Water saving tips

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Water saving tips

London is in the most water-stressed area

of the country, so it’s wise to try and save

water. And if you have a water meter, any

savings you make will save you money.

Inside the home

• If you enjoy cool drinks in the

summer, fill a jug or old bottle

with water and store it in the

fridge. Then you’ll have instant

access to cool, refreshing water,

rather than needing to run the

tap for ages!

• Make sure you run your

dishwasher and washing

machine on full loads, as you

will end up doing fewer loads

and save money.

• If you have a large sink, you

can save water when washingup

by doing it in a plastic

basin instead.

• Save any unused water in a

jug which you can then use to

water the house plants.

• Did you know? A dripping tap

can leak up to 5,000 litres

of water in a year – this is

enough to fill 46 baths! So

make sure you close the tap

firmly, and phone the repairs

team to get any leaks fixed!

• When doing the washing up,

don’t leave the tap running,

and save around £25 a year!

• Remember not to leave the

tap running whilst you’re

brushing your teeth.

• Taking a minute off each

shower could save you around

£10 off you water bill a year

(and also £10 off your gas bill!)

• Having a shower uses less

than half the water that

having a bath does. If

you enjoy a daily bath, try

substituting one or two a

week with a shower and see

how much money you save!

• Do you have a water meter?

As a rule of thumb, if you have

more bedrooms than there are

people in your household then

a water meter will be a cheaper

way to pay, and Thames Water

install them for free! Contact

them to find out more.

• Don’t have a dual flush toilet?

Then put a Savaflush in the

cistern which will save 1.2

litres every flush, and you will

save £10 a year!

• Thames Water provide

Savaflushes (and lots of other

water saving devices) for free;

call them on 0845 9200 888

or visit their website.


• Buy a water butt to collect rain water. You then have free water to wash

the car and water the plants with.

• When washing the car, try using a bucket instead of the hosepipe. You

will use much less water.

Contact us

Telephone: 0330 123 0220

Email: green@viridianhousing.org.uk

Further information is available on our website at


Do you have a dripping tap?

Contact the repairs team on 0330 123 0220

(Textphone 0330 123 0221) or

e-mail csclondon@viridianhousing.org.uk.

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