESE PECAN BALL2 large pkgs. cream cheese¯ smal jar Rocquefort Cheese1 glass old English cheesef tap. Worcestershire sauceGrated onion to taste¾ c. pecans, choppedHave all ingredients at room temperature. Mix and form intoPall. Roll in chopped pecans.CHEESE BALL3 - 5 oz. either Blue or Rocquefort Cheese1 Tbsp. pimiento, chopped fine8 oz. pkg. cream cheese~A Tbsp, green pepper, chopped fine’/4 rsp. garlic saltBMnd cheese together, Stir in garlic salt, pimiento and greenpeppers. (~hill until~film and men snaoe into a ball. Roll infine y chopped parsey, top with small piece of pimineto. Chilluntil serving time and serve with assorred crackers Ball mayalso be rolled ;" finely chopped toasted walnuts instead of theparsley.By Kathy CottxellJudging will take place -A --~ g_ OOO000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWoFHS’75The Key Club is planning aDecember 19 with tile car rally for November 24 at ncategories being beauty,"Sweet Seasons", the winter comedya.m. in the parking let. Theand portrayal. Prizes entrance fee is $3. in advance:semi-formal dance will be heldof $25, $15, and $10 will be and El. more if purchased that O BIG WHEEL,BIKEODecember 14 from 8-11:30 p.m. given in each group. day. Trophies will be awardedin the girls’ gym. Sponsoring is: ¯ SALES t SERVICE ¯ PARTS & REPAIRS ¯the sophomore class. A buffetStop in and see Bill Clifford & Paul Lonsdoffwill be served and musicprovided by DerrickThe Varsity Club and SeniorThe History Club is spun.Westover’s band.class are sponsoring aWIN zsoring the annual Holiday 9)A BIKEHomecomlng DanceBazaar on November 23 from OBEAUTIFUL 10 SPEED HERCULES RACE R.November 30 from 8-11:30 10-4 p.m. in the girls’ gym. OJUST FILL IN COUPON BELOW AND DROP :p.m. A Homecoming Queen Groups from the school as wellIN BOX AT STORE. ENTRIES MUST BE MADEThe Franklin High P.T.A. iswill be crowned The cost is $I as the community are, participating.Tables can beOsponsoring a Holiday Hallwith a Varsity Club or SeniorOIN PERSON. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.ODecorating Contest. To enterclass dues card and withoutpurchased for ~2,50 and ad. eone must send in aa applicationby December 2, 1O FEATURED NAME BRANDS:* VELOSOLEX O,1.50.DRAWINGmission is 25 centsp.m, and the decorating mustbe finished by December 16.t’ * COLUMBIA * HERCULES * SUTTONFLU SHOTS¯ ROYCE UNION * TYLER ;New Jersey¯ Don’t Be Disapppointed Lay-a-ways now being accepted for Christmas.Botanical GardensPLANT SHOPManville ResidentsDISSEMINATING:Following the Health Fair. for those eligible,.OYlf S.~ vlrieies el indool end gllden phnll secon doses of Flu Vaccine will be given on SundayDec. 1 between 1 and 3 p.m atthe MunicipalLOCATED:Itgl Duke’s Po;twJv West d Route 206 building.2 HiM Saute of ~mereilh Circleiomervila. NJ 0~16 [1011125OIl3Individual doses of Flue Vaccine will be given toOP[M Wldnosdlv Ibi Sltvrd#, l0 A.M. Io 6 P.Hthose who did not receive am, at the Health Fair.SHOP:DRAWINGSat., Nov. 30 at !i a.m. ee¯ 281 South Main St. ].~;:;~::w::(~:~:~i(~:,:~i:~:~_= u ....:.. /£ NAME ~1 ¯0 lllMllVlliq~ i..~ ~:( i 6¯ .... L,¢; ~1 i¯ CALL: I~" ADDRESS, =s.a so18 .... :!¯¯ ".ur,:..,,yandS.,0em,.m I~_~ PHONEO¯~1 ¯~ ~ =!¯ ¯Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. |~L~WiN A DIKE DRAWING’.~::~::~.~I 6°ooooeeo®eeeoe®eoeoeeeeoeeeoooeeeAI members of the community, are inviteC to sane theirfavorite recipes to me NEWS-RECORD office, Box 5. Middiebush,for publication in this weekly column.Somerset resident is dif6,to’F/: ’~’"ORGANSpinet Sale!Harold A. Stein, Director of m tteemanforCubPack95of Eleanora who is owner and~~ ;4;L; andd ;t~’W~fl!~iiA~O~!~:~$[v]i;~iO;~:D"i""Advertising and Promotion for Somerset. . Director ’of Eleanora Stein "aa. .. ..° ipany, Prmcelon was newly Cty, Mr Sten, now resides in their 2 sons, Haddon, 13and’."[SounderDirector for the Delaware-Raritan Lung Association atthe Association’s Annual i ~ a/tff/~t t ~ A t~ ~D vMeeting held on October 29, I ~zvz vr J~.l~J[.~ L&CIZ~.L~J[t J[ at dO0e1974. ’ ] Rt. 206, South SomervilleNassau Broadcasting [’ emonstrators-mostly one NOW ONLyoperator of WHW~ radio ,% ........ ..... I;e:ii!!~l:°!iilc"~: ere al~sei(u°en: $ 7 9 90oCompany is owner andI"Let us us do do your Thanksgiving tvm baking." bakm,of a kind - not every styleStation, Princeton, WPST, [Trenton, PASSPORT Inc., Iadvertising, merchandising Iand marketing division and IButter lh~tterUrustt’ies Crust PleaPhoenixCable Haven TV, I Butter Coffee CakesManahawkin. (ReoularI German Fuit Stollen ¢,’)/!0= price- nm"play and enjoy." 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8-A The Franklin NEWS:RECORD¯ CedarWood planning winter ballFormal in~,itatians to the dignitaries, Mrs, Jack Gaido, chair. ’Dancing to the music of theCedar Wood Woman’s Club The "Winter Woaderland person, has announced that Danny Mecca Rochestra willannualbeen sentdinnerto elubdancemembershaveandBall" will be held Saturday, the cocktail hour will begin at continue until 1 p.m.December 14 at the Seven 7:30 p.m. followed by ato special guests and town Arches blPertb Amboy.. comPlete prime rib dinner.WESTINGHOUSE/TYCOSMART SHOPPER¯snc.,,,,school menu.Tees(lay, II~ 26 Wednesday, 11/ 27Orange Juice, Italian Pizza, Hot Roast Beef Sandwich,Deluxe Salad, Peanut Butter Natural Gravy, Potato Gems,Custard, MilkJello-MilkButtered Peas, Frosted FruitMonrlay, It/ 25Thursday, II/ 28NO SCHOOLAll Beef Hamburger, Tri ’ Friday, Ill 29, Taler, Pinkies, Applesauce-MilkNO SCHOOLParents attend Title ! meeting ’Thursday, November 21,197’1.AUTOMATICAUTOMATICs..rocR.O. . ,,.,SALEup to 40 % off onALSO!FLOOR SAMPLEScolonialcontemporarySpanishdark pinetraditionaltilt back chairswith ottomansend tablesgcoffee tablesSpecial thru Nov. 30tht I I I’ ’ ° ’ r//H~l: I t..f’~¯Thirty-five parents and staffmembers attended the secondmonthly meeting of the Title IParent Awareness Committeeon Nov 6There were also 16youngsters - from toddlers tofourth grade -- who were takencare of by baby sitters from..... i~, i~IIMMEDIATE DELIVERY !Franklin High School duringthe 7:30 to 9 p.m. meeting atthe Pine Grove Manor School.Committee President J~neDart conducted the session,which featured video tapes ofLanguage Encounter Sessions,the technique used by the MRS. GEORGE BYRNE, Mrs. Jack Gaido, Mrs. Roger Davis and Mrs. Bruce Taliey {L to RI,Helping Teachers and Instructional.Aides of theaddress invitations to the Cedar Wood ,Woman’s Club dinner dance, "Winter WonderlandBall."federally funded Title IprogramReal life experiences aretied into language improvementby encouraging theHorse breeders appoint Virginia Buckleylearner to describe or explainhis or her own experience. The The Equine Advisory Boaed, Board, is chairman of theyoungster writes a description a ,unit of the New, JerseyThe New Jersey Equineor explanation (often with the Department of Agriculture,Board’sAllBreedHorseShow, Advisory Board, formed inhelp of the instructor) andFacilities and Fair Racinghas announced the ap-1961 to help promote thethen practices reading it.Committees, and is also apeintmant of Mrs. VirgidiaVideo tapes shown at thememb@ of the Education andBuekley of Somerset to speeialNovember meeting wereOperations Committes.committee assignments.made at the Pine Grove ManorMrs. Buckley, along with breeding of New Jersey bredMrs, Buekley, whoand MaeAfee Road SchoolsCindy and Joe Camella, horses, eansists of 13 breedrepresents the New Jerseyand showed a variety ofoperates Railing Rock Ranch groups as well as horse.Pinto Horse Association on the in East Millstone¯ oriented organizations.language encounters such aatwo that involved puppetryand the cooking of chocolatepudding.PROTECT YOUR PLANTS,,_ 15 H, o BRACEWELL rhododendrons,EVergreens sUChazaleas¯ t 7--’- ¯ ~ - ~"~ Upholstery andromedas as well as hollies(Svearg ..... tea and hemlocks that wereIf J " v ¯ o_ ~. ,. inwriting) planted on the north or nor-’ I ~ .. . I~J " upnotstery ec Turmture 84 MAIN_ STREET thwest side of your property|ISO. SOUND BROOK, N.J. " last spring or during Sep.08880~ ~-- HOUSEHOLDte tuber should be protected byDALLY TIL 6 THURSDAY TIL ’ 9I ’(201) 469-2220~’’":~ ~ FINANCEwindbreakers/Presentationand the Pines." II~ i ll [¯ . ’ ~.~ "~;o.~.f,e,h" __ I /..........Dava~ Man%. --~~.J. Construction SATURDAY, NOVEMBER23McCaffreyffy Pools,aa Inc.lnc.. ^- Mason Work Missiona y C ..... d Dsh Supper, spo ..... dby Women’s ~.~ llura¢lean ~ ®’~ ....... , ~,o,,,. ! McCar eP is,c Qnlna vrot i~= ¯boys anop . J o Y circle of Emmanuel Baptist Church Washington [(~]r.--~=~ o¯ ’ ’ ’ s-~.-~g" ecomrneadad*b, Installation,. a~dSo.lhJrd~ ......Menvi,,e.in small {opalsI.-- I r..~, ..... ’Seiv(ce- I /4 S , Ma n St. Many e Speclahzmg .i’.i . . ’,j cement , ’ Children’s Thanksgiving Pro(] r am 1 0:30Isle ~rlcKwor~ maroleane p~ss~e mge m Somerville ~ 2"-. o *~, ~"~,, : .’"",.’" I ’ ’ ’ Pubic Lbrary. Filmsrip. "Thanksgivng in Tumtum and I~ ~.,.au,~ I ’ supplies | /Formal Wear Crafts." ~:~ ..... ’. Quality Workmanship ’ForH,re P .......... ChristmasB ...... S,. Joseph’s Bosary Altar Society, tOQu.alityW°!kB!a.nship I /V¢Ill ~£U’UO0~/~ ~a.m, tO B p,m, Church Hall Livingston Avenue East ~ ~ :~,:~;n~ (~ t~easorlable trices I /orMillstone. Visit from Santa from 1 to 3 p,m. .,.=b,,,~ ~P~I I | l¯ Policeman r es s ~ ,,a e e ~ vm.i.725-5803 Bake Sale, Hillsbo ough LittLe buk , Hill borough Shop .... i, ~ ........ i,, ~ vnz.L| /¯ Mailman for fre eshmate’ping Center Plaza and Montgomery Shopping Center, 7 t Winston ...... Dr. Somerset 359-3484 I IZUl ~q3SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 " " n~mme~an~ /SomersetBee, 2 p,m,, Christ the King School Cafeteria, Manville,County Catholic Youth Organizetion Spelling~ /MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25Manville Borough Council, 8 p.m., Borough Hall CouncilChambers,Millstone Board of Edueatlon, S p.rn.Raritan Valley Mothers of Twins and Triplets Club prooram,"’iv PLACE "Your Child end Reading," 8 p.m,, St. John’s Episcopa[Church, Somerville.YO urAD HERECALL725.3300.... ! CAMPETUESDAY, NOVEMBERTtIURBDAY, NOVEMBER ~gI TRAILERS’ Thankl~glvlnuVay’HavaaaslaandhaPpyhoflday’YEAR END SALERaritanValley/-~ .~alRent this Now in ProBressFR|DAY, NOVEMII|R~Electric ~,~7~j’011Santa arrives at Sanlaraat ShoPnlng Center, tl a.m, IElectrical Contracting ~# ~Space Pick.Up CapsIllUNOAY, OEGEMOER1Man’dlle, N~;for 13 weeks PalomlnoCampErsResidential b Y/" ILayton Trailer~ Aria’and Crahs Show. Solnoraat.Huetsrdoa B’nal U’dth, fO Comnmlc~l..el. ,o a ,,,n,. Toli,p*o Sha,a.t, Up,a, Na,Ih Od,,goS,,.,,. su~ic8 ~h,,n~o=workfor a low price MANNAtS GULFSERVICE CEICall 725-3300 flndeme gee,, $onlmllleHillsborouoh Township Commltttie, 8 p.m., Municipal8uildlnu,$omersaI Naturalists Mooting, Topis. "Nature and YourCdroera," B p,ol,. Hillside Scllool, Brown Road,Bridgewater,Sisterhood of Bound Brook Jewish Center GeneralMeeIinu, 8 p,m. el tile center. 229 Mountain Avanus,"Happening at Mckfaa School." 7:30 p.m,, sponsored byPTA.Spaghetti Dinner, HII!aboroagh Vmelty Clab, 6:30 p,m,,high school cafeteria,Or c 9awatar,TOy= lot ’role Collaatlon. Our Lady Of Peace Colonlblezte=,Drop nit used tOyS aI Ktrlfdffs at Colonlbus BaN, SouthMale Street. Manville, from 1 la 4 p,m. Alas Monday hum fle Air Conditioner gullet6¯ Dryer outlet=iIlAgents fori lI Wheoionvo.line, Inc. IIIISOPKO, IIMOVING erl ISTORAGE, INC.!I II tkensedPubllcMover I ILocal& toao 131stanceII II 3E No, 17th Ave, ~ II Monvlne 1 ITO PLACEYOURAD HERECALLFREE ESTIMATESIoap,,e, CA~L,=,~,,’~0~ 725"3300NJ LIcense ElTrymgoto succeed in bnsiness in Central Jerseywitho.t advertising in any of the 7 Packetnewspapers is about as successfttl as thishousehold substittLte for a saddle horse.Tile PI~/NCETON P~qcf~ETThe Manville NewsTIw F~mlklhl NEWSRECORDTHE CENTRdL POST’l’h(~ I,tlwr(,l(’,(~ I,cdl](,’[UINDSOR-JIIGHTS iIEI~JtLD¢tllI.LSIgOROUGI! BI;AC()I~.(609) 924.8244(201) 725.8300(20|) 725,3300(20 I) 297.3434(6o~) a~6.~oo(609) 448.3005(201) 359.0850

Thursday, November 21, 1974Book dispels legendA new book by a youngRutgers University historianseeks to dispel the erroneousfolk legend surrounding theancestry of a little.knowngroup of caclally-mixed NewJersey people,Through genealogicalresearch, Dr. David StevenCohen, assistant professor ofhistory and American Studiesat die Newark College of Artsand Sciences. disprovesclaims that the RamapoMountain people aredescendents of escaped slaves,Indians, Hessian soldiers andprostitutes.Prof. Cohen’s book, "TheRamapo Mountain People,"published by the RutgersRingwoed mines, today some them."are economically middleclass,working at governmenttoral dissertation, Prof. CohenOn completion of his doc-jobs. Others are blue collar was thoroughly convinced thatand skilled workers.According to the researchdone by Prof Cohen, themountain people aredescended from coloredpioneers who were among theearly Dutch settlers in theHackeusack Valley region.’Contrary to the legend, theyare not descended fromHessian soldiers, who wereGermans; runaway slaves;black and white prostitutesand’ Tuscarora Indians.Proof of the Dutch ancestryis found in the anglicizedcommonames of De Frsese.Van Dunk, De Groat andthe legend had no historicalbasis and realized that hewanted to expand what hadstarted out to be an academicproject,For the past five years, hehas appeared as a s~akerbefore historical societies,women’s clubs, church groupsand groups of the mountainpeople to make known theresults of his research. Twoyears ago he appeared, withtwo residents of Riogwoed, onan educational televisionprogram.Reaction to his work hasUniversity Press, is anhistorical, sociological andbeen varied, and he admittedMann. None of these names. that some of the criticism hasanthropological view, Prof¯ Cohen stated, appearedreflecting his personal interestcome from the mountainon the list of marriages ofand profess’lanai expertise.people. The epilogue of thisHessian soldiers from twoin it he attacks the legend ofbook presents some of theseregiments who fought for thethe "Jackson Whites," aviews. They range from theBritish in the New York ares statement of a colored womanderogatory title applied to the campaign during the who told him she was "proudRamapo Mountain people, Revolutionary War. now to be one of the Rmnapothat was perpetuated by local "There’s no genealogical Mountain people" tothe angryhistorians, newspaper and evidence of early Indian ancestry,"he said, "If it exists,remarks of some Hillburnmagazine writersHis interest in what he callsresidents who were unhappyit would have to be s very about being shown to havea "little race" began when he small percentage. There hasblack ancestry.was a stu~tent at Westwoodbeen some intermarriage with Prof. Cohen has beenHigh School and first met Indians in recent generations,writer John C Storms theunhappy with some pastbut not enough to affect the newspaper accounts of theman he criticizes for continuingthe myth in print. "What’s interesting about cites as playing up sensationalentire population, mountain people, which he"Storms was a good story the legend," Prof. Cohenteller who too often presentedaspects distorting it out ofadded. "is that the mountain character.his stories as historical fact," people, having no alternative "The Ramapo MountainProf. Cohen said. "Unfortunately,his ’Jackson themselves, but tell only the formative on many levels.history, adopted the legend People" is readable and in.Whites’ story was later pickedThere are genealogical chartsup by such respectedauthorities as poet Williamof the earliest families, detailsof their migration to theCarlos Williams andsociologmt E. FranklinRamapo Mountains, tapetranscripts of ~eir folk be iefsFrazier. convincing manypeople that the Ramapoand appendices of herb cures,parts about the TuscaroraIndians and Hessian soldiers.This reinforces their idantificatianwith Indians, ratherthan blacks. They use the term’colored’ to describe theirrace."folk remedies and a JerseyMountains was an inacessible AI did University of Pennsylvania,where he received a The book is handsomelyDutch wordiist.area of hillbillies anddegenerates."Ph.D. in AmericanWho, then. are the Ramapoillustrated with photographsCivilization. Prof. Cohen done by Robert Goldstein, aMountain people?decided to write his dissertationon the RamapoS~cially and racially, theyfree-lance photographer fromare one of some 200 similarlyNew Milford.Mountain people. Towards thismixed groups found in various"The photographs." Prof.end. he spent a year, 19C~-69,locations throughout theCohen said, "in sensitivelyliving in the MahwaheasternUnited States.revealing the personalities ofHingwoed.Hillburn area. ForNumbering between 75,000 andindividual mountain people,a few months, towards the end refute visual stereotypes100,000 people, these groups of his stay, he lived withclaim Indian ancestry butcomparable to the stereotypeWallace and Vivian De Groat in the legend."maintaino tribal affiliations. of Hilthurn one of theSpecifically, the RamapoThe first scholarlymountain families,Mountain people are somepresentation of an integral"It took that long," he said,1,500 residents living in Mah.part of New Jersy and"to become trusted by thewah and RingwoodnorthernAmerican history: Profmountain people and for themNew Jersey and in Hilburn inCohen’s book should have atosoutheastern New York.......realize that my work was an ......dehmte impact m dispellinghonest attempt to correct me ~the 10ng-atandin~ er~Sffe6fis"Originally, farming tan. aerogatory stereotypes that : leRenddowners and later iranminers had been created about ~ "who worked the productiveThe Franklin N’EWSRECORD 9-A " ’;book stallBy Tzvee David MorrisFranklin Township Library Director"Mastering the Tarot," by American Medical doctors with ’my lumps?" If you’ve completely to Cellulite-couldEden Gray.arrived in a small plateaudesignnd for low carbohydrate :’;given up trying to’do anything change your way of life. mea s and menus, with all F,Used to divine the future, to village of Brazil with ex- because everything you’ve "Low Blood Sugar Gourmetfind solutions to immediate tensive modern medicalrecipes carefully changed IoJ:ever tried has failed, this book Cookbook," by A.B. Vivera. bring out the best flavor )f":’.dilemmas, and to analyze equipmento study a peasant ¯ the first in America-devotedThis cookbook is specifically natural foods.character, the Tarot deck has, named Arigo, whose cures and::for centuries, been the surgery had been reported toprovince of a few initiated be nothing short ofexperts. Now, with the help of miraculous! What they uncoveredwas a story that one of the most authoritativedefiesinstructors writing in the fieldtoday, even a beginner canutilize and understand thesemysterious and beautifulsymbols"Yoga is for You," hy SueLuby."Yoga is for You" presentsa way of life that is developedand maintained by ~ercise,nutrition, and recreation: Itoffers a practical, westernizedapproach geared to practicinga Yoga program when bestsuited to your own routine."Arigo. ~ Surgeon With aRusty Knife," by John Fuller.In May 1968. a team ofbelief and yet is true."Black Film Stars," byEihien Landay.For blacks in films, as inevery other area of Americanlife, the journey out of theshadows of neglect into thebright light of recognition andacclaim has been a long anddifficult one. "Black FilmStars" tells the story of thisjourney.Cellulite: Those Lumps,Bumps and Bulges YouCouldn’t Lose Before," byNiacin Ronsard.Have you ever askedyourself "Do I have to liveMINOR REPAIR WORK READYTHE NEXT DAY!GUITARS g BANJOSYAMAHA, ALVAREZ,12 string, 6 string CAMEO, VENTUREA.Classical, Electric TERADAQUALITY REPAIR WORK DONE on the PREMISESGUITAR, TRUMPET g DRUM CLASSESlu.i¢ .rk t ,110p430 E. Main St. Bound Brook 356-3115lll.,~AN OPEN INVITATION...TO VIEW & PURCHASE THE OILS OFIRENE BARTZBecause of the many problems that face us all today, art should be anenjoyment and expense that all people can afford,Please oln us for a champagne recent=on Sunday, November3"7, 1974 from 3-9 P.M. The oils of Irene Bartz will remain on ,,,eexhibit through December 2.1974.7"!flOURS5UNI)AY.-I Z-6 PM FRIDAY-1O AM-9 I’M [~’~,~TUES. thru THURS,-IO AM-b PM SATURDAY-1O AM.6 I’M ~"’~’[ ’Art n / the handcraft shoe ~’,~J?, .~ ,~ ~3 RH]G~: ROAb. MONMOUTH JUNCTION. 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10-AIRr[ [ °" PELLICANE’S" IEXCLUSIVELYPELLICANE’SThursday, November 2 l, 1974Spartans smell upset over Raiders.FellIIS~ICIALLINOIIOmlIIRVIWHItKSy e4.69K|HnlCKY STRAIQnTDoun|on ~I|KSYI Liquors & Bar I]n0 Yr. OIdbyDaveAllena Having failed in their at- Immaculata fell to 5-3 ~’ith "I think the kids would likeOffensivelyfor theSpartans, After being held scorelessCho.NJ niM~d) e4.89¯Sports Editor tempt to knock off Middhisex, the loss, but has already tied to end their season with a senior Glenn Vitidilo providesa~oRtsn Scorchlast Saturday losing 36-12, the the school record for most win," remarked Spartan headand to one first down in the86 P~I *gABmost of the punch. Vitiello is, DlSnLLtO LONDON SOMERVILLE -- Im- Spartans face Hillsharough, football wins. The Spartans coach Pierce Frauenheim,first session, Middlesex CA-ORY dINmaculata will get a second tiodwiththeBlueJaysforfirsttheall-timeleadingrnsherund plodcd far 24 points in thewill meet the Raiders which "Hillsborough is a big,..for the final touch18o p,~,oe ~4.09scorer for Immacdiata(~op~fjstraight opportunity to knock in the MVC, this Saturday have not lost in 16 contests, challenge. It-will take a per.second period as Parle put onI~Oal[o RUM*4.29Despite the skills of Vitiello,off an unbeaten squad, and afternoon on the Raiders’ turfan aer a dcmonstratibnThe last two meetings fect game beth on offenseandto your(eoP~e *4.29Who hasover900 yards on theVodka 110¢)% gmlnonce again the opposition isa in a 1:30 p.m. start.’ between the two schools have defense to.win."hitting on nine of 12 for 121gerund and 66 prints; the yards, a touchdown, and three.~eu~ml splrllt)Mountain Valley Conference Middlesex exploded for 24 endedwitha triumph foreach. Hillsberough iscoming’off a180 Pr~f) 84.09Spartans have been going¯ (1GO p~[)lower, points in the second quarter Hillshorough, a year ago 34-16,. 15-0victory over Rnselle Park.conversions.J4.89away from him of late, whileIMPORTEDand led all the way as the Blue while the Spartans captured a The shutout marked the third| ANKHIVII [|A lCAnAOIAN WIOiI(gy 111.~19they have been putting the ballIJays upped their recard to 7-0- 6-0 decision in 1972. Imrnmc.***NOV *4.09I N T E R N A T I O N A L straight game in which the in the air a great deal more."The kids did a good jobFELLOWSHIP seeks L It was the seventh straight maculata would like to reverse Raiders have not been scored , "We have been trying to getagainst the rush, but it waswin for Middlesex. last year’s verdict.beth the passing of Parle andHoliday Winesfamilies to sharetheirupon defensively. "Of- away from Glenn becausefensively, Hillsbarough hasCALL HOW’homes and cultureseveryone is keying on him,"our inadequate pass defensealso been superb.FOR FREE ChampagnesSuppGive Yourwith a high school, es’ 1Frauenheim explained. "Wc that hurt us " Frauanheim"Hillsberough is fast and have been trying to use our . explained.and Dung Sivco, "Vinnythe DcStefanodefensiveDELIVERYHostess Astudent from abroad, ii HILLSBOg.~o~O PARTS well-balanced," Frauenheim other running hacks mare.noted, with a good offense andtackles, both.did a good job.’.’"Against Hjllsborough, I356.2221 ICE CUBES AVAILABLE WildTurkey FOR INFORMATION writej a good defense. They have a think we are going toceme outMiddlesex added a touch.J,. ~,fl W.p 24 Hours A Boy Gift Bottle!International Fellowship,strong running game which isdown in each of the third andInc., Suite 825 Genoseo Route206, Deaanto’s Shopping Centerpassing," he continued. "Both t/ complemented by a good Bill German and Paul fourth quarters to complete itsHOURS’ Next to Hillsboro Pharmacy I passing game."scoring. Immaeulata got aFalencki are good passers,PtLLIt[AN$............ S CO’ ,Vossollor & Union Ave, (7t6) ass.6;’, 2. COLLECTM°n’ thru Sat’ 8 a’m’ t0 7 P’m’’ Rnun~R.nnb Ul * CALLS TO PLACEMENT The hig gun on the Raider "We completed S0 per cent afone.yard ’rD run by Vitidilo,........... 1 ............... Sundays9a,m. tolp.m.offense of late has been junio¢while German combined withour passes against Middlesex, Falencki for a 27-yard scoring~~~lDIRECTOR ACCEPTED~|~r~llllm~r~p~ A~. R~RI I John Crawford, who has two but we were caught in ourFREE PARKING " FROM FAMILIES DESIRING Mo~ff (~ Ilr~ll : ] II touchdowns in each of the lastpass for the Immaculatebackfield too many times."’lira [l~ V ~11~ ~ ~ ll~ ~lll~ Bll~ OPI[NI 9 a.m. t~ I0 p.m.~ I~1 v II three contests. Hillsborugh In the Middlesex game, bothscores.rl~ STUDENTS. ~I "=~ II~ also used FredStatistically, the Blue JaysMcDonoughteams filled the air withand ’rim Mobley to run the footballs as both squads held a 332 to 256 advantage,intotal yardage. Middlesex beOball while quarterback Roa passed for a total of 55 t mes. 252 yards in the air on 20 of 29Farneski ~s a capable passer. The Blue Jays’ quarterback"I think that they have apasses, while ImmaealatawasBob Paris, had aa outstanding 9 for 18 and 165 yards.really good offense," game.Frauenheim said¯ "Crawfard Throwing 26 times Parleis extremely fast, while their connected on 19 of those at- I~ ~ ~whole backfield is fast. tempts for 242 yards¯ TheCrawford, McDonough and senior signal-callei" tossed aMobley, they are all good. pair of ’I’D passes and threeFarneskicanpasswhenhehasSOMERSET T RE SERVICEtwo-point conversion comte."pletions.According to the expeds, theIll AN N IVERSARY l//Auditorium orgnn ,n Atlantic City,~ew }ersey, is the largest andProfessor Profloudest musical instlurnent evernonst,ucted. This p[odigy of soultdwas built in ]930, and cone, ins.two consoles, with seven manuals,predicts’or keybosrds on one. and five on® ¯ ¯another. The sound is powered’-~ with blower motors of 365 her.sepownr, The total cost $500,000,F0r Professor, Pruf. the ’ ~!i~:!an delivers the same amount ofdream of another ,750 cam- I F,’-¢, ’\I;soundastwenty.five brassbands,paign has gone down tbe drain, ./\/l,/~)’\/V Not many people will ever have aI Phone (609)921-82001778 State RAn (Rt, although he did gain a I ,’l2oe) I HOURS¯ Mon.-Wed, 8-6\vl- ’~ \ chanceto playthat huge organ inmeasure of respectability with"%/ I i ~Allanlic City, but everyone canhis best effort of the season ~ " have a chance to learn to play anlast week.instrument through the studios atCorrectly selecting nine off J ~I Princeton I Thurs. Et Fri. 8-9 ¯ Sat. 9-5 tl contests, the professor hadRAY’S MUSICLANDa 819 performance and cameIMMACULATA AT Rt. 28,’Middlesexwithin’ .two touchdowns of an HIL LS B O R OUGH(I’30pm) . . . ~ qe’m ..dunolemlsuecl ....... - slate The Spar tans .... are guaranteed "~"’~’ """..... ’ , ... otawamerseasonannsnould Rt ’ 2~ , S Raritanuniy a a-n leSS oy r-.mg ......~.~1 .¢ P...~t;~.* ,~ put up a tlgiat ~ntnd Glenn 526-2992state prep school champ, toV tello ’. Hlllseorougn .... , Our specialty is schod musicGil-St. Bernard’s ’and h owevera 20-14IS ]US[......tOO strong’ program rentals and we sell andsetback by Bridgewater WestdOmlurawi0ru an almosta .... ’ ,. . rent only quality instruments.to Watchung Hills kept Profssurea.~Of all " coun[yleaea .. , a Whetheryou are interestedfrom owning a perfect 11-0 ramer potent RIDer attack: guitars, drums, harmonicas, elec.~-~°ard-’tricpianos, or any band in.; ~. ~He s i p f’ o.., nrl ~wever, hhoe..m ’.IIILLSBOROUGIt 28 st umentLfWO big wins. Manvine over IMblAC ULAT A13 ’s the pace to come. , Our cou..Ridge and Keansburg overteous and professmnal staff wdlGreenbreak gave Professor ...HIGH.LA.NDPARK AT be happy to help you select theD .ro~ ¢ a measure ~r u~ ..... ~ve.~ ~u. r~. WA’rCHUNG , HILLS . , (1’30 " righ ins Umen o you Weaep m The vunhng Owls have . ,his two defeats. ,’ ’ " o P en da~ Y f om t0 a . rn , untd 9Withmostsctooshav n gt 1 ~en s bu:t paymg have sm h dhir ~ schools p m Friday and Saturda until 6Sa t,wdav .... ~ nff ..... tn nr~v,.~r~ fnr een winning’ p m ’ Fat " mote information Ycall usr--r ............. ’: " ’ ,itheir Thanksgiving Day waccnung nas eaen ap and atdashes, only two downgames all yearare and arean due to....... hethe schedule for this week and up rater a aown week last MgSlcnpn;~ .beth on’Saturday against West: Coat elect.c pushouttons w~tn¯luminous paint in order to seeSATURDAY NOV 23 WATCfIUNG IIILLS 20, therein the dark,’ ’ IIIGHLAND PARK 14When)/ou call long distance,J all ¯ II I, I ~, ¯eRIZEIPRINCETONDRAWINGS778 State Rd,(Routu 2001ONLYAT (609) 921-8200PRINCETONMOIL- Wed, 8-6; Slit, 8~5Tknr¢, Frl, 8.0i iii i i ,,11,F ..SANDMERCHANDISEAVAILABLE................... AT .....~WRENCE ~P,U, S. Route One(2926 ~aln~wtck Pike)609-88285550pun Men, Ihru Fri, 13 a,ln~ to 0 p,m,8nBIIday 8 o,m, lu 5 l),rn,ii iii ii iiii ii ii ]1i,tl i1,,11 , ,,i i i ii jSOMERVILLERT.~2~722-2020Opon Moe,~ ’rhut~L ~ Frl, 8,1)TUOI~, ~"~" W()lJ, 8"(~Sat, 11~5i iii i1!i iJust Ihink, By asking an operator’s phone call (all el which cost extra.a~sistance, a three.tnlnuto wookend because 1hey Involve an operator),call Io L,A. will be twice as much as So, you lake the Ioasl expenalve opifyou dialed I1 yoursoll And callinq tie, of all: gel the area code from lheperson.to-person ts ow)r tire tithes [ford of your phone book and dialmorq cosily, For example:Aunt Ma~yoursglf,You want to say "Happy[]irlh.Remember, lho next time you’reday" 1o Aunl Mary In Los Angeles, calling people dear and lar, lookbut you can’l ~oo ~pon~lin0 theover all your op!ion~, Then makeperson.Is.person promtum rate,Ih~;) c¢~11 thM makes Iho MostAnd you don’l want 1o call col,sen~o 1o you,loci, or char0o It, or make II aWo want you to got the mostIhird number billed call, or tl ~oln ’ ,,. out 0! your phone lervloo,NowJer=oy Boil

Thursday, November 21,1974 The Franklin NI:WS-RECORD [ 1-AThe Franklin High Warriors wereviotodousover their opponents,Somerville High, on the home field this weekend. Inthis photo by Ken Shutak Franklin halfback Sonny Mickenstries to outrun Somerville’s Larry Dubial.WAGON SPECIALS USED CARS CAR SPECIALS’73 LTD.STATION WAGON - 8 pass,,V8, auto:, pb., ps. Lugg. Rack, Fac. 74 MUSTANG Ih V6, auto,, ps., pb.,Air, Stock #4724. Mi. 32.890 iV/R, Dome ........... Great Buyl................. PRICE $3795.72 LTD SQUIRE WAGON - 8 pass.,V8, auto., ps,, pb,, Lug 9.Rack, Fac"13 MACH I FASTBACK . 3514Vauto., ps,, pb., pw, fac. sir. StockAir. Stock #4126, Mi. 47.144.................. PRICE S3095.¯ #4113, Mi. 24,000 .... PRICE $3595.’70 LTD QUIRE WAGON. 8 pass,, V8,auto., 9s., po., lug9. racK, fac. air,’73 GRAN TOeINg ¯ 2 dr., Hi., V8,Stock #4098, Mi. 69,000,auto., ps., pb, V/R, w/sw. Stock#4121. ML 29,000 .... PRICE $3095.................. PRICE $1895.’63 FAIRLAIN SQUIRE WAGON. ’48,auto., pa.; pb, Stock #4130, Mi65,000. See to believel ...... $79S:’72 PINTO - 4 dr,, 4 cyl., 4 sloped.radio, w/sw. Stock #411C. ME.30,595.,. .......... PRICE $1895.73 PLY. DUSTER. 2 dr., 6 cyl., auto,radio. Stock #4120. M i. 11,768.-,................. PRICE $2895.’73 PINTO ¯ 3 dr., 4 cyl., 4 speed,radio, w/sw, Stock #4118. Mi.15,880.................. PRICE $2275.Men., Tusa.o Wed., Thurs. 8:30, FrL - B, Sat. 4:30Warriors heading for winning seasonby Dave Allena as much until things start to adequate job."yards rushing on just sevenSports Editor got out of control." Schiller also had plaudits for attempts to follow Smith’s 109In their first eight games Smith and a couple of other yards on 15 carries,SOMERSET -- With Junior this season, the Warriors have players who turned in fineuarterback Ken Smith turngin an outstanding per- room at intermission. Against "Kenny just does everything The victory over Somervilleyet to trail entering the looker efforts.~j.formanno, Franklin Township SomerivUe. Schiller was once well," Schiller praised "He was Schiller’s first in threeestablished a new school again displeased with his can run and pass and he can tries. It set up the Warriors’record for football victories as squad’s showing in the final also kick. He has jest had an Thanksgiivng Day confrontationwith Pisoutaway.the Warriors rapped two quartersoutstanding season.Somerville, 20-12, here last "In the second half, we "Jeff Bown did a good jobSaturday morning. made some mistakes that too. while felJas like DaveSmith threw for 131 yards were costly," he remarked, "I Ingrain, Rich F()eedoe andand added 109 rushing for 240 would have to say that I was Terry Barnes along with theyards in total offense to lead disappointed with our play in entire offensive line also didFranklin to its sixth triumph of the second half."fine jobs,"the campaign against two The first half. however, was It was Brown that bad givenlosses.a completely different story. the Warriors a 12-0 lesd in theFor the Warriors, the win Franklin had the ball four second period. After scoring enterassured them of their best times in the first half. and from 17 yards out in theseason over, Prior to head scored on three of those occasions.The fourth possession duplicated that run with one in ~opening seas|on, Browncoach Gene SchilIer’s takeoverTOWNSHIP’S1 IB¢~/ co~,e,oat the start of the 1972 seasor,, ended on the S-~.the second quarter for theFranklin had never realized a "I thought we played fairly advantage. Ig ,o.rwinning year in football, well in the first half." Schiller After Somerville had slicedIn his first two efforts at the commented, "We moved the the deficit to 12-6 with just overhelm, Schiller posted 5-3-1 ball." The Franklin mentor two minutes left in the half,records. Franklth also has a also had words of praise for Franklin marched 63 yards in Complete line.ofohaoee to capture its initial both units for their overall five plays to grab a 20-6 lead at ¯ RALEIGHMid4tate Conference football play.the half.championship."The offense did a good job. The touchdown was set up ¯ VISTA ¯ ROLLFAST"You would have to say it is We wore able to move the ball by a 31-yard pass from Smith ¯ PEUGEOT (exclusive)a good feeling setting the new consistently all day in the air to Sonny Mickeas to move therecord," .Gone remarked, and onthe ground," Schiller ball to the eight of Somerivihi.BICYCLes"But ~o me. the important lauded,After aa thcompletepass, Rick¯ Hepairsthing is the fact that we are "Once again the defense did Wagner bolted in for the score ¯ Partsplaying good footbalL" not do a bad job," he continued."If you take away two conversion ruB.Open Mon.-Sat. 10-6 p.m.and Brown followed with the¯ AccessoriesAnd indeed the Warriorshave been playing fine fortball.The final score in the they drove for their hiuch-five passes for 40 yards during 053 Hamilton St,, So~l~orsetminutes in the first haft when Smith who had hit on four of Closed WednesdaysMid-State victory over down. and the pray out of the Franklin’s second TD march¯Somerville does not indicate second half. the defense did finished the game with nine of z49-4544how well the Warriors performed.what I would consider an 18 completions. Brown had 75StatisticalJy, Franklindominated the onntest.Running 49 plays to Just 35 for~he Pioneers. the winnerstotaled 368 yards to 157 forSomerville.But despite the dominancein the stats. Franklin hadtrouble subduing the Pioneers.Again the Warriors took n leadat intermssiun, and again theyfailed to sustain their first halfmomentum after the break.Franklin took a 20-6 lead athalftime and then had to fightoff a Somerville rally."I Idnd of think that once weget ahead in a game our kidslet up and think thateverything is under control,"Sahitler explained. "They feelthat they don’t have to put outNEWCOMPUTERTRENTON -- The 40 localunemployment insuranceprogram offices of the NewJersey Departmen~ of LabOrand Industry will be closedFriday, Nov. 29 in order tocomplete installation of a newstatewide computer system,Joseph A. Hoffmun, Commissionerof the Departmentof Labor and Industry saidtoday.The new computer, aa IBM370, will be in operation immediately.~RUTGERr, ooa ,z4aSERVICE CENTER544 HAMILTON ST.SOMERSET, N.J,~IJAl~l~| FRANK~L~_~11 * COMPLETE STOCK~~l’]~:#/GOODYEAR PASSENGERLIGHT TRUCK TIRES¯ BEARALiGNmENFRONT ENDOPEN EVENINGS- OPEN SEVEN DAYSServiceCenter846-2125 846-3251iiOOLUBRICATEREPLACECHASSIS ( E OIL FILTERCtr~ with;tatel ACor GoodyearSUatbrdureasenass ilFilterREPLACEREPLACEAIR FILTERPOINTS,AC Filter [ I ROTORProtect EnEine e ItAND I CONDENSERfrom Abrssives S~0 04 CYL. CHECKAND AIMUST IGNITION6 CTL, ~ARBURETOR WIRES, MOST AND CheckCAllS TIMINg .JibOscilloscopeiPUT YOUR CAR IN CONDITION FORPOWER-OEMANDIN6 WINTER DRIVING!TEST C LOADRADIATORTESTLET OUR EXPERT MECHANICS ANTI-FREEZE BATTERYREJ~INATE YOUR CAR! Chocied Chlcked,or ,ofIVe~k Ceils$ s s,jt 09eCHECK CHECKBATTERY ALL FtUlOTERMINALS LEVELSHERE’S WHAT WE DO far* XC V OAS V lcomLETeAND8 CYLINDER CARS $42,95 CABLES EXHAUSTI|[ll$10e I~|, AiR CEllO CARE SLIGHILY HI, fleeWarning, The Surgeon General Has DelarminerJThal Cigorollo Smoking is Dangerous 1o Your Health,

12-Ai’ ii iRIG~IT FRUIT SALESCitrus Frultsby the BoxRetail & WholesaleDirect Shipment Florida ¯ CallfornlaBuild a resistance to that ColdSend a box to a shut.InCall George Wright. 609.448.3300Wyckoff Ave. & R,R. Crosgln~lTryone of the restaurantson our Artspage.FNB unveils ’Stock Purchase Plan’Thursday, November 21, 1974Robert R. Hutchesun, are relatively few banks In must be in multiples of $5. if persons wish stock cernotice30 days prior to the end and FNB will pay for these at and sends a regular acpresidentof the First National NewJerseytbatatpresentare Bank customers may ehoose tificates issued they may ofanymonthandthebaokwill the current market value of counting, there arena car-Bank of Central Jersey, an- offering a program of this to have their checking account direct the bank to issue stock send certificates for the full the bank’s common stock, tificates to keep track of, anounces the inception of the nature. ’ ’ charged monthly and other in an acceptable form of shares of the stock that haveparticipant needs only toFNB "Stock Purchase Plan." It is an innovative approach participants may arrange to registration as long as it is 10¯ Probably the greatest ’ad- record the deduction in theirThe plan is a convenient in making the bank stock be biltod for a fixed monthly shares or more.been bough( or will sell the vantage of the FNB Stock checkbook if the monies are tosystematic program enabling available to the public, The amount. A checking account At present FNB is offering shares and send the par- Purchase Plan is that it af- be taken from a checkingthe public to purchase shares FNB Stock Purchase Plan is a customer of the bank will be this service to the public ticipantthe money.The choice fords a simple automatic account or to remit the moneyof FNB stock,program whereby customers, charged on the first business totally free of any maintenanceor service charges. In thereareanyfractionalshares to regularly invest. Sioce the stock purchased if the billingis that of the participant. If program for the general public by ’installment payment forMr. Hutcheson stated that as well as non-customers, can day of the month.First National Bank of Centralpurchase shares of the First Within five business days thathe FNB stock’plan is a in the account they will besold bank handles all transactions plan is aged.Jersey is the. only financialNational Bank of CentralFirst National Bank of Central systematic purchasinginstitutionCentral Jersey to Jersey common stock on a Jersey will, after obtaining program it has’many advantagesto people who wish to’offer such a program. There regular monthly basis. It is three bids, purchase an’, FNB outstanding stock purchasedover the counter in the the open market for all par-moderate availability ~aggregate amount of stock on make an investment with Grants of $1.3 millionopen market at tba marketticipants in the plan. funds. Since certificates areprice aa the date of purchase. Participants in the Stock not issued each month underParticipants in the plan willPurchase Plan will receive at the stock purchase plan, ’the for seniors projectsbe billed prior to the firstof the regular intervals a statement bank will be able to purchasemonth for the amount that has showing how much FNB stock fractional shares and creditbeen specified. There is a has accumulated in their FNB Stock Purchase Plan TRENTON - CommissionerAll total, the Department from mini-bus projects tominimum amount of $10 per account and a statement of the participant accounts accordingly.All dividends, whenDepartmentof Communitygrants during. 1974 for 150 to meals-on-wheels programs.Patricia Q. Sheehan of the has made $2.5 million in aging medical assistance nro"ramgmonth to purchase FNB stock purchased for his ac-each month and at the paid on the stock purchased, Affairs today announced that projects. This ts 74 more than Commissioner Sheshan saidshares and greater amountscountprice that was paid. Under this will be held in the participant’s $1,3 million in grants has beenlastyear and 120more than in the pl:ograms help seniorplan the stock will be in the account and then will be awarded to finance 74 senior1972. citizens continue productiveFurn ture l name of the participant credited to the account and citizens’ projects, Most of the grants are lives within the community, assigning the authorization and used to’ purchase full or The Commissioner said funded through the Federal well as supply such basicfractional shares of FNB these grants, administered by Older Americans Act. which is needs as transportation andRejuvenationI common stock.[] Old point & vornhh removed via ~ JWE’LL FIX YOURthe Division of Human administered by the Office on proper nutrition.Ihe gentle, wateSets Chem.CteanlThis is an automatic stock Resources’ Office ’on Aging, Aging.. "The grants are the directProcess, Safe for veneer & inlay,purchase plan and under this represented the largest Receiving the grants .are result of the Department’seven violins & gugars.program the common stock amount ever approved by.thecounty and municipal groups,[] Expert refinishing includJng col.or0d lacquer & anfiqumg, t ~1~:/_-’" FAVORITEcontinuing efforts to fund asPIPE purchased is subject to the Department at one time. New including local governments, many senior citizens projects[] Kitchen cabinets reflnhhed.free action of the open market. programs will be established hospitals, and other groups as it can," the Commissioner[] Caning, rushing & sprintingThere is no guaranteed value by 69 of the grants, while fivewho work with senior citizens, added.[] 3upplJes advice /or do.g.your, John David Ltd.! or price as the stock may rise are for continuing programs. The programs funded rangeIseffar$,The Wood Shed Stripping &or fall in value depending onRellnlshlng CenterTOM~ON/,ff market conditions at anyBddgepornt Rd.. Belle Mead, N, J, (SOB) 92¢8866 given time.’ (6 miles norlh al Pflnce~en offRoute 206]Montgomery ShoppingAnytime a particpant wishesCall 201359.4777for estimates,to terminate the program all clover correspondenceRoute 206_ C~od_Sunny & ~d~ _the bank needs is writtenMANN I N(;~ [}()WMA3 QT: ELECTRICCORN’ l’ POPPERj)l s48,HUMIDIFIER FLOOR SAMPLE CLEARANCEI Eliminates Dry Alr e Protects Plants and Furnishings ¯~088DrySkin.ReducesStatlcEtectrlcity’Help~R0duceSoreThr°atsand,,Humidifiers can serve various duties around your home.~ Up But mast imPROCTOR.SILEX2.SLICETOASTER i ~’~"’,7-NAT’L, AOV,AM/Clock110 --:SAVE ON DISHWASHERSINCLUDING THE NEW POT SCRUBBERFeatures~¯ 4.Cyclt Selemon Including ¯ Plate Worm NewReversible Color Ponelt ¯ 3.Level Walhlng AcSon ¯Sea,Cleaning ActiOn with Soft,Food Oilpollr ¯ LiO-A.Lev¯I(TM) Upper Rock e Du=l Detergent DispenserPORTABLE FRONT -- LOADING ROLLABOUTSDishwashers start at16900SAVE ON FREEZERSfIAT’L. ADV,6 CU, FT, CHESTFREEZERHOTPOINT8 CU. FT. CflESTFREEZER40TP01NTWITflSTEREO PHONOAND8.TRACKTAPE PLAYER’129~WESTINGHOUSElzcu, n. liiiilL ZBCU, FT,UPRIGHT I[~i~| UPRIGHTFREEZER IllgZ~l FREEZER;274 $379IT’SRCA WEEKSAVE NOW ON B&W & COLORPORTABLES AND CONSOLE COLOR TVA BIG SELECTION AT HUGE SAVINGS12" diag. meas. b& w PortableTHESE ARE [ $88ooJUST A FEW I I6"diag. meas. b&w PortableOF THE GREAT I~, ,i q ~ooSAVINGS! l , I lOBUY NOW. 1 18’ diag. meas. b&w Portable’ 12800RCA 25" COLOR CONSOLE100% SOLID STATE XL-100,,u, s599, NOWSTOP IN ALL THIS WEEK AND SAVE!by T.II. BLUM Training Course, 4-H Center, Friday, Nov. 22, NewcomersCountyS-IIAgent 12:30 p.m. {Crumbly Crumbs) 4-HIIARBAItALINDBERG Thursday Nov. 21, Center, 7 to 8:30 p.m.CountyS-IIAgunt Terrarium Workshop, 4-HCenter, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. GARDEN IN A BOTTLECOMING EVENTs Friday, Nov. 22, Model. Airplane Club, 4-H Center, Makes a great gift or partyThursday, Nov. 21, First Aid 7:30 p.m.favor! Ms. Mary Jo Hurd willshare her expertise with you at.~s~fm~x~f~J~,i~,~~~7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov.sI~ find out to make a gardenin a bottle. A charge of $1.50will be collected to help coverthe cost of supplies. There isstill some time to register bycalling Miss Forte (725-4700263). The meeting will be held~ Road, Bridgewater.4-H Center on MilltownCARPETI NG . at the20% off !!~ SIXTEEN T() PARTICIPATE~ Last:~week’s Green CirclePLUSH¯LEVEL LOOPS ~ demon~tration successful. Even was the quite bad~ weather did not keep our teensSHAG & away, Sixteett teenagers areSCULPTURES TiP SHEARS ~ traitfing to work with younger~ children social attitudes. to reinforce If you positive wouldlike more information call theRutgers PlazaSomerset ~ 4-n Center at t526-6644).1008 Easton Ave. New Jersey ~IIAVE YOUIt OItDEItED828-6707 ~YOUR CIIItISTMAS~~,~,~,~,~,~,.~,~,~W.EATItS’ ’ HAVE YOUR ORDERED’ YOUR CHRISTMASWREATHS - Yesterday wasC ~#~~aS~~l~ the deadline. Ifyour orders in, your wreathdelivery will be delayed. Weareyoudependingdoonnotyour salesgettohelp pay for the 4-H Center sosupport it. Send in your returnpostcard now with your club’sorder.R,G.A. LIVESTOCKERSVIEW FILMS - At the last’Raise’em Graze’era andAmaze’era meeting 2 filmswere viewed by the members."Angus in U.S. A Century ofProgress" and "Your FirstStep to Tommurow", Susanand Lee Walter showed theirDew chickens from the GardenState Poultry Show add toldabout bantams.or to your favoritecommuniW organization.NOVEMBERDINNER SPECIALSFIGHTS INFLATIONs,,LOBSTER FRA OIVAL0w/Spaghetti .....$5,95Open your lg75 Christmas Club at TheHillsborough National Bank. From $1,00 VEALROLLATINO $4,9Sa week to $20.00 a week, And we’ll give M0n.you a lovely Dutch Blue ceramic sprinkler, STUffE0 SHRIMP . $3,95Perfect for caring for your house plantsor decorative as a planter itselffuss.Or, tf you prefer, we’ll donate $1,00 toLONG ISLAND BAYyour favorite community organization,SCALLOPS, . . $4,25And you can spread some Christmas spirit Wed.to the fire company, youth center, high 2 FOR l SPECIALIschool Oand. athletic association, or any PRIME RIB .....$7,85non-profit organization you name. fhurs.At The Hlllsborough National Bank we 2 FOR I SI)EICALIalso pay you ntorest on gll completed FILET MIGNOh. $8,50Christmas Clubs,Fri.Visit us soon and open your 1975 LOBSTER TAIL $5,50Christmas Club, Start the holiday season Abavo Iscl,des SOUD Ih~u~bysaying Merry Christmas to your plants P0t01o, colfusa,d Sal0dor your favorite community organization,,o,,,,,~,,,,,u"OOLO"A 8 to 8 Dally d~,,~.,O,..,,.,~ to 5 Saturdays DANCING FRI, & SAT.RESERVATIONS- 12~,5440THE ~ NATIC~qAL BANKOPEN 7 OAYI-II A,M,4 A.M,td.~WLtLl{i~L~Zditl;~d~,aI,N[WJtllhL~’.~gt,,~l~l,.~laJ FDIC LSORL;t06SOUIIt tilLL~LIOHOUGtlI M~II Igufn OF iOMIIVInl Cll(;t

~:THE ARTd~ TOME" KENDALL PARK ROLLERIN K ~. +he =atI-BLithography topic of talkArtists Showcasesets ’Fledermaus’Thursday, November 21, 1974Barnett to givedramatic readingMargo Barnett will perform Barnett is doing and saying.herEmmy Awardwinningooe But the piece de resistance of/1-~ ~’~manshowatB:30p.m. Friday, the show, according to aTAPE SOUGIIT:Nov. 22 in Alexander Hall. review by Angola Terrell of~--~’~~ ¢_ ~[z~A~’~CI;’~-/~’~ SponsOred by the Princeton the Washington’Post, is at thef~ WPRB will air a newUniversity Women’s end. While most of the poetry-- " n I I]] program, "Old Frienus",’ Organization and Woman’s is writl.en by Blacks about the.... ¢~FINAL FILM IN SERIES!specifically devoted to localLlJ~I’II~,[ll’&~ NOVEMBER 23 AT 8’30 P M musicians. TapesPlace the dramatic reading is : Black experience, the last is aare needed.entitled "Black is a Beaut ful profound poem by actor-singer’ ’ ’, ° 11At least three Songshould beWoman."Richard Harris called, "ThereIrom m’umca,a +mcurded at speed %The four part program in- arcToo Many Saviours on Myshould be fairly short,dudes poetry by Margaret Cross." Without spoiling theoriginal compositions )rWalker, author of the prize- total dramatic effect of thisol the 3o’ b,arrangements. Please submitwinning novel "Jubilee," closing, it is safe to say that’ with Buzby Berkley, Ginger ’Rogers, Dianna Durbln, Fred Astaire, etc. them to Douglas Cain, G4Nikki Giovanni, Gwehdolyn thelightingandcostuming (allMurray Place, Princeton.AND EXTRA, ADDED ATTRACTION the last 10 minutesBrooks, Imanu Ameer Baraka costumes are by Ms. Barnett)of theworst musical ever made: "Howdy Broadway," (1929)Further details will be anoeuncedin coming wooLs.others.(Le Rot Jones), and several effects and the strong, clear"Unacted, undanced, unsung & unrelea0ed."Barnett voice create aMargo Barnett is a talented thought.provoking and almostChildren’s Matinee: 2 p.m. $1.00 Cartoons, etc.actress and displays her frightening experience.Dee. 1 -3 p m "ART AUCTION benefit Playhouseversatility through the many Advance tickets for the.moods of the poems from the performance, at $4 each, arepositive statement of "I am a available from Ticketmn atBlack Woman" (Marl Evans)the University Store in~ake a Bate~to the flipness of "Nikki-Rosa"Princeton, and by mail from(Giovanni) and to the the Woman’s Place, P.O. Boxhumorous motber-wit of the. 2163, Princeton, NJ.. 00849L C0.-~drlAII | I trJlLangston Hughes works, when payment and a selfThe sequence of th e oetr p y, . addressed stamped envelope"~ ’mnl~ ~t~ and exeressiveqs enclosed wtth each order Ame s! ........ ’Storytoldin danceY ....... ,.:.~.. .+.. limited number of tickets willuse at |lg[ltln~ ~t~p~ ~.~ .auulefloe ..... rt al~ and constantl-v oe sold at the door atinterested in what Margo Atoxan der Hall on Nov. 22.Currently delighting audiences at the McCarter production of weaves contemporary movement with the "’feel" of the~1 " ’T[s Pity She’s a Whore" is a trio of dancers. Princeton~,, us,,.Jacobean period, reflects the dramatic action. Leith_. ~ PARTY¯ Special Group nares. " .........L, onneo t~ams as r~l¢co=iUniversity students all, they perform a work choreographedSymington,Lynne Davis and Judith Shapiro are the dancers;[," ¯ Children’s Birthday Parties. !e Organization Fund Raisers.THS ]NTIMhTS IN FALLby Geulah Abrahams to Britten’s "Gloriana Suite." This dance-wllhin-a-play..,into which Ms. Abrahams imaginativelythe central figure is H ippolita, the "woman scorned."PJ&B cast of 98° FRI. NOV. 29th(Cliff Moore pbeto)7:30to 11p.m.FINALDirectedWEEK OF PERFORMANCES!John Ford’sf by MICHAEL KAHNWed, g Thurst 7t301Frl, g Sat, 8=301 Sun= 3 & 8Tlckuts: Wad., "rhurs. O Sun, Evo=,: Oroh: 05.60, 4.50; Bale: $5,00, 8.00 Ffl, hSat. Evoa, h Sun, Mat,: 0rch: ¢6,75, 5,00; Bale: $B,B0,3,50For rectrvoflons cull, 931,6700FOR SPECIAl, GROUP RATES CALL 9;11,8688:.:L.o,v,.o =.%..readies ’Dolly’traditional dinner of the Bob Wickenden will present sday, Nov. 21 at 8p/m. at theOne of the smallest casts in of the annual productions.~- ~year is served at a famous local in. a program on lithography and Pennington Presbyterianthe 14-year history of, the The "Hallo, Dolly!" com-~, 3550 Rt. 27, So, Brunswick, N.J. ~ stitution.offset printmaking on Thnr- Church.PJ&B Musicals -- a mere 98 puny, which takes its nameTel. 297-3003 ,~’+~Because lifhography andactors, singers and dancers -. from the short railroad known~’~"’’"--- ~-"~’~"-"=~--~"’~""=== I Won’t you join us for Thanksgiving EDEN PRODUCTIONS,,.on0 ..............offset printing are veryis currently at work under as the Princeton Junction andcomplex, Mr. Wickenden willdirector Milton Lyon and Back, ineludes the usual eross.illustrate his talks with a41,1 II II 0pening at 4’:00 PM T. V. COMMERCIALTRENTON -- ArtistsFoose as Prince Orlofsky, choreographer Joan Morton section of housewives andmovie and slides. Many Showcase Opera Company willJudy Parrish as Ida, Greg Lueas for this year’s commuters, grandmotherssamples of his completed work present two free performancesShown as Dr. Blind, Robert production of "Hello, Dolly!". and high-school students, asWORKSHOP will be on display.. , of the comic opera, "DieSallyards as Frogg and Joe The lung.running Broadway well as 18 PrincetoniI PieaseoallforreservationsA resident of Pennington, hefor children and teenagers areFledermaus" by JohannSpiegel as Ivan.hit by Jerry Herman opens at University undergraduatesreceived a B.A. from theAlicia Blood will appear asbeing held in New Brunswick,Strauss at the War Memorial.McCarter Theatre on Thur- and coeds. The participantsUniversity of Vermont, where They will take place FridayRosalinda on Saturday with sday, Dec. 5 at 7:39 p.m. with hail from 15 different NewNew Jersey. All sessions are he worked in stone lithography and Saturday, Nov. 22 and 23Andrea Inverso as Adele, subsequent performanceset Jersey communities in adforFriday and Saturday, Dec. dition to Princeton itself,feQi I! rconducted on video tape. under William DaVison. AVivian Argilan as Princeat g p.m.Registration information call: graduate student at Rutgers, The east will be accompaniedby a full orchestraOrlofsky, Jean Koenig as Ida 6 and 7 at 8:30 p.m. and a ranging as far afield ashe received a grant to studyand Ken Papier as Frogg, All matinee on Saturday at 2:30 Plainfield and Somerville.offset printmaking with Robert Gaydos of Penningtonas guest pianist.other c’ast members ’will p.m.Settings for "Dolly" will beremain the same for both The casts for such past designed by Philip Graneto,Featured dancers will be Rudyperformances.PJ&B products as "Fiddler on with costumes by MuffetYOU ARE INVITEDByron Steele, associateiriz-15ector~ll~ (212) o Through Tues., Nov. 586.6728 26thand Carmela Menchaca andtheRoef" (1971), "Show Boat" Hedges mid lighting by LowellJohn Sherman andprofessor of music at Trenton (1964), "The King and Achziger. Don Boroson aud’HOUNDto o Chr[stmns and Bonsai ExhibitionState College and director cfrepresentatives of the Kasia(1096) and last year’s director Milton Lyon will be atThe TrialBy Polly FairmanAcademy of Dance.Artists Showcase will direct "Carousel" have reached as the twin pianos.Friday’s cast will inchaleand conduct.Illgh as 135 participants, and it Tickets are now on sale atSundaYSKathleen Hunsberger asThe set was designed hy isestimaiedthatsincethefirst the McCarter Theatre boxBill fJack 1 P.M.- 5 P.M. Nov. 24 until Dec. 22 Rosalinda, Raymond Foose asGerald E. Guarnieri, founder PJ&B,"Guys &Delia"in 1961, office, Box 526, Princeton,and president of Shakespeare over 1,000 different individuals New Jersey 08540 (609-921-Browsing for Christmas gifts" other days by appt. only Eisenstein, Marielaines~m,~ DELORES TAYLOR []¯ =~TOM LAUGHLIN Choose now 8" pick upPoly-En Gardens Mammon as Adele, Richard’70 and past president of have taken part in one or more 8700).Just before Christmas103 Mt. Lucas RoadMoyer as Alfred, RobertPennington Players.Evenings: 8 p,m,Mr. Steele has had theWorkshopsAflYear.Princeton, N.J. ParriShoone asaSwFrank’wDanie~..a,.e .t.e ,, cooperation of several groups, Saturday:2, 5 e 8 p.m. GiveyourselfaJapanese" " (609) 924"3202 .....A STARTLING COMEDYSunday: 2, 58- 8 p.m.in his effort to provide these Beau rioGarden for next spfing. Clipthisinvitation.nowforlater free performances, A $2,309ADMISSION::BY TOM 8TOPPAP.D Adults $3.00 Children $1.25"" -- ~ Pianist Eberlegrant was made available by eX Arts TItherequestoftheemployeesoftheM°bilF°undatton’tun’atnext m SeriesStarting WednesdayA TI-IEA’rRE INTII’4F-,[’;~,.=.,,=,,. nla. ¯ 1 ! rv r ~TtMEconcert;S(}IEOULEi|_~-~ to ~.../t ¯ . |0,tteFd. l&lO~----i~]~ll~,~ tile Mobil Technical Center;November 27thSURTREYNOLDS 8-[" ",s=tt,4,T&~o [~F’~ [] LAWRENCE --The young Hopewell Township. A grant The dstngushed Beaux hailed on three continents.was also received from the Arts Trio will appear in Praise for the Beaux Arts TrioCALL q52- 818’IEDDIEALBERTINll ’ ’ll’k_ qP "_1 .L+~.zi,..’~l~ IllEberlewillpresentaprogramPmmst Bruce Recording Industry Music Prineeton on Monday Nov. 25 has been echoed over andPerformance Trust Fund. at 8:30 p.m. at ~IcCarter over, not only by audiencesTHE LONGEST 1 llll] lrl;ll .~;~.~./llof piano music in AlumniTheatre in the second concert and critics, but by tho strictest........ ~l]Study of Foundation House on ----THIS FRI..SAT..SUN.YARD (R)of Series I of the Princeton judges of musical excellence --RUN EXTENDEDEvenings: 7 89 P,m./ D;Ih, I...b ~.~":"~ll~’~’~’the Lawrenceville SchoolUniversity Concerts. their fellow musicians.Saturday: 7 ~t 9 p,m, l UI ’l~lllJ John ~|eampus, Friday, Nov. 22, at 8 Artists Menahem Press er On records, the Beaux Artsp.m.WH|TE IN CONCERT panG; Isidore Cohen violill Trio has won ,vide acclaim,Sunday: 4:30, 6:40 [t 9 p.m, i ~ SIyarrIngDELO,ESTAYLOR~--~|~| I-Its program will include aand Bernard Greenhouse including the coveted ¯Grand~l and TOM LAUGHLIN ~1~ ~1~i sonata by Baldassarre Baritone Melvin Barry ’cello will perform Trio In A Prix du Disque. They have|~--~ ~ ~~f" ~J, Galuppi; the Prelude, Chorale White will appear in public Major by Raydn, Beethoven’s recorded all the Haydn,,,~, . .~.-,~ ~--- v-- -~and Fugue of Cesar Franek; aconcert ott Friday, Nov. 22, at Trio in Eb Major, Opus 70, No. Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms,nocturne of Chopin; and two 7:30 p.m. in Princeton 2andTrioinEMioor, Opus~I’,,qBR~"e~Mendelssohn, B.avel,ll~t.~’~ works of unusual interest; The Seminary’s Campus Center by Dvorak.Tchaikovsky, up. 50, Schubert... ~ Piano Variations of Aaron auditorium tie will be ac- Freshness of approach, and Dvorak Trios.McCARTER THEATRETickets for the concert areMICHAEL KAHN, Producing Directoravailable at the McCarter~omePza;tod by Mary HandyTheatre box office. Student... ~ ii~:~!r aoopdrerF:?:~! Ond!ii!ei~da;ie~r sa~;i:yei?~ tickets may be obtained for $2£~1 ’" l~ Illl¢l~=l~,llll~P~llW~ ~u formances Since its debut 29 on the evenin~ of the per:Noon to 7 p.m. Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at an .~£~.hJ ~[[=l~J|~U J H,~ ’Vwar~ nan’thp "Prln hn¢ holm~’~.~ old country inn. Home made pies and miniature loaves ~=. ===~= w m=~=wnm ...... ~ ............... formance~fub~:¢stiAIl~°;~vingdailyfr°mSunda’’ . . 11:30a.m. to ,Op,m,,~t,a’Forty Carats’.. ,md,.. ..... SPECIALEVERYFRI.&SAT. gPM~ Monthly Art Exhiblls C[osodCbristmasDay~’~"~\~ .~kL~:/,closes Saturday. Montt l~,e~ .v~ ~... ~--"-~".~,~.~’ .,~’~:~l~ . ~AROLIERL~NES PENNINGTON -- ThePennington Players will,~, , ~oute 1 North,P...3 mbeebille. e N . ’ c No.hgru.uw,ckpresent the final performanceof the adult comedy hit,"Forty Carats," on Saturday,~.~+~ Bdd,=St.L’~mb=r~tie. N.J. eOg-;~g3-O2O2 mCOMPLETE LOBSTER DINNER.Nov. 22 at Heritage Hall of theLIVEMUSIC.-Tw.o?;aF’ ....~,,.~,t,,~ callforeresarvotlon ~ InoludingChowder. ChoiceofSaladS.Potato I ,,d#,t~,’,~’~,,,, Pennington PresbyterianI~ "’~ and bring the wholo family ~ Coffee 8 Dosso~.,.,AII for $4,95. ~ ~m ~-~ tl-~, ~#,, Wl+mt Church,A 0 2 ’h~mlW IfThe two act comedy is~’~_ f (609) 3’7..20 ’[’=’~J, JockBoker’u;.=~ul=ilglam I ,,di,on,i,ntu,,,,,=,0.,-= directed by Susan Tapper and- - m, ~,~W’=~ "~’W | HIshtslown N/, 00520 or call HELEN. stars Kate O’Neill, Wayne= * "~ t t ~ ~ " I I 3S54..Carter, Susan Humphroys,Geri Tultone, Tom Durand,Tom O’Neill. Mary Rees.Department of Mnslc Chamber ConcertsDebbie Lee Tienken, Blllie,.-~ ....................Durand, Jack Rees and Stuarttl 9:20 ¯ Frl, & Sat, ~150, 8 & rlFI1 "1~ tMlndlin.~to, BaG, * Now Ist Run l * lne rro Arte ~2uartetTickets are avaliuble at IhaI 7’30 &3~40 .... " ........ [~""r",!, Everylh;~:?Yilt:Um,~,,,~,o ~ Norman !’atflu, I A m, .....Martha l~rancis,Violin1 I m I I 1 =-- I _ [;’~g ’ Richard Siren, ViolaIillli II~..~,~. . [x~wdlCreltzvVioloncelioIM U Iil Works,, "W1,30t~4~ ;=~,,~,;~;;~cta,,,o,,,, +o,,,t ...... "~ ,, ":: E.T . C n At, e, drew Imbrm, ’ROGER MOORE,$UgANNAH YORK GOLDRoger Sessions9120 e Fr!, & Sst, 0~40, 0 i1011gurun, 2K10,4140,Ti * 6th Big Weekl *o~2oIlUEl=l l ..-.-Illllll llql --..-. Imira mm M! ww.~....~,~= ]=II==ll=~l m ~~¢,~ illIll lll I I,~,,~ w~ ~1+ IIII I~ ," /I ir-,.- ~~|I1~ Ill~l ~ ~,tt~0~W,+lII r m mm Ill ~"" ~’ II"An incrndible quartet,tlmlletlted tt) now music,"Tuesday, December, 3, 19748:30 p,m.l0 McCosh IhtllTlcketat $4,00 All Stodento+ $2,00At the (’,u!it~orl Olllt~n, Wnnlworih Ce.ter{0244J453), trr ut Ihtr daorMall t’)rdor~l l%a~,o lllake chsvk mysblo to "l)rhlceloll Uplverully Mils e l)alan’t.nlOl|h" Slltl aelal wilh slanl wtl, ut, ll.addru0uetl nevolo~ Io+ (~Ollcortl|llce~Vl oulwurlh C~.ller~ I Fhleelon Unlyt rlaty, i Hncelun, NJ. 01iS10door, and curtain is at 8:39p.m..aa ARTLEASEI1~ & Salos G~lleryNEW JERSEYSTATE MUSEUMDaily t04 Sund~vs2.4C~ltufal Clrn~r ~llllt Sidle ~Irg@lTr~nlgn, New aetltV I{]0~l 3S4.5310~un~tlll tol dlrnla¥ ill hom~ Ot at(ha ulr.:uDANCING[~[llY ~T, i SUN, NIl[NOTTINGHAMBALLROOMM01tt~ ~1,, Hlmill~s $¢,, N,I,lhl Uteri ~11r~nl le lh1811|i~Ik III III Iklll8et, end Sun:Benny 8nyder

"Tis Pity She’s a Whore’another Kahn triumph2.B Thursday, November 21,1974Michael Kahn and thestrangely detached attitudetowards the ill-fated hero andMcCarter Theatre rcpertarytroupe have done it again!beroina, as well as tov.,ards theTheir presentation of Johnother characters prevents hisaudience from becomingFord’s tragedy, "’ ’Tis "PitytooShe’s a Whore," is visuallyinvolved. The tragedy of thehero and heroines’ endstunning, fast paced anduniformly well acted by abecomes an anti-climax. Twotalented company that ismore characters bita the dust.obviously used to workingFranklyn Scales andtogether --.true repertoryChristine Baranski make atheatre as it should be. Themost attractive pair as thedoomed Giovanni and Anweekend.Thursday throughplay will be given thisnabella, whose passions causeSunday, alMcCarter Theatre.their untimely end To theseAfter thai the McCarteractors’ credit, they depict thecompany will travel toyouthful brother and sister asChicago where they willhot-blooded and passionate.present ’"Tis Pity" 1or aSimilarities to Shakespeare’slimited engagement at the"Romeo and Juliet" haveGoodman Theatre.often been cited, and certainlyRobert U. Taylor hasCharlotte Jones’ nurse,provided a handsome stone Putana bears a certaintwo-story Parman villa for aresemblance to Juliet’s nurse.set. The building, strongly To Ms. Jones’ credit shereminiscent of an Elizabelhancaptures the gusty earthinessplayhouse, with its manyand peasant cunning inherentbalconies, provides an exinthe role. AI Freeman Jr. ascellontsetting for the frequentVasques, Spanish servant todramatic entrances and exitsSoranzo, is as Machiavellianof the large cast. There isas the role demands. He alsoplenty of action afoot, for todelivers the proper loyalty tothe Elizbethan or Jacobeanhis master, suitor and lateraudience the sword was what husband to Anabella. Michaelthe gun is to contemporary Levin, to his credit, makes theaudiences. A blast of gunfire is cuckolded Soranzo come alive,replaced by well aimed thruststhough he ill-used anotherof the rapier. By the end of theman’s wife earlier, we can butsecond act the growingsympathize with him in hiscasualty list proved too muchpresent plight.Anabelland Giovanni’s illtitterwhen they should befor the viewers, who tended to fated affair enmeshes manyothers .- relatives, suitors tomoved or awed. in faeL itsomehow suggested thoseAnabella, and friends. There Stoppard bill held overSaturday afternoon cowboyare plots and counterplots toflicks where the hero instead gain Anabe]la’s hand or togain revenge, and to reveal "The Real Insnector Hound" and "After Magritte" wil naveof the villian was booedAll this is not to suggesthatmore would be like telling themree extra performances this weekend, because of popularsolution to an intricate demand, Theatre Intime has scheduled me startling Tomthis was the fault of eitherplayers or the director. Tilecrossword puzzle. Though the Stoppard comedies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov.language may seem archaic 22-24 at 8:30 p.m. in Murray Theatre. Here inspector Foot,fault, if indeed one can call itthat. can be credited to theand awkward, the play is well played oy James Horton, and Selma (Kim Myersl merrilyeonstrueted, and is given a track down a suspected criminal.playwright who standsdetached from his material,strong and exciting performanceby this talentedHe deals with incest¯ and yetbecause he tells it as it is,troupe.without editorializing, his ElaineP. Ileinemann Return to ForeverCommunityPlayers SRUR’ final pop concertMeCarter Theatre’s fall Tile maslc of "Return toposes meaty questions series of pop and rock events Forever."Corca has stated, iswill come to a dose on now aimed at the kind ofSatnrday, Nov. 23. with two listener who would ratherR.U.R.. Princeton Corn- Tucker. Jim Bantnam, and performances (8 and 11 p.m.) participate in music than.;munity Players’ first offering John Flint Anne Bredon. a at Alexander ltall by Return to analyze it.of tbe season, is an interesting, PCP regular, is a properly Forever. featuring Chick Although tile 8 p.m. show isthough provoking work fussy Nanny. Norman Wash- Cores. "sold out (except for obstructedThe play, which opened last burne, who appears in a bit Voted "Instrumental cemho viewseats)tieketsstillremain:weekend at tile Players’ new part, as director has handled ol tile year" by both Melody at the McCarter box office for:home, 171 Brnadmead, will his job well, drawing strong Maker and Playboy the added late show at 11 p.m.:continue this weekend, Friday Performances" from the .lead Magazinestheir 1973 polls, and will also be available at;through Sunday evenings with, ptayersl ~vhi e coping with the ."Return to Forever".eansists the door. :.an 8:30 curtain,problems of the new PCP of Corea on .keyboards; Virtually an ’entire cast of circle in tlib round theatre. " (electric ’piano,’ Synthesizer,’newcomers to the Players Save for the epilogue, Mr. organ and clarinet), Stanley:ranks gives Carl Capek’s work Capek’s writing remains Clarke on bass, Lonny White:strength, force and provides vivid; the play is engrossing; on drums, and AI Dimcelathe audience with material to and the questions posed are guitar. Corea himself hasponder.meaty. PCP offers a lively enjoyed a long careerR.U.R., or Rossum’s InternationalRobots, deals with season’ starter¯Davis, licrbie Mann, Stanevening in the theatre in their composer and pianist for Miles!the fundamental question of Elaine P. HeicemaanGctz and Elvin Jones. Before: whether man can be destroyedfounding "Retnrn to: by his own scientific creations.Forever," he was a part of: Will technology doom Nature film "Circle" which astounded.mankind? To illustrate hisaudiences with its cooperative:question, tim playwright has at Lawrencevillevirtuosity arid improvisational: created a hypotheticaldaring.:situation, where in an us-:named island mad scientist Walter Berlet will show his: and his business minded son film, "East Side Story: NEW HOPE HISTORICAL ANNUALhave created a robot that will Bahamas to Quebec," onfree man from manualabors. Friday, Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. at the ANTIQUE SHOW & SALELater generations of scientists Kirby Arts Center, LawrencevilleSchool. "have perfected this robot, andthe machines are in great In tiffs sequel to "West SideNOV. 29 Et 30, DEC. 1¯ demand throughoutl~e world. Story: Mexico to Alaska," Fri. 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. ¯ Sat. tl a.m.-10 p.m.All is serene until Helena Walter Berlet follows the sunSun. 11a.m.-6 p.m.;Glory enters, captures the early spring to late summer,:hearts of the six executive from the Bahamas to Quebec.High School Gymnasium:managers, and seeks to Kiritand’s Warbler, the KeyRt 202 New Hope, Pa:humanize the robots. Ten Deer, Everglades,:years later we see the con- ’0kefenobee, the wild ponies ofAdm, 125 with this ad 1.00.’sequences of her quest. Just Virginia’s Aksateaqna Island,¯ whathe results are will keep Appalachian Spring, Maine,!the audience involved and Bonadventure Island and¯ engrossed until the rather pat north, of Quebee’s St,:epilogue, which the author Lawrence River offer athrew in as a sweetener, and wonderful conglomeration of:which I fled a bit too sac- natural beauty, the sort that:eharine. Jumcs Thurber does asks for a never ending seriesCHRISTMASFriends set 3 concertsat Woolworth CenterYes...We Are Open!Exotic Indian Cuisine"We Work All Day ToThis weekend the Friends of graduate student inMake Your Meal u Dream"student of Martin Canin inMusic at Princeton will musicology and is currentlyNew York, Stephenpresent three free concerts at the student of the well-knownWestergan, cello, a seniorLuncheons 11:30-2:30Woolworth Center on the harpsichordist, Albert FullerPrinceton Universitycampas. of the Juiniard School ofmajoring in English, has beenDinner 5:30-10:00studying cello since the eighthSoprano Ann Sease.Munoyios Musicgrade and was principal cellistand Edward Parmentier, A concert for piano celloharpsichordist, will be beard and viol n w I be given onwith the Princeton UniversityOrchestra for two years.on Friday, Nov. 22 at a:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2,3 at 8:30 p.m. Junior Anthony Elias, violinTheir program willbe devoted by Princeton students David is a’pre-medical studentto 16th and 17th century Italian Newberg, Stephen Westergan majorilng ~n nhemistry. Hemusic, including works by and Anthony Elias Their wa~ concertmaster last seasonFrescobaldi, Caccini and program will include of the Princeton UnivereityMonteverdi. .Schubert’s Trio in Bb Major, Orchestra and is currently Rt. 27~%~ {20DMs. Monoyios received her Opus 99 and Trio in B Major, studying the violin withFranklin Park 297-9496MFA from Princeton this year Opus 8 by Brahms. Isidare Cohen in New York. N.J.and is continuing her studies David Newberg, piano, is a On Sunday, Nov. 24, Palrieiawith Shirlce Emmons in New junior and University scholar{between Henderson Rd. & Finnegans LaneArden, pianist, will give ,aYork while embarking on a majoring in history. He bae concert at 3:30 p.m. Herprofessional singing career, won a eumber of competitions program will be Mozart’sEdward Parmentier is a and is currently a pianoA GIFT OF ARTSonata in Eb Major; Sonata inC Major, Opus 53 byBeethoven: Sonata Opus 1 byPreservation Hall jazz Berg and Chopin’s Sonata No.’~;~;:::! !>.~ , PAINTING2 in B Minor, Opus 55.Mrs. Arden is a graduate ofcoming to Rider Collegethe University of Michiganand taught piano there. Shewon a number of competitions¯ GRAPI~ ICSLAWRENCE -- The fourth in Rider’s year-long and has given many soloPreservation Hall Jazz Band, Concert Nine series, may be recitals in Michigan and Indiana.She is the wife of Brucee JEWELRYon tour from their home at 726 reserved by calling RiderSt Peter Street in New College, ext. 626.W. Arden, chairman of theOrleans, will appear in concertDepartment of ElectricalGrhaUe Enamel PendantSt ned- One-of-a-KindNov. 22 al Rider College.Engineering at PrincetonSU~ HelwlgRECYCLELed by trumpeter "Kid"University.Thomas Valentine, the eightmanmusical group will NEWSPAPER and open to the public.CHARCOAL PORTRAITTHISAnd you can still nave aAll three concerts are freeperform at 8:30 p.m. in alumnifor Christmas giving bygymnasium.The black jazz artists, some Black is a Beautiful Woman CAROL PEZU’rrl - $20.00in their sixties and seventies,Emmy Award winning ’~Two days only ¯ By Appointment- Nov. 21 & Dec. 5include Paul Barnes, clarinet;Joseph Butler bass: Charlie One Woman Dramatic PerformanceHamilton, piano; LouisbyARTI;AHNelson. trombone: Emmanuel10:30-5:30Sat. 10-5Paul, saxophone’, Emmanuel30 Wimerspoon St,Sayles, banjo; Alonzo Stewart,MARGO BARNETT921-7778drums: and Valentine.Nov. 22 Friday only 8:30 pmThe Ban(] which hastraveled world-wide, will Alexander Hall Princeton University~perform many varieties ofTickets $4, Ben. The Woman’s Place EtNew Orleans jazz - includingMcCARTERThe Princeton Unlverish. Women’s Org,blues, ragtime, marches andMICHAEL KAHN Producing Dlreclorspirituals.Tickets to the performance,VILLAGE SQUANEANTIQUESPre HolidAy Sale25%Fine gntiaue FurnitureCrystal- Glass ChinaTiffany Type Lamp ShadesCandlesGiftsCollectable Plates & Figurines, Art New a N01d30 N Main StCranbury, N,J.(609) 655-4290ATPHILLIPS MILL INNServing from 1-8 p.m.Two Main EntreesRoast Goose a.la oraageReservations:’ 215’ 862-9911’ .",’ ~"Loeated onNorth River Rd. (Rt. 32)New Hope, Peuna.THE BEAUX ARTS TRIOMENAHEM PRESSLER, PianoISIDORE COHEN, ViolinBERNARD GREENHOUSE, ’CelloHAYDN, BEETHOVEN, DVORAKMONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1974 ’8:30 P.M.McCarter TheatreTICKETS: $6.95, $5.50Return to ForeverwithChick CoreaAlexander HallThis Sat., Nov. 23 ¯ 8 & 11 pmTickets: $5.50, 4.50 ~ 3.50. At McCatter,McCARTER THEATRE proudly presents the17th P JAB MusicalJERRY HERMAN’STHEATREHELLO, DOLLY!The Second Longest Running Showin Broadway HistorylDirected by MILTON LYONChoreography by JOAN MORTON LUCASLighting by Lowell Achziger4 Perfs Onlyl Seats Now on Sale"lTHURSDAY EVE, DECEMBER 5 ’at 7:30 pm * FRI.SAT. EVES. DEC. 6 8, 7 at 8:30 pm ¯ Family Matinee:SAT. DEC. 7 at 2:30 pmTICKETS: Thurs, Eva. Et Sat. Mat: etch, $5.00 8. 4.50;Balm $4,50, 3508 2.50; Fri. 8" Sat. Eves: eTch. $5.50 8-5.00; flalc. $5,00, 4.008- 3.00. Mail orders to McCarterTheatre, Box 526, Princeton. PHONE ORDERS’. 921-87OO

mt mMCErON p~cxEr"Seven For CentraJ Jersey""’o.,oso....s Class i fi’ed JqdvertisingfftILLSBO~H BEACO~]he Manville NewsThe Franklin NEWSRFCORDThursday, November 21, 1974.3-BBusinessOpportunities Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help WantedAHEALTI{ FOOD BUSINE~DEPENDABLE PERSON " .......... HOO~EWUI~K ER --One de’" YPRIV~"rI~ SECRETARY for EXECUTIVE SECRETARYLife Insuranc~ A,~., ,.KEYPUNCflOPER,T~nINSTRUCTIONAL SERVICE .......... ~o~ .... ~. .... DRIVER -- Dependable in:i{store) in busy & prospering wanted to babysit every Sat or two ha f days a week Phone suran~.-5 ...... - -- To $175/week. Excellent ~ u~ CENTERTECHNICIAN r~mbl~,oL~,rr, East ...... e, oul~tucl~,’ dividual with ’ truck to takeshopping center with even a lot ng of & some .... other after 7 . m p 960448-4524 - , cc exper encc ~refGen ......... ’ opportunityr ho t.,forasecretary~#,,o~ hwith ,,rermaneat : "-- nul time ’ ’-" peston W’ in dso .r .R e Sip n a1 School smart rancn nouse one (Jay . ,eras omee worx. Anmty to ega. ~.c,sroun~. ,,,~, .ave ......... week Must have own tran- over estabhshed collection!customers, is for sale, For ~rVaen~ngsta~iccaslona,~l’~, On wn Dlstrlctlsseekmgatechnmian :. .......... route of recyclables for;~ work alone and unsupervised, exce ....... ~ ...... vt,,~ ’ ......... .,,~ o,,~.- in small aept’’ os auverusmgmore information please call ...... ,- ............. "~’.--,~, l, REEFURNAPTplussalary’ ’ bl ’t to inst t s ortauon rxcnual! rar~ ,Call 609-921-2566 thand ski~ls as well as research firm. Attractive with the a h Y ’ , rue ~ j ¯ .....’ | .’ mumcpal , ecoo gY, P ur 19° sos ,::609-466-2497 days. 609-921-3736, ~ ill exchange for helpS ....location unusual work students m work experience rmaseknowledge of dictating call alter 5 p,n. ant Pl’ohtsareattrachve and will!eves.’ ’ programs dealing with 297.3757. providea ~WANTED FULL TIME Bus w/chil(kcn in home Pelusant HIPPING & RECEIVING-- equipment. . Lmht , bookkeening vamety Call 009.924.3400 forgood second incomeBoy/Girl . Fine Princeton working conditions approx 30 Stock room work includes involved. Pr[’nceton off’ice, appointment. ’ .’ - electronics and AVA main-possibility. Estimated weekly’;AUT’O ~ A--~{M Restaurant, Ca11009.924.5108. brsawk.3blocksfr~mNassau packing orders & keepingtenanceunderthesupervisoaSlTrER wanted in my homeCall Lenore Lee 609-924-8064’ ~.,,,, ........... 4 collectiousofgassoRentotals,:DISTRIBUTORSIIIP -- There -- St, Couple preferred. Call Mrs, reco, r~. 6 hrs.a day, Snelhng CalI & Snelhng for Personnel .... ~ur ~um~oum ~L~ of a teacher¯ Position requires or 8 days a week 9 to 5 2 20 tons and mixed mete s 2~,,iare literally millions of cars in WAITRESS / WAITER - ex- Johnson 609-024-8664, app,. uuu-~oa-~o. ~ . , - "353 Nassau St. Princeton. . rrlnce~on ~ ,,, maintenance of D atr ct n- ch (ken: 2yr. old ~nd 9 m~)s ions For further information iyour city without ihis inex- perience not necessary. Lunch ~ __ " ......... ’ ............ A n Equal Opportumty ’ ’ ’ ventory of Audio-Visual Aids. old. 609-~9-2340. ’ call 609-443-4000 ext 37. :ipensive auto tbeft protection, hour only, No holidays or DENTAL RECEPTIONIST:; BEGINNER eqrUv~l.Pcmen~oa~Ong .wRh theSECRETARY.-- Must possess.,Police approved units . ex- weekends. Center Lun- businesseereiary for modernSECRETARY for small officeEmployer.,. b ..y,,~eqmpmen).,,~ BUSDRIVER SCHOnL cxce ent typ ng ’and stoup;elusive territory rights, cbecnette, Princeton Shoppingprogressive office. ManviIle, 4 If you have good typing Skills, in center of Princeton, ~monmpeslt~onwlmvaca[,lons, " ~ ~, sk s, Nassau St, aw officeSuggested retail price $24,95 Center 609-921-6732. days, Send resume to Box C-2, are bright and ambitious and Required is a self sufficient PERMANENT -- part time nouuays anu mmge eenelltS m .......accordance with Board pehcy ........ ~ Call Mrs M nch 609-924 1500per unit. Over $20;000 income, ~ c/o The Manville News would like to learn about andmeticulousworker, skilled position, general main- ’ xne rrmce¢on tteglonat ............... -~’,, ,,,~,~.~o.~ ~ . ., .Smallinvestment of $2500will c^r~,~rm~ Manwllc, advertising research we have typist, pleasant telephone tenance, 8-10 p,m,, Mon. thru ~lary $7376 to $9128 depen. _., ~cnoots are ........ now accept ng RE C ’EP TIONIST -- in ’ doctora,establish your own business, ~ .........SAL~eanan openingwe’dliketodiscuss personality. Salary corn- Fri, Call Argie Haritus, for drag on experience and a_p~paoauces for apart nine¯ office, part t me, Call 20t-297-:iFor complete details call or uahfleatlons. Ap ly EastWe have leads we have Electric.New East Windsor wRlloiY~eCn~ll 609.924.3400 forpetitive, medical and life appointment, 609-921-8550.. . . . .scnOO~referredOUSbutUrlver’not n;xperieneenecessary 1846 ’! ,write Auto Safety Alarm ct ..... huvo’mnrft~nao~ Store, Call for appointmentPPInsurance free parking and no~mdsor Reglona~ School,~x ’ ’ ~ JGuards, 1810 Ludlow St,,overtime. Tel: 924-4660,APPLIED DATA RESEARCH ’ ¯ celIentbeneflts Forfurther ;Phila. Pa. 19103 or 215-561- ~ve’-%’ve’~ex’-c’lusi"v’e’~’a~le’s H0~S~GALLUP&ROBINSONINC__ Rt,2O6Center HD~t~ot~vn3~4reSa~)~0kt~ls.St’(~ i..nformation call Mr. Ralph hK~asY~UmNCH~Ce°mpute firm!4141.marketing, programs, we (.uurx -- ~r’ ton N" ’ exL 203 ~ennett Tranaportat on ~ ~ openlna ,or:have super commission hours 1-8 p.m., own tran. _ r race , ’0: CLEANING PERSON - EastPrinceton, N.J. ’ ’ ~un~vi~. at 60 o e2a n 560 Keypunch operator part4 me;~-~ ....... ’" ~"’" ~participation, we need sportation, local references ~n equa~ opportunity era- Windsor 1 day a wk. Must be -- ~-- Ext 318 ’ da ys or eves. M~mmum "’lyear.:CO U P L E S W I T H 0 U T licensed sales personnel. Call desired, 609-921-7132. prover reliable, Own trans, Call after LPN or RN - part time - 3 to . ’ " exoerience on 029 and 059;:,previous business experience The Lombardo Agency: REA~-in ....6p.m. 669.443-4597. 11:30 and 11 to 7:30, Call NUitl~ioEnSRaN/i~abNe~nfalslllgbut willing to work & learn~~,COU~li~ht~mara~ionceg~°~liab6~l%24 in-.!In Pcnnington-Hopewen area: branch off ce of eadin,~ ~"~ ............ "Director of Nursing, Aptogether.Pleasant, profitable ACCOU ......... plegarth Care Center, 609-440- nursing home: :Exeffllent grill and prepare sandwi~-s " " ~’ .iwork, Contact Amway Gloria Chase 600-737-9200 Princeton broker All tools fo~ IALS checker a,nd ~’~t’~l’ - exoermneea 7030 " salary and eenelDs, Cau 609- 5 days 7 am to 2 small For the Windaors call:KEYPUNCH OPERATOR --!Distributers. Phone i201) 359- success are sun-lied For uacker for growing m- senior for Trenton CPA firm. "’ 924.9000 weekdays 9 a.m. to pleasan’t induslrial c~feteria Princeton Jet lecat on. $4 r:[3349 for interview. Pat M shell 609-443-6200 .conf dential interview call ternational firm,.Will train.P~ase sent resume to Box EXPERIENCED MALE / 4 p. m, in Hightstown area. Call 201- Imur, CallMr. Lyneh for app~pt,’iLawrence-Ramilton area: anytime Day anu night snilts, twon. # 718, Princeton Packet. FEMALE - for small . . 254.@00.--f~9-799-2273, :Mr, Lombardo 600-396-5700 ’ thru Fri, If interested callEXCELLENT GROWING and area: BOOKEEPER-mature expertm~r Dorothy, 609-921-2806, Kepner- f/c wants full or part hmenursing home. Assist cook 3 NO RSE (or busy OB-G.YN days cook Saturday & Sun- omce ":7. s~art ~an. e [uu ume EXECUTIVE SECRETARY SECRETARIAL POSfTION--:Ilong establishedry cleaning -- ,"T ~T’~,Tr~.T’~’r,c~,"V~VTregoe Inc. An equal op- position, has accounting day 7 to 3:30 p,m. Call 609-448- with altcrnaie Saturday a m for West W ndsor lecat on Excellent typing & shorthand,"tailoring and haberdashery EXECUTIVE SECRETARY ~"l"l’~l~lL/~’l~k(~l"JIN’~’ pertunityemployer,Exc-I -’ ........... ’business in the Village of background, 609-655.3678. 7036’. ’ ¯ ,: ~-usrapmc Ranidlv sa s ~rowinv ........ eonsaltir~-~ .. . . nE^~roas~ -- schedule. CallLawrenceville. Knowledge of --AbflRy to perform workof . ....600-021-8040,required. Ability to com. brmmPrnarea.Sendresumelbigh quality consistentlyINSURANCE OFFil;l~-- t’uu CRAIRSIDE ASSISTANT -- TELLER 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. municate effective y and in including~tailoring beneficial. Owner istel no. & dateretiring. 609-898-0175. without constant supervision. 6G9-443-4800 time - agency experience and full time, in North Brunswick . . ~ friendly manner. Reply BoXavailable to Box #02715 c/oDiscretion in dealing withshorthand preferred but not denta office. Experience Full hme, no experience WANTED -- Half time #02718, c/o Princeton PacketPrinceton Packet.public and employees. ~ necessary. Good typing skills - ereferred Call 201-297-0111necessary. Please cai1201-388- secretary for small office .... ~Resourcefuhaessteno and I’ ...................... .. Small office. Send " ’ ’ 23.23for interview ap- Good secretarial skills andADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST.~i)’pmg skrlls . requmedPar- . ... ~u’~u~iur~el~vlrtasalullHelp Wanted¢.. ,_~, quallhcattons .... wlth nameknowledge of bookkeeping SMALI.~RE~.Ano ....... . ¢ ’ ....... e ()po[d,~,v[ a t~vvlSt ANT -- pension department’ncumrly inept at uvmg wIEn address -nO t~ eohone DE~NT" -- P°mtmcnt’Cnrn. ~...wl..~.. o ¢ .,~,~qc.i , a ~ v required ’ Ca 609-924-2727 ’ seeking ’ "" secretary .............. w th stead, -- E x p e r ’ s n e c e w l ’.t "" ~"~ ~ ~ ’~"~’~ "~’ hum r l P ox l Experience preferred for SOMERSETHILL&COUNTYhihe stresses of management .... ~ .... bo o .O. H 3 ,’~NE~ ~Enlhesiastic about lcerning msure.a, and trusteed pensronPease ca Mr George M’ I,YPm~ i nleflpl,~/ral~,~t uo~ Hightstown N.J. 08520. modern office using sit~iown.... esse. a ...... s..~ ca ’ Dcnistry. 600-448-06i2. NATIONALBANK u ~ ~ pc. ee navroll system ......... vamat ons, government formsMATURE PERSON to do t. Gottuso, Municipal Manager {’( )09 924 ’’ 3540 fOI ¯ appointment ’ ’An equal opportunity era- 7- I!ght housework, stm. ple bp[rated ~nanc’iaVsy~’t~m" and good math background.’housekeeping4 daysa week.in ai ’ ~00-890-9400 ’’ " " . CLERE for f~ower shop who~12~, % ~om%.22a~Lgeneraloffice procedures Call ~-024-a700,.Ext. 22. :Princeton area. A knowledge has some experience CROIR DIRECTOR -- 2 ’ployer ....................... -- --~ arranging flowers WriteBox # choirs Senior & Youth. -- ~references’ Remy’ " ~ox ...... ~27ueV ~-’" ,.~ .......... mmge cenetrs. --of Italian desirable. Call after REAL ESTATE SALES REAL ESTATE SALES-- we 02699 c/o Princeton Packet Resume required. For in- TELEPHONE SOLICITOR -- :o r’ac’et CallMrsU~Y vermDi ~eua buv-452-u595PART .......5:30 p.m. 609-921-3884..... c/oPrincetlt r" K . ’ ’ "TIME HELP m/fPERSON w~th or without don’t know how we are gmng CIIU~ "formation call 609-799-0712ṡell area newspapers. Ex- -- -- a pply I i n person at Moose Bayr -’::expermnce. Exce ent irammg,to replace Gmny, but her. rres ~.aurcn ........ rennmgconFirst Presbyterian Church of perience helpful but nat INSURANCE - Tired of EAH.N MONEY ~°rt time A ’lrading Co., Montgomeryprogram. Ad erman Chck Co husband as transferred. This Full iim,... ’ Dutch Neck 154 S. Mill Rd. necessary. Hourly rate plus commuting? Exuanding uew corn an int~he area’ isShopping Center, See IVI ke or609-9’24-0401 . ¯’ ¯leaves a sng e opening , on our e" ;~ quaullCfl . person .. or Princeton Jet., N.J, 08550. incentive bonus. Interested general agency in Princeton Ion" P" y ~ . . Ed’ stilt If ou court e 15xcelleat working ¯ ~. ° *--. Klnglor msplayers uonsact . ’Full and pert time positions -- residential sales~. "io-ewellYconcliti’ons o~tary/neneslts ......... parties may write Box #02398 ar~arwmi~ng extOr specialty H. Novick, 609-586-43;72. ~ ;available at this subulben medicel WAN’lED: ’ ARTS AND are^. ~,.~oex erlenceu~,~ .....mi,tr--;opa negotiable. . ’ Ca11609-737-1221--, I)II()PERTY & LIABILITY c/oPrincetonPacket. . - c ss surplus DISHWASHER -- Peacocklcenter, olfering excellent sahdes, CRAFTS TEACHER for a 6 ~" "~L"%~? ~ ]roducti’v’~at 9 a m to 3:30 p.m, for ap-Insurance Producer. Ex- __ hnes, property, casualty, --pericnced & successful. Large EXPERIENCED WAITRESSSalary and benefits negotiableWANTO BE YOURInn. Lunches some eves;continuing education, and lull year old girl. 1 hr/wk up to rclaxeu out p ,, ,.~,_," plicationOWNApplyin person’or call 609924-$10/hr, Carl ~4-3869.’ mospnere.o i ao.smau, llng~!~l ....... ____ general agency -- Mercer Co. - waiter - Apply in person depending upon experience. BOSS - Work your own hours,benefits, 1707ispeclanzea ouce, ca u N.J. Please furnish education,Jims Country’ Diner, fit. 130, Contact 609-924-65t0 or Box # ’ become financially in- ’FULLTIMEBorden at 609883-1900IIOUSEKEEPERS -- Steady experience, & references to Windsor, N.J. ’ 02708, % Princeton Packet. All dependent? Join oar growingwork. Must be reliable¯ Own Bnx # 02712. c/o PrincetonDAYS WITH ROTATION Mar]orie M. llalliday ~replies confidential, company¯ 600-799-2275.trans. Pd. vie. Call 6LO-448- Packet.NEWSPAPER PERSON t’oM/S--3.1I and 11.7 AM2400. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.PRINCETONPERMANENT CAREER -- deliver sample copies of theFANNINGICU--11.7 AMposition. Local area nationalEMPLOYMENTHillsborough Beacon in thePART TIME,16 hrs./wk.GOOD JOBS company. Salesperson Alexandria Apartments andPOSITIONS AVAILABLEmCONFIDENTIAl AVAILABLE Sales/Management. $200 perother nearby residences. Admlnatronve, Ioles, lecrerorleLOCAL MEDICAL Personnel of PrincetonSUPERVISOR-11-7 AM AGENCY PREFERRED POSITIONSweek plus training allowance. Telephone workmanogement tralneel, engineert,also involved. bookke~eperL generol typl=tt,INVESTMENTSECRETARIALICU--3.11Mgmt./Personnd ...... to 18K Profes$1ono~ end Technical All fringe benefits by ap- Call William Bennett, cirpointment.Mr. Feldman, 201- culation manager, t609) 024-ch~mlsrl, re¢lpflonhtl drof.CCU-AII ShiftsSpecializing in Admin,/Supelvisory .....to ISK Skilled and UnskilledA new company is being for.t|men.RECOVERY ROOM--11-7 Temporary Help Sales/Matheting ....... to 258722-0272. 3244.reed to provide a commercial ACCOUNTING TECHNICASNELLtNG & SNELLING community medical service.rech,/Enginearing ...... to 20K Sew Jeney StateREHAB..3-11KEYPUNCH OPERATOR -Ptmr/lu/n~ll/ P[a£’CI/IUrI[S /It Exec./Consultants ...... to 30K Training & Employment SeM¢e LABORATORY TECH- The Gallup Organization in Personnel AgencyThis medical service is vitally MANYCONTACT ,~’cc’rcrar/~fl. CYerical, 8ecentGrads/Trainees .,. to 121(BY APPOINTMENT w/RESUMESuburban Office at: NICIANS - BS degree Princeton seeking exwithsome experience in perieneed keypunch operator.$2,500 minimum individual in-needed and in short supply.¯ 353 Nassau StreetFEE PAID POSITIONSPERSONNEL DEPT ¯l::vccl~dve,,l:’Dl~andTechnk.al. ’ :’ "’....Rtes 33 & 130 at Woodside Rd,:~: THE ME[)i(~AL’CI~RTEI~:Immunology. Radioim~Robbinsville, N J, munoassay experience Da~ltimeCa1609-924-9600 shift, good benefits,Princeton, N.J. vestment. For further in....... 8O9-924-8O84 formation please write PJastec,ATPRINCETON, N.J.Phone 609-586,4034(609) 921.7700 352 Nassau St.. Princetondesirable but not essential.609.448,I053 Send resume to P.O. Box 512, BAKER-BENCRMAN. Call Hours g to 5 Mon. thru FrL c/o The Princeton Packet, Box609-921-170020 Nassau St, " 9.5 DailyEqoel Opponunity Employer (609)924-9134No Fee Charged Princeton, N.J. 201-259-8331.02717.Princeton Eves. by ARpt.|llm|NASSAU PLACEMENTS NURSES...by Bea HuntBEAUTICIANSMERCER COUNTY VOCATIONAL-TECHNICAL SCHOOLSPOSITION ANNOUNCEMENTS -Health OccupationMedical AssistantCosmetologyAdvanced Business MachinesAuto MechanicsRetail Aide ShopBuilding Maintenance Aide ShopSecretaries (2)For the new "Arthur R. Sypek" Vocational-TechnicalShared-Time Center located on Bull Run Road inHopewell Township. Applicants must send resumes andaddress all inquires to:Superintendent, Mercer CountyVocational-Technical Schools1085 Old Trenton RoadTrenton, New Jersey 08690ADMINISTRATION AND SUPERVISION* Principal* Special Needs Coordinator* Student Personnel Services CoordinatorCooperative Industrial Education Coordinator (C.I.E. #1)Cooperative Industrial Education Coordinator (C.I.E. #Ill)REGULAR VOCATIONAL INSTRUCTORSAuto BodyBuilding ConstructionPlumbing, Heating 8- Air ConditioningElectricalGraphic ArtsSPECIAL NEEDS VOCATIONAL INSTRUCTORSPractical Aide ShopFood Service Aide ShopOffice Aide ShopCLERICAL PERSONNELOPERATIONAL PERSONNELR CustodianAssistsnt CustodianHousekeeper (2)"Positions to tIM filled by Morch, 1975, All othur positions ily Juno, 1975,*Senior Secretaries (2)We specialize insecretaries at theexecutive JeveJ.195 Nassau Street609-924-3716RN’SWAINFORD’S~Eo~ssaRa=, Princeton Placement Agency419 N. Harrison St. 609-924-9380Room 106Full or Part Time11 p.m.-7a,m. Experienced preferred forVacanciesONLY Franklin Township salon.Excellent salary, benefits and Full time. Immediateworking conditions. Apply in openings.person, Personnel Department.CARRIER CLINICBelle Mead, N.J.Call Miss Horvath(201) 359-3101 201.828-9862Equal Opponungy EmployerPermament & TemporaryOffice and Staff PlacementsARTISTASSISTANT TODESIGN DIRECTORYour opponunity Io orowith ons of tho notioo’s 10udJ00publinhora, McSraw-tOII, lee,Tly~a poolgon requtroa oniloge or err uchool trainieo, a nlinlnlunral 2 yOUlS actuul work uxporiollca III culnera usldy art, ladusino, creutivo design arid typourolrhY, if yUU enjoy datoll wurkalyd lind Rottatoctlun bl nroutbro doodllnos, wa would like tohour |rum yOU,A comprehennlvn bonulite pro0ronl ia provided, lecludhrtl 3wouku VOCOltOe 0tier 2 yaorR,P euuo O }p y Poruunnel Detlortlnont, ur coil tin jlno Cartoh(600) 440"1700, Ext, 0105 lot an Oplia ntnlont. McGrow’,HIB,[laura 071, HiLIhtUtown, N,J, 085~0,REAL ESTATE SALESWe have select openingsfor real estate salesassociates who are interestedin earnin 0over$20,000 in their first year.Sterling Thompson e realestate company with 8 offloeshas opened a new officain South Srunswick"The Who’s IF/to Agency of Prlacetoa "and we have a few selectopenings,Wa have our owntraining school, spend overSecretary$200,000 e year in advertising,our own realExperienced, 10 years axperience required, type 70 wardsor better, no shorthand required, IBM Executive much more, Call Johnootate newspaper andtypewriter, accurate with figures, good retention. Small Beckleyst 747-5600 for apleasant office in building manufacturing business, confidential intsrviaw.Vnrio duties - 35 hour week- salary commensuratewith ability,Cheney Flashing Company HOSPITAL632 Prospect Str99tOPENINGSTrenton, New JerseyIntelasted ill job security, ex.609.394.7909 of 609-394.8176 celteni eatery aed a completebenatit package? It’s yours withtha following positi0ne:CIRCULATION CLERKTo Start ImmediatelyCLERICALThe Princeton Packet has immediate opening forfull time, take charge Circulation Billing/RecordsClerk. 9-5 Men. thru Fri. Some additional light ofriceduties. Typing ability essential. Must be neatand accurate, Wages commensurate with abilityand experience. Excellent Company Benefits.FOR APPOINTMENT CALLEARN $20.000 Mr. Bennett (609) 924-3244IN COMMISSIONthe Pr/n¢efon Packet NewtpapersSouth Somerlet Newlaplr=300 Wltherspoon Sf., Pr/ncelon P,O. Box Y46, $omervOle, N.J.(609) 924.3244 (201) 725.3355CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING FORMI, .,. ......... 2 ........... 3,.,,,.,,,,.4 ............. 5 ........... 6 ...........7 ............. 8 ........... 9 ...........10 ............ I1 .......... 12 ..........4 LINES.INSERTION ................. $3.00(3 Insertions. no changes) ............ $4.50(When Paid in Advance) If billed add .50CLASSIFICATION .........................NAME ................ ~ ...............ADDRESS ...............................TIMES ....... PAID ....... CHARGE ......CLASSlFIRD KArESAll ClaERIflmd Adverthln 0oppeorE in UII EavennewRpaperR, The Prlncaton Pocket, The LawroncoTEMPORARY CRfETERIAWORKERLedger, Tha Cantrol PORt, WIndEor.HightE Horold, The5:30.2 PM, till March Monvlllo NawE, Yha Franklin News.necord andHillsborough 0sscon, AdR tony be mailed in orCAfftERIR RELIEF WORK[R telephoned. Daadlino for aow adR is S p,m. Moudoy if5:30,2 PM they oro to be proporly cloERIfied. Ads muEt hw con.cmllod by ~ p,m, Mondoy.WglYRESSRatute 63 PM e,~ 10:30.7;30 PM RATES aro $3,00 for four IInas or leER for one IRRJI~A"if origlnolly ordared In udvoncel $1,S0 oddltio~ll~;HOUSEKEgPIRS two conEocutlvo woaks or iEEUOS, end tho thlr"~eTl~,7:30.4 & 8.4:30 shills Rerrlon h FREE. Thereafter, oach consecutive hsukonly eostE $1, Next Incronlwnf of up to four IlnoE 50KII¢IIER WORKER contand tho Eomo thoreolter, AdE tony bo dhployodRotate 6"3 I’M & 10:3().7:30 with white Epo¢o mar91nR end/or uddltlonal copltuIWRRa CLgRK IottorE o! $3.00 per Inch, $podol discount rote nf16 In~./wk it! JR, 3 Ll ~hilt~$3,00 per inEh ovnOoblo to odvortiEors running theeomo ¢ioEEII!od dhpIoy ud for 15 ¢onEocoflvo wwokEORDERL1 or dllfwrent doEEIflod ditploy ode totolln~,ii, i6 hts/wk.R 20 or moreIncho| per month, end whorronga to be billed men,thly, Box number! ore one doiler oxlra,Fag OPERATORget,rE lhn~s./bi, theu Sut./~u". T~RMSt 00 cont blill,gchoroo if od h not paid In od.Centect P,r~aEel Dent.vonco, ~ por cent cuEh diRcount o, ¢logaiflod dlaployed~ if bill le paid by tho ~Oih of tho foliowhtg monlh,file MEDICAL CENTER SltuollonE Wonted odR gad out Of grss ode oreAT PRINCETON, N.J, ~ooYoblo(riO9) W1.7700r orYorR with not order, corrected Yhe now~poporby the advollher IE not repponEiblehnmtdlatelyfollowMg the tint publkotlon of the ud.......!e.! °p,~u"l"}ll’p"!’l _ III II I ....ht

Help WantedTHE PRINCETON PJICKETThe!awmnf~, I~lge, rTHE CENTPdtL POSTWlNDSOR-HIdHTS HEPJ/LDJobs Wanted AnnouncementsClassified"Seven For Central Jersey"Bargain Martdvertising~tlLLSBORIX]GH BEACON,.~e Manville NewsThe Franklin NEWSRECORDThursday, November 21,197,t.Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain Mart Bargain MartNEEDED -- RespectableMature nd v dual for 2 NURSING SERVICES -- TAk DEDUCTIBLE -- GIVE A PLANT PARTY -- $3WILL TRADE polaroid modelFIREW.OOD FOR SALE --ECONOMY upholsterers andchildren ages 4 & 5. Mint sloop Home or hospital also Donatioos are tieeded for theup. Hanging baskets, potted440 in excellent condition for COME BROWSE AROUND -Fur oeuvery call 609-452.0102.good 35mm View Finder WehavesomelovelygiRideas fabrics. All work done in old FOR SALE - Magnovoxin. References required. Good available post maternity care. White Elephant Sale of the plants fruit trees terrariums.just wearing for you.Late day world tradition. 609-443.4046. console am/fro stereopay. Twin Rivers. Call after Pet & housesiRiug sitters for Chrislmes Bazaar to be held Ca P ant Gallery 609-298-camera. 609-443-6588.6:30¯ 212-373-8084. vacationing parents. Stone ’Dec. 7, at Stuart Country Day 0422.fashions to wear to yourradio/record l~layer, 3 speed.Try~~x.A. t,~~wr, T parties and celebrations,Registry,215-295-0297. Sdimol. Anything andDiet. New name same for- LW’?.’~. ~’’’~ Perfect candifion. $75. Callf*;’,’",~.’:’ Pajama Pant sets, Trevira LOSE WEIGHT with New 609-924-7474 daylimes and 924-HOUSEWORKERS -- One dayeverything. Nothing is too NEW GE (unwanted) washermula, capsules & tablets at wesnngnnuse portanle msn- long dresses, long skirts with Shape Tablets and Hydrex 0804 evenings.or two half days a week. Phonelarge ur toosmall, Your trash & dryer, $275. Large woodThrift Dm,,swasner ~0., new counter top appliqued blouses, Stop in~’ and double sink $45 oldWater Pills. Siegel’s Franklinafter 7 p.m. 609-448-4024.may be another person’s bookshelf, $18, 9 x 12 rug, $40 BRAND NEW fern green cabin¢¢ double ~inl~’ a,,~ soon, enjoy our unhurried Park Pharmacy.PROBLEMS? treasure. Call Ted or Taffy and 0 x 15 rug, $10, Phone 609. casementdraper es 126’ w de cm,ntar ton Make offeratmosphere. Plenty ofFLE~AFTBoutique, Sat. Nov. 30, 9-5.PARTTIME, permanent, full Floors windows, rugs, furniture& general cleaning. One Langhter 737-1070 for pick up . _ ’wallpaper. My error yourthru Xmas. Tues. thru Sat,Todd, 609-737-2113 or Edith 737.9360 between 4 and 7 p,m, x 90" long, don , t match ....Please call 609-924-3167.~ ...... parking. Note¯new store hoursPOI~R--Franklin Park Vo!usteer Firedays, Mondays and Tuesdays,take inventory in local stores. time or regular service¯ or hiformatioo,ROSE-COLORED ’tweedy"gain willsell fur cost $95.Call ASR~u n10:30-5p.m. Sunday, 12-4p.m deluxe model, 2 soeed motor Co., Route 2 LFranklin Pk.Write phone number experienecto : I.C.C. Box 004, DOMESTICARE 609-443.1970.wheels for 1970 Dodge PolaraMINK COAT. Ask him to buy ’Bonded/Insared¯sofabed -- hardiyused, $125, 2 ’ 9 after ’m ........ - --- - Call first if weather is bad, withbuilt-inheater, humidistat009-921-320 5 p.. custom-made fitted RANCtl and other featurds. WalnutGE clothes wusher-dryer.Paramas NJ 07652.INDOORFLEA MARKET, St.RED BARN finish cabinet, used only 2 Moved. Must sell, excellentwith H-78-15 snowtreads good WAt,r~uTc;m~ur~r~z~a --can mine before someone elseJohn’s Church, 100 W, High Rt.200 BelleMead weeks, cost $150 new, selling coM. $250. together¯ Will sellfor another season, $20. Of- be. used most anywhere~ does. It’s size 12, top quality, for $85. 609-924-7790. separately. 600-440.8410.RYGIENIST -- 2 days a week, NEED IfELP? CALL Y.E.S., St,, Somerville. Sat,, Dee, 7, rice/shop car, h-1 eooditinn, prlceu for quire sale, $95. Cau little used and in A-1 condition. 201-359-3505call 600.024-2081. the Lawrence Twp. Youth 9:30 a.m. - 4 p,m. $35. Double-door waist high after 5 p.m. 600-921-9320. Appraised at $3000. Will acceptEmployment Service. Monday-Friday1-4 p.m. 600:000-Steel 4-drawer 8Vzxll f leseen at Princeton Furs, ’Pyoo electric train set, HO ¯ pressing Sweet AJ)p]e Ciderstorage cabinet with lock $35,best reasonable offer. Cun oo TRAINS FOR CHRISTMAS -- APPLES-CIDER. expect to beBig Washers...fur bigloadsSmallWashers...forsmallBABYSITTER needed 9400.cabinet good for storage, $25. LIVING ROOM SET -- con- Witherspoon Street. scale, barely used, $30 or best and selling Crisp JuicyMonday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. -Person=Is 2-drawer 5x8 card f Ie, $10, temporary, urano new mustloadsoffer. 609-921-3477.Stayman, Winesaps, Mclnteshand Golden Delicious1:30 p.m. my home MonmouthJunction. References. 201.263- PLASTERED WALLS ccihmzsPhone 009-921-0067. sell, $600. 201-249-0639.General Cycle...furdelieatesWASHING MACHINE -- MustAppJes until at’least January.4347.repaired¯ Stone, rind.or,¯ sell¯ 1 yr. old WestinghouseMATCHING 109 in. SOFA & deles washer. Perfect con- SOFA- hide-a-bed queen-WAStI-O-MATconcrete stoops, foundations OVEREATERS AN- TABLE CLOTHS’& NAPKINSwalks repaired replaced. Also ONYMOUS - now meeting¯ Danish chair ¯, Terhnne Orchards, Cold Soilmarble, coffee dition. Askin~o295NassauSt.~150 600-~o- ...... size. Good condit on. $250. or Rd., 600-02t-9389.UNUSUAL APRONS table; drapes office desk, 7620(behindVikiugFurniture)SItIPP1NG AND RECEIVINGnew work¯ Call 609.466-3457 Thursday evenings in Westpower mower twin bed misc. ’ . reasonable offer. 609-445-1605.CONTOUR CHAIR withCLERK -- growing company between 4-8 evenings¯ " Windsorarea. For information Delighful country look inpleasecall 009-448-1928 or 799- credible factory outlet prices[ 2402 ’ ’ BOWMAR MX 55 calculator COUNTRY ANTIQUE SHOP FOR SALE - fragrant long .For info. call Casey 201.297- ----vibrator. $200. Man’s clubseeks hi’ight individual willingto work and learn. Good~907. Its worth the trip to shop and ’ $40 90, Texas Instrument 2500 Round tables and chairs, good burning applewood choicestchair and ottoman, $35. Artbenefits. Call TaI-Star ComputerSystems, Inc. 600-799- day work morning or noon.EFFICIENT domestic, I/2save:ANTIQUE VICTORIAN settee $42.95, others available. Call selection. Large selection, of our hardwoods. Please callDeco child’s tea sets. $35.Misc. 009-806-1503.fireplace equipment and brass ~9-655-2609~& matching 3 corner chair.-~9-655-1983 or wri~ Dora1111.Reply Box #02713 e/o PrincetonPacket¯ Wi serve Princeton to Hightstown 363N. MainSt. $65. settee $135. Channel --IN NEED of a ride from oNE.nf-a-Khld Original, early 1890’s, chalr ~aleF, t;rannury, r~.a. t~aiz, candle sticks, brass beds dry BUNK BEDS - Excellent JOHN WIDDICOMB paintedsinks, pierced pin pie safescondition, $75. Call 609-921.mirror, Perego stroller BlltTELEPHONE SOLICITORS Thanksgiving dinner. between 0 & 6:30 p.m. 5 nights Doylestown, Pa. Master cohirt.v, antenna $30.marble top furniture newly-- experienced¯ Princeton ada week. Call after 8:30 p.m. OpenMon-Sat., 10-5FOR SALE -- ROTTED upholstered chairs lots of 2895.Rite carriage, sterilizer,size 12 rabbit fur coat $90. 609- ncm.~E MANURE for earden wicker, many pine cupboards,brand new teeter totter, jumpagency. Salary and (or)WANTED -- 2~/~ days office 600-448-5693. Friday 12-9 p.m. 452-8356. a’nd-~nu"le’h’ing. 81 Ocu.ft. French bakers racks com-GO--withseat, glass tea cart, end tablescommission. Phone 609-790- work~ experienced in all officepad. Ex. rood., $125. Green broiler, lamp, decorativ~3800. Full or part time. procedures, 609-896-0700. DON~Adelivered¯ 609-440-3224. plete post office unit. Large rug, 9 x 10, with pad, $10. 609-WILL. Blank forms in family GIRLCIIILDIIENTO FIS~ 175mirrors, maternity clothing -stock modestly priced fur- 883-0017.PREVENTION ORIENqED WOMAN WlSRI~S Positionportfolio kit with complete DRESS? cm.,$125.; Scott poles $10.’ . .~, niture. Wed. thru Sun. 9-6, Rts.instructions. Order today $0.Henke boots s ze 71/z, ’ sizes 10-12 menssuits-sizes 41$40.1 ~Vla,.*NavuA ~.’~L,Utt tV -- 202"20(7 mi. north Somervilleto 42L. All reasonably priced.DENTAL OFFICE Iookint~ for light housekeeping, cookWe have the blouses[ canvass carrvin~ case $10 ’ Fr Prey console¯ Like new Circle), Pluekemio. 201-~8. GE DOUBLE oven electric’ 609-452.8433.qualified office dinner fro’ 2 adults. Experiencedw/references. Callfactory outlet prices[! Sizes 4- black warm-up pants size 7222.Write Box #02714. Princeton sweaters! shirts[ pants! The boot carryiug~ca~e $3..’ pr. ot Was $700. Asking $500. 609-440-range¯ Excel¯ rand. Call 009-Packet.3750.manager/receptionist with924-1772.BEEF -- Black Angus halves¯dental office exocrience. 000-799-1701.AUTO INSURANCE6x, 7-14, pro-teen and jrs. Its small, $15. 609-924-8410 days - BRASS BED, head & foot I)ISCA[II)[NG FUllNITUREPlease respGnd to Box #0271LPROTECTION -- $24.95wor’th the trip to shop andON--goodNo steroids. Pasture and grainfed. Excellent quality¯ Cut,ask for Sue and 790-0864 board, unique, must sacrifice IS A WASTE, don’t throw it condition. 2 parakeets one packed and frozen to yourc/o Princeton Packet. tARE OF -- sick elderly. lifetime coverage¯ Get the full save:evenings.$700.or bestoffer. Orientalrug away. We refinish & repair at albino, the other turquoise¯ specifications. 609-466-2937.Home or hospita $3 per hour. facts¯ Send self addressedred bokhara excellent con- .very reasonable rates. Call 609-737-2372.Experienced¯ 600-396-1686. stampnn " ~ lo enve to Autope .......ONE-of-a-Kinddit on. Mter 6 p.m. 600-921- evenings 201-359-5206.SARA COVENTRYSafety Alarm Guard 1810 363~.lviam~t, KARASTAN RUG Kirman 1671. FREEZEF, BEEFFIREWOODJEWELRY needs you now, No BABY.. SITTING -- in my¯Ludlow St. Phlla Pa, 19103 ....Doymstown , Pa’3’x9’ oval braided rug wool ruginvestment no deliveries home, any age, loving care,’ ’ open lv.ton-~at., 10-5 p.m, 4’x6’ $50. Rubythumb print ROADS END FARM USED FIREWOOD--- Choice hardglasses,large bowl & dish to FURNITURE & ANTIQUE wood - split, stacked Home grown naturally fedcomplete training. Car ann located in Lawrence Town-600-003-0503. building,need a lilt? DiaI-A-Arc you worried? Problems Frldayl2-~p.m.AVOID THE CRUNCH:phone necessary. 600-695-1406ship:match, covered Haviland BARN - 2 complete beds,delivered. $40. tr pick-up steers. Cut to your ownor 201-899-4856.ODD JOBS -- Will do heavy MFSSA(;E 6097372706 (a new -china reg. dish, 55 pieces children’s desks, 3 kitchen h’uck. 600-007-0091. specification, wrapped andORDER NOWfrozen. Kaufman Farm 6O9-work garages yards, etc.¯ ins ’" ptrauonal irmlo "’ n 1a meso~t~ message o,o~ aail-~ aal ~ j, .CHRISTMAS TREES - Order Mason Ironstone (Blue Vista) base cabinets, wicker baby Reduce excess fluids with 466-0773.Cut, Stacked & Deliverednow. Cut or dug & balled. 350 $70.~ other pieces available, bassinet 2 bureaus several Fluidex tablets, only $1.89 atCall Woasamonsa FarmssKILLED HANDY PERSON $3.50/tr. Pete Smagor asky HIGtlTSTOWN PLANNED Davidsnn’s Mill Rd. S. Anhques. 2 Gone With The lamps 1887 antique ovaltable, Thrift Drugs. NEED FIREWOOD! We have 000-737-1832 after 0 p.m.-- Trenton apt. Masonry 609-921-2762.PARENTHOOD CLINIC ¯ Brunswick. 201-021-8644 Wind lamps milk glass 1 4 klt"chen chairs, 2 kitchen it! All hardwood, seasonedpainting, glazing, Details 201-Mondayeveniugs. Ca11609-448-weekends only¯complete water set, niteher, tables blue print table with cut & split. We deliver an~329-6369.l WILL babysit by the day forbowl, covered soap dish, 2 swivel stool 4 odd wooden BUY WltERE YOU CAN get a Ho~~ &stack. % ton pickup load. 9~EXP~AL3 to 5 yr olds Wilile you shop orother pieSes, decorated purple chairs, 2 style tier tables, 3 bargain: They are few and farDRYER -- Harvest Gold 1973loads also. Callus 600-448-2133.SECRETARY - Bard Bogatz, day out. My home, Lawrenorville.600-000-0312: FORMATION CALL 00~-924- ’ g ade items 655-1271 other items¯ woodedfiower stand, vases,pansiesand gold, unusual. 609- speed portable record player, between today. Come tomodels. $250. 1972If no answer 600-92t-3636.& Shore, 102 Main St.,Fabulous Finds for all yourWHIRLPOOL Air Conditioner.¯ Bightstown. 609-448-0132.7592 on consignment. Examples:pictureframes,2cookiejars, 2 clothingnneds. Weeven have15000 BTU, used I season. $150.SEA WEED : Liquificd or 600-443-3629.GUARDS- Uniforms furnished.Work in Princeton-¯ . pottery macrame string artwailmirrors,2ice buckets, old a mink coat, hat and a wed- granular¯ The ideal plantCHILD CARE by day or week. CALL BIRTHRIGHT -- for co’ pper’enamclin ’, ’ g p’ex’glass KITCHEN SET w/6 chairs; crock RCA stereo console ding gown. Your shopping can vitamin¯ At Peterson’s Nur-Warm surroundings¯ TwinLawrcnceville area. For appt.help throughout pregnancy, ere u~.,,, =~.~, ~’Q,~ a~, poe’call 201-329-6021.Rivers area. Call 000-440-4921. Pregnancy test available, oo~i ...... " ..... ooo- ....... 23" T.V. Call after 5:30 p.m.,-model. Over 300 items to start and stop at Fabulous scry, Lawrenceville Road,(lIVE A PLANT PARTY -- $3Confidential, no Ices. Call 609-BABY SITTER WANTED - in EXPERIENCED LEGAL 924-7343.---’L__.--~201-297-2040. choose from. 324 Sharon Rd at Finds. A new thrift and con- Princeton.up. l-{anging Imskets pottedintersection of Windsor Rd. signment store in Dutch Neckplants, h’uit trees terrariums.my home for 2 yr old twins. secretary desires part-timeELECTRIC TRAINSBABY ITEMS: crib, carriage, Robb nsvi Ie, N.J. co00-Z59-7679, located across from West CA~ &’~CES Cnil Pkult Ga ery 009-298-Men Tues Thurs., & Fri.’ mornings. 9 am to 1 ’ evenings or weekend work¯ ., ~ ~~, ~ REPAIRED. I buy and sellhi-chair, stroller, playpen, etc.Windsor Police Station. 420 for do-it-yourselfers m’0422.pro. Must Call 60(3-890-9019.GA~ a w H ~.n r, u,~tt ~ new & used traias. Jay’s TcainBest offer. 609-448-7320.Village Rd Eastcomplete y installed by usFOR SALE " Two pa ........... r Colon a " ’ "" rest " o ~e" livery - lOW " prices. ’CIIlLD’S MAPLE BEDROOM’have own Transportation.informatioa center. Call 609. Repair. 201-828-0763.black shutters wood custom ;,,,:a .......surrE ~. Good conditionPlease call 000-448-7662. FREELANCE LIBRARIAN921-2565, Best hours 7-10 p.m.,a:2::,’ . .... Aristocrat Kitchens 52 RoafeNEW GE 30" GAS RANGE - canine oemgn cut out size 16 x hlitiB.llN~i ~ati on piatlorm 33 Mert,m:villo "’Walnut..(Jocktail table, 2 en~$100, Kenmore auto., gas 55 inches. $10 a pair) Call 609- vinylbody hag strikflig mitts: ! ztables, ’2. tab e’l~t~ps, 11 X 14with M.S.L.S. willing toCOLLECTORS PLATES -- for Dryer $100: kitchen table 6 586-7265 $25 600-799-164’3 F.EGINAML’SIC BOXES--8" green wooll~Ug hlbe arm greenSTABLE BELP wanted -- conduct storyhours and tourschairs, $30: a 1 in excel, rand.".... _ ..... ’ ........... __ & 11 =a" oak single comb with tweed contemporary chair,. Full time weekdays. Ex- of local libraries. For in- Bargain Mart sale, Lenox De It, and Boehm, others WlldLife, . private 609-443-0539.LIONEL - A. F. - Marklin . THE CREATIVE Doll Makers disks. Call evenings wahult rediner. Call 600-440-per ence with horses dividuals or groups, ages 3-11. collection. 609-466-3616.necessary, Call 609-460-1303.$7.60/hr. Call Pmn Johnson, tl.O. Huge inventory. Get of Princeton¯ Ted & Wanda 1460~ 2900.1609) ~9-9026. MOVING SALE - Harvey FUR TRIMMED black cash- SEARS APARTMENT those repairs in early.. Huge welcome you to see now their WE [lAVE THE MOST FOIISALE--Firephlcewoed.Probbor walnut dining morn mere coat-like new, 16-15, $50., washer, 1 yr. old. Reasonableoperating display. Will buy or Christmas display¯ Also ~rty UNIQUE JEWELRY you can Call 201-359-5556.Several mothers need CHILDSECRETAHY - Experienced¯ set. 40 in. round ~ble four 10 gorgeous 4 Stone Marten fur, price. 20t-526-7232 or 722-4050.trade YOUr t’ains. Shool’s decm’ators and a price ~o fit find anywhere. One of a kindTrains, 347 Willow St., Bor- year pocketbook. From $1 & designed by Patrick, of anprovideCAltEinowntheirtransportatioohomes¯MuSttoDesiresEXCellent typing/stenOresponsibleskills¯ leatherin’ leaveSback6 chairSand scat,with 72blaCkin. 9440.perfect condition. $70. 201.297-PLANTS Hanging Baskets dentown NJ. 609-298-14fi9, up. Buy or rent while they last. lique glass and beads. Per- FIRE~OD’ffCmI~S -Roosevelt¯ Comh[ucd hours ehallengiug postton. 600-448- buffet. In beautiful condition¯ Terrariums. We do plant dailySto12 lto5p.m..6:30to hlsospccialordarsmadencw, frcct for gifts and yourself. Mnlch now! FirewoodDeposit on all orders. Centermakcdworthyoarwlfile. Call 8945. Pads. Blond mahogany twin 2 RADIAL SNOW TIRES -- parties. Call The Potted 0evenings, Sat. 8to3, Sun. 2toCome and see it. Price $10 up. seasoned, split, delivered¯bedroom set with chest of used 1/2 season, 70-14". Dr. Ladies 609-443-3646 or 448-9249.p~eces for all seasons & mostStagandee Farm Services¯evenings. 609-448-8657 or 443-drawers, chair, night table,STEREO TAPE DECK - Solidany occasions. By ap-Ddrt-Vai[ant, other. $00. CallREDBARN (000) 737-3242. Professional3779. CftlLD CARE- my home, fullFORSALE Chibi mini bike--pointrnent. Late nfternooas,or part time experienced,Brass handled fireplace tools 609-924-3678.state, 3 sp., auto, push button,1R. 206 BelleMead Tree Service.and pot, Andirons. Misc,, .....good condition $125. Please 2 mikes. Like new, $120. 609-eves or wknds, Call 609-9’24-PA’rlENT PERSON -- to help TwinRiversarea 6~J-440-4593.201-359-3305 ......sterling silver compotes, DISHWASHER - under call 600-460-1747. 2079. ’ FOR SALE - crib, mattress &care for newborn. Late 445-7581.evening through breakfast, 5 ----cream and sugar, etc, Pair counter good condition, gold ---BACKHOE FOR RIRE, man houdair lamps, Set 4 snack $,35. 609-448-4727, COUCH - 72" long; colonial CHROME & SMOKE Plexi- MOVED -- Never Used top MA~EW?goldhigh chairframe52mirror,bY 37~/ZSunbeammOdernor 6 days’ per week, Mid-Feb.through April, Reply Box and machine. Rate $17.50 per tables. Tea cart, Travel bar, style; cherry trim. $75, Call Glas dining room set - 0 quality dining, living, They just look new when snow blower 18, Reasonable,~02707, c/o Princeton Packet. hour. Call 609-924-6239, 10-cup silver coffee percolator, FISIf TANK - 55 gal, with 201-369-4767.withdirect°rx base.ChairSsuper,&36X~Glook! tables350, 201-782-3964.bedr°°m sets, desk, stereo. Rugthey’reshampooClcaned-RentWith TrewaXelectric 600-~3-5212...... For appointment, call 609-924- fluorescentlightandstand. No Shampooer only $1. Hights AN’I~e~urkKITCHEN HELP 7 am to 1:30 BABYSITTING done m my 2457,PELION. 609-883-6219.reasonable offer refused. 609-MAPLE HUTCH - dry sink Hardware Co. State Sheraton stylepro. 5 days a week, Inquire home. Mother of four, Call201- ERY, INVITATIONS & Bulltrite carriage dike new)FOlt~pede 443-1094. nulhngany buffet. Call 609-921-administrator: Sunnyfield 526-4810. ANNOUNCEMENTS at SIL~YOO crib, $5, bassinette, $5,; high- hnported and domestic yarn, ~87.Nursing Rome, Inc., 609-395-China (Buttercup Design), Six discountprices-Shopathome, can participate in the market chair, $2. ladies clothes, size Needle point, crewel work,0641.placesettings with extra items STEREO FM TUNEB - good 609-440-7548 evenings, price action of SILVER 12. Call 009446-0020. rugs and accessories will behlcluding two additionalthroogh a unique plan whoseRUBBER STAMPSAnnouncementssettings platters, vegetablecondition must sacrifice $30.Call after 0, 6O9-024-6272. CHRl--~-M-~withinvestment characteristicsIoundutCOL~~’dngSchool or College addressare better than coins and lIomebusineas, zip-codeResumesbakers, ’ tea and coffee se~s Santa, Sat. Dee. 7, 10-4 p.m, room fixture $43. 11 x 13 rug TIIEKNI’I’rlNGSIIOP Rubber stamps of all kinJ.sMt)~ofcreamer and sugar, as well as FIR~plit Kendall Park Firehouse, New much better than bullion. 609- aml rubber 19d $40. Dk. mink 6’rulanc St. 009-924-0306 und sizes made to your orderdemitasse set with other our own hardwood, Beat.the Rd,, Kend. Pk., Table Reserv, 924-5575. cootsize 16 hke new best offur,acceptingEastWinds°r/HightstaWnapphcatoils nOWfo,REDIT - Resume Editing.fuel shortage - use your 201.297-1107,smalls~.0200.items. Please call: (0091 297-3307, USE~ery Call after 6 p.m. 201-725-1041.TY~~tric at: IIINKSON’SPersonalized. (609) 095-2505, children 2t,’~ lo 3~,:, lur an fireplace. Excellent quality descriptinn. Thousanda of feet manual, portable, office 52NassauSt,By Appointment, Room 13634 uvailabhi opening for DIN~ -- reasonable price. N.J. Beagle WASRINGMACHINE--Must to browse through, Always models. New, rcoonditioned.Whitehead Rd. & U.S~ 1, midyear opcnhigs and for [he Tradilional, ball aad claw foot, Club, Hollow Rd., Sklllman,FOlt SALE - double garagesell. 1 yr. old Westinghousesomething different - largestADDERS, CALCUI,A’rORS1975-70 school year. For in- Sideboard, server, ehina N J, 609-466-3841 weekendsdelux washer. Perfect concollectionin Bucks County,door opener heavy dutyLawrcoce Township (LPC),Name brands, Rentals, PlA~,~-ctsformatian call: 500-448-0046 nn cabinet table and 6 chairs, ooly,Daily, 6:30 to 5:30. Ciused"commercial model", Indillon,Asking $135, 609.250-Repairs, Trade-ins, CENTER Terrarinum. We do plaut’rues. or Thurs. between 9 Excellent condition. Ap-Sunday Edison Furniture,stalled March 19‘i’4 for $340, BUSINESS MACHINES, 104 tmrtics, Call The Potteda,m. & 3 p,m.FORSALE-- Any Reasonable 7620.praised value $3500. Be’st offer.Will sell for best offer. 2 Nassau St. 609-924-2243. l,adics (~00.443-3046 or 441]-9249.Offer Accepted -- GUITAR Doylestown, Pa. -- remote control openers. 609- --Jobs Wanted Also Ioveaeat plus oecasiunalFROG HOLLOW, the Country chair. Call 609-924-31115. $10, [.land Tooled LEATRERNUMBER t4 Baling wire for I~EFRIGEItATOR - excellnnt 466-1707, WINE IIOBBY USA - Home 2 4 V O L U M E E N -Day School with everythingitems 75 / & up. Antique ad~ sale¯ Call 201-329-2659 after 6 condition, $100. Call 609-799- winemaking supplies avail- CYCLOPEDIA SET - $10~ orMATUBE WOMAN DESIRES for growth ~u,d development, l.EN’O~i "~-~A’I~ES fur ding machine $50, PAINTING p.m, 1379 between 6 and g p,m.able 020 State lId., Rto. 206 N, best offer, Call 20t.329-2054,position in art oriented field, invites your child to loin its sale -- 2 Goldfinch t071 - 2 in Gold frame $96,00 ItOOFING SLATE -- 12" xparttime. College baekgronnd happy group. 2~/~, to 5 year Mauntabl Bluebirds 1972 - 2 WlIISKEY CABINET opens ~ DUCKDOWN SLEEPING 24", 0pprox. 3 squares, sell Princeton. Free oonsullaiionand testhig. Open Tues.-Sat. D P’N STRH ~ - wishes to&graduate of Pratt lestitute, olds. Sept, - June, Swimming, Meadowlark 1073 - I Young intoBAR$98,00 WeBuy andSell bag, $35, Wet suit, complete,individhally ur by the square,10-6 p.m, Tllurs, t0-0 p,m, Tel, thankallit’s customers [or theCall after’ a p.m., 20t-2~J7.2000ṗolly rides, nattre walks, ice Aumrica 1776 (eagle philo) - IIEFItIGERATOR 8 cuft $60, Bow & arrow sot $9,Mini-Cull 201-359-5206 evunings, 609-024.5703, ’emendous success of ourskatblg, nnnual class trip, Ilird of Peace plate (swan $35,0O, Doublc-tuh SINK TRIEllAUTOSTOit}~’S bike frame, $0, Ole outboard shuttarnnddnnrstrippiugsalcME~,Lf-~ . Murnhig suoek & hot lunch, lllateL 600-449-0206, $35,00, ELECTRIC STOVE 24.qfiWitherspoon Street reeler, $5, 009.896.t033. TIlE CllAFTY NEI,:DI,E which ended Nov, 15, but duesingle 2t-yr, female. 2 years of Call for appt. 609-655.1107,$,10.00, FIItEPLACE stoveWA 4-3716 TIlE CRICKET CAGEtothc many rcqucsls to extendcollege, Recent gruduato of$40,00 l,~iropluce CIIAIRSBryman school. 609-466-1030.C B ffi’MAS PATIO SALE -- $39,00 nncu, 6 Room KerosmlcSPLIT & seasoned hardwood, OFFICE EQUIPMENT .’7" a31tailruadPhioo Needlepoint aud Bargcllo this sale for so many peoplePre-i ’ al a, p’ oos, Arlifialal lloatur $49,00 Chuirs $2,00$3,51/2 cord $65, full cord, SCM Cnpiur ulodel #142 wire Ilopewell, N,J, Supplies Iron1 start to finish, "w o couldn’t gel the shuttersIX)OK- toni( .-I,OOK- (hris II, ntas Scl trea c i no, uovm’ 4 It, t silvm’ se(, each Chest Drawers $10,00De vote( & stacked, f~J-737.ff IIc iitse in time" we willCIIILD CARE ill nly homebook copier cabinet used unl~SPECIAL COMMUTERSLivhlg Room set 3 pieces 1490,~000-460.t242 bo happy to extend our saleweekly ur daily, 600.440.t~J7,a few weeks~ practically re’andYour one stopPARKING.iuparkhlglnt, footboxed, books agus 2-25,$25.00 Resord Cablnui $25.00 BOY’SS-Speed Scbwlm~ -- 20" aow[ Original cost $16t0, . Casual lnlported fashions & noodlepohlteentecp, co d any shutters $4. anyxlihicd door $0. ~mtil Dee. 31,of University Plato at Prin- e nt ng, I~umea lugguge Maple Colonial Sofa BED & I{[’ecn Pea Plekcr SUng ltay, sellhig price $1095, Cun been aeeassurlesAqtIVA’I’E i)UTY -- male coton Pnnn Cootral ltaih’oud lain is fmnturo, all like uow, CIIAIII like now $100,00 CORNnee nuw, $65, 600.790.1910, soon ai Prince Manufacttwing6(FJ-440-5560 and 600-4,10-~57 ’74 A ~d because wc werogoing Io rt.ln a salo for stripnurso,available immediately, Slatian, Special parking rates 14 Ilurnhlg Tree Lane,I) vo’s y P rk off lit, 200P L A N T E It $ 56 , 00Inc, Contact Mr, Ecriin, 009. , ilauderufts & giftsFree (lift wltl~ montius of this II ug any painted chuir far~6 yrs, cxpcrlnnco [iIKI.3t,6.1,105for commuters: $t,qhwaek nrOlS)sllc Rkim’ Ca[logo, Turn GF, NEIIATOIt 5 Kw self. I)ENON stereo system,,t52.0fi06.ad.f’on Nov. 15 uatil Dec. 31after 0,50 cents Per day, Overnightstarting $399,00, EGG Colun}bia tape deck) Am.i~u’king $[,00, ~ V , )e’vcor l)r. bearlef ’ lo lml lad beose, Cush GltAI:)I,]II, $40,00 Olivnr Ilart, , Distiuetivc grceling cards,are going ahead wl!h that ~I~’ DAY "~~"~;sonbassauor stereo, llouua ~50,Dlt~i~,~-T..i-~atl~}, lap, Shultors, uoors u,needs I tn 4 days wnrk uenr--’~I arr SIDE I)ItESSEItsulcs naly, Mnst items giftGood rend,, reasonable. 609.SEASONED FIREWOOD , Doll housns, dull Inuso ’ur- brown background wffh )ing c mirs all you can brhlg h’ombus line, Rcfcruncea, Call 060- ItAlllES WANTEII$75,00 CULTIVATOIt $75,60, 009.445-1093hosed,44tl-5134,aituro und soft toys for flowors, 05" x100" $00, 20 .297- ywlc’o l’ yOU need’ 393-I~!79.._ .....PI,OW $75,00 3 Roon! |IRICKchiuu’en 0.150, Irucklng that’s uv6ihthle area’rl!c Infant l,nboratary at COI,ONIAL lit)ME 2 ’rAP~wn:di~r,""~"fh’eplueos, 3bati,s&Framo3 ¯ Y-=:-:,-u,n.i,oasanab]o prico. Thank y uALL FACI,]’rs of homo Euucatian Testing ~rvico IsF I’~,PIACE WOOD - Cnl .Scloctud antiques & OIJ) FASIIItINED. ladh tub ag I , apt us Dill ’N Slri), 49nlalntouaaeu otl!duor and stirring a new study, Wonoe(Ct)NTIqMI’ORARYtweedupholstured chah’ blun AI’AIITMhlNT ROUSE LOT ,,~un~[c~,,~l.$~lsd""e~’,°/’ust’l°n i aud slllit, A!I hurdwuud~ decorative toolswith feet, gnnd enMitioa, $50, Malu St,, K ugstoo, 600. 2,.hoqsowark, eloanhlg, uahioawhohavonotyotturnutl convertible th sglo, bed, good 02 by 195 osklug $60,000.00 ttqt.ffi~, ’ ........... Cl occ se snnet] (ink, acasoncuAlsu huffct, $25, 900-i197-3756, r~168,llcfore6ccs, 60~-1195.0999, throe months old, If you and condllim~ $31t, mahagunystcpl,’Olt API’OINTMENT Iye r und ongur, Dt!llvurodynar bqhy ara Inlerustcxi th bthle 20 x 17 x 25" high wtth PIIONF, 60tJ-2911-0994 bctw(~n LO(~" 7’~ Nil~.l~Clol’e nnd alau~.ed $40 a lruckluad, SNAPPER lilt)Ell MOWER SLIDING UIASS DOGItS,--IOI,II)AY GlllO.,Tr NG CAIII)parficlpufhlg, ll}euso cull 609. Iwnnesting h.ddea, $~0,60’J.92,1.& 9 P,M, CELLAR gALE: Medico table !tronl, ased once, (;all 00~.4,|!1-,1253, If no answer9 lip with grass caldtnr, Like alurla windows 2 It, 89 fl, 20f t)RGAN ZER ~- What cardaCc~i’~7,;;/g~od 921-0000, extensma ~0, alTl, Ch)thing, l)lshes & ninny Cast $142,0fi It974) will 8ell fur 1t9.20i.3032,aow, $400. New Ileavy doly ~7.1042.wct u o bos87 Dkl lsabellcsoekilg,,P~’ Dom work,ese[al lleras SATUItDAYS $115, IIcrft~l condillou, ac,wrllo last year? ’l’hal’s laloalCIIIIISTMASII()UTIqUE, CAMEIIAS USED -- frolB 01h, 10th, ~l~l, & 30th l,’rom Bcessorlcs hlcludcd, Call 609.Scaltrotaryspreudcr,$30,~.i iItnasollanlo rates, Write BoxUniv, League Norsol,~ Schoal e~tale, All l~nod ooad, Ileal A,M, tu 3 P,M 101 Chestcrl’ldd 02,1.~90 oven,~.~ ~alac’, Icra0 a oto llendcdI’IVE t IECE ~ ImdroOpl set, 709,i305,~2t~93 c/a Prlnc0ton llackot ur~0.443-4(}i5 n’ Inco o7 Now hldlvldualEx¢ollont cmulltloa, $109, Calltall I~.~9.1903, Nov, ~’~ 1.0 p,nl, al 171 offer, Itnlicl-FIox w/leathur lid,ltruuthnnad St, Pultnry,I,’Oll SAI,E ¯ 3(t" ’rappa i gu8SI,I,a~itiV’A~S’II’OI’l)Islo llod & Faaul 4xtl illa cards fo.r calth por~ou201.~7.25’J7,Wed.sa112.,? o i yt r js dcalgacd lu allOWcusc, lhnvor Xrull[lhn mtulelVista ¯ Motobeeanu. lt(~sjowe ry, IllaldS, oprol)8, M[l~lX red ktalhor CllSU, Rallel ............ rulll~o & ldll~lo hod sprll|g & PO tTAllLlil DISIIWASIIEII l,’raoLayawuy ,,il0N,MahISt, CUl l|uoss ’neording of:iillaws and ninny !nol, l~ irks ratio 2 early Pnhu’okl F( t SAI,I* ,-. A llUllch oflnultreslt, losl of[or, {109-924.-- eaoollcat coqdithla $150 or Illghtslowp auws, tld’ossos dotus aadIlltthtstowli, Fqll tlino/ 609-Weservicewlfitwasou¢lll.ili~,l,m dlcrul cd toms Io CliOUSO w/flesh Ili~slcnha’8 Germua, gnttlas, Mct’ldlual,lh allah1~142 it’lcr ,I p,nt,bast offor, Exnrc lia b ko $I0, Ill ’,!a ~ A h,pori lli~Id .......... -- .......... clu°SC’l get, l, p Ill SoccasioasUf cards aad°l"frol!l far thotte Slloctal Ko( ik ltllel’ 27 B’awaio l~lw ",o’l~~auloomfior~ll’up600-~II¯935i, lllgllllflown~N.J, IKiPli~ I C IAIIM"ITF. gaa po’sa nlu~, Sel,tl $2,~ far7111 LTF-ffAffiF"-,--’ffTi~ le, Chrl~l,o1{u.l glrl,, l166ysitl!ng fhish / new, l,’or dulails & wn ig far pullu, [~Ittl, or lt09.443.3320pruvlunu,ilUNT COAT ¯ hlack,duubl0 ¯ oven sluve, ~ yr, bld, 50 cards, Adnthllstralivclull or liarl Inta, USliO, c cndhlsl~dgtinl|: I~hullO t~ll,9’~,l,9~},linuh~e heine (hra0d BOW), ~]tlestri011, 100h’~ i wool, illadaIOC’;Y lilt,I, trnq)ta’divo after’/p, ul, &wKaus, I,I(INEL.AMI,]ItK~AN FhYI*31 ~ i (ll~ 2 8p, wluaar wllh Survlces, P, tl, liO~( 9113,v,’lih i’derencoa. Call 609.4.111-t) y IllU CXeCliIIv0 II01~, hlEaglaad ehlld~81;atl0,1dlo ’rlIAINS wanted by collt~Ior,IllUl "W~!’~ ~l~ O d ,~0q; BRYNylaw ’ to’, 1018hnr nitre|orNu’snry St! ull Is 0ecuptblg dlUNl~iTl~i~’i’l~’tiM-’Sl"l’ ski s w/G’lla II’x hallPgs,IlaW, $~tl, M )rll}Oro boots, Will I~Y up to .~lO a so! nr I’O’I"I’EllY STUI}IO -- MAWR, IIA, 1~}10.’ 433?,old fashlaa~d bcdraalB 8afII I dlcalions pl ,I yoar oltkl for~t la~s le¢ordlaa 33’laohtrhhlck, chll~J’a ldzo 5[), $12 $3500 fur yaur CUll6Ctlal, !luadlnado~wla.v ~l~ea,idan!o,llsuul,prlcuthr8 I lllaglt, Slit},;~’’l~atltlliving rnoltl dudr, $10, l"llA~i~fN"~7~I’ffiU $~,~t~l,E ANINtt Wl;l’k’~19iloatcop, bhlck, dil09,~,Callfl al esd vagla 2 grllht lo~ rpd, Ilava lranitlslrlillhin, ts Jlt,.Jt tl Icrlt, Conlact wl)cllu|cl°scL$15ll’l~’relldl 18}lap, l’laula 609.799.i772,Mrs, (irk~hlgto’, 261-3fill.ill6,, llr°vh!chll, gaud CPllditlull,609.9~11.315Zl’lGasocall~9.SllS.0a196ftm’511.ltt, dqllClloll, Clarkavllle lid,, Prlliceton 600.499.01100 aaytlato, c0ulllnt0 $30tl,[hlyli, tK~.3117.Call 10 l.it’hl.1007,~t.~7.~fi73,~ll;I, CVt,8, 211~,3’ I,,’!1150,201-233-Bargain Mart

TrucksoB "Instruction"Seven For Central Jersey"Class i fi’ed ./tdvertisingBuildingServicesHome Repairs¯ Home ServicesMoving &Hauling. ~dILLSBOR(~tt BEAC01LDie Manville NewsThe Franklin NEWS’RECORD)Thtrrsday, November 211 1974Piano Tuning SpecialServicesFn__r Rent- Rooms ~

HOMEThursdaY, November 2 l, 1974SHOULDYOUCONTINUETORENT OCompare Renting Versus Owningh Cambridge Hall Condominium, and Judge for Yourself!After 20 years of rentingat $411 per month you get:(1) $98,640 in worthless rentreceipts.After .20 years in your CambridgeHall Condominium you get:(1) Complete ownership of your home.(2) An undivided interest in the caramel1 areasand facilities.(31 53,313 worth of estimated federal income taxdeductions.(4) And 20 years of living pleasure, in one of CenlralJersey’s most beautiful condominium buildings.All this plus the condominium concept itself - So why continue to rent when you can own? itcombining freedom from exterior maintenance makes great sense, Call or visit today for ochores with the financial security of home complere explanation of what financial benefitsownersmp. All in Ewlng, where your eaulty is can accrue to you. as an individual ir yourbacked by a solid community,own tax bracket. Ourepresentative will beBut Cambridge Hall offers even more. A great nappy to explain it a or no cost or obligatian.recreational complex including a swimmingpool, saunas, ana an on Dremises club room Priced fromPlus magnificent condominiums that measure uoto Ewing’s unquestionably high sranaaras,Quality-built far supreme comfort and luxury,they are spacious and beautifully laid outfeaturing: Wall-to-wall careering, individuallycontrolledheating aria air conamomng. Walk-in Financing AvailabJe (to qualified buyers.)$35,900closers. GE range with self-cleaning oven. Self.defrosting2-d ..... frigerator/f .......insulatedishwasher. Stainlessteel sink, 24-hour security system. Master TV antenna¯s°und"’aln~r’-" ~u o rage ---Halll,r qDJreefions:takeRt. Extension. Turn right 206 ’tJl to ParkwayOlden Avenue Avenue thenright on Parkway to Lower Ferry Rd, Turn left /~iapprox, 1/3 mile to 860 Lower Perry Rd.,Ewing Township, New Jersey.Phone: (60g) 771-1170 (24 Hrs.)Open 7 Days 9:30 A,M. to 6:30 P.M.en NEW AMWELL RD. in HILLSBOROImmediate Occupancy ! I I¯ * o~ .~:~ iz=........ ;~ !~.860 Lower Ferry RoadEwing Township, N.J.ilUC STERLINGTHOMPSONREALTORSPOTSWOODLAKESIDE LUXURY$56,690Professionally landscapedand luxuriously decorated.this exquisite 4 bedroom bbevel offers the ultimate incustom features, with astone firealace and bar inthe panelled tamilv room,nnother fireplace in tRelying room, central air, 2½oame, a 3dvete rear patioaria a gorgeous v[ew of thelake, Inspection by appointmentonly.NOT FOR SALEATANY PRICE1. Our own 20 page monthlynewspaper with overtO0 pictures 8-information,2. Our roe carpet "warmwelcome" program whichooes almost everything foryou.3. lg% or 15% (:own mortgagemoney for allqualified buyers.4. Expert residentia realestate counselicg with t Ofour 72 trained reeresentativesALL THIS IS YOURS FORTHE ASKING FROMTHECOMPANYWHO’SBIGENOUGH TO KNOW, YETSMALL ENOUGH TOCARE. CALL O~ WRITETODAY FOR OUR REALESTATE NEWSPAPER,STERLINGTHOMPSONREALTOR3538 Hwv 27. Kendall Park¯ 297-0200 JApts. For Rentl ROOM efficiency -- 2th milesfrom Princeton, south on US 1.609-924-5792.l BEDROOM ft~n..apt~ inRossmcor available for 8 rues.beginning Oct tst 609-655-23722 13EDP, OOMS. 2 full bathsapartment central ar andheaE fully carpeted, stoverclrlgerator, dishwasher,garbage disposal - Plainsbero.Caltdays,201-545-90oo Ext. 21I d evneings, (i09-799’-1050.LAWRENCE TWP. - 3 rms,bath Pvt. entrance, near busline. No children, pets. 609-883-6368 after 12:30 p.m__MANVILLE -- North side, 4room apt, 2nd floor availableDec, I. Married coupe, nopets. 201-722-0844.ONE BEDROOM APART-MENT - Ready for sublet onDee,. 1. at Princeton Meadowsin Plainsboro. Carpeted, airconditioned, fully equippedkitchen, and sun perch. Rentalincludes swimming pool,tennis courts & clubhouse. Call609-799-3065.LARGE DEER CREEK APT-- Plalnsboro. 2 bedroom,balcony, disposal, dishwasher,a/e, curtains & w/wcarpet. Swimming pool, tenniscourts. Club house Tacilities atPrinceton Meadows included.Call OO9-924-0663 or 799-0536.Mt)DEItN 3 ROOM APT, -Call 201-359-5556.Come see the new apartments in a beautifulnatural setting surrounded by acres of woods andApts. For Rentfields, For recreation-tennis courts, swimming EAST WINDSOR -- 2 bdrmpools and clubhouse,apt, llz baths Jan. I oceup.Rich shag carpeting, lined draperies, central air (i09-4411-9263 alter 5:30 p.m. 1 BEDROOM APT. -- sub-letand heating you control. Super sound conditioningand much more.MANVILLE--4’& rooms, 2rid ~cadows. Available Dec. 16in Deer Creek in Prineeotnfloor apt,, private entrance, n rescntoceupantw 1 pay rentheat botwater .stove & refrig, to Dee. 31, Call rentieg office,One and Two Bedrooms available, Call 799-2033 supplied. Utilities extra. One 609-799-2033 frem 9-6 week.THE TALK OF THE TOWN, ..far additional information.ntonth security, references days.EXTRAVAGANT, LUXURIOUS,required. Ideal for adults or _ .~OVERSIZED APTS ....powly weds. Available Dee, t.Gold Medallion Total Electric Living$215/mo, 201-725-2237 after 5 Twin RiversStarting from $230 me,p.m,VII,LA(IE AI~ARTMENTS¯ Pttvato Solconlet ¯ Abundant closatl Deer Creek¯ Dine,in kitchen PLUS upr=,withwglk.ln4 RM. APT., adults preferred. Medern g!trden spartments, 1 &sepnrate dlnin egrog ¯ 200% on site parkingAnflrtmentsInquire at 11’15 Green St, 2 bedrooms, htdiv, controlled¯ Individually controlled ¯ Swimming pool & teanls Hi, I, 12milos=oulhotN0~-SrunswlcktratlicclrclolHolidoylnn) Take’ Msiwiile. ’heat ¢ra air se f.defr~thoot and gtr ¢ondillonins court~ will be constructed juglando a~ o w Pain~beo ~gna o 2 n all o P ¢0 ~~---refrtb, I)/W, dFapes, w/won sltoMe,daws. OR okuNJ Tutnpiketo ExilB-A Rg tl rlloloRt 30 |~Ut{N. A[’[, -- 2 rill, train carpet 2 baths, Parkinb,| South, Ll~h 2 mllo~ to Cranhulv~Plaill~boro gO+ (Main St.); right 1 mihl= I rioeoton, Bright, pleasant l swimntiag, tennis, Fm’nishedRent Include5 Heat and Hot Waterll!,| toPl~i*IsboloRtl,i’rightdndlor~ oPlincotonMoadow¢ bedrnnm, LR, I)A, kitchen, or utffurnlshed. Short to’mDIS Flgm PrmC~h,i & 11ut~loIi Nmfl~ ,11RI ~Oti to Am~wH Hd (St h14¯ : : - ¯ hath, Ig, terrace mar cans, leases available, Nu see.llaffl~ lishll Iron lull lm.lmou Im i% mlu lluukllmn L~n~ l~*rcq ~gJht lUln............... ceetral ale use of pool, $220A__. .. " ....required,.,., . plus utilities, Avail, now ’illfS MN¯wStun~wl~k It hl.t cto~th ~061%.. h, tl~lkm,lntanu lure p TS, rot Kent APtS,_ for Kent August’.’609:1183’- tO33’ before l0 ; Cttil owner ¯ F)0-4.18-779~.~tu ftU)M N~.pk ~ No ,1~,~of/or a,vfit ~ W.,1 t. nt ~otl ~oulh lu Ai,b~lle~ net s~ ImH,~ h0hg ,.m its hI ~ut,tm.~ h, I% me Io So,~tn~,, t~m#I.,,I ,lilhl m,n hm,l¯d,¯It~y a, ,,.,t ,, hi 1. No~ A,,,w~ll thl S¯,tkm.,, East Windsor t)NE IH,II)IIOOM SUIt-LET -- IN QUIET -. rural area KENDAI,L PARK ~ 5 g(!III’]STNUTW. ()W a/c, fi it’aadbs hfft all Icasp, Fsst Wlndso’ ~l mired ~ard, l’OOnlS, col a’, t or 2 ehl dre ,Ulh’a nnxlere I & 2 hcdreun $~211tnu,, luciudes heat, large mature trees, ws have Ideal for couple, ~oI-~J7.11~34.~"~ModalPhona laOl1359.Tt80~airs. Air eaaditlanc , water t, ar~et drapes, de. for rsat a 4 txlom apt, withcarpeted, ’! hedrealt I] lS~,%\ Aeontl KARNS " W’~@C=’, swlnt elab anti extras bath frcs tly l~dnt~.ql, wtth I"UI’~D~IA-;I’AN/// laiyo 2 loathe, one yc , c se Cell Ci,dy, fi00.¢i2.t~J40 cxt, your ()wit central heathts, torI~’~. Real Estatn /il l,’rom $190, 205 or 799.33(15 after 5:15 p,ln,AP T,,I,:,0ist Sl, Livbvd room$LT’5/Ina, ara cttzy 5 rt~an~lel)arebesterl)r, ll)tl.l,lll.’59(10klteneaetle, bath. I~tlroont,nousooathesatnola.epertyfor~.llll’dell teT CO $~41~, a no.busha~sa wolnan, ;] or 3 rpants l(gih utdls have bar be .......................8)ttchxts tlltra But e’ 1 & 2ItgdrtaHtta eh’ gtnld thn C aatl bath, Perfect ()cat( I utrkidb aad htwn tttah|.carpot0d apts, 8Wlllt eLah en I,avely almrtn~eld, Cpll after ltqlanctt, |lrefar OVal’ 45 with MAhVlLLE..4.1~pln apt. with’ gr()t, nttls, I,’ronl 9115 Le $2~), 0, f~)0¯’,f0~.?75’5,na pots, t~)9¯44B-I’500 adylhne, :hltervlaw tiled bail, 20i.725-7874, C ti otto’ Iltive 4 to’Dutehaeck lttl. Pear St, 13g,I~10.,HII.33115, MANVIIAAq, WES’rIIN I,’ItANKLIN CO tNEIt rcl’ercaean,(IMtl)EN8 ht l,awreecbVi g .........................Apts,, F°r~iiits Apts, For Rent ItlII)OKW(|(II)tIAIIIII,]N~ AB, I",A flai r tt 3 ... . erea’s n,u,t Sltae ors APAIITM}~NT eel to’ tf taw......................................., Moderl I & ~ I..o( ’tit t I s, ntan’lauls llvhg rte , t e stlil,(nlclds, lnc ales eat, at Prllleshql fills ~, a t ,l~i~i~’~i.;i ....... :::: kit’/Rent i, ,R, Ah coniti!l,mt,,t, ,,arp,,.,dhath, fl, s~ et .t., tt water, eta .al ~ ~dt,aet,tdus elt~tr~c, 0 ~ ycar ~,seLI IL aval!ablg Dee, l, bus..I tiM, AM’,, I ~t tlaa’ ~2 Sv¢inl clab a~i groends, itilt, hcn, ;I ca’ ll~’~l.le, illihlkohl 81, Maavilla, Cad ~ .lllailinleals, $~15", aid Lip, JU~L(bla litallill ~lecU’ ly P ’klllckery Cerltur l(tl, llcgr lit. tlfh!r I It,!n. 201,72,5.;1913,t, dal)ie, 113/ al~PL ~lll.;|~lltHill ./~ :/7’51 alter ,5 p,nt,eft iP(t[p , 101 li’raak Ill avallablc Col (301) 1,10.1’~64tiller ,I, 130. 0~.4.1L.,5531.Curlier lltl,, ll0tH~0.(~, ofler ~ ItJIl,GUIDELorraine Bake~K1~’61t3Ted DavidEd DobkowekiV & OON[PANY’Owendolyn HansenI~T. 1893William HunterMarjorie KerrREALTORS Ruth K .....Rita Margolis190 Nassau Street, Ih’inceton. New Jersey. 08540Joan Quackenbush609-924-0322Ralph SnyderA COMPLETE REAL ESTATE ORGANIZATION.,., ....Delightful 8-room. 2V~-bath Colonial i~ EastWindsor Township. Features include an electricfireplace, central air conditioning, 2-car garage,and a well-landscaped, treed lot ..... $62,500,Fine Colonial in Sherbrooke Estates features 8rooms. 2~ baths, fireplace, central air conditioning,basement, and 2.car garage. Walk tothe station ..................... $69.900.ht the Birchwood Estates section of West WindsorTownship is this classic Colonial with 8rooms, 2~ baths, fireplace, central air conditioning,basement, and 2-car garage, on awooded lot ..................... $87,50,0.CARNEGIE LAKESuperb home on the lake in Princeton Townshiphas a pool and possible extra lot. Unique in thebest sense of the word ........ ’ . $195,000.IlallBmllMEMBER: PRINCETON REAL ESTATE GROUPMULTII L ELISTING SER VICEKay WartLike new year-old ranch house in the PrincetonFarms area of Hopewell Township has 7 mornsand 2 baths plus such features as a fireplace,central air conditioning, basentent, and 2-cargarage ........................ $69,500.OTHER FINE PROPERTIESSmall but solid and appealing home inGriggstown. Modem interior, half-acre treedlot. nice neighbors, and a quiet street. A goodbuy at ........................ $39.900.Ranch house in Montgomery Township offersconvenience to Princeton, a lovely wooded setting,and a modest price ........... $56.500.Immaculate 4-bedroom Colonial split-level inEast Windsor includes an in-ground Anthonypool among its extras ............. $68.000.Lovely bi-level, in Montgomery Township closeto Rocky Hill, has 8 rooms, 2~ baths, centralair. and a beautifully landscaped lot. , $74,500.Princeton Borough Colonial. only three yearsold. is situated on a wooded lot in the westernend of town and offers a host nf features and extras.............................. $163,000RENTALSOffice sphce ¯ Nassau Street; 1200 sq, It.;parking availableOffice space - Nassau Street; 650 sq, ft.;parking availableOffice space - near center of Princeton ; 1700 sq.ft,Apartment - Blawenburg, 4 bedroom. AvailableImmediately ................ $375 per me.Apartment - Prlnccton, western end; 8 rooms,2~A baths; avail, immed .......... $450/mo,Apartment - Plainsboro; htmishcd; 3 roomsand bath; avaihblc immediately.House ¯ tlamilton Twp; 4 bedrooms; ................................... $425/mo,Win or lose,’it’s fun to read about itin the Sports pages weekly.Iv, _ q~t~u~l~0~~B~i~l~l~0~l~’5~l0~i HILTON=REALTY CO, of PRINCETON, lne, Realtor~194 Nassau Street 921.6060THE THREE R’$ OF HOME HUNT|R$. Roomy, ready and re0sonable, Threebedroom Ranch with eliding olusn doors, lar0e dining area, kltohen, 1 ½bathe end laundry room. Over=lzed g0raga and black top drtve, Nicelyland=oaped log w!th lreoa,145,$00,Sea ggr ether gd~,\

J8eHILTONREALTY CO. of PRINCETON, Inc. Realtors194 Nassau Street 921’-6060-_=__==THREE BEDROOM RANCH ON A CORNER LOT INHAMILTON TOWNSHIP. Living room with fireplace,separate dining room. Family room has oversizedfireplace with brick from floor to ceiling. Largebasement and one-car garage .......... $49,500.A TWO.STORY COLONIAL, convenient to schools,shopping and within walking distance to the New -York train. Living room, dining room, panelled family -room with fireplace, eat-in kitchen, laundry andpowder room all on the first floor. Second floorfeatures four bedrooms and 2 full baths. Fullbasement and two-car garage.... ...... $64,900.THIS COLONIAL iS BETTER THAN NEW- already hasprofessional landscaping, drive, carpeting and cen- =-=tral air. Front porch, hallway, Iving room, formal =dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room withfireplace. Master bedroom has full bath plus threemore bedrooms and full hall bath. Full basementwith extra height finished off into four rooms. Mortgageavailable for qualified buyer ....... $67,500. -GASOLINE PRICES GOING UP? Won’t affect yourbudget if you buy this commuters dream home. Onlyan 8 minute stroll to Princeton Junction TrainStation from this four bedroom, 2½ bath Colonial.Also has a lovely kitchen-family room combinationwith floor to ceiling fireplace, a jalousie enclosed porchandbasement ............. ; ....... $69,900.WOODED AND WONDERFUL. This four bedroomtwo story Colonial offers a home for all reasons. Functionalin plan, formal in design, and privacy inlocation. Excellent for entertaining ....... $79,$00.EXQUISITE FROM THE CUSTOM DESIGN to theprofessionally landscaped sodded lawn. This fivebedroom Colonial was designed for gracious living.The pond and shade trees on the 2 plus acre woodedlot lends a beautiful setting. Just crammed with extrasincluding central air conditioning .... $169,000.¯RENTALSFour bedroom Colonial in Princeton Junction.Available 12/1/74............... $535.00 per month plus utilities.Three bedroom furnished Ranch in Princeton Township.Available January 1 to May 31, 1974............ ............. $500.00 per month.One and Two Bedroom Apartments for Rent.BUILDING LOTSApproved building lots in Princeton Junction................................. $15,000.FOR LEASEProfessional Office Space Ideal for Law Firm orDoctors Office. 194 Nassau Street.HOMI HUNTER’X GUIDEi =m=i.ESTATESHillsborough Township" Somerset County* Spacious 9 room home - $53,450,¯ Wooded 3A - 1 acre lots.¯ 5 models to choose from.¯ Only 20% downpayment required.We arrange 80% financing forMANVILLE qualified buyers.¯ Some homes available for immediateoccupancy.Open 1-6 p.m. weekdays; 12-6p.m. weekends. Sales staff atmodel: (201) 359-8700.WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVERTHANKSGIVING ItOLIDA Y? Why not take alittle drive to Rossmoor? It’s not very far andyon’[I enjoy browsing through our CondomininmModels. It’s a delightful comnmnity filled wit~ interestingpeople, like yourself.You’ll see our beautiful 18 hole golf course, anOlympic size Swimming P0ol, Tennis Courts, aquaint little Meeting House, an elegant Clubhonsewith plenty of activities, a Medical Center, andbest of all, a 24 hour Seanrity guard system.We could go on and on about our G.E. kit0mns,Washer and Dryer, Air Conditionlog, outsideMaintenance and the llke, but it would be ntuchnicer ff you paid ns a visit over the holidays andask for our brochure. There’s no obligation to buy.Our Reception area is open 7 days a week from9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p,m. Jnst drive to Exit 8A onthe N.J, Turnpike and our signs will guide you. [fyou get lost, call us (609-655-2270). We’llget youon the right road.Incidentally, the price el our units start at Drill,$33,400 to $58,550. Mortgages are availgble.You’ll hove to see for yonrself why 2200 peoplehave eltoscn Rossmnor as their "kleal" home,Exclusive Sales¯ Agent:b[tlc8d(q!r {f o937 N Washington Ave.Green Brook, N.J.(201) 968-6444~A #0 rHER~ COMMUNITYRossmoori Houses For RentPRINCETON, center of town,short term rental forChristmas visitors, 4 bdrms.fully furnished, lihen un~Jkitchenware suppliedtparking. $125. uper week. Cal609-452-2652 or a21-1175.EWING TOWNSHIP -- 3bedroom semi. Large kitchen,full dining room living roomfireplace. $250. Nassau Rea ty.609-896-1295 or 392 6~9HOUSE RENTAL -- InKingston, a short walk to thebus line, you’ll find this 4bedroom home with 2~& baths,a.front to rear living morn,formal dining room, large eatinkitchen and family roomwith fireplace. $550. per me.,lOllN T. IIENDERSONRealtors609-443-4800~T WINDSOR -- New4bedroom colonial wall to wallcarpet central air excellentocation, immediate occupancy609.799-2755, 212-592-lOt9.WEST WINDSORTWP. -- 4 bedroomColonial, large living room,dinin~ room familyroom, eatinkitchen 2’~ baths. Excellentlocation on a pleasantquiet street. Available immediatelylease till July 1.F exib e. 609-921-1535.. COUN’FI{Y IIOMESFOIl ItENTWASIIINGTON TOWNSHIP --2 bedroom colonial half of adouble house, 15 m nutes toPrinceton. $250. per month.IIOPEWELL TOWNSHIP -- 2bedroom secluded cottage onbeautiful country estate,Prineetou phone and address,$425 per month.EAST AMWELL -- 20minutes to Princeton, 3bedroom ranch overlooks 145acres $325. per me.YAi{DLEY, PA. -- 4 bedroomcolocial overlooking the[)elawure, Convenientlocation. $375. per me.¯ (tolIThenlpsmtLslut=- A Guardian Development Community . GI;OUPS ACCEP’I~Dand one Store in New r Inert RENT--New Dalu~BTl!ursday, November 21, 1974,bsdroom brick Colonial, 1acre wooded lot in country,Professional Office SpaceROEEMOOR, P,O, BOX 393 PP 1|.20 Townhouse at Queenston 2½ baths, 2 fireplaces, 2Building in Montgomery Shopping Center.CRANaURY, N,J. OSEI2Conunol~s, ;l bdrnts. 2~,~ baths, car garage ...... $75,000,liv, rm diu. rm kitchen den,~ ICAN’T BE AT ROSEMOOROVER THE HOLIOAYEOFFICE I$ OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ’921.6060Swintgdngfell bgsenlent& tennis&privileges.garage’PLEASEEND ME LITERATURECell bus, hrs 609-921.t~00, Eves COMMERCIAL PROPERTY-& wkntls 924-~g4,East Windsor 150x196 let, 4EvenlngE and Sundays, CogNAME____room house, expansion at.~ EAST WINDSOR . New 4 tic, small workshop, Excellentfor professional orAODREESbedroom Colonial hi excellentlocation, Avallablo Ira-City ............................STATE .......AIIenD’Arcy, 799-O6B, DeanHlgglnt, 799.,525me(iitaly, $400, per monthbusinesslocgt or $55,006,~[ TEL,PHON, ............................... ~ plus ,till.as, 1 year lease, 1’(,Jack Stryker, 921.67S2 I;)E~,LIO[t’William SchaeEsler, 921.8963 ................. ., no LI a aocur|ty requtreu,HarvayRude, 201.359.5327 ~,~.~..~r~’~~ Fally 9ari!ete~, air coaditiobBU.Call fiog-448-4OBl, Apts, For Rent Apts. For Rent week d,tvaAP’I~ tin, reat eu a beautifal 51tOt~MAF’T,. Manv010,$120,’J’OWNIIOUSb.~ Ct)NDO.¯ [grill In Griggstewn, 3 reonl nitro, No }eta, Calhtfter fi, 201. MINItJM -- Prhtcotoa,$ I N. Main II,Apts. For Rent el, t- yu!’y hwge pret!y kli. 725.77fii, t~uee,tatun Co,,,,,tpua ,Crenhury, H,J,t’neg, hying I’eein nt~uroomr¢,h’gatns, ’J% batl=, study, II1,|]22 er 441,247r ,$275, p t s utll us’, tire4 route firepigco, p0ol, teuals couz’LESTATES 2 IEDItClt)MS -- a r con. apt, ¯ g .go k tche ~ witll MANVtIJ,EI 3~,~ rm, ~tpt, hegt$67511ne, 600.tBII-9730,dltioged garde i gpartnte a I~altlt~.l cell ng, gqod size & Ia~l w t or incluuod, No ........J Unhlgs I ark Like S, itio~iu Millstoae ’]’u’p,lieat hdcudua heat, Itol water, Ilvhtg ream and Ultatuh’a ¯ I chllth, ea tg’ pats, t ntg, IltlLISES I,’tllt RENT - CallHouses For RentCustom built homes on 1 to 3 acre heavily wooded cggkhlg I~ts and ~tot’ TV large bodrtx ii|a ~0g, )l~s seCUl’ity, 120D 52ti.’,lil72, ufter tl, 6~).14a.421lg,ciil.de.aag lots. Indiv!dual home aitea alao ngokup, Call for appeinhuent utilities, Call 2al-;LSg.,I,tg3,bedrpoiR,, ! barb, Itv!ag togl~,201-Ttl=.t?511, ltueldunt ............available fur purchase, Located OD MIIlat0nu Rd; tngult~er ea Wet ace tk y i~ ,NVIhLE,.- 4~a r~)tt~s,’~)W’N~F(}’(J’~];]’~IAIII[~)~I~’NS,[Urlllal dhitRg i’~ttt, lal’ge eat,1~ rniloaaouthofRoule33, lit= king 10~, Apt, I.A, c 4tie or inlddlu aged. no & ’.2 bdt’u~ gpta from $ fl5 CI,AItKSIIUI{(I-, SllUq our ,t!t kltcltell, Good Rl~0d I~ntryc Tth’ei ur pets, Avail, 1)0¢,Iliglitslewn, Supt, att atte, (lO. [~drognt country apa’t tie t, nLgd rUODt, Full baEgutelit r aBUOevalapndnndDulltby III,:(JII)NAhCOUIITAIr,I~, I AlqUy 14B S, 3rd Aye,,4,1g,211111,. ..... wllh fireplggo, in a ~.fl| y wglk.up attic, t ear garege,Ih~gtunalC0urt&lGMaloat, 1~ Rvflkt. ’ ......................... ll~}tl~e’ l[cCtllt[ly realedeled, ~150, I~l’ iltenlh,LlViltgSyst~:lls, ht¢.,’~APAIVrMl~:NT,lteugllll~mk, Oil ,I eere, ~url’ouaded bynca,’ hu ~rdua Med t’a Ct’ i lli~D"-]~L~[l~’l’,~;’~’l~"f0t t 5 l’,snn~ and lal b, L~t fhR ’, WogUa blaL I telds *200/ a JOI N ’r, I1l, NI)HIISON INC,(201) 279.79311 or (201) 3411.011#2llgn!c’danlllghSch~,l3 l~drganl~, separate ulIRtlc~, p ua atl lliL, o, 6~.=11.~/4t,llogl gra, ........ ,, ; IQ011| ngt)tii, N,J, Fox ILal lit l’l’lncelea $230/nla, Call [I elu skyMeadaws, (] iUlt~, ~9,799. Agolicy, tea tBr, 201.’/’~5.1~L~’,1,(Io9.,H~.411~......... MI LLSTONE WOO D Smodified salt.box, 9 ..... 2½ bath .... pped in alumi .... Idlng ..... ted byan .,, brickattached garage with a barn loft reedy for holiday occupancy, A rare variety of charm, warmth,aed elegance, all forCALL PENNINOTON ............................................. $128,500.HOWARD WAY - This 2 year old, 3 bedroom rancher in Princeton Farms has’immediateavailability, Larg eat-in kitchen, dining room, living room, family room with fireplace and 2full baths. Many custom features throughout. Professionally landscaped,CALL PENNINGTON ............................................. $~,90~.MAPLE LANE - This immaculate 4 bedroom home is ready for the growing family. 2 fullbaths, panelled family room, dining room and screened po ch Beaut fu ly landscaped yard.Children can ride their bikes to schoolCALL PSNNINOTON ............................................. $69,900.SINGLE13/VIN RIVERS - Direct bus routes to N,’Y. or minutes from N.J. Turnpike isthis move-in condition 7 rooms, 2~ baths, 2 story colonial Full basement, garage andlovely kitchen are only a few of its delightful features. Also offered VA Et FHA tea qualifiedbuyer.CAlL PENNINGTON ........................... ... ............... tNg,gQ0.RENDEZVOUS - with’nature. R’oam the 8 acres that su’rround your hillside hiclaaways orenjoy tba warmth of the fireplace in this really "different" 5 room and bath house in MontgomeryTownship.CALL PENNINGTON ............................................. #64.500.CONTEMPORARY 2 STORY - Every hour spent in this lovely house would ba a distinbtpleasure, Its simplicity and quality is carried out in every detail, spacious living room withfireplace - glass wall looking out over large terrace, resulting in a seasonal pagaantry ofever-changing nature. 4 generous bedrooms, 2½ baths. Central air, framed by toweringtrees.CALL PRINCETON ............................................... $~4,$00.PRINCETON BOROUGH - Mid 50’s. 6 bedroom, Colon’ial, large, high ceiling rooms, Lotsof old wood, Walking distance to Nassau Street. Off-street parking for 3 cars.CALL PRINCETONPRINCETON ADDRESS- Lovely family room with a wood-burning corner fireplace.Cheerful kitchen with bright breakfast nook, large formal dining room with windowall.let Floor-Master Suite with dressing room sad bath plus 3 upstairs bedrooms and bath - 2car garage - basement - utility room - central air. Large trees (1¾ acres)CALL PRINCETON .............. ................................. $$2.500.FOR THE FOLLOWlNO, CALL WEST WINDSOR;UNDER $50,0003 bedroom twin, brick, newly decorated; close to water ..................... $17,500.3 bedroom Colonial, 2 ½ baths, garage; 2 years old ........................ $46,900.UN THE $50’eWest Windsor 3 bedroom Split, */= acre, garage ........................... $151,000.East Windsor 4 bedroom Split; FHA or VA if qualified ...................... $r~,S~LWooded lot, West Windsor 3 bedroom beauty ...........................$a7,000.Ranch in West Windsor, wooded lot; FHA or VA if qualified ................. $~.~.Colonial, 4 bed o~ms, 2 ½ baths, 2 car gaiage .......................... .. $59,900.Colonial split, 4 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces; West Windsor ...................... S5~,9(~IN THE$gQ’aMortgage Money Available; Real Beauty, 4 bedroom Colonial ................ t~6~ea.Close to station; extra sharp Colonial, 4 bedrooms ......................... $68,000.Built 1909 in Cranbury, 4 bedrooms, beautifully decorated ................... *~9,Sea.Brand new raised ranch on 1,6 acres of woods, 4 bedrooms .................. $64,900.So. Brunswick - Walk to IB M; 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 Y= baths, garage, Yz acre ...... $61~ea.IN THE $70’s’4 bedroom Ranch, 2 baths, ½ acre, central air ............................ $74,900.Brand new 4 bedroom + den, central air, acre + wooded lot ................ $77,000.5 bedroom West Windsor Colonial, family room + den;Terrific .............. $79,900.IN TH E $80’=Wooded lot. Quality, Beauty, Warmth, 4 bedrooms + extras ................. $~9,500.U,S. 1 - le acre¯, zoned for light industry, offices, research, professional centers and otheruses, A contemporar.y house is on the property. A good investment aa well as a fineresidence.CALL PRINCETON ............................................... $79~=00.LOTS FOR SALE2 Acre wooded buildirlg lot in Montgomery Township, Perk Test, Soil Log.CALL PBINCETON ............................................... $1a,1~0.YOUR CHOICE OF BUILDINGS LOTS - Washington Township - 12 acres with excellentroad frontage, Owner will hold mortgage for qualified buyer - $52,900. MontgomeryTown¯hip - Stouts Road - 206 x 570 approved and ready for building permit,-$19,500. Hop¯well Town¯hip - Van Dyke Road - R+ acres of rolling wooded land.-Aeklne $30,000. Also on Featherbed Lane- 3.8 acres of open land - $30,000.CALL PENNINGTON3 OFFICES TO SERVE YOUPRINCETON e WEST WINDSOR e PENNINGTON~924.0095 799.1100 737,3301M£S| ~o:2::: ....r~[AL ~Of~ ’ let ring peopll~ $1nc ~ 18Q5CRANBURY ¯ t.ovoly 4STANLEY T. WHITEREALff,;,INC,NEW CAPE CODThe perfect homo for s growing family or anyone, In thecountry, yet convenient, Over 1,100 sq, ft, of IIvlngspace downstalro, plus expansion for 3 bedrooms andbath upstairs, Almost 3 acres, KIpgwood Township Amore- $$4,900ESTATE SITE25 beautifully wooded acres with completeeocluelon. Low tax area. Holland Township.JuEt $64,000IN HORSE COUNTRYAlmosl 3 spree of land and e brook plus e lovely nowmaintenance frog 3-bedroom ranch, 2 full baths,custom kitchun, living room, dining room, large familyroom with stone fir¯pings, Altachad 2 car garage andcircular drive, Klngwood Township,Just $|7,000JUST LISTED7,88 acres, Rarltan Township, Old York¯ Rd,Only $16,000THE BORACK AGENCY INC’R~MtorEFlvml,0ton 101,782,1970Nt, 202 at Conttrvlllo I miles tart at tittle,Som~rsat,Huut~rden MLS,Mamber|

HOME HUNTER’S GUIDEThursday, November 21, !9"~4’l r ,,,,,,,,LATTENTION: APARTMENT RENTERSfSwitch your rent dollars toa luxurious new cond0miniumTwin Rivers! Better living...tax advantages, too!UP TO 90% FINANCING AVAILABLEFOR QUALIFIED BUYERS....FROM THE PROFESSIONALSBRAND NEW LISTINGOUT OFTHE ORDINARY and into this spacious 4 bedroom, 2]A bath home withall the little extras that make a house a home, like walnut stained floors and woodwork,kitchen with all the little extras that make Mom smile including the selfcleaningoven. The living room has an old brick fireplace, the family room is richlypanelled and overlooks the rear yard, and the dining room is large enough for formalentertaining. There is a full basement, storage attic and 2 car garage. All thison a quiet dead end street and just perfect for the eommuter ..... ..... $76,500.5 IN THE FORTIES9-B’1t II and 2 BEDROOMCONDOMINIUMSRemarkably priced at$24,900 to $32,000AS LITTLE AStO% DOWN30 YR. MORTGAGESfeaturing¯ Central air cond/tioningwith individual room controls¯ Beautiful wall-to-wallcarpeting¯ Gleaming G.E. kitchens withrefrigerator, range/oven,and dishwasher¯ Clotheswasher and dryer¯ Abundant closet apacePre-wlred TV outletsAUONVILLAGE,I,,],hisHere’s thefantasticbus schedule!You can own a beautifullyappointed garden home in this newcountry town at a monthly costhatmay be less than your present rent!AClu~l PhoIogtaphCome see these spacious, luxurious gardenhomes at Avon Village. Figure what you’ll savein income tax deductions for interest and taxes,Consider the equity you’ll be building year afteryear instead of paying rent bills. Then look at thegood living you can afford in Avon Village!We’ve got acres and acres of greenery andsafe, quiet streets. You can walk to most everything,.. shopping center, 2 banks, library, medicaland professional offices. There are 4 swimand tennis clubs with membership for everyresident.You’ll meet nice neighbors of all ages at theAvon Village clubhouse that has attractive facilitiesfor cards, games, hobbies and get togethers.If you work in New York, commute from TwinRivers in just about an hour. Express buses leavehere practically every ten minutes weekdaymornings. (See schedule below).It’s a great Vaiuel a great’inve’stme’nt, The timetoact is now!, ¢o..o.,.,.. ATWIN RIVERSHew Jersoy’s FIrst Totally Planned EnvironmenlM Cotnmunily(609) 448-9000 i,~easl on ~loule 33 one rode to enlrance.by prJ)snv~t,s No. N.Y J07It-East Windsor Township, New Jersey/Phone:Direcbons: New Jersey Tt:np,ke SQuib Io Exit S, Iheni~ not ;m,,flt, ril~g+ ~birh r.n he ready ¢mlyi i H,i i iiANiL, In 6~0 630 63o 640BUScHlaUL£-MO~DAy rHtlU tqtIOA yA. NVC r15 ~ 135 74564575O655 705 715 12s 140eoo elo 112o 030 e,t~750o55Pet,AirinNYCt~$ a*0 1000I~ 2o0 43090Q 915 I10~ 105 315 515500715700 coo 90a1115 915 1015Am ee "LvNYC 730 930 H3O 130 330 415 430 440 450 500 505 510 5t5 520A,,TM 830 t03o ~23O 23O 430 ~15 530 540 55O 6OO e, 05 510 el5 a20Leave ~2~ 53O ~3~ ~a ~4~ ~e ~® 610 620 700 730 83O 93O 1030x. II 625 ~3O e3o 6401645 650~001710 720 000 030 930 103011130=-Oil lllal101111 II 0al e u l i ii1011111 l lllllilllllllUlllllallllllllllflllllIt llllgllU01111111l llll01a 0111tllllliUlllalllllllllllllilllllllllillii a l lllliiil|l i ll~ ’= =$300 MonthJy_--.E! _==i_===EiHILTONREALTY CO. of PRINCETON, Inc. Realtors194 Nassau Street 921-6060iDNE Chit (IAIIAGF.. 10lh’oad St,, fligh slow t, llll,00 Efficiencles- $150IN AN EXCLUSIVE AREA OF NORTH BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP Is a trulyix, r too, 6~1:19(M~,)7, 1 Bedroom - $180 2 Bedroomfine new custom built home, Quality rnatodals used by reel craftsmenmake this an outstandlrig value, Plan Is arranged for having either four orILF, NTM,.q Resort A,, apartments with wallrowall carpeting, drapes or blinds, up.five bedrooma on the second floor, Three full bathrooms, plus a library orafioncee and alr.ceoditioninU,bedroom on the first floor, Two zone heating and air conditioning,P, GSSMOOR- tloautil’ul adult Properties i. Mealocatirm dose to shopping, and major ,ran.eelllmwlity, Two 2.b~droom vaportadarr,bath bonies, Furelshod aild$13S,$00,tinfurlllshed, $450 & $’.125.’VACATItiN IN 1,0VEI,Y Steele, Roeloff and SmithSee our otltor adz throughout Home Hunter*s Ouldo,PI,AINSBOIIO .- l.~tioi Tqtilei evil,rig i/i Florida I(eys,haole odults 2 bedruonls, 7 !~,unlplctety, furiiished 7Realtors~IUlUlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIItll elille 10111 lUll 011111111111fl Illilllllllllllllalllllalllllllll!l i iiIiiOll fill a llllllllUalllUlll lUllllllUlllUllllalllllll lubat ~s, f~ 50,iloarearri rio Ise hirl~o:~t~rct!acd parcii uii canal with 609-655.0080,..,.,.,ow.- .,odroo., ,.....,, ,.,..,,oep .ate..as-or, ........ , ~ 609.448.881|t bath Ililuoh, $2UU. ll¢l.’ess: l:lsllhrtt Slau’kllagswhnnliog palll, AvatJable bytOFFICE SPACE20 NASSAU, PRINCETONSintle ouites ................... $65. $85. $125,5 r0ma suile, ilbtss epclo~ed (1200 sq, It.) ........ $620,Carpeted, wut)d.paoellod (2200 sq, It.) .......... $150,Gloss erlclussd rocepliorl, 5 separate otficos ond large apes6i0a, (3800 oq, It.) ..................... $1200,StoroBo SpaceCall 609.452.2652 weekdapItHouses For RentCONDOMINIUM -- 2Bedrooms Fully carpetedCentral Air Balcony EntryPorch Tenanto Pay utilitiesand Secur ty.$575 With Option to BuyWEST WINDSOR ,5 Bedroom2,,z Bath Colonial on 3/4 Aa,Lot n Pr me Pr nceton MaaorArea, Slate Entry Stone WallFireplace in Family Room,Central Air Ne-Wtlx KitchenFloor. Plus Many DesirableAssets, Anxious Owaer WantsOffers.DOLL HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY- a 2 bedroom gem set on a well manicured rural ]Aacre which was professionally landscaped. A comfortable low maintenance home ideal foryoung marrieds or a retired couple. Call today to see this ! ! ! ! ............... $43,500.BEAT INFLATION on this colonial home that offers an income from an apartment. Oneapartment has 3 bedrooms, the other has 2 bedrooms. For a limited time only we areprepared to offer 90°-/o financing to qualified buyers and the owner will consider anyreasonable offer.HURRY! ! ! ! Call today ........................... ............... $45,000LOVELY BI LEVEL in a quiet neighborhood is this immaculate 3 bedroom, 1 ]A bath,home on a professionalandscaped lot. Large living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen.Warm spacious panelled family room with a raised hearth fireplace and attached garage."Move In" condition at .......................................... $48,400.HICKORY ACRES- Be advised to see this house before it is too latex This big, bi-level inbeautiful condition has 4 bedrooms, modern eat-in kitchen, living room, dining room,family room and laundry room. All this on a well manicured ]A acre lot ....... $49,000.AIR CONDITIONED BI LEVEL with fenced in yard with 3 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, largeliving room, dining/r0om, eat,in kitchen, huge panelled family room with a brick wallfireplace and attached garage. No reasonable offer refused for this very convenient locationand pretty neighborhood ....... ................................... $49,990.AND IN THE SIXTIES~EST WINDSOR WOODED wONDERLAND- frames this 4 bedroom house that isperfect for the first home buyer. The house comes fully equipped with washer, dryer,refrigerator, wall to wall carpeting and even has stereo jacs in the living room and on therear patio. Move right in! No extra expenses! Call now for appointment ....... $61,900TRANSFERRED OWNER WANTS QUICK SALE on this superb 5 bedroom housewith every feature and convenience you want to find in a home. Spacious central foyer,lovely living room, good size dinhtg room will hold massive furniture and large eat-in kitchenwith adjoining laundry, mud room. Make your move today ............ $67,900.CALIFORNIA CONTEMPORARY unique in its setting and ideal for the person whodares to be different. There is comfort, convenience and utilky to be found with a livingroom for formal entertainment, family room for informal entertainment and a recreationroom for the children. Mother will love the trash compactor. Father will love the maintenancefree exterior, and the whole family will love the central air-conditioning in this fine4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Its vacant and we have the key. Just reduced to ...... $73,500.utilities, t~2~,71t’/!l[t_°L’.u ]).m~ ............!~,tt ~,q~[q3q’~;:;;;;:, fullyPI,A NSIIIIRt) AII, EA .-. 3 II *;At:ll FI I)NT APT, . all Voi’elallt Till’key Par SKIIN(I FAM LY or’t unl ap|. lot flalrr fla’nisliod hoiiulifiil Sa|llil Ire Ihiy St, ’llienkstlivlng? Eat t thor° ~,$1x)nsiblo )tll’anlls I l °restedtxm~hes, xar~.I, ]~rktn~, $’,II)IL ar allfurlll~lhcd, uduits, "llOllilia, IJl’l. I irid flooralill roiil our r ioli~ ohaio| w ih ill l’elitlllil our il~w It.stui,~ "A")~_~ :.- -- - ~ ._~.~ ~ ~:" ..~, ,~ ?,.7 ~ ~ ,’" ~lleV IRK), (’,till fi09.45~l+~fi53 erslecphill,l vhill i,iialu llli’llefiiil(Ottlk~ "¢iuw, ~ llelltt 10, Call fl’altle diillet hi |he Itx~onos~31.1175,Sh[,~EPINt} I’uo!e for gall. x!drtio iL Otllillil)u I kttt’,borl, ~1 tlliti-021.11iilli eve r g,, for we(ills wookelals, er I/’-Ilk~lilalr,ONE OF IqtlNCL’~"ON’Stlk% aii eel li I i lea, tit’..- ........... ........ iJlitlliil. Pk, a~e ~ell eve~, 6011.fhleot hltses we able imCillnlnodales all lali lll’!lalat, HAY III,IAD, N,J, ~lili,, 711J far de,el it, () ilyrnlil, fr,ael J it?k 1: ’osl idl Illnledhltety Co tt ’e resell rtr, ttil.ll tlteliltu (~., ~’l

¢HOMEHUNTER’SGUIDE10-B " "’ Thursday, November 21, 1974THE LOMBARDO AGENCYRealtorsKINGS COURTl A new commuoity of custom homes in the heart of Ponnington Borough featuringI traditional designs by the areas most distinguished architects and quality construction byJ Hopewell Valley Builders, Call our Pennington office now to choose your plan for SpringI occupancy. Pricestart at around $95,000 with financing available to qualified buyers.SHIP-SHAPEMany smooth years of living available in this clean 3 bedroom rancher with full basementand "his and her" garage, This recently redecorated home is graced by tasteful landscaping.Financing is available if you qualify. Call East Windsor for more details.STURDY AS A FORTBut oh, so much more attractive and comfortable. 3 bedrooms, plaster walls, fullbasement, and an extra large garage, FHA-VA financing available !o qualified buyers, CallEast Windsor to see it soon, $42,900.FAMILY LIVINGIn a family community in Hopewell Borough. This 3 bedroom rancher has a "must see"family room, 2 full baths, a fully equipped kitchen, full basement, an oversized garage sndmuch, much more. Call Pennington - it’s priced under $$0,000.Features:5 Superb models to choose from - 2 Ranches, 3¯ SWIMMING POOL¯ FEDERAL STYLE COLONIALColonials - 3 and 4 bedroo models available. Oura PLAYGROUND FACILITIEScountry homes are set on 18,000 sq, ft. lots and all¯ OFF STREET PARKINGItloving care. 17 rooms including servants quarters (can behave 2 cer garages.¯ AIR CONDITIONERSmother-in-law apartment today). New baths, eye-catching new kitchen, many fireplaces,KITCHEN WITH DINING AREAVillage 2 in New Hope, Pa, now ins,res youunique details, unbelievable landscaped gardens to complement the working fountain and I DIRECTIONS: Rt. 1 and 2q6 to beautiful new extension Interstate1-95 south.,.only s few minutes to Scotch Rd. Exit,the unusual gazebo, Also a 2 ½ story barn. Make an appointment through our Windsor of- I¯that, if hard times find you out of work, youTHERMOSTAT CONTROLLED HEATwon’t find yourself out of an apartment.flee to see it soon. $95,000. I Drive across Scotch Rd, to Nursery Rd, and continue one mile(includedrental)to models. Mountain View Golf on left - models on right,It makes sense. After all, what fun is itDrive Out Todayl¯ WASHER & DRYER FACILITIESliving on a woodsy hilltop in New Hope, in aa RESIDENT SUPERINTENDENTLAND, LAND, LANDplace with indoor-outdoor pools, tennisModel Phone (609) 882.6847¯ MASTER IV ANTENNAcourts, a ski slope and lodge and saunas andExclusive Sales Agent: Ideal Realty (201) 283-2600HOPEWELL TOWNSHIPsuch, if you’re worried about losing it?32 acres of prime development land near Princeton Farms. Offered at $4,500 per acre. CallCome out to Village 2. See our beautifldour Pennington office for complete details.Business Realapartments for as low as $260 a month. AndLAWRENCE TOWNSHIPEstate For Rent MODEL APARTMENT OPEN DAILYask one of our Sales Counselors for all the32,2 acres located behind the new mall at Route 1 and Quaker Bridge Road. Owner will(6O9) 448-5935details on the linlited tiute offer of our uniquehelp finance a qualified buyer. Call Windsor for full details.EAST WINDSOR CUSTOMIZED OFFICES --new Rent Insurance Plan, It protects you200-11,000 sq,ft. Uniqueagainst unexpected problems while you’reTownshipWEST WINDSORcampus setting convenient.4 bedroom, 2½ bath, 9enjoying some unexpected pleasures.within minutes N.J, & Pa,58.8 acres now planted in crops. Excellent residentialocation. $4,400 per acre. Also has room colonial. Formal Turupikes, 130, 206, Ig5 295. Business Realan 8 room house and 2 car garage on the property.dining room, large living Low rentals. 609-296-6800.Call: (215) 862-2091room, all with wall to wallEstate For RentMANALAPAN TOWNSHIPcarpeting. Separate den STORE & OFFICES for leasePROFESSIONAL3 ½ acres zoned commericla. The price of $65,500 includes a small house that could easily and family room. Both are-- Pennytown Shoppingbe used as an office. Call Windsor for details.Village has a store available, OFI,’ICE OR COMMERCIALpanelled. Large kitchen ideally suited for a gift shop SPACE for rent -- availablewith eat-in area including also 2 offices on 2nd floor. All Jan. 1 1975 located in Rocky OFFICE SPACEVilhge2.P.O. Box 2222, New Hupe, Pi’, 18938CRANBURYdishwasher and many extras,full basement, 2 car 2234 or write, Pennytown 609-466-1948 or 609-587-9100,area via brand new Rt. 1.95 extension toutilities included. Call 609-466-lti P.O. Bud ng. It00 sq.ft.DIRECTIONS; We’re 15 mimaes closer to Ihe Trentos10 acres zoned industrial near exit aA. Includes a 10 room dwelling and several out-J buildings. 1025’ of road frontage, Priced at $166,000. garage on half acre landscapedlot.N .J . 08 5 3 4.EAST WINDSOR Hightstown -Manager, Rt. 31, Pennington,in center ofNew Hope exit, Rt, 32 North to New Hope. if~i~ltOPEN 7 DAYS ¯ Mon..FrL 10-9 p,m, ¯ Sat. 10.5 p.m, ¯ Sun, 1-5 p,m.......... Only $66,900.Prime retail space. Approximately450 sq. It. at busyEast WindsorEXCELLENT OFFICEMember Multiple Listrng ServiceSteele, Rosloff SPACES - fine location incenter of Princeton, w/wintersection with ample Phone 448-2100Buyers Protection PlanElectronic Realty Associates~and Smithcarpet air conditioning andparking. $350, per mo.freshly decorated, all utilities,East Windsor OfficePenningto nOfficeRealtor 620 sq, ft. 355 sq. ft. and 265 sq,JOIIN T. IIENDE]tSON IN(_!.Realtors Pa’ PropertiesRoute 130 Route 31609.655.0080 609.448.8811ft. Prone 609-924-1414. ¯ 609-443-4800(609) 443-6200 L_~(609) 737.9200Land For SaleOFFICE SPACE 1, 2, 3, 4 or Brunswick AreaSOLEBUItY AREA, Bucks5 rooms. Nice locatiou.FOR LEASE County, Pu, Launch a life styleOFFICESPACEt4 ACRE WOODED improvedbuilding lot in Bore.ill a new bame in Valley ViewANABLE-EVEItETT 30,000 DQ. FT. Vilhtge, If you hsve dreams ofREALTYWill Divide$9000. Reply Box 823, Hightstown.a luxurious new home in aPrincetoa Jet. Located at the intersection of picturesque setthtg yourBroker 609-799-1661 Rts. l& 130, accessible to N.J. dream home is being builtTpke,now. 31 custom Itomes IIISELXCLUSIVE LOTS - in Elmdesigned and built IorRIVEROAD SECTIONRidge Park. 1W~ acres, $28,000oFFICE SPACE - on Nassau Exclusive Broker ’ luxmious lain ily living, lau’goup. Princeton prestige area..St., Princeton. 500-1500 sq.ft.IN BEAUTIFUL EWING TOWNSHIPcolonials with 4 or 5 bedrooms,=Harold A. Pearson, 609-737-awdlablc from $300 per muJ G T( uality appointments, 2 homes Up to over 3,000 sq. It, of livlng area, 4 E~ 5 bedrooms, 2~2203.up. Parking spaces also JACOBSON, GOLDFARB uaw completed starting at baths, 2-car garages and basement. 6" x 3" insulationall__-=REALTY CO. of PRINCETON, Inn. Realtorsa~,ailablc. Call 609-921-3633 TANZMAN ASSOC. ’ $06,500. l>urk Wet herill houses, Gas heat, 50 gal, glass-lined hot water heater, city__=290 Hobart St. PerthAmboy Associates. 1-215-348-3500. water and sewers.=== SOUTtl BRUNSWICK -- OleI,’ICESPACE(201) 442 -4444104 Nassau Street6 BEAUTIFUL MODELS921-6060beautifully treed residentialbuilding lot with water and New modern subtwban officeBUCKS COUN’I~ - UpperPRICED FROM:OI,’HCE SPACE I"OR RENT.sewer. 201-297-3780, center on Rt. 287 interchange,Makefield Twp. Mt, Eyrelit I’rincetoa. 1 Io 6 rooms,Space available from ~0-Manor I mile North of 1-95 $46,990t’arpet,cd, Air conditioned,------ 60001)sq.ft, Prestigious neigh-htlerchauge at Yardley.Unlimited parking, Medm’ntoEAST AMWELL TOWNSHIP bra’s. Partitioning to suit, huilding }It Rescarch Park, I’luilders closcout. Make offer-- Friendly, likablo neighbors Carpeting air conditioning,tin gds now 2 story colouialCall 1109-924-7500, $65,990Waiting to welcomo you. blinds included, Prvato enhomeconsist,lag of 4- ~ ’ ~ ~ .......... :,.:: .... - ~= Picturesque woodland setting, trance. Ample parking.’ bedrooms, 2tz baths, formal 20 ~*V, Down.... ~ = This 5 acres (3 acres zoned) Reasonable rental on short l-IuGi~- ~ SH-O-P --dinhlg room, recreation roomMortgages Avoilablacould very easily be the term lease,wired for welding, Studio or with lircplace, medm’n kittoQualifledBuyers.location you have dreamed of.storage, HeatavaiI. Insulated. cheu, air conditioning, 2 car---’!i ~i~< ill;: ~" ..........................t11’~ :~*’~" ~’:" II~:; 1 ~’’": ~~-==Priced at $40OO Per acre, If IIoraeeC. Sblunan 201-359-6856, garage, full basement, large SECOND SECTION OPEN NOW,,~ r,,,,, t~"~,interested please give us a 201-469-2233lot.DIRECTIqNS: From N.Y, ~ North jersey take Rt, 1 soucall.WARREN PLAZA WEST-R’r.south {a ¼ mile past Lawroneevillo Inspection Stationl: Continue to Rt.#130 EAST WINDSOR, STORE MJ, Cahdano hie. I{ealh)rs 29 north (Lamber tville), a ¼ of mi le toDel aware e, Ris()SCAR WOLFE IIEAIA’Y OFFICEEASTSPACEWINDSOR SPACE FOR RENT 215-949-2600 DELAWARE RISE,FOR RENTEg9-397-21381001) sq,ft. $450 me. From Pa.: Rt, 1-95 across Scudder Fall Bridge to Exit 29 noral ILam-WARREN PLAZA WEST 1881) sq.ft. $700mo.FLILIX It FSTOBEI) 250 yr, berlvltlo); exit at second ri0hto DELAWARE RISE, Fiom T[enton’, nt.Rt. i30 & Dulch Neck Rd,l+ ACRE, wooded secludedExistingplUs taxes 20aridstoreUtilities’shopping !i!ios~ill’ttinl~t~’’i~~ ii~ f 29 noeth (John Filch Pkwy,)DELAWARE RISE, .....d Washinglon’s Crossing di,ectly toic!!Hl¢~iEXCEPTIONAL LOCATION FOR ALL DESIRES, New well constructed four =lot $1)500, 3.7 ACRE building 2 room suite, $240 month’net. plaza. FDIIy air conditioned Ii !Open6daysll-6P,M, .~. bedroom Colonial with aluminum siding. Fireplace in family room, full ~_lot, wooded with view, nice 6 room suite (complete with UCOustic ceiling reecssed County, ()aly few minutes¯ LTues.~t Fd. 11.8P,M,-CIosedThurs.secluded location, terms office furniture, 1880 sq, ft.), ligifing paneled walls, tile h’oml)oylestowu. Elcgaatandbasement with high ceiling, two car attached garage,available, asking $15,000. 3 $1150.~MODEL PHONE: (609) 883-5603floor, Excellent location on spacious home ~includes 7 ....i ACRE building lot high with Attractive prestige building S ate I wy. #t,301/4 mi, south llrep.laces, 2 brick-flooredtrees excellent road frontal~c, with ample parking in ex- of the Princet,on-Highlstown ae ~ y ’~}tus wih fi ’cp. acos,- m see ! $19,000,7+ ACBES, high with eellent, location, Paneled ltd. 2 yr, lease with option¯ uvers~zcd lk, ing room hbrarytrees, variance approved, walls, carpeting, aeeoust,ic Call 600-4484024 wcokdays for diuhlg rooin, breakfast room, Real Estate Real Estate_= = uskJng $24,500. All above ceilings, eent,ral air con. appoinlment,AI,L WITII I,’IRI,]I~I,ACES.Sea our other ads throughout Home Hunter’s Guide.liatbtgs are only minat,es from dit,iouiug, I or 2 year lease with .L---’-z------~-.: I (’us(out kitelma, hutler’s For Sale For Sale:~IUlI1.8111)IIIIlUlIIlU10UlIIIIIII01UllU10111110118111)IIIIIlII01tlI8811)I081101011181111010" I Ul88181i11111U11811811)1108116881811181111)8181~=itPrinceton, Mid Jersey ll~lty option, Available ira- Business Keal pantry, laundry, 2 x)wderRoute 208, Belle Mead, N,J. mediately, Call 609-448-41)24r(}utns, Ellchtsed fiagslano ------ ~ * ,, , :l201-359-3444. weekdays.Estate For Sale brcc,cway Master bedrooa, ~ ’ N ~WIN~ t,OWNSH. --with lircl;lace aud full bath, 3 ~0--N ............... it L 0-6 K- ii-0"fL-Dik (~l~t,Ullleli!’-EMt -- OIIAlt~ For RA.. me11 ,aut.f 4-w ly spll ’ bonio,Oll’CONN, neor Norwich -- 30 +IN~IT"M’~’~N-’-iT--’OIt,other fx~druonls,Resort Resor! Resort311,[l, far st,0rRgo. South"Young 2 with al ..~ ...... llear(aqutctstreetoualotllSx200,,aorta, pastoral set,(,hie RESII) h:NT oWNER Iirc)hlecsant ll~btths,(Ipen I~eatedforrest,a! railing hills, pon~t,lrauswick, $55, pet’ me. 201.jUSProperties Properhes Properties329-~83.ttdruTli~ yw°il~n IP,

HOME HU VT"E ’S CU/Z)EThursdayi’v I~D[ Novembe___.__~r~i)tltt[tlJ0tl’[ 212, 197___¢ ~gl:ltl~Po R;:’ 11 Br tatlaete R~:, r ?J?:e R;:, r ?J~:e ~=q~i~,-~. INBUR&NCE"TOWNSHIP ’ IIIIIWEIDELSELI~.CTIONSBUSY AS BEAVERS . Is how’~HOPEWELL.., I/tJ ~ = ~e~v’c~ ’........,REALESTATe.’~~,~ : CI~R~MING ,l,- l0 roomaY°! ~riall~!~o~!edigngonr~ih~ng :~ i~r~ ,,~ ~ ir"~i~22~°c"f~iOPi~i~2~a~{~e~d°~~t!:~iii!i{~mP~~ "~ .,,W’~ The State Farm ;,LAtteR*~,~oangmAO~esPresstx~anSofa~ea e ced, psstu~,~rS00 ’~" - ~1/ ~ll~t~ll~Epi.oricz’~tSn~h~le S’pe~e’l~:°tdm~l;r~raiseonearm fireplacetss. south M’,lnM,rn,o,Sr,Mumptemsh........ usnnsN’J’S.,vlcol6OS)44S-,OS,~,ar~DON~ .HIBERNATEt..et out ann LIKE, on, a,A hWoemeCa~ochellPy Yo°UinbUmiY ~re~ty]lina. can find you TWIN¯ RIVERS. Comp ere nformation, on. availability, of condominiums,solid wood. beamed ceiling,’ th England Salt Box s inthe UnitedNew States. .....townhouses and single family homes In Twin Rivers. One and two bedroomformrea cabinets and .vamhes,Penn V!ew Hm~.hts. Family. IlOMEOWNERS a matchFOB RENT= Small store or shop in HightstownI~l condominiums. Two, three, and four bedroom townhouses and detachedpmsu ca.rpeun r .camraus, room, oen, z tu’e laces, ,t itELOCATIONSEitVICE °goodlocation & reasonable rent. " ’central air con’,tinning, 2-car bedrooms, 2-& bat~, 2 earhomes All a liances cen ral ir e ....OFAMERIC~ INC for life. I,EB, ] . . P..p , t , carp tmg, tennis, swimming and much,garage ¯ w th automatic ~#’age , screenedrearporcn . ’ ’ ~ much more , rricess t a art t ................ $31,600.Live where you work and ren thi store and apart- electrtc doors, and many other $87,800 WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP’ State Farm Matchmaker ~ ....ment in Higbtstown ideal for small business or of-!uxurlous appot.ntments.Lawrence BESLY"°’~"’nd bu-Country estate wth 18 acres. Service is free And soTownsn p n me ~o a ru.~ o tt ~ Good ’ . ’rices,$80’s. ECOLOGICALthis Gambrel 2-story Colonial farm p°ten~ral f°~o~l~a~lrh°~esimple. You‘PERFECTION H!!!s. 3 acres, f, am!!y roomtell us a little anaa&t-i IIATn OAKIPM e ....... It, ........ ’ *~.k’~ ...... h ma, nestled , mth o .......... Hnrh~urt o_ n . , . ,-" " about ourself our fa ilv ,...,.,~u=.r.L.. Ire’tinct I ¯ OUIJG/ HaIR I/ant mt, atl0n 0/ this =uwq u0m~division tor nomes Home in Y ’ym.,Rancher in Hightstown on large lot and borderedexcellent condition with 11your goals. We feed this in.on a ½ acre site in the Brooktree section of E. Windsor. Features include- 3 extremely large bedrooms wan open ooamea cmnng, wetby a flowing stream. 3 bedroom, ] 1~ baths, 2 plus a library with shelves and bar, fireplace, laundry room, 4rooms and 4Vz baths. Large lotformation to our computernicely landscaped withfoyer, large living room, formal dining with sliding doors overlooking patioand in a matter of secondslovely rec rooms, fireplace and all Anderson windows.$52,000. formal dining room, modern garage.,$82,500. There is a detached 4 car life insurance program thatbuilt-ice, spacious living room, bedrooms, 2-/= baths, 2 car plantings and old shade trees. it prints out a State Farm areand park~ bright modern eat-in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, laundry, 1 fullkitchen with wall ovenand 2 half baths, basement with rec areand garage. All this plus centralcharming paneled famil~ DON’TBE STUBORNLIKE Aga/’age with overhead doors.Also a very interesting 2 storymatches your needs. One2 Story. colonial in village of Windsor - priced to room, carpeting, and each ’ MULE - Let us snow you tinsyou can live with. air and carpeted throughout. Available to qualified conventional, FHA andsell, large lot and quiet street. This 4 bedroom, 1 ½ room offering an outstanding raised Rancher in Penn Viewbuilding which offers a largeVA buyers at a reasonable .......................view into nature and exquisite Heights. Modern kitchen, knotty pine panelled room$44,900.See or call:bath has a lot to offer.with brick fireplace and ex.~rounds West Windsor family room 2 fireplaces 3,dBhL iAsking $41,500. Townshil) in the $80’s. full baths, 4 ’bedrooms, 2 ~arposed beams. Excellent forEXCELLENT COLONIAL - Lovely landscaping frames this top colonialDennis Whitneygarage, central air, enclosedhobby shop or recreationalhome on a ~h acre site in E Windsor. Featuring a welcome entry foyeL,COMJMERCIAL: 8~ acres with 9 room home in HAPPY LIVING - with 9 porch. $94,900. purposes. Priced a t $160 000. 121WestWardst~!lovely private living room, formal dining, handsome modern eat.in kitchen,Washington Township. Ideal for service type rooms, Comfortably plannedHightstown, N.J.~ ~ ~"11businesses & priced to sell.for the large family. Modern A WISE OLD OWL - says this ~NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HI-lovely panelled family room, 4 bedrooms, one full plus two t,~ baths, largesat-in kitchen, formal dining spacious Rancher has warmth LEVEL: Features family 448-6667 ~:~ !storage room, laundry room and garage. All this plus aluminum siding on 3room 5 bedrooms, 2-Vz baths and charm. Family room with:room, 4th bedroom, bath andplus a full dry basement, in- fieldstone fireplace livingutitity room on the lower level,sides. Central air, carpetingand more.AvailableVAorFHAat.. $51,900.Dell doing excellent business, has 3 bedrooms, eatinkitchen, living room & 2 car garage besides the grounds in Cranbury Manor. bedrooms, 2 full baths 2 ear living room dining room, INSURANCE COMPANY , LOVELY RANCH Excellent half-acre lot frames this large and lovely 7sulated garage and lovely room with fireplace,. 3The upper level has nice size STATE FARM LIFEstore area. Ideal for family operation. Some financingavailable.huyer. East Windsor Township porcb,PennViewHeightsFHA or VA to a qualified garage, huge screened inkitchen, three bedrooms and HomeOffice:Bioorn[ngton.JitinoUbath. Ideal home for your ’ year old ranchome. Features include large foyer, living room, formalin the $40’s. $82,500 growing.family. Financing ’available for qualified buyer.dining, modern eat-in kitchen, Io~ely panelled family room, 3 large3 Lots in East Windsor Township ready to build NINE ROOM COLONIAL - EWINGTOWNSHIP , $43,9o0. bedrooms, 2~ baths, 2 car garage and basement. Such exciting extrason:with 5 large bedrooms, 2-V.z IF YOU’RE SLOW AS AReal Estatecentra]air, carpeting, drapes, patioandgasgri]l. $54,900.extravagant baths, ultra- TORTOISE . you will missMERCER STREET ¯ ........I~ acre lotsmodern U-shaped kitchen, everything this attractiveBUSINESS LOCATION:Price $13,500. carpeted and " draped Ran~:her has to offer, New Homeisinexcellentcondition. For Sale MAINTENANCE FREE- Large and lovely 5 year old home on a welll.~ Acre lots Presently a nice dwelling butPrice $10,000. living and dining room Quaker Maid kitchen, .-l ],~ Acre lotsPrice $15,000. family room with rhise~ fireplace, family room, 1%possibilities for offices or ~manicured ~h acre site in E. Windsor, Featuring large living room, formalsmall business. Seven roomshearth brick’ fireplace baths 4 bedrooms, garage, .and bath, 3 ear garage.dining, modern eat-in kitchen, extra large panelled family room, 4 large’laundry room, central air, 2- central air. Situated on a Parking area in rear. $88,900.bedrooms, 2 full baths, laundry and storage and 2 car garage. Extras incarattached garage and an beautiful landscaped lot.~18~elude Central air, quality carpeting and above-ground pool with deck..J.WESLEYARCHER MARGARETMAGAN448.2097 448.6283 ~nusually high full basement. Financing available to TWIN RIVERS: 2 story, 3 ’’MELDEMPSTERASAMOWERVIn Lawrence Township in the qualified buyer. $5a,5oo, bedroom Townhouse with all $35,900 ........... ............................. $54,900.586.1290 395.1671~O’s.QUICK LIKE A RABBIT - isappliances. Assumable 7%mortgage with low monthly FHA-VA Low Down PaymentREDUCED- Anxious owner is how you should call us aboutSUPER SPLIT ¯ Excellent, quiet location on a professionally landscapedoffering an exceptionally well rids English Tudor designed payments of $331.00 including I’o Qualified Buyers. Quad I,taxes. $42,500.Townhouse with 2 Bedrooms, half.acre site with somestablished shade trees in the Hickory Acres sec.designed center foyer 3 Cape Cod. Modern kitchen,1CUSTOM.BUILT COtONIAL....Complete to the last luxuriousbedroom Rancher with central family room with bar den~& Laths, Full Basement, tion of E. Windsor. Features include foyer, large sunken living room, formaldetail. Maintenance-free brick with aluminum siding on air ultra-modern kitchen recreation room, fireplace, 3MOVE RIGHT IN! Are you Formal Dining Room, Fullyurgently in need of a home? Carpeted, Central Air, and dining room, 19’ eat-in kitchen, 26’.panelled family room with brickprofessionally landscaped ¾ acre. Four bedrooms, 2½.baths,]argeliving room that leads to bedrooms, 2 full baths. $45,900. We have one available now for Frost Free Refrigerator.two years old, Carpeting throughout, large slate foyer, seremodernkitchen, dramatic raised-hearth fireplace in spaciousformal dining room, both "fireplace, 4 large bedrooms, 2~ baths, basement and 2 car garage. Also in.immediate occupancy. Newcarpeted with plush off-white WEST AMWELLTOWNSHIP home offers living room, $39,900 cludes central air at a realistic $57 900.carpeting, Brick and redwood PROUD AS A PEACOCK - is ....................family room. A delightful home i nevery respect ..... $6S,000. jalousied Florida room has a the feeling you’ll have owning dining room, family, room, ~/~bath,kitchenw/eattngareaon COLONIAL in Brick and*PAINT ISLAND ESTATES New Country Development; 3 built-in gas barbeque and this attractive Rancher onFIVE BEDROOMS ¯ First rate expanded ranch home in a lovely sectionfirst floor. 4 bedrooms and 2 Alum. Siding, featuring a Slatebedroom Ranchers with 1 ½ baths on 1 acre lots in beautiful overlooks beautiful grounds almost 2 wooded acres with a baths upstairs. Fireplace in Entry, Carpeted Living Boom, in Hickory Acres section of E. Windsor. Featuers include 21W living room,Millstone Twp. Starting at ..................... $$9,900, and opens to brick patio. In stream. Modern kitchen,breakfast room formal diningliving room, 1 ear garage, Be Family Room, Eat-In Kitchen,Lawrence Township in the room, family room with opeu formal dining room, laundry room, five bedrooms, 3½ baths, 2 car garagesure tn see this one priced at 3 Bedrooms, 2 Eull Baths on a$4o’s.and basement. All this plus central vacuum, washer andryer at.beamed ceiling and fireplace,$53,900. Lovely Tree Shaded Rear ....:Yard. Low Taxes For the .......................................BEAUTIFUL CO’I~AGE - 3bedrooms, 2full baths, walk-$$8,$00.FOR RENT:!Eemtomy Minded Buyer.with aluminum siding. Cen- bridge over stream to areatraIly air conditioned, very with in-ground pool and poolHOME PLUS APARTMENT - Excellent ~ acre E. Windsor location forlarge living room with house. $78,900. Apartment for single person. $64,900Country location, 1~/,~ milesthis lovely 7 year old home. Main part of home featnres large foyer, 22’From Hightstown Ta~ight on Cranbury Rd. for (~ wall/wallming countryCarpetingkitchen,’ char-l j/2 HAMILTONTOWNgH]P from Hightstown. Needs someapprox 1~1 east over PrincetonHICKORY ACRES SPLIT -- living room, formal dining with beamed ceiling, modern eat.in kitchen,baths, 2 generous bedrooms, YOU WILL ROAR LIKE A repairs, $i10.00 per month. With Stone Wall Fireplace inJet--die - Cranbury Rd. for ap- }Family Room, Richly Car- large family room, 5 bedrooms, 2~ baths, laundry and utility room. Two carprox. 1 mile. { finished basement, garage, LlON - when you have the deedplaster walls, even a paneled to this 2 story dwelling rli ..~£.o/zo.~( ,peted Living Room, 19’ Dining garage has been converted to a "Perfect Mother.in.Law" apartment withlaundry room, plus many fireplace, situated on 2 a bedrooms, corner lot. full DenRoom, Eat-In Kitchen, 4 GoodSize Bedrooms, 2t/z Baths, living room, bedroom, and full bath. All this plus 16x35 in-ground pool,LOVRy bi-level in Roosevelt on ½ acre beautifully wooded lot, other extras. In E~ist Windwith4 bedrooms, 1½ baths, panelled family room withL~ ("b/a~ C~/[~’sorTuwushipinthe_$30,s, bath.. $24,000.Basement Central Air and 20x30 carpeted patio with double gas grill. Central air and much more.Loads of (~loset Space.fireplace, living room, formal dining room, and central air,REALTOn® c~enc~.Great buyat ............................... $63,500.Excellent Financing Available to Qualified Buyer .... $4S,Si)b. . BUY LAND: $36,900TllEY DON’TMAKE ITPiNESTATES II. Lovely new 4 Oedmom home ready for immediateoccupancy. Only one left, 80% financing to qualifiedAN YM ORE R=’A LTORS 5 BEDROOM S, 3Vz BATHg --buyers .................................... $42,900.160STOCKTONSTREETWOW! What a buy in lovely3.85ACRES-ElmRidgeRoad,WiCiltl=|HIGttTSTOWN. NEW2ERSEY08520 Hickory Acres subdivison. 2Bopewell Twp.GOOD HOUSE, GOOD NEIGHBOeHQOD, GOOD PRICEI 4$20,000 ear garage, carpeted and I /CHA~aso/v ReAz rrBedroom, 2½ Oaths, family mum with stone fireplace,paneled family room let floor,e~,~e~:~’~screened poroh, finished basement, walk to station. Many extras...................................... ’, $ES.?O0frontage.After hours & Sunday Call vacant basement, for quick 100’ x occupancy. 200’ lot,18.5 WOODED acres in W. 609-4~-4250 laundry an~[ mu(J room, Rt. 130JustNorthefTheOIdYorkalnnAmwell Twp. Excellent road~,000peracre.EXCELLENT COMMERCIAL LOCATION ½ mils from exit 8- centerof town ........ ~ ........................ $gS.OOO.2.5 ACRES - wooded llopewell R. Van Hise 448-8042(609) 448-5000E. Turp 448-2151 Make an offer,’IMp,HIGHEST COMMERCIAL LOCATION in heart of downtown$33,000 Jean Esch 448-1178 ’ E Windsor Township- Hightstown end Surrounding AreasPrinceton. Beautiful new building. Several stores available. HuPEWELL TWP. -- 6MemberBrigham Way. Be in before1.SACRES.wooded HopewelllALL AREA LISTINGS AVAILABLE Chrmtmas. Large split level Twp. $14,000 ~dwelling on quiet secluded~street. Maiorinterchange of I- 1.37 ACRES - Hopewell K . I:95, 129S within 2 b ocks puts Township. $25,000Adlerman, Click 8, CoHOPEWELL TOWNSHIP --Rthis location e minutes from On a etfl-de-sae near Elm . - mNassau St. Princeton 20~A--’7~ realtors -- insurersVan Hise Realty R~dge Park. A two-storyminutes from center city .icolonial with almost 3,neo" ~ e~t. 1927Philadelphia. Entry area, Realtor Penulngton, N. & sq.ft, of living space on a one. iiWEIDELiwalnut panelled family room,acre landscaped lot. FoTerIS Spring St,den (study or fourth T©l.(609)737-36ts with powder room living ROSSMOOR, N.J. - Adult Rea Estate Real Estate924-0401 bedroom), powder room(sog)ssa.ztto morn, formal dining room, community cooperat vo CN.laasdry on first level. Second A~" family room/hrick~e’tr _~fireplaceresale. 2 bedrooms, i bath, .....le For Salelevel spacious living room attd door to patio, huge cat-in cottage, Enlarged eric usedcathedral ceilings, dining ~’~-~j’~kitchen, den ar fifth bedroom patio with sSuthern exposure, TWI~ BRTownho-seoroom super kitchen with new with full bath. Upstairs has all to wall carpeting drapes ~an," ex~-a ItOSSMOOR - Condominium,all electric built-ins including four hedroonts and two full large rooms, lots o~"cl~ets ^ ~ss.uama~ . . .,~ ¯ ,v ~s~ ~,..L~... ,,,~.~n-a r-nu ..... " By turner, 3 years old, 2dishwasher & refrigerator- baths iwith tubs!l Full Intmed ate occupancy. Pricedbedrooms 2 baths excollent~"’~.",’, -’~freezer. Dual area-hallwayHlghtstown AreaCLOVERtlILLINEWING basement,2.cargarage. location. Adult community.!or share of stock $15000bath 3 full sized bedrooms and $82,000 3o~U.~IOM IIOMES -- 1la ce o - i’ c i mm two story ’ t)HevolsComplete medical center golfna n n F IA 5v~% )vfnll tile bath with stallcourse elubhousefacilitios 24Owner Transferred -3 bedroom Town House - fullshowerAn Exccptisaally fine nmlt .................. .’~.mnhl~ mt~.(anan q’h.~ (ll ;}/4 am’e lots fln=slled litoff master bedroom on titird~.s~ ,.o ,., ’ , hr, sccarity all appliances,dry basement~ir, wall to wall carpets,level colonial, In tile fronl rite JalutT, Ilendcrson, lac. Manaaement Cm, n Ino nr bltck uud abllnlnam, 4level, Lerge cellar, plenty of ....... = ........ "- r .... ~’broad swecp uf a fino lawn in 35a NassauStreet r~ ~ n..t,..n.,... ,o~ e.o~.~ hodrooms 2 , tile bt tl s incl, washer and dryer, Priceddishwesher~r, washer/dryer, Low down over sized closets throughout, ............................... " , ,’ for quick sa!e, $,1,2,5o0. Callan established affluent Princeton, N.J,0a540 Way Jamesbur,, N J o~t ~ hrophtces 2 car garagespayment to qualified buyer,’wall to wallcarpeting, drapes, suburb. Tho rear of this I ouso 600.921-T/76 N :’1~ ’l’urnnika ~laa.lt~ ,m. ~,~,nshn~gtnn luwnshilI. Coil eves, & wee~ enus, 6o9-65a.and many other extras, 1,3 howevor adjoins sovera .......... ~ .........""~’ bgilder, (a)9-440-01(i5, 12’,lO.ocro lot extensively treed and8tats Monies Available.hundred acres of rustic publ cPleaseCallshrubbod, Only $64,000. lagd great fnr ngttce luv ng, COLONIAL -- Center hall HIGHTSTOWN COLONIAl, - ItUSSMOORt ]iQugBfied buyor needs $14,900CONDOMINIUMItOSSMO011, N,J, - Mahtodog wulking, or children features41argc bedroonts,2~/u Entrance foyer, Lvrm, formal ~ $20000, (Ivcr age ,hi, Ap-The Croshaw Agencyduwn, bulsnee on convnntionatMunor, Twobedronms 1 Imthrcnring, Large living room helhs cxt,,n-largo living room, din rm, kitdlen, a bdrms, 1!,~ pdancps, oxtras, clabheuse,mortgage, For appohttmonttofully carpott~l, tlrapos openb}ghewwhtdow diningL, pine ~lnelled family room with baths, inground swimmhlg curporl, NA’, Ilus, two terraco North EBSt exposure448-0112htspoct call owner gnythne kitchen, 3 bedrooms, sump- [irepluc~, within walking pool, fenced in.)’d, muny ox- lmdl’ooms, roplacement exeollcul ehtsct spaco con.~16nn.509.4501. tuot~ nil tilo mdh. Rcc room aistanco to cogntry crab. An u,as. Martin moss, Iteeltor, $3a,~)0, OWN[,’Jt: uog-Ifia.l~71, vottipatly located to allwith fireplace, l,utmdry andReal Estate Real Estatecxeellenl buy at $sa,t,~, 2199 Spruce St,, Trentoa, 009. ’ac lit es, hnmediate ocix)wdorroonts, Big sereeno( 392.1200, Evo’s & wcekondsI,AWIti,:NCE TOWNSIIIP xdlo noxt to in-grouM ixtol,culntncy, No brokqrs, Asking eet0aBttrough, 4 ~drooms, lr,III-LEVI,3L --: 4 bedrooms, lt~ Elsie M, Ltodtko, Sales Ilep,WlI,LltUILDCapoCod0nTax l|ut bost of oil, ownor ntuat I~ltlL%gnanicoly landscgped CUSTOM IIUILT ranchBr , $31,000, n00.005.~,545 after 5 dr ~ I~ltlis qtdet aireet,For Sale For Sale 100 ft, lot nea, Lawrence High inure, Luw ~0’s, Come soo,600-440-3S35,wootlod l/’~ acre lot in Cron.onl/2acrolot 31g, lxh, n/s,l% p,nt, convoncnt Nassnu St, &,~ilool, Cgtl fttr moro ii). bgry Mgnor, Convenieel totadhs, lg, Iv rtn w/firephtco,shopping eeuler, Cull allot 5,lfornntlion,kit, w/bgi]t.in dw L’oantcrOWNER ANXIOUSsotloolsSOLID INVESTMENT ’ ’tshopping eontor, 60e.~4.2oa2, $51),000.Ill.LEVEL in excellent con- W $ BOIIKII Asking ,5,500, FOR SALE IIY DWNEII: stove and woll over, I cgr 20,4 IEACI~:FUI, WOODEDThe ask tg Price of the 4 dition og 100 by 150 tt, won Mantbornfl,awrmlceTw),--[luncher, a garago foncod I~tckyard.lgol ACIIES-Architeet.dostl~tcd,lioraugh a slur’y, center at’ hedreen brick culolhl tills landscapod lot, :1 or 4 Multiplc L st lgSt),v co MII)JERSI’:Y ItEALTY hedrnonts l~u batits, fh’eplaco /d~ed andlg, sitado troos, Ncgr rodwood, contomltorary, EASrWINDSOR-COLONIALPrlncston,21argoapurbnoitts, the story of the rub)cared14.roomt I ?.rue}n, Go.r,a~e. bedroouts,2t,’,baths, ee ’t y itpaltor U0041ait.1000IIontcWt, ltplloMegd bt living rnon|, stgllo frnat, Pcddio &Exit a of tpk, Low Martllo f roll]Uee heam~d "Cb~etoKrcl)SSd~ool,~,st°ry(lnished ~taenlent w/wet bgr, 40’s, 600.44n.8050, cellhign woou I)aneBng, ’J wllh 4 ~drooms 2.’,k t~ths9wnor conceding to fin nit canditionod book m’c Eves/Wknds ’~10-g60-4427Needs pailflh}g pniy, unit mr buyer’s m ar.kot Special IB’e)htco ht [’an)ily rool Ileoltors 201.35n@l,l,l 2MI,~ Pno car gurggo ideely laud. lurgo-lxlrnls 1’/~ tiled batik, dbling room Iorge egt.lnSCtt md 7,5’ X 100’ t’cnccd Igt,IIIC01t}o potential, $03,500, foalnrea lnctu0o 2 zone hotPItlMI,3 WI(iGINS ST Encioscu pordl, 2 cur ggrage itdtgilen. 19rio mnfiiy roont,ciu’pothl~, (h’opes i |{ 1 y $’13 tX}0,00, (:till 01~1.:~2-1ni)3 for I,OCATION --. wttil IO ’gewater bosebtart hoar,l ~ot) MIn ilea froiu I ,thB htrgB ilvlJ, Ig ,room, = earother oxtras,COUN’I’ItYCLOSI,~ ovorslzed 2 cttr garage at.KI,INOA ,1 rAIIK.3 bcdro( TWIN ItlVERS . $41,nno apl~tintment, Prhtclt~tls gnly,coraor lot, contplotdy sch0uls shopphlg, Ilopowell t(ai’tgo= ’till nu’,condltloning,rongvatBd inter at’ & ~to’ o’ Township. ~7,r)~}, 609.0~4-5575 t,htuneing ovalloblo. $59,000,taeliod to a lleatud 2~t’by 10’ 2.S"ORY COLON AI ¯ 0 Ihutch, lixco p t eo dtottSplit level with half ¯brickMdgnlficent 3br, split IOVB!broozoway tall baaontcnl,front, ,I bedrpom~t 3~1 balmIdeMfor7bcdroant ’esldolco or 000.40U.174B, PrBlellml-s anly, 00~4,t8.0507,IR~(troohts, 3~ batlls, ’3 fhle noigibu, ood, u’go, Iowniiou~o with fintshotliraq)lneo ,many ext ’usMII,LSTONET(IWNSIII~ gr appruved for 3 apt~ ......r~ci’cutiou roon)s, centrally t’bncod ,yard, flower anur. Lie ng room trait. Ill’opineD=. AL~tseinent. ond tadt, 7~ plun ASKII)~MIIIsloneWmal, l,:stah,~’~ ~reat pine0 to r.at~o a lgmlly.$64 e00Principals t)nl~, AsKilg CLEA llllt(IOK ~ 3 bdrntsairirougCOloutdit, oitoa, ca’pot g vcgetao e gar bit other ~,~ FIIA as,ume $~0,000 ~10,~0, Colln00,924,400~ 0a,m, TWIN IflVEllg ¯ Ut*),l Ellbaths, fh, pplae,~, .doubl~mtorcstod WOOUBU aura (hull T/,+~/% d;,,h,b, ....open ground), Moat . g o i tieryt ~ t~ ~JUtt.,II|UWIIl’t~tilti|,O~l~ $,12,~0,~ luurtg,age balal|ce, $330, Custom hnill holttt~ ~l hoavtly .5 p,nLCONil(!. 3 I|R l,ttx, Imth, Ig,....... ,, , , tugnthty pUy~ Ioudod WltB wtatdt,~et .dB~aC gts, Ulduuo ................ beuytlfnl Lll/D!l, prlvglei~oi’ago~ e]u~i, ,ikatig, lty goitcgursg~t’,tuano~e, Mldl40’0.’I’~. p, ,. t~lEtlrance 0t eXCOltenl l::),~htt,/’~Sl’L,’l’L, nt,.,nce,.~’,’,,~L, w,,htoye,,, U gr’°rg° I.V4 li ṛ\ t~.~’ ILlcx,r,,8, i..44,.,’,40, ,,,r~,-Bge ,,olt,,tg. L,,,B,su,tt,ock, ,,.,,t Blu o,I,, kl.Cu,, ...,-~14,.}~tlroouls, [tntl[iy Iocan, lt,il Syateltts, Ine, I~tl 370.~’,|0grDUTCHTOWN ROADLAWIIENCEVILIA,] *’ die , w~ior/d’yc’, ee traI()NflACItl*~8 O-’guucao a ah’, LOW ittalnleninco fee MAfi’V[i~,~’7"-T"~n}IIyt~tll~, 8tano t~ori~,tlng antia48,0nii~,WINIFRI!~II II |ICKI, E¥ ae=t=r =.,.=F. urapaa, cOVel’eU I~IHO.ga I~aultfull~ wondad Int, 4 cavers gaa I cot, water, L’gr. colonla, Live I t 1 apart!Htgtf,Lie, Real I!~tato Broker m;,-kl; mt:~u,/0~;4-T;;t3’ 3J0"6’2~’21 CRflNItUItY MANORiovps, & wk, Bnds 901.a~l.U240I~tlrgtull Cohi t Clpu w, wit 4 ~1 l|i~’Ti;i~[~ii’~i~i~[’[’71’wBIandl~Jtlr°°msfamlly rueln,3’t b~ 9tts’l]00statlyl~.~ Nnmu St, 201,359-3127 I,’1|1¢1) ALII,I,]T’rA |everythin~,t,~anvgnl0i~ Itx~olo,Prleedx)rt swnnfor Itunt~ltotoP°gls tonnla,saloOte,by !lJago,l~nt olhOrTt~ x lo!0(ll~lt)R:.lgL$~tS,5~,l~yntof~H34.1,I74’IIIverB, AalttlltlO lira% VA or nnlb~t730, oftcr o p,nL und OWltOr, t~0t}443.1072,MULrlPLELISTINGSERVICE’ ianl.4.11t,n0~o, $45,U~, will s0[I VA or FliA $35,t1~0, weeltonLts,murgurct (tollrtn, ltealtOr,80MERSETGOUNTY llualtur IIl,IAl,’l’Y~(~.8113,5529 Call nog.,I,Ig,btF/~,~ 1,5~i}.4 II/’t,¯

.. , i12-BRESInENTIAL¯ COMMERCI/tL nr;,t OME HUNTER,S GUIDEStratford is ,.swimming & tennisat 3 clubs,.a community.clublounge with fishing, ;boating and golfclose at hand¯ / l llt ..aHANDYMAN’SSPECIALICE HOCKEYSO.BOUNDBROOK needed by Road REFEREES Runners’-’ Hockey Club. Call 21S-788,8M8.This old Colonial needs yourhammer and saw to make It YOUNG MALE TEACHERthe charmiel~ home it once and his dug’locking for anwas. The lot slze is 50 x 106 andbest of all is theprice, $10,000.apartment, Lawrence.Call Golden Key Realty,Princeton area. Willing to payRealtors 1850 Easton Ave.,up to $200. a month. Call alterSomerset, N.J. 201-469-1080.4’.30 p.m. 609.924-M64.FAMILY EXPANDING? Lots of room in this statelyEAST WINDSOR RANCHI~ome with 8 very large rooms, 1 ½ baths, and 2 carI II Brooktree; 3 bdrms, 1~ ~SOUTHBRUNSWICK231 ROG|R$ PaLAV, 448.0600KENNELSgarage. Floors in beautiful condition. Take a look to seebaths,rec room, many extras.HIGaTSTOWn009-448-4013 for appt. $45,000. Dachshunds, S.S.I AKC black how much room this home has to offer ......$43,000.T-~ t~--~only German Shepherd, AKC,for ebw & Christmas.Gracious colonial featuring entrance foyer, large livingThey’re great fA- -" --.ToClass|fv Lhasa Apso, reg. andshowable.room, dining room, oversize kitchen, pantry, laundryroom, half bath on first floor. Four bedrooms, large bath1972 DATSUN 240Z - 29,000 mi..apartments, too!on second floor. Stairway to large attic which is completelyfloored. New 100 Amp. electric service, fullA/C, $4300. Call 609-443-5314Time payments arrangedafter 6:30 p.m.201,329-2117 after 1basement, and a 2 car garage .......... ~.. $43,500. From $198’ -7..-7J l5 FIRESTONE A-78-13 Tires. PRODUCTION WORKER --All in good shape 1 brand new. needed to assist inSituated in a beautiful residential area of East Windsor per month. ) I$50. Call 609-448.3929. manufacturing process inTownship makes this three bedroom ranch home a verymedical products company indesirable property. It offers a large living room withPrinceton area, WilltrianHAMMOND ORGANfireplace, kitchen with serving bar and built-in dishwasher,formal dining room, 1½ baths and One carpercussion and reverbdration, day, 40 hour week, good pay.... *l’right person for this job with,,u .. onlro,,i,’ ft,teconsole with Leslie speaker, rapidly expanding company. 5garage. Completely fenced in rear property with many$1500, Call 609-586-2224, and all benefits. Contact Mrs.beautiful trees end shrubs ................ $4S,900.Haraburda PrincetonHIGHTSTOWN TWO STORY: Aluminum siding and roof,HOLLAND TOWNSHIP - Biomed x Inc. at 6O9-452,82O0Completely renovated, small older home located inApprox. 30 acres partly to arrangeinterview. enclosed jalousied front porch¯ Deep lot with gardenHightstown. Two bedrooms, 1 bath,, kitchen, diningwooded with .view of JAGS-- for thearea. Storage barn and garage.. Home in excellent condition.Four bedrooms, 1½ baths, modern kitchen,room, living room. New aluminum siding, basement... E il clDelaware. Low taxes. 35 mi. connoisseur. Classic beauty in II................. ~ ..... , ........... ~32,000. T.wn~hil>, X,,w .l

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