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Issue #6 - REV Magazine

• Increase engine power• Increase engine torque• Improve throttle response• Remove low-end lethargy• Remove high-end breathlessness• Remove engine flat-spot• Reduce engine noise• Reduce engine vibration• Reduce turbo lag• Enhanced overtaking powerWe will change the way you drive!The ONLY one of its kind in the worldSpecial Promotion!$230Free Installation,Free Trial and Full MoneyBacked-Guarantee.TestimonialsSuitable for all petrol, diesel and CNG engines.I am a newly converted adopter of the E-PowerSystem as advertised in REV magazine. There are so many raving testimonials and there is a free trialongoing now so why not give it a go. This is one of the best decision I haveever made.Met Mr Lim and he installed the Intermediate System to get me initiated. The instant change is incredible as the car became smoother just with 2devices installed. I went to the main road and he encouraged me to floor my throttle. The car is much quicker to accelerate and I am grinning earto ear. But this is just the beginning...Next, he let me try the stage 1 with around 10 items installed. He warned me to be light on the throttle and get used to the power. This might soundexaggerated but his advise is very sound. My car seems to have a new life breathed into it. You will feel the same excitement as though you justreceived a brand new car. At the same stretch of road where I floored my throttle, my car surged on with gusto like a raging bull. Normally, the RPMwill hit 3000 and changed gear slowly as it is programmed to be a comfortable ride. Now it pulled to 4500 and changed gears and swiftly moved to4500 again. In the end of the test, my adrenaline is rushing and hands trembling. Sounds like I just went through the Battlestar Galactica but evenbetter.Stage 1 price is pretty steep for me and I was hesitating to commit my hard earned dough. Mr Lim is very patient and he gave me 2 more tests withand without 5 items of Stage 1. The sheer increase in excitement and passion in driving my car has mercilessly kicked my logic away and I am aproud owner of E-PowerSystem Stage 1.Many people will be skeptical about this unconventional technology and I was too. But once you try it out, you will never turn back. And theamazing part is that Mr Lim invented this system and the current 3G generation is one of his finest. What won me over is that it doesn’t requiremajor changes to your engines and the enhancements are barely noticeable. Best of all, you can transfer them to your next ride easily so your moneyis well utilized. Icing on the cake will be when you stop at the next traffic light and accelerate past all the “fierce cars” with your seemingly innocentfamily car. (FYI my ride is a 2008 1.6L Toyota Corolla Altis)Wesley Sum / Assistant V.P Barclay BankMy wife was complaining about her car due to lack or power and response. She always gets ”horned” at by other motorists because her car lacksthe response and acceleration to get her out of those embarrassing situations. On seeing the E-Power advertisement, I decided to give it a try onmy wife’s car and hopefully get the “nagging’ out of the way. When the E-Power System was installed on my wife’s car, I could see the smile and joyon her face and I was thinking to myself, if it can do so much for my wife, will it be able to improve my already powerful and economical car. I wasreally surprised at the improvement to the acceleration and response to my car after installing the E-Power System. I have since enjoy driving mycar even more and take every opportunity to “wack” my car. What came to my surprise is that despite the constant “wacking” I do not experienceany increase in fuel consumption. You do not know what you are missing till you give it a try.Mr. Hasnul HezryInitially, I had difficulty picking up speed, and experienced jerky gear changes. But after installing the E-Power System devices, my car’s journey hasbecome smoother, more comfortable and definitely more enjoyable. And surprise surprise, my fuel consumption improved significantly!! My carused to travel about 150km at the half-tank mark before I refill the tank. I am now constantly traveling about 200 odd km at the half-tank mark. I didn’texpect the latter to happen by so much, so soon!! From actually dreading to have passengers in my car, I now love zipping around with my loved ones andfriends in my newly improved peugeot-1007 :) Thanks so very much Mr Lim and E-Power System for making this happen! It has changed the way I drive.Mrs. Hasnul HezryIn early 2008, before I knew about E-Power System, for many months I’ve been looking for petrol saving devices for my old Kia Rio 1.4L MT. It iswell known that this Kia model is reputed to have high consumption of petrol. I’m glad that I came across E-Power System advertisement. I calledMr. Lim for an appointment and from that day on when Mr. Lim fixed the devices I’ve never looked back! I like the response and power of my car.My most excited experience is that I’m able to beat all the Hyundai Sonata taxi in friendly drag at the traffic lights and that the taxis are always waybehind me.Driving my Kia Rio 1.4L MT at stage II is just like driving a 2L car. Smooth, responsive, powerful, reduction in engine noise and of course lots ofimprovement in my fuel consumption and drastic savings in petrol.Being a E-Power System user for 3 years, I’m still calling Mr. Lim to fix deviceson my new car Honda Fit 1.3L AT and with his new 3G devices I must say ‘WOW!’ Together with the 2G devices these new ones are even morepowerful hence petrol consumption on my Fit is so much improved on my already economical Fit. The other thing I like about the E-Power Systemis that it allows me to upgrade the System when my budget permits. So what are you waiting for? The trial is free! Give Mr. Lim a call and like me,I’m still smiling, you won’t regret it for sure! Thank You Mr.Lim for showing me the E-Power System!Mr. Burhan Bin Saleh - Auxiliary Police Officer / Email: of Ultrasonic Airchargerin a Lamborghini GallardoE-Power System as installedin a Lamborghini GallardoScalar Ionic ChargerScalar WrapAero-MeshUltrasonic AirchargerFor enquiry, appointments and on-site installation at your convenience:E-mail: • Website : http://epowersystem.comTelephone: 65-63001911 • Mobile Phone Number: 65-90011086

CONTENTSPhotographer Bryan Law / Metamorphosis Production Stylist Roger Chua • Make Up & Hair Alex HoCover Girl Nadya T • Clothes Pauline Ning • Special Thanks Shang AntiqueFeature Car12 A 5 Star Marque 16[08]Cover CarFEATURE CarTrack-Ready Toyota ViosCONTENTS02 News - Updates & New Happenings06 Events - Adrenalin Rush10 MODS - Go Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn Better14 Parts - New Gadgets & Gizmos18 Talk - Aeimpex21 ICE Special - Cool Sounds On The Move23 ICE Shop - Xquisitew@rks25 Ice Parts - Pump Up The Volume26 Ice Review - Pushing Boundaries29 Reviews - Mods Up Close32 Shop - BCC / 833 Motorsports36 Across the Causeway -Colder Temperatures, MK2 Shivers38 Sports - Driven By Passion40 TUNE-UP - A Guide To Performance Upgrades42 Wheels - Accelera Tyres44 Club - SG Fortians46 Life - Cool Gadgets & Gizmos24ICE COVER CarGoing Beyond The ExteriorAlthough barely into April, 2011 isturning out to be an extremely eventfulone. Political unrest in many countriesamid the natural disasters in the formof tsunamis and earthquakes hascreated much talk and worry aroundthe world.The automotive industry has certainlyfelt the impact of such events as well.On 11th March 2011, Japan wasstruck by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake,the worst ever in history. Dead toll hassince breached the 10,000 mark, withclose to 20,000 still missing.Toyota and Honda subsequently shutdown their plants in Japan, and withA Tumultuous Start to 2011power plants crippled as well, manyother manufacturing plants wereforced to either shut down, or rotateproductions to save energy.Located in the north of Japanand originally planned to make anappearance at Import Reactor inHouston together with his V12 Supra,Top Secret’s Kazuhiko “Smoky”Nagata had to postpone his trip dueto the earthquake. I’ve since read thatTop Secret’s shop and everyone overthere is fine.Prior to that devastating earthquake inJapan, word was out that MitsubishiMotors has decided that the currentEvolution X, the 10th generation of therally inspired car, would its last. Citingthe company’s initiative to go green asthe reason for the decision, the seniorMitsubishi executive however didacknowledge the fact that there is stilla demand for the car.Well, maybe a few years down theroad, we’ll see Mitsubishi engineersreinvent the iconic high performanceEvolution formula with a greener, andenvironment friendlier tint.With all that that’s happening outthere, it is really a good time for us tosit down and think about everythingthat’s happening around us.What have you always wanted to, yetnot been able to do? Maybe this isthe time to take the plunge and followyour dreams and your heart.Last but not least, our heartfeltcondolences go out to those wholost their loved ones in the recentdisasters. Stay strong, and you’ll be inour prayers.Cheers,Samuel KangMagazine is published in Association with the CarBuyerMagazine. The Magazine is out every 2nd & 4th Saturday ofthe month. 20,000 copies are circulated free around the island.Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01Singapore 787600Tel: 6455 8575 Fax: 6554 2725Email: TanAsst. EditorSamuel KangContributorsCheryl Tay, James WongAccount ManagersAndrew Ting 9101 Ong 8188 DirectorEdroos AlsagoffSenior Designer / Art DirectionEmily NgDesignerCai LishanPhotographyBryan Law, Roger ChuaMake-Up ArtistAlex HoCirculation & ProductionP.PanirSales & Admin CoordinatorChristine LeeSpecial Thanks to theCarBuyer TeamPrinted by Times Printers Pte LtdDistributed by Mediacorp Pte LtdAll rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproducedin any form without the written consent of the publisher. Opinionsexpressed in REV by contributors and advertisers are not necessarilythose of editors and publisher. Publication of an article or advertisementdoes not imply that the service or product is endorsed by REVmagazine, unless specifically stated. While all efforts are made toensure that the publication’s content are correct, Big Bang MediaPte Ltd cannot be held responsible for any error or omissions.APR 2011 01

NEWSAKRAPOVIC’S RACE PROVENEXHAUST SYSTEMSFOR YOUR CARBRINGINGCONVENIENCE& SATISFACTIONTO YOUWith over 20 years of experience inthe production of top quality exhaustsystems for motorcycles, Akrapovichas since forayed into the automobileindustry and have since been widelyrecognized as one of the top names outthere. By accepting no compromises,each exhaust system has gone throughmonths of research, development andtesting in order to create an end productwhich is made from only the bestmaterials. The unique sound of eachAkrapovic exhaust and its race proventechnology makes it stand out amongstits competitors. Works PerformancesPte Ltd is the sole distributor forAkrapovic exhausts in Singapore andit is available for a wide range of carsincluding Porsche, Audi, BMW, MiniCooper and Nissan.Horizon Auto Enterprises Pte Ltdbelieves in focusing on customersatisfaction, quality service andemployees’ growth. Besides servicingmainly Japanese and Korean cars, theyalso work closely with car clubs suchas and organize occasional meet-ups onSundays for DIY sessions.Located just a short tw o minutes walkfrom Tai Seng MRT, dropping off yourcar at Horizon Auto has never beenmore convenient.Horizon Auto Enterprises Pte Ltd:65 Upper Paya Lebar Road #01-01Guang Ming Industrial Building,Singapore 534817 Tel: 6285 2883THE 2011FORMULA 1SEASON FINALLYKICKS OFFOriginally scheduled to start with theopening race at Bahrain on 11 March2011, the Bahrain Grand Prix was latercancelled with plans of rescheduling toa later date due to the country’s currentpolitical situation. Fans however finally gotto experience F1 at its best at the QantasAustralian Grand Prix.Photos Getty ImagesHeld from 25 – 27 March at Melbourne’sAlbert Park circuit, Red Bull’s SebastianVettel led from pole position to the end,cruising past the chequered flag 22.2seconds ahead of second place LewisHamilton in the McLaren. Vitaly Petrovin the Renault became the first everRussian to stand on the podium aftera well fought third place finish. Vettelcertainly got the best possible start to hisworld championship defence, securingmaximum points from the season’sopening race.02 APR 2011

AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTIONSHIT BY JAPAN QUAKEAfter being hit by its worst everquake in history, numerous Japaneseautomakers have had to shut down orslow down their production line. The9.0 magnitude quake caused a poweroutage in many areas and only fewhave had their power restored.The automotive slowdown is expectedto continue with little signs of returningto full production any time soon.Affected car markers include Toyota,Mazda, Nissan and Honda and manyare unable to confirm a timeline forrestarting operations.Honda’s production in Canada andNorth America has also been sloweddue to the shortage of parts fromJapan. Even though most of the partsoriginate from North America, a singlemissing part may halt an assembly line.This has resulted in Honda suspendedthe sales of its Japanese-producedmodels in the US.Mazda’s range of vehicles sold in the USare mostly imported from Japan as well.Since product line and shipment havebeen affected, Mazda has decided tostop taking order from US customers.NFS: SHIFT 2 UNLEASHEDFrom the critically acclaimed Need ForSpeed Series, EA is pleased to announcethe release of Shift 2 Unleashed. Shift2 Unleashed takes things to anotherlevel with an all-new rendering engineand graphics overhaul. Intensely realphysics and true-to-life degradation ofboth cars and track makes this a wholenew experience for the gamer.A brand new helmet camera view allowsyou to literally get into the driver seat andfeel the adrenaline rush of bringing yourcar past the finish line. “Our goal withShift 2 Unleashed is to put the series atthe head of the racing simulation genreby injecting some much needed energyinto it,” said Marcus Nilsson, ExecutiveProducer on Shift 2 Unleashed.NEW PANAMERA TURBO SREVEALED BY PORSCHEAUTOSPORTASIAMAGAZINE MAKESA COMEBACKAutosport Asia magazine will bethe sister publication of Autosportmagazine, the weekly authority on allmotor sport, published from the UKsince 1950.The monthly Asia edition of themagazine will provide a much neededplatform for the region to focusspecifically on motorsport newsand will fill a gap that exists in thesemarkets where there is no dedicatedauthoritative medium through whichto report all local South-East Asiamotorsport news accurately.Bespoke Media, the publisherof Autosport Asia, believes thatcombining the “world news” fromAutosport UK with detailed localnews, insight, commentary andcontent will make the magazine avery powerful reporting platform andmost importantly a “destination” readfor many.Hate it or love it, the design of Porsche’s4-door saloon has received all kindsof comments from motoring fans allover the world. However, Porsche’slatest offering of the Panamera line upwill certainly get people talking for theright reasons. With 550bhp and 553lbft of torque, it moves quicker than anAston Martin Rapide and a MercedesS65 AMG. 0 – 62mph takes only 3.6LAUNCH OF THESINGAPORE MOTORWORKSHOP ASSOCIATION’SWEBSITEThe Singapore Motor WorkshopAssociation (SMWA) celebratedtheir 40th anniversary in 2010 andto further connect with the generalpublic and reach a wider audience,they’ve launched a brand new website( just serving as a portal to learn moreabout the Association, their websiteseconds and top speed is only a fractionunder 200mph at 190mph.The all-wheel drive Panamera Turbo Sgets its increased power from a tweakedversion of its 4.8L V8 which has a twinturbo setup with titanium-aluminiumturbine wheels which reduces inertia.Spooling time is hence reduced andgives the car better throttle reponse.also includes a Workshop Directorywhere you can find categorized listingsof various workshops around the island.Registered members can also make useof the Classified Ads and Hiring Noticessection. Additional benefits include theability to inter-trade online with fellowmembers to scale on bulk purchase aswell as being informed of the latest andhappenings and events via email.APR 2011 03

NEWSRICHARDBRADLEYSIGNS WITH FORMULA 3EXPERT TEAM – TOM’SAfter a successful rookie formula carseason, Formula BMW Pacific 2010champion and top rookie RichardBradley will be making his Formula 3debut in the 2011 All-Japan Formula3 Championship with TOM’S, theappointed works racing team of ToyotaMotor Corporation.“We are very happy to have Richardonboard. We followed his progressduring the 2010 Formula BMW Pacificseries and noticed his outstandingperformance. The first time we heard ofhim though, was back in 2009 at theCIK-FIA World Cup in Suzuka,” said S.Koumi, general manager of the racingdepartment and overseas operations inTOM’S.“It would be good if he could win thechampionship in his first year in F3 likehe did in Formula BMW Pacific, butit is not easy as everyone knows. Itis probably best to stay in F3 for twoseasons since there is simply so muchto learn. It’s a long-term relationship weare building here and we’d like to seehim as a world-class top racing driver inthree to four years realistically,” Koumiadded.TOM’S has an impressive F3 trackrecord, with remarkable successesin its history of F3 since 1985. It won14 out of 16 races in the 1988 BritishF3 Championship with drivers suchas 1996 F1 champion Damon Hill andformer F1 drivers Martin Donnelly andJ.J. Lehto.Subsequently, TOM’S won the All-Japan F3 Championship for the firsttime in 1991 and has won it 14 times(1991, 1993 – 1995, 1997 – 1999,2003, 2005 – 2010) to date. TOM’S hasalso won the prestigious Macau GrandPrix five times (1992, 1998 – 1999,2007 – 2008).“Joining TOM’S is a boyhood dreamcome true for me. I’ve always admiredTOM’S and having the opportunity todrive for them is a real honour. F3 is acrucial step towards Formula 1 and Iknow I am in good hands.I look forward to a fantastic year of greatsuccess with the team,” said Bradley.The first two rounds of the All-Japan F3Championship starts on 16 – 17 April2011 at Suzuka Circuit, Japan.Ladies’ Night at KartrightWhat happens when you place 50excited women in go-karts in wetconditions over two nights in thehands of Formula 3 racer RichardBradley, who was once a kartingchampion in his younger days? Youget semi-drenched ladies, lots of funand a huge smile at the end of thesession.Last issue, we interviewed theorganiser of Ladies’ Night @KartrightCheryl Tay, who shared with us hervision and objectives of creating theall-female karting course. Successfullyexecuted on the 25th and 26th ofFebruary, Ladies’ Night @Kartrightwon the hearts of the participants asthey fell in love with the sport.A rather comprehensive basic kartingtheory lesson was given by Richard,before the girls tightened theirshoelaces and tied up their tresses.Some of them came prepared withtheir own helmets, gloves and evenrain protector suits. Although mostof them were karting for the first time,it didn’t seem like it as they bravelyovertook on the damp ground andcharged down the track at everyopportunity they got.Each participant was then defined bytheir fastest lap time during qualifying,with the top 10 fastest timings of thenight entering a mini race at the end ofthe practical lesson. The top two werethen treated to a ride in the two-seaterkart with Richard himself, as well aswith Kenny Yip, Singapore’s reigningnational veteran karting champion.With a growing waiting list of womeneager to have their go at Ladies’Night @Kartright, the next one washeld on 31st March. The next step forCheryl is to hold the official selectionround for the all-female team that sheis entering in the OCBC CorporateKarting Challenge. Know of anyonespunky go-getter females who mighttake to karting?Tell them about Ladies’ Night @Kartright, they deserve it! Motorsportsis not just to be enjoyed by men only;women are entitled to create their owndefinition of fun in racing too!04APR 2011

AlignmentTyres/Sports RimNitrogen RefillBalancingMONDAY - FRIDAY9AM - 10PMSATURDAY9AM - 7PMSUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAY10AM - 4PMFlushingAir-Con ServiceTop-Up GasRepair/ChecksAccident Claims24hrs Towing8189 0680Panel Beat/BodykitBreakdownMaintenanceInsurance ClaimDiagnostic ScanLTA InspectionPolish/GroomingUsed/ Trade-in CarsSpray PaintingCar RentalIntake FiltersECU OBD TuningPerformanceBrake Kit/CoiloverAlarm / HID / LEDSound Proofing+ -AudioBattery/ AlternatorAccessoriesDecarbonizeEngine ServicingOverhaul/RepairSALES/RENTAL/TRADE-IN/SCRAP/EXPORT-USED CARS. COMPLETE 1 STOP SERVICE CENTREOPEN DAILYEXTENDED OPERATING HOURS:(BY APPOINTMENT)NEW/USED/TRADE-IN RIMS & TYRES PACKAGES 15” TO 20”TransmissionAPRILCLEARANCE SALES- Cash & Carry- Up To 60%- Check It @ OurStore Now!Tested, Proven, Guarantee Difference & Effect +30%Pick UpPowerWith Fuel Efficiency1 2 3 4 5 6+ + + + + + ECUK&NSIMOTAAir FilterHURRICANEBMCTHROTTLE SPECIALIST IGNITION SPARKS SPECIALIST NANO CCA TECHOLOGYImprove fuel consumption & performanceVSD IVNANO POWERCHARGERINSISTV DRIVE IIThrottle Controller+ + + + +electronic/ cableorNEW1 SIMOTA/2 VIOLENCE V 3 VIOLENCE 4 VPM CDI5 VPM NANO 6K&N / BMC / DRIVE II* VSD IVHURRICANEAIR FILTER* +NEWINVENTIONGREATERFIRINGEXTENDFIRINGDURATIONCDI -CAPACITORDISCHARGEIGNITIONSPARKEXTENSIONPOWERCHARGERTECHNOLOGYECU OBD*+ + + + =OVERALLPERFORMANCETUNNINGOBDPERFORMANCETUNNING /DIAGNOSTICSCAN$1688*or$140 X 12MTHS*WITH INSTALLATION(LIMITED SET)OUR PRODUCTS: LTA COMPLIANT • DOES NOT VOID CAR WARRANTY • NO SIDE EFFECT!ADD ON, BOLT ON, TAP ON • 1 YEAR WARRANTY • SECURITY CODE SEAL PROTECTION • TRANSFERABLECOME CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE ENGINE OIL @ OUR BEST PRICEAIR CON SPECIALISTLTA APPROVED EXHAUSTATF / CVTCHANGE/ FLUSHINGAUDIO / SOUND PROOFINGAUTO TRANSMISSIONGear Box Repairs DiagnosisUNICHIP VERSION QSYNTHETICSERVICING4 litres$68only!+ include oil filter*worth $10+ 21pts check+ labourCALL US FOR MODELSPERFORMANCE COILOVERCoilover Series• Super Sport• Racing Spec• Drift Spec• Gravel Rally• Tarmac RallyWIDE RANGE BODYKITSREGULARMAINTENANCE &REPAIRPre LTAInspectionTHROTTLE /CONBUSTIONMANIFOLDDECARBONISEGAUGESACCIDENTCLAIMS/ REPAIRBreakdown24hrs TowingRACING BRAKE KITThe New Breed ofXYZ Brake Kitsmeets or exceeds most aftermarketin term of quality and performancein today’s OEM Specifications.Best for Street, Race, Track, Drift UseHighly recommended withProfessional Installation Availablefor most jap & conti model.FILTERSUNG BENG AUTO (PTE) LTD since 1969340 & 342 Circuit Road, Singapore • Servicing Hotline 9272 4879* 6/12/24 month• 0% Installment Plan*Terms & Conditions AppliesSpecialised in Air-Con / Any Repairs for Continental, Japan, Korean & other makes2 Units 340/342Visit Us Over 6000sqftCIRCUIT RDMacphersonMRTWe AreHere!Macpherson ITEPIEAZ BldgNPCCaltex

EVENTSAdrenalin RushWe take out Bridgestone’s new Adrenalin RE002 tyre for a quick spin at its Thai proving groundsText Daryl Lee Photos Derryn WongJust going by the name of Bridgestone’slatest product, the Potenza AdrenalinRE002, it might seem more evolutionarythan revolutionary.After all, this new tyre marks just aboutthe first time in the history of its Potenzaperformance tyres than a consecutivemodel number has been used – thepreceding model was called thePotenza Adrenalin RE001. Traditionally,the brand uses seemingly randomnumbers with little to no link betweencurrent and preceding models.The new RE002, despite sharing a part ofits name and portions of its asymmetrictread pattern with its predecessor, nowlooks a sight more aggressive through anoticeably larger contact patch broughtabout by the deletion of one groove(now three).That’s part of the reason, Bridgestonesays, for the RE002’s increase in drygrip and stability, particularly in its oncentrefeel and responsiveness. But asthey say, the proof is in the tasting andthat’s exactly what we were there atBridgestone’s Thai tyre proving groundsto do.A run around the banked oval with theold and new tyres tested back-to-backrevealed a marked increase in straightlinestability and directional changesperformed at speed failed to flummoxthe RE002. This is in contrast to itspredecessor which exhibited a fair bit ofsquirm from the sidewall flexing.But these changes are still largelyevolutionary, not that it’s a bad thing andmore grip in a performance tyre is alwaysmore than welcome, but where the realrevolution happens with the RE002 is inits wet weather performance.Thanks to its new silica-basedcompound and an unusual wavepatternedcentre block that Bridgestonecalls the ‘Pulse Groove’ derived fromits experience with wet weather tyresdeveloped for Formula One, the RE002feels truly revolutionary in the wetagainst the RE001.Where the old tyre felt very vague and oilyin the wet, the RE002 was, if anything,even more confidence-inspiring in thewet than it was in the dry with a gooddeal of meaty feel and grip.With that, we’re hotly anticipatingthe local release of the new AdrenalinRE002 in a few months time and will beavailable in a plethora of sizes rangingfrom 15 to 20-inches.06 APR 2011

COVER CARNo Holds BarredBRABUS DetailStarting its life asa stock Mercedes E250Coupe, it is now decked out withcountless intricate Brabus detailing.For the past decade, European automobileshave been gaining immense popularity withSingapore drivers. Extravagant interiors,bullet-proof engines are just a few of themany reasons why. With so many of thesame make, model and colour roamingthe streets, it’s not easy finding one whichstands out from the rest.Photographer Bryan Law / Metamorphosis ProductionThe stock engine gains a staggering 36 HP after the various Brabus upgradesBrabus, if I may put it, are like craftsmenwho solely and only, accept nothing butperfection. For the past three decades,they have been churning out part and part,car after car all bearing the coveted Brabuslogo. In their hands, Mercedes cars emergefrom their doors not merely with bark, butwith bite as well.We had the opportunity to get up closewith a Brabus B25 S which I would say, islike a mobile Barbus catalogue. Under thecareful eyes of AutoVox, a Brabus dealerin Singapore, this E Class Coupe has beenstripped of its factory Mercedes parts andreplaced by Brabus ones of the highestquality. On the outside, both Mercedes Benzstar has been replaced by Brabus logos. Tothe untrained eye, one would be wondering08 APR 2011

ingBehind the huge 19” rims lies a set of Rotora BBKHIgh grade Brabus Aluminum 3-piece PedalsBrabus Sports Exhaust with quad tipswho or what does that logo mean. Yetto some, the logo brings about a nodof approval and probably, envy too.Speaking with Brighid, MarketingManager of AutoVox, we learned moreabout the car and the Brabus brand.The owner fell in love with the sportylooks of the coupe and the possibilityof converting it to a Barbus B25 Swas too great to resist. The wholeprocess was nothing short of simpleand no stone was left unturned.Despite having most body panelsreplaced by Barbus ones, one will beamazed at how each part still flowswith the body lines, complimentingthe existing Mercedes Benz styling.Brabus parts are not merely foraesthetic purposes. Aerodynamicallydesigned parts and the loweredsuspension helps to reduce air-lift athigher speeds and keeps the car firmlyplanted to the road when negotiatingbends. The Brabus LEDs on the frontfenders and below the side skirts areilluminated in a tasteful manner whenBrabus DRL Package adorns the matching front bumperthe doors are open, further adding aclassy touch to the car.A Stage 2 PowerXtra Tuning wasdone after installing a Brabus SportsExhaust and a Xcelerate E-ThrottleController. In the hands of thecompetent technicians at AutoVox,the car gained 36 neck breakinghorses. With such a power gain,braking performance had to beupgraded as well. Behind the huge19” rims lies a set of Rotora big brakekit complete with forged calipers,rotor hats and Teflon coated steelbraided brake lines.“Brabus would probably be thelargest aftermarket tuner in theworld”, said Brighid. “I had theopportunity to visit their state-of-theartfactory in Germany and they evenhad their own production line for theirvehicles.” With the expertise of thefriendly people at AutoVox coupledwith Brabus’ parts of the highestquality, this B25 S is nothing short ofa spectacular piece of art.Preparing the ECU HarnessFast Facts:Brabus B25 SENGINEBrabus PowerXtra CGI, XcelerateE-Throttle ControllerUNDERCARRIAGEBrabus Sports Suspension, Rotora 6/4Pot Big Brake KitCABINBrabus Illuminated Door Stills, BrabusDoorlock Pins, Brabus 3-pieceAluminum Pedals, Brabus SportGearshift LeverEXTERIOR19” Monoblock Q Double-Spoke DesignAnthracite “Titanium” Polished Rims,Brabus Logo on Bonnet and Boot(Replace Mercedes Benz Star), BrabusLogo on Boot, Brabus Front and RearBumper, Brabus Front Bumper Air Vents,Brabus Light Package (2 X DRL and foglamps), Brabus Aluminum Sports FrontFenders, Brabus Side Skirts, BrabusDouble-B Logo Illuminated Set for SideSkirts and Brabus Rear SpoilerEXHAUSTBrabus Sports ExhaustBrabus parts galore!MAR 2011 11

MODS1. Elig Brake Pad – Sports Version (SP Carbon)Elig Sports Version (SP Carbon) Brake Pad is a high quality performancebrake pad which is available for many different models. Brakes are oneof the most important feature of a car and with this brake pad, brakingdistance is considerably reduced. It also has high temperature resistance,and it produces less dustcompared to othersand the dust producedis lighter in colour anddoesn’t stick to the wheels.Blaze Trading – 6841 37243. Advance Enlarged Rotor KitShould you feel that your car’s braking system is notperforming up to your expectations, Jeep Cheeis able to provide you a solution in the formof the Advance Enlarge Rotor Kit. It replacesyour stock rotors with larger 303MM slottedones while retaining your existing brakescalipers. Installation is a breeze with custombrackets included in the kit. Available for LancerCS, Vios, Fit, Accord CL7/CL9 and Civic FD.Jeep Chee – 6745 47002. Magnum II Performance Braided HoseMagnum II Performance Braided Hose is a steel braidedreplacement for your stock rubber hose. Underhard braking, rubber hoses tend to swell andperformance is reduced. The last thing you want toget is a mushy brake pedal and lousy performancefrom your brakes. Steel braided hoses donot experience such swelling and you willhave a consistent firm feel of the brakepedal as well as better braking performance.Gary Engineering – 6841 19234. MV HarnessOwners of continental cars, fret no more. McWellhas released a MV harness for installationof Pivot and Shadow throttle controller inFiat, Opel, Citroen, Mercedes, Peugeot,Skoda, Porsche, Kia, Hyundai, Renault,Saab, Alfa Romeo and Seat vehiclesInstallation is now a breeze with thiscustomized harness and you will be ableenjoy the advantages of throttle controllers.McWell – 8139 0848MODIFICATION 101Go Faster, Stop Quicker, Turn Better& Enjoy a Better Performance overall with these Products5. Fuel Cat Fuel Catalyst 6. Akrapovic Exhaust SystemFuel Cat Fuel Catalyst is a tin alloy catalyst that acts like a permanentoctane booster, a combustion enhancer and combustion chamber carbondeposits cleaner. Benefits include improved fuel economy of up to 20%,easier start ups and prolonged engine life. With the increasingpetrol costs, this fuel catalyst enables low octane gasoline tofeel like premium ones. Performance improvementscan also be felt upon installation of this onetime maintenance-free investment thatcan last you up to 400,000km.Blue Knight – 9021 0902Works Performance – 9235 36567. Bizol Long Distance 0W-30 8. Violence V-Drive IIBizol Long Distance engine oil is a fully synthetic andlow friction engine oil that is suitable for all-year rounduse. Specially formulated using the latest technology,this low viscosity and high stability engine oil is aresult of combining selected synthetic base oils withadvanced addictive technology. High lubricationreliability, wear protection and outstanding enginecleanliness are just some of the many benefits ofthis oil. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.Akeno – 6848 42189. D2 Racing Coilover10. Mishimoto RadiatorLower your ride height and increase its handling capabilitieswith the D2 Racing Coilover. It is 36 way damping andrebound adjustable monotube full coilover system.Ride height and preload can also be adjustedseparately allowing for optimal adjustmentand fine tuning. Mounts are constructedof 6061 powder coated aluminumand threads are coated withTeflon to prevent rust.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 3505833 Motorsports – 9233 083310 APR 2011Made of Akrapovic’s proprietary titanium alloy, this Slip-On exhaust systemfor the Porsche 911 Turbo/Turbo S promises great weight savings andan amazing exhaust note. When used in conjunction with the optionallink pipe set, the entire system weighs 8kg lighter than stock. Includedwith each center muffler kit are beautifully handcrafted, aerospacegrade carbon fibre bumper inserts. These insertscome with integrated titanium tailpipes and sets your car apartfrom the rest of the pack.Increase your car’s throttle response with the Violence V-drive II. Thisproduct not only enables you to program the throttle response accordingto your driving style with either eco, sport and normal modes available, butit also comes with a new feature that cuts acceleration in emergencysituations. It also has a voltage display for easy monitoringof current battery voltage. Viewing of currentmode is also made easy with the cabinmounted display which doublesup as a controller as well.Sung Beng – 9272 4879Suitable for the daily commuter as well as hardcore track enthusiasts,Mishimoto Radiators are made of 100% brazed aluminum for a cleanOEM fit. Water temperature will be keptat an optimal level with its efficientcooling properties and its ability towithstand the abuse of engine heat.All Mishimoto Radiators come with ahigh pressure 1.3bar radiator cap aswell. Available for a wide range of cars.

JetexTheSportsExhaustJetex Sports Exhausts are now truly international, our ever expanding comprehensive selectionof Performance Exhausts are NOW being exported across the world. Jetex Sports, built on thesuccesses of almost 50 years of engineering some of the world’s finest performance exhaustsare the first choice for clients who require true performance without compromise! Jetex Sportsis at the forefront in producing Engineered Performance for all Leading Automotive Marques.Audi, BMW/New Mini, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Opel, Volvo, Volkswagen andan ever expanding range of Japanese, Korean, American and Australian performance vehicles.Most systems are Fully Certified EC & TUV and meet Euro 5 Engine Performance standards.Audi A3Audi A4Audi A5Audi TTHi-Flow Metallic Cat200CPiGolf 5Golf 6Golf 6SciroccoJetex Downpipe - For Racing Use OnlyCoil Spring From $300! Coilover From $1550 and above!Available forSUBARU 1.5 HB,STREAM RN6Available forCIVIC FD, EVO 10,SUBARU GRB,HONDA FITAvailable forHONDA FIT &HONDA STREAMDamping Adjustable ByElectronic ControlUnit (T Damping AdjustableBy Electronic Control Unit(TEAS)The damping force of this shockabsorber is non-adjustable.Spring for this NF Kit is barrelform type as shown in thecatalogue. By Using this spring,we achieved much comfortabledriving quality.Height AdjustableThe shock absorber which itis exclusively designed on thebasis of the height, spring ratedata which is calculated inevery model. It gives a stifferfeeling to the car.Height AdjustableThe damping force ofthis shock absorber isadjustable. You canchoose its strengthamong 12 steps, soft,medium and hard forthe front & rear.CF-S can adjust theride height remains theadoption of certain lengthadjustment system. Alsodesigned for each vehicleto the position of thebracket.Dress-up From lowers car by35-40mm but still provides acomfortable ridewith its increased spring rate.Retaining good ridecharacteristics identical to stockwhile offering almost 20-30mmlowering capabilitySlightly firmer design forimproved cornering stabilitywhile offering 25-30mmlowered look.Civic FDHondaStreamADVANCE RACING DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTSPACKAGE AFROM $65032 Stage Adjustable Damping Force EnablesVarious Settings Suitable For Your Liking.Shorter Piston for Lowering Spring ToPrevent From Hitting The Bumpstops.Twin Tube From Japan Reacts Quickly AndCorrectly Against Sudden Shock ReactionGas Filled To Keep The Shock PressurizedAnd Helps To Stop Oil Leak In ExtremeUsagePACKAGE BTANABELOWERINGSPRINGPACKAGE CFROM$950+FROM$395ADVANCE SUSPENSION +TANABE LOWERING SPRING+ ALIGNMENTLTA Compliant Exhaust From $650!Advance Suspension is a direct replacement for OEM Monotube Shock.Ideal as an upgrade from OEM Shock Absorber as it is dampingadjustable, therefore making it more responsive and easier to adjust to suitdifferent driving styles. Made from Steel and power coated damper body.Models Available: Honda Civic FD, EG/EK, EU1 05 onwards, Fit GE6 08,Airwave, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vios, Altis, Allion, Camry, Mazda 3 06, 5,Mitsubishi Lancer CS3, EX, Nissan Sunny N16, Latio, Sylphy.Honda Fit GE6Stainless Steel mufflerTITANIUM TipMandrelBendingServiceAvailable!$650LTA APPROVED$1150Call ForSPECIAL PRICEAudi A4 / A5 1.8/2.0/3.2T Quattro ExhaustVolkswagen Golf 5 /6 / Scirocco ExhaustKia CeratoBMW F10 5 Series ExhaustJEEP CHEE TRADING PTE LTD (EXHAUST SPECIALIST)Add: Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-426 Singapore 408701 Tel: 6745 4700 / 6749 4260 Fax: 6743 2059Blk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #01-232 Singapore 408704We have revamped our website, please visit: WWW.JEEPCHEE.COM.SG E-MAIL: SALES@JEEPCHEE.COM.SG* AMEX/DINERS/OCBC/MAYBANK/UOB/CITIBANK Credit CardInstallment Available

WHY WORRY NO ACCESSORIES & WORKSHOPOPEN AT NIGHT?OPEN DAILY INCLUDING PUBLIC HOLIDAYSFROM 6PM - 3AMSERVICING PACKAGESFREEMOTEC WIPERWith Every Servicing PackageWORTH $42 A PAIR(J Hook Only)*Terms & Conditions$176*$165*$165*$135*$128*$128*MOTULHKS NA RACINGHKS TURBO RACINGHKS SUPER RESPONSEX REVBLITZ 5W40$128*$128*$108*$108*$88BIZOLFK MASSIMOAGIPPENNZOILENOCENJOY EXPRESSSERVICINGAT MOTEC WITHJUST$88TOP-UP• Battery Water• Brake, Clutch, Power Steering Fluid• Radiator Coolant• Windshield Washer SystemCHANGE• 4 Litres Engine Oil• Oil Filler (original or equivalent)CLEAN• Air FilterLUBRICATE• 4 Battery Terminal• Door HingesCHECK• Air-con Belt & Fan Belt• Handbrake, Horns & Wipers• Indicators & Lighting• Transmission & Axle Oil Level• Tyres & Tyre PressureTEAM MOTECCUSTOMISEAUDI-LOOK-ALIKE DAYLIGHT$70ONWARDS$50FOR 4Leg Room LED$30FOR 2$435BorchmanDouble Dinw/installation + 1 yr warranty$980Pioneer4350DVDw/installation + 1 yr agent warrantyWhite 1.5w Leg Room LED Door light Subaru Impreza EyelidLTA COMPLIANT EXHAUSTTanabe Spoon HKS JS RacingHID CONVERSION KITWith 1year warrantywith InstallationCARBON FIBRE BONNET$520ONWARDS$520$888LED LIGHTS$120ONWARDSDoor Handle LightsBODYKIT$1XXXONWARDS4TH BRAKE LIGHT$50ONWARDS$500ONWARDSAudi A5 3.2 CoupeHonda Civic CF BonnetFit JS RacingSubaru ver.10 Varis CF BonnetHonda Civic RR (PP)Fit Mugen C/F BonnetCar BatterySpring StiffenerSizes A, B, C, D, E, F, B+(with Installation)Spring StiffenerSizes A, B, C, D, E, F, B+(with Installation)3A Car MatHella Horn$45A PAIRSolar FilmStrut Bars$115ONWARDS$50ONWARDS$80ONWARDS$15EACH$280A CAR$120ONWARDS60mm Pro Sport /Depo RacingSound ProofingSpy AlarmLED Day Lightwith SignalCustomised ICEVortex R Type 5 GT WingANY 3 FOR$439$50ONWARDS$248ONWARDS$158W/INSTALL +SWITCH$900ONWARDS$750MOTEC AUTO ACCESSORIESBlk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 Singapore 628455 Tel: 6265 3558 www.motec.sgLED, HID, Sound System, Carbon Fiber, Alarm System, Car Servicing And Maintenance, Performance Part,Exhaust System, Sound Proofing, Customized Floor Mat, Car Batteries, Bodykit and many more.Your Ideal Car Accessories Distributor and Retailer.

PARTS1. Shadow Pro Clear CF (White or Red Light)Shadow Pro Gauges provide drivers with critical enginestats with its accurate display and high precision sensors.They are a step above the rest and combine many featureswhich ensure the needs of demanding drivers are met.There is a 12-step brightness adjustment to suit differentlighting conditions as well as a warning and peakfunction. Available in both clear face and whiteface with a choice of red or white light, you’llcertainly find one that will suit your taste.McWell Ventures – 8139 08483. Sparco Evo 2 Plus Bucket SeatSparco Evo was designed and developed in cooperationwith the most prestigious Sparco driversof the DTM and ITC Championships. The Evo 2Plus seat is an evolution of the Evo seat in a largersize. A taller and wider shell, better positions of theseatbelt slots at the driver’s shoulder level and spacefor the HANS collar are just some of the improvedfeatures of the Evo 2 plus seat. Sparco's Evo range ofseats is the only one that is available in 3 different sizes.Miki Marketing – 6749 19962. MOMO Race Air Leather Gear KnobMOMO Race Air Leather Gear Knob is a replacementleather gear knob made with the finest Italian leather.Featuring an aluminum collar and top insert anda distinctive “MOMO Italy” badge, it offers thatdistinctive MOMO driving sensation, with a perfectblend of comfort and style that gives you the perfectMOMO driving experience. Installation is a breeze withthree grub screws and the provided instruction manual.Concorde – 6292 00874. LED Day LightWith bright LED Day Light, youwill definitely dazzle the crowdwherever you go. Encased in splashand moisture proof enclosure, you don’tknow have to worry about condensationappearing over time. Adding a tinge of style duringthe day, and increasing visibility at night, you are ableto customize the position of the LEDs to suit your taste.ADK – 6742 8275Gadgets & GizmosThere's no point in having a powerful carif it doesn't have the right accessories to complement it.5. LED Door Handle LightLight up your door handles withMotec’s LED Door Handle Light.You will be captivated by the glow ofthese high powered ultra bright LEDswhich are installed under the doorhandles. These LEDs can be switchedon/off via an external switch andthey are suitable for all types of cars.Motec – 6265 35589. ATF Cooler7. FN2R Carbon Fibre SpoilerThis FN2R CF spoiler from Aeimpex not onlyprovides weight savings, but also scores pointsin the aesthetics department. Specially made byAeimpex’s experienced craftsmen in Europe usingonly the finest materials. Strict QC is done beforeleaving the factory to ensure the end product isof the highest quality. Coated in layers of glossylacquer for maximum shine, be the envy of yourfellow mates once you install it on your ride.Aeimpex – 9109 7821An automatic transmission fluid cooler serves to prevent the ATF fluid andtransmission itself from getting too hot. Keeping the temperature of yourauto transmission down would ensure that it performs better and lastslonger. By switching to an aftermarket ATF cooler, you’re able tofurther lower the temperatures of yourauto transmission and ATF fluid andenhance the transmission’s longevity.6. Win-Star PlusWin-Star Plus is a PC-based diagnostic tester thatreplaces traditional hand-held ones. Available invarious languages, it is a technician’s dream cometrue with its user friendly interface and has thesame high precision levels as those used byvehicle manufacturers. It can be used withboth desktop and laptop and is suitablefor a wide range of vehicles includingMercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and VW.Auto Maxima – 6552 135110. Rainbow LED8. Evo X/Lancer EX Carbon Gear PanelWith the wide spread use of carbon fibre in aerospace,military and racing applications, it has finally found itsway into the mainstream automotive industry aswell. Advantages include weight savings and animpressive strength to weight ratio. This carbongear panel will not only enhance the looks ofyour interior, it will also add a sporty touch to it.Miracle – 6468 3096Should you wish to customize the colours of your LEDs, lookno further than this Rainbow LED. This LED strip consists ofnumerous high powered, ultra bright LEDs and there are 99 differentsettings to choose from. A controller allows you to configurethe colour as well as the settings of the LEDs to your liking.833 Motorsports – 9233 0833Xquisitew@rks – 6363 350514 APR 2011

RICA - THE ART OF CHIPTUNING ENGINEERINGRICA Engineering is very serious aboutthe enviroment. We are changing thesoftware in your car to improve it in everyway. Tuning with RICA Engineering willgive your car improved fuel efficiency,but more importantly, RICA Engineering’supgraded engine management softwarewill meet or even exceed the very strictEuropean emission standards which the carmanufacturers must also comply with.RICA Engineering also keeps a close eyeon future developments. We are alreadylooking for ways to improve cars running onalternative fuels like E85 and Hydrogen, notony for you to enjoy your car even more,but also to ensure that you and everyoneelse around you can enjoy a cleanerenvironment.RICA EngineeringTechnology of the future in your car today!Alfa Romeo | Audi | Bentley | BMW | Chevrolet | Chrysler | Citroen | Dacia | Dodge | Fiat | Ford |Honda | Hyundai | Iveco | Jaguar | Jeep | Kia | Lancia | Land Rover | Mazda | Mercedes Benz |MG Rover | Mini | Mitsubishi | Nissan | Opel / Vauxhall | Peugeot | Porsche | Renault | Saab | Skoda |Ssangyong | Suzuki | Toyota | Volkswagen | VolvoSTAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED RACING HOSE FOR HIGHPERFORMANCE RACINGMAGNUM Racing hose, the ultimate in brake hose technology. Light andflexible, yet strong and delivering the racing feel with improved braking.Premium Quality Racing Hose ConstructionsHigh tech constructionThe Inner Liner constructed from high grade synthetic PTFE tube,gives the brake fluid transfer a clean and fast flowing channel forpressure transmission. MAGNUM Racing hose gives a positive brakefeel especially when hard braking.The Stainless Steel Outer Braid is woven around the Inner Liner of highgrade synthetic PTFE using an special advanced technique. Thisresults in a unique blend of flexibility and high pressure endurancecharactoristics of the hose to combine, bringing forth MAGNUMRacing hoses. The perfect solution.The InnerLinerPartialCoverageStainless SteelInner BraidFull Coverage OuterBraid of High TensileStainless SteelMaster Dealer: Blaze Trading Services Tel: 6841 3724 Email: saleSenquiry@blaze-trading.comTitanium Brake Hose Coming Soon!Authorised Dealers:North • 833 Motorsports Blk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A #01-16 S575678 Tel: 6457 7833 • A-Star Automotive Services Pte Ltd 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #03-11 S568047 Tel: 6481 9518, 64819517 • Aoto Pte Ltd 184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-01 S757515 Tel: 6365 2313 • Edge Works 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #05-08 S575721 Tel: 6458 4300 • Griffin Auto Services 176 Sin Ming Drive SinMing Autocare #05-09 S575721 Tel: 6455 3309 • Juzz It Up 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #03-13/15/16 S575721 Tel: 6736 0303 • Light Speed Motorsports 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #05-12 S575721Tel: 9014 8414 • KHY Auto Services 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #02-11 S575721 Tel: 6554 9782 • Lim Tan Motor Pte Ltd 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #03-06/09/10 S575721 Tel: 6452 0893 • Lim TanMotor Pte Ltd Blk 9 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector C #01-38/40/42 S575644 Tel: 6382 5612 • O.S.K Auto Spare Parts Trading 10, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #04-09 S568047 Tel: 9642 2928• Powertune Blk 19Sin Ming Road #01-21 S575676 Tel: 6453 3600 • RaceTech 176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #02-04 S575721 Tel: 9679 2227• Soon Kang Motor Blk 13 Defu Lane 10 #01-430 S539194 Tel: 6382 5612 • Team Sportivo176 Sin Ming Drive Sin Ming Autocare #03-12 S575721 Tel: 6546 2022 • Trendy Automotives Blk 11 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector B #01-79 S575655 Tel: 6451 2135East • Derrick Motor Works Blk 9002 Tampines Street 93 #01-72 Tampines Industrial Park A S528836 Tel: 6784 0602 • Dynotechnica 53 Ubi Ave 1 Paya Ubi Industrial Park #01-37 S408934 Tel: 6841 1304• Gary’s Engineering Service 53 Ubi Ave 1 Paya Ubi Industrial Park #01-42 S408934 Tel: 6841 1923 • Hock Lian Motor Service Blk 3012 Bedok North Ave 4 #01-2034 Bedok Industrial Park E S489978 Tel: 9658 3382• J Motorwerkz Blk 3007 Ubi Road 1 #01-402 S408701 Tel: 9875 5803 • MB Performance 53 Ubi Ave 1 Paya Ubi Industrial Park #01-08 S408934 Tel: 6747 8521 • RS Tuning 53 Ubi Ave 1 Paya Ubi Industrial Park #03-56S408934 Tel: 6844 0802 • Sung Beng Auto 342 Circuit Road S379494 Tel: 9272 4879 • Zero Gravity Motorsports Blk 1067 Eunos Ave 4 #01-212 Tel: 6741 2845West • Aoto Pte Ltd 36 Toh Guan Road East #01-42 Enterprise Hub S608580 Tel: 6316 9171 • Li hong Auto Enterprise 1 Bukit Batok Cresent #08-61 Wega Plaza S658064 Tel: 9027 6341 • Seah Kwang Seng MotorServices 28 Jalan Tukang Tel: 6265 8831 • Motec Auto Accessories Blk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-10 S628455 Tel: 6265 3558 • Y.C. Auto Service Blk 9 Pioneer Road North #01-56 S628461 Tel: 6261 4007No. 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-42 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934Tel: +(65) 6841 1923 Fax: +(65) 6841 6523 Email:

FEATURE CARRACK-READYTOYOTA VIOSSince the completion of the Sepang F1Circuit, time attack events have beenextremely popular with Singaporeandrivers of high performance vehicles.Attend any track day in the North, andthe weapon of choice would usuallybe a Mitsubishi Evolution, SubaruWRX or Honda Civic Type R. However,not everyone is able to afford such ahigh performance car hence thoughtsof tracking are usually shelved.If you look carefully enough though,you’ll realize you don’t actually need ahigh performance vehicle that churnsout above 200BHP to enjoy tracking.Take for example, this Toyota Viosin picture. Despite a stock 110HPengine, it manages to give most carson the track a run for their money.Serving as a daily driver, reliability ofcourse has to be of utmost importance.The decision to leave the enginestock was without a doubt. However110HP is of course insufficient for thehigh speed straights and to achieveoptimal exit speeds. After a lengthydiscussion with Jonathan of SKGarage, the owner decided to opt foran upgrade of his stock gearbox.More often than not, most drivers tendto only go for horsepower figures,the higher the better. Gearing hasalways been an overlooked aspectbut unknown to many, a well setupgearbox will do wonders for your ride.Unlike engine and turbo upgrades,replacing your stock gearings witha set of close ratio ones do notrequire additional installation of anyelectronics or ECU tuning systems.Benefits reaped include maximumacceleration due to minimal rev dropduring gear changes. Richard, theowner, added, “By being able to keepthe car in its optimal power band,Ultra Racing bars adorn the entire carThis particular Vios proves that tracking isnot only for high performance vehicles.I will be able to exit each corner atthe required speed without having toengage to a lower gear.”If you’ve grown up following JohorCircuit races, you might be familiarwith the owner. Back in his heyday,Richard Sim was a well-known namein the circuit racing scene. Withdecades of experience and havinggone thru numerous race cars andsetups, Richard knows exactly whathe wants out of his car. “You mayhave 600 horses on crank, but theyare of no use if you are unable tohandle them. Instead of going for rawpower, I chose to spend my money onhandling upgrades for the car”, saidRichard. Keeping in line with his word,the car got a variety of bars includingstrut, anti roll and fender bars. Theseenhancements serve to stiffen upthe chassis and with the finely tunedcoilover setup, body roll is minimal.Clocking an extremely impressive1min 58 sec timing round ourneighbouring Johor Circuit, Richard’sVios proves that your every day carcan be a worthy opponent for otherson the track. Instead of going forhorsepower gains, upgrading to aclose ratio gearbox is somethingworth considering. “Of course, howyour car handles in corners is asimportant as straight line speed”. Youcan’t help but believe the words froma veteran like Richard himself.Fast Facts: Toyota Vios 1.5ENGINEStock 1NZ-FE Engine, TRD RacingClutch, Earl’s Oil CoolerDRIVETRAINSK Garage Customised 3/4/5th & FinalDrive Straight Cut Gear Set, TRD LimitedSlip Differential (LSD)UNDERCARRIAGEFully Adjustable Coilover with CustomSpring Rates, Front/Rear AdjustableCamber Plate, Ultra Racing Front/RearStrut Bars, Ultra Racing Front/Rear AntiRoll Bars, Ultra Racing Fender Bars,15” Rota Slipstream with Toyo ProxesR888 (For track usage), Front HighTemperature Brake Pads with SteelBraided Brake LinesCABINWater Temperature Gauge, ExtendedShifterCoilovers with adjustable camber platesExtended shifter for easy reachPhotographer Roger Chua / Monstrosity16 APR 2011

TALKWEAVE, CLARITY & COLOURNo, we’re not talkingabout diamondsbut Aeimpex’sCarbonrevo rangeof carbon fibreproducts.How did you get started in this thermal health of the engine bay. Our products undergo quality checksbusiness and how has things It also helps in improving overall in the factory and at our end beforechanged since then?aerodynamics of the car. Lastly, it we sell it to the customer. Each andIt all started when I decided to have my enhances the sporty look of the car. every Carbonrevo Hood comes withown carbon hood for my Mitsubishian individual serial number. That way,Lancer CS3. I didn’t like the service What’s the process of producing if we ever need to do any productof that supplier who was bringing in your CF products like?recall due to any factory defects, wethe only available ones at that time. There are many processes of making can easily trace the owners. We doSo I sourced for a supplier overseas a Carbon hood. However, the not believe in doing hit & run business.and I got them to make the hood that minimum manufacturing standard We are constantly upgrading ourI designed. I posted my hoods online of Carbonrevo products is vacuum technology and raw materials to makeand started off from there.infusion. We also make our hoods better products and to be ahead ofusing RTM and Autoclave molding our competitors.When I first sold carbon hoods, I depending on the application andwas like any other customers out also the customer’s budget. These What other types of products dothere. Price is the key factor. I didn’t processes make stronger parts of you currently carry?understand why would there be a big better quality.At Aeimpex, we concentrate mainlydifference between a $500 item and aon automotive parts. We currently$5000 item.Is the use of CF products LTAapprovedin Singapore?exotic and luxury cars like Porsche,specialize in interior carbon parts forHowever, I encountered countless Currently it is not deemed as an illegal Maserati, Mercedes, BMW & Volvo.fitment issues and defects. From there, modification in Singapore. The carbon Recent additions over the years areI did my homework and research. hood that you are using or planning to sporting goods and lifestyle items. WeI visited many different overseas get must have an inner bone structure also have plans for more expansionsfactories and attended trade shows to like that of a the future.find out more. Immediately, I knew thatwe had to change our direction from Without the bone structure, the whole Should a customer be interestedstop selling cheap lousy stuffs to focus hood will be very weak and will pose in getting an interior/exterioron quality instead.a huge danger to yourself as well part in CF, how can he go aboutas others. The hood must also bedoing so?In 2009, we launched our own securely attached to the car so as toWe would usually ask the customerbrand, Carbonrevo, for the discerning prevent it from flipping up when goingto come over or at least give us a callcustomers whose focus is on quality, at high find out more about the item he isinterested in. We do keep some offunctionality and safety rather thaninferior products at low prices.What makes your products the more popular items in stock. Thedifferent from your competitors? rest are all on indent basis especiallyWhat are the benefits of using Our products sell mostly through word the interior parts. Once he is ready tocarbon fibre (CF) products? of mouth by our existing customers. place an order, we will need to get aOther than shaving off weight from Many can make hoods of the same deposit from him. The balance shall bethe car, vented hoods help to cool design, but not many can make real paid upon collection or installation ofthe engine bay hence improving the good stuff.the item.How receptive are Singaporedrivers towards the usage of CFproducts nowadays?Local drivers especially the youngerones are very receptive towardscarbon products. In fact, it’s a trendthat they follow perhaps due to peerinfluence. However they have littleknowledge on what they are buyinghence we see the need to educatethem if possible.What are you plans for the future?With the Changi Motorsports Hubcoming up, we are planning to havea R&D and manufacturing facilitylocally so that we can focus moreand make better products for theregional motorsports players. We alsohope to be able to take part in moreoutdoor events so that we can reachout to the public and educate themon carbon fibre parts. We are alsoactively looking to expand our salesdistribution network worldwide.It has been an extremelyinsightful experience into theworld of CF products! Anythingelse to add?Most accidents of flipping hoodshappen because of improper usageand installation. All parts of a car needmaintenance, including the hood.And as the saying goes, if you paypeanuts, you’ll get monkeys. I wouldstrongly advise against cheap andinferior carbon fibre products. Do notever compromise on safety as you’llnever know when the product mightfail on you.

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE CAN BE YOURS!Nashin Brake System• Mono Block Design High Strength And Lighter• Hard Coating On Surface To Prevent WearAnd Withstand High Temperature• 1 Year Warranty Of Calipers Against Manufacturing Defects• Special Pistons To Provide Highly SensitiveBraking And Liner Braking Performance• Brake Pads Design To Lower Vibration AndIncrease Stability In High Speed Braking• High Precision 3D CNC MachiningAVAILABLE FOR MOST MODELS!COLORS AVAILABLE:ATTRACTIVE RIM PACKAGES FROM 15” TO 20” TO CHOOSE!!BE SPOILT FOR CHOICES!!15” $68816” $88817” $108818” $138819” Special $$20” Special $$Available in 2,Big 4, Mini 4,6 and 8 PotProject USuper Lock NutsAt $130, (up $170)With Every Set OfRim PurchasedAll Prices Include GST & Before Trade-In. With Any Set Purchase FREE:• Lifetime Purchase Repair • Chrome Tubeless Sleeve Valve • Off Wheel Balancing• Gunk Wheel Cleaner • Tyre Rotation & Balancing for Every 10,000kmCOILOVER & LOWERING SPRINGS AVAILABLE FOR ALL CAR MODELS!!FROM$1, 200 FROM$350FREE ALIGNMENT FOR PURCHASE OF COILOVER OR LOWERING SPRINGSERVICING PACKAGES - FREE Checking Of Your Precious Vehicle When You Service Your Car With Us!$178 $188 $108 $108 $128 $138 $138 $108 $118MUGEN VT-a MOTULCUSCO SHELL HELIX ULTRA X-REV OWS NA RACING MOBIL 1 GOLD PENZOIL HYPERTECCoolant FlushCoolant Flush willenhanced coolantflow and preventsoverheating andcorrode of themetal parts.ATF FlushATF flushing eplacesold worn-out automatictransmission fluid (ATF)with fresh new fluid toprolong the life of thetransmission.ThrottlebodyWashing ServiceRemoves contamination thatbuilds up over long periodsof use. Expect smooth airflow,increased power and torqueafter a good throttle body wash!Air Con Servicing & RepairsProper servicing of Air Conditionsystems to ensure the cooling systemis working in good conditions.• General Repairs • Top Up Refrigerant •Washing of Air Con Systems • Changingof Coolant Hose • Detect Leakage •Replacement of Air Con PartsDenso Iridim Plug Oil Filter Brake Pad Mintex Brake Pad Fuel Filter Air FIlter Air Con Filter Sonax Flush Motor Flush CoolantCHUAN LEE HIN TYRES TRADING50, Bukit Batok St. 23, #02-01 Midview Building Singapore 659578Tel: 6862 6818 Fax: 6862 6828We Specialize • Air-Con • Servicing and Repair • Car Stereo • Car Accessories • Sport Rims and TyresOperating Hour: Mon-Sat: 8.30am - 6.30pm Close on Sunday & public HolidaysOne StopAuto Services Centre0% Interest Installment Plan Avaliable* Conditions Appky


In Car Entertainment$999$900withONWARDSinstallation1 YearCaska Clarion Pioneer AVH 4350 WarrantyESX AudioDB DriveSecurityMB QuartSoundstreamLedSpy alarm Steel Mate Alarm Steel mate tpms reverse sensor reverse camera video recorder$100For4 Doors$50ONWARDS$199From$110Rainbow LED LED DOOR handle L.E.D DoorL.E.D DoorH.i.dCustomized stickerh.i.dCustomised ledevent setupLTA Approved sunroofOWS - ServicingAt $78 Only! (5W40 + Oil filter + 24 Points check)owsmultilightPerformanceOWS Dot 4Brake FluidOWSATFOWSsyncroowsLeichtlaufOWSSuperturboows LonglifeCoolentOWS168OWS610OWS889OWS613OWS3-in-1d2CoilOverd2Brake kitBriskSpark PlugJunCrankshaftBodykits - From $120 Onwards!JunConrodJunCamshaftJunPistonBroquetEBCBrake PadHurricaneE92 M3Conversion frontMercedesC ClassSubaruINGSHondaFitHondaAccordSwiftSportKia CeratoLancer ex184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-04 S757514 Tel: +65 6363 3505Operation Hours: Tuesday - Sunday (Monday Off) 9.30am - 7pmWebsite: / Email: jordan@xquisiteworks.comUOB 0% Interest FreeInstallment Plans AvailableWe Accept:

I.C.E. SHOPI.C.E, Performance,and Many More!With a host of great services under one roof, Xquisitew@rks will more than satisfy your under one roof, saving carenthusiasts time, as well bringingthem convenience.Established in 2006, Xquisitew@rksnot only offers the services of a regularservicing workshop, but also providescustomized car decal, a wide rangeof accessories, car number plate,and even embroidery services. Butwhat stands out most amongst allof the above would be their rangeof I.C.E parts and the customizedinstallation and fabrication works.are even pre-cut car decals whichyou can purchase and beautify yourcar with.Many drivers often find it hard toallocate time to visit their respectiveworkshops to pamper their belovedrides. Be it a routine servicing, orpurchasing and installing aftermarketparts and aesthetic enhancements,it often involves spending more thanhalf a day, and visiting more than justone workshop.Located in the north of Singapore,you’ll find a solution to the aboveproblem. Xquisitew@rks realizedthat for most of us, 24 hours in aday isn’t enough. With that in mind,they’ve managed to offer a host ofWith a team of experiencedtechnicians, no job is too big for them,and they will always try to satisfy yourevery request.Walking into their showroom, you’ll findtower after tower of glass showcasesfilled with I.C.E parts, accessories,and aftermarket performance parts.From the most basic spark plugs andair filters, to car audio amplifiers andspeakers. In the service area, thereWhile I browsing their showroom, Irealized their I.C.E products go beyondwhat you’ll find at most shops. Otherthan the regular brands of amplifiers,car speakers and head-units, theyeven carry high quality cables and theacclaimed CASKA multimedia unit.We managed to catch Jordan, ownerof Xquisitew@rks and he managed totell us more about what his shop cando for his customers.“We believe in providing top notchworkmanship and a “customerfirst”policy over here at Xquisitew@rks. Having a team of experiencedtechnicians, we have years of expertisein the installation and customization ofI.C.E setups. Only the finest materialsand products are used, ensuringshow-quality finishing and a greataudio and visual experience. We willalways try to adhere to customers’requests and provide them withsound advice so that they will be ableto make informed decisions.”With such reassuring words comingfrom the owner himself, you can besure you’ll only get the best when youvisit Xquisitew@rks.Xquisitew@rks is located at 184Woodlands Industrial Park E5,#01-04, S 757514 Call 6363 3505 orvisit for moreinformation. Operation hours: 9.30amto 7pm (Tuesday – Sunday.Monday off)APR 2011 23

I.C.E. CarGoing Beyond the ExteriorHigh performance figures, an eye catching exterior, and a solid I.C.E package. This car has it all.Another R badged Honda graces ourpages this issue. With a following allover the world, Honda's R enginesare widely regarded as the bestnaturally-aspirated ones ever created,Honda’s VTEC power plant never failsto capture our attention.on the weekends. It is of little wonderwhy importers chose to bring thismean machine to our shores.and a tastefully done up exterior, thisCL7R never fails to put a smile onJordan’s face whenever he’s in thedriver seat.5Zigen livery with matching rimsIn its 2nd generation, this HondaAccord Euro-R (CL7R) is a JDM model.Simply speaking, it is only availablein the Japanese domestic market(hence the term JDM). Keeping in linewith the Honda’s Type R heritage, thisCL7R comes with a 220BHP K20Aengine, the exact same one as theIntegra Type R (DC5R).DB Drive and Soundstream GoodiesWith rather discreet and subtle stylingin its stock form, the CL7R doesn’tgive off the bad boy racer vibes. Beingso, it is suitable for those looking for acar with executive looks on a weekday,and race track worthy performanceHonda’s high revving K20A engineSpoon Calipers - A hint of JDM-nessHowever, what we have with us hereis far from stock. Jordan’s CL7Rhas taken on a whole new lookwith 5Zigen livery on a matte blackand purple base colour. Of course,the rims of choice are from 5Zigen.JDM goodness can be found in thesignature blue Spoon brake caliperswhich provide the braking powerone needs. Not content with merelylooking good, Jordan decided todo a full performance upgrade forthe stock 8,000RPM redline K20Aengine as well.What caught our attention though,was the car's I.C.E setup. The car'sstereo system got a full overhaul of itsown sorts. The factory speakers werethrown out and replaced with a setof quality component speakers fromthe DB Drive 7 Series line up. Theseprovide excellent reproduction of allaudio frequencies and hence theywere chosen for not only the front, butfor the rear as well. Jordan decidedto go with a 12” DB Drive Subwooferbased on its visually appealingdesign as well as high performancespecifications. Two external amplifiersfrom DB Drive’s top range A7 seriesPurple LED lighting to match the exteriorwere chosen: a mono amp for thewoofer, and a 4 channel one for thespeakers. Of course, the factoryhead-unit simply couldn’t unleashthe potential of such a setup. Havingsaid that, a Pioneer’s P80 head-unitprovided the platform for achievingonly the best in sound quality throughits various tuning capabilities.With a potent concoction ofhorsepower, an impressive I.C.E setupEntertainment for the rear passengersDB Drive 7 Series Component SpeakersHKS Circle Earth Grounding SystemFast Facts: Honda AccordEuro-R (CL7R)EXTerior18” 5Zigen Rims, Hankook Ventus V12Evo Tyres, Fully Customized Stickers byXquisitew@rks, Fully Customized LED,SunroofInteriorSTRi Shift Lamp, Apexi RSM, HondataK100 ECU, Autometer Oil/WaterTemperature Gauge, MOMO DriftingSteering Wheel, Skunk2 Gearknob,Short Shifter, TAKATA 4-point HarnessAudioPioneer P80RS Headunit, Pioneer AVH-P6300BT In-Dash DVD Player, DB Drive7 Series Component Speakers, DB DriveOKUR Series A7 125.4, DB Drive A71100.1, DB Drive Capacitor, DB Drive12” SubwooferVideo 2 x 8” LCD Display on the backof driver and passenger seat.LightingCustomized Angel Eye LED Headlights,Undercarriage LED Strips, DaytimeRunning Light, Door Handle LED, FrontGrille LED, Fender Grille LED, LegroomLEDPhotographer Roger Chua / Monstrosity24 APR 2011

I.C.E1. DLS C6APart of DLS’ performance series is the C6A, a2-way 6.5” component speaker. It utilizes DLSEFR-technology for improved midrange andoverall sound quality. Separate filter boxes forbass and tweeter with air coils ensures maximumperformance. The 20mm T20 silk dome tweetershave a selectable tweeter level to accuratelyreproduce the high frequencies of your music.ADK – 6742 82755. Pioneer DEH-3350UBThis single din CD Receiver not only has looks, but functionsto boot as well. Features include Advance Sound Receiver forenhanced audio reproduction and hassle-free connectivity toyour iPod/iPhone. You will be able to locate an AUX-in andUSB port on the front for easy connectivity to your musicplayers and external storage devices. An in-built MOSFET50x4 watts amplifier also produces excellent sound quality.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35052. SX Audio SE2150Offering solid technology, highmanufacturing quality and gorgeousdesign, the ESX Audio SE2150 certainlysets new standards in this price range.The SE2150 is one of the top models ofESX’s new amplifier line up and it is fullyequipped with features that will bringyou hours and hours of enjoyment.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35053. MTX Audio CTC 260Upgrade your factory speakers to a setof MTX Audio CTC 260. The componentspeaker comes with a 6” woofer to producehigh quality low and mid frequencies whilethe pair of tweeters take care of the highnotes. You will be surprised at its highquality finishing despite having an extremelyreasonable price tag.In Phone – 6382 22625. Clarion VX709ACar entertainment has got better with the 7” 2-din ClarionVX709A. It packs a long list of features with an intuitiveinterface and is capable of playing almost every type ofmedia formats including DivX. The VX709A offers flexibleconnectivity with a wide variety of input and output so youare assured of seamless audio and visual entertainment.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 3505CRANK UP YOUR VOLUMEMake yourself heard with all the latest innovations from around the globe6. Vision Head-Unit for Suzuki SwiftView videos and movies in crystal clear sound quality withthis customized 7” touch screen DVD head-unit. It is packedwith plenty of entertainment features as well as a host of otherutility features including a built-in GPS navigator. Connectivityis not an issue since it supports both USB devices and SDcard. Bluetooth calling function is also includedAutoform – 6294 55007. Vision Head-Unit for Mazda 3Vision has customized a head-unit which easily replaces thecar’s factory built-in one. With a large 7” DVD touchscreenthat can support DVD, VCD, MP3, MPEG4/WMA formatsand more, it is also capable of playing music and videoswhile you are navigating with its GPS feature.Autoform – 6294 55009. DLS ASB 120In a 44 litres seal enclosure lies 2 x DLS KW10, a 10” sub-woofer which works well toproduce the low frequencies needed. At theback you will find a SBA 185 amplifier whichputs out 265 watts RMS to cater to your highdemands on sound. With this active subwooferbox, your needs for a solid soundingthumping bass will be instantly satisfied.ADK 6742 82758. Pioneer AVH-P4250DVDWith a seamless user interface, Pioneer’s 2-din DVDplayer, the AVH-P4250DVD enhances usability andplayability. The increased compatibility with variousmultimedia allows you to play various digital compressionformats without compromising on the audio and videoquality. Supported formats even include DivX video filesthat can be played from your media source and there isalso a RGB input for added connectivity.Motec – 6265 355810. Hertz DSK 130The Hertz DSK 130 is a 5¼” 2 way componentspeaker that comes complete with a 15mm mylardome tweeter. This speaker is part of Hertz’s DieciLine aimed at obtaining high efficiency, maximumtonal quality and high grade tonal accuracy. The DSK130 combines a woofer that pumps out extremesolid bass with a high quality tweeter that makes it aperfect replacement for those factory speakers.In Phone – 6382 2262APR 2011 25

I.C.E. REVIEW1. DLS CA 41Established in 1979, DLS has since wonnumerous awards in various speakerchampionships and sound-off competitions.Needless to say, they produce one of thebest aftermarket audio components forvarious applications such as cars and boats.Within their 3 lines of car audio amplifier,you’ll find the CA 41. It is a multi-channelamplifier with a power output of 4x70 wattsand in mono bridge-connection mode, itchurns out a staggering 200 watts for thosepower-hungry speakers of yours. The CA 41also has built-in/switchable low and high passfilters and a bass boost feature which allowsyou to increase the figures from 25 to 80 HZ,and 0 – 18 DB. In the event of overload, theamplifier also has a built-in protection circuitwhich shuts it down. To work in harmony withthe various types of head-units that one mayuse, CA 41 also has a high level input with anauto start function.With a 4x70 watts setup, the amplifier isa superb choice to power your vehicle’sspeakers. While in bridge connection mode,you can even use it for both your speakers aswell as subwoofer.PUSHINGBOUNDARIESPush the tempo and take your party on the roadwith these aurally powerful systems2. CASKAThe CASKA unit is a 2-dinreplacement for your factory headunitwhich offers you the ease of aplug-and-play installation coupledwith countless features. The CASKAunit fits smoothly and unobtrusivelyinto your car’s dashboard design.It matches the original equipmentmanufacturer’s (OEM) dashboardsize, curvature, colour, design andeven the colour of backlightingperfectly.Bringing the latest navigationtechnology into your multimediaunit, the high quality electroniccomponents and parts ensure afirst class navigation experience.First time users need not worryabout having to go through a thickinstruction manual to learn how touse it. This new generation of CASKAcomes with a breathtakingly hightechdesign which is easy to use yetlets you reach all the functions theunit provides. The utterly logical menusystem along with the multilingualcapability ensures a user-friendlyexperience. All these are accessedvia a high resolution touch screenof up to 8” with an 800x480 nativeresolution and 16 million colours.The list of features are equallyimpressive. Besides supportingvarious multimedia formats such asMPEG, MP3, WMA and JPG, it alsosupports with DivX and Xvid AVI (withsubtitles). Media playback is availablefor CD, DVD, USB 2.0, SD, microSDand you can hook up your iPod,iPhone, and even your Bluetoothenabled mobile device.Last but not least, digital TV is alsosupported and answering of callson your mobile is an ease with theBluetooth enabled calling functionof the head-unit. And Because ofthe CASKA’s plug-and-play nature,and the original fit feature, all ofthe steering wheel control buttonsand knobs work perfectly after theinstallation of your CASKA.26 APR 2011

APR 2011 27

POWER UNLEASHEDTestimonials:Free Trial!First 10 CustomersWill Be Entitled To APromotional Price of $800Usual Price $950“The feeling after having the ECU installed is simply wonderful. Throttle response has never been sogood! Never knew that our X can hit 6k RPM so quickly! Overtaking is a piece of cake now and I believelike what some of the bros here mentioned, fuel consumption will be better because we can afford to belight footed on the gas pedal, yet not sacrificing on power” – Laserwheel , Japanese Car make“Just got the Hage ECU installed on my ride yesterday. Just one word can sum up all that I’m feeling:“Incredible”. Now the car feels like a totally different creature. The throttle response is so smooth andresponsive that I have to change the way I drive” – Birdie, Japanese Car Make“I just got back from Ipoh last night and the drive was superb. I managed to hit 200km/h effortlessly andhad to control my right foot to prevent myself from going any faster. Overtaking is a breeze and it makeslong distance driving less strenuous. For those who have already installed the ECU, do keep an eye on thespeedometer or you’ll find yourself going above the speed limit without even realising it” – Taylormade Mark-XThe ECU is the brain that controls how your car performs before any other enhancement. Most original stock cars are delivered bymanufacturers in standard mode below its true optimal performance. Our job is to help unleashed the power within.Brought to you by professional Engineers and Tuners in Japan, the Hage Power ECU Tunemasterseries offers you the capability to do DUAL AFR and ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) tuning.Experience the significant BHP gain and a lower FC in it, and the rest is in the Head.Hage Distribution Pte LtdBlk 3015 Ubi Road 1 #02-234 (S) 408704 Tel: 8488 6998 Email: Dealers:GT Auto Sound Trading Pte Ltd, Blk 1069 Eunos Ave 5 #01-175 S(409748) Tel: 6280 6636Power Express, Autobay@Kaki Bukit, 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-80 S(417833) Tel: 9115 4329

REVIEWSAN ECU PACKEDTO THE BRIM WITH FEATURESOffering tuning capabilities ofa standalone ECU, the HagePower ECU is in actual factmerely a piggyback unit whichdoesn’t cost an arm or a leg.The process of tuning a car is akin tothe finishing strokes of a great pieceof art. If done well, it’ll compliment theaccompanying performance upgrades,the same way a few significantbrushstrokes can make or break apiece of art.There a various ways you can go abouttuning your vehicle. You can choosefrom a reflash of your factory ECU, abasic air-fuel controller, a piggybackunit or a standalone ECU. There arelimitations of the abilities of each type ofECU and selection should be based onyour engine setup and probably yourbudget as well. Engaging the correcttuner is of utmost importance as thereis no use getting the best ECU moneycan get, when your tuner doesn’t knowhis way around it.Of course, if finances permit, everyonewould opt for a standalone ECU as itreplaces the factory ECU and allows fullcontrol over all of the car’s parameters.However the cost of such ECUsis in the region of a few thousanddollars and it’s not exactly somethingeveryone can afford.The Hage Power ECU is perhaps theclosest you can get to a standaloneECU, without paying the high priceof one. Suitable for most EFI carsregardless if it’s running a NA, turbocharged,or super charged setup,installation is a breeze with the plugand-playharness which is availablefor most car models.During installation, the wiring harnessof the Hage Power ECU will bepassed through the fire wall of yourvehicle and connected to your ECU.Thereafter, the exposed wires will becovered with high quality wire loomto ensure that it wouldn’t be exposedto heat and oil from the engine bay.The Hage Power ECU will then bemounted in the interior of your vehicle,most of the time below the glovecompartment.The Hage Power ECU is a fullyprogrammable engine managementsystem which channels over 53,000fuel and ignition parameters througha vehicle’s standard ECU to delivermaximum power, optimized drivabilityand improved fuel consumption.Preparing the ECU HarnessReady to go into the engine bayPass the firewall, into the engine bayOther than the standard piggybackfeatures, the ECU is also able tocontrol electronic boost control, waterinjection, launch control and evenadditional injectors. Such featureswhich are usually only found in fullstandalone ECUs are now availableon a piggyback as well!Harness in the engine bayThe “Brain” of the carSorting out the wiresIn the hands of an experiencedtuner, the power band of the vehiclecan be optimized according to yourpreference. You will certainly be ableto feel the difference in power beforeand after installation and tuning of theHage Power ECU.For more informations, please contactHage Distribution Pte Ltd.Hotline: 8488 6998Soldering the harness to the ECUWireloom for the wires for added protectionPlugging it inDynapack dynometer.Installation complete!Time to increase the horsepower figures!MAR 2011 31

I.C.E. REVIEW1. Advance CoiloverA worthy investment one shouldmake if they wish to upgrade theircar’s handling is to purchase a setof coilovers. Not only does it loweryour car and gives it a sportierlook, the lower of center of gravitywill improve your ride’s handlingabilities. Advance Coilover featuresa 32 stage damping adjustmentand high quality pillow mounts.Height and preload can also beadjusted separately, giving you thefreedom to fine tune and adjustyour suspension to suit your car’shandling characteristics. Eachcoilover goes through an extensiveQC process and is made usingonly top quality materials. Thereis also a 1 year warranty periodagainst defects.Jeep Chee – 6745 47002. Bizol Green OilKnown for their prowess inprecision engineering, Bizol’sGerman engineers has developeda cutting-edge product using stateof the art and unique technologies.Bizol Green Oil conforms to majorrequirements of the newest typesof petrol and diesel motors. Evenunder extreme operating conditions,its wear protection and lubricatingproperties remain unchanged.Benefits reaped are of coursecountless. Cold start performanceis consistent and the engine runssmoothly under all conditions. In thestop and go traffic of our island, itvital that our engine is able to handlethe stress of such situations and theBizol Green Oil doesn’t disappoint.With their good wear-protectionproperties, engine life is increasedand wear and tear is reduced.Akeno – 6848 4218UPCLOSEGet a close up view of these productsthat caught our eye3. Spy AlarmAn alarm system is always a worthybuy as other than functioningas a vehicle security system,it also provides a host of otheruseful features. Spy Alarm has anextensive range of products tocater to the needs of discerningusers. Their product range includestwo way alarm systems, GPS/GSM alarm and one way alarmsystems. To further complimenttheir sophisticated alarm systems,Spy Alarm also has introducedvarious addon upgrades such asmicrowave sensor, window roleup module and trunk actuator.Featuring numerous primary andsecondary functions, stylish remotedesigns and top notch build quality,Spy Alarm systems are definitelythe choice when it comes to caralarm systems.Xquisitew@rks – 6363 35054. EBC Green StuffSince its initial launch in 1997,EBC’s number one selling sportpad, the EBC Green Stuff, hassold over 3 million sets worldwide.The EBC Green Stuff is designedfor spirited street driving andsuited for hot hatch and sportscompacts below 200HP.These pads have a high frictioncoefficient, great initial bite fromcold right up to 600C. Anothermajor advantage of the GreenStuff compound is its low dustproperties. It cuts down between60-90% of the dust commonlyassociated with most competitivetypes of semi-metallic pad yet notsacrificing on performance. Anyresidual dust can also be washedoff with ease. Green Stuff pads areavailable for a huge range of carsincluding SUVs and MPVs.Works Performance – 9235 365630 APR 2011

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SHOPA Complete Solution forYour Motoring NeedsNot contented as just being a one stop solution for the everyday motorist, BCChas stepped it up a notch and is the French automobile workshop specialists.Back in 1975, Billy and Companystarted operating as a Mobile ServiceStation providing repair services forcustomers’ vehicles. With impeccableservice and top notch workmanship,they have grown to become a wellequipped venue offering completesolutions for your automotiveneeds and are now known as BCCAutomotive Pte Ltd.Located in Sin Ming IndustrialEstate, they have a main office foradministrative matters, a servicingworkshop, as well as a CNGworkshop. BCC has established goodtrack records and a strong reputationin the automotive industry and createda niche for themselves in the repair ofcontinental vehicles such as Renault,Peugeot, Citroen and Opel.Their stellar reputation and recognitionin the industry speaks volumes foritself. From 1999 to 2007, they werethe authorized Renault Service Centreand currently, BCC is the approvedworkshop for Automobile Associationof Singapore as well as authorizedrepair workshop for several motorinsurance companies.Of course, proper facilities and aknowledgeable team are essentialfor continual success. With morethan 20 service bays and 40 staff atyour service, no problem will be toobig for them. You can’t miss theirstriking yellow and grey signboardupon arrival. A cozy waiting loungeis available for customers while theirvehicles are being serviced.When we say a complete solution, wereally do mean it. Routine maintenanceservices, general repairs, electronicengine diagnosis, the list goes on.Batteries and tyres replacement,panel beating and spray painting andeven interior and exterior groomingservices are available as well.They even have a dedicated workshopfor the installation of CNG kits.Being one of the largest installers inSingapore, they will guide you throughthe entire process. Aftersales staff willeven send you prompt reminders forroutine checks.BCC also offers insurance and claimsservices for motorists. With highlyexperienced advisors, they will dotheir best to ensure your claims arehassle free and done in the quickestpossible time. They even have generalinsurance services such as personaland business insurance.BCC aims to provide superior servicesto satisfy the needs of its customerswith focus on convenience, speed,quality and personalized services.Visit our service counters today andexperience the difference in servicequality and one stop solutions.BCC Automotive Pte Ltd is locatedat 1 Sin Ming Industrial Estate SectorC, #01-101, Singapore 575636.Call 6552 5588 or visit for more information.Operation hours:8.30am – 5.30pm (Mon – Sat)32 APR 2011

SHOPTaking Care of ThoseUnwanted GasesFast gaining popularity as a workshop which not only specializes in exhaust works,but offering enticing promotions and servicing packages.Contrary to what most believe, alouder exhaust doesn’t necessarilymean better performance. Not onlydo you risk getting on the wrongside of the law with your deafeningexhaust note, most of the time you’llget miserable low end torque with thatloud, blaring exhaust of yours.There are several considerations whenchoosing a perfect exhaust system tocompliment your setup, and that initself, can affect your car’s eventualperformance by a huge extent.The diameter of your exhaust piping,the material used, the type of bends,the list goes on. Should you find it toohard to digest such technical terms,you can always leave it to the guys at833 Motorsports.Despite being in the business for only2 years, 833 Motorsports has alwaysbeen committed to providing topnotch service backed by the technicalknow-how of an experienced team ata competitive price. There are only ahandful of shops doing exhaust worksand 833 Motorsports is fast gainingpopularity amongst discerning carowners out there.With costs of owning a car frequentlyon the rise, 833 Motorsports is ableto bring savings to its customerswith its competitively priced servicingpackages. No, we’re not talking aboutcheap semi-synthetic or mineralengine oils, but fully synthetic onesfrom renowned brands such as OWS,Mobil and Blitz.There are also various differentpromotions every 1 – 3 months withitems such as carbon fibre bonnetsgoing at a steal.and demand, and even inspectionservices and insurance claims.Future plans include expanding theirshow room to cater to a larger crowdand to meet the needs of every carlover. With such dedication to theirwork, 833 Motorsports is certainly thename to look out for!833 Motorsports Pte Ltd islocated at Blk 20 Sin MingIndustrial Estate Sector A, #01-16,Singapore 575678. Call 6457 7833 /9233 0833 / 9299 0833 or visit formore information.Operation hours:9am – 6pm (Mon – Sat)833 Motorsports’ services do notjust stop there. Shelf after shelf ofperformance parts line their showroom walls and if you are unablelocate something to your liking, feelfree to let them know, and they’llspecially import it for you. Otherservices provided include turbocharger installation, customized workfor your car to satisfy your every need34 APR 2011


ACROSS THE CAUSEWAYCOLDER TEMPERATURES,MK2 SHIVERSThe winter came and stayed, making itself known with a bout of snowfall that was the mostthat London had ever seen…A caveat to readers: since the car hasbeen bought nearly half a year ago andthis is only the second article of thisrestoration series, there needs to besome ‘catching up’ to do and thus theprogress might not be chronologicallycorrect. But fear not, everything thathas been done will be mentioned here!Picking up from where we left outlast issue, the car had all of its brakesrenewed.Yes, that includes the rotors as wellas the pads, leaving only the callipers.The car was parked up for so long thatthe rotors corroded so badly, givenappalling resistance to overheating.It is not like the rust you see on yourrotors after giving it a wash – this rustwould probably never come off and, ifyou brake hard enough, the pads mighteven eat through the wafer-thin rotors.Yes, all very disturbing how this carwas previously maintained, but thebrakes were replaced at a reasonableprice, given that I wasn’t looking foraftermarket items. I had a whole newset of pads, nice and thick and ready foranother few years of driving, togetherwith shiny new rotors. This must be oneof the best confidence boosts I ever hadin the Mk2, because after this was doneand with claims from the workshop thatthe car needed no more work, I madethe car’s first maiden trip out of Londonto Birmingham.First thing I noticed was that the newbrakes made an unusual clonking noiseonce the car had done 20-30 miles –strange because it isn’t there when thecar is cold. Sometimes it is there whilesometimes it completely disappears.I’m putting it down to something loosewith the pads somewhere, allowing36 APR 2011it to shake in its housing. But it isn’tbothering me too much so I left it asidefor more pressing problems. The carperformed well during the road trip, nowarning lights, no tyre punctures andno problems. I thought all was well untilI parked the car up after the journey andstarted it again.The worrying low coolant level lightcame on – it is probably the most fearedred light I have ever seen (exceedingeven traffic lights and my BlackBerry’sred notification light) and went to checkit straightaway.At first, we denied ourselves of thepossibility of a hefty head gasketproblem, topping it up first andattributing it to some leak from theradiator pipes. But those were fixed andthe light continued to come on everyweek. The inevitable was confirmed– plumes of smoke arose from the rearexhaust and it was a signal that coolantwas leaking into the cylinders. The headgasket needed to be replaced.This was the single-most expensive fixI had to cough out for the Mk2, andit was the threshold where I had todecide whether it was worth spendingon at all. After some deliberation anddeciding that I would keep the car forat least the next 2 years, I invested ina new head gasket and went to leavethe car at the workshop. On my journeyto the workshop, I was depressing myclutch at the lights when suddenly, I lostresistance in the clutch pedal. You gotto be kidding me.On my way to the workshop to fix mycar, my car broke down! I called theAutomobile Association, confident thatthey would take me out of my plight of

eing stuck in the middle of the roadwith traffic all zooming around me. Butdue to the freezing and icy conditions,many other drivers needed help too.So their response to me was ‘Sorry, wecan’t help you at this moment. Pleasecall back in 24 hours.’ Imagine myfrustration. I then called 999, the firsttime in my life I ever called the policefor help.They were amused at AA’s responseand sent down some boys to helpme push my car to a quiet side road.Thank goodness for the police’s quickresponse! They were down withinminutes and there I was sitting on theside road waiting for a tow truck frommy workshop. What bad luck as itseems as the tow truck driver sprung apunctured tyre.After the fiasco, it must have been oneof the worst days ever without the Mk2,knowing that it is undergoing majorsurgery while at the same time fearingof even more problems from other partsof the car. The cold weather also posedmore problems – we couldn’t tell if thewhite exhaust fumes were because ofthe vapour (normal) or from coolant (notnormal). But below the coolant reservoircap, it usually gave concrete evidenceof a head gasket leak – the presence ofa mayo-like substance.So I got the car back, with the walleta lot lighter and not knowing what toexpect. I was slipping and sliding on theicy roads but I eventually made it backhome safely, with the Mk2 adopting asnow hat for Christmas. I flew back toSingapore, escaping the extreme coldand came back after two weeks to drivethe car again. Read the next instalmentto see how the car fares…APR 2011 37

SPORTSSTAND21PROTECT THE DRIVER FIRSTTo some people, looking good is ofutmost importance and regardless ofwhether you end up in a win or loss,at least you still look good. This vanityor rather, personal responsibility ofpresenting well to others, is one of themain factors behind fashion.the driver from head to toe, Stand21focuses on saving lives and promotingsafety in motorsports. Having beenaround for more than four decades, it isa family business today that has grownfrom to 150 employees worldwide,including exclusive dealers.Every Stand21 piece is handmade with tenderloving care!Embroideries galore!Stand21 is the official racewear partner forPorsche Motorsport.In a sport like motorsports, where youundergo strong G-forces or perspireprofusely in your racing suit under thehot sun, it is rather hard to feel or smellglamourous at the end of the race.Safety is the most crucial in any sportsand in motorsports where high speedsare concerned, looking good is the lastthing on your mind when you are takingthat tight corner or blasting down thestraight. In fact, the way you drive anddriving fast is probably already a form oflooking good.But Stand21, a French racewearmanufacturer, has managed to comeup with the perfect solution of lookinggood and staying safe. When I visitedtheir headquarters in October last year,I had a most inspiring trip. It wasn’t justabout understanding their productsor having a close-up preview of theirproduction processes, but I learnt a lotmore about the safety in motorsportsand how it can actually simply start withwhat you wear to race.Embracing the theory of protectingUnlike other mass-market racewearbrands, Stand21 prides itself onmaking made-to-measure safety gearfor racing drivers, instead of massproducedstandard sizes sold offshelves. For example, a racing suitcan be fully customised from bodyfitting measurements right down tosuit design and even stitch colour. Thismakes it possible for you to look as bestas you can with your own design in yourpreferred colours!Proving that it is not all brawn withoutbrain, Stand21’s products are alsobacked by advanced safety technologiessuch as Heat Stress Control – amedical research programme thatStand21 embarked on. They invested,researched and then innovated a uniquebreathable, stretchable and fireproof FIA8856-2000 homologated fabric from.Stand21 also created the world’s firstbreathable racing suit and is only one oftwo licensees for the HANS (Head andNeck Support) device globally.Successful in Europe, the United Statesand some parts of Asia, it was onlyText & Photos Cheryl TayStand21 is only one of TWO HANS suppliers in the world.What colour do you want your name in?38 APR 2011

Multi-colours anytime!a matter of time before someone inSingapore learns about Stand21 anddecides to share the benefits of thebrand and what it stands for, with ourlocal motorsports community.Lawrence Lee, managing director ofleading local automotive business FongMui Garage R Pte Ltd, was introducedto Stand21 through a customer. Alsothe team principal of the endurance racewinning team HKS Garage R Racing,Lee experienced for himself (alongwith his racing drivers) how Stand21’sproducts greatly improved driver safetyin motorsports.“After using Stand21, I realised thesignificance of safety gear and howit can save lives as well as achievepeak performance for drivers. I usedto track a lot but I suffered two majorcar crashes and had to stop due to thephysical injuries and mental stress fromthe hard driving,” Lee shared.“The injuries may have seeminglyhealed, but little did I know that the realbrunt of the pain is only felt many yearslater when you thought the worst wasover. Back in those days, driver safetyequipment like the HANS device wasnot common. But now, it is compulsoryfor most motor racing series in theworld,” he added.Lee’s past injuries cumulated into arelapse and caused him a lot of painlater in life. The impact of his crasheswas greatest on the neck, shouldersand back, giving him unforgivingperpetual aches.“My body experiences a lot of painalthough I did not injure myself or doanything strenuous lately. It’s a reversionof my past injuries which I didn’t expect.As a result, my whole lifestyle had tochange drastically as I engage newmethods such as practising yoga atTrue Yoga to heal my body,” Lee said.By relating his own experiences throughthe exclusive dealership of Stand21 inSingapore, Lee aims to educate thedrivers of today about the importanceof safety wear and gear so as to preventthem from enduring the same kind oftorture and pain he did.Education is a long-term process whichtakes a lot of patience, requiring theheart to do it. Most people learn quicklyafter being taught a lesson, but why putyourself through that torment when youcan go down the path of preventionrather than cure?Certain things in life have some marginfor error where you can afford to makea mistake or two and learn from them.But in the world of fast cars and topspeeds, I’m afraid one blunder mightbe enough to kill.Protecting the driver head to toe!Yves Morizot, founder of Stand21, with the appointed exclusive distributor for Singaporeand Malaysia."Unlike other mass-market racewear brands, Stand21 pridesitself on making made-to-measure safety gear for racing drivers,instead of mass-produced standard sizes sold off shelves."Suit designs can be customised deeply to yourpreference.Carbon helmets anyone?Lawrence Lee turned to yoga to help the relapse of hispast injuries from racing.APR 2011 39

TUNE-UPTHE BASICS –Intake, Header and ExhaustUpgrading your intake isa cost-effective way ofincreasing the response ofyour vehicle.Many car owners often have the misconceptionthat modifying your car to increase its performanceis extremely costly. However, this is not entirelytrue. A few simple performance upgradescan make your driving experience a tad moreenjoyable, without burning a hole in your pocket.With this thought in mind, REV has decidedto come up with a brand new section tofeature the most basic, to full on modificationsfor your car. These would include bothperformance as well as handling upgrades.For starters, I would like to introduce to youthe 3 basic performance upgrades availableto almost every car out there – I/H/E. I/H/Estands for intake, header and exhaust. Thisissue, we will be covering the “intake” aspect.In laymen terms, intake refers to the route whichyour car takes in atmospheric air for combustionpurposes. With an increased amount of air, theenergy created by the combustion would begreater and power would increase as well. Thisintake route is made up of 3 main components:air filter, throttle body and intake manifold.Almost every car from the factory comeswith an airbox for air intake purposes. Thestock airbox serves to keep out dirt and dustparticles and is designed to have a balancebetween fuel efficiency and performance inmind. However the stock airbox is relativelyrestrictive, especially at higher RPM range asengine can’t “breathe” freely. This doesn’t meanthat by installing an aftermarket intake system,fuel consumption would increase. More oftenthan not, the difference is almost negligible.The most basic way to increase the intake ofair would be by replacing the stock airbox withone of the following alternative: a drop in airfilter, an open pod air filter, or a cold air intakesystem. Each yields gains in various RPMranges and selection can be based on yourdriving habit or workshop’s recommendation.40 APR 2011

WHEELSAcceleraPick of the MonthTyresPerformance orientated tyres that are easy on the wallet.Model: KR206“I had them fitted to my 2006 Audi S4 Avant and was very sceptical at first.15,000km later, I had completely changed my mind as I could not really fault them.They are certainly comparable to the Pirelli and Dunlop tyres that I’ve previouslyused on my cars.”I’m sure many would agree with me Manufactured by PT. Elangperdana Tyre and customer orientation, tyres arethat tyres and brakes are two vital Industry, Accelera ultra high performance made specifically with the consumer’scomponents of your car that you tyres are designed to be the most expectations in mind. Besides distributingshouldn’t be stingy with. Brakes stop efficient and safest tyre ever thanks to to dealers in the South East Asia region,your vehicle and prevent collisions from the EP advanced DeltaMax Technology. Accelera Tyres are also exported to overhappening. While tyres are the only This technology assures a high precision 50 countries around the your vehicle has with the road. manufacturing process since all aspectsTherefore, choosing a tyre suitable for of the production process is controlled The formula behind their success isyour vehicle is essential to ensure it by a fully digitalized system.simple. Besides utilizing the latest inkeeps a firm grip on to the road surfacemanufacturing technology, all tyres goeven in wet conditions.This production is run by the latest through a strict QC process and havemachinery with little human intervention, various international accreditationsTyre prices have always been on the thus reducing the margin for error to including ECE and DOT. Theserise, mostly due to the increasing costs almost zero. The EPC – Elangperdana accreditations instill confidence in theof rubber. It is always a daunting task compound is applied for the thread, consumer when using Accelera tyres,for those looking for a reasonably priced under the thread and the sidewall to in turn steadily increasing market shareperformance tyre. Thankfully, we’ve make them strong yet flexible. The both domestically and globally.uncovered a gem of sorts in the form of sidewall is supported by strong jointlessAccelera Tyres.beads to enable proper fitting with the JT Global is the local distributor forrim to get excellent uniformity of the tyre. Accelera Tyres. Do drop by theirTheir range of tyres includes high With the double, strong steel belt, the showroom to get a better understandperformance passenger car summer tyre grips evenly on the road surface of the tyres as well as to check out theirtyres and these are perfectly suited for and stays stable and durable even at wide range of products. They are locateduse in our tropical climate. One would be high speeds. The introduction of silica at 23 Defu Lane 12, Defu Industrialable to pick from more than 10 unique compound further ensures that the tyre Park E, Singapore 539130. For moremodels, fulfilling the needs of different grips excellently even on wet surfaces. information, do not hesitate to call themtypes of driver.With focus on safety, innovation, creativity at 6457 7330.“It was worth every cent of mymoney. The tyres grip really wellin the dry and provide decentperformance in the wet as well.”Size: 17 x 7 & 18 x 8 – 5 x 100/114.3Colour options:Matt Black with red trimmingAvailable at JT GlobalModel: KR626Size: 17 x 7 & 18 x 8 – 5 x 100/114.3Colour options:Hyper SilverAvailableat JT GlobalModel: Enkei RS 05Size: 16 x 7 – 4 x 100Colour options:Black ChromeAvailable at Chuan Lee HinModel: S910Size: 17 x 7.5 x 114.3 +42Colour options:Black with Gold lipAvailable from Chuan Lee HinModel: S819Size: 16 x 7.4 x 100, 4 x 114.3 +40Colour options:Black with Gold lipAvailable from Chuan Lee Hin

www.833motorsports.comSERVICING PACKAGE FOR JAPANESE CARS• Includes 10pt CheckFully• Original Oil FilterSynthetic• 4litre of 5w 40 Fully Synthetic Engine OilServicing atOil (NA Car) @ $78 nettonly• 4litre of 5w 50 Fully Synthetic$78!Oil (Turbo Car) @ $98 nettOTHER SERVICES• Maintenance & Servicing Of Alltypes of Motor Vehicles• Turbo-charged Installation• Exhaust Enhancement /Customization• Full customization PerformaceEnhancement• Import / Export Performace PartsSERVICING PACKAGE FOR JAPANESE CARS• Denso Iridum Spark Plug (IK16 / IK20)• Fully Synthetic Oil (5W-40 / 5W-50) *4litre$150only• Original Oil Filter / 10pt Checkusual: $198* Log on to to print out the e-Voucherand produce upon servicing else it will be charge as normal pricing.SERVICING OF EUROPEAN CARS• Includes 10pt Check / Original Oil Filter• Using Fully Synthetic Oil @ $100 - $150 nett(depending on car model)• Customization of Wheel Spacer• Cutomization of Body kits• Panel Beating & Spray Painting ofMotor Vehicle• Carbon Fiber Stickers & Tinted Film• Accidentental Insurance Claims &Repairing of Motor • Vehicles• 24 hrs Towing ServiceHONDAFIT/JAZZGE OEMCARBONFIBERBONNET*limited stock onlyCLEARANCE PRICE:$388Blow Off ValveTurboBlow Off ValveAir FilterIntercoolerMishimotoRadiatorATF CoolerTitanium ExhaustExtractorBendixBrakeMobil 1 BlitzOWSNissan CVT Mazda ATF CVTFBrake FluidDensoIridium PlugSummit BarBlk 20 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A #01-16 Singapore 575678Hp: 9233 0833 Email: sales@833motorsports.comAPR 2011 43

CAR CLUBFORTIANS UNITEThough only in its infant stage, the SG Fortians car club is quicklygrowing in size due to the Forte’s increasing popularity in Singapore.Committed to bringing out the bestin their cars, SG Fortians is a carclub created by a Jon Lim. Being acar enthusiast and owner of the KiaCerato Forte, he started this forumtogether with like-minded friendswho also drive Fortes. The nameSG Fortians represents “The ForteOwners of Singapore”.SG Fortians is a place where allForte owners come together tointeract and share their knowledgeon anything to do with their cars. Itis the perfect learning ground for firsttime owners who are inexperiencedwith various aspects of their cars.Issues related to engine performanceand enhancement, accessories foraesthetics, audio systems, repairs,and maintenance are just a few ofthe topics talked about in the forum.Although currently there are slightlyless than a hundred registeredmembers, this actually allowsmembers to know each other easilyand forge closer friendships.As with any other car clubs, meetups and coffee sessions are a weeklyaffair. It ranges from Fortians living inthe same neighbourhood gatheringfor impromptu supper sessions ona weekday night, to organized meetups at places such as Leisure ParkKallang. For large scale meet ups,at many as 20 cars may be present.It is a good chance for forum usersto meet each other in person, ratherthan just interact over the forum.SG Fortians shares all the benefitswith SG Kia Club’s associates andat the same time, continues to linkup with several car workshops, tiresand rims workshops, and accessoryretailers to bring special privileges anddiscounts to its members.SG Fortians is a free and open forum.Membership is free and open toowners of different car makes andmodels to join. SG Fortians believesin creating an environment that is freefor all to come in and enjoy all theprivileges available to all its membersin Singapore. Since the club is youngand still growing, the management isworking hard to creating activities thatare different from others clubs.If you own a Cerato Forte or are a fanof the car, visit and register as a member now!Text & Pictures Courtesy of SG Fortians44 APR 2011

AdmiraltyProject_S Pte Ltd10 Admiralty Street #03-75 NorthlinkBuiding S’pore 757695 Tel: 6483 9475Ang Mo KioKar Engineering Pte Ltd9A Serangoon North Ave 5 S’pore 554500CNG Gas StationTel: 6555 5200 HP: 9227 4272Kuo Li Auto WorkshopBlk 5035, Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2 #01-369S’pore 569536 Tel: 9694 3328Merlin Motor and Engineering Works(Subaru Specialist)10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #03-13AMK Autopoint S’pore 568047Tel: 6484 5225Bukit BatokAutobacs Venture Singapore Pte Ltd30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6 S’pore 659761Tel: 6464 3871C. Melchers Gmbh & CoAuto Technik (CNG specialist)50 Old Toh Tuck Road S’pore 597657(access via Toh Tuck Link)Tel: 6462 6518Li Hong Auto EnterpriseNo.1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #08-61Wcega Plaza S’pore 658064Tel: 9027 6341Bukit MerahAh Koon Motor (1960) Pte LtdBlk 1001 Bukit Merah Lane 3 #01-69S’pore 159718 Tel: 9665 9141UK Cool Pte LtdSPC Bukit Merah Service Station 3800Jalan Bukit Merah S’pore 159464Tel: 6275 6411Central Business DistrictPoh Seng Auto Accessories TradingBlk 8 Short Street #01-15/16Selegie House S’pore 180008Tel: 6338 0435Changi RoadKarCool Air-Con & Engrg Co271 & 271A Changi Road 5 1/2 M.S.S’pore 419753 Tel: 6742 7132Defu LaneJT Global Pte Ltd23 Defu Lane 12 Defu Industrial Park ES’pore 539130 Tel: 6457 7330Vim Auto Air-Con & AccessoriesBlk 9 Defu Lane 10 #01-498 S’pore 539190Tel: 6281 7990East Coast/Marine ParadeChop Yong Moh386 East Coast Road S’pore 428989(opp. Caltex petrol Station) Tel: 6344 1854EunosKarCool Air-Con & Engrg CoBlk 1066 Eunos Ave 4 #01-186S’pore 409800 Tel: 6844 4991King’s Way Sound GarageBlk 1060 Eunos Ave 3 #01-188S’pore 409850 Tel: 6748 9993Geylang RoadSoon Lee Audio House727 Geylang Road(Between Lor 39 & 37)S’pore 389638 Tel: 9747 8220HavelockCyber Cars Service CentrePte Ltd548 Havelock Road S’pore 169637(Behind Shell Petrol Station) Tel: 6836 1238Jalan KayuGolden Hill Auto Trading223 Jalan Kayu S’pore 799447Tel: 9631 9688JurongHong Wee Auto Service#01-36 5 Pioneer Rd NthS’pore 628458 Tel: 6265 0050Y.C. Auto ServiceBlk 9 Pioneer Road North #01-56S’pore 628461 Tel: 9626 3494Motec Auto Accessories(lighting specialist)Blk 1 Pioneer Road North #01-01S’pore 628458 Tel: 9274 4999Nam Huat Auto AccessoriesBlk 352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-131S’pore 600352 Tel: 6566 2080Harmony Motor Pte LtdNo. 1 Chia Ping Road S’pore 619967Tel: 6583 0001SK Garage28 Jalan Tukang S’pore 619262HP: 9383 9132Automotive Technology Pte Ltd3 International Road S’pore 619619Tel: 6262 1010Star BlackST Kinectic Ltd249 Jalan Boon Lay S’pore 619523Tel: 6515 3011Kaki BukitKing’s Way Sound Garage1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-53 (Autobay)S’pore 417883 Tel: 6794 9993Man Garage1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #02-41 AutobayS’pore 417883 Tel: 6749 1943Perfect Power Performance TuningBlk 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6 #01-09S’pore 417883 Tel: 9681 1972KallangAuto Buddy60-D Kallang Pudding Road #01-02S’pore 349321 Tel: 6743 2318, 9679 0868Hock Tyre Pte Ltd93 kallang way 3 S’pore 349110Tel: 6746 6646LoyangJackson Vehicle (Singapore) Pte Ltd47 Loyang Drive S’pore 508955Tel: 6788 2088Marsiling / WoodlandsXA-Motorworks184 Woodlands Ind Park E5 #01-09S’pore 757515 Tel: 9187 7530Xquisiteworks184 Woodlands Ind Park E5 #01-04S’pore 757515 Tel: 9229 2009Aoto Pte Ltd184 Woodlands Ind Park E5 #01-01S’pore 757515Tel: 9187 7530Pasir Ris / Loyang/TampinesHock Cheong Car Care (SPC Petrol Station)11 Pasir Ris Drive 4 S’pore 519456Tel: 6582 2621, 6585 1205Paya Lebar / Circuit LinkHorizon Auto Enterprises Pte Ltd65 Upper Paya Lebar Road #01-01Guang Ming Ind Bldg S’pore 534817Tel: 6285 2883Auto Works Services Pte Ltd336 Circuit Link S’pore 379491Tel: 6844 6204Sung Beng Auto Pte Ltd340 & 342 Circuit Road S’pore 379494(Exit PIE Paya Lebar, Swee Hong Building)Tel: 9272 4879Serangoon GardensJ L Sim Lim Pte Ltd3 Maju Avenue (Beside Chua Bldg)S’pore 556681 Tel: 6282 6180 / 6287 4241Sin MingAutoimage Enterprise159 Sin Ming Rd Amtech Building #01-09S’pore 575717 HP: 9226 9222 / 8207 3439BVO AutomotiveBlk 15 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A#01-111 S’pore 575673 Tel: 6455 1566Lim Tan Motor Pte LtdBlk 8 Sector C #01-50 Sin Ming Ind EstateS’pore 575643 Tel: 6452 2135MAN Exhaust WorkBlk 11 Sin Ming Road Sector B #01-77Sin Ming Ind Estate S’pore 575655Tel: 6458 7053Juzz For Cars (BMW Specialist)Blk 176 Sin Ming Drive #03-13/16Sin Ming Autocare S’pore 575721Tel: 6736 0303MBM Wheelpower Pte Ltd176 Sin Ming Drive #01-14/15 Sin MingAutocare S’pore 575721 Tel: 6451 5333Khang’s Automatic Transmission Pte Ltd172 Sin Ming Drive S’pore 575720Tel: 6456 5200TTS Eurocars Pte Ltd383 Sin Ming Drive TTS CentreS’pore 575717 Tel: 6842 2222FT Garage176 Sing Min Drive Sing Ming Auto Care#05 14 S’pore 575721Tel: 9336 1888(Fai) Tel: 9105 6769(Kris)LightSpeed176 Sin Ming Drive #05-12 S’pore 575721Tel: 6459 0512Toa Payoh/BalestierUK Cool Pte Ltd462 Balestier Road S’pore 329837Tel: 6252 3822Toh Guan / IMMPitstop R Pte Ltd48 Toh Guan Rd East Enterprise Hub#01-111/112 S’pore 608586 Tel: 6686 4542Aoto Pte LtdNo. 36 Toh Guan Road East Enterprise Hub#01-42 S’pore 608580 Tel: 6316 9171Ubi2Steer Pte Ltd (BMW Specialist)51 Ubi Ave 1 #01-14 Paya Ubi Industrial ParkS’pore 408933 Tel: 6747 6457Auto DynamacBlk 3019A Ubi Road 1 #01-28 S’pore 408713Tel: 6745 9702Autobacs Venture Singapore Pte Ltd10 Ubi View S’pore 408543 Tel: 6749 5600Gary Engineering Services53 Paya Ubi Ind Park Ave 1 #01-42S’pore 408934 Tel: 6841 1923Upper Bukit TimahBuddy Club31 Jalan Bumbong S’pore 739853Tel: 9272 3423Upper ThomsonExpress Motion Pte Ltd920 Upper Thomson Rd S’pore 787117Tel: 6453 4522JL Ocean Pte Ltd910-H Upper Thomson Road S’pore 787112(Springleaf Garden) Tel: 6459 1601Autovox Pte Ltd452 Tagore Industrial Ave S’pore 787823Tel: 9631 9688 HP: 9763 1279Jmax Global Pte Ltd99 Soo Chow Walk S’pore 575384Tel: 6459 4050Supplies for OWM, OES: SKODA, VW, AUDI, DAEWOO, LAMBORGHINI, MITSHUBISHI, RENAULT Sole Distributor: NyQuist Technology Pte Ltd Tel: 9382 0113 Email: Website:

LIFEEOS 600DThe Newest Addition To Its ClassThe guys at Canon have done it yet againwith a new DSLR that will tempt all buddingphotographers out there.It wouldn’t be hard to find reasons to spend achunk of your savings on the new Canon EOS600D. After all, it packs features which closelyresemble its pricier counterparts in the semi-prorange yet at a fraction of their cost.A class leading 18-megapixel APS-C-sizedCMOS sensor gives the user the ability totake breath taking shots. With the staggeringresolution, you are able to churn out galleryworthy photos. ISO ranges from 100 – 6400and topping the scales at 12,800 in expandablemode, snap away with confidence even in lowlight conditions.If you’re a new DSLR user, the 600D’s SceneIntelligent Auto allows you to take decentshots without fumbling around and trying tounderstand every single function of the camera.The integrated system analyzes every elementof a scene to produce shots that will awe yourmates. The BASIC+ function lets you adjust46 APR 2011the mood of your image with settings that willachieve instant results without going throughintensive exposure tweaking. Two options areavailable with either shooting by ambiencesetting or shooting by lighting/scene type.With the influx of Full HD LED televisions, it’sall about clarity and sky-high resolutions. The600D’s 3-Inch Vari-Angle Clear View LCD allowsyou to swivel it in almost any possible angle andtogether with its Full HD 1080p video recordingcapabilities, you can proudly showcase yourwork on your LED TV via the miniHDMI terminal.Stepping out of the conventional DSLRboundaries, Canon has since introduced its ownset of Creative Filters. A total of 5 different effectsare available including Fish-Eye, Miniature, SoftFocus, Toy Camera and Grainy Black and Whiteeffect. Used in conjunction with your photos,they can inject a new life into the otherwisebland scenes.Canon Singapore – EOS 600D (Body Only) - $1199.00Canon EOS 600D Kit I (EF S18-55 IS II) – $1399.00Canon EOS 600D Kit II (EF S18-135IS) - $1749.00*Recommended retail price in SGD

SHOWDOWN of the TabletsWith the new iPad 2 flying off the shelves and thousands queuing to get their hands onApple’s latest rendition of their popular tablet, let’s look how it fares against its competitors:RIM’s Playbook and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1Apple iPadBased on their successful iPad formula,Apple has created a faster, lighter andthinner iPad 2 to give its competitorsa run for their money. Retaining thegenerous 9.7 inch display capable of ascreen resolution of 1024x768, Applehas managed to include the sorelyabsent camera function in the frontand the back of the device.Powered by the 1GHZ dual coreA5 processor which is touted to betwice as fast as its predecessor, it isrunning on Apple’s latest iOS – 4.3.Despite these improvements, theiPad 2 manages to be a third thinnerand weighs a full 80g lighter than theoriginal iPad.Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1RIM PlaybookTaking its name from its huge 10.1inch, the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 has thelargest screen and highest resolutionas compared to its 2 competitors. Thismakes movie playback and web surfinga more enjoyable experience. Despiteits larger screen, it manages to weigh atad lighter than the iPad 2 and featuresa similar 1GHZ dual core processor.Cameras are present on the front andthe rear, and Samsung has managedto even throw in an in-built flash at theback. OS comes in the form of Google’sAndroid 3.0 (Honeycomb).Research in Motion (RIM) enters thetablet war with its offering in the form ofthe Playbook. Despite a smaller 7-inchdisplay, its resolution of 1024x600ensures that the pixel density is higherand the display is comparable to theiPad 2. The Playbook also utilizesa dual core 1GHZ processor with awhopping 1GHZ of RAM and has bothfront and rear facing camera. With therear camera capable of recording1080p HD videos, playback on anexternal display is also possible withthe inbuilt microHDMI port. It is alsothe lightest and smallest among the3, weighing a mere 400g.OUR FINDINGSWhich device you’ll ultimately end up with depends largely on what you want froma tablet. Apple iPad 2 has the largest App Store on the planet, while the AndroidOS gives you lots of room for personalized customization and tinkering.If size is of a major concern for you, the Playbook would certainly be your cupof tea with its compact size and feather-light weight. For those who frequentlysurf the web, you’ll be pleased to know that both Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Playbooksupports 4G network.APR 2011 47

CAN’T FIND THE LATEST ISSUE OF REV? INSTEAD OF RUSHINGOUT TO FIND A COPY, WHY NOT HAVE IT DELIVERED STRAIGHT TOTHE COMFORTS OF YOUR HOME?$24FOR 12 ISSUESFREE $20 Stamford Tyres Cash Voucher$48FOR 24 ISSUESFREE $40 Stamford Tyres Cash VoucherYour details (must be completed)Name ...........................................................................................................Date of Birth .................................................. Male FemaleNRIC No ......................................................................................................Address ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................Telephone Number ......................................................................................Email Address ..............................................................................................PAYMENT BY CHEQUEPlease make your payment via cheque in SGD payable to:BIG BANG MEDIA PTE LTDBank ............................................................................................................Cheque Number ..........................................................................................Mail this form and your cheque to:Big Bang Media Pte Ltd220 Tagore Lane #04-01 Singapore 787600Terms and conditions: This offer is open to residents of Singapore only. For details on overseassubscriptions please call +65 6455 8575 Big Bang Media Pte Ltd, the publishers of REV Magazine.

PURE POWERPorsche 911 CarreraSlip-On Race SystemTitanium, 17 HP plus, 30 Nm plus, 10 kg lighterAudi TTSSlip-On SystemTitanium, 3 HP plus, 5 Nm plus, 8 kg lighterABSOLUTE TORQUE RESOLUTE POWERAvailable Models:Audi S5 / TTSBMW 335i / M3 / M6 / X5M / X6MMini Copper S / Cooper S CabrioMitsubishi EVO XNISSAN 370Z / GTR R35Porsche 911 Carrera / S / Cabriolet / 911 GT2/ GT3 / RS / 911 Turbo / Panamera TurboVolkswagen Golf GTI / Mark 6 / Sicrocco RWorks Performances Pte Ltd.14 Arumugam Road #01-01 Lion Building C S409959 Tel: 6842 4566Email: Website: Soon:BMW M1Subaru GRB STILamborghini Gallardo

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